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I'll Never Let You Go [rewritten]

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Today was the day. Today was the day. Jimin had an interview at the most pristine company in all of Korea. It was known to be very picky about who they hire, they’re very keen about the people they welcome into their building. Jimin wasn’t quite too sure about what exactly the building stood for but all he knew is that the building was owned by the Jeon family and there was, apparently, a very young CEO that had recently stepped up; the only son of the owner. The heir to the company.

Jimin decided to give this company a shot. He needed a new job and his friends even work there too so it would a hell of a lot easier for him to be able to see them, since most of the time, the hours at this company are long and hectic and simply phone texts and quick calls weren’t able to suffice. Jin was the one who brought it up to him, though.

“You should really fill out an application here, Minnie.” Jin had said when he pulled him aside a couple weeks prior. “There’s an opening for the CEO’s assistant. You basically just keep the CEO’s schedule in check, help with paperwork, and some other things. Compared to what the rest of us do, that’s considered an easy job. Give it a try, will ya?”

3 weeks later, Jimin got a phone call and had an interview set up the next day. Deciding to dress proper for the occasion, not wanting to look like a slob, he dressed himself in casual wear. A simple pair of black dress pants with a belt, a tucked in button-up white dress shirt and a black tie. Originally, he debated on whether or not he should wear the jacket but decided against it; he looked better without it anyways. His red hair was styled a little bit, parting at the side of his head so a few locks fell against his forehead. And, of course, he had to apply some make-up. A little foundation and eyeliner never hurts.

So there Jimin was, waiting in the lounge area for his name to be called up. Apparently, he wasn’t the only one to be called for this job position.

Anxiously, Jimin’s eyes scanned the amount of people that were waiting in the room along with him, dressed in similar clothes. There was about 20 of them now. When Jimin arrived, there was 50.

He didn’t know he’d have to compete for this spot, he should’ve known honestly, but seeing this amount of faces makes him doubt himself. However, before he could get too wrapped up in his doubts, he heard his name being called. Raising slowly to his feet, ignoring the fact that every pair of eyes in the room were following his every movement, he followed the attendant through the door and down a few hallways as she began doing a simple introduction of what’s about to happen.

“As you can see, there’s many candidates for this position.” She started off, voice a little chirpy but firm. “I hope this doesn’t deter you from focusing on the interview. If you really want this position, you have to make an impression. You’ll be interviewed by the CEO himself and he’ll pick out who he wants as his assistant on the spot. So far, he hasn’t even come close to choosing one.” That doesn’t help, lady. “Oh goodness, you look so pale now. I wasn’t helping was I?” Her tone turned into a fretted tilt as she looked over at him. “Don’t worry about it! If it helps, he seemed a little impressed at your resume!”

Now that did fill Jimin up with a bit of hope. So he swallowed his nerves as she eventually stopped in front of a door. CEO - Jeon Jungkook was written on a small, narrow golden plaque that was attached to the door. Ignoring the sudden twinge of familiarity at the name, he lifted his hand and gently raked his knuckled against the door.

Hm. Mahogany.

“Come in.” A gruff voice answered. Sharing a brief eye contact with the attendant, her showing him a reassuring smile at his tight-lipped one, he grabbed the doorknob and opened the door.

“Annyeonghaseyo.” Jimin greeted as he stepped in, dipping his upper body in a bow before shutting the door. “Thank you for…” Suddenly, his voice trailed off when he stood up straight, eyes falling on to the figure sitting at the desk and all confidence, all hope, all sanity jumped out the window next to him.

What the actual fuck?

He should’ve known. He should’ve paid attention. He should’ve done his fucking homework and did some research on this fucking building and this fucking family that owns it. Because, this this right here is karma smirking at him from behind a desk.   

Jimin’s normally more confident than this. He’s normally a bit more cocky, a hell of a lot more sassy. But, right now, he’s far from being any of those.

The male who happened to be Jimin’s last night stand 2 days ago.

The current CEO of a company that Jimin’s currently being interviewed for.

Jeon Jungkook.

Well, if Jimin wasn’t going to hell right now, he sure as hell booked a one-way ticket by now.

“Hello, Jimin-ssi .” Jungkook’s gravelly voice filled his ears. “Please, take a seat.”

Oh. Now it makes sense.

“He seemed impressed with your resume!”

Yeah. He wasn’t “impressed.” The idiot recognized Jimin’s name and swooped down for the fucking kill.

Why me? Why does this always happen to me?

Jimin had managed to unglue his feet from the floor and slowly walk towards the chair that was placed in front of the desk, easing himself down into it.

Jungkook’s smirk only grew at the sight of Jimin’s obvious shock and bewilderment, the obvious internal panic written all over his face. He was like an open book laid out in front of Jungkook and the younger male seemed to enjoy that far too much.

Jimin has never ever wanted to become one with the floor as much as he does right now.

“Mr. Park, correct?” He chimed oh-so casually and Jimin just wanted throw his shoe at his smug fucking face as he flipped through Jimin’s application. “Your application impressed me.” Yeah, sure it did. Jungkook’s eyes flicked back up to Jimin and visibly darkened. Despite his innocent smile, Jimin knew the intent behind his words. “It’ll be a pleasure working with you from now on. Welcome to the Jeon Corporation. I’m Jeon Jungkook, son of the owner and current CEO.”

Jimin could barely think as Jungkook began pounding into him, hitting his prostate dead on, and through his drunken haze he could hear the other grunting against his neck. Jimin let out a particular cry that could be heard bouncing off of the walls as he clawed desperately at the stranger’s back. The sharp inhale and the back arch followed by another animalistic growl made Jimin see stars.

The stranger pulled away from Jimin’s neck and pinned his hands above his head as he kissed him passionately.

“What’s your name, baby?” He whispered delicately against Jimin’s cherry red lips. Jimin whined softly as their tongue mingled and tightened his legs around the others waist as their fingers laced together.

“It’s J-Jimin…Park Jimin…”

Jimin’s jaw dropped at the information that was practically slapped at him on a gold fucking platter by the smug jerk in front of him.

“Starting tomorrow, you’ll be working as my personal assistant .”


“So…let me get this straight,” Taehyung’s voice was muffled from the amount of french fries he had stuffed into his mouth. “the guy you ditched me for at the bar 2 days ago is now your boss?”

Jimin gave him a look. “Tae, for the last time, I didn’t ditch you.”

“You totally did.”

“I totally did not .”

“Admit defeat.”

“This isn’t the point at hand!” shrieked Jimin, throwing his arms up in exasperation.

Taehyung rolled his eyes. “The point here is the hottie you fucked is now your boss, I get that. So what’s the issue?”

“This is going to be so awkward, oh my god. I wanna die.” Jimin groaned, burying his face into his hands. “I just wanna die a fast and painless death. Right now.”

“Jimin, let me offer you some advice.” An exhausted groan made the duo lift their heads. Yoongi was sending them both a judging look as he picked up a piece of chicken with his chopstick. “It’s only going to be a big deal if you make it be one. You just gotta act professional and leave what happened behind when you’re not on the clock.”

A small sigh left Jimin and he leaned back in his chair. “I know, hyung, you’re right. But I just… it’s so hard when he’s looking at me with that smug fucking look in his eye every damn time.” He whined.

“Well, the bright side is that you now work in the same company as all of us.” Hoseok pointed out, trying to lighten up the mood. “And we all got similar schedules so it won’t be hard for us to hang out anymore.”

“Yeah, that’s true.” Jimin sighed but smiled at them.

“I’m sure it won’t be all that bad, Minnie.” Jin reassured, lightly patting his head. “But Yoongi’s right; it’ll only become a big deal if you make it become one. You can’t risk losing your job over a matter like this.”

Taehyung snorted. “Like hell Jungkook will fire him.” But that earned a kick to the shin by Namjoon.

“But this is so embarrassing !” Jimin complained and sunk further in his chair. “I’m fucked. I’m so fucked.”

“Hopefully, both figuratively and literally.” Taehyung chimed as he chewed on his fry. This time, it was Yoongi to kick him. Harder, this time, and it had the younger whimpering as he rubbed his shin.

“Tae, you’re not helping!”

Jin exhaled. “When do you even start here?”

“Today was his first day.” Namjoon answered as he wiped his mouth with his napkin. “Though Jungkook’s been in meetings all day. Jimin’s been doing paperwork.”

“I don’t even know when he’ll get out. It’s lunch break already and I haven’t seen him all morning.” Jimin huffed. “I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or–”

Park Jimin .”

At the sound of the voice, everyone at the table immediately scrambled to be seating in a more proper position. He knew there was only one person to get a reaction out of his friends like that. Jimin sighed, squeezing his eyes shut.

Jeon Jungkook.

Slowly, Jimin turned around in his seat to look up at his boss. He’d be lying if he said that he wasn’t breathless at the sight of him; his button-up white shirt was tucked in neatly with the sleeves rolled up and was accompanied by tight black dress pants along with a thin black tie. In one hand, Jungkook was carrying his suit jacket while the other was casually in his pocket. His blonde hair was styled neatly, just like Jimin’s with it being parted at the side of his head so his fringe covered a bit of his forehead.

“I need to speak with you. Please follow me to my office.” Jungkook spoke. It seemed more of like an order than a request.

Jimin swallowed thickly. “But…boss, I’m still on my lunch break.” He squeaked out lamely. Jungkook’s dark eyes flicked up to his friends at the table.

“You wouldn’t mind if I borrowed him, right?” He asked, one of his eyebrows perking up as he completely ignored what Jimin had said. They all immediately shook their heads. Jimin squinted at them.


“Good. Then come with me.” Jungkook took his hand out of his pocket and grabbed Jimin’s wrist. Jimin was about to protest but he knew it wouldn’t be much of good use. Jungkook was stubborn, from what Jimin has gathered since he started his first day. He rarely took no as answer.

Though, due to his sharp looks, he was quite sought-after in the company. There were many girls and guys — lining up to try to get a shot with Jungkook. But that seemed to only boosted his ego.

Then there’s the reporters and paparazzi; it’s a hell zone each time Jungkook walks out of the building. One of the employees Jackson, was his name told Jimin about the time where he was once Jungkook’s assistant fill-in (since Jungkook’s original assistant was on maternity leave) and they had walked out of the building; there was at least a block filled of reporters and paparazzi. However, despite being that many, they all kept their distance and silently took pictures.

“It’s because the Jeon family is very powerful and rich.” Jimin remembered Jackson explain, his eyes narrowed and his lips pursed together while trying to find a good way to explain it without Jimin getting confused. “Like, they’re one of the most richest families in the entire globe. His father ranks #1 in stocks, out-running everyone in the States even, and his mother is known as Asia’s most beautiful woman. So not only is she delicate but she practically has everyone at her fingertips. But his parents are strict, business wise, and they raised Jungkook very, very well. He grew up with the natural love and affection a child would need. But due to his parents having such a high status, he also got a lot of attention, too. Jungkook’s stubborn, a little ruthless, and is like his parents combined. He’s got the looks of his mother and the talent of business of his father, it’s like a double whammy.

There was this one time a reporter decided to rebel against the Jeon’s strict policy to not approach Jungkook. The guy was fired on the spot on national TV may I add and his mother made sure that the guy never got hired at any job ever again. His father, however, was a bit more on the harsh side. You see, he’s very protective over Jungkook, who happens to be their only child. Jungkook has made it very clear that he doesn’t like reporters; finds them annoying and their main job is to spit bullshit at the media to start useless drama. Which is true, give or take. But cameras also make Jungkook feel very uncomfortable for some reason and that reporter got all up in Jungkook’s face and took a shit ton of photos. Jungkook’s father, well…he broke his arm in like 2 places. So here’s the main thing that I’m getting at: don’t fuck with the kid. Or you’ll have to deal with his parents.”

“How are you liking your position so far?” Jungkook asks, breaking the silence as he pushed the elevator button and ultimately snapping Jimin out of his flashback.

Jimin shifted on his feet. “All I’m doing is paper work. It’s quite boring and my butt still hurts from sitting down for so long.” He complained. The mention of his butt was what had caught Jungkook’s interest. When they entered the elevator, Jungkook had shamelessly slipped his arm around Jimin’s petite waist and slapped his ass before grabbing it. Jimin gasped, his entire body tensing up as his eyes shot open. Jungkook smirked and leaned down, his lips ghosting along the shell of Jimin’s ear and his breathe fanning against his skin. The shorter shudders and bites his bottom lip to keep back the whimper as Jungkook’s hand continued to fondle his butt cheek.

“Well, your delicious ass could also be hurting from something else.” He hinted. Jimin inhaled sharply to try to regain his composure, remembering that they were in an elevator and he could spot a camera in the corner.

“Boss.” Jimin tried to sound as casual as he could but his voice strained and Jungkook’s smirk deepened. “There’s a camera. People can see. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t appreciate ah!” He yelped when, suddenly, Jungkook practically pounced on him. His back pressed against the wall of the elevator as Jungkook began biting and sucking at the smooth skin on his neck. His large hands were both on Jimin’s ass, fondling them a little roughly, as his hips were grinding against Jimin’s in such a rough pace it made his head spin. Jimin’s eyes fluttered and his mouth hung open as the sudden rush of heat coursed through him and suddenly his pants seemed a little tight.

“J-Jungkook...” Jimin gasped and gripped on to the said male’s biceps. Jungkook merely growled softly in response and bite down harder, making Jimin’s loud moan echo off of the walls of the tiny elevator. “P-People...will s-see the m-marks...”

Good. ” Jungkook rasped as he yanked his head away, observing a now wrecked and panting Jimin with dark eyes. “Then they’ll know not to touch what’s mine.”

Jimin’s eyebrows furrowed. “What’s yours?” He piped in both confusion and bewilderment. “ Excuse you , I am not an object

“You are mine .” Jungkook hissed possessively and pressed himself against Jimin. “So don’t you dare tell me you’re not. I’m not letting you go this time, Park Jimin.” Jimin’s eyes widened. “I made that mistake 2 days ago. But now that you’re miraculously back in my life, there’s no way in hell I’m going to give you up or let someone else swoop in.” Jimin’s lips parted in shock and he was about to say something when the elevator doors opened. Jungkook pulled away and peeked his head out, checking to see if the coast was clear, before tugging Jimin out of the elevator, down the hall, around a couple corners and into his office.

“Y-Yah, what’s your plan here?” Jimin exclaimed as he watched Jungkook rush to shut all the curtains, lock the door and dim the lights a little bit.

“Well, I don’t exactly want everyone to see us fucking. Unless you do?” Jungkook sent a smirk at Jimin, who sputtered.

“Yah, who said we were gonna ” Jimin let out a gasp, his sentence cut off short, as he was quite literally thrown on to Jungkook’s desk (when was it wiped clean of his belongings?). Jungkook stood between Jimin’s legs as he tossed his jacket aside, smirking as Jimin gulped and watched when the younger begin undoing his tie.

“I’m not gonna take no as an answer. Besides, your body is responding to me. So don’t try to act as if you don’t like it.” Jungkook scoffed. Before Jimin could reply, Jimin was quickly blindfolded with Jungkook’s and when the older went to try to pull it down, Jungkook grabbed his wrists in one hand effectively and pinned them down. “Even try to remove it and you’ll be punished thoroughly .” Jimin shuddered at the growl against his ear.  He swallowed thickly, his sight now all but black, and began to feel his own clothes being shifting off of him. He lightly whimpered when Jungkook began tying his wrists together with his own tie.


“No.” Jungkook denied, shaking his head although Jimin couldn’t see him, and tied Jimin’s wrists together firmly. “Call me by my real name, kitten.”

"W-Why are you doing this..?" Jimin whispered, frightened a little but he'd be lying if he said he wasn't turned on he was tied up by the crazily hot Jeon Jungkook and he knew he was about to be fucked ruthlessly against his desk.

Jungkook hummed as he took in his work. "Because you look so god damn beautiful all tied up like this." He leaned down and ghost his lips against Jimin's ear. "And I really like the feeling of your hot ass around my dick." Jimin shuddered and all his attempts of protesting was cut off by those sinful lips now attacking his. Jungkook swallowed each and every whimper, whine, and mewl that the elder had made as he slides his hands down Jimin's now naked torso only to wrap his long fingers around the underside of Jimin's marvelous thighs. He lifted his legs up so he was able to situate himself in between his legs and, without another second to waste, he began to rut his clothed dick against Jimin's naked one. Jimin's hitched gasp allowed Jungkook to shove his tongue into his mouth and he couldn't stop the growl that crept up his throat as their tongues mingled.

"I can't wait any longer." Jungkook hissed out as he stood up straight, watching the panting male on his desk with a heated gaze. Jimin swallowed the lump in his throat and could hear a drawer open, a couple shuffling, and a few cursed mumbles. He then gasped softly as he heard a cap get undone and he immediately knew what it was.

"You have lube in your desk drawer ?" Jimin squawked, earning a chuckle from his boss in response. "I can't believe you!"

"What?" Jungkook purred while feigning innocence. Innocent, my ass. "It's a brand new bottle I haven't even used it yet! Plus I just put it in there like yesterday."

"You were prepared for this."

"Damn right I was." Jungkook laughed and Jimin gasped as he felt a cold, lube-slicked finger slide into his puckering entrance. Jungkook had leaned down at some point and was now whispering hotly into his ear. "I couldn't help it. You were going to be working under me and the thought of fucking you against my own desk turned me on immensely . The image of you tied up like this, those moans leaving your perfect lips it was driving me insane. Don't act as if you hate this. Like you hate my touch, my kisses, my fingers up your tight little ass. " Jimin cried out, keening as his neck arched and he threw his head back when Jungkook shoved his 2 fingers right up against his prostate Jimin must have not noticed the second one entering because he was too focused on Jungkook's rock-hard cock pressed against his thigh.

" You fucking love it. "

Jungkook was right. There was no need to deny anything any further. Jimin's dick was as hard as a rock now and he could feel the precum against his stomach. If there was anything in the world that had turned him on, it was Jungkook. Jungkook's touches always made him go crazy and his kisses made his mind go blank, he'd momentarily forget how to breathe. Jungkook reeked dominance even if he was just walking in his suit, carrying his jacket like the way he was earlier before he stole Jimin away but his dark eyes is what would give it all away.

His growls especially drove Jimin weak. Just something about it made him tremble, the sound reverberating to his core and making him pliant.

A part of Jimin wondered how many people Jungkook fucked against his desk. He wondered how many people especially that one receptionist that keeps giving Jungkook flirtatious advances he would bend over this glass desk of his, tie up, and watch them melt under his touch. A part of Jimin wondered if he was just another name to his list; another pretty face.

" Fuck , I love your sounds." Jungkook growled.

Jimin was so done for.

"J-Jungkook!!" Jimin nearly screamed out as Jungkook suddenly pushed the tip of his dick into him. Jungkook was big actually, no. Big was an understatement. Jungkook was enormous .

"F-Fuck! You're...s-so big..." Jimin whimpered as his back arched off of the desk. He lifted his arms, wanting, craving to touch Jungkook even if his wrists were bound together. But Jungkook denied him and grabbed his wrists to pin them back down against the desk.

"No touching." Jungkook rejected before he began littering dots of purples and reds on Jimin's neck. His large hands slide up Jimin's thighs to grip on to his narrow waist, pulling his hips back until just the tip was in before snapping his waist forward slamming back into him and once again meeting his sweet spot. Jimin was seeing stars behind the blindfold. A soft growl left Jungkook's lips followed by an impatient fuck it and suddenly Jungkook's mouth was off of his neck. Jungkook leaned back, hands gripping and lifting Jimin's hips a little bit before he began pounding into him in an almost in-humane pace.

This definitely wasn't like the first time; Jungkook had fucked him good but he was about to get wrecked, completely and utterly wrecked because Jungkook was fucking him so raw and full of emotion it was making Jimin scream .

Jungkook couldn't hide his own sounds, either. "Th-That's right. Scream. Scream my name. Let everyone know who owns you. Scream , my little kitten." His dark, smoldering eyes remained glued on Jimin's figure. Jimin's red hair was slightly stuck to his forehead with the sweat gracing his tanned skin. His eyebrows were pulled together and even though he was blindfolded, Jungkook could tell his eyes were wide open in pure ecstasy. His cheeks were almost at a scarlet hue but his lips were even redder probably from Jungkook's rough kisses and all the lip-biting parted wide as loud screams left them. His body was flushed and trembling a little against the already shaking desk he was fucking him so hard, his own desk was shaking from the stimulation.

Jimin was a masterpiece; a rare and beautiful diamond that was in the palms of Jungkook's large hands.

"Oh god!" Jimin screamed out, writhing from underneath him as his legs tightened against Jungkook's hips. Jungkook moaned rather loudly and raised his hand, fisting his Jimin's slightly sweaty locks hard and yanked his head back as he fastened his pace.

"You're such a slut for my dick, aren't you?"


"Answer me properly, kitten!"

"I-I'm... I'm a slut for daddy's big cock!"

Jungkook smirked. "Good kitten." He praised before letting go of his hair. Jimin felt his wrists being freed and he immediately latched his shaky hands onto Jungkook with one hand lodged in his blonde hair and the other dragging its nails down his back. He pulled him down and crashed their lips together, shuddering a little as he heard Jungkook groan into the messy kiss as his hand continued to mark up his back.

"Fuck, I love it when you mark me like that." panted Jungkook upon breaking the kiss.

Jimin grinned a little. "R-Really now?" He whispered. The smaller then gasped as Jungkook grabbed his hair, yanking his head back and began attacking his throat.

"H-Holy fuck." Jungkook growled, squeezing his eyes shut and his thrusts became even more erotic. But even Jimin noticed how irregular they became; he was close.

Jimin had left some pretty nice looking hickey's on his neck by the time Jungkook grabbed his hair and slammed him back onto the desk before attacking his lips. Jimin's hands continued to scratch his back, marveling the feeling of Jungkook's taunt back-muscles shifting under his hands and the way his back arched whenever Jimin would drag his nails down slowly.

Jimin had the hardest climax of his life and his throat was straining, aching, by how loud he screamed Jungkook's name. But he didn't miss the fact that Jungkook had cried out his name against his throat.

"You better not hide those hickey's." Jungkook warned, giving him a pointed look as they began to put their clothes on. Jimin was so shaky he could barely even put his damn belt through the loops.

"B-But everyone will..." Jimin's voice was small, insecure, and it made Jungkook frown.

"People will talk, sure. You will undoubtedly get a lot of unwanted attention." He walked over to Jimin and began to help him once he noticed how much the shorter was struggling. "But the only reason why it'll turn heads is because I don't do this type of stuff. I never brought someone to my office before, fucked them against my desk I always ignored their advances and I was known for that, but I guess that didn't stop them."

"...Why me then?"

Jungkook paused a little and raised his eyes to find that Jimin was already looking at him. "...You're different."

" Everyone is different "

" You're beautiful. The most beautiful person I've ever seen in my entire life. I know I'm young, I have a lot of people I may meet later in the future, but no one will ever come close to your beauty." Jungkook reached up and caressed his cheeks gently, contrary to how rough he fucked Jimin not even 5 minutes ago. "Your smile lights up the entire building, your laugh is the best melody I've ever heard and fuck , I'll never get sick of how effortly flawless you look. Even if you're just reading a book, sitting there typing on your computer, or drinking fucking water. I find myself wishing to be those objects you're holding, touching. That's stupid, right? How pathetically in love would I have to be to wish I was the book you were reading, the keyboard you were typing away on, and the bottle of water at your lips? I'm addicted to you and I fear that there's no cure." Jimin was in awe at his words and his vision was getting a little cloudy with the tears. Jungkook must have sensed this because he wrapped his arms around him, pulling him close and holding him protectively against his chest. "But I don't want there to be a cure. I'll never let you go even if you let me go. I'm in love with you, Park Jimin. "


Jimin was the topic of everything for the next 3 or so weeks. Pictures swarmed of their matching hickeys and video evidence of their not-so-subtle makeout on the elevator was leaked on the media. His fellow co-workers stared and asked a lot of questions, but no one approached him out of hate or at least, they didn't do it all the time. That one receptionist would be the only one to approach him with her group of colleagues behind her. They'd never say anything but their glares said it all for them.

He was surprised that Jimin didn't get confronted by Jungkook's parents, though. He did end up meeting them by accident. A rather embarrassing accident...

He was fetching Jungkook some coffee and was on his way back from the cafe across the street. His hickeys were still visible but not as bright as they were the first week, however it still made people stare when he entered the shop.

Jungkook originally didn't even ask for coffee but Jimin noticed how stressed and exhausted he was. It wasn't even 11am and his scheduled was packed; alternating between short meetings, a ton of paperwork, and several interviews, Jimin swore Jungkook would start yanking out of his hair by the time it hit 11:59am. So he decided to get his boyfriend Jungkook continuously insisted that they were now dating and Jimin never once denied it when colleagues asked his favorite coffee; a chocolate caramel mocha frappe with extra whipped cream and a little white chocolate drizzle on top of the cream. It sounded a little too sweet for Jimin’s liking but he had sneaked a sip of it just a minute ago, out of pure childish curiosity, and it was like heaven in his mouth.

Jungkook had a sweet tooth and it was one of his biggest secrets since everyone pictured him as this rough type of kid who was spoiled rotten by his parents. But they were wrong. Jungkook was like a little kid with the most adorable bunny smile and his antics were absolutely hilarious. He had a side of him no one saw, a side he only showed to Jimin but only when they were alone because god-forbid that his ego would be deflated.

Jimin had bumped into Jungkook's father, quite literally and ended up flat on his ass. The coffee, however, wasn't in his hand nor was it on the ground. When Jimin had looked up, he saw Jungkook's parents in front of him, more particularly his father holding the coffee as he took a small sip of it before lightly humming.

"Jungkook's favorite." His voice was firm and full of authority but his eyes were soft, kind as he looked at Jimin. Then Jimin was being helped up to his feet by Jungkook's mother, her hands just gentle and soft as she dusted the dirt off of his suit.

"I-I'm so s-sorry." Jimin apologized, bowing a full 90 degrees before taking the coffee that was extended back to him. "I-I didn't even know you would be here..."

"Jungkook didn't tell you?" Mrs. Jeon exclaimed a little, her eyebrows shooting up. "Ah, it must have slipped his mind. I heard he's been really busy this morning."

"Very." Jimin allowed a sheepish smile to cross his lips. "There's been so many meetings, paperwork, and interviews already. The day's not even over yet and it's only going to get worse. So I..." he looked down at the coffee and held it up a little. "I, uh...bought him his favorite coffee. He looked like he was about to explode so..."

Mr. Jeon smiled at him. "You're such a sweet boy. Park Jimin, right? I've seen you on the news and I guess " he pointed to the hickeys. " the media is right. For once." Jimin's head shot up and he looked up at them in alarm, free hand immediately raising to cover his neck. "Oh goodness, you look like a kicked puppy don't worry, don't worry. We're not gonna berate you for dating our son. Just don't hurt him, okay?"


"You must have heard stories about us, haven't you?" Mrs. Jeon lightly giggled, her delicate hand reaching up to cover her mouth. "People talk like they have nothing else better to do. But we really have no issue with you having interest in our son. We're not the type of rich parents who force their offspring into a forced relationship or require them to find a lover with money. Jungkook is free to do whatever he wants and if that means falling in love with his assistant, then so be it. Our only requirement is for him to be happy."

"S-So, he didn't even need to be the heir to the company? He could have pursued his other dreams?" Jimin squeaked, his eyes still wide.

Mr. Jeon nodded. "When Jungkook is not here, he's out dancing at the studio he owns so it's not like he hasn't pursued any other dream he has. But he insisted on becoming the heir to my company and now that I was promoted to the owner a week ago, he's now the CEO. He was always interested in business as well as dance and I guess this was another way to be closer to his parents." He looked over at his wife and slung his arm around her small waist to bring him closer. "So I assure you, Park Jimin, we're happy as long as Jungkook is happy."

Jimin watched them in utter disbelief and awe before he concluded that the story Jackson had told him was a complete lie.

He was only snapped out of it when he felt an arm around his waist and he looked up only to be greeted by by an exhausted looking Jungkook who wore a smile on his face anyways.

"There you are. I was wondering where you went off to. I got worried that you suddenly packed your things and left." Jungkook glanced down and noticed the coffee in his hands, the corners of his lips perking up in a small smile. "Did me my favorite coffee, babe?"

Jimin blushed at the nickname and shyly nodded, holding the item up. "Y-You...looked really stressed so I thought this would help." He confessed. Jungkook's smile grew more and he took the coffee before humming in delight once he took a sip of it.

"You're right. This does help. But do you wanna know what would help even more?" Jimin blinked at him as Jungkook pulled him closer, arm secure around his waist. "A kiss." He chirped as he pressed their foreheads together. Jimin laughed and his blush deepened but he leaned up and kissed him for a few seconds anyways. "Mmh, much better. Thank you." Jungkook chuckled and held the smaller boy to his chest, loving how Jimin fit naturally against him as Jimin nuzzled his way closer to his chest.

"How's the meetings going?" Mr. Jeon asked. Jungkook shifted his attention up to his parents and sighed deeply.

"Stressful. This is the only free moment I have and I know I won't even have time for lunch..." He muttered. Jimin frowned at that.

"Well, let me take care of the afternoon meetings and interviews then." His father reached up and squeezed Jungkook's shoulder. "You haven't had a day off in weeks. So finish up on whatever paperwork you got and head home. I'll handle the company for the rest of week so spend time with Jimin and tend to your dance studio, okay?" He offered. Jungkook beamed tiredly at his father and nodded, making his mother laugh as she ruffled her son's hair fondly.

"You’re doing such a good job, Jungkookie!” She praised before turning her attention over to Jimin. “It was nice meeting you, Park Jimin, but I have to go to my case now. I'm about to close this case and bring justice to the victim's family." She kissed her husband goodbye, kissed her son's forehead before smiling sweetly at Jimin then left the building. As the 3 of them made their way to the elevator, Mr. Jeon leading the way as Jungkook happily sipped on his coffee while walking beside Jimin, Jimin let his mind wander.

Jungkook's mother was the epitome of an angel. Jungkook's father was the definition of a gentlemen. They were picture perfect parents; a picture perfect family. It almost seemed too real. Jimin's family was nothing like that; his father an abusive alcoholic and a mother who abandoned them when he was 10 his family was a disaster and he ended up running away at 16 only to find himself smack-dab in Seoul. Where he later found his group of friends (Jimin looked up as he heard his name and smiled, waving at Taehyung and the rest of his friends as they all waved at him) that picked him off of the streets and let him live with them in their massive home. Jimin was now about to turn 19 where he now works at the hard-to-get-into company that the media never shifts away from, where he now is still in the process of moving in with his CEO boyfriend/boss and more happier than he ever thought he would be.

And the way Jungkook's hand slipped shyly into Jimin's, the way his long fingers slipped through Jimin's short ones and squeezed, the way Jungkook looked at him with such love and tenderness made Jimin realize just how happy he made Jungkook.

Maybe that night wasn't a one night stand. Maybe karma wasn't such a bitch. And maybe it wasn't a mistake when he joined the company upon his friend's pleas. Maybe it was fate. Maybe it was destiny. Whatever it was, Jimin was happy with the life has now.

"I love you." Jungkook whispered into Jimin's ear as he held the others naked body tightly to him one night, arms tight and possessive around the smaller boy’s frame. "I love you so much." Jimin smiled against Jungkook's bare chest and peered up at him. Jungkook surely looked like an angel due to his pure white bed sheets that they were laying on.

"I love you too, Kookie."

"I'll never let you go."

Jimin laughed and kissed him. "I don't doubt that."