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Just for the Summer

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It was just supposed to be a job to get money before his final year at college during the summer. That’s all. After determining he didn’t want to have to work at that absolutely appalling restaurant he did last summer ever again, his mom suggested he get a job here. Although he didn’t think much before complying since he didn’t know it would be so frazzling .


People say a lot of things about working in retail — normally that it sucks. And it does, but they don’t mention all of the people you get to meet which can sometimes be a really good thing or make having the job worth it at all. So when Midoriya got hired, he wasn’t really expecting.. well anything that happened.


It was his first real day (meaning he got past all the orientations and all of the grueling and repetitive video training) and Midoriya finally got to do his job in the toy department. That wasn’t bad, right? He could be in clothes or one of the cart pushers outside. Or even worse a cashier .


His supervisor Takara found him when he clocked in that morning, she smiled politely at him and said that she would show him where his department manager was and introduce the two of them. Midoriya was a little nervous, but he was excited to actually get to do something and get to actually meet one of the people he would be working with.  


Although, he quickly learned that this manager was going to be a lot more to handle than he originally anticipated. “Hey Bakugou!” The polite and sweet Takara shouted and a blonde who was stacking toys on a shelf turned to the two of them, he stood away from his and glanced over the both of them, something cold lingering in his expression. “This is the new addition to toys! Midoriya this is Bakugou Katsuki, he’s the one who is in charge of the toy department and you’ll be working under him for the time being. Due to a.. situation, he also is the manager for the outdoors department.”


“It’s nice to meet you,” the blonde said but his expression said otherwise, it seemed like he was ripping Midoriya apart just with his eyes and all Midoriya could think to do was to nervously bow to him but it wasn’t reciprocated. “What does he know how to do? Anything?”


“First day on the floor,” the woman hummed as she pat on Midoriya’s shoulder.


“So nothing,” Bakugou sighed. “Alright, I’ve got it from here. Thanks Takara.”


Midoriya wanted to beg for her not to leave but unfortunately she did and that left the two of them to their own devices. Midoriya stood very obviously nervous but very still, after all, Bakugou seemed aggressive, very aggressive. That would be fine if Midoriya had any kind of backbone and no form of anxiety whatsoever, but no, in the face of Bakugou Katsuki, he was left a mess.


Bakugou spent longer than Midoriya was comfortable with looking him up and down, almost like he was sizing him up. “What’d she say your name was? Midoriya?”


He nodded. “Midoriya Izuku.”


“Okay,” Bakugou replied, although he had asked, it now seemed like he was uninterested in whatever Midoriya had to say, it was almost as though everything Bakugou said betrayed what he was actually thinking. “So obviously this is toys, recently the store expanded so we also moved video games from the electronics to the toy department. Which fucking sucks cause you need a key to open the case and for some damn reason me and the general managers are the only ones who has one so if you need to open it, you’ll have to get me. If I’m not in toys or outdoors, chances are I’m still around but I’m gonna be a lot harder to find. You’ll get assigned a radio, and I’ll teach you how to use it so you can call me over.”


“O-Okay.” Midoriya nodded, he couldn’t believe how many times in the first bit of conversation he had with Bakugou that he had sworn. Wasn’t that.. unprofessional? Did he seriously not care?


“Normally when I start the day, I start in outdoors, so thank goodness for you, you’ll get to watch every step of working in the toy department,” Bakugou continued on. “Walk around, pick up the shit that doesn’t go here, go to the back shove it in the bin to be sent to the place it does belong and pick up the shit that belongs to you that another department found. Put it on the shelves. Simple, easy. Even a moron could do it. That’s how you should start each shift and make sure you do it again after lunch. Got it?”


Midoriya nodded. Despite Bakugou being seeming very hostile, at least he seemed knowledgeable but he wouldn’t exactly say.. helpful. All of his explanations seemed to be just a pile up of code Midoriya would have to decipher. “Alright,” Bakugou said. “There’s gonna be shit that’s gonna confuse you. Some things teeter on being in one department or another. For instance, some bikes are considered outdoors and other bikes are considered toys. All sport related items are in outdoors as well.”


“And comes the worst part: people asking you where shit is.”


“Why is that the worst?” Midoriya asked.


“For me? It’s not, for you? It is. Because you don’t know where a single fucking thing is.” Bakugou chuckled in a way that made Midoriya shift nervously, it felt so condescending, so mean . “Try not to radio where it is too often, try and remember where things go and if you can’t find it ask someone else. Like any of us that are in your department, so me, or one of the other two losers.”


“Who are the other two?” Midoriya asked.


“Well there’s Ashido, and then there’s Kouda but chances are Ashido will be out back building the bikes and Kouda doesn’t talk much. So I guess I’m one of the few people you can ask.” Bakugou answered, and seemed to annoy himself with that thought. “However, if you really need you can ask the next door losers in outdoors. Kirishima and Satou. They’re kinda helpful, I guess. And if that doesn’t work, Uraraka is the other next door in health and beauty with Aoyama. Uraraka is the manager over there, she’s annoying but she knows enough to be helpful.”


Midoriya nodded, he felt like that was a lot of what he did here — nod, nod, nod.


“Any questions so far?” Bakugou asked and before Midoriya could even respond Bakugou continued talking. “Great, we have shit to do so let’s fucking get to it.”


Midoriya would be a liar if he said he didn’t feel weird about having his manager cuss so much especially since it was in a section where a lot of children could be running around. It was early enough in the day that maybe he could get away with it, but it made Midoriya a little hesitant nonetheless. In fact, everything about Bakugou seemed to make him a little hesitant.


What also seemed to surprise Midoriya was how young Bakugou looked. All of the people who were in charge weren’t old by any means, but none of them stood the testament to how young Bakugou seemed to be. Midoriya figured that he couldn’t be much older.


Either way, he walked through the aisles, grabbing things that didn’t belong and practically throwing them to Midoriya who sometimes caught them, sometimes didn’t. When they finished walking through, Bakugou led him to the back with both of their arms full to put the things away that didn’t belong to them. Bakugou didn’t explain much, muttered a little bit about how he would learn where things went and threw it into the bins himself.


Bakugou walked over to the one labeled ‘toys’ and pulled out a couple of things before handing them to Midoriya.


“Don’t forget this!” Midoriya turned his head to see a brunette smiling wide at the both of them, ringing the bell of the bicycle in her grips. “Found it near my soap!”


“The fuck is a bike doing with the soaps..” Bakugou grumbled as he grabbed a hold of the handle bars. “Fuck it, I’m riding it out.”


“It’s a children’s bike!”


“I’ll make it work,” Bakugou replied before remembering that Midoriya was beside him. “Oh shit, right. Uraraka this is Midoriya, Midoriya this is the manager of health and beauty, Uraraka.”


“Nice to meet you!” Uraraka smiled and waved. “Don’t forget to have him take his breaks, Bakugou, we nearly got our necks wrung when Ashido didn’t take hers for the first week!”


“Not my fault!” Bakugou huffed. “That girl just wants to keep fucking working all the damn time.”


“Oh like you’re one to talk,” Uraraka rolled her eyes before turning to Midoriya with a smile. “Ashido is great, you’ll like her. Aoyama is waiting for me though, so I’ll see you out there in the field!”


“So you’re gonna.. ride the bike?” Midoriya asked after watching Uraraka leave and was now beginning to wish he was placed in that department. How could one manager be so friendly and the other be so hostile?


“Yep.” Bakugou replied before sitting down on the white seat of the pink, sparkly, children’s bike and made his way through the nearby double doors, ringing the bell. Midoriya sighed as he rushed to keep up with him. At least this job would be interesting if anything. Or maybe Bakugou was hazing Midoriya, that was the only explanation in the nervous new employee’s mind. That this was all just some game, or maybe that was a hope so after some time things would be better.


Midoriya met Bakugou back at the bike rack and watched him push it up onto the top shelf of bikes before turning back to Midoriya, he removed the items from his grips and began to place them in their correct locations before bringing up their next task. “Alright, let’s go get stock.”


“Huh?” Midoriya mumbled.


“We bring new shit from the back to the front.”




“So let’s fucking go.” Bakugou continued on and Midoriya followed alongside him. Bakugou didn’t walk super fast, but his strides were longer and he was taller than Midoriya, so it made Midoriya have to hustle a little to keep up with him.


People greeted Bakugou as they walked by, he gave a half-assed hello at them until they reached the back and Bakugou grabbed a cart before walking to a stack of boxes. “See this label?” Bakugou pointed at the purple label on the box. “This tells you what department it goes in, this color signifies it is for the toy department. The number is like uh.. sub department. So forty-seven is for board games. Grab a box and throw it on the cart, half pint.”


Midoriya didn’t respond although he wanted to grumble at the nickname, Instead, he only grabbed a box and helped Bakugou fill up the cart, when it was definitely past full, Bakugou offered something up. “Would you like to push it?”


Midoriya glanced at the cart and all of its boxes, he was worried it would topple over and he wouldn’t be able to see past the boxes but he wanted to prove that he was a go-getter. So he grabbed a hold of the cart and immediately when he pushed it forward he hit another box and stumbled forward as Bakugou reached out to keep things from tumbling off.  


And of course, Bakugou laughed at him, making Midoriya’s face turn red as Bakugou pushed him back and grabbed onto the cart himself before he began to push it. They didn’t get very far though, not even out of the back rooms before they had to stop again.


“Hey Bakugou!” Midoriya watched as a shorter, purple haired girl rushed towards them. She seemed out of breath and nervous, and Bakugou stopped and watched her, but didn’t say anything until after she spoke again. “We-We could really use your help in electronics.”


“What fucking for?” Bakugou sighed.


“You have to see it.” She sighed. “Please? We could really use your help.”


“I have him,” Bakugou pointed his thumb to a nervous Midoriya. “And I don’t fucking know where Ashido is, so there’s no one there to help him. He’ll die out there on his own.”


“W-What?” Midoriya muttered but the two continued their conversation.


“Listen, the ink has exploded.”


“Fuck, not again.”


“On the televisions.”


Bakugou sighed. “I’m not cleaning it, Jirou.”


“Someone needs to be at the desk and Kaminari won’t be here for three more hours!” Jirou continued on, pleading with Bakugou and hoped he would be willing to help her out.


“Alright, fine, fuck,” Bakugou sighed. “I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.”


“Thank you so much,” Jirou sighed before she hurried back out. Not wasting a breath talking to Midoriya.


Bakugou sighed deeply before he continued pushing on the cart. “Alright listen up,” Bakugou said and Midoriya watched nervously while they hurried back out to the toy department. “I’m going to go help out those losers, but I will show you how to do this before I go. I’ll radio to see if I can find Ashido, and I’ll let Kirishima know that you’re over here so he shouldn’t go far and maybe should go introduce himself like a polite employee.” Oh the irony .


“Okay,” Midoriya answered. He was trying to maintain calm despite the fact that he didn’t like this at all; it felt like he was going to be thrown to the dogs on his first day. He didn’t know what he was doing, and he doubted that one explanation from Bakugou was going to immediately make that happen, considering he knew that Bakugou wouldn’t wait to figure out if Midoriya actually understood anything.


“Also, side note, if anyone asks we do not have any fucking All Might Lego sets, mix up at the company who sends them to us, won’t have any for a couple of weeks.” Bakugou said. “Someone gives you a hard time about it, send them my way.”


“Okay,” Midoriya said for a second time.


So Bakugou dragged the cart to an area they could work from and pulled a box off of it. “You can have my shit cause you’ll probably have more use for it than I will.”


“Your.. what..?”


Bakugou huffed and handed him a box cutter and then some sort of rectangular electronic device. “Cut the boxes open with these, please don’t fucking cut yourself, use this to scan the items and see where they go, if there isn’t a spot for them, bring them back and put them over here and I’ll deal with it later. Got it?”


“S-Sure.” Midoriya nodded and Bakugou stood there for a minute looking at him.


“You don’t fucking get it, do you?” Bakugou sighed.


“I-I kinda get it..”


“Okay,” Bakugou huffed. “Take the magical device, press this button to scan the barcode on the item, it tells you where it goes, take it there, and put it there. It will tell you what aisle it goes on and the series of shelving it belongs to at the top. Okay?”


Midoriya nodded again. “Okay.”


“Good take this shit,” Bakugou pushed the things to Midoriya. “I will be back in a couple of hours, before I get back make sure to take one of your fifteen minute breaks. Go whenever you feel like, I don’t care.”


Midoriya went to answer him but he was already speeding off towards the electronics department. Midoriya let out a sigh as he looked down at his hands and back at the rather intimidating stack of boxes. He was already feeling pretty defeated and it was just the first day. It wasn’t really a great feeling to have.


He slid a box off the cart and opened it up, looked at the things inside and tried to do what Bakugou said; find where it went on the shelf. He glanced up and down and when he found it, he smiled and began to place it there.


He had done a couple of boxes, each one feeling like a victory, when another worker finally saw him. “Hey!” He shouted and Midoriya jumped, thinking he might be in trouble and turned his head to see someone with flaming red hair walking towards him. “You’re Bakugou’s newest victim, huh?”




“Just messin’ with you!” He laughed. “I’m Kirishima, I was told to come visit you. You seem nervous though, dude.”


Midoriya glanced around him and let out a sigh. “I guess it’s a little much.”


“Yeah, when Kaminari gets here, Bakugou will come back, he wouldn’t intentionally leave a newbie struggling over here by himself!” Kirishima smiled as he clapped Midoriya on he back. “If you need anything though, I’m just a hop over, in Bakugou’s other department.”


“Why is he the manager of two departments?” Midoriya asked. “Is it really that understaffed?”


“Well, something else happened with the last manager, and Bakugou just so happened to step in.” Kirishima shrugged. “Bakugou works harder than anyone else I know, he won’t admit it, but he does work incredibly hard. I can barely get him to hang out with us outside of work. However, there’s a really interesting legend in this store about him.”


Midoriya wanted to roll his eyes, but he was genuinely curious. “What is it?”


Kirishima looked around, as though he was serious and then leaned towards Midoriya before whispering. “Bakugou isn’t human. No one has ever seen him take a break or take lunch. I’ve never seen him eat and the only time I have ever seen him drink is when we go out on Fridays. On top of all of that, it feels like he’s always here. Like he’s here from opening until closing. He probably isn’t, but I don’t know. Sometimes when I come into outdoors, most of it is already done because Bakugou has been there.”


“What? That’s insane,” Midoriya shook his head. “There’s no way he’s allowed to work that much though, because shouldn’t he be making a lot of overtime?”


“I don’t know, I don’t do the numbers.” Kirishima answered. “He works hard though and he’s gonna work you hard.”


“Oh good..” Midoriya sighed. “How does he do it?”


“He’s not human dude,” Kirishima said again before bursting into a fit of laughter. “Ah your face! I’m just joking with you, Bakugou is definitely human.” Midoriya sighed in somewhat relief and also somewhat annoyance at Kirishima’s teasing, but before Kirishima could comfort him in any way, his radio began to go off.


“Kirishima come help me with the canoes.” The voice came out.


“Yep.” Kirishima responded into the device. “Well that’s my cue, let me know if you need anything else, Midoriya!”


“Okay,” Midoriya smiled nervously. When Kirishima was out of shot he let out another sigh and jumped when he felt a tap on his slumped shoulder. He turned around and saw someone standing behind him, smiling just as nervously as he was. “Oh.. Hi, are you Kouda?”


He nodded his head. He pointed at Midoriya with one hand and then gave a thumbs up with another, tilting his head to solidify the fact that he was asking a question. “Oh, am I doing okay?” Kouda nodded. “Yeah, I’m doing alright.” Midoriya answered as he looked around him. “It’s just.. a little overwhelming I guess, to be thrown right into the middle of everything. Bakugou had to go and help out electronics so it leaves just us here. And I suppose Ashido, people keep talking about her but I haven’t seen her at all. Do you know where she is?”


Kouda shook his head and pointed to the watch on his wrist. Midoriya tried to decipher it the best he could. “Time..” Midoriya mumbled. “Something about time?”


Kouda nodded once more, made an ‘x’ with two of his fingers and then settled them back onto the watch. “X time..” Midoriya mumbled. “No time.. Not time?” Kouda nodded his head. “Is it not time for her to be here?”


Kouda was all smiles, normally it took people a lot longer to understand him, but Midoriya seemed smart enough that it only took him a few moments and that was enough to make Kouda happy. “Do you know what time she gets here?”


Kouda thought about it, and then raised up all of his ten fingers. “Ten?” Kouda shrugged. “So you think that maybe she’ll be here at ten?” And he was answered with a nod.


“That’s in about forty-five minutes, so I guess she’ll be here before Bakugou gets back.” Midoriya hummed. “Well, I guess I better keep going then, I’m sure I can figure this all out. If not.. Well that’s okay too.”


Kouda smiled and waved goodbye to Midoriya before returning to another aisle. Despite being quiet, Midoriya found that Kouda was calming and he liked his presence overall. He was hoping he would like his other coworker just as much.


After about an hour passed, a pink haired girl made her way into the aisle where Midoriya was standing and she let out a gasp before running over. “Hey!” She shouted and it made Midoriya drop everything he was holding. “Oh shit, sorry dude!”


Midoriya watched as the girl helped him pick things up off the ground, and noticed how positive her energy seemed to be. “Didn’t mean to scare ya! You’re Midoriya right?”




“Cool, I’m Ashido! Looks like we’ll get to be working together!” Ashido smiled as she began to put the things in their proper space without having to think about it too much. “So Bakugou just ditched ya, huh?”


“I-I wouldn’t say that he ditched me ―”


“Nah I get it!” Ashido hummed. “I already talked to him, he told me you might need some help but it looks like you’re doing a really good job so far!”


Midoriya blinked a few times but smiled nonetheless, he was amazed that Ashido wasn’t in charge because her energy seemed so much more positive than Bakugou’s. It seemed like everything about her was so much more.. welcoming and lively and that made Midoriya feel at ease with the entire situation. On top of that, she sounded very encouraging which Midoriya honestly needed at this point.


“I have a killer amount of bikes to put together,” Ashido whined. “So when you finish bringing out the stuff you need to, if Bakugou isn’t back yet, come and see me out back! I’ll let you take one of my babies for a spin!”


“Okay,” Midoriya laughed a little and Ashido clapped him on the back before walking off. Too bad that she wouldn’t spend more time out here with him, between her and Kouda it could be a really good time, but unfortunately, that wasn’t going to be his reality.


Midoriya made sure he took his short break while Bakugou was away, he sat in the back room where there were a few tables, vending machines, a kitchenette and a television on the opposite wall that was currently playing a show that Midoriya didn’t know. He held a cold red can in his clammy hands and glanced down at it, frowning slightly as he took a deep breath.


“Hey! New guy,” Midoriya lifted his head up to see a couple of people situating themselves at the other side of the table. He stared at the two smiling at him for a mere moment. “It’s nice to meet you, I’m Ojiro. This is Hagakure.”


“Hi, I’m Midoriya.” The green-haired boy smiled at the both of them and noted how polite and friendly they felt.


“It’s cool to meet you! What department are you in?” Hagakure asked.




“Oh..” The two turned to each other with a rather solemn look on both of their faces before shifting them into nervous smiles that didn’t help Midoriya’s nerves at all.


“Well.. Good luck with Bakugou,” Ojiro laughed, it was clearly forced and Midoriya picked up on that, sinking lower into his seat. “He’s.. a little rough around the edges.”  


“At least Ashido will be in your department, she’s cool!” Hagakure tried to lessen the tension of the situation. “Look Bakugou is fine, if you’re able to get on his good side. If he doesn’t like you though, you’ll know it. He doesn’t really hold anything back, some might say he’s a little explosive.”


“Amazing that he works in toys then,” Midoriya sighed. “Being around the little kids and all, it doesn’t sound like he has any patience.”


“Actually,” Ojiro began. “Bakugou is really good with the kids.”


Midoriya’s eyes widened and he was tempted to spit out the drink he poured into his mouth. He couldn’t believe someone with a face of stone and a tone that made you shiver like Bakugou Katsuki would be good with children.

“Parents leave compliments on the forms all the time about Bakugou,” Hagakure continued on. “They say he’s amazing with their kids and super helpful to get them what they need. However, he hates it when other employees see him, tells them to fuck off afterwards. In fact, I think we’ve been counting and Ashido is winning with the amount of ‘fuck off’s she has received.”


“Eighty-seven.” Ojiro nodded. “This week.”


“I-It’s only Tuesday!?”


“Yeah so in two days, he’s told her to fuck off eighty-seven times.” Hagakure laughed. “Who knows? Maybe Midoriya can beat the record.”


Midoriya sighed, and soon after this little ‘pep talk’ saw himself back to the toy department. Bakugou hadn’t returned yet, and Kouda wasn’t around either. He knew that Ashido was in the back fixing up bikes and sometimes she rode past him with a new bike she had just finished. Otherwise, he was by himself, stocking shelves.


Everything was going alright, customers didn’t bother Midoriya too much and when they asked him where things were, he thankfully knew where to direct them. However, it wasn’t until a woman walked up and asked him about the one thing Bakugou said they didn’t have.


Those damned All Might Lego sets.


“Oh,” Midoriya said. “We currently don’t have any.”


The woman looked at him for a minute, she was hesitant but she spoke again. “What do you mean, you don’t have them?”


“Exactly that,” Midoriya tried to smile politely through his nerves. “Unfortunately the company who normally sends them to us had a mix up, and so we don’t have in stock.”


“You have any in the back?”




“This is ridiculous,” the woman hissed. “You have a full aisle of Legos and not a single All Might Lego set.” Midoriya shook his head, and he tried to apologize but the woman blew up. “What an incompetent.. Ugh, where the hell is your manager!? Can’t believe this complete and utter bullshit!”


Midoriya’s face was a deep red, and he felt himself taking a step back despite how frozen he felt. He couldn’t believe that he was going to get yelled at just because something out of his control. He also couldn’t believe how quick she was to explode, what could she possibly need them for so badly?


“I.. I-It’s just me here..” Midoriya mumbled.


“Well find someone else who can actually help me!” She shouted. “I can’t believe that they would hire just anyone! I’ll get you fired for this, you idiotic boy.”


Midoriya was stunned, he didn’t do a single thing but for some reason he thought he might actually get fired, as though she wasn’t lying at all. However, it was at this point that Bakugou returned from the electronics department and noticed the tension between the woman yelling and Midoriya being backed up against a shelf. Thankfully, he was just in time to lend a hand.


“Hey, what’s going on here?” Bakugou asked as he approached the two, his tone was calm but once again it didn’t match the expression on his face.


“I want to see a manager.”


“That’s what I am.” Bakugou replied. “What’s the issue?”


“Your idiotic employee said he can’t help me, he says that you’re all out of the All Might Lego sets and I have a hard time believing that with an entire aisle of those stupid toys that you have none! Seems like a lie to keep himself from doing extra work.” She glared at Midoriya who looked like he might break down at any point. He was glancing at the ground and he was fisting his pants while he tried to ignore what she was saying about him.


“He’s right,” Bakugou replied, clearly uninterested in this woman’s tone. “We had an issue with our supplier, and we don’t have any at the moment. If you want you can go to the service desk and they’ll call you when they get restocked but I really can’t help you as of right now. There’s no good reason to come and yell at our employees for a mistake no one in our facility made.”


The woman seemed a little speechless, definitely red with anger, but she scoffed, pushing past Midoriya and knocking him against the shelf as she walked away. Bakugou glared at the back of her, but didn’t give chase, he knew better than that.


Midoriya bumping into the shelf knocked a few things down and after a beat, Bakugou picked them up, setting them back down before glancing at Midoriya. “Are you gonna cry?” He asked.


“N-No.” Midoriya shook his head, he was obviously lying but he felt embarrassed for being upset just because someone he didn’t know was yelling at him, especially since he’d never see her again. Bakugou knew it too, he had seen Ashido cry and Kouda cry because an angry customer yelled at them, and he had seen it happen with other people too. So he let out a sigh as Midoriya began to sniffle and wipe at his eyes.


“Come on.” Bakugou groaned before he dug his hands inside his pockets and began to walk though the store. Many of the employees and customers stopped and looked when they saw Midoriya, he looked a mess, but Bakugou didn’t give any sign that they were interest in conversing about it and Midoriya thought it was best to keep his head down altogether to avoid the gazes he was receiving.


When they walked through the back doors, Bakugou lead him a little farther until he unlocked a door and opened it up before gesturing Midoriya to go inside. He walked in himself, flipped the sign around that labeled the office as being in use, and shut the door behind him.


There was a large desk in the tiny room, and a computer sat on the that very empty desk. There were four chairs in the room, one pressed against the far wall, two in front of the desk and then the one special chair behind it. In the corner was a tall blue filing cabinet and Midoriya watched as Bakugou settled himself behind the desk before gesturing Midoriya to sit.


“You have an office?” He sniffled.


“It’s a shared office among a few of the managers.” Bakugou answered as he leaned back in the chair. “Tell me what happened.”


“I-I just told her what you told me,” Midoriya said as he began to pull at his shirt despite the fact that he was untucking it from his pants. “And sh-she got really angry really fast, and she st-started yelling and..” Midoriya cut himself off when he felt the tears starting to slip out of his eyes and down his freckled cheeks. He was wiping them away to the best of his ability, and raised his eyes to see Bakugou’s face.


Bakugou looked unamused at best. His eyes were narrowed like he was disinterested, but the reality of the situation was that Midoriya just had no idea how to read any of his emotions.


“Am.. Am I going to get in trouble..?” Midoriya mumbled.


“Tch, trouble? For what?” Bakugou scoffed. “No, you won’t get in trouble, I brought you in here so you could cry without anyone saying anything to you. So get it out of your system. It’s where I bring all employees who start crying, only unfortunate part is that I have to stay here with you. I still feel like this is better than crying out there or in the break room though. That doesn’t mean I wanna sit here for fucking hours and watch you cry though.”


“Mhm.” Midoriya sniffled and began to let his tears flow more down his face but tried to keep his hiccuping to a minimum.


“It’s not your fault, she’s just a bitch,” Bakugou said and Midoriya raised his eyes to meet Bakugou’s. “You meet them sometimes, customers here can be fucking animals.”


It was only now, observing Bakugou’s expression and words, that Midoriya realized that Bakugou wasn’t angry with him, but rather he was angry with the fact that a customer had been so rude to Midoriya. It made the greenette feel a little better about the entirety of the situation, to think that Bakugou actually did have some common decency deep down to not blame Midoriya for this stupid mistake outside of anyone’s control.


They sat there for a few minutes before Bakugou’s radio began asking for him. He sighed as he pulled it away from his side and held it up. “What?”


“We could use your help in outdoors, please?”


“I can’t right now,” Bakugou answered. “I’m doing something important, what’s the issue Kirishima?”


“The canoes all fell and I don’t know where Satou went.” Kirishima answered.


“Go find Testutestu, he should be around.” Bakugou answered and set the radio down.


“Are you sure we shouldn’t ―”


“Stay here until you’re ready,” Bakugou instructed him. “Don’t rush it, I’m not worried about shitty hair not being able to get canoes on a rack by himself. He’ll figure it out one way or another.”


“O..Okay.” Midoriya mumbled.


For the next ten minutes that they were there, Bakugou was called on the radio twice more but didn’t bother to go and help anyone else. Midoriya finally felt ready to leave and Bakugou stood, opened the door for him and locked it on his way out. “Alright,” Bakugou sighed. “Let’s go get some work done. Gotta bad feeling like toys is gonna be a shit show.”


“Hey guys!” Ashido shouted from her position at the bike assembly. “Oh, Midoriya! Is everything okay?” He nodded his head and she smiled at him. “Do you wanna ride this bike out for me? I just gotta bolt the seat and it’ll be done! If you take it, it’ll save me time.”


“O-Okay.” Midoriya nodded.


“Sweet!” Ashido laughed before finishing up on the bike.


“So Ashido,” Bakugou said. “How much longer do you have?”


“Got four more bikes, Bakugou!” Ashido hummed. “After that, I’m gonna head out onto the floor, so you can help Kiri in outdoors at that point. Should only take me forty more minutes. Takes me about ten minutes per these kind of bikes.”


“Only ten minutes to put a bike together?” Midoriya asked, already sounding amazed.


“Well some take longer, depends on the brand and size and how they’re given to us.” Ashido answered. “I like to save the easy ones so I can just crank ‘em out at the end! Oh! I still have to catch my lunch though.”


“When you finish the bikes, come find me before going on lunch.” Bakugou instructed as she slid the bike to Midoriya. “Ride it on out, Midoriya.”


“Okay.” Midoriya replied before sitting on the bike that was oddly a good size for him despite being a girly blue-sparkly thing. He rode it through the store to the rack and realized very early on that he didn’t think he was going to be able to put it up on the second section. While he thought about how he was going to put it up there, Bakugou arrived at the rack and smirked.


“Too short or not strong enough?” He taunted as he took the bike from Midoriya and pushed it up onto the top rack. Midoriya didn’t answer, he didn’t need to, instead Bakugou walked through the aisle and Midoriya was following shortly behind.


“When Ashido shows up, I’m gonna have you take your lunch break with her so that you can have someone familiar while in the break room.” Bakugou said and watched Midoriya nod his head before turning to the shelves and rearranging the products on them. “Will you do the shelves behind me?”


“Sure.” Midoriya nodded and did just that.


He turned for a moment to turn look at Bakugou, notice how his appearance didn’t make him seem like the guy to willing put on those black work pants and the violently red polo, but the black pants made his figure look nice and the red even looked good on him unlike where it made Midoriya look like Christmas vomited on him.


Bakugou noticed Midoriya looking at him and turned to face him, said nothing for a moment and then threw a hand up. “Do you need something?” Bakugou walked over to the shelves that Midoriya was working on and took the thing out of his hand and placed it on the highest shelf. “You’re not that short, you can reach that shelf, just stand on your toes.” Midoriya nodded his head and watched Bakugou walk back but couldn’t help how badly he was blushing.


Ashido took Midoriya on lunch with her, per request, and the two sat across from each other and it was nice since Ashido was nothing but helpful and supportive smiles. “Oh hey! It’s Ashido and.. Oh I don’t know you.” A laugh was heard and the two turned to wave at the others entering the room.


“Sero! Todoroki!” Ashido smiled. “Come sit with us!”


“Okay,” the black haired man answered as he took the seat beside Ashido and the half-white half-red haired one placed himself next to Midoriya without saying a word.


“This is Midoriya, he’s in toys with me!” Ashido hummed happily. “Midoriya, this is Sero, he works in hardware and this is Todoroki, he’s the manager in home and furniture.”


“It’s great to meet you, so toys, huh? How’s that going for you?” Sero asked.


“He was crying earlier,” Ashido said and Midoriya’s eyes widened. “Sorry, your eyes were all red and it was obvious.”


“Did Bakugou make you cry already?” It was the first thing Todoroki said and his voice came gentle and deep.


“N-No..” Midoriya mumbled, he felt dumb for crying at all, but maybe having Bakugou as a manager would induce that. “A lady started yelling at me.”


“Is it because of those stupid Lego sets?” Ashido sighed. “Someone came in yesterday and started yelling at Kouda! I had to chase them off, and then I got yelled at for being disrespectful by Bakugou, but he told me he understood so I wouldn’t get in any trouble this time.”


“Ashido is going to get fired for physically fighting a customer.” Sero chuckled.


“And you know I’m gonna win!”


“If you didn’t then I’d be disappointed.”


As the two laughed back and forth, Todoroki slurped his soba before speaking to Midoriya. “You’ll do well being with Bakugou, don’t worry about what everyone else tells you.”


“H-Huh..?” Midoriya mumbled.


“He’s aggressive and probably a little intimidating, but he’s a good boss.” Todoroki answered. “I used to work in electronics with him. Don’t get on his bad side though, or you’re going to be requesting a department transfer early on. That’s what Mineta did.”


“Yeah but Mineta really pushed Bakugou’s buttons,” Ashido responded, tuning into the end of the conversation. “Foodstuffs is probably where he’s better off, safe from Bakugou knocking some sense into him. I doubt something like that will happen to Midoriya!”


Midoriya smiled to Ashido, he was really appreciative of how nice she was to him. It made him happy to think that at work he had an ally, and in his department was even better. After all, if all people would be as crazy as that other woman, then he would need the moral support Ashido would provide.


“So,” Midoriya turned to Todoroki. “What’s home and furniture like?”


“Makes me wanna sleep,” Todoroki answered. “The beds look comfy, sometimes I sit in the chairs and stuff when there’s not a whole lot of people in the store.” Midoriya smiled a little bit, he thought it would be a sight to see Todoroki sleeping in one of the short display beds laid on the floor.


“And hardware?” Midoriya turned to Sero.


“When Tetsutetsu isn’t messing up the paint mixer, it’s cool.” Sero chuckled. “I swear, the amount of messes I have cleaned up in the past two weeks. That damn new system they got, Tetsutetsu just can’t get a handle on it.”


“When Sero started working in hardware he knocked a bunch of paint cans off the shelf and they exploded all over the place.” Ashido laughed.


“Yeah, completely covered Iida. Boy, he was not happy.”


“Who’s Iida?” Midoriya asked.


“Iida works up front, he basically oversees the cashiers and helps them out, sometimes he helps out in customer service.” Todoroki answered. “You probably won’t see a whole lot of him.”


“He’s nice, intense though.” Ashido hummed.


“So.. Kinda like Bakugou?”


“I wouldn’t use nice to describe Bakugou,” Sero shook his head, laughing to himself.


“He’s a good boss,” Ashido rolled her eyes. “He’s a different kind of nice and intense than Bakugou is. So no, they’re not really similar at all.”


“Hm,” Midoriya hummed. Just another mystery to what kind of person Bakugou actually was since it was so hard to tell what his work style was representing in him morally.


Midoriya headed back to the toy department after his lunch was over and found himself searching for Bakugou when he saw him crouched at the eye level of a small boy. “This one is the best, I can guarantee it.” Bakugou pointed at the toy he was holding. “See? It makes all those cool noises and you’ll be able to show it off to all your friends!”


The small boy started laughing and looked back at it, reaching a small finger through the hole to push a button. “You know, besides this one we do have another one. I don’t know if you’ll find that one more cool, but it’s worth it to see it.”


“Okay mister!” The boy replied and Bakugou moved over, grabbed a toy from the very back of the shelf and held it out. “Whoa! This one is cool too!”


“Yeah and all of the noises are different, listen,” Bakugou replied and managed to get his finger through the hole to poke the red button on the other side. A different noise came out of it and the boy looked between the two of them. “It’s a tough choice, but I know that you can make it!”


“What do you think?” The child asked Bakugou who pursed his lips together in thought. “Which one is your favorite?”


“I like the one with the green, personally,” Bakugou answered. “They both can kick some serious bad-guy butt, though.” The child gasped at Bakugou’s usage of ‘butt’ and Midoriya was surprised that Bakugou could go without swearing for so long.


“I’ll get the green one then since that one is your favorite!” The child smiled. “Here, I’ll put this one back for you.”


“Oh thank you so much.” Bakugou smiled. “That just made my job so much easier.” Despite the fact that the child put it in the wrong spot, Bakugou didn’t point it out or even move to fix it.


“Thank you for your help!” The boy giggled as he held the toy close to his chest.


“Sure thing,” Bakugou hummed as he ruffled the kids hair and stood up, he met eyes with the parents who thanked him and he thanked them in return before bidding them farewell and noticed Midoriya was standing there, watching with a small smile across his face.


“The fuck are you looking at?” Bakugou growled and immediately resumed a very scary looking face that made the smile fade from Midoriya’s face and become a little more apprehensive.


“Y-You just seemed.. Really nice with that boy..” Midoriya mumbled and Bakugou scoffed before turning his blushing face away.


“Well come on, if you’re back we have some work to do.” Bakugou grumbled as he moved the toy back into the correct spot, practically slamming it down. “I have to go help shitty hair with something in outdoors, but Ashido and Kouda are both around so you shouldn’t need my help. I’m gonna need to take the shit I gave you earlier though.”


“Oh.. Sure.” Midoriya nodded.


“Do you work tomorrow?” Bakugou asked and Midoriya nodded. “Alright, I’ll set you up with your own shit when you come in. Make sure you find me somewhere in this damn building.”


Bakugou pushed past Midoriya without another word and it made Midoriya shake his head, confused at how fast Bakugou was able to switch from sweet to hostile and wondered which side of him was who he actually was. Everyone made him out to be such a bad guy, but at the same time, always mentioned how good he was as well.


It was confusing to say the least.


Ashido said hi to Midoriya whenever she passed him, asked him if he needed anything and Bakugou didn’t return for two hours. At that point, his pants were covered in dirt and he looked a little exhausted but he just went back to maintaining the shelves and restocking items as he went along barely giving Midoriya even a glance.


Midoriya would turn to see Bakugou every now and again, but just tried to go with it and do his own thing. Sometimes a customer or Ashido would interrupt Bakugou for a video game out of the locked case, and he would return a few minutes later. Sometimes people asked Midoriya where things were and even if they weren’t in the same space, Bakugou would drop in like he had some otherworldly senses that Midoriya was floundering but always gave him a few seconds to see if he knew on his own.


Eventually though, it was five, which mean that Midoriya could head home. He didn’t know how to go about it though, how to walk up to Bakugou and ask if he was allowed to leave but he figured he would, or rather, he needed to. “Hey Bakugou?”


“Hm?” Bakugou said without even turning to look at him.

“It’s five, can I leave?” Midoriya asked. Bakugou glanced at the smartwatch on his wrist.


“Yeah sure,” Bakugou answered. “See you tomorrow if you’ve decided you don’t want to quit by then.”


“Yeah, have a good night,” Midoriya smiled politely and Bakugou literally grunted in response before Midoriya left and clocked out. He really didn’t feel like driving home at this point, but he pushed out into the parking lot and felt relieved when he reached his car.


“Hey Midoriya!” The sound of the voice made Bakugou turn his head and recognize Uraraka from earlier that day. She was smiling to him from a few cars over and she walked over to where he was standing.


“So,” she began with a smile. “How was your first day?”


“It was alright.” Midoriya shrugged. “I guess it could have gone better, but it also could’ve been worse because I could always get fired so.”


“Well.. that’s one way to look at it.” Uraraka laughed nervously and rubbed the back of her head. “Going home finally?” He nodded. “Cool! I’ll hopefully see you some more! Good luck!”


“Thanks,” Midoriya smiled weakly before Uraraka returned to her own car and Midoriya let out a sigh as he opened his car door and slid inside. Taking a deep breath as he started it and leaning his head back against the headrest. He felt so tired, so beyond exhausted, but he was thankful that his mom would probably have dinner ready for him when he got back, and then he could fall asleep and do everything over again tomorrow.


Despite being twenty-one, Midoriya lived at home with his mother when he wasn’t in school. It was a little less than glamorous in his opinion but also not really an option. It also meant that they got to enjoy one another’s company for the summer months and Midoriya got to enjoy all of her cooking.


He knew that his mother had a lineup of questions waiting for him when he got home, so he tried to prepare himself for them. That way, when exhaustion hit him he wouldn’t just groggily pass out.


Walking inside, he could smell his mother’s cooking before he was even through the door frame and smiled at her as she popped into the front room. “Hello honey!” She greeted with way too much energy that Midoriya couldn’t even help to mirror. “How are you? How was your first day? Do you like it? Did you make any friends? Is your boss nice? How is ㅡ”


“Mom, mom,” Midoriya cut her off with a laugh that filled the room. “One question at a time, I can’t answer all of those at once.”


“You’re right, I just got excited,” Inko smiled. “Come on, dinner is ready.” Midoriya followed his mother to the table where dinner was sitting with steam rising off of it. He sat down and prepared himself again for every question, only this time he would get the chance to answer them.


“So,” Inko began. “How was your day?”


“It was good,” Midoriya said. “It was a little hectic actually doing work today, but it was still good. I think I’ll feel better about it once I actually fully understand what I’m doing.”


“Mhm,” Inko hummed. “And your coworkers? Your boss?”


“The people who work there are really nice!” Midoriya smiled. “Everyone I’ve met so far has been nothing but helpful, which is nice. My manager is a little intense, but he’s.. nice too.” The last part was a stretch. Sure, Bakugou could be considered nice for what he did for Midoriya today, but he swore so much and was so aggressive about everything that it was kind of up in the air at this point.


“That’s good!” Inko replied. “It’s not too bad though, right? The work, I mean, I would hate to you to feel like you did last summer working at that restaurant.”


“Nothing can be worse than that was,” Midoriya shook his head. “That was, kinda awful.”


“Kind of? It was definitely a hundred percent awful,” Inko sighed and Midoriya shrugged in response, he really didn’t want his mother to worry about something if he could avoid that reality. So, he pushed the conversation forward.


“How was your day, mom?” Midoriya asked and watched as his mother thought before talking about the different things she did. He didn’t really focus too much on listening, he caught the major points but nothing more. He credited it to the fact that he was completely exhausted, but when he had finished eating, he wasn’t at all hesitant about dismissing himself to his room.


Throwing himself back down on his childhood bed, he glanced around the room. When at school, his dorm never looked like this, it was a little embarrassing for him to come back and see it this way. It looked like someone had vomited action figures and posters into the room, and despite the fact that it was a little embarrassing, he could never bring himself to take any of it down. It was, in a way, very calming to see how his life had changed.


Glancing at his phone, his eyes widened at the amount of notifications he had, but more importantly, all the friend requests he had. He opened them up and smiled at all the names that appeared.


Uraraka Ochako


Ashido Mina


Kirishima Eijirou


Kouda Kouji


Midoriya didn’t hesitate to accept each one of them, and it did make him smile quite a bit to know that he did have some friends forming at work. After all, he didn’t really make a whole lot when he was in school apart from his roommate. He spent so much time studying and doing other things, that the only person he hung out with was Shinsou, his roommate who never seemed to sleep. Which was fine by Midoriya, he was never annoying or anything and the two of them got along fairly well. In fact, Midoriya didn’t know it until they met their first year, but they lived in the same town. Which was even more of the reason to be his friend in the first place, wouldn’t he laugh at what Midoriya went through today though.

Chapter Text

Midoriya arrived at work the next morning, feeling tired and not at all willing to start the day. That stupid polo he had to wear was pushed into his black pants (he could’ve gone with the khaki colored, but only a few did and he was not one of them) and he hated the feeling of it. The store was relatively empty, it was a Wednesday morning which didn’t mean a whole lot of people were out and about, which also meant that no one was there to bother him as he headed to the back to clock in.


When he did, it only took seconds for Bakugou to find him. “Morning,” he said as Midoriya jumped at his sudden appearance. “Ready to work? Clocked in?”


“Y-Yeah..” Midoriya nodded before following Bakugou around through the back and gestured to a cart already filled with boxes. “I thought we started by taking the stuff that wasn’t ㅡ”


“Already done it,” Bakugou cut him off. “This is my second cart too, so you better catch up. Before we go though, these are for you.” Bakugou handed Midoriya a transceiver, a rectangular device that Bakugou referred to as “magical” yesterday, and a box cutter. Each of the three devices labeled with a white ‘480.’ Midoriya glanced over them, and then back to Bakugou. “Batteries for all of these are in the back in case yours dies, you get to hold onto those though, they’re assigned to you. So don’t let any of the other idiots walk off with them, got it?” Midoriya nodded his head. “Good, let’s get this show started. Do you wanna attempt to push the cart again?”


It was definitely meant to be a mock, Bakugou’s expression said it all. But determined to show him wrong, Midoriya grabbed hold of it and pushed, this time not hitting anything and managing to make it out the door. “Well, I’m impressed half-pint, you managed to not knock any shit over.”


“Why do you keep calling me half pint?” Midoriya asked. “I’m not that much shorter than you are.”


“Yeah but you’re tiny regardless,” Bakugou shrugged. “I give everyone nicknames.”


“What’s Kouda’s?”










“Shitty hair.”


“That one seems mean,” Midoriya replied.


“They’re not at all meant to be nice,” Bakugou chuckled.


“So everyone has one?” Midoriya asked. “And you decided to make me half-pint? How unoriginal..”


“Would you like a different one?” Bakugou asked.


“Depends on what it is.”


Bakugou smirked, he had thought of a different one, but didn’t know how Midoriya would react to being called it. So he had held it off considering it was his first day with Bakugou but now, it being day two (which apparently meant all the difference) he was reconsidering it. “Has anyone ever called you Deku before?”


Midoriya’s eyes widened up. No, no one had ever called him Deku before but he was sure that Bakugou was saying it now as an insult. He turned to him, “No, why? What are you trying to say?”


“Take it as you will, Deku .” Bakugou chuckled as Midoriya halted the cart to a stop before Bakugou began to slide a box off of the top. Midoriya was hesitant, still watching as Bakugou began to unload the boxes and scanned them before opening them up and putting them on shelves. He did a couple before he raised his eyes to Midoriya and spoke up. “Are you gonna work or just watch me work?”


“I-I’ll work..” Midoriya mumbled as he grabbed onto one of the smaller boxes and walked around Bakugou to the back of the aisle. The blonde watched him carefully, noticed how a bit of his demeanor changed, and then when he walked back with the empty box he let out a sigh.


“Are you that upset?”




“You’re a fucking liar,” Bakugou grumbled.


“Well I don’t feel like sharing my emotions with a big grumpy guy!” Midoriya huffed before his face reddened at what he just did, no matter what happened, Bakugou was still his boss and he had to treat him that way. “I-I’m sorry Bakugou, I shouldn’t have said that.”


“No it’s alright,” Bakugou shrugged, turning away so that Midoriya couldn’t see his face. “Look, if it’s that much of a big deal, figure out something you want to call me and you can do it, alright? But don’t get your fucking panties all bunched up because of a word, idiot.”


Midoriya looked him up and down, Bakugou sure did have an interesting way of trying to console people. “Your given name is Katsuki, right?”




“Okay,” Midoriya smiled as pulled a box off of the very top of the cart. “ Kacchan .”


The box dropped from Bakugou’s hands as he stumbled around to face Midoriya, his eyes wide before narrowing. “Tch, you get to call me anything, and you’re gonna call me Kacchan?”


“Is there a problem with it, Kacchan ?”


And yeah, Bakugou did have a problem with. The way it ran off of Midoriya’s tongue so innocent, even though Bakugou knew what he was trying to go for. Mock him, mock him by giving him a nickname that could only belong to a child. Even though Bakugou wouldn’t exactly falter by it in private, Midoriya saying it in front of any other person would definitely make them laugh at Bakugou and he hated more than anything being mocked.


He didn’t want Midoriya to get that idea though. “No, there’s not a fucking problem. Such a dumb name.”


“Then you should be grateful,  Kacchan.”


“Will you stop fucking calling me that?”


“Will you stop calling me Deku?”


“No.” Bakugou spat out.


“Then no,” Midoriya smiled and Bakugou watched as he waltzed over, picked up the box that Bakugou had dropped on the ground and walked over to its proper spot. He couldn’t believe the change in Midoriya in a day. Yesterday he was all nerves, how could that dumb nerd be so confident now?


Bakugou would knock him down from that pedestal though, one way or another.


“Well then, it looks like you don’t need my help anymore Deku,” Bakugou said and watched as Midoriya turned to him with wide eyes. “So, I got other shit I can work on. Oh, Kouda isn’t here today also, and Ashido won’t be here until ten. So you have a little under two hours to kill by yourself until Ashido is even here, chances are she’ll be in the back though.”


“Wait where are you going?” Midoriya immediately panicked.


“Dunno,” Bakugou shrugged. “I think Satou needs some help in outdoors, so I’m gonna hang around there. If you need anything though, well.. I can’t help you because I’ll be busy.”


“Y-You’re just.. You’re just gonna leave me here!?” Midoriya panicked as he rushed back over to where Bakugou was standing with his hands deep in his pockets. He hoped that deep engraved and evil looking smirk on Bakugou’s face was there due to the fact that he was joking. Yet, at the same time he figured that could very well be fair.


“You seem like you know what you’re doing, or do you still need my help?” Bakugou chuckled as he leaned against the shelf.


“I..” Midoriya trailed off, he was bright red at this point. He felt so stupid, he was so worried about being here again by himself. After all, last time some woman came and started screaming at him and he was only lucky that Bakugou had shown up. Although the chance that the same thing would happen today was slim, it didn’t mean that the reality of it didn’t frighten Midoriya. It didn’t mean that his eyes weren’t filling with tears just at the thought of it.


Bakugou noticed too, his eyes widening up. “Hey! Don’t cry about it! What are you crying about, Deku!?”


“N-Nothing!” Midoriya shook his head and started wiping at his eyes. “I’m-I’m not crying!”


“Do I need to take you out back again?” Bakugou sighed. “Stop fucking crying, do you seriously think I’m that big of a prick?”


“No..” Midoriya choked out, he started hiccuping and Bakugou let out a sigh.


“Come on,”


“No, no!” Midoriya took a step back. “I’m fine!”


“Prove it, and stop crying and start working.” Bakugou huffed before pushing a box to Midoriya’s chest. He took it and began to walk off with it, setting it on the shelf as he glanced down at it through eyes blurred with tears.


Midoriya pulled out his box cutter, sliding it off each end and then across the top when he felt a sharp sting course through his index finger. He sucked in a breath and pulled his hand back and at first it looked like it was fine. Then very suddenly, it was bleeding . “K-Kacchan..” Midoriya mumbled as he watched the blood begin to drip down his own finger.


“What now?” Bakugou sighed as he pulled his own box off the cart, when there was no answer, he spoke again. “What, Deku?” When he did realize it, he muttered a cuss before putting the box down and jogging over to him. He didn’t waste any time grabbing hold of Midoriya’s wrist and carefully glancing at the cut. “Come on before you start dripping,” Bakugou sighed.


Midoriya followed Bakugou, and yeah, cried a little. When other people saw the both of them hustling through the store, some of the employees wanted to stop him, but couldn’t bring themselves to do it or didn’t notice until too late.


Bakugou pulled out the first aid kid from the back and immediately sat Midoriya down on the floor before he pulled out some supplies and began to clean up the cut on Midoriya’s finger. “It doesn’t look like its deep enough to need stitches.” Bakugou said. “Does it hurt?”




“Good,” Bakugou answered and before Midoriya could carry on about how that might be mean, he spoke again. “That means you’re not in shock from it happening, and that means the nerves aren’t cut. Means you’re still functioning.”


Midoriya watched patiently as Bakugou wrapped it up and let out a sigh as he sat back on his feet. “It’s only day two, Deku.”


“I-I didn’t mean to.”


“Well I would fucking hope not.” Bakugou groaned. “I have to fill out a fucking accident report now.”


“I’m sorry Baku —”


“Kacchan,” he corrected him and Midoriya’s eyes widened up. “I’m gonna keep calling your shitty ass Deku, so you might as well keep up your end of the agreement. And don’t fucking apologize just be more careful.”


“R-Right.” Midoriya nodded and noticed Takara running from her office.


“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!” She shouted. “I heard on the radio that you two went speeding by! Are you alright Midoriya?”


“He’s fine, Takara,” Bakugou spoke to the woman. “We have to fill out that form now, he just cut his finger on the box cutter.”


“Okay, I’ll grab you a form. Do you need anything Midoriya? A snack? Juice?”


“Why would I —”


“He didn’t just donate a pint of blood, Takara,” Bakugou sighed. “He’s fine, he didn’t lose that much blood. It’s really only a cut.”


“Okay..” Takara mumbled. “Go easy on him though, Bakugou, we don’t want him fainting.”


“He won’t — ah, okay.” Bakugou grumbled in defeat as he climbed up off the floor. “Get up, Deku, you have to sign the form.”


Midoriya nodded as he climbed up — with Takara’s unnecessary assistance — and began to follow Bakugou back into the office he cried in yesterday. They say there for only a moment before Takara returned with a form for them to fill out and a bottle of apple juice for Midoriya.


He sipped on it despite the glare he got from Bakugou when he received it, and waited while the blonde filled out the form. Bakugou tapped his foot gently against the floor, but since it was the only sound in the room it seemed almost deafening.


“Are you pregnant?” Bakugou asked.


“Wha — no!” Midoriya shook his head.


“It’s a question on the form, just thought I’d ask because you know, sometimes you cry like a girl.”


Ah, and Bakugou — despite being kind enough to help Midoriya earlier — was right back to be a complete and total jerk. Midoriya narrowed his brows at Bakugou, he wished he could just figure out how the blonde operates and that way he could figure out the best way to direct Bakugou in the direction of being kind all the time. That didn’t seem like it would happen though.


“Sign here, date it. Initial here, date that. And print, sign and date there.” Bakugou pointed at the form before leaning back in his seat. He watched Midoriya scoot closer to the desk, watched how the curls fell over his face as he did what Bakugou instructed.


“Here,” Midoriya pushed it back. “Is that everything.”


“Mm, almost,” Bakugou leaned across the desk and took the form before sliding it into the filing cabinet behind him. Midoriya waited for Bakugou to have something to say to him, but nothing came initially. Instead, it was just a look, the same look Bakugou gave when they first met. The one where it seemed like Bakugou was sizing Midoriya up and down to see what he was really about. He did, however move and flick Midoriya's forehead.


“Could you please stop with the bullshit?”




“This happened because you were trying to do your work and crying, which I called you out on and you lied about,” Bakugou said as he glared at Midoriya who was sinking lower into his seat. “Next time, instead of being big and overly prideful, just admit the truth. Got it?”


“Y-Yes sir..”


“Don’t call me sir, I’m sure I’m not that much older than you are,” Bakugou scoffed as he pushed back from the desk. “Now let’s go Deku, got shit to do and we’re gonna have to spend the morning catching up.”


“Alright,” Midoriya nodded and stood to follow Bakugou out of the office. Just when they were at the door, Bakugou turned and faced him.


“I can’t keep getting you out of your own shitty disasters. You’re smart, so stop the bullshit.” Bakugou grunted before turning without letting Midoriya say a single word.


They were mostly silent as they worked, Midoriya would ask a question every now and again, but they didn’t say much else. Sometimes Midoriya would glance Bakugou’s way, notice how his expression was softened, noticed how that harsh glare wasn’t so prevalent when he was simply focused on his work. Why did he feel the need to glare so much otherwise? What was he getting from glaring at everyone?


“Go take your lunch break,” Bakugou ordered, breaking the silence. “See you in an hour.”


“You’re not gonna take one too?” Midoriya asked.


“Just go, don’t worry about what I’m doing.” Bakugou snarled at him and Midoriya didn’t even need to see his face to know that he was glaring at what was in front of him.


Midoriya nodded and returned to the break room, sitting down and glancing at what his mom had packed him for lunch. Even though he was a full fledged adult, his mother got some kind of joy from preparing his food, so he let her do it. It was just him in there at first, and after maybe ten minutes, in walked a single individual. “Oh, you’re new, aren’t you?”


Midoriya turned his head up and nodded to the shorter standing in front of him. His gaze seemed cold and reserved, but his words offered something else. “Well it’s nice to meet you, I’m Tokoyami,” the ravenette spoke as he sat down across from Midoriya as he observed the man carefully. Everything about him screamed teenage angst with a hit of goth, and yet despite all of that, he had such an elegant and mature way of carrying himself that almost made him seem like he was the boss. It was confusing to no ends.


“I’m Midoriya, it’s nice to meet you too,” the boy smiled at him and the smile that was returned was just a hint, but it was relieving nonetheless. “Where do you work, Tokoyami?”


“In infants,”


Midoriya was surprised by the answer but tried not to show it. After all, someone as dark appearing as this worked in a department filled with.. babies? Not to mention, everything in that department was some sort of pastel color, it definitely contrasted everything about Tokoyami. “That’s cool.”


“And you work with Bakugou, right? In toys?”


“Yeah, how’d you know,”


“Word travels fast, especially when it’s about Bakugou,” Tokoyami chuckled. “Hagakure-san just can’t seem to keep her mouth shut. She’s nice, though. Also, I saw the two of your running through the store this morning. You hurt your hand?”


“I cut my finger on a box cutter,” Midoriya held up his bandage finger for Tokoyami to glance at before he met Midoriya’s gaze once more. “It isn’t bad or anything, I guess it just spooked me when it happened.”


“Hm, interesting.” Tokoyami hummed. “This isn’t the first time Bakugou has cleaned up a wound, I’m sure of it. It looks like he’s done a really good job of it.”


“He’s pretty helpful, well sometimes I guess he is. Sometimes he’s a jerk, and I’m starting to think he’s bipolar.” Midoriya sighed. “Or is he just hazing me? Seeing if I’m cut out for it?”


“I think it’s a combination of both,” Tokoyami admitted. “Bakugou is a good employee, coworker and an even better boss. So that makes him reliable. I think that he is trying to get you to avoid trying to be friends with him, is all it is. After all, it isn’t like he wants another Kirishima situation.”


“What happened?”


“Bakugou got dragged to the bars by Kirishima.” Tokoyami chuckled. “We go out every other Friday when the store closes as a group and go to a bar downtown, you should come next time we go.”


“Oh.. I’m not a big drinker,” Midoriya laughed nervously.


“Not all of us are,” Tokoyami shrugged. “I probably have a little bit of sake, but that’s it. I know Todoroki refuses to have more than two drinks, and I know Uraraka and Iida don’t drink at all.”


Midoriya nodded, he liked talking to Tokoyami, he didn’t lie about anything or try and sugar coat it. He was telling Midoriya things very directly, which was nice, but the way he said things were so eloquent and calming and Midoriya could hope to see Tokoyami as an ally in the future.


When Midoriya returned to work, he noticed that Bakugou was gone and thought to just start working on his own, and then noticed an older man on one of the riding carts pulling through the toy aisle. Midoriya thought to ask him if he needed anything, and thought that this could be his first opportunity to do a great job as an employee. “Hello sir,” Midoriya smiled. “Is there anything I can do to help you?”


“Do you know where Bakugou is?” He asked and Midoriya froze up a little. “He’s here today, right?”


“Oh, yeah,” Midoriya nodded. “Let me radio him, and I’ll see where he is.” Midoriya was a little disappointed that he was sidecasted by a stranger, but tried to push back that feeling as he turned on his radio. “Hey, Bakugou, there’s a man in the toy department who wants to speak to you.”


It was a short second before a response came out. “Who’d you piss off today, Deku?”


“N-No one!” Midoriya huffed, knowing full well that everyone else with a radio could hear them. “Just come here, where are you?”


“I’m coming, I’m coming,” Bakugou sighed.


Midoriya carefully reattached the radio to his hip as he waited for Bakugou to show up. It was only a few minutes when Bakugou rounded the corner. “Alright Deku, what did you do — oh, Matsumura-san, I wasn’t expecting you today. You usually come on Friday’s.”


“Toki has a treatment tomorrow, not Saturday like she normally does.” The man spoke to Bakugou as he squeezed through the cart and Midoriya.


“Mm, is that a good thing or a bad thing?”


“Could go either way at this point.”


“Well, good thing I got that shipment ordered for today then,” Bakugou said as he walked down the aisle, looking up and down until the item caught his eyes. “Ah! Here, I think Toki will like this one.”


It was a doll with electric blue hair and eyes that were painted to look like waves washing over the irises. “Figured she likes the beach so much that this was a good choice,” Bakugou smiled at the man.


“Of course, of course!” The man laughed. “What do you have for puzzles?”


“Mm, we got some new animal ones a few days ago,” Bakugou pouted his bottom lip out as he thought. “I know there are the holographic ones, but those are oddly hard to put together. Like the pieces just don’t fit right. Here, I’ll show you.”


“Excellent,” Matsumura followed Bakugou down to the next aisle and Midoriya did too, he didn’t know why, but for some reason, his curiosity locked him up to follow the both of them. “So where is Ashido today?”


“She’s out back, putting bikes together,” Bakugou informed him. “Koudo has the day off, this is our newest employee.” He raised a hand to show Midoriya who was standing behind him, the man turned to the best of his ability before gesturing Midoriya to step forward. He did, but he was obviously standing very nervously.


“Midoriya,” he read the name tag pinned to Midoriya’s red shirt. “Nice to meet you, boy.”


“You as well sir,” Midoriya bowed his head before taking a step back to watch Bakugou talk to him. They mentioned this ‘Toki’ several times over before Bakugou bid him to have a good day and let out a sigh as he watched him head off.


Bakugou stood facing the opposite direction of Midoriya for a moment too long; muttered ‘poor girl’ before turning his head back to Midoriya. “What have you gotten done so far?”


“Not much, I just got back,” Midoriya answered.


“Mm,” Bakugou pursed his lips together. “I have things to do but I guess they can wait until later. I don’t want to leave you out here without Ashido or anyone else.” Midoriya nodded as he watched Bakugou pull out a bundle of keys from his pocket and selected one before showing it to Midoriya. “Video games need to be stocked, this opens the case. Never walk away without locking it, got it?”


“Yeah,” Midoriya took the keys from Bakugou.  


“Don’t lose those, please,” Bakugou said. “I’m gonna keep stocking over there. The games are already on the cart over there, I stacked them up earlier. Go wild, Deku.”


“Sure,” Midoriya answered as he turned and walked towards the case, he stopped though, paused to turn back to face Bakugou. “Who is Toki?”


Bakugou visibly tensed up, but he quickly released it just as Midoriya noticed it. “A sick little girl,”


“That’s too bad,” Midoriya frowned. “Sick with what?”


“Something that’s gonna kill her,” Bakugou said. “Leave it at that Midoriya,” the lack of nickname gave Midoriya pause, but he nodded and continued off on his original task. He tried to keep the thoughts circling his head out, he wondered if that was part of the reason that Bakugou was so bitter, wondered if he was close with this little girl, wondered all kinds of things.


He needed to shut up his mind though, shut it up before he started mumbling and digging himself a bigger hole than was worth it.


His hands lingered a second too long on the shelf, his eyes scanned over the same item over and over as though his mind had been numbed and he was simply using a motion that he knew. Midoriya’s fingers managed to find the first game as he slid it into the slot. Taking a deep breath, he made his moves for the next one.


Bakugou was distant the rest of the day, he didn’t seem angry, sad or happy, he simply seemed to exist. Midoriya didn’t push, he figured he wasn’t in any position to say anything. That he wasn’t at all close enough to Bakugou to suggest him to be open about his thoughts.


Five o’clock rolled around, Midoriya walked up to Bakugou who was pushing something into the top shelf. “Bakugou, it’s five, can I go home?”


“Sure, Midoriya,” Bakugou responded without even glancing his way. Midoriya frowned at the loss of a nickname, but figured it was only appropriate because he didn’t use one himself.


“Are you gonna stay?”


“Got more shit work to do,” Bakugou answered without missing a beat. “Go on, go clock out. Don’t let me keep you.”


Midoriya was a little hesitant, but he managed to move away despite this. He found himself walking out to his car for the second time and let out a yawn. He was relieved to leave, after all, he was tired and ready to flop into bed. But he was a little interested in why Bakugou was leaving later than him when he got there earlier.


Of course, Midoriya’s mother frantically checked his injured finger but he managed to escape eventually and he sighed. Knowing he would have to wake up tomorrow morning and do the same damn routine all over again.

Chapter Text

Midoriya spent the remainder of the week working alongside Bakugou. He cussed just as much, but stayed a little distant, a little more quiet than Midoriya was anticipating. Every day, Midoriya asked if Bakugou would like to have lunch with him, to which Bakugou always declined. It lead Midoriya through the next two days of work, and then to Saturday in a cafe sitting across from Shinsou who had already downed half a cup of a large coffee by the time Midoriya had already gotten his.


“Well,” Shinsou began, a smug grin creeping onto his face. “Tell me about the job, Izuku, you’ve mentioned it to me by some texts but clearly you’ve been too busy to stay awake past nine.”


Midoriya laughed, whenever he went to bed early he got fake-mocked by Shinsou, it was customary, and it was more than alright. “Well,” Midoriya began. “It’s pretty good so far, the people are nice but my manager is a little.. odd? He cusses a lot and for the most part seemed to be pretty hostile. The first two days he was aggressive but the last two he’s been.. quieter? Still just as sassy and whatever, but he seems calmer but not in a good way? Kind of like a ‘I’m thinking hard’ calm.”


“Hm,” Shinsou hummed. “Maybe he is thinking? What’d you say his name was?”


“Bakugou Katsuki,” when Midoriya said this, it was enough to have Shinsou nearly spitting coffee as he choked on his own surprisal. “What?”


“Dude! You don’t remember Bakugou Katsuki?” Shinsou asked and Midoriya could only shake his head. “Figures you don’t, he was in the year below us. He’s hella smart though, so he took some of the higher level classes. You also didn’t know I existed though, so I can’t say you paid any attention to anyone.”


“I’m sorry,” Midoriya laughed. “I didn’t hang out with anyone really, I just studied a lot.”


“That sounds like what you do now.”


“Hitoshi!” Midoriya huffed. When he first started calling Shinsou by his given name, it was a little awkward despite how Shinsou really didn’t seem to have a hard time with it. He managed though, Shinsou said they basically spent every waking moment together that wasn’t class so it made a lot of sense.


“Well I guess now you work,” Shinsou chuckled at Midoriya. “But anyways, Bakugou Katsuki is a bonafide asshole.”


“Why do you say that?”


“I don’t know, I just know he’s always been a little shithead,” Shinsou shrugged. “He always hung around that group of delinquents. Which is really a shame, had he not, he might’ve done something with his life instead of the mess he’s in now.”


“I wouldn’t call a retail job a mess,” Midoriya muttered as his thumb rubbed the coffee cup. “He’s really a good guy,”


“I don’t doubt it. But it doesn’t matter if you’re a good guy if you can’t act like one just because you think you have the reason to be an asshole.” Shinsou scoffed and Midoriya’s eyes widened with his words. Sure, Bakugou could be aggressive, but he had still done nice things for Midoriya on a daily basis that made it so Midoriya would never refer to Bakugou as an ‘asshole.’ He couldn’t bring it to himself to argue with Shinsou though, so he kept going on.


“There’s other people I work with who are really nice.” Midoriya said. “One of the girl’s in my department, Ashido, she’s really helpful. Not to mention she’s always super positive and it helps.”


Shinsou smiled, always so fond of the stories that Midoriya would tell. “Anyone else?”


“Oh! Kirishima works in outdoors, he’s the same way as Ashido. Uraraka works in health and beauty and she’s nice too. I think everyone is pretty nice, Todoroki’s kindness is a little bit different though. He’s quiet, calm and he seems like he’s going to say something mean but actually nothing ever goes that way.”


“Todoroki?” Shinsou asked and Midoriya nodded his head. “Do you know his given name?”


“Oh, no, I don’t. Why?”


“There’s a lot of Todoroki’s.” Shinsou shrugged. “Didn’t know if I would know who he was or not.”


Midoriya watched Shinsou think, he really thought it was very interesting because there were only a few small ticks that separated it from his normal expression. “So,” Shinsou raised his eyes back to Midoriya, and pushing past the topic altogether. “It’s a better job then, right? I really don’t want what happened last summer to happen again.”


“I know,” Midoriya smiled sadly down into his cup. “It’s going really well, I don’t think it’s going to be a problem.”


“If something like that happens please say something next time, alright?” Shinsou sighed. “You nearly killed your mother and I when we had to find out the hard way.”


“I’m sorry,” Midoriya said, his eyes starting to well up with tears and he sniffled quietly.


“Don’t go crying about it, and don’t apologize for something that wasn’t your fault,” Shinsou rolled his eyes. “I’m just saying, as your dearest confident, you can tell me whatever and I won’t be an asshole about it. Also, you can tell your mother things too, she cares, Izuku.”


“I know,” Midoriya nodded. “I’m sorry, Hitoshi.”


“Agh, why do I gotta worry about you?”


“You don’t have to, no one said you did.” Midoriya frowned.


“I don’t mean it like I’m being forced or anything,” Shinsou shook his head. “I mean it like I care about you so I worry about bad things happening to you. That’s all, don’t take it like it’s a bad thing, it’s not. Don’t get in your head, dummy.”


“Sorry,” Midoriya smiled a little as he wiped his eyes with the back of his hand. “You know how hard things like that for me are.”


“Are you kidding? Of course I do. You accidentally spilled your drink on some girl, and after that, you spent the next week apologizing to her and even tried to give her money for dry cleaning.” Shinsou chuckled and Midoriya whined as his head fell down.


“I felt so bad,”


“I’m aware,” Shinsou continued on. “You were late to Aizawa’s class once and suddenly you felt the need to bring him an apology cake. He looked so damn mortified by it. He thought you were trying to poison him!”


“I interrupted his class with my tardiness!” Midoriya shouted and watched as Shinsou laughed at him. “Stop making fun of me.”


“Man, it sucks that we only have one more year left,” Shinsou smiled as he took a sip of his coffee. “You better believe I’m gonna bother you all the time once we graduate.”


“You’re my only friend, you better!”


This made Shinsou laugh again, it wasn’t a joke, but something about Midoriya was always so uplifting to him and it was probably the reason he managed to survive in school this long. Since when he got sick, Midoriya was right there with medicine and food. When he was sad, Midoriya knew all the ways to cheer him up. When he was having a hard time in a class, Midoriya always had all the answers. In fact, Shinsou was sure that Midoriya was a lot more useful to him than he was to his green-haired friend.


“Well,” Shinsou continued on. “I’m glad we’ve finally been able to hang out and you could tell me about how your job is going. That way when your mother texts me and asks about it, I can tell her.”


“You text my mom!?”


“Yeah, we have tea together every Wednesday.”


“Since when?”


“Since.. I don’t know, a long time?” Shinsou laughed. “We gossip about you, you know. I’ve seen the baby photos.”


“Ugh,” Midoriya groaned as he ran a hand down his face. “Hitoshi, you know you’re gonna die from that coffee intake, right?”


“This is my third one today,”


“Stop drinking so much coffee! This is why you never sleep.”


“I’ve obtained the caffeine addiction of caffeine addictions.” Shinsou chuckled. “Could be worse, I could be an alcoholic. Maybe a smoker.”


“I guess,” Midoriya sighed. “How much teeth whitener do you go through?”


“Enough,” Shinsou shrugged. “Gotta keep up, black coffee does something to you.”


“So gross..” Midoriya frowned as he looked at the smug grin Shinsou got as he raised the cup up.


Midoriya and Shinsou spent the remainder of the day together, and returning back home allowed for Midoriya to use tomorrow to recharge before heading back to work on Monday. His mother greeted him as always, and they held the same conversation they normally did upon Midoriya’s return.


Midoriya was, however, very curious about what Shinsou said. He never knew that Bakugou went to the same school as him — and fair point, he probably wouldn’t have notice for how secluded he always was — and pulled out his yearbook which was covered in a thin layer of dust. Bakugou wouldn’t be in most of it if he wasn’t in the same year, but he was hoping he’d be in one of the pictures at least.


He flipped through page, after page, analyzing each picture very carefully. Then he paused. He noticed in one of the pictures there was the familiar looking blonde who was surrounded by three familiar guys and one familiar girl. Each of them wearing their uniforms in a sloppy manner, having messy hair and looking overall like they didn’t want to be caught in the camera’s flash.


They weren’t the focus of the photo, so nothing on the sides said anything about their names or anything like that. Midoriya squinted at it though, and it did seem like that could be Bakugou. He continued on, hoping to find a better picture, and when he did, he realized something very important.


The ‘delinquents’ Shinsou mentioned were all in their own grade. Midoriya knew that because they liked to mock him, except for the blonde girl who had.. other methods to bother him, but he never saw Bakugou with them. Always as though he just so happened to duck out in time. Which that meant that all the people Bakugou considered ‘friends’ were the older kids who would be seen smoking outside of the school, throwing empty beer bottles at buildings and cars, and were known for ruining other people’s bags, notebooks, and positivity.


But.. then there was Bakugou, who was younger than the four of them, and always seemed to be a little displaced among the group. Like Bakugou was the little brother, and they were just bringing him along because they were told to.


Midoriya only knew the names of the four of them; Toga, Dabi, Shigaraki and Akaguro. Toga was a little obsessive, almost stalker like, which meant she had a lot of classes with Midoriya. However, he didn’t really try to get to know her and all the while, never noticed Bakugou being with her. Something seemed.. off about the entire thing, like Bakugou wanted to be around them but couldn’t submit to the things they did.


Midoriya had to wonder if Bakugou was still friends with them, even though they all graduated a year before he did, and what that meant for his final year. His first instinct was to ask Kirishima, or someone else who might know, but then again, no one really seemed to know a whole lot about Bakugou. So maybe his best bet was to ask Shinsou if he knew anything else.


[8:43 pm]

Midoriya Izuku: I found him

he’s in the yearbook

but he’s only with upperclassmen,

there’s no one else of his age with him.


It was a long wait before Midoriya finally got an answer from Shinsou.


[9:15 pm]

Shinsou Hitoshi: who? Bakugou?


[9:16 pm]

Midoriya Izuku: yeah, he’s with

Toga, Shigaraki, Dabi and Akaguro.


[9:17 pm]

Shinsou Hitoshi: hm, you sure?


[9:18 pm]

Midoriya Izuku: sent image attached


[9:18 pm]

Midoriya Izuku: yeah I’m sure


[9:20 pm]

Shinsou Hitoshi: oh shit,

would you look at that.

cool find dude


[9:23 pm]

Midoriya Izuku: do you know

if they’re still friends?


[9:25 pm]

Shinsou Hitoshi: why would I know that?


[9:26 pm]

Midoriya Izuku: because you know a lot

about Bakugou


[9:31 pm]

Shinsou Hitoshi: Correction: I don’t know

a lot about Bakugou

I only know him from school.

However, give me five minutes

I’ll see what I can find


Midoriya waited eagerly. He was sure that Bakugou was going to show up somewhere in the safe of information Shinsou had. He knew he had to be, after all, it wasn’t like Bakugou was trying to stay hidden or in his hometown he could.


Midoriya’s phone dinged, and he wasted no time picking it up to look at Shinsou’s text.


[9:37 pm]

Shinsou Hitoshi: okay so let me tell you

what I have found out


[9:38 pm]

Midoriya Izuku: sure


[9:38 pm]

Shinsou Hitoshi: Dabi goes to school

outside the country.

Toga is in a mental health clinic.

Shigaraki has been arrested for something,

he hasn’t had his trail yet though.

No one has heard of Akaguro since school.

So I’m gonna guess here,

if Bakugou is friends with them

he doesn’t see them often.

Dabi might be easy to reach, but

Toga, Shigaraki, and Akaguro are unreachable.

What I did realize though,

these aren’t the only friends Bakugou had.

Which is why your claim confused me.


[9:41 pm]

Midoriya Izuku: who else is he friends with?


[9:43 pm]

Shinsou Hitoshi: I don’t know

if they’re still friends

but I do know that

you’re not gonna like this.


[9:45 pm]

Midoriya Izuku: just tell me


[9:46 pm]

Shinsou Hitoshi: he was friends with Chisaki.


And Shinsou was right. Midoriya didn’t like that. It made him feel tense, clammy, and nervous to read that message and know that his boss was affiliated with someone as.. as repulsive as Chisaki. It made him feel.. uneasy, uncertain, and sent a shiver down his spine so powerful he rolled his shoulders back and shook his head in response.


Chisaki, Chisaki, Chisaki , the name rang through his head and had it running circles. He wanted to scream, just enough to get that chilling feeling out of him but at the same time, he couldn’t even get his fingers to form a text back to Shinsou.


The only thing that broke him from this feeling of paralysis was the fact that his phone dinged again, Shinsou’s name appearing on the screen.


[9:54 pm]

Shinsou Hitoshi: Izuku?

Are you alright?


Snapped from his thoughts, he shook his head and allowed for his fingers to glide across the screen.


[9:55 pm]

Midoriya Izuku: yeah

yeah, I’m alright

sorry, it was just a little bit of a shock


[9:56 pm]

Shinsou Hitoshi: I figured as much

listen to me, alright?


[9:56 pm]

Midoriya Izuku: alright


[9:57 pm]

Shinsou Hitoshi: I don’t like Bakugou

but to be fair, I don’t know him.

From what you’ve told me about him,

there’s no way he’s picked up Chisaki’s.


So don’t look at him like he’s a bad guy,

you can’t write him off because of that.

Besides, I don’t even know if they’re friends

or if they were with the incident you had.


Midoriya read the messages and nodded even though that Shinsou couldn’t see it. Yeah, that was an important thing to remember, although Shinsou could find information relatively easy, it was always a speculative. There was no way that what he said was said with a hundred percent certainty. If anything, if Midoriya really wanted to know, he would probably have to ask.


Although, one of the answers he could get might not be exactly what he expected. 

Chapter Text

Monday came just like Midoriya knew it would, he didn’t sleep save for a couple of hours the night before and he was terribly exhausted. His hair was practically everywhere, his shirt was messily tucked in and he was beginning to have bags under his eyes like Shinsou’s. He couldn’t sleep though, he couldn’t fall asleep Saturday night either. He was so anxious with the idea of working underneath someone who would consider Chisaki to be their friend that..


Ah, it made him gaggy.


“Whoa,” the voice came from Uraraka when she saw him. “Hey Midoriya, everything alright? You look..”


“Awful,” Midoriya answered but kept walking past her, didn’t even stop to give her a glance and she frowned but noticed that his shoes were on the wrong feet. How did he not feel uncomfortable?


Bakugou was in outdoors when Midoriya walked by, noticed the state of how awful he looked and he scoffed. After a weekend of rest, shouldn’t he be more than ready for work today? Midoriya didn’t care to pay any attention to the sound that left Bakugou’s mouth and instead continued his way into the back where he clocked in.


“Yikes,” the voice this time came from Todoroki who was leaning against the wall looking at him. “What happened to you?”


“I haven’t been sleeping well,” Midoriya answered, his voice scratchy and groggy like he just woke up.


“You can’t go out there like that,” Todoroki told him. “Takara will give you an earful for it. Let me help.” Todoroki used his fingers to comb through the wildness of Midoriya’s curls to the best of his abilities, apologized each time he tugged on them but Midoriya didn’t even seem to notice the pain of it. He changed Midoriya’s shoes over and looked at his shirt. “Tuck your shirt in.” Todoroki said to the boy and watched as he did what he was told. “Alright, what’s the issue?”


“I told you, I haven’t been sleeping well —”


“And I get that,” Todoroki cut him off. He folded his arms and looked down at Midoriya. “Why aren’t you sleeping well? This is more than just ‘I’m tired’ because trust me, I’ve seen employees come in tired. I come in tired. This is you being upset, not just tired.”


“I’m nervous,” Midoriya sighed, letting his shoulders slump forward. “Working with Bakugou is going to make me nervous because I know there’s something I have to ask.”


“What do you have to ask?”


“Someone I’m friends with mentioned that Bakugou is close to someone who I had a.. not so savory memory of, and if they’re close it makes me uncomfortable. I know I can’t tell Bakugou that he can’t befriend whoever he wants but I —”


“He’s definitely not friends with them, you can still ask, but I know he’s not.”




“Bakugou doesn’t have any friends,” Todoroki answered as he turned and began walking towards the door. “Don’t be so elementary about something so easy, don’t let it eat you. Nothing is worth the feeling you have.”


“It’s complicated Todoroki,”


“I know there’s something I don’t.” Todoroki glanced over his shoulder at Midoriya. “If you let your past rip you up, then you’ll never have a future. Now get to work, you’re on the clock and I don’t want you to get in trouble.”


Midoriya watched the door swing close behind Todoroki and let out a sigh as he stood up himself. He headed towards the door himself and hummed at how much better his shoes felt on the correct feet before making his way out to the toy department where he belonged. He did feel slightly better, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t riddled with nerves, and it didn’t mean he was any less tired.


Bakugou returned from outdoors when he noticed Midoriya walking across the floor, and clicked his tongue when he noticed how lethargic Midoriya looked as he was adjusting things on the shelf.


“Hey!” Bakugou shouted and it made Midoriya jump. “What’s the issue today, Deku?”


“Nothing,” Midoriya shook his head and went to turn back to the shelf but a hand on his shoulder spun him to meet Bakugou’s dark glare. “I-It’s nothing!”


“You came in here looking like you came from a funeral,” Bakugou snarled. “Now what’s the issue?”


Midoriya’s eyes turned off to the side, he couldn’t bare to meet that glare of Bakugou’s. He just got here and he was already being forced into a situation that felt like he was launched into the sun. “We can talk about it later, I’m trying to work.”


Bakugou’s hand slid off of Midoriya’s shoulder and made its way to his own hip. “Fine,” he snarled. “Ten-thirty.” Bakugou spun on his heel and walked off without clarifying anything but Midoriya could make a pretty good guess as to what it was exactly.


He continued on working though, hoping that Bakugou would forget about it and that he could just continue on working without Bakugou pestering him for information that Midoriya could barely think. Let alone say out loud.


About an hour had passed when Kouda finally poked his head around the corner, tapping against Midoriya’s shoulder and had him turn and looked to him with eyes he could barely keep open. Kouda pointed at him and made ‘ok’ symbol with his fingers.


“Yeah, I’m alright,” Midoriya sighed. “Just tired, Kouda.”


It was now that Kouda folded his arms, giving what could hardly be considered a glare in comparison to the ones that Bakugou gave. But it very obviously meant that Kouda didn’t believe a word he was saying.


Midoriya smiled, if he was going to tell anyone, it might as well be the person who won’t tell anyone else. “It’s complicated Kouda,” The quiet boy simply waved a hand as though he wanted Midoriya to continue talking. “There’s this person who I don’t really.. think fondly of, and someone told me that him and Bakugou are friends. I guess it just makes me uncomfortable to think that my boss could be be close with someone as vile as he was.”


Kouda watched carefully, his head tilted to the side, either he was processing, confused or a little bit of both by that expression. He raised up two of his fingers to the top of his head, and made small imaginary horns.


Midoriya chuckled. “Yeah, like a devil,”


Kouda pointed at Midoriya again, and placed his own hands together before tilting his head down on them. “What? I sleep?” Kouda tilted his head back and forth. “I need sleep.” Kouda nodded. “Yeah, trust me, I know. I feel like garbage, I’m so tired.”


Kouda smiled and Midoriya narrowed his brows at him before grabbing onto his wrist and pulling him to the back of the store. Midoriya watched him with wide eyes as they practically zoomed through the store and Kouda walked into the break room before walking over to the fridge and opening it.


Midoriya watched carefully as Kouda pulled out a water bottle and handed it to Midoriya. “What’s this? Water? I’ve been drinking water —” he stopped speaking when Kouda shook his head, he simply popped the top and urged Midoriya to drink.


He sighed but ultimately complied, pressing his lips against the opening and tipping the bottle back before the cold rush of chocolate took over his mouth and his eyes widened up as he pulled it down. “It tastes like.. hot chocolate but it’s cold so, it’s like iced hot chocolate..? And it’s dark chocolate, not milk chocolate.”


Kouda tilted his head back and forth before raising two fingers up with a small space between them. “A little?” Midoriya’s eyes narrowed at his hand but Kouda shook his head before doing the same gesture but using both of his hands. “Close? Am I wrong, but I’m close?” Kouda nodded his head.


“What is it, coffee?”


Kouda clapped, smiled at Midoriya and nodded his head once more. Midoriya went to hand it back to Kouda but he scowled at him before pushing the bottle back to Midoriya’s chest.


“You’re giving it to me?” Midoriya mumbled and Kouda smiled wide with his nod. Midoriya glanced down at the bottle in his hands. “But you made it for yourself to have.”


Kouda shrugged, like he didn’t care, like he wanted Midoriya to have it more than anything. Had Midoriya any extra energy, he probably would have started crying. Now though, he was so exhausted that it didn’t matter. “Thanks Kouda,”


Kouda placed a warm hand on Midoriya’s shoulder, smiled, and then walked off. Midoriya took another sip of the coffee before putting it back in the fridge and headed back out on his own in the same area that Kouda was. It was sweet to think that even though Kouda made himself a drink, he wanted Midoriya to have it. Then Midoriya realized something else.


He didn’t do it for energy’s sake. It has dark chocolate in it.


Chocolate makes people happy by the chemicals it forces your brain to release.


Kouda must have seen Midoriya make this realization, because he was smiling at him when Midoriya looked over at him. He pointed at him and used his fingers to move the corners of his mouth into a frown but then pushed them back up into a smile and Midoriya couldn’t help but to reflect the emotion.


Midoriya was the one who forgot about his obligation to Bakugou at ten-thirty, and it wasn’t until ten-forty that Bakugou walked into the aisle and was glaring at Midoriya who was so caught up in his work that he didn’t notice.


“Deku!” Bakugou shouted and the green-haired boy jumped and knocked a few things down as he turned to face Bakugou.


“Ah.. Kacchan..” Midoriya laughed nervously. “What’s going on?”


“Do you know what time it is?” Bakugou asked and Midoriya suddenly remembered their conversation from a couple hours ago. “It’s ten-forty, pick up your mess and then meet me in the back office. Don’t dilly dally, we’re busy and I don’t want you to get us in trouble because you aren’t doing your damn work.”


Midoriya nodded and turned, placing things back on the shelves in a hurried manner before rushing back to the office he had cried in during his first day. At least instead of being quiet, Bakugou was now back to his normal self, but the issue is that Midoriya couldn’t exactly determine whether or not that would help him.


He tapped on the door, it was open so it creaked open when he knocked and he poked his head inside. Looking at Bakugou sitting at the desk, leaning back, tapping his pen against the desk with an unamused expression.


He walked in and closed the door behind him, heading over to one of the chairs before sitting down in it and looking anywhere but at Bakugou. “Alright, what’s the issue Deku?”


“I..” Midoriya trailed off. “I’m just tired, it isn’t a big deal.”

“Bullshit,” Bakugou scoffed. “I already talked to Todoroki and he said it was involving me, so you better fucking say it before I get actually angry.”


Was this not angry?


“Why do you care?” Midoriya huffed, still not able to meet Bakugou’s expression in order to read it.


“I’m your boss, and if you have an issue with me, it could mean trouble for both of us, so you better fucking say it.” Bakugou snarled. “So shithead, what is it?”


Midoriya sighed, there really was no way out of this. “Do you.. know someone named Chisaki?”


Bakugou tensed up, sat up in his seat as he looked at Midoriya with eyes that were wide. Thinking that he wouldn’t hear that name for a long, long time. So how did Midoriya know him? “The fuck of him?”


“Do you know him?” Midoriya asked again, this time looking up to see Bakugou’s mixed expression. Like he was nervous, but at the same time angry, although once again, not at Midoriya.


“Yeah, I fucking know Chisaki. What of it?”


“Are you.. close with him?” Midoriya asked.


“We were,” Bakugou answered. “But like I said shithead, what of it? What does it matter and how do you know Chisaki?”


“I worked with him last summer,” Midoriya muttered, his face turning red out of sheer embarrassment. “I don’t want to say what happened.”


Bakugou noticed by the way Midoriya hunched over, folded his arms, to be a little concerning. Like Midoriya was trying to close himself off and at the same time make himself so small that he might disappear. Bakugou noticed something to be deeply wrong, but he didn’t know exactly if he should address it. After all, he wouldn’t say that he and Midoriya were close or anything.


“So why does it matter if I know him?” Bakugou asked, trying to at least get a little more out of Midoriya who shifted nervously. “Well? Why does it?”


“B-Because it makes me uncomfortable to think that I have to work with someone who could be just as bad as he is!” Midoriya squeaked out and Bakugou raised his brows as he watched Midoriya’s eyes screw shut, but his lip was trembling. Did he seriously think that closing his eyes would keep him from crying?


Bakugou knew though, he knew how awful of a person Chisaki was, so not knowing exactly what happened between him and Midoriya yet at the same time knowing that having contact with him — in Midoriya’s mind — made him just as bad caused Bakugou to become.. uneasy.


“Do you think I’m as bad a guy as he is?” Bakugou asked and Midoriya’s eyes opened up at the quiet tone of his voice. It was always so rough, yet it seemed to always be comforting to hear Bakugou speak low.


“I mean.. I-I don’t,” Midoriya shook his head. “I just.. It makes.. It makes me nervous, al-alright?”


“Everything makes you nervous.”


“This makes me the most nervous.”


Bakugou nodded, as though he understood but in reality, he never knew what it was like to have nerves like Midoriya. He always just did what he wanted, he had a different kind of nerve. “Well, Chisaki and I haven’t been friends for a while. I wouldn’t worry about it. Such a dumb thing to worry about.”


Midoriya nodded, he agreed it was stupid, but he couldn’t help it. His eyes met Bakugou’s and he kept talking. “You and I went to the same school.”


“We did?” Bakugou questioned. “Huh, must’ve never noticed you.”


“People didn’t normally, but you weren’t in the same grade as me anyways.”


“How far below were you?”


“Actually..” Midoriya laughed nervously. “I’m older than you Kacchan.”


“What?” Bakugou’s eyes widened up. “No fucking way, I definitely would’ve known you then. I always hung out with the upperclassmen.”


“Like Toga and Shigaraki?”


“Uh.. yeah?” Bakugou seemed confused. “Yeah, I hung out with them and Dabi and Akaguro. When they graduated is when I became friends with Chisaki.”


“Yeah, I knew the four of them. Toga liked me in a weird stalker-y way, but the rest of them didn’t.” Midoriya admitted.


“Oh, you were bush-head. That makes sense.” Bakugou chuckled. “Yeah, Toga talked about you a lot. She always took the same classes as you and she sat behind you staring at you.”


Midoriya shivered at the thought. “She wasn’t even subtle about it.”


“Toga isn’t a subtle girl,”


“I didn’t take you as a delinquent though, Kacchan,” Midoriya responded and noticed how the look on Bakugou’s face faltered.


“That’s a first, usually everyone does.” Bakugou shrugged and Midoriya continued on watching his expression as though he would learn something.


“How come you were never with them when they..” Midoriya trailed off.


“I never went with them when they went to beat kids up,” Bakugou said without missing a beat. “Which is why Chisaki and I became friends, we didn’t exactly want to do shit like that, so we always hang out while the rest of them did things. I’m really surprised we never met, but I guess it’s a big school and if you ignore Toga enough she shuts the fuck up.”


“Do you know where they are now?” Midoriya asked.


“Not in a good spot,” Bakugou shrugged. “Guess none of us are.”


“Even you?” Midoriya asked and watched Bakugou shrug again. “What do you mean, you don’t know?”


“If you asked me in school if this is where I would be, I would’ve told you no.” Bakugou answered. “I guess I could be in a lot worse positions. Hell, Dabi only left because Toga got all crazy, but you would have surprised me to say she was sane.”


Midoriya smiled a little bit, yeah, Toga was insane. “So,” Bakugou spoke up. “You’re not going to tell me what happened with you and Chisaki, are you?” Midoriya shook his head, his face turning red again. “You seem embarrassed about it.”


“I-I am.”


“Interesting enough,” Bakugou replied. “Seriously though, you need to stop with this kind of bullshit, Deku. It’s a waste of both of our times.”


“Yep.” Midoriya nodded. “I’m sorry,”


“Don’t be sorry,” Bakugou sighed as he stood up from the chair. “If we keep doing this though, we’re never going to get our work done. So go out there and get busy.”


“Yes sir,”


“I’m younger than you, what the hell are you talking about?” Bakugou scoffed. “Get busy, Deku.”


“Yes Kacchan.” Midoriya answered and left the office as Bakugou gained control of his senses once more.


He watched the door with caution as he took a deep breath. “The hell is that idiot Deku doing with Chisaki? You could tell from looking at him that he’s bad news.”


Bakugou left the room and headed back out onto the floor, noticing how everyone was working and when he went by would try to avoid him and if they couldn’t, they would smile politely but that was all. It gave Bakugou some remorse to know how little people seemed to dislike him — or worse yet, fear him. He always watched how most dodged past him in an attempt to get as far away as possible. He couldn’t blame them though, in fact, he had himself to thank because he was the reason that they were so afraid. He forced them to be that way, only a few people knew him as something else.


“Hey Bakubro,” Kirishima’s voice came out and he was standing alongside a customer, meaning Bakugou could snarl at him for the use of ‘Baku bro.’


“What is it?” Bakugou approached the both of them.


“Do you know if we have any more of the yellow life vests out back?” Kirishima asked. “This woman bought some of the yellow ones, needs more, and realized that she needs more. She wants to know if she can get the same color but there aren’t any on the shelves.”


“Did you check the stock that Satou brought out?” Bakugou asked and Kirishima nodded.


“I don’t think he’s gotten that far,”


“Hm, I’ll go check. I’ll be back soon.” Bakugou turned around and even though he was a good distance away, he could hear the woman speak.


“Scary looking boss,” she said to Kirishima.


“Nah! Bakugou is nice.”


No , Bakugou shook his head, Bakugou is not nice .


There’s a very good reason for the torment he brought upon himself, and there’s a very good reason for him to want it.


He walked across the floor, noticed how people parted when they saw him coming and it only made him more angry, whenever he would say ‘excuse me’ they’d say, ‘no sorry, I was in your way.’ Bakugou would be a liar if he said it didn’t drive him completely out of his mind.


“Morning, Kaminari,” Bakugou greeted the blonde who turned to him with surprise.


“Oh.. Hey Bakugou,” Kaminari said. Seeming a little surprised. “Everything alright? You look a little tense.”


“‘M fine,” Bakugou scoffed as he pushed through the door in the back and scanned over the shelves. Reading over the labels and noticing the yellow vests were high enough up that he would have to stand on his toes to reach them, but not so high he couldn’t reach at all.


Bakugou walked over to it, pulled the box, it suddenly being more heavy than he anticipated, but it was coming off the shelf. He stumbled back and felt himself running into someone that caused him to trip and fall down against the shelf behind him. The moment his head collided with the metal, everything seemed to go dark but came back into light a few moments later.


“Oh shit! Bakugou are you okay?” The blonde raised his head up and through a shaky vision could see Sero standing above him. The box discarded somewhere on the floor as Bakugou rubbed the back of his head.


“Fuck, Sero,” Bakugou grumbled as he winced.


“Are you okay? It sounded like you hit your head hard.” Sero said, his voice came out panicked and he looked like he was in a rush to do something to help. “Should I get someone? I-I can get Takara.”


“No, don’t fucking get Takara,” Bakugou snarled. “I’m fucking fine.”


When he stood up, he felt light headed to the point where one hand went to his forehead and the other gripped onto the shelf to keep him balanced. Sero immediately stepped forward, ready to catch Bakugou if he were to fall.


“Stop it,” Bakugou hissed. “Hand me that box.”


“Okay,” Sero complied and he handed the box to Bakugou who picked it up and went for the exit. His head was throbbing and he felt dizzy, nauseous even as he walked through.


Sero on the other hand, was rushing to Takara’s office.


Bakugou handed the box to Kirishima, was rubbing his head when he passed it off and went to go check on the other department he was in charge of. He noticed that Ashido and Midoriya were standing looking at something with confusion.


“What’s the matter?” Bakugou asked as he approached the both of them.


“We can’t — whoa, Bakugou? Are you alright?” Ashido asked when she saw how Bakugou looked. His eyes were mostly closed and he kept rubbing parts of his face and head, he looked like he was hot, and he was teetering just enough to notice.


“Yeah, I’m fucking fine,” Bakugou growled.


“Your face is pretty red,” Midoriya spoke up and Bakugou shot him a glare. “What happened?”


“Nothing, I don’t know, I was pulling a box and then something happened and I was on the floor.” Bakugou shook his head and watched as the other two exchanged nervous looks.


“Did you hit your head?” Ashido asked as she and Midoriya moved closer to him.


“Yeah, I hit my head, what the fuck of it!?”


“Sh, stop yelling, a customer could hear,” Midoriya shushed him. “You should sit down, Kacchan.”


“Kacchan?” Ashido turned to Midoriya. “Aw, that’s cute.”


“Shut the fuck up, Ashi — agh..’ Bakugou took a step back when the pain of yelling was enough to rush to his head. He was gripping the shelf behind him like his life depending on it.


“Bakugou,” Ashido said quietly. “You should really sit down, Midoriya is right, you don’t look too good.”


Bakugou tried to ignore how his stomach was churning and his head was absolutely running circles. Midoriya placed a hand on his arm and he didn’t bother to push it back. “You said you hit your head?”


“Yeah,” Bakugou nodded.


“Those shelves are metal,” Ashido chimed in. “You could have a concussion if you hit it hard enough.”


Before Bakugou could argue, Sero and Takara were rushing towards the group and Takara’s eyes were wide. “I told you not to tell her!” Bakugou snarled at Sero who was standing nervously.


“Oh shut it, Bakugou,” Takara sighed. “He’s trying to help you and you don’t look like you can go refusing help. Sero said you hit your head pretty hard, that’s not something we can ignore.”


“It’s not this big of a deal.” Bakugou scoffed.


“Sit down,” Takara instructed.


“But I —”


“Kacchan, c’mon,” Midoriya pleaded and Bakugou sat down on the floor, leaning uncomfortably on the shelves behind him as the rest crouched beside him. Takara took his face in her hand and tilted his head around before holding it to eye level with her, Bakugou immediately glanced away though.


“I’m looking at your pupils, so look at me,” Takara said and Bakugou looked back at his boss who looked really concentrated. “Do you know what happened, Bakugou?”


“He —”


“I’m asking Bakugou,” Takara cut Sero off. “ He needs to tell me, if he knows.”


“I was pulling a box of life vests off the shelf, and then I hit my head.”


“What caused you to hit your head?”


“I fell? I don’t know.”


“Why’d you fall?”


“I tripped?”


“Why’d you trip?”


“Because it fucking happens,” Bakugou grumbled. “I’m not a klutz!”


“Bakugou,” Sero sighed. “You ran into me, we both fell but you hit the shelf.”


Bakugou blinked a few times, “I-I knew that..”


“Did you really?” Takara asked. “It’s important that you don’t lie.”


“No,” Bakugou said, a sheepish blush of embarrassment crossing his features. “No, I didn’t fucking know.”


“Stop swearing,” Midoriya poked him.


“We’re gonna take you to the hospital, honey,”


“What!?” Bakugou went wide eyed. “No! Absolutely fucking not!”


“Todoroki said he would take you, no arguing and don’t give him a hard time. It’s probably not a huge deal but if you have a concussion you have to get it checked out.” Takara snapped at him and it surprised Midoriya to see how such a nice woman could be so aggressive, but he supposed it was exactly what Bakugou needed. “I need to fill out the accident form with Sero. When I see you next, you can sign it and probably get some sort of compensation.”


“I’m not going to the fucking hospital.”


“Kacchan you have to,” Midoriya mumbled. “If you don’t, and it’s really serious the worst things could happen to you.”


“I don’t give a shit.”


“Hey, don’t be like that!” Sero huffed. “We all know you don’t mean it so stop it, it isn’t funny, Bakugou!”


“C’mon Kacchan, I’ll help you get up and then we can get Todoroki and you can go to the hospital with him.” Midoriya said and he stood up, offering a hand to Bakugou and slowly raising him up off of the ground. “There you go, come on now,”


“Why don’t you go with them, Midoriya?” Takara offered up and Midoriya looked between Takara and Bakugou and waited for him to argue. “You know, to ensure that he doesn’t try and jump out of Todoroki’s moving car.”


“Like I would do something that dumb.” Bakugou rolled his eyes.


“Go with them, Midoriya,” Ashido added and he nodded as the two of them walked, very slowly, to go find Todoroki who was already coming out with his jacket and keys.


“Oh hey,” Todoroki said. “You found the devil himself.”


“Takara told me to come with you guys.” Midoriya said.


Todoroki nodded and handed Midoriya a couple of plastic bags. “If he vomits in my car, I’m holding you responsible.”




“Sometimes people when they hit their heads get sick,” Todoroki shrugged. “Anyways, let’s go. I promise to drive as smoothly as I can.”


“This is fucking dumb,” Bakugou growled as he followed the both of them to the exit. “I don’t want to go!”


“Sh!” Midoriya huffed. “Stop swearing.”

“Yeah, well, fuck you.” Bakugou huffed.


“Wow, I never thought Bakugou could be more unpleasant,” Todoroki scoffed at him.


“My head hurts and I’m being dragged around by you, idiot .”


“This isn’t the first time I’ve brought Bakugou to the hospital, and I doubt it will be the last,” Todoroki told Midoriya. “What was it for last time, Bakugou?”


“I broke my arm.”


“And the time before that?”


“I cut my hand on some glass.”


“What’s my favorite time?”


“You dropped that fucking television on me!”


Todoroki chuckled. “Yeah.”


“You sadistic bitch,” Bakugou growled as they crossed the threshold outside and he immediately winced at how bright it was, and immediately stopped walking. Afraid he might fall over, Midoriya put a hand on Bakugou’s back and despite the fact that he was literally snarling at him, he made no effort to move away.


“How about you both stand over here, I’ll pull my car around.” Todoroki said and Midoriya nodded as he guided Bakugou over to a post where he had him stand against it.


“Do you feel alright, Kacchan?” Midoriya asked as he tried to look at Bakugou.


“It’s hot,” he complained and Midoriya nodded his head. “And I don’t like going to the fucking hospital.”


“Why not?” Midoriya asked. “That’s where they help people.”


“And they can’t fucking help everyone,” Bakugou opened his eyes for the first time since being outside and glared at Midoriya. “The hospital is where people go to die .”


“You’re not gonna die,” Midoriya told him. “Are you afraid of dying?”


“I’m not afraid of dying, I’m not afraid of anything.”


“That’s a lie and you know it,” Midoriya said. “Everyone is afraid of dying, I’m afraid of it too.”


“I’m not!” Bakugou snapped at Midoriya. “I’m not afraid of dying!”


“Stop yelling,” Midoriya told him as Todoroki’s car pulled around. He opened the back door for Bakugou to slid inside and followed suit.


“Everything alright back there?” Todoroki asked as he glanced through the rearview mirror.


“Kacchan says he feels hot,”


“That’s a stretch,” Todoroki muttered to himself. “I can turn up the air conditioner, is that alright?”


“That’s fine,” Midoriya answered and Todoroki adjusted it in the front of the car.


“The doors are locked, so you’re stuck here, Bakugou.” Todoroki said to the blonde who grunted as his head fell back against the seat. “Are you alright?”


“My head hurts,” Bakugou grumbled. “And I don’t like it.”


“If you stopped yelling it would hurt less,” Midoriya told him and Bakugou turned to glare at him.


“If you just believed me I wouldn’t have to yell!” Bakugou snapped.


“Believed you about what?” Todoroki asked.


“He says he isn’t afraid of dying but that wouldn’t explain why he’s afraid of the hospitals.”


“I didn’t say I was afraid, I just said I didn’t like them!”


“Stop yelling, Kacchan!”


“Shut the fuck up Deku!”


“Both of you stop!” Todoroki snapped at the two of them. “Midoriya, mind your own business, Bakugou, stop yelling and be nice. We’re helping you.”


“I don’t like going to the hospital,” Bakugou whined. “You know I don’t like it Todoroki and you keep making me go.”


This was when Midoriya noticed the change in Bakugou’s tone, and noticed how sad it sounded. “Yeah, he’s definitely got a concussion,” Todoroki said.


“How do you know?”


“This isn’t the first time Bakugou has gotten one, he acted similarly last time,” Todoroki said. “It characteristic of it, too. To be moody, sensitive to light, have a headache.”


“I don’t have one,” Bakugou huffed, sounding like a pouty child. “Having one last time sucked so badly, Todoroki.”


“I know, I checked up on you.”


“Are you guys.. friends? You act like you’re not but it also feels like you are.” Midoriya said.


“As close to friends as he’s got,”


“Don’t be mean,” Bakugou snarled. “Deku tell him to shut up, he’s being an asshole!”




“Don’t ask,” Midoriya shook his head. “Also Kacchan he’s not being mean, he’s doing you a huge favor by bringing you to the hospital.”


“Yeah but this lunch hour traffic isn’t,” Todoroki sighed. “Do you want me to turn on the radio, Bakugou?”


“You can if you want,” Bakugou shrugged. “You have awful music tastes.”


“Last time I had to turn it on so you would stop crying.”


“I broke my fucking arm!”


“I didn’t say you didn’t have reason to cry.”


“My head hurts!” Bakugou huffed as he laid it down on Midoriya’s shoulder. “Can I have some painkillers?”


“No, you really shouldn’t take any medicine until you get there.” Todoroki answered. “Midoriya I thought you were here so I didn’t have to do this?”


“I have no idea why I’m here anymore.”


“Just pet him like the fucking dog he is..” Todoroki sighed and Bakugou glared at him.


“See now I don’t know if you’re friends or not,” Midoriya sighed. “What is this?”


“Todoroki is mean,” Bakugou said. “We just started working at the same times and in the same department.”


“Electronics, right?”


“Yeah,” Todoroki answered.






“I feel sick,” Bakugou whined and Midoriya held the plastic bag out to him. “No I don’t want to puke,”


“Why not?” Midoriya asked.


“Because I didn’t bring food to work with me today and then I’ll be hungry for the rest of my shift and I don’t like being hungry.”


“Bakugou, you aren’t going back to work,” Todoroki said.


“I’m supposed to close,”


“Someone else will,” Todoroki said.


“You’re supposed to close?” Midoriya’s eyes narrowed. “But.. You got there before I did. When you’d get there this morning?”


“Like six,”


“That’s like.. That’s like an eighteen hour shift!”


“He does it all the time, the idiot,” Todoroki scoffed.


Midoriya noted Todoroki’s expression through the mirror and noticed how at the same of being upset, it looked sad or worried. Then his eyes trailed back to Bakugou who was leaning on his shoulder, making little whiny noises that could only be heard if you cared to pay attention.


Something seemed weird, Midoriya always thought that Kirishima was the closest person to Bakugou, but in reality it seemed like Todoroki knew more about Bakugou than he did. After all, it seemed like when Bakugou got into trouble, it was Todoroki who stepped in. Not Kirishima.


“Kacchan,” Midoriya whispered to Bakugou.




“Don’t fall asleep.”


“I’m not asleep,”


“I’m telling you not to.”


“Shut the fuck up,” Bakugou yawned. “Aren’t you tired? You looked like shit when you came in.”


“Oh right, Todoroki why did you tell Bakugou about what I told you?” Midoriya huffed.


“It would save everyone some trouble, I’m assuming everything went well?”


“Yeah he was being an idiot,” Bakugou scoffed. “You need to stop getting so nervous.”


“Do you ever consider he’s nervous because he cares, Bakugou?” Todoroki said from the front and Midoriya couldn’t help but notice how Bakugou’s body tensed up. His eyes trailing up to see Midoriya before turning his attention away.


“Are we almost there?” Bakugou asked.


“Yeah, don’t fight them please, I hate how you are after being sedated.”


“How does he get?”


“Sappy, clingy,” Todoroki said. “Which would be okay if it didn’t have a Bakugou Katsuki twist to it.”


The trio arrived to the hospital shortly after, each on either side of the blonde as Todoroki described the situation as ‘definitely having a concussion,’ and the three having to wait. Mostly Midoriya had to wait, he was sitting quietly while Bakugou filled out some paperwork with Todoroki’s help. You could clearly tell that this was not their first time doing this.


Midoriya’s phone buzzed in his pocket and pulled it out, sighing when he saw Shinsou’s name on the screen.


[11:34 am]

Shinsou Hitoshi: when do you get out?


[11:35 am]

Midoriya Izuku: like five, but uh

I’m at the hospital with Bakugou currently


[11:37 am]

Shinsou Hitoshi: lol what did he do


[11:38 am]

Midoriya Izuku: he probably has

a concussion.


[11:39 am]

Shinsou Hitoshi: good job Bakugou

does that mean you’ll be home early

or late?


[11:40 am]

Midoriya Izuku: I have no idea



[11:41 am]

Shinsou Hitoshi: your mom told me

she’s making curry and invited me

I’m not gonna turn it down,

your mom makes bomb food


[11:42 am]

Midoriya Izuku: it is a little weird

to think that you and my mother

are friends who text each other.

She can barely text me back.


[11:43 am]

Shinsou Hitoshi: okay well let me know

when you’re done with this Bakugou bs


Midoriya sighed and rolled his eyes, gaining the attention of both Bakugou and Todoroki. “What’s your issue?”


“Nothing, just my mom and one of my friends text each other and it’s weird,” Midoriya said. “They’re almost better friends than I am with him.”


Todoroki hummed at the amusement before turning back to the sheet, however, Bakugou’s gaze lingered a little longer before falling to the floor.


“Hey Midoriya,” Todoroki gained his attention. “Can we put you down as a second contact? I’m the first one, and we usually put Takara down but I can’t remember her number.”


“Oh..” Midoriya trailed off. “Sure, but why are you his first?”


“Because he is,” Bakugou snarled at Midoriya and pushed the clipboard and pen towards Midoriya. “They’ll only use you if I die so don’t worry about it.”


“Be nice, he’s helping you out.” Todoroki sighed as Midoriya filled out the spot on the form. Midoriya should have stopped there, but his gaze glanced up the rest of the form. Todoroki was right, he was listed as the first contact, but that was all there was on the page and he really shouldn’t be snooping on very private information. So he pushed the clipboard back to Bakugou who finished writing things down.


“Bakugou Katsuki?” A nurse poked her head in and Bakugou walked to the back without the other two, he seemed a little slow, but otherwise alright.


Midoriya watched him and noticed how Todoroki leaned back and closed his eyes in relaxation before Midoriya moved over to the seat Bakugou was sitting in and spoke quietly to Todoroki. “Why are you his contact? Shouldn’t his parents be?”


“They live too far away,” Todoroki said without missing a beat and without opening his eyes. “They couldn’t do anything if something happened to him, so I’m his emergency contact.”


“So do you hate him or not?”


“I never said I hated him,” Todoroki chuckled. “I’m sure he doesn’t hate me either. I help him function but I don’t fight him on things anymore. If he wants to work himself half to death, then that’s fine by me.”


“That makes it sound like you don’t care,” Midoriya frowned and noticed Todoroki open his eyes up.


“Bakugou and I have known each other for a few years, and I can say he’s only gotten more stubborn. I think he just doesn’t care anymore. He feels like he’s reached a dead end, and that’s it, so why does it matter?” Todoroki said. “He wasn’t lying when he told you he wasn’t afraid of dying. I think he’s afraid of other people dying, but not himself.”


“You seem like you know a lot about him, and I thought Kirishima knew a lot but I suppose you’re the person who does.”


“Kirishima is a lot softer on Bakugou than I am, so he knows less, but Bakugou is also willing to do things that Kirishima asks because he cares enough about Kirishima’s wellbeing.” Todoroki shrugged.


“It seems.. sad,”


“I wouldn’t say it’s sad,” Todoroki shook his head. “I would say that it’s just as expected. He doesn’t act the way he does without knowing the consequences. He knows exactly what he’s doing and he knows exactly how he wants it to end. You seem to be throwing a wrench into his system though.”




“Cause you make him feel guilty,” Todoroki chuckled. “I don’t know why, Bakugou doesn’t feel guilt. It’s why he’s both nice and mean to you, he’s nice to you because he feels as though it’s what you deserve, mean because he doesn’t want to have to be nice to you.”


“Does he hate me that much? That he doesn’t even want to be friendly?”


“I think it’s the opposite,” Todoroki shrugged. “I told you, Bakugou’s a good guy. He’s a good guy but he’s so emotionally constipated that he doesn’t know how to deal.”


“Why are you so mean to him?” Midoriya asked.


“It’s the only way Bakugou listens to me, if I’m assertive. When we first met, I tried the nice approach, but he didn’t take to it. So, if I match his temper but in a more controlled and finessed way, then he listens.” Todoroki said with a shrug. “Kinda like his mom.”


“Is his mom like that?”


“She swears a lot, and is pretty aggressive, but she has a lot more control and is very nice as well.” Todoroki chuckled. “I think I’m the closest personality in that damn store to his mother.”


“That.. sounds wrong,” Midoriya shook his head. “Have you met his mother?”


“Yeah,” Todoroki nodded. “She used to bring us lunch. Spicy cooker. But she made really good soba. She’s also the one who told me if I wanted to get my way with Bakugou to be aggressive.”


“Huh,” Midoriya muttered. “Should I —”


“No,” Todoroki shook his head. “You can be firm, but Bakugou is already taking to your kindness. Like I said, his mother was kind too, so try that road.”


“Are they close?”


“I’d say he’s closer with her than he’d admit.”


Midoriya nodded his head. The two held very idle conversations as they waited for Bakugou to come back out. When he did, he looked a little frazzled but simply gestured for the two to follow him out the door as he headed to Todoroki’s care without saying anything.


“Concussion?” Todoroki asked.


“Yep.” Bakugou sighed. “Take me fucking home.”


“Of course,” Todoroki said. “When’s your doctor appointment?”


“They wanna check me in like a week to see how it’s going,” Bakugou huffed.


“I’m staying at your apartment, right?”


“Why?” Bakugou groaned.


“You know why, idiot. We did it last time too. Someone is supposed to be with you for at least the next day,” Todoroki scoffed at him. “So would you rather go to my apartment, or yours?”


“Mine, duh.” Bakugou grumbled as he climbed into the front seat without saying a word to Midoriya who climbed in the back, his head fell back on the seat as he let out a sigh.


“Okay, well you can’t come into work for the next week,” Todoroki said. “So I would be there to check on you every now and again, but I have to go to that conference. So Midoriya?”


“Yeah?” Midoriya said quietly, knowing damn well where this was going.


“No do not send the shitty nerd to come and see me.”


“Yeah don’t send the — hey!”


“Would you rather me send Uraraka? Kirishima? Ashido?” Todoroki huffed.


“I don’t want him at my house!” Bakugou snarled. “I don’t like him knowing where I live!”


“Well then I’ll send my mom,” Midoriya grumbled to himself.


“Do not send your fucking mother to come and see me, if you do, I’ll literally kill you. No hesitation. I will end you.”


“Stop it, Bakugou!” Todoroki snapped at him. “Midoriya, I will give you Bakugou’s phone number and address, all you have to do is go and make sure he’s alright. Bakugou you will shut the hell up and deal with it.”


“Fuck you,” Bakugou spat as he folded his arms. “I fucking can’t stand you, shitty half-and-half!”


Todoroki rolled his eyes but said nothing else, because he probably figured he won since Bakugou didn’t exactly argue the point anymore.


So Todoroki dropped Midoriya back off at the store so he could fetch his car, and he wrote down Bakugou’s cell phone number and address on a slip of paper before driving off with the blonde grumbling in the passenger seat.


Midoriya let out a sigh, he didn’t normally mind being around Bakugou, but he figured that this was going to be awful since Bakugou was never going to be happy about Midoriya showing up. He didn’t know why he needed to anyways, Bakugou was a big boy, and there was no way that he could be that completely void of anyone else in his life that Todoroki was the only person he hung out around. Also, why wouldn’t he pick Kirishima? He could perhaps understand Uraraka and definitely understand why Ashido wouldn’t be a good choice, but didn’t Bakugou get along with Kirishima enough to deal with him?


Either way, it was going to be a long week.

Chapter Text

The longest week of Midoriya’s life began early, it started with him simply heading into work, and being bombarded with questions way too early for a Tuesday morning. Is Bakugou okay? What happened? Is he coming back? When?


It made Midoriya want to shove those superhero actions figures he could not get to stay on the shelf directly into his ears. Of course, he wanted to share the news that Bakugou would be okay, but he didn’t want to be reminded of the fact that he would have to head over to Bakugou’s in the evening for the first time to make sure he was alright since Todoroki had left his apartment earlier that morning.


After work, Midoriya sat in his car for twenty minutes before finally texting Bakugou for the first time.


[5:24 pm]

Midoriya Izuku: hey it’s Midoriya

I’m going to drop by my house first

then I’m going to your apartment.


He sighed, hoping that everything would be alright but clearly that was too much to ask for. As Bakugou’s predicted response was almost immediate.


[5:25 pm]

Bakugou Katsuki: no you’re fucking not


[5:25 pm]

Midoriya Izuku: c’mon,

I’m bringing food,

and I can make you tea

I’ll leave after like twenty minutes


[5:26 pm]

Bakugou Katsuki: you are not

coming in my apartment

that is final.


Midoriya groaned, loudly, as no one could hear him. Why did Bakugou have to act like such a damn child!?


[5:27 pm]

Midoriya Izuku: why not?

I’m doing what Todoroki said to


[5:28 pm]

Bakugou Katsuki: I don’t give a fuck

what shithead Todo told you to do.

You are not coming in

my fucking apartment


Midoriya let out a long sigh, there had to be some kind of compromise. He knew he wasn’t going to into Bakugou’s apartment by pushing any more. Like Todoroki said, the aggressive behavior wouldn’t work if it was administered by Midoriya.


[5:29 pm]

Midoriya Izuku: okay fine

then here’s what we’re gonna do

I’m driving to your apartment

you will come outside

get in my car

we will go to my house

where you will eat

then I will drive you home.


[5:30 pm]

Bakugou Katsuki: that sounds

fucking unnecessary.


[5:30 pm]

Midoriya Izuku: Kacchan,

you’re being unnecessary.


[5:31 pm]

Bakugou Katsuki: then leave me be


[5:32 pm]

Midoriya Izuku: no

I go in your apartment

or you come to my house

make you choice.


[5:33 pm]

Bakugou Katsuki: fine,

I’ll go to your shitty house


The greenette sighed in relief, finally .


[5:33 pm]

Midoriya Izuku: I will be there

in ten minutes.


It took Midoriya eleven minutes, actually, to get the complex of studio apartments where Todoroki had written the address too. He pulled in the parking lot and hoped he parked in the good place, and confirmed it when he noticed Bakugou’s car had successfully made it back to the apartments. However, he had the nicest car out of any of them.


It took Bakugou all of thirty seconds to realize that Midoriya was there, and before Midoriya even sent a text message, Bakugou was walking out. He was wearing a black sweatshirt despite how hot it was outside, and a pair of dark red athletic shorts that hung just at his knees. He looked tired, but out of that uniform, Bakugou still looked just as good.


Midoriya smiled at him as he climbed into the passenger seat without a word. “Good evening, Kacchan, how are you?”


“Shut it,” Bakugou snarled. “I don’t want to fucking be here with you.”


“Stop being like that,” Midoriya frowned at Bakugou. “I’m being nice, and my mom made food for both of us so —”


“Your mom made food for us?”


“Yeah, I live with my mother, Kacchan,” Midoriya frowned at Bakugou. “I’m in school half the year, it doesn’t make sense for me to have an apartment here.”


“You should’ve fucking said that! I can’t bother her!”


“I’m already driving their, Kacchan! Stop it!” Midoriya huffed before taking a deep breath and speaking quieter. “Please, just be nice? My mom gets spooked when I hang out with people she doesn’t know, and she doesn’t know you and that makes her worried for me to be around you.”


“What? You’re not fucking twelve.”


“You’re right, I’m not,” Midoriya answered. “But, things happened within the time frame of me being at college and it makes her nervous that I hang out with people she doesn’t know, alright? She knows you’re coming over, and she agreed to make enough dinner for both of us. So please, just be nice to my mom if you can’t be nice to me. You’re being exceptionally grouchy.”


Bakugou sunk down into his seat. “I’m sorry, I can’t help it.”


“Help what?”


“The moodiness, comes with a concussion. I should be fine after a week but I’m mood swingy.”


“Really? Because I’ve only seen the one mood.”


“Ask Todoroki.”


“I will,” Midoriya hummed. “Did you cry?”


“Who the fuck said I was a crier!?”


Midoriya laughed lightly. “My mom and I cry about everything.”


“What about your dad?” Bakugou asked.


“I don’t see him often enough, he works overseas.” Midoriya shrugged. “It’s not a huge deal, it’s always been that way, so the Midoriya’s make due back here at home.”




“Where do your parents live, Kacchan?”


“Fucking what?”


“Did.. Todoroki told me they live far away, so you can’t really..” Midoriya trailed off. “Was he lying to me?”


Bakugou shifted to sit farther up in his seat. “No, he wasn’t lying. I can’t go visit them though. So the Bakugou’s make due.”


Midoriya smiled a little at Bakugou’s similar phrase usage. “Well, my mom really likes to feed my friends, so I’m sure she’ll make you food whenever you want it.”


Bakugou folded his arms but didn’t say anything, just glanced out the window. “I’m not sick you know,” he choked out in a moment of silence. “I don’t fucking need help.”


“I didn’t say you needed it,” Midoriya commented. “I never said that, but as your friend, I am going to help you.”


“Tch, we aren’t fucking friends, idiot.”


“I think we are.”


“I’m too mean to you to be your damn friend.”


“I don’t think you’re mean.”


This gave Bakugou pause, everyone thought he was mean. Or at least, he was sure everyone but shitty hair thought he was mean. He turned his head to see Midoriya’s eyes still locked on the road, noticed how close to the steering wheel he sat, and how he seemed to always drive with two hands on either side of the wheel.


He drove cautiously.


“You don’t?” Bakugou spoke and Midoriya shook his head. “The hell is wrong with you.”


“I don’t know,” Midoriya shrugged. “You care enough about my wellbeing that I know that you aren’t doing mean things because you dislike me. Besides, whenever you realize you’ve crossed some kind of line it’s almost like you try to figure out how to fix it afterwards even if you don’t know how.”


“Stop fucking analyzing me!”


“I know you don’t like it,” Midoriya sighed. “I know that it makes you uneasy, but it’s the only way I can think.”


“Stop fucking thinking.”


“I can’t,” Midoriya shook his head. “I physically can’t just.. not think.”


Bakugou complied, didn’t say anything else. He knew it was impossible to not think, in fact, he knew that it was impossible because you have to think for your body to even work; forget about the emotionally nonsense.


“Please don’t swear in front of my mother,”




“I-I don’t cuss in front of her, and I’m pretty sure the closest thing she says to swearing is ‘dang’ so please don’t swear.” Midoriya said again. “It would really be good if you didn’t do that.”


“Fuck, fine.” Bakugou sighed. “Do you not swear at all?”


“Not really,” Midoriya shrugged. “I never developed that habit because my mom doesn’t.”


“My mom cussed like a fucking sailor.”

“It shows.”


“Don’t talk ill of my fucking mother!”


“I wasn’t!” Midoriya shook his head. “I-It just seems like something you’ve picked up. Because you swear like a sailor, too.”




Midoriya pulled into the driveway and let out a sigh as he climbed out and watched Bakugou did the same, looking around at everything. “We’ve only lived here for a couple of years,” Midoriya told Bakugou as he was glancing at everything. “It was a wreck, but it was something for my mom to do while I’m away at college and my dad is working.”


“Is she always alone while you’re at school?” Bakugou asked.


“Yeah, she has a couple of friends,” Midoriya shrugged. “I’m sure she gets lonely. It’s probably why she texts my roommate all the time.”


“Hm,” Bakugou grunted as he looked around. “I feel like I should’ve worn something else. If you’d fucking tell me that your mother would be here.”


“You wouldn’t have gotten in the car if I did, besides,” Midoriya said as he walked towards the front door. “You look nice anyways.”


Bakugou glared at him, if that green haired idiot thought this was nice, he would hate to see Midoriya’s street clothes. Midoriya opened the door and walked inside, Bakugou followed in and he could smell what seemed to be like a candle, or incense, maybe a wax melter, and it smelt like some kind light earthy smell. Like rain, or grass. Maybe both? Rained on grass?


“Shoes,” Midoriya reminded Bakugou who slipped his sneakers off and followed Midoriya farther into the house. “Mom?”


Bakugou was looking around, noticing every decoration, every photo, how warm everything felt. How the off-white walls made the space feel nicer, more inviting. How sometimes on the wood floor, it would make a light creaking noise.


“Izuku, honey!” The sound of a woman’s voice came and she sped into the room, nearly sliding to a stop as she saw Bakugou standing behind her son. “Oh, you must be Bakugou!”


Bakugou nodded, but he.. felt like he was lost for words. Which wasn’t like him, he was normally so confident with everyone but he was so worried about what Midoriya said about her, and felt such pity for her, that he didn’t want to mess up and say the wrong thing.


“It’s lovely to meet you,” she stepped forward past her son. “Midoriya Inko.”


“It’s nice to meet you Midoriya-san.” Bakugou said, his voice that low and gruff noise that Midoriya always found calming himself.


“I made food for the both of you, how is your head, Bakugou?” Inko asked.


“It hurts a little, I guess,” Bakugou admitted as he kicked his foot. Feeling like a little child, he wasn’t used to having a mother’s care in what felt like a decade, he didn’t know how to process the way that Inko was acting.


“Well sit down, and while you and Izuku eat I can make you something for it.” Inko hummed with a smile. “Food is on the table.”


“Thanks mom,” Midoriya smiled to his mother.


“Thank you, Midoriya-san,” Bakugou bowed slightly to her before following behind Midoriya who sat across from Bakugou at the table. There was a lot of food, one thing she always did was over cook. It was always a problem, but Bakugou would definitely try to eat his fill.


And yeah, her food was really good. Bakugou considered himself to be a good cook, but he avoided cooking far too often out of sheer laziness. He only cooked on occasion, and even still, it wasn’t anything like the lavish things he used to make.


Bakugou raised his eyes up to see Midoriya eating across from him, he seemed pretty content but he noticed that Midoriya was staring right back at him. “O-Oh, sorry, Kacchan,” Midoriya laughed nervously. “Guess I’ve been waiting for you to say something, but nothing came.”


“I don’t know what to say,” Bakugou admitted, shaking his head. He felt so confused, so conflicted by everything that he didn’t know how to process everything.


“How is it, Bakugou?” Inko walked back in the room with a tray in her hands.


“It’s really good, thank you,” Bakugou’s voice came quieter than before and both of the Midoriya’s seemed really confused about it. Her son had explained Bakugou as being loud, confident, and a little abrasive, but here.. he seemed like the exact opposite.


“Well drink this,” Inko set down the tray before moving one of the mug’s to Bakugou’s side of the table and as she gave Midoriya his own, she continued speaking. “It’ll make you a little tired, but it’ll definitely make you feel better, okay?”


Bakugou nodded, mumbled his thanks and took the warm mug in his hands, glancing down at the brownish color that filled the cup. Midoriya and his mother were watching carefully, but when he noticed both sets of eyes on him, he didn’t know how to process anything.


“Do you want more food, Kacchan?” Midoriya asked the blonde who shook his head. “Okay, I can help clean up, mom.”


“Thanks dear,” Inko smiled to her son as she took the tray back to kitchen. Midoriya took his plate a few things from the table as Bakugou watched him walk back to the hidden space of the kitchen.


“I thought you said he was.. loud? I can barely hear him when he speaks.” Inko whispered to her son, hoping to keep her voice quiet that Bakugou couldn’t hear them in the other room.


“He normally is,” Midoriya shook his head, returning his words at the same volume. “He wasn’t like this on the way over, and he’s never been this quiet before. I don’t know why he is now.”


“That’s odd, you don’t think he’s nervous, do you?”


“Him? Nervous? I’ve never seen him nervous,” Midoriya shook his head. He raised his eyes up just in time to see Bakugou walking in with the same tow that Midoriya had and encapsulating earlier on, making that the rest of the dishes.


Bakugou stood very still when he saw them before walking farther in the room. “Where do you want me to —”


“Oh you shouldn’t have to do that, sweetheart,” Inko spoke up as she took the stack of dishes. “You hurt yourself, so just go and sit down. Did you finish your tea?”


“Not yet,”


“Go do that then, Izuku can clean up.”


“Okay.” Bakugou replied.


“Here you can sit on the couch, it’s comfier.” Midoriya smiled and lead Bakugou out to the living room where he sat Bakugou on the couch and handed him the remote to the television. “Are you alright?”


Bakugou nodded, in reality, he felt so odd.. like normally he would be able to choke this feeling down, but because of everything that was scrambled in his head, he couldn’t focus. He couldn’t concentrate on keeping those feelings hidden.


“You’re acting weird,” Midoriya spoke again. “Just tell me what’s going on.”


Midoriya sat down beside Bakugou on the couch and noticed him looking glancing anywhere besides Midoriya. “I’m just not adjusted to this, is all.”


“Adjusted to what?”


“Your mother,”


“Is she.. overbearing?” Midoriya asked, suddenly feeling guilty for dragging Bakugou into the situation.


“No, not overbearing.” Bakugou shook his head. “Just motherly.”


“Your mom wasn’t every.. motherly?”


“I haven’t seen her in a long time,” Bakugou answered. “It’s been a couple of years.”


“Oh, I see,” Midoriya nodded his head. “Okay, that’s fine then. I just wanted to make sure you’re alright, and you are?” Bakugou nodded. “Alright, I’m going to help my mom out a little bit and then I can bring you home.”


Bakugou nodded a second time as Midoriya left, he continued to sip on the tea as he leaned back into the couch. He didn’t bother with the remote, he figured the bright light and noises would just hurt his head. So he listened to the sound of Midoriya and his mother occasionally laughing a few rooms away and the sound of him slurping the tea into his mouth every now and again.


He finished the cup and thought about bringing it to the kitchen but didn’t want to interrupt the time the two were spending together so he set it on the coffee table and pulled his knees up to his chest; running his hands aimlessly up and down his calves.


He felt so weird, everything was so wishy washy and suddenly he was so tired. Mama Midoriya was right, that tea will put even the biggest bear to sleep, but his head did feel significantly better. Is that why it felt so weird up there, so groggy? Because the tea was just drowning everything out.


Bakugou figured that he could lay down for a second, just a second and be fine, but he quickly fell asleep, his hood pulled over his head and his knees tucked up to his chest. His face entirely calm. No worry-knitted eyebrows, no deep, penetrating glares. Just peace.


“Hey Kacchan, I’m all set if you —” Midoriya paused as his mother walked in close behind him. “ — Oh, he fell asleep.”


“I told him it would make him sleepy,” Inko hummed with a smile. “He looks so cute.”


“Mom, c’mon,” Midoriya chuckled lightly. “I mean he does, but I should wake him up, right?”


Both of them seemed to question it. “Maybe just leave him,” Inko suggested. “He looks really peaceful. However, get him a blanket, he’s probably cold.”


“Okay,” Midoriya said. He grabbed a blanket from the hallway closet before walking back and laying it over Bakugou’s body, his hands immediately fisting at it as he nuzzled into the space.

“He’s so cute,” Inko cooed, trying to keep her voice down as Midoriya nudged her. “You know, I’ve been thinking about where I knew his name from, ‘Bakugou.’”


“Really? Where?”


“I knew a woman, her name is Mitsuki, I wonder if Bakugou is related to her.”


“Mitsuki, Katsuki,” Midoriya hummed. “Maybe. I can ask him if you want.”


“I haven’t heard anything about her in a long time, she looked like him though, so I figure they must be related.” Inko answered. “I don’t know where she went though.”


“Bakugou said his parents live far away.” Midoriya shrugged.


“Hm, I didn’t know Mitsuki was married.” Inko said quietly and shrugged.


“We should probably stop talking about him, I don’t want to wake him up.” Midoriya said to her and his mother nodded in response, definitely agreeing that would be bad.


Bakugou woke up to the gentle humming noise of the television, and then noticed how a hand was gently stroking his hair, that someone was definitely was sitting beside him. His immediate thought was that it was Deku and was going to punch him, so he sat up very suddenly and that caused Inko to jump a little when she noticed that the blonde was looking at her with eyes blown wide.


“Oh I’m sorry! Did I wake you up? I didn’t figure it bothered you because you let me do it for so long and your hair is just as soft as it looks, I’m so sorry!” Inko was apology after apology and all that Bakugou could do was sit, looking at her with wide eyes. He blinked a few times and let out the breath he didn’t know he was holding. “Are you alright, Bakugou?”


“Yeah, yeah,” Bakugou said despite the fact that he was shaking his head. He sat back on his feet and took a deep breath. “You scared the shit out of me — ah I didn’t mean to swear!” Bakugou immediately panicked when he realized he did the one thing he really wasn’t supposed to do.


Inko looked at him with surprise before she laughed and made a dismissing hand gestured. “Not a problem, it’s okay. Izuku went to bed, he couldn’t stay up waiting for you to wake up any longer.”


“What time is it?” Bakugou asked.


“Hm,” Inko picked up her phone off of the coffee table, the gentle glow of it illuminating her features that the television missed. “Nearly one-thirty in the morning.”


“You guys could’ve woken me up so I could leave.” Bakugou said.


“It’s okay! You looked so cute and peaceful,” Inko hummed, a smile spreading across her features. “Besides, I figured with your head, it would help you to sleep. Does it hurt?”


“Not right now, no,” Bakugou shook the object of discussion. He rubbed his eyes as he yawned. “Thank you.” He formed within the midst of a yawn. “I’m sorry for earlier, I heard you and De — Izuku talking in the kitchen. I didn’t mean to be alarming to either of you. I’m just not used to this.”


“Used to what?” Inko asked, tilting her head to the side.


“My mom isn’t around, so I’m not used to.. motherly affection? Any kind of parental affection, actually.” Bakugou shook his head. “It’s nice, I just don’t know how to process it.” He didn’t know what forced the admission out of him, maybe it was how calm, kind and how effective Inko’s gentleness was.


“Oh sweetheart,” Inko frowned and Bakugou met her teary gaze.


“Don’t cry, it’s okay, don’t cry,” Bakugou pleaded as Inko moved towards Bakugou and put her arms around his body in a way that had him sinking into her embrace. He swallowed hard, this would not be where he broke. He would not break. He would not break .


“I’m sorry,” Inko sniffled, she pulled back and took Bakugou’s face in her hands. “It just makes me sad to think that you haven’t experienced something like that in such a long time that your brain doesn’t even know what to do with it.”


“I-I’m sorry,” the words came out like a croak, Bakugou didn’t want to break though, he didn’t want to break. He felt like a little kid, like he just wanted to curl up on the couch and feel a mother’s touch. Feel like he was being taken care of. Not pinned up in that apartment all by himself, sitting thinking of the memories of what was his life, instead he wanted to feel and make new memories of the things that were to come. He couldn’t ask any of that though, not of a woman who he just met. Not a woman so soft and with a heart so big that he couldn’t compare his shriveled up black one.


“S-Should I wake up Izuku so he can take me home?”


“What?” Inko’s eyes widened.


“Well.. I figured you would want me to —”


“Nonsense!” Inko frowned at him. “You’re hurt and you’re sad, I don’t want you to go have to sit all alone in the dark, Bakugou.”


“Katsuki,” the word left Bakugou’s mouth before he could process what he was asking. He didn’t want to hear Bakugou though, he wanted to hear his name.


Knowing that, Inko smiled wide. “Come on, there’s a spare bedroom, you can sleep there and I’ll wake you up in the morning.”


Bakugou nodded shyly and allowed for Inko to guide him through the dark house and to a room that was right beside one that had plaque that said ‘Izuku’ on it. She opened the door up, and there was a gentle and warm glow of a light plugged into the wall outlet. “Do you want me to turn the light off?” Inko asked and smiled when Bakugou shook his head. “Okay, is it warm enough? Cold enough?”


Do not break, do not break .


Bakugou’s mind felt like it was screaming. He took a deep and shaky breath. “I-It’s fine, thank you.”


“Okay,” Inko smiled as Bakugou walked farther into the room. “What do you want for breakfast, Katsuki?”


“Anything is fine,” Bakugou answered, feeling himself jump a little at the sound of his given name being said. “I’m not very picky.”


“I can make pancakes?” Inko offered. “Or waffles, if you prefer those.”


“Whichever is easiest for you.”


“Which do you want, Katsuki?” Inko pressed, Bakugou turned, fumbling with the sleeves of his sweatshirt.


“Waffles.” He mumbled without meeting her gaze.


“Then I’m making waffles,” Inko hummed as she continued to smile at him, she walked over to him, and again wrapped her arms around his body that was practically shaking from trying to hold itself together. “Goodnight Katsuki, sleep tight,”


Don’t you fucking break.


“Don’t let the bed bugs bite,”


He could feel his lip quievering, he bit it, hoping it would stop, hoping that this stinging in his eyes would dissipate. Katsuki don’t fucking break, don’t you fucking do it.


“Let me know if you need absolutely anything.”


Bakugou felt the tears come down his cheek without warning, hot and heavy and he felt the shudder make his way through his body and as the short woman pulled away, she noticed how constricted Bakugou’s face looked. “Oh why are you crying? Are you alright?”


“I-I don’t.. I don’t know, I just.. I just..” The words wouldn’t come out of Bakugou’s mouth correctly, but it’s not like they were correct in his mind either. He stilled when he felt a tissue he didn’t know Inko had wipe across his cheeks.


“Don’t worry about it,” she said as though she could read him. “You’re more than welcomed here, sweetheart.”


He nodded his head and sniffled as he used his sleep to wipe his nose and noticed Inko’s eyebrows narrowing. “Don’t do that, use a tissue, Katsuki.”


“Okay,” Bakugou nodded, not even caring that he was being scolded.


“Goodnight,” she ruffled her hair one more time before leaving the room with a smile. When the door closed, Bakugou sank down on the bed, immediately thinking how much more comfortable it was than his own. He let out a sigh and crawled underneath the comforter. Thinking about how on the other side of this wall was Izuku who was so used to being around Inko — a woman that had enough love for ten children. Don’t get Bakugou wrong, he always knew his mother loved him, but it was different having Inko be right here and it was different since he had gone so long without her.

Chapter Text

Midoriya walked through the house early in the morning, feeling groggy, and overall exhausted. He noticed his mother was already sitting on the couch and figured that she hadn’t woken him up to bring Bakugou home and just did it on her own. “Hey, did Kacchan go —”


“Sh!” Inko hushed him and pointed downwards. Curious, Midoriya took a few steps forward and revealed that Bakugou was laying on the couch, his head close to Inko’s legs as her hand ran through his hair. “He’s still asleep.”


“He.. He slept the whole night through?”


“No,” Inko shook her head. “He woke up at about one-thirty, and I let him go back to the spare room, then he woke up again at about three and came out here to sit with me.”


“It’s like six-thirty mom, how long did you sleep for?”


“Long enough,” Inko dismissed him.


“And you could have had me bring Kacchan home, I would’ve gotten up.”


“Nonsense!” Inko shushed her son. “He’s such a lovely boy, and he didn’t look like he wanted to leave, so I told him to stay. Besides, with his head injury, I want to be helpful.”


“It isn’t that serious,” Midoriya sighed. “I mean, if you’re fine with coddling my boss, I guess that’s alright.”


“He wants waffles,” Inko told Midoriya who rolled his eyes. “Don’t be jealous.”


“Why are you babying him? I feel like he isn’t happy about it.” Midoriya shook his head.


Inko sighed. “He started crying last night, Izuku, I don’t think you understand him enough to say that.”


“He? Him? He started crying?” Midoriya pointed at the blonde who was beginning to stir a little. “No way, I don’t believe you.”


“Let me baby him, he deserves it, and you don’t let me baby you.”


Midoriya sighed, rubbing his face. “Alright, I don’t have time to deal with this. I have to go to work.”


“Why are you upset?”


“I’m not upset, I’m just.. I guess I’m just confused,” Midoriya shook his head. “This isn’t like him, and if it is like him I’m upset with him for lying to me so much.”


“Don’t be upset with him,” Inko scolded her son. “It isn’t like that, I know it. He’s just not used to having other people care for him like this, that’s all so don’t get all huffy with him.”


“You’re right,” Midoriya answered. “I’m sorry.”


“It’s okay,”  Inko hummed, continuing to thread her fingers through Bakugou’s hair.


“Is his hair as soft as it looks?” Midoriya asked. Inko smirked at her son and stood from the couch, gesturing him to sit down and see for himself. Midoriya sat down, cautious, thinking that Bakugou might blow up if he saw Midoriya stroking his head.


His hand reached for Bakugou’s head, his hand running through his hair and his eyes widened. “It’s like.. a pomeranian.”


“Yeah, I wonder what shampoo he uses, he smells sweet.”  


Midoriya blinked a few times, lowered his head down and smelt the sleeping blonde before raising his head up. “Huh, he does.” Midoriya mumbled as he continued to run his hands through the hair.


Bakugou stirred a little, probably waking up and it made Midoriya freeze up until Bakugou’s eyes opened up, blinking in the gentle glow that came from the parted blinds on the other side of the room. “Why’d you stop?” His voice came quiet, scratchy and laced with sleep.


“Oh.” Was all Midoriya could think to say as he continued to rub Bakugou’s head, he lowered his head back down against Midoriya’s leg and let his eyes close again. The blanket he had was pulled close to his face and he seemed very content. “Are you awake, Kacchan?”


“Mhm,” Bakugou mumbled, his head nodded a little bit.


“I have to go now, I have to get ready for work.”


“No, no,” Bakugou shook his head and his arms parted from the blanket, his arms wrapping around Midoriya as his eyes widened, immediately looking to his mother for help. “Stay.”

“I-I have to go, Kacchan,”


Stay.” Bakugou repeated as he held onto Midoriya tighter. “I’m the boss, I say stay.” Inko looked like she was trying not to laugh at Midoriya and the things Bakugou was saying.


“I-I get that you’re my boss but you’re not the boss, you can’t give me the day off.” Midoriya laughed nervously. Bakugou huffed, and he thought he might get away from Bakugou as he sat up but just the opposite happened. Instead, Bakugou climbed onto Midoriya’s lap, wrapped up in the blanket as he lowered his head onto Midoriya’s shoulder.


“I said stay.”


“K-Kacchan?” Midoriya squeaked, not quite sure what to do with his arms as they were held out, probably looking very awkward.


“Mm my head hurts,” Bakugou whined. “Don’t leave, don’t be mean.”


Why did he sound so much like a little kid? Why was he acting like one? Midoriya liked to blame his mother, but that didn’t account for why Bakugou was clinging to him, not Inko.


“Don’t make me sad and leave,” Bakugou’s voice came quiet and Midoriya could feel his heart practically shattering at the sound of it. He never imagined something so awful to leave Bakugou’s mouth, it was worse feeling than all the cussing, the insults, nothing was worse than a sad Bakugou. Which honestly, Midoriya didn’t think he would ever be like this.


“I..” Midoriya trailed off, he didn’t know what to do, but he noticed how his mother’s expression had changed. “Kacchan.. I don’t..”


“Just a minute more,” Bakugou mumbled, nuzzling his head into Midoriya. “My head hurts.”


“Right, you mentioned it.” Midoriya said quietly, his arms working their way around Bakugou, a single hand snaking up to his hair, running his fingers through the strands that hung over his neck. “But I am gonna have to go to work.”


“I know,” Bakugou’s voice came quietly. “Ashido and Kouda probably need help,” Midoriya smiled a little bit. “Poor Kirishima and Satou, it’s just them.”


“I bet someone else can help them,” Midoriya answered. “You sound like you care.”


“It’s a shitty job and it’s even more shitty when you have to deal with bullshit.”


“Language, Kacchan!” Midoriya squeaked, he saw his mother’s widened eye expression.


“Sorry but please don’t yell..” Bakugou grumbled. “It’s loud.”


“Sure, sure,” Midoriya answered. “But don’t swear.”


“I said I was sorry,”


“Okay, you need to get up, I have to go to work.”


“Don’t leave because I swore,” Bakugou whined.


“I’m not, I have to go to work.”


Bakugou huffed, sliding off of Midoriya’s lap and laying back down on the couch, now looking very angry. “Kacchan? Are you angry with me?”


“I don’t want you here, go away.”


“It’s my house.”


Bakugou’s eyes widened for a split second, like he suddenly remembered it, so he sat up, rubbed his eyes and stood up. “Okay, I’m going,”


“No, no!” Inko shouted as she jumped in front of Bakugou’s path. He was surprised to see her intervene. “We want you here, Katsuki, don’t get the wrong idea. We haven’t even had breakfast yet.”


“O..kay..” the word came quiet from Bakugou’s mouth and he settled back down on the couch, pulling the blanket around his body again. “Have fun at work, Deku.”


“Sure,” Midoriya responded. “Have a good day, I’ll see you guys later.”


Midoriya traveled to work, feeling a little odd, it felt so nice to have Bakugou physically be there, in a way that he understood but at the same time didn’t. He seemed so frustrated, sad, upset, everything seemed to be causing him some kind of torment that Midoriya just couldn’t understand.


He was sure by now, his mother was coaxing Bakugou into eating. He couldn’t believe how Bakugou had taken to his mother so quickly, could he really miss his own that much? So much that it caused him to be completely open and vulnerable into Inko?


Once through the front doors, Midoriya’s first thought went to Todoroki, someone he needed to find, to help him understand the entire situation. However, he remembered that Todoroki wasn’t here and he thought of the next best thing.


“Hey Kirishima,” Midoriya said as he walked over to where Kirishima was anxiously dealing with the mess of tents in front of him. “I have a question, it’s about Bakugou.”


“Sure, what is it?”


“Is he sometimes.. weirdly clingy?”


Kirishima blinked a few times. “‘Weirdly clingy,’” he repeated. “What happened?”


“Well, he slept at my house last night, because he had dinner with my mom and I, and she gave him tea that made him tired and he fell asleep on the couch. Apparently my mom got him to be really.. emotionally vulnerable, because he cried. I didn’t know that Bakugou was capable of that. Then this morning I was just sitting with him on the couch, and he starts getting all grabby with me, then he’s sitting on me and telling me not to leave because it’ll make him sad.”


Kirishima blinked a few times, like he was processing everything Midoriya told him. “He gets like that when he’s drunk.” Kirishima told him. “We go out every other Friday, and Bakugou’s gotten drunk a few times, but sometimes he doesn’t drink at all. He.. uh.. He’s gotten pretty clingy with a few of us. It’s either been me, Todoroki, I’ve even seen him do it with Kaminari.”


“He.. wasn’t drunk though,” Midoriya shook his head.


“He hit his head, maybe it’s like the same thing.” Kirishima answered. “When Bakugou got his first concussion, Todoroki said he never knew Bakugou had so many emotions, so maybe it’s just a symptom of it?”


“My mom got him to cry though,”


“I’ve seen Bakugou cry.”




“Yeah, it was a little while after he started working here, I think it was just before he got promoted so it was when he was still working in electronics with Todoroki,” Kirishima said. “He came into work, and his eyes were all red and puffy, and I asked him what was wrong and he just asked if he could hug me. I never found out what was wrong with him, but he seemed really out of it.. for a while.”


“He’s so weird,” Midoriya sighed. “Why can’t he just talk about his feelings like a normal person?”


“Maybe he doesn’t know what to do with them?” Kirishima suggested with a thoughtful shrug. “He’s bottled up so much of it, he probably doesn’t know how to do anything else. You can try your hardest to get it out of him, Todoroki already did and he barely scraped the surface. That’s why I only play the good friend card, if Bakugou wants something, he can ask me, but I won’t try to help him if he doesn’t want it.”


Midoriya sighed, glancing down at the floor. “Why does he like my mom so much!?” He threw his arms up.


“Cause she’s a mom?” Kirishima shrugged. “He got really quiet when he met Todoroki’s mother too. We have this annual thing where families come around Christmas and we do this big employee thing. Whenever he meets someone's mother he gets really quiet.”


“What does his mother say about it?”


“She doesn’t come.” Kirishima said. “They live too far, I guess.”


“Don’t tell me Bakugou has a thing for moms.”


“Hah, far from it,” Kirishima laughed and Midoriya looked relatively confused. “Dude, you don’t know?”


“Know what?”


“He’s gay,” Kirishima said and Midoriya’s eyes widened up. “Huh, he’s usually pretty forward about it so it’s probably not a big deal that I told you.”


“Who is Bakugou Katsuki?!” Midoriya shouted. Beyond confusion, beyond intrigue, beyond whatever, Midoriya didn’t know what to do anymore.


“A tough nut to crack,” Kirishima replied. “You should honestly stop trying so hard, if no one else could do it, why could you? I don’t think Bakugou wants someone to know who he is.”


Midoriya frowned, he knew Kirishima had a point, but he didn’t know if he should follow that advice, act the same way as Kirishima does, do nothing besides deal with it. “Okay, I’ll let you get back to work.” Midoriya’s voice came quiet and Kirishima watched him walk off. Noticed how he slumped, noticed how his feet scraped against the ground.


Midoriya worked slow, bothered every now and again by a customer but for the most part responded easily, pointing them in the right direction. Kouda and Ashido would watch Midoriya curiously, notice how off everything seemed without Bakugou. And it wasn’t just tough there, it was tough in every department. Where Bakugou normally jumped into help, there was no one, meaning that things got broken, customers got angry, employees got anxious, and no one really knew how to function without the help of Bakugou.


Too bad he never thought of himself to be all that helpful.


Todoroki was missing too, and that only seemed to be icing on the cake. Two of the best employees, gone. So that meant the chaotic disarray was only amplified without Todoroki’s calm demeanor to right the ship.


When he got home, Midoriya was beyond exhausted, he wanted nothing more than to just throw himself into bed and call it. He completely spaced about the fact that Bakugou was still in his house until he swung the door open and noticed not two pairs of shoes at the door, but three .


Midoriya slid off his own shoes and walked into the dining room to see Bakugou and Shinsou sitting across from each other, a very tense look on both of their faces. Bakugou was the first to notice Midoriya’s presence, his face’s glare fading in surprisal. Shinsou noticed it too, turning to face Midoriya.


“Oh hey!” Shinsou smiled as he raised his mug to the greenette who smiled and waved nervously. “Your mom is in the kitchen.”


“What are you doing here, Shinsou?” Midoriya asked.


“Aren’t you going to ask the kid whose hair looks like an explosion?”


“I know why he’s here,” Midoriya answered. “Why are you here? I mean, I am plenty happy to see you so don’t get the wrong idea. I’m just curious.”


“So what? I need a reason to come over now?” Shinsou’s face turned into a low looking scowl, and Midoriya shook his head nervously. “So I’m hanging out. Seems like this temper-tantrum is keeping your mother company though.”


“Is that Izuku?” The woman’s voice called.


“Yeah!” Midoriya answered, well aware of the fact that his mother had allowed something awful to ensue. He sat down at the table between the both of them, and watched as their eyes locked with one another, like they were resuming their glaring contest.


“How was work?” Shinsou said without taking his eyes off of Bakugou.


“It was — okay can you guys stop please?” Midoriya sighed and both of them turned to look at him. “I don’t.. I don’t know why you’re being like this but please just stop.”


“Alright,” Shinsou replied as Bakugou flopped back into his chair.


“Work was chaotic and kind of awful, actually.” Midoriya sighed. “Without Bakugou and Todoroki, we’re as capable as a beached whale.”


“Really?” Bakugou perked up.


“Yeah, people have been saying how weird it is that you’re not there.” Midoriya answered, the look on his face showed that something else was brewing though.


“Is everything okay with you?” Shinsou asked before Bakugou even had the chance to.


“I didn’t exactly have the best day,” Midoriya’s voice came quiet. “Kirishima and I had a rather unsavory conversation this morning, and I guess it just set the mood for the rest of the day.”


“What did he fucking say?” Bakugou growled.


“Nothing important,” Midoriya said. “It’s my fault, he didn’t do anything.”


“I can —”


“Do nothing about it,” Midoriya turned his eyes to meet Bakugou’s expression which was a little surprised. “It’s fine, nothing happened, he didn’t do anything wrong.”


“Fine.” Bakugou scowled as he returned to his nonchalaunt relaxed state.  


It was at this point that Inko has returned, smiling as she carried a pot of food the table and set it down in the middle. “How was work honey?”


“Good,” Midoriya lied and it made Bakugou narrow his brows.


“What’re you lying for?” Bakugou scoffed at the green haired boy who turned his eyes at the noise.


“I..” Midoriya trailed off. Inko was waiting patiently, as though she was surprised by it. “It wasn’t a great day but it definitely wasn’t as bad as Monday.”


Bakugou’s eyes widened a little bit. “I didn’t mean to make Monday a bad day..” his voice came quiet.


“It’s not your fault,” Midoriya shook his head. “It just sucked, Kacchan,”


“Monday’s are normally bad anyways!” Inko laughed nervously. “So if anything bad would happen, it would have to happen on Monday!”


“Sure,” Midoriya answered and the other three noticed how sour his attitude was, but none of them were sure of how to properly address it.


Shinsou ate silently as he watched Midoriya poke around at his food; completely able to ignore the fact that everyone sitting at the table was staring at him with a mildly worried expression.


“I got to talk to your dad today,” Inko spoke up and Midoriya raised his eyes to her, making it clear that she had his attention. “He’s doing well.”


“Not coming home, then, not before I leave for school again?”


“So far it’s no, but he’s gonna —”


“Try, right.” Midoriya sighed. “I’m sorry, I just had a long day and I’m tired so I’m going to excuse myself.”


“Izuku —”


“Thanks for coming over Hitoshi,” Midoriya dismisses the group with a hand and a few moments later his door clicked shut. He fell onto his bed and closed his eyes for only what felt like a few minutes but a tap on his door made him rise and groan as he walked towards the door. Opening it revealed Bakugou who stood there; arms folded. He didn’t look menacing though.


“Can you drive me back to my apartment?” Bakugou asked and Midoriya’s eyebrows narrowed.


“You aren’t gonna stay again?”


“I’m a big fucking boy,” Bakugou scoffed. “I need to go back to my apartment.”


“Sure,” Midoriya said. “You finished dinner quick.”


“You’ve been in there for two and a half hours,” Bakugou scoffed.


“Oh man,” Midoriya sighed. “I didn’t even realize it, well come on then.”


Shinsou left soon after Midoriya secluded himself in his room, and Inko tried to ask Bakugou if he really needed to go, and that he could stay as long as he wanted to, but he did nod and tell her that he needed to go home. She was happy about it, but she allowed for it to happen and that lead to Bakugou and Midoriya in his car as they drove back to the apartments.


“This is the only time I’m going to ask you what you talked to Kirishima about. Tell me if you want, but I won’t beg for you to tell me about it.” Bakugou said and Midoriya didn’t answer him. “Take that as a no.”


“We talked about you,” Midoriya spoke directly after. Bakugou’s eyes trailed over to Midoriya who was holding the steering wheel tight. “Talked about your moodiness, how when you drink you get emotional, how you’re so annoying constipated about. I feel like I don’t know who you are, just when I think I figure you out I’m sent for a loop, and Kirishima says you do it on purpose.”


“He's right,” Bakugou mumbled.


“Why do you do that?”


“Because I don’t need you to be a part of my life.”


Midoriya scoffed. “I’ve been nothing but helpful, I don’t care if my mom likes you, I’ll make you walk the rest of the way.”


“Good hopefully in the dark, I get hit by a car and you can get to blame yourself for me dying.” Bakugou spat out. “I didn’t ask for this shit, Deku.”


“Neither did I.” Midoriya sighed. “I just wanted to have a summer job that didn’t involve some idiotic guy getting under my skin and making things more complicated than they need to be! I didn’t need a repeat of last summer but for some reason I have a scary feeling like it will be!”


“What happened!?” Bakugou snapped. “You elude to it but you won’t fucking tell me!”


“I had a crush on Chisaki and it didn’t end well! Alright!?” Midoriya snarled. “We dated a little and then it just got worse and worse and worse and I don’t want to talk about it! Especially not while driving!”


“You keep asking for my openness but I think you forget that you’re just as closed off. You lie about emotions the same as I do but the only difference is you can’t keep yours held in, and I can.” Bakugou informed him. “You’re just like fucking everyone else. They just wanna know so much about me but they never want to share on their own end and I can’t keep getting burned, Deku! I can’t keep having people leave because they can!”


Midoriya pulled into the apartment complex parking spot, he put the car in park and let out a loud sigh as his head fell back, and then suddenly, he was laughing. “I hate that you’re right, I hate it so much.”


“Huh? Why are you laughing then?”


“Because!” Midoriya said, throwing his hands up so they grazed against the car roof. “Because I don’t know how else to act. I just keep wanting you to be open with me but you’re so right when you say I’m not any better, why? Because I’m not. I keep all of my fears deep where people can’t touch them yet I get all huffy when someone like you can’t do what I want to be able to do.”


Bakugou took a deep breath, the sound of him releasing it filling the car. “Well, we can work at it.”


“Huh?” Midoriya turned his head to Bakugou, did he hear that right?


“I can’t make promises, I don’t like them,” Bakugou said. “And I’ll start my honesty by telling you why I don’t like them.”




“I don’t like promises because no matter how many times you can say, ‘I promise’ there are some promises you just can’t keep. And I know people don’t mean to lie about it, but it’s always so bitter to find out that we’re telling a lie. Even if they didn’t mean to.” Bakugou said and Midoriya blinked a few times, surprised at Bakugou’s honesty. “Okay, now I’ve been honest with you. So you tell me something of equal or lesser value.”


“I..” Midoriya trailed off, his eyes glancing forward again. “My dad works overseas, he comes home sometimes but not as often as I wish he would. It’s hard going to school and leaving my mom here because I worry about what she does when she’s away. She’s always been.. kind of a loner. She has a couple of friends, but they all have lives so much different from hers. She’ll never admit it, but I know it bothers her. If she tells me though, she knows I won’t be able to leave. She wants me to have my own life but I don’t want to abandon her.”


Bakugou listened attentively, his expression tight but not angry by any means. Midoriya continued on. “I think that’s why she liked you so immediately, because you were someone she could care for. Maybe she feels like she can’t care for me anymore but she can care for you because you need it. Admit it or not, your injury is an excuse for her to coddle you. I got angry about it this morning, I felt like she’s doing exactly what she shouldn’t be doing. Because even though in the moment it’s fine, you were always going to have to get up and leave that house.”


“I like your mom,” Bakugou said. “It was nice, but you’re right. Even if it’s fine in the moment, I knew it would end.”


“This was.. good,” Midoriya took a deep breath and let it flow out of him. “It’s good to hear what you’re thinking, Kacchan.”


“It’s not good.” Bakugou answered and he laughed nervously. “I told you something that’s kind of sad.”


“Yeah I know,” Midoriya shrugged. “But it’s good that you’re sharing that with me. Normally the sad thoughts are the ones you hang onto the hardest.”


“You sound like you have some skeletons in your closet,” Bakugou chuckled.


“You do too,”


“Mm,” Bakugou smiled a little bit. “Guess you’re right, but everyone seems to know that.”


“Can I ask you a question?”




“Why did you never let Todoroki in? He’s nice.”


“He's also got a hell of an ass, so avoidant of crushes would be the answer,” Bakugou answered as though it was the most normal thing to say. “I was worried about getting too clingy to a guy who wouldn’t want me, so I kept my distance. I know how to deal with it now, and Todoroki knows it too, our friendship is just.. confusing I guess. He knows more than he leads on though.”


“Huh,” Midoriya replied. “And Kirishima?”


“He doesn’t push,” Bakugou shrugged. “So I figure he doesn’t really want to know but if I need something I know he’ll listen.”


“Do I have to push you off a cliff or something to make you understand that I want to know?” Midoriya sighed and it made Bakugou chuckle.


“Yeah, maybe,” Bakugou answered. “Okay, I’ll get out of your car now. Thank you, Deku.”


“Thank you.. just who are you?”


“The biggest regret of your life,” Bakugou smirked as he climbed out of the car, leaving before Midoriya could process and argue anything. He watched Bakugou with his hands in his sweatshirt pocket walk up to his apartment. He turned back, saw Midoriya looking at him, and flipped him off before pushing into his apartment.


“What the hell..” Midoriya mumbled. “What even.. what just.. agh! What’s going on!?” He slammed his head down on the steering wheel and when it honked he jumped up. If only he knew that Bakugou was laughing inside of his apartment.

Chapter Text

Monday morning, Bakugou showed up to work, feeling a little nervous as he stood at his car looking up towards the building. He took a deep breath and walked towards it, hoping no one would bombard him with unnecessary questions. He didn’t want to deal with it all; not now.


The door slid open for him, and he walked inside, noticing a serious lack of people at the front of the store. The first though, was Iida, who greeted Bakugou kindly. “Good morning Bakugou, it’s nice to see you again.”


Bakugou scoffed, “Whatever.” He said and expected Iida to have more to say, but he just kept walking on. Bakugou blinked a few times and then continued walking through the customer free store.


“Good morning Bakugou!” Uraraka shouted from one of the aisles Bakugou passed. “It’s great to see that you’re back! You’ve been sorely missed.”


“Yeah shut the hell —” Bakugou paused, suddenly realizing what Uraraka said. “What did you say?”


“Bakubro!” Kirishima’s voice came before Uraraka could answer. Bakugou turned to see Kirishima walk towards the blonde with Kaminari beside him. “It’s so good to see you, I’ve missed having you around!”


Bakugou stood very still, unsure of how to react. The only words that he could get out was as follows, “What the hell are you two doing here so early? Don’t tell me they scheduled you for six in the damn morning.”


Before either party could answer, more people were coming up to Bakugou, wishing him a good morning, and telling him that they had missed him. He was blinking, astonished, and unable to move away. He could only feel how weird things were, how nerved he felt about everything. How he was afraid that everyone was lying to him. Lying because they were afraid of Bakugou.


He didn’t want to show it though, “Where’s Takara?”


“The break room, I believe,” Uraraka hummed, a small smile playing on her lips.


“The fuck is she doing in there?” Bakugou grumbled as he pushed through the group and towards the back. He tried to ignore people who stopped him to say how happy they were for his return, and he made his way into the break room, but Takara wasn’t there.


Instead, there sat Midoriya, humming as he sipped up on a cup of tea. Across the table lining the wall was food and drinks and over it hung a sparkly banner that said ‘Welcome Back Bakugou.’ He was wide eyed at it before he turned to see Midoriya, trying to hide his cheeky grin. “Good morning, Kacchan.”


“Did you do this shithead?” Bakugou scoffed.


“They did it,” Midoriya said, gesturing towards where the front of the store would be, despite it being blocked by countless walls and shelving. “Not me.”


“You set them up to it, I fucking know it,” Bakugou growled as he slammed his hands down on the table that Midoriya was sitting at.


“They wanted to do something special for you when you got back,” Midoriya shrugged. “That’s all.”


Bakugou glared at him, but Midoriya didn’t seem to flinch. “Have something to eat,” he said and watched the blonde lean away from the table as he headed over to where the food was laid out. He glanced over it, picking up a pancake off of a stack and slapping it on a paper plate.


“So who made this slop?”


“My mother,” Midoriya rolled his eyes and watched as Bakugou’s shoulders tensed up. “Come sit and eat with me.”


“Fuck, fine,” Bakugou grumbled as he plopped down across from Midoriya and scowled at Midoriya’s happy-go-lucky expression. “The fuck are you looking like that for?”


“Nothing,” Midoriya answered, shaking his head. “Are you happy to be back?”


“Tch, why would anyone be happy to have to go back to work?” Bakugou grumbled. Secretly, he was happy to be back but only because it was so damn boring to be home all day with nothing really to do besides to reread the same books and to hope time went faster.


“Just a question,” Midoriya shrugged. “Be careful this time, alright?”


“Yeah wha —”


“I’m serious, I don’t want you to get hurt.” Midoriya interjected, bringing Bakugou a moment of pause. He rolled his eyes and continued on with his normal behaviorisms. Bakugou didn’t really want to think about the fact that Midoriya was going to get him to admit he enjoyed the small welcoming one way or another, or the fact that he would have to work with that grin all day.


Bakugou resumed his work, a quick chat with Takara had him back on the floor, opening boxes and filling the shelves with the products. His eyes wandered over to find Midoriya who was placing plastic toy boxes on the shelf, a very content look on his face.


Midoriya haulted, his fingers just tipping the toy nearest to him as Bakugou’s eyes watched him crouched and glancing at the tags on the shelving and then at the product, making sure that they matched up. Midoriya must have noticed Bakugou staring, because his eyes trailed over before snapping forward and his face hinted a light shade of pink.


Bakugou continued on, trying to keep his eyes from turning to look at Midoriya but nothing really seemed to prove to be the most effective thing. “Hey Kacchan,” Midoriya said after several hours of working alongside one another. “I’m going to go eat, do you want to come with me?”


“No,” Bakugou answered and Midoriya’s eyes narrowed. He let out a sigh, he asked so many times that he was expecting that answer, but he couldn’t help but to hope otherwise.


“Okay,” his voice came quiet, and Midoriya turned on his heel. Walking out of the space as Bakugou continued to work. His eyes narrowed at the task in front of him.


“Hey dude,” Kirishima spoke up when he noticed Bakugou’s hands had stopped their constant movement on his way by. “You’re gonna come with us, right? This Friday?”


Bakugou groaned. “I don’t want to go drinking, I don’t even think I can,”


“You don’t have to drink,” Kirishima reminded him. “But we’ve all missed you and it would be great to —”


“You don’t miss me!” Bakugou snapped at the red haired man who was definitely surprised by the outburst. “You all are just doing this because that shitty nerd told you to!”


“W-What?” Kirishima sputtered in bewilderment. “That’s ridiculous, Bakugou! We missed you, we were a mess without you. If you want to sit and argue with me, that’s not how it’s going to go. I don’t want to hear it.”


Bakugou glared at Kirishima, staring daggers into him in a way that would have anyone else quaking. “Look, come with us, you’ve been gone for the past week and the least we want is to be able to spend some time with us.” Kirishima stood his ground and watched as the glare Bakugou gave faltered a little, Kirishima knew he was going to win. “I’m going to ask Midoriya to come too, and you’re the closest with him, I bet it would make him feel more comfortable for you to be there.”


“That’s a dumb fucking excuse,” Bakugou snarled. “I’m not dragging around your drunk asses.”


“I’ll make sure he gets home alright,” Kirishima rolled his eyes. “I doubt he’d be inclined to be drinking anyways.”


“Fine,” Bakugou huffed. “I’ll go with you assholes.”


“Thank you,” Kirishima said before letting out a sigh of relief. “Because I already asked Midoriya and already told him that you were going to convince him.”


“Don’t be a liar,” Bakugou grumbled. “Go back to work, stop making plans and work Kirishima!”


“Fine, fine,” Kirishima threw his hands up as he walked away from the aisle Bakugou was working in. Bakugou took a deep breath, trying to continue on working when he noticed Kouda standing at the end of the aisle, working at the shelves that were pressed against the wall. Kouda had glanced over at Bakugou a couple of times, but never said anything.


“How are you Kouda?” Bakugou asked, Kouda gave him a thumbs up and Bakugou grunted in response to him. His eyes lingered for a second longer, wondering why Kouda was so inclined to keep looking at him. “Do you need something?”


Kouda shook his head, but it only made its way through the cycle once before he turned to Bakugou and walked towards him. Bakugou hated that he had to do this ‘guessing game’ with Kouda, and sometimes he could get Kouda to use his words, but that was far and few. He wasn’t mute or anything, just didn’t like how high pitched his voice was.


Bakugou watched him, waiting for him to try and play charades with him. It was ridiculous to think that Kouda just didn’t use sign language with how much he refused to speak. He did watch though, watched as he waved his hand face down.


“Short,” Bakugou guessed. “Child?”


Kouda looked at his hand, and raised it up a little more. “Nah just a shortie.” Kouda shrugged but nodded. He pointed towards the toy on the shelf, poking at the green on the cardboard side of the package.


“Short green,” Bakugou chuckled. “Deku. What about him?”


Kouda pointed at Bakugou, gave a thumbs up, and pointed at the green again. “What? Am I okay with Deku?”


Kouda did his ‘more’ gesture that Bakugou had become familiar with. “Do I like Deku?”


There came the ‘kinda’ gesture of Kouda tilting side-to-side. “He’s a good worker, is that what you want to know?”


Kouda shook his head.


“Well damn, Kouda, I don’t know what you’re saying!” Bakugou huffed. “Deku is a good worker and he’s a little annoying but not enough to be completely hated. Is that what you want to know?”


Kouda shook his head. He picked up the toy he used for ‘green’ earlier and held it in his arms, walking back and forth with it. “Hold.” Kouda shook his head. “Carry.” Kouda pointed at Bakugou with a smile.


“Do I carry Deku?” Bakugou huffed. “The hell does that mean?” Kouda sighed, and brought his hands together, but not touching. “Shorter.” Bakugou let out a deep breath. “Do I..” he trailed off, eyes widening. “Are you asking if I care about Deku?”


Kouda nodded, a smile on his face.


“I have to care about all of my employees,” Bakugou grumbled and noticed how Kouda shook his head. “Are you asking if I care about him not because he works with me but because he’s Deku?”


Kouda smiled, knowing very well he was getting directly where he wanted to be. Bakugou let out a sigh, his head falling down. “No, I don’t care about him, fuck off Kouda.”


He heard Kouda click his tongue and shake his head as he walked away. Bakugou knew that Kouda didn’t believe him, he knew that look all too well. Bakugou grumbled though, shaking his head he returned to his work. What did Kouda know anyways? He never said anything so it wasn’t like the bonds he formed were all that incredible. But he.. was observant if anything.


It frustrated Bakugou as he slammed things down onto the shelf, pushing them off to the side and letting out a sigh as he stood up and walked back to where the cart was. He felt two ways, like he needed some kind of stress relief, or he needed a breath of fresh air.


It was late, close to eleven, when he left work, he was sitting in his car, watching other employees head off in their own before he finally started his and pulled out through the night. He had too much to deal with to think about the fact that he would have to deal with Kouda being on him about Midoriya as well.


It was dumb, really. Bakugou hit his head, and Midoriya — along with his mother — were just nice about it. That was it, nothing more, nothing less. So to think that he actually cared about Midoriya, hah, that was far fetched in Bakugou’s mind. He didn’t care, he didn’t care about anyone, he made that very clear.


However, Bakugou knew he was beginning to let his guard down around Midoriya, and to Bakugou that meant he needed to step it up. If he needed to get mean so nothing came from it, he would get mean .


When Bakugou got back to his apartment, he let out a deep sigh that people outside the car could probably hear. He didn’t lavish living here, but he was alright with it. It wasn’t a money thing, as much as it was an ‘this is all I need’ thing. Bakugou pushed out of the car, and headed up the creaky old stairs that he was sure would break sooner or later.


When he made it into the apartment, he clicked on the lights, muttered an ‘I’m home’ to no one and glanced around. It was a studio apartment, so it wasn’t really super big. His bed sat pressed on the farthest wall, and beyond that was his tiny kitchen and table for four. The only doors was that to a closet and a bathroom.


He kicked off his shoes, set them on the shoe rack, and threw down his car keys on the kitchen table. He let out a sigh, if anything, he hated how dimly lit it was in here. It made it seem dingier than it was. He did like how the sunrise looked from this apartment though, but that was the only time he really liked the lighting.


It was quiet, always so quiet. Bakugou per occasion would turn some music on that sat on a box of CD’s against the wall, but pretty often he listened to the gentle hum of the refrigerator and the low sound coming from the fan beside his bed.


Bakugou took a deep breath, and let his eyes fall shut. It was probably going to hit midnight pretty soon, which meant he would have five hours to sleep before shoving off to the store for six the next morning. Takara didn’t like it, but Bakugou worked from opening to closing. If Bakugou was honest, it was because he didn’t have anything else. No family or friends around to spend time with, and he hated more than anything rereading the same five books that sat on a shelf above the shoe rack.


Bakugou ate a little, had a can of soup that he didn’t really have to do anything else with besides heat it up. That seemed like what most of his meals turned into. He really did love cooking once, but it seemed.. far fetched, now.


Bakugou’s phone buzzed on the table, normally he expected it to be just some spam email or a notification from something he didn’t care about. But he picked it up anyways and his eyes narrowed when he saw that it was a message from Midoriya, and upon further inspection, it was a video that was over twenty minutes long.


[12:11 am]

Midoriya Izuku: sent attached video


[12:11 am]

Midoriya Izuku: watch this please.


Bakugou scoffed, but tapped on it anyways, it started with Midoriya in the forefront, yawning into the camera as the world seemed dark around him. “It is currently five-thirty in the morning, and I am very tired, so you should appreciate this because I was up all last night helping my mom cook. And you know, so was Uraraka, Kirishima, Todoroki, Ashido and Kouda. They’re bringing the food in right now.”


He carried on, panning the camera to Uraraka who was walking alongside Kirishima laughing. “Say hi, guys! I’m gonna send it to Kacchan!”


“Hello Bakugou!” Uraraka shouted from her distance away.


“We’re so excited you’re back!” Kirishima added.


Midoriya panned back, “I think most others are inside.”


Midoriya jogged inside the store, Bakugou watched his curls bounce as he hustled. “Hey Takara-san! I’m making a video to send to Bakugou later, you wanna say hi?”


“Of course I do!” Takara gasped and she leaned over the phone so it appeared as though she was upside down. “Hi honey! We’re so excited you’re going to be coming back. It has been a nightmare without you!”


Bakugou was blinking, in awe at this point as he watched Midoriya do the same thing with several other people before walking into the break room. “Look at all this food!” Midoriya laughed as he saw Todoroki. “Todoroki-kun, say hi, would you?”


“Hey Bakugou,” he said, very monotone. “I wasn’t here to miss you, but I really don’t want to see you get hurt again, got it? Don’t go giving other people hard times either.”


Bakugou chuckled, that was just fucking like Todoroki to say.


“How’s the banner coming?” Midoriya turned to film Hagakure and Asui on the floor tracing the letters while Kaminari filled them in with pink paint.


“Good!” Hagakure said. “After the paint is dry we’re gonna fill it with some glue and add the glitter!”


“Yeah!” Ashido shouted from behind the camera. “Glitter time!”


“Do you guys wanna say something? I’m gonna send it to Bakugou.”


“Oh shit really!” Kaminari raised his head, smiling wide. “Bakugou, we miss you! I miss you! Don’t get hurt again.”


“Sero is really sorry that he tripped you!” Sero shouted as he poked his head in front of the camera. “If you want to punch me, you can. But like, in the arm or something and not super hard.”


“What a wimp!” Jirou laughed from her spot at the table beside Yaoyorozu.


“Also Kacchan, Yaoyorozu made this tea and it is so good.” Midoriya said with the camera close to his face as he slurped it for emphasis. “Only with a good tea can you make that noise.”


Bakugou continued watching the video, either with small comments from Midoriya or him talking to other people who would also talk to the camera. It ended with Midoriya sitting down at the table. “Everyone is gone, it’s just me now, and I am going to sit very patiently and wait for you to get here. Okay Mister Grump? I’m gonna send this to you when the day is over so I know you’ll watch it. It’s probably gonna be late, so goodnight Kacchan!” Midoriya waved as the video ended and Bakugou was left in the silence of the room once more.


He was breathing a little unsteady, and he was trying to comprehend exactly what was happening. “Sh-Shitty Deku,” he grumbled. He went back to the message screen and sent a text to Midoriya.


[12:35 am]

Bakugou Katsuki: fuck off


[12:36 am]

Midoriya Izuku: I take it

you watched the video?


He wanted to thank Midoriya, say that it made him happy to watch it, but at the same time he knew that he was getting too close to Midoriya and needed to sever that as quick as possible.


[12:37 am]

Bakugou Katsuki: I take it

you should fuck off

Chapter Text

Midoriya felt pretty pleased when he arrived at work the next morning, although he was really tired. He felt like he had gotten somewhere with Bakugou but.. he couldn’t be more wrong. “Good morning Kacchan,”


“Fuck off,” was Bakugou’s immediate answer and it made Midoriya’s eyes widen up.


“I-I —”


“What part of ‘fuck off’ don’t you understand?” Bakugou scoffed. “Get to work, Deku.”


Well at least he was still calling him Deku, that probably meant something good, right?


Midoriya did as he was instructed to, and hoped that it would get better, but it didn’t. In fact it didn’t for the rest of the week. When Friday rolled around, Midoriya was really hoping Bakugou would be different, but he left work that evening realizing that nothing had changed.


“I don’t know if I should go with you guys tonight,” Midoriya said quietly as he walked to his car alongside Uraraka. She frowned at him. “Just.. Kacchan had been acting really weird lately, like really aggressive and I don’t understand why.”


Uraraka seemed confused too. “Actually, I have noticed he’s been really hostile. Do you think it’s because of what we did for him?”


“That doesn’t make any sense, we did something nice for him. Why would he get so huffy with us because we did something good?” Midoriya asked.


“Because he doesn’t want to admit he liked it,” Uraraka shrugged. “You should come tonight Midoriya, even if Bakugou is being a little brat, more than him want to see you. So you should come too, okay?”


“Alright,” Midoriya sighed. “I’ll go, but I don’t think I’ll drink. I’m messy drunk.”


“You’re messy sober,”


“Uraraka!” Midoriya whined. “Don’t be like that.”


Uraraka laughed as she walked off. “See you later!”


Midoriya sighed again, heading to his own car as he drove home for the next few hours before he would be going out. His mother seemed hesitant about it — he didn’t lie, it made no sense to — but she also couldn’t tell him no. So he changed into street clothes and headed back out to his car, telling her that he would be careful.


It was close to midnight when he got there, and he found the group of those who closed being the first there among a few others. Bakugou was squeezed at a corner booth beside Kirishima who waved Midoriya over.


Midoriya was suddenly feeling very underdressed in his shorts and tacky t-shirts. This wasn’t just a bar, it was closer to a club. It had bright neon lights everywhere and Midoriya looked disgusting in comparison. He knew he should have worn something else.


However, so did Todoroki. “Put this on please,”


“Wh-What?” Midoriya went wide eyed.


“You look ridiculous in cargo shorts, you should honestly stop wearing them.” Todoroki sighed. “I bring extra clothes in case someone pisses in theirs. They might be a little long on you, so just roll them up.”


Midoriya shamefully headed to the bathroom with the bag Todoroki shoved at him and slid on the black jeans. He was right, they were long, so he had to roll them up and he was just thankful the waist fit alright because he didn’t have a belt. He sacrificed the dingy-colored tan shirt he had on for another one that was simple and black, and he headed back out. He felt odd for wearing all black but at least his red sneakers gave a pop of color.


“Oh wow you look much better,” Kirishima snorted. “Here, have a drink.”


“O-Oh, I..” Midoriya trailed off as Kirishima slid it across the table as Midoriya took a seat alongside Todoroki again. He should’ve said no, that he didn’t want to drink, but he was so nervous about being the ‘new kid’ that he picked up the bottle and took a sip out of it.


Damn, Midoriya hated beer but at least it wasn’t the gross cheap things he was given at the college parties he hated going to. He choked it down with a great applaud, at least he was mentally applauding himself.


The music was loud, and filled the room easy and despite being so far away it didn’t matter. “So,” Kirishima was telling a story to the table and Midoriya glanced at Bakugou who looked.. good . That white v-neck showed how gorgeous his collarbone was and the way that leather jacket framed his shoulders was something that had Midoriya staring. Bakugou’s hands held onto a cup of water, the condensation glistening down his fingers. Midoriya swallowed hard as he leaned back in his seat and took a sip of the beer.


“You need some liquid courage,” Todoroki whispered to him and Midoriya showed him the beer but he shook his head. “Kaminari,”


“Yeah dude?”


“He’s too tense, fix it,” Todoroki folded his arms and leaned back.


“Ey! Shots!” Kaminari cheered as he high fived an already drunk Ashido. “Let’s do it dudes! Make sure someone calls bottle service before we get too wasted.”


Kaminari poured shots for the table, those who weren’t taking their’s pushed them back to the center of the table. Which included Bakugou, Todoroki, Asui, Iida, and Aoyama.


Midoriya stared down at his. “W-What is it?”


“Take it, don’t question it,” Kaminari said with a smug grin and Midoriya noticed how Bakugou was looking at him rather curiously. The music blurred out the shoutings of ‘shot, shot, shot’ until everyone drew theirs up into the middle and threw it back. All but Midoriya who was rather confused.


“You didn’t take it, dude!” Ashido shouted. “Todoroki move so I can sit next to this fool.”


“Alright,” Todoroki sighed, shuffling around so that Midoriya ended up between Ashido and Kaminari.


“Come on Midoriya,” Ashido hummed as she waved the shot glass in front of him. “Put it down.”


Midoriya took it from her hands and on the count of three, he poured it into his mouth, trying to swallow it as fast as he could to keep from tasting it, but that didn’t exactly happen. He gagged a little bit but it was drowned out by the cheers of the table.


Midoriya wasn’t feeling it yet, but Ashido pushed one of the shot glasses given to the rest of the table to him. Ashido dropped down to his ear, and began whispering. “I saw you looking at Bakugou, you think you can tame a beast, do you?”


“Oh, I-I don’t want to —”


“He’s looking at you too,” Ashido cut him off, her arm was around his shoulders like she was trying to hold herself up. “Take a few more shots, and I’ll get you nice and close to him.”


“Ashido I-I —” Midoriya stopped when she handed a shot glass to him.


“Easy on him, Ashido,” Todoroki instructed.


“You said liquid courage, one shot is not enough,” Ashido hummed. “Drink it, Midoriya, show them just how big of a boy you are. Or are you swimming in your britches?”


Midoriya glared at her, and threw his head back as he poured the shot into his mouth, sliding the glass onto the table he looked Ashido in the eyes as he spoke. “Give me another,”


“Oo, just what I like to hear!” Ashido laughed as she leaned away, pulling another one towards them as she passed it off to Midoriya who took it in stride.


“Let’s do one together,” Kaminari said. “Before Midoriya drinks it all!”


“Guys this will be his forth are you sure —” This time it was Bakugou and Midoriya dismissed him with his hands, feeling that sensation of exhaustion that came when tipping into being drunk.


“Give it to me, Kaminari!” Midoriya giggled as he leaned over onto his shoulder. Kaminari looked nice too, the way his collar was popped up wouldn’t look good on anyone besides him.


“Okay, okay,” Kaminari smiled as he pushed the three shots out. They did it on the count of three, pushing them back and letting out a shout of excitement afterwards.


“Kaminari,” Midoriya cooed as he leaned against him.


“Yes Midoriya,” Kaminari replied, he was much more sober than Midoriya was, and he could see that Midoriya was definitely awful at handling his alcohol.


“How does this work on you?” Midoriya asked as his fingers fumbled to the collar of Kaminari’s jacket. “It should look dumb but you pull it off.”


“Thank you,” Kaminari chuckled.


“Don’t encourage him Midoriya!” Jirou snorted from the other side of him, clearly pretty drunk herself.


“Hey let him compliment me!” Kaminari whined.


“Let’s drink more,” Midoriya giggled. “I feel too tired.”


“You should slow down, Midoriya,” Todoroki said. “Here, have this.”


Todoroki pushed a glass of water towards Midoriya and he took a sip of it thinking it would be alcohol but immediately spit it back into the cup when he realized it was water. “No, Todoroki no,” Midoriya whined. “Ashido stop him!”


“Listen, don’t you try to sober up Midoriya,” Ashido said as she slid an empty shot glass towards Kaminari. “Kami, fill it!”


“What?” Kaminari asked. “For Midoriya or you?”


“Midoriya, if he’s gonna get laid he’s gonna need more,” Ashido said and everyone at the table immediately began choking or freaking out.


“I-I’m not trying to get an-anything!” Midoriya sputtered.


“Please, I saw how you were looking at —” Midoriya launched himself at Ashido, slamming his hand over his mouth as he leaned over her on the seat. She was wide eyed and he let out a squeal as he pulled away.


“A-Ashido, I’m so sorry!” He squeaked as she sat up and shook her head.


“He’s too anxious still, give him another,” Ashido huffed and Kaminari poured Midoriya one before trying to pass it to him but he was too busy looking like he was going to cry to take it.


“Ashi-Ashido are you-you mad at me?” He mumbled as he pulled on her sleeve.


She sighed. “No, I’m not mad, have your drink, Kaminari poured it for you.”


He turned and smiled at it. “Thank you Kaminari!” He giggled as he took it, Midoriya had no idea but he was the focus of the night. Everyone who was sober was watching him with such astonishment.


“So, to get you near Bakugou,” Ashido whispered to Midoriya who’s eyes locked with Bakugou just as she said it. Bakugou noticed it too, glancing at him with an uncertainty. Hoping the red on Midoriya’s face was purely from the alcohol. “I’ve got this.”


“Kiri!” Ashido said to the red head. “How come we haven’t gone out and shown those losers how to really dance?”


“Oh I was just waiting to see Midoriya, but we can go now. What about the rest of you? Anyone else want to go?” Kirishima asked and managed to pull Aoyama, Jirou and Kaminari out of the booth with him as he headed over to the dance floor where everyone else was.


That left a very drunk Midoriya sitting with a very sober Todoroki, Iida and Bakugou. The gentle thump of the music filled the space but Midoriya felt very confused by the entire environment, like he wasn’t sure what to do or how to act.


So he scooted back over to Todoroki, it was that or Iida and Midoriya didn’t know him well enough to find solace there. “Todoroki-kun?”


“What is it?” Todoroki asked Midoriya, his arms were folded as he glanced down at the drunk greenette. “Did you want to go with them?”


“With who?”


“Ashido and them.”


“To do what?”


“To dance.”


“I don’t know how to dance,” Midoriya shook his head and he heard Bakugou scoff from across the table.


“I thought you were a college student, have you never been to a party before?”


“I have,” Midoriya answered. “But, I-I can’t just walk up to someone random and dance with them.”


“Just grab a girl and —”


“I don’t like girls,” Midoriya shook his head and the entire table sat a little surprised. If he was sober, he would be surprised too. “So I don’t like dancing with them and I can’t just grab a guy and dance with him.”


Todoroki felt a smug grin wash over his face. “Bakugou can teach you how to dance.”


“Huh?” Midoriya turned his head to the wide eyed blonde.


“Excuse you?” Bakugou scoffed. “I am not teaching this kid how to dance.”


“Bakugou’s a good dancer,” Todoroki said.


“Really?” Midoriya smiled wide. “Come on Kacchan, I’m a good learner!”


“Absolutely fucking not.” Bakugou scoffed. “You little shit, Todoroki.”


“W-Why not..?” Midoriya mumbled, his eyes filling with tears.


“Don’t tell me he’s a crier,” Bakugou groaned as his head fell back. “Listen I will go out there for one song, but that’s it.”


“Yay!” Midoriya said, clearing the sadness from his eyes as he climbed over Todoroki and when he stood up he swore the world spun around him until he felt a hand on his waist steady him before realizing it was Bakugou.


“Come on,” Bakugou grumbled. He pushed Midoriya by the small of his back onto the floor and Bakugou looked at Midoriya who just stood there, looking nerved. “You’re gonna need to move,” Bakugou told him but Midoriya didn’t seem like he knew how.


Bakugou rolled his eyes, grabbed onto Midoriya’s waist and forced him to turn around before he leaned his head over Midoriya’s shoulder. He pushed his hips side to side and hoped that Midoriya would start to feel the beat.


“You got it, Deku?” Bakugou said in his ear and Midoriya nodded his head. Bakugou slid his hands up so they rested on Midoriya’s forearms. Bakugou lifted them up so they hung over Midoriya’s head.


“Those jeans don’t fit you right,” Bakugou noted. “Too big, but they’re better then those shorts you were wearing. You look good in black.”


“Thank you Kacchan,” Midoriya giggled. “You look really good too.” Midoriya pressed his back against Bakugou’s chest and leaned his head onto his shoulder to see Bakugou’s face.


“I knew you were staring at me earlier, you little shit,” Bakugou growled in his ear and Midoriya hummed happily.


“I couldn’t help it,” Midoriya said. “Kacchan?”




“Why have you been so mean to me all week?” Midoriya turned to his chest was pressed against Bakugou’s, his arms wrapped around his neck as Bakugou’s rested around his waist.


“Don’t worry about it, Deku.”


“I just keep trying to make you happy.”


“Stop trying,”


“Don’t be like that,” Midoriya said as he held his face close to Bakugou’s. His eyes lidded as he glanced at Bakugou’s lips. “I want to kiss you.”


“You’re just drunk.” Bakugou answered, he was trying to push away all of the urges he had. He didn’t want to do the wrong thing with Midoriya but fuck he looked so good, yeah those pants were too big, but that shirt hung lose enough around him that it made Bakugou wanna slip his hands up it.


“Are you not?” Midoriya asked.




“That means you won’t kiss me, huh?” Midoriya frowned. “Do you not like me?”


“Stop don’t be like that,” Bakugou sighed. “I’ll kiss you but only once, got it?”


Midoriya nodded and lifted his face up to Bakugou who pressed his lips against Midoriya’s but it was quick — more like a peck — but it still made Midoriya far too giggly. His head fell onto Bakugou’s shoulder and Bakugou determined very quickly that he was too drunk to dance.


“Come on, let’s go sit.” Bakugou said as he lead Midoriya back to an empty table. He sat Midoriya down and slid down beside him, the greenette immediately reaching for the still half-full liquor bottle on the table.


“Hey you don’t need that,” Bakugou sighed.


“I want it,” Midoriya whined. “Just a little.”


Bakugou wanted to refuse it again, but he pulled his hand away and allowed for Midoriya to make that decision himself. He poured it in a shot glass and hit it back, Bakugou then slid the bottle away from him. “Easy, you’ll kill yourself.”


Midoriya giggled as he fell onto Bakugou’s shoulder, completely ignoring what he previously said. “Kacchan,” he hummed.




“You’ve been so weird all week, don’t do that, I don’t like it.”


“Deku we already talked about this, and I..” Bakugou trailed off. “We can’t be close, I can’t be close to you.”


“Why not?” Midoriya mumbled, leaning so he could see Bakugou’s face.


“Because I can’t get close to you, Deku, I just fucking can’t, okay? Take it as face value.”


“Kacchan,” Midoriya whined and Bakugou felt his lips on the side of his neck, already beginning to bite down and suck on the skin. “Just let me in.”


“I swear if you’re trying to leave a mark,” Bakugou growled but he couldn’t keep his eyes from fluttering closed. If he was honest, he really loved the feeling but he knew that he couldn’t act on it. He just knew he couldn’t.


He didn’t need to worry though, Midoriya’s head fell down onto Bakugou’s shoulder and he let out a sad sounding sigh. “I don’t understand you.”


“You’re not supposed to.”


“What happened to telling me things?”


“I can’t be close to you, Deku,”


“Why not?”




“Because isn’t a reason, Kacchan!” Midoriya huffed as he sat up. He moved so that he was turned towards Bakugou. One leg laid across the seat in front of him and the other hanging off onto the floor.


“Well I don’t want to be close to you!”


Midoriya’s face faltered, Bakugou noticed how his previous expression gave way to his inner drunken turmoil. “Have you been using me this whole time?”


“What? Using you?”


“C-Cause I can’t do that again, I-I can’t do it again,” Midoriya rubbed his teary eyes and Bakugou watched surprise.


“What do you mean again?” Bakugou’s voice came quiet. “Hey stop crying, I’m not using you. It isn’t like that Deku.”


Midoriya sniffled and turned away from Bakugou. “Okay,” he mumbled. “I feel icky, Kacchan.”


“Like you’re gonna puke?”


“I don’t know..” Midoriya mumbled. His head fell back down onto Bakugou’s shoulder. “I wanna go home.”


Why did he sound so sad? Bakugou felt awful, like this was all his fault because he had been such an asshole. He was always an asshole though, so why did he feel so bad about it when it came to Midoriya?


“Come one, we can leave.” Bakugou said but got no response. “Deku?”


And Bakugou had to chuckle, because Midoriya had passed out leaning on Bakugou’s shoulder. He lifted the smaller so he leaned against the back of the booth before he slid out and picked Midoriya up. Carrying him towards the exit.


Bakugou put Midoriya in the passenger seat of his own car and buckled him before walking around to his side. When he was in the car, Midoriya was about half awake, grabbing at Bakugou. “Kacchan,” he whined.


“What is it?”


“I wanna touch you,”


Bakugou choked, sputtering. “You’re way too fucking drunk for that.”


“What?” Midoriya narrowed his brows, clearly confused. “I can’t even hold your hand?”


“Oh,” Bakugou’s eyes widened. “You just meant like.. oh..” Bakugou reached a hand out and let Midoriya hold onto it as he leaned against the console between them. Bakugou tried to drive slowly and smoothly and was going to take Midoriya home until he realized he had passed out again.


So Bakugou figured it was probably best to take Midoriya back to his own home, than to take a drunk and passed out Midoriya back to his poor mother who would probably have a heart attack at the sight of him.


Bakugou sighed, he hated having people at his apartment. He really did. But he didn’t have a whole lot of options.


He got out of the car first before going around and getting Midoriya out as well and carrying him towards his apartment door.


“Kacchan,” Midoriya’s voice came quiet.


“What is it?” Bakugou said as he was trying to unlock the door with Midoriya in his arms.


“Where are we?” Midoriya’s eyes were still closed like he was fast asleep but he knew enough to talk still.


“My apartment,” Bakugou told him.


“Your home,” Midoriya hummed. “Can I meet your mom now?”


Bakugou felt a little surprised. “Ah.. I.. No she’s not here, Deku.”


“Does your mom love you?”


“I’m sure she does.”


“Does she tell you it?”


“She has told me she loves me, yes,” Bakugou said as he finally got the door open and pushed inside. He closed it and without taking off his shoes walked Midoriya to the bed where he laid him down before taking off his shoes and sliding the covers over him.  “You have to sleep, you’re gonna feel like shit tomorrow.” Midoriya groaned and said something but it was mostly incoherent.


Bakugou let out a sigh as he walked back towards the shoe rack. Placing those red disasters there before kicking off his own. He slid the trash can towards the bed and filled a glass of water before placing it on the nightstand.


“Don’t sleep on your back, sleep on your side,” Bakugou instructed but it looked like Midoriya was already fine doing that.


“Come sleep Kacchan,”


“I’m gonna sleep over here,” Bakugou told him. “In case you vomit I don’t want it on me.”


“Where are we?”


“My apartment.”


“Your home.”


“My apartment,” Bakugou repeated with a sigh. “Go to sleep, stop talking to me. I’ll text your mom so she knows you’re here but shut up and go to bed.”


“Do I have work tomorrow?”


“No but I do,” Bakugou said. In reality he didn’t, he just liked going to work and working extra. Something told him he would be going in a little later than he expected. “So go to fucking bed.”


“I am in the bed.”


“Go to fucking sleep, smartass.”


Midoriya giggled. “I am smart. Goodnight Kacchan, I had fun.”


“Good,” Bakugou sighed. Hoping that with that Midoriya would be quiet for the rest of the night.


And he was.

Chapter Text

Midoriya groaned when he sat up, his head was pounding and he felt overly warm despite the temperature in the room being pretty cold. Rubbing his eyes, they came into focus and revealed he wasn’t at all in a familiar place. And he would’ve panicked if he didn’t look over and see a familiar blonde sleeping on the floor a few feet away with only a pillow and a thin looking blanket.


Midoriya glanced down and thumbed over the blanket that still covered his legs and then back to Bakugou who looked like he was still asleep.


The tiny studio apartment was dimly lit, but Midoriya could tell by looking around that it was in no way spectacular. Which was fine, since it was at least very clean. There wasn’t a whole lot that said that anyone actually lived here besides the shoes at the door and the picture frames that hung exclusively in one spot.


Midoriya squinted but couldn’t see them from where he was, so he stood up, hoping not to wake Bakugou with the creaking floor, and headed over to them.


The first one looked like a really old photo, Bakugou couldn’t have been very old. He looked like he was surprised to have his photo being taken but a similar and fairly young looking blonde woman was crouching beside him, and an older looking brunette man was holding his hand standing beside them. It almost looked like they had been hiking.


Midoriya smiled a little though, he wondered if Bakugou was really destructive as a child. It seemed like a really logical answer in Midoriya’s head.


The next one, seemed like a birthday party, both of the adults present in that one and from counting the candles it would seem as though Bakugou was turning six. He was smiling wide, the candlelight making his face brighter and warmer.


After that, it looked like some kind of science fair project. Bakugou’s has a blue ribbon signifying his first place but he was glancing towards what looked like a giant volcano with a somewhat distant look. The blonde woman was there too, holding his hand and having a pressed smile on her own face. No brunette man though.


Then, they both looked dressed up for something unknown, a young but at this point probably a pre-teen Bakugou was fisting at his pants as the blonde woman was still standing beside him. No brunette.


After that, it looked like a prom photo, but not with Bakugou and a girl. Rather it was Bakugou in a tux standing beside his mother who smashed their faces together and was smiling wide. Bakugou didn’t look super happy though. Still no brunette man.


The next was probably Bakugou’s secondary school graduation. He was wearing a button up and some nice dress pants, and the blonde woman was still there but she.. wasn’t blonde anymore. She didn’t look so youthful anymore either. Rather, she had a scarf wrapped on her head and looked rather.. sickly. Bakugou managed to force a smile but it was definitely forced. There was still not a single trace of the brunette.


The last photo, that woman was still there, she still was lacking her blonde hair, looked very sick and very thin at this point. Bakugou was wearing his work uniform and she was squeezing her son tight and he’s really smiling in this one as he hugs her back. It looks like he got caught mid laugh, and man, is it a sight to see.


That was the last one though, there’s not a single photo on the wall or anywhere else in the room. In fact, there’s hardly a whisper of the two people anywhere else in Bakugou’s life.


“Find something you were looking for?” Bakugou’s voice came and Midoriya jumped as he spun around to meet Bakugou’s gaze. His eyes were lidded like he had just woken up and his voice proved that point by sounding a little scratchy. Surprisingly, Bakugou’s hair is only slightly out of place, it seemed relatively the same.


“I was asking a question.” Bakugou snarled this time, narrowing his gaze and Midoriya swallowed hard.


“I..” Midoriya trailed off. He moved out of the way and pointed a thumb towards the pictures. “Parents?”


“Yeah.” Bakugou answered with a sigh.


“They’re cute photos.” Midoriya said, trying to lessen the tension. Bakugou looked him up and down. “So that’s your mom, in all of them?”


“..What kind of question is that? Of course it fucking is.” Bakugou scoffed as Midoriya sat back down on the bed.


“You only have those it looks like though,” Midoriya said quietly. “Like you don’t have a whole lot of new ones.”


“Well I can’t take anymore now,” Bakugou grumbled as he pulled himself off the floor. “How’s your hangover, Deku?”


“Uh, it sucks a little but,” Midoriya paused. “Why can’t you take any more? Do they live that far away?” With the question, Midoriya watched Bakugou’s eyes screw shut, his hands fists at his side. “Is-Is everything.. okay?”


“Both of my parents are dead.” Bakugou scoffed without missing a beat even though Midoriya was sputtering. His eyes opened back up, glancing at Midoriya with a heavy glare that had uneasy inconsistencies. “Thought someone as smart as you could tell from the pictures.”


“W-Well..” Midoriya mumbled as he looked back to them. “How do you say it so easily?”


“Saying it is a lot different than dealing with it.” Bakugou answered as he walked to opened the fridge up. “Eggs and toast alright? It’ll help your hangover.”


“Sure,” Midoriya answered. “So, do you have any siblings or —”


“No.” Bakugou answered fast, trying to get away from the conversation. “I don’t have any relatives left.”


Midoriya frowned, and began to wonder if that’s maybe why Bakugou is always flippant between kindness and hostility. After all, is he trying to avoid attachment at all costs?


“Don’t look at me like that, I’m not a fucking wounded animal. Everyone fucking dies.” Bakugou snarled at Midoriya and his eyes widened up. “So, fucking stop looking at me like that.”


“Ka —”


“What could you possibly have to say?” Bakugou gave an annoyed laugh. “What is it? What do you need to fucking know?”


Midoriya’s mouth fell shut, maybe it wasn’t his place to tell Bakugou how to deal with things. “So you don’t have any family, do you have.. anyone?”


“Like what?"


"Like friends?"


"Like friends?” Bakugou asked and before Midoriya could confirm it he continued on. “Not really, when my mom died I was kind of an ass to anyone who came within ten feet of me. No one wanted to be friends with me, and I didn’t want to be friends with anyone so it fucking worked out.”


“Is that why you work yourself into the ground?” Midoriya asked and Bakugou’s body stilled.


“Who said I was —”


“Everyone at work talks about it, and I’ve noticed it.” Midoriya finished. “Bakugou I work with you five days a week and I know you’re there the other two if they’ll let you. You’re there before I get there, which means you’re probably there when the store opens. Then you stay later than I do, which probably means you’re there until the store closes, right?”


“Get to the fucking point.”


“You don’t go on breaks, I asked if you wanted to have lunch with me and you told me no. Every time I thought it was because you didn’t want to, but now I think you didn’t take it at all. Do you eat at work Kacchan?”


“I..” Bakugou paused. “No, not normally.”


“Do you ever eat?”


“Yes I fucking eat,” Bakugou scoffed. “I eat before and after work.”


“Really? Because I don’t remember you eating anything last night.” Midoriya asked.


“How would you remember if I ate or not? You were drunk off your fucking ass.”


“So did you eat?”




“Is this a problem?” Midoriya asked.


“No it’s not a fucking problem.” Bakugou huffed. “What’s with the serial killer questioning?”


“Because you’re working yourself into a grave!” Midoriya snapped and it made Bakugou’s eyes widen. “Sorry, I don’t mean to be snappy, but don’t you see what you’re doing to yourself? I’ve only known you for a short time but it doesn’t take an idiot to figure out that something is seriously wrong with you.”


“You’re not a fucking doctor so get off my case!”


“Can’t you see that people are worried about you!? That I’m worried about you?!”


Bakugou froze up, feeling his fists he didn’t know were so tight releasing. “Don’t, don’t fucking do that!”




“Don’t you dare sit there and say you care! I don’t want to fucking here it! No one fucking cares about me they’re all liars! No one could even if they wanted to! I’m the biggest asshole on the face of the earth!”


“I do care Kacchan! I care a lot!” Midoriya shouted, finally standing up despite how light headed and queasy it made him. “I care about you! Because I know that this whole asshole thing you try to protect isn’t who you are! I’ve spent weeks working right beside you, every time something bad happens to me you are right there to do something about it! Since the day we met you’ve been a jerk but you’ve also be incredibly helpful and kind. So don’t tell me this ‘I don’t care about anyone besides myself’ is true because I’m not buying it.”


“Stop talking like you know me!”


“I know more about you than you can admit!” Midoriya snarled. “And if you think I’m going to sit and let you destroy yourself, you’re wrong.”


Bakugou blinked, surprised but not letting his glare hesitate to try and tear Midoriya apart. “What are you going to fucking do about anything?”


“I’ll tell Takara!” Midoriya shouted. “If you think she’ll let you work as much as you do now, I doubt it. She cares about you Kacchan, we all care about you why won’t you —”


“Because I don’t want a new family!” Bakugou shouted and Midoriya noticed how his eyes glossed over. “What I had got ripped out from underneath me, and I can’t fucking do it again!”


“What are you going to do for the rest of your life? Just be alone?” Midoriya asked and noticed how the look on Bakugou’s face faltered and his hands moved up to cover over his eyes. “Kacchan?”


“I don’t fucking know, Deku, I don’t fucking know,” Bakugou said, his voice beginning to crack. “I don’t, I don’t know.”


Midoriya moved closer to him, noticed how the tears began to make their way down his face. He never thought he’d see the day where Bakugou cried but here it was. “Kacchan,” Midoriya spoke softly and moved his hands away from his face. “Come on, let me in at least. Acknowledge that people care about you. You may see your coworkers as simply coworkers, but they want to be your friends.”


“I can’t fucking do it.” Bakugou shook his head and tried to step back from Midoriya but he tightened his hands on the blonde’s wrists. “I can’t do it just to be alone again, I —”


“I will never let you be alone, Katsuki!” Midoriya shouted and Bakugou’s eyes widened up, blinking a couple of tears down his face before turning to see the smaller standing in front of him; determination wrapped up in his features. “I promise, I’m not going to leave you all alone.”


It was a binding of words, it should’ve meant nothing to Bakugou because nothing would ever solidify it and Bakugou hated promises. But something about the look in Midoriya’s emerald eyes and the way he was holding onto Bakugou so tight made him want to think otherwise.


His eyes fell shut and Midoriya waited, hoping that he wouldn’t start yelling or anything. However he pulled his wrists from Midoriya’s hands before stepping forward and bending down to put his head onto Midoriya’s shoulder as his arms fell around his body.


Midoriya’s eyes widened, he couldn’t believe that Bakugou —of all people — was hugging him. Midoriya reached forward and placed his arms around Bakugou’s waist and was surprised about how far in curved in. Where Midoriya stood somewhat rectangular shaped, Bakugou stood more hourglass-like.


“If you break this promise,” Bakugou snarled in his ear. “I will fucking kill you.”


Midoriya smiled a little, leaning his head against Bakugou’s. “Alright.”


Bakugou pulled back, sniffled a little and wiped his face with the back of his hands as he turned back to the counter where the egg carton and a half used loaf of bread laid. “So how do you like your eggs, Midoriya?”


“Deku,” Midoriya whined.




“Call me Deku,”


“I was trying to be an ass when I called you it.”


“I don’t care, call me Deku. If you can’t do that call me Izuku but don’t call me Midoriya it feels gross now.”


Bakugou chuckled. “Okay Deku , how do you like your eggs?”


“How many ways do you know how to make eggs?”


“I can make them any way.”


“Any way?”




“Can you do soft boiled?”




“Over easy?”




“Sunny side up?”




“Sunny side down .”




“Eggs Benedict.”


“Yes but I’m not fucking making you eggs Benedict.”




“If you can’t fucking make scrambled eggs then you might as well quit fucking cooking.” Bakugou scoffed. “It’s the easiest dish ever.”


“Can you make me egg whites?”


“You just want the whites?”


“Yeah yolk tastes weird.”


Bakugou chuckled. “Okay. How do you like your toast?”


“There’s different ways to have toast?”


“Well what I mean is how dark do you like it?” Bakugou asked. “And if you want butter or jam or peanut butter.”


“Oh,” Midoriya hummed. “Like golden? I guess? I don’t know how long that would take but that’s what color I want it. And just butter is fine.”


“Alright,” Bakugou answered. “Go sit at the table.”


“Okay,” Midoriya replied as he walked away from the counter and sat at the table. It was still pretty dim in the apartment and Midoriya was surprised that Bakugou would cook with so little light but he sun rising through the window made it feel warmer. “Your apartment is nice,” Midoriya hummed from the table which in reality was only a few feet away from where Bakugou was cooking.


“No it’s not,” Bakugou chuckled. “It’s cheap though, I don’t know what to do with all of the extra money though.”


“Extra money?”


“Yeah, I have probably somewhere over two million yen in savings, haven’t checked in a while.”


“Two million!?”


“Yeah. It doesn’t cost anything to live here and I work overtime nearly every week.” Bakugou shrugged as he flipped the eggs in the pan. “I don’t watch television so I don’t pay for a lot of luxuries either. I pay rent, buy some food. Maybe some clothes and that’s about it. Usually I pay for the drinks when we go out.”


“Why do you do that?”


“Cause I’m the only one who has any type of money on a regular basis.” Bakugou shrugged as he turned and slid the plate on the table. He turned back and looked like he was filling a glass with water before pushing it to Midoriya and dropping a couple painkillers beside it.


He sat down across from him, and Midoriya watched him carefully. “Hey Kacchan?”




“What happened?”




“To your parents.”


“Oh,” Bakugou responded, voice growing quiet. “Uh, I was pretty young when my dad died. He got in an accident and it wasn’t pretty. It kinda fucked me and my mom up, but we made it through. She got cancer when I was in high school, so I got a job to help pay for stuff and that’s the job I have now. She died a couple years ago? I don’t know it’s kinda foggy now. It was before I got promoted.”


Midoriya’s eyes widened. “Kirishima mentioned once you came in crying, is that..?”


“Yeah that’s it,” Bakugou answered. “That’s probably why I freaked out being around your mom. Everything felt so familiar but it still wasn’t mine, and fuck you don’t know how lucky you are until you don’t have it anymore.”


“Kacchan,” his voice came quiet in response. “Why have you been pushing me away all week? You’ve been extra hostile.”


“To avoid shit like this,” Bakugou scoffed. “The closeness, I don’t like it.”


“You don’t like it? Or are you afraid of liking it?” Midoriya asked. Bakugou wanted to fight back even though he knew it was the latter. He wanted to spit out he didn’t like it, but.. he couldn’t find it in him to say that to Midoriya who had a very concerned look on his face.


“I guess, afraid?” Bakugou sighed. “I don’t know. I tried to be an asshole to you to get you to stay away but clearly you have a thick fucking head.”


Midoriya laughed lightly, as though the insult was just a joke. “Well I mean, I know that’s not you.”




“You only act like that for self-defense. I think you’re actually a lovely person, Kacchan.”


“Oh shut the fuck up.”


“It’s true!” Midoriya hummed happily. “I’m glad to have met you.”


Bakugou smiled at his hands, feeling like an idiot for smiling at all. “You’re a shithead.”


“And you aren’t?”


“You’re right,” Bakugou chuckled.


Midoriya smiled across the table from Bakugou, watching him glance at his hands that rested upon the wood couldn’t help but to feel really warm and like he might burst. He liked this so much, maybe more than he should have.


Then he noticed, “I-Is that a hickey!?”


“Huh?” Bakugou raised his eyes up. “Oh don’t worry, it’s from you.”


“Oh oka — wait what!?” Midoriya squeaked. “I-I did not give you that!”


“Except you did,” Bakugou chuckled, he raised a finger to his neck. “This is your doing, Deku.”


Midoriya whined, his face red with embarrassment. “Did I do anything else?”


“Like this?” Bakugou asked. “Not really, I kissed you once so you’d stop fucking asking me to but that’s about it.”


“O-Oh..” Midoriya mumbled, his face feeling even more red (if that was possible). Feeling bad that he didn’t remember a single thing.


“You tasted like alcohol, it was gross.”


“Sorry..” Midoriya trailed off.


“Wasn’t the worst thing though,” Bakugou’s voice became quiet and Midoriya looked at him, noticing how Bakugou was also blushing a little. “You were all over Kaminari too.”


“Did I do anything to him?”


“No, just me,” Bakugou shook his head.


“That makes sense,” Midoriya hummed. He didn’t know Kaminari as well and frankly, he wasn’t as fond of him as he was Bakugou as a result.


“Why’s that make sense?”


“Well.. I-I know you a lot better th-than Kaminari.”


“Mm,” Bakugou hummed, a smug look on his face. “Sorry I had to bring you here, I didn’t want to scare your mom. But I did text her so it should be alright.”


“Oh okay,” Midoriya nodded.


“You’re a very needy drunk,” Bakugou chuckled. “You feel the constant need for physical attention.”


“From.. anyone?”


“You leaned on a lot of people but I think that’s just cause you could sit straight on your own.” Bakugou chuckled. “It’s alright, I didn’t mind.”


“You.. didn’t?” Midoriya mumbled and Bakugou shook his head. “Oh.”


Everything felt very up in the air at this point, like Midoriya wanted to say more more but didn’t know how to get to that point. “Uhm.. K-Kacchan?”


“Yeah?” Bakugou asked.


“If..” he knew this was gonna be hard to say. “If I mean..” he shook his head, like he was changing his mind. He looked like he had backtracked. “I’m sorry that-that I was an inconvenience for you.”


Bakugou laughed though, in a way that made Midoriya uneasy. “An inconvenience? You’re an idiot.”




“What about that situation sounds inconvenient?” Bakugou’s eyes locked with Midoriya’s, he looked intense but Midoriya didn’t know why or what he was thinking. That was part of the Bakugou Katsuki brand though, unable to be understood. “Listen shithead, I sat at that stupid ass table with Kirishima talking my fucking ear off. Kirishima’s nice, but it’s that kind of nice I can’t stand. He’s so quick to give up sometimes, it makes me so frustrated in the same ways that Todoroki did. And yeah, I did it to myself, I put up such a solid barrier so that no one would get through. And I thought that was what I always wanted, so when everyone else came up to me and lied about missing me, I got all huffy and pissed off because I blamed you.”


“They weren’t lying —”


“I don’t care either way, just fucking listen,” Bakugou sighed. “Even though I’m an ass to you, you continue to keep pushing because something about you is a stupid kind of genuine. I heard you talking to your mom about me, I was right there and I’m not deaf. I know it pisses you off because I’m so wishy-washy. I’m flippant because I wanted so badly to push you out and keep you that way. But I fucking can’t. I sit here alone, every night, and you make me not want to be.. alone.”


Midoriya’s eyes widened up, Bakugou looked like he had a hard time forcing the words out but he was going to. One way or another, he was going to get them to Midoriya. “But you never gave up! You never once thought I was never not worth it!”


Midoriya gazed over Bakugou’s tense features, he wanted to say something but he didn’t know what to say.


“And fuck, don’t think last night was by any damn means an inconvenience because dammit Deku!” Bakugou shouted and pushed up from the table so that the chair he was sitting in creaked and fell over as his hands slammed down. “I wanted more than anything to do more with you!”


“H-Huh?!” Midoriya panicked, eyes wide.


“I wanted to kiss you more than once, and I wanted to tell you things more honestly. Things I wouldn’t say because I’m too fucking fucked up to admit them!” Bakugou shouted, his eyes squeezed shut. “You being drunk was the only reason that I could even get to hold onto you and even though I wanted to climb in that bed and hold you until I was fast asleep I didn’t want to take advantage of what alcohol did to you!”


Midoriya felt his face turn a deep red but couldn’t bring himself to care, he pushed up from the table too, tried to ignore how sick it made him feel. “Kacchan!” He shouted and Bakugou’s eyes opened up as he scanned over Midoriya’s features. Nervous, panicked, Midoriya.


“If-If..” Midoriya trailed off. He glanced down at his hands that were practically mirroring Bakugou’s. “If you want to kiss me you can!”


Bakugou’s eyes widened but only for a split second. He was too busy grabbing the collar of last night’s shirt and pulling the both of them together, slamming their lips together that made a muffled noise come from Midoriya. He pulled away, staring directly into the wide emerald orbs.


Neither of them knew what to do, but Bakugou’s right fist released Midoriya’s shirt. He stood up and took a deep breath, he glanced from Midoriya and his eyes wandered over to the wall where the frames hung. “I’m sorry I lied to you,” Bakugou said before turning back to Midoriya who was red and wide eyed. “I’m sorry that’s a lot of what I do, that and be an asshole.”


Midoriya nodded his head. “It’s not okay, but we are gonna fix it. We are gonna make things okay again.”


“We..?” Bakugou trailed off.


“Yeah,” Midoriya smiled. “I just said I wasn’t gonna leave, Kacchan! We’re in this together.”


Bakugou glanced at Midoriya, wondered how someone as fucked up as him could look at Midoriya and think that he would be lucky to have him stay right there. He didn’t realize that anything that could ever match his darkness swam behind those big eyes. It seemed impossible.


Neither of them realized that they were about to be able to change each other’s lives for the remainder of them.

Chapter Text

Monday mornings were normally hard for a lot of people, but not for Midoriya who walked in feeling overall, pretty pleased with everything. He smiled at his coworkers, greeted the customers and made his way to the back to clock in.


“Oh you’re not dead,” Uraraka laughed as she walked by Midoriya while he was fiddling with the machine. “I swear with how much we saw you drinking, sheesh man. How’d you get home?”


“I.. uh..” Midoriya trailed off, his face turning red. “I actually went to Kacchan’s apartment.”


Midoriya wish he’d prepared her, because Uraraka spat before choking on what remained and turned to him with wide eyes. “You slept at Bakugou’s apartment?!”


Midoriya nodded his head. “Yeah, he said he didn’t want to take me home.”


“Oh goodness did he kick you out at three in the morning or something!?”


“I left at around eight.. at night.”


“You stayed the entire day!? What did you do? Listen to him yell at you?”


“Well, he made me breakfast, and we talked and..” Midoriya soon turned to mutters, nervous for Uraraka’s reaction. “We kissed..?”


“You!? You kissed Bakugou Katsuki!?”


“S-Stop! Don’t yell that!” Midoriya sighed. “I don’t know if I should tell anyone, I don’t know if he’ll get angry so don’t you go doing it!”


“You not only calmed the beast but you seduced him. No wonder he’s been so pleasant all morning!” Uraraka sighed. “I thought it was that head injury but turns out, you’ve just managed to get Bakugou around your finger! Gah I can’t believe it!”


“Believe what?” Todoroki asked as he walked by, not taking his eyes off of the clipboard he was looking through.


“Bakugou and Midoriya!” Uraraka laughed and it caused Todoroki to stop and turn his head to Midoriya with his eyes narrowed.


“What about you?”


“Uraraka!” Midoriya sighed.


“They kissed,” Uraraka said. “It’s just a Todoroki don’t worry!”


Todoroki scoffed, making Midoriya feel small and shy. “Iida owes me two-thousand yen, then.”




“We made bets. He said you’d go with Kaminari. But I disagreed,” Todoroki answered. “This is good news, I’ll only tell Iida so I can get my bet money.”


“So you and Bakugou are like, official, right?”


“N-No we kissed once,” Midoriya shook his head, nervously fumbling with his hands. “I don’t want to push him in case it’s too soon. I want to take things how Bakugou wants to go because.. I feel like it all makes him really nervous.”


“Really?” Uraraka asked and Todoroki nodded in agreement. “How do you know, Todoroki?”


“If you were Bakugou, you’d feel the same way,” Todoroki shrugged and turned his attention back to Midoriya. “Thanks by the way, I think you’re good for him.”


Midoriya nodded as Todoroki walked off, and let out a breath he didn’t know his nerves was forcing him to hold. “I better get to work, Uraraka.”


“Yeah same, make sure you keep me updated though!” Uraraka smiled as she walked off.


Midoriya walked out and walked to the toy department where he figured he would find Bakugou, and he did. Bakugou was sitting on the floor, fixing the toys on the bottom shelf. He heard Midoriya’s footsteps and when he saw him, he tried to hold in his smile. “Good morning Kacchan,” Midoriya hummed. “What’s going on today?” Bakugou didn’t answer though, his eyes just scanned over Midoriya. “Kacchan?”


“Oh!” Bakugou blinked and shook his head. “Right uh.. I know Ashido has a bunch of bikes, and someone will have to help her when she gets here. I don’t want her to break her foot dropping one of the boxes again. But you’re actually not going to be over here until then.”


“O-Oh, I’m not?” Midoriya mumbled, watching as Bakugou shook his head.


“No, we’re gonna introduce you to a couple of other departments so you’re versatile.” Bakugou said as he stood up off the floor. “Which sucks because you don’t get to see my face on a minute-to-minute basis.”


Midoriya chuckled, a gentle sound as he followed Bakugou over to where the electronic department was. “So, you’re gonna work with the nerds over here for a little bit. At ten, Ashido will come find you. Then you can help her pull the bikes down and then come back here for the rest of the day.”


Midoriya nodded his head, feeling very nervous. “Relax, Kaminari and Jirou are both over here. Their department manager is always wandering around but I’m sure they’ll come and help you out too.”


“Who’s that..?” Midoriya asked.


Hey !” The voice behind Midoriya was loud, screeching that made Bakugou let out a sigh.


“Yamada.” Bakugou answered as the two turned to see the blonde standing behind them, pointing finger guns their way. “Deku, meet Yamada, department manager of electronics. Yamada, this is Midoriya. Takara wanted him to get some more experience so you get to hang out with him today.”


“So nice to meet you!” Yamada shouted and Midoriya tried to hold in his own sounds of uncertainty but Yamada didn’t seem to notice either way. “Welcome to electronics! Come on, let me show you around. Thanks Bakugou, I’ll take him off your hands!”


Midoriya’s eyes wandered to Bakugou, something in him looked hesitant, but he gave Midoriya one last unreadable glance before heading in the opposite direction; hands deep in his pockets.


Yamada grabbed onto Midoriya’s shoulders, walking him around the department and showing him this or that, and Midoriya listened as best he could, but the constant yelling from Yamada was near painful . He was just thankful to see Jirou and Kaminari standing around, smiling to him.


Then, Midoriya got sat at the service desk. Watching Jirou head around and adjust things on the shelves while Yamada headed into the back to grab things to place on the shelves. Kaminari also stood behind the circular desk, but he was busy securing different security devices onto products that needed it.


“So you live,” Kaminari laughed, his back to Midoriya so he couldn’t see his expression. “I saw you leave with Bakugou, I want to say I’m surprised, but I’m honestly not. Anything going on between you two?”


“O-Oh..” Midoriya trailed off. He wasn’t quite sure himself, so he wasn’t exactly sure what to tell Kaminari.


“You know,” Kaminari continued on. “I saw you a lot last summer, you worked at that little restaurant in the middle of town. They sell really good dumplings. That’s correct, right?”




“Why don’t you work there now?” Kaminari asked, he turned to smile at Midoriya. “I’m only curious because of some unsavory things I’ve heard of that place.”


“U-Unsavory things..?” Midoriya mumbled.


“Yeah,” Kaminari nodded. “Do you know Kendo?” Midoriya shook his head. “She’s the cute redhead, works over in the office supplies. She worked there before she came here. Said the boss was nothing but a pig.”


“I never had a problem with him,” Midoriya shook his head. Sure, he was a grubby forty-something-year-old with a sensational interest in his young female waiters, but Midoriya was never a point of interest for him. For the most part, Midoriya went underneath the radar. “But I could see why Kendo would.”


“Right, I don’t know why you would,” Kaminari said. “Not because you’re a bad looking guy or anything, but because you are a guy. So why did you quit then?”


Midoriya felt his body tense up, he never mentioned what happened to anyone but Shinsou and barely to his own mother. Kaminari was asking a question that had an answer he had blocked out from memory from his own preservation. Of course, he did remember the instances, but they always shot through his head so fast that it was nearly blinding and panic-inducing.


“School,” Midoriya said. “It.. wasn’t going to work for me to come back during breaks.”


Then, to Midoriya’s surprise, Kaminari starts chuckling. It’s low though, not like the usual Kaminari laugh. It feels.. dark, and makes a chill run through Midoriya’s body. “You’re lying,” he says after a beat. “It’s fine though, if you don’t want to tell me.”


“You know Midoriya,” Kaminari continued on as he moved forward with the items he was working on, his voice returning to his light and joyous tone. “People tend to think I’m really stupid, but I’m really not. Maybe it has its advantages though.”


“I don’t think you’re stupid,”


“I know,” Kaminari hummed as he walked past Midoriya. “It doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. Having all the kids at school just yell about how I would never get anywhere; I was too stupid. So I just gave up, refused to try because I too thought it was useless. So now I’m in a dead-end job. Watching people like you get to do all the things I always thought I could never have. It sucks, but maybe I’ll get there someday.”


“Kamina —”


“Kaminari!” Jirou’s voice halted Midoriya’s own, and the two of them turned to see where Jirou was standing. “Can you give me the keys? Someone forgot to lock this one.”


“Sure, sure,” Kaminari said as he threw them to Jirou. She caught them easy, like they were constantly just throwing them back and forth, and locked it before tossing them back. Kaminari looked Midoriya up and down and smiled in a way that made the nervousness in the greenette fade out.


“Wanna hold onto the keys?” Kaminari asked. “That way, if someone comes to ask you to unlock something, you won’t have to bother to chase us down.”


“Y-You’re leaving?” Midoriya asked as he watched Kaminari walk around the desk.


“Just gonna stock the things that have security devices now,” Kaminari hummed. “If you need something, just let anyone know. Yamada-san is out in the back if anything goes that wrong. I’d be shocked if that happened though.”


Midoriya watched Kaminari walk off with an arm full of things. He honestly was hoping that no one would bother him at all. And very few people did, most of them asked for screen protectors or for chargers. Occasionally headphones, but nothing that Midoriya really couldn’t handle.


He was fixing the box that held a phone case when it all flipped in an instant. “Izuku?”


The sound of the voice made Midoriya freeze up, like he must have heard something, he must have heard it wrong . But even in his paralyzed state, he managed to twist around and the world felt like it was moving in slow motion. When he saw the person standing on the other side of the counter, first confused but then smiling fondly, he thought he might faint.


“K-Kai..?” The name came out a whisper and Midoriya couldn’t believe he could say it at all.


“You work here now, huh?” Chisaki leaned forward onto the glass display case as he tilted his head, that smile he wore made Midoriya feel queasy. He glanced around the space and let out a scoff. “Yeah, you can do better than this, Izuku.”


Midoriya couldn’t find the words, he couldn’t fill the conversation. He knew he was already shaking, he didn’t need anything to prove that to him. It was so obvious that Chisaki could tell from where he was standing.


“So that means you have to help me then, huh?”


“H-Help you?”


“Yeah,” Chisaki said, standing from the case and leaving just his fingers on the edge. “I need something unlocked.”


“Right, ri-right..” Midoriya nodded, he picked up the keys and accidently dropped them off the side of the desk where Chisaki was standing. It made him chuckle, he picked them up and held them out to Midoriya who when he reached out for them, Chisaki placed them in his hand, letting his own fingers glide across the skin of Midoriya’s hand.


Midoriya must have made some sort of noise, but he couldn’t hear it through the pounding of his heart in his ear. He walked out from behind the desk and followed as far behind Chisaki as normality would allow for him.


“Now, can you recommend something for me, since you work here you must know?” Chisaki asked and Midoriya froze up.


“U-Uhm.. Ac-Actually Kami-Kaminari might know more, so.. so I can go get him an-and —” Midoriya went to turn to walk away, to go find Kaminari and get away from the situation when a grip on his wrist made his entire body freeze and feel the air leave his body.


“I asked for your recommendation,” Chisaki’s voice came like a snake and Midoriya couldn’t even move when Chisaki’s hand slid off of his wrist. “So.. there’s all these different kinds of headphones, which do you think is best?”


“De-Depends on what they-they’re for..”


“Well, I want to use them for when I go on runs,” Chisaki answered and Midoriya looked at the case. “Price doesn’t really matter.”


“I-I would go..” Midoriya trailed off. “..go with these ones.”


He pointed at a pair that was in green, blue and red and Chisaki watched his shaking hand and smiled at it. “Can I have green, then?”


Midoriya nodded. “Ex-Excuse me, so I can get into the case..”


Chisaki stood away from it, and walked behind Midoriya. Letting his hand slide across the small of Midoriya’s back. So tentatively and lingering. It made Midoriya feel like he was got dirt smeared on him but at the same time it burned with a ferocity that Midoriya couldn’t understand, and he didn’t really want to. He could still feel those fingers on his body as he stood there, frozen place.


He was glad he could sit on the ground to unlock the case, because his knees were beginning to give out. So there he was, on his knees in front of the case as he unlocked it and pulled the container out. Handing them up to Chisaki and he felt his eyes widen at seeing him.


The bright store lights made it hard to see him, but that grin was so familiar and Midoriya knew exactly what it had meant in previous times that he couldn’t dissociate from it. He couldn’t pull away, all he could do was look at him, fearfully awaiting the next thing.


“I can get checked out over here, right?” Chisaki asked.


Midoriya shook out of the trance and nodded. “Ye-Yeah,”


He managed to pull himself from the ground and head over to the counter where he scanned the item and bagged it. As Chisaki used his card, he began to talk again. “You know, I figured you were back because of the time of year. But I didn’t know if I would get to see you or not. Mainly because I didn’t know how I would find you.”


“Fi-Find me..?”


“But now that I know you work here,” Chisaki chuckled, it was low and threatening and made Midoriya’s eyes widen involuntarily; his lips parting the same way. “I can come visit you more often, I’m sure we’d both like that.”


“Vis.. Li..” The sounds left Midoriya’s parted lips in a jumble as he could barely contain his grip on the bag. Chisaki smirked at him and reached out, wrapping his own fingers around the plastic before leaning close to Midoriya.


Bakugou was walking around the corner, his eyes wandering over to the electronics department, thinking about Midoriya and wondering how he was doing. His eyes widened up to see Midoriya standing there, very still as Chisaki’s fingers made their way to his chin and pulled their faces close together.


From the distance and initial shock, Bakugou couldn’t at all think about the face so close to Midoriya’s own and couldn’t even read Midoriya’s expression. Instead he scoffed, glaring heavy before he sped up and walked off in the opposite direction. Ducking around people and keeping his hands flared out in anger as he managed to make his way to the back office. Maybe he wasn’t thinking or was thinking too much, but Midoriya hadn’t even noticed him.


He was too transfixed by the touch from Chisaki to move, like his fingers shot a poison through his body and that he was probably already dying. “I’ll see you soon, Izuku .” His voice came like frostbite on his face as he walked off.


Midoriya stood perfectly still, he swore that his eyes had all of the color fading from his vision, that it shook and blurred and seemed to teeter on the edge of blackness. All he could hear was the muffled noises coming from televisions, he couldn’t feel anything but Chisaki’s fingers burning in his skin still despite their departure.


“Hey Midoriya,” Kaminari’s voice came but it never even reached him. “Is everything alright? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”


Midoriya finally let out the breath he had been holding for so long, his entire body shaking with it as the next one he sucked in came in broken and shaky and Kaminari’s eyes widened up. “Midoriya..?”


Midoriya’s hands went to his chest, wrapping his fingers around the collar of his shirt as he tried to breathe. He knew what was happening to him and he just wanted to breathe but he couldn’t hear his own thoughts and he couldn’t hear Kaminari beside him.


His breaths were ragged, labored, and barely getting through as he took steps back from the register until he hit the other side of the counter and felt his knees shake until they gave out.


“Whoa, whoa!” Jirou shouted as she ran over. Kaminari had already rushed to Midoriya’s side. “What’s going on?”


“I-I don’t know, dude,” Kaminari shook his head. “Hey Midoriya, Midoriya!”


Midoriya’s hands had made their way to his head, his lungs felt like they were on fire and his eyes were screwed shut. He couldn’t register that it was Kaminari, that he was unfamiliar to the man beside him and he didn’t know how to pull himself out of the struggle. Out of the panic .


“Don’t touch him!” Jirou shouted when she saw Kaminari reaching out for him. “He-He’s having a panic attack and I don’t know if we should be touching him.”


“He’s having a what!?” Kaminari’s shouted.


“He’s gonna pass out if he doesn’t stop,” Jirou said. “I’ll radio Takara.”


“Midoriya, Midoriya,” Kaminari spoke softly to the boy. “It’s Kaminari, it’s Kami, relax, relax .”


“He-He..!” Midoriya shook his head. He didn’t realize that his sobs were violent and deafening, he didn’t realize the state he was in. His body felt like it was on fire, it felt like it burned like he needed to pull the skin off that Chisaki had touched.


Bakugou was grumbling in the back office, head down on his desk when his radio went off. “T-Takara-san! We’re having an issue, can you please pick up, please?”


It was only a few seconds before Takara answered. “Jirou? What’s the matter?”


Bakugou was going to turn the volume down so he didn’t have to listen to it, but he paused just at the right time. “M-Midoriya is having a panic attack and Kaminari and I don’t know what to do and Yamada-san isn’t here!”


Bakugou’s eyes widened up, lifting his head up off the desk he felt his feet move before he could even think. He rushed out of the office, nearly colliding with Takara and not stopping to apologize before he ran away from her. “Bakugou!” She shouted after him but he pushed through the doors and rushed to electronics. Weaving left and right between shelves and customers, he reached electronics and Jirou saw him first.


“Bakugou!” She said and Bakugou barely acknowledged her before he made his way around the desk and slid onto the floor in front of Midoriya.


“What the fuck did you do!?” Bakugou growled at Kaminari. “What did you have him doing over here!?”


“He-He was just standing at the service desk while Jirou and I would stocking things!” Kaminari shook his head. “Nothing he couldn’t handle! He was fine at first and then I came back and he was just staring at nothing!”


Bakugou’s glare lingered for a second but when his eyes went back to Midoriya his expression softened dramatically. “Hey, hey, come on breathe,” he was trying to coax it out of Midoriya. “Come on breathe before you pass out, come on breathe. Deku come on, it’s Kacchan, come on.”


Midoriya shook his head, pulled his shaking legs up closer to him. “He-He.. He can’t, he can’t!” His head was shaking furiously and Bakugou’s eyes widened up.


Kaminari and Bakugou exchanged a glance and both of their attention went back to Midoriya as Takara rushed around the side of the counter. She watched Bakugou but didn’t think to intervene herself, it anyone could do it, it was going to be Bakugou and she knew that.


“Don’t think about it, just calm down,” Bakugou’s voice came as gentle as it could but he couldn’t hide the worry on his face. “Just listen to me okay? Just listen to Kacchan. Can you do that, can you listen to me?”


“I don’t know if he knows we’re even here,” Jirou muttered but there was a slight indication of a nod from Midoriya, barely noticable.


“Sh,” Kaminari glared at her.


“It’s Kacchan, Deku, it’s me.” Bakugou’s voice came quiet. “And trust me, trust me when I say that you’re alright. You’re in a safe place and you’re going to be okay. No one can hurt you, alright? We’re here to help you and nothing bad will happen. Nothing bad will happen, I’m right here.”


Midoriya felt his fingers loosening around the strings of his hair. His head lifting up just enough to see Bakugou’s worried expression.


“Get him a water,” Takara instructed Jirou who nodded and dashed off.


“See? I’m right here,” Bakugou said. “It’s fine, you’re gonna be okay. Nothing is gonna get you.”


“Ka-Kacchan..” Midoriya’s voice came quiet, scratchy.


“Yep,” Bakugou nodded. “Just think about breathing, Deku. Think about breathing.”


Midoriya swallowed hard, the breath that followed sounding heavy and pushed, and Midoriya tried to focus, listening to the gentle comments that Bakugou was making as Midoriya’s hands found their way to the sleeves of the ugly polo he wore. The lights felt too bright, his head hurt too much and the noises were too much, he needed to be somewhere else. He didn’t realize that he was continuously muttering about the things he didn’t like about where he was.


“We can go somewhere else if you can stand up,” Bakugou told him. Midoriya nodded his head, he was coming around to less of panic and more of just sobbing. Bakugou stood first, offered a hand down to Midoriya before he pulled him up off the ground and began to walk him slowly to the back.


Midoriya was still shaking, his cries were loud and the tears that covered his face seemed never ending. He held onto the back of Bakugou’s shirt as they walked and he kept his eyes down, and once again they were in the back office but this time seemed different.


Bakugou sat in one of the chairs he turned so he could face Midoriya, he watched his eyes for anything and Midoriya kept his red face down as he tried to not meet Bakugou’s curious gaze.


Bakugou sat without a word, and eventually Jirou came in with a bottle of water, Bakugou took it and shooed her soon after. The water was placed on the desk and Midoriya’s continuous sniffles was all that could be heard.


“What happened?” Bakugou’s voice came quiet.


Midoriya wanted to be honest, he wanted to sit and tell Bakugou every single thing, let him know, but he couldn’t. He felt like an idiot, as though this was a disaster he let happen to himself. That he was the only one to blame for his shortcomings and he couldn’t say that his own mistakes were what caused him a turmoil like this.




“I-I heard you..” Midoriya whispered. “Chi-Chisaki was here.”


“Chisaki?” Bakugou’s eyes narrowed. He could recall them having a conversation similar to this before, but seemed different now. It seemed much different.


“I..” Midoriya felt the tears rushing to him again. “Pl-Please don’t make me talk about it, please Ka-Kacchan, please..”


Bakugou was surprised by the sound of pain and he took a deep breath and let out a sigh. He didn’t know how far to push, he didn’t know how much to fight to get into Midoriya’s head. Midoriya had done it to him time and time again, and Bakugou wasn’t sure how he was supposed to change it.


“Alright Deku, alright.” He finally agreed. “I won’t, for now.”


“F-For now?” Midoriya raised his eyes up to see Bakugou’s concentrated expression.


“Yeah, for now,” Bakugou said. “Because something is clearly very wrong. And I’m not going to sit and just let you tackle this on your own. I get that you don’t want to talk about it, but there’s really nothing you can say? Nothing to tell me what set this off?”


Midoriya’s eyes, all glazed, glanced to the side, he found the wall much easier than looking at Bakugou when his lip was quivering the way it was. “He.. He..”


Bakugou took a deep breath, knowing that he wasn’t getting anywhere. “Alright,” his voice came quiet. “If you can’t tell me that, at least tell me how I can help.”


“Help..?” Midoriya turned back to Bakugou.


“Yeah, how I can help.” Bakugou nodded. “Tell me what I can do for you.”


“Can you..” Midoriya trailed off, his eyes screwing shut, he felt like an idiot for his request that he didn’t want to ask it. But he figured he would at least have to do this. “Pl-Please don’t leave me alone.” Midoriya shook his head and hoped that Bakugou wouldn’t be too mean about it.


“I’ll do my best,” Bakugou answered. “Do you think he’s gonna come back at all to bother you?”


“He sa-said he would..” Midoriya felt his chest tighten up at the idea of it.


“Alright well if he comes back, I’m gonna give him a reason to not fucking come back.” Bakugou snarled and Midoriya’s eyes opened up as he turned to Bakugou. “If he thinks he can do shit to you to make this happen and either of you think I won’t do a damned thing about it, you’re both fucking idiots. I’m not going to tolerate any bullshit.”


Midoriya sniffled. “Kacchan..”


“I’ll make sure you’re safe,” Bakugou let out a sigh as he leaned back in the chair. “Wait in here for a minute, I’m gonna talk to Takara, and then I’ll bring you home. I don’t want you to have to drive.”


“Ar-Are you sure?” Midoriya asked.


“Yeah,” Bakugou nodded. “I’ll be back, I promise.”


Bakugou stood and left the room, and headed to where he knew that Takara would be. “Promise..” Midoriya mumbled, a warmth spreading over his body. “But Kacchan doesn’t.. do promises..”


Bakugou headed to Takara’s office, poked his head inside. “Hey Takara, I’m gonna take Midoriya home now,”


“Take the rest of the day off while you’re at it, please,” Takara hummed and Bakugou’s eyes widened up. “It’s been.. messy and I don’t know what would have happened if you weren’t there. You seemed frazzled and I think you need to go home too.”


“But Takara —”


“You got here at five this morning, Bakugou,” Takara sighed. “Take today off, please. Tell Midoriya he can have tomorrow off too.”


Bakugou nodded his head. “Will do.”


Bakugou hated having to take time off, but he supposed that it was alright. He did feel very drained, and he knew that Midoriya needed to get home. He let out a sigh though, knowing that he would just spend the rest of the afternoon and evening staring up at his ceiling, waiting for sleep to wash over him in a way that distracted him.

Chapter Text

Midoriya sat in the passenger seat of Bakugou’s car, he was looking out the window and not saying much. It wasn’t like him, and it wasn’t like Bakugou to feel the need to fill the silence. He took a deep breath and let it fill the empty noise in the car. “Takara wants you to take tomorrow off,” Bakugou finally said.




“And she told me to take the rest of the day off,”


Midoriya for the first time turned his gaze over to Bakugou. “And you’re going to?”


“I don’t think I have a choice,” Bakugou sighed. “So I guess that means I’ll read one of the same few books I’m always reading, and maybe go on a run.”


“Sounds lonely,” Midoriya commented. He stuck his hands in between his thighs as he glanced over Bakugou’s features. Bakugou looked like he had something else to say but didn’t know how to say it, it was one of the few emotions that Midoriya could read off of him. “Do you.. We can do something together, if you want.”


Bakugou tried to hide his smile but was failing miserably. “Are you sure you’re alright with that?”


“Yeah,” Midoriya nodded. “I’m just feeling really tired.”


“You can take a nap at my apartment if you want,” Bakugou offered up and Midoriya’s eyes widen. “If you’re hungry, I can cook you something but I’d have to drop by the store. I’m not used to cooking anymore.”


“Y-You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Midoriya shook his head.


Bakugou chuckled. “Idiot, I like cooking, I just don’t.. find reason to do it anymore. You’re probably the best reason I’m gonna fucking get for a while.”


Midoriya smiled a little bit, trying to hold in the warmth he felt from Bakugou’s words. “Why don’t we stop on our way by then?”


“If you want you can sleep and I can go to the —”


“Kacchan,” Midoriya interjected. “I’m not that tired, I can go to the store with you.”


“Well what do you want for dinner then?” Bakugou asked. “What do you like? What is your favorite meal?”


“Katsudon but you don’t have to —”


“Katsudon it is then,” Bakugou interrupted. “It’s been a while since I’ve made it, you might have to remind me of the shit I’m gonna need.”


“Sure,” Midoriya nodded. “Are you sure that you wanna make that, you don’t —”


“Stop telling me I don’t have to do anything, I fucking know I don’t have to do jack shit.” Bakugou scoffed. “Let me do nice shit for you, I’m trying to not be an asshole.” Midoriya felt his face turn red as he leaned back in his seat, smiling.


The journey to the store was quiet, but it was calm. When they got there, Bakugou grabbed a cart and said he didn’t want to have to carry anything and he might as well pick up a few other things. He was looking at fruits when he noticed that Midoriya was picking up things and glancing at them. “Deku,” Bakugou called and the greenette turned his head to him. “Breakfast tomorrow?”


“B-Breakfast..?” Midoriya mumbled, his eyes growing wide. He headed back over to where Bakugou was standing in front of the apples he was looking at.


“Yeah, do you want breakfast tomorrow?” Bakugou asked.


“Are you asking me if I.. I want to spend the night?” Midoriya asked.


“My apartment is a lot nicer with your dumbass in it,” Bakugou said, wincing at the honesty. “So no fucking shit.”


Midoriya smiled, Bakugou was at least trying his best. “I don’t want to steal your bed again.”


“I’m not letting you sleep on the fucking floor.”


“I want you to sleep in the bed with me,” Midoriya pulled on Bakugou’s sleeve and noticed how Bakugou’s eyes comically widened. It made Midoriya stifle a laugh and Bakugou had an urge to slap him.


“Fuck, fine,” Bakugou huffed, trying to push the red of his face away. “We can do that.”


“Okay,” Midoriya smiled. “So breakfast?”


“Yeah, what do you want?” Bakugou asked as he dropped the apples he had bagged into the cart. “I can buy bacon or something.”


“Bacon sounds good,” Midoriya smiled as he walked through the store. “We should have crepes.”






“Okay,” Bakugou said. “What do you want in yours?”


“I like the strawberry ones.”


“The ones with cream cheese, right?”




Bakugou grabbed a package of strawberries as they walked by. He noticed how Midoriya seemed to switch like a light, how his mood had changed and now if he didn’t know any better, he would assume that Midoriya would need a couple more hours of sleep at the most. That today’s fiasco had never happened in the first place.


Midoriya held onto the side of the cart as they walked, and when they had finished grabbing things they needed, Midoriya noticed how Bakugou hesitated. “Kacchan? Everything alright?”


“Yeah,” Bakugou nodded. He didn’t want to admit that he was feeling so comfortable being around Midoriya and doing mundane and simple tasks like grocery shopping with him. Normally Bakugou would do things like this on his own, but having Midoriya around made them all better in a way that he didn’t anticipate.


“Are you lying?” Midoriya pressed and Bakugou shot him a glare. “I like learning about you Kacchan.”


“Why’s that?” Bakugou asked, trying to get away from the earlier question. No fucking way was he admitting that kind of shit.


“Because it’s interesting to think about the fact that even though we could’ve known each other earlier, we never did.”


Bakugou glanced at Midoriya as he pushed the cart towards the checkout line. Midoriya was smiling at him, but Bakugou didn’t return it though, instead just started loading things onto the belt. “Well if that’s the case, you should return the favor sometime.” Midoriya’s eyes widened up and tried to ignore Bakugou’s calm demeanor about the request.


It was another fifteen minutes before they were finally in Bakugou’s apartment. It was only about one in the afternoon, and Midoriya and Bakugou both kicked off their shoes as they set the groceries down.


Midoriya watched Bakugou walk to the closet and pull a few articles of clothing out. “Might be a little big on you, but they’ll be better than that uniform. Go change and then you can take a nap.”


“Okay,” Midoriya answered and headed to the bathroom. He found it a little hard to believe that he was in Bakugou Katsuki’s apartment, changing into his clothes to nap in his bed and later Bakugou would make him dinner and then breakfast tomorrow.


Bakugou continued to put the groceries away and felt himself freeze up when he noticed how empty the cupboards were. He hadn’t done anything like this in so long, his eyes turned and saw the shoe rack and normally only his shoes sat there but Midoriya’s horrifying shoes were there too.


He glanced towards the closed bathroom door and felt his eyes turn back down to his hands. He couldn’t believe that someone else was in his apartment to begin with but even more so, he couldn’t believe that he wanted this person here. The apartment for some reason seemed less dingy, the light seemed brighter and Bakugou felt himself sigh in relief. He was feeling at peace, and even it would only be temporary, he knew he would devour every second of it.


The bathroom door opened up and Bakugou only hesitated a second to see Midoriya in his baggy black sweatpants and a dark red t-shirt that was already big on Bakugou. Bakugou chuckled. “Red isn’t your color.”




“You look like Christmas.”


“Oh,” Midoriya answered with a smile. He walked over to the counter where Bakugou was standing. “It smells like you, it’s nice.”


“Good because I smell fucking great,” Bakugou said. “You can go take a nap, I might go for a run so if you wake up and I’m not here, that’s where I am.”


“Okay,” Midoriya responded. He leaned his head against Bakugou’s shoulder and hummed happily. Bakugou only allowed himself the pleasure of snaking one arm around Midoriya’s waist for a couple of seconds before gently nudging him towards the bed.


Bakugou watched Midoriya slide into the bed and pull the covers up to his nose. Bakugou could see him smiling from where he was, but couldn’t pinpoint the fact that Midoriya was smelling the blankets and their sweet Kacchan scent. Instead, he just moved to change in the bathroom himself and paused to see his reflection in the mirror.


Something seemed.. wrong.


His cheeks were a gentle pink, and he reached up and touched them, feeling their warmth. The next place his hand went was to his forehead, trying to see if he had a fever but it didn’t seem like he did. He couldn’t really tell fully.


He let out a sigh as he walked back out into the main room and turned his head to see Midoriya was already fast asleep. So he chuckled, slid on his sneakers and headed out for his run.


He was lost in a deep thought as the music pounded through his headphones. The sound of guitar and percussion matched with each foot that hit the ground. He pushed through the exhaustion and the feeling that came with heavy breathing. His mind was so wrapped up in other things though that he didn’t seem to notice the feelings in his body.


After all, he saw Midoriya standing with who he assumed was Chisaki. How could Bakugou not recognize him? A face and a voice he knew so well and he was so distracted in the idea that someone was touching Midoriya that instead of stepping in and helping he ran off like a coward . He didn’t want that to happen again, he didn’t want to hear that Midoriya was somewhere having a panic attack because Bakugou was so wrapped up in his own concerns that he couldn’t help the person that caused him the misdirected anger in the first place. If he just stopped and thought for a moment, he could’ve helped Midoriya.


He could have helped.


He could have done something.


He should have been there.


He didn’t know what this whole ‘thing’ with Midoriya was, and frankly he didn’t care. He just knew that Midoriya was there and that was all that mattered, if that’s all that ever happened then.. well then that was it. Bakugou was given some reconciliation just by the smallest of Midoriya’s help; he could only push back so much.


However, Bakugou had some monsters, and some monsters don’t just lay down and die. And Midoriya couldn’t fix everything, at least, Bakugou didn’t think he could.


When Bakugou got back to the apartment, he was panting as he ripped his headphones out whilst he tugged his shoes off, vaguely remembering that Midoriya was still there. Bakugou chuckled when he saw him sleeping still and thought it wouldn’t be the biggest deal to just change his shirt in the room. If Midoriya was sleeping it wouldn’t have matter.


Bakugou shed off his sweat-covered shirt and used the dry parts to wipe himself down before tossing it into the dirty laundry hamper. He picked another shirt up and smiled at Midoriya’s sleeping face before he pulled the shirt over his head.


It wasn’t even three yet, Bakugou had plenty of time to lounge about before he would find that he was hungry. So he grabbed a book from the shelf, his favorite out of the novels he had reread time and time again. He cracked open it’s cover and leaned back in the kitchen chair, listening to the sounds that always filled the atmosphere.


Bakugou scanned over each word like he didn’t know exactly which each said, like he didn’t know how the story ended. Despite the fact that he did, he knew how each of these books went, but he didn’t want to read something that was new, he only wanted to read these.


Time passed slowly as he read, and Midoriya stirred and opened his eyes to the light of the room. His eyes came into focus to see Bakugou, his eyebrows narrowed in thought and his mouth pressed into a line as he read the words on the page.


Midoriya sat up and rubbed his eyes, even when he yawned, Bakugou’s expression didn’t change nor did it even shift. He didn’t care to notice Midoriya had woken up.


“Hey Kacchan,” Midoriya spoke up when he realized Bakugou wouldn’t have. Bakugou jumped a little but turned to see Midoriya sitting up. “What time is it?”


“After four,” Bakugou shrugged. “Probably close to five now.”


Midoriya nodded as he slid out of the bed and joined Bakugou at the table. “What’re you reading?”


“A book.”


“What’s it about?”


“It’s about a group of people with fucked up lives, and to combat their issues, every Friday and Saturday night they all go to a jazz club and watch this guy perform.” Bakugou answered. Midoriya blinked, he wasn’t really expecting an answer from Bakugou but there it is. “I’ve already read it more times than I can count.”


“Do you like it that much?”


“There’s only so many books up there.”


“Why don’t you just.. buy new ones?” Midoriya asked.


“Because,” Bakugou shrugged. “I like these ones.”


“You don’t strike me as a reader, Kacchan,” Midoriya said and Bakugou’s eyes narrowed at him. “I expect you to be someone who sits and plays video games in his free time; not reread books.”


“Well,” Bakugou shrugged. He didn’t have anything after that to say, after all, did it really matter all that much if he was a reader? “I expect different things from you but here we fucking are.”


Midoriya leaned back and his eyes widened up a little. “Different how?”


“Deku you sat behind the desk at electronics today and had a fucking panic attack,” Bakugou said and both parties were aware of how Midoriya’s face heated up just by the mention of it. “Fucking clearly something was wrong and you don’t want to talk about it, that’s fine. But fuck you if you think I’m gonna sit here and let you pick me apart if you can’t even tell me what the issue with Chisaki is.”


“We dated!” Midoriya blurted out and Bakugou froze up, not expecting Midoriya to come so willingly. “We worked together last summer, he’s the son of the man that owns the restaurant so he gets away with hitting on the employees and not doing his work. So we.. ended up dating and I guess he just wasn’t who I thought.”


“Who’d you expect him to be?”


“Charming? Kind?”


“Hah, I’d hardly expect Chisaki to be those things.”


“I think that’s why I take to you so well,” Midoriya said. “You’re not exactly forthcoming with your feelings, but you’re blunt. You tell people how it is, and that’s that. I think I like knowing that you’re honest.”


Bakugou glanced Midoriya up and down, and wished he could say the same. But Bakugou was no idiot, he knew smiles like that one, and he knew that they were lies. Plain and simple. “So, is that all?”




“That’s all, you just didn’t characterize him correctly?”


Midoriya paused, not quite sure what to answer to the blonde who sat across from him, an unimpressed look across his features. “Well.. I mean, it just ended messy and I had to quit my job.”


“Messy how?”


“I don’t know, Kacchan,” Midoriya sighed.


“A breakup doesn’t induce panic like that,” Bakugou countered. He was not letting Midoriya slip through the cracks like this. He knew damn well that there was something being left out, and he would figure it out. “What happened?”


“Gah just drop it!” Midoriya snapped at Bakugou before the greenette realized what he was doing. “I’m sorry, but I don’t know what else to tell you, all I can say is that it ended messily, but I can’t really tell you why. Stop assuming I’m a liar, would you?”


Bakugou let out a sigh as he pushed up from the table. “I’m assuming nothing, I know you’re a liar; simple as that.”


Midoriya watched carefully as Bakugou walked around the table to the fridge before he pulled things out. Midoriya watched him carefully, not saying anything else because with his back turned; Bakugou had signalled the end of it. Midoriya wanted to pull on his shoulder, to pull him back and cuss him out (if he even had that ability in him) and tell him that he was wrong but..


Midoriya’s eyes trailed back down to his hands on the table. He was glancing at the rough texture of them, glancing over every line against his skin. He breathed into the stale air, “It was an unhealthy relationship.”


“What?” Bakugou turned around now, giving Midoriya his attention even though Midoriya couldn’t bring himself to look at Bakugou.


“I-I’m sorry Kacchan,” Midoriya shook his head. “I don’t want to lie to you, and I don’t want you to feel like I can’t be trusted. Because I worked so hard for your trust and I want to keep it. But I don’t know how to tell you these kinds of things.”


“You just say it.”


Midoriya laughed, laughed in a way that was.. sad and unlike him. It was so full of different things that Bakugou couldn’t pinpoint. “It’s not like that, you know it too.”


“It was unhealthy,” Bakugou repeated the phrase Midoriya said earlier. “What did he do to you? Or is it, what you did to him?”


“No! No,” Midoriya shook his head furiously. “I-I guess we just wanted different things.”


Bakugou let out a sigh that rang in Midoriya’s ears. It was that same one in which he always gave in, but would give Midoriya one last remark. “Fine, whatever. I can’t keep letting this go one way though.”


“Let what go one way?”


“You want to know about me,” Bakugou said. “And not just what I like and dislike, you want to know me. That’s that, and that’s one thing. But your walls are gonna prove to be an issue because I’m not the type to want to try and rip the information from you. I’m not gonna keep trying as hard as I want.”


Bakugou returned to what he was doing and made it clear to Midoriya that he was done with the conversation. Bakugou was quiet, no silent , while he was cooking. It made the air feel tense and it made Midoriya shuffle uneasily in his seat.


There was the gentle sound of sizzling oil in the pan on the stove, and the sun was making its way down onto the horizon. By the time Bakugou had finished cooking, it was almost gone. He slid a gray bowl down in front of Midoriya before sitting at the table across from him.


Suddenly, Midoriya didn’t feel as hungry as he should have. He glanced to see Bakugou angrily stabbing at his food, and he thought for mannerisms sake, he should at least try to choke down as much of it as possible. When he did, he was surprised about how good it was, his eyes widened up and he looked up to Bakugou who noticed his bewildered expression. “Th-This is really good!”


“Oh,” Bakugou replied. “What’d you expect? Me to be a shitty cook?”


“Well.. N-No,” Midoriya shook his head slowly, feeling the poison from Bakugou’s words. “I just.. I just wanted to tell you that it is good..”


“I know it fucking is, I’m eating it, aren’t I?” Bakugou scoffed and shoved more of it into his mouth.


Midoriya couldn’t help but turning red, and considered telling Bakugou he should leave, only because he didn’t want to sit here and piss Bakugou off more and more. On the other hand, he had a very good idea that it would hurt Bakugou’s feelings if Midoriya insisted he leave. So he stayed put, stayed put and allowed for Bakugou’s negative attitude to fill the space around them.


“Do you.. want me to wash the dishes?” Midoriya said once he had finished his food and Bakugou scoffed at him, didn’t answer, and took the dishes himself and began to wash them.


“Sorry there isn’t more shit for you to do here.” Bakugou said while the sink’s water was heating up. “I’m not used to having to entertain people, so everything is pretty solo activity related.”


“That’s fine,” Midoriya said. “Your job isn’t to entertain me.”


Bakugou grunted a random noise in response and that was the last thing he said as he washed the dishes. Midoriya glanced down at his hands and picked at his nails. He wanted to say something, but he wasn’t exactly sure what. Everything felt so tense that a single wrong step could have Bakugou blowing up. He wasn’t wrong either, Bakugou’s posture was straighter, he held onto things tighter, and his whole body seemed much more rigid than usual.


Midoriya turned his head to see Bakugou standing behind him. He took a deep breath and let out in a sigh that Bakugou could hear, but didn’t react to. Standing up, Bakugou thought he might head over to the bed on the other side of the room, but instead, he felt Midoriya’s arms snake around his waist and made the dish-cloth slip from his fingers into the sink’s dirty water.


“What the fuck are you doing?” Bakugou’s voice came quieter and definitely not as menacing as he wanted it to. Midoriya only nuzzled his face into Bakugou’s back and tried to get him to calm down in his grip.


Bakugou wasn’t exactly.. used to physical affection. He never had it, besides from how affectionate his mother was, he never really dated other people save for a couple of flings, and his friends — excluding Toga — were never the touchy-feely type. Sure, Todoroki and Kirishima were two people who had thrown a hand around his shoulders or his waist. And people have patted him on the back, but that wasn’t at all the same attention that he was getting from Midoriya.


This.. cuddly thing was off to him.


“I’m just hugging you,” Midoriya answered as he moved so he could see Bakugou’s face. “That’s okay, right?”


“Tch, you’re a fucking idiot..” Bakugou growled but Midoriya took that as a yes as he pushed his cheek against Bakugou’s back. And Bakugou would swear that he was fine besides the fact that he was sure his face was on fire.


“I think I’m sick, so you shouldn’t do that.” Bakugou choked out and Midoriya’s eyebrows narrowed.


“You’re sick? Really?” Midoriya’s hands left their spot around Bakugou as he stepped around to see Bakugou’s face. “Why are you washing the dishes then? What kind of sickness is it? Do you have an symptoms? Should you lay down? Can I get you anything? Are you sure you should work if you —”


“Stop fucking asking questions..” Bakugou sighed as his eyes fell shut. “I’m fine, just earlier I think my head was hot.”


“Before or after you went on a run?”


“Before,” Bakugou answered. “I couldn’t really tell if I had a fever or not, but you were already asleep so I didn’t want to wake you up.”


Midoriya pursed his lips together before raising a single hand up to Bakugou’s head and feeling the temperature of his head. Bakugou froze up under his touch and let his eyes trail over to Midoriya’s thoughtful expression. “I don’t know, Kacchan, you feel okay. Are you sure it’s not just in your head?”


“I feel hot.”


“Your face is red,” Midoriya pointed out, as a hand moved down to his cheek. “Your face is warm, but you’re not feverish. Do you feel sick?”


“I don’t think so.” Bakugou answered, his voice was that low, gruffy noise that Midoriya always smiled at.


“So, Kacchan,” Midoriya hummed. “I think you’re just nervous.”


“Nervous? About fucking what?”


“I don’t want to assume, but I think it’s from being around me.”


Bakugou’s eyes widened up and he dropped the bowl he was holding so it sloshed water around before he turned to Midoriya with a crazed expression. “You’re fucking doing this!?” He shouted as he pointed at his face. “Fucking stop it .”


“I-I’m not doing anything!” Midoriya laughed nervously. “I think that it’s just a response to being around someone like this; since you aren’t used to it.”


“Like this..” Bakugou repeated in nothing above a whisper but the lack of noise and proximity made it easy for Midoriya to hear. He nodded his head in response and Bakugou shook it.


“Why are you shaking your head at me?” Midoriya laughed. “What are you saying no to?”


“Like what!?” Bakugou shouted. “What does that fucking mean!?”


“Relax!” Midoriya couldn’t help the laughs that spilled from his mouth as he nearly doubled over at Bakugou’s panic. “Why are you getting so concerned?”


“Because you are a little shithead.” Bakugou snarled. “What are you talking about!?”


“Nothing,” Midoriya hummed. “Come on, you can wash dishes later?”


“What could we possibly do?” Bakugou rolled his eyes. “There’s nothing here, also my hands are still wet and if I don’t wash them now, it’ll get all crusty and —”


“Shut up,” Midoriya said as he grabbed the hand towel that hung on the stove handle and pushed it onto Bakugou. “I’m tired.”


“You took a nap, how could you possibly be tired?”


“Dealing with you is a handful,”


“Okay first of all, fuck you. Second of all fuck off.”


Midoriya laughed as he pulled on Bakugou’s wrist. “Come on, I want to sleep.”


“What do you need me for?” Bakugou scoffed and Midoriya paused. “What?”


“I’m sleeping with you.”


“In the bed?”


“Yeah, we already talked about it.”


“You can have it, I don’t —”


“I want you to sleep with me,” Midoriya pouted as he pulled at Bakugou’s shirt.


“But it’s hot.”


“You’re just hot.” Midoriya shook his head. “Stop fighting me.”


Bakugou wanted to pull away, he really did, he wanted to push Midoriya and bolt for the door but he couldn’t find it in himself to do it. So he let Midoriya pull him over to the bed and slid underneath the covers which placed his body closest to the wall. Bakugou looked at him for a second, he looked so.. small . In reality, Midoriya wasn’t that much smaller than Bakugou, and Bakugou’s frame definitely had more curve to it than Midoriya’s did, but it didn’t change the fact that Midoriya always looked so cute and tiny.


Bakugou slid underneath the covers too, slowly, and found himself lying dangerously close to the edge of the bed, he didn’t exactly know if he should try to get closer or what. He was floundering like a fish, he didn’t know any better.


Midoriya reached out and pulled Bakugou close to him, Bakugou made little effort to resist and the only thing he did do was groan a little bit, but that didn’t stop Midoriya from placing his arms around Bakugou’s waist and resting his head onto his chest.


“Your waist is so tiny,” Midoriya commented and Bakugou felt his eyes widen up and just was praying that his face wasn’t as red as it felt. Or hopefully Midoriya couldn’t tell.


“Don’t be an ass,”


“I’m not,” Midoriya answered. “I like it.” He ran the side his hand over the slope again before allowing his hand to rest on Bakugou’s side. “I can hear your heartbeat.”


“I didn’t know I had one of those.”


“Well, it’s beating really fast.” Midoriya said. “You should try relaxing.”


“I-I am fucking relaxed!”


Midoriya lifted his head up to see Bakugou’s redder than all hell face and smiled at him. Bakugou wanted to wipe that dumbass grin off of his face, but he didn’t move at all. “You’re not really relaxed, you’re very tense.”


“Fuck off, shithead.”


“Kacchan,” Midoriya whined. “Here, let me see your hands.”


“What? The fuck are you doing with them?”


“Just let me see them,”


Bakugou sighed but ultimately complied, and Midoriya slid them around himself. He noticed how Bakugou’s expressions were constantly shifting between being flustered and trying to glare at him. Midoriya lifted his hands up to Bakugou’s face and stroked his thumb across the red skin.


In the dim light of the apartment, the only light source being above the kitchen sink and traces of moonlight, Bakugou scanned Midoriya’s face and felt himself relaxing into the situation and let one of his own hands slide up to Midoriya’s face.


“See? It’s nice,” Midoriya smiled. Bakugou grunted in response, but Midoriya had figured out pretty well that Bakugou was enjoying the company.


It was interesting, Bakugou’s fingers seemed to send a comfort through Midoriya’s body in which Chisaki’s had sent chills, like a deep penetrating fear, but it was different in this moment. This touch was gentle, and it was relaxing.


Midoriya let his eyes fall shut as he leaned his face against Bakugou’s hand, he noticed how Bakugou tensed at the contact but soon relaxed. “Hey Kacchan,”




“What is this?” Midoriya opened his eyes up and turned scanned Bakugou’s face.


“My apartment?”


“No,” Midoriya shook his head. “Not where are we, or what is this place we are in, what is this .” This time, he moved a hand from Bakugou’s face and gestured between the both of them.


“I am your boss,” Bakugou answered. “More like your manager, I don’t think I’m really a boss.”


Midoriya pursed his lips together. “Is that it?”


“What do you fucking mean?”


“Is that all we are?” Midoriya asked as he rolled over onto his back. When he did, he pulled on Bakugou so that Bakugou was raised up above him with a nervous expression that was in a very odd contorted style, although, Bakugou was very careful to avoid straddling him. “Just coworkers?”




“Cause I kinda think it’s more than that,” Midoriya said as his hands ran up Bakugou’s neck and rested just under his jawline. “I mean, after Friday and stuff.”


“Right.” Bakugou answered, he knew where this was going but he didn’t really know what to say.


“So you agree?”


“I fucking guess so.”


Midoriya hummed, he knew that was all he was going to get out of Bakugou and honestly he didn’t expect anything else. “So, if that’s what I think, and you agree with me, then we aren’t just coworkers.”


“Get to the fucking point.”


Midoriya knew that he would eventually have to tie up the thought, but the ending made him a little nervous, he was staring at Bakugou’s expression and even if Bakugou wouldn’t admit it, he knew that he was feeling something similar. “I don’t want.. this to just be like a casual thing.”


“I don’t know what that fucking means.”


“I want something serious,” Midoriya narrowed his eyes at Bakugou who held the exact opposite expression of surprise. “I want to date you. Seriously. Not like that icky meet up thing that people do.”


Bakugou’s eyes slid off to the side until he pulled himself away from Midoriya and sat up in the bed, Midoriya mirrored the position but was more afraid that Bakugou was about to tell him no if anything. “I don’t know how to do that.” Bakugou answered without meeting Midoriya’s eyes.


“Don’t know how to..?”


“I don’t know how to date people!” Bakugou huffed. “Trust me, that isn’t what you want. I don’t fucking know how to do all of that shit and you don’t —”


“I don’t care,” Midoriya interjected. “I don’t care that you really don’t know what you’re doing. That’s fine.”


“You’re a fucking liar.”

“Am I?”


“Why would anyone think that’s fine!?”


“Kacchan,” Midoriya began. “Have you never been in a serious relationship.”

Bakugou felt embarassment wash all the way down his neck and up to the tips of his ears as he folded his arms. “No.”


Midoriya smiled as he leaned forward on his hands so he could be closer to Bakugou. “Really?”


“Get that smug fucking look off your face!”


The scolding only made Midoriya laugh. “Kacchan, I don’t really care. I’m okay with you not really being experienced; I’d still enjoy dating you and I would be honored to be your first boyfriend.”


“Shut the fuck up you sap!” Bakugou barked. “Just.. fuck!




“I can’t do anything you’re gonna want!” Bakugou snarled and Midoriya’s eyes widened up. “I can’t even help you!”


“Help me..?” Midoriya mumbled. “Help me with what?”


“I saw you with Chisaki today,” Bakugou sighed and folded his arms as he sat back on his feet. “And I fucking walked away, I didn’t think about who he was, and I didn’t even think to check, I just walked away because I got angry.”


Midoriya blinked, trying to comprehend why that was upsetting Bakugou. “So? You didn’t know anything.”


“I sat in the back office feeling bad for myself instead of helping you!”


“You did help though,” Midoriya continued on.


“I left you out there all by yourself because I felt like a sorry fucking sap who had lost his opportunity because you had some other guy touching you like it was okay!” Bakugou hissed out.


Midoriya laughed a little and Bakugou turned his eyes to him. “The fuck are you laughing at?”


“You got jealous?” Midoriya asked. “Or by the sounds of it, you didn’t want to lose me to someone else.”


Bakugou let out a deep breath he didn’t know he was holding. He was always so used to being the loser, and even more used to losing the people he cared about. His parents (and whatever remained of his family) was all gone, and all of his friends had long disappeared. Dead, locked away, or too far to see, he had nothing left. Now that he had met Midoriya, he was beginning to see the people in his life as more than just people, but the ones that he cared about. Midoriya had gotten so far with him that even though he would appreciate it if that’s all they ever had, it still didn’t mean he liked the feeling of losing someone.


It didn’t mean he liked feeling like he was losing Midoriya.


“I told you I wasn’t going to leave you all by yourself,” Midoriya’s voice came quiet as he scooted so his knees bumped against Bakugou’s on the bed. “And I meant it, Kacchan.”


“If you don’t want to date me, that’s fine, but I wanna get to hold onto you too.” Midoriya said. “Don’t think your own shortcomings is a reason to tell me no.”


Bakugou — who had been refusing to make eye contact with Midoriya for the past few minutes — raised his eyes up to see Midoriya’s smiling face. How he was always smiling? It was beyond him, but he liked it. He liked how it felt, but something was always off about it.


Something was always off about Midoriya Izuku.


No one that happy should have that much paralyzing anxiety. Bakugou knew that Midoriya was leaving something out about Chisaki, but because he couldn’t figure out what it was, and Midoriya wouldn’t tell him, he didn’t know. There was something that threw Bakugou off about it.


“I don’t like that you’re hiding things,” Bakugou said and the smile on Midoriya’s face faltered.


“W-What do you mean, Kacchan? I’m not —”


“I wasn’t born yesterday,” Bakugou scoffed. “I know you are.”


Midoriya found his eyes falling down, regret washing over him. He wanted to say those things, he wanted Bakugou to feel okay around him and he knew that his honesty was the only thing that would bring that to him. But he couldn’t say it, he could barely admit it to himself he couldn’t say it out loud . Bakugou just didn’t understand that, Bakugou was blunt, he didn’t care, but Midoriya.. Midoriya..


“Stop mumbling,” Bakugou said and Midoriya’s head shot upwards. “I don’t not trust you because you won’t tell me.”


“I-I was talking out loud?”


“Yeah, you do it sometimes.” Bakugou said. “But that’s besides the point, you act like it makes me think you’re some awful human being and that couldn’t be farther from the truth.”


“Th-Then why don’t you want to..”


“Listen shithead,” Bakugou huffed. “It’s not that I don’t want to date you, and it’s not that I think my inability to form meaningful relationships will kill it like a bug, but I don’t think you’re ready for it.”


Midoriya’s eyes widened up. “I don’t need to know every last thing about you, not initially, but this sounds like something that’s gonna incapacitate you. I can only help you so much without knowing something. If it comes down to it, I’ll fucking ask Chisaki myself.”




“Chisaki and I were friends,” Bakugou reminded him. “That’s what makes this more difficult, knowing that I was friends with someone who clearly caused you some kind of torment isn’t something that’ll ever settle easy. Not until I can do something about it.”


“Ka-Kacchan it isn’t your —”


“I know it’s not my job,” Bakugou rolled his eyes. “But if I date you, it becomes my job and you’ll have to tell me anyways. So until this is figured out, I can’t date you.”


“I-I see..” Midoriya trailed off, he didn’t want to admit that something felt shaky in him. Something felt like it was breaking, and he swore he felt like he was going to start crying.


This didn’t feel fair, it didn’t seem fair to Midoriya that he had to tell Bakugou these kinds of things but at the same time, it did feel fair because in all honesty it all seemed to be too logical.


“Don’t worry,” Bakugou moved to climb back underneath the covers, watching Midoriya turn to see him. “I’ll wait for it.”


“Yo-You’re gonna.. wait?”


“Yeah?” Bakugou scoffed. “I’m in no hurry, Deku. So, when you wanna tell me about it, just let me know.”


“O-Okay..” Midoriya mumbled, his eyes widened up when Bakugou opened his arms up. “What?”


“We’re going to sleep now, so get your ass over here, idiot.”


“Oh..” Midoriya answered as he slid under the blankets before resting in Bakugou’s embrace. The tables seemed to switch so easily, but he would be a liar if he didn’t admit that he enjoyed the warmth emitting from Bakugou’s body.

Chapter Text

When Midoriya finally woke up, Bakugou was already gone. On the table was a crepe, and a few slices of bacon with a scent that still filled the room but Bakugou had left long ago. Midoriya rubbed his eyes as he sat up, glancing around in the morning light and suddenly remembered where he was. Climbing out of bed he walked over to the table and noticed a few pieces of clothes with a piece of paper laying on top. Surprisingly, Bakugou’s handwriting was a lot nicer than Midoriya’s chicken scratch.


You can wear these if you want to change, I’m at work but if you want to go home I’ll come get you. Don’t walk through this neighborhood on your own.




Midoriya glanced at the food and then back at the note. He was surprised that Bakugou didn’t even bother to wake him up before he left. He sat down and ate though, and noticed how empty the apartment felt.


So, was this how Bakugou always felt? When he sat at the table and ate all alone, glanced across at the photos on the wall and dream about a time he didn’t have anymore? It felt so empty, so lonely, and so awful. The apartment felt dull, bare, and it felt like no one even spent any time here. It was always incredibly clean, not a dish left in the sink, and there was never anything out of place.


It would be a lie to say that Midoriya didn’t have an idea.


He pulled out his phone and immediately texted Shinsou.


[8:51 am]

Midoriya Izuku: hey, I need some help

so wake up, lazy


Midoriya set down the phone and continued to eat, hoping that Shinsou would get up sometime soon. By the time he did, Midoriya had finished, washed his plate, made the bed, and changed his clothes.


[9:32 am]

Shinsou Hitoshi: gross, it’s so early

what do you need?


[9:34 am]

Midoriya Izuku: so I’m at Bakugou’s

he left to go to work

but I’m still here


[9:35 am]

Shinsou Hitoshi: don’t you work today?

also why the fuck

are you at Bakugou’s?


[9:36 am]

Midoriya Izuku: I got the day off

and that’s not important,

but I want to do something nice for him

so come get me and take me shopping

I’ll buy you coffee and lunch


[9:37 am]

Shinsou Hitoshi: not unless you tell me

why the hell you would want to be there

did he kidnap you or something?


[9:39 am]

Midoriya Izuku: no!!

I’ll tell you when you get here

Please Hitoshi?


[9:42 am]

Shinsou Hitoshi: fine

but I am not happy about it.

Send your location

be there in twenty


[9:43 am]

Midoriya Izuku: thank you!!


[9:43 am]

Midoriya Izuku: sent attached location


It took twenty-four minutes for Shinsou to arrive at the apartment complex and Midoriya two more minutes to get situated in Shinsou’s car. Shinsou looked tired per usual, but he also looked angry. He looked like he was waiting for Midoriya to spill out the situation.


“So I guess you want me to tell you what’s going on?”


“Yeah I fucking do!” Shinsou huffed. “What the hell? First he shows up at your house, and now you’re sleeping at his? What is going on, Izuku and why haven’t you told me?”


Midoriya took a deep breath. “When I went drinking, I got drunk and he took me back to his apartment, nothing happened, but he made me breakfast and helped me out. And at work he did the same thing, Ch-Chisaki showed up and I guess I freaked out, and he took care of me again. It’s all he does, is take care of me. I want to do something nice for him.”


“Are you guys dating?”


“I asked him if he wanted to, he told me no,” Midoriya answered. “No because I won’t be open with him and he doesn’t like it. Although he said he would wait, I don’t know how long though.”


“You tried to get Bakugou Katsuki to date you!?” Shinsou hissed out. “What the hell was wrong with you!? Did you learn absolutely nothing from being with Chisaki!?”


“Stop yelling at me!” Midoriya huffed. “I did, I learned a lot unfortunately. But stop acting like Chisaki and Bakugou are the same person, they aren’t!”


“You don’t know him enough to say that!” Shinsou snarled and Midoriya noticed how Shinsou’s eyes had screwed shut as he gripped the steering wheel. “You don’t know a damn thing about that bastard. You just feel pity for him but he got what he deserved.”


“Shinsou stop —”


“I’ll let you repay the favor, and let you repay him for his service to you. But after this? After this I don’t want you to go anywhere near him. You work with him and that’s it.” Shinsou said as he finally began to drive out of the complex.


“You don’t get to tell me what to do!” Midoriya huffed. “What is going on? What are you not telling me Shinsou?”


“That’s rich you know, you’re always the same way Izuku. So damn worried about admitting your own faults and truths, and then expect everyone to open up to you because you’re nice.” Shinsou rolled his eyes and Midoriya’s own widened. Bakugou would agree with the statement, Midoriya was technically very closed off. It wasn’t like he meant to, but it happened. It happened all the time. He was closed off from his best friend, from his mother, he never revealed a problem until it was too late.


It was his worst fault.


“So what are you doing for Bakugou?” Shinsou asked.


“I just wanted to make his apartment.. look nicer..” Midoriya mumbled and Shinsou nodded.


“What does he like?”


“He likes reading,”




“But I think that’s all he does. He works, eats, goes running and reads books. He doesn’t watch television or movies.”


“Course he doesn’t,” Shinsou sighed. “I don’t want to tell you this because I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but you know that Bakugou was close with Chisaki, right? I mentioned that to you, but I told you I didn’t know him well enough to say anything. Which, to an extent is true, but I do know that Chisaki was bad before you guys dated, and if Bakugou was willing to hang out with someone like that, then I don’t see any reason for you to waste your time.”


“How can you be so sure?” Midoriya asked and noticed how Shinsou’s eyes fell closed before opening back up to drive successfully.


“You’re right. I shouldn’t be but I’m worried about you, okay?”


“That’s fine,”


“Because I don’t —”


“I get it Hitoshi, you don’t need to explain it to me.” Midoriya said.


Shinsou nodded his head and pulled into the parking lot of a cluster of stores. They walked inside the first one, and found themselves a little lost as Midoriya hung onto the shopping cart. “Get him this throw pillow.”


“He doesn’t have a couch.”


Shinsou’s eyebrows furrowed. “Who doesn’t have a couch?”


“He lives in a studio apartment, I guess he figures he doesn’t need one.”


“Hm,” Shinsou grunted before tossing the pillow back down. He continued to walk around alongside Midoriya. “What about one of these?”


“A wax melter?” Midoriya asked. “I don’t know if he would like it.”


“Who doesn’t like smelly stuff?” Shinsou answered. Midoriya shrugged as he picked one up.


“I guess I can get this.” Midoriya said as he placed one of the melters into the cart. “What smells should I get?”


“This rain one is nice.” Shinsou answered as he held it up to his nose. “You know what also is nice, this berry one. Smell.”


Midoriya followed instructions and smelled them. “The berry one is gross, it doesn’t smell like berries at all. Besides, do you think that Bakugou would like fruity smells?”


“I don’t know, I’m just saying it smells good.” Shinsou said. He chuckled when he saw a pink one as he picked it up. “This one says girlfriend night, smells good though.”


Midoriya hummed. “It does smell good.”


“Get this one, the rain one, and maybe two other ones.” Shinsou said and Midoriya shook his head.


“I can’t buy him a wax that says girlfriend night.”


“That sucks because you are because he’s your girlfriend.”


“Hitoshi —”


“What about a wood one. This one is woodland forests, it smells like you do.”


“I smell like a forest?”


“Yeah but in a good way. I think it’s your shampoo. In fact, I know it’s your shampoo, because I occasionally use it when I run out.”




“This one is nice too,” Shinsou smiled. “It’s called ‘dark spell,’ oo that’s edgy. Is Bakugou edgy?”


“Not really,” Midoriya said as he smelt the dark purple wax. “I like how this smells.”


“There’s your four waxes!” Shinsou clapped. “We should get him a rug, does he have a rug?”




“Then a rug, maybe a tapestry.”


“Those are two different things.”


“I’m saying you should get one of each.”


“Fine,” Midoriya sighed. They moved to look at the smaller rugs and Shinsou insisted on touching every single one.


“I like this one, red like this is a bold choice, but I think it’s a worthy choice.” Shinsou said. “Or maybe this green one? Green might be more subtle.”


“Yeah, that red one is intense,” Midoriya said and Shinsou moved the rug into the cart before they moved onward.


They grabbed a few more things, and Shinsou drove Midoriya back to Bakugou’s apartment. Midoriya hoped that because he didn’t lock it no one had broken in, but it was hopefully fine. When they got there, Midoriya was a little hesitant when he saw Shinsou’s face. “Is everything okay?”


“I wish you were more honest with me,” Shinsou admitted. “But yeah, everything is okay, Izuku. I’m really happy to be your friend, I just wish that you would have more consideration for yourself.”


“I’m sorry Hitoshi.”


“It’s okay,” Shinsou sighed. “Go on, I have sleeping to do.”


“Okay,” Midoriya answered and grabbed his things — which was a struggle — and walked upstairs into the apartment. Thankful that it remained the same. He began to set up everything he had bought through the room and was hoping that Bakugou would like it.


Shinsou had other plans though. He headed to the store Midoriya worked at, and found himself walking with his hands deep in his pockets until he found Bakugou standing in front of a shelf. “Excuse me,” Shinsou spoke and caught Bakugou’s attention.


“Can I help you.. Shinsou?”


“You can.” Shinsou answered and the glare he held was so much different than Bakugou’s. In which Bakugou’s was intense and hot, Shinsou’s was relaxed and cold. They contrasted each other to incredible lengths but yet, were more similar than either of them thought. “It’s about Midoriya.”


Bakugou’s glare faded. “Is he okay?”


“Yeah,” Shinsou nodded. “I want to ensure that it stays that way. If we could talk that would be nice.”


“I’m at work,” Bakugou scoffed. “But whatever, I’ll take lunch. Go wait outside for me.”


“Sure.” Shinsou answered as he turned on his heel and walked towards the front of the store. He never felt bad about not buying anything when he was in a store, in fact, he saw it as it didn’t really matter. Midoriya was always the opposite though, he would always buy something he didn’t need because he felt guilty.


Shinsou stood outside for a total of three minutes before Bakugou came out and approached the purple-haired menace. “Alright, get talking. Don’t got all fucking day.”


“I bet you figure I don’t like you,”



“But,” Shinsou sighed. “Idiot Midoriya does, and that makes the situation a little bit difficult, doesn’t it?”


“Only if you insist to make it that way.”


Shinsou laughed, low and cold, nothing about it showed enjoyment out of actual humor. “Yeah, you may have a point. Listen Bakugou, I know we don’t know each other very well but we have similar ideals, similar understands of what we want for Midoriya, right?”


“What the hell is this about?”


“I don’t trust you,” Shinsou said. “I don’t care what Midoriya has to say to me, but I think you’re bad news. As Midoriya’s closest and only friend, I want to prevent him from getting hurt. So I think you’re something I have to prevent.”


Bakugou swore he could feel his eye twitching. Shinsou was so ridiculous to Bakugou and he had no idea how to change the balance back in his own favor. “Fucking ridiculous .”


“Maybe,” Shinsou said. “I don’t trust someone who’s a friend of Chisaki.”


“I’m not that bastard’s friend!” Bakugou snarled.


“You were though, right?”


Bakugou felt his hands turn to fists, he wanted to punch Shinsou, take him to the ground and punch him. Although the consequences would be too severe and he was sure that Midoriya would never look in his direction again. “Yeah, I was. But guess what, I’m not anymore and I can fucking do as I please I don’t need some little degenerate like you telling me what’s in my best interest!”


“He’s gonna leave, you know,” Shinsou said and Bakugou’s eyes widened up. “He still has another year before he finishes the degree he’s working on, and who’s to say that he won’t keep going? Have you seriously not even contemplated that fact? Once the summer is over, he’s gonna leave and you’ll be stuck all by yourself. Have you thought about that Bakugou?”


Bakugou honestly hadn’t and he didn’t know why he never did. Sometimes Midoriya talked about school, and Bakugou wasn’t trying to change Midoriya’s mind on anything . He just didn’t think about the fact that Midoriya was going away, and maybe he should have, because he knew from the beginning it was bad news to get close.


“I want Midoriya to be happy,” Shinsou said, interjecting on Bakugou’s thoughts. “I really do. But I don’t know if you’re the guy he can be happy with. If you are, so be it, I’m an adult and I can get over my disagreement on you, but I don’t think you are. You’re twenty-one, a manager at a retail store which is a dead end job, and you’re too emotionally constipated for someone your age. I don’t see what Midoriya likes about you, but I don’t think that you’re right for him.”


“What the hell do you know, you shitty little basta —”


“I know enough about Midoriya to know that he needs someone to take care of him, to be emotionally there, not to be a stuck up prick like you are Bakugou. You’re wasting everyone’s time.” Shinsou turned to walk off at this point and left Bakugou standing there wide eyed and confused. “Do you really think that you could make him happy?” And that was the last thought Shinsou left Bakugou with.


Bakugou wasn’t sure whether or not to be angry or to collapse in on himself like a dying star. Honestly, the latter had its own appeal, but Bakugou pushed it back and walked back inside the store. His hands hanging lose on his sides as his feet dragged across the floor. He went o the back to clock in for the remainder of his shift.


He felt sick.


Maybe like he would vomit, or maybe like he was gonna pass out, he felt too hot and felt too uneasy. People noticed it too. However, Bakugou being Bakugou just tried to work. Focused on pushing toys onto the shelf.


It really was a dead end job, Bakugou didn’t want to imagine that he would be doing this for the rest of his life, he really didn’t know what else he would want to do though. This was probably the only thing for him to do, work to make money to live.


“Hey Bakugou,” Ashido’s voice came after she had slid the last bike onto the rack. “Are you alright? You seem a little off.”


“Fucking fine, pink bitch.” Bakugou snarled and Ashido tried not to show her reaction to the words. “Sorry, I don’t mean it.”


“S-Sorry..?” Ashido couldn’t hide the surprise she felt now, instead, her eyes widened up as she clasped her hands onto her face. “Sheesh, you really do need to go home. What’s the matter?”


Ashido was the last person Bakugou wanted to tell about this — okay maybe not the last person — but he definitely felt like he couldn’t tell it to anyone. If he told Todoroki, Todoroki would probably just tell Bakugou to push it off like he did everything else. Kirishima would spew reassuring nonsense, but it wouldn’t be helpful or anything, it would just tell Bakugou that everything was okay for the moment.


Maybe Ashido was.. different?


“Ashido,” Bakugou spoke up and caught the girl’s attention. “Can I ask you something?” He refused to meet Ashido’s eyes but knew that they were glued onto him.




“What do you think I deserve?”


“You deserve?” Ashido nearly choked on the words. “Like.. deserve in life?”



Ashido paused, thinking over her answer. “Well I think everyone deserves to be happy, and of course that includes you. But I think you don’t really know what makes you happy so how are you gonna find it if you don’t know.”


Bakugou hummed at the thought, maybe he didn’t know. He thought about it, and all the things that used to make him happy didn’t anymore. He didn’t know why, he just lived the same dragging life and it.. hurt.


“Thanks Ashido,”


“Of course,” Ashido said quietly. “I uh.. I think you do really deserve some nice things Bakugou. I think you deserve more.”


Bakugou’s eyes widened up as he turned his head to the girl standing there. “I just called you a bitch.”


“Yeah, so?” Ashido laughed. “You don’t mean it, because I know that we’re friends and you actually care about your friends.”


“W-We are not friends you pink haired — I don’t care about anyone! I don’t have — ah!


Ashido laughed as she patted Bakugou’s shoulder. “Sure, Bakugou, your panic suggests that to be the truth.”  


Bakugou sighed and continued on with his shift, things were so different but he.. oddly liked it. “Hey Ashido,”




“Do you think that..” He trailed off. “We could get the rest of the guys together and.. hang out or something?”


Ashido swore she had never felt so shocked, so suprised and amazed in her entire life. For months, years, they had tried to get Bakugou to hang out with them. Every single time he always said no, every time he always pushed them away and forced them out of his life. They hung out relatively often but every time they offered to take Bakugou he rejected it. And now.. he was asking to hang out?


“Y-You.. You wanna hang out with us?”


“Yeah sure,” Bakugou nodded. “We can go to my apartment but it’s kinda small so I don’t know if..”


Ashido wasn’t listening after that, she thought she was going to faint. Not another soul was allowed in Bakugou’s apartment and Todoroki himself had only been there a handful of times. “Of course we’d love to see your apartment Bakugou!” Ashido shouted, not wanting to miss out on this opportunity. “What’s with the sudden change of heart?”


Bakugou’s eyes narrowed. “The fuck are you talking about?”


“You’re always so hostile when it comes to hanging out, and you never offered to let us go to your apartment.” Ashido shrugged. “So, what’s changed it now.”


“Nothing you shithead!” Bakugou snarled. “Fucking say yes or not!”


“I already said yes,” Ashido laughed. “I’ll let the rest know, this Friday sound okay?”


“Fuck, I guess so.” Bakugou scoffed and Ashido laughed more as she walked off. Bakugou was surprised he offered it himself, but there was a good reason for everything. Even if he didn’t know this reason was because of Midoriya’s impact on him.

Chapter Text

When Bakugou arrived back at his apartment, he swore his breath had never left his body faster. “Welcome back Kacchan! You’re here later than I would have expected, sorry I didn’t make anything to eat.”


“What the fuck..” Bakugou turned his head to see Midoriya reading one of the several books on his bed. His head hanging off the side and his curls lying lazily around in the open space.


On the small table near the bathroom door, was a wax melter that made the room smell fruity and calm. Next to it, on the wall, was a tapestry that was lined with a string of paper-lantern lights.


The rug was laying in front of his bed, and a pretty vase of fake-flowers sat on the middle of his table but not before a runner was placed underneath it.


There was a fuzzy throw blanket thrown over the corner of Bakugou’s bed, and his books were kept upright on their shelf by a cat bookend and it looked like a couple others had been added to the collection. In the kitchen-space, different magnets were pressed against the refrigerador and the window sill above the sink was filled with small decorations.


Then there was the last spot, the one that Midoriya was afraid of touching.


The picture wall.


It was only a few photos, each arranged carefully, but it was never something that was featured. Midoriya had taken the frames off the wall, and replaced them with two long, wooden shelves and placed the photos on them along with small little decorations and a couple of candles. Above the two shelves had one last thing that actually hung on the wall; black cursive letters that spelt out ‘home.’ Beside them, a lamp glew gently off the glass. The shelves were pretty empty due to the lack of things on them, but Midoriya thought the spaciousness would still be alright.


Bakugou kicked off his shoes and shed off his jacket before heading over to the wall and staring wide at it. “What did you..”


“Should I not have?” Midoriya asked, his voice was just as quiet as Bakugou’s, worried that he did the wrong thing. “I thought that I-I wanted to make your apartment a.. a space you actually wanted to be in so.. I.. bought some things with.. Shinsou and..”


“You fucking shit,” Bakugou shook his head, tried to ignore how his eyes were pricking with tears as he turned and faced the warmth of the rest of the room. “You’re such a little shit.”


“Ka-Kacchan? I’m sorry, I-I can put it all —”


Bakugou turned to where Midoriya had sat up on the bed and grabbed the collar of his shirt before slamming their lips together, pulling back in a heavy glare that Midoriya couldn’t understand but he could now notice how Bakugou’s eyes had welled up.


“Fuck you,” Bakugou snarled. “I want to hate you so badly. Why do you make it so damn impossible and what the hell is this!?


“I-I..” Midoriya trailed off, he stopped speaking when he noticed Bakugou’s head fall down onto his shoulder and his body start to shake with tears. Bakugou’s hands moved around Midoriya’s body as he sniffled and cried and Midoriya smiled a little as he leaned his own head against the blonde locks. “Why are you crying Kacchan?”


“I’m not.” He choked out. “You little shithead, it’s so impossible to not like you. Why are you like this!?”


“Cause I care.” Midoriya hummed gently as Bakugou pulled his head back to see Midoriya’s face. “I don’t want you to not like to be in your own home. I want you to feel comfortable. I want you to be happy.”


Bakugou’s teary eyes widened as Midoriya began to run his thumbs over Bakugou’s red and damp cheeks. “Do you want me to take it down?”


Bakugou shook his head as he sniffled another time and rubbed his eyes. Midoriya let his hands trail down to Bakugou’s waist where they relaxed as Bakugou continued rubbing his eyes. “I hate you, I hate you so much.”


“No you don’t,” Midoriya hummed. “And people say I’m a crybaby.”


“Fuck off!” Bakugou scoffed. He sniffled as he composed himself and continued to look around the room. It was amazing how changed it felt, he dropped his head down onto Midoriya’s shoulder and took in how the room smelt. “It smells sweet.”


“It reminds me of how you smell.” Midoriya answered and Bakugou raised his head to glare at him. “You always smell sweet.”


“Whatever,” Bakugou scoffed. “Food?”


“Yeah I’m really hungry,” Midoriya laughed. Bakugou seperated from him and walked towards the fridge as he began to pull things out. “I started reading that book you were reading yesterday. It’s really good, Kacchan,”


“How far are you?”


“Chapter twenty, I think,” Midoriya answered. “You’re not upset right?”


“Upset?” Bakugou turned to him.


“Yeah cause I kind of invaded your space.” Midoriya shrugged and waited for Bakugou’s answer. He watched the blonde glance around the room.


“Maybe,” Bakugou answered before turning back. “But I’m not upset about it.” Midoriya nodded even though Bakugou wasn’t watching. “I offered for Ashido and the rest to come over on Friday, you’re also more than welcome to.”


“You..” Midoriya trailed off before smiling wide. “You invited your friends to hang out!?”


“They’re not my fucking friends!” Bakugou turned to him with a glare. “Shut the fuck up and don’t give me that dumbass look!”


Midoriya laughed and Bakugou wanted to glare at him but it was like the noise invaded his space, invaded his senses and forced him to smile too before he turned back to the counter and continued cutting vegetables. “Shinsou came to work today.”


Midoriya gained paused. “Did he?”


“He hates me, it’s very clear.” Bakugou answered and Midoriya felt himself freeze up. “He’s also made it clear that he thinks I am a bad person. I don’t really blame him though, I didn’t really give him a reason to think otherwise.”


“But you’re not —”


“I didn’t say I agreed with him,” Bakugou said. “Maybe if he said it a month ago, I would. But if you can think that I’m a good person, then that’s really all I care about. I don’t really mind what other people say; they can fuck off. I didn’t need them before and I don’t need them any more now.”


Midoriya felt his face heat up, but he glanced at Bakugou hoping to be able to read the back of his head — wasn’t like he was a pro at reading the front. “Kacchan?”


“Yeah?” Bakugou finally glanced over his shoulder to see Midoriya looking quite nervous as he picked at the blanket.


“I.. have something I need to tell you.” Midoriya answered and Bakugou stopped what he was doing and set the knife down before walking over to the bed. “Can you sit down?”


“Sure,” Bakugou answered and sat on the bed. Midoriya turned so that he could sit further back on it and fumbled nervously with his hands. Bakugou watched those movements, watched how the greenette got into his own head enough to make himself nervous. That left Bakugou to sit and wait for the words to come tumbling out like a hurricane.


“Can we talk about Chisaki?” Midoriya’s voice came quiet and Bakugou’s eyes widened up. Honestly, he hadn’t really thought about it today, he mostly thought that it would be a while before he heard a word about it.


“Sure, whatever you want,” Bakugou answered. It was painfully honest, whatever he could do for Midoriya he would, so if that included listening to this. Then that was it.


Midoriya met Chisaki at a part-time job at a successful restaurant downtown. He knew the boss was.. slimy, but his son didn’t seem to replicate that attitude. Not initially anyways. Instead, Chisaki was charming, helpful, and Midoriya as a waiter took to him very quickly. Chisaki always assigned Midoriya to the best tables, and ensured he would receive the best tips, always made sure he had exactly what he needed and fed him plenty of free food. If Midoriya’s feet began to hurt, Chisaki would have him sit down, and that was it.


There was never a worry in Midoriya’s mind.


Midoriya always enjoyed being around Chisaki. Always enjoyed how kind he was, and it made Midoriya enjoy his job ten times more. They only knew each other a week and a half when Chisaki asked Midoriya on a date.


And Midoriya was ecstatic.


He’d dated a couple of times before, nothing very serious, and nothing incredibly long lasting either. Never getting to that point. So, Midoriya thought it wouldn’t be so bad to go on a date with Chisaki. He didn’t notice anything to be different about him. He only noticed the same things everyone else did: charismatic, compassionate, kind, considerate. He didn’t notice that glint in Chisaki’s eyes, and he didn’t understand the intentions.


So, Midoriya went on a date with him. Then he went on three more dates. The fourth one being at a bar, Chisaki smiled at Midoriya and leaned up to kiss him, it wasn’t their first kiss — far from it actually — and so it didn’t really matter to Midoriya if Chisaki stole a kiss. What Midoriya didn’t notice though, was how Chisaki dropped a small pill into his glass. No, he had no idea, and he drank without a care in the world.


He remembered that groggy feeling, that feeling like his head was floating and he knew it was more than just drunk but he didn’t want to admit that Chisaki had put something into his drink. No, absolutely not, it simply wasn’t plausible.


In fact, Chisaki made it seem like it wasn’t him either. Midoriya woke up in his apartment, in his bed, still fully clothed and Chisaki nowhere to be seen but he knew that he was definitely sick. Chisaki told Midoriya later on when he had been found in the kitchen that while they were out, someone must have put something into his drink because it seemed like he had the symptoms from it. But Chisaki only brought Midoriya to his apartment — nothing more. That Midoriya knew for certain.


So Chisaki and Midoriya became ‘official’ as Midoriya would call it. And that was when things changed, Chisaki was no longer sweet, no longer kind.. no. Chisaki was aggressive, abrasive, and his jealousy was.. repulsive. Midoriya could handle a little bit of all the above, in fact he liked it to an extent, but he couldn’t take that how come whenever Midoriya talked to anyone (male or female, it didn’t matter) Chisaki lost his mind.


Soon, he wasn’t allowed to talk to anyone he worked with, and he pushed Shinsou out too, only spoke to him on occasion. He barely talked to his mother too. He felt dragged down, low, and he couldn’t tell why he felt so lonely when he knew he wasn’t.


He would sleep at Chisaki’s apartment as much as he could, and if he could, spend all day laying in Chisaki’s bed. It was one of those days, Chisaki had work; Midoriya didn’t, and that lead to something.. new.


Chisaki came back, and something about him different. Like for a second time, everything about Chisaki was not the same person Midoriya had started to date.

“Hey Kai,” Midoriya mumbled from the bed, half awake only because of the sound of the slamming door. It was late, close to midnight. “How was work?”


“Fuck off, Izuku,” Chisaki growled and Midoriya went wide eyed at teh comment. Sure, he’d said it before, but never with a venom like that. It was vile enough that Midoriya sat up and the blanked slid down his torso.


“What happened?” Midoriya asked again.


“It is none of your damn business.”


“Kai, if something is —” The words never finished leaving Midoriya’s mouth, instead, a swift backhand silenced him. There was an intense sting in his cheek. One that made Midoriya’s eyes fill up as he glanced down at the hand that just hit him, and his eyes wandered up to Chisaki’s stone cold expression. No anger, no regret, nothing. There was nothing . Midoriya was surprised he didn’t run for the hills.


“Listen to what you’re told, you fucking mutt.” Chisaki spat onto Midoriya who watched as Chisaki walked off to the bathroom.


“M-Mutt..?” Midoriya mumbled as he rubbed his cheek, hoping that it wouldn’t leave a mark like that was the worst of his fears.


Chisaki left the bathroom in sweatpants and a t-shirt and wandered through his spacious apartment before settling back in the bedroom where Midoriya was still sitting, still very nervous, still very shocked. When Chisaki had returned, he walked over and stood in front of Midoriya before slowly bending down to his eye level.


“I’m needy, Izuku,” his voice was a hiss like a teapot that made Midoriya’s eyes widen up. “I keep waiting and waiting for you to make a move, but honestly, it’s so damn boring. I’m sick of waiting, and if I want something, I just take it. So?”


“S-So what?” Midoriya stuttered out. He was in no way comfortable to do services for Chisaki, especially when he was like this, but that didn’t stop Chisaki from pushing Midoriya back on the bed and allowing Chisaki to climb over him. “K-Kai, I-I..”


Midoriya couldn’t find the words, Chisaki’s breath felt hot and heavy on his neck and not in the way that Midoriya thought was pleasurable. He knew that he didn’t like what was happening. “I-I don’t want to-to do this!” Midoriya pushed back on Chisaki’s chest but he didn’t move under the lack of force. “Ka-Kai!” Midoriya pushed again, this time it was enough to push Chisaki off of him and Chisaki’s eyes narrowed and darkened with rage.


This time, the slap was hard, cruel, and a lot worse than the one before. It made Midoriya’s eyes squeeze shut, and everything began to feel very fuzzy. Before he could gain his senses, Midoriya was grabbed by the collar of his shirt and yanked up to meet Chisaki’s face.


“Are you telling me no?” Chisaki asked.


“N-No, I-I mean, yes, I a-am..” Midoriya mumbled. “Kai I don’t wa —”


Chisaki slapped him again, just as hard as the last time if not worse due to the fact that Midoriya’s face already stung. “I’ll ask again, are you telling me no?”


“K-Kai..” Midoriya whimpered. “Please, I really don’t —”


Chisaki slapped him again, this time, his knuckle leaving a fine cut across his cheek that tears were definitely rushing down. “I take what I want, Izuku, so you can either be good about it or not. Pick.”


“I..” Midoriya trailed off. “I’ll be good.. I-I promise..”


Midoriya felt his chest tighten, he didn’t agree to this, did he?


The pain was too much, he felt raw, dirty and used, and he was sure his vision faded in and out between shades of red and black. When he was left there a mess, Chisaki told him to clean up and go sleep on the couch.


That was the first time. It continued on that way.


It continued on that way for the next couple of months.


Midoriya was covered in bruises, cuts, and he didn’t talk anymore. Didn’t answer his phone. He was constantly limping, as Chisaki used him raw. He didn’t care to explain the marks and he stopped trying to hide them. He also cried a lot less, after all, at this point it was just numb.


“If you’re gonna be like that,” Chisaki told him one night when he was forced to sit outside Chisaki’s apartment door. “You might as well go take a leap off the highest building you can find. At least that way you’d stop annoying people with all the pissing and moaning you do.”


Midoriya felt chills run through his body, like this was the first thing in a long time that Chisaki had said something that affected him. The door slammed shut, but with eyes welled up with tears, he simply muttered, “okay,” and stood from his spot.


He walked down the street, his body swaying back and forth and like he had no control of it. The silent trail of tears never stopped, and he had never felt this way before. So afraid yet at the same time, so strangely hollow.


The building he chose was abandoned, and he found himself walking up the steps on the inside, thinking that one of them might break he’d die before he even got up to the top. He kept walking up though, walked up the steps, and found himself on the roof where the wind was much stronger.


Chisaki’s words echoed through his head and Midoriya wanted no more than the sound of them to get out. He found his feet standing just at the edge, but not quite raised up until the lip of it. His hands shook and he felt dizzy looking down at the street.


Almost instinctively, he pulled his phone out of his pocket. He called his mom and just like he hoped, it went straight to voicemail. “He-Hey mom, I’m-I’m really sorry.. I’m sorry that I-I didn’t do more, I love you though so.. It’s al-alright.”


He pressed the red button at the bottom and then thought of one more person.


He pressed on the contact name, and it rang, and it was just about to crack to voicemail when Shinsou picked up. “Hey Izuku, everything okay? I’m kinda at work so..” There was a pause. “Hey, are you.. crying?”


“H-Hitoshi..” His voice came out shaking, it came out tense and fearful.


“What’s the matter?” When Midoriya said nothing, Shinsou continued speaking. “Hey, hey, it’s okay. You can tell me anything. What is it?”


“I..” Midoriya trailed off. “Hi-Hitsohi, I.. I don’t want this anymore!”


The shout caught Shinsou off guard and he glanced over to his coworker that was watching him take the call. “Want what?” He asked out of fear for the answer.


Midoriya fell to his knees as he screamed out. “I don’t want to live anymore! I-I want to give up! I’m going to give up!”


“What!?” Shinsou shouted and in a panic told his coworker it was an emergency and rushed out. “Where are you, Izuku? I’m coming, just tell me where you are.”


“I-I’m on the building across from the toy store.. wh-where the coffee shop you like is.” Midoriya sniffled


“Okay, okay,” Shinsou answered. “I’ll be right there, I swear, don’t you move, okay? I’ll keep talking with you just stay right there.”


Shinsou was running on pure adrenaline. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest and ignored any pain that dared to slow him down. He kept sputtering out things to Midoriya in hope to give him paused and when he finally found Midoriya on the rooftop, he slid his phone into his pocket as he ran over and grabbed onto the smaller, green-haired boy.


“Hi-Hitoshi..” Midoriya choked out through sobs as he gripped onto the purple-haired’s shirt.


“Sh, sh,” Shinsou said as he clung onto Midoriya just as tight. “It’s okay, it’s okay.”


“He-He told me to and-and —”


“Who?” Shinsou asked as he pulled back to see Midoriya’s face and got to take in all of the fresh wounds that littered it. “Who did?”


“Chi..Chisaki..” Midoriya whispered.


After that, Midoriya laid out everything on the table for Shinsou who listened patiently and calmly despite the fire that was lighting inside of him. Midoriya told him about everything down to the details that Shinsou insisted he said. Later on, Shinsou forced Midoriya to admit it to his own mother and watched as the both of them cried.


“Midoriya-san,” Shinsou said to the woman who sat there holding her son. “I swear, I’ll do better, I won’t let anyone dare to do this. I should’ve been a better friend, I-I should’ve done something more. It won’t happen again.”


“Hitoshi..” Midoriya mumbled as he lifted his head off of his mother’s tear soaked shirt. Shinsou nodded his head, and Shinsou was the one who freed Midoriya from that job. Shinsou drove Midoriya to countless doctor appointments afterwards, countless therapy appointments. He was the one who made sure that Midoriya’s drugs were monitored, and he made sure that Midoriya got out of bed. Their next year at school, when they went out, Shinsou never drank a drop because he watched Midoriya like a hawk, he made sure that Midoriya did well in his classes and eventually, by springtime that next year, Midoriya was happy again. Midoriya was Midoriya again, and Chisaki couldn’t hurt him anymore. At least, that was what he thought. He did believe though that Chisaki would never be able to hurt him this bad ever gain. Midoriya went from feeling nothing at all, to being happy again and everything settled into happiness for him.


So thanks to Shinsou, who had to save Midoriya to make it up to himself.


Bakugou sat there, wide eyed and blinking without being able to move. He felt.. paralyzed by what Midoriya just told him. The first motions came as twitches of anger, his gaze fell down and it was nothing that Midoriya could read.


He had one thought though.


I am going to kill Chisaki Kai.


“Kacchan,” Midoriya’s voice came quiet and brought Bakugou back to reality. “Are you okay?”


“Tch, you’re asking me that?” Bakugou scoffed. “You’re asking if I’m okay?”


“Well, I know I’m okay,” Midoriya smiled.


Bakugou launched himself at Midoriya, grabbing onto him as he was afraid to let go. He didn’t like the thought of Chisaki having his hands on Midoriya, hurting him, forcing him, ruining him . He wanted to get all the thoughts of Chisaki away, he wanted Chisaki to suffer. Suffer ten times worse than Midoriya did, because that disgusting, hellish man deserved it.


“Ka-Kacchan!” Midoriya squeaked in surprise, his arms were held up as Bakugou nuzzled onto his shoulder.


“Hm?” Bakugou got out and Midoriya shook his head, and he laughed a little bit as his arms fell around Bakugou’s waist.


“Nothing.” Midoriya answered. “But, I’m still hungry, you know.”


“Hungry..?” Bakugou pulled away and his eyes widened. “Oh, right, I was making dinner.”


“Yeah, ya goof.”


“How are you..?”


“Saying it is a lot different than dealing with it.” Midoriya repeated the line that Bakugou used to explain the death of his parents and Bakugou’s eyes widened up. “Isn’t that what you said?”


“Well.. Yeah.. But yours is so much —”


“Mine is not so much worse,” Midoriya narrowed his eyes at Bakugou whose face fell. “You have to deal with yours a lot longer than I will. Besides, I have you here and I know that you won’t hesitate to explode on anyone who deserves it.”


“You’re fucking right about that one,” Bakugou chuckled and it made Midoriya laugh too. He turned and faced the counter to avoid the flow of red to his cheeks with his next words. “I’m glad we met, Deku,”


“Hm,” Midoriya smiled. “Are you now?”


“Yes shithead, I am,” Bakugou scoffed. “I try to be fucking nice and you sass me.”


“I’m glad too,” Midoriya smiled. “By the way, my mom keeps asking about you. She misses you!”


“She-She does?” Bakugou turned to Midoriya with wide eyes.


“Of course! She really likes you, Kacchan! And I don’t blame her.”


“You’re a gross sap,” Bakugou huffed but couldn’t hide the smile that spread onto his face. “Move to the table, I’m almost done.”


“Okay,” Midoriya smiled as he got up off the bed and moved to the table. “Looks good as always Kacchan!”


And yeah, there was something about this environment that the both of them could get used to.

Chapter Text

Walking into work was becoming less and less of something that was impossible, Midoriya enjoyed each day just as much as Bakugou did, but something about that Friday took a heavy toll on Bakugou when he remembered that not only did he invite Ashido over but also anyone else she included. Which was really poor judgement on his end, however, Midoriya — knowing this — managed to spot how tense Bakugou was. An old Bakugou would’ve told her to fuck off and simply cancelled, but something about the circumstances made it near impossible for Bakugou.


“Hey, is he okay?” Ashido asked as Midoriya eyed Bakugou who was sitting on the floor, slumped in front of a shelf where he very slowly was making price changes and sliding in new pieces of paper inside the plastic folds.


“I’m not sure,” Midoriya answered.


“Well, you know him best,” Ashido said. “Should we cancel for tonight?”


“I’m surprised Kacchan hasn’t,” Midoriya admitted. “Maybe he’s nervous.”


Ashido smiled at this. “That’s cute!” Her outburst made Bakugou raise his head up before narrowing his gaze into a glare that would have scared anyone besides the people standing before him.


“Why aren’t you two working!?” Bakugou snarled and Ashido laughed and waved the two off before Midoriya walked over to where Bakugou was sitting. “Did you not hear me, Deku!?”


“No I did, it’s impossible to not hear you.” Midoriya laughed despite how it made Bakugou practically growl at him. “But you know, you seem a little off.”


“Yeah, well fuck you.”


“Ah you’re so impossible,” Midoriya sighed. “So, still on for tonight?”




“If not, I’m gonna go hang out with Shinsou, or something.”


“No you’re not!” Bakugou hissed. “You’re hanging out with me! How am I supposed to manage those idiots on my own?!”


Midoriya laughed again, and he stood away from Bakugou. “I was just asking, Kacchan, but like you said, I have to go back to work. Do you want to get lunch with me later on?”


“No.” Bakugou said with finality. Despite how far both of them had gotten, lunch was the one thing that Midoriya had never gotten Bakugou to agree with. Actually, Bakugou barely ate in front of Midoriya. It seemed like the only times he did was times that he had to, like if he didn’t he would pass out from a lack of nutrients. It was odd, Midoriya couldn’t figure out why Bakugou was so hesitant about it.


Midoriya sighed, “Alright,” and headed back off to work. Just like Bakugou had instructed.


After work, Bakugou headed to his apartment and Midoriya was the first to join him and made himself comfortable on the blonde’s bed like he always did. “So what are you guys gonna do?” Midoriya asked and Bakugou froze up. “I mean, it’s not like you have any group activities here. We can’t even watch a movie together. You also only have four dining chairs, so that means you all can’t sit at the table either. When is everyone getting here?”


“Eight,” Bakugou answered, glancing around the room trying to process Midoriya’s words. He was right, there was not a single drop of an activity in Bakugou’s apartment. “Maybe I should get alcohol.”


“It’s a good place to start,” Midoriya answered. “Kacchan will you get me hard lemonade?”


“What? Are you a little bitch or something?”


Midoriya wrinkled his nose. “I don’t like beer, and shots make me drunk really fast.”


“Tch, we’ll see.” Bakugou scoffed, knowing full well he was going to get Midoriya whatever he wanted. “Well come on, I’m not carrying all this bullshit by myself.”


“Okay,” Midoriya sighed. He had changed into Bakugou’s clothes and loved how the sweatpants hung around his waist as well as how the t-shirts fit so loose. On top of all that, he loved how it had a Kacchan smell. “What are you going to do about the seats?”


“I don’t fucking know. I don’t think I can just go buy kitchen chairs.”


“Mm, should’ve gotten a futon,” Midoriya laughed and Bakugou shot him a glare. “What?”


“I did have a futon. They’re fucking uncomfortable.”


“Ah, do you think you’ll be okay if they sit on your bed though?” Midoriya asked as they two headed out the door towards the car.


The answer honestly was no, but Bakugou didn’t have a whole lot of other ideas. “Yeah, it’s fucking whatever.”


“Mm, okay,” Midoriya answered. “So what about activity wise? You’re just gonna drink?”


“What else am I supposed to do?” Bakugou scoffed.


Midoriya sighed. “Well, let’s drop by my house and I’ll grab some stuff.”


“Fuck, fine,” Bakugou rolled his eyes.


The two got into the car and drove towards the store, spending way too much on liquor before dropping by Midoriya’s house. Midoriya was only gone a minute before coming back out with a bag full of different games and such. On top of all of that, he had another idea. “We should get cushions and you can just move the table and we can sit on the floor.”


“Will we have time?”


“Sure!” Midoriya laughed. “But that way we can all sit as a group and still be comfortable.”


They then took the drive to a retail store that wasn’t the one they worked at and Midoriya scanned a bunch of cushions before turning to Bakugou who was watching off to the side. “Well? Which ones do you like?”


“I don’t fucking care.”


“Kacchan, I’m not picking them, you are,” Midoriya sighed before walking up to Bakugou who was standing trying to avoid the pity expression.


Bakugou didn’t like feeling this way, feeling nervous, and it didn’t feel normal to him. It felt so damn foreign that it made him want to vomit the feeling away. “Stop worrying,” Midoriya instructed and caught Bakugou’s attention.


“Who said I was fucking worried?!”


“No one has to, you can tell,” Midoriya replied. “So which ones?”


“Just get the fucking black ones,” Bakugou sighed and Midoriya threw them in the cart, but definitely meant to hit Bakugou with the one he did. Midoriya’s laugh gave him away before Bakugou’s surprised before angry expression was all too much.


Kirishima and Kaminari were the first to show up. Bakugou was practically staring daggers, waiting for them to say anything about he space they were entering. “Oh hey! Midoriya beat us here, Kiri,” Kaminari laughed as he nudged the red-head.


“Hey dude, how’s it going?” Kirishima asked and the duo completely ignoring Bakugou who pushed the door shut.


“It’s going good!” Midoriya smiled, a slight tilt to his head as he gave the look. Bakugou watched the three of them chat and noticed how Kaminari’s eyes moved up to the wall of pictures before laughing.


“Look at baby Bakugou,” Kaminari hummed as he walked over to the wall and Kirishima followed. “These are your parents, right?”


“Yeah,” Bakugou answered, it didn’t show, but he was nervous about them looking at it. Very few people knew that Bakugou didn’t have any parents, and so it was odd thinking about what it would be for people to figure it out. After all, he didn’t figure that he was sharing his life with these people. He didn’t consider them to be friends.


“Oh shit..” Kaminari’s eyes widened up; he wasn’t stupid (at least, not as much as everyone thought he was) and he could tell very easily a story that Bakugou didn’t want to say. Kaminari’s head twisted to Bakugou and Kirishima looked between the two who obviously could tell what was happening.


“What is it?” Kirishima asked.


Kaminari blinked a few times. “Nothing,” he answered. “It’s nothing,”


“Wha —”


A knock at the door stopped Kirishima from asking questions and Ashido and Sero were the next to make their way through the door. The apartment already was starting to feel crowded with six of them. Bakugou was glad he’d pushed he table against the far wall to make space for everyone; especially because they weren’t the only ones who were there.


As Ashido was fawning over Bakugou’s apartment, Todoroki managed to arrive with Uraraka and thankfully that was it considering the cap of the room was probably eight people. Midoriya was more of a host then Bakugou was, in fact, Bakugou had no idea how to entertain and was glad that Midoriya was making an effort to help.


They sat on the floor in a circle, eating snacks that Bakugou had and drinking out of assorted cans and bottles. Midoriya laid out a game for them to play, and they were easily going along with it, chatting idly.


“Oh that’s a good card,” Kaminari spoke quietly to Midoriya who turned and glared to him. “What? Try to stop bleeding and I wouldn’t see your cards.”


“Oh that is a good card!” Uraraka laughed as she peaked over Midoriya’s other shoulder.


“Guys!” Midoriya huffed. “Stop it!”


By the end of the hour, most everyone was red in the face from the alcohol and many of them were beginning to grow tipsy. Fortunately, a few sober ones remained — Todoroki, Sero and Kirishima.


Midoriya had taken a drink with the lowest alcohol content, but that didn’t stop him from becoming a drunk and giggly mess as he leaned onto Kaminari — who was still pretty sober for the most part — for balance. It was reminiscent of their time in the club but it felt different now that everyone could actually hear one another and not the endless thumping atmosphere. However, Bakugou wasn’t exactly fond of how Midoriya practically fell over himself onto the only other blonde in the room.


“Okay so Ashido wins that round,” Kirishima said as he slid a black card in her direction.


“Woo!” She threw her fists into the air as she smiled wide. “Midoriya, aren’t you in last place?”


“Huh?” Midoriya leaned up and blinked at her. “Last place? Last place in what?”


“In the game you idiot,” Kaminari slurred as he fell over onto Midoriya. “You only have one black card, you suck at this game,”


“Kami no,” Midoriya whined. “I don’t wanna lose!”


“Then do better!” Kaminari hiccuped before laughing as his head fell onto Midoriya’s lap. Neither of them noticed how a tipsy Bakugou was practically fuming across the circle. They should be thankful that he was just tipsy, because drunk, he’d have no control.


“You’ve has too much to drink, Kami,” Kirishima laughed as he tried to pull his friend up.


“Kiri don’t take it away from me,” Kaminari whined. “You always try to take the fun juice away and I don’t like that, you know.”


“I know you don’t like it, but you’ve had a lot,” Kirishima noted. He saw Bakugou’s glare from where he was sitting and pulled on Kaminari a little harder so he fell over onto Kirishima. “Come on, next round, let’s see if we can get you another win, Kami.”


“Kiri help me I can’t read,” Kaminari poured out his bottom lip as he held the cards up so that they both could see them. The cards blurred in his vision and although he was really content with his current position on Kirishima, Midoriya wasn’t. Midoriya was now swaying back and forth by himself and Uraraka was too engrossed with laughing with Ashido to notice how he could barely sit up on his own.


Bakugou noticed though, he stood up and stepped over the game to where Midoriya was sitting before plopping down behind him and pulling Midoriya into his lap.


“Hey that throws the game off,” Kaminari complained as he pointed a finger to Bakugou who glared at him.


“You’re too drunk to play, shut the hell up,” Bakugou snarled.


“Don’t be mean, Bakugou!” Kaminari huffed as he dropped the cards absentmindedly before leaning on his hands over to Bakugou’s face. “Don’t be a.. a dumb-dumb doofus.” Kaminari’s eyes were barely open and he would’ve fallen over if Kirishima hadn’t grabbed hold of his waist and pulled him back down to his seat.


“Kaminari is funny,” Midoriya giggled as he looked up at Bakugou. “What do you think, Kacchan?”


“He’s an idiot.”


“Bakugou doesn’t mean that, he says everyone is an idiot.” Uraraka giggled as though she was finally tuned into the conversation.


“You think I’m an idiot too?” Midoriya frowned as he turned around in Bakugou’s lap to see his face. “You.. You think I’m..” Midoriya’s eyes welled up with tears and looked like they might spill over at any point.


“No I don’t,” Bakugou sighed. “Shut the fuck up, round face, I only say it about people who deserve it.”


“Kacchan,” Midoriya sighed as his head fell onto his shoulder. It was almost like he had already forgotten what made him upset in the first place. “Tired.”


“There is a bed behind me,” Bakugou answered.


“No come sleep with me, I like cuddling you.” Midoriya said as he nuzzled his head into the crook of Bakugou’s neck.


“Cuddling?” Ashido asked as she looked towards be two. “So are you guys like.. are you an official couple!?”


“Kacchan told me no when I asked him last,” Midoriya frowned.


“That’s not exactly how it went,” Bakugou sighed. “Shut the fuck up before you say more things you shouldn’t.”


“Why would you tell Midoriya no?!” Uraraka scoffed. “He’s such a nice boy and you’re such a jerk. You’d be lucky to date him.”


“He’s not a jerk, Uraraka,” Midoriya argued, sitting up to face the brunette. “He’s just afraid.”


“Shut the hell up, you nerd.” Bakugou snarled a warning Midoriya’s way.


“Afraid? Afraid of what? What could the Bakugou Katsuki possibly be afraid of!” Uraraka snorted and before Midoriya could answer, it was Todoroki who slammed a hand over his mouth, meeting Bakugou with a wide eyed expression at how fast half-and-half has leaned over the game to cover Midoriya’s mouth of knowledge all three of them knew.


The motion had managed to catch the attention of even the drunkest — Kaminari — and everyone had stilled dramatically. “Why don’t,” Todoroki began as he pulled his hand away. “We start leaving.”


“Kiri I can’t drive,” Kaminari slurred as he fell over the redhead's shoulder.


“That’s why I drove us, Kami,”




“Come on, Uraraka,” Todoroki sighed as he stood up. “Thanks for having us hang out, Bakugou.”




“Yeah we should do it again!” Ashido cheered. “We really do love spending time with you Bakugou.”


“Sure.” Bakugou said with a harsher tone.


“Yay! He agreed!” Ashido shouted before stumbling up and only managing to stand because she grabbed onto Uraraka who grabbed onto Sero. “Bye Bakugou! Bye Midoriya!”


“Bye friends!” Midoriya giggled and while at the door, Todoroki paused, giving one last knowing look to Bakugou before leaving.


“Bakugou do you want help cleaning up?” Kirishima asked as he stood with Kaminari leaning on him from behind, his arms thrown around the taller’s shoulders.


“Are you fucking kidding? You have a walking mess, I’m good.” Bakugou scoffed and Kirishima laughed as he looked at Kaminari who was humming happily. Too drunk to realize he was being talked about.


“Bye dudes,” Kirishima said. “Come on Kaminari, I can't walk with you leaning on me like th — ah!” Kirishima nearly panicked when Kaminari managed to leap up onto him, forcing Kirishima to carry Kaminari out of the apartment. Bakugou looked at the mess but first had to do something with the mess on top of him.


“Deku c’mon, get up and in the bed,” Bakugou said but Midoriya didn’t answer. “Deku?” The name was answered by a quiet snore that accompanied A Midoriya who had clearly passed out. Bakugou laughed before managing to lift both of them to the bed. Bakugou let Midoriya fall onto it as he lifted himself up and over.


“I’m not afraid of anything,” Bakugou sighed as he stood up and walked through the room. Picking up empty bottles and placing them neatly on the counter. He glanced out the window and noticed how night still took over the sky in thick sheets of darkness.


Bakugou hated the summer, hated the heat, hated how it made everyone so social . Suddenly everyone wanted to hang out all the time. There were barbecues and beach days and none of them sounded very appealing to Bakugou. Not a single one of them. To be fair, it had been at least a year since he went to one of those events that weren’t work related, but he had to be honest that he didn’t really like the prospects of them even in that capacity.


His eyes turned down to the parking lot and finally saw that Kirishima was driving off with Kaminari. It must have been quite the journey to even get him to put on a seat belt; if Kaminari was anything, it was an unruly drunk.


“Kirishima,” Kaminari giggled from the passenger seat. “Kiri,”


“What?” Kirishima replied, barely turning his head to face Kaminari.


“We were at Bakugou’s apartment.”


“I know, how crazy is that?”


“I think something bad happened.”


Kaminari’s sudden conviction gave Kirishima pause. “Bad? With Midoriya or something?”


“No, no,” Kaminari was shaking his head before getting dizzy and letting it fall back onto the seat. “No, I think that something bad happened to Bakugou,”


“Like what? And what makes you say that?”


“Did you see the pictures that were on the wall?”


“Yeah, I looked at them with you,”


“Oh right,” Kaminari giggled. “I think his mom had cancer or something. I don’t know about now though.”


“Bakugou said his parents live far away, maybe that’s why.”


“Maybe she’s dead.” Kaminari replied and it made Kirishima choke on his own spit as he tried to control his grip on the wheel. “What?”


“Kami, you can’t just say someone’s parents are dead.”


“I think she is, and I didn’t say it to someone I said it to you.”


“Well.. you shouldn’t go spreading that especially since we don’t know if it’s true.”


“We should ask!”


“Kaminari no, I’m sure that Bakugou has his reasons for not telling us.” Kirishima sighed. “And that’s saying if she is actually dead, which she might not be. Maybe there just isn’t any decent treatment around here.”


“You always do that to him, you wait for him to come to you thinking that if he wants a friend he will but you know he won’t come to you.” Kaminari sighed. “It makes you a bad friend, Kiri.”


“I only do it to him because I can’t fight him anymore Kaminari. Stop talking about it, it’s not a big deal.”


“You worshipped the ground he walked on.” Kaminari chuckled. “You had it so bad.”


“And I don’t anymore,” Kirishima huffed, clearly getting irritated but that didn’t mean Kaminari could notice it. “Stop talking about it, and you won’t even remember this tomorrow, so you better not remember those stupid pictures either.”


“You know I will,” Kaminari hummed. “At least he has Midoriya to keep him company.”


“Yeah, I guess,”


“You don’t sound happy about it, are you jealous?”


“Not at all,” Kirishima shook his head. “I already told you I don’t have feelings like that for Bakugou anymore. We’re friends and that’s all, I don’t like him like that,”


“Then what’s the matter?”


“Midoriya only is working here for the summer,” Kirishima reminded Kaminari. “Meaning that he’ll leave soon.”


“Uh oh,”


“Yeah,” Kirishima sighed. “Uh oh is right,”


When Bakugou finally managed to clean up the mess made by the four drunkards (which excluded himself of course, he was only tipsy; not drunk) he climbed into the bed beside an already passed out Midoriya.


The room felt warm, and maybe it was the gentle shine of the moon that made it feel so relaxing or the fact that Midoriya was laying on his side so that Bakugou could see his face with a small trail of drool coming from his lips. Bakugou rolled over himself, letting his knuckles slide across his freckled cheeks.


It felt like peace, it felt like serenity. Unfortunately though, without the chaos that would follow that serenity, would we even want it to begin with? Clinging onto the moments where the world slowed and the catastrophic and blistering pains ceased; did it matter that yang existed if there was no yin to accompany it?


It’s all a balancing act.

Chapter Text

Bakugou had plans. That’s what he told Midoriya when he forced the greenette to leave before they were well into the afternoon. Midoriya was hesitant, he didn’t really want to go home to his mother hungover, but he also figured there was something that Bakugou was hiding and it wasn’t just a shroud of introversion.


It was no hard time finding him, Bakugou knew exactly where he would be and at what time he would be there, so the blonde had absolutely no struggle showing up at the exact place and time with fists tightened and ready to pick a fight he was sure he could win.


Chisaki,” Bakugou snarled before the man turned to face him with wide eyes that soon crinkled with the smile that crept across his features.


“Bakugou, it’s been a while, don’t you think?” The brunette chuckled as he walked towards Bakugou with arms open wide. He retailied with a narrow gaze and readying his fists in a way that caused Chisaki to stop walking. “Something tells me you’re here for more than just a friendly reunion, huh?”


“You’re a fucking disgusting bastard..” Bakugou snarled.


“Funny you say that,” Chisaki laughed. “Because last time I checked, you were the bastard.. no?” Bakugou swore he didn’t want to react to it, but he was well aware that he was beginning to falter, that he was no longer as menacing as he once hoped he was. Chisaki continued on, “So, if you aren’t here for catch up, you’re here for something else. What is it?”


Bakugou took a deep breath, letting his hands stay shaking fists at his sides. “Do you know a Midoriya Izuku?”


“That little waste of space? Sure,” Chisaki answered with a low chuckle. “That’s right, you work together now, right? I would be a liar if I were to say I never see you in that store. So, what of it? What of Midoriya Izuku?”


“You.. you.. ” Bakugou hissed out and Chisaki only sighed in response before rolling his eyes.


“I’m sure he told you some.. malarkey story, and in that story I’m the bad guy! Right? Right Bakugou? But you know better, or at least you should. After all I did for you, you should know better. You wouldn’t have made it a single day if I hadn’t kept food in your stomach and clothes on your back. So now you want to believe I’m some bad guy?”


“You ruined my life, Chisaki! I could’ve done something more with myself if I never met you! And yeah, I do believe that you would be a fucking monster. How dare you hurt him when all he was, all he is , is fucking kind!” Bakugou’s shouts echoed off of the walls in the space around them, and despite the threatening tone, Chisaki looked rather uninterested and unphased.


“Hurt him? Oh he’s dramatic.” Chisaki sighed. “Why do you care anyways?”


“He’s mine.


That was when Chisaki laughed, laughed in a way that caught Bakugou off guard and made him take a step back. “Yours? Well I can’t wait for the day for him to come crawling back to me when he realizes that you aren’t enough. You really think you could make someone happy? You can’t even make yourself happy and it’s pathetic.” Chisaki began to circle around Bakugou like he was a predator and Bakugou knew that he was the prey. He knew the intent. “You look in the mirror, hate the man you’ve grown into — if you call yourself a man. I think you’re hardly a man, coming here to pick a fight you can’t win.”


Bakugou’s eyes narrowed fast before he turned with a fist cocked, ready to slam it into Chisaki but the brunette caught it as though it were nothing. “Predictable, you were always explosive but you felt guilty about it. You’ve got your mama’s temper yet you don’t have the courage to accompany it in the way that makes it brilliant and powerful.”


“Excuse you!? The hell do you think you’re doing? Talking about my mother like you fucking know her!?” Bakugou snarled. “You stupid son of a —” before the final cuss could tumble from his lips, Chisaki in one smooth and swift movement pushed Bakugou’s hand off to the side and allowed his opposite hand to curl back before colliding directly with Bakugou’s jaw.


The sensation of stinging in his face made Bakugou stumble backwards and clutch his face as he glanced up to see Chisaki moving towards. “You always listened to me so well, that’s what I liked about you Bakugou — that you were obedient — but you got too big for your britches. One thing went wrong and suddenly you didn’t trust me and you didn’t trust anyone. You made yourself this way. I could have given you the world and you would rather have nothing but its mud. You went insane.”


“Don’t fucking talk like you know me!” Bakugou hissed, trying to remain collected, forward and aggressive but he knew he was more afraid of Chisaki than Chisaki was of him. It showed through the fact that every time Chisaki moved forward, Bakugou moved a step back.


“Hah..” Chisaki scoffed. “You’re idiotic, you know, you can act high and mighty all you want; you’ve never been anything more than a coward Bakugou. So why are you here now, huh? Just to make me feel something for Midoriya? Or are you here for something more?”


“Shut the fuck up!” Bakugou yelled before charging at Chisaki with a reckless attitude.


It was all too predictable, Bakugou knew it too, his anger blinded his quick decision making and Chisaki had the upper hand as he grabbed hold of Bakugou’s shoulders before throwing his knee up; it prevented Bakugou from even getting a punch in as he doubled over and gasped for air.


“You couldn’t beat me then, and you can’t beat me now. Don’t repeat history, Bakugou,” Chisaki sighed as he circled around the blonde once more. “Honestly, I thought you’d be stronger, and maybe you are but you’re still an idiot. What makes you think you could avenge anyone or anything by coming here?”


Bakugou lifted his eyes up and could see Chisaki’s feet beside him as the brunette crouched down. “What did you think you would do by coming here and attacking me? What do you want from me?”


“I.. I want you to suffer..” Bakugou hissed as he forced himself up at the same time Chisaki stood once more. This was the first time he managed to get anywhere, pushing himself off the ground, Bakugou swung a hand forward and it hit Chisaki’s face with full force.


But it made Chisaki laugh.


“Make me suffer?” Chisaki hummed. “On the contrary, I think the only one who still suffers is you. And you deserve it.”


It was easy to take Bakugou down and force him onto the ground when his eyes were blown wide and distracted. Chisaki wasted absolutely no time ramming his fist into Bakugou’s face, and both parties knew that there was blood gushing from his nose. There was sure to be a cut on his lip and cheek. Bakugou was aware of the pain that was making him dive in and out of consciousness that came with every single slam down onto his face.


“I should just kill you here and now because I know like the idiot you are that you’ll be back,” Chisaki snarled. “You know, it sounds like a pretty good idea to me.”


A silver pocket knife slid out of Chisaki’s coat pocket and seeing it made Bakugou feel sick. His head was fuzzy and he could barely force his hands up to push back on Chisaki’s. When Chisaki wanted to though, he pushed Bakugou’s hands to the side and lowered the blade down to Bakugou’s face. “I’ll spare you though, I just want to leave you with something to remember your mistake. Something that might keep you from coming back. Don’t worry though, I won’t hurt a gorgeous face any more than needs be.”


Bakugou’s lidded eyes opened as far as they could before he felt a sharp blade push into the palm of his right hand and he let out a shout in pain as Chisaki was above him laughing, laughing like a mad man while Bakugou writhed in Chisaki’s grip. The blade moved down before Chisaki finally stood up off of him.


“A few for good measures, what do you think?” Chisaki asked before he took the hard toe of his shoe and kicked it into Bakugou’s side. Bakugou let out another shout of pain before trying to crawl off, the hot tears of pain streaked down his face and he knew he wasn’t going to get away. Chisaki proved that point when he pulled Bakugou off of the ground and pushed him into the wall with a strong force before lifting his knee up to hit Bakugou in the stomach. He eventually allowed for the blonde to slide down the wall before he repeated the action to his facial area, and then kicking into his chest; leaving Bakugou winded.


Bakugou fell to his sie as Chisaki stood above him glaring. “Grovel for it Bakugou, or I’ll keep going, grovel for mercy.”


“Chi-Chisaki..” Bakugou wheezed out and the man watched the blonde on the ground before kicking into his rib cage once more.


Grovel, you mutt!”


“Pl-Please stop!” Bakugou sputtered out blood as he begged. His voice was scratchy and broken. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,”


“All I have ever tried to do was help you Bakugou,” Chisaki scoffed. “You couldn’t fight me then, you can’t fight me now. Don’t think a worthless green-haired boy like Midoriya will change that. Your mother dying didn’t.”


“Ngh..” Bakugou groaned as he raised himself up with the last bit he had. “Don’t you talk about them like tha —” When he tried to get up, Chisaki easily slapped him down the ground before crawling over him and raising his head up; his eyes were wide and red, staring in fear before his head was smashed against the pavement.


“You done trying to be tough now?” Chisaki sighed as he climbed off of the blonde who rolled over and groaned. “Watch yourself Bakugou, I don’t play little games anymore.”


“You’re.. human garbage..” Bakugou choked out as he raised himself up once more.


“You just don’t go down, do you?” Chisaki sighed. “It’s so annoying; that resilience. That desperate to join mommy and daddy?”


“Don’t you fu —” Bakugou’s own coughs stopped him, he spat blood onto his arm as the pain of coughing made his head fall into the same space the saliva-blood mixture was.


“Clearly I can’t hurt you and expect you to listen to me,” Chisaki sighed as he turned and walked back towards the streets. Bakugou raised his eyes up just enough to see Chisaki standing there and knew that his he could barely focus on the next words. “If it’s going to be like this, I’ll take Midoriya from you; one way or another.”


“I’ll fucking destroy you..” Bakugou snarled.


Chisaki glanced over his shoulder, a wicked grin that made chills spread through Bakugou’s body. “I look forward to seeing you try, and then finishing you off myself.”


Chisaki left with that, and Bakugou only felt his head fall back down onto the pavement. He knew that he was bleeding from a few different spots and probably needed to go somewhere before nightfall but he was too afraid to get up and feel whatever state his body was in. It was only due to a passerby that he would make it out of there.


His feet hit the pavement, a plastic bag filled with goodies and snacks being held idly at his side as he walked by. If he hadn’t heard the groaning, he probably wouldn’t have stopped and he barely wanted tow anyways. The only thing that got him to stop was happening to glance over nad recognize the blonde mess that was laying face down on the pavement.


He stopped and smiled a little bit before beginning to move towards the man. “Get yourself into a fight you couldn’t win, Bakugou?” His calm voice filled the space and Bakugou managed to lift his head up.




“You didn’t answer my question, did you get into a fight or not?”


“Fuck off..”


“Be abrasive and I’ll leave you here; now answer my question.”


Bakugou grunted as he attempted to lift his head up. “Yeah.”


“How bad are you?” Shinsou crouched beside the blonde. Normally he wouldn’t feel obligated to help Bakugou, but this time felt.. different. It didn’t seem like anyone else was going to help him. “Can you get up?”


“I don’t know,” Bakugou weakly shook his head, ashamed of his admittance.”


“Let me help you up,” Shinsou said and through painful hisses and groans, Bakugou made it off the ground but he definitely needed the death grip he had on Shinsou. “Use your other hand.”


“I fucking can’t,” Bakugou coughed and blood leaked from his lips before he showed his hand to Shinsou.


“Damn,” Shinsou sighed, sounding rather annoyed. “Who did you manage to piss off?”


“I could’ve fucking won if I had kept my head straight,” Bakugou groaned as he limped alongside Shinsou.


“Doesn’t answer my question, who was it?”


“Chisaki,” Bakugou admitted.


Shinsou’s eyes widened momentarily. “So, our friendly green-haired boy told you?”


“Yeah.” Bakugou nodded his head and noticed how his vision was faltering. Fading in and out, and getting blurry and black and red, he could barely tell what was what. “Ngh.. Slow down, Shinsou,”


“Sure,” Shinsou complied. “Should I call an ambulance?”


“No,” Bakugou shook his head. “I just need a second.”


“My apartment is too far to you to walk to it,” Shinsou said. “How far do you live?”


“Too far.”


Shinsou let out a sigh. “The Midoriya’s lives around the corner, I’m sure we can make it there.”


“Are you fucking nuts!?” Bakugou shouted before nearly falling over in pain — and he would have, if Shinsou didn’t steady him. “If shitty Deku sees me, he’ll be pissed off that I tried to go after Chisaki.”


“He’ll find out no matter what, those injuries won’t disappear by tomorrow.” Shinsou shook his head. “Besides, his mom is there and she’s super helpful. It’s that or I call and ambulance and then tell Midoriya you’re at the hospital.”


“Fuck.. Shitty bastard..” Bakugou snarled. “I’m not going to a hospital and you know it, you purple fuck.”


“Then we’re going to see the Midoriya’s. Do you need to be carried? Can you even walk?” Shinsou asked and Bakugou glared at him before using his shoulder to limp down the sidewalk. Shinsou took slow and small steps to accommodate how slow Bakugou was walking.


“You know, it was a dumb idea, but I can admire it.” Shinsou said. “I wanted to do something similar, and I still want to, so I can’t say it was the worst idea. I just figured I couldn’t win; rage blinds.”


“Chisaki and I have a.. gh.. history,” Bakugou groaned. “I’ve already tried to kick his ass before. I’ll try again too.” Before Shinsou could make an attempt to argue, Bakugou groaned again. “My fucking head..”


“Did you hit it?” Shinsou lifted up his spare hand and touched the skin under Bakugou’s hair, he hissed in response but Shinsou ignored it. “It looks like you’ve scraped it, but you look okay. Let’s hurry up and get you there. I was already headed there so I’m sure they were expecting some kind of guest.”


“I don’t want him to see me, I’m afraid he’ll blame himself,” Bakugou admitted and he looked at him before sighing for the upteenth time that evening and pulling out his own phone before maneuvering a few things. “What are you doing?”


“He’ll come back, but maybe you’ll look better by the time he gets back.” Shinsou said. “You’re right, he doesn’t see you like this. You look worse than normal.”


“Purple fuck..” Bakugou chuckled.


Shinsou grinned to himself as he continued to help Bakugou to the Midoriya home. After they arrived at the house, Shinsou only had to help Bakugou up the first step when the door opened up and revealed Inko standing there, she was probably waiting for Shinsou. “Shinsou you’re — Katsuki!?”


“Hey, he needs help,” Shinsou said and Bakugou barely lifted his head up to see Inko’s horrified expression. her eyes were blown wide and already glossing over; paralyzed for only a moment before she was rushing to Bakugou’s other side to help Shinsou get Bakugou into the house.


“Fuck, fuck..!” He hissed quietly as she gripped him too tight, she apologized and managed to ignore his cussing as she pulled her hand away.


Eventually, Bakugou was situated in a kitchen chair so that Inko could look at him. She was definitely crying, and her sniffles were deafening as she tilted Bakugou’s face around. “Oh Katsuki.. What did you get into?”


“I’m sorry,” Bakugou’s voice came quiet and hoarse, he refused to meet Inko’s eyes in fear of matching their behaviors. “I-I’m really sorry, I..”

“Don’t be sorry, sweetheart,” she hushed him before she rushed to the bathroom, calling on her way there. “Izuku should be back in about fiteen minutes! Is this why you asked me to send him out Hitoshi?”


“Yeah, something like that,” Shinsou answered although he wasn’t sure that he said it loud enough for Inko to hear. “Bakugou are you gonna live?”


“I always live,” he hissed at the purple man who clearly was enjoying himself.


“I hate you a little less now, you know,”


“I hate you more now.”


“Please, I saved you.”


“Purple fuck..” Bakugou snarled and Shinsou chuckled as Inko walked back out with a first aid kit and cloth as she began to clean Bakugou’s face. He hissed initially, and she apologized despite it being unnecessary.


Bakugou noticed the sniffles that filled his ears and they only seemed to amplify because his eyes were closed. He opened his eyes to see Inko’s face practically streaming with tears at this point. “Why are you crying?”


“S-Sorry, I can’t believe someone did this to you,” Inko whispered.


“I did it to myself,” Bakugou admitted. “Picked a fight I shouldn’t have.”

“With who?”


Bakugou’s eyes fell to the floor, like he was ashamed to admit it. “Chisaki.”


“Chi-Chis..” Inko trailed off on a name that she couldn’t even say anymore. “I.. don’t understand.”


“They already had a history,” Shinsou answered where Bakugou couldn’t. “Knowing Izuku was just a bonus to want to fight him again.”


“I’m sorry,” Bakugou apologized. “I probably didn’t help anything and now I’m bothering you in your house.”


“You’re no bother,” Inko reassured him. “But Katsuki, why would you do that? I’m sure Izuku wouldn’t have wanted you to.”


“It’s happened before, nothing new,” Bakugou admitted. “Too bad I couldn’t do worse to him.”


Inko didn’t disagree, but she could tell by the look on Bakugou’s face he wasn’t done yet. She let a hand cup his cheek and brought his attention back to her. “Don’t do more, it’s only hurting you. Okay?”




“Katsuki, come on,” Inko’s voice was smooth and calm despite how the tears that marked her face proved otherwise. “Promise me you won’t go picking a fight again? If he was willing to do you this bad, he can do worse to you.”


Bakugou’s eyes fell back down. “Fine.”


“Are you going to mention this to your mother?” Inko asked and Bakugou’s body froze up. She could tell that he had stiffened, but not why he did. Bakugou figured that Midoriya had mentioned something to his mother about the situation, but it didn’t seem like this was the case.


“I.. can’t..” Bakugou whispered and Inko carried on.


“You know, I knew a woman named Bakugou Mitsuki. Are you related?” Inko asked and Bakugou’s eyes widened up. The chills that circled through his body felt like they were racing and suddenly his head dropped down despite the fact that Inko was trying to help him. It caught Shinsou’s attention too.


“She’s my mom,” Bakugou’s voice came barely audible.


“I didn’t know she was married.”


“Mm.. Yeah.”


“I haven’t heard anything about her in a long time, crazy to think that she lives so far away and that her son is still here. Why did they move and leave you here?” Inko asked.


Bakugou trembled in his seat, Shinsou was well aware of it and waved a hand to Inko to try and get her to take a step away from him. She did just that, relaxing in the chair behind her as she watched Bakugou more carefully.


“I..” Bakugou struggled to find the words.


“Katsuki are you.. disowned?” Inko asked and Bakugou finally felt the tears slipping from his eyes as he gripped the edge of the chair and tried to contain himself. Pain seared through his body — and more specifically, his head and hand — but he couldn’t even think about it.


“Oh that’s awful, I can’t believe someone would —”


“She’s dead.” Bakugou’s voice came as nothing but cracks that made Inko and Shinsou both sit straight up. “She-She’s gone. My-My dad is too, but he’s been gone for a long time.”


“Bakugou..” Shinsou mumbled. “I’m really sorry,”


“Katsuki, I..” Inko trailed off. “So how long have you been alone for?”




“Do you have any other family?”


“N-No..” Bakugou whimpered. He felt so weak and he felt dumb for it, felt foolish and stupid but he couldn’t help it. “I don’t have anyone and it’s just always been me.. I just work and sleep and that’s.. that’s it. I work and work hoping that one day it’ll wipe me out which is why when I meant Izuku I was so worried about it. I don’t want to get close to just have to taken from me again! Just to have someone rip it away from me! Which is why I want Chisaki fucking dead because he could’ve taken away the one person who actually brought life to me! Who gave me a reason to get up and to be comfortable with the people who want to know me! He could’ve ripped everything away from me, just like he did last time!”


Bakugou’s outburst made the two very weary, but they listened patiently. “I.. I’ll kill him, I’ll kill him..”


“Katsuki, relax, honey,” Inko said gently as she reached out and stroked his cheek. “It’ll be okay, no one is taking us away.”


“Us..?” Bakugou’s eyes widened up.


“Sure,” Shinsou added. “You’re just as welcomed as the rest of us. I’m gonna be honest Bakugou, I thought you were just a selfish jerk, but I wish I had known something a long time. I would’ve tried harder to see past the hard exterior you always had.”


Bakugou didn’t say anything, his eyes fell away and the trio heard the door open up. “Hey! I’m home!” A cheery voice filled he space and Bakugou wished he hadn’t started crying and he wished he looked better, he wished he had done something to help, not hurt.

Chapter Text

Midoriya had a bit of bounce in his step as he walked through the house and into the dining room, but when he saw the few of them looking so serious, his demeanor changed a little. “Oh hey Hitoshi and.. Kacchan? Ah.. I-Is everything alright?”


Inko — aware that Bakugou wasn’t going to make eye contact with anyone — made a motion with her hand that signaled crying. Midoriya read it immediately and his eyes widened before he dropped the bag on the ground and rushed around the front of the blonde.


“Kacchan are you — oh my gosh! Wh-What happened to you!? K-Kacchan!?” Midoriya gasped and nearly fell back when he saw the state that Bakugou was in.


Bakugou felt weak and stupid, he couldn’t bring himself to look at Midoriya who was sitting wide eyed. “Kacchan.. What..”


“He picked a fight, his anger got the best of him and he lost,” Shinsou answered where Bakugou couldn’t and Midoriya’s head whipped between the two of them.


“Who would..” Midoriya trailed off when he made the connection. “You.. tried fighting Chisaki..”


“I’m sorry,” Bakugou croaked out.


“Why would.. Why would you do something so stupid?” Midoriya sighed, clear annoyance ringing through his tone. “Why would you put yourself in harms way and why would you —”


“I want him dead,” Bakugou answered flatly. His tone was sharp, but since he couldn’t bring his glare to meet Midoriya’s bewildered gaze it was only about half as threatening.


“So you were gonna kill him!?”


“No..” Bakugou shook his head. “No of course not.”


“Agh, I can’t believe you’d do something so stupid! What’s wrong with you, Katsuki!?” Midoriya huffed, nearly stomping his foot in anger. “I can’t believe you would be such an idiot to pick a fight with Chisaki! What good would have come from you winning, anyways? You’d win and get arrested for assault!? What is wrong with you!?”


“Izuku,” Inko’s own voice came with a force that no one was expecting. “I’d like a word with you in private.” Midoriya was hesitant, but he did move and follow his mother into the next room where the two of them stood close together to keep the volume down to a bare minimum.


“Don’t be angry with him,” Inko pleaded and Midoriya’s eyes widened up.


“Mom, he —”


“I know that it makes you unhappy, and rightfully so but.. he told Hitoshi and I something that changes why you shouldn’t be angry about it.”


Midoriya’s expression relaxed into a gentle curiosity. “What’d he tell you?”


“Something about his parents,”

“Oh,” Midoriya squeaked. “I — uh — I know about that. I know what happened.”


“It’s deeper than the situation,” Inko shook her head. Her voice dropped even quieter as she spoke again. “He’s afraid of losing you; he’s afraid of being alone. So don’t go and make him feel like that’s what’s going to happen. I know you don’t like it, but if he was willing to take that much abuse because he thinks that you might disappear from his life otherwise, then I.. I don’t think you can be mad at that.”


“I can be mad at him for something like this.” Midoriya sighed. “I just worry about him, I guess.”


“He clearly worries for you too,” Inko shrugged. “I think he’s a very good boy, Izuku. Just misunderstood.”


Midoriya agreed with a nod. “Alright, I’ll be gentler, I guess.” Although he knew in himself that nothing would change what Bakugou had done, his mother had a valid point; his own anger wasn’t going to solve anything. In fact, it would probably do quite the opposite. On top of that, Midoriya didn’t know if Bakugou was actually capable of dealing with Midoriya being angry with him.


The two went back into the room to see Shinsou cleaning Bakugou’s wounds up and placing patches and bandaids on him. His hand was wrapped up and there he looked like he would be okay besides the bruises that were forming all over his face and body.


“Now don’t be an idiot again or I’ll beat you up this time, got it?” Shinsou sighed and Bakugou rolled his eyes but sheepishly nodded before the violet haired man stood up. “You should be fine.”


He moved back to his seat when he saw that the two greenettes were standing near the doorway and Midoriya took the opening to walk over and sit on the floor between Bakugou’s knees so that even if he was glancing down, Midoriya could see his facial expressions. “How do you feel?”


“Not good,” Bakugou admitted with a shrug. His face faltered for a second with his next question though. “Are you mad at me?”


It sounded so sad so hopelessly destroyed, and it broke Midoriya down a little. He didn’t even need to see his mother’s expression to tell that was feeling similarly to how he was. “No,” Midoriya answered with a shake of his head. “I really should be, but as long as you don’t do something like this again. I won’t be mad.”


“Okay,” Bakugou’s voice was nothing but a whisper as he glanced at his hands before Midoriya reached out and held onto his fingers.


“Do you think you need some rest?” Midoriya asked.


“I don’t really feel like moving, if I’m honest.”


“Does it hurt?” Midoriya asked. Bakugou gave a nod and Midoriya winced a little like knowing that hurt him. “It might be better for you to be on something more comfortable though, or at least lay down.”


“Why don’t we eat a little first and then he can go and lay down?” Inko suggested and the trio agreed to it.


Midoriya had helped with dinner, leaving Bakugou and Shinsou to sit and idly bicker with each other over things that didn’t actually matter — and things they didn’t actually seem angry about — until the Midoriya’s came back with food and the evening went as suggested. The conversations were kept light as they all ate and despite how little Bakugou choked down, he was still grateful for the meal (although he was thoroughly scolded when he tried to help clean up). Midoriya and Shinsou insisted on helping him to the spare room to lay underneath the cool covers and he laid in the uncomfortable darkness of the room for maybe two hours before Midoriya entered to check up on him again.


“Shinsou is gonna stay too,” Midoriya said. “He’s gonna take my bed and so I’ll be out on the couch. I thought I would let you know and also come and say goodnight to you.”


“Can you stay here?” Bakugou asked and Midoriya seemed hesitant. “What’s wrong?”


“Do you really not care about yourself at all?” Midoriya asked and Bakugou looked confused. “You don’t care if you live or die, it doesn’t matter to you.”


“I never had a reason to before.”


“It scares me,” Midoriya mumbled as he walked in and shut the door behind him as he leaned against it. “Thinking that you’ll be gone because of something like this scares me. I don’t know how to deal with loss, but I don’t think you do either even though you’ve experienced it.”


“So..” Bakugou trailed off. “Are you gonna cut me off?”




“I don’t know, if I was worried about caring for someone. That’s what I would do.” Bakugou admitted. “I tried to keep distant from you, but you’re thick skulled.”

Midoriya smiled a little bit, “No, nothing like that. I just want you to care enough about yourself to take care of yourself.”

“Well I can’t be quite as reckless as I was, after all, who’s gonna kick ass for you?” Bakugou chuckled but when Midoriya didn’t respond the same, it quickly faded away awkwardly.


“I want you to care about you, not care about me and therefore put yourself in a good position.” Midoriya answered and Bakugou nodded. He could see where it was coming from and although Midoriya was constantly a man of selfless behaviors and mentalities, he didn’t want to see it repeated on Bakugou.


“Okay, I won’t.” Bakugou answered and when Midoriya lacked to say anything else, it prompted Bakugou to open up his arms. Although the greenette was a little hesitant, he allowed for himself to climb on the bed and crawl into Bakugou’s embrace. The blonde let out a small gasp of pain when Midoriya pushed on the wrong spot, but when they were both comfortably adjusted, it didn’t seem to matter much then.


“So can I assume you don’t care about yourself?” Midoriya’s voice came quiet. “I don’t really know whether or not it’s self-hatred or selflessness.”


Bakugou tightened his grip around Midoriya and nuzzled into him. Personally, he didn’t want to think about what the answer might be. He went so long without having someone that it sometimes drove him half insane to think of life being different now. “I think it’s neither.”




“I just don’t really think I ever had a reason to,” Bakugou answered. “So now that I’m getting a reason, it’s a little hard to deal with the way things change with it.”


“Mm,” Midoriya hummed. “That makes sense. But I guess you’re tired, right? We should probably sleep.”


“I barely got one punch in,” Bakugou scoffed. “He started saying shit and I got angry, I lost control and once that happened there was no way I was winning.”

“I’m surprised he could keep you down.”


“Tch, it wasn’t like it I made it fucking easy for him,”


Midoriya laughed a little, a light, warm sound that filled the space that surrounded them. “I’m sure you didn’t Kacchan, but be careful, alright?”

“I will.”


“Good,” Midoriya smiled and allowed for his eyes to fall closed under the relaxed atmosphere. “So.. Shinsou found you?”


“Yeah sassy son of a bitch,” Bakugou scoffed. “I guess he’s not a total douchebag.”


Midoriya laughed harder at this comment. “We’ve been friends for a while, I know his character.”


“Do you think you’re a good judge of character?”

“Sometimes,” Midoriya answered. “I think I side to kindness too easily. People who are overly kind at first glance aren’t always kind is what I’ve realized. Usually people lie; that’s why I figured you were actually a big softie.”

“I am fucking no — ngh..” Bakugou groaned as his attempt at an outburst caused pain to shoot through his body in a way that put Midoriya on high alert.


“Hey, hey,” Midoriya whispered as he placed a gentle hand on Bakugou’s face. “Just relax, okay?”


“Yeah,” Bakugou said though gritted teeth. “Fuck, I’m sorry,”


“It’s okay,” Midoriya answered. “Did you really think you would solve anything?”


“No, I guess not,” Bakugou sighed. “I just wanted him to pay for what he did because he’s always been doing fucked up shit and the idea of him doing things to you drove me insane and I.. I want him to atone for his crimes but there’s no way to make that happen.”


Midoriya blinked, wide eyed. “Don’t think that I’m a reason to fight Chisaki.”


“Deku,” Bakugou sighed as he pulled Midoriya flush against his aching body. “I swear I’m not going to hurt you.”

Midoriya felt stunned a little bit, and initially couldn’t find the words. “I.. I-I.. I didn’t think you were, Kacchan,”


“I know, I just need to say it,” Bakugou sighed as he pulled away to see Midoriya’s face.


“What happened to you and Chisaki?” Midoriya asked. “I don’t like talking about me, tell me about you.” The question made Bakugou’s expression constrict, but he let out a sigh.


“Well,” he began. “I guess it happened long enough ago to be considered a while ago.”

Chapter Text

“Hey Todoroki,” Kaminari’s voice came from the crack near the door as he pushed it far enough for his head to show through. Todoroki was sitting in the back office, glancing at the computer screen before he slid off a pair of square black glasses from his face and gave his attention to Kaminari. “I uh, I wanted to ask you about something.”


“Sure,” Todoroki answered as he gestured for the shorter to come in and take a seat. Kaminari let the door fall closed behind him and settled at the chair across from the man in front of him. “So, what is it?”


“How long have you known Bakugou?”


“We started around the same time; three years ago, I think.” Todoroki answered but his gaze narrowed in confusion and curiosity. “Why?”


“How much do you know about him?”


“Kaminari,” Todoroki’s tone had a firmness to it that made Kaminari grow a little nervous. “Is there something you’re trying to figure out? Something you want to know?”


“We were at his apartment,” Kaminari glanced down at his hands and recounted the events as best he could. “I’m surprised I remember any of it, Kirishima was sure I wouldn’t when we talked about it. Frankly, I don’t remember much of what Kirishima said to me, but I do remember something.” Kaminari let his eyes dart up just to see Todoroki’s focused expression but didn’t hold the gaze very long. “He had pictures hanging on his wall, pictures with his parents. Only issue is his father isn’t in hardly any, and then his mother is in them all but when she’s in the last few she.. looks sick.”


“Are they still in the picture, I guess is what I want to know.”


Bakugou stretched out that morning, got up and headed to school like he did every single day and just like every day prior, his immediate thought was to find Chisaki in the same spot he was always in. “Morning, Chisaki-kun,” the blonde smiled at the taller brunette who barely gave him half a glance. Since all of Bakugou’s other friends had graduated, Chisaki was really all he had. ALl he had to take away from the pain of watching his mother wither way into nothing.


However, this Bakugou was still optimistic because of Chisaki’s good graces. Sure, he was still a little tempered, and he had his mother’s attitude, but he was nothing compared to the cold man he was now. Whether he knew it or not, every last drop of kindness he had in him would vanish this day.


“Good morning Bakugou,” he answered without much interest before he returned to his previous conversation. Despite feeling left out, Bakugou continued to stand there; a slight smile on his face as he gazed off into space until his name was brought into the conversation.


“Bakugou? You think he could do it?” Chisaki asked the man in front of him who only smiled wickedly and gave a nod. Chisaki gave a short glance over to the curious blonde as another gave a verbal answer.


“I’m sure he could use with the pay, too,”


“Huh?” Bakugou blinked. “What are you going on about?”


“Let’s talk, Bakugou,” Chisaki placed a hand on Bakugou’s back as he lead the two of them away from the group. “Your mother, she gets treatments locally, correct?”



“You know that there are better places?”


“We can’t afford it, with my dad being gone and still having to pay bills. Our insurance doesn’t cover anything besides this.” Bakugou answered with a rather sheepish expression.


“I want to help out with that cost, but I also need you to help me,” Chisaki began. “You see what I’m saying?”


“Kaminari,” Todoroki took a deep breath. “Did you ask him yourself?”


“You know that Bakugou wouldn’t tell me anything,” Kaminari sighed. “So I figured I would ask you since you’re pretty close to Bakugou. You do know the answer though, don’t you?”


Todoroki stilled, he shouldn’t have lead onto the reality that Kaminari already knew, but he couldn’t help but to hesitate. “You know I’m not an idiot, Todoroki.”


“Could’ve fooled me,” Todoroki chuckled and noticed a smirk that crawled across Kaminari’s face. Something felt.. off about it though. Forced, wrong.


“Sure,” Kaminari shrugged. “Everyone seems to believe that, but we’re not talking about me and my idiocy. I’m asking about Bakugou, by your hesitation, I can infer that you actually do know something. You aren’t fooling me, Todoroki.”


“I do,” Bakugou was cautious, he always trusted Chisaki but something about the offer made him feel a little uneasy. “What are you suggesting that I do?”


“How badly do you want her to live?” Chisaki raised an eyebrow and Bakugou stopped in his tracks. “How far are you willing to go?”


“I..” Bakugou trailed off. “What are you suggesting Chisaki?”


“Just keep following me,” Chisaki sighed as he turned to realize that Bakugou had stopped walking just behind him. Bakugou hurried a bit to catch up before they found themselves in front of the janitorial closet. It only took a few seconds for Chisaki to make sure the coast was clear before pushing Bakugou inside and closing the door behind himself.


“Hey! What’s going —”


“Shut the hell up, idiot.”


“I really shouldn’t be the one to tell you this.”


“You know that Bakugou won’t though.”


“What does it matter to you anyways?”


“So I can infer that they’re not in the picture? Not anymore at least, because you’re making this all very suspicious.” Kaminari answered with a sigh. “Listen, I’m worried, alright? Give me a reason to confirm my worries or give me a reason to dilute them.”


“Worried about what?”


“Just tell me if they’re around or not, Todoroki.”


Todoroki paused, he let out a sigh and although he knew he shouldn’t have said anything, he shook his head. “No they aren’t. Now, you tell me why you’re worried.”


“Bakugou’s been.. alone this whole time, hasn’t he?”


“I guess so,” Todoroki answered before shaking his head a little. “No, I know so.”


Chisaki sat bakugou down in the only chair in the tiny room, sat him down and placed a laptop on his legs. “I want you to take the fall for this, understood?”


“The fall for what, Chisaki? What the hell is going on? What are you talking about!?”


“Just do what I say, okay!?” Chisaki huffed. “The payoff will be worth it, and I’ll make sure of that Bakugou. Just follow the on screen prompts once I’m gone and it’ll secure us something. Something valuable.”


Bakugou was hesitant, but Chisaki didn’t give him much of a choice. He left the room before Bakugou could pester him any more. Bakugou’s eyes scanned over the computer screen and noted all of the different options and did what it instructed. He filled in some blank fields with what he believed was the right answers and at last came up one final note.


Press ‘Enter’ to confirm submission.


Bakugou did just that. His finger lingered over the button for a moment too long, but he did hit the ‘Enter’ key and was sitting patiently until he heard alarms in the building going off. It was saying to evacuate the building and Bakugou was wide eyed. Had he.. triggered some sort of alarm? Or was it a mere coincidence?


Bakugou slid the computer off his lap and made his way for the door, but when he pulled on the handle, it didn’t budge. It didn’t feel locked instead it felt jammed which was infinitely worse. Bakugou pulled harder and even banged on the door, but it couldn’t be heard over the loud sounds and commotion from students.


Then Bakugou’s phone dinged, a message from an unknown number.


[9:17 am]

???: thanks for sending the threat, Bakugou

now to get paid,

you must take the fall

do not mention my name.

You must take the fall for this.


Bakugou read it over, his eyes blown wide. What had he done and what kind of trouble had he just secured himself in?


And threat? What threat?


Bakugou went to text the number back, but there was a loud banging on the door that made him drop his phone as it slid underneath the darkness of the nearby shelving. Bakugou was standing wide eyed when the door flung open and nearly hit him. Two police officers were standing in the bright light of the hallway and glared heavy at Bakugou who couldn’t find it in himself to move.


“What the hell are you doing here?” The first snarled and bakugou wanted to snap back at him, but he was honestly so confused by everything that it felt paralyzing.


“So what will happen when Midoriya leaves?” Kaminari asked. Todoroki sat a little straighter at the comment. “It’s gonna happen, and I think Bakugou would be just as sour and bitter.. or even something worse. Do you think he knows Midoriya is going to leave? Or do you think he’s denying it? What do you think Todoroki?”


“Slow down, you’re being overdramatic.” Todoroki scoffed, but internally was processing the questions differently on his own. “Bakugou is an adult, and he’ll deal with it that way. This whole thing is ridiculous and if you’re so concerned, why don’t you try to fix it?”


“I’ve tried dude,” Kaminari sighed. “You realize how hard it is to get through to him, right? And Kirishima isn’t any help and apparently neither are you. Honestly it’s a miracle that he still talks to any of us.”


Todoroki’s eyes narrowed at Kaminari before his voice grew to a low growl. “Excuse you, Kaminari, I did a hell of a lot more than anyone else did! The only reason he’s still here is because of me, so don’t try to say I’m doing nothing! Instead, blame that idiotic redhead you call a friend and blame yourself but don’t go blaming me about it!”


Kaminari blinked a few times, stunned as he watched Todoroki relax back. “Sorry, I just really don’t know what to do and I’m worried, alright? I think that I have a good reason to be worried.”


“Tch, now you choose to be worried.”


“Todoroki you don’t have to be so cold —”


“You’re getting the situation wrong Kami —”


“Hey guys,” there was a tap on the door just like Kaminari from earlier, and this time it was Uraraka poking her head in. “Am I.. interrupting?”


“No, what is it, Uraraka-san?” Todoroki asked.


“You guys should see Bakugou, he looks awful. Like maybe he should go home.”


“Awful? Is he sick?”


“No, it’s like he got his butt kicked,” Uraraka answered.


“What?” Todoroki nearly went to full tilted panic as he stood from the desk and rushed past the two of them as he made his way to the front of the store where he figured Bakugou would be around. On his way there, he noticed Bakugou walking with Midoriya right behind him and his eyes widened up.


Bakugou was a sight.


Bakugou managed to resist struggling when he got cuffed, and when the computer was grabbed he didn’t argue it. Unfortunately, his phone was left abandoned underneath that shelf and that lead to Bakugou sitting pretty in a dimly lit room with a metal table and uncomfortable chairs as he glanced at an officer across from him.


“Do you realize how serious this is, young man?” He asked with a sigh.


“How serious what is?”


“Don’t play a fool, you know.”


“I don’t, actually.”


“Sending a bomb threat to the school!” The officer scoffed and Bakugou’s eyes widened up. Was that seriously was having him do? What was the point of that. “Because of your shenanigans the police were out wasting their time on this. Normally, we would have a lot more minor repercussions for this. But it just so happened there were four armed robberies as soon as the police reached the school. Obviously you didn’t rob them, but there appears to be hints at a connection. So tell me who you’re working with and we might go easy on you.”


The officer already seemed fed up with Bakugou, but he couldn’t pinpoint the confusion that leaked over his features like an oil spill. There was a knock on the door that interrupted their silent exchanges of looks before a woman appeared and spoke. “His mother is here,” she announced before closing the door again.


The offer then turned his gaze Bakugou. “Would you like to explain to your mother what you’ve done, or would you like me to?” He asked and Bakugou wanted to shake his head, but the man was already standing and heading for the door. So Bakugou sat there for a moment, worried, nervous and confused but more importantly angry. Angry at Chisaki, and angry at himself.


It was only a few minutes before the door opened back up and revealed his mother who stood looking horrified in the doorway and even more sick than normal. The light from behind her initially made her facial features appear dim until she entered the room.


Normally, if Bakugou had misbehaved, Mitsuki was explosive. It felt different this time though, and nothing had happened yet.


Her features were broken, contorted and Bakugou couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He had never seen his mother make that face except one time before.


When they learned about his father’s death.


“Katsuki..” her voice came broken and shaking as she walked into the room and it made Bakugou realize that tears had already began running down her hollow cheeks. “Why would you.. Why would you do this?!”


“Mom, I


“Why would you think that committing a crime like this is okay!?” She asked, and it was made clear that she was begging, pleading for answers. “Have I failed you that badly, Katsuki..? Have I failed you as a mother?”


“Mom no, no you.. you didn’t.”


“You always got in trouble at school Katsuki,” Mitsuki took a deep breath, and tried to relax herself. The officer that was standing behind her watched carefully, hoping that she would be able to get the information out of her son where he couldn’t. She finally fell into the chair across from Bakugou and continued on. “But I never thought that you would be a criminal.. Why Katsuki? Why would you do this?”


“Mom, I promise.. I-I didn’t.. I didn’t know!” Bakugou felt the reality of the situation take over his body and he knew what Chisaki had said to him, but he didn’t care anymore. His mother’s glance was ripping him apart by the second. He had never felt this kind of way before. So guilty, ashamed, yet mixed so perfectly with a rage caused by someone else. He just wanted his mother to stop looking at him like she didn’t know him, and that officer to stop looking at him like he was vermin. “Chi-Chisaki told me just to do what the computer said and he would pay me for it! He said to take the fall and he would give me money to help you and I didn’t know and I didn’t think but I


“To help.. me?”


Mitsuki’s words stopped Bakugou's immediate forced confession, and his eyes widened up to meet hers. “Why would you feel like that’s necessary Katsuki?”


“Because you need better treatment and we can’t afford it, you lie and you say it’s already but I know it’s not, I know it fucking isn’t okay! I know we can’t afford anything and you’re working way too hard and dammit, I can’t help you!” Bakugou shouted, his eyes squeezed tight as he was too afraid to meet the glances in the room. “I didn’t care what Chisaki was suggesting but I promise if I had known that this was what he was planning than I wouldn’t have agreed to it!”


Mitsuki’s gaze narrowed, she stood up and faced the officer and suddenly, her eyes her temper was nothing but fire . “You find that Chisaki boy, and you make him pay for this. My Katsuki did nothing to deserve this, he did nothing and he was deceived! Don’t make a poor boy like him suffer!”


The officer looked at her, blinking, unsure of what to say or do with the situation.


“He’s a good boy! He’s always been a good boy, and he has a heart of gold that no one cares to look at! He’s misunderstood but he would never do such a thing like this! He would never want to hurt anyone and he would never steal! He works hard for everything and he’s always been that way, so you can’t call me in here and tell me my son is a criminal when you didn’t even know the reality of the situation!”


“What the hell happened to you!?” Todoroki asked as he rushed over and met Bakugou and Midoriya.


“Tch, none of your fucking business,” Bakugou scoffed and Todoroki glared heavy at him. “What!?”


“You haven’t looked like this in a long time Bakugou,” Todoroki snarled at him. “What happened, Bakugou?”


“Nothing!” Bakugou huffed in response. “Shut the fuck up and get out of my way, you lousy half-and-half piece of shit.”


“Tell me!” Todoroki hissed back and pushed back on Bakugou’s shoulder when he went to walk by. “Who messed you up!?”


“Chisaki, okay? Now fuck, get out of my way!” Bakugou pushed back harder this time and made his way by a wide eyed Todoroki. It was a name he hadn’t heard in a really long time, and it was a long time since that person was the one to make Bakugou look this way.


Todoroki turned to see Bakugou walking with his fists turned tight, but not a mark suggesting he got in any good punches himself. Todoroki considered chasing after him, but he was frozen in place and only noticed Midoriya mouthing apologies as he followed behind Bakugou. Kaminari and Uraraka were just as surprised as they watched from a distance.


“Who’s Chisaki?” Uraraka mumbled to Kaminari who shrugged himself.


Hearing this, Todoroki turned and glared at both of them. “Get to work, we don’t pay you to gossip,” he growled before he walked off to his own department. Bakugou would show up when he needed him, he always did, and that was what Todoroki needed to stand by and believe. He needed to believe that he would begrudgingly make it aware to Todoroki that he needed help and that would force Todoroki to push a little more just for Bakugou to give in.


Bakugou stopped in the bathroom without Midoriya, stopped to check his reflection and yeah, he looked baad. The bruises that covered his face were inevitable, but the cuts and other marks that remained were something that made him linger a little longer.


No one says that about Bakugou. No one says anything good about him. Never have, never will. No one but his mother of course.


Somehow, everything ends up okay. Bakugou makes it out and it’s probably due to his mother’s own sharp tongue and quick thinking. Chisaki spots Bakugou on his way in and he shoots a glare accompanied by a mouthed threat, a threat of death, and Bakugou believed it too. If Chisaki got his hands on Bakugou, both parties were sure that only one of them would rise back up.


So Bakugou beat him to the punch, literally.


Since Chisaki had some political pull in town, he made it out with not a scratch to his record. But he was the only one from the group that ended up jailed because of Bakugou. When Bakugou finally found him, he threw punches at him before Chisaki could surprise attack him. That was their first fight, and that was also the first fight that Bakugou had lost; although it wouldn’t be the last attempt.


Chisaki let him live on too, despite a threat of death because he knew that the loss of a fight was a bigger pain than that of Bakugou going down to never come back up.


Bakugou worked, trying to push thoughts out of his head. He had explained what happened to him with Chisaki the night prior, and what struck him was remembering his mother’s reactions to the entire fiasco; although Bakugou didn’t mention that part to Midoriya. He didn’t think to mention it because he could barely think about it without getting angry and all twisted, and was sure that it didn’t change the story too much for Midoriya. So he had paused at that part, but moved past it and left it as simple as possible. Midoriya tried not to make a big deal out of Bakugou’s interaction with Chisaki, although he understood a little more of why Bakugou did what he did when he attacked Chisaki for Midoriya’s sake — because it felt like Midoriya wanted to do the same thing — although it always did help for them to bond over a hatred for the same person.

Even though Bakugou had promised Midoriya that he wasn’t going to fight Chisaki again, he was sure he was lying because Bakugou needed to win. He needed more than anything for Chisaki to suffer, and the list of why was only growing longer by the day.

Chapter Text

When Bakugou woke up the next morning, he was surprised to open his way too bright phone screen to see a plethora of messages from Midoriya. He scoffed a little bit, figuring that Midoriya was probably staying up later than he should have, but the context was more surprising.


[11:12 pm]

Midoriya Izuku: are you home yet?


[11:18 pm]

Midoriya Izuku: please don’t overwork yourself

and be careful because Uraraka-san

told me something is going around


[11:23 pm]

Midoriya Izuku: I really hope I don’t get sick

I don’t even know how to call out


[11:27 pm]

Midoriya Izuku: do you ever call out?

I bet you don’t

I bet you go to work sick


[11:28 pm]

Midoriya Izuku: I mean,

you shouldn’t have gone today

but we already had that argument


[11:30 pm]

Midoriya Izuku: lots of people asked

about you today.

They seemed worried about you


[11:33 pm]

Midoriya Izuku: I’m just talking to myself

Gah, I wish you would answer your phone more


Bakugou laughed, and locked it as he sat up and stretched out. It was early and he was tired as he always was but was painfully aware of how swore his body still felt. So he did his best to shove off to the bathroom and take a hot shower to hopefully relax his muscles before drying his hair enough for him to consider himself ready to leave for work.


When Bakugou got there, he wasn’t at all surprised to realize he was one of the first to arrive and also how empty the store seemed to be. Bakugou let out a sigh as he walked through the building and over to the back of the store to grab a few things before he was stopped by Takara. “Good morning Bakugou,”


“Morning Takara-san,” Bakugou answered with no more than half a glance and he noticed how she lingered. “Do you need something?”


“I do, actually, could you come to the personnel office?” Takara asked and Bakugou complies graciously before heading to her office and settling at one of the chairs besides the desk that curved the room. She sat straight, watching him with a smile until he seemed ready. “It’s about Midoriya, actually,”


“Oh?” Bakugou’s eyebrows furrowed together and Takara nodded.


“Are you two.. seeing one another?”


“Are we dating, is that what you’re asking?” Bakugou quickly clarified and when Takara nodded Bakugou felt a bit of hesitation to his answer. “No,” technically, Bakugou liked to think they were. At least, they were definitely exclusive to one another and they spent a lot of time together. So it sure felt like they were dating but they hadn’t really.. crossed that bridge.


“Well,” Takara sighed. “I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news, but if you are indeed seeing one another then we.. need to have another conversation.”


Bakugou stilled. “A conversation about what? I’m just a department manager, does it matter to date someone lower leveled than me?”


“No, well, a little,” Takara sighed. “We just don’t want to keep you two in the same department if that’s the case. If you two are dating, we’ll need to transfer him to a department out of your jurisdiction.”


“I see,” Bakugou breathed. His voice was quiet but still held its consistent intensity that made him feel and seem like a boss. “Well, where would you intend to transfer him?”


“Wherever he wants, really,” Takara shrugged. “I just have to follow policy, you see. So, should I be thinking about transferring him?”


Bakugou sighed but nodded. “Yeah, I guess so.”


“Good to know,” Takara smiled. “You’re free to leave, I just thought you should know that.”


It really wasn’t a big deal, after all, it was one store and if Midoriya was part of another department then that was fine. It only sucked because of the fact that Bakugou genuinely thought he was a hard worker and sometimes he hated having to deal with Ashido. Kouda was alright though, quiet, but alright.


Bakugou sighed as he walked back out onto the floor, and he never gave so much as a nod to the coworkers that passed him. It wasn’t until a yawning Kirishima passed by him that he finally gave a single response. “You look awful, dude,” Kirishima said. “I thought you’d look better, but you don’t.”


“Shut it, shitty hair,” Bakugou scoffed and noticed the pout that crossed Kirishima’s face.


“Can I ask you something?” Kirishima moved past Bakugou’s usual rude comment, before Bakugou could tell him no, he moved on. “Has Kaminari talked to you about anything?”


“Kaminari?” Bakugou narrowed his eyes. “No, why? Is he going to or something?”


“Well,” Kirishima breathed. “I think that there’s something he’s thinking about. I told him to lay off and leave you alone, but you know he doesn’t really listen to me all that much.” The last line came with a forced laugh and Bakugou couldn’t help but to glare down Kirishima for more answers.


“He’s an idiot, you know that,” Bakugou answered. “What did he want to ask me about?”


“Oh I don’t know,” it was an obvious lie. Kirishima was obviously lying, and that only made Bakugou more suspicious of the entire thing but Bakugou couldn’t expect anything else. Kirishima had a bad habit of avoiding other people’s personal problems like a plague. It wasn’t like Kirishima was a bad friend, but he did have his faults.


“Hm,” was the only grunt of a response Bakugou gave before walking away and out of the reach of Kirishima’s words. He made his way into his department and began to gingerly work through things, and he kept his eye out, waiting for Midoriya to show up at his scheduled time.


It happened later, rather than sooner, in Bakugou’s opinion. Midoriya seemed a little tired, but nothing that a cup of coffee wouldn’t fix as he walked over to where Bakugou was standing. “Good morning, Kacchan,”


“Hey,” Bakugou responded. “You’re probably wanna go see Takara.”


Midoriya’s eyes immediately widened up. “A-Am I in trouble?”


“No,” Bakugou shook his head. “She’s just going to transfer you.”


“Transfer me!?”


“To another department,” Bakugou at this point finally glanced over to see Midoriya relaxing a little bit. The least he could have done was included that in the prior statement. “You can’t work underneath me, so you’ll have to go somewhere where I’m not.”


“Why can’t I?” Midoriya asked.


“Cause we’re..” Bakugou trailed off. “Well we aren’t dating, but we’re pretty much at that point, in a way that Takara would claim is dating. So you can’t work over here with me because they’re worried that I might fudge the numbers.”


Midoriya pursed his lips together. “That’s too bad, I really like working with you. Makes me able to keep you in line.”


“Tch, like I need that,” Bakugou scoffed. “Technically she won’t do anything if we aren’t dating, but I told her she might as well.”


“You could always ask me out and get it over with,” Midoriya voiced and his own boldness surprised himself as well as Bakugou who’s eyes widened up.


“That’s quite the request, don’t you fuckin’ think, Deku?”


“We-Well..” Midoriya trailed off. “You..You don’t have to.. I mean, you don’t really strike me as the date-type anyways, more straightforward.”


Bakugou stood up fast and faced Midoriya straight on, standing so there was a very small amount of space between them that immediately caused Midoriya’s face to heat up a pretty shade of crimson. “You think I can’t be romantic, is that it?” Bakugou’s voice came out a low growl that Midoriya wasn’t sure if he should be afraid of or not.

“I-I.. I didn’t say that..” Midoriya muttered.


“I’ll fucking show your sorry ass,” Bakugou scoffed as he took a few steps away. “Saturday, seven.”


“At night?”


Bakugou turned his head to Midoriya and gave him quite the look. “You need to stop hanging out with Kaminari so much, you’re getting stupid. Of course at night, who would take their first date at seven in the morning on a Saturday with all of the hungover idiots?”


“Well.. What kind of date will it be?” Midoriya asked and Bakugou shot him another dirty look. “Right, right, I’ll just go talk to Takara about that transfer then.”


“I work with idiots..” Bakugou grumbled as Midoriya walked off. When Bakugou raised his head up, he noticed that Sero was standing at the end of the aisle giving a thumbs up. “You should walk away before I make you look as bad as I do.”


“Noted,” Sero clicked his fingers into guns before walking off in the opposite direction that Midoriya did. Little did Bakugou know, Sero was clicking away on his phone (not so) subtly as possible.


And it was going to be an interesting day.


And interesting it was. Most of the people who came in that morning were off to lunch, but Bakugou was trying to do his job when he was so rudely interrupted by a chuckling Ashido. “What is it, pinkie?”  


“I heard you’re taking Midoriya out on a date,” Ashido clicked her tongue and even laughed when she noticed Bakugou’s expression.


“Back office, two minutes!” He snarled and the girl hummed and walked off towards the direction. Bakugou let out a sigh himself, he hated being interrupted by petty things like this. But at least this could count for his lunch break and then he could get back to work.


So Bakugou headed back begrudgingly, just in time to see Ashido sitting in his own seat. Her feet hanging up on top of the desk. “Move your fucking feet and get the hell out of my chair,” Bakugou snarled as he pushed the door closed and walked over where Ashido was standing and sliding over the top of the desk onto the other side.


Bakugou plopped himself down, bellied up to the flat surface and watched Ashido grin smugly from the other side. “Out with it.” He commanded and she let out a sigh before going on.


“I heard you’re taking Midoriya on a date.”


“From who?”


“Well, actually more than one person,” Ashido laughed. “First of all, Midoriya told me when he was helping me bring bikes to the floor. Second, I heard it from Hagakure, Uraraka, and Kirishima who heard it from Kaminari who heard it from Sero.”


“Gah.. Why do you all gossip so much..”


“Sit in the break room during lunch for fifteen minutes,” Ashido hummed. “Try it, you never know what you might learn.”


“I don’t have any interest in water-cooler talk.”


Ashido blinked. “There’s no water cooler —”


“Expression,” Bakugou sighed. “So what the hell do you want?”


“Just to help you plan a date!” Ashido smiled wide. “I swear you’ve grown up so fast and I never thought I would see the day where Bakugou Katsuki would finally go on a date! In fact, we’re all pretty surprised. But Midoriya does seem like a good choice, maybe he’ll be able to hold the reins tight enough.”


Bakugou didn’t show any sign that he was interested in Ashido’s not even vocalized proposition. He already was revved up to tell her to shut up and the answer was no and to mind her own business. However, he paused when she moved for a scrap piece of paper and a pen on the desk.


She scribbled a few things down, and then slid it back across the desk to Bakugou who glanced at it. On it read an address and Bakugou glanced back up at Ashido. “Go there. When you’re there, ask for Kayama and say that Ashido sent you.”


“What is this, Ashido?”


“Just do what I say, Bakugou,” Ashido whined. “Come on, when have I ever let you down?”


“Technically never, but I’ve also never given you the chance to let me down.”


“True, true,” Ashido hummed happily before she stood up and clasped her hands together. “Trust me, you won’t regret it. And neither will Midoriya, which is what this is all about, no?”


Bakugou watched Ashido as she turned and walked out of the room without another word. His eyes glanced down at the slip of paper, and he glanced over to the computer. He really shouldn’t have, but he couldn’t help but to punch the address into a search engine and he narrowed his eyes at what appeared.

A place called Midnight’s.