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The Dance of Waves and Shore

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An Observer sits on the hill
Silent, nothing moving save his soft breathing
Watching, observing the waves

The dance of waves and shore
The waves moving confidentally
Then meeting the shore, embracing
Wrapping around lovingly, whispering
Soft sweet songs of love that only he knows
Then retreating, shyly even as he flows forward again

The shore, shy, tentative
The red clay of her blush
Showing as the waves
Wrap around her form
Lovingly, protectively

A light breeze springs up
A cherub of love, carrying
The flowers' sweet smell as
He urges the waves forward

The waves come, more eagerly
Speaking louder, whispering
Words to lure the shore away
One grain at a time
Even as he pulls back to
Watch her, he's moving
Forward again
Re-embracing, fitting to the
Contours so perfectly, so
Close that for one moment
So long and so short,
They aren't Two,
Only One Being joined

A storm
The waves rushing forward
Angrily, foaming with
Desire, like a rabid
Dog, lunging without
Abandon at her
She can't cringe away
And only holds
Steadfast as he
Storms forward,
Hissing, frothing like a mad snake
So desperate with desire is he
He seems angry with the
Wind gusting, urging
Behind him

A lull, then a quiet dying down

A soft warm embrace again
Whispering muttered apologies
And more love words
And She
All too ready to accept
And the cycle restarts

He sits on the hill
Silently Watching
Observing the dance
Of waves and shore