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I don't want a future without you two in it

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Da Qing has been acting weirdly lately.

Having known him for so long, Yun Lan has been able to notice the change in his loyal partner. After all, Yun Lan is his master that he had been searching for many years. Over ten thousand, to be precise.

Yun Lan remembers when he first began working in the SID, and when he met the scrawny cat boy. Da Qing was shy, quiet and careful around Yun Lan. He acted like a servant, and held Yun Lan on a pedestal. Like he was his King, his master.

Yun Lan didn't enjoy that very much, though it was funny to him for the first few weeks. But he got sick of it and when he finally realized that Da Qing was not joking around- and that Yun Lan truly was his guardian angel- in cat form, Yun Lan had to put a stop to it all.

He didn't want Da Qing to act like a servant in front of him. Instead, he wanted a friend out of him. And he got even more in the end, as Da Qing became a part of his family.

The now lazy and fat kitty had been living with him for quite a while already. Sleeping around either in his human or cat form, he was always trying to get a place next to Yun Lan. Sometimes it got annoying, but to be completely honest, Yun Lan loved it.

Having been single and alone for so long, Yun Lan loved the company. Even when Da Qing would annoy him by meowing in his cat form or beg for food nonstop, Yun Lan loved to cuddle him and feel his purr against his hand.

He loved that annoying fat cat boy like his own little brother.




Ever since what happened in Dixing, things were much more different and calm.

Shen Wei had healed almost fully and could use his powers again, but still not the way he once could. He could never use them the same way again, after using so much of his own power to heal others. Mostly Yun Lan.

Yun Lan was in the same situation. He had gained powers and was now immortal as well, but lost some of his powers immediately after gaining them because he healed Shen Wei's horrible injuries.

It was so corny, but they truly used each others life's to save each other.

Yun Lan was getting used to his new form and powers.

His skin was like Shen Wei's now. Cool and smooth to the touch, like marble. He no longer felt hunger the same way as before or the need to sleep. He was also stronger that before and loved to mess around with his new powers, even though Shen Wei told him not to.

All of their life's had changed, for the better. But there were still so many unsure things, that especially bothered Da Qing and kept him awake at night.

Never had he felt like this before until now. But when he saw Yun Lan smile so sweetly at Shen Wei, hold his hand or kiss him gently. All this talk about them finding a house together where they would move made Da Qing feel worried.

Now, it felt like he wasn't even there anymore most of the time.

Before when Yun Lan would come back home from work or the town, he could greet Da Qing happily and pet him in his cat form. Now, he is always with Shen Wei and it seems like he doesn't even notice him.

Though it hurt him both mentally and physically, Da Qing decided to leave for a while. But being parted from his master for a long time would do him harm, so he needed to be careful or he would lose his own life. But right now he needed to be somewhere else, because seeing Yun Lan not care for him now like he used to was causing him the most pain.

Thinking that he was the third wheel, causing harm to his masters relationship, Da Qing left one night and went back to the SID, to spend the nights with Wang Zheng and Sang Zan so he wouldn't have to be so alone.




'What about this one?' Yun Lan slurred, lollipop sticking from his mouth as he plopped to sit down next to Shen Wei on the couch. He pointed at his phone screen, showing the house on sale that he had found on some site.

Shen Wei fixed his glasses, pushing them up his nose and blinking his eyes a few times. He looked at the pictures of the house, awkwardly swiping his finger against the touch screen phone, that was still odd to him. Yun Lan just smiled.

'It's good right?' He then asked, giving the phone to Shen Wei. 'I looked through all the info already, and it's pretty much perfect. It has a nice yard, two offices for us, a garage for my car... A good sized kitchen and the price is good.' He spoke, crossing his arms.

Shen Wei stayed quiet for a moment, scrolling through the info. He then shook his head slowly and placed the phone on Yun Lan's lap.

'It doesn't have enough rooms.' Wei then said. 'Only one extra one if we both want an office- which we do.' He explained as Yun Lan sighed.

Yun Lan stayed still for a moment, then smiling sweetly. 'Already thinking about expanding the family huh?'

Shen Wei broke into a smile, leaning back on the couch. 'Perhaps.' He said. 'I have had many, many years to think about my future. And i would be lying if i said i didn't want someone to continue what i began building.' He murmured.

Yun Lan just listened to him, fascinated. The thought of having children some day never really came across his mind seriously before. He used to think that children were the most disgusting thing on earth, and too annoying and expensive but he no longer thinks that strongly.

And besides, he is a dummy for Shen Wei. He will do whatever the other tells him.

Shen Wei turned to look at him, smiling. 'But it's too early to talk about all that right now.' He then said. 'I am making you feel uncomfortable.'

'No, not at all.' Yun Lan assured him with a smile, turning on the couch and taking a hold of Wei's hand. 'I love hearing about what you want for our future. It's important, and i want to hear it.'

Shen Wei let out a small laugh, those small wrinkles forming on the corners of his eyes. 'Well that's great. Because we have a lot of time to talk about our future.'

A lot of time. An infinite number in fact. Knowing that made Yun Lan feel warmth in his chest. They would have all the time in the world, to create something beautiful together.

A beautiful future.

'Besides.' Shen Wei then said. 'That house wouldn't have enough space for Da Qing to have his own room. That would be unfair.'

Yun Lan nodded his head. 'You're so right.' He sighed, feeling bad that he didn't even think about giving Da Qing his own room. He thought that the fat cat could just live in the living room or his office, because he didn't take much space. This just shows that Shen Wei needs to be the one making decisions around the house.

Having thought about the kitty right then, Yun Lan turned in his seat and glanced towards the empty homemade cat bed in the corner. He frowned, getting up.

Seeing that even the filled food bowl was untouched, Yun Lan felt that something was wrong. Shen Wei could sense the uneasiness that Yun Lan felt, and fell deep into thought as they both realized Da Qing was no where to be seen. In fact, neither of them could remember seeing the cheery cat in quite some time.

Yun Lan felt horrible, grabbing Shen Wei's hand as they both rushed out the door.




'Poor kitty...' Wang Zheng murmured after she had heard Da Qing's story of why he decided to leave. She petted Da Qing's head, smoothing his hair that was beginning to grow in front of his eyes. Yun Lan always cut his hair, as he was the only one he trusted to do such a thing.

Everything reminded Da Qing of Yun Lan. Everything made him even more sad.

He sighed. 'I don't know what to do.'

Sang Zan looked at him sadly, shaking his head. 'I feel so sorry for little Da Qing. It is unfair.' He stuttered.

Wang Zheng looked between the two of them, thinking about what to say to lift the mood a little. 'Dear Da Qing. What if i would make you some friend fish? Would that cheer you up kitty?' She asked, smiling sweetly.

Da Qing barely even moved, grunting a 'no' as an answer. He kept doodling scribbles onto the table underneath him with his sharp nail.

Wang Zheng and Sang Zan looked at each other, feeling so sorry for the young boy. Not able to cheer him up, both of the ghosts felt useless.

Wang Zheng then took a hold of Sang Zan's hand and dragged him further away, into a different room as she had some idea. But before she could even bring that idea forward, the front door to SID opened and Professor Shen Wei and Chief Zhao Yun Lan stepped inside.

Wang Zheng clapped her hands excitedly, happy to see the two at such a perfect moment. 'I am so glad that you came! Da Qing really misses you both.' She murmured.

'He is very sad.' Sang Zan stuttered sadly, holding onto Wang Zheng's hand.

Shen Wei smiled slightly. 'Thank you for keeping him company. 'He thanked the two ghosts.

'Where is he?' Yun Lan asked, the worried expression still stuck on his face.

Sang Zan pointed towards the office rooms, watching as Yun Lan raced past the quickly.

Shen Wei bowed down politely before running off behind Yun Lan. When he reached him, both of them stood in an empty room.

Yun Lan sighed, hands against his hips as he looked around him.

Shen Wei's brows fixated onto a worried look, searching the room that they were in. He spotted the small open window on the wall, rain falling inside and hitting the floor. He walked up to it, studying the small drops of water on the floor. The window had just been opened a moment ago, otherwise there would be a huge puddle already.

He looked up from the floor, looking at Yun Lan who was crouching near one of the tables.

'He was just here a moment ago.' He murmured, fingers going over the fresh indents on the table. 'Why would he run away like that?' He asked quietly.

Shen Wei stayed quiet, but was deep in thought. He looked back at the open window and the lit moon that he could see through it. It was going to be a cold night, with rain and everything.

'I believe i know why.' Shen Wei then said.

Yun Lan turned to look at him, confused. Shen Wei smiled.

'Yun Lan. I'll go bring him back home.'




The rain was cruel tonight. It beat Da Qing's back as he sat on the rooftop of some high building. The wind was making things worse, and making Da Qing get goosebumps all over his bare skin because he did not wear a coat.

His teeth clattered against each other as he hissed a breath through his mouth, a cloud of heat evaporating into the coldness around him. He hid his face against his knees, bringing himself into a ball to try and war himself up.

But it was no use. The only thing warming him was the hot tears running down his cheeks.

Letting out a muffled cry, Da Qing's shoulders shook weakly.

How pitiful must he look right now, he thought. Does he look as desperate as he feels on the inside right now? Could someone see how in pain he was because of his foolish heart, or would everyone just keep on walking if they saw him.

Da Qing honestly didn't care, as no one of those people would be Yun Lan. He was the only one who was supposed to care for him after all, as his master. But he wouldn't do that. He was too busy looking after Shen Wei after all.

Da Qing knew he sounded ridiculous and hateful. But he couldn't help himself. He was so hurt, and felt so alone.

For over ten thousand years, Da Qing kept searching for him. For Kun Lun, for Yun Lan. His master who would take care of him for their whole life. That was Da Qing's only purpose in life. To find Yun Lan and be with him forever. But things were never as easy as they sounded.

Just like him, Shen Wei had been searching for Yun Lan for many many years. They both dedicated their life's to finding him, and being with him.

Yun Lan was just one man, a human then. Yet he was responsible for so many life's around himself. Sometimes it truly seemed like he didn't even realize it himself.

If he wasn't here, neither would be Da Qing or Shen Wei.

These were the types of thoughts that had been going through Da Qing's mind for quite some time already. When he was very sad or when he thought about his life before meeting Yun Lan.

He knew he wasn't alone with these types of thoughts, as there was someone very similar to him who understood how he felt.

Slowly lifting his head, turning around to look behind him- Da Qing stayed still when he saw Shen Wei standing there with an umbrella. A faint smile on his lips as he looked at Da Qing pitifully.

The tears never stopped to begin with, but now Da Qing let himself sob. His small frame shook with each cry that he let out. He felt how the rain stopped hitting him and how a pair of arms wrapped around his frame.

He didn't know how to feel, when being hugged by Shen Wei like this. Perhaps a moment ago he would have wanted to push him off and yell at him for coming in between his and Yun Lan's life. But that wasn't what he wanted to do. Instead, Da Qing moved slowly and entered Shen Wei's open arms.

'It's alright.' Shen Wei murmured, the sound of the rain almost silencing him. He pressed his lips against Da Qing's head, surprising the cat boy. But Da Qing did not move away. Instead he hugged him tighter.

'I-i was afraid of loosing you both.' Da Qing cried out, tightly holding onto Shen Wei's jacket. 'I didn't want to come in between you two, and mess things up. But i didn't bare to see you plan your future with Yun Lan without me.' He whispered.

Shen Wei felt his heart broke just the slightest when he heard those words leave the others lips. He hugged Da Qing tighter. 'You silly kitty.' He said, voice breaking just slightly.

'I would never want any future without you in it.' Shen Wei whispered in tears.

Hearing those words, lit something inside Da Qing. Hearing them coming from Shen Wei meant so much, he couldn't even understand at the moment. It meant so much to him.

Holding each other, Shen Wei kept them safe from the rain, until Da Qing was able to move again and they left the rooftop.




'You dumb cat!' Yun Lan said when he saw the two figures walk back inside the SID, both drenched in rain water and cold as icicles.

Da Qing walked in pitifully, holding onto Shen Wei's hand like a child. Yun Lan just shook his head and crossed his arms.

'See, this wouldn't have happened if you hadn't ran away-' Yun Lan spoke as he began to nag at the cat like he always did, but instead of listening to him Da Qing kept on walking towards him until he was right in front of him.

Shen Wei, Sang Zan and Wang Zheng all smiled and laughed when the rain drenched cat hugged Yun Lan tightly, who let out a surprised sound.

Looking around himself, Yun Lan seemed confused. 'Cat, what has gotten into you?' He murmured, slowly putting his arms around the cold kitty. He glanced towards Shen Wei, who just nodded his head slowly.

Yun Lan understood. He sighed, hugging Da Qing tighter. 'Never leave me again like that, alright?' He said tearfully. 'It's an order from your master.'

Da Qing looked up at him, eyes filled with tears. 'I promise. Never forget about me again.' He whispered.

Yun Lan smiled, though the words that Da Qing had said hurt him. How could have he forgotten about him like that even in the first place? He would make sure to never ever repeat the same mistakes.

'I promise. ' Yun Lan said, hugging Da Qing again.

Purring against his chest, Yun Lan let out a sigh of relief.

'Its freezing. And you two are completely wet.' Yun Lan said, pointing at Shen Wei who was busy trying to dry his glasses. 'Let's go get you two warm again.' He added, beginning to walk towards the door with Da Qing leaning against him.

Taking a hold of Shen Wei's hand, he smiled as he saw the two look at each other happily. This is how it was supposed to be, the three of them together.

'Come on, let's go home.' Yun Lan said, smiling widely as he hold onto the two tightly.

Yes, perhaps Da Qing and Shen Wei had been living their long life's just to meet Yun Lan. But Yun Lan, was born just to meet them. That was his only goal and meaning in life.

The three of them completed each other. They were meant to meet each other, and become a family.

Thought not perfect, and slightly odd.

It was their family, and it was just right for them.