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Uhhhhh idk

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Josh wash is now online

Josh wash: hey
Josh wash: who wants to come over and play fortnite l8r

Mikey boy is now online

Mikey boy: what even

Josh wash: whats there not to understand about fortnite michael

Mikey boy: no,,,, just,,,,,,, why

Josh wash: oh are you saying I'm not allowed to have some quality time with my quality bros?

Mikey boy: literally not what I was saying but go off I guess

Josh wash: mike you meme loving fuck

Mikey boy: at least im not the one who invited everyone to play fortnite

Josh wash: low blow mike
Josh wash: low fucking blow

Cochise is now online

Cochise: what the fuck

Josh wash: Im the fuck
Josh wash: ;)

Cochise: what does this mean im so scared

Mikey boy: oh you know ;)

Cochise: are,,,,,
Cochise: are you guys okay?

Mikey boy: honestly
Mikey boy: no

Josh wash: lmao tru dat
Josh wash: but you guys arent answering my question
Josh wash: do u wanna play fortnite w me

Mikey boy: I don't know how to play it
Mikey boy: I am a failure

Josh wash: bro,,,,, I can teach you the ways of fortnite

Mikey boy: bro,,,,,,,

Josh wash: chris
Josh wash: my man
Josh wash: u in?

Cochise: do I look like I know what a fortnite is or how to play it

Josh wash: I mean
Josh wash: yea

Cochise: ok wow
Cochise: that is actually the meanest thing anyone ever said to me

Mikey boy: chris we have literally played fortnite together on multiple occasions

Cochise: how could you expose me like this mike

Josh wash: dude,,,,, are you,,, fortnite cheating on me

Cochise: babe,,,,, its nothing personal,,,,,,,, its just,,,,,, that good fortnite kush,,

Mikey boy: hmm whats that smell Im sniffing
Mikey boy: oh wait
Mikey boy: its The Gay

Josh wash: dam mike
Josh wash: u sniffing yourself?

Mikey boy: binch,,,,,

Josh wash: hey wait
Josh wash: u said u didnt know how to play fortnite
Josh wash: but then u said u and chris play it
Josh wash: what is the truth michael

Cochise: he caught u lol

Mikey boy: josh,,,,, its not what you think i swear

Josh wash: then what is it mike
Josh wash: bc from the looks of it
Josh wash: u and chris are both fortnite cheating on me
Josh wash: with each other
Josh wash: u fucking heathens

Mikey boy: josh,,,,, wait,,

Josh wash: no
Josh wash: I dont want to hear any more of your lies mike

Cochise: Hello yes 911?
Cochise: I am actively witnessing a murder

Mikey boy: chris
Mikey boy: u do realize he snatched ur weave too

Cochise: darn
Cochise: Josh how could you

Josh wash: how could you fortnite cheat on me
Josh wash: huh cochise

Cochise: bro pls

Josh wash: I dont wanna hear it thot

Cochise: :(

Mikey boy: Josh
Mikey boy: u made the boy sad
Mikey boy: how fuckin could you

Josh wash: how do u think I feel
Josh wash: I just found out I was being fortnite cheated on by two of my best friends

Egg sucker is now online

Egg sucker: dudes
Egg sucker: its literally two in the effing morning and u guys are blowing up my phone
Egg sucker: please,, I just wanna sleep in peace

Josh wash: ash cant u see were having an important discussion

Egg sucker: about fortnite?

Josh wash: yes

Egg sucker: at two in the morning?

Cochise: what did u expect honestly

Egg sucker: you got me there
Egg sucker: but seriously
Egg sucker: yall better go to bed soon or I will take your toes

Mikey boy: Im sorry
Mikey boy: youll whAT

Egg sucker: you heard me

Mikey boy: Im actually terrified right now

Egg sucker: good

Cochise: ashley please dont take our toes

Egg sucker: too late
Egg sucker: Im already on my way to snatch ur toes

Cochise: ash please
Cochise: I need my toes

Josh wash: who would I be without my toes

Mikey boy: dam thats deep

Josh wash: this is so sad
Josh wash: can we get two likes

Mikey boy: we live in a society

Cochise: we live in a toe snatching society

Egg sucker: crunch on them toes

Mikey boy: i,,,,,,,
Mikey boy: I dont know anymore,,,

Josh wash: am I allowed to kink shame ashley yet

Egg sucker: but josh,,,
Egg sucker: kink shaming,,,,,,
Egg sucker: IS my kink,,

Josh wash: oh fuck

Cochise: kinky

Josh wash: oh ur one to talk

Cochise: excuse

Mikey boy: expose him josh
Mikey boy: spill the tea

Cochise: Josh I s2g if u spill my tea

Egg sucker: josh blease
Egg sucker: spill his kinky tea

Josh wash: ;)

Mikey boy: j o s h

Josh wash: its not my tea to spill ;)))))

Egg sucker: ok but why the winky face

Josh wash: Im gay what did u expect

Egg sucker: I mean
Egg sucker: sure
Egg sucker: but like seriously
Egg sucker: go to bed u thots

Josh wash: who are u
Josh wash: my mom

Cochise: oh and you say Im the kinky one

Josh wash: shut the hell ur fuck

Cochise: ash is right tbh
Cochise: we should sleep

Josh wash: sure ok thot

Egg sucker: oh so u listen to chris but not me
Egg sucker: u homophobic bastard

Josh wash: I am literally gay

Mikey boy: yall are gay

Josh wash: I mean
Josh wash: ur not wrong

Cochise: hah gay

Josh wash: we are actually dating u foolish disaster gay
Josh wash: unrelated to chris being a gay
Josh wash: I think im finna gonna hit the snooze

Mikey boy: Josh we all know ur gonna stay up till sunrise playing video games

Josh wash: ok listen I didnt come here to be called out like this

Mikey boy: but like yea same
Mikey boy: it be nighty night time for this thot

Cochise: me too tbh
Cochise: good nut my good lads

Josh wash: good night gays
Josh wash: and mike

Mikey boy: good night boys dont let the bed bugs eat ur ass

Egg sucker: UM
Egg sucker: night tho
Egg sucker: yall better actually go to bed or I swear ur toes will be mine

Egg sucker is now offline

Josh wash: see ya lads later
Josh wash: specifically when I force u all to come over and play fortnite w me

Josh wash is now offline

Mikey boy: mm fortnite

Cochise: ok Im gonna pretend u didnt just say that and catch some zzzs
Cochise: guess Ill see u at joshs fortnite party dnjsjdsm

Mikey boy: yea lmao
Mikey boy: g night fam

Cochise: Night

Mikey boy is now offline

Cochise is now offline