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Don't Bet On It

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Aria T'Loak, asari bad girl, grins pleasantly at the poker table in her club Afterlife, looking about at the other girls she plays against. The female members of the SR-2 Normandy are almost exposed to the self-proclaimed ruler of Omega, having bet almost everything they have in some means of thinking they could outplay her. How wrong they were...

“I swear she cheats...” grumbles Jack, a tattooed woman who nearly bares all. As the infamous Subject Zero her bionic powers are incredible, although extremely dangerous in her hands. Thankfully in one of her bets she lost she had to wear a bracelet that would nullify that ability. Hence why Aria is even still sitting at the table.

“Of course she cheats,” whispers Tali, the quarian engineer that, like all of her species, are incapable of removing their enviro-suits for the need to survive, “she's the owner of this place AND rules Omega! Who's idea was it to challenge her to a game of cards, JACK?”

“She started it!' Subject Zero hisses back.

“That's why you shouldn't be so easily taunted into temptation, Jack.” says Liara T'soni, another asari of a less violent and rude nature compared to Aria. “No good can ever come from jumping head first into a scenario.”

As Liara sounds like the voice of reason, the other human female of the group, Cerberus agent and perfect gene pool Miranda Lawson, cocks an eyebrow at her asari crew member. “And...that's why you're sitting at this table right now with your arm over your breasts, right, Liara?”

The blue skinned asari hangs her head in shame, having wagered her top as it's all she has left from spending so many credits on this game. “I swear, when I was winning the adrenaline felt so pleasant. Now I just want that feeling back. And perhaps my top...”

“Tough luck, bitch.” Aria cackles, throwing out playing cards for the next round. “You guys should've known better than to fuck with Aria. Rule number one, if you'll recall.” As she looks down at her hand she has the most pleasant expression on her lips, a telling sign that the crew of the SR-2 Normandy should give in while they can.

“I fold.” says Tali.

“Same.” Miranda groans, slamming her hand on the table.

“Motherfucker...” growls Jack. The girls look over at their asari teammate, awaiting her answer to fold in for the round. They see no change in expression on her lip, only keeping their eyes on her hands as she slides the cards face up on the table.

“Four aces.” Liara says gently, her lips curling into a smile. The other members of her crew look on, impressed she can even pull off such a hand. Of course, then they realize that Aria has yet to reveal her cards, and anticipate the worst. Aria looks on at the lighter skinned asari, a deadpan expression on her face as she glares.

After a light laugh, the ruler of Omega says, "Not a bad hand, T'soni." Taking that as a hint she had won, Liara reaches out for the large sum of chips in the middle of the table, grabbing for her top as well…only for Aria to swat her blue hands away. "Not bad…but not good enough to beat this, either." Tossing her hand of cards to the table, the Normandy female crew watches in horror as she drops a royal flush down, signifying her victory.

"What?!" Tali shouts. "How is that even possible?! That's five aces total!"

"You're going to accuse me of cheating?" Aria laughs, dragging her winnings towards her. "You girls are already neck deep in debt, are you sure you'd like to accuse Omega's ruler of rigging shit in her favor?"

"Fuck yeah we-" Jack is interrupted by Miranda placing her hand over the bionic's mouth, stopping her from possibly causing further damage to their situation.

"I think it's time we call it a night." Miranda says begrudgingly. "We have a few days left on Omega, and Shepard is still taking care of a mission, but I'm exhausted. And I'm sure all of you are as well."

"Nooot so fast." Aria says, raising her finger at the four Normandy girls as they raise from their seats. "You ladies still have a massive IOU on your hands. You know this, right? You bit off much more than you can chew, and the fact one of you is now topless? That's not a good sign to how much debt you're in with me."

"We can get you the money eventually." Miranda says coldly. "Just give us a few more missions to go on, eliminate the Collector hideout, get a big reward, and it will be in your hands soon enough."

Smirking, Aria shakes her head at the Cerberus agent. "Nah uh. It doesn't work like that out here in Omega. You owe money, you work for that money, and you do NOT leave until that debt is paid back to me!"

"Fine, damn bitch…" Jack grumbles. "We'll work the damn thing off if we have to. Just tell us what pays well for what we owe you."

Giving it a moment's thought, Aria taps her chin as she formulates a pleasant idea. Pleasant for her, anyway. "Hm…seeing as you're in deep shit, and one of you even bet their dignity away…" she reaches into the pile of her winnings, holding a small piece of paper that reads "DIGNITY", "I think I know what you can do for me."

All eyes turn to Liara, who notices how her team mates stare daggers in her direction. "What? What is it? I was desperate to get another win!"

"Keelah, Liara…just…Keelah." sighs Tali, who palms the visor of her helmet.


Unable to leave Afterlife until their debt is paid off, the Normandy girls are led down a series of steps by some of Aria's guards until they arrive in a dingy, metallic area that looks as though it's in dire need of cleanup. As they get closer to their destination, they start to hear moaning and grunting from various areas, as if some wild fight were going on, like an underground wrestling show.

"That…IS fighting I hear, correct?" Liara asks her teammates. "We're going to be in some form of hand to hand combat, yes?"

"God, you're fucking naive…" Jack states with an aggravated sigh. "I've been in enough gangbangs along the galaxy to know that is NOT what fighting sounds like."

"Oh, it's going to be one of those places, is it?" Miranda speaks up.

When they arrive at their destination, the girls are escorted into a series of rooms that seem designed for oddly particular usage, as the room they inspect may be empty, but still contains minor clues over what they're about to get involved with. There are numerous holes in the walls, each of them large enough to fit a woman's body inside of. Peeking into one shows a small room that features a door to lead into that back area, as well as a hanging station for their clothing. While two of the holes are placed next to one another, there's one raised multiple feet off the ground, and a smaller one adjacent to a larger one in the far corner of the room. Upon expecting the smaller hole, Tali tilts her head in curiosity as she wonders what use these holes could possibly have, and what their ultimate purpose is. Hanging over these holes is a picture each, though they all appear buggy and full of static. But close examination shows the four that these are, in fact, pictures of attractive females from the shoulders up, and Jack has a good idea already on what their task is going to be.

"…We're gonna get fucked." She says out of frustration.

"Oh, Keelah…" Tali sighs, "I was really hoping that wasn't going to be the case."

"Considering this is Aria we're dealing with, is it really any surprise she'd have us shred our dignity away like this to pay her back?" Miranda asks.

"I think I'd rather lose my dignity in fighting over this…" Liara says just before Jack points a charged up bionic hand near her face.

"You're really one to talk right now, T'soni!" growls Subject Zero. "If you hadn't given up your stupid fucking dignity we might not be in this situation right now!"

"Nah, you'd still be here even if she didn't." Aria says as she steps in the room with the Normandy crew. "I just thought I'd point out to you all how willing she was to get something back in her wallet, for the fun of it." None of the other girls look greatly amused by Aria's unusual sense of humor, but the Omega ruler doesn't expect them to. "Anyway, follow me. I'm going to give you girls just a tiny tour of what you'll be doing around here."

The Normandy girls follow, with Liara still holding her hands against her exposed chest. Aria shows off one of the many rooms being used as an example of their debt repayments, with the others seeing it in action. They watch on as a long line of males from several species are in wait to use the 'facilities', which is females of mostly human or asari species planted inside of the holes, getting rammed every which way by the males. Miranda eyes a krogan plowing away at a small asari's petite frame, the woman on her back while her legs and pelvic region stick out of the wall, the hard shelled alien holding himself close to her as he climaxes within her pussy. The Cerberus agent gasps in shock as she watches the asari's stomach bloat up, likely being filled with gallons of semen from just this one alien alone. When the krogan finishes with emptying his load, he pulls his shaft out of her snatch, which oozes jizz onto a floor already pooling with the substance. As soon as the krogan walks away, a salarian male approaches her, unzipping his pants to start working his shaft to go inside of her.

"Wait…I thought salarian males were asexual." Miranda speaks up.

"That's what they want people to think." scoffs Aria. "Those guys are so horny they've gotten good at hiding it. But it's the salarian females that make them pull that act. And trust me, you do NOT want to see a salarian girl's vag."

"We'll take your word for it." Tali says nonchalantly. "But there's a problem here, Aria. I can't leave my enviro suit, because if I do, I'd die. And I'd rather not have that happen to me just to sleep around to pay some debt."

"Technically it's not sleeping around when you're going to be in one spot." Aria says, much to the crew's annoyance. "Besides, I have you covered. Dr. Mordin developed a drug that allows quarians to leave their enviro suits temporarily, and this particular one should last you long enough to pay the debt off. Though we'll be giving you a small prescription just in case."

"Swell," sighs an angry Tali, the engineer wondering in her mind why there's no permanent solution for her species, "just give me one…"

"So, I guess we just go to work then?" Miranda asks.

"Not quite." Aria says, shaking her head. "You're going to have to choose which room you want to use. We have areas designated specifically for patrons going by their endowment sizes. The larger and more aggressive they get with you, the ho, the more you get paid."

"We are not hos!" Liara insists.

"Whatever, ho." shrugs the Omega ruler. "So before you all decide that you're just going to take the tiniest of dicks because it's safer for you and your body…here's how payments are broken down. The majority, 80 percent, goes to moi. 19 percent will be given to maintenance of this facility and most of Omega. We need to keep that engine running after all."

"So that just leaves…one percent." Jack growls.

"Tell me we receive that at least." says a worrisome Tali, who watches as Aria nods in response.

Looking over at a nearby price sheet for reference, Liara removes her hands from her chest, exposing her breasts to use her omni tool to make a few calculations. "With the amount each level pays, if we go by the basic level and only achieve one percent of their payment, it would take…" Liara's jaw drops at the final number, stating to the others, "several weeks!"

"What?! But we only have a few days before Shepard and the Normandy take off for the next mission!" Tali shouts in a panic.

Aria laughs to herself, watching as the ladies of the Normandy shoe signs of panic. "So those bigger dicks are looking quite appetizing right now, aren't they ladies?"

Miranda sighs, starting to unzip her Cerberus jumpsuit. "I suppose we have no choice, girls." she says to the rest of the crew. "Let's take them as big as they hand them out."