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073. Declare


As soon as the ballet recital ends, Cathy yanks out her gilded hair-pins tentatively, one-by-one.

She plans to soak her feet in Julian's apartment, avoiding him stumbling in high off his ass, when Cathy hears familiar, warm notes drifting from the rosewood grand-piano down the corridor.

A lustrous spray of blush and caramel floras pour over the top of the shining wood, decorated with ribbons as sparkly and blue as Cathy's tulle. Chris pauses mid-note when she peeks into the room, the side of his burly thumb resting on the G key.

Cathy's face brightens, as she glimpses her bouquets of flowers and Chris's similarly built features, running and hugging him longingly.

"I love you, Cath," he murmurs into her earlobe, burying his mouth to her soft, powdered cheek.

"I love you."

"I love you."