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From Far Away

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well I guess you can live with my way of drafting language lol xD 

Btw not from 2017, still writing this, just changed publication date so it's not at the top of my works as long as it's still unfinished 

Update: cut this into two chapters now so I didn't have to look at the already posted mess of what is now gonna be the second chapter anymore xD so, what follows is safe to read!





Spock awakes at precisely fifteen minutes before the start of the alpha shift, feeling more rested than he has in days despite not meditating for long before going to sleep.

He moves out of bed slowly, trying to avoid disturbing his companion. Jim has been through enough lately, he deserves the rest. And as Doctor McCoy has been adamant about the Captain's rest, he will not have to be awake in time for his shift today as Spock will work as his substitute.

"Sleep well, my love" he whispers, sending reassurance through the bond as Jim moves in his sleep, distressed as he notices that Spock is no longer there. 

Spock gets dressed in his uniform, kisses his t'hy'la on the forehead and leaves the room.



Commander and stand-in-Captain Spock is on his way to the bridge when suddenly there is a loud bang and a woman appears in front of him.

Spock immediately grips his phaser and aims it at her abdomen.

Only his intense vulcan meditative and starfleet academy combat training is stopping him from being immobile due to shock.

The woman immediately raises her hands in surrender. To Spock's surprise, she appears in no way concerned for her safety. Then again, she possibly possesses the ability to change her physical location on her own command, so maybe he should be concerned for his own safety despite seemingly having the upper hand in their encounter.

Maybe he should attempt to wake Jim via lowering his shield and sending a distressing emotion, as the captain has shown in involuntary occurrences of this in the past that it is a secure way to alert him. But Jim is still not fully recovered, and he would certainly show up himself instead of sending another officer...

While he is contemplating the best course of action, the woman grins at him. She has a humanoid appearance, possibly human, although Spock has never seen the particular colour of orange or red curls in human hair, nor the pale white, shiny, nearly glittering and flawless skin.

If he were attracted to women and not yet in a t'hy'la bond, he might have considered her attractive.


"Hey man I know this isn't like the nice way or anything, just showing up without knocking," the woman starts talking, arms still casually raised in mock surrender.

"but we really only got a few minutes on this 'verse and you might even thank me for this later... Which is also why, may I?"

She slowly moves her hands towards him, fingers outstretched, and it takes Spock a second to realise that the human appearing person is asking him to mind-meld.

Given that he has already established his inferior position in this setting, it seems best to give his mind freely, although it makes him set his jaw anxiously. 

Vulkans do not feel anxiety. Spock, however, has learned about himself that he very well does.


He lowers the phaser.

The next second, he is encompassed by not the mind of the stranger, but rather his own memory as the woman is searching through it.

She seems particularly interested in his bonds, and for a moment he has the unrealistic fear that she will attempt to dissolve his connection to Jim, but she just passes the t'hy'la bond, as well as his parental bond to Sarek, and searches around the place where the lost bond to his mother would be.

Thinking about her still hurts, no matter how much he mediates over her loss. 


Suddenly, the presence in his mind is gone, and Spock opens his eyes to find the woman still in front of him, one hand pressed to her left ear and talking. Perhaps a kind of communicator?

"...definitely him- yeah man I just said so whatthe- can y'all double check whether there's already one around? Cece?"

Someone appears to be answering, although Spock can not hear anyone's voice. A secret communication channel directly set into the inner ear of the woman? Spock has heard of such devices being used by humans before, although Starfleet does not widely accept them due to the lack of transparency. 

The woman appears to be listening intently, although her posture is still somewhat slouching. And that is even for a human.


Tapping her ear again, she now speaks in a louder voice, presumably for a broader or at least different audience on the other side of the communicator.

"Alright Mandy, looks like we found yours! Get ready for transport, yea?"
And, directed at Spock himself: "Cmon man lets move, believe me you don't want to not beam up that one!"



A human abbreviation for the name Amanda, as Spock has sometimes heard people call his mother when she was talking to her acquaintances on earth.

And the woman had been looking at his parental bonds, checking whether the one with his mother is no longer there...

Spock did not want to hope in case his heart would just be shattered again when this turned out to be about something entirely else.

But he still let the woman to the transporter room without further questioning. Even without alerting the captain. 



The officer in the room looks up as they enter, appearing surprised.
"Commander? Is something wrong? I wasn't aware we were in transporter range to anything-"

"Let me?" the woman asks before Spock can get a word in, bouncing on her toes in an excited fashion that quite reminds Spock of his mate, and motioning towards the control panel.
Spock nods, and the woman practically jumps towards the panel, once again grinning in a way Spock is not certain was meant to show enjoyment or something more aggressive.

"One to beam up!" the women says, finger again pressed against her ear, now sounding happy as well as- mocking? She was clearly pretending to act like the officer usually assigned to this position, or Captain Kirk whenever he gave an order to do so, and Spock wondered where she had obtained knowledge on such rather informal starfleet protocol.


Then all thoughts on the stranger left his mind as a figure starts to appear in the transporter, first resembling, then clearly being an absolutely accurate image of his mother's body, Amanda, alive.

Which is impossible.
Because his mother died almost a year ago.

Of course, given the fact that she is currently standing right in front of him, blinking against the bright lights of the room and mumbling "I will never get used to this...", Spock is forced to reevaluate this 'fact'.

Once every other possibility has been proven impossible, the last possible outcome must be true, no matter how implausible. Or so a human philosopher once said.

If his mother was alive, and her and the woman had arrived from another 'verse' perhaps the accident with the Rockland and the red matter had dragged her into a different reality instead of killing her?


But he had yet to be certain. A striking resemblance to her body did not mean that the being in front of him was truly Amanda Grausam Spock.

And the twitch in his mind where the parental bond to her used to be could simply be an after effect on the other woman being inside his head.


"Mother." he nonetheless addressed the being in front of him. If it was in fact a hostile alien following any kind of plan of infiltration, it was most definitely logical to lull it into a false sense of security to avoid conflict.

"Spock?!" the woman- and Spock doesn't have the power within himself to further mentally address her simply as a being, not with that expression on her face- blinks against the light again, staring at him with shock, relief and love clearly visible in her human face.

"Spock, is it really you?" she stumbles forward, and Spock steps in her direction as well, painfully trying to suppress the emotions threatening to break free.

"Indeed it is mother. With your permission, will you allow me to implement a mind meld to confirm your identity as well as reestablish our bond in the case of you being who you are stating to be?"

"Of course, Spock" she whispers, stopping to walk.

A tear runs down her face. Spock supresses the urge to wipe it away and instead lifts his hands to her meld points.


The onslaught is immediate.

His mind sings, feelings and memories overwhelming him as his mental shields are forcefully broken down by the bond rebuilding itself.

In a state of mind Spock feels unable to describe, he at the same time feels acutely aware of the fact that he gasped out loud, and that a tear is now running over his own face, and that the officer behind him appears most concerned while the foreign woman is chuckling and talking to someone on the com- yet he is neither able to stop any of his involuntary reactions, nor able to do or focus on anything but the connection to his mother.


His mother.




Like a mantra, the fact keeps repeating in his mind, even as his hands fall away from her face and he feels their bond complete itself.

"Spock-" his mother says again, a almost inaudible sob. Her arms raised, and a second later Spock finds himself drawn into a bone crushing hug, which he can't help but return.

For a while, they just stand like that, holding onto each other, relishing in their refound connection. 


A groan from behind them makes Spock jump to attention and straighten his body before turning back around.

He does, however, keep a hand on his mother's arm, as if to ensure she is still physically there.


The woman, apparently the one who let out the annoyed noise, is now leaning against the front of the transporter panel directly in front of them.

"Maaan, I really don't wanna interrupt the cozy thing you've got going there, but we're kinda on a tight schedule?" 

Spock immediately tightens his grip on his mother's arm. 

The woman just rolls his eyes at them.

"Naw you can keep her, 's kinda why we went here man. But if y'all want to interview us for like an official report or i-de-e-kay, get a move on..."

"Thank you!" his mother interrupts her, stepping forward and offering her a hand in human fashion. Spock forces himself to stay back and focus on the bond, proving that his mother is indeed alive despite not having a physical contact anymore.

"Thank you, Victoria, I don't even know what to say- that you brought me back here, that you went the entire way to-"

"Yeeah yeah quit the mushy" Victoria waves away her outstretched hand and turns around to leave the room.

"Now, do I gotta report on why she ain't dead after all or not? Do y'all just let zombies run around with no explanation?" she calls over her shoulder.

"I would indeed be pleased to get informed on just what happened" Spock states, dragging his mother along and hurrying to catch up with the woman in front of them, who appears to be on her way to the bridge.


Upon their arrival, there is a lot of confusion from the other commanding personnel, but Spock silences them and waves Victoria over to the communication system, figuring that she operates best at doing things herself instead of giving orders, and it is therefore the logical choice in their time-sensitive situation to let her do her thing.

She hits a few orders, then connects a device to the controls that is shining such a bright blue light Spock is unable to actually identify it.

Nearly immediately, a ship is suddenly visible on screen.

It didn't appear out of warp- it must have been there before, only shielded, Victoria's device making it visible.


She hails the other ship, and a second later another human woman appears on screen. To Spock's knowledge she appears to be of asian heritage. In the background, another young woman or girl and a little child are visible.

"Hey Vicky, did everything go well?" 

After Victoria nods her affirmative, the woman on screen turns to Spock.

"Commander. I am Cleo Yamasaki of the Central, an organisation both unknown to you and that you most likely will never be confronted with again. I will answer all your questions that I can do within the next seven point three minutes. But first- Amanda, are you alright?" 

Spock appreciates both the concern for his mother as well as the solemn, almost vulcan-like demeanor.


"I'm good, thank you." Amanda smiles at the screen, standing close to her son.

"And for once that actually seems to be the truth" Yamasaki nods at her before turning to Spock. "Alright. Now, where should we start?"


"Ugh, babe, can we quit the bullshit and just tell them the story? S not like they have any clue about what they should ask anywayyyys" Victoria groans.

Ms Yamasaki laughs. "While I agree with that, this is an official Starfleet ship and we should at least try to stick to protocol-"

Victoria hits her head against a wall and groans again. Humans are stil sometimes a puzzle to Spock.


"Maybe I should start" Amanda speaks up. "I mean, I will keep it short for now as I will still be able to answer questions later, but I think it's still better to start at the beginning?"

Both Spock and Ms Yamasaki nod.

"On stardate..."

It still hurts as she retells the story. And not just because of the lost planet. Logically, Spock knows that he no longer has to grieve for his mother as she is right in front of him, but his subconsciousness has yet to understand this. He will have to meditate a lot next night. 


"...and I was certain I was going to die- only I didn't! Suddenly, everything was dark for a second, and I felt like I was being squished together- and then I was on Vulcan again, standing right in front of her-" she points at Victoria.

"Yeah yeah man don't make it look like I'm a lifesaver or anything" Victoria looks most uncomfortable. 

"I mean, I was just standing there- because, in our 'verse, we were just hanging out on Vulcan cause Cece wanted to find out stuff bout her brain twins or whatever, so I'm chilling outside cause obvs I'm not dealing with that, and then suddenly there's a presence right under me? And I guess I didn't even think, I just blasted open the stone and got her out and yea" 


Spock has trouble understanding most of Victoria's phrasing, despite having lived amongst humans for several years now.

He does think he understood most of the essence of what she has said, but he would rather be certain.

"Are you indicating that you and your people are residents of another universe?"

"Universe, reality, timeline... Whatever you want to define it as." she smiles.

"We had to check several alternative realities for Amanda's existence until we found this one, where she both existed before and was believed dead, which fits her story. We want no payment of you except for you to let us go freely-"

("As if these kids could stop us" Victoria snorts quietly).


"Anyways. We don't have much time left, V are you coming over?"

"I will walk you back to the transporter room-" Spock offers, but Victoria shakes her head.

"Not necessary!"

With a bang, she disappears, showing up on screen right next to Ms Yamasaki, proving Spock's theory that she is indeed able to change her place in the physical world without help.

"It was a pleasure to meet you all." Cleo Yamasaki says as goodbye.

Spock wants to reply to live long and prosper, but Victoria chimes in:

"Oh and by the way, I know it's gonna look like we're nuts but us leaving really only works that way, we tried!" 

The screen goes black.


Spock motions for someone to get the image of the spaceship in front of them amplified.

It is a fascinating modell, unknown to Spock and, judging by the reactions of the present crew, everyone else as well.

Then something on top of the ship moves up, it looks like- stabilisers for artificial gravity? But why outside their ship?

The answer comes soon as the young woman who had been in the back of the room exits the spaceship, seemingly unharmed despite apparently standing in open space without a suit- she moves her arm back, muscles tensing, punches forward- and a shining, twirling round structure appears in front of her.

The girl jumps back inside, and the spaceship disappears through the ring of light and darkness. A hole perhaps, a wormhole connecting dimensions?



The scientific driven side of Spock would like to consider the possibilities further, but he finds he is unable to think properly.

Either way, they are gone.

Spock feels Amanda let out a deep breath next to him. She looks exhausted.

"May I lead you to my quarters?" he asks her, ignoring the questions of the confused officers around him and leading her away.