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Her Beautiful Mind

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“Hello Alex?” Kara huffs, she’s on her way home just a little over fifteen minutes when she dropped Alex off at her apartment.


“Cold turkey.” Alex says making Kara pull a sudden stop in an almost empty National City highway.


“Are you sure?” Kara asks as she speeds up again racing towards the nearest U-turn slot back to Alex’s place.


“Jon just called, it’s cold turkey. Winn finally got the hit.” Alex says, Kara can hear her sister getting dressed as they speak making Kara take a quick look on herself.


After the crossfire earlier at one of the illegal concentration camps they cleared at the outskirts of Metropolis, Kara’s agent suit needs to be checked for any foreign contaminant she came into contact when she went straight to the basement laboratory of the facility head first. She’s now wearing her D uniform or the department’s prescribed black shirt and sweatpants mostly worn for their combat training.


“Right, meet you at your apartment. I’m on my way back.” Kara says as she sharply maneuvers the car towards Alex and Sam’s flat.


Alex and Kara Danvers are two of the DEO or Department of Extra-human Operations’ tactical lead agents. They lead two different tactical groups whose tasks focus mainly on clearing superhuman concentration camps in the whole of United States and nearby countries who need assistance as directed by the President herself, Olivia Marsdin. The DEO’s main objective is to save all superhumans from the illegal experiments of the concentration camps that roots back to the late 1700s when the first sign of superhuman activity was documented, and help rehabilitate the said superhumans so they could start living their lives again among the society.


Alex and Kara have been recruited by Jon Jones the department’s director when they’re 25 and 18 respectively, after their parents died in an accident while on duty. Alex and Kara became the youngest bonafide agents of the department but they made it their life mission to exceed everything their parents did in their time and more. Alex became the youngest female lead agent of the tracking and clearing up group. While Kara on the other hand, became the youngest project pioneer in the whole department when she single-handedly developed the most effective method of rehabilitation for the captives when she was 20.


Aside from being a project pioneer, Kara unbeknownst to the public, is a superhuman herself. Kara Danvers is a type Alpha superhuman, all strength, speed, and flight. Now, superhumans are commonly known to have just one kind of superpower among the ranges of Alpha, Beta, and Omega types, but Kara Danvers for some inexplicable reason 26 years through her existence, have all three of the known Alpha powers and could even exceed her own capabilities whenever needed.


Alphas by default are physically the strongest superhumans, their powers ranges from strength, speed, or flight. They’re naturally highly skilled to fight and lead packs of fellow superhumans. They’re indestructible even amidst any type of mind control and manipulation. The only known substance that could harm, impale, or even at one experiment kill a common Alpha is Plutonium-239 when used as a weapon in high dosage against them.


Betas are the second strongest by way of gauging their physical capabilities. Although they’re not necessarily able to fight as skillfully as the Alphas, nothing can hurt them; aside from having their bones broken by an Alpha and/or have an Omega fry their brains from the inside. The rest of the man wielded weapons even the ones infused with Plutonium-239 has nothing on Betas. They are also the best guards, they follow orders without missing a beat. Though, a recent DEO discovery in 2016 found out that Uranium-238 when directly injected to a Beta could easily strip them off of their superhuman capabilities for quite a period of time depending on the dosage making them vulnerable to anything.


And then, there are the Omegas, the least physical yet the most tricky superhumans, because they either have telekinesis, can create force fields, or read and manipulate thoughts and emotions adjacently affecting one’s decisions. There’s not much documented weakness for this type of superhuman in all of history because they’re rare and could chameleon themselves in the human eyes as one of them.


Kara was rescued by Jeremiah Danvers from one of the camps in Argentina, it was also one of the biggest cold turkeys in history. Cold turkey is the code word for main camps where the superhumans are concentrated, being experimented on, tested to surpass their natural gift, and subjected to the process of cloning to create more of their kind.


Right from the start, Jeremiah knew Kara is special, she has no recorded background in the DEO’s system and the only thing she knew upon rescue was that, Clark Kent is her cousin. Which Jeremiah personally tested and proven when they got back to National city, Clark himself was sure even before the DNA results came back that Kara is family. He felt Kara’s powers align with his own that no one on Earth ever did before. But without the knowledge of taking care of a twelve year old girl and while still actively helping the government fight rogue superhumans, Clark Kent took the only way out he could think of, have Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers adopt his cousin.


The 212th recorded superhuman who apparently started the fight against the people who controls and works at concentration camps, is Clark Kent, Kara Danvers’ paternal cousin. American history has written him as Superman, like Kara, he has all the Alpha powers there is to acquire. The only difference between him and Kara is, while Clark could use his breath to freeze enemies ice cold and crush them with his own hands, Kara could melt anything in the world using her eyes in a matter of seconds.


“Where is it?” Kara asks as soon as Alex gets inside her Jeep, smoothly maneuvering the bulky SUV out of Alex’s narrow driveway.


“Midvale.” Alex shortly answered, earning a look of utter disbelief from her younger sister.


When Clark asked for Jeremiah’s help in taking care of Kara, the only safe course of action Jeremiah could think of that time was to bring Kara home to Midvale, to Eliza and Alex.


“This should be the biggest one in the whole United States so far, second to the one in Argentina, and the fortress where Clark was found.” Alex explains.


Kara shivers at the thought of La Manchuria. Though the memories are far too distant now, Kara’s still being hunted by the fact that she now only recalls the memories she had in the camp and nothing before that. She’s long forgotten how her parents looked like, or where she exactly came from, or how she ended up being caged in a thousand feet thick walled cube, made with multiple layers of cement, Tungsten, Chromium, and Titanium, along a thin sheet of Kryptonite to stop Kara’s attempts to escape. Kryptonite as a weakness for Alphas like Kara and Clark was discovered the day Clark was rescued at the fortress caged in the same cube Kara was in twenty years to the future. But only the Alphas who possess all superpowers are affected by Kryptonite, the rest of the common Alphas do not react to Kryptonite the way Kara and Clark do. In return, Kara and Clark are immune to the effects of both Plutonium-239 or Uranium-238 which are more common on Earth.


“Alex, Kara, suit up we’ll leave in ten minutes. I’ve already released the first batch of troops to surround and survey the perimeter of the facility.” Jon orders as soon as the Danvers come in the chaos he’s been trying to control in the last thirty minutes since Winn got the coordinates of the camp.


Kara and Alex ask no questions and proceed to the locker room of the DEO where the suits are stored, along with the government issued tactical belts, safety helmets, DEO special made Kevlar vests and high powered weapons able to subdue any type of superhumans for the DEO to be able to transport them to safety and segregate them accordingly.


“Wow, okay so this is really happening, no hoax tips.” Kara nervously chuckles, earning a look from her sister who’s now putting on her own suit.


“I know you love Midvale, but this is something bigger than any of us could control.” Alex says giving Kara’s shoulder a squeeze.


“We grew up there Alex, it angers me that we spent all our lives in a place masking this kind of abominable thing. The irony irritates me.” Kara frowns as she straps her tactical belt on.


“I know, and there’s not much we can do about it now but to help whoever we can, when we get there.” Alex says nudging for Kara to lead the way out of the locker room.



“Captain Danvers, we’re ready to bust the entrance of the camp at your command.” Kara’s right hand said as she comes in from the facility’s tunnel entrance.


Kara’s team is the underdogs as they affectionately call themselves. It’s the term they adopted for being the ones who track and open an entrance to the camp apart from the main one that’s assigned for Alex’s team. The tactic is an Alex Danvers strategy, she and Jon would lead the incoming attack with a bomb or two at the only  known entry the camp has, alerting everybody inside to come their way, giving Kara and her team an opening to barge in from somewhere and release any captives inside the facility before the place is put on lock down.


“Everybody in position.” Kara nods making everyone turn to take their weapons again.


“We’re coming in -” Kara hears Alex say through their earpiece communicator.


“Ready, steady -” Kara relays to her team. Agent Davis readies the door opening bomb in an instant.


“3 - 2 - 1!” Alex roars, Kara hears a loud explosion on the other end of the line starting her count.


“And, go!” Kara beams, Agent Davis activated the door bomb, which implodes easily melting the heavy locks, two other men helped him push the heavy door wide open as they walk past him to secure the front.


“Go! Go! Go!” Agent Davis hollers making way for their agents to go in first.


“Remember to be careful with the superhumans, turn on your detectors.” Kara says as they all enter the dimly lit hallway of the facility.


The walls are rough and gray but clean, spotless even, which is weird for a facility this old. Kara made her way to the forefront of the squad as they reach the split end of the hallway. Kara raises her hand and points on either direction alerting her team to divide into two.


“Up your lights, heighten your sensory detectors, and activate your dampeners.” Kara orders as they start to go on their separate ways, her leading the left team while Agent Davis leads the other.


“Crossfire. Top floor. Facility soldiers in navy blues.” Kara hears Alex updates her as they continued scouring the seemingly endless hallways of the basement.


“Soldiers in navy blues. Permission to fire as needed.” Kara commands as she directs her group of six to divide again at another split end hallway.


“Yes ma’am.” Agent Lawson nods as she takes two of her teammates with her to the right one leading up the upper floor.


“It’s getting darker, the radiation level is getting higher.” Agent Lance says as she pushed a button converting her helmet from a half to a full face one, her suit activating the supply of oxygen. Kara and Ava did the same.


“Stay close, I can see three doors. Triangle.” Kara commands Agent Lance and Sharpe easily turn their backs to each other as the new formation allows them to see any incoming attacks.


“I got two in five o’clock!” Agent Sharpe huffs before firing her weapon, they heard two thuds in the process.


“First door. Omega.” Kara informs reading the label on the door. “Dampeners.”


“Activated.” Both agents affirms as Kara kicks the door open.


“Empty.” Kara says as she steps inside the room flashing light to every part of it even the ceiling, but it looks like it haven’t been used in a long time.


They easily move to the next door about a hundred yard further. Sara and Ava shot more men who are coming their way covering for Kara as she kicks another locked door.


“Empty.” Kara frowns, she could feel an omega around here somewhere, the power is too intense making it feel like there’s two others around but in fact there’s only one. “Last door.” Kara confirms.


“All down.” Sara says.


“I don’t feel good, Captain.” Ava says as they inch nearer to the last door.


“Kara we got 100 common Alphas and 150 Betas here.” Alex informs her.


“I think I got a super omega down here.” Kara answers.


“I’m calling Agents Lance and Sharpe.” Alex says knowing that if Kara’s right about her hunch, Sara and Ava would be in deep trouble once they’re amidst the rogue omega’s presence.


“Lance, Sharpe they need help upstairs. Go.” Kara says as she stood in front of the last door. Sara and Ava stand in attention with questioning looks on their faces.


“We’re on it, Captain.” Ava was the first one to move who quickly nudges her fellow agent.


Kara easily turn towards the shaking door, it’s not easily seen by the human eye at first glance. Kara pushed a button and took her helmet off once the agents are out of sight. She puts her weapon down and knocks on the door. Something strong connected to her knuckle as she did sending her hand back in recoil. Kara proceeds to kicking the door like she did with the other two but the door didn’t flew inwards instead it unhinges from the door frame and hit Kara. The impact bent and split the metal door into two as it came into contact to Kara’s indestructible stance.


Force field.


Kara thought as a semi-translucent sheet of vibration separates her from the inside of the room. Kara looks through and sees a silhouette of the Omega who’s crouched scared at the corner of the room.


“I’m here to help.” Kara says letting her voice raise slightly above the vibration of the walls. I’m not going to hurt you, we really need to go and get you to safety.” Kara adds, her little speech did nothing to nudge the force field, Kara deeply sighs and takes a step back bringing both her hands together to do her signature thunder clap.


The resulting ripples of force shattered the field baring the room of anymore protection, Kara saw the woman shifts and moves about to block her again but Kara was faster. Kara gets the dampener from behind her tactical belt, turns it on and throws it inside the room. Kara heard a wail of excruciating pain from the woman making her rush inside. The moment she did something inside her clicked; her eyes felt like it was being magnetized, and she didn’t stop herself from following the lead towards the woman's face. She was frozen for a few seconds before she crouches down and reaches for the dampener on the floor. A pair of eyes in the darker shade of kryptonite following her movements, the woman is wearing a facility issued scrubs in gray, her hair’s down - tousled everywhere, and she’s pale.


“I come here in peace.” Kara says raising both her hands for the raven-haired woman to see. The woman fidgets as she stares hard on Kara’s eyes. There was a fleeting look of confusion on the glowing greens before they turn cold again.


“I’ll take this and turn it off so it won’t hurt you, but I need you to calmly come with me, is that okay?” Kara asks, the woman just continues to stare at her in silence before switching looks between Kara’s eyes and the small device.


“Read my mind, I mean no harm. In fact, I’m here to help you.” Kara says her left hand already reaching for the dampener but in a quick movement of the green eyes Kara felt an unexpected force hit her, catapulting her into the air before her back hits the wall behind her.




“O-okay. I get it.” Kara scoffs as the force that hit her before now holds her against the wall hard. The woman’s other hand motions for the dampener to roll back to her.


“I - I’m Kara.” Kara says making the woman look at her again, eyes burning with fear and anger and disdain. “I’m here to help.” Kara gasps as the woman turns up the dampener, Kara’s eyes widens.


“You are not affected by it are you? You screamed in pain just to make me step inside your lair.” Kara says, the omega already checked two superpowers in the list but if she could read and manipulate Kara’s thoughts and emotions Kara should feel a strain on her brain but there’s none.


“You can take it. Destroy it or keep it. I just need you to come with me. We need to go, they’re going to nuke this place any minute now.” Kara offers a lie even, the place isn’t going to be bombed but would be acquired by the DEO for further investigation.


“Kara!” Kara hears Alex’s voice from the doorway, the surprise sent Alex instantly a few feet away as the woman’s hand swings at her direction. Kara hears Alex hits something and grunts.


“Hey! That’s my sister!” Kara calls out as she felt a surge of her power flows from her toes allowing her to inch away from the wall. The woman’s eyes widen. “Nobody hurts her and gets away with it.” Kara husks her eyes suddenly piercing blue and her lips baring the snarl and her perfect white teeth.


The woman took a step back harshly inhaling, Kara knows the omega feels her powers and she knows perfectly well how an Alpha affects Omegas through their biological makeup. The woman covers half of her face with her right hand removing part of the force on Kara’s chest. This time Kara went for her second approach, superspeed, in a matter of seconds the woman’s hands are cuffed and an Omega special dampener was on her head. Even though Kara’s sure that the dampener has nothing against the super Omega, she needs to try.




“I’m here, I’m okay.” Alex says as she stands by the doorway again.


“Super Omega.” Kara says.


“No doubt.” Alex nods. Kara holds the woman’s bounded hands who’s now quiet and complying. “You should’ve done that earlier.” Alex rolls her eyes.


“I felt her fear, I wanted to try it my way first. I got nothing to lose, and then you showed up.” Kara says putting the blame on Alex with a tease.


“You know what we do to rogues.” Alex says making sure the Omega hears her.


“I know. But she was just scared, she was protecting herself.” Kara huffs knowing exactly what Alex is thinking.



“100 Alphas, 150 Betas, and 1 super Omega. For the biggest camp they’re only ahead by 20 superhumans with that one in La Manchuria.” Alex comments while Winn and two of his agents start segregating the superhumans according to their powers.


“By biggest I mean, biggest number of Alphas in one place.” Winn counters. “Argentina only has 20 Alphas aside from Kara.” Winn adds as Kara slumps on one of the available chairs.


“This one right here got OMGed by the super Omega earlier.” Alex says trying to embarrass Kara to Winn’s assistants.


“I was being nice.” Kara shrugs as she tips on her can of red bull, as if the energy drink has the same effect on her as in humans.


“Right, the super omega isn’t on our system. And she’s the first super Omega in history.” Winn confirms as they finish the segregation.


“Oh.” Kara huffs. “But she only showed two powers to me earlier. Force field and telekinesis. How about those super Omegas in the past?” Kara adds.


“Those two are just semi-supers, usual combination of telekinesis and force field. This one can read and manipulate minds Kara, along with telekinesis and force field, it’s on her scans. Maybe she was just too scared of you or your hormones dominated her even before she could act on your emotions.” Winn says the last guess is more like tease, knowing Kara’s Alpha nature and the captive's own Omega.


“Are you sure she isn’t on any records?” Alex frowns changing the topic.


“Nope, nada. She’s like Kara and Clark.” Winn shrugs making the Danvers sisters exchange meaningful looks.


“We have 30 superstrengths, 20 flights, and 50 superspeeds, sir.” One of Winn’s agent assistants informs.


“Supply dampeners as needed.” Winn nods. Winn is a secret Beta himself, only Kara, Alex, and Jon knows about him being a superhuman. And he wants it to stay that way, especially after his estranged Beta father was discovered to be one of the lead soldiers of the camp in Los Angeles five years ago, where the worst treatment of superhumans was documented.


“Check on files from other countries, she might be an immigrant.” Alex says.


“That’s exactly what I’m planning to do.” Winn nods.


“What are we going to do with her?” Kara asks.


“It’s either we keep her here longer until we figure out where to put her or Jon will have her cleared and live on her own. But with the amount of powers she has I doubt Jon would let her leave unsupervised.” Winn says before turning to face his computer again.


Kara sighs as she makes her way back to the locker room to change her clothes, she felt Alex following her closely behind.


“That’s the first time in the long time you got interested in what they’re going to do to a superhuman.” Alex comments, of course she would notice.


“She’s like me Alex, how is she going to start living without purpose?” Kara sighs, which is true. Kara was only lucky enough that she was adopted by the Danvers and the DEO gave her purpose, she knew she’d be completely lost if not for either.


“I’m sure something will come up about her. Winn would definitely come through with information.” Alex offers, she knows about Kara’s strong compassion for superhumans like her - those who have no record whatsoever.


The same happened four years ago, when a Beta guy survived and got out of the camp by himself. He has no records on the system, there was also nothing special about him. But Kara was young and admittedly naive and she said she felt connected with the guy. So she befriend Mike and helped him find his place in the society. Turns out, Mike was indeed on the system but he used a different name to introduce himself to everybody, and he was a parasite, who took everything Kara provided him and gave nothing in return. He drained Kara of her compassion and time and energy, and at the end of it all he still had the audacity to cheat on Kara and leave.


If only bullets and laser guns could hurt or kill Betas and if it’s legal to carry around a Uranium-238 byproduct, Alex swear to god would’ve planted all her bullets in that frat boy's head and rid of him for good by melting his corpse using U-238. He was that lowly and insignificant, but Alex was willing to risk her badge. But even Kara’s Alpha self only decided to fly him far up the atmosphere and drop him all the way to ground when she found out about the cheating part, when she could’ve snapped his spinal cord instead. Kara’s Alpha self even in rage was well trained in control after almost a decade being in the DEO.


“Where are you going?” Alex asks when they stepped out to the hallway and Kara walks the opposite direction.


“I - I’m just going to check on her.” Kara honestly answers making Alex’s eyebrow raise.


“Kar.” Alex warns. Kara was about to say something in return when they need a loud yelp and an agent flew out of the containment chamber.


“Shit.” Alex cusses running after Kara who used her superspeed to get to the scene fast.


“What happened?” Alex hears Kara ask the agent who’s now sitting on the floor, good thing he was still wearing his suit.


“I was about to change her dampener, I didn’t notice the lapse.”


“That’s why we have protocol Larson.” Kara shakes her head in disappointment.


“I apologize captain. I’ll go finish it.” The agent nods but Kara easily stops him.


“I got this.” Kara says despite Alex’s impending protest. “Go home Alex, Sam and Ruby’s waiting for you.” Kara says as she locks the automatic door of the chamber from the inside.


“Fine, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Alex sighs turning to leave.


Kara then turns toward the second segment of the containment chamber where the freshly dressed woman sat perfectly still. Kara sighs as she walks towards the woman, the energy inside the room shoots up just like earlier.


“It’s me again, Kara.” Kara says raising both her hands up only now she’s not wearing her suit and her magnetic gloves showing the woman that she’s clear, she even does a full turn to show that there’s no more tactical belt present.


The woman in return switches her eyes from Kara to the transparent walls surrounding her. Kara understood what she meant. Kara moves to sit on the floor a few inches away from the door. She can feel the same vibration she felt inside the room at the facility earlier, Kara couldn’t understand how her thunder clap seemingly affected the woman but not their top of the line dampeners. It’s like the woman’s leaking with powers continuously.


“Right, I’m sorry for this. It’s just that, you threw one of my friends out of the room. You could’ve hurt him. He’s human.” Kara calmly explains. “Humans are soft as a fluff ball. They easily get hurt” Kara says with a giggle, making the woman frown a bit. Kara wasn’t sure if it's because she doesn’t know what a fluff ball or a human is or if she was caught off guard by the blonde’s smile.


“Are you okay? How are you feeling?” Kara asks, no response. “Maybe you should rest huh? I’ll be back tomorrow and maybe you could tell me about yourself. Is that okay?” Kara asks again, still no response. “I just want you to know that you’re safe here.” Kara says making sure the woman’s looking her in the eyes.


“Right, I’ll be going then.” Kara nods before getting up from the floor. She smiles one last time and turns around to leave, there was a sudden surge of energy again as Kara walks until she hit a force field by the door. Kara frowns and turns to see the woman now standing up, eyes tearfully green and bright, and hands balled into fists.


“Do you need anything?” Kara worries.


“Don’t leave.” The woman softly says but it was enough for Kara to hear. The first words the woman ever said.


“I - uhh - do - do you know, what’s your name? Who are you?” Kara rambles, walking back towards the transparent wall. “Let me help you.” Kara nods with encouragement.


“Lena.” The woman huffs, unsure but almost trusting Kara’s intentions. Kara breaks into a wide smile alienating the woman once more making her take a step back.


“Thank you for telling me your name, Lena.” Kara says, she found herself slowly reaching out in front of her, placing her hand on the wall.


“Kara.” Lena says as she imitates Kara’s action, placing her hand against the other side of the wall where she could see Kara’s hand. Kara grins widely.


“Right, Kara means friend in Gaelic. I could be your friend, if you want to.” Kara says.


“Gaelic.” Lena huffs her soft expression changing into confusion and then pain.


“What is it? Do you remember something?” Kara worries when Lena snatches her hand away from where she puts it against hers.


“Gaelic.” Lena repeats.


“Yes the language in Ireland.” Kara nods.


“Ireland.” Lena parrots.


“Are you Irish?” Kara asks.


“I - don’t know, Kara.” Lena frowns.


“It's okay, I promise we’ll find out.” Kara smiles.


“Promise.” Lena says, more like a statement than a question.


“Yes, I promise.” Kara said with conviction. “For now, I need you to do whatever you can to rest. I don’t know how it feels to be able to read people’s minds, but I do know it can be exhausting not being able to fully control the powers you have. I’ve been there too.” Kara offers.


“I - I don’t know if I can. It’s too loud in here.” Lena sighs.


“Right, I think I can help with that. I’ll be back.” Kara breathes and then there’s a swoosh, even before Lena could panic Kara’s back.


“Here.” Kara says pushing a button that opens the hand-off part of the containment. “Just press play, you could try listening to the highest volume to block any noise from the outside. It’s also designed to block the noise from other people’s minds.” Kara explains, giving Lena an MP3 player and an oversized DEO issued headphones.


“Thanks.” Lena says letting out the slightest sign of emotion when her lips smirks catching Kara off guard. Kara’s heartbeat stepped up a notch, Lena’s even more beautiful when she smiles; and Kara couldn’t have prepared herself for it.


“I’ll be back tomorrow.” Kara says suddenly desperate to escape the situation she’s in. Lena’s in a very precarious situation and Kara’s Alpha could only do so much to control herself, the woman’s walls come back up again making Kara smile. “I’ll be back, I promise.”


“Promise.” Lena huffs, striking a nerve in Kara, this is slowly becoming a dangerous territory Kara knows that but she couldn’t help but feel the connection. Kara was only able to nod. Lena let her go by pulling the invisible walls down so Kara could leave.



“Hello?” Kara grunts the next morning, she’s bundled up in the most comfortable position but her ringing phone forced her to move from her blanket burrito.


“Kara! I need you at the DEO now.” Alex huffs, Kara can hear commotion in her background.


“It’s too early for this, Alex.” Kara protests as she rolls back to her blanket.


“It’s ten in the morning! You’re late!” Alex exclaims.


“What are you panicking about?” Kara groans, ears irritated by Alex’s voice, but eyes still closed.


“The super Omega just toyed five agents with her dampener on the highest setting! She’s looking for you! What did you promise her last night?!” Alex exasperates, making Kara shot up from bed.


“Shit. I’m on my way.” Kara says before super speeding in her preparations. She couldn’t let Jon decide Lena to be rogue and put her in the max with the actual rogue superhumans that are concluded too uncontrollable to live among the society. Kara went to Noonan’s to get a box of her favorite donuts before driving to the DEO.


“Captain Danvers, Major Danvers and Colonel Jones are waiting for you at the meeting room upstairs.” Agent Davis says as he welcomes Kara from the elevator doors.


“What’s going on?” Kara frowns.


“The super Omega is in the double.” Agent Davis says jogging Kara’s heart up her throat. The double is the last string of patience before any superhuman would be transferred to the max.


“Right, I’ll go meet with them now. Make sure no one comes near the double while the Omega is there, activate the mind blockers in the whole department.” Kara nods walking towards the staircase.


“Yes ma’am.” Agent Davis nods.


“Alex, Jon.”


“Kara, come in and close the door.” Jon says, mouth pursed but calm. He was seated at the head chair of the rectangular table with Alex on his right hand side.


Kara did what she was asked to do before taking the chair on Jon’s left hand side. The atmosphere in the room was stale and stuffy despite the air-conditioning. Alex is being too silent Kara’s sure she wants her to feel guilty about what happened earlier this morning, and though Kara feels bad about the agents who received the wrath of her tardiness, Kara isn’t going to let Alex and Jon deem Lena as a rogue superhuman.


“She’s not rogue.” Kara says unable to stop herself from voicing her mind. Jon and Alex’s eyes snap towards Kara’s direction and Kara’s Alpha self isn’t backing down to her human sister and her Beta boss.


“She attacked five of our agents when they couldn’t procure you, Kara.” Alex says, “She’s fixating on you because you can’t stay away from her.”


“She was in an unhealthy abusive place Alex, like I was when I was a kid. I fixated on you for quite a while because you were the first sign of safety I saw, it’s a natural reaction for a victim of abuse, and you know that.” Kara calmly says, because it was the truth. Kara fixated on the first source of safety she deems worthy when she was a kid and it was her adoptive sister. After a few months of being treated and trained the attachment wore off to a healthier relationship and they stuck together until now.


“Alex is your sister, Kara. The Omega isn’t for you to take care of personally.” Jon butts in.


“I know, but I want to help. Our dampeners got nothing on her I’ve tried both. Last night when checked on her, she instantly used her force field to stop me from leaving, she has her individual dampeners on as well as the containment chamber’s built-ins.” Kara explains. “I was only able to persuade her to rest for the night. Sorry if I came in later than usual and this happened but she was just scared to death and she’s having trouble controlling her powers. She’s starting to trust me. She needs our help, not the max.” Kara adds with conviction. Alex and Jon exchange looks before looking back to Kara, silence stretch a little too long for Kara’s comfort but even before she could say something Jon clears his throat.


“What are you planning to do to help her with her control?” Jon asks, Alex was about to protest but Jon stops her right away. “Only Kara seems to have power over the Omega as of the moment, we need to try. She’s the first super Omega in history after all.” Jon adds mostly for Alex.


“I’ve thought about it last night, I plan on getting her into the same program as the rest of her batch first, but I’ll be paying more attention on her.” Kara assures mostly Alex who stays unconvinced.


“Send me a daily EOD of her progress and I want you to be completely honest with me. I know how much you feel about superhumans your kind Kara, but I trust you to be more mature now than the last time.” Jon says implying what happened with Mike years ago.


“I am a superhuman first, but helping her as a DEO officer is more important at the moment.” Kara dignifies, making Alex sigh in defeat.


“Copy me on the EOD.” Alex says ending the conversation, Kara earnestly nods.


“You’re both dismissed. The Omega is in the double, Kara.” Jon says before leaving the meeting room first.


“Thanks, Jon.” Kara says not moving from her seat.


“What is it really? Is it because she’s an Omega?” Alex quietly asks, implying on Kara’s nature and urges.


“It’s not even that Al, come on.” Kara chuckles.


“It’s like Mike again, only Mike was a useless Beta, more like a buffer.” Alex scoffs still pretty upset about what happened with Mike before, Kara thoughtfully smiles.


“Only you haven’t moved on from him Alex, it’s been years.” Kara lightheartedly shakes her head.


“Then why are you letting her fixate on you?”


“Let’s just say, she can handle me.” Kara winks giving Alex what she doesn’t want.


“Ew! Kara!” Alex exasperates kicking Kara’s leg under the table.


“You asked!” Kara exclaims with a tease. “But seriously Alex, you need to calm down.” Kara says with an encouraging small smile which always get Alex to smile back.


“You are going to be the death of me Kar.” Alex accuses making Kara laugh.


“Why do you think I’m not out there helping Clark fight rogue superhumans?” Kara cringes.


“Because you wanted to keep me safe.” Alex says with the roll of her eyes, it was one of the reasons Kara told Clark at that one thanksgiving where Clark asked Kara why she decided to be a DEO agent and not a super helping another super.


“Correct. I still do. Now, relax and have some donuts.” Kara says opening the box for Alex to pick her favorite flavor.


“Too many donuts.”


“I’ll go take some to Lena.” Kara huffs as she stands up.




“L - Lena is the name of the super Omega. She told me last night. You might want to check that with Winn. See you later, love you! Bye!” Kara rambled before hurrying out of the meeting room, leaving Alex dumbfounded yet again.



“Lena?” Kara calls out from the intercom outside the double room where Lena was. Kara heard a rumble from the inside and a loud bang on the solid steel door creating a visible dent, Kara sighs.


“I’m sorry, I woke up late this morning. You kept me up last night, so you’re partly to blame.” Kara says with a tease, there was no response but the rumble from the inside gradually decreases.


“Can I come in now?” Kara asks, there was a few minutes of silence before the double padded door of steel, titanium, and chromium creeks open.


“No tricks okay? I haven’t eaten breakfast, I feel weak.” Kara warns, she hears a soft chuckle as she pushes the door wide open.


“Late.” Lena says, the raven-haired woman is seated on the single bed, back flat against the metal headboard.


“I’m sorry, but you didn’t have to toy on my friends again.”




“Yes, they’re my friends.”


“I’m your friend.” Lena says raising an eyebrow at the blonde who easily smiles.


“You are, we can have many friends.”


“No.” Lena scoffs, Kara sighs.


“You’ll understand soon, now can I sit next to you?” Kara asks, making Lena look at her in surprise.


“What is it?” Kara frowns as she takes the space beside the woman, putting the box of donuts and tray of coffee between them.


“Nothing.” Lena shakes her head, as the human force field envelops her, Kara saw it.


“I thought we are friends?” Kara teases as she taps her finger on the translucent wall separating them.


“I - I know. I just, I can’t control it. It jumps out every time somebody comes close to me.” Lena explains, making Kara’s heart wrench. Whatever Lena experienced in that camp is both indescribable and worst than what Kara has experienced herself.


“I understand. But here, do you eat donuts?”


“Well, I’m human.” Lena says making Kara look at her in utter amazement.


“Well, superhuman to be exact.” Kara chuckles taking one of the chocolate-dip donuts from the box, Lena watches. “You promise not to attack anyone of my friends again?” Kara asks raising her donut between them. Lena sighs and takes her own honey glazed.


“You promise to wake up early?” Lena returns, Kara laughs at her own doing, but nods.


“Promise.” Kara says slightly bumping her donut with Lena’s.


“Promise.” Lena nods mostly to herself.


“You ready to be in my program after breakfast?”




“Yeah, I’m going to help you control your powers so you can be evaluated and cleared to live with the outside world.” Kara explains.




“Ahuh, that’s what I do. My job is to make sure the superhumans we rescued could live in harmony with everyone else.” Kara smiles pretty proud of her profession, Lena looks at her in amusement and amazement at the same time.


“You’re an Alpha.” Lena says making Kara choke on her bite. Kara clears her throat before chugging on her coffee. There was something about the way Lena said the statement that sounded too innocent for Kara.


“I - I am. What about it?” Kara carefully asked.


“Alphas are vicious, unapologetic, unforgiving jerks at the camp.” Lena says making Kara cringe.


“I’m sorry you have to be in that situation, Lena.” Kara sincerely says making Lena smile for the first time, Kara can’t help but mirror it.


“Thanks.” Lena says as they continue munching on their donuts in silence, not realizing Lena’s force field was already gone.





“Lena! I have someone with me!” Kara beams as she walks inside Lena’s chamber, it’s the first day of her program. Lena was quick to raise her force field once Kara and the tall brunette are inside her chamber.


“This is Sam, she’s my sister’s girlfriend. She’s my lead Learning and Development specialist.” Kara says trying to calm Lena down.


“Hi, Lena. Kara told me about you. It’s nice to finally meet you.” Sam smiles as she steps forward and offers Lena her hand.


“She’s safe.” Kara encourages, Lena then shifts her attention of the outstretched hand of the kind looking woman and reaches out to shake it.


“Nice to meet you too, Sam.” Lena huffs as she tunes in to Sam's thoughts.


“Great, now can we start by me giving you a scan? I need to know where you’re at when it comes to learning so I can devise a plan for your development.” Sam says as she takes the available chair in front of Lena.


“Okay.” Lena nods.


“I should leave.” Kara offers. Kara knows how the procedure works, she’s never been to any initial screening like this before and she doesn’t want be in Lena’s either.


“Yeah, we’ll be fi -” Sam started but she was instantly interrupted by a low growl from the super Omega.




“But Lena -”


“Please stay.” Lena says quickly switching from the growl to a soft look visible on her face. Sam sees it as an Omega begging for her Alpha but it shouldn’t be, at least not yet.


“Are you sure you want Kara to be present? This kind of information should only be between you and your specialist, which is me.” Sam carefully worded out.


“I want her to stay.” Lena says looking Kara in the eyes with her piercing emeralds again.


“Right, okay let me just get my headphones.” Kara nods, disappearing in a heartbeat and then back again as she takes a chair at the far back of the room with her MP3 player and headphones on, the one she let Lena borrow from the first night she’s here.


“All good?” Kara asks Lena with two thumbs up, the woman smiles and nods.


“Okay, let’s begin.” Sam smiles, it’s the most interesting interaction she had so far since she became Kara’s L&D specialist six years ago. It's unnatural for Kara to be present for any initial screening, because one, for the persons privacy and two, because Kara has other more pressing task to do. Kara wasn’t even around when Sam took care of that frat boy before, even though Kara deemed him special for her and was at the DEO at the same time. Sam’s thinking it’s either, Kara deems it unsafe for her to be with Lena while she hasn’t done any training to properly control her powers yet, or Kara’s being even more protective because Lena is an Omega, even if she’s a super one.


Sam’s decently aware of the mating dynamics of the superhumans, being a Beta herself, and she knows how perfectly fitted Alphas and Omegas are for each other. Sure, Alphas can choose whoever or whatever they want to be with, but being with a Beta or a human even isn’t as fulfilling than it is to be with an Omega, connection wise. Alphas and Omegas have special biological structure inside them that will always lead them to one another, especially once they brand each other.




“So Winn, how’s the research on Lena’s background?” Kara asks while she’s waiting for Sam to arrive with the detailed results of Lena’s screening.


“I’m still stuck, if she could recall her last name before the camp that would be really helpful, or recognize anyone in her memories so we could narrow down the research, maybe?”


“Have you checked Ireland’s records?”


“Yeah but to be honest, there’s not much superhumans recorded from that part of the globe, it’s either the government already have them under control or there are no naturally Irish superhumans. All of the recorded ones from Ireland are of different nationalities.” Winn explains.


“That’s weird.” Kara frowns.


“Really weird, it’s like they were erased or not recorded at all. But I’ll keep looking, don’t worry.” Winn says making Kara smile. “I feel like she’s going to be someone significant for you captain Danvers so yeah, I’ll keep looking.” Winn added with a tease, Kara rolls her eyes at her friend with a light swat on her shoulder, light in the superhuman sense.


“That’s going to bruise you brute!” Winn scoffs, Kara laughs.


“Kar!” Kara hears Sam calls out from the laboratories making Kara jumps up in attention.


“So?” Kara beams.


“She’s a genius.” Sam breathes out leaving Winn and Kara in shock.


“Genius as in Einstein genius?” Winn blurts out.


“More than Einstein genius, she’s at 170 and increasing.” Sam says.


“Increasing you mean, she’s -” Winn stalled.


“She absorbs everything she could and it stays and she uses it to survive. I’m sure by now she already knows how the whole DEO works.”


“Wow.” Kara huffs.


“Do you think she’s using Kara’s trust to do that?” Winn asks, and even though Kara knows he means well, Kara couldn’t help but feel irritated by his conclusion. Winn and Sam look at Kara meaningfully but Kara only shakes her head.


“No, I know what I felt when I’m in her presence, she was genuinely scared -”


“Kara, you have to remember that she can manipulate your thoughts.” Winn reminds.


“No, no, I trust Lena. She’s not -” Kara sighs and straighten her back. “I trust her.” Kara says before heading towards the balcony of the building.




“Morning.” Kara smiles walking into Lena’s chamber more freely now, there’s no sudden height of energy that overwhelms Kara’s Alpha, but a new one is present, almost impaling Kara’s self-control abruptly.


“No Sam?” Lena raises an eyebrow when Kara closes the door behind her. Kara quickly punched code numbers to activate the double wall room.


“Nope, today we’re going to test your control, after I gauge your full potential.” Kara smirks, handing Lena her training clothes.


“Full potential huh?” Lena dares, Kara feels the heat creeping up her cheeks in return. Lena walks towards the adjacent bathroom inside her chamber making Kara turn around to give her privacy, since the washroom only has a frosted glass enclosure.


“By the way -” Kara stalled as she takes the breakfast sandwiches out of the paper bag she brought with her.


“Hmm?” Lena hums from inside.


“Sam told me about the overview of your results from yesterday.” Kara says, the thought of Lena using her for leverage still prominent in her mind, could Lena read her mind right now? If she does why isn’t she upset? Or is she holding it in so Kara would propagate more thoughts? Kara is going to find out now.


“What about it?” Lena asks as she walks out of the washroom, walking towards Kara’s direction only Kara is suddenly overwhelmed with new layer of pheromones. Kara sucks in a huge gulp of air before turning to see Lena behind her all dressed up.


Lena’s in heat, but she’s definitely in full control of her urges. Kara can see the sheet of sweat forming on the woman’s forehead and her visible shake but Lena’s stronger than her carnal needs. And Kara, for the love of her job shouldn’t be the weaker one, but her Alpha is tethering over the edge slowly, ever so slowly.


“I - uhh - she - Sam said you’re - ” Kara stuttered making Lena frown.


“Kara use your words.” Lena teases, Kara nervously chuckles not wanting to release the breath she’s holding. Kara clears her throat letting go a little of her Alpha to push for this confrontation now and get it over with.


“Tell me Lena, and I want you to be honest with me, you already know how this place works right? Not only through people’s thoughts.” Kara asks, “Are you -” Kara breathes out, Lena’s eyes are showing too much emotions all at once Kara couldn’t read her.


“What Kara? Am I?” Lena whispers.


“Are you using my trust against me? I’ve removed all possible dampeners here not that they have any effect on you but I could acquire something that can and I didn’t do it because I trust you, is that going to be the death of me?” Kara spills, Lena’s frown furthers.


“We’re friends, you told me we are friends, why are you doubting me?” Lena tirades backing off from standing just an arm span away from Kara.


“I - I just - Lena -” Kara pretends to stammer.


“No!” Lena raises her voice along with a wave of power nudging Kara a bit.


“Lena listen -”


“You’re doubting me!” Lena counters letting another wave with more power setting Kara off in the air. Kara grunts but she was quick to her feet, ready to attack Lena. She needs this, she needs to see how Lena would act on her anger and it’s easily showing.


“You just showed me two levels of your power, are you in more control now, or you already know how to control your powers before and only acted that you don’t?” Kara taunts, Lena motions for the chair and threw it to Kara’s direction, the Alpha was quick to block and turned the metal into debris.


“Answer me!” Kara raises her voice as she surges forward in full speed but she was suddenly suspended a foot above the floor, her whole body on pause.


“I trusted you. You said you’d keep me safe, I believed you.” Lena husks, eyes a burning shade of kryptonite, a growl babbling at the bottom of her throat, her pheromones surging and angry. Kara felt her body go limp as she was forced to be on a supine lying position before she was welted against the ceiling of the chamber and then pinned harsly on the floor.


“Lena -” Kara grunts.




“Is this all you got?!” Kara taunts, Kara hears a pained wail from the Omega before a vision blurring motion propelled her to the other side of the room crashing hard against the wall traversing through the 500 meter thick concrete towards the hallway.


“Captain Danvers!” Agent Lance huffs as soon as she saw Kara gets on her feet.


“I’m okay, turn on the mind blockers in the whole department.” Kara says before walking back towards the room now blocked by Lena’s force field.


“Kara the amount of power is too high, she’s going to destroy the whole building if you don’t stop her. I have enough data to come up with her numbers. Stop this now.” Winn says in a rush as he run towards the control room.


“On it.” Kara nods before swinging both her hands in opposite directions and pulling them in front of her for another thunderclap. The DEO vibrates alerting everyone to their feet.


“Kara!” Alex hollers as Kara was trudging towards the hole on the wall. The force field was up even before agents ready to subdue the Omega could follow.


“Lena.” Kara huffs, the woman’s eyes are fixed on Kara as she comes in again.


“Why are you doing this?” Lena asks, tears rolling down her cheeks. Kara stopped dead in her track as something inside her click, like the first time she saw Lena at the basement of the facility. “Is this what you want?” Lena accuses pricking something in Kara’s chest.


“Lena, I - I was testing your full potential.” Kara says looking Lena in the eyes. “I needed to know how you handle your anger and how you act on it.”


“So what? I failed being your experiment?” Lena asks clearly upset with the way Kara tested her.


“No, and no you’re not an experiment, Lena. It's standard procedure.” Kara says shaking her head as she takes a step closer to the woman, Kara takes a deep breath before she emits her own pheromones to calm Lena down. Lena is visibly affected by Kara’s scent that she has to pull the force field around herself to keep Kara out.


“Are we done?” Lena husks. “I’m tired.”


“For today yes. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Kara sighs, “I’m sorry. I’ll have an agent transfer you to a new chamber.” Kara nods before turning to leave.


“For the record -” Lena speaks again making Kara stop halfway out of the room. “You’re the only one whose mind I couldn’t read. When I trusted you, when I believed you, I was doing it blindly, Kara.” Lena says, Kara drops her head in shame and continues to walk towards the exit.