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scars to your beautiful

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Todoroki and Bakugou stand back to back, the sound of Bakugou’s explosions ricocheting,  the crackle of fire and the heavy smell of smoke with a hint of nitroglycerin wafting through the battle area. It’s cold, surprisingly. Todoroki’s ice would make it cold. Frostbite hurts less than a punch. Fire, on the other hand, is a no-go.


It’s a 2V2. Both Bakugou and Todoroki are smart. They study their opponent carefully, while the villain prepares an attack, a devilish smile across both of their faces. They’re not fighting together. They don’t need to fight together. Todoroki knows Bakugou’s pride wouldn’t allow that. But fighting next to each other is enough, as they have each other’s back through thick and thin. Bakugou’s opponent had a fire quirk, so Bakugou took that one. Todoroki didn’t say a word, but he was silently thankful. And besides, you can’t fight fire with fire. Bakugou was much more suited.


Todoroki breathed in, slowly, his eyes locked onto his villain. He straightened himself up as the villain attacked, swinging a huge knife down to Todoroki, preparing on striking him. Todoroki lifted his hand, an ice wall following the movement of his arm, wedging the large blade in a towering icicle. Bakugou sees this and grins from behind him, and it gives Todoroki that extra push knowing Bakugou has his back. At the same time, both of the villains charge forward with a loud cry, and Todoroki and Bakugou both meet them halfway. They strike before the villains even have a chance, power perfectly balanced. They’ve unknowingly fought with each other since the start-- against each other, to surpass each other, to beat each other. And now it’s evolved, and they fight side by side.

They really do make a good team.

Todoroki moves fast, his movement nimble, forever on his toes. Bakugou rages from behind, propelling himself across the sky with perfectly timed explosions. Todoroki shoots more ice towers towards the villain, trapping his sword and shooting an icicle towards the weapon before his opponent has the chance to yank it out. There’s a fire in his blood as he’s fighting, a passion, an adrenaline keeping him going and reminding him just why he loves doing this. Feeling the fire of the fight.

Just in the nick of time, Todoroki comes out victorious. The weapon shattered with the force of his ice and the villain is left defenceless. With a click of his tongue, the enemy withdraws, running away like a coward. Todoroki scoffs.

With that, he turns around to stand beside Bakugou, preparing his ice yet again as he faces the other villain, the one with a fire quirk. At the sight of him, the villain stops, his eyes going wide. Todoroki’s taken aback, and clearly Bakugou is as well.

“You got a problem, bastard?” Bakugou snarls, his hands popping threateningly. The villain continues to wordlessly stare at Todoroki. Todoroki’s stance tenses. He hates that look. That look, eyes wide, stare burning directly into him. He’s looking at him like Todoroki’s a villain.

“You-!! You’re hideous !” The villain exclaimed, reeling back. Todoroki froze, his heart drumming threateningly in his chest. He was taken aback by the comment. It was directed at him, after all. But Todoroki wouldn’t consider himself bad looking, and there wasn’t anything that would spark a comment like that at him.

“What the hell happened to your face? It’s disgusting, god!” The villain continued, and realisation dawned on Todoroki. He held his hand up to his left cheek, fingers grazing over the scar that still remained, the permanent reminder of his childhood. The one damn thing he hated about himself. This guy was right, it was hideous.

Todoroki visibly froze then, his mood dropping completely. He wasn’t sure why, even. Todoroki just didn’t want to fight anymore, his will completely gone. His heart pounded hard in his chest, harder and harder and harder. All the muscles in his body tensed, his whole body felt like it was going to catch aflame, tingling, his blood going ice cold. Todoroki didn’t recognise the feeling, it was something he’d never had before. His breathing was fast, his eyes watered, everything happening at once before he was aware of it. Todoroki was panicking. He was aware of that, but there was nothing he could do. Todoroki’s emotions were taking over his body like a virus, affecting every vien, every muscle until he was left powerless.

Bakugou’s eyes widened in pure rage and his explosions increased dramatically. Todoroki had never seen him so angry before.

“How dare you…” Bakugou snarled, returning back into his usual stance, preparing to strike. Todoroki could see the fire burning in his eyes, and the villain backed away in fear. He was done for. “How fucking dare you...!”

As soon as Bakugou spat the last word out, he emphasised it with a huge explosion, the sheer rage feuling the blast, knocking the villain back. The explosion was absolutely massive, it would definitely have toll on Bakugou. Bakugou was sweating madly, his chest rising and falling, out of breath from the huge effort. He clearly didn’t care, because he ran in again. Todoroki wanted to go, too. He wanted to beat him, to fight to, he wanted to go with Bakugou but he couldn’t. His damn body was against him, his chest was still clenching, feeling like his insides were caving in, his feet glued into place. But Bakugou pummeled the villain, using more force that Todoroki ever saw, throwing hit after hit with a roaring battle cry, the sound of the explosions lingering through the air.


The air was stained with smoke, the sheer energy of Bakugou visible from Todoroki’s view. Bakugou continued to swing, punch, blast, using all of his might. The villain was defeated, more than so, fighting the urge to lose consciousness. It was clear that that wasn’t Bakugou’s goal, however. Bakugou was furious, and this guy was the cause of the anger, and therefore received it. Bakugou prepared the final blow, reeling back and moving his hand in front of him, his fingers spread wide. The villain was on his knees weakly, and he barely lifted his head before he saw Bakugou’s hand alight in front of him, then a huge explosion sounded.


The villain went unconscious, and Bakugou stayed in place, his chest heaving, his breathing heavy. He draws back his hand, breathing for a minute, before his head snaps up and Bakugou bolts back over to Todoroki. Todoroki’s shrunk back against a wall, his gaze glued onto the floor. Bakugou lets out a worried sigh as he reaches Todoroki again, and not even then does Todoroki lift his gaze. His eyebrows just lower further, his expression twisting in hurt.

“Shouto, he’s gone. I fucking destroyed him.” Bakugou says with an exhale. Todoroki doesn’t answer. Bakugou’s slightly worried now, and he steps closer. “Shouto? Are you ok?” Bakugou asks, and Todoroki doesn’t answer again. Bakugou lets out a jaggered sigh again, his eyebrows pinching together before he moves forward and helps Todoroki off the wall. Bakugou slings Todoroki’s arm over his shoulder, grunting as he stands up, supporting Todoroki’s weight. Todoroki walks weakly, his hair falling over his eyes, but it doesn’t matter. But Bakugou’s right by his side, helping him, as they both return home.



By the time they reach U.A, Todoroki’s walking normally. His gaze is still on the ground, and he’s quiet. Too quiet. This entire time, he’s barely said a word. Bakugou respects that Todoroki’s upset, and doesn’t push him to say anything. However, it’s clear that Bakugou’s worried about Todoroki, from his occasional side glances, and his constant worried expression. It’s like he wants to say something, but doesn't. Todoroki’s thankful for that, in a way. After all, he didn’t what to say even if he wanted to talk. Todoroki had no clue why he got upset, why he froze.


They reach the first floor of the dorms, where Bakugou’s dorm was. Kirishima’s leaning against his door, scrolling through his phone. His face brightens when he sees Todoroki and Bakugou, and he immediately stands up. “Todoroki! How’d the fight go? I bet you were awesome!” Kirishima chirps. Todoroki glances up at him, before returning his gaze to the ground and walking past Kirishima and up to his dorms.


Bakugou sighs slightly, running a hand through his hair. Kirishima looks to Todoroki, before turning around again, clearly confused. It was a bad sign for Bakugou, too. Todoroki usually enjoyed talking to Kirishima. “Bakugou, he seemed a little off. What happened?” Kirishima asks, his voiced laced with concern. Bakugou crosses his arms and shakes his head, and Kirishima’s eyebrows draw together. “Can I do anything to help?” Kirishima asks, and again, Bakugou shakes his head, slowly.

“..’s fine, Kirishima. I’ll fix it.” Bakugou assures, and Kirishima nods. Bakugou moves past him to follow Todoroki upstairs, and Kirishima goes back to his dorm. Bakugou moves quickly, up the stairs and navigating through the hallway until he reaches Todoroki’s dorm. Goddamnit. Todoroki made it before he did. Bakugou twists the handle, and curses under his breath. Damn it. Locked. Bakugou held his hand to the door and knocked carefully.


“Shouto, ‘s me,” Bakugou said, a little quieter than usual. There’s no reply, again, even though Todoroki was inside. Bakugou clicked his tongue, dropping his hand and putting it back into his pocket. He didn’t leave. Instead, Bakugou waited by the door. After around thirty seconds, Bakugou heard some shuffling from inside, and he lifted his head. The door finally creaked open, and Todoroki stood behind the door, looking at Bakugou. His hair was slightly messy, his skin paler than usual, and he just

“Can I come in?” Bakugou asked, which was a surprise, because usually he just barrelled his way inside. Todoroki nodded rigidly, before moving so that Bakugou could come inside. Todoroki sat down on the bed, and Bakugou took a seat next to him. Todoroki hung his head down, and Bakugou raided his expression, trying to read his feelings. “Shouto.” Bakugou put his hand on top of Todoroki’s. Todoroki looked up at him, and Bakugou met his eyes, asking him if he was okay without saying a word. Todoroki sighed, and looked away. Bakugou didn’t remove his hand, though.

“Shouto. You don’t have to talk. But I..fuck, I fucking hate this. Let me help you,” Bakugou said, giving Todoroki’s hand a squeeze unintentionally.

“You don’t need to worry about me, Katsuki. I’m not used to being worried about anyway. My family just..left. That’s what I’m used to.” Todoroki finally said, his voice low. The very tone caused Bakugou’s chest to clench.

“It’s different now though, Shouto! I’m here now! And I’m not going to leave you, ok? You have my fucking word on that.” Bakugou assured, his tone serious and determined. Todoroki lifted his head up again, and his lip curled into the faintest of smiles.


“Thank you.” Todoroki whispered, and Bakugou scoffed slightly.

“You don’t need to thank me, dumbass. I care about you. I don’t like seeing you upset.” Bakugou mumbled, almost as if he was embarrassed. Todoroki fell silent again, but that was ok. Bakugou started to draw his hand back, before Todoroki gripped it as he felt it move. Bakugou turned his head to Todoroki, but Todoroki was looking down at his other hand, which was in his lap.

“It’s my scar. What he said about my scar.” Todoroki said, his voice barely a whisper.  Bakugou squeezed Todoroki’s hand again, empathy and rising anger stirring in Bakugou’s chest. Bakugou didn’t say a word, letting Todoroki finish. Todoroki squeezed Bakugou’s hand hard , as almost a grounding. But Bakugou didn’t care.


“I thought I was over it, I swear I was. I don’t know what happened, why I couldn’t move. Why I didn’t move. All I know, is that he was looking at me like I was disgusting. He looked at me like….like my mother did before she gave me this.”  Todoroki clenched Bakugou’s hand harder, Todoroki’s free hand curling into a fist. His eyes started to water, a sight Bakugou had never seen before. Bakugou was immediately filled with worry.


“It’s the one thing I can’t get rid of. Everytime I look in the mirror, half of him is there, and this scar, the permanent reminder of it all. Even if I wanted to forget, I couldn’t. I hate it.” Todoroki slammed his fist down onto his thigh, his body shaking at this point. Bakugou immediately moved over from his side of the bed to wrap his arms around Todoroki, gripping him tightly. Todoroki gripped his back, digging his nails into the fabric and pushing his head into Bakugou’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry, Katsuki. I’m sorry I didn’t help you. You had to take him all by yourself, I should’ve done something -” Todoroki whispered gravelly, tears rolling down his cheeks, over his scar, and onto Bakugou’s shirt.

“Don’t say sorry. Don’t you dare say sorry, ok? This isn’t your fault, none of it is,” Bakugou retorted, holding him tighter. “Keep going. I’m right here. I’ll always be right here.”

Todoroki sucked in a breath, before pausing, and exhaling. His breathing was shaky as he repeated the exercise, trying to stabilise his breathing before he began to sob. Todoroki’s entire body shook with the force of his cries, gripping Bakugou’s back harder, holding onto Bakugou as if he scared that Bakugou would let go. Bakugou ran a hand through Todoroki’s hair, holding his head, letting him cry as much as needed.

Todoroki’s breathing slows slightly, before speeding up again, the tempo erratic. His tears are slowing but the sobs are harder. Bakugou moved out of the hug to cup Todoroki’s face in his hands, looking more serious than he’d ever been. Todoroki is still crying, but softer, and the tears hit Bakugou’s fingers.


“Look at me, Shouto. ‘S gonna be ok. Trust me,” As the last word leaves Bakugou’s lips, he leans in, and places a kiss on Todoroki’s scar. Bakugou’s mouth grazes across the scarred skin, and he lingers there for a moment too long before pulling back. Todoroki stares at him in shock. All he’d ever thought of his scar was something bad, something negative about himself, a permanent flaw. And a gesture like that, targeting his scar but making him feel so loved and special, it really meant a lot.  

“This scar. It may be shit as hell to you, ‘cause of your old man n’ your mother. But ‘s part of you. And I love all of you, including this damn scar, and so if you don’t love it, I will for you. ‘Cause every damn part of you is fucking perfect, and if you say anythin’ else I will change that.” Bakugou’s tone is firm, his eyes determined. Todoroki’s eyes start to water again, but he smiles. Bakugou mirrors the smile slightly, before he leans in again and kisses Todoroki’s scar once more for good measure.


“ you, Shouto,” Bakugou whispers, and Todoroki melts, no influence of his fire needed.


“I love you too, Katsuki.”