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Alpha and Omega. The beginning, and the end. There were many things in life that weren’t complete without the other. Many things that went hand in hand with others. For instance, black and white, the sun and the moon, peanut butter and jelly, and of course, an alpha and an omega.

These thoughts mingled in Kristopher’s mind as he stared at himself in the mirror, preparing for the long day he knew he had ahead of him. As the only alpha heir to his father’s pack, many things were expected of him and he could not afford to take a single day off, lest he willing to find himself in the midst of bared teeth and cold eyes. His pack had always been that way, since his time as a small pup. Unforgiving, calculating, and cold. The Queen Pack was a ruthless collection of wolves who didn’t know how to take no for an answer and who either could’t wait for or couldn’t afford for a single mistake within their ranks. The process was simple. One mistake meant one life taken. No exceptions, even for the pack heir himself.

So this is where Kris stood currently. On the precipice overlooking a pack of jackals, rather than wolves, who would tear him to pieces given the first chance he gave them. And luckily, Kristopher was very careful not to do so. He handled his responsibilities with care and a razor sharp cunning that could only have been honed through years of calculated risk assessment. Dealing with his father’s finances, overseeing potential threats, eliminating those that became real threats, and any job in between that was required of him, Kris did it all. And he did it all without the help of an omega.

This was a fact that his father was not keen on letting him forget. At the age of 22, Kristopher was in the prime of his courting years. He was a young, powerful, and strong alpha who was due to inherit the strongest pack the city had seen in decades. And with thick, black hair and piercing blue eyes, he was quite the looker as well. His dark, muscular wolf even more so. Kris’s father had mated when he was just 18, an inexperienced pack leader coming into his position with an even younger omega mate, expecting their first pup. He had only grown in power over the years, gaining control of the inner workings of the city and placing a foothold in every business and company he could manage. Jack Queen had become the most powerful Pack Alpha seemingly overnight. And now, that responsibility was due to fall into Kris's more than capable hands.

But an alpha without an omega fulfilled only half his potential power, and this was something that Kris needed to take care of. Pronto. Sure, there were many options to choose from within the pack itself. The Queen pack was known for its strong alphas as well as its numerous and stunning omegas. In fact, it was the Queen pack that others came to when in search of a suitable mate. More than half of the pack's equity had been made from the transfer of a Queen omega to a different pack. Though, this was not the route that Kris intended to take. He had his eyes set on something greater.

Kristopher gave himself one last lookover in his mirror before he straightened the collar on his button down and reached for his jacket that was slung over the bed behind him. Lately, he had to be careful about the style of clothes he chose to wear. He often opted to wear pieces with high collars to hide the unmarked flesh of his neck, where the absence of a mating mark could be seen clear as day. It’s not that Kris wasn’t interested in finding a mate or didn’t think that any wolf was good enough for him, he was just waiting for the right one. Like his mother before him.

He’d heard the story dozens of times as a young pup. Micah had been an ordinary omega, bottom of the pack and second to all. He’d worked day in and day out for his family’s small business until a dealing with the wrong people meant spiraling into debt with no way out. As a last resort, Micah’s father had sent his 17 year old omega son onto the streets to work on street corners and in alleyways, earning what little money he could in exchange for what his body could give. This carried on for the better part of a year, bruises never quite healing and bones slowly becoming more apparent. But eventually, a young alpha, barely in control of his own wolf, stumbled upon the omega and things just clicked. Literally.

True mates were a rare and treasured thing. Hard to come by, but even harder to ignore. When two souls were truly meant to find one another, there was nothing that could come between them. And Jack and Micah were no exception. Quicker than the blink of an eye, Micah was off the streets and living comfortably with the finest things life could offer at the touch of his fingertips, including a loving alpha doting on him hand and foot. They’d hardly even made it off the street in the first place before bond marks littered both their necks.

This was the story Kris had grown up with, and one that both his parents were keen on him not forgetting. It seemed every chance they got, they bombarded him with questions concerning his plans for the future, who would be helping him through his ruts, if any wolf had caught his eye. And to both his parents disappointment and chagrin, Kristopher had yet to provide them the answers they wanted.

The blue eyed alpha adjusted his collar once more before nodding in approval and stepping into his dress shoes and heading for the door. Until the time came when he claimed an omega for himself and started a pack of his own, Kris was expected to live with his parents in their pack house. And with his own suite, complete with multiple bedrooms, game rooms, kitchens, and other assorted goodies, he definitely did not want for much. But even so, with all the ‘freedom’ he was allotted, Kris still felt like a prisoner. Being here was just a reminder that he had not fulfilled the basic biologic task that was required and expected of him.

Kristopher strode from his room, past the living room, and through the kitchen before arriving at the door that would him to one of the two garages attached to his living quarters. Pausing at the exterior door, the male hesitated in contemplation before retracing his steps once more to the kitchen. He swiped a pear from the fruit bowl displayed in the center of the kitchen island before finally exiting the suite, not bothering to lock the door behind him. He was headed to a business deal with a group of unsavory betas, and who knew how long that would take. Betas. So long winded. This wasn't the first time that Jack had opted to send his son to oversee a beta meeting in lieu of himself, and Kris knew that it was only because his father's temper would certainly not hold the several hours the meeting was bound to take. Drug and omega smuggling was a difficult and tricky business that took careful planning and consideration. Even though the Queen Pack had connections in the police department, it certainly wasn't wise to conduct this certain type of business in bread daylight. It was not for the faint of heart, but certainly for the faint of moral integrity and character.

And it was so that Kristopher neatly slid behind the wheel of one of his several slick, black vehicles and smoothly powered out of the garage and down the lengthy driveway. In a life that was strictly governed by precise schedules and meticulous planning and organization, there was not much that happened in Kris's day that he did not account for or did not anticipate. He knew exactly what was going to happen, when it was going to do so, and who was involved. So today, at least according to the pack heir, was no different. There was no way he could have anticipated the turn of events that would take his life in a totally different direction. There was no way he could have foreseen what was about to happen and the consequences that would occur as a result. There was no way he could have prepared for what was about to happen. Fate was funny that way.