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Acting the fool

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"Please take me, make me yours". I am moaning into his ear, my hands grabbing at his hair.


His hand is supposed to rest on my thigh just under my dress, but either he got the world longest fingers or he has his hand much higher up. I can feel the tips of his fingers ghosting my skin, half an inch more and they will be touching my panties.


"I wish I could darling, but I am still married. We have to wait". He says, his voice is sad but I see a twinkle in his eyes, the mischievous one I really hate.


I try to concentrate, it is not easy with him so close. His hand there and you know, that scent, he smells so damn good. What was I supposed to say next ?


Trying to buy a little time. I press myself closer to him, feeling his hard body through the thin fabric of his shirt. "But she will never know, why wait ?"


"Because it is the right thing to do, and if she ever found out I would lose everything". He is gently caressing my face, his other hand reaching the hem of my panties.


I try to move without it being to obvious, getting away from those fingers. "You are right my love. I will wait for you".


"Cut, great work both of you". The director shouts out and I let go of him right away, stepping away to put distance between us.


I am shooting him the most dirty look I possible can and hisses out between my teeth, not wanting everyone else to hear. "What the hell Tom ? Keep your fucking hands where you are supposed to".


"Just admit you liked it darling, I could literally smell you getting all hot and wet". He whispers back, looking so smug I just want to slap that handsome face.


Okay, I am so not getting into this discussion with him again, so I stalk of, wishing we could be done with this damn movie soon.


Luckily we have a break now, and I walk down to makeup, sinking into the chair groaning. One of my best friends Matt is looking up from what he was doing. He is a makeup artist.


He walks to his coffee maker and puts a cup in, pressing the button. "You look like you need something for the nerves. Was he getting long fingered again ?"


"Oh yes, I wish someone would tell that perv that we are not shooting a freaking porn here". I huff, this is starting to get on my nerves.


Matt hands me the coffee cup after giving it a swing from his hidden whiskey bottle. "I guess he is not used to the ladies complaining".


"Well but this lady isn't some cheap whore he can just get his way with. Just because he is handsome. He even told me he could smell me getting wet". I make a disgusted face.


Matt is looking at me with one eyebrow raised. "Well were you ? He is kind of sexy and all".


"No of course I am not getting turned on by his sexual harassment. I am engaged for God's sake". But I can feel my cheeks go a little red, why do I blush ? I hate that he keeps touching me.


Matt smiles at me. "I know Josie, but it is okay to get turned on by someone else. It doesn't mean you are going to do something stupid".


"Believe me Matt, I am so not turned on by Tom Hiddleston and his groping hands". I say shaking my head, wishing again I hadn't taken this role.