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Professionalism Be Damned

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[tony stark, Ned, Bucky B., sam wilson, Wolverine, and peter parker have been added to the chat.]

Steve Rogers at 9:28 PM: Hi everyone. This is Steve Rogers. I was recently talking to Director Fury and he suggested that I create a ‘group chat’ to discuss official Avengers and co. business. This chat is strictly professional, so please keep that in mind when you’re responding.

sam wilson at 9:30 PM: Long as Barnes doesn’t show up, I’ll keep it as professional as you want
Question, though. Who the hell’s Ned?

Steve Rogers at 9:31 PM: You've already managed to break my one rule. Good job, Sam. And Ned is Peter's friend. I added him because he can hack into Tony's tech and I wanted Peter to have someone to talk to.

sam wilson at 9:32 PM: But if it’s professional why’s he need to talk to Peter

sam wilson at 9:32 PM: Also anyone else laughing that this kid cracked into Tony’s tech?

tony stark at 9:32 PM: Whatsup fuckres??

Steve Rogers at 9:33 PM: Tony, are you all right?

sam wilson at 9:33 PM: Charming

tony stark at 9:33 PM: Waht's this for now??

sam wilson at 9:33 PM: Welcome to AA

Wolverine at 9:33 PM: Can I leave the Avengers again

Steve Rogers at 9:33 PM: I already regret this.

sam wilson at 9:33 PM: Figured you would

tony stark at 9:34 PM: AA?? Is Steeve in AA 2?

sam wilson at 9:34 PM: Steve’s here cause he’s drunk on patriotism, yeah

tony stark at 9:34 PM: I'm not surpied.

Steve Rogers at 9:34 PM: Tony, are you drunk?

tony stark at 9:35 PM: Yeha.

sam wilson at 9:35 PM: This is getting more and more professional by the second