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Howling to the Moon

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The second I had closed the door I called Stiles.
"Hey Stiles, Cat here. They said something about the victims being mutilated beyond recognition, our kind of mutilated or normal human mutilated?" I asked, walking up and down in the apartment.
"Our kind. It looks like they were attacked by a really angry wolf or coyote."
"Has the FBI a theory?"
"No, they are as stumped as my dad was in the beginning. But there is a team of profilers from Quantico coming in, although I don't think they will be able to solve it either."
"Damn, what are we supposed to do? Do you think Scott's dad might be able to pull some strings?"
"And then what? This isn't Beacon Hills, you can't just cover up a serial killer in Los Angeles."
"But have to do something! Can you at least keep me in the loop about the investigation? So I can do some digging on my own?" Phone wedged between my shoulder and cheek I dug in on of the kitchen boxes to find the tea kettle.
"I can't. I could get fired for that. But I gotta go. See ya."
And with that he hung up, leaving me nothing the wiser.
Stiles p.o.v. | Next Morning, F.B.I Headquarters Los Angeles

"Agent Stilinski?" A tall man in a suit and three others came walking at me, "I'm Agent Hotchner, these are Doctor Spencer Reid and Agent Morgan and Rossi." We shook hands and I lead them into a meeting room with several case boards.
"I thought your team was bigger? Where's the rest?" I asked.
"Our other agents are currently incapacitated, that means we are working on half power.
"Actually I think I might know somebody who could help you with that," this could be a way of bringing Cat into the investigation without breaking the law and risking my job.
"You have profilers in LA?" Agent Morgan asked, a confused look on his face.
"Not exactly, she isn't an agent, but she is incredibly smart and knows everything about you just by looking at you."
"I don't think we can authorize that, if she's not an agent, she doesn't have the clearance too-", Agent Hotchner looked at the door as an officer entered the room.
"We have another victim, Suki Abe, female Japanese exchange student, she was just found in a dumpster close to the public library."
"You sure you don't want help?", I asked him.
"Give us your friends name and we let our technical analyst take a look," Agent Hotchner said, "This is the second victim this month, he usually only kills once a month. That means he is devolving. We have to act fast, he might kill again in the next 24 hours."
I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and wrote down Cats full name and number and handed it to agent Rossi.
"Holmes? Like Sherlock Holmes?", he asked.
"Okay, we will definitely take a look at her. Reid, you stay here and try to build a geographical profile, Morgan and I go the newest crime scene, Rossi, you should talk the corner."
Derek Morgan p.o.v.

"Hey dollface, ready to work some magic for me?"
"Challenge me, you beautiful behavioural analyst."
"What can you tell me about Artemisia Catriona Holmes? She's a friend of one of the local agents, she could be the backup we need."
"Wow, creative parents. Sooo, let's see. She was born, oh, in Oxford, Great Britain to Gregory C. Holmes and his wife Lydia Holmes. She was a mathematician, now retired. He worked at a garage in Oxford. They had two, no wait, three other children, Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock Holmes and Eurus Holmes, man that are weird names."
"Any criminal records or run-ins with the law?"
"Nope, she is squeaky clean, not even a speeding ticket."
"Is that just our side of the pond?"
"Well, she moved in with the aunt and uncle in Beacon Hills, a small town in California when she was one, after... oh, oh no."
"What baby girl?"
"Oh that poor family, when Artemisia was one her sister Eurus burned down the family home. One year before, the best friend of her brother Sherlock went missing, no one knew what happened up until a year ago when a lot, and I mean a lot a lot of murder-y things happened at this super high-security institution in the north sea."
"What about her life in the US?"
"Usual small town life. Went to the local middle school then high school. Oh, wait a second, she had incredible grades. And when I say incredible I mean Reid-level incredible. During high school, she got a degree in psychology, criminology and animal behaviour via correspondence courses. Currently, she is working on her fourth PhD in bioengineering at Caltech. She lives together with two other girls. One of which apparently has to be her girlfriend because the three are living in a two bedroom apartment."
"So no dirt? Just another genius like our pretty boy?"
"Oh, if we are going of IQ-points she is even smarter than him. 12 IQ-points more than our boy-genius. And no, no dirt. Just a tragic backstory. But I can and will dig deeper into the interwebs if you want."
"Thanks, sweetheart," I hung up and went back into the conference room.
"What did Garcia find out?" Hotch asked me while foraging through some papers.
"She had no run-ins with the local law. Has PhD's in psychology, criminology and animal behaviour and is currently working on her fourth at the local university. But Garcia is doing some more digging and calls us when she finds out more."
"At least we know that she has the skills we need," Rossi butted in. Together we decided that it would be best if we let Garcia call her and schedule a meeting for tomorrow.
Cat p.o.v.
"Holmes." I put the phone on speaker and laid it donw next to my computer, sipping on my tea I continued working on my research paper on biological prothetics.
"Am I speaking to Artemisia Catriona Holmes?", the voice on the other end asked.
"Yes, who is this?"
"Penelope Garcia, I'm with the F.B.I. and I was told that you are open to working as a consultant on a current case."
"Is it about the Los Angeles serial killer?", I asked. It seemed like Stiles got me in after all.
"Yes, Agent Stilinski recommended you to us. But we still need to interview you before we can give you clearance for this case."
"Sure, when should I come in?" That was easy.
"Could you make it to the headquarters in the next hour?"
"No problem."
"Okay, just ask for Agent Hotchner."
"Was that it?"
"That's it ma'am, goodbye" She hung up and I got ready to leave to the F.B.I headquarters in Los Angeles.