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Come Dine With Me

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It was currently summer break for the smashers. This meant the smashers were free to do whatever they wanted, as long as it was legal and family friendly.

Marth, Roy, Link, Ike and Pit were sitting in the TV room surrounded by at least twenty fans. But alas, the fans weren't much help since the ice cubes they had brought with quickly melted in the heat and the group of friends was left to despair.

With the last of his energy, Pit managed to switch on the TV. The only channels available were all British because Shulk and Bayonetta kept complaining about the low quality of non-British sitcoms.

With nothing else to do, the friends sat through the ads. After five minutes, a show had finally begun. A big logo with "Come dine with me" written on it appeared on the TV screen.

Pit and Ike were immediately intrigued by the picture of food and the word dine respectively. The others rolled their eyes and decided to tolerate the show.

An hour later, the show finished. The food-loving duo loved it and rushed to the nearest DVD store that still existed to buy "Come done with me" sets. The pretty boy trio changed the channel, confused about what was so appealing.

:.。. o()o .。.*

The next morning, the friends met up for breakfast. It was going normally until Pit brought up "Come dine with me" into the conversation.

"Guys, I think we should do something like Come dine with me!" the angel smiled as he looked at his confused friends, "It will give us something to do. We could visit each other's original universes."

"I don't know... Wouldn't we be interfering with the laws of universes or something?" Link shrugged.

"Well, I kinda left everyone without saying goodbye or explaining anything. I think it's a bad idea," Ike admitted, "But if we find a way to not go back to Tellius, it could work. Somehow."

"It would be pretty problematic to return to Archanea. I'd take you guys to Ylisse, but we'd get into a lot of trouble," Marth sighed, "And I don't think anyone, besides Link, can cook."

"Just get Palutena to use her powers to create some weird AU or something. It's not as though we have anything better to do," Roy complained.

:.。. o()o .。.*

After an hour of begging and another one of planning, the friends had finally come up with a somewhat decent plan.

They would travel to alternate universes where the inhabitants wouldn't find anything weird.

Naturally, Master Hand caught wind of the plan and decided to contact an invisible filming crew to create a TV show. He had to make sure to catch everything on tape to use as blackmail. Maybe he could create his own show...

:.。. o()o .。.*

The next day, Ike left early in the morning to begin preparations. His friends stayed until five PM before leaving for Tellius.

The group of friends was about to have the craziest dinner unaware that they were being recorded.