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Call: Date 10/29/03

Call Time: 3:32 A.M.

Message Length: 2:53.19


[Message tone]

[Soft breathing can be heard in the background.]

[A woman's voice begins speaking five seconds after the message tone. Her words are slurred implying intoxication and exhaustion.]

It's been a month....

[Ten second pause]

Today's the day you got shot....

[Five second pause]

But you don't need me to tell you that; you probably remember....Of course you remember. I remember....I remember a lot of things.... I can't remember a lot of things.

I remember holding my hand to your shoulder, right above your heart. I remember pushing and pushing, but it wouldn't stop. You just wouldn't stop bleeding.

[Quiet sniffling can be heard in the background implying the caller began crying at this time.]

[Another five second pause and then the woman begins speaking again. Her tone has shifted and her voice wavers.]

So why can't I remember the other parts of you? I try so hard all the time to remember the little things, but it's like you're slipping through my fingers......All I have left are memories now....your hair, the way your eyes.... 

[Another five second pause]

[The woman's tone shifts again. She sounds angry; the wavering in her voice is gone.]

They won't even say your name anymore. We can't talk about you. They all think you’re dead. I shouldn't even be calling you, but here I am. [The woman laughs quietly before clearing her throat.]

Here I am....

[Short pause]

Where are you?

Where are you, Alex?

[Thirty second pause]


Please, Alex....

Come home.

[Fifteen seconds of silence]

[Call ends]