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Under The Rain

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Naturally it was the last scene of the day, as it would be too much effort to get the props dry for other scenes. The pump was turned on and rain fell inside the indoor studio. Zhu Yilong knelt on the ground, getting soaked from head to toe.

Bai Yu watched from the side, nursing a cup of warm tea. It was quite cold in the studio, and he wouldn't even want to imagine how cold it was under the man-made rain. Silently, he wondered how his co-lead wasn't shaking already.

The door of the clinic swung open, and Dr. Feng told Shen Wei that he could bring his friend tomorrow. Shen Wei took off his glasses and finally, after kneeling for hours until day turned into night, allowed himself a small smile of relief.

The director yelled cut and staff rushed Zhu Yilong with towels. He was shaking now, and eager to get himself warm. Walking towards the snack bar, he found himself in front of Bai Yu.

Bai Yu wanted to say 'good job', but something about how Zhu Yilong looked at him stopped him. Maybe it was how wet and miserable he looked, or maybe, a bit frighteningly, how seriously he was looking at him. Spontaneously Bai Yu responded, standing just a bit upright from before.

Then Shen Wei smiled, with a smile that said that he was glad to have done what he did, and he would gladly do it a thousand times again.

And Zhao Yunlan smiled, because what else could he do when he realised how much more this man would do for him, and as his heart ached, realised that there might come a day when he would give up -everything- for him.

Zhu Yilong took the cup from Bai Yu's hand and took a sip of the now lukewarm tea. Now that the spell was broken, Bai Yu said, "good job." Zhu Yilong only nodded. The man-made rain had stopped, but Bai Yu could still feel the rain falling down in Dragon City.