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The Monster

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"So, here she is, beautiful and gorgeous Tardis", Doctor smiled brightly, his gaze landed on an old blue phone box in the corner of the end of the wet street. He seemed to be very proud of it.

"I know what it is", The Master grumbled, still kept a threateningly unfriendly face.

"She. "It" is a she", Doctor turned his head back to look at his old friend, explicitly showing disapproval.

"Whatever. Can't we just go inside?", The Master grunted. He was too tired to bear this fellow and his unnecessary introduction.

"You'd better call Tardis "she", or else she'll treat you unkindly", Doctor didn't stop what the Master considered to be annoying and bent his knees to look at him in the eyes. Doctot did that without meaning anything rude, but The Master thought he was teasing him because of his being shorter.

"Are you implying that I'm short?", He got furious very quickly. "What? No! Why are you always so annoyed?", Doctor jumped a bit at how his friend reacted. He hurriedly steped back to avoid some unwanted hits.

"If you dare to play on me, I'll kill you right the way", The Master threatened him with scarily lethal eyes, then passed him to come into the blue phone box.

"I don't know whether I can put up with him or not", Doctor frowned, mumbling.

"I'm the one who should say that!", The grumpy man's voice could be heard from inside of Tardis.

"Whatever!", Doctor yelled and stepped into his lovely blue "girlfriend".