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And so it goes...

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Dean let out a disgruntled sigh. How the fuck was he supposed to pull this off? He'd been looking for a damn month and this was the closest thing he'd found to an answer. All for a dick archangel whom Dean wasn't even sure he could trust not to take over his damn body. Dean got pulled out of his thoughts when he heard the flapping sound that he'd come to associate with Cas. Dean turned and found himself crotch...Dean blushed. "Dammit Cas! Personal space!" "I apologize, Dean." Dean didn't really mind, in another universe he would have taken the opportunity to cup the guy, maybe show him...but nope, he wasn't going there. Not with a damn Angel of the fucking Lord. Because Dean was an asshole but even he wouldn't corrupt an angel like that. HE was already going to hell, no need to drag the angel along with him. "Dean, you are staring." Dean startled and blushed even harder and damn he was glad it was mostly dark in Bobby's living room. He WAS staring. "Sorry," he mumbled. "No need to apologize, Dean. What are you doing? Why are you sitting in the dark?" "I think...I think I may have found a way to bring back an archangel." "That is not possible, Dean. Only God can bring an archangel back."

"Well, see, this here says that Hands of God hold God power. I wondered if maybe we were to get a certain amount of this 'God power' if maybe together it would be enough to substitute for God." "Dean, I was not aware you viewed my brother in a light high enough that you are wanting to resuscitate him." Dean glanced over at Castiel. His face was closed off. On purpose, Dean thought. He knew Cas well enough to know that the angel was hiding something. What could he be hiding? Was he...jealous? Dean wanted to deny it but now that he'd thought it there was no mistaking the jealous note he'd detected in Cas's speech tone. "It's not that, Cas. I don't like the dick. It's just that Sam is trying to get me to say yes to him saying to Lucifer and then jumping into the pit with him." "That is...not a bad plan, Dean." Dean's head snapped up. "What the fuck, Cas? I'm not letting Sammy jump into the pit with your dick of a brother. No! That's why I've been doing all this damn research. I need Gabriel to tell me what other options we have." Cas stared at him for a moment and then nodded slowly. "Let me see your research, Dean." Dean silently handed it over and waited as Cas looked it over. "No!" Castiel startled Dean. "What?" "Dean. This will not bring Gabriel back. I mean it will but in order to complete the spell, you would have to say yes to him entering your body and then he would reside in there with you while he had enough Grace to rebuild his vessel." Dean just looked at him, not understanding why Cas was still emphatically shaking his head. "And....?" "Dean, he. Is. Not. Sharing. Your. Body." Cas punctuated every word. "Why not, Cas?" Dean demanded. "I don't mind sharing with him until he can get his vessel back or whatever. It's not like the angels can't read all my thoughts already anyway." Cas looked at him harshly. "NO." And with that, Cas flew away.




Neither of them noticed Sam. He'd been coming out to the kitchen for a drink of water after a nightmare woke him up (a wendigo had been chasing him and Dean and he had to watch as Dean got eaten) when he'd heard Cas land and his subsequent conversation with Dean. Sam knew why Cas didn't want Dean to be a meat-suit for Gabriel. Dean could really be dense sometimes. Sam shrugged. Their relationship (or lack thereof) wasn't any of his business; however, Gabriel definitely was. Sam knew that he should hate Gabriel after everything he'd put them through, him specifically, as Dean didn't remember being killed over and over. He only knew because Sam had told him. But there was something about archangel that Sam couldn't ignore. He was pretty sure he was attracted to the archangel. The realization floored him because he'd never been with a guy before. But Sam wasn't like Dean. He wouldn't have a big gay freak out. He simply acknowledge it, shrugged again, and continued on to the kitchen for his drink. He'd talk to Dean in the morning. He was Lucifer's vessel. If memory served correctly, Gabriel was the youngest of the four archangels. That meant that if Sam was strong enough for Lucifer, Gabriel would be a peace of cake.

What could possibly go wrong?