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Dating on Amusement Park

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It was Sunday, but SID was still busy as the normal days. Everyone was still came to the office even no one do anything related to work. Da Qing was busy finishing his 10th plate of dried fish made by Old Lee. Lin Jing looks busy with his computer, but he didn't seem to do his work because he put such silly face ever since he turned on his computer. Wang Zheng and San Zhang were on their private date on the library. No body was dare enough to disturb them because it would just make them feel salty. Zhu Hong was watching every single Bai Yu's old dramas on her computer.  It was the first time Zhu Hong so obsessed with an idol other than the Chief. Well, maybe it's just because Bai Yu resembles the Chief a lot.  

Xiao Guo was the only one who looks as if he's working on the office. As always, he cleaned up the pile of documents in the office. Old Chu watered the plants on the office. Lin Jing teased him by telling Old Chu not to get too close to the plants or else the plant would shoot him just like in Plants vs Zombie, then Old Chu beat him to pulp. 

“I wonder, why are you guys still coming to the office even on Sunday. You guys must be really loves working on this office…” Xiao Guo asked while collecting the documents.

“NOOO!!!!” all quickly shouted.

Xiao Guo shrugged a bit, “Then… why did you guys keep coming to the office even on the holiday?”

“They just hopeless single that has no life …” Old Chu answered bluntly. He didn’t care the cold stare from everyone.

“Excuse me, I’m not a hopeless single. I have a life too. The Love Live girls are all waiting for me to be seen…” Lin Jing took off his earphone, “This is the only place I can enjoy free wifi and AC, and also this is the only place I could do my Wota things without my mom getting angry with me!”

“I just want to eat Old Lee's dried fish!” Da Qing answered happily.

“I came here to see Chief Zhao, but well since he didn't come today, just stalking about Bai Yu is good enough...” Zhu Hong answered. “But I wonder why the chief doesn't come to the office. I asked him by phone, but he said that he was sick. But based on his voice, I don’t think that he is really sick…”

“Maybe Chief is going on a date with Professor Shen? I saw him calling for professor Shen many times before…” Da Qing made a guess.

Zhu Hong laughed hardly, “Impossible! I’m sure Professor Shen ignored all of chief’s invitations…”

“EVERYONE, LOOK!!” Xiao Guo suddenly ran closer to the gang. “I found this a photo and a note about Professor Shen on Chief’s bin. He must throw it accidently, I have to keep it for him. And I wonder why would he mark today’s date with heart sign. Anyone have a clue?”

Zhu Hong took the note from Xiao Guo’s hand and read it. Everyone followed reading it behind her.

“Hm, looks fun… Guys, do you know what I think?” Da Qing smirked.

All except Guo nodded their head. “Let’s execute the plan!”

“What? I didn’t get it. Deputy Qing hasn’t said anything, but why is everyone agree?” Xiao Guo asked confusedly.

Old Chu hit Xiao Guo’s head, “It’s because you are dumb. Just follow it, and you will know…”

“Amusement Park?” Shen Wei asked Yunlan.

“Yeah!” Yunlan nodded cheerfully, “Anything wrong?”

Shen Wei looked confused, “But you said that you need me to help you investigating a Dixing case. Why here?”

“Why? Since it’s a place for having fun, it doesn’t mean that there is no dangerous lurks, Xiao Wei…”

“But…” Shen Wei still felt something wrong.

“Just believe on this chief's instinct, okay?” Yunlan grabbed Shen Wei’s hand and pulled it into the crowd.

Of course it’s not for work. It was purely Yunlan’s evil plan to get a change to date Professor Wei. After being refused many times by the professor, he learned that the professor would only agree to go with him for work. Actually Yunlan didn’t know whether the Dixing story on the amusement park really true or not. He didn’t even browse it using the  like he usually did for other cases either. Who cares? As long he could have a date with the beautiful professor, he would even jumped into the toilet flush.

As he stood on the line to buy the tickets, he has imagined that he could walk side-by-side and holding hand with Shen Wei. Then he could take Shen Wei’s cute pictures while he was riding Carousel. Or maybe steal a hug, or perhaps a kiss from the beautiful man on the peak of Ferris Wheel. Just imagine it could make him smile widely.

“Yunlan, are you OK?” Shen Wei voice brought Yunlan back to reality. “ Why do you put such silly face since you come here? What case will we face?”

Yunlan shook his head and slapped his own face. His evil plan shouldn’t be revealed to Shen Wei. “Ah, yeah… I better explain it on the spot because you wouldn’t understand if I explained it here…”

“I see…” Shen Wei took out some money from his wallet, “So how much is the ticket anyway?”

Yunlan refused the money from Shen Wei, “Let me pay the ticket for you. I am the one who asking help from you, right?”

“Sure, but… the ticket was kind of expensive. Are you sure that you don’t want me to pay for it?”

“Don’t worry, I… I just got my payment from father after helping him. So just let me treat you, okay? ” Yunlan answered confidently.

Shen Wei smiled, “ Is that so…? I’m glad that you could get along with your father now. However, I’m still feel bad because you have paid all the transportation expenses and for the entrance ticket. How about I repay you with a lunch next time?”

“Wow, I love to!!!” Yunlan nodded happily. Yunlan was happy that finally he could have an easy conversation with Shen Wei. He was afraid that the smart professor would notice his evil plan quickly, but he was glad that it didn’t happen. He was sure that his dream date could be realized today, not until he realize a bunch of familiar people who stood in front of the ticket corner.

“CHIEEF!!!!” those familiar gang ran toward the chief.

Yunlan pretended not to see the gang by wearing his sunglasses.

“ Yunlan, aren’t they the one who work on your office?” Shen Wei asked.

“Ah, really…?” Yunlan still pretended not to see them.

“Chief!!!” Da Qing hugged Yunlan happily, “We’re glad that we could meet you here…”

“Ah, ahaha…” Yunlan laughed awkwardly, “I see, so you guys are here too, huh? Hahaha, nice!”

“All of you must come here to help us investigating the Dixing case on this amusement park, right?” Shen Wei asked.

Da Qing and Lin Jing stared each other, “Is that any Dixing case in here?”

Quickly Yunlan closed Da Qing’s mouth with his hand, “Yes it is. This deputy of mine must have forgotten about it because he ate too much when we were having the meeting...”

“Since the group is here… It must be a very serious case,” Shen Wei thought for a while, “Yunlan, I’m sorry that I just thought that you just lie to me about the case. I was totally wrong, I’m really sorry…” 

“Ahaha..” Yunlan really lost all of his words, "Xiao Wei, you should learn to think about everything in a positive way..."

The situation became worse when all the gang asked the chief to pay for the ticket.

Da Qing put a sad face, “I lost my wallet on the bus…”

“So do I…” Zhu Hong added with teary eyes.

“Wallet oh Wallet, where thou might be…” Lin Jing added with more dramatic scene.

Just by a glance, Yunlan has known all the evil plan of his subordinates. “Please don’t say that old Chu and Xiao Guo also didn’t have their wallet…”

Xiao Guo shrugged, “Chief, I… I…”

Suddenly Old Chu pulled Guo’s hood, “No, we are not. We really want to go in, but we don’t have enough money to pay for the ticket because you have cut most of our wages last time…” 

Then you guys don’t need to come…

Yunlan really wanted to say that, but it seemed that Shen Wei was already believe on his subordinates’ bluffs.

“Aw, how poor of you… Anyway, Yunlan has just got a payment from his dad. I think Yunlan could help you. Right, Yunlan?” Shen Wei asked.

“Ah…Sure…” for the first time in forever Yunlan felt like he wanted to kill all of his fucking subordinates who dare enough to use Shen’s precious kindness just to enter the amusement park. He made a promise to his heart that he would not pay everyone’s wages for the next 3 months for all these drama they brought.

Yunlan thought that after he let the team entered the amusement park, he would have a quality time with Shen Wei. But again, he was totally wrong. To bring the whole gang to the park was a disaster.

Da Qing visited every food stand and asked the chief to buy the food for him. Of course Yunlan wanted to hit Da Qing’s head on the spot, but he couldn’t do it because he wanted to save his reputation as a loyal and kind chief in front of Shen Wei.

Zhu Hong and Lin Jing were as annoyed as hell too. Every time Yunlan tried to take a picture of his precious cute Shen Wei, Zhu Hong and Lin Jing would ruin the photo with their super annoying photo bomb. And also, Zhu Hong keep sticking to Yunlan just like a rice cake, so that Yunlan couldn't have a time to hold Shen Wei's hand. 

Xiao Guo was maybe the one who really enjoyed the attractions on the park. He looked blended with the little children as he played all the attraction. Old Chu smiled along the way with the camera that ready to take Xiao Guo's photos any moment.

“Yunlan, you look tired. Want me to take charge of taking care of your subordinates?” Shen Wei stared at Yunlan.

“No worries, I have lived with them for years. I'm getting used to it…” Yunlan wiped his sweat with his sleeves.

Shen Wei halted Yunlan’s hand and wiped Yunlan’s face with his handkerchief, “Don’t act strong. I know you really are an amazing and incredible chief of SID. But, please take care of yourself …”

Yunlan almost has a nosebleed because just a small act of caring from Shen Wei, “Xiao Wei, how could you act so cute even on hard time like this… I’m glad that I brought you here…”

“Stop the flattering, Yunlan. That one won’t work on me…” Shen Wei pouted, “But, Yunlan, actually I’m a little confuse… I have wondered around while you were handling your subordinates, but I haven’t sense any dark energy yet. Are you sure that this amusement park is the one that people mentioned on the blog?”

“Well…” Yunlan rolled his eyes, ”Ah, I know! I sense a very strong dark energy… From there!!!” Yunlan pointed at a building next to him.

The building was painted in dark colors and has some eerie ornaments around it. Shen Wei could hear some people screams too from the building.

“Is that… a Ghost House? So you think that the Dixing are hiding on this attraction?” Shen Wei frowned. He closed his eyes and tried to detect the dark energy again, but the result is the same. Shen Wei wondered why Yunlan looked so persistent.

Before Shen Wei could think any further, Yunlan took off his coat and put it on Shen Wei. “Maybe you couldn’t detect the dark energy yet because you caught a cold?”

“But I’m not having a cold… And the cold never bother me anyway…” Shen Wei wanted to take off Yunlan’s coat, but Yunlan insisted.

“You are Shen Wei, not Elsa. I’m sure that the cold wind must be the one that made you couldn’t detect the dark energy…” Yunlan hugged Shen Wei, “Let me help you get a little warmer.”

Yunlan could see the professor’s face turned from pale white to warm pinkish. Shen’s pinky face was really adorable. Yunlan wished that he could keep the professor on his arms forever. But well, it’s so impossible because the gang came again to disturb the couple again.

“Chief, I’m still hungry. Can I get any snacks?” Da Qing suddenly came with some happy steps.

Damn, read the situation, stupid cat!

Yunlan halted himself from saying anything that will ruin his reputation. He must look so cool and composed in front of Shen Wei. “No, we will eat again on the lunch time. Let’s focus on working now, okay Deputy Qing?”

“Working?” Da Qing asked confusedly, “But how could we work while you were hugging the professor?”

Yunlan really wanted to kick the fat idiot cat.

Shen released Yunlan’s arm from his shoulder. “Sorry to disturb your work. Let’s not wasting time here …”

Yunlan’s heart got broken thanks to the stupid cat. However, a cool chief has to be able to take care the situation. “Shen, wait! We… mm… All of us have to check this building together. I’m sure there really is something here!”

“Okay, Chief!” all were agree.

The Ghost House only allowed 2 participants for each ride. Yunlan allowed his subordinates to go first. Da Qing was paired with Lin Jing, Xiao Guo with Lin Jing, while Zhu Hong didn’t want to enter the building because she just want to enter the building if she was paired with the chief, which is impossible.

Before Yunlan could enter the ride, he already heard Xiao Guo’s scream from inside. Without thinking any further, Yunlan and Shen Wei rushed into the source of the scream.

As expected…

10 mannequins got broken thanks to Xiao Guo's electric baton.  Yunlan could also see a big hole on the wall because Guo’s afraid level was too incredible to destroy it. Old Chu just shrugged his shoulders, as he didn’t know what to do.

“Why did you do these, Xiao Guo? I think you are a modern college student that knew that this Ghost House is just an attraction….” Zhao Yunlan stared at Guo that was ready to cry anytime.

“I’m sorry, Chief… But I heard you said to Professor Shen that there is a real Dixing here. That’s why I bring this device with me, but I really didn’t mean to hurt anyone or destroy anything…”

“…” Yunlan really lost all his words this time.

Not long after that, Yunlan saw some crews that ran panic with terrified face and some scratches scars on their face. Before Da Qing could make more injuries on their face, Yunlan caught the deputy’s tail and lift him. “What more troubles will you add, stupid fat cat?”

“Let me go, Chief! They made Lin Jing fainted in fear. I must take revenge to those ghosts!” Da Qing answered angrily.

Yunlan pitched Da Qing’s nose. “Are you stupid or something? Did your nose stop working? Lin Jing just fainted because he is just a real coward. Those crews are real human, idiot!”

Not long after that, some securities of the park came to them and asked for the explanation. Yunlan was caught in a really big mess now.

It took 2 hours for Yunlan to explain the situation that was really happen to the securities. Thanks to his SID license and his incredible negotiation ability, he could go out from the security office without any troubles. Yunlan walked out from the security office with a lot of snacks and a big smile on his face.

“Thanks for the visit, Bro Ming. Next time you come, I will surely treat you with a bottle of wine rather than these cheap snacks, ” the big-belly man said to Yunlan.

“Ahaha, don’t be too formal, Bro Zhao! I’m sure that the girl will like you if you follow my advice!” Yunlan hugged the man for a second, “Sorry that I can’t spend any more time with you, big bro… I still have some case to crack…”

“Best of your luck, little bro. Just tell me anytime you want to come here. You don’t have to pay for the entrance ticket anymore!”

“Thank you, big bro!” Yunlan waved his hand, “See you later!”

The man waved back to Yunlan, then he entered the security office again.

Yunlan walked into the gang who had waited for him on the cafeteria. Lin Jing was playing with his Nintendo Switch, Da Qing was playing happily with some balloons, and Zhu Hong was drinking a cup of tea and stalking Bai Yu's weibo on her phone. Yunlan cursed all of his subordinates that looked really relax. Shen Wei was the only one that looked so uncomfortable.

As Shen Wei saw Yunlan, he ran toward him, “Yunlan, are you okay? Did they do something to you?” He asked with a very worried face.

Yunlan thought for a second and pretended to get hurt on his arm. “Ouch, ouch… They beat me until I’m almost died. I’m lucky that I could run away…”

Panic Shen Wei checked Yunlan’s arm all over. Shen’s expression made Yunlan smirked.

After finding out that there was no wound on Yunlan’s arm, Shen pouted and pushed Yunlan away, “You lie to me…”

“Of course he is…” Zhu Hong took the snacks from Yunlan’s backpack, “With chief’s incredible negotiation skill, I bet he has turned the owner of this park from totally stranger into one of his brother in law. Just look at these expensive snacks he got from that office…”

“Brother in law…? But I think that Yunlan didn’t have any siblings…” Shen asked.

“Our chief could get along with anyone easily, Professor. He would turn everyone that close to him into his brother. And for information, Chief Zhao has more than hundred brothers in law all over the world. The last time I saw, he turned a pollar bear into one of his brother in law…” Da Qing added.

Yunlan punched Da Qing’s back head, “Stop speaking non sense, fat cat! Please don’t listen to his bluff, Xiao Wei…”

“I got it! That means I am also your brother in law. Right, Yunlan?” Shen Wei stared at Yunlan with his lovely eyes.

Yunlan cupped Shen’s cheeks with his hands, “My Xiao Wei… How should I answer it? If I’m answering it now, our drama series won’t be allowed to be aired on China anymore…”

Shen Wei blinked, “Huh? I don’t understand…”

Yunlan grabbed Shen’s shoulder, “Okay, I will say it out loud now. Listen, Xiao Wei… Actually I… mm… I…”

“CHIEEF!!!” Xiao Guo’s scream cut Yunlan’s almost finished his convession.

Xiao Guo ran toward Zhao Yunlan with his notes on his hand. “I’m really sorry for what happened before. As my atonement, I have wandered around with Bro Chu to get some information from the visitors and some securities around here about the Dixing case around here. And here is the report. So the Dixing stories on this park are actually just a hoax. There were just false rumors brought by the rival that want to make a bad reputation to the park!”

“I also have checked all part of the park, and I’m sure there is no dark energy on this park!” Bro Chu added.

“Of course it is… I have checked on the blog this morning, and it said that the culprit has been caught a week ago,” Lin Jing added, “That’s why I choose not to bring any working equipment here.”

“I’m sure that was just because you are just to lazy to bring anything, Jing…” Zhu showed her phone to Shen Wei, “But what Jing said is true. Look, here is the news…”

“YUNLAN….” Shen stared at Yunlan with killing eyes.

“Hey, hey, Xiao Wei, don’t get so angry. Listen, even it just a hoax, I really want to check it myself. And I’m glad that all of those stories turned out to be just a false rumors…”

Yunlan tried to smile even he knew that his smile wouldn’t save him from the professor’s anger.

Shen Wei closed his eyes as he adjusted his glasses, “Fine. If that is the case, that mean the case is closed now. I’m going back now.”

Shen turned his back, but Yunlan grabbed his back.

“Xiao Wei, please wait. Since we were already here, why don’t we enjoy one or two of these attractions? The ticket to enter this park is kind of expensive too, so why don’t we just enjoy this day for a while?” Yunlan asked as he texted his subordinates secretly behind his back:

[Anyone who could make Shen Wei stay will get free lunch for entire 3 months]

Da Qing quickly stepped in front of Professor Shen and put his biggest smile, “Chief is right. Why don’t we play for a while? It has been a long time that we don’t have a family picnic like this…”

Lin Jing turned off his Nintendo and grabbed Shen’s sleeves, “I heard that the Roller Coaster here is the longest one on the world. Don’t you want to try it?”

“Roller Coaster?”Shen Wei tilted his head, “What is that?”

Zhu Hong rolled her eyes. She believed that Lin must be forgetting that he was talking to a more than 10.000 olds man. “Excuse me, Professor, let me explain this one to you…” Zhu Hong pointed at the rails above their head. They looked endless and have complicated shapes. “That one is the rail for the ride. So it just like riding a train, but with more challenging road…”

“I see. But… isn’t that train runs too fast and the rail looks dangerous. Are you that we could really ride it?” Shen asked.

“Of course it is. Wanna try it?” Yunlan smiled.

“But… It looked dangerous…”

Yunlan nodded, “Believe me that it’s safe. Just look at those people who just rode the ride. They all look happy, don’t they? Let’s just try it…”

Shen didn’t look quite confined, but since Yunlan looked really wanted to ride the attraction, he said no more words.

Adjusting by the height and the length of the Roller Coaster, actually Yunlan was afraid as well. However, he really wanted to see Shen’s terrified face after they had the ride. He was sure that Shen Wei would hold his hands tightly on the ride.

Shen Wei was also asking Yunlan’s team to accompany him. However, with some reason all of them were refusing the invitation. Da Qing said that he has a phobia to height, which was totally nonsense. Zhu Hong said that she couldn’t ride it because she wore high heels. Lin Jing said that he has a call from his family so he ran without explaining any further. Xiao Guo was already faint before he rides the train, so brother Chu took care of him.

Yunlan had expected that all of his team would do that to hide their fear. But he didn’t care about them. All he cared now is to see Shen’s terrified face since Shen never showed such emotion.

After a long line of waiting, finally Yunlan and Shen Wei could ride on the front seat of the ride.

Before the train started moving, Yunlan could see the pale face of Shen Wei. He held the professor’s hand tightly.

“Don’t be afraid, Xiao Wei. I am right beside you…”


It was unexpected. Zhao Yunlan, on 28 years old of his life span, never ever expected that a Roller Coaster was terrified as hell. As the chief of SID he has faced many dangerous and Dixiangs before, but never in his life he felt totally helpless like that. He closed his eyes on all of the way of the ride. Lucky for him that he didn’t piss on his pants.

As the ride was finished, he glanced at Shen Wei who sat beside him. Unexpectedly Shen Wei looked really happy. His beautiful eyes looked sparkling. He even put a big childish smile on his face. His cheeks even became redden that made his face more adorable.

“I never imagined that there would be such amazing attraction on this world. 10.000 years I have lived, but how could I miss such amazing game like this!” Shen Wei glanced at Yunlan, “Yunlan, let’s do this again!”

“Huh…?” Yunlan couldn't believe what he just heard.

“Can we…?” Shen Wei asked with puppy dog eyes, which made Yunlan totally beaten.

Yunlan nodded with forced smile on his face, “Okay, Xiao Wei…”

Then both of them ended up riding the magnificent Roller Coaster 8 times. Actually Shen Wei wanted to ride it once more, but Yunlan was already faint on the 8th ride.

As Yunlan opened his eyes, he was laying on the bench. As the classic music from the Carousel beside him could be heard, he saw thousand dim lights from sky shone above him.

“Wow… the sky is surely beautiful…”

“Feeling better?” Shen Wei asked.

Yunlan just realized that his head was rest on Shen’s tights. He tried to raise his head, but he felt to dizzy to do it.

Shen Wei stroke Yunlan’s hair, “It’s okay, you should rest a bit... The doctor said that you were too tired. Da Qing also said that you haven’t slept for 3 days long. You must be really busy… I know that you worried about Haixing’s condition, but you should worry about yourself too, Zhao Yunlan…”

Actually Yunlan didn’t sleep for 3 days because he was too excited to have a date with Shen Wei. He used his rest time for browsing a best place for their first date and how to steal the professor’s heart.

“Okay, thank you, Mr. Professor…” Yunlan answered lazily, “You begin to sound like my mom…”

Professor Shen just adjusted his glasses, “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that you don’t like it…”

“Who said that I don’t like it. I like all part of you, Xiao Wei...”

Seeing the professor’s blushing face satisfied Yunlan. It made him wanted to tease him more.

“I just realize now. Why do I lay on your lap…?” Yunlan dared himself to ask, “Is it your initiative?”

“Oh, I’m sorry if you feel so uncomfortable. Lin Jing said this is the best way to wake you up, so I just did what he said. I know that my tights might be not very comfortable, but please keep up until your subordinates come back. They promised that they will buy a pillow for you…”

Shen Wei looked so embarrassed. Not long after he said that, a pair of girls stopped in front of them and took their photo. After that, they just left with no expression. Some people also whispered to each other while looking at them. Shen Wei looked very uncomfortable.

“No, no, please don’t move, Xiao Wei…” Yunlan halted Shen Wei’s move, “Just ignore them. Please... I'm still feel dizzy...”

Yunlan promised himself to give a raise to his subordinates because their cooperation in making him could sleep on Shen Wei’s lap.

“They surely took a long time…” Shen Wei looked at his watch.

“Haah…” Yunlan took a deep breath, “They always like that…” Yunlan said that but deep in his heart he prayed that the team wouldn’t come back soon so that he could stare at Shen Wei’s beautiful face any longer.

“Then let’s just enjoy the night sky. The stars are really beautiful, aren’t they?” Shen looked up.

“Look at the sky, they have stars in the night~ And they called it Bella Notte~” Yunlan sang.

“What is that song?” Shen Wei asked.

“You don’t know that famous song? Come on, professor, I wonder what do you usually do on your free time?” Yunlan asked.

“Study… or reading books on library…” Shen Wei answered bluntly.

Somehow Yunlan has expected that answer. Yunlan sighed, “Xiao Wei, I think I should really teach you how to enjoy your life on your free time…”

“And I really love to stare at the stars on the sky… When I was young, someone was taught me to enjoy the night sky every time I have a free time. Even he isn’t here anymore, but every time I watch the stars, I always remember those happy days…” 

Somehow Yunlan's heart felt broken, "You must be talking about that Ku Lun guy again, huh? I really hate that guy..."

"Why?" Shen Wei looked confuse.

"Because he left you, and because you always remember about him, I can't go out with you..."

Shen Wei giggled, "What are you talking about... You can't hate him just because of that. Ku Lun is surely a nice guy, and he never leaves me..."

"You mean that you are still dating him?" Yunlan raised his head from Shen's lap, "I have stalked you for months, but I never have seen him. And I have checked all your phone log in campus and your apartment, but I never found anything related to him!"

Shen looked shock, "You... what...?"

Yunlan shut his mouth with his hand. He began to hate his own mouth that was talking too much, "I mean... I just want to keep you save. It didn't mean that I was still curious about you like before. But hey, where is that Ku Lun guy anyway?"

"Listen Yunlan... Ku Lun is..."

And the team came back, along with some securities who chased after them. Yunlan really wanted to ignores all of those trouble maker, but at the end, he was still step to the mess.

"I believe that someone of you must bring a magnet that could attract every troubles to us..." Yunlan said to the gang who hide behind his back now.

 "Chief!!!" Lin Jing ducked behind Yunlan, "Why didn't you tell us that your credit card didn't work anymore? You should pay your bill regularly..."

Yunlan beat Lin Jing's head, "Who told you to use my credit card? Anyway, I pay my bill regularly, but I think you guys are using it over limit. Now I wonder, what are you using my money for..." Yunlan observed all of his subordinates.

Zhu Hong hided her new furry coat, while Da Qing acted innocently even Yunlan could see some colorful balloons behind his back. And for Lin Jing...  Yunlan was sure that his clothes were all different than the one that he used when he came to the park. He must be the one who spent most of the money to buy the special limited merchandise of the park, just like the mascot's jacket, T-Shirt, new hats, new bag, etc. 

Xiao Guo cried while he was holding some bags, "I told them not to shop too much, but they don't want to listen..."

Old Chu gave his ice cream to Xiao Guo so that he would stop crying, "You should just beat them up using your electric baton..."

"Ah, you're right, Bro Chu..." Guo put the bags and took a note of Chu's advice.

"So what are we going to do now?" Yunlan stepped forward, "I'm run out of the money. It looks like that some of us must stay here to pay the expenses. So... who should stay now...?" Yunlan stared all the team one by one. "On my count, point at the one you want to leave. 1... 2..."

All the team pointed at Lin Jing.

"Damn all of you..." Lin Jing cursed. "We should just leave Da Qing because he is the one that spent most of the money to buy food!"

Da Qing scratches Lin Jing, "Why are you pointing at your best buddy, Jing? It's not me who spent most of the money. It's sister Hong who bought a very expensive fur coat..."

Zhu Hong showed the bills, "Guys... maybe we better look at the bills and let's accumulate who spent the most..."

"Fine! Anyone has a calculator?" Lin Jing asked.

Xiao Guo slowly took out his calculator which in few minutes become pieces because Da Qing and Lin Shin was fighting over it. Xiao Guo cried for it, then Bro Chu beat Da Qing and Lin Shin into pieces.

"Guys, stop fighting..." Finally the professor stepped in. "Let's not ruining our vacation now... Let me pay for it..."

"YEAY!!" Lin Jing and Da Qing screamed happily.

"But before I pay it, I want to make sure that all you understand all of your fault..." Shen Wei asked everyone to sit in front of him. After 2 hours long of Economic and Accounting Management lecture, finally the team gave up and decided to return back all the items to the souvenir shop.

Shen Wei looked a bit sad, but Yunlan used the change to give him a little hug. "Thank you, my Wei Wei. You are the best in giving them a lesson..."

"You mean you like my lecture?" Shen Wei smile came back to his face, "Next time let's study together on the library next to our apartment!!"

"Ah..." Yunlan rolled his eyes, "I think we should go home now..."

 It was raining hard outside the car. The wind and the storm made the car hardly move. Yunlan was struggling while he was driving. 

"Yunlan, want me to replace you?" Shen asked with worried face.

Yunlan shook his head, "Don't worry, Xiao Wei. It's my fault that we choose this alternative road. I should follow your advice to follow the main road..." Yunlan opened his phone and checked the map, "Damn, my phone is run out of signals. Anyone got a signal?"

The chief turned his head and realized that all of his subordinates has slept peacefully like a baby.

"God damn... I think I'm cursed today..." Yunlan murmured.

"I think we should stop the car for a while. The weather is not too conducive to continue..." Shen looked outside the window. Not a single house or car was around them. Just trees and bushes could be seen through the window. "I guess we have to stay in the car for a while..."  

Yunlan stopped the car, "You're right... But I wonder how long will we wait here. The storm looks endless..."

"Yeah. Based on the weather report this morning, it will stop tomorrow morning. That's why last night I warned you not to go home too late..."

"And here we are... trapped on the storm until morning with some idiots who ruined their boss' vacation..."

Shen Wei giggled, "It's not that bad... It really feel like a family picnic for me. I always wonder how does it feel to have a whole family. But going with all of you made me understand how fun it is..."

"I prefer if it's just both of us..." Yunlan murmured.

"What...?" Shen asked.

"You know, I have planned about this for 3 days long. That's why I didn't have enough sleep... And it sucks when all of my plan became ruined..." Yunlan pouted while his head was laying on the steer.

"So you have planned to lie to me about the case from the very start, huh?"

Yunlan leered, "It's your fault, Xiao Wei. You refused all of my date invitation... You don't know how I miss you..."

Shen Wei lowered his head, "I'm sorry, Yunlan... I really busy lately..."

"Yeah, yeah..." Yunlan rolled his eyes, "Just keep busy with that Ku Lun guy. I won't care about that anymore..."

"Yunlan... I think you are just tired. Why don't you sleep for a while? I will wake you up when the storm has ended. How is that sound?" 

The chief of SID thought for a while before he threw himself on the seat and rest his head on Shen Wei's lap, "Good night then!"

"He- hey..." Shen Wei looked embarrassed.

"Don't be shy, Xiao Wei. Everyone else has sleeping. No one care about us..."

The professor kept silent for a while, "Okay... Since you are my brother, I will let you sleep like that..."

Yunlan rolled his body so that his face was not facing Shen Wei's, "Listen, Xiao Wei. I'm not thinking of you as one of my brothers... You are much more special than that... because... you... are..." 

Shen was already wait the chief to finish his sentences, but Yunlan was already asleep. 

The black haired professor sighed. Gently he strokes Yunlan's hair, "You are also special for me, Yunlan... my dear Ku Lun..."