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A Celestial Seductress

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(Name) wanders in the forest during the night, not scared of the darkness at all. She spends a few hours walking around until she stumbles upon a cave. The cave almost looked manmade, the way it had the most elegant entrance, perfectly round. It looked almost as if it was made of onyx, with little citrines embedded within.

She wandered into the cave, her curiosity peeked. (Name) has walked into the cave for quite some time, and she can no longer see the entrance. Oops. She starts backing up away from the entrance in panic as she no longer has a way out. She didn't realize that she had walked right into a spiderweb. She tried to move but the spiderwebs held her tight. A beautiful woman started to climb down from the darkness of the web. She was the most beautiful women (Name) had ever seen.

The woman had a very soothing aura about her that was actually a little visible, adding a bit of brightness ebbing off of her. She had wonderful D cup breasts and long, blonde hair pulled back into a sectioned high ponytail that looked like a scorpion tail. Her eyes were blue, almost violet with rosy pink lips. The woman had the most bold and defined cheekbones, to match an angled jaw. She had smoky eye eye shadow on and her eyes had this lusty look that you could gaze in for Infinity. She had a gorgeous hourglass figure, and muscled thighs and calfs. On her forehead, there was a mark. It looked like an M with a arrow, sort of like the Scorpio symbol. To top it all off, she was naked.

"Ooh~ What's this? A new fly has landed into my web. What's your name, little one?"

"...(Name)..." You said, with a trembling voice, a tear dripping down your cheek.

"Hey, hey, don't be scared I'm not going to hurt you. Why would I hurt such an adorable little human?"

Her aura started to hit you in waves, calming you down and oddly... arousing you. You could already feel your nipples hardening and your cunt dripping. You spoke up in confidence, the aura silencing your fear.

"Are you a dom?" You asked in the most innocent sounding voice possible. You internally cringed at that. 

"Do you mean dominant? If so, I am, but I am also much more than that. I am the embodiment of the celestial-being Scorpio."

Your jaw dropped at that. There was a bit of a pause before she asked in a seductive, sexy voice.

"You're a submissive, aren't you? Oh, this is going to be so much fun~" 

You're panties were already soaked at what she said. You felt so pulled by her aura, that you couldn't help but lean in for a passionate kiss. She must have expected this because she quickly dominated your mouth and began exploring your mouth and tongue. You instantly felt dizzy with arousal once some of her saliva entwined with yours. There was obviously some kind of natural aphrodisiac in it. You barely even felt or noticed when she had your top off. You hadn't bothered to wear a bra today, so you were bare-chested in front of her.

"You are such a cute little human, aren't you?" She webbed your forearms to the web even more so there was no chance of escape. Not that you wanted to, anyway.

She massaged you're breasts in the most gentle yet passionate way possible, and she traced around your nipples, not quite touching them until they were perked up and hard. Even though they were fully hardened by now, she continue to draw light circle on your areolas until you needingly whined.

"Oh, you're just so sensitive. I could toy and play with you all night long~"

She slowly, keeping eye contact with you, enveloped one of your nipples in her warm mouth, which drew a wanton moan from you. She ever so carefully kissed and licked at your nipple, switching to the other occasionally, all while keeping eye contact with you, which drove you mad. You just couldn't brake away from her gaze. It was so arousing and hypnotic.

She began pulling down your pants/skirt, still suckling away at your nipples. She finally detached from them and decided to go down to your feet. 'How did she know about my secret kink?' You wondered, as she began licking up from your heel to your toes, sucking on all of them. Oh, it felt sooo good, and you didn't want this pleasurable teasing to ever stop. You lost track of time, and she continued to lick and lap at your feet, sucking your toes, for what felt like hours. It probably was an hour or two. 

Soon, she traveled back up your legs until she was eye level with your hips. Somehow, she was still maintaining eye contact with you as she licked the bottom of your lower lips to your clit through your panties. This drew a pleading mewl from you as she licked up, and down, up and down, up and down. It was like she was hypnotizing you with your sex drive, and soon the only conscious thing on your mind was getting off. 

She dragged you're panties down with her teeth until you were completely naked. Then she webbed up you're calfs, spreading your legs as far as they would go. She came back up to your breasts as she spun webs between her fingers and weaved it across your breasts in a circular pattern. It looked like there was orb webs covering your boobs, and you felt tugging sensation on your nipples.  The webs had a mind of their own as they tugged viscously on your poor little nipples.

What you didn't notice. Was that there was now a puddle of your essence on the ground beneath you. She slowly went down to your pussy, finally paying attention to her clit. First, she gathered your juices on her tongue as she went back up and started to trace soothing circles slowly on your clit. You could feel the individual taste buds on her tongue, stimulating you wonderfully. She did this for what felt like hours and hours on end. Slow enough to keep you on the brink, but not fast enough or nearly enough pressure to get you where you wanted to be. You started to moan and buck your hips to try to send a signal to her that you needed more. She pretended that she didn't understand as she kept on slowly and lightly tracing circles with her tongue.

You wrapped your thighs around her neck as she continued to slowly tease you into oblivion. You felt your mind go blank and your legs spasm with a need for relief as she hypnotically drew slow, light circles on your clit. She continued for 40 minutes until your brain felt like a puddle of horniness and you couldn't form words anymore. Then she stopped, drawing a whine from you.

"I think my little submissive has waited long enough for her orgasm. You've been such a good girl for me. I've barely touched you and yet you're so responsive and sensitive to my touch. How about we give you that orgasm you've long deserved for your patience."

You happily sighed as she went back down to your clit, and she started happily sucking away at it, causing you to moan loudly. She lapped and licked at your clit and core until she pushed you to the edge. But instead of slowing you down, she spun a cottony, sticky looking web and attached it to core around your hips like underwear, making sure it was stuck good to your clit. This webbing kept you locked away in your orgasm for ages, not even overstimulating you. It felt like it was producing an over abundance of your own fluids, running from the containment of the web panties down your thighs like a cascading waterfall. She spun bra pads, sticking them over the orb webs on your breasts.

"I can't wait until you come back, my little submissive." As she cuddled you into sleep, still experiencing a mind blowing clitoral orgasm with nipple stimulation. 

"Sleep well, human." She whispered in your ear.


You woke up, still in the cave, but not attached to the web. You fully realized that you were still having an orgasm and nipple tugging, thanks to the new undergarments from Scorpio. You tried to pull them off, now being overstimulated, but they were stuck on good. You whined as you pulled your shirt and pants/skirt back on shakily. You crawled back in the morning sun peaking through the trees, to your house to lie on your bed in your orgasmic bliss, thinking of Scorpio and coming back to her tonight.


End of Chapter One: Pilot of A Celestial Seductress