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Zhu Yilong was at his new drama's press conference,happily and enthusiastically answering the press's questions. It was when they were on the thirty minute mark of the press conference that his phone screen lit up to a few notifications from his lover.

The first questioning when he was going to finish the event,the second was just an influx of question marks and the last one was hurry up. Confused,Yilong turned his phone around so that the screen was laying on top of the table. It was soon his turn to answer the questions,his phone vibrated again and again. His co-stars seemed to notice and told him to check his phone but he politely denied. He remembers that one time Bai Yu repeatedly texted him just to tell him to mention him and his new drama. The other time was probably when Bai Yu made such a big deal over half priced home shopping stuff. He doesn't know what else he's up to now but he knows it's probably those silly loveable things he does.

Even after the press conference,he was dragged by lots of entertainment channels for interviews. During one particular break he looked at his phone and saw nearly fifty missed calls from Bai Yu. Worried,he excused himself to the corner and dialed the other.

After what seemed like three attempts,Bai Yu finally picked the phone up. However all he could hear was just heavy breathing and groans. His mind instantly recalling of how hot the other's body temperature was ever since last night and he wants to punch himself so hard in the face for forgetting about it.

"I'm so sorry. I'll be back soon."

He hung up the call and quickly apologized the to the crew,quickly promising them an interview next time. He ran towards his car and immediately drove off;he felt sorry for ignoring the bypassers whom had identified him but duty calls.

He went ham with speeding and his heart was beating so hard he couldn't hear anything. Thankfully no police officers were about to get him. Upon arriving,he quickly kicked off his shoes and slammed the front door close. The scent of mangos immediately intoxicating his soul. He went to their bedroom and saw the other naked while squirming on the bed.

Carefully,he approached him and held him close. "I'm so sorry baby. I'm here now."

Bai Yu weakly chuckled,he himself couldn't help grinding his hips onto the sheets. Yilong cautiously gripped his chin and kissed him. It was messy with Bai Yu pressing his tongue into his alpha's mouth, desperate to get more than this. Tongues fought for dominance while Bai Yu slowly ascended from his previous lying position to straddling the older's thighs.

Slick fell from his behind onto Yilong's pants. The scent was stimulating his nerves and making his blood boil. Bai Yu's fingers were delicately trying to unbutton his shirt meanwhile he pulled away from the kiss and began trailing his mouth down from his neck to his chest as his hands knead the other's asscheeks.

Bai Yu moaned loudly and thrusted against him, his body begging for more. While Yilong has his mouth sucking around the younger's chest,his fingers began dipping into his ass cleft. Feeling the slick onto his fingers. He prodded at the swollen rim before he finally but slowly slid a finger in. The other was probably wailing at the moment, although he did not feel like himself,his arms were locked strong around his alpha's head.

One became two and eventually three. Yilong moved a bit so he could lay the other down on the bed and took his fingers out to Bai Yu's dismay. "Faster,ge."

Yilong unzipped his pants and groaned when he let his dick free. He grabbed both of the younger's legs up and pulled them up so the heels of his feet rested atop of his shoulders. Bai Yu's hand reached out to stroke the older's cock once before he directs it to his hole and pushes his hips down despite the other trying to prevent him from doing so.

He cries out loud once the head is fully in. Yilong groans,feeling him tighten around him. "Baby,are you okay?"

Bai Yu could only nod,his eyes staring deep into Yilong's as if he's telling him to stop worrying. After a few seconds, the older pushed further in until he reached the hilt. It was hot,tight and wet. Whatever slick the omega was producing helped with the movement. He began thrusting in rapidly,enjoying the view of his lover coming apart beneath him.

Bai Yu was loud and before he knew it,had came untouched. Yilong continued thrusting while he moans,pulling down the older by the arms and kissing him hard.

"Mmaah..I love you ah." The younger felt his insides expanding and hung onto him for dear life. After what seemed like five minutes,he felt liquid being shot inside him and spilling out of him.

Yilong pressed a light kiss onto his lips,"Love you too."


"Don't you ever ignore my texts and calls or you won't have this for god knows how long." Bai Yu warns as soon as they're clean and he has his back against the older's chest. Yilong kisses the skin under his ear,"I'm sorry and I promise. You're mine so please never leave me."

"I promise."

"Also stop spamming me about those home shopping or discounted products whenever I'm at an event. I too want be able to pick stuff out with you." Bai Yu feels Yilong smiling against his nape and grins. Heart giddy and content.

"Sure thing."