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Feminist Procreation Revolution

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Sarkeesian kneeled at the little preteen boy, inspecting him before giving him an appreciating smile.

She stood up again and turned to the saleswoman. "He's white, cute and I assume as cis-het as they come. I'll take him."

Some paper signing later and they were on their way back to her place, her catch struggling to understand what leaving the adoption centre really meant for him.


"So, shall we get to it then?", she asked him as they finished taking off their jackets.

"Get to what?", the boy asked.

"Well my impregnation, of course. I want your semen in my womb as soon as possible.", she smiled.

His shocked expression revealed that the adoption agency hadn't told him anything. Of course they hadn't. She was just teasing him.

"Well come along." She grabbed his hand and dragged him into the bedroom. "This'll be over before you know it."

He struggled adorably in her grip. "Oh don't be shy, hun. I know this is your first time and all, but you'll grow to like it - I promise."

"I'm not your sex toy!", he protested as she tore his shirt and pants off. She kept him under one arm as she took her own clothes off with the other.

"Yes you are, hun. You just don't know it yet."

With them both naked she laid down in his bed and hugged the struggling boy tight. The sensation of skin to skin contact soon took its soothing effect, his struggling slowly ceasing.

"There you go.", she smiled, brushing a strand of hair from his forehead, feeling his stiffening boy willie against her wet clit. "Have you begun to masturbate yet?", she asked.

The boy looked at her, first with bewilderment, and then with a blush, as he shook his head.

"Good.", she told him. "Sitting alone and using ones hand is no way to get off. The earlier I'll start training you sexually, the better you'll get at it. From now on I will do the masturbating of you, with my proper vagina, and at the same time you'll also be mastubrating me. We'll be masturbating together, as a family."

He tried to tug free, but she just locked both his arms in place under her armpits, before cupping his young bum in her hands, softly squeezing it as she adjusted his position to sink in between her labia. He tugged, trying to break free, but at this point there just wasn't any use. All it did was rubbing his willie in her vaginal canal, until his breathing was so heavy that he was completely undertook with instinctive desire.

She brushed his hair again. "Poor boy. You didn't expect to be bred, did you? Here: I'll help." With her hands on his butt, she pushed him in as deep as she could, soon feeling his willie pushing against her cervix. Again and again she pushed, and smiled victoriously as he reluctantly gave out a moan.

"I'm not letting you go until give up your semen in me.", she explained. "I can do this all day, you know, so you better get used to it."
It took a while before he finally gave up to the pleasure and started to mate like the lowly animals Anita knew that all men were deep inside.
Moments later it was time for him to come. Hugging him tight in a leg lock, and with her bare heels pressing down on his bum, she smiled and squeezed him out like a ketchup bottle, squirting his semen into her waiting womb for each push, as he gasped for air. Who needed men? Fresh boy semen was where it was at.

"There. All done.", she concluded. "Now cuddle with mommy for a bit, and then you're free to go." She hugged him for comfort. "You'll be doing this until you're a father, which I imagine won't take long. After that I have some friends who'll also have use for you, so don't you worry - you'll get more pussy than you've ever wanted."