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"Hey Gunther, what's this?" Arlo asked, holding up some kind of mechanical disc. He, Gunther, and Aiden were in the Demon Realm, retrieving some important items from Gunther's old home. Gunther walked over and raised an eyebrow curiously.

"That's not one of my inventions so I can't tell you off the top of my head," Gunther answered. "Where did you find it?"

Arlo motioned towards the messy excuse for a bookshelf, "Found it under a couple books."

"Let me see," Aiden said, holding out his hand. Once Arlo handed the item to him, he studied it. "Hmm... You got any enemies Gun? Ya know, besides Damon?"

Gunther and Arlo glanced at each other at that. "Not that I'm aware of," Gunther said, "outside of the local bars, I've never been that social with the other demons of the realm. Why?"

"Just a shot in the dark; thought it might be some kind of tracker thing," Aiden shrugged.

"Someone's been playing too much Ratchet and Clank," Gunther replied with a smirk while Arlo snickered.

"Not gonna deny that. Those games are fun," Aiden remarked. He then gestured to the boxes stacked against the wall. "So, is this everything?"

"Everything of importance," Gunther spoke as he opened a portal back home. Quickly, the trio grabbed the items and walked through, back to Thomas's house. With one final look, Gunther let the portal close.

"What's with us and dragons lately?" Virgil muttered, putting on a brave face.

The day had started off simply enough. When Roman found out that Aiden, Arlo, and Gunther traveled to the Demon Realm, he started with his over-dramatic offended act because they were having an adventure without him. "Adventuring is what I do! It's been so long since I last took part in one!"

"Roman, it has only been a few weeks since the issue with Damon," Logan pointed out, not looking up from his book.

"A few weeks too many, my lovely nerd!" Roman exclaimed. While Logan rolled his eyes, the prince continued, "I crave the thrill of adventure!"

That little exchange had brought Roman, along with a reluctant Logan and Virgil, to the Imagination. In turn, that led them to a chance encounter with the fabled Dragon Witch, which ended with them in their current predicament - being held prisoner in her tower.

"Is this thrilling enough for you, Roman?" Logan deadpanned, sitting on the floor with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face.

"I can understand why you're angry, my dear Microsoft nerd. However, I will get us out of here in no time!" Roman said triumphantly, pointing his finger into the air. As soon as he said that, he heard cackling from the Dragon Witch fill the air, followed by a shout from a distance.

"That's a good one, "your highness"! Good luck with that!"

Despite their current predicament, Virgil found himself fighting the urge to laugh.  Between that exchange and Roman making offended noises, it was rather tough. All the while, Logan just shook his head, wishing he was back home already.

After stashing the boxes away in Gunther's room out in the real world, the three focused and in a moment, they were in the mindscape. As if on cue, Deceit rose up beside them. "Pops, we don't have a potential problem."

Aiden looked over at the other side, confusion on his face. "What's the issue, lad?..."