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It was as if the sky outside reflected his mood. There were rolling, dark clouds that built higher and thicker with a steady low rumble of thunder. It was threatening to rain though not a drop had fallen from the sky yet. Jimin sat at his favorite corner table in the library – it was the perfect distance between the bathrooms with the water fountain, the rarely used staircase, and the section of books he needed most often for his major. It also had good access to outlets for his laptop or phone for long sessions. He was not making use for those right at that moment, however. He was not paying attention to the darkening sky outside the floor to ceiling glass windows, either. Instead, Jimin's focus was on the papers in his hands. It was the test that he had taken for his physics class. It was a mid-term so it was not like it was the most important grade or like he would not have time to fix anything, but still. Jimin almost felt like hyperventilating as he read over the red words scribbled at the top of the paper from the class's TA, Hoseok Jung offering him extra tutoring hours next to the giant capital “D” that was his grade. Jimin never got below a B in anything; and, that B had just been because his high school chemistry teacher had it in for him.


Jimin knew physics. He knew the equations as easily as breathing. He could glance over the papers right then and tell exactly where he'd made his mistakes. Jimin took a slow, steady breath. He could not believe that the one test the beautiful TA actually graded of his was the one that he'd panicked and not really focused on because Hoseok had sat too near Jimin's desk. It was so ridiculous. Jimin? Need a tutor? It was unheard of! Especially in physics. He was taking the class as an elective, he didn't need it and had already taken a more advanced course. Not that the beautiful and smart TA was aware. Jimin groaned and lowered his arms out in front of him, resting the test on top of the table before letting his forehead smack against the wood. “Easy there,” Jimin heard somewhere off to his side. He just groaned in response and remained where he was as Taehyung sat down in the seat next to him. “What's wrong?” Jimin practically shoved the paper into Taehyung's face, making his friend pull away a little before taking the test and reading over the red lettering. Taehyung smirked as he placed the test on top of the table. “But isn't this a good thing? It means you're going to get some alone time with that boy of yours.”


“He thinks I need a tutor, Taehyung.” Not that there was anything wrong with needing a tutor. Jimin understood that some people struggled and that was okay. Jimin, however, was not one of those people.


“Well, it'll be easy to fake it if you keep doing things like this.” Taehyung winced as he read over Jimin's test and Jimin just groaned once again.










Jimin ran his fingers through his hair as he sat at one of the tables in the coffee shop. He had already gotten himself a drink. He bounced his knee idly as he sat there and kept glancing toward the front door of the shop each time the bell above the door rang, signaling it was opened again. Jimin was early, he knew he was; but, he wanted to make a good impression. Which the thought alone almost made him laugh. A good impression on the TA that thought he needed a tutor when Jimin could recite the important aspects of the previous chapter without looking. With a heavy breath, he sent a text to Taehyung that simply read I'm going to hell before putting his phone away just as the front door opened again. Hoseok came walking in carrying a large black duffelbag and a smaller backpack with fraying straps. When he saw Jimin he smiled and waved before going to wait in line. After he placed his order, Hoseok came over to the table and placed both bags in one of the empty chairs across from Jimin as he sat down in the other. “Hey, Jimin. I hope you didn't wait too long,” Hoseok stated with a warm smile that made Jimin's heart do a weird somersault in his chest. “Dance class went over longer than I thought it would.”


“Oh, no. I just got here a few minutes ago myself,” answered Jimin, lifting his hands and shaking them slightly for emphasis. Hoseok did not need to know he'd been sitting there for almost an hour by that point. He had forgotten that Hoseok was a dancer on top of everything else. He already had a Masters degree in linguistics and was studying for a Doctorate in a particular branch of that – Jimin could not remember which one. He wasn't sure how a linguistics student ended up as a TA for physics, but he was somewhat sure it was because Hoseok was friends with the teacher. “Thank you for coming to help me.”


“Of course!” Hoseok smiled kindly before glancing over to the worker that brought him his drink – it was a tea instead of a coffee. Right. Hoseok did not drink coffee much. Jimin had forgotten. That was why he'd thought it was dumb to suggest meeting at the coffee shop, though he followed Taehyung's insistence anyway. “So. What is it that you're having the most problem with?” Hoseok smiled kindly once again and Jimin felt like the worst person ever. He was not good at lying, but he had already gotten that far. He couldn't just... leave.


“Ah, well... I thought I had a handle on this last chapter, but obviously not.” Jimin winced. It was not really a lie. He had managed to fail the test, after all. So obviously he did not have as much of a handle on it as he needed to. Hoseok was just unaware that if you got Jimin away from that distractingly beautiful smile, Jimin knew the topic without assistance.


“Okay. Well, why don't we start with reviewing the concepts and then we'll go into actual equations?” Hoseok grabbed his backpack to pull out the textbook they used in the class. Jimin nodded and grabbed his own textbook before taking a drink of his coffee. It was going to be a very long afternoon, he could tell already.


The tutoring session was rather awful, in Jimin's opinion. He kept getting distracted by Hoseok being so close to him. It made it hard to focus and he kept messing up when he would try to figure out one of the equations. At least he was consistent in making himself look like he needed help, even when there was a side of him that was screaming and scolding himself for being so careless. He had never gotten a bad grade before and he could not believe he was letting some guy change that. Admittedly, Hoseok was easily the most attractive guy that Jimin had ever met – and he would not apologize for saying it, Jin. Once they had been sitting there a couple of hours, Hoseok smiled faintly at Jimin and patted his forearm gently. “Well, this was a good start?” he offered, the words sounding too much like a question for Jimin's taste. “Should we meet up again Thursday afternoon and go over it all again?”


“Ah. Yeah. That would be... Yeah. Okay.” Jimin nodded a little, having to stop himself from bending over and hitting his forehead against the top of the table right then and there. He was sure that Hoseok already thought he was weird enough.


Hoseok laughed softly at that and he smiled. “Sounds good, Jimin. I'll see you Thursday. Around five?”


“Yeah...” Jimin nodded dumbly, half watching as Hoseok gathered his things before he left the coffee shop. It wasn't until after the bell above the door stopped sounding that Jimin let himself groan and lean forward to rest his forehead against the top of the table.










“It was awful,” Jimin groaned from Taehyung's bed, making his friend laugh and shake his head at him. “Stop laughing at me. This is your fault. I don't need a tutor.” Taehyung continued to laugh and Jimin threw one of the pillows across the room, hitting Taehyung's back. Taehyung didn't turn around from where he was sitting at his desk, focused on his laptop. It made Jimin huff and almost pout. “How do I tell him without being all 'hey, guess what, I'm a liar and can do these equations with ease'?”


“Just like... slowly start having him hang out with you or something,” Taehyung offered as he turned around in his spinning desk chair to look at Jimin. “Make him forget that you're meeting for tutoring sessions at all. It'll be easy with that cute smile of yours. Just play up the ol' charm and you'll have him under your spell in no time at all. I mean it took you all of, what, five minutes before you had Namjoon willing to do anything for you?”


Jimin sighed and ran his fingers through his hair, brushing the longer strands back away from his forehead. “Yeah. Namjoon is such a sweetheart. He's a great friend. But, like, I don't want that with Hoseok. I want to be the one doing things for him. I want to bring him breakfast in bed and stay up late watching the stars with him, making sure he's got one of my jackets on so he doesn't get cold-”


“Your arms are too short.”


“That is beside the point, Taehyung Kim!” Taehyung giggled in response which only made Jimin glare at him even more for several seconds before Jimin started laughing as well. He then groaned and hid his face in the crook of his elbow after throwing his arm over it. “What am I going to do?”


“Go to class. You're late.”


Jimin sat up quickly at Taehyung's statement, glancing at the clock before jumping off the bed. He shouted a good-bye to Taehyung as he grabbed his backpack and rushed out the door of the apartment the two of them shared so that he could head to campus. It was only three blocks away but then he had to cross campus to get to the building the science classes were in. By the time he got there, class had been going on for at least ten minutes. Jimin paused outside the door and took several deep breaths to try to calm his heart. It wasn't until he was breathing almost normally that he carefully pulled open the door to the lecture hall.


Standing at the front of the room, writing on the whiteboard was Hoseok as he talked over that day's lesson. Jimin winced as the door fell shut behind him a little louder than he intended, which caused Hoseok and several others to look in his direction. Jimin's face got even more red than it already was and he ducked his head as he quickly slid into a near-by empty seat next to Namjoon. Hoseok continued with the lesson and Jimin sank low in his seat as he pulled out his notebook. Jimin did not actually end up taking any notes that day. He was too busy trying not to slide out of his seat and into the floor, wanting it to just swallow him up and have him disappear. He could not bring himself to pay attention to what Hoseok was going over – some complex equations that Jimin had already learned to solve in high school. Jimin's thoughts were too busy swirling around trying to figure out just what Hoseok thought of him right then. He could not wait for the class to be over so that he could just leave.


The end of class, however, had Jimin dying internally when he heard Hoseok say, “Jimin, can you stay after, please?” as everyone started to gather their things. Jimin's cheeks turned bright red and he kept his gaze down on his blank notebook page while ignoring the way some of those around him eyed him with something akin to sympathy. Once the room had cleared, Jimin sighed and grabbed his things, heading to the front of the classroom where Hoseok was erasing what he'd written on the whiteboard. When he noticed Jimin, he stopped and smiled, setting the eraser in the tray at the bottom of the board. “Is everything okay? You've never been late before.” Which was why Hoseok had been so surprised when he'd seen Jimin's grade on that test where he had offered the tutoring in the first place. Someone who was that punctual and always in attendance should have a better grasp on the material – Hoseok would hope so, anyway.


“Yeah,” answered Jimin. He paused and cleared his throat when he realized the word had gotten stuck in his throat and hadn't actually been easily heard. “Yeah. I just lost track of time while talking with my roommate.”


“Oh, okay.” Hoseok laughed and Jimin felt the corners of his lips twitch upward even as he struggled to keep the smile from his face. It was difficult with the way that Hoseok was smiling at him. Jimin really wished he would stop. “Are we still meeting for our next session later?”


“Uh, yeah.” Jimin nodded, reaching up to run his fingers through his hair and pushing the strands back off his forehead. “Actually... Can we meet at my apartment this time? I think Taehyung will murder me if I show up strung out on coffee again; and sitting there will only make me want to order a lot.”


Hoseok laughed warmly and nodded at that. Jimin really wished he would stop. Again. Why did Hoseok have to be so... “Alright,” he replied, cutting through Jimin's internal rant. He walked over to the desk and grabbed a piece of paper where he scribbled something down before handing it to Jimin. It was his phone number. Jimin was pretty sure that he died a little bit inside as he looked over the writing several times. “Text me the address later and I'll see you then. At five still?”


“Yes!” Jimin laughed awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck with his free hand while mentally scolding himself for how eager he had sounded. “I mean, yeah, that's fine. I'll see you then.”


“See you, then.”


Jimin barely registered his walk back to the apartment. He was pretty sure he actually bumped shoulders with a couple of people, including Jungkook who had sworn at him and told him to get his head out of the clouds along with something about telling Jin on him or something similar. Jimin really needed to hang out with the two of them again. However, it would not be that day because that day, Hoseok was coming over to his apartment. Jimin really was going to die, wasn't he? “Tae, he's coming here,” Jimin whined to his roommate when he went inside and found Taehyung sitting on the couch. “I panicked and told him we should have the tutoring session here. This place is a mess! You're here. I shouldn't have... I can't.”


“Breathe, Jiminnie,” Taehyung laughed with a shake of his head. “I can disappear for a while. I'll go bug Namjoon and Yoongi.”


Jimin snorted slightly as he laughed in response to that. “Is that what you call it now?” Taehyung simply smiled innocently in response and Jimin shook his head in a mimic of Taehyung's previous expression. “Thank you, though. But I mean... this place is a mess.”


“It's really not, but okay.”


Taehyung watched with an amused expression on his face as he watched Jimin flitting about the apartment, picking it up more than it already was. They weren't overly messy, though Jimin's room could sometimes be a disaster. He would eventually getting around to picking it up. They were not dirty people, though; just a bit unorganized. “We don't have any tea. Taehyung, we should have some tea. Why don't we have any? When did we go shopping last? Should I have food for us? Are you filming me?”


Taehyung giggled out a laugh and smiled at Jimin over the top of his phone. “You're so cute when you're panicking over nothing, Jiminnie.” Taehyung smiled as Jimin whined and then groaned before throwing himself onto the chair next to the couch. “It's all going to be okay.”


“It's really not, but okay.” Jimin sighed and hid his face behind his hands while Taehyung whined about Jimin copying his earlier statement.


By the time that Hoseok arrived at the apartment a while later, Taehyung had left to go meet up with Namjoon and Yoongi. He had complained as he walked out the front door but something told Jimin that Taehyung really did not mind nearly as much as he tried to say that he did. “Are you ready for this?” Hoseok asked as he came into the apartment.


“What?” Jimin's brow furrowed more as Hoseok chuckled in response.


“Tutoring? The assignment?”


“Right!” Jimin's cheeks turned a lovely shade of pink and he laughed a little. “Right. Uh, yeah. We can... The kitchen table?”


“Sounds great!” Hoseok smiled at Jimin and Jimin had to stop himself from practically swooning right there. “So, did you have any questions about today's lecture?” Hoseok took his bookbag off his shoulder and placed it on one of the kitchen table chairs before sitting down on another.


Jimin blinked several times before shaking his head and grabbing his textbook. Then he sat down across the table from Hoseok. “Ah, well, I missed the first couple of minutes so the rest of it sort of didn't quite make much sense.” Which was a boldfaced lie. Jimin knew exactly what the lecture was over. He could have given the lecture himself.


“Alright. Well...” Hoseok started going over the entire lecture from the beginning, moving his hands occasionally with emphasis to certain words. He would reach up and brush his hair back out of his face, though the strands would fall right back into his face after several seconds. It was incredibly distracting and Jimin found himself glad that he already knew the topic because otherwise he really would have no idea what was being said to him. “Does that make sense?”


“What?” Jimin lifted his head from where he had rested his chin in his hand while he watched Hoseok explain the lecture to him. Hoseok's brow rose slightly and there was a faint smirk on his lips. “Uh, yeah. Yeah, right. Sorry. It makes plenty of sense.” Jimin's face colored pink and he ducked his head to look at the page in his textbook more. His face only reddened more when his stomach let out an ill-timed and impossibly loud grumble that made Hoseok have to hide a laugh behind his hand. “Ah. I guess I need to eat something then.”


“Maybe a good idea. We can pick this up tomorrow?”


“U-uh, yeah. Unless... unless you want to stay? I can order pizza?” Jimin tried not to sound too hopeful as he asked, though his smile became more relieved as Hoseok agreed, but only under the insistence that he at least pay for half of the pizza. Jimin was not going to argue with him about that.


Which was how several minutes later, the two of them sat there eating pizza and continuing to go over the course work that Jimin was “struggling” with. He did not have to pretend like he was not understanding what Hoseok was saying half the time, because he would get distracted by the way that Hoseok's mouth moved when he spoke or the slight sheen of grease on his mouth from the pizza before he wiped it away. Jimin almost dropped his own slice of pizza into his lap at one point, because he was too distracted by Hoseok. Taehyung was going to laugh at him so much.


Of course, Taehyung was the last thing on his mind when after they had finished going through all the equations on the worksheet, the two of them sat around talking. Jimin listened as he rested his chin in his hand while Hoseok talked about Linguistics and how he had started studying it. He told Jimin how he had gotten the TA position in the physics class due to his high scores in the class which had impressed the teacher even if it hadn't been in his major area. It was when Hoseok talked about how he had a minor in dance that Jimin's elbow slipped off the table and he almost banged his chin on the edge of it. “I'm sorry, what?” he questioned as Hoseok laughed behind one of his hands. Jimin had known that Hoseok took dance classes, that he was a dancer; but he hadn't realized that Hoseok had actually chosen it as a minor to study.


Hoseok smiled and nodded a little as he reached up to brush his hair back out of his face – Jimin might have died a little watching him. “Yeah. Dance has always been a passion of mine, but I chose to focus on Linguistics because it gives me more career opportunities.” Hoseok shrugged slightly before smiling at Jimin again. “You're a dance major, right?”


“Yeah. Uh, contemporary focus.” Hoseok's expression turned into one that showed he was impressed. Jimin grew red in the face again. “I'm also on the dance team?” It was said more as a question, though it was a mere fact of the matter. He had joined the dance team the year prior.


“Really?” Hoseok perked up even more – if possible – at that. “I was on the dance team my first two years of university. I didn't have time for it after that.”


“Ah, yeah. That... Uh... Cool.” Jimin tried not to wince as he stumbled over his words, struggling hard to find the words that he wanted to say. He knew he sounded like an idiot right then, but he could not exactly take the words back.


“Honey, I'm home!” Taehyung called as he burst into the apartment, throwing open the door and kicking it shut behind him. “I hop-- Oh. Uh. Oops. Study session still going on then?” Taehyung smirked and Jimin wanted to go up and knock the expression off his face. “I'll just...” He gestured toward his bedroom with a slight laugh before he continued in that direction while Hoseok turned his attention back to Jimin, then.


“I should probably go, then,” Hoseok said with a smile. “Uh, I'll see you in class? Unless you'd like another session next week?”


“Yes!” Jimin wanted to smack himself in the face at the immediate reaction. That was not what he should have said, and yet... Jimin nodded a little with a slight laugh. “I mean, that would be really helpful. If you're not too busy!”


Hoseok chuckled and shook his head as he packed up his things. “I'm free on Tuesday if you are.”


“Tuesday! Tuesday is great. Yeah. We can, uh... Library?”


“That sounds great, Jimin.” Hoseok stood up from the table and Jimin did as well, walking with Hoseok toward the door more on instinct than anything. “Have a good weekend.”


“Yeah. You, uh, you too.” Jimin smiled, waving a little as Hoseok opened the door before leaving and shutting it behind him. Jimin let out a heavy breath and he groaned slightly as he rested his forehead against the door for several seconds. Then he heard the sound of something moving in the kitchen and he turned to look at Taehyung stealing one of the leftover pieces of pizza. “Don't start.”


“I didn't say anything,” Taehyung giggled with an innocent smile. “You two looked cozy. Sorry for interrupting.”


“Shut up.” Jimin grumbled as he went over to father up his school things so he could take them to his room. “How was spending time with Yoongi and Namjoon?” Taehyung smirked and Jimin's eyes finally focused on the obvious hickies his best friend was sporting. “Nope! Nevermind. I don't want to know. Don't tell me.” Taehyung cackled out a laugh as Jimin quickly took his books back to his bedroom, shutting his door firmly behind him.


The weekend came and Jimin approached it like he did most of them. Jimin went to classes on Friday, dance team practice in the evening, then he went out with Taehyung, Namjoon, and Yoongi. He regretted it about three drinks in when he looked to find his best friend on the dance floor dancing with the other two, Namjoon between Taehyung and Yoongi with Taehyung making eyes at Yoongi over Namjoon's shoulder. Taehyung's chin rested on Namjoon's shoulder and Yoongi's hands were on Taehyung's waist, pulling the other two close to him.


Jimin finished off his drink and started to get up from the table only to bump right into someone and causing them to spill some of their drink on themselves – thankfully not all of it but enough that Jimin was sure the person would be upset about it. “Oh shit. I'm so sorry!” Jimin's hands flew up to cover his mouth and he immediately wanted the ground to just swallow him up when he realized that the person was Hoseok. “Hoseok! I'm so sorry. I didn't see you.”


“It's okay, Jimin,” Hoseok replied, chuckling a little as he brushed the excess liquid off front of his shirt where it had gathered in the folds of the material from how it was bunched up slightly. “No harm done. You look good, Jimin.”


Hoseok's compliment caused Jimin's face to heat up, and he was sure his neck was red as well simply from the intensity of his blush. “Thanks. Not as good as you, though.” And Jimin felt that with every inch of his body. Hoseok looked too good in black jeans that looked as though they had been painted on with tasteful rips in the thighs and a t-shirt that was just a little too small and kept riding up enough to expose a small patch of tanned skin between the hem and the waistband of his jeans. It was incredibly distracting and all Jimin could do not to stare at him.


Hoseok flushed prettily and he smiled as he ducked his head for a few seconds before something over Jimin's shoulder caught his attention. “Ah, I think my group is leaving. We're going to an after party. You could... come if you want to?” Jimin's focus slipped over to the dance floor where his friends were focused solely on one another before he looked back to Hoseok with a nod of his head. “Great! Come on.”


It was not until they were leaving the club in a group that Jimin realized Jin and Jungkook were two of the people there. “Jin! Jungkook?” he questioned, causing Jin to nearly stumble as he spun around fast enough to look at him.


“Jiminie!” Jin cooed at him, obviously having had several drinks by that point. He reached out to squish Jimin's cheeks and Jimin attempted to swat him away while Hoseok looked on with a fond smile that he tried to hide behind one of his hands. “Wait, what are you doing here?”


“I invited him,” answered Hoseok, causing Jin to focus on him instead. Jin's confusion was obvious on his face as Jungkook asked the question for him, how did Jimin and Hoseok know one another in the first place. “Ah, he's in the physics class that I TA for and I've been helping him out with some things he's been struggling with.”


Jimin grew red in the face yet again and he rather wanted to just disappear when Jin sent him a completely knowing look. Jin was well aware that Jimin should not need anyone's help in physics. Jungkook did not seem to catch onto that and simply said, “Cool,” before they were continuing on with the others to a house party that was only a few blocks away from the club. Jimin texted Taehyung as they walked, letting him know where he was going.


“So, you know Jin?” Jimin asked Hoseok as they walked side-by-side. If Jimin reached out just slightly, his hand would brush against Hoseok's. The thought alone made his heart speed up and Jimin had to stamp down the urge to reach over and do it.


Hoseok nodded, laughing with a smile as they watched Jin jumping onto Jungkook's back, the younger boy stumbling slightly but lifting Jin up higher without hesitation and continuing to carry him toward their location. “Yeah. He's been a good friend of mine since high school,” answered Hoseok. “How do you know him?”


“Jungkook. He's my best friend's other best friend.” It was not that Jimin did not completely adore Jungkook as well as Taehyung, it was just that they were both too busy to really form as close a friendship as Jimin would have liked. Maybe once they graduated and had a little more time of their own to build on their friendship.


Hoseok nodded at the information and then smiled at Jimin once they reached the party, Jungkook having already disappeared inside with Jin and the others. “Come on, let's get some drinks.” Hoseok took a hold of Jimin's hand and Jimin was pretty sure he died for several seconds as he followed Hoseok inside completely on autopilot.


From that point on, the rest of the evening was not much of a typical Friday evening and Jimin probably drank more than he should have. It became a bit of blur after that, though there were bits and pieces of the night that stood out to Jimin quite clearly. Such as the fact that Hoseok had walked him home, both of them stumbling and giggling and smiling the entire way as they shared jokes that were only funny to their drunken minds. He remembered Hoseok taking him up to the apartment door, being the more sober of the two he argued he should take Jimin home when Jimin had tried to take Hoseok home instead. Jimin could also clearly remember the way that he had leaned in and kissed Hoseok without second thought or pausing to catch Hoseok's reaction. He remembered Hoseok had just stood there, even after Jimin stumbled out a “good night” and made his way into the apartment.


“Oh my god,” Jimin groaned to Taehyung, who was cooking them an incredible, perfect, greasy hangover breakfast meal in the kitchen once he had dragged himself out of bed. “Fuck. Taehyung. Fuck. I think I kissed Hoseok last night.”


“Yeah, son. Get that ass, finally. You talk about it enough,” Taehyung chuckled and turned the hash browns in the skillet.


Jimin groaned and sprawled his arms out on top of the table, resting his forehead against it. “No. I mean. I was drunk. He was drunk. I was drunker. I just... I kissed him and then left him in the hallway.”


Taehyung did not even bother to mask his full body laugh at that, nearly doubling over at one point as he tried to get a handle on himself, ignoring Jimin's whining for him to stop. “Jimin, oh my god.”


“I'm dropping physics. I can't face him ever again.”


“Too late in the semester unless you plan on paying for those credit hours.”


Jimin whined and Taehyung laughed again. Jimin needed a new best friend. He decided right then to start taking applications for the position.










Jimin skipped his next physics lecture. He skipped it and he ignored the dozens of text messages he got from Seokjin, along with the lengthy voicemail. He was not sure he wanted to know what Jin had to say to him. He frowned when he noticed he got only one text message from Jungkook – a facepalm emoji. But Jimin put his phone into his pocket as he continued to the library. He made his way to his normal spot in the library, intending to set up and get started on his English paper that was due in two weeks. He didn't sit there very long when one of his classmates from Physics dropped into the seat next to him with a groan, asking him if he could help with the assignment from that day because she didn't understand it. Jimin thought her name was Rose, but he could have been wrong.


She was pretty, but not someone he had ever spent much time around. He had helped her with a couple of assignments in the past, which was why he agreed to help her that day; she did not seem to realize that he hadn't been in class. That was fine, though, he didn't need the lecture. Just looking at the equations that were on the paper let Jimin know exactly what lesson it was. So he slipped into “teacher mode” as Taehyung had called it when Jimin helped him with homework in the past, and he made sure that Rose would be able to understand the material easier as he worked through it with her. They only got about half way through it when she had to leave, volleyball practice, but she thanked Jimin with a bright smile as she gathered her things. “It makes so much more sense now! The professor talked so quickly and to the board I couldn't follow all of it,” she told Jimin. “I should be able to do the rest on my own. Thank you, again.”


“You're welcome,” replied Jimin with an easy smile, waving slightly as she started to walk off. Jimin sighed and pushed his hair back off his face as he focused on his laptop again. He had only put his finger on the trackpad of his laptop to bring up Google when he heard a very familiar voice speak behind him.


“Did you just... teach a lesson that you didn't even show up for?” Jimin slowly turned around in his seat to see Hoseok standing there with a slightly furrowed brow.


“How, uh, how much did you see?” Jimin winced a little as he sat there, watching Hoseok walk over to the table. Jimin turned in his seat to follow Hoseok's movement, eyeing the coffee cup that Hoseok placed on the table next to his laptop.


“Enough to know that you probably haven't needed my help at all.” Jimin hated that he could not read the tone in Hoseok's voice. Was he mad? Was he disappointed? Jimin wanted to ask but was not sure if he had the right to. He thoughtlessly chewed on his lower lip as he watched Hoseok cross his arms over his chest. “Did you purposely do poorly on that test?”


“No!” Jimin's eyes widened slightly and he shook his head while Hoseok pulled out the chair next to him and sat down. He let out a heavy breath. “No, I just... You had been sitting right there, and I couldn't focus and I messed up and then you graded it and suggested tutoring and I...” Jimin laughed a little with a small, sheepish smile. “I'm sorry.”


Hoseok nodded a little. “I... had my suspicions.”


“Wait what?”


Hoseok chuckled at the completely surprised expression on Jimin's face at that. “The professor never talked about you needing help, and he told me which students to keep an eye on. Then when I was at your place, you spent more time staring at me than the work.” Jimin's face immediately flushed and he attempted to stammer through some words – an apology maybe, or a denial, or an explanation. Hoseok could not tell because it was simply a jumble of words that he silenced by leaning forward and pressing his lips against Jimin's. Jimin froze, his eyes wide open as he struggled to focus on the face that was right there, and he just sort of sat there when Hoseok pulled away.


Jimin let out a heavy breath as Hoseok just smiled at him, and he continued to sit there as Hoseok stood up to leave, but Jimin grabbed Hoseok's wrist and tugged on it until Hoseok was stumbling back and ended up sitting on his lap. Hoseok just laughed as Jimin leaned in to kiss him again, actually kissing him that time instead of just a press of their lips together as the previous two kisses had been. He could feel Hoseok smiling slightly even as Hoseok's hand came to rest on the side of Jimin's neck. They probably shouldn't; Hoseok was the TA of Jimin's class – but then it wasn't like Jimin actually needed the class in the first place. It was all Jimin had wanted to do since he had walked into the lecture hall at the beginning of the semester and seen Hoseok sitting there off to the side talking with the professor. “Wait, wait, what's happening?” Jimin questioned after several moments, a little out of breath and almost frowning when Hoseok laughed in response.


“Pretty sure we were just kissing?” he replied, to which Jimin just frowned even more. Hoseok sighed and reached up to push Jimin's hair back off his forehead again. “I don't know. I like you, a lot. I'd like to get to know you more. The party was a lot of fun – and then you kissed me before shutting the door in my face.” Jimin winced but Hoseok just laughed with a smile. “It was a little confusing. I came here to find you when you didn't show up for class. Your roommate said you'd probably be here.”


“Traitor.” Jimin glared off in the direction of where he and Taehyung lived before a brush of lips against the line of his jaw caused his breath to catch in his chest and he was suddenly very aware again of the fact that Hoseok was sitting on his lap, that they had been kissing only moments prior.




“Well what?”


“Are you going to ask me out or not?”


“Do y--?”


“Yes.” Hoseok cut off Jimin, making them both laugh softly. Hoseok then pressed a kiss to the end of Jimin's nose before standing up, though one of Jimin's hands remained firmly on his waist. “Gather your things. I want dinner.”




“Now.” Hoseok punctuated his response with a quick nod of his head and Jimin smiled up at him.


“Okay. Now.” Jimin nodded his head slightly as well and he squeezed Hoseok's side slightly, smiling when it made Hoseok squirm a bit, and then he let go so that he could gather his things to put into his bag. “I hope you don't expect anything fancy. I'm a broke college student.”


“So am I.” Hoseok walked close to Jimin's side, leaning against it slightly when Jimin almost haltingly wrapped an arm around his waist, as if he didn't know if Hoseok would let him. Jimin smiled a little to himself, relaxing as Hoseok stayed close. “Fast food is perfect, but only if we go somewhere with milkshakes.”


“Okay, deal.” Jimin was not entirely sure that he wasn't dreaming as they walked side-by-side, the cup of coffee forgotten back on the table, as Hoseok questioned Jimin about why he was taking a Physics class that he obviously had no need for, as they talked about dance, as they talked about their friends, as Jimin got to watch the way that Hoseok spoke and emphasized words with his hands and the way that the setting sun caused his skin to almost glow as brightly as his smile. It was more than Jimin ever expected from Hoseok becoming his tutor – but Jimin guessed he'd have to buy Taehyung food later to thank him for pushing Jimin to agree to a tutor in the first place, for being right once again.


Taehyung was never going to let him live it down.