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Lan shakes his head, he is feeling so freaking cold, of course, he has been inside the dark freezer for nearly two hours. He can't breathe properly and his hands are numb. He is not wearing a coat, he is in just a shirt and his jeans. Why did he lose his jacket again?


Yea, he lost it when he was chasing the criminal from Dixing.


His phone is dead, useless, no battery. Even if there is battery, there would probably be no network. Can't even use the flashlight. It's freaking dark, he is not scared of the dark but the cold is making him very uncomfortable.


He is sitting down in a corner, trying to rub his palms. He brings his knees closer to his chest and huddles, trying to shrink himself, staying in the heat escape lessening position. He buttons his shirt all the way up. This can't go on.


He is confused as to why he can't feel the connection, the bond he shares with Wei. The bond helps them understand each other's physical and emotional condition. It also, to an extent, helps them read each other's thoughts and sense where the other is.


Why can't he feel it now? It has probably got to do something with the criminal. Is he in a place where dark energy can't penetrate? Is someone trying to throw his SID team and Wei off trail?


Lan sighs. Why are the artifacts not helping them this time? Sometimes, he feels as if the artifacts are like kids with a very short attention span. 


His palms are not bleeding anymore because of the cold. He had cut himself in the freezer when the criminal had roughly pushed him inside.


It's in a secluded place in the middle of nowhere and there's no human around. It's locked from outside and he can't shout, he doesn't have the energy and more over, no one can hear him from outside.


He doesn't want to die here all alone, frozen, without even seeing Wei.


Wei would probably kill him again, resurrect him and kill him again if he were to get himself killed. He remembers the pain Wei used to feel, the raw pain of anticipation, it had lasted 10,000 years. Is he going to put his Wei through the same thing again?


He fades in and out of consciousness.




He jerks awake as he feels the door being blasted open. He smiles, it has to be Wei. Only Wei would be so frantic but really, did Wei have send the door flying off it's hinges?


He immediately feels the connection he shares with Wei. He is safe. The criminal didn't just lead him here blindly, the criminal wanted Lan to be stuck here because it does keep dark energy outside. Now that the door is broken, Wei and Lan feel the barrier around the place break as well.


He feels Wei next to him, he can't open his mouth to ask Wei not to panic at the blood, that it's only a small cut, so he concentrates on his thoughts but that don't help either because he is losing consciousness again.


He sways and is enveloped by Wei's presence in his mind and faints once again in waiting arms.




The SID team is not surprised as Wei lifts Lan in bridal style and teleports the next moment without saying anything. They know that Lan is in safe hands. It's time they apprehended the criminal before their Shen and Zhao get back.




Shen runs towards the bathroom. He places Lan gently on the floor and stumbles, ignoring his long cloak, he is not able to turn the taps properly in his haste. He takes a deep breath, calms himself and switches on the water tap and waits for the luke warm water to fill up the tub. Hot water shouldn't be used. People who are suffering from hypothermia should be warmed up gradually.


Wei meanwhile uses his powers to gently warm up Lan, like an electric blanket, very patiently and cautiously.


He makes sure that the water is mildly warm, he removes Lan's clothes slowly and places Lan gently in the bath tub.


He keeps rubbing Lan's neck and chest and forehead. The hands and legs shouldn't be warmed. He ignores that his black cloak is getting soaked, he ignores the discomfort of the warm water, he doesn't even change back. None of it matters. Only Lan does.


After a long time, Wei gently gets Lan out of the bathtub, leaving the water to be drained later and moves his hands. Immediately, lot of towels and warm blankets and quilts rush towards him, the cabinets banging open with a loud sound. Wei will not care even if they end up damaged.


Wei dries Lan softly, gently and thoroughly. He places the blankets on the floor, places Lan on it after dressing Lan in warm clothes, he literally cocoons Lan with multiple blankets. Wei is not satisfied but this should be enough.


He cannot lift Lan, so he moves his hand instead and concentrates on his powers so that Lan levitates gently. He walks to their bed and places Lan gently on it.


He makes sure that Lan's feet and hands are covered in socks and gloves and are not sticking out of the makeshift blanket cocoon. He even covers Lan's head and ears with wool. Only Lan's face is seen.


Wei finally changes into his normal clothes and lies next to Lan on bed.


Lan somehow moves closer to Wei and Wei just smiles. Wei uses his power to keep Lan warm all night and they drift off to sleep.




"Are you feeling better?" Wei asks.


Lan just nods. His temperature has gone down, thanks to Wei. He just smiles and coughs.


For the past two days, Wei didn't leave his side at all, keeping him warm, making him food, talking to him, singing him to sleep, fussing all over Lan in worry.


Wei finally relaxes. He gets up from the bed to go heat up food for Lan but is pulled back by Lan. He falls on Lan's lap.


Lan shifts in such a way that Wei is facing Lan.


Lan sighs, "Why is your skin hot? Are you sick?" Nothing can escape Lan about Wei, no matter what condition he is in.


Wei shakes his head. He mumbles, "My skin is not cold anymore. It's probably because we are sharing our everything through the artifacts. The artifacts have shown their magic again. I am affected by Haxing's temperature. It has been happening for quite a while."


Lan murmurs fondly, "You idiot. You feel cold too now, don't you? You should take better care of yourself."


They stay silent for sometime.


Lan wonders after sometime, out loud, "You are still...?" Lan can feel it but he still asks, just in case.


Wei simply says, "I am not human. But there are certain changes in my body, yes but I am still a Dixingian."


Lan feels that there's nothing wrong with Wei physically or mentally or emotionally, through their shared bond. That's enough for now. He will chew out Wei later for not having told him sooner about his body being able to feel the cold again. How the hell has Wei already learned how to hide things from Lan despite sharing a bond with him? Must be due to years of patience and practice - 10,000 years.


He really needs to know this because he can't keep much from Wei. They don't have the bond all the time but it's reaching that point. He doesn't want Wei to keep things from him either, especially not important things. But Lan is sure, if he probes enough, Wei's barrier will break. It is not easy to hide things from each other and it won't be in the future because their bond is strengthening, thanks to the artifacts.


He ignores Wei's flinch as Lan places his cold fingers on Wei's burning warm cheeks, he places his forehead on Wei's and sighs, their breaths mingle.


He can stay like this, forever, embracing Wei. Wei ignores Lan's cold hands and they lie down again, in each other's arms. They will continue to figure out more about the artifacts but for now, they come first to each other.