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Like a Cello Dipped in Chocolate

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One word could have him weak at the knees, lips parted in a desperate attempt to regain control of his rapid breathing, in fact, one syllable was enough to leave him begging to hear that voice again, it was so damn deep, baritone and delicious. 


All Tom wanted to do was sink to his knees and extract that ear candy in the form of pleads and moaning of his name because when Ben begged, Tom felt as if he had all the control in the world. 


But he knew the power had left as soon as Ben opened his mouth, he could have him however he wanted, Tom was nothing but putty in his hands, a minion at his disposal. 

"So good"

Ben had him exactly where he wanted, taking him between his lips and coaxing out those spine-tingling, back arching sensations that only Tom could give, Tom was the only one who could take all of him, swallow him down until Ben was panting and writhing.

"Oh God" 

Tom could make him cum within a matter of minutes, his desire to hear Ben cry out in a strangled moan was stronger than Ben's want to hold on and make it last, quite often it became a battle of wits, Tom trying his best to pull out his orgasm, contrasting with Ben not allowing himself release.

"So close"

But when Ben let go, it was the most intense feeling he could possibly succumb to, each time being more powerful than the last. His hands would clench into fists in search of something, anything to grasp onto as his back pushed up into the shape of a bridge, 

"Christ! Tom"

Then Tom was momentarily satisfied, his own name pouring from Ben's lips was like a drug, the sound was unexplainably intoxicating, and when he heard it, it gave him a shot, a high.