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Exposed With Monsters

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“For the last time, yes, I’m sick. Yes, I’m taking the entire week off, and no you can not come over and play mother hen,” Katsuki said, forcing his voice to sound as nasal as he could over the phone. He continued spraying the Odor Neutralizer around the house and over himself to cover up the Pre-Heat Pheromones that continued to linger. He couldn’t afford to let a single Scent remain to be caught later. “And just to make sure none of you bother me, I won’t even be at home. I’m going to a hotel.”

“Can you at least tell me where you’ll be in case you need something?” Kirishima asked. Bakugou shoved the can of odor neutralizer in his overnight bag and mentally thanked the Doc for providing it. He’d woken up smelling like a rose bush and cursed his own, stupid body when the heady smell of Pre-Heat pheromones joined his natural Scent the next day. Kirishima asked, “What if there’s an emergency?”

“Then I’ll deal with it,” Katsuki said. He looked over his apartment for anything that might be out of place or give him away. He grabbed his empty bottle of suppressants and shoved it in his overnight bag. “I have the flu, not a deadly disease. I was fine yesterday when I stayed home, I’ll be fine the rest of the week.”

“But the fact you’re taking the week off means it got worse!” Kirishima said. Which was the truth. Katsuki had taken the first day off to deal with the fact he had a Scent again and mentally map out his choices. And then the second day he started producing Pre-Heat pheromones and realized his body really hated him. Kirishima said again, “I promise I won’t tell Midoriya if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“I appreciate it,” Katsuki said, giving him that much of a thought. “But I just want to sleep this off without anyone hovering or bothering me. I’ll be in a hotel with maids and shit if something really bad happens.”

Kirishima audibly huffed on the other end. “But—”

“But nothing!” Katsuki said, cutting him off. “If I don’t do this, none of you will leave me alone. And besides, Deku’d weasel the information out of you and you know it.”

“Point,” Kirishima said. “But are you sure?”

No, he wasn’t sure at all.

He’d called Dabi in a minor panic after the new pheromones started to flood his apartment and agreed to fuck a League of Villains member through the inevitable Heat that’d be there whether Katsuki wanted it or not. He didn’t even know which one Dabi was going to bring because it was so short notice and they were “busy” or some bullshit, which meant Dabi had to see who was even available.

Katsuki tried not to think too hard about it.

He exhaled slowly, gathering himself so he could hide the nerves under his voice. Katsuki said, “I’m sure and if I’m really not better in a week, I’ll call you.”

“Are you at least going to answer your phone?” Kirishima asked, weakly.

“The phone has built in GPS so it’s staying in my apartment,” Katsuki said. He finished packing the last of his things into the bag and grabbed a dark hoodie. “So this is it.”

“I really don’t like this, Bakugou,” Kirishima said, something edging into his voice that Katsuki hadn’t heard before. The disapproval and frustration were odd to hear from the Alpha. Kirishima grunted and barely relented. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

“I’ll see you in a week,” Katsuki said.

“You better call me when you get back home,” Kirishima said. “Or I’m going to break down some hotel doors looking for you.”

“I will call,” Katsuki said.

Or he would call if he lived through this, anyway.

“You better,” Kirishima said, cementing that he meant what he had said.

“Bye,” Katsuki said.

He clicked the phone off and pressed his forehead against the screen. Katsuki went into his bedroom and threw the phone on the mattress, ignoring the mountain of texts he’d received from his other friends and Deku. Katsuki went back into the main section of his apartment and double checked all of the appliances were unplugged and his stove was off. He did one last sweep before grabbing his bag and his keys and locking the door behind him.

Katsuki opened the stairwell and snuck out the back of his building, heart pounding in his chest. He was doing this. He was fucking doing this and it was the stupidest thing he’d ever done in his life.

But the alternative was worse.

No one he cared about could know he was an Omega.

Not Kirishima.

Not Deku.

No one.

If sleeping with the devil was what it took to keep his Class a secret, he’d live with it.

Dabi had told Bakugou that he had options, but when it came down to it, there was only one choice for the skittish, ignorant Omega.

He shivered in anticipation as he knocked on the bedroom door. Dabi had made all the arrangements needed for a perfect Heat week save for this one last part. The most important part: The Alpha. Dabi was one request away from solving all of dear Ground Zero’s problems.

He couldn’t picture the Alpha refusing—not when Katsuki Bakugou was on the line.

This was a chance of a lifetime and they’d be idiots not to take advantage.

Katsuki dropped his bag on the edge of the bed nearest to the window in the small hotel room. The place was nicer than he thought for something Dabi got on short notice and much cleaner than he’d expected after seeing the rundown exterior with chipped paint and rusted window bars. Katsuki frowned at the size of the room though. There wasn’t much aside from the two separate beds and a small attached bath and shower, with maybe a foot or two of space between the beds and the walls.

He supposed it was room enough for what they’d be doing.

The key to the room had been where Dabi said it would be—in a dumpster two blocks away—and the name was registered under a false identity. The Fire Quirk user had told Katsuki there was a back door under a broken light so if Katsuki timed it right, no one would see him enter the hotel, let alone the room.

Dabi said in a text that he’d be there tomorrow before things got “heated up” and that he was still working on the specifics.

That was fine with Katsuki. He still hadn’t stopped releasing Pre-Heat pheromones and the odor neutralizer was slowly losing its effectiveness. Katsuki wasn’t exactly in the mood to watch whatever Alpha inevitably showed up lose their mind because of something as stupid as his Scent, so Dabi could be as late as he wanted.

The other Omega assured him that the pheromones would stop by the next morning, and his Heat should—the key word being ‘should’—start late in the evening.

Katsuki had to trust that was true.

He pulled off his hoodie, throwing it on his bag. Katsuki groaned, running his hands through his hair and dropped onto the bed. The mattress bounced under him, too soft and plush. Katsuki sprawled out, staring at the ceiling.

He was doing this.

Katsuki was going to sleep with an Alpha.

He was going to have another Heat.

His gut twisted as bad memories knocked at the back of his head. Katsuki curled in on himself as he rolled over, tugging the covers with him. He closed his eyes and felt the phantom pain of the ache in his hips and whined. Katsuki started counting, willing himself to go to sleep so he could get the next day done and over with.

“Okay, so he’s probably going to be on edge because this is his first Heat with an Alpha and no one fucked the nerves out of him yesterday during his Pre-Heat,” Dabi said, stepping outside of the Warp Gate Kurogiri provided. His Alpha followed behind, hands stuffed in his hoodie pockets. “When you add in the fact he doesn’t know which Alpha is coming, he might be difficult at first.”

“When is Katsuki Bakugou not difficult?” Shigaraki asked, stepping out of the Warp Gate behind Dabi. He waved Kurogiri away once he was clear and checked his phone for messages. He tapped a few replies while staring at the screen. “Why’d he agree to this again?”

“Desperation,” Dabi said. He dug through his pockets for the second key to the hotel room and tugged out the card. “But hey, even if he gets angry it’s you, all we need to do is wait a few hours. He’ll be begging for your dick as the only Alpha in the room, so it’s not going to matter what he wants.”

“You never did tell me why you care so much,” Shigaraki asked, leaning forward. His breath felt hot on the small exposed portion of living skin on his cheek. “You’re not the type.”

“He asked,” Dabi said, low and true. He clutched at the keycard, leaning back to touch his shoulder to Shigaraki’s side. “Most people don’t bother to ask me for anything, so why not help him out?”

He put his hand on the door, breathing out. Shigaraki wasn’t wrong—Dabi usually didn’t bother. He didn’t stick his neck out for others, Omega or not, and he minded his own business. Dabi turned a blind eye to more than one injustice in the world. But he’d never met an Omega that actually went through a Heat alone and managed to get back up with fight still left in him.

Seeing Bakugou at that small bar full of Villains and rowdy Alpha, it was pretty clear Bakugou wouldn’t be able to do that a second time.

Even a guy like Dabi could still feel compassion if pushed hard enough. Shigaraki had been right long ago: Bakugou felt like he belonged with them in the underground more than under the spotlight with the Heroes.

Bakugou had sure spent enough of his life hiding in plain sight as it is. It might do him some good to be himself, open and exposed.

“Besides, you’re going to be in a good mood for weeks after this,” Dabi said, lightening his voice. It wouldn’t be too good for Shigaraki to know how invested he really was in his fellow Omega. Dabi looked over his shoulder and raised his brows with a teasing smirk. “Win-win for me.”

Shigaraki snorted but his mouth twitched in an amused smile—score.

Dabi knocked twice on the door as a warning and pushed in the keycard. The door unlocked and Dabi let himself and Shigaraki in.

“Bakugou?” Dabi asked, dropping his duffle bag on the bed nearest the door. He saw a second bag there, but didn’t see it’s owner—but he could the shower running. Dabi walked over to the door and knocked on it twice. “Yo, Bakugou. Are you in there?”

No one answered.

Dabi knocked harder. “Hey! Did you fall asleep?”

Still no answer.

Dabi tried the knob, surprised to find it wasn’t locked and pushed it open. He took a step in and met a sopping, soaked towel thick with liquid. “Well, shit.”

Bakugou sat in the bottom of the shower, the curtain pulled all the way back to the wall. The shower ran on full blast, pouring over the arms that covered his head as he sat in the corner and hid his face in his knees.

The water splashed onto the floor and Dabi reached over to shut off the shower. He whispered, “Bakugou?”

The other Omega flinched hard at the address. Bakugou released a full body shiver and curled in tighter onto himself. He muttered under his breath over and over: “I can’t do it. I can’t do it. I can’t do it…”

Shigaraki yanked Dabi out of the bathroom by the back of his shirt and twisted him around. He grabbed Dabi’s chin with one hand, fingers digging in tight to the skin of his cheek. He pointed at Bakugou in the tub with his other arm and the displeasure in his voice sent a shiver down Dabi’s spine. “He’s not on edge, he’s panicked!”

“I will handle it,” Dabi said, holding up both arms in a defensive position. “Give me five minutes.”

Shigaraki let go of Dabi's face and blew his hair out of his eyes, turning to walk back to the bed. He sat next to the duffles and pulled one knee up on the mattress.

He didn’t pull out his game console.

Dabi swallowed and helped himself back into the bathroom.

Katsuki smelled sandalwood in the hotel room, strong and harsh. Sandalwood. He’d never forget that Scent as long as he lived: Shigaraki of the League of Villains.

Dabi brought Shigaraki—the most wanted man on the planet was ten feet away on the other side of the wall and Katsuki couldn’t do shit because he had a panic attack on the floor.

If he’d known taking a shower would remind him of his two weeks trapped in a bathroom on the floor and in the tub and send him spiraling into a flashback, he would have stayed dirty and let them live with it.

“Shit,” Katsuki said, digging his hands into the back of his hair. He shivered in the cold air, his constant stream of hot water gone. Dabi and Shigaraki’s arrival knocked him out of the initial attack, but he didn’t want to move. This wasn’t happening. He wasn’t uncomfortably aroused on the floor of a shower and he wasn’t going to have a Heat.

Dabi dragged him out of his denial along with the shower base.

“I’d like to play nice, but neither of us have time for it,” Dabi said, shoving a towel over Katsuki’s head and pulling him up by the arms. He whispered, “Does it hurt? Did you start early? Talk to me or I can’t fix it.”

“Nothing started early,” Katsuki said, breathing heavy and hating the tremors that continued to wrack his hands. He grabbed the back of his palm and squeezed. No sense in hiding it after he’d been caught naked in the shower by a Villain. “I had a flashback and handled it badly.”

“Trauma’ll do that,” Dabi said. He rubbed Katsuki’s arm and patted it through the towel but he could tell his attention was half on the Alpha in the other room. Funny enough, his anxious state helped calm Katsuki down. Dabi licked the side of his teeth. “You seem better now. Are you good?”

“Good as I’m going to get,” Katsuki said, still shivering. He clutched the towel closer and lowered his voice. “But really? Shigaraki? I thought you were going to bring Twice or some shit.”

Even Toga would have been better than that—that monster.

Dabi slapped a hand on Katsuki’s shoulder and leaned in, until they were a breath away. “Trust me. Shigaraki’s the best of the lot. Don’t sell yourself short, Kacchan.”

“Call me that again and I’m going to introduce your face to my Quirk and the Doc’ll have more than infected stitches to fix,” Katsuki said, growling under his breath. “You got that?”

“Are you sure you’re not taking Alpha supplements?” Dabi asked.

Katsuki shoved his hand off. “If I was, I’d have already blown your head off.”

Dabi laughed and Katsuki tugged the towel off his head. While the other snickered, he stared at himself in the mirror and it hit him he was very naked—

“Is this still happening or what?”

Katsuki jumped at the sudden new voice and took a step away from the bathroom doorway, his heart leaping in his chest. Shigaraki stood there, scratching his neck and dressed down in a black hoodie and jeans. His exposed face hid none of his wrinkles or chapped lips and his steady gaze locked on Katsuki’s face. He lowered the towel near his waist for modesty—he could keep it for now, dammit—and pretended he hadn’t been so preoccupied that he hadn’t noticed the Leader of the League of Villains sneak up on him.

“As far as I know it is,” Dabi said, stepping between Katsuki and Shigaraki. “Because otherwise I’ve done nothing but waste Shigaraki’s time and on top of that, I’ll need to find another Alpha in an hour that’ll I’ll have to kill afterwards since that whole thing about you being an Omega is a big secret.”

Katsuki glared at Dabi, but eventually looked at Shigaraki. Drowning in his dark clothes and without his costume or mask, he looked like a normal person who didn’t get enough sleep, but his Scent stayed strong and reminded Katsuki of restraints and an old bar. He sucked in a shaky breath.

He didn’t really have a choice.

“The plan’s the same,” Katsuki said.

Shigaraki snorted and left the bathroom, heading back to sit on the bed. He crossed one leg over the other and rested his chin on his hand.

Katsuki sat across from him on the other bed, towel over his lap with no idea what happened now. Small talk was the last thing on his mind and Katsuki didn’t want to think about what came next.

He felt cold and raw, his heart pounding as time ticked down.

Bakugou and Shigaraki had fallen into an awkward stare down: Bakugou still rigid as a steel rod and Shigaraki too thoughtful for it to mean anything good. It looked like Dabi had some damage control to do. This is why he didn’t do nice things. It was way too much work.

So he might as well get something out of it, too.

“You’re so tense it hurts to look at you,” Dabi said, flicking Bakugou in the side of the head. The Pro Hero stopped looking lost and narrowed his eyes, glaring over his shoulder and Dabi took that as a partial win. “We should fix that in the couple hours we have to kill.”

“What are you doing?” Bakugou asked, eyes widening as Dabi pulled his shirt over his head.

“You look like you’re feeling shy being the only naked guy in the room, so I’m giving you some company,” Dabi said.

“You do not need to do that,” Bakugou said, cheeks turning redder. He clutched at the stupid towel and glanced at Shigaraki, who’s expression hadn’t changed aside from a slight uptick in curiosity. “Put your pants back on!”

“You’re going to be naked and exposed for four days straight in a couple hours and you still want to protect your virtue with a towel,” Dabi said, dropping his boxers. He bit back the laugh when Bakugou immediately looked away. He threw them on top of his stack of clothes and sat next to Bakugou on the bed, throwing an arm around his shoulder. A shiver worked through the other’s entire body and not the good kind—solid nerves hid under those muscles. “You need to relax.”

“I’m in a room with two murderers, how am I supposed to relax?” Bakugou growled back.

“You keep bringing that up, but none of that matters!” Dabi said, leaning in and following when Bakugou attempted to keep the distance. “The more you focus on that, the worse it’s going to be. From this point on, there’s no Pro Heroes or Villains to be found—just a trio of people about to have some fun.”

“Trio?” Bakugou asked.

“You bet,” Dabi said. He leaned on Bakugou’s side and reached up to twist Bakugou's head to look back at Shigaraki. “You see that? That is one bored Alpha and I have the perfect idea to make sure we’re all happy.”

Bakugou looked as confused as ever. “And how are you going to do that?”

“I’m going to kill two birds with one stone,” Dabi said. He touched the side of Bakugou’s face and used that split-second of frozen fear to help himself to Bakugou’s lap. He kissed the other Omega hard, grinning into the squeak. “Play with me. It’ll entertain him and loosen you up for the main event later, yeah?”

“What?” Bakugou said, jerking back. He dropped on his elbows, eyes wide and breath heavy.

“You’re a nervous virgin, Shigaraki’s bored, and I want to get laid,” Dabi said. He dropped forward, throwing his arms around Bakugou’s shoulders as he pressed their chests together. “We’ve got the time to kill, so fuck me.”

Bakugou had looked less terrified when Dabi and the League had kidnapped him as a teenager. Dabi didn’t know if that was adorable or just sad. He sat up and manhandled Bakugou with him until Dabi’s back was on the mattress and Shigaraki had a good view of Bakugou sitting between his knees. The other Omega froze, eyes wide and chest pounding from his heavy breath and racing heart.

“Stop thinking so hard,” Dabi said. He grabbed the towel that sat between them and threw it across the bed. Dabi scooted back so that his nether regions were more visible to the timid Omega between his legs. Bakugou stared for a moment before he averted his gaze. Dabi sat up on the pillow and knocked Bakugou’s side with his knee. “You ever masturbated?”

Katsuki wanted to die. He stared at Dabi’s teasing smirk, stretched wide and contrasting with the half-lidded eyes. Katsuki wasn’t sure his heart could take this. “Are you trying to ask the most inappropriate things possible?”

“You’re here to have wild sex for a week,” Dabi said, dropping his hand between his legs. Katsuki absolutely did not look down. “I’m pretty sure we’re past being shy about that sort of thing, don’t you?”

He had a point.

But he didn’t have to be so—so open about it all!

“So is that a no?” Dabi asked, his upper arm moving. He licked his lip, staring at Katsuki’s face and read him like a book. “That’s a no. Then don’t think of this as sex, think of it as an educational opportunity. It’s easier to look at someone else than yourself, anyway.”

Dabi put Katsuki’s hand on his inner thigh and widened his legs further. “Do whatever the hell you want: Touch me or make me sit here hot and bothered until I give up and put on a show for both of you—I don’t really care. With that Alpha envy you’ve got going on, I’m sure this is right up your alley.”

Katsuki had no idea how his life had gotten to this point. Dabi’s skin felt warm under his palm and he was already wet—they both were. At some point, Katsuki’s own arousal had come to life and he wasn’t sure if it was the Heat starting up or being around the smell of sex and naked bodies.

“You’re not going to hurt me,” Dabi said, voice quieter. He flicked leaned back on one elbow and kept his other hand to himself, giving Katsuki all the freedom. “I’ll be impressed if you manage to make me come, though, so consider it a personal challenge.”

Katsuki squeezed Dabi’s thigh and stared at his belly and the abs hidden behind his shabby clothes. They stayed like that while Katsuki collected himself. Dabi didn’t move, didn’t urge him on past that last bit of teasing.

It was his choice.

Dabi felt Bakugou’s shaking hand trail down his thigh until it touched the joint between his thigh and hip. He looked over Katsuki’s shoulder at Shigaraki, who at covered his lower mouth with his hand, fingers spread over his nose and cheek. The Alpha’s eyes were locked on Bakugou’s face. Dabi wasn’t sure if that was good or bad, but he was in too deep now to change plans.

“This is so stupid,” Bakugou said under his breath.

He followed the blunt statement by touching Dabi for the first time, using his thumb to spread him open. Bakugou’s trembling fingers dipped inside and Dabi watched his eyes focus as he looked down to see what he was doing.

The timid touch gained more confidence as Dabi’s breath picked up and he encouraged Bakugou with verbal cues—appropriate moans and groans, though more exaggerated than necessary.

The guy needed a confidence boost and Dabi could tell him how to actually give a hand job later.

Bakugou found a steady rhythm with his exploration, gaining the confidence to push his fingers in farther. He looked up every so often to watch Dabi’s face and he greeted those red eyes with a smile and a shift of his hip. Dabi said, “Keep going.”

“Okay,” Bakugou said. He shifted in his seat and Dabi grinned at the damp spot under him on the sheet. Bakugou’s own breath picked up and this had been a good idea. If Bakugou got any more aroused, he’d be more than happy to let someone help him out. Bakugou licked his lip. “Does that feel good at all?”

“It doesn’t feel bad,” Dabi said, deciding not to lie. “But you’re not exactly on your way to getting an orgasm out of me, either. You don’t need to be so gentle.”

Bakugou pouted and Dabi wanted to pinch his cheeks.

“This’ll help,” Shigaraki said, holding out a dildo Dabi had shoved into his duffle bag.

He laughed when Bakugou jumped for the second time that night.

How did Katsuki keep forgetting Shigaraki was there? The quiet asshole’s lip twitched as he smiled, still holding the stupid purple dildo with one finger raised.

“He’s more than worked up enough for it,” Shigaraki said, waving the toy toward Dabi. He reached over and shoved it in Katsuki’s hand, patting his arm after he let it go. “He’s going to complain all night if you don’t get him off and you look like you can use all the help you can get.”

Katsuki hated that man.

Dabi snickered into the pillow, dragging it over to shove his face in it as he laughed. He looked over the top and spread his legs further. “He’s not wrong. You stretched me more than enough for that just messing around.”

He stared at the dildo and looked back down at Dabi, breath still rough and thighs shaking from his arousal.

Katsuki was in this deep already, he might as well go all the way—what did he have to lose?

Under the watchful eye of Shigaraki, he worked the damn thing inside of Dabi as far as it would go, taking his first real bit of satisfaction from the night when Dabi groaned and demanded he do it again harder.

It’d taken some handholding and assistance from his Alpha, but Dabi came from Bakugou’s attention. He shuddered through the end of his orgasm and reached down to pull the toy out.

“Good job,” Dabi said, sitting up and grabbing Bakugou’s towel from earlier to wipe away the excess between his legs. “With some practice, you’ll be pretty good at that.”

“Whatever,” Bakugou said, averting his gaze. He shifted his hips on the bed, hands grabbing the mattress between his thighs. “Happy to help.”

Dabi leaned on him and kissed his shoulder. “There was only one part we missed out on, but thankfully, we’ve still got some time to do this right.”

“And what’s that?” Bakugou asked.

“You didn’t kiss me,” Dabi said. He grabbed Bakugou’s face and kissed him again. He nipped until Bakugou opened his mouth and let Dabi inside to deepen it. He bit Bakugou’s lip and kissed him again. “Make out with me. We’ve still got time to kill and an Alpha to keep entertained.”

“You just want to make out,” Bakugou said, narrowing his eyes.

“He can learn,” Shigaraki said. He sprawled out on the bed, still watching the other two. “Impressive.”

“Shut up,” Bakugou said, throwing a pillow across the room. Shigaraki grabbed it, disintegrating the pillow with a smirk and Bakugou took it as personal challenge and went for the dildo next. “Stop showing off!”

Dabi grinned to himself, watching as Bakugou and Shigaraki bickered. The other Omega looked unamused and embarrassed as he shouted back responses to Shigaraki’s teasing and biting remarks—but he wasn’t scared.

Mission accomplished.

And none too soon, either. He tugged Bakugou over by the thigh and kissed him again to distract him from the smirking Alpha. In a few minutes, he’d be hot and bothered from something else entirely and Dabi wanted to get what he could out of the poor guy before he handed him over to Shigaraki.

Dabi fell back, pulling Bakugou with him until the other was spread out on top of him. He continued the kiss, slow and gentle, knowing full well they were doing this backwards—but hey, he wouldn’t mind a round two if it came to that.

Katsuki wasn’t sure how he’d been conned into making out with Dabi while Shigaraki made rude comments, but it had happened.

The worst part of it all was that it felt good, especially when Dabi rubbed his side, scratching the metal of his stitches into Katsuki’s skin. He peppered teasing words between the kissing and kept their bodies touching, getting himself worked up all over again.

But Dabi wasn’t the only one hot and bothered. After about ten minutes of lazy kissing and touching, Katsuki felt too warm. His skin crawled and no amount of kissing Dabi gave any sense of relief.

He shifted his hips and groaned, shoving his face into Dabi’s shoulder. Katsuki clutched at the bed, breath hard and his brain yelled that he needed something more substantial.

Katsuki felt empty and his loins burned for attention.

“I guess it’s time for me to tag out,” Dabi whispered. He ruffled Katsuki’s hair and slipped out from under him. Katsuki whimpered at the cold air that met him, already missing the other warm body. Dabi cracked his spine and said, “He’s all yours.”

“I’ll be sure to take good care of him,” Shigaraki said, pressing his hand into Katsuki’s back. He trailed it down his spine, four fingers digging in and massaging the muscle. Shigaraki sat next to Katsuki on the bed and rubbed his thumb in a circle on Katsuki’s back. He inhaled the Scent of sandalwood and relaxed under the touch. Shigaraki murmured, “Look at you. Do you want me to help you out?”

“Please,” Katsuki said, ashamed of the whine in his own voice. He felt the desire in his belly grow, the lust still fresh and needy. But Katsuki remembered. He knew what came next. “Before it hurts.”

Shigaraki’s hand stilled on his back and he curled forward, the fabric of his clothes scratching along Katsuki’s skin. He kissed Katsuki at the joint between his shoulder and neck, breath hot. “Of course.”

Katsuki had no words for the relief he felt when Shigaraki rolled him over and kissed him, shoving his hand between Katsuki’s legs.