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Destiny Calling

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Somewhere in the Rondari Sector of space


General TaNak is a very busy man and hates to be interrupted.
Sitting in his quarters skimming through the latest bounty price points. Working the angle of cost and expenditures vs profit. Maintaining his accounts on Draelik 3. Gathering intel on any potential bounties in the current star sector and so forth.


His second in command comes barreling in and before he could blink the general is across the room and smashes his fist into the man's face. Snarling and pinning him against the bulkhead. "You shoulda knocked first huh TeGo."


"I'm so so sorry sir! It won't happen again. W..We received a encrypted message with your name on it leveled priority 1."


TaNak drops the man unceremoniously with a thud as TeGo covers his now bleeding nose as he hands over a crystal chip and then exits swiftly.


The General walks back and carefully synchs while opening the data stream with his secured personal interface station.


A video of a rather ugly dominator lights up his screen.


"We require your special services at this time. You will be compensated in accordance with the information provided below.
The package is to be transfered to Heiras5. You have 2 hours to respond and confirm. If you accept and are unsuccessful your license will be revoked and you will be banned from the League indefinitely." Then the video blinks out only showing the encrypted information below being translated.




The rest of the data finishes compiling while he sits back down and it shows him an image of one Kara Zor-El.


Kryptonian. Milky Way. Sol System. Planet Earth. Continent North America. National City. Including Brief descriptions of powers with interaction footage.


It goes on to show the bounty's reward.
3 Trillian credits and free weapons upgrade including docking fee waivers for the next 3 years at all League stations.


'This'll be quite the haul' He thinks avariciously while idly thumbing his tooth.


"Looks like we need to stop for supplies to secure this package." He says with an evil glint.





National City


It was another typical morning for the blond reporter. The sun was shining. The streets were bustling with business men and women. Food vendors with lines already forming. Traffic flow is normal for a Tuesday.


Rushing to get past the throngs of commuters Kara was attempting to get to Catco early today.


She made it with no problem. Kara noticed not everyone was into work yet so it was a little more quiet than the usual midday and evening shifts. It's nice. 'Maybe I should come in early more often.'


The heroine gets to her office without interruption, sitting at her desk opens her laptop and gets started checking messages and emails. Running through some of other smaller story edits she has an extension on. She pops off a few pieces and then goes to see Snapper.


Snapper has her work a lead for an exclusive on the new LCorp Waterworks Division and infrastructure. "Get on it ponytail." He said with a grunt.


Kara quickly makes her way out of the building and the blond feels something in the air she can't explain it. She closes her eyes for a moment soaking up the sun and inhaling deeply. All the sounds tune out for a moment and all she hears is the steady beat of a single heart. A homing beacon. Lena.


It's incredible how fast they became friends all within the breadth of a second. It still amazes Kara and she can feel the excitement bubbling from her chest. 'Feels like flying' She shakes her head and gets movin.


Kara knows the Executive probably didn't get any sleep the night before and most likely didn't have time to stop for coffee. So Kara decided to make a goody run before heading to LCorp.


Instead of just typical coffee for Lena she decided to also have them try the new Indian vendor with the Ayurvedic spiced milktea.


It was blazing yellow and Kara thought it looked and smelled awesome. She also grabbed some of their cherry & cheese danishes. Paying the vendor the blond thanks him with her signature bright smile as she heads out.





LCorp Lena's Office


Lena's typing away listening to Thomas Bergersen's latest score. Really enjoying how it gets her juiced up for the day.
Nothing beats epic music. Gets the blood flowing and she is gonna need it seeing how many meetings she has scheduled today on top of more paperwork and R&D. Lena had no idea how she is going to pencil in a site visit today.


'Honestly I wish there were two of me.' She takes a deep breath.


'On second thought maybe not so much. We'd be at a stalemate vying for leadership control' She laughs at herself.


She wanted to get out to the new waterworks power station before 5pm to do a facility check walkthrough, redundancy checks, dry run and finalization before the official launch in 4 days. There are 3 sites in all which the other 2 have already completed their final phase and ready whenever #3 is up and running. Their main system is isolated from any external access so no hacker can gain access. The secondary systems are manual. So it's completely independent from the utility companies and the net.


They had bought up real estate along the bay and other strategic waterways to set up safe underwater turbines in mounts along the coastlines. Vertical easy to install and uninstall boxes that were specially geneered to stay out of the way of passing ships and protect marine life without causing vibrational errosion of the coastal silt. It's secondary systems processed and filtered pollutants out as well. A design Lena herself thought up in 10th grade.


She also integrated a hydrosonic water hammer drum-pump with special angled drilled holes in the main core. Spinning the rotor and creating heat, hot water and steam. Capturing all 3 produces an overabundance of power. Defying another supposed law of physics. Overunity overturns the law of conservational of energy that says you cannot get something for nothing. It gave off more power than it took to create it at a rate of 70% + output. This initial prototype design was from her MIT days.


All of this new technology and infrastructure will assist with offsetting the cost of utilities to lower-income communities, reduce gouging by the utility companies and providing additional jobs for skilled labor. Also providing free power and water to domestic abuse shelters, homeless LGBTQ+ Youth centers and free workforce skill training stations.


So needless to say she's excited.


Getting antsy to get things completed before the conference she makes a quick decision.


Pressing her comm button on her phone... "Jess, please move my 11:30 to tomorrow's 3:00 slot please. I'll be visiting the new site instead."


"Very good Ms Luthor. Right away."








Jess waves Kara through with a smile. Effervescent and energized Kara moves through the executives door without any hesitation.




"Kara!" The Ceo gets up from her desk and walks over to the blond giving her a brief side hug.


Pointing to the couch. Kara nods walking over placing the cups and bag on the coffee table and then wriggled into the couch.


Lena internally chuckles at how sweet and adorable the ball of sunshine is. Sitting towards the opposite side of the couch she inquires. "Not that I'm not glad to see you but what brings you by so early?"


"Yo..Work. Snapper sent me but I brought goodies!" 'You.' She wanted to say but corrected herself. Giving a mega watt smile at the mention of 'goodies'.


"You didn't have to bring me anything." The CEO notices the slip but doesn't point it out. It makes her smile internally.


"It's ok I wanted to! This is for you to try before I give you the other cup." Kara hands the brunette the green cup first.


"Umm ok what is it?"


"It's Ayurvedic spiced milktea!" Kara says excitedly.


Eyebrow raised. 'Interesting' Lena just couldn't say no to that. It does sound really nice and takes the cup. Their fingers barely brush feeling slight jolts of electric currents.


"Sounds interesting. Thank you for all this really."


"Oh it smelled delicious so I wanted for us to try it together so I hope you don't mind me picking stuff out like this." The blond rambles on clearly excited.


Lena takes a sip and turns out it's reaaaaally good. She closes her eyes and hums.


Kara can feel Lena's hum in her plexus and it tickles. 'Oh that's weird' She shakes it off.


"This is so good. You have a good nose." The brunette opens her eyes and gives the reporter a genuine smile.


"It never fails me!" The reporter exclaims proudly.


'Where does she get all that energy?'


"So what else ya got there?" Lena prods with a grin.


"Cherry cheese danish and coffee"


"You are my favorite."


Kara blushes and delves into the bag.




They make quick work of the pastries and jump right into the interview.


"Oh My Goodness Lena That's amazing!!! This is gonna help sooo many people! Just incredible! You're incredible!" Kara responded clearly unable to contain her enthusiasm.


Lena feels slightly embarrassed at the praise and feels a subtle warmth blossoming in her chest.


"Those communities have been hurting for awhile and this will totally help ease that. I wouldn't be surprised if the local crime rate drastically decreases. When did you come up with the water hammer concept?" The reporter asks with awe in her voice while scribbling in her notebook.


"It was something I was working on at MIT. I had a friend who's father was in the water boiler industry. I went with him to go visit his dad one day and I noticed they were having some issues so I poked at it to see if I could fix it." She leaned back against the couch thoughtfully recalling that particular day long ago.


"It gave me an idea so I started playing around in one of the steel shops and came up with that. It was only until recently I pulled the prototype out of the dusty garage I left it in and applied it to the new waterworks facility as a last minute concept. It worked out so I'm happy." The brunette said excitedly finally able to share that particular memory with someone important to her.


"So amazing!. Yea! That 70% figure is gonna knock everyone's socks off at the Green energy conference this weekend." The blond said while readjusting her glasses.


"Yea I'm trying to wrap it up before then for a seamless transition into my presentation." The CEO admitted with confidence knowing that all the pieces are lining up nicely.


Lena continues. "Our booth will also have a set up for the charities listed."


"Well it's an oversold event for the presentations since they decided to make it a full on tech conference. I heard Wayne Technologies will also be making an appearance." The blond woman grinned.


"Yea and security is gonna be a nightmare." Lena says contritely.


"You think someone's gonna try something?" The blond questions with a serious face now a bit nervous.


"I don't know but can't take any chances at these things. NCPD K-9 units will be there. Other companies security and task forces will all be on close standby whether if they got wind of something or not." The CEO said nonchalantly like it's normal for her.


Kara paused with a small furrow and then asked "Would you like me to get in touch with our Super friend? I know she would happily..."


"It wouldn't be a good idea for Supergirl to be seen as my personal bodyguard although I appreciate you suggesting it however, I cannot agree to it." The brunette explained calmly.


She pats Kara's knee. "I have things under control so don't worry ok? Are you going to be amongst press contigent for Catco?"


"Unfortunately no. Snapper has Chris' group doing all the coverage." The reporter admitted lifting her hands and then letting them drop.


"Well if you're not busy then you could be my guest but I warn you we'll be all over the place, tons of pictures and mostly just me talking tech and business. It may give you alot of unwanted attention associating with me." Forewarning the blond against again associating with a Luthor. If Kara backed out she wouldn't hold it against her.


"I don't care about any about that stuff Lena. I'd love to go with you." She places her hand on top of the brunettes that covered her knee and gave it a slight squeeze.


They sat there smiling for a few heartbeats in comfortable silence basking in the warmth it presented.


"Ms Luthor your 9:15 is here." Lena's assitant chimes through her telephone speaker.


Glaring slightly at the phone for the interruption but knew it wouldn't do any good she pressed the button and replied "Thank you Jess."


"I guess I better go." The blond remarked reluctantly.


Sounding hopeful Lena inquires "Text me later?"


"You bet." Kara said with a knowing smile and a nod.






Kara doesn't manage to dodge the blow that's aimed at her head. 'Crap this guy hits hard'


She does evade the followup swing slipping underneath his arm, kicks the back of his leg and bringing a hard elbow to the jaw. He's knocked into a forward roll.


The alien she's fighting is almost as strong as her but not fast enough. Bulky with grey stonelike skin and large bluish grey eyes. He'd been wreaking havoc downtown utterly destroying the courthouse and a few government buildings. Luckily there were no casualties. Something about it bugged her was too... strategic. So she filed the information away for later.




She taps her earcomm "Alex what's your ETA?"


"Supergirl we're inbound in 12."


"Got it"


She superspeeds a kick to his chest as he attempts to get up. He gets knocked further back, jumps up and tosses a mailbox at her.


She catches it and sets it on the ground. Taking flight to draw him further away from the crowd that was gathering.




A moment later she dives into him from above. Smashing them both into the asphalt making a small crater.


She gets in a few hits. The blond tries to freeze him to disable him but he grabs her arm and kicks her off.


The hero lands against another building.




He charges her.


'Might have to knock him out'


She stands up and makes a beeline at the brute.


Kara whips her cape into a makshift rope while running up his front. Launching herself off his knee she flips her body into a side turn making it up and over. Placing her directly behind him where she had hooked his neck with the roped cloth getting the choke and dropping her weight. While tightening her grip he struggles a bit forcing her to press harder till finally he passes out. She clearly hears the heartbeat letting her know he's still alive.




Winn chirps in. "We got a building fire on 24th. Several people trapped and the fire dept can't get in."


"On it. Alex I left you a sleepy package." She takes off.


"Copy that."


It's not till much later that night that Supergirl coated with ash and reeking of smoke passes out on top of her bed still in her dirty suit.




Lena's Apartment Late Evening


Lena is now sitting in her apartment suite replaying the events of the day in her head while she sips her tea. It's very handy having photographic memory. Rewind and fast forward to see if she missed any important details.


She finished the reports on the facility today after giving them the all clear. Everything passed with flying colors. She also personally hand-selected the crew that would be working at that particular site. The CEO didn't like to delegate anything so close to the big event. Not a chance.


They're running all 3 sites simultaneously as she'll be monitoring them remotely. Check redundancy and redirects for any deviations incoming and outgoing. Systems status monitoring both electronic and mechanical. She always preferred the hands on approach as for her it was much more satisfying.


Lena then reviews her schedule for the weekend. Since the conference is being held in National City there's no need to book any hotels this time so it'll be a matter of picking up Kara on the Executive bus and heading out.


She might as well put the damn thing to good use since the staff is always on call anyways. Rather than stuffin it with the show crew and it gives her an excuse to have Kara all to herself.


She smiles gently at that.


Can't help the feeling from coming to the surface nor does she want to stop it.


It just feels right letting go and allowing.


'Whether Kara feels the same or not doesn't matter.'


'I'm just happy to have her joy in my life.'


Lena has had nothing but sharp, cold and painful feelings littering her past. Nothing that ever created this warmth and so to remind herself she's human she just allows it to fill her. For now it's good enough.

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Next day


Kara's getting excited for the weekend. She already finished her article for the upcoming conference because Snapper was hounding her to get it finished ASAP. So they could launch the print before deadline today. She thinks it turned out well with all the juicy tech tidbits hopefully giving LCorp some much needed good press.


Lena mentioned something about a bus picking her up.


Kara's a bit surprised at this.


Thinking back to their earlier texts that morning.




Kara: A BUS?? :O


Lena: Yes Kara.


Kara: Why do we need a Bus?!


Lena: It's a 2 hour drive and I want to be comfortable.


Kara: You don't have to go through the trouble.


Lena: They're on payroll anyways so makes sense.


Kara: Oh Ok I guess we can all sing or maybe play road word games with your crew peeps.


Lena: Oh No Kara I'm talking about the Executive Coach. It'll be just us except for the driver and steward.


Lena: The crew and security get their own vehicles. It's gonna be a caravan.


Kara: :D :D OH WOW


Lena: It's a big event so we gotta plan big ya know? :) :P


Kara: lol




'So cool!'


Thinking of Lena was not new for the blond but at the moment something came to her.


'I'm not sure how much nutrition she really gets from just salads and coffee or her skipping meals when she doesn't think I know. I'm gonna start just bringing food over and force her to eat something. Hmmm better check if she's allergic to anything.'




Kara: Are you allergic to anything?


Lena: No not that I know of


Kara: Can you tolerate spicy foods?


Lena: I'm pondering where this line of questioning is going. What's up?


Kara: I'm just wondering. Good things to know.


Lena: Uh huh. Really what are you up to?


Kara: Nothing really just being the bestest friend one could ever be. :D


Lena: Right. You don't have to Do anything for me to like ya you know :P


Kara: Yea I know. :P


Lena: Are you at work?


Kara: Yea Snapper is having a coniption about verifying data and sources. Dan and Paul pushed through a print yesterday without it and now having to do a retraction. I swear he's turning purple.


Lena: A choked smurf?


Kara can't help but burst out laughing causing looks of horror across the room. Snapper neck veins start bulging. She lets out a squeak, apologises and promptly flees spouting something off about a new lead.


Kara: You nearly got me fired.


Lena: What?! How is that even possible?


Kara: You made me bust out laughing in a roomfull of reporters gettin their dressing downs.


Lena: OMG I am so sorry lol I would deny his termination request for you. It comes across my desk before it ever goes to HR anyways XD


Kara: Oh Yea! Thanks Boss! :* <3 ;) +7 emoticons


Lena: What will you ever do without me? :*


Kara: Not gonna happen we're stuck like glue and sorry you can't return me either :P


Lena: I think I'll keep you Danvers. ;)


Kara: Ummm you busy?


Lena: I'm free for the next hour also the reason for my quick responses.


Kara: Good. Sit tight I'll be omw shortly. Hope you're hungry :D


Lena: Aye Cap'n I'll be here. <3





Lena's office


The blond shows up to Lena's office with 2 mega buckets of fried chicken, double the fixins, potato wedges, tabasco and a roll of paper towels.


"What in the world?" Gets up from her desk and walks towards Kara where she's now doing the setup on the coffee table.


"Grub!" Kara giddily blurts while pulling containers out of the bags.


"That's not even food."


"Oh Yes it is and you're gonna eat Ms Luthor or we're gonna have words." The blond gave her The Look.


"This is gonna make my office smell like chicken for hours." The CEO says with a slight whine.


"Stop complainin. You can open a window and light a candle."


"Since when did you get so brazen?" An incredulous look displayed on the brunettes face.


The blond then stops her food sorting to point a plastic fork at the other woman with a serious look. "Since you've been skipping meals and as your best friend is my duty to make sure you're taking proper care of yourself." She resumes plating the food for them both.


"Although I appreciate you thinking of me, I am a perfectly grown woman and can handle myself."


"Eat with me please."


Lena just glares until she sees a sad look flash across the blue eyes.


She relents.


"Fine." She says with a slight huff. Taking a steady breath she relaxes a bit sitting down on the couch. It really was sweet of Kara and as much as she hates to admit it the reporter is right. A warmth reverberates inside her chest she can't describe yet.


"Thank you for bringing lunch." The brunette says with sincerity.


"You're welcome!" The blond's smile is back in full force.


Lena smiles with her. 'I never stood a chance'




Lena was really enjoying the blond's company. It's something that she appreciates immensely because of course no one would touch a Luthor with a 10ft pole and the fact that this young woman wants to spend all the small moments with her makes this even a more precious gift.


"You do realise at this rate I'm gonna have to go walking everyday if you keep feeding me this stuff."


"Rowing machine is better. Less impact." The blond states while still stuffing her face.


"Oh good to know. I'll put that on my list then. Anything else I should include Miss fitness guru sunshine?" Lena says with a smirk.


"Take the stairs at work." Happily munching away.


"Not in 4 inch heels babe." The brunette quips back while pulling a piece of chicken off with her fingers popping it into her mouth.


They both slightly blush at the term of enderment that slipped past Lena's lips.


Kara's surprised she kinda likes it.


She unconciously looks at those lips for a brief moment. The blond finally realizes what she's doing and stops.


"Bring backup tennis shoes and you might wanna wear pants"


Lena laughs.




Kara had a great time with the CEO as usual and who doesn't love fried chicken really? Just another excuse to spend time with the brunette.


It was just as they finished cleaning up that Kara got a emergency call.


"Hey I'm sorry I gotta go. I'll check in later k?" Moves to give Lena a quick hug.


The Ceo returns the hug with a strong squeeze.


"No problem. Be careful please."


"I will."


Kara gives one last nod and exits the office quickly.






"What's going on?" Kara enters swiftly from the open balcony doors.


Agents are bustling around.


"We have a break in at a jewelry store on 5th." Susan spins around in her chair informing the blond of the status.


"Why didn't NCPD respond?" The blond questions.


"They did but apparently are having trouble pinning the guy down." Alex states shifting to her other leg while inspecting the data.




"We've got live footage! Here." Winn hits a few key strokes and pops it onto the mainscreen.


"What in the world?" Vasquez comments looking wide-eyed at the viewscreen.


"Well no wonder they can't do anything." The redhead quips.


Whatever it is seems to be using some sort of camouflage rendering it completely invisible to the eye. They see officers and cop cars getting tossed all about. With 'nothing' knocking them around it almost looks comical if the situation weren't so serious.


"I'm on it." Kara responds and then speeds off.


Alex proceeds to bark orders preparing for teams to move out quickly.






Lena had walked into her office coming from a management meeting consisting of results analysis and strategy planning. She didn't expect to find Jess fidgeting next to her desk with a large stack of files on top of it's surface that wasn't there before.


The CEO glanced at her assistant warily and sat in chair reviewing the contents quietly for a few minutes.


"Jess what is all this about?" As the CEO is looking through several dosiers filled with documents and pictures. Tapping her nail gently on the papers she glances back to her assistant waiting.


Jess slowly and steadily explains.


"I thought it would be prudent considering the delicate nature of our business to hire discrete private investigators for a few key people."


"And you decided this why?" Leaning back in her chair Lena crosses her fingers together.


"I've been monitoring certain situations and patterns that flagged my attention. Also my sources have indicated that this is the case and to be wary of these individuals." She says with slightly narrowed eyes and firm conviction in her voice.


"Why bring it to me now?" Slightly tilting her head to the right lifting a brow.


"As you know Ms Luthor I have been in this business for a long time. Everytime I trusted my instincts they've never let me down. I just feel something's gonna happen soon. Pieces are being moved and now you need to know." The executive admin says sincerely as she regrips a pad in her left arm.


The CEO doesn't let it show but she is very pleased with her assistants initiative and tactics. It makes her feel like she's not alone in this business with someone who is genuinely looking out for her best interests. Even though they're not exactly friends Jess has proven her loyalty again and again.


"Is there anything else you've been keeping from me?" She says with as light smirk as the brunette relaxes a bit.


"Maybe" A knowing sparkle reflected.


"Mmmm" The smile reaches Lena's eyes. "Remind me to give you a raise."


"Yes ma'am" She chuckles as she starts heading back to her own desk.


"Oh and Jess?"


The assistant turns back as she got to the doors.




"Thank you"


"You're welcome" Jess says with a genuine smile and exits.


'Maybe I should play a game of chess with her sometime' The brunette thinks to her self.


Lena is now reviewing the dosiers with keen interest. She does not like what she finds here.


A dangerous glint reflects in green eyes.




Meanwhile somewhere downtown


"Can't we just talk about this like civil adults?!" Kara shouts over her shoulder around the pylon.


The alien, still cloaked, ran into an old abandoned warehouse which is good because now no one else can get injured but bad because now Kara can't pin him down and she's starting to get tired.


The blond's merely guessing where he's at and then get's something chucked at her head from an opposite direction. Whatever tech this guy has blocks her from seeing with xray vision.


She thinks he's also using gliders cause his feet are not making noise either. She needs to come up with something fast before she's tapped out.


Kara makes a quick assessment of her terrain and takes off running to another part of the warehouse. She manages to lure him up to the second floor and finds what she's looking for.


Checking the pipes and praying to Rao she targets them with her laser vision. The large pipes burst and water is now spewing everywhere. She gets what she needs.


'Got you!'


Sees his figure blocking the water droplets she superspeeds and punches him hard knocking him directly into the opposite concrete wall.


They slug it out a few moments and then feeling as the last vestiges of strength leave her she freezes the water around him and collapses.

Chapter Text

Lena's not sure what exactly is going on with James but he keeps blowing off their dinner dates lately including being aloof and vague on his whereabouts. Yes she knows he's Guardian but this is not lining up with the Guardian activities. She suspects something else entirely and she's fed up.


She shows up at Catco to confront him and give him a chance to explain what's going on.


"So what's been going on with you?"


"Nothing's wrong. Everything's fine." Acting kinda fidgety.


"You've been blowing me off for weeks now. What's the real reason James?"


"What are you talkin about? I've been busy with things. You know Guar.."


"I can tell when someone's lying to me." She raised an eyebrow waiting for him to spew off more nonsense.


He watched her for a moment.


"Lucy's back in town."


It felt like a slap


"And when were you planning on telling me." She crosses her arms.


"Actually I wasn't." He replies cooly while tugging his ear.


Stunned by that revelation she chooses her words carefully.


"If I recall correctly we are dating." Furrowing her brow.


"Yes we are but I just feel like I needed to resolve some things. Nothing's going on that you need to be concerned about." He states while leaning against the front of his desk.


"James if you're not being honest with me about what's been going on it makes me extremely uncomfortable when you've been spending time with your Ex. Which you obviously weren't going to mention. Yet with the specific intention of hiding it. That just makes it worse."


"It doesn't concern you. I'm not doing anything wrong. We've just been talking." Getting very defensive he suddenly looks down and to the right breaking eye contact.


'Ah ha'


"The fact you need to resolve 'things' as you put it means your affections, attentions or otherwise are currently preoccupied and quite frankly is downright disrespectful towards me." She says sharply.


"You're looking at this all wrong Lena."


"I see clearly James. I see clearly this is not working. We are still colleagues but you and I are no longer involved." She stalks out.






They had the alien that had the cloak tech in confinement but Kara had solar-flared. So now she was sitting in Sunbed room 1 soaking rads listening to Alex gripe at her.


"Luckily we were able to get there in time before he thawed." Alex continued without stopping for a breath inbetween rants.


"Shhh my head hurts."


Alex stopped pacing now concerned because Kara is usually bouncing to get moving and she's being quite docile with her eyes closed.


"I guess we'll take about this later"


She decides to leave and let her sister sleep.




Later that evening


Lena hasn't heard anything from Kara since lunch and it's getting late. Usually the Ceo gets 20 texts or more a day from the ball of sunshine and she feels like something is off, worry gnawing in her gut.


She finally breathes a sigh of relief as a text pops through from said reporter.




Kara: Hey you're invited to game night with everybody on Friday!


Lena: I dunno. We'll see.


Kara: How was your day?


Lena: Kinda sucked actually. How about yours?


The phone rings signifying a call coming through from Kara.




Kara: "Hey What's going on? Are you ok?"


Lena: "Yea I'm just I don't know... could you maybe come over? I understand if you can't."


Kara: "I'll be right there!"


Lena goes to open her mouth again and the call is already dropped.




She drops her phone on the couch and pads over to get some scotch and a tumbler from the dining room cabinet. Lena was upset at yet again another failed relationship. Can't help feeling it's all inevitable anyways. Pouring the liquid and thinking about her past relationships and how they never seemed to work out. It makes her contemplate a lonely future.


By the time Kara gets there she's already downed 2 glasses.


Lena opens the door to quickly have her arms full of Kara Danvers all warm, smelling of sandalwood as she returns the hug gratefully.


'Oh I needed this.'


Not letting go until it's Kara that pulling away. Looking at her with concerned curiousity.


"What happened?"


"Let's go sit at the island, grab you a drink and I'll fill you in." She says ushering the girl in while closing and locking the door securely.




Lena relays what occured throughout her day and then what happened with James. Kara is getting abit upset because her friend is but handles it well enough until the brunette just let's it all out.


"What are you thinking?" As the blond takes a sip of the beverage carefully observing the CEO and noticing small nuances in her facial features.


By now Lena's drunk with no filter.


"That I think he threw Supergirl under a bus to get sympathy booty"


Kara sputters and spews her drink across the countertop.


"What?" Wiping her mouth with her hand.


"I'm not a toy to be played with."




"I regret sleeping with him." The brunette says contritely.


'She what? Oh no'


A very vicious anger on Lena's behalf spiked in the blond she couldn't explain.


'Calm calm calm but grrr' Kara starts a low growl accidently shattering the glass in her hand not registering what happened yet too mad to feel it.


Lena flinches back away from the flying broken glass with a shocked look at Kara. "Kara Oh my God are you ok?"


That seemed to be what Kara needed to snap out of it as she was getting blood everywhere.


She launched herself up from the barstool cradling her hand. She hisses clearly in pain.


Lena sobers immediately and jumps into action pulling Kara to the sink to clean the wound. "Let me see it."


"I'm fine"


"You Are NOT fine. Don't argue with me. Shit it looks bad. Here put pressure on it." Hands her the towel.


"I'm gonna have to stitch it after we get the other pieces out. Hang on let me get the first aid kit?"


"Oh Okay."


Lena ran to the closet grabbing the red and white box when she hears a loud 'thud'.


Feeling a bit woozy Kara had tried to make it to the couch to sit down but everything went black.


Charging back into the kitchen the brunette finds Kara passed out on the floor.







When Kara comes to she opens her eyes tryin to gather her bearings looks around. She's on the couch and see's the ceiling. Her left hand feels bandaged she wiggles it a little with a small wince.




Her head is in Lena's lap. Something cold is pressed to her head and looks up to see the CEO with tear tracks down her face. 'Lena's ...crying?'


"Don't hurts me to see you cry." She croaks out.


Watery Green pools snapped open while still holding a bag of frozen peas to the blonds temple.


"Oh my god Kara you idiot! You scared the ever-lovin shit outta me. Don't ever do that again." She snaps at her clearly upset.


"I'm sorry Lee." Feeling bad for causing the brunette any distress.


"It's alright I just freaked when you passed out." Looking down and turning Kara's chin slightly to get a better view at her blue eyes checking for any signs of concussion.


Kara scrunched her face.


"You didn't call Alex did you?" The blond was imagining what her sister would say and try to haul her back to the DEO.


"I was so close to calling but I calmed down and got you fixed up." Confirming no concussion, Lena's anxiety left her and she began to calm down.


"Thank you." The blond breathes out.


"So what the hell happened? Here take a sip of this.. we have to replace your fluids." Props her up enough to sip some gatorade with a straw.


"I think I reacted badly to how James treated you." Kara draws a small sip not wanting anything to come back up and then resumes laying back.


"Wow ok then. I'm sorry for snapping at you but you scared me." Filing that away the brunette is genuinely flattered. No one ever held any semblance of care on her behalf before it made her heart do strange things.


"I didn't mean to. Umm...What time is it?" Wondering how late it is not wanting to hold up the dark-haired woman any longer than necessary.


"It's about 1:00am why?"


"I'm so sorry! I know you've got alot going on right now so I can go. I'm fine now." The blond tries to scramble off Lena's lap.


The CEO grabs her gently and pushes her back down. "Whoa there! You're not going anywhere. You're going to sleep here tonight so I can look after you. No arguments."


The protest died on Kara's lips. "Ok."




Kara wakes in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and her uninjured arm is numb, tingly and trapped underneath Lena's head. Who at the moment is softly snoring.


She waits a couple of minutes just watching the rise and fall of dark-haired woman's chest. Observing as the moonlight is filtering in so it looks like she's glowing and her black locks splayed everywhere.


Emotion gets caught in the Kryptonians throat. Not knowing how to deal with it she finally rolls Lena gently over with her shoulder and makes it to the bathroom in time.




'Ahhh better' Feeling much better Kara contemplates what exactly happened and why she reacted so violently. It's not like her at all and so she berates herself.


'Stupid hands' Still shaking the tingly one.


'Stupid James what the hell? It's not right. If she was mi..'


She stopped that thought right there. Shook her head.


'That's confusing...can't be thinking that. Definitely not fair to Lena.'


Kara softly and quietly slips back into bed snuggling down into her pillow on the other side.





Next morning




The tendrils of sunlight begin slowly streaming across pale skin as it moves further hitting silken dark lashes causing a furrowing of a brow then one green orb pops open.


Lifting her head Lena takes stock of her surroundings and sees the blond laying on her pillow almost within an inch of her face. She breathes in the image enveloping it with her being, warming her from the inside out. Cheeks, eyebrows, ear, chin and lips all memorized with a unique clarity of being this close. A chance she may never have again so she soaks it all in.


Finally her bladder makes itself known and she makes a reluctant but hasty restreat all without waking the blond.




Lena cleans up, makes her way to her kitchen to get coffee started, heads back to the bedroom to get her outfit picked out without being too noisy and then gets in the shower.


She can't help thinking about how it could be different and imagined future mornings filled with blond hair and couldn't stop the smile from taking over her face as she got under the hot spray refreshing her body for the day.




Kara wakes to the sound of a shower running and the smell of coffee in the air. Laying there a few minutes when a flash of an image hits her mind.


'Stooooooooooooooop' She tells herself as she groans into the pillow that smells of Lena.


As soon as she inhales it hits her gut like wildfire. Jumping quickly out of the bed as gracefully as she could muster using only one hand and escapes the bedroom entirely.


'Not cool Zor-El'




Lena stalks into the bedroom in a towel noticing Kara's already up and proceeds to get dressed. It wasn't until 15 minutes later with hair and makeup done she's walking into the kitchen Kara hands her a plate and a cup of coffee with one hand one at a time as she sits down on the barstool at the island.


"What's all this?" The brunette inquires lightly.


"It's an omelette! I made yours with veggies." She made a face when she said veggies making the brunette chuckle internally. "It's the least I can do for last night."


"You didn't have to go through all the trouble but thank you." The brunette says with a genuine smile. "As for last night, as long as you stay outta trouble then we're good." She says with a twinkle.


"I'll do my best." Kara agrees with a nod.


"I should be headin out any minute so you're welcome to hang out here as long as you want and get some rest." Lena offers still concerned about the blonds wellbeing and wanting to keep a close eye on her without being too obvious while sipping the coffee.


"I wish I could but I was hoping you could drop me off at my place. I'm on the MoonK Seoul Galaxy merger team today. They're gonna have FlowerSun Girls doing a few Kpop songs so Catco wants some interviews before Edge can lock us out." The blond explains.


Lena still can't help bristling whenever she hears or thinks about Edge. She has no proof but she believes he had her grandparents killed to get back at Lionel. Constantly opposing and warring against the Luthors at every turn. Lex hated the man until Superman filled his vision. Edge even had the gaul to try and recruit Lex and Mercy to form some sort of secret anti-alien group directed at anything Kryptonian. Fortunately Bats caught wind of the group and has been keeping close tabs on them from Gotham ever since.


Not that she could ever tell anyone any of this of course. Just more crap Luthor history havin been bestowed upon her to carry and deal with. She still really really wants to shoot him.


'Hmmm I should give Bruce a call'


"Sounds exciting. Of course I'd be happy to give you a ride. I'm taking my own car today because I'll be working late. I know it's gonna be hard for you with your hand and I wouldn't feel right letting you taking the bus so I just as soon wait for you then drop you off at work."


"You are so awesome! Thank you! OK now eat!" Her exuberance coming off of her in waves and then proceeds to happily stuff her face.


Lena chuckles and takes a bite.






They make quick work of the chow and get moving. Car ride was pleasant but then again any time spent with the bubbly reporter was a bright spot on her day.


After she drops Kara off at Catco...


Lena turns on the radio only to find John Legends 'Love Me Now' playing.


"The universe sure has a unique sense of humor." She says with a wistful hint.


Then she gives herself a cold hard dose of a Luthor's reality.


'She's not like that. We're just friends. I have to be content with that.'


She tries to take her mind off her inner struggle by thinking of her schedule for the day and what she needs to get done before she even walks into the LCorp building.

Chapter Text

Catco Kara's office


Kara has avoided James all morning. She doesn't want to deal with the situation especially since she's not directly involved and doesn't want to make things worse on either end so she's been keeping herself busy. Everytime he would try to approach her she saw it coming and made it impossible for him to get a word in before taking off again.


He notices it. It's becoming frustrating and goes to confront her in her office.


"I'm really busy James what's up" She asks while not looking up from her paperwork.


He steps up to the front of her desk. "Why are you avoiding me?"


"I'm not avoiding you I just have somewhere I need to be once I tie up some loose ends" The hero looks up finally with a neutral expression.


"And what happened to your hand?"


"Just a scratch. It's fine. I'm great." The blond says offhandedly.


"I'm not buying it. You're acting like I have the plague."


"I don't know what you're talking about." She tries to dismiss him but he just won't let it go.


"Is this because of what happened between me and Lena?"


"We're not talking about this." The blond tries to cut him off standing up.


"Apparently it does." James quips back while leaning forward placing both hands on her desk.


Her anger now causing tendrils of adrenalin to kick in snapping her pen in half. "Drop it James." She growls giving him a dangerous look peering over her glasses.


"You're taking her side." He pushes belligerently.


"It's not about sides and anyways it's none of my business." She says with slight exasperation in her voice folding her arms.


"You're right it's not so why are you avoiding me cause clearly you're upset about it!" He threw his hands up.


Poking his head into Kara's office Snapper for once sticks his nose into the situation. James is being unprofessional in a place of business and harrassing his staff member with something non-work related.


"Olsen I suggest you find some other Work to handle. I need Danvers out on site now." He says snappishly.


James knows that even though he is Snappers boss he can't say anything to overstep his position otherwise he'll lose credibility and will result in an HR issue.


And if you thought Pam of DEO HR was scary wait till you've met Rebecca of Catco's HR who also happened to be married to a corporate lawyer. It wasn't a pretty picture.


The photojournalist let it go and simply left her office without another word.


"Thank you sir." With a small sense of relief.


"Never mention this ponytail." He says with all seriousness.




"Now get moving."


"Yes sir on it."








After exiting the conference room as other people filed out and made their way back to the elevators, Sam and Lena went to Lena's office.


"Well that was an interesting meeting." Sam says while entering with brunette into the CEO's door.


"Yea no kidding. Remind me to give those guys a bonus. Even though his voice put us all to sleep, their whole department made some amazing breakthroughs with the nutrient paste, capsules and wafers for the aerospace side of LFoods." The CEO said with amusement and a bit of pride.


"I actually enjoyed the nacho Dorito paste." Sam supplies with genuine appreciation.


"Why am I not surprised? I kinda liked the strawberry cheesecake wafers." The genius countered while walking around to sit down at her desk.


The CFO makes a cheeky suggestion "Maybe you should let Kara sit in on another taste trial or hire her on as a taste tester."


Sam noticing the twinkle in Lena's eye at the mere mention of Kara's name.


"Maybe." Lena lights up with a grin.


"Although she might wind up devouring all the samples before filling out the forms." An image of cookiemonster version of Kara saying "ME EAT COOKIE NOM NOM NOM" pops in her head causing giggling hysterics.


After their laughter drifts off a bit Sam makes another suggestion to the CEO.


"You know since you're free now you should just ask the girl out." The CFO says as she leans her hip against an arm of one of the chairs.


"Get the hell outta of my office." She says jokingly tossing a squishy stress ball at Sam's head. To which Sam easily catches it and laughs harder.


"She's not into girls." Lena says with a sad look.


"Of that I am not so sure." The CFO says with a small knowing grin.


"I don't want to risk our friendship Sam. You know how hard it is for me." The brunette admitted very softly.


Sam looked at her thoughtfully "I know. Are you coming to game night? Ruby and I will be there." She asked.


"I don't know yet." Lena says with a sigh.


Sam keeps squishing the stress ball looking at Lena thoughtfully "James bailed so you don't have to worry about it being awkward."


"Who told you?" Cocks an eyebrow giving her friend a surprised look Lena is interested to know who's been talking about her business.




"What is up with you two?" Lena questions knowing the agent has been spending alot of her freetime with the other woman.


"Nothing." The CFO says nonchalantly.


"Aha yea ok." Not buying it and giving her a glare.


"No really we're just hanging out. She's been watching Ruby for me and helping with her homework since I've been pretty busy lately. It's cool." Sam says with sincerity.


Regarding her CFO warmly "Alright well you can use me as a sounding board whenever you need."


Giving Lena a smile "I know and thank you. I better get going I have a staff meeting with accounting in 20." Sam checks her watch giving it a quick tap.


"Good luck CFO."


"HA!" Sam tosses the stress ball back as she exits. Lena easily catches it and sits back contemplatively.




Sipping her white peach mango tea she was delightfully pleased.


Lena had just come back from a discussion with legal about any current lawsuits or litigation that were being settled out of court. They're doing rather well which she would expect them too seeing as at how much she pays them for a salary.


When she had walked into her office she had found this cup of tea, a plain cream cheese bagel and note from Kara on her desk.


The note was a pen doodle of a sunflower, daisies and carnations in a bunch and it said:



Wanted to make sure you ate.
Have a stellar day!


Lena couldn't stop smiling till her next meeting.




All her appointments and meetings are done for today and so Lena goes over a few things with Jess.


The brunette assigns a coordinator for the Charity Gala next month since she'll be at a tech expo in India.


The CEO's schedule would overlap and be too much if she tried to do it herself so Jess gave her a few good prospects to handle it. So all she has to do is show up if everything works out in Mumbai.


Once finished dismissing her assistant softly and then heads down to the R&D Labs to work of a few projects. Taking her mp3 player in hand makes her way to the elevators.





Edge (Galaxy Communications) Media event


Their current CEO since Morgans arrest is Mr Dominic Caplan.
Announcing an acquisition of a Korean Media outlet called MoonK in Seoul. Once Mr Caplan does his little speech he invites the Korean partner Mr Joo-Won Kim up on stage who then also gives little spiel.


They take a few press questions which Kara was able to get one in as she steadily takes notes. Thankfully she's right-handed or otherwise she woulda been screwed.


Then they introduce the singing group.


The K-pop group FlowerSun Girls make their appearance. The overall turn out for them is crazy. Larger than the majority of press conferences as of late and when they start singing the crowd starts screaming.


'Ow My ears. Agh'


Then Kara feels her phone buzzing and checks it.


A huge smile overtakes her face.




Lena: Thank you for the care package.


Kara: That's what friends are for! You deserve it :D ;)


Lena: I've never had a friend like you


Kara: The rest of those jokers are just suckers who wouldn't know a good thing if it ran over them with a bus. XD


Lena: LOL XD


Kara: Anyways Their loss my win! w00t w00t *happy sunshine emoticon*


Lena: You are too much :* :D


Kara: *Disco dancer emoticon*


Lena: Ha. How's the hand?


Kara: Feeling much better thanks to you :* :D


Kara: Crap I gotta get going the Kpop band is here TTYL <3


Lena: Hopefully you manage to stay out of trouble.


Kara: Hey now *pout*


Lena: Please be safe ok?


Kara: You bet! Ciao!


Kara wraps up things with the event covering all the pertinent stuff Snapper needed. She had a few more leads to chase down today since she was already out of the office. The blond reporter was just about to head over to her next lead for interview when she got a call from Alex to come in for a check up.








Kara is soaking up more rads in the sunbed again listening to Alex give her the drilldown of her results. The newly appointed Director was wearing the standard purple med gloves, holding a chart with a stethoscope around her neck.


"Most tests completed and everything looks good so far." Glancing down at the chart giving a short satisfied nod.


Alex knows Kara is upset about something and asks. "What's up?"




"Mmhmm" Alex hums not really buying it but not pushing either.


"Ok well I can't say specifically but something happened between 2 of my friends and I can't get involved but it upsets me.
And I'm not sure of what it is exactly I'm feeling. I'm so confused and I got mad." The blond said with a furrowed brow.


"Is that what happened to your hand?" Gives the blond a knowing look.


Kara rolls her eyes "That was an accident. I broke a glass."


"Let me take a look." Alex places the clipboard chart on the table and then takes Kara's injured hand gently. Slowly removing the bandages to inspect it.


Looks satisfied at the work done gives a small grin. "Nice work on these stitches btw I wonder how you managed that with only one hand."


"I had help." The blond shifted uncomfortably in the sunbed hoping Alex would drop it for now.


"Thought I told you to stay at home."


"I agreed to no such thing. I had to work." Waiting for the agent to go off on her about her safety and vulnerability.


It never came.


"Uh huh."


Mulling over that Kara just sat quietly 'Well that's odd. She's being extremely mellow. Not that I'm complaining but there must be a reason.'




Kara's thinking about things.


'James tries to play the good guy and thinks he is but his maturity level in relationships is that of a 3yr old. He's being flaky whether he realizes it or not and now he's hurt someone else I care about. God that idiot. Though he's still not as bad as Mon-el. Ugh what was I thinking. What a cluster that was. That shoulda never happened. Lesson learned. Move forward.'


She's still simmering and hasn't noticed her hand has healed until Alex says something while still inspecting her hand.


"Oh well looks like you're back in action Supergirl."


"Huh?" Looks down."Oh Ohhh sweet!" As Kara flexes her hand a bit feeling much better now.


"Let me know if you wanna talk ok?" Alex says with a smile.


Gives her a big squeeze as Kara accepts it gently.


"Love you." The blond says with a smile.


"Love ya too ya goob."

Chapter Text


Later than evening


Lena was working on equations and schematics while listening to Tiesto's Just Be album through one earbud for concentration. It always got her through late nights in college and her early LCorp lab tech days with the nerd brigade. Tim, Bob, Mika and Speedracer aka Nicole. They always played music while coding, building, designing, programming, video games etc... falling asleep at their stations and lived on nothing but pizza, ramen, zebra cakes and jolt grape soda.


Feeling a hint of nostalgia the Ceo smiles softly. It was one of the better times in her life she got to really enjoy herself.


'Good times. I hope they're all doing well.'


The CEO hears gentle knocking on her balcony window.


'Who else could it possibly be' She thinks to herself knowing no one else would be able to enter through that way.


Lena is annoyed and still upset about the whole kryptonite vault thing even now she's not so sure she's really mad at Supergirl per se but with the whole James situation thinking he did it with an ulterior motive.


She really wants to fix things with Supergirl just doesn't know how to bridge the gap atm. Wondering what news or plot against her the Super brings today and hoping it's not anything having to do with her family or another hash out about the kryptonite finally she gets up and opens the balcony door.


"Supergirl what brings you here? Did something happen?" She politely addressed the woman.


"No nothings wrong Ms Luthor I wish to just talk if that's alright." Glancing down at her feet, shifting from one foot to the other looking like the blond is gathering the courage for what she wants to say. "I want to apologise."


"Oh um please come in." The CEO was surprised at this development clearly not expecting for the Super to be the one to extend the branch of peace so soon. She's still a bit apprehensive on how this is gonna go but allows the Kryptonian the opportunity and gestures her to the couch.


'She looks nervous'


The blond carefully sits after readjusting her cape working out in her head the things she wants to say.


Lena gives her time to collect her thoughts and sits on the opposite side of the couch facing Supergirl with a patient neutral expression with her legs crossed.


"I am so very sorry for being an idiot
I shouldn't have allowed my... conditioning to affect my faith in you I should've just trusted you. I'm sorry for my kryptonite induced stupidity. I should never ask people to go around you. I should've just come to you directly. I just reacted horribly and that's not your fault. I shouldn't have taken it out on you and for that I apologise. I never meant to ruin our working relationship or friendship or whatever you wanna call it." The superhero keeps pacing the floor back and forth.


"I feel horrible about it and hope that maybe you could forgive me and we can start over again. And if I'm not overstepping here but I think you felt some sort of connection that ties us to the greater good I just can't explain and really hope you'll give me another chance. I thought about it long and hard and I will always believe in you because I do see the goodness in you and I'm hoping I didn't destroy any chance of us ever working together. I mean.." The blond kept looking back down in the floor between sentences.


The rambling seems familiar. She holds up a hand to silence the hero Lena feels compelled to agree and leans forward slightly dropping her hand to her lap.


"I understand now more than you know of what you went through and can overlook that whole situation. I admit I also reacted in a less than savory manner and if you're willing to put that aside and start over then so am I. I'm greatful for your faith in me and I know there may come many a time when it will be tested but know that I'm doing it to help as many people as I can. So yes I agree to your terms. A do-over." She reasoned.


"Thank you." Kara expels the breath she was holding running her hand through her hair with an awkward but reassuring smile.


Gazing at eachother thoughtfully they both breath in the moment for a few seconds longer.


With most of the previous tension now gone it's Supergirl who breaks the silence. "So what are you working on?" The hero says as she gets up and walks around to the side of Lena's desk looking at the papers thoughtfully.


Remembering she has the formulae and schematics still completely covering her desk all spread out the brunette gets up quickly and decides to allow the blond a look wanting to cement their new working relationship.


"I've been working on this equation for the past hour trying to make this work and it's driving me nuts." Lena says with frustration as she sits back into her chair and scoots forward while looking down at the papers again. She doesn't see how quickly the blond moves behind her glancing over her notes.


"Maybe I can help."


The dark-haired woman raises an eyebrow at that.


Supergirl steps in and leans down so close Lena can feel the heat radiating from her and it takes the brunettes brain a second to catch up as her body is having quite a visceral reaction to the blond's closeness. She smells like ozone, fresh rain and egyptian musk and it's making her a bit dizzy.


'What the...'


Her thought stops there as the Super scribbles down a equation next to one of her notes.


"That won't work I've already tried that" The brunnete supplies.


Then Supergirl says "Not without this one." Writes another formula.


'OMG she's a bloody genius!' Lena is truly gobsmacked and stares at the woman in awe. 'Wow' A flame abruptly courses through her. 'You...'


The hero tilts her head slightly with a distant look then returns her gaze to green orbs. "Mmm I hope this helps you and I'm really glad we're giving this another shot. I look forward to working with you. Duty calls." The blond says with a slight wink. Without another moment she takes off through the door and then launches skyward.


Doing her own rendition of a fish Lena finally snaps out of it.


"What the hell was that?!"


Talking about the severe turn around in her body's response to the Kryptonian and now her mind too. She gets up to open up her liquor cabinet pouring herself 2 fingers of the dark liquid in a glass.


'Crap! Can it Luthor.' As she downs the scotch and it burns down her throat hoping to burn away the residual effects of their interaction.




Next day

Kara's apartment
Her day off


Already finishing her breakfast Kara places her dishes in the sink and pops in her Aaliyah cd into the stereo.


Cleaning is always better with music.


All throughout the morning between dancing and cleaning Kara is texting Lena and sending her little vids to make her smile.


Like little hamsters doing backflips and stuffing it's little cute poofy face.




Kara: Hamstervid.avi


Lena: That's toooo cuuuuute


Kara: :D How's work?


Lena: Don't ask :s


Kara: Why? What's going on?


Lena: Some crazed moron decided he was gonna kick in the snack machine, the IT people put me on a group mailing list so I'm having to sift through that shit, I'm hungry, my feet hurt, I have a meeting with Public relations in 10 and I feel a headache coming on. Kara they need to stooooppp.


Kara: Gosh! You should call out sick and come hang with me instead. ;)


Lena: I really really want to but I can't. *pout*


Kara: :*( I understand. Things should start looking up soon. It gets better I promise. :* <3


Lena: Hey gotta go ttyl :)


Kara: k ;)


Now with her cleaning and laundry done Kara has a plan in mind to brighten the CEO's day.




Lena's Office


Lena's working on emails... '48 down 262 to go.'


She instant messages Ted from IT:

L.Luthor CEO: Ted Please take me off the divisional group mailing lists. Thank you. You made my inbox explode.


T.Samuels IT Mngr: Yes ma'am. Sorry ma'am.


Jess pops her head into Lena's office door. "Umm Ms. Luthor.. someone broke the snack machine on the 3rd floor. Seems they tried to kick it and broke the glass."


"How is this even possible? How is it that we're a multi-billion dollar tech company but give us a simple snack machine and in a fit of hunger decide to take it out?? Well so much for Lcorp's name" The CEO throws her hands in the air and then slams her pen down on her desk.


"Find the associate who did it and call HR and their immediate manager, security and see if we're doing a reprimand or termination." Pinching the bridge of her nose Lena contemplates taking a week off.


"He's currently in medical" Jess supplies.




"The Global Public Relations team is already in conference room Blue."


"Call the vendor for their maintenance guy, any replacement parts and have them fix it in house. I don't want to scrap the whole thing or any additional unnecesary costs. Have legal talk to the guy too. Jess you can handle the rest. I'm gonna finish this last email and I'll head to the Blue room."


"Yes Ms Luthor."




She checks her phone and finds Kara sent her a hamster video.


Watches the vid.


'That is too cute' Giggles at the little furball's antics.


Kara asks her to ditch work and hang out.


'Oh man I wish'


Shoots Kara a few more messages.


Lena finally checks her watch and she's got 10 minutes till her Public Relations meeting. This day is already going to be a headache.


Gathering her portfolio, straightens her skirt and makes her way to the conference room.


'And here we go'




Lena and several of her PR staff filed out of the conference room near her office making small talk. As they were heading towards the elevators a streak of blond hair caught her eye. She looked over to where Jess' desk was and saw Kara sitting there with several bags waiting.


Things seem to be lookin up.




The blond gave the CEO a full wattage smile "Lena Hey!"


"Why didn't you wait for me in my office?"


The blond gave her a sheepish grin "Umm I was going to but your door was locked."


"Oh oops sorry bout that. Come on in have a seat." She pulls her keys from the purple spiral bracelet it was attached to. Unlocks the door and holds it open for Kara to walk through.


"Ahh thank you"


Putting the bags down she turns and gives Lena a warm but brief hug.


"So whatcha got there?" Curiosity poking at her due to the amazings scents coming from the bags.


"Lunch! Donuts and Thai!" The blond says excitedly making her way to sit on the cushy couch.


"Ooooo did I ever mention you're my favorite?" The brunette can see Kara literally vibrating at the prospect of the food.


"I'm not sure if I recall...maybe I should just keeps these all to myself." Making a greedy arm sweeping motion.




"K fine Here I brought chicken panang and masamune." Releases the bags again and starts passing out the containers.


"Those are my favorites! Who told you??" Lena is ecstatic with this development. No one ever made the effort like this for her before and her face lit up with joy.


"A little birdie that shall not be named and oh yea they're level 1 I figured you didn't want super spicy." The blond grinned, her nose wrinkling up cheerfully.


"Thank youuuuu. You're the best." The brunette suspects Jess had something to do with that.


As the containers are opened and the scent of Jasmine, thai basil and coconut curry hits her nose Lena moans.


Kara freezes. 'Oh Rao that's hot'


The Ceo hasn't noticed the blonds dilemma and is already enjoying the food with gusto. The reporter is struggling and crosses her legs to stifle the throbbing taking a rather large drink of her iced tea.


"You're not eating?" Lena curiously arches a delicate brow between bites.


Kara smiled charmingly "Oh I am I was just waiting for you to get some. I don't want to take too much since it is youuurrrr favorite."


"You're too sweet thank you so much. This is amazing. I usually don't have time to get this since they are halfway across the city." Lena says while thoroughly enjoying the flavors bursting on her tongue.


"You're welcome. Anytime." The blond woman grinned.


Kara's phone rings and she is annoyed by it interrupting a great moment. Glacing down to see who it is. "Crap"


"What is it?"


"I gotta go it's Alex" The blond informs her regretfully.


"But you just got here and you didn't eat anything." The brunette says with a furrow in her brow wishing her friend could stay.


"I'll be fine I promise. Sorry for bailing. We'll catch up later."


Before Kara knew what she was doing she gave Lena a kiss on the cheek and quickly hustled out the door.


Silence permeated the room for a few moments the brunette still in shock.


'Okaaaay that just happened.'


As goofy smile made it's way to the Luthor's face as the spot on her cheek still tingled.


'Gagh snap out of it'


Smacks herself.


'This is not ok. Not Ok. Bad Lena Bad. Now finish eating and get back to work.' Scolding herself internally.

Chapter Text

'Rao I'm an idiot. I probably made her uncomfortable. Hopefully she's ok.' Kara thought to herself while being completely surprised by her own unchecked actions. Lips are still tingly from the touch and she smiles remembering Lena's face lighting up at her favorite Thai food. The effort was worth it just for that.


Quick footing it out to a deserted alley, speed changed and catapulted skyward.


Kara taps her comm. "Ok Alex what do we got?" She asked as she avoided a small flock of pigeons.


"We got a sinking cruiseship with a fire and the coast guard is still out eta 40 minutes. We also have a bank robbery on 12th cops will be there in 10 and we got an alien tearing up the southside." Alex chirps off.


The hero makes a snap decision. "It'll take too long for the coast guard. I'll take the cruise ship first."


"Alright I got agents enroute to the Southside and we'll let NCPD handle the robbery for now." The redhead responded.


"Alright everybody let's get to work."




Lena catches the news of Supergirl saving the people on the cruise ship and putting out the fire. Amazed at having no casualties she saw they caught footage of children in the Super's arms being handed to the coastguard.


A soft grin.


'Good job' She thought with a touch of wry admiration.


Jess interrupts her thoughts through her phones intercom. "Ms Luthor your 4:30 is here."


She clicks the remote shutting off the tv monitor. "Send them in."




Game Night


Everyone arrives at Kara's apartment in high spirits.


They all get settled in after pulling the games out of the cabinet. Then the smack-talking begins as Sam starts making cocktails in the kitchen for the adults. She grabs a Dr.Pepper for Ruby. The CFO is giggling as they engage in the game night official sound off. Alex passes Kara her special flask so she can join in the fun tonight.


Alex pipes off "Prepare to get destroyed losers!"


"You ain't got nuttin on dis" Winn proclaims doin slight tugs on his shirts collar.


Ruby kicks back "None of ya'll got game. Bring it!"


"Naw Ya'll are goin dooooown. Like downtown Julie Brown style foooos!" Kara freeforms.


"What is wrong with you people?!" Lena just stares at this strange herd of crazy folk spoutin nonsense. She finds it absolutely hilarious.


Sam joins in while passing out beverages "Yea yea You kids just keep runnin ya mouths we'll see who's who soon enough." She quips.




They make several rounds of games including Yahtzee, Uno, Scattegories, Trivial Pursuit, Skipbo and drunk Jenga.


Ruby sat that last one out opting for Call of Duty with Winn.


They all had a blast and promised to do it again soon.


Sam again winds up being the designated driver and takes everyone home except for Lena who has her own.


Lena stayed a little while longer to sit and chat with Kara a bit before she'd head out.




They are sitting on the couch lazily relaxing not really wanting to say goodbye yet.


"Thank you for inviting me tonight. I had a really good time."


"You're welcome anytime Lee." The blond smiled charmingly.


Lena reaches out without thought and grabs Kara's hand inspecting it.


"Wow" Tracing where the cut and stitches had once been is now completely gone as if it never occured.


Kara feels the sparks and swallows hard slightly concerned. 'Maybe Lena suspects or If she asks I'll have to answer without outright lying because she'll see right through it. Oh Rao her hands are soft. What could I say? She won't know maybe she already does. Whoa that tingles. Oh she's so pretty.' Continues on with her internal confused drunkin ramblings.


Lena gives Kara a curious look. "Kara"


"Wha huh?" The blond asks with a slightly dazed look.


"I asked if you are ok? Where'd you go?" She explained.


"I'm not sure but that tickles." The blond chuckled slightly.


"Oh sorry." She lets go of the Kryptonians hand relunctantly as she had been enjoying the warmth and softness of it.


"I'm fine just a little tipsy and I'm not used to it." It's not a lie.


"You sure heal fast." Lena acknowledged with a small sense of awe.


"Side effect of being awesome." She says with a wry grin.


Lena can't help the laughter that bubbles up. Gently smacking her on the arm. "You are such a goof."


"Actually I was wondering why don't you spend the night over?" Kara asked cautiously not really wanting to let Lena go just yet wanting to be a little bit selfish for once and also hoping she wasn't being too forward.


"I want to but I can't. I'm doing some finishing touches tonight and I have a really early satcall with Oceana and Asia site managers. I'm sorry." The brunette supplied regretfully getting up and making her way collecting her belongings and heading towards the door.


Kara was a bit saddened by this but understood Lena was a busy woman having a company to run afterall. She follows the CEO to the door.


"It's cool no worries and besides we got the roadtrip tomorrow! Oh should I bring snacks?" Opening the door for the brunette and stepping to the side to let her through.


"All that's already taken care of. Trust me when I say we're locked, stocked and ready to roll. I also have a few surprises in store for you." The dark-haired woman says with a cheeky grin.


"Wow awesome! Really?! Like what?" Kara starts bouncing in place.


"Nope surprise remember." Her lip twitched.


Kara couldn't help the whine that erupted. "Leeeeeenaaaaaaaaa don't do this to me."


"Goodnight Kara." Green eyes twinkled mischeviously.


Kara's pouting.


Lena kisses her on the cheek and then exits the apartment.


Kara couldn't help the blush that spread as she watched Lena walk down the hall and closed the door. Not understanding why she feels a warming flush all over.




For both of them today was a great day and they look forward to tomorrow.



Conference Day


Bus trip


At first sight of the massive coach, Lena flinched at how loud the blond got in her exuberance. "This is soooo exciting! Road Trip! OMG is THAT the bus?!"


"You bet." Lena says in agreeance wondering if it's quite possible for someone to explode into color from cheerfulness.


"Oh Wow! Let's Go! I wanna seeeee" She squees grabbing Lena by the arm and pulling her towards the coach.


Lena just looks at Kara like she's some bizarre golden fluffy land mammal. 'I can't believe she actually squee'd.'


Kara very steathily scans it before Lena could notice.


Kara breaks out in song. "Foooood glorious foood."


Lena can't help laughing at the blonds antics. Reminds her of Hammy from Over the Hedge which Kara made her watch a few weeks ago. Her excitement is contagious and the brunette can't help but be affected by it.


After entering the coach Kara runs around inspecting the vehicle.


"Oh My glorp norp! Is that a Karaoke setup?!" Pulling her into the back section of the bus.


"Yes and what the heck is a glorp norp?" Giving the blond a strange look.


Lookin a bit chagrined. "Oops sorry it's Tamaranean. Anyways, LENA THIS IS AWESOME! You gotta sing with me! Where's the playlist??!" Jumping right back into excited puppy Danvers mode.


"Oh No, No I got that for you." She quickly declines trying to avoid being included in anything that involves her trying to sing.


Looking at Lena with a hopeful smile. "You HAVE to sing with me! You can't say no."


Looking at her a stern look trying to move back towards the kitchen setup. "No" The brunette says defiantly.


"Yes" The blond counters attempting to pull her clasped hand back towards the lounge room.


"No Kara" The brunette says firmly.


Kara says with all seriousness. "Resistance is futile. Comply."


Lena Laughed at that. "Alriiiight. I can't believe you'd quote 7of9 at me."


"So you DO watch it!! I knew it!" The Kryptonian exclaimed.




A little while later


They made her way through all the boy band songs, some disco and Kara is now belting Come Sail Away and Lena has to admit she's having a great time.


They take a small break to eat again.


"We should just travel around the country in this thing." Kara put out there because she's really enjoying this trip time with Lena and wouldn't mind it continuing indefinitely.


"Sounds like fun but I can't run my company from the 'Party Wagon' as you so eloquently described it. Besides I thought you liked your job?" She regretfully informs the blond even though that sounds like a novel idea.


"I do. It's just something to think about." She says thoughtfully between bites.






They keep talking about everything that's happened the past few days.


"So I was in line at Noonan's and the guy behind me strikes up a conversation cause it's a pretty long line at this point so I'm being friendly and he asks me out. Come to find out he is Gabe the Yoga instructor and offered me some free lessons. I'm not really into yoga. I dunno I prefer good old fashioned calisthenics and weightlifting."


Lena had to refrain from saying anything when a sharp pang of jealousy stuck her. She plastered on her best smile and just kept listening to the blond.


"So I'm like no I've never had Churrasco before and we wound up going to this Brazilian steakhouse. The food was AMAZING!" Kara face lights up again talking about food to which Lena is not surprised.


"That's great. I'm glad you had a good time." The CEO presses out trying to be happy for her friend.


"Yea and his husband Juan is such a sweet guy. Apparently they met at Carnival a few years back and then moved here from Brazil last year." Kara continues on happily.


Lena felt like a jerk when she felt relieved. She had never felt jealous before in her life so this is just unacceptable.


'Get it together Luthor. She can date whomever she wants.'


"Oh wow that's awesome. They sound like a nice couple. I've hadn't had a chance to make it out to Rio before maybe it's something to put on the bucket list." She remarked softly.


"Yea that'd be soooo cool." The blond woman responded excitedly.


"We still got another hour till we get to the convention center so I got another surprise for you...follow me." Lena grinned, her nose wrinkling up cheerfully.


Kara squished Lena when she found the Xbox hookup. They wound up playing Halo for the remainder of the bus ride.


'Nothing could really top this.' Lena thinks to herself.





Conference itself




"As you can see at LCorp we take things very seriously in making strides for the betterment of mankind and improving lives for a brighter tomorrow. Thank you." Lena finishes with a nod and a dazzling smile.


It as a standing ovation and Kara was so proud of Lena. Clapping furiously green eyes finding blue and the rest of the world didn't exist for them. Suddenly Lena's security guiding her offstage breaks the moment.


'Breathe' Kara reminds herself and does another scan of the crowd and backstage over her glasses.


Shrugging off the LCorp crew and cheering section the blond made her way backstage to congratulate Lena on an amazing job.


The conference was a hit and Lena's presentation rocked the house. She was the only one to get a standing ovation so hopefully the CEO realised that and accepts the praise gracefully. The LCorp booth including fundraising did exceptionally well and had a large turnout so Lena is one proud CEO.


They had ran all over the place taking interviews, photo ops, all the booths for the other tech companies and what they were presenting, discussions, connections, cards being passed new and innovative green technology.


Different international food vendors were outside of the main facility and Lena had a hard time pulling Kara away from those but all-in-all it was an awesome experience and a great day.


Surprisingly it was Kara who passed out against the brunettes shoulder on the way home and Lena was content to let the girl sleep.

Chapter Text


DEO Next day


Kara's standing next to Winn's work station looking around at the data and thinking about the magical day she had yesterday with the beautiful...


'Agh stop she's your frrrriiiieeennd. Friend. Beautiful friend.'


Smiling to herself. "So what do we got? I'm ready to go! Anything?" Trying to get something to keep her mind busy.


"Nothing's goin on right now. We'll page you later if need you." Winn informs the hero.




"So check this out." He says excitedly practically bouncing in his seat.


As Winn spins his phone around to show Kara a video. What she sees is a very detailed cartoon looking show.


"What is.." She was about to ask but got cut off.


"Shh just watch this next scene with Erza." The IT couldn't contain his excitement.


A battle scene blazes across the display and for the couple of minutes it took to play the clip Kara was amazed. "Oh WOW"


"I know right?! This season is far better."


"What is this called?"


Winn is looking at her like she's done lost her alien mind. "How do you not know what this is?? This is Fairy Tail!!"


"I..uh I've never watched something like this before." She responded.


"Like this?...OH MY GOD" He inhales loudly and goes high pitch. "You're an anime virgin!"


"What the Hey! Winn don't say stuff like that. And what's anime?" Looking around nervously hoping no one heard that and she whispers that last part.


True to his Otaku nature he sputters out. "This is Anime Kara. Anime OH you are so behind here's a list I'm emailing you that are absolute Musts. I..I can't even look at you right now till you at least watch these top 10."


"Okaaaaaaay. You have a list?"


"Yea Here you go. Buh Bye." As he spins back around in his chair with a dramatic flair completely dismissing her.




LCorp office


Lena keeps thinking back to the past few days with Kara and it's been so nice spending time with the bouncing glowing ball of sunlight. Taking a moment to breath and she dives back into her pile of paperwork.




So unbeknownst to Kara Lena's been keeping a secret...


Lena's guilty secret Cheetoh fries which she hides in her desk at work.


Kara decides to drop by for lunch hoping to surprise Lena with something nice. The blond got her some lasagna and a salad from that little Italian place a few blocks down.


Lena is pleased Kara is here and was about to get up to give her friend a hug but stopped with a raised brow as the blond started acting a bit weird.


The blond had frozen her quick pace to the couch as she caught a whiff of something unexpectedly and then puts the bags down slowly.


*Sniff Sniff* Squints her eyes and looks around almost predatorily.


Lena has a confused look on her face at Kara's strange actions. "What are you doing?"


"You've been holding out on me Lena."


"Kara what are you talking abo..."


"Shh" The reporter cuts her off.


Kara proceeds to sniff around the room till she winds up right at the drawer Lena has her secret stash in.


She points at the desk drawer with a dangerous glint in her eye. "Open please"


"Kara wha.." The brunette says with a wide eyed look.


Kara lifts an eyebrow.


Lena slowly opens the drawer.


The blond quickly snatches the bag and tries to make off with it.


She jumps up from her desk chair and chases Kara grabbing her. "KARA Not my hot fries! No!"


She's got Kara by the waist trying to stop her or at least slow her down which doesn't seem to be working at all.


"Stop you're gonna make me break a heel."


"Nope not falling for that trick." A half shake of the blond head.


Kara manages to make it halfway across the room and then wriggles around while holding the bag out of reach of the brunettes hands giggling the entire time.


"Karaaaaa." Lena whines a bit.


"I'm gonna enjoy this." Kara says daringly with a grin.




Kara pulls a fry out of the bag avoiding Lena's attempt to stop her and was about to put it in her mouth when a soft warm hand clamps over her mouth sending electric tingles all over.


"MMRRRMPFFYYY" The wide eyed look on the blond showed she wasn't expecting this manuever.


The brunette changes tactics and tries a soft pleading tone with puppy eyes. "Please don't they're my favorite."


Kara knows when she's been beat and graciously hands Lena back her bag of hot fries and the one she plucked.




"Ok I'm sorry I took your fries. Here." The blond said while seeming remorseful for her actions.


Happy with this resolution Lena decides to have mercy on poor Kara even tho she did try to jack them in the first place.


"I'll give you one."


Their bodies are still pressed against eachother but they hadn't noticed yet until Lena hand feeds Kara the fry she gave back.
Her breath caught as she felt the warm wet heat wrapped around her digit. Kara took the Cheetoh with gusto and her tongue caressed Lena's fingertip. Blue dilated eyes and green orbs connected. Liquid heat pooled in Lena's lower abdomen.


'Oh God'


They both had no idea what was happening. The situation turned into something else entirely. Well whatever it was that was going to happen was suddenly interrupted by Kara's phone.


They both jumped back in surprise thinking they were just imagining things.


"I'm sorry Lena. It's my boss. I gotta go." Kara said with a furrow in her brow while waiving the phone to make a hasty exit.


"Yea sure no problem." The brunette waves off still slightly flustered trying to rein in her body's response to the blond.


'What the hell just happened?' Lena thinks to herself as Kara exits her office in a rush.




City Hall


Kara had sped off when Snapper had interrupted a rather interesting moment. Still not fully wrapping her head around it she moves quickly as she can to City Hall. It seems the Mayor is having a last minute press conference about possible indictment and criminal charges around corruption in the DA's office.


The courts have now haulted proceedings pending a full investigation. NCPD cells are now overflowing and they had to cut back on bringing anything new in. Misdemeanors are being waived as now they're having to go back over former cases. This is bad because now criminals are having a hay day and it's gonna be quadruple duty for the caped crusader.


The Mayor gave his statement "In the light of these unfortunate events our neighboring townships and magistrate are offering their assistance in any way they can to offset the increased backlog we are now seeing until the situation is resolved. Please know we are doing everything we can to make sure the people of National City are in good hands."


The press is having a field day tearing into the Mayor. "Mr Mayor what's to say the Mayor's office didn't have knowledge of what was going on at the DA?"


"I can assure you that myself and this honorable office had no prior knowledge of the dealings of the DA or of the individuals involved and that they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law." He said with conviction in his voice.


The blond reporter got as much information as she could before she had to bounce out due to multiple emergencies she heard in the distance.


'Oh great'





Later that day

LCorp Lena's office


'It would be just my luck the air conditioning would go out right as the building maintenance director takes a vacation. God it's hot in here.'




"I am so done with these people. I've been on hold for 40 minutes." Lena says in an aggravated tone slamming the phone down.


"Oh my" Jess reacts in surprise.


"Jess I'm cancelling their contract. I'll fix the damn thing myself if I have to unless you get me someone who can do it in 20 minutes." The brunette stated while running her fingers through her hair.


"Yes ma'am on it." The assistant responds quickly furiously tapping on her Ipad.


"I have a client meeting in less than an hour and I still need to pull those reports beforehand." Lena said matter-of-factly.




It wasn't till 2 hours later the client finally left satisfied in his request.


'Good lord'


However, she was extremely pleased Jess got one of her cousins to come out and fix the aircon because he happened to have the part they needed and was HVAC certified. Enjoying the nice cool air coming from the vents with a satisfied smile she listened to her assistant give her updates.


Walking quickly into the office after escorting the client out "R&D just got those new parts in you ordered." Jess advised the CEO.


"Finally! Took them long enough." Lena said while pretending not to be excited.


"Jess clear my schedule please." The brunette says nonchalantly.


Jess gave her a knowing look trying not to smirk.


"I'm heading down to the lab for awhile." The brunette said with a small smile.


"Yes Ms Luthor." Her assistant confirmed while making some adjustments on her notepad.






"We've been trying to track them but it's like they disappeared." Winn explains to Alex while she's leaning her hip against the desk looking over his shoulder at his screen.


"Who are you guys talking about?" Supergirl questions after zipping in to give her debrief on today's events so far.


Alex and Winn looking between eachother for a moment before finally turning to Kara.


"Why do you guys look like that? What's going on?" Walking up to them and crossing her arms as the blond looks pointedly at them.


Alex supplies "Well it seems that during the whole fiasco at the DA's, some criminals have gotten out."


"Ok well let's go round them up." Kara said resolutely.


Winn was scrolling through the data as he spoke "See that's the thing, even with the jails overflowing these unique individuals got the evidence overturned and now they're out scot free. Unfortunately, we didn't know till just now and we can't track them. It's like they ghosted."


Kara's shuffles nervously in which the way Winn is explaining it. "Who are we talking about here?"


Alex states "Morgan Edge and Lillian Luthor."


The blond stares at them in shock "Oh Rao Lena!"


The redhead ponders for a moment "You should also call Kal."


"Can I.." Winn starts to say excitedly then gets cut off.


Both women simultaneously respond "NO!"


"Why nooot?" He whines pathetically.


"Lois is still mad at you." Kara says glaring at him.


The IT replies nonchalantly "Not my fault your cousin is hot."


The blond is grossed out by that "Ewwww please don't ever mention that again."


The director says in a chastising tone "Winn stop fangirling and get back to work. We need to find Morgan and Lillian before they try something." She nods as another agent hands her a clipboard.


"Hey!" He says with a huff of indignance.


The Super was about ready to bolt "I gotta go let Lena know."


Holding up a hand "Whoa we need you down in lockup to move some prisoners first then you can go." The redhead pats her sister on the shoulder.


"Ugh fine" The blond responded shortly.





R&D Lab


So Lena was by herself down in the R&D Lab and blasting a punk rock playlist including MxPx and Floggin Molly. She was in the zone. If anybody saw her now they would be extremely conflicted at the sight she presented. Silk blouse, pencil skirt and 4 inch heels that matched her lipstick. Wearing goggles holding a soldiering iron and blasting punk rock music.


'Wonder what they'd think if I walked into the next board meeting with all my piercings in.' Chuckling to herself.


She's been working on a new prototype for a larger scale device that pulls water from the air for drinking. With that she's also been developing a desert biosuit that can change colors for temperature regulation that conserves body liquids and filters them.


'Hopefully I'll have this done before the next stockholders meeting.' She thinks to herself a bit gleefully.


She rechecks her grounding wire before making the next few delicate adjustments.




Lena's Office


Lena finally makes it back to her office just in time to hear a light tapping on her balcony window. She looks up seeing the Super with a pensive look on her face.


'Shit. Doesn't look like good news.' The brunette thinks to herself as she sees the Super's body language.


"Come in Supergirl." Lena says calmly still standing waiting for the blond to deliver some kind of news.


Supergirl walks past the balcony doors and approaches Lena slowly "Ms Luthor I'm not sure if you've heard about the umm incident at the DA?" The blond questions nervously.


The CEO tosses some folders she was holding onto her desk "I've been in meetings and the lab all day. Why? Does it have something to do with me? I can assure you I had no involvement with that." Turning around to look at the hero with open palms facing upward and a sincere look.


The blond further explains "No no that's not it. So with the courts all going crazy because of evidence getting overturned well.. some people have been let out." She remarked softly while rubbing the back of her neck.


Between the Super's body language and the topic she pieced it together "You've got to be fucking kidding me."


Supergirl winced at the expletive.


Lena stalks over to her liquor bar and as she goes to grab the bottle of scotch Supergirl places a hand over hers effectively blocking her from the drink.


"Now is a time for us to be smart. Not for alcohol." Supergirl drawled in a low voice.


Stopping herself from lashing out when she feels tingling along her skin. Lena's body deflates from the touch and whispers "Who's out?"


Kara was afraid this is gonna hurt the young woman anyway she hashed it "I'm sorry to tell you this but it's Edge and your mother." The blond explained softly as she could.


Sucking in air as if she was punched in the gut then after a beat Lena straightened herself "I'm not going to hide." She admitted resolutely.


"I know." Supergirl retracts her hand with a pained expression.


"I'll take care of security on my end." Moving away from the bar she stands in front of her desk looking out of the window thinking.


Observing the CEO she states with sincerity "Alright. Do you need anything from me?" Wanting to reassure the brunette that she's not alone.


Lena considers it for a moment then turns to look at the blond's gaze "I will let you know if I do. Thank you for telling me."


"You know I.." The blond paused with a tilt of her head listening to something far off.


"I'll be fine. Go save the day Supergirl." Hearing the sirens too Lena remarked with a small knowing grin.


Supergirl looked hesitant but then relented "Ms Luthor please be safe." Giving Lena an intense look.


"You too." Lena confirms with a nod.


Before she could take another breath the Super was gone.


'Well that was an interesting turn of events' Lena thinks to herself knowing she was gonna have to step up her game. Between Lex and Edge trying to kill her and no telling how her mother is gonna handle things having been responsible for her arrest again. She thinks 'What else could possibly go wrong?'


She wound up tripling her security measures and putting more plans into place.


It's not till way later that evening Lena finally trudges home, shrugs off clothing and just passes out on her bed.




Kara's Apartment


"And now Winn refuses to talk to me until I watch these." The blond says with a huff while plopping herself down onto the couch next to her sister curling her left leg underneath.


Alex says wryly. "It sounds like his Otaku is showing."


"His what?" The blond was bewildered.


Alex glares at her. "Seriously Kara you really need to do more research. Let me see his list." Lightly scolding the hero.


She passes her phone to Alex to show the email he sent her.


"Ohhh Yea those are good ones but here let me send you my list." The agent says with a smile.


Shocked at this development Kara replies. "YOu have a list too??? Why haven't you ever mentioned this before?"


"I had no idea you never dabbled. It's sad." The redhead stated quite pointedly.


Kara lays her head on the back of the couch.


"You'll be fine and we can watch some of these other ones together on sister nights. The other generic tv stuff is just too Ugh these days. I get enough of that shit at work."


They end up watching something called Cowboy Bebop.

Chapter Text

Couple of days later



"I know you're upset about having to cancel on Lena at the last minute but this was important." Alex said trying to get Kara to chill out while standing just inside of her office. Holding several files in her hands hoping to make headway on her paperwork.


"Yea I know I know. Still I gotta find some way to make it up to her. This was a big deal." Frustrated from having to bail on Lena she's being short with Alex and it's showing.


"You'll figure something out. So did you recover the artifact?" Ignoring her sister's mini fit Alex questions further.


The blond woman responded "No the guy was throwing a bunch of lightning blasts around and what I found odd was it looked like he was using psi energy to throw shipping cargo containers at me. Like what the heck Alex was he a metahuman or what?"


"I'm not sure yet." The redhead drawled.


"What was in that crate? You said an artifact... what kind are we talking about here?" Kara questioned wanting to know what was so important that she was forced to cancel her plans.


Alex explains "The museum won't say and we were under strict orders not to open the crate just retrieve it for them. The only reason we got this case in our lap was because of the defense secretary got involved and mentioned something about national security, important and of ancient alien origin. They are keeping it top secret even I don't have clearance for as Director which I thought was extremely odd but anyways you're ok?" Eyeing her sister carefully.


"Yea I'm fine. He didn't get a hit on me. He was too slow." The blond said while pacing.


"I see you came back emptyhanded so what happened." The agent inquired kinda puzzled at a failed mission on Kara's part but glad she was safe nonetheless.


"I dunno Alex he just vanished." The hero stated with confusion running her fingers through blond locks with frustration.


"What do you mean vanished?" Looks at her sister incredulously looking up from the file in her hands.


"In thin air vanished in a black sorta fuzzy looking fog swirl that dissipated quickly." Tossing her hands in the air in exasperation while still pacing feeling like the whole thing was a complete waste of her time when she coulda been at the party with Lena.


"Oh wow ok" 'Crap' Alex knew exactly what they were dealing with but didn't want to voice it yet.


"Well did you get a make on the guy?" The redhead inquires further.


Kara stops and tilts her head in thought. "Tall, skinny, short hair, pale complexion, thin mustache, wearing some kinda of dark jedi knockoff... I can't be too sure it was dark and he was far away."


"Let me know if you remember anything else later ok? Whatever he took they're gonna be on our ass for letting it slip out of our fingers even though they're the idiots for how they transported it in the first place." Alex says matter of factly and then adds. "Besides that is there anything on your mind you wanna talk about? You've had the crinkle for two days now."


"No no I'm fine." The blond replies.


"If you say so." Not believing a word her sister says but giving her the space she needs.


"Alex I'm totally fine and if I do need to talk I'll call you ok?" Kara attempts to reassure her sister with a small smile.


"MmK" Alex confirms with a hum. "We also found out about how Edge and Lena's mother were able to get out. You remember those city buildings from few weeks back that were destroyed?" She inquired.


Kara searched her memory "Yea" She said slowly Giving the redhead a curious look.


The director cautiously admitted "Well that's where most of the hard evidence was stored for their cases and since they.."


Kara smacked her forehead "I knew something was up with that I should've said something dangit." Upset she didn't mention anything sooner.


"S'alright. Don't beat yourself up." Alex chuckled at her sister.


The blond questions "Any news on them?" Wanting any bit of information to keep Lena out of harms way.


Alex shook her head "No not as of yet. I'll keep you informed if anything comes up." She said resolutely as she tapped the Super's arm with the folders.




Somewhere downtown


Penthouse party


The beat was thick, the people were hot, the liquor was flowing.


Lena was enjoying herself but kept feeling like something is missing.


'Or someone' Her mind supplies


Unfortunately the sunny blond couldn't make it and it was confusing to Lena why her body feels like she's having some kind of weird withdrawls.


'This is not supposed to be happening. You cannot under any circumstances fall for your best friend. Your only friend you sad pathetic girl. You're gonna ruin it like you always do. Find someone here to dabble with. Hell get laid for a change and stop pining.'


Takes another sip of her drink scanning the room. It was a nice place. Georgios was an extremely wealthy playboy who liked extravagant parties and held even more interesting after-parties not that Lena ever participated in the later but she always held an invite. He was also a basketball enthusiast and had some strange affinity for gummy bears.


His yacht parties were always fun too with tons of good food and interesting people from all over.


A beautiful and exotic woman in a red dress takes a seat next to Lena.


"Hi I'm Radha." The woman says with a charming smile.


'Ahh Bollywood actress I remember her now'


Lena gently offers her hand in greeting noticing how soft her hands are but no electricity.




"Luthor yes I know who you are." Only twinkling mirth reflected and not malice which intrigued the CEO.


Oh she knew she was being flirted with but she wasn't sure if she was really up to it tonight. Not with swirling thoughts of electric blue eyes and a blazing sunny smile haunting her.


"Well it's nice to meet you Radha. Would you like something to drink?" She offers.


"Mmm what are you having?" The actress inquires with a wry grin.


"Scotch neat" The CEO supplies.


"Unusual drink for a woman." A server appears and she whispers her drink order into his ear. He nods and deftly leaves to fulfil the request.


"Almost as unusual as a woman of your industry hitting on another woman." She retorts with a grin.




The server returns with her drink order and then departs again.


"So are you attending Georgios' afterparty?" The Indian woman questions sipping her drink.


"It's not my thing" Lena replies nonchalantly.


"Pity I would have enjoyed it more if you were in attendance. Maybe some other time." Hungrily looking over the CEO's body.


"Maybe" Giving the other woman a small smile.


"Well if you're ever in New Dehli..." She hands Lena her card with her number. Then Radha saunters away putting a little extra swing in her hips knowing the brunette is watching.


'Ugh I can't believe I just shot down another one tonight. What is wrong with me?!'


Finally she goes off to one of the secluded rooms balcony for privacy and fresh air after making sure she was completely alone she locks the door behind her giving herself some time to think.


'Why am I even here?'


She gazes out onto the night skyline of the city. Twinkling lights and moving cars dotting the interesting curves and lines of the streets below.


A few minutes later she hears a rustling and then a light thud beside her.


She knows who it is but doesn't say anything just beathing in the cool night air.


"Are you ok?" Supergirl asks softly standing within a foot of the brunette.


"I'm fine just not feelin it tonight."


"Would you like me to give you a lift home?" Blue eyes peeked at her.


Giving the Super a perplexing look she gives a small snort. "You offering a taxi service now?"


Supergirl chuckles softly at that glancing back at the skyline. "No just offering a friend a ride."


"Are we?" Lena allowed herself to ask the big question afraid of knowing the answer.


"I hope so and if not maybe eventually."


"Mmm" The brunette accepted the statement satisfied at the moment.


"I'm here if you ever need me" The hero offered with sincerity.


"Yea me and all of National City"


"You know what I mean."


"No I don't think I do." Glancing to her right and studying the blond carefully.


At that the blond turns and looks directly into Lena's eyes. They were incredibly bright and intense. It was shocking to see and especially directed at her.




"If one day something happens to me and I don't make it, I will take comfort that I had the great privilege of knowing you and maybe... just maybe I gave you something to make your life a little bit better." Supergirl confesses honestly.


Astonished by the words Lena really had no reply to that as a few tears slipped down her cheek.


Supergirl laid her left hand on the brunettes shoulder for comfort wishing she could hug her but can't with wearing the suit and all.


"Thank you" The CEO whispered.


"Mmm So about that ride?"


"I hate flying but I appreciate your offer. I'll just text my driver." She politely replied.


"Ok then Ms Luthor you have a goodnight." The Super steps back and launches into the night sky leaving Lena to quietly ponder the meanings of the Supers words until her driver arrived.

Chapter Text

Couple of days later


Kara's Office


Kara is working on a very heavy piece about alien refugees getting skill training for entering the workforce and families getting home assistance. She's still handling smaller pieces Snapper has her working now that the DA's office situation is mostly resolved but between her duties here and with the cape she's getting a little burnt out needing a small pick-me-up...


She's also been looking for some way to make it up to Lena for canceling on the party last second and how they haven't been able to really chat or see eachother in days and the blond is getting antsy. Lena's been real understanding about the whole thing but it just doesn't sit right with the reporter.


Something pops into mind and she needs a few minutes to execute her plan. Moving out one of the windows no one was paying attention to she took off then a minute later returned still not having been seen. Now she's pretty pleased with herself and toting a bag of hot Cheetoh fries in her mits heads back to her office with a smile.






Lena's Office


Having just come back from another meeting Lena pops her head outside of her office.


"Jess did you put anything on my desk?" The CEO inquires.


"Uh no Ms Luthor. Is there something wrong?" Sounding concerned at her boss' odd question.


"No no everything's fine nevermind. Oh and hey could you get me that report on the I2 prototype please." She casually dismissed but then remembered the item she needed.


Listening intently then makes a few marks on her notepad. "Right away ma'am." The assistant confirms.


Lena ducks back in and sits at her desk trying to figure out how this got in here. She looks around for anything else out of place and then checks her desk.


The brunette finds a sticky note in her drawer where her hot fry bag is now somehow missing.


"What the.."


She reads it.



'Sorry I missed you and sorry for taking your fries but I left you some Hershey hugs to make up for it in the meantime. Movie night My place 8pm tonight? I'll order in Chinese. Hope you have an awesome day! ;)'



'Oh that little stink.'




Later that evening

Kara's Apartment


Kara is singing Queen's A Kind of Magic and dancing around waiting for Lena to show up for tv night in.


Lena finally arrives with a loud knock trying to be heard past the blasting music coming from inside.


The apartment is blaring as the blond sings at Lena as she opens the door grabbing the brunettes hand and leading her in while belting out the lyrics.


Kara proceeds to dance around like a blond Freddie Mercury much to Lena's delight. Making a show of it, jumping on and off the couch dramatically.


Finally finishing the song takes a bow at the young woman's applause in front of her.


"Thank you! Thank you to all my adoring fans. You Rock!" The blond exclaims with a dramatic kick.


Lena smiles giving her a small wink. "You are amazing" Gives her a kiss on her cheek when another knock furiously bangs on the door.


Kara with a confused look goes to see who it is and when she finally opens the door the neighbor lady from down the hall Ms Dubois in her green curlers and pink moomoo starts griping and ripping into the blond about the loud music.


Lena stifles the giggles as Kara gets chewed out. Kara looking so adorable like a spanked puppy. Then Lena has to alt-ctrl-del that from her brain. Pulling herself together as Kara finishes apologising profusely to the woman.


Closing the door and turning back around to face Lena with a sheepish look rubbing the back of her neck she comments. "Sorry about that. Sometimes I forget these walls are super thin."


"No problem...Maybe I can have a repeat performance at my place?" Lena says with a hint of amusement.


"I think that can be arranged. Amazing venue I heard." Giving the brunette a dazzling smile stepping forward.


"Mmm you think so?" Lena asks softly with a gentle smile leaning towards the blond as she gets a bit closer pulling in the blonds warmth she seems to be emanating.


"Do you have any special requests? I'll need to do a few practice runs to make sure I'm up to Lena Luthor standards."


"Anything you sing will be wonderful. Surprise me." The brunette says sincerely placing a reassuring hand on Kara's forearm enjoying the banter.


Getting a bit nervous Kara does a quick change of subject while backing away slightly gesturing towards the massive amount of food on the counter. "Oki dokie. So let's get this show on the road we got pork mei fun, fried scallops, eggdrop soup, beef teriyaki, cream cheese rolls, moo goo gai pan, orange chicken and beef'n broccoli"


"Are you feeding an army? or did you invite anyone else?" She stares amazingly at the mountain on the kitchen island.


"Nope just us." The blond supplies happily.


"I swear you have a hollow leg." The CEO chuckles.


Kara laughs as they start dishing out the food. "You need to at least get a bite out of each. I want to make sure you're getting all your nutrients."


"Only if you eat your vegetables" Poking fun at the blond.


"Ok fine." Scrunching her face the blond gets them settled on the couch. While Lena's munching away quietly Kara selects her latest favorite show.


"Mmmm this is good. So what are we watching tonight?" The brunette questions


"I forgoed movie for anime tonight." Kara states with finality hoping the dark haired woman would be cool with the changes.


"You're kidding. You mean we're watching cartoons." Lena says succinctly.


"How dare you!" The Kryptonian feigns outrage glaring at the woman sitting next to her. "These are not cartoons but very sophisticated works of art on screen. Japanese animation is an amazing wonderful experience and Trust me once you actually see it you'll be just as amazed as when I watched it for the first time."


Surprised at Kara's vehement defense of the subject she relents in her teasing. "I'll take your word for it."


The blond selects something called 'Outlaw Star' and hits play.


They got through half of the series before callin it quits taking a raincheck on the secondhalf. But true to her word Kara was right making Lena a fast anime fan. She couldn't wait for their next tv night.


In the meantime they clean up and pack the leftovers away. Lena doesn't want to go but she's extremely tired after a long day. "I better get going. I got an early meeting with Hong Kong in the morning."


The reporter seems a bit saddened but gives the darkhaired woman a bright smile. "No worries. Thanks for coming over. I had alot of fun."


"Me too and if you would be so kind as to stay out of my hot fries from now on I'd greatly appreciate it please and thank you." The brunette remarked purposefully.


"I'm sorry. I won't touch them from now on I swear. Scouts honor." The blond says with an apologetic look and scout hand sign.


Lena is satisfied in the sincerity of the blonds response. "Mmm See you later?" Giving a half-grin.


"You bet." Kara doesn't want Lena to go but doesn't say anything.


They bid each other goodnight smiling warmly and giving a brief hug.


Closing the door Kara's heart beats strangely and she doesn't understand why as she finally makes her way to bed.




Lena's Apartment





She's running. It's dark. Her chest burns.

Someone is chasing her.

She runs out of road.

Turns around and sees a blond haired woman fighting.

Gun shots are fired. The assailant runs off.

The woman falls to the asphalt.

Running up to her to turn her over.

Fear and horror.

It's Kara. No.

As the blood seeps from the blond's chest and cold dead blue eyes staring back at her.

She screams.




Lena abruptly jolts up from the nightmare.


Tears in her eyes and sweating profusely.


Heart beating out of her chest from the dread and pain the image produced.


"What the fuck!"




Next Day


TaNak's ship


TaNak's been going over the data and the simulations weren't very promising. Making a quick decision and getting TeGo on the comm.


"We need to make a detour. We're going to need a bit more specialized crew for this mission so we better make a stop on Draelik 3 to pick up some of my older comrades. If the syndicate gets wind of this, League or not, it's gonna be a bloodbath. So we need to make this as low key as possible."


"Aye sir. Altering heading now."





LCorp Lena's Office


Kara had a bit of freetime so decided to drop in on the executive to see how she was doing. "What are you working on?"


"Well we have been looking into a new rapidhealing gel for the Sports medicine market. This is really a new field for us besides the regular tech. So I'm really excited." Lena waves her hands animatedly with excitement.


Kara walks over to stand beside the CEO at her desk.


"Oh that's so cool!" The reporter exclaims with her usual cheery exuberance.


Lena doesn't say anything as she notices Kara going to steal some of her 'smoothie' as she glances back down at her data sheets.


Kara slurps up a mouthful before the horror what was in her mouth registered. Wide eyed and panicked she finds the nearest receptacle and spits out the wheatgrass, spirulina and Chinese herb tonic into the wastebasket.


Laughing ensues.


"Are you trying to kill me?" Kara blurts out while still spitting into the trash can.


"You drank MY juice. If you had asked me beforehand I would've told you what was in it." Lena said with an incredulous look.


"Urgh Ack Yuck blergh." Scrapping her tongue with the plastic spoon still leaning over the rubbish bin.


"I thought it was Kiwi! I'm gonna have nightmares!" The blond clucked back.


Lena can't stop laughing.


"So disgusting"


"Serves you right you little imp besides it's good for you." The brunette said with a mock glare.


"Warn me next time and just for the record I am not an imp." Wipes her face with the napkin Lena handed her.


"Oh? and what would you call yourself since you always seem to be in trouble annnd you're quite sneaky."


"Imps play tricks very bad ones." Kara said offhandedly.


"And you would know this how? Have you ever met one?" Lena sits back while intertwining her fingers waiting for the blond to comeup with an answer of some sort.




"Yea see you my dear are an imp and I have to keep my eye on you. No telling what you'll get yourself into next." The brunette says matter-of-factly with a smile.


Little did she know how true that statement was.

Chapter Text

A few days later


Alien fight scene


It was supposed a simple DEO mission. However, this time it didn't go as planned when they entered a large garage facility that was hosting the local chop shop for boosted cars. They got a tip that there was alien smuggling going on and they were gonna shut it down. It was in the middle of a fire fight that some big Lizard-looking alien shot Kara in the face with the yellowish liquid he spewed from his throat then nailed her with his tail.


She was flung into a wall. The blond had jumped back up attempting to wipe the goop from her eyes and that's when the trouble started. At first her eyes were blurry, then she was having trouble breathing, then her eyes were burning and her lips were starting to numb. Her mind went into a panic when her vision blacked out.


'Agh it burns!'


Kara shouts "Alex HELP! I can't see!" The blond barely got out.


"Kara! Hold on!" She hears Alex yell through the fogginess of her mind.


Alex nails the guy in the back with her alien shock gun knocking him out.


It was after she heard the guy scream that Kara felt like she was walking through sludge. Her brain got cloudy. Fighting as hard as she could to stay upright it was futile because whatever that stuff was is already in her system and making quick work of her. Her last thoughts were of soft green eyes and dark hair as she collapsed into a twitching heap on the ground.









Lungs stop working


Heart stops working


Defib and a shot of adrenaline to the heart.


Someone runs in from lockup and hands over some leftover anti-venom they had in stock.


Plunges the pen in.




Kara comes to and can't see. She can feel heat. She guesses it's from the sunbed.


Can't move her legs, her arms and hands shake not able to grip anything.


Eventually Kara can sit up


Her cognitive function and speech is still intact although kinda sluggish.


Wheelchair required.


Alex has to help her in the bathroom.




Later on


Kara's apartment


Alex needs help taking care of Kara and is dreading having this conversation with the CEO. She knows her sister is being quite stubborn about the whole thing and after finally getting through to her agreed to ask Lena to help out. When Alex was attempting to make the call the blond made a sad sound and Alex just sighed and then held the phone to Kara's ear while it rang.


"Hey" The blond said very softly feeling like this is gonna be a huge inconvenience for the CEO.


"Hey Kara what's up?"


"Umm nothing much I.." The blond sounds melancholy and distant.


Lena automatically senses something is very wrong. "Kara what's wrong?"


"I..I need a favor and I can't really ask anyone else.." Stating with a hesitant tone sounding like she was gonna cry.


"Whatever you need please tell me." Lena insists.


She hears Kara's sister Alex mumble something in the background.


"Ok ok umm look something happened and I..I was hoping could help me." The blond was crying now.


"Kara what happened? Are you hurt? You're freaking me out here. Help you what? Nevermind where are you?"


Kara hears the brunette moving stuff around with banging noises and then a jingling of keys in a rush.


Lena hears the phone rustling on the other side and then Alex's voice fills the earpiece.


"Hey Luthor don't freak out just come to Kara's apartment safely and I'll fill you in when you get here."


"How do you expect me not to freak the fuck out when you say some shit like that."


Alex winces slightly. "Ok ok well Kara came into contact with a neurotoxin today and we were lucky enough to get to her in time. However, she's umm.."




"Alright well the antivenom was administered but she's having problems with her vision and mobility. It's a foreign agent and so we're still running tests. We're hoping it's only temporary but we don't know yet." The redhead says with an exhausted sigh.


"Oh my God" The brunette tried not to panic as her heart was a stuttering mess as she makes her way to the elevator.


"In the meantime I need someone to watch her so she doesn't do anything stupid. She's being stubborn and I've got to get back to the lab."


"I'll be right there." She says while taking off her heels.


"Lena No speeding!" She hears Kara shout in the background.


"See you in 15" As she gets down to the garage Lena takes off running towards her car.


"k" Alex confirms ending the call.




When Lena gets to Kara's apartment in thankfully one piece in under 12 minutes due to all green lights she was frantic wanting to verify Kara was ok with her own eyes. Alex opens the door for her to come charging through barefoot. Kara was already zonked out from the day laying on the bed. Lena reached out to softly touch her hair. Taking in the eyepads and covers across the blond's face watching her breath steadily.


After a few minutes she comes back into the kitchen where the redhead was bouncing between her feet nervously. The CEO threw her stuff down on the floor next to the kitchen island and sat down on the barstool to steady herself.


Alex goes to the fridge and then hands the brunette a bottle of water.


"So what happened exactly?" Opening the cap and taking a sip looking at the agent expectantly.


"The lizard alien creature Supergirl was fighting had sprayed something from his throat."


"How the hell did Kara come in contact with it?" Now the CEO looked angry.


"She was too close to where they were fighting and she got hit. Luckily we were close enough to get to her in time." The redhead explained trying to calm the other woman.


Lena couldn't believe what she was hearing "Why was she even that close?? And what do you mean 'in time'? Give me the truth Alex I can take it please." She insisted in a pleading tone.


Alex hands her a folder of the patients condition when she was brought in and the treatments administered. Everything was in there except for the Kryptonian details. "We lost her twice but we got her back. It's all here. This is a copy."


"How are you so calm about this?" She grabs it with shaking hands opening and reviewing the contents tears streaming down.


"I'm not. I just hide it better." Giving her a knowing look of understanding. Having to hide feelings to be dealt with when no one was around is something they both share in common.


"She likes sitting in the window and so far we're still running tests. In the meantime we have the protective eye shields on her to limit exposure, I just put ointment on them and I will bring her in tomorrow to check them. As for her mobility it's not really there in her legs yet but she's moving her fingers which is a good sign." The redhead explained while leaning against the kitchen island.


"She wore herself out trying to get up and do things. Having a bit of trouble handling things and gripping but it is so much better than earlier. Please Be patient with her she's being extremely stubborn. If she's rude at all just ignore her and don't take it personal ok?"


"Ok" Still trying to get a handle on her own raging emotions Lena continues to listen thoughtfully.


"She may be sleeping the whole time so you can still to try and get some work done from here if you need to just keep an eye on her. Make sure she takes her vitamins and eats something. A trauma like this affect diff people diff ways and sometimes they'll lash out at the ones they care about trying to put distance or trying to hang on to their independence. She didn't want to be a burden to you. She cares about you alot so Do what you gotta do but I gotta get going. Thank you so much for being here for her. I'll bring her by the DEO for a few hours tomorrow afternoon so you can get a bit of work done during that time. I'll have to drop her back off around 7 if that's alright." Standing back up to full height and grabbing her keys of the countertop.


"Yes no problem whatever she needs. I'd also prefer if you dropped her at my place when you're finished. Actually you know what I'll go with you guys tomorrow. Keep me updated though in the meantime?" Speaking with determination in her voice as the CEO wipes her eyes with her sleeve.


"Yea sure and she uh.. may need help with going to the bathroom."


"I can handle it." The brunette said resolutely.


"Ok then see you tomorrow." Alex gives her a quick nod and then exits the apartment quickly.


The brunette goes and checks on the sleeping blond. Glancing at the temporary wheelchair at the end of the bed Lena's heart aches.


'Why would something like this ever happen to someone as sweet and wonderful as Kara? It just doesn't make sense.'


After taking a few moments watching the reporter sleep the CEO knows she's got alot of work to do especially now. She makes her way back to the living room couch grabs her phone from her purse and dials Jess.


Lena explains the situation to her assistant. "So come by with a few of my things, overnight bag etc.. I want you to have these files transfered for her short term disability. I also want you to start looking into hiring yourself a personal assistant. I'm going to be working from home the next few weeks and only be in the office sparingly so you'll need to clear my schedule. I figure between you, Sam and James everything will be fine."


She finishes up the call when she starts hearing rustling coming from the bedroom. Grabbing a glass of water and a straw then makes her way over to the night stand and deposits it carefully.


Waiting a second not wanting to startle Kara she then gently sits on the edge of the bed.


"Hello?" Kara croaked out struggling to sit up.


"It's Lena sweetie."


"Lena" The blond said between parched lips.


"Here let me help you sit up." Lena gently works Kara to try and get her more vertical. She wasn't expecting the blond to be so heavy.


Finally getting her into a sitting position with one arm as she leans over for the glass with the other. "Here I have some water for you. Don't move I have a straw." She carefully places the bendy straw to the blonds lips and after she takes a sip puts the glass back.


"I'm sorry"


"For what darlin? This isn't your fault." The brunette was not expecting that.


"You shouldn't have to deal with this." She says regretfully.


"There's no where else I'd rather be and once you're feeling a bit better I'll bring you over to my place till you're at 100%." Lena says with conviction.


"But what if that doesn't happen? I can't expect everyone to drop everything and stop their lives to look after me. I can take care of myself even like...this. You should go." Kara didn't want Lena to see her like this or to be a burden.


"I don't know who you think you're talking to but I'm not going anywhere so don't even think about trying to kick me out or push me away."


Sad and defeated the damn broke for the blond in wracking sobs. Lena cradled the girl softly tucking the blonds head against her chest while she let it all out. Running soothing motions on her back and shoulders with a gentle rocking motion.


"I'm tired." Kara whispers out feeling incredibly drained.


"It's alright go back to sleep I'll be here." Gently laying her back to a resting position and gets up covering her with the blanket.






Kara is tossing and turning in the throes of a memory that never left.


'I'm in my pod. In the solitude of space. Cold. Empty. Lonely. I'm all alone. How long has it been? I..I can't breath. It's getting colder. Then fire and the explosion. No! NOt again NO!'




Lena was working on the couch trying to catch up some stuff wearing a pair of boxers and a sweatshirt already having a visit from Jess with her things she requested.


'I have to keep busy so I don't fall apart. Kara needs me to be strong. I feel like my heart is being ripped from my chest. She doesn't deserve this. She's going to be ok. Everything's gonna be ok. I have to believe that.'


It was an hour later when she heard a crash and rapid breathing sounds.


"Kara! Are you ok?" She jumps up around the curtain seeing the waterglass on the floor she avoids it getting to the opposite side of the bed where the blond was flailing and looked like she couldn't catch her breath clutching her chest.


'Shit she's having a panic attack'


She knew the signs. Her roommate in college used to get them so the brunette knew what to expect.


"Kara I need you to calm down. It's Lena I'm here. Focus on my voice. You're in your apartment. Can I touch you?" Approaching her carefully and tries to reach out.


Kara gave a short panicked nod. Getting onto the bed Lena carefully grasped Kara's arms and softly pulled her in to a hug. "It's ok just listen to my voice. You're safe. Everything is ok. You're going to be ok. I've got you." She started a gentle rocking to sooth the blond.


"Ok Let's slow down your breathing. Try counting out each breath. Listen to my voice." Rubbing circles on her back and stroking her hair pulling her in closer to lay on Kara's ear to her chest.


"Darlin Can you hear my heartbeat? Try to time your breathing to that ok?" Trying to keep her tone steady and soothing to not exacerbate the panic of the blond woman.


It finally seemed to be working as Kara started to calm down a little and her breathing is getting steadily under control.


It was almost 10 minutes later that Kara finally spoke. "Thank you"


"I'm always here for you. Do you need me to do anything for you?" The brunette said with a quiet conviction.


It was a few moments of silence until the blond softly asked. "Stay"


"I'm not going anywhere." Lena promised knowing she would do anything for this beautiful soul.


They both fall asleep like that.

Chapter Text

Next morning



Lena gets up, cleans up the mess from last night, got herself dressed and then helps Kara get dressed as well. The blond already had a sports bra and shorts from the previous day so she decided to put on a button up shirt and a different pair of shorts with an elastic band. Dignity intact was then able to get her into the wheelchair and roll her into the kitchen for breakfast.


"I'll try not to smack your teeth now open wide." Lena goes about feeding Kara what seems to be an endless amount of cereal. She finally just decided to keep the box out on the counter.


"I feel like a helpless baby." Kara said in a frustrated whine while shifting to get semi comfortable in the wheelchair. 'Man these things are uncomfortable and I think my left butt cheek is going numb.'


"Shush let me take care of you."


*sigh* "Okay" The reporter willingly complies with Lena's wishes cause there really is no point in arguing with the woman.


"You eat like an Olympic athlete yet you have no groceries. What gives? Anyways all I found was cereal and coffee. Otherwise I would've made you something proper." Giving Kara another bite.


"I never know what to get and I have a tendency to burn stuff. Most of the time I order out so I just don't bother with goin to the store unless it's snacks." The blond says while between chews.


"Why am I not surprised?" The brunette says with a small chuckle.


"I need help grocery shopping and if I go I'll just wind up getting frozen pizzas, ramen, chips, cookies and ice cream."


"Well since we'll be heading over to my apartment later Marta will be there to cook for us." Lena stated while wiping some milk that dripped down the blond's chin with the hand towel.


The blond asks in a confused tone "Who?"


"My personal chef" The brunette admitted.


"When did you get a personal chef and why didn't I know??" Kara responds. Shocked at this revelation that she was not privy to before.


Lena admits with a small smile "It never came up."


She paused and thought hard. "I don't think I'll ever leave your apartment." Kara says with a small grin.


"And that would be bad how?" The CEO says with a smirk.


"Be careful what you wish for Luthor." The reporter warns her.


"Mm." Giving Kara a curious look while going for the cereal box now that the bowl was empty again making a shuffling noise.


The blond noticed the sound of Lena reaching for the cereal again and stopped her. "I'm good now and you can tell me about this mystery chef since we've got nothing but time now." Inquiring about this mysterious chef person.


"Okay it's not really much to tell. Her name is Marta, sweet Cuban lady and she's been my chef for umm about 2 years. Her husband Eduardo is an employee of mine who used to work at the Miami branch until he was transferred here. There happened to be a welcoming party slash potluck and I fell in love with her cooking. I offered her a job on the spot and she said yes." Lena explained while washing the dishes and putting everything away.


"Wow that's awesome." Kara was having difficulty not being able to see and missing the domesticity of the CEO in her kitchen.


"She's not around most of the time because she pre-preps my meals and I generally eat only one big meal a day so she has plenty of time to take care of their 2 young kids." The brunette comments further.


"Well that's really cool. You are truly the bestest boss ever." Kara says happily.


"Speaking of which I had your disability claim approved for short term. So you just call their number on your first day back to work ok?" Lena added remembering the important details Kara needed to know.


"You didn't have to do that." Kara states already feeling like she's putting too much onto the CEO.


"Yes I did. No one else would have under the circumstances and you still need to get paid to cover your bills while you recuperate. Which brings up another topic do you have anything due and would you like help with that stuff? I don't mind at all. Credit cards, power/water, cell phone, student loans, rent anything?" She wanted to be able to let Kara feel like she is still maintaining her independence otherwise she would've just paid all her bills for her and not said anything.


"Rent actually umm... I think my checkbook is in my desk drawer..right side I think." The blond replies contemplatively after a moment.


Lena gets that squared away for the blond and gets her set up on the couch. Giving her a squeezy stress ball to work on her hand skills she asks if she wants to listen to music. "Which album did you want to listen to?"


"Aphrodite please."


Popping the Kylie Cd into the disc player Lena then goes over to grab her laptop to do some work until Alex comes to pick them up later.




Lena's busy on her laptop on the kitchen island. Kara is lounging on the couch listening to music and is focused on trying to get her hand to grip the stressball. She's been working on this for over an hour and instead of getting frustrated she keeps trying. Every so often she'll catch extra movements of her fingers and additional pressure she wasn't able to before.


She's been steadily working at it. If she can get this she can start working on standing by herself. If that works out then she can handle going to the bathroom by herself. She's been lucky so far not needing to go but there's only a matter of time so she figured she better try harder to avoid any embarrassment of a toilet assist.


'I can do this. I can do this. Nothing can stop me but myself. Gotta try harder. Keep going. Come on Zor-El. Keep swimming!'




It's two hours later Kara's hands are working fine now and she's got more feeling in her legs now.


'Rao yes! Ok now feet time'


Feeling encouraged she keeps going.




It's about the time she's finally able to stand by herself that Kara couldn't take holding it any longer.
She sat back in the wheelchair.




"Yes Kara? Do you need anything?" The brunnete asks concerned at how quiet her reporter friend has been today.


'Rao this is so awkward.' "Could you help me to the bathroom?" Kara requested with hesitancy in her voice.


"Yea sure." She gets up and wheels Kara into the bathroom.


"Now do you need help.." Lena offers sincerely while angling the chair to make it easier for Kara.


"No no I got it" The blond woman responded trying not to blush. 'Never thought I'd ever have this conversation'


"It's fine don't be embarrassed. I'd rather you not get hurt again if I can help it." The brunette tried to reassure her in anyway she can.


"I think I can handle it." Kara says softly.


"Well I'd still feel comfortable if I stayed close. I'll just be outside the door. Please call if you anything." Feeling a bit apprehensive about leaving Kara alone or being too far to do anything.


"Ok" The blond accepted knowing she was just trying to help.


"Oh and Kara left side is hot water and the soap is on the right of the sink. Towels are hanging on the right wall." Lena states trying to make sure she can internally visualize the surroundings to make it easier to navigate.


"Thank you"


Lena steps outside the door leaving it cracked so she could hear and leans against the wall.




Kara managed it well enough and was pretty happy at the progress she was making.


Once she heard the water shut off signaling Kara being finished she got her over to the couch once more.


"My legs are tingly" The blond stated while settling in.


"Here let me rub them it might help cause I know that chair is not comfortable." The brunette prefers taking charge of situations in which she can do something to help and this one definitely needs her attention. Lena convinces herself and not in any way is she wanting to constantly touch her friend to know she's alive and safe.


'She is not your baby blanket. Cut it out.' But the brunettes logic won out. 'California medical journal states that healing touch therapy is extremely effective in these types of situations, increasing circulation through direct stimulation.'


A new image came to mind which she had to alt-ctrl-del. 'Behave'


Lena got comfortable on the couch and laid Kara's legs across her lap. First starting with the feet and working up each leg slowly. 'Now my hands are tingly from touching her..What in the world..'


"Agh it's kinda sharp and itchy." Kara said while slightly wiggling.


Happy to hear that the CEO commented "That's a good sign. Means the nerves are alive and trying to reconnect."


"Oh cool ok makes sense." The blond sat in silence for a minute or two, considering that.


"Are you hungry?" Smiling to herself the brunette hoped the blond's appetite was back to normal. Removing the blond's legs from her lap to the couch.


"No just sleepy." A half shake of the blond head.


"Ok well take a nap here while we wait for Alex. I'll get you a blanket." Lena remarked softly while getting up to grab a comforter from one of the closets.


"You're too good to me." The blond says while already yawning.


"Just being a good friend." The CEO drawled while covering the reporter with the blanket gently trying to refrain herself from reaching out and stroking the blond hair.


"Mmm" Already lightly dozing the blond just hums her agreement.


With a small smile walked back over to her computer and got back to work while keeping one eye on the sleepy woman.


It as a little while later that Alex picked them up.




DEO visit


Alex came to get them in a big black suv. Getting Kara situated in the back while Lena jumped upfront. It was very little conversation on the ride over mostly just listening to the radio.


They took her to the lab to get some bloodwork done.


Lena's watching them both nervously hoping this goes well and then her phone rings.


The director helped get the reporter onto the biobed then goes through the process of giving the blond a standard physical exam and reflexes check.


"Sorry I have to take this." Lena says while going to stand right outside the room door


Alex waits till the brunette exits the room she then unwraps the Kara's bandages. "Open please. Ok now I'm gonna shine a light and take a look alright?" she says calmly.


"Ok" The blond acknowledges.


"Are you getting plenty of sun?" The redhead inquires hoping that the Kryptonian got plenty of sun and rest.




"Mmmm Everything is looking good. No scarring." Alex says while inspecting Kara's eyes with a lighted ophthalmoscope.


"I still can't see anything." The blond says with frustration in her voice.


"Any light?" Alex probes gently.


"No" Kara whispers sadly.


"It's ok give it time." The redhead states while putting a few drops in and rebandaging the blond's eyes. Giving her a small pat on the shoulder for reassurance.


Lena comes back into the room. "It looks like I have to go into work tomorrow for a few hours for a board meeting that I can't get out of. So how is she doing?" The brunette summarizes and then inquires to the blonds status.


"Her motor function skills are progressing well and there is no scarring on her retinas. However, she's still not getting light input but that may be residual affects of her optical nerve and not the eye itself. I want to see her back tomorrow. I'll bring her in while you're in your meeting." Alex gives her the rundown while sounding hopeful.


"Sounds good." Lena confirms still hoping for the best and more positive news tomorrow.

Chapter Text

Lena's Apartment


When they arrive at Lena's apartment they are assailed by wonderful scents and salsa music emanating from the kitchen.


As Lena is wheeling in Kara the blond pipes up excitedly "Holy moly what is that smell?"


The CEO internally chuckles if anything could make the reporter happy it would be food.


"Are you drooling?" Alex comments while dropping off Kara's suitcase.


"Shush" The blond responds curtly.


"I don't think she's going to leave after this" Alex remarked dryly.


"I don't mind" The brunette says with a small grin knowing she wouldn't mind the blond as a roomate which should've been a big flag for her cause that's never happened before. Lena enjoyed her solitude and privacy. Now not so much when it comes to this particular blue-eyed blond.


Alex gave a soft snort "You can say goodbye to half your paycheck."


"Also not something I'm worried about" Lena waived off.


Alex gave her a look with a raised brow "Oh yea must be nice" There was a touch of wry admiration in her tone.


A darkhaired rotund woman wearing a bright apron with a rooster on it appears from her kitchen with a charming smile while wiping her hands on a hand towel.


"Aye jefa are these your amigas?" Marta inquired with a look of curiosity.


"Marta please just call me Lena and yes this is Kara and her sister Alex." Lena insisted while introducing her friends.


Marta has no preamble as she bear-hugged both surprised women individually.


Alex was clearly surprised at how strong the woman was giving the bone crushing hug.


"It is great to finally meet you. I have heard so much." Marta says with gusto and a huge smile.


Clearly embarrassed by the exchange Lena directs them towards the couch while she puts her purse away. "Marta I'm sorry about dragging you out at the last minute." She responds trying to detract from her creeping blush.


"It's ok abuela took them for the whole week so it's going to be a vacation for me hehe." Marta chuckled clearly happy about the prospect of a relaxing few days.


Lena smiled at that "Good I hate to impose upon you further. How are they doing by the way?"


"No hay problema. Omar and Celia are getting so big. I am very pleased we have finished the training and they are in chonies now."


Lena chuckled "I'd imagine so." Knowing that little Omar had regressed in his potty training after Celia was born. Marta was a very patient woman and a great mother.


"Chonies?" The blond questioned clearly confused.


"Underwear" Lena supplied quietly whispering into the blonds ear.


"Ah ok" Kara confirmed trying to ignore the chills that ran down her spine due to the warm breath on her ear and neck.


"I better get going." Alex said reluctantly because the scents wafting from the kitchen are making it hard to leave.


"You are welcome to stay for dinner I made plenty. Jefa mentioned making enough to feed an army si?" Marta said good naturedly.


Looking sheepish even with eyecovers Kara rubbed the back of her neck.


"You can thank the human garbage disposal here." Alex points at her sister.


Lena suggested "Alex you can stay if you'd like or we can pack you some to go?" The brunette offered.


"Yea I do need to get going but yea if you got any spare I'd appreciate it. Very nice to meet you Marta." Alex says whole heartedly.


Marta already had somepacked up had shuffled back to the kitchen and then quickly handed Alex a large green reusable shopping bag full of food.


Alex was kinda surprised at the volume but shut her mouth because of how good it smelled and leaves a happy camper. "Later" She waives exiting the apartment.


Lena wheeled Kara towards the kitchen and helped her stand and do a small walk to the dining room table while holding her hands.


"You're progressing quickly. Much better." Lena said appreciatively seeing how fast she's gaining better mobility. It's remarkable.


"Yea but it's still so exhausting." The blond says with a huff clearly disappointed in herself with her progress.


"Don't worry. Baby steps alright?" Lena said while getting Kara situated at the table. She pulls her own chair right next to the blond to aid with the meal.


"Ok so I made ropa vieja, moros y cristianos, maduros, cubanos and flan." The Cuban woman states while putting a pitcher of lemonade on the table in front of them.


"I heard flan!" Kara blurted showing her enthusiasm.


Lena giggled at that and patted her hand. Kara was so predictable when it came to sweet treats.


"Sí, is mi abuela's special recipe mmm You might also enjoy the maduros." Marta says while heading back into the kitchen.


"Maduros?" Kara said clearly confused.


"It's sweet fried plaintain like a banana but so much better trust me you'll love them." The brunette reassured her softly.


The blond was practically bouncing in her seat "Ooooo you're spoiling me." Kara says as Marta returns and puts the large plates down in front of them.


"Hey what are friends for?" Lena admitted and gave the hand she was still holding a small squeeze.


Not that Kara minded one bit. In fact the blond unexplicably had a hard time letting go. It's a very interesting feeling.


"I am heading back to market we need a few more things including crema. Would you like me to pick you up anything?" Grabbing her purse and coat already having put aside her apron Marta asks the girls while making her way towards the front door.


Releasing Kara's hand the CEO responds with warmth "No Marta you've done amazing as usual."


"Ah jefa is always a pleasure. I'll be back soon." She winks at Lena and the CEO can't help but blush.


"Nice meeting you Marta and thank you." Kara says before she hears the front door close.




Lena is very pleased Kara is enjoying the food. Glad she can share something else she enjoys with the blond. "It's good to see you're getting your appetite back."


Lena let Kara work on the cubanos by herself once she helped her with the other foods so she could eat as well.


"This is sooooooooooo good. I can't even... Lena.. Marta is such an amazing cook omg." The blond says while happily munching away.


Finishing her own plate the brunette asks "Are you full yet?"


"Mostly but I still want flan." The blond gives her a cheeky smile.


"Of course you do. One sec while I take your suitcase to the bedroom." Lena pats her on the shoulder as she gets up from the table.




The brunette went over to where Alex had dropped the luggage near the door and took it to the master bedroom. Once that was done she came back to the kitchen. Lena got the flan which was already plated from the fridge. She drizzled the caramel sauce from the little crock after laying it on the counter. "You are definitely gonna love this."





Already having a long day they're both exhausted. Lena got them both changed and into bed pretty efficiently with their decency intact.


"Ugh don't get too close I feel so nasty. I haven't had a shower in how many days?" While laying on the bed she felt Lena dip the opposite side of the California king sized bed Kara held her hand up in Lena's direction.


"You know I.." Lena figured it'd be fruitless to offer given how show the blond is but still wanted to seem helpful.


"No! Umm Thank you but No I just wanna be able to handle it on my own and you know ah handle things." The blond said in a hurry while waving her hands around.


"Kara it's really nothing to be embarrassed about. Besides your scent doesn't bother me." The brunette says not really wanting to admit she likes Kara's scent. That would be a little too much to be entirely platonic.


Kara waits a moment then responds "I'll just wait."


Lena accepted her answer with a hum and then added "Well if in a week when I can't stand to smell you then you're not getting a choice." She says resolutely.


"I'm hoping to be good to go by then." The blond retorts.


"I hope so too. C'mere." Trying not to sound needy Lena grabs her hand gently pulling Kara into a loose cuddle while laying her head on the blond's chest and wrapping an arm around the blond's middle. "Is this ok?"


"Yes Lee" She says while letting out a small yawn pulling the brunette a little tighter around her shoulders. It was entirely too comforting and she stops herself from nuzzling.


"Now go to sleep." The blond says after a few moments.


"Mmm" Lena hums softly already lightly dozing.




A few hours later


"Lena Help"


Lena was startled out of deep sleep suddenly looking around quickly as her heart is beating out of her chest. 'Where's Kara'


"Kara!" She shouted looking around to assess the situation in the room and not seeing who she was looking for immediately waited a second for a sound.


"Please" Lena heard the scared voice coming from the bathroom. Noticing the light's on the brunette scrambled out of the bed towards the door.


The blond was on the floor against the wall breathing heavily arms flailing trying to find purchase on anything as she kept pushing herself farther into a corner.




Seeing Kara reach for her Lena then said in a soothing tone. "Kara it's Lena. I'm here. You're ok." Bending down and gathering the blond in her arms holding her gently while rubbing small circles on her back and shoulders. Feeling the cold bite of the floor tiles.


"It's gonna be ok I promise." Lena says after giving the blond a small kiss on the forehead while rocking trying to get her breathing to slow down.


She stayed there with her even as her leg went numb still gently rocking the blond. It wasn't till about an hour later that Lena had gotten Kara calmed down and back into bed.




Middle of the night


Grabbing her cellphone Lena makes her way into her office as she hears soft snores coming from the blond.


The brunette quickly dials Alex.


After a few rings she hears the redhead pick up "Hey Alex sorry to bother you so late."


"Is everything ok?" A very groggy Alex responds while trying to sit up.


Lena then sits in her desk chair softly sighing "Yes but I wanna ask you about something that I'm concerned about."




"Has Kara ever had panic attacks before?" Lena questions while sounding tired.


"God I'm such an idiot why didn't I think about that before but yea she's always had them since she was little. I would have to hold her till she calmed down. It happened pretty regularly. It doesn't happen as often but she still gets them. You also have to watch her in elevators or enclosed spaces. So now that she can't see it makes perfect sense. I'm sorry I didn't mention it sooner. Did she have one?" Alex rambles off an apology for forgetting something so important.


"Yes she had two." The brunette admits while rubbing her eyes.


"Damn. She'll calm down faster if she hears a heartbeat to ground her. Do you need me to..." Alex says in a concerned quick response.


Lena hear rustling on the other end of the line like sheets moving.


"No no it's ok. I understand and I'll handle it. She means alot to me." The CEO says reverently understanding the delicate situation that's been put in her charge.


"I know don't worry she's getting steadily better so hopefully she'll be able to see soon and then those should taper off." The redhead says in a reassuring tone.


Lena says with a yawn "Alright I'll let you go Alex. Goodnight."




Disconnecting the call Lena thinks about it. She never knew. Kara Danvers suffers from panic attacks. It's not something she'd ever associate with the blond given how she's always a cheerful ball of energy and happiness. That didn't make sense to Lena at all. Her heart goes out to the reporter. 'You just never know I guess' Lena wanted to be there for her in anyway she could.


'I've never met anyone like you before' She thinks before making her way back to bed and quietly slipping into the bed as to not wake the fair haired woman.

Chapter Text

Early morning

Lena's apartment




Dancing with the broom as Gloria Estefan pumps through her casette stereo speakers. Marta is swinging her hips and moving to the beat.


"You know I can put those on a cd for you or an mp3 player." Lena says with a knowing smile while sitting down at the island.


While finishing her sweeping Marta quips "I like my radio. Why fix something that is not broken no?"


"Can't argue with that logic." Lena states with a smile while running her fingers through her unruly dark locks.


"Sí you know I'm right." Marta reponds as she puts the broom away and washes her hands.


They both chuckle. The Cuban woman then dries her hands, turns down the music and sits next to the CEO eyeing her softly.


"So how is your amiga? I know it is hard for her huh?" Marta understood more than she let on. Having heard the crying last night from the guest bedroom.


"Yes. She's doing better but it's still difficult for her." Lena says while looking down at her hands while she wrings them together in her lap.


"I like her. She is good for you. It will be rough ride but worth it. Most things en vida are like that." She grabs the brunettes hands.


"She's just a friend Marta." Lena says in a soft almost defeated tone.


"I have eyes jefa. Her alma is bueno just like yours. It is what it is." Giving her a small squeeze releasing her hands and grabbing some goodies for the young woman.


"Here I made café con leche and bunuelos." The older woman says with mirth placing a mug and plate in front of Lena.


"Ahhh thank you. Mmmmmmm" Taking a long sip of the super strong and sweet coffee the brunette hums with delight.


"I have to head into the office today but only for a short while. I was wondering if you could keep an eye on Kara for a little bit." Lena hated to impose upon the woman further than she has to. Lena had tried so hard to get out of this meeting but knew she didn't really have a choice if she wanted to maintain control of the company.


"No hay problema. She is familia no?" Marta gave her a knowing soft smile.


"Yea. Thank you so much for staying and helping out. I should back as soon as I can and if you need to go it's fine." The brunette said trying to be accomodating to both their situations.


"De nada jefa. It's like having a few more kids to look after hehe." She chuckles.





Kara was still asleep by the time Lena had to get ready for work.


Lena had showered and changed and was now just watching the blond sleep before she reluctantly had to leave.


'Poor things all worn out'


Lena finally had to pull herself away. Contemplating what this means for her she makes her way downstairs to where her driver was waiting. By the time she stepped into the vehicle she went into CEO mode, mask slipped firmly in place and ready for what awaits her.






Having to wake Kara, get her dressed and then grabbing a few bunuelos on the way out the door Alex finally got them to the DEO. Thankfully Lena gave Alex her spare key to make things easier given the situation. She wheeled Kara into sunroom 1 and turned those suckers up to max.


Alex did another physical and ran some more tests. A half hour later the director came back into the room with her data sheet and attached it to her clipboard placing it on the table.


"Well you look healthy. It shows you put on a couple of extra pounds so that's good with the recovery and I think I know why." Alex states.


"Hehe" Kara says with a smile.


"Yea everyone was complaining in the breakroom yesterday. I had to hide Marta's cooking in my locked office."


They both chuckle.


"So let me take a look." Alex states while pulling off the bandages delicately and slowly.


"Alex!" The blond exclaims breathlessly.


"Wha.." She gets hugged by an enthusiastic Kryptonian.


"I can see!!! Thank Rao!" Kara shouts then squeezes Alex tighter.


"Alright! Not so tight!" Alex is beyond thrilled even when being crushed.


"Still a little blurry but under the circumstances I think this is a good sign." The blond laughs releasing the agent from her super bear hug.






Board meeting


Conference Room Blue


"And with these new projections for the coming year we see a massive increase in overall wealth potential for our 401k portfolios as well."


The meeting went longer than expected since she hadn't been in the office for days. Sam was unable to attend to the meeting because she was out of town hence why Lena had to be there.


She wanted to hurry and wrap this up so she can get back to Kara. 'God I sound so childish' Lena kept reminding herself it was to help the blond and she wanted to know if any progress was made in regards to her eyesight.


It's really been gnawing at her almost as if she can feel the sunshine fall away every second the blond still can't see. She'll pray to any higher realm beings just so that those beautiful blue eyes would look at her again in the way that takes her breath away.


'Head in the game Luthor'


"So as you can see here we're showing substantial profits with these divisions..."


It was another hour before she was ready to kick these geezers off her balcony. They just kept going around and around wanting to hear themselves talk.


"Alright I think we're done here. See you all in a month." She cut them off succintly elminating another tirade.


They looked a bit ruffled but then grunted their assent and left without much preamble.


"Mr Humphries may I see you in my office for a moment?" She asks the slightly older man who was in his late thirties. He gives a quick nod and follows her.


They make their way to her office as she sits very slowly and deliberately at her desk. Looking down and moving her paperwork silently making him wait.


"Ms Luthor how can I help you?" He says with a sickeningly charming smile while adjusting his tie.


"It has come to my attention that you may have been dabbling in unethical practices in regards to the company." She turned to viciously glare at the man.


"I don't know what you are..."


"You do know that insider trading is a felony and is punishable for up to 20 years in prison and is a $5 million dollar maximum fine." Lena says with a dangerous voice.


He has a small look of fear in his eye and then questions curiously "If you think you know what's going on then why not just have me arrested?"


"As much as I'd love to do just that William I know what it will do to the stock once press gets wind of it. It's not good press for LCorp. However, I'm giving you a chance to make amends. You will cease immediately and donate any of the profits you certaintly didn't earn to a charity of your choosing. I want the proof by tomorrow or I will contact the SEC. Stock price be damned." The CEO says curtly and forcefully.


"How dare you." Mr Humphries face turns red. Leaning forward and posturing in an attempt to intimidate her.


She crosses her arms as a dangerous glint appears for which he finally seems to take the hint and backs off.


"You'll have it by the end of the day." He gnashes out grudgingly.


He stomped out flinging her door open. Thankfully it didn't break. Jess avoids the fuming man and makes her way into Lena's office with a raised eyebrow.


"Jess have Tony monitor Mr Humphries electronic trail and anything of a higher level needs my approval." Lena says precisely.


"Yes Ma'am." The assistant said with a nod tapping quickly into her ipad while walking out of the office swiftly not allowing the man to do anything stupid that could compromise the company blocking his access from higher level or sensitive systems.
One could never be too careful in this industry.




Lena's Apartment



Kara walks through the apartment already having been dropped off by Alex a few minutes ago. She had carefully taken off her socks and shoes by the front door prefering to go barefoot.


She knew it was going to be an internal struggle wanting to leave as soon as possible to get back to things but also knowing her mounting and confusing feelings for the CEO is gonna make it difficult. She owed it to Lena to spend a bit more time with her but how was she supposed to not want to touch her every couple of minutes. She was a very tactile person but this is getting ridiculous.


'Friends don't do that do they? I don't know what's going on with me. I gotta get back out there.'


She hadn't forgotten her promise to Lena and knew with Edge and Lillian on the loose that it's only a matter of time. She can't be compromised in any way if she needs to rescue Lena or anyone else for that matter from their clutches or activities. A hero's job is never done.




"You know I'm a good listener chiquita." Soft brown eyes peered at the blond with a gentle knowing.


"Hey Marta" Kara says amicably as she makes her way slowly to the kitchen table and sits carefully.


"You sure you're ok out of the chair?" The dark haired woman gave her a questioning look.


Kara paused and thought hard "Yea I have to keep pushing myself to get better." She said knowingly. Everyday having to put herself out there is constantly testing and pushing her to grow and get stronger.


With patience and understanding Marta replies "Don't push too fast too soon. Sometimes is better to allow steady and slow like the turtle and not like the bunny."


Understanding what the Cuban woman was getting at she responded "Ahh the tortoise and the hare."


"Sí! You'll be ok. There is plenty of food packed up for later. I figure now you are much better you'll be back to work hmm?" She told the young woman very calmly.


The blond thought for a moment "Yes I've felt completely useless since the accident and I feel like I need to do something to contribute you know." Kara explained with quiet conviction.


"Ahh yes I understand but it is not only the big things but the small things that count. You contribute in your own special way everyone but you has noticed." The darkhaired woman said with a knowing smirk.


"Huh" Kara says with a partially confused look.


"I left you some mango bars in the freezer." Marta grinned knowing the blond has an insatiable sweet tooth and thought that would perk her up.


"Ooo yay! Thank you so much I've really enjoyed your cooking Marta. I am totally ruined for anything else now." Kara says enthusiastically.


They both laugh


"Is good. Maybe I teach you sometime hmm?"


The blond replies with a smile "I think I'd like that."


"Well bueno but I have to go pick up the midgets from their abuela. She is pulling out her hair haha." Marta said with mirth.


"You take care and take care of jefa ok?" The Cuban woman gave Kara a bear hug making the blond smile. Then made her way to the front door grabbing her purse and keys giving a small wave.


"I will and thanks again." Kara called after her before the older woman exited the apartment.

Chapter Text

Later that day


Lena's apartment


Kara's been doing a lot of thinking again. Weighing pros, cons and outcomes. Lena has been there for her and she's having trouble fighting the feeling she's been keeping in check that's been confusing her. Mostly she's been contemplating telling the CEO about her alter ego and running through the scenarios. Hoping their friendship stays intact after that and it doesn't draw anymore unwanted attention to the brunette. She can't be there 24/7 for anymore assassination attempts while helping other people. Even Supergirl can't be in two places at once.


She can't keep hiding it from Lena. 'She's bound to figure it out anyways and then how would she feel I never took the initiative to tell her myself. That might cause more problems and she wouldn't ever want to see me again.'


At this the Super had to refrain a choking sob. She was not expecting that reaction. It hurt too much.


Kara's come to love every moment spent with the brunette in a way she can't explain. She can just be Kara around her and she doesn't want it to end like she needs air to breath.


'I'm gonna have to tell her about the cape but when is a good time? Ugh'


She rubs her eyes under her glasses. Things are still a bit blurry but she can see general outlines so she doesn't run into anything.


Kara decides a much needed shower is required and starts heading towards the master bathroom. Her mobility is fine now and she's starting to get trickles of her power back so it shouldn't be much longer.


'Hopefully I can read these bottles. Nope. Crap I'll just wing it and hope it's right.'




Kara's all refreshed and feeling a thousand times better. Dressed and her hair in a ponytail. Starting to get hungry again but decides she wants to put on some music first.


"Alexa play Waggaki Band." Kara says outloud.


"Playing Waggaki Band." The automated voice replies then after a moment the music comes through the surround sound.


She recently discovered the band while perusing through her anime playlist on youtube and clicked on it. She instantly loved it. Since she's been watching some stuff subbed she's been picking up more words in Japanese so this was fun, new and exciting.


She had already finished up her fourth plate of food in the dining room and was enjoying another mango bar when Lena came home.


Lena walks into her apartment with a confused look on her face.
Looking around she sees Kara pop around the corner holding a orange-colored icecream bar half-eaten in her hand while smiling brightly at Lena.


"Kara?" Looking at the blond warily as though inspecting what she was seeing.


The blond nods making eye contact across the room.


Lena questions "You can see?"


"Welcome home." Kara says softly with a knowing smile.


Lena drops all her stuff right there on the floor and runs up to embrace the blond. Squeezing with all her might as the blond hugs back. Head laying against the blond's shoulder along the crook of her neck. The brunettes chest feels the pull and she doesn't stop it.


"Aren't you a sight for sore eyes." The blond says warmly while gently squeezing back around the brunettes middle section and back with one arm. Enjoying the warmth where their bodies pressed and smelling of cinnamon and home in a way they both can't explain.


Lena really tries not to cry at that but can't help it. They just hold eachother for a few minutes enjoying the unknown sensation until the ice cream drips onto the floor.


"Woops" As Kara steps back to grab a towel then explains "Still a little fuzzy around the edges and I can't read small print but so far so good." Wiping up the mess on the floor.


Not knowing really what to say with her emotions in her chest Lena just smiles at the blond wiping her eyes. "What are you listening to?" She questions.


"It's a Japanese band. Do you like it?" Kara admits while taking another bite of the bar humming to herself.


Walking back over to where she dropped her purse and coat Lena picks them up to put them away properly after that emotional display she's internally scolding herself for "It's sounds interesting."


"You'll get used to it." Kara says with a charming smile finishing the ice cream and tossing the stick away in the rubbish bin then heads over to the sink to rinse off the stickiness.


"I'm so happy you can see." Putting her stuff away. 'I missed your smiles' The brunette doesn't voice. Never does she want to see that exuberance for life from the blond ebb away in sadness. It hurt too much.


"I saved you a mango bar."


"Oh you did, did you? Weren't there like 6 in a box?" Lena looks at the blond with an incredulous smirk.


Kara waived her offhandedly "Semantics"


"Uh huh. Is there anything left for me to eat?" Peering at the blond while making her way towards the kitchen.


"Hey now." Mildly offended by that the blond gave her a mock glare.


"What am I going to do with you?" Lena said while pulling open the fridge.


'Anything you want Lena' Smiling for a second Kara then realizes what her mind supplied 'GAGH stop!' She scrambles for something to say "There are some sandwiches left I think hehe."




It's a few hours later when Kara really should must be going already delaying the inevitable as long as possible.


"Listen I want you to know that I'm always here for you no matter what and if you ever need me I'll be there." Lena lays her hand on the blond's shoulder.


"I know Lena and I appreciate you."


Lena adds while running the hand down her back in a comforting motion "I'm also referring to your panic attacks darlin. If and when you need it I'll drop everything to get to you. You don't have to only rely on Alex anymore." Then pulls her hand away.


"I..." Too emotional to say anything Kara just nods with a small "Thank you." Adjusting her glasses.


"How do you feel?" Lena asks the blond.


"I feel fine now. Thank you so much for your hospitality and taking care of me. I know it wasn't easy." Kara says with sincerity.


Softly regarding the blond. Watching for any minute movements of body language that would indicate otherwise to how she's feeling. Satisfied with what she finds Lena offers further. "You know you're more than welcome to stay as long as you like."


"I know. I don't want to impose on you any longer." Kara says softly with a hint of regret.


Lena looks at the woman intently "You're never an imposition Kara." Hoping she's conveying to the young woman she's not alone.


"Thank you again I'm just gonna finish packing my stuff and get going." The blond said resolutely getting up and going to the bedroom and grabbing her suitcase.


Lena is saddened by it but knows it's for the best. Hearing the blond rustling in the bedroom.


"Oh and don't forget to call medplus for your return to work date. You know how they get." She calls back to her from the living room when she hears the zippers.


Finally finished packing she returns to the living room rolling the luggage behind her "Ahh yea thanks for reminding me." The blond said appreciatively.


"Can I..." Kara starts to ask hesitantly but doesn't want to overstep.


"Yes you can take whatever food you want." The brunette says with a chuckle.


"Yay!" The ecstatic blond gives the shorter woman a big hug.
"You're the best."






Entering the DEO bullpit "Hey guys I'm baaack!" Kara shouts enthusiastically.


A surrounding cheer erupts with clapping and a couple of w00ts thrown in. A couple of agents and Winn come up and hug her. J'onn is relieved and pats her on the shoulder.


The blond asks "So what do you got for me? I'm ready to go!" All supercharged and ready to go.


"What you didn't have fun playing house?" Winn questioned with a small leering grin.


She smacks the back of Winn's head.


"Ow" He whined flopping down into his chair.


"Be nice" She growled at him while giving a look that says offlimits.


"Okay fine." He huffed and turned back to his monitor.


Giving his terminal a few more taps Winn finds something "There's domestic situation reported on Tourney and Vine with shots fired. There may be children involved."


"On it"

Chapter Text

Middle of the night


Lena's apartment


Lena's dream


~ ~

Looking in a mirror. I look different but I feel as I'm still me. Facial features are different but eyes are the same color.


I feel as though I'm watching as a third person.


I'm in an arranged marriage. I'm a princess and was betrothed to a ruthless Emperor as a political move by our two families. I can't give him an heir so he spends most of his time with his concubines.


I first saw her when I was at the introduction of the merchant traders from the west. She had blue eyes. I couldn't help the feeling as though we met before but I've never seen her.


Why are you familiar to me? There is no way I've ever had the grace of your presence but I feel you. Why?


What's happening? What's happening to me?


It is forbidden.


She comes to my room with books as a teaching lesson. I know it was a convenient lie for we both too felt it.


The room is thick with tension. Buzzing with an electricity I've never felt before this night.


She looks at me with a deepness that makes me want to fall in.


"What is it you're looking for?" I ask.


"I don't know. I felt compelled to be here and I don't understand."


She delicately holds my face gazing in my eyes. "There you are."


With a feeling of coming home she places a soft chaste kiss upon my lips.


"I remember you but not of this time" I hear the words fall from my lips.


"I know. Oh how I've missed you."


It was then early morning as we are in bed together sleeping after a night of passion. Holding eachother gently when the assassins came. We were not trained warriors. We were merely two women who had found ourselves in eachother. They made quick work of us.


My last thoughts were of my love.


'Hopefully we'll find eachother sooner next time'


~ ~



Lena awoke harshly as she somehow bit her own tongue in her sleep. Sitting up abruptly squinting and looking around.


'Ow! The fuck was that?'


The dream remained. The feelings were still there and felt familiar. She knows this feeling. She can't understand the tears that fall for a moment. Shakes her head to clear them then quietly makes her way to the kitchen for a glass a water to contemplate what that dream was.


'Was it only a dream? It sure didn't feel like it. It was too clear. Almost like a memory.' The brunette thinks while chugging the cold liquid down. 'That's just crazy.'


It was a few more minutes before she made her way back to bed.




Next day




Lena's office


Lena is having trouble fousing on work but trying to drudge through some reports she has to finalize before tomorrow. Between everything that's happened lately she's having difficulty keeping herself calm. With her mounting feelings for her best friend and all the craziness that's been occuring lately the brunette feels like something big is coming and can't put a finger on exactly what. In the meantime she's trying to convince herself she doesn't like Kara like that and it's all just a small infactuation that will go away.


These dreams or whatever they are are really getting to her. She's not been able to get a good night's sleep in a while and they are recurring more and more lately. Her tongue is still sore from this morning and still stings when she attempted to eat her salad earlier. It was just the craziest thing. Who ever would bite their own tongue in their sleep?


'Never done that before'




A few hours later


Lena was stuck on a satcall with London and Stockholm due to a misunderstanding in customs and protocols. They both are LCorp but they act so differently culture wise. She had to smooth some ruffled feathers from time to time. Plus the CEO needed to get these secondary sites up and running if she was going to meet her timetable.


"Harold, Tanya can we agree this is a good prosposal or do I need to fly out there tonight?" Lena said curtly. They knew they messed up when she had to get involved for something so trivial.


She really didn't want to babysit these two any longer just they had trouble getting along. Lena didn't want to miss her lunch meeting with Kara and the clock was ticking down. She wanted to wrap this up pronto.


"It's good Ms Luthor I believe we can handle it." Harold says reluctantly.


Tanya further supplies "Yes I agree. Sorry to have bothered you."


They both sound properly chastised and cooperative now.


'Thank God'


"Alright please send my assistant any requests you may have going forward. We'll be in touch. Have a good day." The brunette explains and finishes disconnecting as soon as they bid her farewell.




Somewhere downtown


"You mean to tell me this guys an alien?" Kara says while dodging another blow and giving back multiple punches that barely moves him an inch.


"He looks like a rock monster and he's shooting lava breath? Spit? I dunno! Come on Alex you gotta give me something." The blond said while frantically dodging the lava and making sure no one gets hurt.


The hero takes a hit to the face and stomache. Kara tries to superspeed around him and only gets grabbed by her cape and tossed back.


"Well for now it's the only data we got on his species so you're gonna have to make due Supergirl. I suggest you hurry up and knock him out before it gets worse." The agent squawks back.


Taking to the air to avoid another blow and then trying to nail him from the air it doesn't look to be working. Seems like he gets more strength the longer he's touching the ground. "It already is worse! I can't seem to penetrate his skin and any lasers I shoot he just absorbs it!"


Alex started to ask "What about your freeze.."


The blond cut her off "Tried that it doesn't affect him and I don't think you guys are gonna be able to hold him unless you..I got an idea. Find anything in gas form that can tranq the guy according to his physiology." Kara finished.


"I'm not sure that...Supergirl what are you doing?"


"I'm gonna try and give him a bath first. I may lose communication I'll be 40 miles out to sea." Kara mightily grabs the guy by the foot pulling with all her strength finally with a roar she pulls him free and flies the guy out to sea plunging them both down under the water.


"Hey wait!"


*static* coming from Kara's comm.

Chapter Text


Sunroom 3


"Can I go now? I'm gonna be late." The blond said trying to rush this along.


"What you gotta hot date or something?" The redhead asks while checking Kara's heartbeat with the stethoscope. "Ok deep breath."


Kara inhales deep and exhales slow waiting for a nod from Alex then jumps back into conversation "No no I'm taking Lena out to a new restaurant for lunch."


"Ahh it is a date." Alex said to mess with her pulling the instrument down around her neck.


"Are you done? No it's not a date. We're friends." The blond said clearly offended her sister would suggest such a thing.


"Uh huh." The director does checks Kara's eyes once more with her penlight.


Again trying to reassure her sister "I'm all better now see." Kara quipped as she felt Alex trying to drag this out.


"You are so lucky we pulled your ass out. You know you can still drown Supergirl." The redhead said in a scolding older sister tone.


"Yea yea He's in lockup. I'm alive. Everything's fine. Can I go now?" The hero pressed with a look.


"Go on."


Kara had already supersped outta there before Alex could utter that last word and just shook her head.


'She's totally whipped' Alex giggled internally.








Now being on a normal schedule again they find time to meet up for lunch. Kara had texted Lena recommending a place and soon they're walking into a restaurant called Tandoori.


"I'm glad I decided to wear pants today" Lena says as looks around the restaurant they just entered seeing the giant size pillows around the small floor tables.


"Sorry about that. I heard good reviews about this place. I didn't realize they didn't use chairs." Kara says sheepishly rubbing her neck and waiving the other hand.


"It's fine Kara. I love Indian food." The brunette says with a genuine smile directed at blue eyes.


"Oh great!" The blond still feels alittle embarrased not checking into the reviews further. "Then maybe you can help me pick something cause I have no idea what to get. Wow it smells awesome in here."


"Mmm I think I can do that."


The hostess seats them handing them the menus and mentioning their waitress should be with them shortly in a very polite tone.


"So what are you working on?"


"Are you here as a member of the press?" The CEO inquired while pulling the menus open and glancing down.


The blond vowed "I am whatever you need me to be."


"Mmm" Those words struck Lena funny but then said "This is all off the record ok?"


"Yea sure" Kara nodded in earnest.


Before Lena could say anything their waitress showed up to take their order.


"I'll have the Palek paneer, Lamb Tikka Masala, Chicken Korma, Naan, Gulab jamun and a coconut lassi please." As Lena hands the waitress back the menus Kara leans over quietly to ask "Are you sure that's gonna be enough?"


"It comes with endless rice." The brunette said with a knowing smile.


The blond leans back "Ahh ok sorry." She added apologetically.


"Don't worry I've got you covered." The brunette says with a wink.


Kara blushes a bit and fiddles with her glasses.


Tapping her chin with a finger the brunette continues "So where was I? Oh yea we've been playing with sound fields."


"Huh whatta? Sound fields you mean music? hmmm I think I feel a song comin on." At first the reporter appeared confused but then smirked.


"No don't start. Kara!" Lena begged with a horrified look.


"The hills are aliiiiiiiive with the sound of muuuuuusiiiiic." Kara belts out the lyric flawlessly.


Shockingly the guy at a table across from them finishes the lyric sounding just as good.


Everyone starts clapping and cheering until finally it calms down and they get back to their meals.


"You just had to do it huh" Running her fingers through her hair gives the blond a look of incredulty.


"Hey everyone seemed to enjoy it! They're still smiling!" Kara says with a bright smile.


"Anyways, my vocally inclined friend, I'm talking about frequency sound fields with the ability to hold things suspended within them. Inside the wavelength. We've also been playing around with water inside of the field in different harmonics and it's remarkable." Lena explained with excitement.


"That's amazing! How did you come up with it?" Kara says with exuberance while playing with her straw in her water glass.


Smiling widely Lena admits "It was something I was playing around with like healing, tech and whatever applications I could wring my head around."


"But what about a practical application?" The blond questioned even though she herself already designed many applications of just that but can't let on she knows anything as Kara Danvers.


She does enjoy dropping Lena hints as Supergirl though it's fun and refreshing and Kara looks forward to those interactions as well. In all of this world and beyond there is no one like Lena Luthor. Kara had to bring her mind back to the conversation almost missing what the brunette said next.


"Oh I'm working on something and trust me you'll be the first to know." Lena said with a grin.


It was about that time that their food arrived. Man did Lena have Kara's number when it came to food. The manager was getting nervous almost having to cut them off or make them order something else. Much to his delight Lena needed to get back to work which cut off the Danvers rice supply.




Next day



Lena's office


"So how was Tallahasee?" Lena sits back in her chair with a curious look directed at her CFO.


Sam was holding a few binders in her arm and did a halfshrug. "It was okay. That MagLab at Florida State was awesome."


"Did you find any talent?" Lena asked hoping they got a few prospects for several divisions of LCorp. Scouting when they're young is the best way to promote loyalty amongst other things. Noticing that trend of longevity and long-term employment adds to the overall success of the company. Something Lena is working on with plans well into the next 30 years.


"Actually quite a bit. You know I've never been a headhunter but this is interesting. We got 17 who are interested and wouldn't mind moving." The CFO replied.


Lena is happy with this "Wow I was expecting only 6 that's remarkable. Good job. Let's see who pans out. Any of them there on grants or scholarship?" She questions further.


"About a third." The CFO said matter-of-factly.


"Alright start getting that ball rolling and I'll take a look once we set up interviews." The CEO glanced down at her desk shuffling somepapers about till she was able to pull the one she wanted.


She peers at Sam "Were the tests successful?"


"They were. Here." Sam hands Lena one of the binders she was holding.


Grabbing the binder and placing it down on her desk the brunette tapped her fingers lightly on top of it "Good. Well I'm glad you're back."


"Me too." Sam says with a bright smile.


"You know it's your turn this year for Habitat for Humanity."


Her smile disappeared to something resembling disdain "God Lena come on. It's gonna be sooo hot." The CFO said with a soft whining sound as she flops down in one of the chairs.


Lena glared at her "I did last year so come on be a good sport and bust out those work boots you got stashed. It's for a good cause Sam."


"Yea I know I know. Fine." The CFO says with a resigned huff.


Lena gets up and walks around the front of her desk and leans a hip against it while crossing her arms in thought for a moment before asking "What do you think about a stock split? Since the stock is so high and steady it's been something I've been tossing around in my head."


"It's worth looking into. I'd have to run the numbers." Sam says with a thoughtful look knowing that this could be a advantageous strategic move and it's exciting for the CFO. She really does love her job and wouldn't be anywhere else.


"Ok please do and just so you know I have a new company upgrading our online security for the website and our database." Lena stated while walking back around the desk and reseating herself.


"Excellent" Sam replied standing up and adjusting her pantsuit with one hand getting ready to leave.


The CEO checks her watch "I've got a meeting in 20 with legal about a possible acquisition of another tech company out of Indiana. They have a bunch of promising prototypes they had to put on hold because their CFO took off to the bahamas after draining their assets. I want the tech and their main scientists. So I'm having them run due diligence but wanted to take a look myself."


"Ok I'll check back in later." Sam says with a nod.

Chapter Text

Above National City



Supergirl is flying above the clouds. Absorbing rads from Sol and keeping an ear out.


It was after a few minutes of floating she heard an unusual sound of someone else in flight vectoring towards her in a unhurried manner.


She turned and zoomed in with her xray vision. 'Huh No way.'


The darkhaired woman came to a smooth halt a few feet from the Kryptonian.


"Oh gosh you're.." Kara is a little shocked at sharing the same airspace with the Amazon Princess.


"Mmhmm. Clark speaks very highly of you. I can see why." Diana says with warmth while hovering above the cloudline.


The blond tunes in to a sound for a second then tunes back out satisfied it's already being handled. "Uh thanks and it's very nice to meet you but what are you doing out here?" She questions.


"I wish to speak with you. I witnessed on the news you were fighting a particular creature."


Tilting her head to the side Kara inquires "Which one? I fight alot of bad guys."


"The rockman that spews magma." The Amazon says precisely while slowly circling around.


Recognition sparks the blond's memories "Oh that guy. Yea he was tough." Following Diana's motion and crosses her arms with a smirk.


"You fought a minion of Hades. I'm surprised you're still alive. I'm impressed. He's a Titanides." Diana says with a bit of wry admiration clearly impressed.


"A what?" The Kryptonian was extremely confused by this.


"He's the offspring of a Titan and Echidna. Unfortunately, you will not be able to hold him much longer. I'm here to retrieve him and take him back to Tartarus." Wonder Woman informs the Super trying to bring her up to speed.


Kara gets a clue "Golly okay. Are there anymore of them that are out that I should be aware of?"


Diana peers at her thoughtfully "He's the only one for now that we know of. I'm sure Clark will let you know if the need arises."


"Ok follow me."






Kara was a little star struck at meeting THE Wonder Woman but she kept it under wraps. Alex...not so much. The director was blushing stuttering mess almost the whole time. Actually all of the DEO agents were more or less.


The Titanide was still sleeping. "Do you still have any of the sleeping agent leftover?" Kara asks while looking at their snoozing friend.


Alex assures her "We have 2 more canisters before I'd have to synthesize more."


"That is adequate. I will take him off your hands now." Diana states taking a step towards his cell.


"Whoa what do you mean?" Holding a hand up the director wants answers before she'd just hand over a prisoner.


Diana eyes the agent warily sizing her up "If he awakes he will continuously get stronger as he's touching the ground. You would not be able to hold him very much longer. That is why I am here."


She didn't believe what she was hearing "Where would you take him that could possibly hold him?" The redhead asks pointedly.


Kara eyes her sister placing a palm on the directors shoulder to calm her "Alex don't be rude."


"Tartarus." The Amazon told the woman very calmly.


The directors eyes got wide as she took a step back. "Oh you mean.."


"Yea she means hell Alex. Geez come on I trust Diana. Let's get this done before he wakes up." The Kryptonian says with a waive of her hand.







Kara is doin reporter stuff, walkin the floor, getting her notes together about to go chase down some leads and maybe do some writing. With a song in her head, boppin around wondering what Lena is doing. Hoping nothing big happens in the next couple of days in regards to Supergirl duties.


"Hey if anyone wants leftover cake it's in the breakroom." A reporter mentions to the group she was standing around.


Kara's eyes got wide as she had devoured the abandoned cake not more than a minute ago.


"I didn't see any" Some guy replies.


Kara backs away slowly feeling kinda bad because no one else got any but then again not. It was delicious!


"Well that's funny I put it in there not more than 10 minutes ago." The other reporter says in a confused tone.


Kara makes a stealthy getaway into her office. Sitting down at her desk she decides to text Lena.




Kara: Urk I feel bad


Lena: What's wrong?


Kara: Someone left birthday cake in the breakroom and I ate it all.


Lena: So your stomach hurts?


Kara: Noooo I feel bad cause I didn't leave any for anyone else. :S


Lena: LOL


Kara: Hey! What are you doing tonight?


Lena: Nothing really. Is there something you have in mind?


Kara: I need to go grocery shopping and I have no idea what to get :( :S


Lena: Ok well what do you plan on making?


Kara: Ummm food?


Lena: And here I thought I was the genius :*


Kara: Ha Ha *pout*


Lena: Anything is particular that you have a craving for?


Kara: I dunnooo Lenaaaaaaa help!


Lena: Ok we'll make a day of it. You need to try and make a list but text me when you're off of work.


Kara: Thank youuuuuu so much <3 <3 <3 +15 emoticons


Lena: Anytime ;)




Grocery store


"Is this all you've come up with?" She eyes Kara's list warily


"Doughnuts, cookies, pizza and ice cream?" Lena asks incredulously while holding the little white piece of paper in her hand.


"I said I needed your help." The blond looks away embarrassed.


"This is just sad." The CEO states for the record.


Turns back to look at the brunette "Hey if I needed sass I would've just called Alex."


"Alright let's start with the basics. We're gonna hit produce first and then work our way around." Lena says about to grab a cart.


"I've seen how much you can eat in one sitting but how many times do you eat per day?"


"I eat when I get hungry I don't really keep track of that. Maybe several times a day 7.. 8.. I dunno." The blond says tilting her head while rubbing her chin in thought and then shrugs.


The Kryptonian remembered she had toned down her food intake when she was staying with Lena. Keeping that tidbit to herself she looked at green eyes with a mix of regret and nervousness she. fidgetswith her glasses.


Lena gave her a wide-eyed look of disbelief "You're kidding..... You're not. Ok well I'm gonna need assistance." Pinching the bridge of her nose Lena thinks for a second then jumps into action mode.


"What do you mean?" Kara had stopped and gave her a questioning look.


The brunette holds up a palm "Hang on"


Lena walks over the the customer service desk and talks to one of the managers "You do delivery service yes?"


"Yes ma'am." He responds a bit gruffly looking like he really didn't want to be here.


"Well I have a very large order and I'm gonna need it all delivered immediately. So I'm gonna need a few of your associates." The CEO states with purpose.


The brunette turns to look at the reporter "Kara is there anything you're allergic to?"




"I'm being serious." Giving the blond a level 6 glare.


"No" Kara says adjusting her glasses.


Lena turns back to the manager giving him quick instructions and hands him her black credit card "Ok and I want this information saved and delivered biweekly to this address. Here's my card."


The man's eyes got wide at seeing the name on the card and jumped into action. His voice went from modulated and rough to cultured in an instant.


"Yes Ma'am! Right away ma'am. Hey Pete grab a crew please!" He shouts to one of the stockers nearby while scrambling to get a notepad and pen.


Kara takes a step forward "Lena that's not nec..."


Lena gives her The Look.


"Hehe okay." Rubbing the back of her neck. Kara knew better than to argue with that look.


The pair and a large contigent of store employees bustled about the entire store as Lena pointed out multiple items by weight or number.


"5 lbs of oranges and apples..." She kept naming things off the top of her head and things she could see visually while the manager wrote everything down for the repeat order.


"10 doz eggs, 40 cans of tuna, 6 things of hellmans, 25 lb bag of rice, 10 lb bag of sugar, 20 packs of both beef and chicken bouillion, regular yogurt, avocados, lettuce, tomatoes, pasta, beans, lunch meat- smoked ham preferably, freshmeats, bacon, sausage, beans, spices, canned goods..." Lena was still working through the dry goods as she saw Kara out of the corner of her eye reaching for something from the shelf.


"No Kara instant ramen is not food put those back."


"But.." The reporter begins to protest and gets cutoff.


The brunette supplies "No they put chemicals on the noodles so no."


"Fine" The blond dutifully puts it back.


It was about an hour later the brunette had ran them all ragged. However, she tipped them really well so they were very very happy.


The manager also explained she can go online and change anything out when her needs change and gave her a registered number to log in with also giving her a specialized discount for such a large order.




Kara's Apartment


They're now in Kara's kitchen after everything's been delivered, putting things away and getting stuff prepped to start cooking.


Kara's apartment looked like a farmer's market. 'Do friends do this for eachother? Rao Lena's so amazing.'


Kara was able to sneak in a some snacks too so she was happy.


"You didn't have to do all this." The blond said with shy admiration while putting stuff away.


"Shush and just go with it." The brunette says cooly with a small grin as she was pulling stuff out of bags.


Kara replied with a smile "Ha fine thank you."


They both started pulling out the ingredients they got to make hummus.


Lena then pulls out the new blender from it's packaging to wash it first.


It was during the drying stage that she got distracted by Kara's tshirt riding up exposing a bit of skin when the blond was pulling down a bowl.


All of a sudden "Ow" The brunette pulls her hand back swiftly from the blender. The blade had went through the towel and jabbed her middle finger.


Placing the bowl quickly on the counter the blond then turns around and grabs Lena's hand. "Lemme see" Glancing at it for a second then swiftly pulling the bleeding digit into her mouth to caress it lightly with her tongue with a small bit of sucking.


When the coppery tang hitting her tastebuds finally realizing what she was doing Kara froze.


Lena just stood there wide-eyed as a huge bolt jolted her core. 'Wha..'


Kara pulled back quickly "I..I am so sorry.. I didn't mean to.. I just reacted." The blond apologised releasing her hand immediately.


"It's umm it's ok really. That's umm never happened before."


"I didn't mean to weird you out... I've never done that before." Kara added very softly with a furrow in her brow.


"Ah Oh ok It's fine you didn't weird me out..I was just umm stunned for a second." Lena says with a small pat to the blond's arm to calm her.


The blond says with a sad look while pushing her glasses back up "I don't know what happened I.."


Lena nonchalantly stated "It's fine Kara. It umm actually feels better and seems to have stopped bleeding." Trying to not make the blond feel anymore awkward than she probably was.


"Oh well that's good then. So you said we needed lemon juice right?" Seeming satisfied with that Kara makes her way over to the lemons on the countertop.


With a halfgrin Lena agrees "Right. I'll get the garlic."


It was semi-awkward for a bit but then they were back into their natural charismatic back in forth like nothing happened. Lena showed Kara a few quick and easy dishes that the blond could easily reproduce without supervision.


They enjoyed a nice evening but had to make it an early night. Lena had to be at work early for another meeting. After Lena left Kara's apartment neither girl could stop smiling for the rest of the night.

Chapter Text

Next morning


Kara's apartment



Kara has a dream involving green eyes and dark hair.
Hands are everywhere. Bodies are grinding. Sweet hot passion overriding all senses. Pushing, pulling, pulsing liquid fire.


"Oh God Kara harder."


"Lena oh"


"Right there Nnnng Yes baby please"


"Oh Rao Oh Rao Lena you're so hot. I'm..."


"Don't stop don't stop I'm gonna cum."



Kara woke abruptly sitting up, heart pumping wildly and breath panting.


Her body is still on fire and unsatisfied.


"What the hell"


She smashes her palms into her eyes and falls back against the pillows completely frustrated and confused.






Cat Grant's office


Kara's having a crappy morning. After waking up and taking a very cold and frosty shower James had texted her to talk and that blew up. She was already running late. She got to work and things were crazy cause he didn't show up to work so now she was having to run Catco for the day with Eve's help. Snapper's been yelling all morning. Kara needed to balance doing Supergirl duties and it was getting a little overwhelming. So she texts Alex in her mild panic.




Kara: Aleeeeeeex? :(


Alex: What's up?


Kara: Yea James texted me and he's bein a jerk. I told him when he can be nice I'll talk to him. He didn't show up for work today so now it's Eve and I stuck doing his job. Snapper is not happy. *mad emoticon*


Alex: Maybe it's good he takes a step back. Winn says he's cut down his Guardian time too. Anyways it may help Catco with women in charge. I mean come on you were Cat's assistant for how long?


Alex: You should be able to handle it. Just work it out with Eve or you could just call Lena and ask her what she wants to do since it's her company anyways.


Kara: Hmmm ok Thanks Alex! :D


Alex: Anytime sis ;)


Kara then calls Lena.






Lena's office


Lena's working on some rough draft proposals when a call comes in on her cellphone.


Looking down to see who it is she feels an odd fluttering in her gut causing her to smile instantly.


Seeing it's Kara she answers the call.




Lena: "Kara Hi"


Kara: "Lena Hey sorry to bother you I was wondering if you could come over to Catco today?"


Lena: "Is something wrong?"


Kara: "James is umm on a sabbatical."


Lena: "What do you mean he's on sabbatical?"


Kara: "Yea James said he needed sometime off and he'll be in metropolis for a week."


Lena: "Great ok well who did he put in charge?"


Kara: "No one but everyone sees me as next in line. Snapper is blowing his stack."


Lena: "Hmmm ok I'll have to split my time then. I have a meeting in 20 minutes but it should be a short one and I'll clear my schedule after that."


Kara: "Thank youuuuu sooo much. I was kinda getting overwhelmed."


Lena: "It's alright darlin see you in a bit. Hold down the fort for me."



Hanging up her cell she presses her intercom button. "Jess I'll need to clear my schedule for the day. I'll be going back and forth between here and Catco. See if Sam can pick up some of those meetings. Seems Mr Olsen is MIA."


"Oh yes ma'am I'll handle it. What about your 10:30?"


"I'll take it but then I'll be heading over after that."


"Very good Ms Luthor."


Lena reflected on the events. She couldn't believe James would pull a dick move like that. It's not good business for that type of instability especially of a mega media company where news is second to second. He should have planned coverage or at least called her. She has yet to decide that a position would still be waiting for him if he returned. This isn't high school. You can't just shirk duties when you're responsible for hundreds of employees. She thought he was going to be professional about this.


'Clearly not' She snorted.






Cat Grant's office


Lena was surprised at the state she finds Kara in. She looked like she didn't get any sleep, quite disheveled, hairs falling out of her ponytail and her outfit a bit bunched and twisted in places. The makeup has been completely rubbed off and she's got that furrow that's not leaving her face.


'Poor baby' She swallowed that thought as quickly as it came.


The brunette walks into Cat's old office watching the body language of the blond as she was sitting at the desk hunched over with papers strewn about. It almost appeared like she was going to cry.


The CEO dropped her stuff on one of the couches and Kara's head popped up. A 1000 watt smile lit up the reporters face that made Lena's whole day.


"I brought you doughnuts." The brunette remarked softly.


"You... You are something else. Thank you for coming over." She says dropping the magnifier and sits back in relief.


Lena walked around the desk and propped her hip on the edge while placing the bag on top. Then turned her head back to gaze down at the blond woman. There was so much warmth radiating from Kara's blue orbs Lena couldn't stop herself from tucking one of the blond strands behind a perfect ear.


"That's what I'm here for" The brunette stated softly.


"Well I officially pass you the baton boss." Kara said while pushing out the chair to stand up as she grabbed the doughnut bag.


She stood off to the side while Lena sat down in the chair. A weird shiver ran through the brunette's spine at the heat radiating from the seat. She crossed her legs in reflex as Kara began munching happily on the sugary treats.


Looking at the stack of mess while attempting to decipher what's going on Lena questions "So what are we working on."


The reporter is still chewing trying to mouth around the food "Well..."


"Chew, swallow then speak."


The blond head bobbled her affirmation. Once her mouth was clear she spoke.


"I was checking these proofs for the main article and I can't make a decision. Wells and Stafford are doing their basic fluff pieces on hair and makeup. Tennenbaum is doing something on 'Fresh Ways To Rethink Your Wardrobe'. I was going after the councilman piece here and chase down some leads Snapper wanted me to go after." Then stuffs a bavarian creme in her face.


Lena is amazed the blond got the whole thing in her mouth in one go. The CEO had to physically restrain herself from cleaning the creme from the side of the woman's mouth with her own.


"I think I can take it from here. So basically we'll need something catchier than Lips of Fire an Heels of Steel right?" She said while handing Kara a napkin and then pointing at the spot on her face.


Kara looked chagrinned. "Woops ehe." Wiping her mouth.


They both chuckle.




Kara's Office


Lena is surprised by what she see's in Kara's office as they enter the room "Kara"


"Hmm?" Puts the papers on her desk and turns back around to face the brunette.


Stares around in wonder "These are so beautiful" The CEO feels something magnetic about the paintings. Between the colors and swirls it gives off a particular feeling she can't describe into words.


"Oh" The blond says with a shy smile. "You are more than welcome to take anything you like."


Fingering one particular painting Lena asks "These are amazing. Why haven't I noticed them before?"


"Well I started painting again after the whole sight thing and I found I really enjoy water color even though it's all abstract. It..It really helps me... you know..It's calming." Kara says all nervously while shifting on her feet.


"I understand. I couldn't possibly take these." The brunette really did understand. Kara needed something soothing especially after everything that's happened. It makes perfect sense.


"Take as many as you want really I got hundreds more at home." Kara sheepishly rubs the back of her neck.


Lena peers over at the blue-eyed blond curiously. Feeling compelled to hug the other woman she lets herself do just that.


Kara accepts the embrace as her heartspace warms from the inside out. Enjoying the feeling she returns the hug.


Finally they release eachother and get back to business.


"In the meantime you and Eve will have to cover where I can't since I'll be going back and forth ok? We need to maintain communication on all projects if this is gonna work. James isn't responding to my calls so it's a moot point. I'll be having Jess looking into finding a more permanent replacement if he doesn't get back to us in a week." Grabbing a few of the paintings while explaining some details.


Kara regards her thoughtfully and agrees "I can definitely do that. For right now I need to go chase these leads and I'll be back later." Hearing sirens in the background she moves towards the door.


Lena met Kara's eyes with a serious look "Ok Please be safe."


"I will." The blond assured her with a nod.

Chapter Text



Kara taps her comm "Alex I really don't think this girl is an alien either she's literally sand."


Supergirl's been fighting this sand creature lady for the past 20 minutes doing all she can to stop her. The blond's punches going clean through and then getting pounded in return as the sand woman reforms her limbs.


The Kryptonian is feeling a bit drained but keeps pushing.


Punch, kick, both miss and Kara's being thrown back. Trying to get the sand woman's timing the blond speeds around in an attempt to land a hit from behind. The woman again expands out but this time instead of hitting the hero the sand woman shoots her arm into the Kryptonians mouth and lungs choking her.


Pain searing through her throat and lungs Kara shoots heat vision cutting off the attack. Flies up to get some air for another shot.


Zipping to the other side of the street Supergirl grabs a lamp post. The blond coughs to try and clear her lungs for a moment. Kara then swings at sand lady with the pole which completely passes through again.


Alex chirps "Try harder! I can't get squads in there right now."


Kara's wheezing trying to get enough oxygen. The gritty sand making her mouth dry and hurt to breath. She does another heat vision shot which gets shrugged off.




Kara knows her powers are getting low she wheezes out "I'm trying but she's not holding her shape for me to get a shot off. She just reconstitutes and shrugs it off." Then spits off to the side.


While dodging another blow Kara rolls the lamp post into a ball and chucks it at the sandwoman's head which again passes right through.


"I'm noticing a pattern if she's apart for longer than 2.5 minutes she has to reform herself. I believe it takes alot of energy for her to spreadout and manipulate all the individual particles at any one given time." Alex explains while watching the monitors.


That gives Kara an idea. From her vantage point the blond sees what she needs to pulls this off. She superspeeds a small wind tunnel around the sandgirl. Using ice breath to slow down her movement. Kara knows she only have another few seconds before the other woman has to condense her form. That's when Supergirl initiates a Thunderclap to stun the woman.


The blond speed flies to the church bell speeds back and brings down the huge metal bell on top of the sandlady. Slaming her hands down on the bell a few times locking it into the asphalt effectively trapping the sandwoman. Well at least for the moment.




The blond does a half giggle then coughs some more.


"Let go of me this instant! When I get out of here you will suffer!" Sandwoman shouts with indignation.


"Quiet down." Kara rings it with her knuckle.




"Why were you attacking a church?" Kara asks voice still raised.


"I'm not telling you" Came the muffled reply.


The hero rings it again.


"AGH STOP that hurts!"


The sandlady spews from inside her miniprison. "You have no idea what you've done. You're going to watch all your loved ones perish. OW"


The blond taps it again "Pipe down"


'This gal really doesn't know when to quit' Kara thinks to herself.


"Hey Alex I got her." Kara supplies with a smirk. She then turns back to the bell and remarks loudly "I would not suggest you trying to get out as you have a limited air supply and any additional exhertion will cause that to rapidly diminish."


"Awesome job Supergirl. Bring her in." The director replies.


Using heatvision Kara cuts a large circle around the bell into the surrounding asphalt to make a perfect package. Pulling the bell and concrete seal from the ground the Kryptonian flies it to the DEO.






"Luckily no one was hurt." Supergirl reports.


Alex nods acknowledging the good news "That's great. Good job." Giving her sister a pat on the back.


The blond smiles and then points to the bellcan "Thanks. I wouldn't recommend opening that up unless you have a proper containment field in place. You said you need some of her particles for testing right? Here." As she spits into the petri dish Winn was holding.


Alex looks at her questioningly.


Kara squints and adds "Yea she tried to choke me...from the inside"


"Guess I missed that part. Let me check your lungs out then." The redhead looks her over checking for any other injuries.


"Ok my throat still hurts but I'm fine." The blond says while rubbing her hand across her neck.


"You know eventually she's gonna run out of air so you guys might want to hurry" The blond supplies.


"I'll see if I can come up with some sort of inhibitor." Winn supplies running off with the petri dish to one of the labs.


A muffled voice coming from inside the bell says something remotely like "I need to go to the bathroom!"


"Hold it or sit in it" Alex barks back.


They both heard incoherent grumbles.


Kara cringes at that following Alex to one of the sunrooms as her sister hands her a bottle of water.




A few days later


Lena's apartment


Lena's having a rough morning.


The brunette had been up all night working and was finally looking forward to sleeping in when a construction crew right outside her building was pounding away with a jackhammer right at 7am. She only just fell asleep at 4 and the CEO was not happy.


"You have got to be fucking kidding me." As she chucks a pillow across the room having a small fit.


The jackhammer just seemed to get louder in response.


"Fine! I can't even have one morning to myself." Lena said aloud as if some kind of cosmic deity was playing jokes on her.


Throwing the blankets off she trudges to the kitchen to start her coffee and an early work day.




Childrens Hospital



"Hey Ron how is everything?" Lena asks while pulling the man to the side to speak with him.


"Hi Ms Luthor! Yea everything has been going really well for the past 8 months." Ron says genuinely happy to see the woman.


"Ohh When I gave you the go ahead with the alternative medicine options once I got the Medical board and hospital director's approval. How is that going?" The brunette remembers that was a huge cluster mess of bureacratic nonsense that took her a week to fix.


Ron moves further to the side to let a group of nurses through to the breakroom "Yes I started looking into some intergrative and holistic medicine and we've been noticing a trend amongst the children. They need less treatments and don't stay as long. The parents who also adopt some of these practices see a massive difference for the overall wellbeing not of just the child but within their own lives. This is something frowned upon in modern medicine practices but I feel like we're on to something important and should explore these options."


"What are you applying specifically?" Lena asks intently wanting to know if he took her advice.


"Your recommendations really. Well we are using certain frequency sounds inside the rooms such as singing bowls or healing chants as background music/sound. With others who don't have immune disorders we are placing plants inside their rooms. For those with immune disorders we are putting different crystals in their rooms and colored lamps. We've seen remarkable results that can't be explained by general science." Ron explains with enthusiasm very happy at the results.


He continues "Some of the parents who start doing food as medicine have really seen massive changes as well. Like organic and ayurvedic.. turmeric and so forth. Of course it's something that should be consulted with their own medical practitioners but as long as everyone is in agreeance then I believe it's something that is necessary going forward."


The brunette affirms "I couldn't agree more however, we will need more documentaion to provide proof of results. These children are not lab experiments and should be treated with the utmost respect and care." She warns seriously.


Ron nods his mop of reddish hair quickly "Yes Yes of course. Also we're seeing 60-70 % decrease in visit times. A 40% decrease of recurrances of parents who utilize the integrative practices and an 12% non return rate that are living normal healthy lives. We're able to start narrowing down patterns amongst those affected by certain types of mutated cells and showing a correlation in the living area of the family."


"This is great. I want you to send your results and equipment information sent to my office immediately." The brunette adds with a smile while patting his arm gently.


"Yes Ma'am"


"I want to see if we can eventually get these results published in as many medical texts as possible once we have conclusive evidence." She says with finality.




Lena makes her rounds checking in on the children giving them hugs and reassurances. Sitting and talking to the ones who are awake this early. Helping them with legos or puzzles whatever they're working on. Even checking in on the infant ward and holding a few for comfort.


This is something she did every so often and it made her feel more human and less a Luthor. The nurses knew she was nothing like her family and would regularly help out with feedings every few weeks. Lena does this for herself and not for press so the staff quietly allows her access to help out.


"Alright Natalie I better get going. Here" She gently passes back a little baby girl to the nurse on duty after giving a little kiss on the babies head.


"Little precious burped twice already so she should be good to go for a nap." The brunette said with a smile while placing the burping cloth on the rack.


"Awesome. Thanks again Ms Luthor."


It's still quite early but Lena heads to the office.






"We've got a hit on Lillian. We got a 10 second blip on facial recognition in Malaysia and the South China Sea area. Dang it! It looks like it's old footage. Old security systems recently got upgraded. This was from like a month ago." Winn spouts off quickly fingers flying over the keyboard.


Alex assesses the information "There might be a chance she's still there or that she's had dealings there. Any groups there that might tickle her fancy?" She probes.


"There are a few terrorist cells in the area. We'll run more scans of the region for anyone who are sympathetic to her ideals." He rolls to his other terminal that's open and clicks away.


"Alright keep me posted." The director states.






Lena's Office


Lena's on the phone with President Marsdin.


Jess and Sam are sitting in front of her desk talking about her situation with the youngest Danvers sister.


Jess states in a playful manner "Well I don't know how'd I feel if my 'best friend' bought me a 750mil dollar company and then pays for all my groceries who on and off lives at my apartment. Does that count as sugar momma status?"


"I'm not sure but if it were me in Kara's shoes I'd definitely throw some booty her way." Sam supplies in a mischievous tone.


"I know right?" The assistant agrees.


Lena pushes the mute button.


"You two know I can hear you. Cut it out." Lena said in a snappish hushed tone.


Unmutes "Yes Olivia I'll take a look at those right away. Thank you. Yes have a good evening." Lena says reassuringly in a polite voice.


Then dropping the phone into the receiver ending the call "Good lord what is wrong with you people? You know who that was right?" Lena glared at them with mild irritation.


"Oh I wonder if they cuddle like they do on game night" Sam says turning back to look at Jess with a look as the assistant as she was tapping something into her ipad.


Lena just can't believe these two "OUT! Both of you! Nothing is going on. Now get back to work."


Now they move towards her door laughing as Sam does a last minute jibe. "Maybe you should call your girlfriend and relieve some of that tension."


The CFO half jogs out the door narrowly missing getting beaned in the head with a stressball.


As the ball hits the glass door with a thud then falls to the floor with a small thump Lena sits there staring at it for a moment. She lays her head in her hands in an attempt to clear her head.


'If only it were that simple'


Dropping her hands she gets herself refocused for the new partnership guidlines she was talking to the president about. Looking at the clock she's got another meeting in an hour. It'll give her some time to look at the schematics Marsdin sent to her inbox. Lena checks her makeup then pulls open her laptop and gets back to work.

Chapter Text

Somewhere downtown


Supergirl is flying around downtown trying to patrol. She had already dealt with a bank robbery, a rogue alien, a mugging and a fire. So now she was trying to clear her mind because now it's a slow time of the day and she's now left with her own thoughts.


'I don't know what's going on with me. We're just friends and I've never experienced this before with a girl, attraction or any kind of feelings this is so confusing. I know it's not a big deal on Krypton. I just don't understand how my body would react like this now and if I'm honest with myself I've never actually felt this way with any guy. Am I going crazy?'


Dodging a flock of birds and scanning the ground.


'I can't talk to Alex about it. No. Cat? No. J'onn? No. I don't know what I'm gonna do.'


Avoids a few skyscrapers.


'Lena doesn't like women for Rao's sake! She's had Jack and James.'


Circles back and scans some more.


'She's a friend, only a friend, friends only. I shouldn't be attracted to her. No. Just ignore it and it'll go away...
She's not. I'm not. Ugh!'




She runs into a building.


Apparently she was on autopilot because this wasn't just any building. This was the LCorp building. Above Lena's balcony no less. Falling into a dazed heap the blond just lies there for a moment.


Hearing the crash Lena comes running out to her balcony.


"Oh My God Supergirl are you ok?" The brunette is shocked and tries to help the girl of steel up grasping her arm gently as tingles bounce across her skin at the contact.


Luckily there wasn't too much damage to the building as Kara takes stock of the area.


"I'm fine Ms Luthor. I think." The blond hero attempts to get up and slightly wobbles.


"You think?!" Grabbing her more firmly Lena can't believe the hero would be this out of sorts unless something major was wrong with her.


"No emergency I..I skipped lunch." Feeling like a complete moron especially getting distracted like that. Kara comes up with something quick to tell the woman.


Lena says with a worried look "Here come in and sit down for a minute."


Jess was in Lena's office at the time and heard the heroine's comment.


"Here" The assistant hands the blond a candy bar she pulled from her pocket while the CEO got her seated in her chair.


Kara says regrettably "I'm sorry."


"It's alright just be more careful with yourself and don't skip meals." Feeling more odd tingles in her skin and confused at which the way her body is again responding to the alien hero. Lena backs away after gettin the Super situated.


'Kettle' The blond chuckles internally while munching on the Snickers bar at human speed.


Both the CEO and her assistant eye the hero for a moment.


"Do you want me to order.." Jess starts to offer.


"No I'm fine this'll work enough to get me where I need to go. Thank you and sorry about the building." She definitely didn't want them to see how much she could eat given as how much Kara Danvers consumes in one sitting would be coincidently the same amount.


"Ms Luthor, Ms Huang always a pleasure." She launches skyward and out of sight quickly.


"Jess stop it."


"I don't know what..."


"I can sense you swooning from here." The CEO walks back around and sits at her desk.


"I.." Her mouth clicked shut. Then looked down at her notepad squirming a little. "Oh your 2:30 should be here any moment. I'll call a repair crew for this evening."




Alien Bar


Karaoke night


Sam notices two things as she enters the bar with Lena #1 It's 80's Love Songs night and #2 of course Kara is rearing to go.


Ruby was spending the night at a friends house so Sam was able to go out with everyone. She's really gonna enjoy watching everyone sing or try to sing and the CFO is gonna make Lena get up there too.


Kara shouts loudly "Ok Kiddies Whitney Houston is offlimits to you jokers. I got dibs on her stuff all night."


There was a bunch of groans all around.


The blond starts them off right with Whitney's 'I Have Nothing'. Pouring her heart into the song.


Lena couldn't help but want to feel like the blond was singing this for her. It made her chest ache.


When Kara finished the entire bar was standing ovation and her ears were slightly tinged pink. Holding her glasses in place Kara does a quick bow.


"Hey didn't Ms Houston release that in '92?" J'onn questions as he gets up for his turn.


"Dude who cares that was awesome!" Winn kicks back while still clapping.


J'onn selects Lionel Richie and croons away Endless Love as a duet with Alex.


"So what's been goin on?" Barry asks cordially knowing he's in mixed company who don't know about the alter ego thing.


"Oh not much you know same ol same ol." Kara supplies.


"You should come over next time and we'll do karaoke night at my place." The speedster offers.


"Sounds awesome!" Kara says exuberantly.


Barry says with a grin "Of course there'll be plenty of food."


"YAH BOYYY!!!" The Kryptonian whoops and hollers.


Alex just finished singing Eternal Flame by the Bangles and decides to go get another round of drinks.


Sam thinks she sees an unusual look passing quickly over Alex's features but it was too fast to distinguish.


Lena and Sam are chatting while Alex goes to the bar. Lena sees how Kara keeps hanging and hugging that guy Barry.


'She's never mentioned a new boyfriend so what's going on?' Lena thinks to herself.


"Oh honey they're just friends." Sam says patting the brunette's arm seeing the look on Lena's face.


"Mmm It's not my business anyways whether they're friends or not." Lena states with a wave of her hand.


Sam supplies cause she's had this conversation already with Alex "He's married."


"Oh" Feeling somewhat relieved Lena rubs her forehead.


"Don't worry. It's normal to get jealous" Sam tries to assure her while pursing her lips.


Lena says with a sad smile while tilting her head down "No it's not. Not for me."


The CFO remarks softly "You're only human."


Alex returns with drinks and passes them out to the girls.


While Winn is doing another song by Jefferson starship 'Nothing Gonna Stop Us' in duet with Lyra.


At this point everyone is sloshed. Well all except for Barry. Even Kara had a little Aldabaran rum. Everyone is having a blast.
J'onn is just kinda keepin to himself but still having a good time.


Once Lyra and Winn are done Kara gets up and decides to sing Whitney Houstons 'Wanna Dance With Somebody' and then follows up with 'The Greatest Love'.


'Damn she's amazing' Lena again can't stop her thoughts.


They all order food before the kitchen closes so they were sharing a bunch of different appetizer platters. Kara and Barry both had quadruple orders to the surprise of the rest of the group.


Sam is amazed watching two people eat that enormous amount of food. She didn't think it was humanly possible. The CFO stuck with a few hot wings and fries.


Barry does his rendition of Whitesnake's 'Is this Love' in the background as Winn tries to snatch one of Kara's mozzerella sticks. Growling loudly Kara glares at him with a dangerous look. He then carefully puts the cheesestick back on her plate while slowly backing away.


Sam laughs at the blond's antics. While Lena just shakes her head.


'He should know better' The CEO mind supplies knowing how the reporter is with food. Lena thinks about that a little bit. 'Kara shares with me all the time. hmmmm'


Alex then plops back down next to Sam and Lena asking what they picked out and if they need help or wanna duet with her while Lyra is singing Cyndi Lauper 'Time After Time' in the background.


Lena is forced *by Alex and Sam* into doing Tina Turner 'Simply The Best' which also was released in '91. Nobody really cares at this point.


Kara couldn't keep her eyes off the brunette. While Lena's singing Kara could literally feel this song like it means something and gives the warmest smile back to the Luthor who was now looking at her.


Alex gives Sam a knowing look at having watched the blond and the CEO.


Chugging the rest of her drink Sam then makes her way to the stage once Lena exits. The CFO winds up singing Heart's 'What about Love'. Her eyes keep flitting over to where the redhead was sitting as if attempting to convey something.


Alex is mesmerized. She keeps pretending not to be staring at the stage while sipping her beer but failing miserably.


Both Lena and Kara see this and share a knowing look.


Winn finishes up with Culture Club and towards the end of the song he really was slurring heavily. Lyra practically had to hold him up not that she minded.


The scooby gang had a fantastic time belting and crooning all their favorite songs to any body that was willing to listen promising to do this sometime again in the future.


They eventually dragged themselves from the bar and Lena's poor driver had to take everyone home. All with the exception of Barry and J'onn.

Chapter Text

A few days later


Sam's House




Lena is sitting at the kitchen island with a glass of wine in hand swirling it around while contemplating what to talk to Alex about without making this awkward.


"Tell me again why Kara asked off for two days?" The CEO says with a thoughtful look.


Alex can't help but smile taking a sip from her beer "Because she's at the Chikfila grand opening down the road."


Now Lena is severely lost "I don't understand."


"Kara wants a years worth of free of chicken sandwiches. So of course she's been camped out since they announced it. She doesn't want to lose her spot." The redhead supplies while giggling.


"You mean to tell me she's been there the entire 2 days??" The brunette says with a shocked expression.


Alex nods "Yes apparently she convinced the pizza guy to deliver to her in line." Still snickering.


"Good Lord." Lena takes a long swallow of the dark liquid and then asks "What about bathroom breaks?"


"Her friend Bob." The director states while taking another drink of her beer.




Alex then explains "He's the homeless guy down on 5th. You know the one she talks to and brings food on occasion....No? Well He's holding her place while she goes on bathroom breaks. I don't think he minds because they're splitting the prize and she's sharing the pizza with him. She's even got a tent, a sleeping bag and chairs set up."


"So you mean to tell me she's been out there all day and night and rain for 2 days for what? Chicken sandwiches for a year? Who does that??" Lena waves her arms in the air dramatically.


"Remember it's Kara we're talkin about and that girl will do anything for food especially free food. Don't worry the opening is in the morning at 9 so once that's done she'll be back to normal schedule." Alex said after hearing the front door open and close.


"That's just crazy." Sam pipes up after hearing the latter part of the conversation having picked up Ruby from school. Walking into the kitchen as Ruby drops her backpack on the dining room table.


"Maybe you should go check on her" Alex suggests then turns around getting up from the island. "Hey Rubes how was school?"


Lena considers this for a second and already missing the blond she then agrees with the suggestion then texts her driver.






Kara and Bob are having a blast singing while listening to music. Stuffing their faces full of meatlover's pizza enjoying the weather now that it stopped raining.


They are both sitting in the camper chairs and cup holders with sodas next to Kara's tent just relaxing as a sleek black car pulls up along side of the huge line of people.


Kara recognizes the heartbeat inside and a huge smile covers the blond's features as she sees the black high heels that step out underneath the door followed by a stunning dark haired woman with red lipstick.


Kara hums.


Other people in line recognized the Luthor and gave ugly looks but mostly kept quiet.


Bob gives a bit of a whistle and Kara elbows him.




"You know her eh?" He says with a smirk.


Kara nods "She's my friend."


"That's great!" He says with glee.


Lena walks up with a large white paper bag in hand.


"Hey" Lena says with a shy smile.


All the blond could get out was "Hi"


The brunette looks around "I can't believe you're doing all this."


"Yup" The blond replies.


"I umm brought you something." She hands Kara the bag. Their fingers lightly brushing sending shocks that defies logic.


"Thank you"


"I'll see you later?" Lena asks while tucking a dark lock behind her ear.


The blond assures "You bet."


Lena then reluctantly leaves getting into the car. It sits for a minute then slowly drives off.


Kara's heart felt full in a way she didn't understand


Opening the bag and peaking in Kara exclaims "Yes! Doughnuts. You want one?"




Bob finishes his doughnut and then asks "Hey was that purdy lady ya girlfriend? She's awfully nice."


"No she's not my girlfriend" Kara says biting into a strawberry glazed fried doughy goodness while giving him an odd look.


"Coulda fooled me. Ya'll makin all googoo eyes. She even brought you doughnuts just as an excuse ta see ya. Now ain't that sweet." He says with a bright toothless smile.


Kara sputtered and turned red all flustered.


Bob takes off his hat for a second "Gosh You'd better snatch that one up 'fore someone else come a knockin." Fixin his hair he then puts his cap back on.


The blond gives him another look and just stuffs another doughnut into her mouth munching thoughtfully.




Next Day

National City


Kara had just finished clearing up a car pileup on the highway with an overturned tractor trailer. She hears 2 alarms go off at the same time, one a bank and the other she's not sure. Kara takes the bank when the blond hears gun shots.


Once she's resolved the attempted bank robbery and the cops show up the Kryptonian makes her way over to where she heard the second alarm quickly.


She's surprised it's a museum. The blond does a quick xray scan inside and makes a decision.


Kara taps her comm "Hey Alex it's that wannabe jedi from the docks... he's at the Museum of History. It looks like someone inside is hurt I'm goin in."


"Kara no wait!






Museum of Natural History


"Are you gonna tell me who you are?" Kara shouts across the atrium while dodging another ballbolt volley.


The guy is not giving her any clues, not speaking, nothin.
He looks like he's phasing in and out of places making it hard for the blond to pin him down.


Supergirl's still not able to land a hit on him with her hands but her heat vision got his left shoulder.


Most of the visitors already were able to get out before he started tossing stuff around. Unfortunately, 3 security guards got hurt and she needed to wrap this up if she was to get them to safety and get them medical attention.


It looks like he keeps tryin to make his way to the Mummy exhibit.


The Kryptonian superspeeds around him but narrowly misses getting hit with another bolt. Passing within an inch of her skin and an uncontrollable fear ripped through her and Kara had to dodge behind a pillar as he tossed a few more her way.


'NO I cannot have a panic attack in the middle of a fight stop it!' Her mind screams.


The hero sucks in a deep breath chanting a prayer to Rao in her mind to help her focus. The Kryptonian saw that she was in a bad spot and pinned down. Kara looked up at the wall across from her it almost looked like a glint of white light reflected off a shield hanging there.


As Kara listened for a break in his timing she jumped up supersped grabbing the shield and spun around as a rather large bolt hit the shield. To the blond's surprise it dissipated the energy, displaced or absorbed? She wasn't sure. The blond just knew that the shield felt right in her hands and made her feel calm.


The guys eyes widened and picked up what he was looking for which looked like a stick and disappeared in a black mist.






Kara was sitting on the sunbed absorbing more rads while Alex is going through the standard physical.


The Kryptonian was frustrated he got away again. "No I'm fine Alex he got away again but the curator said he stole some sort of stick from Egypt." She adds with annoyance.


"You mean a staff" The director replied while checking Kara's vitals.


"No it sounded more like... sep... scepter I think she said. Supposedly it was from the time of Hat hat ketchup?" She tilts her head in deep thought.


Alex tries not to laugh "Hatschepsut" she supplies.


"Yea that's it!" Her eyes brighten and she points at Alex.


The redhead gives her an annoyed look as she inspects her eyes for good measure "God don't you know your ancient Earth History?"


Trying not to blink from the penlight Kara replies "I studied the Roman and Greek mythology not the Egyptian stuff sorrrrry."


"Maybe you should brush up cause now we got an idea of items he's after." Alex says while checking her pulse.


The blond pointed to the corner of the room "Well anyways there's the shield I used. I dunno Alex my instinct just reached for it cause I felt fear when his bolts got too close. I felt calm when I picked up this shield."


"It's got an owl on it so you should know something about that." The agent says while listening to her heartbeat with her stethoscope.


"Ohhh You mean..."


Alex nods.


"Huh So a shield with Athena's blessing?" The Kryptonian said with a bit of wonder in her voice.


Putting the equipment down the director writes more notes on the clipboard sheet "Looks like it. Maybe you should talk to Diana again."


"Couldn't hurt."


The redhead finished a few more scribbles and put the clipboard down on the table "I really don't think you should go after this guy again until we get a better look at what we're dealing with ok?"


Kara agreed and then added "Alright well you need to talk to the curator cause she was pretty pissed I took the shield."


"I can do that." Alex says with a pat the the blond's knee.

Chapter Text



Cat's office



Lena eyes the man warily while sitting back in the executive chair "How can I be sure you won't pull another stunt like that again?"


James says in a softened tone "I'm sorry I was being a jerk and I promise I won't do anything that will hurt the company."


Lena gives him The Look "Why should I give you back your job when honestly you don't deserve it under normal circumstances? You would be deemed as a no call no show and effectively terminated. You are so lucky Kara covered for you." She spat at him


James felt bad after the way he treated Kara and the fact she still tried to cover for him didn't go unnoticed. It made him feel 10 times worse. He'll have to make it up to both of them.


"I know it wasn't the way to handle things and I made some poor choices in that regard but I can do the job as you can see by my previous track record." He hopes that's enough for the CEO. He's looking tired and remorseful.


"It won't happen again. I promise." He says with conviction. James had a rough time back in Metropolis. He was staying with his mom and Lucy. Going back and forth. It was also the anniversary of his father's death that he wanted to be there for his mother. Then afterwards things with Lucy went south again. She wanted a commitment from him and he still couldn't do it. Lucy cut off ties with James and kicked him out.


The CEO seems somewhat appeased "If and when you decide to have time off please schedule it like everyone else. We need enough time ahead to get coverage on top of everything else."


The brunette understands that sometimes you just have to run the gauntlet. Still doesn't mean you get to drop the ball when you're running the show. She just hopes James understands that truly. She's going to give him the benefit of the doubt.


If this happens again though he's through with Catco. In the meantime Lena's keeping the list Jess had comeup with as possible replacements for him. The brunette didn't want to have to come back in and clean up his mess. Although Kara did a rather good job of holding it together.


Lena can't help but smile internally at that. Remembering the state in which she found the blond reporter and then later on with the office experience. Colors everywhere. The brunette has been enjoying the blond's paintings. Getting little doses of sunshine throughout her spartan looking apartment.


Lena takes a deep breath and returns back to the conversation. "Now that's out of the way. How are you doing?"


"I'll be ok."


She nods "Good. Ok so this is what we're working on with the seasonal issue. I'm gonna need you to go down and get some head shots.." Switching right back into business mode. Lena bring's James up to speed on everything he's missed.





Kara's Apartment


Sisters night?


Alex starts suspecting something going on between Kara and Lena and they are being complete oblivious idiots. So Alex had been texting Sam all afternoon about it unbeknownst to Kara.


Kara is sitting at the kitchen island and has in front of her a literal mountain of ham sandwiches.


"I have perfected the ham sandwich with a perfect amount of spices. With onion powder, oregano and chili powder it's perfect." Kara says with pride and awe in her voice.


"How many times are you gonna say perfect?" Alex says with a raised brow and a smirk.


"Both sides have a blended mix of equal mayo and mustard ratio so the mustard isn't so harsh. Then on the oregano side you put just a tiny drizzle of ketchup."


"You are so ridiculous." The redhead rolls her eyes.


Kara says while holding out one of the sandwiches for her sister to bite "No no try this."


"Okay" Alex takes a bite to humor her sister.


"Huh huh What do you think?"


The redhead chews a bit and then starts to smile "That's really good for a basic ham sandwich."




"Are you planning on sharing?" Alex asks with a smirk.


"Why?" Giving her older sister a curious look.


"Cause the girls are coming over in a few minutes and they might be hungry too."


"Awww Alex!"


"Save 8 sandwiches and you can have the rest. Which you should probably eat now cause I think they're already here." As she looks down at her phone and sees a text from Sam.


Kara speeds through the mountain in a way Barry would be proud.


As Alex goes to open the door Kara finishes her last bite.


Swallowing quickly and wiping her mouth Kara shouts "Sam, Ruby, Lena Hi!"






They were all sitting around on the couch and not really paying attention to what was playing on the tv. They kept chatting about all kinds of different topics. Kara's been happy about having food and has been learning how to cook little by little.


"I'm doing experiments with baked eggs later. I think I perfected the seasoning and I'm just trying to get the timing right so I achieve yolky perfection. It's eggcellent." Kara says in all seriousness.


Small snickers and giggles went around.


"Oh God here we go again with the egg puns." Alex can't help but roll her eyes in disgust.


"I thought you'd be eggstatic?" Ruby states dutifully.


Lena quips back "No yolks about it"


"Come on Alex everyone enjoys a good egg pun" Kara says to her sister grinning.


"I'm eggcited to be here." Ruby said while making her way to the kitchen to get some more juice.


"I'm sorry if I'm not as eggcepting as others" The redhead tries with a grimace.


"Come on you need to come out of that shell" Lena face hurts this is too much fun.


I know I come off a little aneggmatic" Ruby tries to come up with one of the fly.


"Oh nooo foul that's just rotten" Sam quickly retorted, earning laughter from the group.


"Scramble it any which way you want" The CEO chimes back in while leaning against the blond's shoulder.


You've poached the subject a little too much" The blond woman giggled while readjusting herself on the couch.


"If you keep this up I'm leaving." Alex muttered while running her hand through her hair.


"Omelette you in on a secret" Sam says with glee feeling like a big kid.


Lena cleared her throat "You really need to look on the sunny side of things." Causing Kara to snicker.


Ruby responds while continuously giggling "And not be so hard boiled."


"Alright! I'm done! I'll see you guys later." Alex says while glaring at all of them getting up from the couch.


"Noooo." They all say in chorus.


"We'll be good now." Kara says while grinning wickedly seeing the twinkle in Lena's eye.


"Don't feel all beaten down and cracked or are you just egghausted?" Lena says really trying to keep a straight face.


Kara high fives Lena.


Sam goes to grab Alex to stop her from gathering her coat and gives her a look. They look like they're having a small conversation without a word. The redhead shoulders slump and mutters "Fine" and returns back to the main sitting area with a slight grump.


They stopped after that and started talking about Ruby's project for the science fair.


Alex catches a ride with Sam and Ruby to go help out with the science project. Lena explains she's got to head to the carparts shop and Kara offers to go with her.




Carparts'n stuff shop


Lena drives to car parts shop with Kara for new windshield wiper blades and as soon as they pull up there is a girl with fawn colored hair crying out in front of her car with the hood open.


They both get out of the car and walk towards the woman.


"Hey are you ok?" Kara asks concerned.


"My car's broke down and I already paid to have it towed here and now they're sayin that I need 1200 for them to fix it and I can't afford it and I don't know how I'm gonna make it to work." The woman cried as she explained.


Lena stalks up to the mechanic and asks what's going on. He states it's a fuel injector and they are gonna have to get the cherry picker to pull out the rear suspension to get to it.


Lena merely listens to him. Then asks him for a large clean towel she could lean on and rolls up her sleeves. Lena takes a look at the make and model and runs through things in her brain while inspecting diff parts inside.


The brunette pops off the computer and fuse box housing. Asks the guy for his multimeter and pokes around some more.


"What is she doing? Does she know how to fix cars?" The crying woman asked the blond.


The mechanic is just chuckling to himself thinking they can't possibly know what they're doing.


"Uhhh maybe? She might. She is kinda a genius so we'll see." Kara admitted rubbing the back of her neck.


"Aha!" Lena pops out a little black box the size of a lime.


"Can you get me the replacement for this part model please." The CEO reads off the white numbers and letters. "This car's model is easy to get parts for so you should have it in stock." Giving him a look.


"Ok" He said not believing that was gonna work but went and got her the part anyway.


"Here you go. It's $10.57 with tax." Lena hands him 11. "Keep the change."


The brunette puts the new part in, closes the box and then gestures for the woman to start the car.


"Could you start it for me please?" Lena asked the woman while stepping back and wiping her hands off.


"Sure no prob. One sec." Pulling out her keys the woman promptly sits in the drivers seat and as the car starts up easily Lena drops the hood down smoothly.


"OH MY GOD! You did it!" The lady cries out but this time with joy.


"Well whaddaya know." Kara says with a proud smirk.


"No way!" Mechanic stares in utter shock.


Lena glares at the mechanic with a dangerous gleam.


He huffs and skulks back into the shop obviously angry from not making his commission.


Hopping up and down the woman can't believe it "Oh my god thank you soo sooo much you just don't know how much you've helped me you're my hero. You saved me from losing my job and my home. You are so wonderful. What's your name?" The woman proclaims with tears in her eyes.


Lena is happy she was able to help but doesn't want to make a big deal out of it "No no it's ok I'm glad I could help. Don't worry about it."


"No no really tell me your name please. You don't know what you're done for me." She says with earnest sincerity.


"Lena" Got out before the woman squished her in a massive hug while crying all over her shirt.


"Thank you thank you thank you thank you Lena."


Kara is sitting back and smiling at the whole scene. Lena gives the blond a look like 'help I don't know what to do here'. Pats the womans back gently with one arm.


Finally the woman releases Lena and then happily gets back in her car and waves. Apparently she was on her way to work when it broke down.


Kara walks up next to her friend "Good job today hero." The blond says with admiration and gives her a big hug.


Lena couldn't help the blush that reached her ears.


They got the wiper blades replaced no problem then the CEO got the blond dropped off at her apartment because they themselves had to be at work in the morning.


It wasn't until 2 days later they saw the LCorp social media blowup with 'Lena Luthor everyday hero' due to the story the crying car woman had posted. Come to find out carlady was a blogger as a side job.


When it reached the LCorp Employee Newsletter, hundreds of her own employees were stopping her in the halls with smiles and praises. And for once Lena allowed herself to feel like she did something right for a change.

Chapter Text

Four days later




It was about 10 am when it struck. Lena was sitting in her office reviewing her notes for the upcoming presentations she has with both Palmer and Wayne tech. She didn't have any meetings until later in the afternoon.


When she felt it. Her world was shaking. It was loud and scary. Lena lept under her desk as her chair started rolling around and fell over. Light fixtures popped and shelves collapsed. little bits of dust from the ceiling being knocked free. Then the shaking got worse.


This was one of a few things that a Luthor would be scared of. The brunette is glad she had LCorp and Catco buildings retrofitted for seismic resiliency. It was one of those gut feelings Lena had when she called up the engineers months ago.


Her mind was in a frenzy as the violent shaking continued.
'Kara oh god'


Lena saw her phone had skittered on the floor. She crawled out to grab it as a piece of debris fell next to her left side. She shrieked grabbed the phone and then crawled back under the desk quickly.


She tries to call Kara and it's goes straight to voicemail.




Finally she tugs on the tennis shoes she left under her desk that morning after taking the stairs up and tries to make her way to Jess' desk avoiding the pieces of paneling falling everywhere.






Lena gets under the desk with her assistant and takes stock of the woman. She's got a cut on her temple and bleeding a bit. The CEO rips her sleeve off and presses it to the cut.


"Keep the pressure on this. Where's Sam?" Lena asks.


"She went offsite for a facility inspection." Jess supplied while holding the cloth against her temple wincing slightly.


"Damn. Ok you try to get ahold of Sam, Ruby and our emergency response teams but stay under here." The brunette says while grabbing the edge of the desk about to launch herself forward.


Jess grabs her arm "Lena it's too dangerous."


The assistant lets go when she sees the look in the CEO's eyes.


"I'll be fine." Lena says and then sprints towards the stairwell.






Kara's in the park chasing down leads. She sensed it at first, a deep rumbling, the animals running like crazy and then the shaking started. People start screaming and running everywhere. She can see buildings collapsing and fire explosions from gas lines.


She jumps into action yelling "STAY AWAY FROM THE POWERLINES and IT'S SAFER IN THE PARK!" at the people running. Knowing now is not a good time to try to rush back into downtown while it's still shaking.


She's trying to make her way to somewhere secluded while helping a few old folks checking them for injuries. Kara got out of sight and changed into her suit. She quickly takes to the air. The blond tunes into Lena's heartbeat and it's there steady and strong. A little elevated but she's alive. 'Thank Rao'


Supergirl swooped up taking a quick survey at the devastation and sped off with purpose. She put out the fires as quickly as she could but more kept popping up. Kara was able to rescue a few people on some of the rooftops and dropped them off in the park.


The blond xrays one of the larger collapsed buildings and moves any survivors to the park as well. The hospitals were gonna be flooded. They'd need to set up a tent station with medical equipment now that the shaking had stopped. So she checked the Children's hospital next. Kara made sure the building was stabilized and had power.


The hero bounced all over checking the hospitals seeming satisfied for now she needed to get moving. Kara tried to clear the air and then got to work on some of the main roads so the emergency crews could get in. When fire, rescue, and police were able to get going then The blond was free to get moving again and getting more people out of the collapsed buildings.


The blond tapped her comm "Alex! You there?"


"We're fine here but you need to get to the suspension bridge. I'm not sure if we're gonna get aftershocks but the bridge has collapsed. There's cars and a school bus in the water." Alex said in a harried voice.


"Dang I got it."





Lena is so glad Kara recommended working out with the stairs. It's totally kept her from falling on her face right now and not get winded. Making her way down the stairwell carefully working her way down the levels. Checking on people and making sure they're alright. Only a few injuries and nothing life threatening as of yet.


She wasn't sure how Catco was faring but LCorp is doin alright.


Finally the shaking stops. Giving her a chance to get her equilibrium. Lena's not sure if there's gonna be aftershocks but she makes her way out of the building to go over to Catco.
The CEO exits the building and stops. What she sees takes her breath away.


Collapsed buildings everywhere, fires, bursted pipes spewing water into the streets and air, fires, downed powerlines, roads cracked and destroyed. It was a battle zone. The dust from the collapsed buildings hung so thick in the air you could barely see 30 feet in front of you. Lena hearing screaming and crying, sirens wailing and explosions in the background.


As Lena hears the helicopters of the emergency response teams she covers her mouth with her other sleeve and runs as fast as she can towards the Catco building. Her heart is in her throat as she turns the corner and sees the Catco building still standing.


'Thank God'




Supergirl was working on the suspension bridge. The cables are flailing around. She grabs them just in time before they almost cut through the crowd below. Supergirl wraps the cables around the main pole and affixes it with a heatvision blast.


The blond was able to get all of the people out of the water. Stopped any more vehicles about to fall in. Gets the school busses to safety. Moved debris for the emergency vehicles to get through. Kara does another scan of the area. It was a warzone and Supergirl was on the frontline. Superspeeding everywhere as fast as she could. Getting to as many people as possible. She's starting to get exhausted.


There were capsized boats due to big waves, sinkholes that opened up, busted water and gas lines. Kara had to make sure all that was fixed so no one else got hurt. Pulling more people from the rubble was a constant throughout. It wasn't just in the city but also the outlying townships she was going back and forth.


Kara dug deep and pushed harder.


"Supergirl you can't keep this up. You need to get back here and get some rads and eat." Alex's voice came in through the comm.


"I can't." Kara quietly spoke.


"You have to or you won't get a choice and how are you gonna help anyone while flared?" The redhead states.


"Fine give me a second to get this..."


Knowing her sister Alex said firmly "No. Now"








Lena still hasn't found Kara and she's freaking the fuck out.
She's at Catco helping people and no one has seen Kara since earlier that morning. 'Why would her phone be off? Maybe it died?'


Whipping her head around constantly Lena looks for anyone she recognizes and spots one "James! Have you seen Kara?"


He sees the CEO and jogs up "No but I bet she's fine. Are you ok?"


"Yes fine! Do we have any bad injuries here?" The brunette quickly asks.


"Bumps and bruises mostly." James confirms.


"Thank God. Send them down to medical. I want everyone to sit tight. Open up the cafeteria for free. It's really bad out there. Ok I got the response teams coming in so don't freak out ok?"


He nods and then the power goes out.


They had lost power for a few seconds but the backup generators Lena had installed 2 years prior kicked in. It gave her enough time to manually switch to her waterworks facility power grid that was still intact.


Stopping to help a woman with a dislocated shoulder Lena asks the menfolk for a few ties and belts. Ripping a jacket the brunette creates a makeshift sling for the woman. First Lena has to distract her having the woman bite down on the belt as the CEO pops the shoulder back into place. The woman cries out but is still concious.


Lena looks at the woman in sympathy "I'm sorry. Get down to medical they can give you some basic pain meds."


The woman nods as Lena finishes putting her in the sling.


Lena finally decides to call Alex.






Kara is lightly dozing under the sunlamps.


Alex walks in and holds up her phone "Hey I got someone here who wants to talk to you."


Opening her eyes to glance over towards the door "What did you tell her?" Kara mouths soundlessly seeing as it was Lena on the phone Alex was holding up.


Alex walks over and thumps her on the skull twice. Their signal for a small head injury. Kara nodded taking the phone.


"Lena hey are you alright?" The blond says in a sleepy voice. Alex leaves the room to give them some privacy.


"Oh My God Kara you don't know how good it is to hear your voice. I tried to call you and then I went to Catco and no one had seen you I..I thought something happened to you." Lena says with profound relief in her voice.


Listening to the brunette Kara replies "I'm ok I was close to where my sister was working and only got beaned in the head. Nothing serious although maybe slightly concussed. Sorry about my phone. I forgot to charge it last night. Now seriously are you ok?" She inquires also glad to hear the CEO's voice.


Lena assures "I'm perfectly fine. I'm just grateful you're ok."


Taking a deep breath "Mmmm. What about Sam and Ruby?" Kara asks.


"They're both fine as well Jess just called me with their status." The brunette confirms.


"That's good. Jess?" The blond adds.


Sounding calmer than when the call first started Lena comments "She's fine. Most of the casulty and injury lists are very small thanks to Supergirl otherwise it would've been catastrophic."


Kara says thoughtfully while staring up at the ceiling "Yea I'd imagine she'd be pretty busy. How is Catco and LCorp?"


"Still standing. Thankfully for some odd reason a few months ago I felt it necessary to call in specialty engineers to have both buildings brought up to platinum rating if ever there was an earthquake." The CEO states with an odd lilt.


"Well from the sound of it I'd trust your intuition over mine anyday." The blond said with a grin.






National City had come together in brother & sisterhood, aliens and humans alike to rebuild the city and rescue more trapped people in the rubble. Everyone covered in sut and concrete dust passing blocks of debris in lines. Their faces covered in masks, rags or bandanas around their nose and mouths to not breath it in.


The media had been broadcasting as soon as the shaking stopped and a single picture had been a theme across the city. Supergirl caked in the concrete dust, hair matted, eyes closed with tear streaks. Holding a lifeless child in her arms while a fireman has a hand on the Super's shoulder also crying.


There was little to no crime in the city the next following days. Any looters were shut down quick as their fellow citizens forced them to help or did citizens arrests. They came together as a city and it showed.


Emergency food/water shelters were set up around the city. As predicted the hospitals were overrun and the doctors were overworked. Even the tent city in the park was getting crowded. Relief efforts, FEMA and the National Guard came in.


Kara was unable to get in contact with Kal apparently he's offworld at the moment. Kara was completely exhausted still trying to keep pace with everything. She didn't want any more deaths on her watch if she could help it. The blond did not go home. Only to the DEO to sun, eat, sleep and then back into the field.


Seismologists determined it was a natural quake and not a manufactured one. Some mediagroups had tried to blame Lena Luthor for this as an attack like her brother Lex had but the USGS cleared that up real quick.


Reports and pictures of the youngest Luthor also covered in concrete dust and a mask in the medical tents helping doctors and passing out supplies.


Even the airport had been shut down. No one was getting in or out of National City by air. Most of the stuff being brought in was by helicopter. LCorp and Red Cross blazoned on the sides of the choppers bringing in a constant steady stream of supplies.


The LCorp emergency response teams after finishing with all LCorp and Catco Employees then helped out in the community. Lena was hailed as a hero by her employees and the community.


No aftershocks came. It's been a week and now the rebuilding begins.

Chapter Text

Two months later


Kara's apartment


It was a full 2 months later when things started to get back to normal. Buildings were rebuilt faster than ever with the new seismic building codes. Supergirl ran herself ragged and as Kara she had to callout sick from work several times.


The blond was helping everybody big and small in the city. The only thing she wasn't doing was painting the buildings. City hall was restored, banks were restored, the utility companies were restored, power grid was fully functional, roads restored, the hospitals calmed down, the tent city dispersed as homes were rebuilt, schools restored. It was in miracle record time never before seen anywhere.


And when the final dump trucks removing the last of debris left the city Kara took a week off for herself. No reporter stuff. No Supergirl stuff. Nothing. Nada. She slept and ate on repeat with windows open continuously that entire week.


She had almost wound up polishing off the whole weeks worth of groceries in one day. Kara was able to adjust the order before their next delivery which thankfully was in 3 days.


Kara was wondering how Lena was doing. She knew the CEO was just as busy ever since the quake. Kara was feeling like she needed some Lena time and tried texting her but the brunette's not answering. The blond falls back asleep on the couch.






Lena just got out of another meeting. Now that operations at the company are more or less back to normal she's had to pick up the backlog of rescheduled meetings and projects.


She's been worried about Kara. The reporter has been calling out sick alot lately and now this entire week. Something just seems off. Lena thinks Kara's been having panic attacks and not telling her or Alex.


'Maybe she really is sick. Maybe she needs a break since the quake. I'm not sure of anything except that I'm worried.'


Whatever's been going on with the blond Lena is determined to find out tonight. Just as soon as she can get away from the office before someone else grabs her for something else they need help on.


The CEO finally got to her office and grabbed her purse. Reaching for her phone she sees 2 missed texts from Kara. Lena's driver is already waiting for her in the garage. Heading back to the elevators she tells Jess "I'm leaving for the day. Reschedule anything else needed for later in the week."


"Yes Ms Luthor."




Kara's apartment


Lena hates using her emergency key but feels it's warranted this time. The brunette slowly unlocks and opens the door thankfully Kara hadn't used the deadbolt. She sees the blond passed out on the couch, softly snoring, glasses askew, flannel pjs with ducks on them. Blue Planet II playing low in the background.


It looks like she lost weight which is hard to imagine considering the dirty dishes, open food packadging and wrappers all over the kitchen. It appears like she hasn't cleaned in a month. Something is definitely wrong. Lena carefully checks to see if the blond has a fever which she doesn't. Kara doesn't stir at all.


Lena puts her stuff aside shoes included and gets to cleaning Kara's apartment quietly. Laundry running, trash taken out, dishes washed, swept, dusted and still the blond didn't stir. It's making Lena nervous. Kara should've woken up already. It's been three hours since she arrived already folded 2 batches of clothes.


The CEO decides to get dinner going for when the girl woke up. The brunette makes 3 large casseroles. Chicken broccoli cheese and rice, Tuna noodle and beef tamale casserole. She also has something in the crockpot for 8 hours from now. Now Lena is tired and sits beside Kara on the couch.


The brunette tucks a errant blond lock behind a perfect ear. Blue eyes blink open.


"Hey" Lena says with a warm smile.


"Hi" Kara replies fixing her glasses.


Watching the blond's facial actions she then inquires "Are you ok?"


Kara doesn't say anything. Sitting up she just pulls Lena into a hug. As Lena returns the much needed hug she feels more than hears Kara crying into her shoulder. The blond woman clearly needed her and there was no where else Lena would rather be. Running soothing circles on Kara's back just allowing her to let it all out for as long as the blond needed.


It was half an hour later that Kara seemed to calm.


The CEO asks in a very gentle manner "Do you want to talk about it?"


Kara shakes her head no.


The brunette purses her lips but then asks "Are you hungry?"


"A bit" The blond makes a small nod.


As they get up from the couch and separate Kara sees her apartment and that it's clean.


"Wow you didn't..."


Lena holds a palm up outward already knowing what she was going to say.


"Umm ok Thank you."


"I cooked quite a bit of food actually and there's also something in the slow cooker for later. I have a timer set for that." Lena explains with a grin.


They make their way to the now clean kitchen island where the food was still warm. The CEO points for Kara to sit while she goes to get a plate and utensils for the blond.


'Why didn't you call me sooner' Is what Lena wants to say but she doesn't. Not wanting to scare Kara off the brunette just sits in quiet support. The blond will talk when she's ready.


"Are you gonna be ok or do you want me to spend the night?" The brunette asks gently while plating the food and placing it in front of the reporter.


Kara watches the brunette with a neutral expression "I'm much better now thank you."


"Do you want me to come by tomorrow or do you need me to do anything for you?" Lena questions while placing her cup from earlier in the sink.


"I'll be fine now really." Kara gives a small smile.


Lena takes a deep breath not wanting to push. "Ok"


The CEO gathers her purse and shoes then walks back to where Kara's still eating. The blond turns to look at her. Lena then leans forward and presses a soft kiss to Kara's forehead.


"Call me." Lena says while giving Kara a look that hopefully conveys the brunette's here for her.


Kara nods dumbly with a huge red lipstick print on her head.


As Lena exits the building she couldn't help hoping Kara is truly okay now. It aches too much to see her like this. The CEO's just gonna keep monitoring the situation as best she can without smothering the poor girl.



A few days later




Lena's Office


"Thank you. Yes I look forward to working with you." Lena says in a polite tone then hangs up the phone. Lena couldn't hold back her excitement and does a fist pump in the air.




Lena finally finished the phone call with the CEO of Palmer Tech Ms Smoak. The brunette was thrilled the deal with the other company went through on space colony designs and terraforming technology. Felicity even threw in the basic specs they had for large space based plasma cutters for industrial ship docks and repair.


The brunette was literally bouncing in her seat. This is exactly the icing on the cake that's gonna knock Wayne tech's socks off.
It's just a small piece of the puzzle of the overall picture but Lena is steadily progressing along her masterplan path.


Lena's got another 2 hours before her next meeting so the CEO decides to do some finishing touches down in R&D. After the rebuilding LCorp added more onto the labs since they had to do construction anyways might as well add the additional security and experiment measures Lena wanted to implement for awhile.


Thankfully the building itself had held up well and with some new materials she's working with if there ever came another time then they'd be ready. If anything it gave her an excuse to change the carpeting in some areas. She got tired of looking at it. Gathering her phone the CEO headed towards the elevators.


Once inside Lena's mind go back to the situation with Kara. Kara had called her a few times mostly just wanting to listen to Lena talk. The blond has been quiet but steadily getting better. The blond is back to work and the fact that she keeps reaching out is alleviating the CEO's nervous worrying regarding the reporter.


Kara hasn't offered tv night or anything just mostly listening to the brunette on the phone while doing mundane things like paint her nails on speaker phone. Lena is feeling this big rift between them getting larger. Hopefully she can get Kara to agree to go to lunch tomorrow at the Catco cafeteria.


With a resolute nod to herself she exits the elevator as the doors open. Stepping forward as her heels clacked on the tiles and passes by the rooms currently holding projects and experiments curently in progress till she found the particular room she was looking for.


Putting on the PPE* Personal Protection Equipment beside the door and with goggles firmly secured she then enters lab room 7.






Snapper's office


Kara really pushed hard to keep herself out of a funk after the quake. It was Lena's gentle push that really got to her like it was something that she needed. So the blond began to steadily reach out to the brunette little by little. The CEO is such an inspiration to the Kryptonian there really are no words that could explain it any better. Just Lena helped Kara be better.


It was these thoughts that caused her to lose focus on the conversation in front of her. Snapper is talking about the weird stuff going down at the docks that the police are bein uptight about. That it sounds like they're tryin to hide something.


"Now remember ponytail you're a mediochre reporter and not a PI or a fuzz don't get yourself killed. Why don't you call that detective friend of yours?" Snapper says in a bored tone.


Kara replies "Huh detective? Oh you mean.. Oh I'm sorry sir she's out of the country at the moment." Understanding he was referring to Maggie which stirred up a bunch of other thoughts concerning her sister's wellbeing.


"How convenient. Anyways get on it." He mutters.


"Yes sir."


It was towards the end of the work day that Kara received a text from Lena asking to have lunch with her tomorrow. Kara didn't answer it immediately it was only after the blond got home from Supergirl duties that she finally texted back a response.




Next day






Kara's barely eating anything and just zoning out semi listening to Lena speak. Lena can't but help notice the huge wall between them. The blond is only giving one word responses and not really engaging in the conversation. No cheerful sunshine. The brunette is feeling dread in her gut.


Kara puts her fork down and asks "I wanted to talk talk maybe you could join me in my office before you go?" Her expression unreadable.


Lena can feel her heart breaking thinking 'This is it. She's gonna break ties.'


Placing her napkin on the table the brunette nods "Sure"


They both make their way to Kara's office and as Lena goes towards the middle of the room the blond closes and locks the door. Sighing heavily as she leans her forehead against it taking a moment to gather her thoughts before she speaks.


"This.. This isn't working" Kara says as she turns around facing the Luthor.


"Kara whatever it is let me help you...please don't lock me out" Lena says as a single tear falls while taking a closer step to the blond.


"I can't keep doing this." Despair riddled the blond's voice.


"Tell me what's going on" There was this pleading look in Lena's eyes. Kara's heart is aching being the cause of the other woman tears is ripping her to shreds.


Kara opens and closes her mouth a few times. She walks over to one of the chairs and sits down rubbing her eyes under the glasses.


"I know I haven't been myself lately or really anytime after the quake. Honestly it started before that." Kara states while fiddling with her glasses and then rubs her hands together.


Lena sits in the opposite chair across from Kara and scoots it closer. Putting her stuff to the side and grabbing one of Kara's hands.


Kara takes a deep breath and speaks "When I was younger my family was ripped from me and I've felt hollow for a long time. I was lost. I am lost. I keep trying to fill this void. I feel like I'm not enough. I can't be good enough. Like nothing I ever do will be good enough. I feel all alone. When you're around I don't feel so alone and I feel like I'm enough. Like I do make a difference. And then when I got hurt I felt like I became a burden to you."


Lena couldn't believe what she was hearing from this amazing wonderful person. She'd never thought that Kara would have lingering depression or self-esteem issues the way the blond carries herself. There are a multitude of facets to the young woman. Lena wanted to know all of them and help heal whatever hurts. Holding the blue gaze with a gentle warmth the brunettte patiently waited for the blond to continue while rubbing small circles on the hand she was holding.


Kara is crying now but continues "Then after the quake I didn't want to get in your way. I had my own stuff I was going through and I didn't want to put you through that again. I'm sorry and I haven't been avoiding you. I've been avoiding myself. You're my best friend and whether I want to admit it or not I need you."


Lena's tears continue to fall as she pulls the blond into a hug and just like that the wall that was separating them was gone.


The CEO says with heartfelt conviction "You are never a burden and I will always be here for you. You are very important to me Kara and to many others. You do make a difference in our lives everyday. You're not alone."


Slightly leaning back from the hug Lena continues cupping a hand to the blond's cheek "I can't even begin to imagine what you've gone through but I can assure you no matter what happens now or in the future you will always have me. It is ok to not be ok. It is ok to reach out for help when you need it. You are valid and you do matter." The brunette said with all sincerity.


It was like luminating the way back home for Kara and she smiled. This is what the Kryptonian needed. Kara hugs Lena again and just sits there holding the brunette letting a few more tears fall. Kara's head is tucked into Lena's shoulder while the brunette gently rocks her.


Kara then whispers "Thank you"


"Always" The brunette affirms.

Chapter Text



Late evening


Lena finishes a successful business dinner meeting with some clients and decides to walk back to LCorp.


The brunette walks down the sidewalk taking her time as a leisurely night stroll. Breathing the night air taking in the beauty of the city at night.


It was a few minutes later that the CEO hears a familiar sound and whispers in a very low tone no one else could hear "Your cape gives you away. You know you should really come down to my labs so I can design you a new one."


The Super doesn't respond and Lena keeps walking not changing her stride.


"Although I do appreciate you watching out for me I am a big girl you know." The CEO mutters under her breath.


Still no response from the Super. She's out of sight but still following Lena.


Lena doesn't give it away but continues her pace like nothing's out of the ordinary wanting to see how this plays out.


'Maybe she doesn't want to talk.'


She walks around around of what look like normal business men hanging out smoking and drinking after hours. 7 Suits and one guy with a trench coat. Something felt off but Lena didn't think anything of it and just keeps walking.


A few minutes later she hears it. A gun cocking. Lena whips her head around back to the direction the sound come from. It was the supposed business men but now they all have hand pistols except for the one who was wearing a trench coat. He's now sporting a shotgun.


Before the first shot was fired there was a blue red blur.


Then all hell broke loose bullets flying everywhere. The other few bar patrons were running out screaming and fleeing. The window glass shatters when one guy goes flying backwards from a punch Supergirl landed. Supergirl is speeding around trying to stop the bullets.


The Kryptonian knocks a few more of the assailants out and grabs another one by the throat.


Lena notices that the one Supergirl has by the throat is fluxing? His face kept rippling. Changing between alien and human type faces. 'Shape shifter? Cloaking or masking tech?' She couldn't ponder much given the situation.


As the shotgun guy cocks his weapon and takes direct aim at the CEO, Lena's already pulling her own weapon from her purse and unloads a few rounds into the guys chest. He just laughs and then takes aim again.


"Supe.." Lena couldn't get out before the guy fires.


The blond knocks out the shifter and speeds over to Lena. Covering the brunette with her body and launches them both skyward. The Kryptonian's body was incredibly warm, strong and tingled where it touched the brunette's skin.


The blond smelled of lime and peppermint which Lena thought was an odd combination but it worked on the Super. At the combination presented Lena felt butterflies in her gut and she wasn't sure if it was from the situation and adrenaline or...


Placing Lena on a nearby rooftop Supergirl then flies back down finishing the fight and rounds up the attackers. The blond hero taps what looks like an earpiece then flies backup where Lena's been watching her. Lena is still trying to get her body to calm down.


"You alright Ms Luthor?" The Kryptonian asks while checking the woman over for any injuries.


'God she's beautiful'


Finally getting her brain working Lena responds "Yes I'm fine thank you again."


"Here I thought you were just ignoring me." The brunette says while fixing her skirt then looks at the Super with a raised eyebrow crossing her arms.


Supergirl lays her hand on Lena's shoulder giving the brunette an intense look then drawls in a low tone "I always hear you."


Lena goes to open her mouth but then clicks shut as the Super closes her eyes and tilts her head for a second then turns back to the young Luthor.


"I'm sorry I have to go. Call your driver please. I look forward to seeing some of your suit designs. Have a goodnight." Supergirl gives her a wink and takes off.


Lena is very conflicted at the moment. Between her feelings for her best friend and her strong attraction to the Kryptonian Lena is going to need a very strong drink in her near and immediate future of that she has no doubt.






Alex's office


Kara was giving Alex her debrief of the situation and the director fills her in on the rest of the intel she gathered. The assailants from earlier were in lockup now and tomorrow Alex is going to put them through the normal interrogation procedures.


"So those were Cadmus agents?" Kara questions her sister while pacing the floor arms crossed.


Alex nodded while moving paperwork around on her desk and then opening her laptop "Seems that way. Are you gonna tell Lena"


"I'm not sure yet" The blond says while rubbing her chin.


"So we got some camera footage of your Jedi buddy from the museum and the docks. We stuck that in the facial recognition and one of our bots got a hit today at a warehouse in Shanghai. We hacked their database and from what we've gathered by what he's collecting I don't think it's a good thing. He's been collecting certain artifacts from antiquity that are believed to contain power."


"You mean magic?" The blond stopped pacing and glanced at the agent squinting slightly.


Alex shrugged and added "Maybe or it could be just advanced technology. We'd have to get our hands on it before we can begin to speculate."


Kara nodded thinking that sounded plausable "Hmmm ok" Letting her arms and face relax.


"I have Winn running an algorithm for these kinds of things and seeing if there's a pattern or a theory we can draw from what exactly he's taking and why was he afraid of the shield. Have you been able to contact Diana yet?" The redhead comments while typing some information into her computer.


"No she and Kal are still out of contact. I left him messages so I guess he'll call when he gets back." The blond says while picking a piece of lint from her suit arm.


"Alright in the meantime how are things with you and Lena?" The director says nonchalantly hoping Kara would open up a bit more about the whole thing but not wanting to push.


Kara looks around and clears her throat "Better. We talked and I invited her for tv night on Friday. I think we'll be ok."


"That's good" Alex looks up and gives her sister a smile. "See you tomorrow?"


"We'll see."





Next day




Lena's office


Lena's typing up the booklets she's going to be using for the upcoming presentation. Getting to a save point before she heads down to the labs. Most of her meetings were in the morning so as for today her afternoon is relatively clear. That hasn't happened in a long while.


It's a few minutes later the CEO hears a familiar rustling sound and a small knocking on her balcony door. The brunette has been leaving it open since they cemented their unlikely partnership for good or at least she hopes so.


Lena spun around in her chair and waved in the Super with a small grin. Supergirl walked in softly and glanced around no doubt checking for anything out of the ordinary.


Turning back to green eyes the Kryptonian spoke "Ms Luthor How is everything?"


"Going well. How about things on your end?" Lena responds cordially.


Hands on waist in default Super pose "Oh you know mugging here fire there... the usual." The blond says with a nod.


"Mmmm so is this a casual visit?" Lena gets up from the chair and makes her way over to the bar but instead of reaching for the liquor she grabbed a cold bottle of cherry Dr Pepper. Uncapping it and dragging a slow pull of the drink.


Kara couldn't help watch the long porcelain throat as it rolled in every swallow of the brunettes neck making the Kryptonian suddenly very thirsty "Umm so those guys yesterday were Cadmus."


Lena mutters "Ah I figured." Tilting the bottle in the Super's direction as if asking if she wanted any.


Shakes her head "No thanks. You're not surprised about Cadmus?" Supergirl replies kinda surprised at Lena's reaction or lack thereof to the news.


"Under the circumstances it's to be expected." The brunette supplies in a flat tone.


"Ahh ok ummm" The Super suddenly gets very shy and rubs the back of her neck.


"What is it?" Lena says cautiously noticing the Kryptonian shifting her feet. The brunette recaps the bottle and puts it back into the ice bucket.


Starts slowly walking around the room trying to work up to what she wants to ask about "Listen I wanted to ask you about a personal request. Now as you know Kryptonians are incredibly strong"


"Yes I am aware" Lena said merely raising a single brow at where this conversation was going.


"Well umm I was wondering if you could maybe make something that could like let's say cut Kryptonian hair." Now the hero is fully pacing showing how nervous she actually is.


Lena raises an eyebrow "Hair?"


The blond crosses her arms as if uncomfortable with the subject "Like a female razorblade let's say."


Lena can't stop the laugh that erupts


"Ms Luthor I'm being serious" The blond stops pacing to look at the brunette with a frown dropping her arms.




"I..I'm sorry.. give me a moment." The brunette barely gets out.


More Laughing


"I am so sorry. It's just that I was not expecting that." The brunette says while wiping away a few tears while trying to stifle more laughter.


Raising a blond brow she responds with a grin "I can understand that."


Lena walked around the room to gather herself. She takes a deep breath "So you want me to design you a shaving razor?"


"Yes that is the general idea." Supergirl agreed.


Lena gives a confused look and questions "How have you managed till now?"


"Heat vision but when I do I usually wind up burning myself so I figured there was a better way. So between your brain and your equipment you could possibly fashion me something." The Kryptonian says with a sheepish look.


"Why don't you just go down to the labs and make one for yourself. I'd imagine we can come to an agreement of some sort." Lena says nonchalantly.


The blond says reluctantly "I can't."


"Why is that?" Lena said while crossing her arms.


Taking a deep breath the blond explains "I can't interfere with other worlds evolutionary development."


"You're kidding. You go by the Prime Directive?" Green eyes peered over to the Super with an incredulous look.


"You seem the type to catch that reference but in essence yes." Turning to look back at the Luthor the Super gives a small nod.


"Aside from National city being constantly bombarded with advanced alien technology all the time doesn't that seem hypocritical of you when you've been passing me formulas?"


Walking a little closer to where Lena was standing "Not exactly. You already had the basics and I know you would've cracked it sooner or later with your notes and how your mind works. I'm not just giving you advanced information humans couldn't fathom to tinker with. You already had a working knowledge I merely nudged." Supergirl further explains with a soft look of admiration.


"Color me intrigued. Now I really want to know what's in that brain of yours." Lena's getting excited by that prospect and has to chill her hormones at that.


Supergirl opens and closes her mouth a few times.


The brunette can't resist using the pun "Well as for your hairy situation I will need a sample... or at least a test subject if you don't feel comfortable enough to hand a Luthor over your DNA/RNA sample." Lena couldn't help the twinge of hurt at that.


"I trust you Lena." The Super casually sears off a blond lock and hands it to the executive with a smile.


Lena gives a small smile as she takes the hair. Feeling like she's holding something very precious she responds in a soft voice "Thank you."


As Lena goes to grab her mobile to head down to the labs she tosses back over her shoulder with a smirk "Did you try waxing?"


"Doesn't work." The blond said while rubbing her face


"How so?"


"Think tensile strength and kickback. I accidently took out my bathroom wall." The Super winced.


"Oh My GoD" The brunette bursts into another fit of laughter at the image.

Chapter Text

Kara's apartment


TV Night


Kara finishes the last preparations on the coffee table in front of the tv "Pizza, potstickers and popcorn ready to go!"


"So what are we watching tonight?" Lena inquires while getting comfortable on the couch.


"Star Trek" Kara supplies with an exuberant smile.


Raises a dark eyebrow "Really?"


"Ya here" Passes the popcorn bowl to Lena


"Which one?" Lena asks with trepidation knowing not all StarTreks are the same.


The blond grabs a few slices on a plate, gets situated on the couch and snuggles into Lena's side "The Next Generation"


"Sweet!" Lena exclaims trying not to wiggle with glee.


Kara giggles then selects the episode from the list she wants and presses play.


They had already finished off all the food by the time the 5th episode started and they were discussing which Klingons they liked better.


"I hands down prefer the TNG and DS9 ones. No timeline change either even though I liked the new movies."


"I agree I didn't like the new direction at all. Kinda turned me off to the whole thing and I stopped watching halfway through. Don't get me wrong I love Michelle Yeoh but I just couldn't see them destroy the Klingons I remember like that." Lena explains with a hint frustration in her voice.


"Speaking of.. I think 'Redemption' is up next." The blond says while scrolling through the tv list again.


"You know what... next movie/tv night you wanna do Disney? I know you've been watching this stuff for me. Plus I think I can wrangle Marta into catering for the occasion." The brunette says with a grin.




Giving the blond's stomache a little smack "Calm down and stop wiggling. I just got comfortable." The brunette insisted while tucking her head further into the crook of the blond's neck. Kara's chin sitting atop the dark head. Arm casually slung around Lena's shoulder.


They both really missed this. The tactile aspect to their relationship was something both reassuring and comforting to both women in a way they can't describe nor voice. For them hugs, cuddling, holding and touches were normal in their friendship. They never questioned it.


Kara was somewhat hands-on with her friends but wasn't this touchy except for maybe Alex. As for Lena well... she's never really cared for touch. Even in her romantic relationships if she didn't initiate it, which was few and far between, it just didn't feel right. There was always this invisible shield up for her. A byproduct of being a Luthor she surmised.


So getting back to this level was like being able to breath again. Embracing the warmth of their connection was something they both craved. More than that... they felt compelled.


So needless to say Lena was surprised how easy the blond flew into her life, befriended her and then breezed into hug/snuggle status without even batting an eye. It was an unfathomable puzzle that constantly had Lena's mind going around in circles.


It was several hours later that they were starting to wind down and both were relunctant to part just yet. Lena had an early morning client meeting so she had to get going soon. Well that's considering if she could pry herself from the blond emanating warmth and... mint?


"I keep smelling this unique scent all night is it some sort of new perfume you're using?" Lena asks having her curiousity piqued and how it's been making her slightly dizzy in a good way. Not that she'll admit that.


"What does it smell like?" The blond asks leaning back and glancing down observing the other woman.


"Like mintspice? I'm not sure how to describe it." Lena says while taking another deep inhale.


Understanding dawns on the reporter "Ohhhh that's my toothpaste."


"I don't recall any brands that smell like that. Hmmm smells nice" The CEO says with a hum.


"You like it? Yea I made my own natural toothpaste flouride-free.
I made a mint tincture in vodka then put a couple of drops of that inside some coconut oil with clove and a bit of baking soda. I keep it in the fridge." The blond explained with her usual cheerfulness.


Lena looks at Kara's lips as an unbidden thought comes through 'I wonder what it tastes like' while unconciously licking her lips.


Almost as if reading her thoughts the blond releases Lena's embrace, gets up and goes to the refrigerator pulling out a small tub of homemade toothpaste.


Coming back to the couch she hands it to Lena "Here you can have it. I made plenty."


"Thank you. So you're into all natural now?" Lena asks with a curious grin.


Smiling back the blond nods "Yea I started doing more research on stuff and found out natural is the best so yea. Putting in a little extra effort doesn't bother me."


"That's great!" The CEO exclaims. She's glad that Kara seems to have taken up a new hobby.


"Umm Thanks for coming over tonight. I had alot of fun." Kara says kinda edging her way towards the door.


Lena took that as her cue to get going.


"Mmm thank you for another great night." Lena says warmly while getting up to grab her purse and keys.


They say their goodbyes with their ritual hug but this time it lasted a little longer than usual like a reaffirmation of things.


"Call me?"


Kara confirms with a nod. "You bet."




1 week later


Kara's apartment


Both Kara and Lena had been too busy to get together so it wasn't till it was later in the week that Lena finally got an afternoon off that she decides to surprise Kara. Showing up at the blond's apartment Lena checks her makeup in her compact real quick and then straightens her outfit. Taking a deep breath she knocks on the door gingerly. Within seconds the door flies open.


"Lena Hey!" The blond says with a bright smile. Kara's wearing casual clothing today just jeans and a light blue tshirt. Although it looks like a muscle T the way the reporter's arms are stretching the fabric.


'Try not to stare'


"Hey you. I was wondering if you're free. I took off early and since you're off today I thought maybe we could hang out?" Lena asked with a smile but couldn't help the slightly nervous undertone.


"Actually I was just gonna call you." She said while waving the phone in front of her. "I think that's an ingenius idea." Letting the brunette in.


"Hold on a sec I just got a package I've been waiting for." Closing the door behind the brunette and makes her way to the table where she left the box.


Lena raises a curious eyebrow while grinning "Oh?" Walking over the coffee table.


"Oh Yea I'm super stoked." The blond ball of energy bounces around while patting the cardboard container.


"Any hints?" Leaning over to try and inspect the rather large box.


"You'll see. First I wanna head out to the park." Kara says with a sly grin while adjusting her glasses.


"You're going to lug that thing to the park?" Lena asks with an incredulous look.


The blond raises a brow "Yea why not?"


"Okaaay well we can take my car cause I am not walking all the way in these heels." The CEO says matter-of-factly while placing a hand on her hip.


"You could just borrow a pair of my tennis shoes.. actually come here." Kara grabs the dark haired woman and pulls her towards the bedroom area.


"Wha? Hey!" Lena blurts while being dragged to the other side of the apartment.


"You gotta change. Here wear this and this. I'll give you a few minutes to change and we're gonna take a walk." She says pulling out athletic shorts and a navy hoodie for the CEO.


"So pushy" Lena says with a huff plopping onto the bed and taking off her shoes.


"Move it" Blue eyes twinkle as she shoves the clothes into the brunettes hands and then makes her way back around the partition sheet.


"Oh and get some socks! They're in the dresser." Kara yells across the room.




Kara has this thing about socks. All kind of crazy assorted socks and loves having designs all over. This can also be said about her underwear.


Lena goes to get a pair of socks to wear and she accidently finds Kara's underwear drawer.


Emoticons, Hello Kitty, super cute stuff and hot lingerie are all staring the CEO in the face.


'If you can read this it's your Lucky Day!' & 'Booty Camp' A Flash set and a SuperS thong are what she finds that causes the brunette to combust in both hotness and cuteness. Lena is completely flustered by the images presented.


'Good Lord'


"You OK in there?" She hears Kara calling from the other side of the apartment.


"YEA I'll be out in a minute!" The CEO yells back changing quickly hoping the blush goes away before the brunette makes her way back out to the living room.



The Park


Kara easily carried the box on one shoulder. Lena gets a little flustered watching the blond's muscles flex. She tries to keep her mind off it by looking around at the beautiful day and surroundings. The vibrant green grass and brilliant blue sky. A couple of white puffy clouds dot the skyline. Trees gently swaying in the breeze. It's a perfect day for a walk in the park with your best friend.


Unfortunately Kara's other shoulder and hand keeps brushing against the brunette's causing sparks to erupt which further seems to reignite the flutters in Lena's gut and chest.


Finally they get to a bench and sit down giving them a nice view of the entire park. Kids running around with kites, dog owners playing frisbee, some couples having a picnic, joggers on the outside sidewalk track, yoga and taichi classes on the grass. It was quite a serene picture.


Looking at the brunette with a mischievous look "You ready?"


"Definitely" Lena affirms with a nod and a grin.


The blond takes a pocket knife, delicately opens the box and then replaces the tool. Once the box is opened Kara starts squealing over everything.


Looking inside of the box Lena sees a multitude of very bright and colorful items.


Taking a quick inventory the brunette sees manga, toys, pencils, erasers, stickers, notebooks, dvds, action figures, chopsticks, cloth posters, snacks, candy, tshirts and sumo memorabilia. It was a good sized box.


Kara grinning ear-to-ear proceeds to schnarf Lena's phone while the brunette is distracted and plants a big sparkly Hello Kitty sticker on the back.


Lena can't possibly get mad at her it's too adorable.


Then watches as Kara then attaches a small samurai hello kitty lanyard with a bell onto her mobile then adds a matching one to her own phone.


'Oh dear heavens I'm gonna jingle everywhere but it's tooooo adorable. Can I implode from too much cuteness??! My heart!' Lena's having trouble containing herself and glomps the reporter.


Kara is laughing as Lena squeezes with all her might.




Kara has already gone through most of the stuff explaining as she goes and now they've made their way into the snacks. The box is sitting on Kara's right while the brunette is semi tucked underneath the blond's left arm. The sun is beginning to go down and they curled up a bit to stave of any chill as the temp drops. Not that it bothers Kara but she wants to make sure the Lena is comfortable.


"You won't eat kale but you'll eat toasted seaweed snacks?" The brunette gives Kara a look.


Kara just smiles and hands her a piece "It's different here try this one. It's teriyaki."


She dutifully takes the thin green square ripping a piece off and putting it in her mouth "Oh Mmmm I can see why you like them. These are good." Then finishes it off.


Pleased that the brunette enjoyed it "Yea the brown sugar ones are good too. Here try this coffee candy." Then grabs a small purple bag from the box.


"Coffee candy? You're kidding." Lena eyes the candy warily.


"No no here." Kara rips open the bag and pulls her out a piece.


Taking a moment to unwrap the candy while looking at Kara. She carefully takes it into her mouth and rolls it around for a minute then hums in approval "Mmmm this is delicious. Color me surprised."


"When it comes to food I know my stuff." Kara said with a knowing smile.


Giving the blond a small squeeze "MmHmm speaking of food are you hungry?" Lena asks


With a bright smile the blond suggests "Yea Why don't we hit up that sushi and ramen place down on 5th?"


"Sounds great." Seeing Kara light up with sunshine the CEO knew she made the right decision.


The blond stands up hefts the box onto one shoulder. Turning around she offers her hand to Lena to help her up. "Let's go."

Chapter Text

Next day






"I think that should just about do it." Pulling her goggles off.


Lena was not only able to develop a quad blade super razor but also a follicle cream that slows down hair growth for the Kryptonian.


The same material for the razors will also be used to reinforce buildings, bridges, trucks, cars and have space applications. A common problem in space that tiny rocks and debris have a constantly growing unhindered velocity which tends to shred satellites and puncture the International space station. This will help reinforce the hulls and protect the people inside.


Also with this new material Lena can build the battery she always wanted to using Germanium. All the practical applications has her mind going a thousand miles a minute. On the other side of the coin this could cut through anything and stay sharp. Military applications would be extremely scary so Lena keeps a tight lid on this one. Keeping it mostly in her head.


Lena is ecstatic. She can see it now... large scale industrial ship building, orbiting and stationary repair constructs, interstellar space stations, designs for spaceports, shields for mine disposal and so many other possibilities.


Now that this task is complete she needs to get back to her office to get ready for the presentation in Gotham with Wayne enterprises in a few days. Lena's almost done with everything she needs, just doing finishing touches on the projector images. Then the CEO will head over to Catco for a meeting today.






It's going to be one of those days Kara knows it.


Kara saw what was happening but couldn't stop it. She had decided to wear a white shirt today of all days. From the momentum and trajectory she was about to get nailed.


If she used her powers in this situation it would most definitely would give away her secret no way around it. The blond was just gonna have to take it or Lena would wind up getting hit.


It was too late coming around the corner, the other woman Susan wasn't looking where she was going. Everyone's momentum was already in full force. It was a large group of people leaving the breakroom where apparently there was cake and coffee from a surprise birthday party for one of the employees.


Kara planted her feet and took it all. The Susan ran into her. Cake smashed and coffee sloshed all over the Kryptonian. Thankfully no one else was hit in the process.


Knowing she would need to say something judging that it was probably hot coffee the blond hunched slightly and hissed. And with a face full of chocolate icing Kara merely wiped her glasses with her fingers and popped one in her mouth. Taking a taste of the sweet treat.




Lena covered her mouth in shock, forcefully holding down a reactive laugh. The brunette wanted to make sure her friend was ok first.


Susan looked horrified at her mistake "Shit I am so sorry I wasn't watching where I was going. Are you alright? Did you get burned?"


Holding up a hand to stop the woman's tirade as a chunk of cake releases from her arm and flops on the floor "No It's fine Susan but boss I think I need to make a trip home." The blond states in an even tone.


"I am soooo sorry." Susan apologises again while attempting to scurry off to get some paper towels.


"S'alright" Kara says calmly.


Lena supplies "I'll call my driver."


"No I got it. I just need to stop by the bathroom real quick first." The blond points to the restroom.


Lena refused to laugh but the image of the Kara bog monster kept causing small quiet giggles to ripple through the brunette. "Are you sure you're ok? Come on let's get you cleaned up." She tries to get out between snickers.


"No no you go on ahead to the meeting. I'll catch up with you later." The cake covered hero made her way to the women's restroom, dripping coffee down her front and into her shoes making her squish with each step. Pieces of cake sludging off at offset times.


'Interesting day. Mmmm s'good frosting'






Lena's office



Kara has now returned clean, changed and has brought lunch for the CEO.


"I am so sorry that image is now stuck in my head I wish I would have taken a picture." Lena still can't stop her random giggles.


"I'm so glad I could amuse you. What would you have wanted me to do? I don't figure you would have faired better if I had moved out of the way." Kara said with a bit of sarcasm good-naturedly as she sat down the fast food bags on the table.


"My hero." The brunette leans over and gives the reporter a kiss on the cheek.


Kara clears her throat "So umm I brought you a chicken ceasar salad and Oolong tea." Handing the CEO a clear plastic container and a cup.


Lena takes a sip humming her appreciation "Mmm thank you. What did you get?"


"4 Double monster thickburgers with bacon and pickles. Rings, fries and a banana shake." The blond states while pulling out a orphan bag fry.


The CEO's eyes widened "Dear lord it sounds like a heart attack."


"It's delicious you should try it." The blond says while pointing a fry at the CEO then munches it.


"No thank you." Lena tries to dismiss the blond's suggestion while opening the salad.


"Oh yes you will. At least have a bite before you pass judgement." Kara states for the record.


"No because I know myself. If I allow myself to eat it then I will want one." The brunette states while pouring some dressing and unwrapping a fork.


"Live a little. I'll share one with you." Eating another bag fry while smiling at the CEO.


Lena's stirs in the chicken and more caesar for a moment and then takes a bite "You are so bad for my waistline and arteries."


"Uh.. I don't want to sound... insensitive..and you do look amazing but uhh you may actually benefit from a few extra calories." The blond says having noticed not only Lena's been skipping meals again but she's out of breath more often even with taking the stairs. These days Kara's notices everything about Lena.


Staring at the blond for a second "I can't believe what I'm hearing. What exactly do you mean by that?" Lena pointedly putting down her fork and gives Kara The Look.


"Uh Well umm you see.."


Kara's phone goes off saving the reporter from the conversation.


'Talk about timing' The Kryptonian thinks.


Looks down at her phone "Crap sorry! It's Alex I gotta go." Kara says in a flourish.


"Kara Linda Danvers we are not done with this conversation." Lena said in a raised tone as the blond grabs her purse and flees.


"I promise we'll talk later. Bye!" Kara says quickly while exiting the office doors.


It seems their conversation will have to be postponed further anyways as Lena gets a call from Mr Fox moving the timetable up for the presentation which means she has to fly out to Gotham tonight.


Lena didn't know how long Kara was gonna be and didn't want the food to go to waste so the CEO called her security team up for lunch and a conversation.








A huge blue beast is seen rampaging through the Eastside of National City. Supergirl goes to check it out and finds something she was not expecting.


'This is not good'


A Gordanian pharnax is 2 stories tall. Blue rough hide, plates, looking like a cross between a armadillo, a rhino, a cat. It has a super thick neck and is generally used for farming. This particular one apparently has a bad temperment.


Supergirl has been trying to wrangle the thing for the past 24 minutes and getting pounded in the process. This thing's belting roars are so loud she's having to yell into her comm.


"It's a what?" Alex asks not hearing what Kara said the first time due to all the noise.


"I SAID IT'S A GORDANIAN PHARNAX." Kara shouts again while trying to squeeze it's neck.


The redhead questions "Those things are usually docile why is it running amok?"


"I DON'T KNOW BUT IT'S ALMOST AS STRONG AS I AM." Kara's holding it around the neck with her legs pushing into the ground to try and stop it's charge pulling up pavement chunks along the way.


"Oh wow well stay away from it's horn." Winn adds having pulled up an image of one on his computer.


"YEA NO KIDDING" The Kryptonian yells back.


The pharnax then slammed Kara into a concrete wall, bucked up breaking her hold and sent her flying. It whips around stamping and snorting.


The Super caught herself midair turned back and falcon dove straight for the large blue creature. It sees her coming and lined up its horn which caused Kara to veer at the last second. Changing the vector down within an inch of getting impaled and spun rolled out with her shoulder taking the hit from the ground. She kicked herself up from underneath it's head doing an uppercut effectively knocking it out.


'Crap that hurt'


Alex chimes through her comm "Supergirl are you ok?"


"Yea that thing was tough but I knocked it out." Kara gets out a little winded.


"Wooop good work Supes." Winn says with a fist pump to the air.


When Kara thought she could relax a bit now having taken down the giant megabeast she then sees little blue replicas of that thing coming out of hiding places all over.


"Uhh Alex you better get down here quick with alot of tranquilizers." The blond says with a worried tone while looking around.


"Why? I thought you subdued it?" The director kicks back.


The Kryptonian floats up a bit to get a better view and replies "Babies.. a whooole lotta babies."






Sun room 1


Kara is currently replenishing her stength in the sunbed when Alex comes in. The Kryptonian is very concerned over what this may mean for Earth and that this may be the reason Kal and Diana have been out of contact.


"Well we just got the last one. All 122 of those little suckers. We're shipping them out to Lucy's site tomorrow." The director says with a snort while walking over to Kara's sunbed.


"How did one of those things get way out here?" Kara asked suspiciously.


"I'm not sure but no wonder it was acting that way. Momma was protecting her offspring. Or should I say 'it' seeming as they reproduce asexually but whatever." Alex said with a shake of her head while leaning against the table checking Kara's medical data sheet.


"It's bad news if the Gordanians made it out here. I suggest you ramp up operations, bring in more people and go to high alert. This could get real ugly real fast if the Citadel is involved." Kara said with a hard look.


"It can't be that bad." The redhead responded.


Sitting up the blond said with extreme urgency "Alex I'm not kidding. These guys make the Fort Rozz aliens look like boy scouts. It would be a solar systen wide emergency if they got a foothold here."


"Okay alright I believe you. I'll take care of it." Alex finally assured finally taking Kara seriously at how panicked the blond looked.


"Tell me about the Gordanians. We don't have very much information on them in the database."


Kara then tells Alex as much as she can about the Gordanians, The Citadel, Psions, Branx, Dominators and the Warlords of Okaara.


Hours later once Kara left and two drinks in Alex sat in her office having a long conversation on the infamous red phone.






Lena's Apartment





Lena has another nightmare.



We're having a nice picnic close to a magnificent clifftop view just having finished a small hike. The view is amazing from here. I can see the entire valley below. It's peaceful and beautiful.


Then I'm looking into blue eyes behind cute spectacles and I smile.


She takes my hand to take a closer look. The warmth and joy I feel consumes me.


Letting go for a moment she tries to get even closer.


"Be careful." I warn.


"It's alright." The blond says.


A deep rumbling of the earth. What's happening?


A rock slips from underfoot and she falls backwards screaming on the way down


Kara falls off the cliff. Enveloped by a black mist. She's screaming.


I can't see her. No one could have survived that fall.



"NOOOOOO!" Lena wakes up screaming in a cold sweat.


The brunette barely made it to the toilet in time. Her body rejected the contents of her stomache violently.


'That's one shitty way to wake up'


Once the heaving stops, Lena cleans herself up and heads to her office to distract herself from the images her subconcious supplied.

Chapter Text

Days Later




Wayne Enterprises


Wayne Ent. and LCorp meeting. Lena's giving a presentation pitch for a partnership for both their aerospace engineering and tech departments. So it was a full room.


Lena clicks the projector remote to the next image showing charts and graphs. "I wanted to get space docks, ports, large space shipping freighters up and running to colonize the belt amongst several strategic places within and outside of the belt. I foresee with your partnership we can have this done in as little as 3 years." She explains with confidence.


She switches to the next page on the overhead showing only general schematics that are artist renditions keeping the proprietary information secret until Wayne tech agrees. Lena feels a sudden clamping feeling in her chest. She takes a deep breath to steady herself and seeing that no one notices she pushes through.


The LCorp CEO continues "As you can see on page 42 We're almost done with our terraforming projects which have shown astounding success in all areas of self sustainability. We've also gained additional technology recently that assists with weather modification/simulation. I'm excited that with your help we can change this planet for the better." She finishes with wholehearted conviction.


They all review the booklets thoughtfully that Lena had provided at the beginning of the meeting outlining her proposal.


"If anyone can it would be you Ms Luthor." Lucius says with warmth in his voice.


Bruce agrees with a nod and a smile.


"I believe Mr Wayne agrees. Congratulations Ms Luthor. We agree to your proposal. We look forward to working with you." Mr Fox stands and shakes Lena's hand.


Lena is beaming. Excited about working with Wayne technologies at last. She's been waiting to get her hands on their tech for years.


Bruce also stands and shakes the brunette's hand "Great presentation today Lena. We'll be seeing you."


More people come up to shake hands with Lena as the rest of the group files out of the meeting room.


One of Lena's old MIT friends scuttles up while she was still speaking with Bruce.


"Hey Lena!"


"Hi Roger" The brunette responds.


"I was wondering if you wanted to get some dinner oh and you too Mr Wayne." Rogers asks while adjusting his tie.


Bruce chuckles "I appreciate the offer but I'll take a raincheck."


Lena glances at Bruce with a knowing look.


Bruce just smiles "You two go ahead and have fun." As he quietly leaves following the rest of the group out.


"Yea man maybe next time." As Roger turns back to Lena "Yea so there's this new Italian place that opened up you just have to try. I thought maybe we could catch up."


"Sounds good." She hadn't eaten since that morning and now Lena's stomache was protesting now that most of her nerves were gone. She still has a lingering uneasiness that hadn't went away since the nightmare she had a few days ago. Ignoring the tightness in her chest she follows Roger.


'It's probably nothing.' She dismisses as the two make towards the elevators.






"Hey we just got word of a bomb threat at the LCorp building. It looks like there's been some activity the past few days on the sewer maintenance that was last minute." Winn says with a worried look peering over at Alex over his monitor screen.


"Give me any info pertaining to who ordered the maintenance schedule change, the duty roster and what equipment was requested." The director requests from the IT.


"I need 4 squads in the area. 1 in the building, 2 on the ground and 1 in the sewers. Sorry guys but it's necessary. Gamma you get the pipes." Alex orders receiving some light grumbles are heard but she ignores it.


The redhead's already in the process of gearing up as she adds "I'll be on the ground as well."


Winn hands her the requested data.


"I have a bad feeling about this." Glancing at the data Alex quietly mutters to herself moving quickly towards the garage.




National City


Zatanna is in National City already setting up a larger perimeter when she feels a flux in the leyline key flow. Setting up a few more spelled snares on walls, ground and doorways hears a crackle in her ear.


"Zee I need you to pop into National City."


"Already on it Bats."


"Well then you should also know Kara is family"


"Mmmm got it. I'll check-in in 3 hours."


"Stay safe."


She understands what this means and proceeds quickly. Closing her eyes focusing her mind and power. Breathes in feeling the energy signature then breathes out disappearing in a light blue cloud.






Bruce has been tracking down this rogue castor for 3 weeks now and having found traces in Gotham, Metropolis and National City putting this on a larger stage. He's gathering more intel when he comes across a recent news report about a bombthreat at LCorp. Something is off by the way it's being reported and his gut is telling him it also has something to do with the deviant mage. Bruce knows Clark's cousin lives there and on a hunch makes a call to Zatanna to get out there quick. He thinks Zor-El is being specifically targeted knowing there is not just one weakness kryptonians have. So it just seems like a trap for Kara.


"Zee I need you to pop into National City."


"Already on it Bats."


"Well then you should also know Kara is family"


"Mmmm got it. I'll check-in in 3 hours."


"Stay safe."


Bruce already knew Lena was not there having had a business meeting with her here in Gotham a few hours ago. He was also invited to dinner with her and Roger who's been working in Wayne technologies for 3 years now but had declined the invitation citing maybe some other time. He asked Helena to keep an eye on her.


His display lights up with some new data.


He presses a button "Alfred I'm sorry I won't be having that meal afterall."


The butler makes a dramatic sigh over the intercom. "Fine sir I'll store it for later. At least take a protein bar with you Master Bruce."


Slightly chuckling. "Ok Alfred."


Jumps into the batmobile and quickly takes off into the night.




National City


Near the LCorp building


Arriving quickly by van Alex jumps out and surveys the area. The director gets on her comm asking the other teams if they are in place when her cell goes off. Pulling it from her pocket she looks down and sees a mystery text showing no number.



#######Calvary inbound. ~Bats



Her eyes bug out a bit but understands that whatever this is it's really bad if 'He' is getting involved.


'How did he even get my number?.. no wait nevermind.'


The director's preoccupied getting her agents in place. Keeping civilians out of harm's way and having the entire outside area cleared. Still trying to get people out of the building. Kara's already gone in not waiting for backup as usual. Alex has her people on the ground scrambling when she suddenly gets knocked on her ass by a explosion.


It was a concussive blast so it doesn't look to have made any real damage to the building. At least on the outside. Standing up as dread spreads throughout her body Alex goes into combat mode.


Taps her comm "Kara what's going on?!" Alex says loudly while looking at the team that's with her.


No response.




"Alright everyone MOVE!" The director shouts drawing her weapon.


Alex begins to charge and nearly runs into something or someone that appears out of thin air in a puff of blue energy smoke.


What she's staring at was a dark haired woman in a magicians get-up with fishnet stockings.


'What the...'


"Sorry to intrude but I'm your backup." The magician woman states.


The harried redhead gives her a questioning look "And you are?"


"Zatanna" The black haired woman supplies with a bow.


"Talk on the way let's go" Alex says in a rush already moving.


"This situation may include magic and I was sent to help Zor-El." Zatanna states as she keeps pace with the director heading into the LCorp building.


"Got it. This way" Alex says in a flurry.


The redhead taps her comm "No direct contact with anything. We have may have supernatural situation. We have a specialist on board. Visual check for injured."


The director gets a crackle back in her ear 'Supergirl is down'


Fear grips Alex but she moves faster than she's ever moved before.


The sorceress has no problem keeping up. They make their way down to the basement section near the sewer pipes.


"Everyone freeze!" Zatanna shouts as the agents stop in their tracks right outside the room. Even as she sees the blood pooling from underneath Supergirl on the ground the mage cannot allow anyone else to get affected.


Sensing the energies Zatanna takes stock of the scene and slowly moves her hand towards the rooms entrance. Closing her eyes she takes a breath. First assessing the complexity of the magic and any additional layers. Then sets up a 2 part protective barrier and chants a sealing spell. A blue ball of spinning light appears in her right hand with pieces of script inside it. It expands slightly as she keeps chanting and then shrinks to the size of a baseball.


Some agents are in awe of what they're seeing and the other's minds just can't handle it so they pretend they see nothing but continue to wait for the directors signal.


Opening her now blue glowing eyes Zatanna gently blows the ball to the middle of the room where it holds it's position. It then begins to spin faster as it becomes a brilliant white light shooting out and expanding encompassing the whole room and disappates outward. Everything within the room looks coated in an purplish glow for an instant even covering the Kryptonian then it dissolves.


"We need to get her moved." Alex says frantically with emotion in her voice.


"You can touch her now without being affected." Zatanna says as the glow leaves her eyes.


With a nod the agents flood the room. They get Supergirl loaded onto a stretcher. Kara's heartbeat is erratic and her body has taken quite alot of damage. Alex automatically jumps into medical mode working on her while they carry the stretcher up through the building and into the medvac van.


The van peels out and speeds through the city.


Kara crashes twice. Zatanna is able to create a curse-reversal and healing spell using the Kryptonian's blood with a gold and silver protection barrier while Alex is doing all she can till finally Kara is stabilized.


"It is up to her now. Kara's spirit must be strong to have survived such a curse spell. She must be touched by the Divine. I warn you it will also require great inner strength for her to come back." Zatanna says thoughtfully.


Not understanding what the mage was getting at "What do you mean? She should be fine now once we get her under the sun lamps."


With a sad look the magician replies "No. She is in a coma. We stopped death but it still lingers. It is up to her now."


Alex's heart feels like it's being strangled.


"Can't you heal her? Please?" Alex pleads not caring about her damn pride as long as she can save her sister.


"I have done my all. It's out of my hands now. Kryptonians are especially vulnerable to any type of magic same as Kryptonite. Be grateful she is fighting. I will be in town for the day. We are hunting the one who made the bomb. He is very dangerous and National City was not his only stop. Here is a picture of what he looks like" The mage explains in a soothing tone while trying to give the woman hope.


Sparkles erupt from the black haired woman's fingers as a photo appears and hands it to Alex.


Alex is still having a hard time wrapping her head around the metaphysical stuff but takes the photo sliding it into her pocket.


"Thank you for your help." Alex says with a tearful nod.


"Mmm No need. You're family." Zatanna adds with a sad smile.


It stuns Alex a bit and then with a small watery smile she deflates under the situation. She'll feel more hopeful when they get Kara under the lamps.


Laying a hand on Agent's shoulder for support. "We'll be in touch." and then the magician exits the sameway she came in.. in a puff of blue smoke.


Alex shakes her head mumbling "I'll never get used to that."

Chapter Text

Gotham Restaurant


Lena's laughing at something Roger said.


"I'll never look at a twinkie the same way again." Roger laughs and shakes his head.


"I bet." Lena replies still chuckling.


"It's very good seeing you. We need to work together more often." Roger adds while taking a sip of his drink.


The CEO says with a smile "It's good to see you Rog."


They get halfway through the dinner course still talking tech when she gets a phone call.


She hears the vibration of her phone go off. Lena pulls her phone from her purse and glances down seeing the call is from Alex.


Most of today Lena hasn't gotten any texts or heard from Kara at all and it's making her nervous. Now with a call from Alex sets her mind reeling with any number of possibilities. She mildly panics as she excuses herself from the table.


"I'm sorry I need to take this" Lena quickly states while holding up her phone. Backing away from the table she tosses the napkin down.


"Yea no problem." Roger says with understanding.


She walks quickly towards the lounge near the restrooms. "Hello?"


"Lena..." Alex's voice sounds like a death knell.


Lena's stomache drops "What's wrong? Oh My God is Kara ok??"


The redhead says with exhaustion in her voice "We're not sure yet but... she'd want you here."


Lena stifles a panicked sob trying to hold it together cause now Kara needs her. "I'm on my way. I'll be there as soon as I can. Hang on."


The CEO rushes back to the table to grab her purse and coat. "I'm sorry Roger I have a family emergency."


He nods his understanding "Yea go on. I hope it turns out ok Lena. See ya."


The brunette swiftly leaves the restaurant and gets into her car. Her security teams getting to their suvs to follow. "Airport."


"Yes Ms Luthor." The driver confirms as one of the security guards gets into the front passenger seat.


Lena closes the privacy window.


"Alex what happened??" Lena demands.


There was a heavy pause then Alex responded "There was a.. bomb."


The brunette was horrified. She covered her mouth in reaction "Oh My God Kara."


"She was at the LCorp building doing some tech research for her story when it went off. She..." Alex was having a hard time and if that was the case then the outlook looks grim.


The brunette just lets the tears fall unchecked now. "Is..Is she alive?"


"For the moment but..." The redhead is having difficulty keeping her composure for this conversation. "We're doing everything we can."


Thinking of her employees the CEO asks. "Did anyone else get hurt?"


"Several nonlife threatening injuries. They're fine. Kara took the worst of it being so close to the blast radius."Alex says the last part as a whisper.


Lena hears someone talking to the redhead in the background in a rushed tone. "Lena I gotta go. We'll have some agents escort you from the NC airport."


"Thank you I'll be there soon." The brunette states with conviction.





Lena notices what seems to be someone on a motorcycle tailing them and being quite obvious about it. It looks like 2 riders.
They came up real fast and Lena recognized one of them.


'Now what'


The bike came to screeching halt in front of the car causing Lena's driver to brake hard.


The brunette opens the privacy window. "It's ok Rene. I know them. Just wait." The guard acknowledges and says something into his comm.


Lena sees the pair make a quick conversation and kiss. Tossing a bag over darkhaired shoulder then the blond takes off solo.


The bike woman swaggers to the rightside passenger door, knocks on the window, hearing the unlock sound tosses the bag and herself in.


"Why are you here?" Annoyed at the delay Lena brusquely questions.


"I'm catching a ride with you." The woman states with a smile, crossing her legs and leaning against the door.


The brunette exasperatedly states "I don't have time for this."


Eyeing the CEO's state the woman admits "You know who sent me."


"Don't you have something better to do Huntress?" Lena says curtly while glaring at the other woman.


"I'm here to make sure you make it back alive Ms Luthor." The vigilante says with finality.


"I assure you my security detail is more than top notch." The CEO assures while crossing her arms.


"I don't doubt it but they're not me." Helena says with a hint of pride and amusement.


Irritation threading her tone Lena relents "Fine. Let's just hurry."






It wasn't until they were taking off that Lena broke the silence. Keeping a lid on her struggling emotions she asks "Why are you really here Helena? What's going on?"


Huntress sighed "Something big is about to go down but we're keeping tabs on things. I can't be more specific than that."


This is irritating the CEO "Ugh you vigilantes. You gotta level with me so I can do something to help."


"You need to maintain what you're already doing. Let us handle it." Helena says trying to reassure the other woman.


There's something in her eyes that Lena knows she's not being completely honest. Something tingles inside the CEO's brain. "Wait does this have something to with the LCorp bomb situation?"


The vigilante says nothing.


"Helena Good God! You have to give me something! Someone really precious to me was hurt badly. I need to know what's going on and don't feed me that line of bullshit. If the batsquad is involved that means the shits hit the fan." Lena demands while slamming down her tumbler. Liquid sloshing on the table and carpet. The steward quietly cleans it up and bring her another drink.


Helena relents feeling for Lena's situation. The vigilante also knows what a genius the CEO truly is having met her on several different occasions on her trips to Gotham. Huntress thinks about it for a moment while fiddling with her seatbelt strap.


Waiting for the steward to move out of earshot Helena confides "We think Ducard's been resurrected by a dark mage who we also think is one of Hassan's old buddies."




"My sentiments exactly. Lord knows how we all survived the last time Nobody went off his rocker and now dealing with this mage guy it's ...this guy is really good for that type of level sorcery. We phoned a few friends. We know supernatural isn't something you like to deal with and with everything else that's going on dad didn't want you involved." Helena explains clearly feeling uncomfortable at having to reveal that much.


"I can understand why with the whole friends archnemesis' sister thing." Lena comments and takes another swig.


"You know how he is. He had a problem with me in the beginning too remember and that was before he found out who mom was. It's not just you." The vigilante tries to reassure the executive.


"I'll do what I can but right now I don't know how useful I'll be. My best friend needs me a..and I'm not sure..." Lena finally breaks.


Helena stops being aloof and just gently holds Lena as the brunette sobs.


'They must be very important to make the great Lena Luthor cry.'
Thinks Huntress.

Chapter Text

30 thousand feet


It was about 40 minutes before the plane started it's descent.
Lena had already contacted Jess and her LCorp Emergency response team. An email went out to all employees that until further notice not to come into the main office and were redirected in groups to several secondary locations. For those who were affected or injured got full coverage and claims resolved on the ground. Vans of the emergency medical response team crews had a setup going.


Sending a engineering team of specialists to check the integrity of the building and it's structure supports before allowing anyone else back into the building.


A third tactical security unit as well. These were not standard security and were only called in for special situations. She didn't want NCPD or anyone else unrestricted access. They were air dropped by helicopter. Seems there was a small run-in with another governement agency already on scene but one text to Alex fixed it.


LCorp employees knew with CEO Lena Luthor in charge they were well taken care of. She was an unstoppable force. Directing, rerouting layin out operations like a general on the battlefield.


The DEO escort met them on the tarmac and the agent in charge gave her the quick rundown. Lena and Huntress got into the black SUV. With sirens blaring they took off towards the DEO.






Lena's running barefoot having already shed her heels.


"ALEX!" The brunette shouts down the hall while running past the grey walls of the DEO.


Finally reaching the redhead she frantically asks "Where is she?"


The director attempts to reply "MedRoom 2 but look there's..."


Cutting the other woman off "Why isn't she in a regular hospital?" The brunette blurts while looking around.


"There...there were special circumstances that makes it best if we keep her here." Alex tries to put this delicately.


Lena eyes her warily "Special how?" She insisted while crossing her arms shifting back and forth on her feet. She's still running on adrenaline.




"ALEX DAMNIT Just tell me!" Lena yelled. Any semblance of poise went right out the window when it came to Kara.


Alex flinched.


A puff of blue smoke appeared off to the side and jolted the 3 women.


"There was magic involved" Zatanna states giving a nod to Huntress and to Alex meaning she already took care of adjusting the room for Lena's eyes.


"So what's wrong with her? I want to see her NOW!" Horrified and worried by this new development she feels her anger spiking.


"Wait! Calm down just listen.. there's alot of damage so you need to prepare yourself ok?" Alex said while blocking her path.


Zatanna and Huntress step off to the side to give the two of them a bit of privacy.


Alex takes a deep breath and steels herself for all she was about to voice "Kara's got several broken bones, her ear drums were ruptured, she had internal bleeding but we were able to stop it, we had to take out her spleen, a kidney and some intestine. They were too badly damaged. She had a collapsed lung several lacerations and contusions. The thing we're most worried about is the head trauma...and with fighting with the curse magic it's a miracle she's alive at all. Zatanna was able to help as much as she could. Currently Kara is in a coma and not through the woods yet. We're keeping her here as long as it takes or until..." Alex voice drifts off as she fights back the tears.


Lena can't believe what's she's hearing, goes into a state of shock and doesn't stop the tears from falling.


Alex places her hand on Lena's arm to ground her a bit "Go ahead she's in room 2." She gestures to Lena as she steps towards the other two women.


Zatanna places her hand on the directors shoulder to steady her knowing how hard it was for her to say all that outloud without breaking down. The sorceress lends the agent a bit of her strength.





The dread wells up inside of Lena as she marches steadily down to the rooms door. This is what she's been feeling all day and especially during the meeting. She knew it in her bones. Taking a deep recentering breath she steps inside.


Nothing could've prepared her for what she saw. A sob escapes as she holds her hands to her face covering her mouth.


"Kara" She whispers.


Lena takes stock of the blond's condition. Kara's head is almost completely bandaged and most of her body. Cuts and bruises all over. Kara's got a breathing tube in and connected to a respirator. Eating tube, equipment, saline IV and monitoring wires everywhere. Sickly pale and little flecks of dried blood still sitting in her ears.


This doesn't look at all like her Kara. The bright bubbly sunshine personality that brings warmth and light to everyone she touches.


The woman laying on the medical bed just looked like a shell. It was an incredibly stark contrast and Lena had difficulty wrapping her head around that her Kara is now like this. The monitor beeping in the backgound shows the blond hasn't given up yet. Lena takes another deep breath.


"You were supposed to stay outta trouble." Sitting down in the chair next to the bed the CEO says with a watery half smile.


Grabbing the bandaged hand gently. She felt small little electric pulses under the skin of her fingertips which were one the few parts not covered by wrappings. Lena wish she could pour her own energy into the blond. Give her everything she possibly could. Lena felt like it should be her laying there instead of the young reporter.


Lena uttered "Kara please you have to be ok or I won't survive." That was the truth no matter how Lena viewed their relationship. She didn't want a world without Kara in it. In whatever capacity possible as long as the blond was alive and breathing.


"I can't do this without you. Kara fight this. Please wake up. We need you....I need you." The brunette admitted laying her head against the railing she sobbed quietly.





Zatanna takes a breath "So until she fully heals without her powers it's human speed wait time. The magic lingers having to do with her soul otherwise it would've already been rendered inert. Kara must go inside herself, make a commitment and resolution for a spiritual evolution which she may or may not remember when she wakes up. Now Dr Fate, Enchantress, Constantine and I have only seen this 3 times and it's not a pretty picture. If she stays she's literally going have to go through hell and back." She pauses and then continues.


All 3 women shift uneasily as Alex rubs her temple.


"You can't tell her any of this as to not hinder her evolution process for it may affect the fate of mankind as a whole. Or anyone else for that matter. That is all I can tell you for now just be prepared to do what you can for her even if she ... changes. It will be for a greater purpose more than you could possibly fathom. If she decides to leave this world you will have to give her a specific burial rite so it won't follow her into her next incarnation." The magician explains very thoroughly.


"I'm sorry what was that last part?" Lena asks with a strong tone.


They hadn't seen Lena walking back to where they were standing.


"Her next incarnation?" The CEO responds while looking around at the women for more answers.


"I was just explaining to Alex that if Kara's choice is to transition out that there would need to be a specific burial ritual that needs to be performed so the curse won't follow her into her next lifetime." Zatanna says carefully.


Lena says fear in her voice "You mean her soul is at stake?"


Zatanna further explains while looking back and forth between the other women "Not exactly. Spirits facing this kind of trial if initiated too early will cause irreparable harm to their life essence their...soul signature you could say. It could cause her to be caught in millenia of lifetimes in hardship, fracturing her or worst case scenario lose form coherence." Pausing for a moment tilting her head quietly.


"This can't be real." Lena says in disbelief shaking her head in what she's hearing.


"Oh I assure you Ms Luthor this is quite real. More than even you could possibly understand." The sorceress makes eye contact again with the Luthor.


"Why is this happening to Kara and who did this?" The CEO questions forcefully.


"We don't know why Kara was selected. As for the who.. we are tracking him as best we can for the moment." The mage assured the distraught CEO as best she could.


Zatanna stares skyward for a moment silently again and then looks at Helena. Helena gives her a nod then grasps her hand.


The mage states quickly "I do apologise but Huntress and I have to go. He's on the move again. We'll be in touch." The magician and vigilante disappear in a puff of blue smoke.


"Wait! Dammit. Alex what the hell?" Lena calls out then flings herself around to match the redheads gaze.


Alex clears her throat and supplies "I guess from you not freaking out about the magic thing that you've dealt with this before."


"I need more answers. This is not supposed to be happening to Kara. Someone like me yes but not her." Lena says pacing and rubbing her temple.


The director thinks for a minute "I don't think we're gonna get that information right now. I didn't know you knew the Gotham squad." She adds.


"It's a long story. Anyways we gotta set up something on our side and do we even have a picture of the guy?" With a hard set to the brunette's features she questions.


"Dark mage apparently but yea here." The agent pulls the photo from her pocket and shows it to Lena.


"So here's what we're gonna do.." Lena was mad and if Alex was surprised at the change in the CEO's demeanor she didn't show it.





It's a few hours later when Lena is sitting with Kara again that Alex was able to get to her office and call J'onn. She needed him to pop around doing Supegirl duty. He reluctantly agrees but understands the situation.


"Kara's gonna be fine. She has to be fine. Everything will work out." She says outloud to herself to calm herself.


'Lena really is a genius'


Alex thinks back to their plans regarding the mage. They also had their little breakdown in the room together and after about 10 minutes and a shot of whisky she had on hand they went right back into discussing the next upcoming days. Preventing another situation like this and setting safeguards so they won't get another visit from the dirtbag. They had found some alien magic detecting devices and set up an alarm system around it.


Alex had been suspecting for awhile that Kara and Lena were growing beyond the normal scope of friendship but they're being oblivious idiots about it and it's something she jokes about with Sam on occasion. It makes Alex think about her situation which she's not sure how she feels about it. Sam's a great friend and there are a few sparks there but has she really gotten over Maggie? The redhead wants to be a mother but does she want to have her own or share raising another kid? Does any of that matter? And if if Sam would be even remotely interested in her would she want another child? and if so who would be the one to carry?


Then other images of Sam popped in her head and she blushed a bright red.


'Not going there. Focus on work.'




When Alex comes back to check on Lena the CEO is on her phone wth what sounds like her assistant. Issuing orders and requesting status updates on the current ongoings at LCorp since the blast.


"Hold on a sec." She covers the phone and whispers to Alex. "Any updates?"


The Alex shook her head no.


"Ok Jess I'm gonna need overnight clothing and such. I'll also need to get ahold of Doug in R&D engineering asap. Thank you." Then she hung up.


Both Lena and Alex spent the next couple of days taking turns staying with Kara.


It was the hardest time of Lena's life. Her heart had never hurt for someone before in the way it hurt for Kara.


There were a few more times her vitals dropped but now on the 7th day she was stabilized enough to get the breathing tube removed. The system still showed brain activity and even in her current state Kara was progressing better than before.


Supergirl pops in every so often to check on Kara which is nice. Lena thinks 'Although they do kinda look like cousins which is kinda weird.'


Lena brought in books and started reading to Kara hoping that it would help. She was reading Kara's favorite book series beginning with Wizard's First Rule. Lena remembers the day Kara lent it to her explaining it with excitement.


When she started getting into it Lena started seeing similarities between some of the characters and themselves. Remembering how one of the characters is also happened to be named Cara. Thankfully her Kara never has to go through something like that.


The brunette finally puts the book aside. "I don't think you realize what you mean to me."


The CEO had been fighting it for weeks her building emotions towards the blond reporter and if Lena takes a good look at all their interactions it began the day they met. 'Just something about her I can't resist' And now with everything the brunette feels a fierce protectiveness she's not had before and it's frightening.


'I should just have you move in.'


The startling clarity that rings through with that thought hits her with a physical force and as she delicately runs her fingers through the blond's hair Lena finally admits to herself what this really is.


'I love you'

Chapter Text

Kara NDE


I'm feeling... quiet jubilation, of peace and incredible serenity enveloping me. Then I see bliding white light.


I'm floating for a long while.


Then I see a white sun in multiple layers of dimensional rainbow fluxes in it's outer edge. Almost like a giant bubble. Source. It laughs. It missed me. It is me. I'm outside time. I understand Everything! The cosmic order of things. We're all One. I'm free!


I go exploring. Millenia? Seconds? It's all the same.


Wait I feel a pull. Mmm what's that. I'm missing something. A piece of me?


I'm being drawn back 'Wait!' I'm pulled to a room. I see my body and... Lena. I feel it. I feel her and her pain.


For me? I'm fine. Oh.


I feel this overwhelming... love? I...I have to go back. I must go back. She..We are...


I hear a voice 'We must first show you then you must decide.'


'What are you showing me?'


'You'll see.' The warm loving voice says.





6 weeks have passed and most of Kara's injuries have healed. The blond has yet to wake up. Lena is pushing herself hard. Between staying at Kara's bedside, working, getting little to no sleep Lena is starting to hallucinate. The brunette keeps seeing an apparition of Kara walking around, talking to her and it kinda feels like memories. When Lena sees Kara back in the DEO medbay it hurts all over again.


'Is it going to be years of this? or will she wake up any second? or will she...'


Lena stops that thought or she's just gonna drive herself even more crazy she's sure of it.


The CEO got LCorp back to normal operations and has been helping the DEO with different projects. The brunette has left Sam, Jess and James in charge of things because she's at her wit's end. Lena decides to fly back out to Gotham to get some answers.









When Lena was little she remembers whenever Lillian would take Lex out for his birthday Lena would be stuck at home with Lionel.


They never mentioned it to anyone but they would sit around watching old black'n white films. Prisoner of Zenda, The Count of Monte Cristo and Zorro with Tyrone Power. The maids would sneak them cookies knowing Lillian would have a fit at both of them. It was their little secret. Until she turned 8 and he had no more time for her after her grandparents were killed.


Something changed in him. He wasn't around anymore and when he was he was cold. Lena thought she did something wrong. It was years before she figured out it had nothing to do with her at all. All the evidence pointed to one particular event that involved Lionel's parents and Edge's father. Lena saw the patterns, saw old files, paperwork and she deduced a theory. She was rarely ever wrong.


When Lena was a bit older she got into Lionel's secret files and found there was a whole underworld she didn't understand. The brunette went in search of answers from some leads she found and had wound up putting herself into a dangerous situation in Gotham. The dark knight made an appearance saving her from certain death.


Lena was young and inexperienced at the time but she was incredibly smart and determined. She had a few more run-ins with the caped crusader until finally he tried to talk her out of it. That was when she figured out who he was. They had formed an odd friendship and the brunette couldn't help thinking he reminded her of Zorro all with the exception of the sword.


Lena didn't stick around too long back then cause she couldn't stand Dick. Grayson was an arrogant and self-righteous ass. There were a few occasions Bruce had to break up their fights. So she left and went back to MIT. Wayne and Lena kept their contact at a minimum aside from their normal business operations.




Wayne Manor



As her car pulls up along the front of the estate Lena is steeling herself for a difficult conversation. The CEO had left her small security contigent back at the airport to keep an eye on the jet.


"This place sure hasn't changed." The brunette said to herself.


Lena made her way to the front door and rang once. It was only a few minutes later a warm familiar face presented itself as the butler opened the large door with a small smile. "Miss Luthor always a pleasure."


"Hi Alfred is Bruce in?" Lena asks with a smile.


"Mmhmm please come in. Would you like some tea?" The Englishman offers.


"Yes please. Thank you Alfred." The brunette says while making her way past the threshold.


"Master Bruce will be up shortly please have a seat." Alfred supplies and gestures her to the dining room.




She's sipping the Earl Grey when Bruce finally arrives sitting down next to her at the table.


Taking stock of the woman in front of him Bruce sees the dark circles and how she's seemed to have lost weight since their last meeting.


"How is your friend doing?" Bruce inquires calmly with a sympathetic tone.


Lena sat for a moment with conflicting emotions briefly crossing her face. The brunette then utters softly "She's still in a coma."


"I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefully she'll come out of it soon." Bruce says sincerely with a soft look in his eyes.




He placed a hand on her shoulder. "I understand more than you know."


She wrings her hands "I need to do something." The brunette says with a pleading look.


"I don't think that's a good idea." Bruce shook his head.


Taking a deep breath and straightening her spine "I need to know what we're getting into and you need to be straight forward with me about everything."


"Lena look..."


"Bruce!" Lena shouts as she slams a hand on the table causing everything to rattle.


Finally Bruce relents seeing he's not gonna win this argument anytime soon "Fine but you need to change and don't touch anything."


"Alright" Lena downs the rest of her cooled tea to calm herself.


"Alfred could you get the car ready please." He requests while getting up from the table and pushing his chair in.


"Yes Master Bruce." Alfred says with a nod swiftly moving with a grace that belies his age.


"Follow me I think I have something that might fit you and if Dick shows up please try not to start an argument."


They go to the clock and make their way down the stairs to the cave. Bruce tosses her a hood and mask outfit with no distinct markings just basic black.


"Put these on. You can change over there." He points to a small changing screen. "Are you still a size 8 boot?"


"Yes" She supplies.


As soon as she exits the screen he hands her a pair of standard steeltoe military boots.


Bruce now changes behind the screen.


"This is a nice new setup." Lena states while glancing around. It's changed quite a bit.


"Yea keeps me busy."


He sits down at his chair for a few moments clicking away then gets back up when Alfred indicates the batmobile is ready. Alfred stops and then asks "Are you staying for dinner?"


"That's fine Alfred just set it for 2. I believe it's roast beef tonight correct?" Bruce inquires while readjusting his gloves.


"Yes Master Bruce." The butler confirms.


"That would be nice Alfred. I missed your cooking." Lena says with a smile.


"Thank you Ms Luthor. Please ring if you need anything." The butler says jovially as he departs.


Once Bruce is done fixing his mask he says in a gruff "Let's go."


They both hop into the batmobile and Bruce hightails it out while giving her the rundown.


"We got turf wars going down between the regular organised crime bosses and the new guys in town who use magic and trying to make a name for themselves. The people of Gotham are having issues dealing with it on both sides and it's drifting into neighboring cities." Bruce explains.


"So we've been working nonstop to calm things down as best we can. The dark mage guy we chased into your city is apart of a group called Ophiucus Lords. He's also the one we believe resurrected Ducard." He says then speeds up and kicks on the afterburners.


'God I hate this part'


He hits the small ramp and they're flying over empty space for several feet till finally the car lands with a jarring of her brain, teeth and guts.


Bruce continues "So when I caught wind of the bomb threat at LCorp I had a feeling it was our little friends trying to target Supergirl to get her out of the picture. Unfortunately your friend was affected."


"So how many groups are there?" She questions while trying to ignore her unruly stomache by focusing on the conversation.


"7 dark ones that we know of." Bruce admits as he takes a hard right turn which makes Lena have to hold onto something so as to not come out of her seat.


Lena then asks "Can't we get assistance from anyone with any light groups?"


He replies "The risk of that is that they may already be infiltrated so we are working with JL members who use magic or magically inclined beings that are known to help. We also been looking into tech to block the effects but it's ever changing and we don't have that kind of time with these guys."


Bruce further explains "Given your name I didn't want you involved making you a larger target. Especially with what's been going on with Cadmus. Can you imagine Cadmus getting ahold of magic items or people?"


"Yea no thank you." Lena said with a scrunched face as chills went through her.


"Exactly and if I can take the heat for you I would." Bruce said with sincerity.




"I also have reason to believe that this is something much larger coming down the pipes and these little groups are just apart of a bigger picture. I spoke with Constantine earlier and he feels that's accurate. He's trying to narrow down the what and who so we have to be vigilant." Bruce pushes another button and pulls some small black devices out of the compartment. He puts them in his belt then locks down the compartment.


"Damn" Lena was watching his movements carefully filing away the information and trying to determine what those specific devices were in her head.


The vigilante reminds her "If you have any friends who are.. inclined don't let them on that you know anything. Just gather intel passively."


"That sounds about right. Bruce I got it. You forget who you're talking to." She says with a knowing tone with a hint of annoyance.


He shakes his head "Ahh how could I forget someone with a higher IQ than me hmmm?"


They both chuckle.


"I'm going to send you some schematics for the device I was using for detection back at the DEO." Lena supplies.


"Sounds interesting." He said with a nod and continues to watch the road.




They finally were at the harbor as Batman parks the car in an undetectable location with a good view of the dock. They sit there a few more moments while Bruce plays with his tech panel and then taps his comm. "What's the word?"


He listens for a moment and then responds "On my way."




"Stay in the car." Bruce states as the top pops open, jumps out and takes off running. Then the top autocloses while Lena just sits and tries to make out what's goin on at the moment while being stuck in the car.


The brunette starts pokin around the cabin "Hmmmm"




It's been 30 minutes and she's read and memorized everything she possibly can about the batmobile while still trying to keep tabs on what's goin on outside. Every few minutes she sees things going flying by or energy bolts being thrown. Some gunfire. At one point she sees a large shipping container go by. Batman is slammed back by a large creature that looks somewhat humanoid but has a badger head.


Lena's eyebrow raises at that. She then notices some men with semi-automatics bare down on his position. The brunette was about to jump into the drivers seat when she sees Wonder Woman in all her glory jump into the fray and blocks the shots aimed at Bats.


The badger guy had Bruce by the throat and was lifting him up. The vigilante was punching and tried using one of his gadgets which didn't seem to be working. The Amazon was preoccupied and Lena saw an opening and pressed a button.


Electrode wraps flung around Batman and the badger and shocked them hard. Lena knew Bruce would be ok so she giggled a bit.


It was a few minutes later the fight was over. The bad guys were unconcious or incapacitated. Bats and Wonder were walking towards the car as the top popped open.


"I had him." Bruce drags out with annoyance at Lena.


"Uh huh. I knew electricity would work on him and I also know you have a dampener integrated into your suit." Lena said matter-of-factly.


"I thought I told you not to touch anything." He says with a gruff while moving slowly towards the driver side door.


"I did save your life." Lena said with a grin.


He just gives the young CEO a look "Uh huh"


"You're welcome." She quips back with a smirk.


"How'd you know which button to push." Bruce inquires while still trying not to shake from getting jolted earlier.


With a hint of accent coming through Lena supplies "I read the fuck'n manual you left in the glovebox."


"I see" He says while crossing his arms slightly surprised she read all 200+ pages in such a short time.


"So who's your friend?" Wonder Woman asks with a smile walking over to the passenger side.


"I'm not really here but nice to meet you." Lena says while they shake hands cordially.


"Likewise." The Amazon says with a nod releasing her hand.


"Hang on a sec. Someone wants to talk to you." Diana says warmly and hands Lena her comm.


"Um hello?" Lena asks with a bewildered look wondering who the hell would #1 would want to talk to her and #2 know she's here of all places.


"Luthor why am I not surprised you're there." J'onn says with his usual gruff.


"J..J'onn? You're working with the Justice League?!" Lena was clearly surprised by that revelation.


Dismissing the question "Don't worry about that you need to get home. Alex texted me. Kara woke up." The martian says warmly through the earpiece.


Lena's heart jumps into her throat at that "Oh My God OK why didn't my phone..fuck nevermind my phone's in my car. Shit. I'm on my way. I'll be there in about an hour. Thank you J'onn."


Lena hands Diana back her comm piece. The princess gives Bruce a nod saying she'll clean up the mess.


"Good news?" He asks.


"She's awake" Lena sniffs while wiping some tears.


"Good. Let's get you home." The vigilante states while climbing back into the drivers seat. "I'll have Alfred let your driver know to meet you at the airport."


"Thank you"

Chapter Text

National City




Sunroom 2


What an emotional roller coaster it had been for the Danver sisters but they're still here and stronger than before. Over the past 6 weeks Alex had confided alot in Sam knowing that Lena shouldn't have to deal with the both Danvers. Most of the time the redhead just kept to herself and did what she did best as everyone's rock.


DEO business kept her mind busy but she always pushed harder to take care of her little sister and refused to let herself fall apart. So when Kara finally woke up the dam broke with tears of relief and release.


"Alex" The blond gruffed out from her throat being dry and raw.


"Here suck on this ice chip." Alex instructs with a watery smile "Better?"


"Mmhmm." Kara hummed still feeling extremely groggy and tired.


Most of the equipment was removed. Alex gathering up blond hair and put Kara's glasses on her knowing that Lena should be arriving shortly. Alex is so happy her sister is alive and awake but still sensing the dread that is coming from the magicians ominous words 7 weeks earlier.




Alex moved out of the door quickly as Lena turned the corner not slowing down her momentum. The redhead decided to give them some privacy and made her way back to the bullpen.




"Lena" the blond barely croaked out.


"I'm sorry I wasn't here I.." Holds Kara's hand against her cheek feeling the warmth there.


"S'ok you're here now." Kara whispered as Lena leans forward and kisses the blond's forehead.


"I told you to stay out of trouble." Lena blurts out as the tears fall anew.


"I know Lee I'm sorry. Please don't cry."


"Kara it's hard not to. We almost lost you again. Several times and then you were in a coma. We still didn't know if you were ever going to wake up or at all. I've been worried sick. Dammit I'm gonna cry." Lena just let's it all out. Body shaking with broken sobs the brunette hung her head where dark locks curtained her face.


"C'mere" Kara barely could tug the woman's hand but the brunette understood. Lena gently got on the bed and delicately arranged herself as to not hurt the blond. Breathing in the blond's scent as they laid there holding eachother. They didn't stop the tears from falling and they certaintly didn't care what it looks like at the moment. All that mattered was eachother and the comfort they shared in the other's presence.




Kara wakes up in warmth and a small snoring coming from the brunette in her arms. Kara's brow furrows for a moment. Her powers she feels are restored but what has her concerned is Lena. She looks even more pale and fraile than the last time Kara saw her. Which for Kara was 2 days ago when she offered to share her burger. It doesn't make sense in the blond's mind.


'Was I really out for that long?'


The Kryptonian gets little glimmers of a long dream but then when she tries to remember it becomes more elusive. Right out of her conscious periphery. It's slightly disconcerting because Kara knows something important happened but just can't remember what.


Kara's hearing picks something up. Well 4 somethings headed this way. As soon as they turn the corner she's holding her finger to her mouth for them to be quiet. Kara smiles at them and readjusts her glasses while Winn, James, Sam and Ruby enter the room with flowers, balloons and what looks like a large cupcake Ruby is holding.


"Hey guys" Kara says quietly hoping not to wake the CEO koala.


"We are so glad you're ok. You had us worried." Winn says with tears in a hushed tone.


"How long was I out?" Kara asks.


James supplies with a serious look "About 7 weeks."


"No way." Disbelief displayed across her features. Kara couldn't grasp that.


"Yes way and Aunt Lena's been here mostly so we're kinda worried about her too." Ruby whispers.


Kara looks at Sam to which the CFO merely nods. The blond furrows a bit taking that in. Then asks "How have you guys been holding up?"


"We're good. We missed you." Winn adds with a big smile.


"Can you guys give us a minute?" Kara says while looking at the still softly snoring brunette.


"Yea sure we'll be here for awhile. We'll go catch up with Alex till you're ready." Sam supplies while herding the group out.


Kara waited for them to get a further out of earshot. She knew Lena would be uncomfortable having people around when she woke up. The blond sat there for a few minutes memorizing this for a moment. Eyelashes, eyebrows, chin, lips...Lena looked so much younger when she's asleep. Like the weight she carries is no longer there. The Kryptonian hates to wake her knowing the brunette probably hasn't slept well in days given the circumstances but the blond's bladder is starting to protest.


"Wake up sunshine." Kara says while softly kissing the dark head and rubs her back gently.


Lena moves minutely but settles back in. Kara chuckles then rubs her back a little more vigorously "Lee wake up."


"Mmmm don't wanna." The brunette mumbles and hugs tighter.


Saying in a warm firm voice while giving the woman another pat Kara adds "Come on my little koala. You have to let me up."


"Oh" Lena's head pops up suddenly remembering where she is. Looking around and when her green eyes land on blue she smiles.


"Hi" Kara says with warmth gazing at the green staring back at her.


Lena asks with a half grin while laying her chin on Kara's sternum "Hi. Are you ok?"


"I feel great actually except my bladder is about to explode."


Lena flinches and pulls away getting down off the bed and fixes her skirt and blouse.


Seeing the brunette's reaction Kara sits up adding softly "Hey I'm sorry. Poor choice of words."


"It's alright. I need to get past that but I'll be fine." Lena says tucking her unruly dark hair behind an ear while looking away.


Kara stands up as best she can with the flaps of her gown's back hanging open but steps forward to grab Lena's hands.


"It takes time but everything's ok now." Gives a reassuring squeeze and releases as Kara then grabs her gown closed and makes towards the bathroom. "Excuse me for a moment."


Lena does a half grin and leaves the room for a bit giving Kara a chance to cleanup and change. The CEO makes her way to the cafeteria and finds the whole gang there eating. Her stomache is angry with her so she relucantly goes to grabs a tray then grabs Kara one as well.


The brunette loads up both trays knowing Kara will probably finish it all if she's feeling better. Finally once that's done Lena makes her way to sit with the group. Finding two empty chairs together and carefully puts the trays down before pulling her chair out to sit.


"Glad to see you joining us. I take it sleeping beauty is up and about?" Alex asks with a smile.


Lena nods as she sees Kara walking towards the cafeteria door wearing dark sweatpants and sweatshirt but gets stopped by Supergirl who gives her a pat on the back. The brunette turns back to the conversation between Alex and James. Picking pieces off the chicken tenders and dipping it in the honey mustard it came with.


Kara then makes her way in and slowly sits down next to the CEO "Mmm is this for me?"


"MmmHmmm" Lena hums "I figured you'd be hungry"


"Thank you" The blond says softly giving the brunette's knee a slight squeeze under the table.


Ruby then passes Kara the cupcake she made her.


"Awww Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting my favorite. How'd you know?" The reporter said with a bright smile.


"A Little birdie told me." The kid says with a smirk then grabs another piece of chicken, dunks it into a small container of ranch and takes another bite.


"Uh huh and would this little bird have red or black feathers?" Blue orbs eyeing the birds in question as they pay more attention to their trays.


"Ummm mpbouff" Ruby muffles while swinging the chicken in the air.


Kara chuckles "Thanks guys I appreciate it." She takes a few bites and then during another conversation with Winn the blond slips the remainder of the cupcake onto Lena's plate to share. The brunette merely eyes her with a small grin and accepts the boon.


"So when Lucy found out she was livid." Winn says laughing finishing up their latest escapade.


"Alright it was good catching up with you guys but I better get going. The employees start to act up when the boss isn't around." James gets out as he stands. Saying goodbye to everyone with a wave.


"Later James" Winn pipes up.


They all know it's just an excuse for him knowing he's still uncomfortable talking about Lucy after she kicked him out again. So they let it go.


"He has a good point I need to get back too." Sam supplies with a scrunch of her nose.


"Can I stay with Aunt Kara?" Ruby asks having already finished her chicken strips.


Shaking her head no Sam stands up putting on her jacket "Maybe later sweetheart it's a school day tomorrow"


"Awww mom come on" Ruby whines while giving puppy eyes.


"It's fine Sam if you want I can drop her off later" The redhead says around a bite of mashed potatoes.


Ruby then looks at Kara to help plead her case.


Trying not to choke on the drumstick she was inhaling "Only if your mother says it's ok." Kara supplies wiping her mouth while Lena pat's the blond's back.


The chestnut haired woman relents "Alright but Alex I expect her in bed by 10 no later with alllll her homework done and no sugar. I know you two."


"Understood." Alex confirms with a smile and salute at the CFO.


"Yay!!"Ruby exclaims while giddily bouncing in her seat






Conference room Bravo


Winn had snuck in his Xbox and they were all playing in the conference room with the exception of Alex who was still doing Director duties. It was about 8:45 when Alex came in and said "Ok Rubes go get your stuff so we can go."


Ruby takes off to go get her backpack. Lena gets up to stretch having watched them for them past several hours try to one up eachother on different levels of Halo. Lena's tired and thankfully already scheduled the week off to spend time with Kara. Her back pops in several places.


"Are you ok?" Kara eyes her warily.


The brunette stretches her length out a bit more "Yea fine you want a soda?"


A blond head tilts for a moment then Kara responds "Mmmm grape please."


Lena giggles a bit "Sure be right back."


Winn is already packing up his xbox into it's carrying case because technically he has to get back to work. Once Lena is out of ear shot Alex turns to Kara.


"Your tests show you've regrown everything we had to remove and yes your powers are back but you need to take it easy the next 2 weeks." Alex states while tapping the blond's knee with the clipboard.


"I'm good Alex. I don't need to rest anymore." Furrowing her brow Kara dismissing her sister's words.


"Kara at least take the next few days off." Alex says in a firm tone.


"Alex come on I'm fine." Kara states clearly ignoring her sister's suggestion.


"Nope." Seeing the look on the blond's face Alex shouts out "LENA!"


"What are you.." Kara starts to ask all wide-eyed.


Winn makes a hasty and quiet exit not wanting to be in the crossfire.


"Yes?" Lena pops back in from getting a grape soda from the machine for Kara.


"Kara is being stubborn and wants to go back to work. I think you should do something about this." Alex says with a mirthful glint in brown eyes.


"Alex you can't be serious." Kara rolls her eyes while adjusting her glasses.


"Mmmm" Lena turns and looks directly at Kara raising an eyebrow.


"I will ban you from Catco for the next 4 days. 3 of which will be spent on my boat." Lena says matter-of-factly while tapping the can top with her fingernail.


Kara was actually flabbergasted by this "Wait what? You can't.."


"Oh yes I can. I am kidnapping you." Lena gives her The Look.


Kara opens and closes her mouth a few times then finally squeaks out "Ok"


Then Lena hands the blond the purple sodacan with a victorious smirk.

Chapter Text

A day later




Lena's 107 meter SuperYacht


The boat is bobbing lightly in the water. They are anchored just right off shore from Mykonos. Enjoying a light breeze. Crystal blue waters reflecting sunlight for miles. A few gulls overhead with the smell of salt and sun. Every few minutes or so a fish pops up out of the water and flops back in. They were far enough away from the fishing boats so no one bothered them. It's a azure diamond sun paradise.


Nothing to do the next 3 days but just relax. God how they needed this. Both women are sunning out on the deck loungers next to the pool. Kara's enjoying that it's mostly fish and not cars she's hearing. Including the heartbeat next to her it's been quite soothing trip so far for the Kryptonian.


The blond has made it her mission to put a smile on the brunettes face as often as possible and pass her food constantly. A little at a time but it seems to be working. The CEO looks more healthy, relaxed and happy. The dark circles are gone, the CEO has more color in her cheeks and added a few more healthy pounds. All-in-all so far so good. Now trying to get the brunette to have more fun is next on the list.


Kara shakes her head "I still can't believe you #1 have a yacht and #2 it has a helipad."


"I don't talk about it but I do have a few toys." The brunette states with a growing smirk while a woman finishes rubbing in the sunblock onto her back.


"Hmmm makes me wonder what else you got stashed away." Kara says with a smile and flips over on her stomache.


"Mmmm. Thank you Leti." The woman nods with a smile and then waits to see if the blond needed assistance.


Lena then adds "Renaldo or Leticia can help you with sunblock whichever you're more comfortable with."


"Oh no thanks. Did I mention how amazing this is?" The blond says while kicking her legs back and forth.


With the dismissal Leticia mentions lunch will be ready soon and then exits the deck towards the galley.


"Once or twice. You wanna swim or just sun?" Lena gets up and heads towards the pool steps.


"Both maybe." Kara states while watching the brunette move through the water effortlessly.


"Whatever you want." Lena calls from the water then spins around and does another lap.






It was a little after lunch Kara wanted to go exploring. Mainly she wanted to go to the agora and check out the merchandise. Lena however, is not a big fan.


"But Lena why can't we go to the shops?" Kara whines while bouncing around on the dock ramp doing a very good rendition of a puppy.


Lena bites her bottom lip attempting to stifle a laugh at the image of a golden retriever that came to mind "Because it's an overblown tourist trap and most of that stuff isn't even made here." The brunette replies as she moves down the walkway with the blond following.


"I want to look" Kara says while jumping onto the pier.


"It's not a good idea Kara" Lena tries giving Kara a stern look.


"Please." The patented puppy Danvers pout on full display.


Lena's will crumbled. "Ok fine but let me do the haggling if you find something you like. Don't let your eyes light up at the item or the guy will try to gouge you. Just look around nonchalantly and then come whisper it to me without looking at it. I swear these guys are trying." She says while fixing her sunglasses.


"They can't be that bad Lena come on" Kara says with a grin hopping around even more now.


Glad to see the blond's energy return Lena gives a broad smile "I've been here many times trust me ok?" The brunette affirms while moving towards the town.




Lena's in trouble. It totally didn't work out like she wanted. Kara lit up like a Christmas tree at everything and the brunette knew she couldn't say no to that face. They wound up buying too much and overpaid dearly.


Midway through she didn't mind so much cause Kara was dragging her around by the hand. Not wanting to let go Lena decided to just enjoy the moment. Her security team had a heyday running after both of them going to all the stalls while still trying to look inconspicuous in civilian clothing.


"You know I could've just ordered all this stuff online." Lena says with a fake huff. She had one arm loaded with shopping bags and the other hand was still securely in the blond's.


Kara is also carrying bags on the opposite arm "That's not the point." She says with a smile.


Trying to sound semi-upset but failing "Fine" Lena kept looking at blue eyes while they made their way back to the pier.


Kara keeps looking at the brunette to see if she's really truly mad and not finding that to be the case at all "Besides you had fun right?" The blond states with a smirk.


"Mmmhmm" Lena reluctantly agrees with a grin.




Meanwhile back in National City


Sam's House


Ruby was spending the night at a friend's house and Sam had asked Alex over for dinner. As the redhead had been spending more and more time with the CFO it's been something she looks forward to. Moreso than Alex cares to admit. With Maggie it was hot instant fire and passion but with Sam it's a slow building stream trickling into an almost a raging flood. Alex isn't sure she can hold back anymore. Struggle and fighting is what she's used to so the redhead will just stuff it back down and deal with it later. Alone and with a bottle of whiskey like normal.


Sam has been noticing things, alot of things and anything to do with the beautiful agent. It rarely escapes the CFO's eye. It started with the whole Reign situation and snowballed. Little looks, body language changes and other nuances that showed the change from friendship to maybe something else... She knew Alex was having difficulty after Maggie but something changed as they spent more time together.


Sam hasn't felt this way in a long time. After becoming a mother she had no time for any romantic relationships being a single mom. Things with Ruby's father never went into more than just a few fun nights. He didn't want to be a father. So when her adopted mother found out she was pregnant that was it. Kicked out and homeless. Nowhere to go, no job and no help of any kind. Sam refused to give up.


Luckily Sam stil had a car and some backup birthday cash she'd been saving. She went to the local libray got online and found a job in National City. She slept in the car and saved up to get an apartment. Sam got her GED and after Ruby was born she signed her up for daycare and went to college. Got her MBA and worked her way up busting her ass until finally she got here. A house, an LCorp CFO and a proud mom. Ruby is happy at school. Soccer prodigy. Straight A's. Everything's going great but...


The only thing missing is what Sam feels is sitting right across from her at the moment. She doesn't want to scare Alex off. The redhead has been great with Ruby and really stepped up to help in such an amazing way. Sam can't help the emotion that bubbles up thinking about it. Alex just seems to fit in her life. Beautiful, strong, determined, caring and sweet. Stopping her minds meanderings Sam returns herself to the conversation.


Sam made lasagna and now they're realxing at the dinner table enjoying some drinks.


"Ruby is such a great kid you ever think about having more?" Alex says with a smile while taking another sip of scotch.


Sam eyed the redhead taking another sip of her wine then responds "I am a very busy corporate executive and I barely have enough time to spend with Ruby let alone another baby. I mean I guess if I found the right person maybe but.. whatever. It's not something I really think about these days. How about you? You ever think about settling down and having kids?"


"Sometimes. Here since you cooked I'll do the dishes." Alex does a quick nod and gets up while grabbing their plates.


The CFO noticed the sudden change. Alex's body language shifted again as she watched the agent walk the plates over to the sink. Waiting for a minute just watching. Trying to determine if it's this moment. Sam feels it and compels her to move. Chugging the last of the wine to fortify her resolve Sam makes her way to the kitchen.


Coming up behind the other woman still facing the sink. Placing her hand on Alex's arm to stop the agent. "Leave those."


Alex stops midmotion and stands completely still.


Barely brushing fingertips along the redhead's forearm and slowly gets closer. The CFO's shirt barely touching the director's back. Sam notices the quick inhale and leans forward next to the redhead's ear and whispers "Why are you really here Alex?"


The heat radiating between their bodies was dizzying and heady. This is it. Will Alex run or will she stay? Sam presses her front flush to Alex's back.


The redhead raggedly exhales "I don't know."


"I think I do." Sam husks out and dips down to plant a soft kiss on the agent's neck where it meets her shoulder.


Alex moans with closed eyes "Sam"


Nuzzling her ear "Do you want me to stop?"


"No but..." Leaning back and turning around Alex placed her palms on Sam's shoulder looking into hazel eyes.


Sam sees the pain there in brown depths "Alex I see you." She affirms with warm affection.


The CFO leans in slow giving the redhead enough time to change her mind. Closing her eyes as their lips softly meet. It's unhurried and sweet. Sam's hands gently pulling their hips closer.


Alex stopped her inner fight and gave in. Threading her hands through chestnut hair gently pulling Sam closer while deepening the kiss. Hints of wine and scotch intermingled. As they finally let go in one another they both realized this is what they'd been waiting for.


Everything clicked into place and as the night got later passionate moans and soft cries filled the air.

Chapter Text

Late night


Grecian waters


Kara has trouble sleeping in the guest quarters on the ship and what the blond is not admitting is that she's having nightmares again.


Kara lightly taps upon the master bedroom door. "Um Lena? Are you still awake?"


Lena pops her head up and squints "Hmmm Yes Kara are you ok?"


"I ummm I can't.. uh I.. can I sleep in here with you?" The blond gets out while nervously shifting back and forth.


Lena's half sleep fogged mind picked up on Kara's distress. "C'mere" She opened her arms like a big sleepy koala knowing that they both needed cuddles after such a rough few months.


Kara smiles internally at the image and walks over. The blond wriggles under the blanket and into the brunette's waiting arms. As the reporter lays her head over Lena's heart and gets situated it wasn't that much longer till finally the beating lulls her into a peaceful slumber.




Middle of the night


Lena awakes in the middle of the night needing to use the facilities. She finds that they both shifted in the night and now are tangled in a slightly compromising position. The brunette has to extracate herself very gently.


The brunette is fighting her own body's want to grind on the knee that's in such a wonderful spot. Kara is snoring and then slightly shifts. Lena bites her cheek to stifle a moan. "Kara roll over." Nudges her a bit and Kara sleepily rolls off of her and snuggles the pillow on the opposite side. The blond's snoring resumes.


'Oh thank god' The brunette's mind supplies as she makes her way to the restroom. A few minutes later all cleaned up Lena trudges back to bed and this time decides to be the big spoon. Hopefully that should make waking up a bit easier in the morning. It was a few more minutes after getting comfortable that the CEO's snores join the blond's.






Lena gets a mysterious call. Kara is trying hard not to eavesdrop on the brunette in the other room while the reporter is laying out on one of the lounge chairs on the deck. The blond really tried until the CEO's heart rate sped up. Somebody named Alfred? Now it sounds like a different voice on the phone. Another male?


"What do you mean he's here?! We're half a world away from National City... Ok Ok Well I'm in the middle of a very much needed vacation what do you want me to do about it?" Lena asks incredulously.


"If I do this you will owe me big time. You'll what? Hmmmm. Alright fine send me your data and I'll see what I can do. K. Bye" Lena finishes with a flourish then exhales and then sounds like a nail tapping on something "Motherfucker"


Kara cringes for a second and now is more confused than ever. Lena goes to the bridge and speaks with the Captain who then turns the boat Southward. Saying something about Naxos.


When Lena comes back she stops for a second takes a deep breath as Kara listens intently to the heartbeat pick up.


Then the brunette starts walking again headed towards the deck lounger Kara is currently occupying.


The CEO calls out "Hey Kara"


"Mmmm" Kara hums her response while soaking up rays.


"I decided to make a side trip to do some sightseeing. We're heading to Naxos and there's a bunch of cool ruins and a castle there and I figured we can get off the boat for awhile if you're up for it." Lena explains with a sense of trepidation.


Kara considers it and adds "Sounds interesting."


"Well I do happen to know they have a Waffle House."


"Woohoo count me in!" Kara does a fist pump in the air.


Lena chuckles.




They make it to Naxos with no issues. Apparently Lena had a large itinerary for this spontaneous side trip with no security team in sight. It was odd.


The Kryptonian also notices something off in the way Lena is semi-looking at the items at the small rustic museum. This is right after the visit to the Temple of Apollo, a Castle and a Well.


The brunette keeps pulling Kara along by the hand when finally Kara plants her feet and stops Lena in her path.


"Lena what's going on?" Kara asks in a low tone obviously knowing something isn't right.


"What do you mean?" Lena looks back at Kara with a confused look.


"Why are we really here?" The blond asks shifting her weight to her left foot and watching Lena's expressions carefully.


"Kara I.."


Kara gives her a look.


Lena pulls Kara off towards the side wall and presses her body against hers while whispering in her ear. Kara is struggling trying to get her brain to function.


'Oh Rao Oh Rao' Kara's mind reacts.


"Ok I need you to trust me. I can't give you specifics but I may need your help and it might be easier if you're in the loop. There's someone dangerous who is looking for a specific artifact and we need to get to it first." The brunette says in a throaty drawl while nuzzling the blond's ear.


Kara's head is swimming with the body pressed against her in a way which she never imagined and it's doing things to her insides. The blond fights to grasp what's being said.


The CEO then places a kiss on the blond's neck and continues to whisper "I'm gonna need you to play along if we're gonna pull this off. I'm sorry for this but please trust me and moan if you understand."


Kara couldn't help let the moan slip as Lena shifted a bit redistributing some of weight to her thigh which was strategically placed just right.


Lena pulls back with a hungry smile and gently pulls Kara by the hand back to where they were looking earlier at the pieces of pottery.


Kara was having a hard time walking or speaking. Following the brunette with a semiglazed look till she remembered Lena said dangerous and then the Kryptonian went into high alert with her senses.


So Kara plays along. Hugging Lena from behind while looking at the smaller statues she whispers into the brunette's ear "What exactly are we looking for hmmm?"


This is a very dangerous game they are playing as Lena's body is starting to crave this type of touch from the reporter and she knows it'll only end in heartache.


Lena wants turn around and pull the blond into a searing kiss but stops herself. She backs away and slowly moves toward another room they haven't checked yet that has larger statues.


No one was in there so Lena asked "Are you ok? I'm sorry if you're uncomfortable."


Kara surprisingly pushes the brunette against another wall this time and replies softly against the CEO's ear "I'm fine Lena. We're fine. Tell me what we're looking for so I can help."


"It's a jeweled tablet with ancient writing on it. It's no bigger than your hand but it's extremely powerful from what I've been told." The brunette barely got out before she let a moan of her own escape.


Kara breathes out "You mean magic?"


"Yes" Putting one hand on the back Kara's neck and the other along her side lightly rubbing there.


"Shit" Laying her forehead against the brunette's.


Lena is surprised "I don't think I've ever heard you curse Ms Danvers."


"Lena we need to hurry up and get out of here if this is the same guy I think it is." There's fear in Kara's eyes.


"How do you.." Lena's seen this look before and it scares her.


Then determination takes over Kara's features "Trust is a 2 way street. C'mere."


Kara flips them and throws one of her legs around Lena's hip as someone enters then gets wide-eyed and leaves the two supposed love birds.


Lena is now near breathless but still trying to wrap her mind around how Kara knows the guy that set up the bomb that injured her. Alex wasn't supposed to show her the picture knowing that the reporter is well... a busybody.


"Well I have a few words I can speak that will get the thing glowing but so far from what I've seen nothing can hold that size of a piece and definitely not that shape." The brunette explains softly.


Kara drops the leg then her hands unconsciously move lower. Kara has to fight herself not to squeeze the perfect ass as Lena's eyes now have a slightly predatory look. This is getting way too hot too fast they need to wrap this up like now. Kara thinks she sees a statue that'd fit the description Lena gave.


Her eye caught something inside as she tilted her head down for a second "What about that one?" Kara says with a pointed look then moves one hand back up to Lena's back with a firm hold. Hoping her body doesn't betray her anymore.


The CEO glances at the large statue that looks like it's wearing greco-roman style armor without a head or legs and it looks about the right size "Well if it's inside that means we're gonna have to break it and run."


"I have a better idea. You stay in here while I go outside and make a distraction. You slip out and we'll meet back up at the Waffle House ok?" Kara murmurs.


Lena replies softly again nuzzling the woman's neck. Her scent is overwhelming and Lena just wants to bite down "I never pegged you for a mission girl Kara." The brunette gets out trying to tamp down the urge.


Kara gives a loud moan and flips them again to the other side of the display cases into a hard-to-see corner planting kisses along Lena's jaw she whispers "Give me two minutes." With a small swat to Lena's backside the blond releases the woman and walks outside nonchalantly.


No more than two minutes later people are running outside and yelling. Apparently Danvers started a small fire on a display rug shop stand on the opposite side of the street. Lena hearing the commotion said the chant and the statue Kara pointed out glows a light purple.




Lena reaches into her purse grabs her pistol out and smashes open the statue revealing the tablet. The brunette plucks it and deposits it into her purse with her weapon. Wiping the dust off Lena casually strolls out of the museum and heads to their ralley point.


Trying to shake off the residual pentup arousal Lena's attempting to reason with herself. 'It was just a ploy for the mission and that I shouldn't be affected this much.' She snorts 'Yea right. So much for that.'




By the time Lena reaches the rally point she's cooled off but Kara's not here yet. So she grabs a booth and orders only a coffee. Since they were here earlier she doesn't figure the blond would want to eat here again.


Several minutes later Lena sees Kara through the glass across the street give her a small nod. The brunette deposits some cash on the table and exits the restaurant at a leisurely pace. As Lena walks up Kara smiles and grabs her hand walking towards where they parked the yacht.


Kara leans close to Lena's ear "Did you get it?"


"MmmHmm." Lena hums with a small smile.


This was fun. They make a good team. It was a very unique feeling for them both and as they continue to walk in silence up the ramp. Just enjoying the peace of the moment till Lena has the captain pull the mooring ropes from the pier bollard and shove off.


Lena leads Kara towards the work cabin and shuts the door.


Releasing the hand and making her way to the desk Lena places her purse down "Are you curious?"


"Most people would be." Kara supplies with an ambiguous answer while adjusting her glasses.


With a questioning glance Lena raises an eyebrow at the blond. Leaning a hip against the desk she adds "And you're not like most people?"


"I'm not sure what I am at the moment. However, if that thing is as dangerous as the person looking for it is then I'd rather not mess with it. It might activate some sort of beacon and I definitely don't want to have any issues out at sea." The blond says with a serious expression folding her arms.


"Mmm you have a point." The CEO says contemplatively while tapping her chin.


"You trust about this thing?" Blue pools eye her warily.


The brunette gives a firm nod "Yes they have specialists who deal with stuff like this everyday."


Feeling a bit relieved at that Kara suggests "Ok good so we can just put it in the safe and leave it."


Lena takes the tablet out of her purse and puts it delicately in the safe locking it away for later.


"Sounds like a prudent course of action. So 00Danvers What would you like for dinner?" She says cheekily while walking over and grabbing Kara gently by the elbow.


Kara giggles at the Bond reference as they make their way to the galley.






They're just finishing up their meal when Kara asks "Isn't there some sort of international law against smuggling antiquities?"


"Uh sorta yea. Don't worry I got it covered. One phone call and they let us go." Lena says with a wry grin and a wave finishing her small portion of pilaf.


"Oh wow ok then." Kara seemed surprised at that but gives a nod.


"Mmmm this is so good." Lena says happily munching on the kebab.


Kara asks through bites "What is this?"


"It's lamb souvlaki." The CEO supplies then takes another bite.


Kara already finishes the skewer in human record time "It's awesome. Can we get these at home?" The blond requests with a small grin.


She eyes the blond for a moment "I think I can arrange that... if you're good."


Kara gives a little pout. Then something comes to her "Is there anything else we need to ummm recover?" The blond clears her throat remembering earlier then chugs the lemonade.


"That's it so far as per my instruction. So for now it's smooth sailing and fair skies." The CEO responds with a sparkling gleam in green orbs after having pushed her empty plate aside.


"Thanks for kidnapping me this was fun."


Lena smiles at that wanting to extend this little vacation "We'll have to head home soon. I got that Tech expo event coming up." She finishes with a sigh.


"Oh yea. I don't think I'll be covering it though. They probably already assigned it to Chris' group again. When I go in I'll probably get scraps." The blond whined a bit at that.


Lena chuckles a bit "Well you have an open invitation if you can make it. In the meantime I'm going to go relax on the deck if you wish to join me." Scooting back her chair the brunette gets up and walks towards the glass doors.


"Where you go I go." Kara said with a smile getting up to follow the brunette.

Chapter Text

Approaching the Kuiper belt.


TaNak's Ship


The minion slowly slinks his way towards his commander and braces himself "We..We have a little problem sir"


"Explain" TaNak eyes the man warily with a sneer.


"Our scouts have relayed their data sir and it seems this Zor-El's powers are a bit more than we originally estimated so we may need another way to go about this." TeGo states while shaking nervously.


"Well if we're going to have to use a lure what bait would you suggest hmmmm?"


"I'll get right on it sir."


Growling "Find who she's most seen with. Track her movements and extrapolate a person or thing of interest. Having her giving up willingly hmmmmm. Do we have the collar ready?"


"Aye sir we do" The underling nods emphatically.


"Did you test the special shielding?" TaNak inquires as he taps a claw on his craggy chin.


"Yes sir all systems green."


"So let us think how we want this to play out shall we. What's to say she doesn't have powerful friends as well? You remember that con we pulled on Sentinel 3? That should work."


"Oh Oh Excellent sir!!"


"Get to work you moron. We need her alive! No foul-ups or we're all screwed and I kill you anyways." The General barked.


"Y.Y.Y.Yes Sir!" TeGo scrambles from the room in fear and almost runs into the door on the way out.


'Good help is so hard to find these days.'




National City




Lena's office


After arriving home it became a whirlwind of getting back to work and getting caught up on many projects left by the wayside in lieu of more serious priorities. Lena understood this was just how things were being a CEO of two large companies and took it in stride. So both her and the reporter were back on their normal schedules. Every so often she thinks back to their getaway excursion and can't stop the feelings that emerge while she sits in her office alone. Right now the executive is daydreaming a little in the midst of paperwork strewn across her desk till finally Lena has to stand up to clear her mind or nothing was going to get finished today.


The brunette glances out the balcony windows at the city. Admiring the view for a few moments and then she felt a pressure change. Lena whipped back around swinging a fist.


The fist connected with some sort of energy barrier and bounced off before ever hitting the target's face which apparently was Zatanna having popped in unannounced.


"Fucker! Zee you shoulda called first." Lena said furiously while shaking out her hand. "Damn" The brunette is now cradling the fist now that her surprise wore off.


"It was not my intention to frighten you for that I apologise." The mage says in a sincere voice raising an eyebrow at the CEO.


"Here allow me." Zatanna gestures towards the hand with a warm look.


Lena holds it out as the magician's eyes glow a light blue. Zatanna begins to hum holding her left hand over the injured limb as it began to glow a pinkish gold that trickled slowly. Then little white sparkles blink in and out on Lena's skin and fingers.
Zatanna notices a few things about the CEO's own latent abilities but doesn't mention it.


Within seconds Lena's hand felt much better.


The magicians eyes return to normal and the colors dissipate as she pulls away. "Better?"


Lena flexes her hand a bit and is amazed at how fast that worked.


"Yes thank you." The younger woman states "So I take it you're here for the tablet." Lena makes her way to her safe and unlocks it.


Is that the piece?" Zatanna points to the grey bag that Lena pulls from her safe


"Yes so what is it exactly? The data Bruce provided was so vague as usual." Lena states as she passes the bag to the sorceress.


"I'm not..."


Lena gives the woman The Look.


*sigh* "Alright well how much do you know about Egypt and the old Kingdom?" The mage inquires with relunctance.


Lena looks thoughtfully at the other woman for a moment and then gestures towards the couch "Would you like a drink?" The CEO heads to the bar and pours herself some scotch.


"No thank you. It dulls my attunements but I appreciate the offer."


"I have regular lemonade." Lena points at a fresh carafe. She's been keeping a supply on hand in case Kara shows up.


"Oh that would be divine Lena yes please." The executive pours the mage a glass and moves towards the couch.


"Thank you." Zatanna accepts the drink with a smile as the other woman sits down on the couch next to her.


The sorceress takes a small sip and begins "Ok so as you may or may not know there have been several ancient artifacts that are being stolen around the globe the past few months. This tablet is apart of a set. These pieces when combined at a certain celestial time along with the right conditions will give a mortal the power of the Ennead."


"Okay. Please continue." The CEO states as she leans back getting comfortable for what sounds to be a long explanation and spins the ice cubes around in her own glass to chill the liquid.


"Well some of these pieces predate the old kingdom. Between the dynastic changes some of them lost their meaning for the people and was stashed in remade temples as religious relics. For these particular pieces one often leads to another. So what we have here is the Tablet of Ra. It will point the way to the Eye of Serapis. The Eye was stolen from the Necropolis 2 days ago. The Menefer scepter was already taken which surprisingly was here in National City. The scepter we believe is going to be used to locate the Bactrian treasure." Zatanna explains and takes another sip figuring Lena maybe able to help them in the long run. The CEO has proven herself quite competant for a great many things and with how things are progressing she will be a powerful ally in the coming years. Once Bruce decided to fill her in the magician didn't really have any qualms with keeping Lena in the loop.


"Bactrian? You mean Afghanistan." Lena knew where this was going. She knew that it was more than meets the eye to the war. Any person worth their weight would be able to figure out there was more than the lines of rhetoric or propaganda being fed to them on either side of the media. Sad part is most of the soldiers don't know either. Lena was very aware of Iskandar's campaigns. Her brother Lex was into a great many things and that treasure was one of them. The CEO allowed the other woman to continue taking a small pull of the amber liquid in her glass.


"Precisely. During the time of Alexander's campaigns he collected a vast amount of wealth from the spoils. Including one particular amulet he took from Rhacotis which is now called Alexandria. We do know Alexander married a Bactrian princess and that Alexander wore the amulet up until his death. Afterwards his army fell apart. Even though some of his old generals and soldiers settled here and there along the empire and didn't return home to Macedonia the treasure surprisingly has never been found." Zatanna told the woman very calmly while crossing her legs casually.


"Ok so what's this Ennead business?" This part Lena is genuinely curious about. Getting up from the couch the CEO makes her way towards her desk chair to write something down.


Watching the CEO move the mage supplies "As I mentioned earlier all these combined can give the wielder the powers of the Ennead. The original 9 Creator Gods of Egypt."


Lena's eyebrow could not possibly go any higher "The power of a God?"




"You have got to be fucking kidding me." Lena drops into her chair. Never in a million years could she have imagined this scenario dropping into her lap. "I thought all this stuff was just legend."


"As you know there is some truth to legend." Zatanna affirms taking a final sip and laying the glass on a coaster upon the coffee table.


"I sure hope you guys know what you're doing. Makes me somewhat relunctant to hand that over." Lena supplies while tapping her fingernail on her laptop.


The sorceress says with sincerity "I can assure you it will be safe."


"Ms Luthor you have a call on line 2." Jess's voice pipes through the intercom.


The mage with a smirk takes that as her cue to leave "Thanks for the lemonade. We'll be in touch."


"No wait!"


In a puff of blue the magician was gone.


Slamming her hands on her desk in frustration "DAMNIT" Lena punches the comm button first "Jess who.."


"Sorry Ms Luthor it's Director Holt." The assistant replies through the speakerphone.


"Ok fine I'll take it just give me a moment." The brunette says then releases the button and rubs her temple.


Lena takes a few deep breaths processing the information she just received into her exceptional memory. Taking a swig of her scotch the brunette answers her phone.


Lifting the receiver smoothly "Hello Terrence to what do I owe the pleasure?" The CEO greets in a polite and genial tone.

Chapter Text



Kara's cruising at a high altitude looking for anything out of sorts when she gets a chirp in her ear comm piece.


"There's a problem at the air show. There's smoke coming from one of the jets, he's unstable and coming in too fast. It's gonna hit the crowd." Winn explains as Kara hears a keyboard clacking in the background.


"Got it."


Supergirl made it just in time before the jet that also was in formation with 4 others almost careened into his companions after having broken off and came tumbling back. Grabbed the plane firmly and halting it's chaotic flight.


The Kryptonian finally got the F18 to the ground and blew out the fire that erupted in the engine. Kara ripped open his hatch which was apparently stuck when his ejector seat also malfunctioned.


Kara checked the pilot. He was ok just shaken a bit. The crowd was cheering for Supergirl. The blond scanned the aircraft and the others. It showed this one was tampered with. Purposefully sabotaged. Her instincts flared.


"Supergirl status report." Agent Vasquez' voice comes through.


"The guy's ok but there's been sabotage. Hang on I hear something." Kara's heard this sound before and it's making her nervous.


The blond heard something under the bleachers on the field. A mechanism that didn't belong there and as she scanned the Kryptonian saw it a very large pipebomb.


"There's a bomb. I got it." The Super supplies giving the DEO a status update on the ground.


The Kryptonian yells at the ground crew to ground all the flyers till they can all be checked out. This all seems off to Kara.


"Something's wrong" Kara says to herself but goes after the bomb inspects it quickly then grabs it and launches herself skyward. Finally a safe amount of distance from the crowd it goes off. The blast sends the Kryptonian into the ground causing a small impact crater on the field.


Taking a few seconds to get her equilibrium the Super does another scan of the area.


"All clear." Standing up and brushing the dust and debris from her body and hands Kara feels satisfied not finding any other issues at the airfield.


"KARA!" It's Alex this time and she sounds panicked.


"What?!" The blond cringed but knew if Alex shouted her name over the comm something was very wrong.


The director says in a rush "Panic button was activated at LCorp GO!"


"Oh Rao!"






Lena's Office


The CEO's been working on the ion drive schematics since she got the enhancements she received from both Palmer and Wayne tech. Lena has a few of the pieces put together but in order for a proper test she'll have to take it out to the test launch site which she also has been working on getting up and running.


The bureaucratic nonsense kept causing delays at the building site. First getting the permits for the land development and zoning. Then buying up the mineral rights. Noncommercial use of an experimental hover craft until finally getting what she needed for unregulated aerospace work with the new permissions and agreements with Marsdin.


The Ion drive is something utilizing plasma and magnetics with reverse engineered alien tech integrated after she had to scrap Lex's design for a Plutonium Ion Drive with nanite detonators. He never cared about the after-effects. It was an ingenius design but too detrimental to organic life.


Lena had all that data destroyed. However, it was still inside her brain. She could always tinker with it by visualization. Substituting materials and pieces seeing what could work that won't wind up destroying species, human or otherwise.


As the brunette typed a few things in then fiddled with her mouse she heard a light knocking and glanced up at the office door to see her CFO.


Lena puts down her pen atop the desk she'd been chewing on. "Come in." She says with a smile.


"I got the Charleston reports you wanted." Sam walks over and deposits the file on the executives desk with a huge grin in place.


"Thank you." The brunette adds warmly.


"If there's anything further you wish to know about the possible acquisition tell me before Friday when I submit the request." Sam explains with a little bounce in her step.


Lena hums her understanding and then questions "What is up with you? You've been super mellow and this goofy grin the entire day. Is there something you want to tell me?"


"Not like I haven't seen you all dreamy-eyed either Luthor."


"I'm not sure I like what you're implying there Arias." Lena says with a furrow.


Sam dismisses "Whatever. Nothing's going on." Shifting back and forth on her feet.


"Ok now I know you're lying. Samantha spill it." Lena says in a firm tone.


"I'm not sure I want to say it outloud yet. I don't want it to disappear." The CFO says with a steadying breath and a 1000 watt smile.


A clue whacks Lena in the head "oh OH YOU" She points "And Alex?!"


Sam just bites her lip and nods like a bobblehead.


"That's hot." Now it's Lena's turn to dodge the errant stressball.


"So I take it this is to be an ongoing thing?" Lena asked. The brunette knew that Alex wanted kids and that Samantha is a great mother. That as long as there were sparks there it was only a matter of time before things fell into place for the two.


Since Lena met Sam during a merger she never mentioned anything remotely romance or dating. Always focused on her career and taking care of Ruby. So the CEO knew this is quite serious with a very smitten and glowing CFO sitting in her office.


"Yes it is." Sam says with a bashful smile blushing a bit thinking about the redhead.


Lena just rolls her eyes playfully "Just go ahead and say it. I know you want to." She teases then leans over to retrieve the squishball.


"I have a girlfriend!" Sam says squeals.


"Congratulations!" Says Lena with a laugh tossing back the ball and as the brunette got up from her chair a bullet ripped through the chair and laptop. Splintering the device as Lena ran and threw herself over Sam. Several more bullets riping through the room. Furniture pieces and papers flying.


Lena's having to drag Sam across the room to a side wall that sticks out a bit giving them cover and where there is a panic button. She presses it. The CEO's security team tries to enter but the sniper let's off a few more rounds. Everyone is pinned down.


"We got two snipers on the roof at the TanDyne building." He squawks into his earpiece. "We need an ambulance."


"Sam stay awake" The brunette frantically gets out. She rips off a sleeve and presses it to the bullet wound in Sam's abdomen.


The first bullet that missed Lena unfortunately wound up hitting Samantha. Dazed and confused the CFO is bleeding out on the floor. The ambulance won't make it in time at the rate of blood she's losing.


'Damnit Supergirl where are you?!' Lena's mind screamed.


Within a few seconds the bullets stopped and the rest of the security got into the room.


Supergirl comes crashing into the room carrying two unconscious forms in black and tosses them down for the guards to deal with.


"LENA!" The blond yells wide-eyed, taking in the scene seeing the mass of debris and blood smears all over the floor.


"Sam's hurt. I'm fine. Please hurry." The brunette cries out with urgency.


Supergirl assesses the situation quickly grabs the CFO while maintaining pressure on the wound and flies quickly back to the DEO.


Looking at the blood on her hands Lena's hoping they make it in time. She doesn't want to lose anymore people she cares about. Getting up from her position on the floor anger ripples through the brunette's frame.


She notices one of the men ziptied on the floor gaining consciousness. Fixing her skirt she casually walks over. He looked up at her with a sneer but doesn't say anything. Lena bends down next to him.


"You better hope she makes it or no one will find the bodies." Lena warns with a dangerous edge in her voice. Sending shivers down the man's spine.


Then standing back up Lena savagely kicks him in the face. Effectively knocking the hitman back out as his head flops to the ground in a thunk.


"Get them out of my sight." She says in precise clipped tones.


"Yes ma'am." The security agent says with a nod.

Chapter Text



Kara knew first hand what's it's like losing a parent at a young age and refused to allow that to happen to Ruby. It drove her faster and faster til finally she was through the glass of the DEO and carefully depositing Sam on the awaiting gurney.


Agents and medic teams were all over the place bustling to get whoever came in the quick care they required. It was quite a sight. Kara was still applying pressure and yelled for Alex.


The director was already in motion "Ok let's switch out ready? 1 2 3." Now Alex was putting pressure on the CFO's wound and goes into full medic mode


"Come on hang in there Arias." Alex gets out trying to focus and hold herself together as they wheeled Sam into the medbay.


Knowing there was nothing more she could do here and wanting to check on Lena the Kryptonian then heads back to LCorp. Making small stops here and there for a mugging or to stop a pedestrian from getting ran over while looking down at his cellphone.






Lena's Office


Lena has been walking around picking up papers trying to reorganise the mess that is now her office. Her security had already taken the two hitmen including the weapons and casings. All evidence was removed before the cops showed up to take her statement. Supergirl arrived in the middle of the latter part also giving her statement which was good enough for NCPD. It was in the aftermath the CEO and Kryptonian were trying to make heads or tails of things which led them to the awkard conversation they are having now.


"It's not your fault." The Kryptonian admitted with conviction.


"Yes it is they were aiming for me." Lena replied, her voice still furious.


"No. Don't do this to yourself." The blond tries to reach out as Lena turns away and crosses her arms peering out of the hole-ridden windows.


"I thought your windows were bullet proof." The Super asks softly trying not to show the slight hurt from the brunettes retreat.


"They are but they were using depleted uranium rounds in a railgun set of sniper rifles so..." The CEO says with small mirthless laugh.


The Super gives a confused look "How do you..."


"It's Lex's design." Lena states in a tone devoid of emotion still looking to the horizon as dusk settles. The brunette then turns around waiting for the disgust from Supergirl and more animosity similar to the Kryptonite incident. Bracing herself she waits for it.


"Oh" Kara takes in that bit of information. Knowing Lex was behind the attack doesn't make things easier. Curiousity pulls at the Kyrptonian wanting to know what else Lena knows and what else she may be sitting on. They've been down that road before and it wasn't pretty. No matter what happens Kara believes in Lena and that the brunette will make the right decision even if it's a hard one. So filing it away the blond turns to the woman's gaze in front of her with one of warmth "Let's get you cleaned up."


The brunette wasn't expecting that reaction but she'll take it over the alternative "I'm fine." Lena waves off in an attempt to dismiss the Super and her own feelings from coming to the surface.


The blond frowns "No you're not." The Super states while placing hand on hips in standard pose and then continues "I'm sorry I wasn't here sooner there was a few issues at the airshow I believe it was a diversion for this."


"Sounds about right. Lex knows we're... friendly. He knows he needs to preoccupy you to try and take me out." Lena snorted in a self-deprecating manner.


The blond sees a look in Lena's eye. 'She needs something but can I offer it in the suit'


Opening her arms and stepping forward Kara slowly envelopes the woman in a small hug.


At first Lena is surprised but then sinks into it and allows a few tears to fall.


This is a new aspect to their dynamic. One that has been growing which confuses the CEO. If her feelings for Kara are all encompassing then why is she insanely attracted to Supergirl. She never expected softness like this from the Super. It's making her a bit dizzy.


Hearing chirping in the blond's ear Lena pulls from the embrace watching the Super's face intently. Waiting a few moments then she sees a smile.


"Sam's gonna be fine. She's out of surgery now and stable. It missed anything major." The Kryptonian remarks softly.


Lena took this opportunity to squeeze the Kryptonian with all her might.


Supergirl chuckles allowing the brunette the emotional release and pulls her closer. Kara forgets who she's supposed to be for a few moments leaning a chin against a dark head just feeling the warmth to blossom in her chest.


Hearing sirens in the distance she tilts a blond head. Inspecting the distant situation further which pulled her attention from the heartbeat in her arms. Kara steps back from the CEO with reluctance.


"I must go. I'll inform Kara when I can but could you please pickup Ruby from soccer practice?" Supergirl asks in a flourish heading towards the balcony door.


"Yes of course. No problem." Lena says while wiping her eyes.


Making one last check of the room and the CEO "I appreciate it Ms Luthor. Be safe." The blond gives a quick nod after she clears the door.


"You too and thanks."


With that the Super took to the skies and very odd feeling washes through Lena. It feels a bit too familiar. She shakes her head and checks the clock. Lena's got to call her driver now if she's going to not be late picking up Ruby.


Jess has already cleared her schedule. Luckily the assistant was on break and missed most of the action. On slightly unsteady legs and avoiding the glass Lena goes into her personal bathroom. Thankfully the CEO already keeps backup clothes handy on the rack so she doesn't have to stop at home first.


'What a day'






Alex never been so scared when Kara brought in Sam. Her heart was in her throat. The agent choked down the emotions that wanted to erupt but she couldn't break down. Not now. Not when Sam was so close to death and needed her so Alex fought harder. Getting in and cleaning the shrapnel. Stitching up anything torn or damaged.


Confirming no major arteries or organs were injured she finally sighed with a sense of relief as she closed the wound with the stable beat of the heart monitor in the background. The other medics assisted with cleaning the rest up but Alex did what she did best.


Then after she finished washing they sat the redhead down to get more blood for the transfusion. Luckily the director had a stock of her own blood on hand in case she needed it but when she found Sam's to be the same type there was no question in the redhead's mind where it needed to go. Sam needed both having had lost so much so Alex gave her everything.


It was after the medical staff left the room that Alex sat there watching the steady rise and fall of the other woman's chest feeling the emotions now running free while the CFO slept. Wiping away the few tears that escaped the redhead notices Sam waking up and scoots her chair closer.


"Hey" Sam croaked out sleepily.


Alex is sipping a gatorade next to the bed "Hey you." The redhead puts down the bottle and leans forward giving a soft kiss upon Sam's lips.


For which the CFO accepts readily, finding comfort there she needed. Sam gives a hum and kisses back gently.


"You gave us a scare." Alex says between more kisses.


The chestnut hair woman pulls back slightly "Sorry" and leans in once more.


"Don't let it happen again." Alex breathes out leaning her forehead against Sam's. Brown pools reflect pain, warmth and devotion.


"Okay" Hazel eyes reflect back with promise giving the redhead a small kiss on the nose "So what's the verdict doc?"


"Everything looks great" Alex leans back and grabs the gatorade bottle tilting the straw for the other woman to drink.


The CFO takes the offering only taking a little so her stomache doesn't rebel "Yea?"


Taking another sip herself then putting the container back on the table and turning back Alex smiles "You'll be up and about in a few days as long as you don't lift anything heavy or rip the stitches."


"I thought it was bad." Sam states with a questioning look while adjusting the blanket a bit and moving to get more comfortable. Feeling the soreness inside and stitches pulling a bit but she finally gets situated.


Grabbing and holding one of the chestnut haired woman's hand's Alex supplies hesitantly "Ummm it was. I..uh I had to give you some of my blood. You're fine now" Alex says with an awkward teary smile hoping that doesn't weird the other woman out.


"Wait what?"


"Ummm surprise! We're the same blood type." Alex starts to pull her hand away in a nervous half-laugh.


"Wow" Sam was astonished but firmly grasps the directors hand and threads their fingers together to keep Alex from pulling away.


"Mmm" The redhead relaxes at that until Sam is tugging her closer with a peculiar look in hazel eyes that's mesmerizing.


"My hero" The CFO whispers with reverence and as lips meet again slowly with passion and longing their whole world only revolved around this little room.




They didn't hear Lena and Ruby coming down the hall. Lena turns the corner and sees them, stops and covers Ruby's eyes pulling the young girl back as to not be seen. "Holdup short stack"


"No I already saw it. Dude what the hell?" Ruby blurts out.


"Look I know that this may seem difficult.." Lena goes to try and best explain the situation but get's cut off.


"Bout damn time"


Lena was shocked then shook her head "I..What? and watch your mouth."


"Says the kettle." The kid sasses with a hand on a hip.


Lena gives her The Look.


"I'm sorry Aunt Lena." Properly chastised Ruby drops her arm and tilts her head down apologetically.


"Better" The brunette relaxes her brow and gives a small nod.


"So does this mean I call her momma Alex?!" Ruby says with a confused and somewhat happy tone.


"I'm not sure what it means. You'll have to talk to them and you guys can figure all that out." The brunette looks at the young teenager with soft understanding.


"Are they done yet?" The youngster says with an exaggerated flail of her arms and roll of her eyes.


"Behave" Lena says in a stern voice.


"Yes ma'am." Ruby's face scrunches hearing the tone.


"Wait here a second." Lena walks back out to the door and sees the two are still going at it. At first she clears her throat...nothin. Then she taps on the door...still nothing.


"IF YOU TWO are finished.." Lena boomed watching the two separate quickly.


Sam and Alex both had the decency to look sheepish at being caught.


"Ms Arias has a visitor and they may have questions." Lena says with an evil grin and turns back to where Ruby was standing and waves her in.


"It's about time you two caught a clue." Ruby tosses the snide remark with a smirk as she enters the room.


"What did I just say?!" Lena boomed a second time with an intense expression.


The youngster jumps slightly with a cringe "Sorry sorry."


"Go give your mother a hug and be nice." Lena warns and wonders if all kids these days are like this is in the sass department.


"Yes ma'am." Ruby responds with a respectful nod.


"Gently please" Sam says with a wry grin having watched the whole exchange. The CFO knew that if the brunette ever decided to have a family there was absolutely no doubt in her mind who would wear the pants in that family, figuratively speaking.


Alex is in the background trying so hard not to giggle. Just sipping on her gatorade. Still a bit dizzy from having to give so much but looking back on things the redhead knew there really wasn't a question at all.


Alex fills Lena in on the details while Sam chatters away with Ruby. Lena is extremely happy Sam is ok. She would rather not add another loved one to the list of casualties of being a Luthor.
Oddly enough it was during the group hug when Kara shows up and after one long exhausting day they all decided to make an early night of it.

Chapter Text

A week later


Sam is back to work on light duty, Alex is at the DEO, Ruby's at school, Lena's bouncing around LCorp and offsite for many projects and Kara.... well nothing's going on for SG duties and she's been stuck in her office all day.


Kara was absolutely right about getting all the scrap junk assignments. The bottom of the barrel. Sports. Their usual sports reporter was out with the flu so Kara was stuck. The basketball season is wrapping up and baseball is starting. Football and soccer is in full force, with golf and tennis all year long. Kara's starting to get cross-eyed looking at the stats. Who knew there was a sports league for Ultimate Frisbee?


So needless to say Kara's upset, bored and losing her mind. Then she has an ingenius idea. Since she's in her office anyways it wouldn't hurt to watch a few episodes of anime to get her juices flowin.


Then she gets a text from Lena which of course makes her smile goofily.




Lena: What are you up to?


Kara: Sorta working


Lena: What is Sorta working?


Kara: Well since I'm stuck workin this stupid sports piece I thought I'd catch up on some eps lol


Lena: Ohhh I see you're goofin off at work. ;)


Kara: Shhhhh I'm in my office so it's not big deal. I'm doing both at the same time.


Lena: What are you watching?


Kara: A Certain Magical Index you might like it. It's got magic and espers and all kinds of cool stuff.


Lena: Sounds interesting. Maybe you can show me later.


Kara: Sweeeeeeeeet! With pizza and potstickers and ice cream!


Lena: If you insist lol :P






The sports article was finally completed and now the blond typed up a few ideas for tomorrow to run down more possible leads but for the moment Supergirl duty is calling. So Kara heads out to put out a forest fire that picked up speed from the high winds and starting getting too close to the residential areas.


It was right after she put out the forest fires that Winn's voice drifts through "We got a bank fire on 22nd. The fire dept has responded but it's weird I'm picking up small seismic activity in the same spot."


Covered in soot and reeking of smoke Supergirl floats up to double check the forest then responds "On my way."


More clicking and a chair rolling and then more typing sounds from the IT "Supergirl it doesn't look like a natural event it's too close to the surface like maybe I dunno mining equipment?"




"Winn check to see if there are any underground schematics for the area including sewer or anything." Alex's voice comes through.


Supergirl landed close to the fire seeing a few people running out of the building. The fire dept only just got there and was still connecting the hose when the blond scanned inside quickly and then used her freeze breath putting out the fire. The firemen were grateful but then the police showed up because the alarm was also activated. So it was a chaotic scene.


"Everyone stay back." The Super shouts at the gathering crowd.


Winn pipes back up "The seismic activity has stopped."


Kara superspeeds into the vault and sees a hole in the ground and no one in it or the hole that leads... nowhere? It just looks like someone scooped out a big hole using a giant ice cream scooper into the rock below. It was bizarre.


The blond has a confused look as she surveys the scene "Someone was here but they didn't take any cash."


The blond scans around still not seeing anything to show where they went or how they even got out. Something catches her eye, one of the safety deposit boxes lock is broken and empty.


"I think they were looking for something in one of the Security boxes. Number 232 was broken. Give me a minute to talk to the bank manager and then see if you can contact the owner. Alex this looks weird."


"OK well come in when you can." The director responds.


Seeing an officer walk towards her Kara adds "Alright hang on I gotta talk to NCPD first."




The Desert


LCorp Launch site


Lena's standing back behind the thick concrete blast shield a good distance away from the platform wearing special goggles with several other technicians and is trying not to bounce from excitement or puke from her nerves. If this test is a success then it's a massive achievement and first major step in her plan.


The brunette has her own comm device now for her security teams who are now all over the place since she's again having to up the ante since the last attack. The CEO's also assigned security to her CFO, Ruby and to Jess much to the assistant's dismay. She's not taking any chances. So her attention is also being split between the launch crew and her security squads.


So far everything looks good and they got a green light for the engine test. This is it she can feel it.


"Countdown sequence initiated. 2 minutes." Charlie's Southern drawl burrs through the intercomm and from the upper deck operating station. He is LCorp's rocket engineer and lead tech for this particular project.


As the countdown dwindles to 10 seconds "Incremental adjustments please. Give this baby a moment to warm up." Lena advised cautiously.


"Yes ma'am."


They work from the lowest setting and up to the middle range. The bright glow of the engine was a stunning violet white mix it was extremely beautiful. Lena made sure to put the goggles back in place just in case. It was a record high for the heat index today so the CEO was extremely glad they had air conditioning out here. Not wanting to be drenched in sweat when she has a few other stops to make today. Returning her attention back to the matter at hand Lena checks the data coming through the monitors as well.


"Three quarters power output and power conversion rate still showing stable." Charlie supplies.


Accepting the information she adds "Now increase to 90%."


"Everything still shows stable Ms Luthor." He drawls out while the other techs and engineers are sitting at their consols monitoring all the data specs as well.


"Go ahead and increase to maximum output." This is the big hurdle to pass she crosses her fingers internally.


He pushes it all the way up and waits a moment "We're at 100% and holdin. All Systems still green and no reverberation."


'Phew' Lena nods "Ok run it through some quick calibration tests. 90 to 30 to 70 to 10 and then back to max."


Confirms "Aye ma'am." He does as she orders to the T. "No overheatin. Still looks good." The engineer reconfirms while another technician hands Lena the data pad with the realtime stats.


Very pleased at what she sees "Alright Charlie let's shut Cicero down. Thank you everyone for your assistance without your dedication, hard work and support none of this would of been possible so again thank you."


Everyone was clapping, cheering and coming up to congratulate the CEO.


"All test data came back positive and actually exceeded expectations." Another tech states.


"Congratulations Ms Luthor you got a winner here." Charlie says with a smile while walking down from the upper station.


Lena was a bit nervous as she heard the cork pop but calmed when she got an 'All clear' on her open security channel and enjoyed a bit of bubbly for a successful test. Allowing herself to soak up this moment.

Chapter Text



"Whoever this person is might've had an accomplice." Winn speculates as he makes his way back to his desk.


"That is a distinct possibility." Alex leans against the main center station.


Agent Vasquez comes through the intercom in the DEO bullpen. "Supergirl we just got in contact with the owner of the deposit box and he says he only wants to talk to you. Which is interesting because when we went to go pick him up some creepers showed up at his apartment looking for him and tried to off the guy."


"Alright bring him in please so we can have a little chat. I'll be there in a few. Attempted mugging on 17th." Supergirl responds accordingly with a speculative tone.


"Copy that." Susan clicks off.


The redhead walks over to the IT's station "Confirmed. Winn run.."


Winn cuts her off midsentence "Already on it director."


She flicks his ear.







DEO interrogation room 3


The owner of the box was a short balding humanoid alien and pawn shop owner named Jinto. Who also happened to be wearing at the moment a purple basketball jersey, a large gold chain and covered in liberal amounts of body hair.


He was sitting at the table eyeballing the two women and the only way you could tell he was alien was the extra ripples in his ears "I tought no one could get to it being here wit'you around. I couldn't go to nobody bout dis they'd never believe me. I never tought they'd figure out where it was. I put a phase shifter on it." Jinto explains with a semi-whine and curt manner while looking between Supergirl and the director.


"Wait a what?" Alex asks with a questioning glance and slight tilt while leaning her back against the opposite wall arms crossed.


"Phase shifter. Shifts matter into a different dimension. I use it to hide tings." He explains in a condescending tone.


"You mean magic." Kara supplied with a frown and wondering why anyone would ever give this man anything of importance was just ridiculous.


"No I don't believe in all that woo woo stuff! Look I'm just a refugee scientist who was tasked in hiding dis. Aside from any mystical nonsense dis ting can generate alot of power or could be used as a weapon. You know what I'm sayin. It was my job to keep it safe. I'm gonna be in so much trouble." He explains in an arrogant flourish.


"What do you mean weapon? You're gonna have to tell me everything you know about this item. Woo or not." Kara really didn't like this guys attitude and it was grating on her nerves. She started pacing.


"Well it's a very large and special diamond. Star tetrahedron shaped. Called the Flower of Creation. It's said ta have healing properties when introduced into water with a certain sound tone. If added to certain devices can be harnessed as a energy weapon or a power generator for a very large scale whatever." Jinto supplies while rolling his eyes and exasperated tone.


The redhead stands up "You mean it could power a ship?"


"No toots more like it could power a solar system. It's not meant for any one person to use. It's too dangerous you could blow out half da milky way." Jinto shoots back with an asinine comment.


Alex is refraining from punching the guy in the face.


"So the best idea you could come up with was hiding it in a dinky two-bit bank vault?!" The Kryptonian looked at this man with incredulity. She didn't want to break the table so the blond crossed her arms.


He snapped back "Hey it made more sense to hide in plain sight yo. Instead of saying hey I got dis massive dangerous ting in big neon letters in a giant mega vault made specifically for that item duh."


"Gah!" Frustration was evident in Kara's posture.


"Well he does have a point. Hide in plain sight actually does work." Alex says while rubbing her face.


"Shush you!" The blond points at Alex and then turns to the guy in front of her and points at him now "And you! Tell me there's a way to track it."


He snorted "I hate to break it to ya sweetheart but no. Not dat I know of."


Kara is close to blowing a gasket but gets out slowly "Well is there someone who might know that I could talk to?"


"Uh oh yea da council." Another eye roll.


"Jinto could you please tell me how to contact them?" The Super tries to play nice.




The blond tried to say calmly through her teeth "And why not?"


"Cause I'll get in trouble." Jinto adds matter-of-factly.


"You.." Kara's arms drop as she glares at the man and takes a step in his direction. Anger rippling through her being.


"I got this." Alex steps in, grabs the guy and slams his head onto the table.


"Half the galaxy is at stake and you're worried about getting in trouble? If you don't tell me now what we want to know it's not going to be the council you'll have to worry about. You get me?" Alex seethed.


"Alright Alright sheesh broads dees days." He's holding his nose.






Biodome colony simulator and terraforming project site


The CEO needed to make this visit and since she was already offsite it made perfect sense to fit this into her schedule. Took some juggling on her assistant's part but they made it work and now coming from a very succesful test high of the new ion drive Lena's eager to see how the dome colony is coming along.


This is the base foundation for interstellar travel. Not only colonizing other planets but space itself. In order to do that these simulations are necessary and vital. They had to be self-sustainable any which way you slice it. Breathable air, clean water, power generation, waste recycling, everything incuding triple backup systems. Including the training and engineering skills of the workforce needed to maintain such an endeavor.


This was a huge venture and undertaking the brunette's had plan's for while still a young child. Who wouldn't want to reach for the stars, travel the galaxy and save the world? Every child's dream. It's on the edge there...just on the horizon Lena can taste it.


Once the CEO get's into the main building she's greated by the project manager for the dome facility.


"Hey Reginald" The brunette says with a cordial grin and a handshake.


He accepts the hand gracefully with a small shake and release "Hey Ms Luthor it's good to see you. When I told the crew you were coming in for a visit they got excited."


Lena accepted that news with a smile "I'm happy to be here. I really wish I could get more time here at the facility but you know how it is. How are the new improvements going?"


"Yes Ms Luthor the crops and medicinal herbs are looking great. The new lamps you installed are working wonders." He explained while holding his planner in his left arm.


"Excellent I.." Lena's sentence was interrupted by her phone going off. Seeing who it is she excuses herself "Sorry Reg I have to take this. Give me a moment."


"Sure" The man says and steps back to talk to a scientist from the biolab.


"Mmm? So it's no coincidence mmhmm I had suspected something along those lines. Alright well keep me posted."


It was Bruce informing Lena that it was not mere coincidence Lex's goons showed up on the same day Zatanna came to retrieve the tablet. Lena had already speculated that possibility and several possible outcomes always looking ahead 14 steps in each direction. It is disconcerting that if Lex ever got that kind of power the world and beyond is doomed.


This may come to a head regardless of how she may feel about it. Lena misses the brother who looked out for her and who spent time playing chess with her. That Lex is long gone. Both her mother and brother have drawn lines in the sand and now it's up to Lena to fix their messes yet again. Maybe this time permanently. It's not something she wants to think about. It still hurts.


The CEO turns her attention back to her associate with a genuine smile. "Sorry about that."


"Oh no worries boss I know how busy you are runnin the empire." Reginald adds with a smile.


They chuckled and walked towards the habitat enclosure.

Chapter Text

Late evening


Lena's Apartment


Kara made sure to get cleaned up as best she could and showed up at Lena's apartment after running by the mall to pick up a few things. Unfortunately she was still getting whiffs of smoke scent and hopes the brunette doesn't notice.


It was on the couch where they were relaxing waiting for the food to arrive that Lena said something "I didn't know you smoked."


The blond was semi snuggled into the CEO's side when the credits were rolling from the first episode "I don't. I was just down wind of the forest fires today and I couldn't avoid it. I showered before coming over but I can't get it out. I'm sorry if it bothers you."


"It's alright it doesn't bother me. Just it's a bit different than how you usually smell." Lena answers honestly while adjusting the blanket getting ready for the next episode to play.


"You memorized my scent?" An odd smile comes over the blond's face.


The brunette cringed a bit hoping she didn't stick her foot in her mouth "I.. I'm sorry that's weird huh"


"No no I'm flattered really. It's quite understandable as seeing how much time we spend together. It's normal for best friends who are close to become accustomed to those nuances I suppose. Makes sense. You don't have to be embarrassed."


Lena accepts that reponse and then redirects the conversation "Mmm you know it makes me nervous you getting that close to dangerous stuff going on."


"I know but it's my job and I enjoy it." Kara says while giving the brunette a small squeeze trying to allay her fears.


"Have you thought about maybe being an anchor?" The CEO asks while picking at a piece of errant string not wanting to bring up recent events that put herself into just as dangerous or worse situations. She wants to stay in this nice warm cozy safe haven snuggling with the blond.


The blond's nose scrunched up "Ew no. I want to be out there writing the stories and making a difference not just regurgitating stuff behind 15 layers of makeup, studio lights and a camera. No thank you. If I had to go through all that I'd rather be an actress who inspires others in some sort of leading female role."


They both chuckled and hearing a knock Kara got up from couch to answer the door.




Kara had polished off a good amount of food by the time they finished watching the whole season of Index. Of course Kara kept pushing more food in Lena's direction for which the brunette would give her an exasperated sigh and then finally give in when puppy eyes presented themselves.


Now that they were finished eating Kara put everything away for Lena while the brunette decided to have some wine which of course Kara declined. Lena expects it but always maintains the courtesy of asking the blond.


By the time the reporter was explaining to the brunette some funny stories of the day that came across her desk Lena was already slightly tipsy.


"So come to find out both police departments were undercover for the same drug bust and wound up trying to bust eachother." The reporter can't stop giggling as she explains. Kara is very expressive with her hands which just makes the story even more hilarious to the brunette in her state.


"Oh no" Lena chortled slightly covering her mouth.


Kara laughs along with her "Yea they started decking eachother right there in the street. It was a mess!"


Lena couldn't help her continual sniggering "What the hell are they doing in Detroit?!"


"I know right!" Kara exclaims while tossing her arms in the air.


Laughing hysterically.


"Oh God my face hurts." The CEO says while squishing her cheeks with her palms.


Which Kara thinks is cute "Haaaa"


Eventually the uncontrollable giggles tapers off and Kara has noticed the CEO has been rubbing her neck all night "So hey um does your neck hurt?"


"Yea it's been bothering me alot lately and my back too." The brunette leans forward to stretch her back and Kara hears a few pops.


"Oh that's great!"


"It is? What?" Lena gives the blond a slightly confused look leaning back again.


"Oh No not like that! I'm sorry you're hurting. What I meant is that well I could massage you. Err I mean if you want cause I got some free massage oils today and what a coincidence! Ya SO yea." Putting her hand on the brunette's knee Kara tries to explain herself a little better.


Lifting a dark brow "Oils? It's ok Kara I'm fine really."


The blond continues to ramble with enthusiasm "Well I was at the mall today and the bathsoap store was running a 2-for-1 so I picked out a few things I'd thought you'd might like and they gave me this free pack of massage oils. I don't think I'd ever have a chance to use them though so if anything this gives me the opportunity to try them out and work on my masseuse skills so why not?"


The CEO tries another tactic "I don't think that's a good idea. Why don't you give them to your sister or someone who could use them?"


"But Lena come on! I wanna try them out and you're obviously hurting anyways. I won't hurt you I promise." The reporter gives a pout.


"Ok" Lena acquiesces "It's not pain I'm worried about." The brunette mumbles under her breath as Kara happily jumps over to her shopping bags by the front door.


As the blond is turned away from Lena ducking down into one of the bags she frowns a bit at wondering what Lena meant.


Lena decided just to go through with it and hope for the best she goes to her bedroom. Setting up some towels over her bed so the oil won't mess up the comforter Lena then moves to her wardrobe closet for a quick change losing her bra and putting on some skimpy shorts.


When the Kryptonian walks into the bedroom Kara notices the brunette is laying on the bed face down topless on a towel with an illegally small pair of black shorts. Kara's gut clenches and her brain overloads.


'This was a bad idea. Too late now Zor-El just buck up and help the poor woman out. She's hurting. You can do it yea no problem.' Kara psychs herself up for the task at hand and adjusts her glasses.


"Alright I'm gonna warm up the oil with my hands and then start slow ok?" Pulling a lightly scented cooling oil container from the small pack and props a hand towel on the side.




Putting a few drops in her hands and rubbing them together Kara gets to work. Almost immediately the Kryptonian swears she feels some sort of energy traveling inside her arms and hands. Back and forth from the dark haired woman laying on the bed. It's odd but pleasant.


'God she's so warm' Electric tingles skittering across her skin wherever the blond touches. Lena feels a strange refreshing invigoration from the contact she doesn't know what to make of it so the brunette files it away for later.


'She's so soft' Kara thinks while pressing her fingerpads gently between the muscles and bone. Using palms in a kneading motion. First working around the shoulder blades and rhomboids, around the middle on both sides of the spine and outward then up into the trapezius and neck muscles.


Lena is in heaven who knew the reporter would be so good at this.


Kara then works the sides and shoulders. Then decides might as well start at the feet and work up to the lower back to finish. The blond has been studying massage techniques for awhile even doing accupressure points on her own feet as practice and found she enjoyed it so this is good practice as long as the Kryptonian's powers are kept in check.


"May I touch your feet." Kara surprises herself at the husk of her own voice.


"Sure" Lena wasn't going to say no to that. Those high heels are killer.


Grabbing the left foot with both hands the blond starts carefully. Working the sole in small circles with her thumbs. The blond swallows hard at the very interesting view from this angle. Kara has to forcefully look away. Then switches to the other foot to give it the same attention. 'She's so soft and smooth Rao my hands are tingling.'


Eventually working up both ankles to calves to thighs Kara is breathing a bit harder. Hearing the accelerated pulse of the brunette is making her dizzy but she continues. Moving up from the thigh to the buttocks and to the lower back Kara's brain and body is having a bit of trouble 'Damn I think I'm gonna melt.'


Lena couldn't help the moan that escaped her lips.


Kara stopped for a second attempting to adjust her glasses with her wrist then continues. Finding a knot in the middle she presses deeper into the muscle to get it to relax.


The CEO's making more sounds as the blond continues.


The Kryptonian tries to zone out a bit while she works the muscles in the back again. Kara gets lost in the sensations and her body can't stop the ache between her thighs from Lena's vocalizations.


It was when she caught Lena's scent..more specifically her arousal that the blond had to fight her gut reaction and stop herself from doing anything she was going to regret.


Kara steps back "I..I think we're done and I think my phone's ringing I better check that.." Grabbing the hand towel she makes a hasty exit from the bedroom.


Lena is utterly wrecked and so turned on she can't see straight. Extremely frustrated she sits up and then hears Kara yelling from the other room.


"It's an emergency I gotta go I'll see you later!" Then hears the door slamming shut.


'Dammit Kara'




Next day




Kara's office


Kara is alone in her office, the door is closed and she's sitting at her desk typing away but having to stop every few minutes because the computer buffer gets full from her super speed typing.


After her hasty retreat last night and another frosty shower later the blond is more confused than ever. Deciding to throw herself into work today Kara's working on a big project about grants allowing Alien and Human refugees farming options right outside the city in surrounding areas.


With reduction of cost on farming equipment, livestock, organic pest control with housing included upon citizenship or visa approval. A special overseeing board for expediting such visa requests. Also extending to small private fisheries.


It's an amazing work that's going to help alot of people and something to not only help the community but National City as a whole. She's almost a third of the way done with the article when her mind begins to drift.


Kara mind keeps drifting over about the tablet, the church attack, the diamond, the scepter, the shield, everything that's been occuring the past several months and what all that means. There's something there. Kara can feel it. Just a bunch of scattered puzzle pieces. It's driving her nuts.


The blond is also thinking about the jedi-lookin goon and how his magic scared her completely. It also feels like things are escalating that her subconcious feels tickling. That fear keeps trickling in and Kara's felt something similar to this before with Psi's attack but it's in a slightly darker way.


It's gnawing at her and the blond thinks Lena knows alot more but can't go to her as Kara. It would make things awkward and strained again trying to push for info as Supergirl. What's a girl to do? The reporter thought about goin to Alex about it to have the redhead talk to Lena about it but ever since after the coma incident Alex gets this weird pensive look whenever Kara brings up the bomb attack.


Kara trusts Lena in a way she hasn't felt before and it's getting stronger that much she knows for certain. Kara's inner-musings are suddenly cut off as Winn's voice comes through her comm piece "Multiple shots fired at the Southside car show."


"On it"


Alex's voice comes through this time with urgency "Supergirl you need to hurry. We're getting live footage and they got assault rifles. It looks like a gang war and the cops are staying out of it."


Kara flies faster "I'm en route"




Southside Car show


Bullets ripped through the air as two rival gangs had squared up at the local car show and between the brightly colored modded cars there was a swath of casings, blood and bodies. It was a large turnout because it was an inter-city event. Tensions were already high. It was a powderkeg and all it took was just one wrong look before someone was pulling an AK-47 out the back of their suped up rod.


Unfortunately, they were all packing heat and were looking for any reason to finally settle the score. Many innocent bystanders were injured and when Kara arrived a few seconds later even her superspeed couldn't save everyone.


It was only after the gunfire stopped that the NCPD showed up but by then it was already too late for more than half the event participants. Then once they got the all clear from the officer in charge of the scene finally allowed the medical response teams access.


Supergirl tried to save as many as she could. Most were just kids in high school. Kids who were proudly wearing their colors and weapons in some sort of brotherhood cultivated mentality. Kara couldn't understand the hate spurred actions of ones so young.


Kara is sitting on the curb her hair hanging down in a curtain and children's blood all over her suit. Her heart is broken in a way she can't explain.


The one good thing was in the form of a 10 yr old boy Hector who only came out with a scratch because of Supergirl. His brother was one of the leaders and Hector vowed to the Kryptonian never to repeat his brothers mistakes. He wanted to be a doctor. The blond took that as a soothing balm for the pain.


When child services came to pick up Hector Supergirl was done for the day. She just couldn't anymore right now. So when Alex's voice came through the comm. "Supergirl there's an electronics store robbery in progress."


Kara responded with a broken and hollow voice "Find someone else. I'm done." Then shut the comm off and put it in her pocket.

Chapter Text



Conference Room Red


Lena is deep in a meeting with her security group. She is giving them outlines on the new LCorp paramilitary & peacekeeping personel she'll need for a number of different assignments including oversight. Not just the standard body guard or desk security guard.


For all this advance technology with possible corporate saboteurs, hitmen and any factions or nations who have a vested interest against her or the tech involved Lena needs to have measures in place to protect her people. The brunette's had to come up with more advanced anti-missile devices and tracking for air space around all her facilities.


One can't rely on Superheroes alone to always save the day. The CEO's employees, scientists, engineers, everyone from the mailroom to the executive suite needs to be protected. Anyone under the LCorp umbrella.


A few more underground facilities and military trained personel is required. Knowing she has the absolute loyalty of one such force is a little trickier to navigate. Lena is being extremely smart and cunning about who gets what information.


The CEO remembers that particular conversation with Olivia was an interesting one with something along the lines of 'As long as you don't march on Rome...' It began originally in a conference room at the White House with Cat, Olivia, J'onn and Lena.


J'onn had his reservations but relayed her sincerity for the Greater Good. Aside from that Lena got everything she requested approved. It was a very good partnership with Marsdin and one she respected highly.


Coming back to the converation at hand Lena knows she's going to need alot of pilots for inside and outside the atmosphere. Which also means building, owning and operating a training facility for said pilots. More things for her to consider in the grand scheme of things.




R&D Labs



Lena is down in the R&D labs working on the navigational controls and gyro system for a new ship prototype design when she gets a call from Eve.


The CEO pulls off her goggles and answers her cell "Hey Eve" then inspects the board piece for any errors in her hand while holding it up to the light.


"Ms Luthor you need to get to Catco right away."


Hearing the panic in Eve's voice makes the brunette's stomache lurch. Lena drops the circuit board on the table "What's going on Eve? What's wrong?"


The brunette hasn't heard anything out of the ordinary on her security comms all day so what could possibly be wrong?


"It's Kara she's umm something's wrong with her but she's in Miss Grants elevator crying and won't let me come near her she just gets more upset. I wouldn't have thought to call you until I heard her say your name. No one else has seen her yet and I got it locked on the ground floor. I didn't know what to do. She doesn't look injured or anything" The woman got out in a hurried manner.


Lena's already grabbing her purse and heading for the door "Damn. I'll be right there. Thank you for calling me. If this ever happens again you just call me ok?"


"Yes Ms Luthor."


As soon as Lena hung up the phone she was already in the elevator and taps her comm. "Tom meet me in the garage with my gear."


Special security agent Tom confirms "Aye ma'am"


'I'm so glad I wore pants today.' The brunette thinks to herself as she exits the elevator to the garage and sees Tomas on a black Ducati tosses her a jacket and helmet. She throws them on in a blink, hops on behind him "Catco building!" He peels out as she holds on tight while 2 other bike agents follow.






Lena gets to Catco in record time. Getting off the bike and tossing the gear to agent Tom as the other two agents hop off their bikes, leaving their helmets and escort her into the building. Getting to the executive elevator she tells them "Wait here" They give her a nod and get into a good guarding position.


The CEO uses the thumbprint scanner to unlock the elevator.
When the door opened what she saw broke her heart. Kara is on her stomache on the floor and scrunched into one corner. The blond's arms covering her head crying and gasping for air. Every few seconds Kara flinches and yelps. "No!"


Lena gets in the elevator and locks it. Dropping her purse to the other corner she get's down next to the blond.


"Kara sweetie it's Lena I'm here." The brunette slowly tries to move closer.


"No!" The blond shouts as if she's in pain.


She stops. If Kara won't allow her to touch then she needs to bring her down a different way. "Kara listen to my voice. It's Lena. You're in the Catco elevator. Your wearing a light blue cardigan and beige khakis with a brown belt. Can you focus on those for a moment ok now I'm wearing black pants and a purple blouse ok?"


Kara stops shaking and glances up "L..Lena?"


So happy she got that spark of recognition in blue eyes "Yes darlin it's me. Can I touch you?"


"Y..yes" The blond whispers as Lena slowly gathers the woman off the floor and into her arms. The blond's head against her chest.


Rocking slowly "Listen to my heartbeat ok?" Lena says softly while rubbing small circles on the blond woman's back.


It was about twenty minutes later that Kara is calm with Lena just holding her until she's ready to let go. "Baby you want to tell me what happened?"


"I...I was at the car show today." Kara stutters out while still trying to listen to Lena's steady heartbeat.


Lena had heard what happened it was a horrible tragedy that could've been avoided. The CEO counts her lucky stars that Kara made it out alive now that she knows the blond was there.


It's a very scary thought for Lena. The brunette knows she can't just lock Kara in the office to keep her out of harm's way it wouldn't be fair to the reporter.


"Awww Kara I'm so sorry." Lena says with a pained expression now lightly scratching the blond's nape hairs to keep her grounded.


Kara continues "Th...They were just kids...why would they..."


"Sometimes people make decisions that puts them on a hard path. It's difficult to come back from even if it's situational. I hope one day we can breakdown those barriers and have more cooperative peace." Lena supplies delicately knowing that this is an extremely complicated thing to try and explain without upsetting the blond again.


"I..I'm ok now."


Lena pulls back and green gazes into blue "Are you sure? I'm here as however long you need me."


A watery smile reflects back "Yes thank you" The blond gives with a resolute nod. Extricating their limbs and standing up they adjust their clothing.


"Listen I have a few people with me is it ok if we escort you where you need to go?" The brunette asks quietly.


"Umm okay." The blond gives a small nod of acceptance and appreciates what Lena is doing for her.


Lena unlocks the elevators and gives the men a wave. They join her in the elevator and take up flank positions on either side of the women. It was an odd sight for Kara and she was standing there with a confused look and glanced at Lena.


The reporter pushes the top floor button to go back to her office. The blond also hears and sees the comm Lena's wearing now that's Kara's taking inventory of her surroundings again.


"I hired more security." Lena supplies while picking up her purse and putting her heels back on.


Kara shifts her weight back and forth seemingly nervous "Ah ok."


The CEO adds "I would like it if I could leave a small contingent with you."


Shakes a blond head "That's not necessary." Fidgeting with her press pass.


*sigh* "Kara.." The brunette was gearing up for a difficult conversation but was cut off.


"No thank you Lena." The reporter reiterates with a firm tone. Hoping not to hurt Lena's feelings but knows that it wouldn't keep her alter ego a secret for long if that happened.


Also Kara's having to maneuver around the other security she'd noticed around Sam's house and Ruby's school. It was making things a bit difficult for the Kryptonian but understood the reasons behind it.


"Ok" Lena decided to let it go for now and approach the subject at another time. Not wanting to put any strain on their friendship the brunette also decides not to have her secretly followed. The reporter could probably smell an agent a mile away considering who her sister is.


Lena's mind starts to wander into bulletproof fabrics for clothing or something similar to Winn's energy shield design for the blond. Which gives the CEO more ideas to tinker with later.


They get to Kara's office a few minutes later. The guards wait outside the office as Lena and Kara are having a small discussion.


"Thank you again. How did you know I was having an issue?" Kara states while walking further into the office with her arms crossed.


"Luckily you said my name and Eve called me immediately." She told the fair-haired woman very calmly.


"You didn't..." The blond drops her arms and turns around with a sad look.


"No I only told her if it happens again just to call me right away. It's up to you if you want to tell her or not. Although under the circumstances she may have questions." Lena assured her softly.


"I know" Kara sighs out as she glances down and rubs the back of her neck.


Lena takes a step closer to here Kara was standing "Sweetie why don't you just go home and take the day off?" Lena asks with a sincere look and pleading tone.


"It won't make any difference. Sitting here and thinking about it or sitting at home and seeing those kids faces. At least here I have a chance to distract myself." Kara explains while leaning a hip against the side of the desk.


Seeing the lost look in blue orbs Lena offers softly "Would you like me to stay over tonight?"


"No it's fine I'm ok really. You helped alot." The blond says while fiddling with the papers on her desk looking down and back up.


Lena breathes out knowing the blond is deflecting again "Kara..."


Stepping away from the desk "Lena" Grabbing the brunettes hands and gazing into green depths "I will call you if it happens again. I promise."


Lena accepts that for what it was. The brunette tiptoes up, leans forward and plants a kiss on the blond's forehead. "Okay"


The CEO steps back as Kara releases her hands and then makes towards the door. Right before exiting Lena turns at the last moment "You might wanna clean that up." Smirking Lena makes a slight gesture with her head towards the blond and exits quickly.


"Wha.. Oooo you got me again didn'tcha." Kara says outloud to no one in particular while flopping down in her chair and pulling out a hand mirror from the desk drawer. Yup right there smack dab in the middle of the blond's forehead was a bright red lip print. Before wiping it off Kara decides to take a picture and keep it in her phone. Having no idea why, just that she wanted to was good enough for her.

Chapter Text

Late night


Lena's apartment


Lena's dream




We're in some sort of underground cavern structure and changing out the large crystals in a large temple that looks like a ziggurat. Not because they were damaged but because there were different colors assigned to different times.


I seem to be in charge directing others on how to special mount the crystals on top of their holding bracket beds. The back wall of the cave was illuminated blue and white. It was fluxing and keeps the whole place lit.


"No no we're putting in the pink one here. The light blue one goes down there."


"Yes dear."


"Are you sassin me?" I look back arching an eyebrow.


"I would never presume." Blue eyes twinkled back with mirth.


"Come on we gotta get this done before the next eclipse."




Waking up rather abruptly Lena just lays there wondering what the hell that was. The brunette gets up to go use the facilities and then makes her way to the office. Thinking she should start writing this stuff down. Lena gets a notebook out and jots down the gist of what the dream/not dream? consisted of. It was still confusing for her and so as to not mull over it further decided to put it to paper.




A few days later






Kara is finishing up her third quad cheeseburger while the brunette is munching on her chicken ceasar wrap. Every so often the blond tries to push a fry or two over to Lena's tray. The CEO has learned to just go with it for the most part cause Danvers has got the puppy eyes down pat.


"So come to find out that Tennenbaum is doing the piece on the Redoing the Mensline. Powerwomen sleek." The reporter says in between bites.


"Oh that's interesting." The brunette adds then takes a sip of her peach ice tea.


Finally getting down the last bite Kara adds with a chuckle "It was a relief because then I didn't have to stare at those neon colors all day."


"Ahh I see." Lena says with a giggle.


Kara chugs one of the two bottles of lemonade she got "So what have you been working on?"


"Well new experimental environmental suits which I think is gonna be a big hit at this year's expo." The brunette supplies with a huge smile after finishing her wrap and then wiping her mouth with a napkin.


Kara takes in the buzzing excitement rippling through the brunette and really enjoys seeing Lena like this in a way she can't explain "You look excited."


With a soft smile and a small hint of nostalgia tickling her senses the CEO admits "Yea I haven't been back to India in years and it's about time I go check on things."


"It's gonna weird not having you around for a whole week." Kara scrunched her nose at the weird feeling of missing the brunette before she's even left. 'That's so odd.'


The CEO tries to reassure the blond "I know but it's not like we'll be out of touch. You can text or call you know."


"Or facetime." Kara adds with a smile and then finishes the other bottle of lemonade.


"Or that." Lena replies as they both chuckle remembering the last time they facetimed over the phone. Kara was having difficulty sleeping and Lena was up painting her nails.


"Orrr you could come with me." There was a small flash of pleading that shown through the verdant gaze.


Kara felt a sense of disappointment she couldn't say yes to the brunette "I would like to but I can't."


"I know it's alright. I figured you'd be busy trying to catch up." It was a brief twinge of hurt but was expected. Lena knew the reporter's situation before she asked.


Although she could literally order her to comewith but didn't think that would be in Kara's best interests nor would just handing her the stories she wanted. It also worries Lena that she'll be out of the country for a week and even if Kara called her that the brunette wouldn't be able to do anything being on the other side of the globe.


Changing the subject Lena inquires gently "How are you feeling?"


The blond beamed "I'm good. Much better."


The brunette hummed "Good. Because when you didn't call for a few days I got worried." She added with a concern laced voice.


"I know I'm sorry." Kara looked at the CEO apologetically while fiddling with the salt shaker on the table.


Lena stopped herself from reaching and grasping the hand on the table not sure how Kara would feel about a more intimate type of pda in front of a crowded cafeteria "Kara no matter what I'm always here for you."


"You don't know how much that means to me." The reporter swore softly with heartfelt sincerity.


They both smile feeling that connection and just allowing. A moment or two later it was the reporter who broke the spell.


Clearing her throat the fair haired woman asked "So about that new drive."


"Oh it's exciting the test went better than expected and now I'm thinking I could also make a downscaled model for like let's say a size of a scooter or bicycle." The brunette rattled off with delighted excitement.


"You have to give me an exclusive." The Kryptonian stated with exuberance as she adjusts her glasses.


"Oh you bet but you can't release it until after the expo." The CEO said with a smirk.


"Awww Leeenaaa come on you gotta work with me here." The blond whined, tapping the table and wriggling in her seat.


The CEO wasn't having it. This is one thing the blond could not get her way on "No but I promise it'll be worth it."


The brunette had to physically restrain herself from kissing the soft pouting lip of one puppy Danvers.



Later that day


DEO avocados


Break room


*Plunk* Kara places a massive crate of avocados on the countertop next to the coffee maker as a few agents milled around during their breaktime. One agent was in the refrigerator to grab their tupperware and another waiting on the microwave to finish heating their lean cuisine.


"So what is all this?" Agent Smith asks while refilling her coffee cup.


"Ummm some avocado farmer wanted to thank me for saving his crop from the forest fires. He wouldn't take no for an answer and uh well this is the result. I already left a crate down in the cafeteria heh."


"Good lord" Smith responds and then heads towards the door.


"Yeaaaaa" The blond says with a chagrin look while rubbing her neck.


As Smith makes it past the door she yells out into the hallway "Hey everybody free avocados!"


A round of cheers could be heard.


Supergirl sits down at the breakroom table as another agent tests a few of the skins and pulls one away satisfied.


The blond is watching the agent...Diaz? pulling out his pocket knife and properly executes splitting the avocado carefully. Pops the fruit open and then takes the serrated edge of the knife and thunks it into the pit and twists. The pit comes away clean and Diaz puts the pit in a plastic bag. He wipes off his knife collapses it and puts it away as if he's done this a thousand times. The agent then pulls out of his pocket a small clear container with a white cap.


Curious the Kryptonian asks "Ummm what is that?"


"It's chili lime." He says in a smooth tone and a grin.


Then he pulls out a packet of salt from his other pocket.


Kara is watching this guy's peculiar behavior as he then seasons the two halves and grabs a spoon. He expertly making strategic scoops and popping it into his mouth.


"Let me guess...perfect chili lime to avocado ratio?" The Super inquired starting to understand his deliberate actions.


He nods with a very happy smile while thoroughly enjoying his bite.


"May I?" She asks to borrow some.. Kara looks at the chili lime's label and it says tajin seasoning. He gives her a happy nod.


Kara mimics Diaz' exact process with her own avocado and when she takes the first bite it was a super delicious flavor explosion in her mouth.


She starts floating


His smile got bigger "Now you know eh?"

Chapter Text

A few days later



Alex's office


"So we talked to the council and they've put their so-called best people on it." Alex states with animosity. The redhead is sitting at her desk, leaning back, boots propped up and cleaning her nails with a rather large combat knife.


"Who is this council anyways?" Kara's pacing the length of the office, arms crossed, in front of her sister's desk.


Alex is getting dizzy just watching her "It's an inter-planetary tribe that came together for more peaceful stability of the more local portion of this galaxy. Apparently there's some sort of network of technologically advanced races who are neutral but want stability."


The redhead had this pensive look on her face and scrapes another nail gently "They don't really interfere unless it something that is massive enough to destabilize the quadrant. Originally they didn't want to talk to me but when I mentioned the Flower they all got super interested in what I had to say."


Kara stopped her pacing at this and gave her sister a serious look, ready to go "Ok so what do we do?"


"They want us to stay out of it unless we come across it then to notify them only." The director explains with a less than enthusiastic tone while swinging the blade in the air with a sense of finality.


They both made faces of outrage, clearly offended.


"As for the how, why or who stole it they said they don't want interference on our part." Alex takes a cloth, cleans the blade and returns it to her covert calf holster then fixes her pant leg.


Kara made another face and throws her hands up in the air in exasperation.


The director stands up in a flourish "I know!"


Then crossing her arms and leaning her hip against the desk Alex adds "And as for your little buddy Jinto he closed down his shop and cleared town. We're not sure where either but you really can't miss a guy like that."


Kara cringed and was rubbing the bridge of her nose. She was about to respond when a voice pipes in through the phone's intercom on the desk.


"Uh guys we have a really large problem." The IT voices comes through frantic as they heard keys clacking in the background.


Kara makes to lean over and hit the button to respond but Alex swats the blond's hand away and presses it herself "Winn what is it?"


"You might wana come up here to see it." Winn supplies with trepidation.


"On our way." Alex responds as both women exit the office quickly.






"Winn?" Alex is looking at the screens and sees a giant Pteradactyl-like creature with fur and a prehensile tail. It's dark but they can still make out it's coloring in the moonlight which is an off burnt orange with green markings.


"It's not in our database but this thing is as large as a cruiseship. I'm not sure what it is but we've had recent reports of large amounts of livestock disappearing for the past 2 days. I think this might be the culprit judging by those sharp teeth." Winn says in disbelief at what he was seeing.


Utter shock was on Kara's face until something registered "Wait Oh Rao! I know what it is.. it's a Terakian Fen'ar! There is absolutely no way one should be here. There's not a ship big enough to transport that thing so where the flerp did it come from?"


"Good question guys but that might have to wait he's heading towards the city." Alex frowns looking at the scene on the vid screens and the radar system.


"On it" The blond supersped out like a shot.


"Supes give us the rundown on anything you know about it. I think you're gonna need some help." Clacking coming through Supergirl's comm as the IT requests more information.


"These things are known to be agressive. Carnivorous and spits sticky blue goop that traps prey." Kara dodges a few buildings and then a helicopter towards to where the large beast is approaching from the North. Blond hair whipping her face as she zooms in to find a good place to attack it.


"And if I do manage take this thing down there's gonna be a large population of hungry Thoracians. This creature was used for their sacred Holy meal of Renar. I could only imagine being away from their home planet for so long and then smelling this. Everyone needs to stay clear I'm gonna try and lure him out to the National forest."


The director nods agreeing with her sister "Copy that."




Supergirl comes in hard and fast for a dogfight midair, rolling, vectoring, punching, spin, turn, more punching, lasers while trying to lure the Fen'ar into a safe zone. Kara gets hit hard by it's tail and plows into the ground. The dirt and debris fly in all directions and uprooted a few trees. Shaking her head she launches back up into the sky.


Freeze breath to the eyes and it tries to chomp Supergirl into it's giant maw. It misses but then the blond gets grabbed by it's tail and launched at the side of a small mountain. Chunks of rock go flying. 'Ugh' A little dazed, spits out some rock and blood mix, takes a deep breath the Kryptonian takes to the sky once more.


The blond is getting frustrated "I keep landing hits and it's not even phasing him." She notices the choppers are staying out of the way for the most part and hopes they don't get any closer.


Kara lands a hard punch to it's face "Ribble nibbitz! This suckers got impenetrable skin." She shakes out her hand. 'OW'


Knowing if she doesn't get him on the ground now the blond's gonna lose her target drop zone. "Hang on I'm gonna try something"


"Supergirl No!" Alex yells through the comm.


The live streaming footage shows Supergirl head-diving straight into the creature's mouth.


'Ugh so gross. No time for that. Focus.' Speeding fists, freeze breath, heat vision and the thing still isn't dropping. Kara does several punctures of it's stomach, any organs she could find, then squeezes it's heart until finally she shoots up and severs the brain stem.


What seemed like an hour to the Kryptonian was only 12 minutes for the watching viewers of National City. Waiting and praying their Hero would again save the day. Holding a collective breath.


The creature collapses to the forest crushing several acres of trees in it's wake. Kara can hear the helicopters in the immediate vicinity even inside the cavity of the beast.


Everyone watching at home and the DEO cheered in jubilation and overwhelming relief.


'Rao this smell' Not wanting to go the other direction she had to make her way back out through it's mouth. Thoroughly covered in intestinal slime and blue goop she waves at the helicopter camera crew, then takes off towards the ocean to rinse off.


Trying to shake off the nausea as her stomach turns "Rao I hope this smell comes out of the suit." The Kryptonian hits the cold sea water.

Chapter Text



Lena's office


It was a late night again at the office and Lena's eyes were getting blurry from all the reports on the screen she'd been staring at for hours trying to take in all the details.


She's used to leaving her balcony doors open for fresh air and leaving an open door for the Super. So when she heard a flutter and a small thud she turns expecting to see blue and red suit.


Instead she sees a hooded figure carrying a sword stalking towards her as more men drop from the sky on long cloths.


"Fucker" Lena's reaching for her gun and her other emergency button.


The gun is knocked out of her hand by an arrow that narrowly missed slicing her hand as a handful of the assailants filled the room. Not getting a chance to tap her comm she gets back handed across her desk as she tumbles over it and onto the floor hard.


Before she can yell for Supergirl there is a sword at her throat pressing harshly almost drawing blood and as he was about to finish the job. Another figure came down onto the balcony as well. It sounded female.


"Stop" The woman states.


"But R.." The other figure attempts to protest.


The woman cuts him off "No she is not to be harmed."


He quickly removes the blade and all of them bow before this new hooded figure. Lena is a bit shocked by this but doesn't move. What concerns her is that she has no comm chatter and was afraid her security teams were already dead. These people were more than professional mercenaries that much is clear.


As silence permeated the air for a moment then they heard scuffling and talking coming from outside her doors. Another group of hooded figures filed in but this time accompanied by one Morgan Edge.


Lena is now bubbling with anger at seeing the man and holds her face where she took the hit it hurts like a bitch. The brunette knows she's gonna have a nasty bruise there come morning.


"What are you waiting for?" Edge says in irritation.


"Change of plans." The hooded woman's sultry tones float in the air.


Morgan is spitting mad "What's going on here? I hired you to do a job."


"Our terms have changed Mr Edge. As Ras I declare your life forfeit which voids our contract." She pulls her hood off revealing exotic features as his face shows a slight fear from seeing the woman.


"You can't." He pulls his gun but before he could get a shot off Nyssa's men all have swords at various body parts of his.


He drops the gun on the floor.


"Lena help and I'll give you my company." Edge pleads with the CEO.


Knowing she won't get another chance like this Lena states with a dangerous glint "I do have one question Morgan."


Looking back and forth between her and the assassins he agrees readily "Anything Lena just get me out of here."


Nyssa is merely watching the exchange in amusement, letting it play out.


Lena readjusts her position on the floor and inhaling through her nose, a serious expression in place the brunette gets out "Did you have my grandparents killed?"


Trying not to move very much as the blades are starting to dig into his skin a look of horror flashed and he then tries to plead his case "Look Lena that had to do with Lionel..."


"Yes or no?" The CEO curtly cuts him off.


He's sweating bullets trying to save his own ass "Yes but please..."


Everything falls into place in Lena's mind. She knew it and finally she can put this final piece to rest. The brunette viciously grounds out "Go to hell Edge."


Nyssa flicks her wrist. Edge is gagged, tied and bagged hauled away swiftly by the assassins. He's kicking and yelling then gets knocked out with a pommel to the back of his skull.


At that moment Supergirl comes blazing in "Lena I'm here!" Taking in the scene the Kryptonian is frantic "What's going on? Let her go!" The Kryptonian commands furiously as eyes light up holding her heat vision in check.


The mysterious woman looks in shock at the blond not accustomed to witnessing people flying or glowing eyes she supplies "I assure you we bear no ill-will towards Ms. Luthor." With one palm facing up allows Lena to get up as Supergirl checks her over. Clearly not wanting to start an unnecessary fight with this... powerful being.


That seemed to appease the Kryptonian for the moment and as her eyes return to normal she asks Lena "Are you hurt" Concerned blue eyes scan the brunette.


Placing her hands on the Super's arm Lena adds softly "I'm fine. She stopped them." Tilts her dark head towards the mystery woman who is still surrounded by her men.


Looking back over to the mystery woman the Kryptonian frowns "I don't understand."


"And who are you exactly?" Lena steps away from the Super for a moment to get her bearings.


Standing tall and proud the mystery woman adds charismatically "I am Nyssa Ra's al Ghul."


Recognition sparks "Oh I know your name! Sara's mentioned you." Kara adds with cheerful smile.


A huge smile overtakes the assassin's face "Ahh You are friends of my beloved. I should not be surprised." Nyssa is relieved and thankful that she can call this being a friend and not an enemy.


Watching this odd exchange between the two Lena interjects "Are my people.."


"I assure you they were all unharmed. Merely knocked out. Although they may have a small headache when they wake they are all very much alive." Nyssa waives off and gestures to her people to get ready to move.


Eyeing the group around them cautiously the blond adds "Yea it's great to meet you although one could say under better circumstances. Thank you for saving Ms Luthor. So what happened exactly?"


"This man Edge had tried to hire me out as an assassin and then attempted a double cross trying to pit two League factions against one another. When that occured I decided to intervene in the interest of saving Ms Luthors life and draw Edge out. He will no longer be a problem for any of you. He is now property of the newly resurrected League of Assassins." Nyssa articulated with a dangerous smile.


"Are you going to kill him?" The blond goes into pose mode like she does before a battle.


"That is not of your concern little one. He is to be dealt with in accordance with our laws which is my right." The new Ra's stated firmly.


The blond was about to argue but Lena saw this was only gonna end in a stalemate or worse so she quickly interjected. "Supergirl can you take me home please." Placing her hand on the hero's shoulder. When she felt the tension leave the blond Lena turns back to Nyssa "Thanks again."


Nyssa merely nods as the assassins quickly and efficiently within seconds disappear into the night.


Now in an empty dark office Lena takes a deep breath and releases the Super.


The Kryptonian turns to look at a verdant gaze "I'm so sorry I didn't make it sooner. I had my hands full." She apologizes wishing she'd dealt with Fen'ar faster.


Lena gives a half-smile seeing the blond is already upset with herself and doesn't want to add to that "It's alright I understand."


"We should get you to the DEO to be checked out." Supergirl adds with concern.


So not in the mood to deal with DEO tests and nonsense the CEO dismissed the notion "Seriously Supergirl I'm fine it's just a few scratches. I've had worse. I'm just tired and want to go to bed."


With a nod the blond carefully scoops up the woman bridalstyle "Hold on tight" She takes off slowly keeping a smooth speed and momentum. Enjoying the warmth she feels in her chest with the brunette close.


Lena is enjoying the heat and strength of the body holding her tightly as electric bolts tingle throughout her skin, then crinkles her nose when she catches a whiff of something not-so-nice "You smell odd."


"Oh?" Kara was freaking out inside for a moment that Lena finally figured out who she was. It took her a second to calm herself thinking no maybe she means the stench from being inside the Fen'ar 'Yea that's gotta be it.'


"Umm yea sorry about that. I had gotten eaten by a very large creature. It was why I was late."


Lena gives the Kryptonian a look of horror "Wait eaten?!"


"You'll probably see it on the news but yea I'm fine." Landing slowly on the CEO's apartment balcony the blond gently puts down the brunette.


"Wait. Let me see your face." A finger gently touches Lena's chin to get a better angle. A small bolt of anger flared in the Kryptonian. Barely controlling it and stating in a calm tone "I thought you said you weren't hurt."


Lena felt the intensity radiating behind the azure pools and gently grabbed the Super's hand feeling the small tremors there. She knew the Kryptonian was mad and the brunette didn't know how to explain it. Lena also knew this was a very dangerous situation. Supergirl didn't get mad well not like this. The CEO did the only thing she knew to calm the other woman. Taking the hero's hand and placed it over her own beating heart.


Lena looks into blazing cerulean and breaths out "Let it go."


The blond focused on the heartbeat and knew it was a lifeline. It calmed her considerably and when Lena told her to 'let it go' she did.


Supergirl softens her expression and takes a deep breath "I'm sorry"


Giving the blond a curious look "For what?" The CEO asks while unconsciously stroking the fingers softly of the hand on her chest.


"That doesn't usually happen" The Super gives an intense conflicted look.


Lena can feel the air between them is thick with something undefinable "It doesn't?"


"No" Pain and a flash of something else in the Kryptonians eyes. The blond opens then closes her mouth. Takes a steadying breath and pulls her hand from Lena's gently.


"Then why?"


Pulling back and turning away "You're very important to me." The blond whispers in a reverent tone.


Lena didn't know what to say, her mind reeling at the possibility that the hero has feelings for her "Supergirl I.."


Not looking back "Please put some ice on that. Have a goodnight Ms Luthor." The Kryptonian rockets into the night air.


As she watches the hero depart Lena whispers into the night air "Thank you."

Chapter Text

Next evening


Alien Bar


Lena's already had three shots and starting to feel that low riding buzz starting to tickle her senses. She's trying to get her mind wrapped around this bar. There are aliens here. Something else Lena is finding odd is Kara. The blond woman actually got a drink here and now she's really giggly and touchy. When Kara drinks wine nothing would remotely come even close to this level. It's making Lena's brain hurt. The patterns don't match up.


The brunette's sitting at one of the booths casually watching the patrons milling about and chatting. When Kara asked her out to a bar she didn't expect this. It's different. Not bad just different. Every few moments the CEO's gaze is drawn to where the blond is. These days it feels like she just walks in the room and knows exactly where she's at even without looking. It quite an odd and unnerving sensation although not unpleasant. Quite the contrary, it completely warms her insides and heart is fit to burst, making her dizzy almost floaty.


Switching gears her brain goes to observe the reporter. Kara is talking to a orange skinned girl with glowing green eyes. Lena is having an interesting time trying to wrap her mind around that too. It looks like her hair is on fire. All soft and flowy like... plasma?. She is quite attractive. Kara's smiling at her and Lena can't hear what they are talking about but there's a laugh and they both keep looking over at her.


Lena then is taken by surprise as the orange-skinned girl kisses Kara on the lips and Kara's not protesting. 'WHat the fuck!?' Lena is staring. Also wondering why Kara didn't react in her normal stuttering self. It's too weird. This must be some sort of dream or twilight zone thing. Trying not to catch flies the CEO closes her mouth.


The two pull back from the kiss and then Kara gestures to Lena and then they walk over to where the brunette was sitting.


Kara goes to introduce the two "Lena I'd like to introduce you to Koriand'r. Kori this is Lena." She says in a bubbly cheerfulness.


Lena eyes the woman with sparks of jealousy running rampant. 'Does Kara have a girlfriend and didn't tell me?! Holy shit! Oh My God I can't take this.'


Unbridled glee upon the orange skinned girls face and body language "Oh Joy! It is very wonderful to meet you." She leans forward to shake hands.


As Lena goes to shake her hand Starfire pulls her in and presses their lips together.


Needless to say Lena was in utter shock. Green eyes wide, clearly not expecting this development.


This woman was putting the moves on both of them. Lena was trying to grasp the situation but it involved a menage-et-toi scene in her mind's eye and her brain exploded.


Seeing the wide-eyed look on the CEO's face as the orang-skinned girl steps back Kara supplies quickly "Oh ooops sorry Lena. Didn't mean to overwhelm you but Kori is Tamaranean and it's her culture for a lingual syntax transfer by mouth. So now she's able to speak all the languages you do. I was just telling her about how many both you and I know and she was ecstatic for the privilege. I should've asked you first. I'm sorry." Looking chagrined.


When Lena was able to speak again "It's ok! It just surprised me is all." Now knowing it was all a misunderstanding of cultural differences Lena let it go quickly.


"I am also the sorry. It is a great honor amongst my people for the sharing. This builds lasting relationships by providing the foundation of communication. I hope I did not offend." The Tamaranean looked deeply apologetic and distressed. The girl was sincere in her apology and her emotions were like an open book displayed easily and quickly on her features.


"It's still very nice to meet you Kori. I've never kissed an alien before and I really guess it's not any different than kissing a human." Slightly shrugging Lena is slightly angry at herself for yet again having jealous tendencies when it came to Kara. Feelings or not that was unacceptable. She gives the Tamaranean a genuine smile.


With her grin returning in full force Starfire added "It is not always the romantic for us. We use the sharing for information."


Kara visibly relaxes and turns back to the Tamaranean "So Kori what are you doing in National City? Last time I heard you were running with a new crew."


The orange-skinned girl looks briefly sad at this but bounces back swiftly "Yes after Dick left I took over. Garfield and Victor decided to do their own thing. I started recruiting bumgorfs."


Confusion evident on Lena's face "I'm not sure what..."


"I am called Starfire of the Titans." Koriand'r supplies quickly while slightly floating above the floor.


Now it clicked for Lena "Why would you tell us all this information?"


"Kara is an old friend and you are her good friend so I should trust you. Should I not?" Starfire looked a bit confused and looked to Kara.


"It's fine Kori. I trust Lena." Kara confirms with a grin.


The orange skinned girl seemed relieved and continued babbling on with even more enthusiasm than the blond.


'They're like two peas in a pod in the exuberance department it's no wonder they're friends. Old friend? How would little sweet Kara from Midvale know a alien princess turned Teen Titan. It doesn't make sense.'


Wheels started turning in Lena's brain but before she could really go into super processing Kara pulled her over to the pool table wanting to play a round before the end of the night.




3 am


Lena's Apartment


Lena's been thinking about alot of things lately and that so-called boundary that both she and the blond reporter have been tap dancing on between friendship and other...


It's driving the brunette crazy in a way she's never experienced before. The yearning has amplified itself as a constant ache in her chest. She's noticed something else that's driving her mad. Her growing feelings for Supergirl. Is it even possible to love two people at the same time and crave them in a way that is so strong and visceral it makes your teeth hurt? That any little touch or look from them sends her body into overdrive.


"That's it I've completely lost it. Lena has left the building."
The CEO says to an empty bedroom.


It wasn't till much later she falls into a fitfull sleep.

Chapter Text

A week later






About an hour ago when Lena's plane touched down at Kalina her brain has been in high gear running through everything she has to accomplish this trip. She's getting ready for the Tech4 conference in India and getting things underway for LCorp's Mumbai site.


LCorp India is sub-contracting programmers, customer service and setting up a new electric car and steel factory on the outskirts away from the farming sector which is also now co-oped with LFoods. The brunette's had more expansion plans in the works for awhile now for India and now that Lena's able to set her feet on the ground here, it should move things along quite nicely in accordance with how she wants them. Leaving tasks for others to complete doesn't always get the results the CEO wants so this should get things going on the right track.


It's hot, it's humid, it's dusty and every so often Lena catches scents of ginger and curry.


'Welcome to India' She thought.


"God it's been awhile." She says to herself in the back of the black SUV while watching the busy and packed streets. Watching the peoples activities with keen interest. This was always an experience visiting and emersing oneself in another culture. It was always exciting and new. As they drove by several food stalls she could just imagine a certain blond reporter wanting to stop at every one. It made her smile and her insides warm.


Returning her attention back to the scene of dusty roads, crowded streets full of cars, bikes, rickshaws and any kind of transportation you could think of. Some fortunate few had the luxury of an elephant. Now pending no cows stop to take a nap she should be able to her hotel on time.


'I should visit Jack's grandmother while I'm here'


Lena remembers how sweet she had been when the CEO visited with Jack when his mother was barely civil to her. His mother was still upset Jack refused an arranged marriage and left India to study in the States. Nani Preethi didn't care about any of that or the fact that she was a Luthor. Just welcomed Lena warmly and kept trying to feed her every chance she got. The brunette remembers their visit to the Gurdwara in Amritsar it was an amazing trip. Lena can still remember the smell of mustard oil.


Fond memories aside the CEO's here on business and needs to get through traffic to get checked in to her hotel before she meets up with the site manager at 3. Lena's security detail was full force this trip. Once she gets to the site she can use the chopper option if she has to but she really doesn't want to. Everything goes fine with Lena's hotel check in and a small security detail stayed to cover it while she's out keeping the place secure.


The brunette finally makes her way to the main site. They welcome her warmly. Bright colors everywhere even though it's a professional place of business. Something the western world should apply seeing as how the colors affects peoples moods making a happier workforce. Although her own decor smacks of neutral tones she can understand little touches of color might not be a bad idea.


The CEO makes her way to the conference room ready to get this show on the road. This is going to be a quick trip.


Or so she thought.





Lena had just finished the site inspection and was chatting with one of the managers then one of the other associates decided to come over and talk to her "Hey Ms Luthor some friends and I were gonna go carbar after this so we were wondering if you'd like to come with us?" He asked with cheerfulness.


The brunette turns to the associate with a smile as the manager walks off and Lena raises an eyebrow "Isn't it too early for carbar Sonny?"


Sonny exclaimed happily while adjusting his glasses "What are you talking about? It's never too early for carbar! We're gonna hit up at least 7 diff food joints this time. We also have a poetry jam going on later tonight if you'd like to join?"


She tilts her head slightly "I appreciate the offer but I have to be in Gurgaon tomorrow for the server hub testing amongst other things. Maybe next time." The brunette supplies apologetically.


He nods enthusiastically "Oh You Bet Ms Luthor! and if you change your mind you can text me!"


"Yes thank you and be safe." She responds with a genuine smile. It's not everyday someone wants to hang out with a Luthor.


"Again it's nice meeting you. Have a good evening!" He waves and takes off with his little group.


"You too."


Lena knew it was never good idea to be out late drinking in a foreign country. Especially when she knew her security detail would put a damper on the festivities and knowing anyone seen with her could be in harm's way at any moment. The brunette wanted to protect her employees as best she could even if that meant keeping them at arm's length. He's a nice kid, a smart engineer with a bright future and Lena doesn't want that to end anytime soon.




Meanwhile back in National City


Kara's having a problem with her growing feelings for her best friend and it's becoming too much. After the small vacation in Greece and now the massage, Kara can't stop thinking about it..about her. It's been driving the blond mad. Feeling constantly compelled to do these heartfelt things and then wanting to do other things. Kara's stuck in a loop. Pushing back and forth the mental and emotional lines of friendship to ....other. The reporter keeps reminding herself that Lena is straight.


'Although at the museum Lena sure knew what she was doing. No no we're just friends. Best friends. She would've said something if she was interested in something more right? But come on it's Lena freaking Luthor why would she ever want someone like me.'


Kara's heart hurt thinking about it. It's driving her crazy. It was never like this with James or Mon-El or anyone before.


'Rao what is wrong with me?!'








CNB3 camp T4 conference.



It was a 4 hour early morning helicopter ride to Gurgaon and now Lena's in the middle of getting her hair and makeup done for the interview when she gets a picture text from Kara


The brunette is so gone for this woman.


Kara sent the brunette a pic of herself and a tiny baby bunny. It still looked like a pink wriggling thing with barely any fuzz. It was sent with a caption. ~Rescued this little guy from being eaten by snake in Sam's yard~


Then a regular text comes through




Kara: Can we keep him?!


Lena: No Kara we can't.


Kara: He's sooooo cute!!!!!


Lena: Mother rabbits come back at night to feed them. Restore the nest as you found it but find someone to remove the snake safely from the area. Your other option would be a wildlife rehabber.


Kara: But Leeeenaaaa :(


Lena: No. Put him back.


Kara: Alright fiiine :*(


Lena: I'll be heading into the interview here in a few minutes I'm not sure they'll broadcast it there but you can try to tune in to CNB3 if you want.


Kara: I am so recording this! You're gonna be awesome I know it :* :D <3 ;)



One last check of hair and makeup Lena gets escorted over to the interview chair while the camera crew go through their own checks. The interviewer readies her notes then introduces herself to Lena to do the pre-interview run-through as the boom guys attach her mic.




CNB3 Interview India T4 Tech Expo


"Hi I'm Becky Squick with CNB3 here today in Mumbai to talk to LCorp's CEO Lena Luthor about the T4 Tech Expo here in India and wondering on how that will affect the current markets and over all profits and earnings for their stock price."


"With the current volatile market we have strategic advantages in the tech sector due to our widespread innovation and marketability. We've been noticing trends not just for basic consumerism but for more practical designs that fit better within the current models and lifestyles people already have established and not just the newest flashiest fun phone model."


"LCorp is striving to make leaps and bounds for longevity not only for the company but for humanity as a whole. Basic clean drinking water, making better safer materials for buildings, reducing emissions, even environmentally friendly food packaging."


"It looks like the market is loving LCorp today as now the stock is currently at $497 a share any thoughts on that seeing as just 3 years ago it was down to $14 a share after those tragic events that rocked the nation and almost destroyed the company?"


"We won't live in the shadows of the past. LCorp is a force for good. As for the stock price well..I'm not complaining. I know our shareholders are very happy and any future potential investors will certainly get their money's worth."


"We'll be definitely looking forward to your quarterly earnings report. So what are you introducing at this expo?"


"Well Becky we'll be doing a broad spectrum of different technologies but we'll give you a sneak peak.


For our medical division:


Special frequency cold lasers for cellular recovery and regeneration.

Rapidhealing gel with applications in Emergency rooms and in sports medicine.


For our environmental division:


Unique and patented design orgonite for cleaning energetic pollution including emf that affects living cell tissue and reducing cell mutation in areas of high density frequency traffic such as cell phone towers or high tension lines etc...


Safe underwater turbines that filter out pollutants in the water and also creating hydroelectric power.


For our foods division:


A new type of material that eliminates plastic packaging for food as a safer, cheaper and environmentally friendly alternative including bulk goods.


Nutrient supplements for space applications that assist in neutralizing muscle atrophy in low or zero G environments.


For our science division:


A kinetic winter suit

A solar desert suit

A unique dry suit we will be unveiling at the expo itself


For our aerospace division:

High density magnasprings


And something I'm really excited about
A new type of ion drive


All green technologies and these are all just tips of the iceberg."


"Amazing and impressive you seem to be leaps and bounds ahead of the competition but how does that trickle down to the average household in let's say North America?"


"We are on multiple levels with our innovation not just on a global scale. The average household may already hold multiple LCorp devices, improvements or something that uses our technology. Even things they never thought of."


"Specialized glass for better window and door insulation, safer and stronger composites for car panels, better heatsink tech in your computer and other electronics for higher level processors, even your speakers and many other household products already in use today."


"Wow I didn't realize the wide diversity that LCorp has covered just in the few years since you took over. You must be very proud."


"It's an ever growing and changing industry and we always have to be several steps ahead."


"Thank you Lena Luthor CEO of LCorp. We hope to have you on again sometime soon."


"Thank you for having me."


"Now let's take a look at the DOW and the S&P with Bob Pitani currently on the floor at the NYSE."

Chapter Text

National City


Sam's house


It's Alex and Sam's date night and the reporter had agreed to watch Ruby overnight. So Kara and Ruby are having a junk food festival and movie matinee at Sam's house while the other pair will probably end up at Alex's apartment. Kara shivers in disgust at the notion.


Kara proclaimed loud and proud "The snack extravaganzaa has begun!"


"WOOOHOOO!" Ruby cheers loudly. "Aunt Kara you are totally my favorite!"


Giving the teen a small squeeze "Awwwww" She lets go and then heads towards the cake with a evil glint.


They had everything you could possibly imagine all over the kitchen counter, dining room table and coffee table. Anywhere there was a surface there was some sort of junk food or candy.


The only thing that could be possibly considered real food was the pizza and potstickers in the kitchen. The rest was a large assortment of the snack isle. Ruby and Kara were totally and utterly pigging out.


The Kryptonian sings with a cocoa frosting mustache "Chocolate caaaaaaaake Chocoolaaate caaake"


Ruby who is now also sporting a orange Dorito cheese mustache and orange fingers can't stop laughing.


They're leaning against the kitchen island at the moment and having a blast.


Giggling "Here Here try putting a piece of chocolate cake on a spicy dorito with a gummy worm." Ruby suggests after taking a bite of her own concoction.


The blond cringed with utter disgust "Oh ew how could you eat that?"


"Just try it" The teenster demands shoving a piece in the blond's direction.


Deciding what could it hurt the blond tries it "Oh that is so weird but oddly satisfying." Kara chews it thoughtfully.




They've made their way through the salt'n vinegar chips, chili lime pork rinds, hot cheetoes with cheese dip, sour cream'n cheddar ridges with french onion dip and finally get situated on the couch ready to devour the pizza and watch Disney movies all night starting with Aladdin.


"Why are you all mopey?" The Rubster inquires.


"I am not mopey." Kara replies while shoving a potsticker in her mouth.


"Yes you are you've had this kicked puppy look for several days now." Ruby says matter-of-factly.


Kara narrows her eyes at the blue-tipped hair child "I think Alex is a bad influence on you."


Throwing a bit of huffyness at the blond "Whatevs You're just upset cause your girlfriend is out of town."


The blond's feet fell off the coffee table "What?! No Lena is not my girlfriend. We aren't like that." Kara had a shocked and flustered look clearly gobsmacked and not expecting the young Arias to be so blunt.


Ruby replies sarcastically "Uh huh right."


The reporter tries to reassure her "We're just close best friends." Still not liking where this conversation is going.


The child quips back quickly "I don't do those things with my best friends."


"What? What are you talking about?" Kara had a confused frown on her face while readjusting herself against the cushions.


Ruby lifts her hand and starts ticking off points with her fingers "Snuggling, cuddling, spending all hours of the day talking or texting, making sappy dopey love faces, breakfast/lunch/dinner dates, easily irritated when you don't see eachother for awhile, any silly excuse to see eachother, worry about eachother all night and day, wear each others clothing, toothbrushes at eachother's places... the list goes on and on."


"We don't uhhh do that uh we are not having this conversation. Lena and I are only friends." The blond tries to deny but is failing miserably in her attempt.


Ruby leans back and eyes the blond "Uh huh. I call bullshit."


With a look of increduality "Hey watch your mouth." Kara chastises.


"Regardless if you've both done the watoosie or not THAT is the definition of a 'girlfriend'. I've never seen any friends at school who touch as much as you two do that aren't dating or goin out." The child states with an air of finality with a wave of her hand.


A look of shock and outrage flitted across the blond's features and then a giant clue whacks Kara in the head.


"Are you gonna keep yappin or you gonna start the movie?" Kara grumbles and stuffs pepperoni cheese in her face trying to get her heart to calm down.


And while Ruby leans forward to grab the remote and start the movie, Kara starts to think of possibilities.





National City


Kara still wasn't getting any good stories lately although that's not exactly a bad thing. Doing several cute little puff pieces gives her more time to do Supergirl stuff. So after finishing up three articles she had decided to go visit the Children's hospital in gear. The staff was surprised but pleased and the kids were ecstatic. Not only did they get pictures with their favorite Superhero but the kids who needed help with their homework got a little one-on-one help from the Kryptonian.


Several hours later Supergirl had to say goodbye to the children and then takeoff towards one of the prisons due to a riot situation. Which to the shock and dismay of the Warden that as soon as the Kryptonian touched down all the inmates who were rioting stopped and calmly walked back to their cells. Humans yea they had no problem fighting but a Super? 'No way man' was their response.


Afterwards the blond headed towards the district bay bridge to stop a jumper who lost his job and his wife had left him. Kara had to talk him down and was successful. Later Kara went to help the local churches clean up the graffiti and setup a new playground.
Then Supergirl went to the new VA hospital to check on things and visit the vets. They were all happy to see her and told her old stories.


It was much later in the day when she heads home and order some chinese takeout. As the blond is waiting for the food to arrive and tidying the apartment she thinks about things. Most days are madeup of things like these and not just monsters or aliens attacking. It was the small things. The small things kept people going, kept the community going and looking forward to another day.




Mumbai Site 2.0


Lena is exhausted for the past several days she's been bouncing all over India. LCorp was a huge hit at the Expo and everyone's a buzz especially the stockholders. The stock price went up to $627 a share. Amazing phenomenal results and with the upcoming stockholders meeting in the next few weeks Lena's got this in the bag. Come next quarter when she announces the stock split it's gonna be icing on the cake.


So the CEO presses on. From the steel factories in Gurgaon to the Electric car facility in Tamil Nadu to the LCorp Co-oped farms in Uttar Pradesh and back to Mumbai. Thankfully the helicopter rides cut down the huge travel times so she wouldn't have to suffer so much. What would have been a 22 hour trip by train was shaved down to 3 1/2 hrs by chopper.


Meetings, site walk throughs, networking, inspections, ethical practices, workforce management. The brunette made it out to all the farms checking the conditions of the cattle and also the foxtail wheat and millet.


Inspecting the health of the workers, prepping the area for additional protective measures and so on. Looking back on things now if Kara had joined her she wouldn't have gotten a third of what she needed to done. So she imagines it's for the best but damn if she isn't missing the beautiful sunflower.


So after everything Lena's stuck in Mumbai for another 2 extra days she didn't account for but glad the issue happened while she was here to fix it. Feeling her phone go off the brunette checks her messages.




Kara: Hey!


Lena: Hey there sunshine


Kara: You on your way yet?


Lena: I'm sorry Kara it seems I won't be home till late Saturday night. The meeting got pushed back so I'm stuck for another 2days.


Kara: What happened???!


Lena: There was old wiring used and a faulty circuit that blew out a few power relays and a hub. I'm gonna have to fix it since I'm already on site. It'll save me time and money rather than waiting for a tech crew to make it out here. So the meeting I would've had today got moved to tomorrow.


Kara: But whyyyyyyy


Lena: Stop whining Kara this is important.


Kara: Leeeeeeeeeeenaaaaaaaaaa :( :*(


Kara: Why is it soooo loooooong?!


Kara: Can't you just come home early????


Lena: You know I can't but I promise I'll make it up to you.


Kara: Ok fine *grumpy emoticon*


Lena: I miss you too.


Kara: :D


Lena: Tell me about your day :)






Later that evening


The CEO is back at her hotel room, freshly showered and starfished out on her bed staring at the ceiling fan whirring and waiting for sleep to come. She's over exhausted and trying to get her mind to relax. It doesn't seem to be working. She's tired, achy, sore and just wants to go home and snuggle with a particular blond with sexy glasses and a affinity for potstickers.


Thankfully she jacked one of Kara's used sleepshirts and is now wearing it. 'No that's not creepy at all.' Inhaling deeply she rolls over with a small indulgent smile and cuddles the large pillow beside her. After a few minutes of tossing and turning trying to get comfortable the brunette gets up and walks to the minifridge for something to snack on.


'Well shit' She forgot to bring anything or have them stock it for her.


Lena then looks over to the room service menu and plucks it from the desk. As she was halfway through reading it she hears a soft tapping on the window. 'Weird' The CEO pulls back the curtains to find a hovering Supergirl with a smile and a large box. To say Lena was surprised was putting it mildly


The CEO opens the window. "Hi. Not that I'm not glad to see you Supergirl but what are you doing here?"


"Heard you had a tough week. Kara wanted me to give this to you." The blond supplied and hands her the box through window.


Feeling it's not that heavy the brunette adds "You make deliveries now? Wow" She says with a small laugh.


The blond hums "I can make an exception in special circumstances." The Kryptonian replies as she takes notice of what shirt the brunette is wearing and couldn't help but grin while tucking a blond lock behind an ear.


This is absolutely ludicrous that Supergirl would come halfway across the planet just to give Lena a gift package for a friend "Right." Still wondering about how things had ended after the assassin incident. Maybe it's something else. Maybe the Kryptonian just wanted to see her. 'Hmmm'


"Oh she mentioned not to let it sit out or it might melt. Have a goodnight Ms Luthor." And with a wink the Super takes off.


Lena goes to open her mouth then stops.




Lena quickly pulls the package over to the desk counter, opens it to find her favorite ice cream there along with a bag of hotfries, a yellow teddy bear with mini glasses and a note.



Sending you a carebear package so you won't get lonely.



Lena lets a few tears slip, contemplating what this all means, what's in store for the future and how this makes her feel. A little later after polishing off the bag, the pint and getting back into bed, Lena snuggles with a sweet yellow bear that smells like Kara and drifts off into a peaceful slumber with a smile.

Chapter Text

2 days later


Kara's apartment


Lena's back from India and Kara can barely contain herself. They're having tv night with pizza and potstickers.


"Oh My God I missed you so much." The blond exclaims ecstatically while snuggling and wiggling into Lena's side on the couch.


The brunette laughs at the blond's antics "I missed you too now stop wriggling. What are we watching tonight?"


"The original Iron Chef in Japan." Kara said with lightly restrained exuberance.


Leaning back slightly "You're kidding" Green eyes looking at Kara with disbelief.


"Nope don't worry it's dubbed in English." The blond did a quick shake of her pony-tailed head and wriggled some more.


Lena chuckles a bit "Okaaaaay hopefully you got something more planned than just watching food shows." Then pokes the reporter in the tummy.


Smacking the brunette's hand away playfully "I do have something in mind that I reeeaally want to watch but I'm not sure you'll like it."


Lena gives Kara a smile and a squeeze "It's really fine Kara I picked last time so tonight you can watch whatever you want ok?" The brunette said earnestly.


"YAY! Ok then let me get the food."The blond then wriggles out of the hold quickly to grab the grub. Kara's been starving waiting for the CEO to show up and had promptly glomped the brunette as soon as Lena entered the apartment.


"Wait so what do you have in mind instead of Iron Chef?" She eyes the reporter with a small furrow and half-grin.


"It's a surprise." Grabbing the pizza boxes and bag of potstickers Kara makes her way over to the coffee table and puts everything out.


"Oh come on." Lena leans forward and grabs a slice selecting the supreme with veggies.


Heading to the kitchen drawer, grabbing a mountain of different colored napkins which are the remnants of ordering tons of fast food, Kara hops back over and plops it next to the stack of chow "Shhh just go with it."


"Ugh fine" Lena sticks out her tongue, takes a bite and then grabs a napkin.


"Ok get comfortable cause this is one of my all-time favorites I've kept hidden from most people." Kara sits next to the CEO, grabs a slice of meatlovers and savagely chomped down with glee.


"Now I'm curious and intrigued. What else are you hiding Ms Danvers?" Lena says in a sultry tone.


Kara's heart beats wildly for a second "It's kinda a musical...So um yea!" Leans forward to grab the remote from the table.


Giggling at the blond between bites "That's really not surprising."


Kara pushes play and Lena notices the intro. She really doesn't know what to say but...


The CEO turns to look at the blond with a neutral expression "Xanadu?" Wiping her mouth.


"Oh come on Lena give it a chance! The singing really is great." Kara says with a bit of whine and drops the remote on the cushions.


"Fine." Lena says in a neutral tone but secretly she likes the movie as well.


Later on Kara knew the truth when Lena started humming along during several songs.




Next day






Supergirl is out doing her patrol because she couldn't sleep. Most of National City is still sleeping but for the Kryptonian things were getting a little more complicated in her mind and she needed to clear her head.


Kara's scanning and watching. Floating above and listening for anything out of flow. Then she sees it, someone about to be hit by a bus by a sleepy bus driver.


She jettisons down and superspeeds the guy to the bench and then slowly stops the bus which abruptly wakes the busdriver in a panic. Purposefully walking around she taps on the door for him to open it which he does with a wide-eyed expression.


"Wait one moment." She holds up a finger and he nods dumbly.


The Kryptonian zips back with a coffee, hands it over and then talks to the bus driver. Apparently his route is just finishing up so the coffee should get him back to the bus terminal to clock out without anymore problems. He thanks her emphatically looking more alert so she let's him go.


Glancing over as the bus drives off Kara does a double take. The guy she saved come to find out it's her buddy Bob and sits down next to him.


"You alright?" Kara looks him over in concern.


Giving a nod he adds gratefully "Yes ma'am thanks ta you."


She gives him a smile nodding back and takes a deep breath.




"What's on your mind?" He gives her a curious look and wipes his hands off on his pants.


"Alot of stuff goin on and I dunno." The Kryptonian gets out in a kind of melancholy tone.


"How're things wit that purdy lady friend?" Bob asks with a mischievous smirk.


Kara is in wide-eyed shock but seeing the look on his face just slumps on the bench. The blond's tired so she just observes him for a moment.


"You think a new do and spectacles is enough to fool an old tomcat like me? hehe I've been round a long time now lil missy. Don't worry none ain't nobody gonna believe an ol homeless kook. Besides yer my friend. Now I f'ger you're havin lady problems."


She leans forward, elbows on knees and rubbing her hands together "We're not.."


With soft look he cuts her off "Yea I know whatchya said b'fore but I know what I know and you two were gone fer eachother soon as I saw her walkup. Now come on."




"I do care about her.."


"Da truth now. There ain't nobody 'round. Is jus me, you and this here bench." He says plainly, hearing a few crickets and a light breeze blowing in the background.


The blond runs her fingers through her hair and leans back. Watching for a moment at the dark black blue sky turn to light purple tones. Then blowing a long breath out she finally admits it aloud "I..I love.. her very much and.. we've been best friends for the longest time. It was only recently I figured out my feelings. Actually a kid pointed it out to me so I just feel ridiculous." She laughs in a self-deprecating manner and rubs her face.


He gives her a soft smile "Out tha mouth of babes. It's simpler fer them. It's us old farts who like ta complicate things."


Kara half crosses her arms while rubbing her mouth and chin with her right hand "She's only dated men that I know of and now I don't know what to do. Heck I didn't know I liked women no scratch that I'm not attracted to women but she's... different. It's different. It's like this all consuming thing. I look at her and I start to imagine things. Future things and it's scary." She gestures and then rubs her eyes for a moment.


"I takit she don't know bout tha fancy pjs huh?" Bob asks with a knowing grin.


"No and that's the other thing." She blows an errant blond lock out of her face.


"Well tha first step is bein honest whitchya self then being honest with her. Be yerself and everything will fall inta place. I don't really think you have to go wooin her or nuttin. I think she's already done gone." He says reasurringly.


"You think so?" She asks with a furrow and hopeful tone.


"Yes ma'am as I sure know life is short. Do what you gotta do then do what you feel ya must. If'n ya heart says jump then do it." Bob adds as he re-adjusts his hat.


'Makes sense' The Super hums in agreement "Mmmm"


"Well sumptin ta ponder. You kids will work things out. I do believe I owe you a mighty big thank you there Maid of Steel. Now I best be off now. I got some buddies at the church who think they can beat me in rummy." He adds while getting up slowly to hear a few knee pops. "Oof"


"See ya later Bob and thanks for the advice." She gives him a happy wave now feeling like a weight was lifted off her chest.


"Anytime kiddo." He says with a smile and waves back.


Feeling a bit better, Kara now has a few ideas in mind on how to play this out. All chips in but no pushing. It has to be done right. This... this is not something she wants to think about losing. It's too important...Lena is too important. Baby steps. Something to test how the brunette feels maybe. 'Hmmm but I still gotta tell her who I am ugh'


The Kryptonian takes to the air once again to work out a few things in her head. She feels the undercurrent of excitement and things are starting to look up.

Chapter Text



Lena's office


Lena's been running more simulations with the drive and doing underwater testing. As long as the main circuit housing is sealed the engine works great there too and if anything works more efficiently now the surrounding water also has a cooling effect. Tests in volcanic water jets levels shows it having to work harder but still meets standard test results.


In the meantime the CEO's gotten some interesting reports from the sports medicine biolabs in means of physical adaptability with adaptogens like Rhodiola and more energy using adenosine. The volunteered test subjects have exhibited more resiliency, strength and energy.


The adenosine triphosphate has shown results almost immediately on a cellular level and within a week the subject felt better. Showing a permanent increase only having taken the sublingual tablets for 2 weeks. Even brain and heart function have improved. As long as the participants maintained their fitness regimen once or twice a week they've shown promising results that Lena wants to show at the next Sports Medicine conference.


Lena had just returned from the R&D labs to find a cute little stranger upon her desk along with chocolate hugs and a pink-tinted envelope. Jess won't let anyone else enter her office so it could only be from one person.


Sitting down in the executive chair she breathes for a moment taking it in and then decides to check her drawer. Verifying the hot fries are still there 'Well she did promise after all' Her mind chimes.


Lena can't stop smiling or her heart from blossoming under the sweetness of Kara Danvers. Unwrapping and nibbling the mixed chocolate bite the brunette carefully opens the envelope.


She couldn't believe Kara would write her a poem and as the brunette was reading the paper with beautiful written script she was feeling many unexplainable things.




A burning light
Amongst the sky
Liquid silver
From my eye
A sense of freedom
Without a care
Heaven's breath
In the air
Is it true?
Is it real?
As moonlight strikes
Down to seal
It was always there
From the start
The strength of courage
In thine heart.




The brunette couldn't stop the few tears that fell. She picked up the cute little pink rabbit with it's super floppy ears and incredible softeness eyeing it for a moment. As Lena held it gently she closed her eyes and inhaled the perfume lingering there and then proceeded to squee into the bunny's fur.


Jess buzzes through her intercom breaking through the moment. A green eyeball popped open in outrage at being interrupted.


"Dubai's branch is on the phone."


Lena smashes the intercom button with indignation "Again?! Twice in one day?"


"I could tell them you're busy." The assistant supplied.


"No it's alright just give me a minute." Placing the stuffed animal off to the side and grabbing her portfolio Lena got herself situated for another long discussion about worker's rights and a larger female workforce. It was going to be a long day.


"Yes Ms Luthor."






Steak House


Lena decided to take off of work early after the Dubai issue. She figured Kara could also use a pick-me-up and asked her to dinner. The brunette waves off a menu already knowing what she was going to order.


Kara was ecstatic Lena asked her to dinner and was even more jazzed when she found out it was to a steakhouse. It didn't bother her one bit that the wooden plank table was kinda sticky "Um yes Hi I'd like to get a third of cow please?" Kara warbled happily while bouncing in her seat.


The waitress had been tapping her pencil on the little notepad then stopped, looking at the blond with a look of confusion "Pardon?"


Lena taps her water glass with her fingernail then glances at the blond "I'm sorry could you give us a minute?" Giving the waitress an apologetic smile.


"Sure" The curly blond head of the waitress bobbled and then she headed back towards the kitchen to give them a few minutes.


The CEO moves her purse off the table after setting her phone to silent, with a peculiar half-smile Lena asks "Kara what are you doing?"


"I thought I was trying to order." The blond states with a small furrow while playing with her napkin and adjusts her glasses.


"Pick something from the menu." Lena watched the blue eyes blink a few times and when Kara didn't move to touch the menu "Well?"


"I'd thought it'd be cheaper to order in bulk." The happy blond supplied.


'Dear God I love this woman but she's going to be the death of me.' The brunette's mind adds in exasperation.


The CEO rubs her temple "Hand me your menu. I'll order for you." Putting her hand out casually waiting for the reporter to comply.


The blond starts to protest "Lena..I can.."


An arched brown brow and emerald gems zeroed in on blue. Kara felt it as physical blow and dutifuly hands over her menu closing her mouth with an audible *click*.


When the waitress comes back over to take their order Lena gives the woman the rundown "All Medium rare. Large. Ala carte. 4 prime rib, 2 sirloins, 2 New York strips, 2 filets, a bacon cheeseburger, bacon mac'n'cheese, garlic mashed potatoes, the French onion soup and I will have a filet with broccoli and a ceasar salad. Dressing on the side. If you could bring us a pitcher of iced tea that would be great thanks.


Kara listened and with a small nod just sat there smirking.


The waitress stared in shock after she wrote everything down. Waitress Sally couldn't help but ask "Is this to-go?"


Internally Lena is snickering having come across this reaction all too often with the ball of sunshine sitting across from her.


With a bright smile the CEO supplies "It's for here. Thank you."


"Great!" Sally adds with astounded cheerfulness and half stumbles back into the kitchen.


Lena couldn't hear but Kara picked up from the kitchen that the staff were taking bets if the 'hot blond' could finish it all and the odds were stacked against her. With a small inner evil smirk when the food arrived she was geared up to clear the deck with gusto. The girls had a great night out and it made Kara happy that a busboy named Kevin won himself $400 that night.

Chapter Text

TaNak's Ship


Taping a few instructions into the consol the General likes what he sees so far.


"Alright let's run some tests." The General then barks out "Squad Vega and Tau assemble a landing party and don't get caught! If you jackasses get yourselves killed it's your own damn fault!"


"Huraaa Kaaaa VEH!" Was the men's battle chant while lifting their weapons.


"And you" TaNak points a claw to his second-in-command with a sneer "Get the new long range transport systems online."


"Aye sir!"






Lena's office



Lena had just returned from a staff meeting with her floor managers. Sales and customer service where fighting again but that's nothing new. Accounting and HR are dry as always. She had gotten approval for some fund re-allocation on the new R&D project so she was happy about that and then let her CFO handle leading the rest of the meeting. The CEO has a Catco staff meeting also scheduled for later in the week so her hands are already full.


The brunette makes her way to her office quickly.


"Helena what are you doing in my office?" Pushing through the doors towards her desk with an arm full of papers, Lena didn't let on she knew the woman was already in the building. Her security alerted her to that fact but she didn't want the vigilante to know that fact.


"Came to check on things." Huntress says with a smug look while inspecting things on the shelves.


"Hmmm Why are you really here?" Lena adds with a disinterested tone. Flopping the papers on the desk and heading towards her bar for a drink.


"We would like your input on a few things."


"So let me get this're asking for my help." It was more of a statement than a question. The brunette knew this was a rare event. Pulling out a bottle of cherry coke from the ice holder, unscrewing the cap and taking a sip.


"Always straight to the point but essentially yes." Helena walks towards the chess set on the coffee table and picks up a piece inspecting it.


"Ahhh" Lena adds with a grin, recaps the soda, puts it back and then moves towards her desk.


The vigilante puts the piece down and walks casually over to the other side of the room to inspect the wall decorations there "Your designs for the magic sensors are actually helpful and we want you to take it a step further." She adds nonchalantly.


"I see." She makes her way around her desk to lean against the edge crossing her arms with a small smirk. "In what capacity exactly?"


Taking a deep breath and turning to look at the CEO "Something to identify what type and for anything negative to stun or freeze or nullify the effects. Since we've been stretched thin we haven't been able to maintain enough focus on tech and that's where you come in. We've barely been able to maintain things in Gotham so yes we're asking for your help."


"The what type may be difficult because I don't use magic nor do I like to dabble and as for the nullifying aspect that also may be complex if not knowing the type. Honestly this is something Zatanna should do. I'm busy running two companies and have my own plans for humanity that really doesn't have anything to do with the metaphysical side of things." The CEO replies with a furrowed brow and a wave of an arm.


*Sigh* "Whether you want to admit it or not these things exist. We need to have a way to counter it for those of us not magically inclined. I know that genius brain of yours can come up with something. Please Lena. We're waging a battle and we're dying out there." Helena implores as she sits in one of the chairs in front of the executives desk.


The CEO uncrosses her arms with a scared look "Who?


A look of sadness flashed across the vigilantes features "No one you know but please."


Sighing Lena relented "I'll see what I can do but I'm gonna need information. Can you handle owing me another favor Helena?" Testing Helena's pride a bit wondering how important this was to her.


"If it saves lives then take as many favors from me as you want Lena. I don't care." Helena states with conviction while running her fingers through her own long dark locks.


Lena saw the sincerity in the woman's features and words, letting down her guard a bit "I'll do my best but I'm gonna need books or tomes, grimoires whatever it is they use these days. I need unrestricted access to all of it."


Pulling something from her jacket pocket "Zatanna said that if you agreed to give you these. These cards are aligned with their personal libraries. You hold your thumb down on that seal and they mentioned something about you having the intention to go there and it'll only open up for you. For your eyes only. It won't open if you're coerced." Standing up Huntress hands them over.


"Their? Who.."


"Dr Fate" Helena supplied with an odd look.


"Oh" Lena was honestly surprised by that. He's usually very secretive. It sounds like they really are spread thin.


The vigilante starts to take a step making her way around the chair "Well anyways I better get going. Duty calls."


The CEO looks up "Wait"


"Hmm?" The vigilante stops and turns midway to the door.


Lena extends an olive branch "If you still have business here in National City the next few days why don't we sit down and have lunch."


"We'll see. Thanks." The vigilante gives a small smile then heads out of the office with swagger back in place.


The CEO looks down at the black cards in her hands. There's no script of any kind just a very elaborate colored seals. One purple and one blue. Lena does not like dealing with this stuff. Everytime she hears about it someone she knows gets hurt. The scientist side that Lillian drilled into her is still there. The Luthor's dealt with money and science...not this.


Having seen the effects first hand and what Zatanna had told her on several occasions the brunette really can't ignore it anymore. Magic worlds are merging with reality into something new and it's causing alot of chaos in it's wake. So regardless of how she feels about it Lena is going to do what she must.


This is one of those unforseen circumstances that could topple her plans. Adaptability here is key. Lena remembers a particular Horace quote Lionel would always bring up 'Adversity reveals the genius of a general; good fortune conceals it.' It brought her a bit of comfort and now it's time to step up her game.


Lena accepts the challenge but for right now she's got a meeting in 20 minutes to prepare for. So putting the cards in her pocket, the CEO sits back at her desk and gets to work.






Alex has been getting reports of weird stuff going down at the docks. Containers going missing. People reporting a strange fog and sounds coming from the mist. The locals are starting to say it's ghosts and even so far as to say they've been seeing apparitions appearing and disappearing.


Including ghost ships and lights from under the water. People also complaining about missing pets. She sent a team out there to check on things and they came back saying nothing was out of the ordinary. It's just not adding up.


Aside from that thing's have been really going good for the director. The redhead's stopped drinking so much. Deliriously happy and every couple of days she's been spendin the night at Sam's or vice-a-versa when Ruby is staying at a friend's house.


Her emotions concerning Sam are getting more serious by the moment. Alex is scared shitless because she almost said those three little words during another round of lovemaking with the hazel-eyed beauty and she does not want to scare Sam away.


She's not ready to admit just how important this relationship is to her but at the same time it's driving her crazy. That the issue before with Maggie is no longer an issue with Sam and then it hit Alex all of sudden.


Sam is not girlfriend material... she's wife material. Like in long term holy shit the whole nine yards. 'Alexandra you are so in so much trouble' Her mind chides her and then slams her head on her desk.






Cat Grant's office


Kara had been working on different articles all morning having gotten to work extra early to get a jump start on the day and only just finished up. She was surprised Eve dropped by a message for her to go see James when she was available. It's been awhile and they really haven't hung out after the whole 'breaking up with Lena then abandoning his post to jet off to Metropolis thing'. He knows he screwed up and was lucky to get his position back.


Kara is trying to be a good friend and letting him start over with a clean slate but if the photojournalist messes up again he's gonna be in a whole heap of trouble with the reporter amongst other things. She doesn't have time for petty playground nonsense if he isn't gonna man up.


If she's honest with herself Kara's still mad at him for the whole Guardian thing on top of him using his emergency button for a non-emergency. She still cares about him and it frustrates her to no end how he keeps making mistakes but the blond also knows sometimes you gotta let your friends make their own choices and love them anyways.


Kara now understands why she got so enraged at his actions with Lena. It actually had nothing to do with him specifically only that someone had hurt her Lena. That's really what it was. It just happened to be James that time. It's now giving her a bigger clue just to how long she's had these inexplicable feelings for her best friend.


So now here she is in Cat's office and listening to James speak his peace about what happened and deciding she's just gonna let it go.


James is leaning against the front of his desk with his arms crossed and an apologetic expression "Listen Kara yea I know I had some issues I'd been dealing with but I wanted to say I'm sorry you know for before and I'm still your friend."


Hands on hips and a serious expression Kara accepts his apology "Yea I know and it's alright. It's why I didn't want to talk about it before. You're both my friends so I didn't want to talk about it when either of us was upset. As far as I'm concerned that's over with and we can continue on as friends."


Uncrossing his arms with a smile glad everything can get back to normal "So we're cool right?"


"Yea we're cool" She says with a half-grin and a nod.


"So you think she's seeing anyone?" He gives her a curious look after walking back around to his desk.


'Seriously?' Her mind kicked back with increduality "I think that ship has long sailed." She supplied with a neutral tone.


James takes that in with a shrug "Yea? well anyways here's the new layouts for the spread I wanted to get your input on." He says while pulling the prints and spreading them out on the desk.


"Okay" She sidles up to overlook the pictures.


They had worked through several shots for not only the new layout but also some side articles and the direction they were going for in the special fall edition. It was almost an hour later that Kara's phone rang.


Looking down she sees it's Alex "Sorry I gotta go." She heads towards the balcony and glancing around sees it's clear.


"Yea no problem. Be safe ok?"


"Will do" The blond says with a nod, speed changes and bolts into the air creating a small woosh.

Chapter Text



These aliens look straight up out of a Conan film, skins, furs and chainmail makes up their outfits if you could call them that. Regardless of what they're wearing they sure pack a mean punch for the Kryptonian. They're pretty fast too but not nearly as fast as the blond. The only issue is that there's 20 of them and they all have weapons of varying degrees. Like a mishmash of tech or armament. One guy has a mace while another is carrying a beam cannon. No rhyme or reason to their attacks either. It felt almost like they were testing her. It was weird.


Supergirl taps her comm "Alex I need reinforcements something's off about these guys."


"I got a team en route eta 3 minutes" The redhead replies.


Supergirl dodges another beam blast, some weird projectile weapon and tripping device? She knocks one out and then makes a fast turn around to launch at the one with the cannon. Shattering the weapon and gives him a good punch knocking him out. Three jump on her while two more use some sort of taser weapon. She grabs one by the ankle and flings him around into his comrades, sending them flying and tumbling as another group charges her.


Kara dodges the mace and another beam weapon blast, grabbing the guys arm and flips him over. Front kicks the one behind him in the chest and ducks as another swings at her head. Shooting heat vision at several weapons rendering them useless. She takes to the air but then get's thrown down by someone who grabbed the cape tossing her into the pavement as 5 others jump on her with more groups coming back for more. They landed multiple blows and she tosses them as they keep coming.


Knocking out a few more with well placed punches and finally getting to her feet. Ice breath in their faces and superspeeds knocking a few out. The ones knocked out from earlier are starting to wake and begin advancing again. Another kick, punch, dodge, superspeed since she's not using lethal force they keep getting back up. Kara's starting to get tired.


It was as soon as the DEO agents show up that the horde disappeared into a whitegold flash leaving a very tired and bewildered Kryptonian in the wake.


Scanning the area with her x-ray vision and the air not finding anything the blond exclaims "What the Rao was that?! Are there any ships in the area? Winn?"


Hearing clicking in the background the IT supplies "No not picking anything up on the sensors."


"They can't have just vanished like that!" Kara flies up quickly and tries to scan again and still not seeing anything.


"I don't know what to tell you but I got nada." Winn replies with more clacking.


Alex chimes back in "Well come in to recharge."


Still scanning going a bit higher in the atmosphere Kara then adds "In a few minutes I got something I need to take care of first."


"Fine 10 minutes but so help me if your butt is not in here..."


"Yes Alex I got it. See you in 10. Out." Tapping off her comm with a goofy smile Kara quickly makes a gift run for a certain someone.







Lena's office


The brunette is going over things she has to cover in the next few months. Starship ports and launch stations plans are going well. Security is well established in those areas. Paramilitary training facilities are now up and running. Lena has a few more ideas she's been working on and once that part's done she'll have to make another call to Olivia with a better way to protect the planet. The CEO's gonna need alot more support in the political arena to pull this off so we shall see.


The brunette also has a few concepts in mind for the new magic sensors although she has yet to check the libraries her brain is still tumbling over the standard improvements for the ones she's already made.


She's got an offsite meeting with some investors in 30 minutes she has to get ready for so she locks up her desk then heads towards the elevators.




Two hours later the CEO comes back to her office to find more stuff on her desk. Apparently Kara left Lena another poem for her with more chocolate hugs and the brunette can't stop smiling or the pangs she's getting in her chest. These sweet little gestures of the blond's are making it real hard on the brunette.


If it wasn't difficult before it's getting downright torturous with yearning for something more. Although one could hope these small gestures will lead to more grander versions if Lena's imagination is left to run wild. Lena will not push and if Kara takes it there then and only then will the brunette respond otherwise she'll just maintain her position in unrequited pining. Kara is too important to her.


Sitting down at her desk the brunette picks up the envelope this time it's purple tinted. Opens it gently and reads the paper.



Sunlight pouring down
warmth enveloping
rays descending
higher-still neverending
as to refuse to drown.
Pierced through, from the start
finding bright
burning light
exhalted with tempered might
purify the lonely heart.




Sam walks into Lena's office noticing the CEO not looking up but smiling goofily while looking at a purple piece of folded paper.


Finally the brunette looks up. Lena puts the paper into her desk drawer "Hey Sam" The brunette says with a smile.


Sam decides to let it go and sits down in one of the chairs in front of the CEO's desk and reaches across to hand Lena a folder.


Giving the CEO a megawatt smile Sam rattles off "We got a final approval from legal for the split which is fantastic news because the stock price just went up to $1019 a share. You're little interview is all over Newsweek and Forbes including all the business networks. You spectacularly kicked phenomenal ass and it shows. Everyone is gobbling it up. So by the time we announce the split for the spring quarter it's gonna blast off."


"I'm so excited." The brunette says with a small grin.


"Well you should be Ms Badass." Sam says while rubbing her hands together excitedly. "Everybody is knocking down our doors to be apart of the LCorp experience in some way so great job."


Lena hums with appreciation "On a side note I'm gonna need you to take over more of operations."


"Why what's up?" Sam asks with concern.


The brunette gives a small wave to stave off any worry "Everything is fine I have some side projects that are not LCorp or Catco affiliated that need to be worked on."


Sam adds with an understanding nod "Ahh ok yea no problem I can handle it."


Now that's settled "Mmm So how are things?" Lena asks with a knowing grin.


Sam blushes and bashfully ducks her head down with a small smirk.


"That good huh? I'm so happy for you two." The CEO states with sincerity.


"Thanks I uhh better get going." Getting up out of the chair Sam makes her way to the door.


"Uh huh. Guess I'll see you later then." Lena chuckles as her CFO exits her office


After that Lena heads down to the R&D labs to work on refurbishing the alien detection device and for integrating into hospitals for assistance when they have Jane or John Does come in through the ER to help with treatment.


She also has plans to integrate it into security biometric ID employee confirmation in high level restricted access areas. LCorp diversity includes human and alien employees so it'll help verify and confirm no altering or coercion which will also scan for implants. Instating a lockdown sequence if any are detected.






Sunroom 1


"How are things going with you and Sam?" Kara inquires while soaking up rads in the sunbed as her sister takes her vitals.


"Extremely well. I mean wow. Honestly we can't keep our hands off eachother." The redhead adds while taking the Super's blood pressure.


"Oh Ew don't tell me that." The blond says in disgust.


Checks the glands in her sister's neck and is satisfied with what she finds there "Well you did ask."


"No I asked how are you dealing emotional wise not physically... you know." The blond got out as she watched Alex prep her gloves and a vial.


"Whatevs you're just gonna have to deal. It's all apart of the Super sister confidant bit." Alex says with a smirk as she draws blood from the Kryptonian.


"Alex I swear to Rao please do not talk about your sexlife or I will literally puke all over you. Just glaze over those types of details." The blond gets out with a displeased look while feeling nauseated at the notion.


Putting the vial on the tray she adds "Geez ok fine but We are doing great. Great great. Say AH." The director puts the tongue depressor in and glances around with a flashlight as Kara opens wide with an 'AH' sound. "Looks good."


"So you're feeling better.. you know bout Maggs?" The blond winced bringing up this topic but know it's something to be addressed.


"Honestly? I still care about her but it doesn't hurt anymore and what we shared was special but really and truly Kara I think I found THE ONE and I'm really scared. I am totally freaking out in a way I never did with Maggie. Sam is just so wow. She's sweet, mature, sexy, smart, funny, she cooks, she loves kids and truly if she doesn't want anymore I don't really think I care anymore. Hanging out with Ruby has shown me a larger perspective when it comes to taking care of kids. Yes I do want to be a mother but I'm willing to put that aside for Sam. Isn't that weird?? I couldn't do it for Maggie but for Sam I'd give the whole world." Alex rattles off nervously without stopping and barely giving Kara a chance to respond at all.


Stunned for a bit at how serious this is, Kara watches Alex observing the redhead the entire time she rambled "Oh wow this is way more serious huh?"


"Yes and I almost said you know what during you know what." The director said in a freaked out tone.


"Oh? Ohhh! You wow!"


"Yea I know right! Well anyways let me get this down to the lab real quick and I'll come check back in when I have the results ok?" Alex explains while getting up to walk to the door.


"Yea sure. I'll be here." Kara reassures the agent as she watches her sister leave the room and lays back down to catch a quick nap.

Chapter Text

Next day




Lena's office


Luckily Jess had scheduled this on a day with no meetings so currently there is no rush. Lena is getting fitted for her dress for the Gala coming up. She had asked Kara to be her plus one. To which Lena was ecstatic the blond could make it. So Kara had texted over her measurements for the dressmaker and said she'll do her own hair and makeup so that part was complete.


However, due to a particular blond's constant food pushing now Lena's having to be re-fitted for her dress for a few extra pounds and inches. The brunette's body image is having a fit even though the reporter keeps telling her otherwise. She's really not upset at Kara for pointing out her eating issues.


The blond's heart is usually in the right place but Lena's mind keeps fighting. Lillian's constant strive to make Luthor's look good ended up in several eating disorders growing up. Lena's doing better overall but sometimes she tends to backslide on that. There was a 2 year span of bulemia and the brunette refused to do that again.


So then it was starving herself and skipping meals just became normal to the CEO. Then at work she was having dizzy spells and becoming more tired so she knew Kara was right. Now looking at the mirror although she looks healthier it is still an adjustment to get used to being a bit more curvy. Even the dressmaker and seamstress have complimented her several times about how much better and happier she looks.


Now standing in the dress and blocking out her own face the brunette's a bit flummoxed. Lena was pretending to not be the one in the dress and suddenly the body looked good. 'Damn sexy actually.' But when she pulls the hand away it looks adequate. 'How bizarre.'


"Ok Ms Luthor how does it feel?" Both women gave an inquiring look.


'Oh she meant the dress' "It fits much better now thank you." The brunette gave them both a grateful smile and nod.


"Excellent! Are their any other things you wish us to alter?" The taller of the women asked happily.


The CEO thought about it for a moment "Yes well I have several items in my wardrobe at home that need some minor adjustments but I'll have to schedule that later."


"Yes Ms Luthor just let us know and we'd be happy to get that done for you." The short haired woman answered cordially while putting away their equipment.


"Thank you Sherice, Nadia as always your work is outstanding." Lena gives them a genuine smile. These two were a gem to find and the CEO makes sure to show them her sincere appreciation lest someone else scoop them up.


By the time the women leave and the dress is hanging up in a garmet bag Lena is already thinking about what she has to do the next few days and makes a face.


"Ugh evals" She says aloud to the now empty room. "I'm gonna need more coffee."





The Beach


Kara had trouble sleeping again so it as an extra early day for her so the blond spent the morning doing interviews for the City's Clean the Beach initiative and Marathon. After the interviews and helping to clean up the trash and litter, Kara had setup a Catco refresh station for the runners at the midway point. She was wearing tennis shoes to jog up with the runners when they give her the hand signal and pass them the cool water.


Another way for the blond to help the community without using her fists. This felt rewarding in a different way than being Supergirl. Just another person helping out in the little things. Making sure no one got heat stroke either. With her hearing she could catch sounds of little hints of it beforehand.


Struggling to breath, altered heart rhythm, blood pressure change, little internal body cues and Kara promptly got them to the medical tent. This was the only event in 5 years to not have anyone go to the hospital. The papers and news reporters all say it was a miracle.


After the event was over Kara headed back to her apartment for a quick shower of course after stopping to pick up a large amount of food on the way. She was starving. Yea she had plenty of food at home but today she had a craving for sausage, egg and cheese McGriddles. Alot of them. She wound up cleaning out 4 restaurants much to her chagrin.


Kara was trying to psych herself up for today so a few extra greasy calories should help with that. It was where she was headed hereafter that was the reason for her sleeplessness. The blond will be making a stop at LCorp for a very special discussion with a particular CEO and she's gonna need all her moxie to pull this off.






Lena's office


Kara had brought Lena doughnuts. Today is the big day. Kara is gonna tell Lena she's Supergirl. She's gonna do it. Today. Sometime now. In this small span of an hour. This might be it. Make or break moment. Lena will either accept it or she won't. Kara is a mess.


Sitting down on the couch the reporter tries to take a steadying breath through her nose "L..Lena we need to talk." Twitching nervously while trying to gather her courage.


Those little words has the brunette's full attention as she puts the doughnut down on the napkin and her heart is in her throat. Lena had noticed something bothering the reporter but didn't want to bring it up unless Kara wanted to talk about it.


In a strained and stuttered voice "There's something... You're.. You've always been there for me. I..I need to tell you something and ...and it's important. I.. You ah I'm scared you might.. and I can't.." The Kryptonian's heart is beating wildly and is starting to feel faint trying to take large gulps of air.


Lena doesn't know what to make of Kara's stuttering distress unless.. 'She can't be having an episode here. She was fine a few minutes ago but then again if something's really bothering her she could work herself up into one damn.'


"Kara sweetie calm down. Just breath ok? Focus on me." Lena pulls Kara's hand to her chest giving the blond the grounding she needs.


"I'm here and I'm not going anywhere either ok?" Giving the blond a soft look of warm understanding the brunette takes a breath to calm her own heartbeat. "It's just me." Trying to convey a look of open trust to the reporter.


Kara feels the pulsing beat beneath the palm and the soothing strokes upon her hand. Counting with each breath the blond calms down. After a minute just looking into Lena's concerned gaze "Lena I'm.."


The reporter is interrupted by her phone going off. Kara frowns stands up and checks her phone. "I'm sorry I have to go. We'll have to catch up later." Grabbing her purse and sending an apologetic look at the CEO the blond heads to the door quickly.


"But Kara you.." The CEO is bewildered by this turn of events. Whatever it was seemed important to the blond so why would the universe up and disrupt it right now?


The brunette wasn't able to finish her sentence as Kara was already out the door.


'What the hell was that?'






Winn is typing furiously "Looks like there's a situation at StromLabs. Here's the data."


Alex looks at it suspiciously and taps her comm. "Supergirl looks like there's been a break in at a tech lab on the Northside called StromLabs. They deal with volatile chemicals. You need to be extra careful."


"On it" Kara chirps back through the earpiece.


"Can we get a feed up?" Alex walks around the table to look at the screens on the wall.


"Working on it... and there you go." Winn wheels himself over to his other terminal and adds a few more clicks.


The director watches the men on the screen carefully for a moment and feels a small bit of worry in her gut "These guys look like ex-Russian military."


"Wonder why they're all the way out here." Winn was chewing a twizzler while doing a few more taps.


The redhead crosses her arms "See if you can zoom in on what they're loading up."


The IT zooms as far in as possible one of the labels.


"Damn." Alex taps her comm "Supergirl the stuff they're loading up is highly unstable and be careful these guys are smart."






When Supergirl gets to the lab she scans the inside and sees they're loading up a truck with barrels. She can't use her heat vision because it'll ignite the chem and can't use freeze breath because it'll cause the barrels to become brittle and shatter. The men aren't using guns either they have knives and nightsticks? They appear human. This is just getting weirder and weirder.


"Yea they're not wearing any firearms." Kara supplies while still scanning and sniffing the air. She can smell at least 127 different compounds floating around the facility and several she doesn't recognize.


The blond doesn't like activating her smell power as she picks up old soldier body funk that makes her gag. 'Ugh' Her mind supplies as her stomach rolls and tries to shake it off.


"Probably to not trigger an explosion. That stuff is volatile." The director says with a worried tone.


Kara sees something else.


The blond zooms in and sees a guy fiddling with a flashdrive and a pc "Someone's in the main office. It look's like they might be downloading something."


The IT chirps back "Probably for the formula to make the stuff."


"I don't know but let's put a stop to this real quick". The Kryptonian replies with conviction.


Kara superspeeds through knocks the man in the office out putting the thumb drive into her boot. Then she efficiently zips through and knocks each one of the men out quickly and quietly as possible. Then pulls the solenoid out of the truck. Rounds the guys up disarms them and ties them around a pole.


Wiping off her hands "Phew ok is NCPD on the way?" The Super asks while scanning around for anything else she might've missed but no, it's all clear now.


"Yes they'll be there in 5 minutes." The redhead kicks back.


"Alright they've been dealt with. Can I go now?" The blond says in a slightly annoyed tone. 'Of all days' Her mind supplies as she takes to the air.


"Actually there's a break in on 17th and an alien tearing up the observatory." Alex states while glancing at the information coming in.


Taking a deep breath Kara replies "Fine I'll take the break-in first.."


Winn interrupts "Supergirl there was a 4th grade field trip group at the planetarium.."


The blond stops midair and changes directions in a blink "Ok Observatory first. On my way."






Alex's office


"I have something I gotta do and you guys are gonna have to cover the rest of the night. Here's the drive the guy had." Kara says as she enters the office and passes the redhead the flashdrive.


"Are you ok?" Alex asks with concern while taking the drive and sitting down at her desk.


"Yea I'm fine. The guys at the chemlab gave me a odd feeling and then the alien at the observatory seemed like he was looking for something. Thankfully no one got hurt." The blond said with relief and then started pacing slightly.


The redhead eyes her sister warily "Yea he's down in lockup and isn't talking at the moment. I'll let you know if we get any more intel. So what's going on with you?"


Kara auto-replied dismissively "Nothing really." still pacing.


Alex isn't buying it "You're furrowing. Come on." Pulls her chair up and rests her elbows on the desk.


"I got that Gala tonight remember." The blond stops and glances at her sister.


"Oh yea forgot it was tonight. You nervous?" Alex kinda has an idea why Kara's nervous but doesn't want to outright say it wanting her sister to feel comfortable enough to share when she's ready.


Shifting her weight on her feet "No....ok Yes I am a little."The blond supplies.


Giving the blond a small nod "About anything in particular?" Alex asks while leaning back.


Kara gives a small smile "Thanks yea umm I'll figure it out but I gotta go start getting ready." She says with a wave and heads to the door.


"Alright well have fun." Gives the Kryptonian a wave.


Whatever's going on with Kara, Alex knows her sister needs to forge her own path. The redhead can't push like she wants to. Things are changing she can feel it but she has to remain supportive no matter what.


'Now to see what's on this drive' The director plugs it in and waits a second for the drive to stop flashing. Then using her mouse clicks open the icon and starts snoopin. 'Oh that's interesting.'

Chapter Text

LCorp Catco Gala


The gala was underway and the coordinator did a magnificient job the theme as gold and white. It was beautiful. They had a small orchestra. Champagne was flowing and many of the elite visitors were opening up their pocketbooks for the charity. The coordinator had taken care of everything possible and made this a cake-walk for the CEO so all she had to do was some mingling, a small speech and maybe dance with a few people. She's extremely pleased with the results.


Speaking of beautiful, Kara looked stunning in her white dress with goldtrim. She also had golden laurel leaves in a crown around her head. The blond looked like a genuine Greek Goddess right out of the story books. One could swear she was radiating sunlight. Lena couldn't breath.


When Kara spotted Lena she couldn't think and her heart was in her throat. Lena's dark locks were in ringlets and her dress was shimmering gold with crystal trim that sparkled under the lights and twinkled every time she moved. She was a celestial heavenly body. Kara was awestruck.


'Oh Rao she's beautiful'


Time stood still and for a few heartbeats it was only them.


Until Lena was pulled onstage for a speech. Taking a deep breath with a bright smile Lena stepped to the podium "I'd like to thank everyone for coming out tonight. Without your continued support these charities would not be able to function and give them the help they so desperately need. It's in these times when we must come together as ambassadors of goodwill and compassion to lift up those who need our help. So please open up your hearts and your pocketbooks to make a difference now. Thank you."


It was a very compelling and Kara along with the rest of the large gathering gave the CEO an enthusiastic applause. Then after a few moments they began to return to their drinking and socializing looking to get some good politicking down for the night for business connections and so forth.


At that moment the blond sees something catch her eye "Oooo Potstickers." She proceeds to grab the full tray from the surprised waiter and begins to stuff her face with gusto.


"I see you found the food." Lena chuckles as she sidles up to Kara's side.


The blond chokes a bit trying to swallow too fast then finally gets out "You *cough* you look beautiful."


Lena is surprised at both her friend choking which she promptly pats Kara on the back and also the compliment that causes a slight blush. Hands the blond her drink while grabbing the tray and setting it on the nearest table.


"Are you ok?" She pats the blond's back some more with a look of concern.


"I'm fine just went down the wrong pipe." The reporter croaked out as she took a chug of the drink.


The CEO accepts that "You know you left my office in such a hurry earlier I was worried." She added with concern.


"Everything's great. I didn't mean to worry you. I'm fine really." Kara added nervously.


"You look amazing by the way." Taking in the blond with an appreciative look.


Which causes more nervousness and blushing "I.. Thanks yea umm I'm ok but you umm wow." Kara finally gets out while adjusting her glasses.


Kara was working up the courage to ask Lena to dance but was interrupted by an older woman "Lena darrrling how fabulous it is to see you. This gala is..." The lady gracefully grabs Lena's elbow and carts her off.


Lena shoots the blond an apologetic look and turns to her guest. The blond is a little miffed but understands that's what these events usually entail having become accustomed to them while under Miss Grant's tutelage. So Kara grabs the tray from the table and continues to finish her potstickers then makes her way to the bar for hopefully some lemonade.


It was getting later and Lena hadn't been able to pry herself away from having to mingle with everyone who came up to talk to her. It is a charity event afterall. So Kara's been scanning, listening and chatting amicably with the bartender Josh who apparently moonlights as a EDM Club DJ. Come to find out he also does weddings surprisingly.


It was when the dancing picked up and several stuffy business men had asked to dance with Lena which of course she accepted. So about the 6th guy of the night is a bit drunk and getting kinda touchy that Kara zeroes in on the scene narrowing her eyes.


Noticing how the man's hand kept traveling too far south for her liking. Lena would attempt to move it back up and the guy just kept trying. It started to make Kara very angry. It was then she decided to act and walks over with a mission.


"May I have this dance?" Kara cuts in and extends to Lena her left hand.


"Listen lady I don't think.." He stopped short as he glanced over to see glaring blue orbs pierce his being. His self-preservation kicked in, stopping mid-sentence he released the CEO, bowed and scurried off quickly.


The CEO noticed the exchange and couldn't help the thrill that ran through her body. This version of Kara Danvers inexplicably made Lena hot.


Glancing up at the blond with a look of adoration Lena takes Kara's hand "My hero."


"Mmm I'll lead." Pulling in the brunette slowly, Kara gently cups her right palm to Lena's ribs feeling the warmth there and the steady beat her ears are attuned to, making the blond smile softly.


"Okay" Lena says with a charmed smile while moving her left hand to Kara's shoulder.


Guiding the brunette smoothly through several steps the Kryptonian enjoys how right this feels and gets a small tightness in her chest she can't explain. The blond takes a deep breath which catches hints of the CEO's perfume and it makes the reporter's head swim. Kara leads her through a series of a few more steps as the blond's confidence grows.


Lena is enjoying herself and is quite pleasantly surprised. "I didn't know you could dance." Pulling in the reporter's warmth with a sweet smile. Taking in hints of jasmine and lemons the brunette feels a bit of intoxicated with the fair-haired woman so close.


A chagrin half-smile covered the blond's features "Aside from pop choreography or break dancing this is about as sophisticated as I get in this category. It is a result of a failed attempt at a high school social."


The CEO raises an eyebrow "Mmm What happened?"


Kara responds nonchalantly "I broke the guy's foot in 3 places."


Lena stifles a laugh then gets wide-eyed "I'm so sorry that's not funny."


"Yes it is. At the time not so much but now it's hilarious." The reporter chuckles still making smooth steps pressing the brunette closer feeling the heat exchange from where their bodies are making contact through the clothing making them both tingle.


"You seem to be doing fine now. My feet are still intact." Lena's heart is picking up a bit as this moment feels somewhat magical.


"Mmmm maybe it's the company." Kara feels the intensity of the moment and the woman in her arms. She has to come clean now.


Lena felt something flash in the azure orbs she couldn't define. Kara pulls in the brunette's hand to lay over her chest and feeling the blond's heartbeat it was almost too much for Lena.


'Is she? If she's..I'm gonna cry' The brunette's heart was wishing and hoping with every fiber of her being.


Kara takes a deep trembling breath "Lena's there's...there's something I want to tell you. For awhile now actually... you know I care about you... alot and I trust you. I trust you with my life and I never saw you for the Luthor name. Lena I...I'm..."


Whatever Kara was going to say was cut off by an explosion causing the ground to shake and sounds of gunfire. She had grabbed Lena and covered the brunette's body with her own.


Hearing a small whimper "Kara!"


Pressing them both further into the ground "Lena stay down" The blond ground out with a commanding tone.


Lena's hearing reports from her men there's multiple assailants and within a few minutes they were neutralized.


Lena also hears a small hiss coming from the blond and she notices a few blood drops on the ground. "Oh My God Kara are you hit?!"


"I'm fine" The blond grunted out while listening and scanning for anymore attackers. It seems to have calmed down. Sounds like Supergirl won't have to make an appearance. It would've been difficult given the situation. Lena was her first priority.


Clearly upset at the blond being injured "No No you're not. Get off and let me see." Lena demands as fear and adrenaline kick in.


The blond stubbornly replies "It's just a flesh wound." Takes a shuddering breath. It really wasn't the wound that got to her. She's a bit shaken up that Lena's life was in danger.


Trying to hide the urgency in her voice "Kara so help me Do not fight me on this." Lena growls out.


Kara allows the brunette to move her up and sits on the floor. It hurts alot. 'What the Rao was in those things?!' A bullet grazed her outer thigh and it isn't healing which is seriously puzzling the Kryptonian.


Lena inspects the wound. "Ow" Kara says in a slightly indignant tone. Poking around until she's satisfied Lena comments with a small frown "Well it is a flesh wound and won't need stitches."


"See I'm fine." The blond adds with a huff.


"I can't believe you did that!" The brunette got out in a small fit of outrage still high on adrenaline.


Confusion at why the brunette would be so mad "What?"


Lena throws herself into a hard hug of the blond "Don't ever do that again!" She states fiercely.


Hugging the brunette back "I'm gonna do what's right Lena even if it's to protect you. I made you a promise remember?" Kara reminds her with a small smile.


"Yes I do and that's what scares me." Lena whispers as her body shakes slightly.


"We're fine. I'm fine. Go check on your guests." Kara says while trying to deflect attention from herself and attempts to stand.


"Right" Releasing the blond Lena taps her comm "Status"
and stands up helping the blond up.


The agent supplies "All clear and bagged ma'am no injuries reported."


Glad to hear that bit of information she nods "Job well done. What was the explosion?"


"Percussion grenade ma'am. No other damage except for a concrete wall." He chirps back.


The CEO makes a pinched face "That's odd. See if you can gather more intel."


"Copy that"


Kara tries to play it cool pretending not to have heard the full conversation. "So what now boss?"


Lena scans the crowd "Well I got to make sure everyone gets home safely and make sure that this wasn't a complete diseaster where the charity is concerned. But seriously are you sure you're ok?" Then glances back at the blond.


"Yes fine I'm just gonna sit over here and watch you do your thing." Kara states while attempting not to limp in front of the dark-haired woman. It still burns and hurts like crazy. Usually by now she would've already healed so the blond's trying not to be a wuss about it and keep it to herself.


"Okay" Lena gives the reporter a small pat on her side and goes to attend to the guests.


It was much later when Kara told Lena she was taking a cab home and ducked out. Lena was a bit disappointed but understood. The CEO was still stuck with doing statements with the NCPD with her security teams after the guests had left. Fortunately the event overall was a success and covered more than enough to keep the charities going for another year.

Chapter Text



Sunroom 3


"It was a magic bullet." Alex supplies with a frown after pulling off her purple gloves and tossing them into the waste receptacle.


Kara is sitting in the sunbed and is a bit shocked by that information "A what?"


"Magic bullet? Isn't that a vibrator?" Winn inquires while grinning.


The women both look in horror at the IT as Alex promptly smacks Winn in the back of the head hard enough that he almost falls out of the chair "OW"


Pointing "Never again in my presence." Alex says with a force 10 glare.


Holding his hands up "Geez I'm sorry"


Shaking her head Kara then asks "I thought that Magic Bullet was a blender."


"Would you two stop?!" Alex gesticulates in annoyance.


Glaring at both of them "So ANYWAYS yea those were magic infused bullets or what some like to call caster shells. You should be fine it'll scab over like normal human standards because magic works different on you than Kryptonite does." The redhead informs her.


"Where did they get those and why did they target Lena?" Kara asks clearly upset at this development.


"Good question. Bullets still kill regardless if they're laced with something or not. We can only speculate at this point however, if my hunch is right I think they were targeting you actually. It's not the first time someone tried to get you out of the picture that is magic inclined." Alex explained matter-of-factly while moving to sit in the other chair and glances down at the clipboard in her hands.


Kara scrunches her face in distaste.


Glancing over at the IT the redhead gets out "Hey Winn go run some scans for anything out of the ordinary."


"Yes boss" He jumps up and heads out to his station.


Watching him go the blond takes a deep breath then exhales a sigh "So hey... there's something I want to talk to you about."


"What's up? You ok?" Alex knew something was up with the Kryptonian's body language.


"Yea ummm I have feelings..." The Kryptonian stutters a bit and then plays with her hands.


"Feelings?" Her eyebrows go up and after a moment Alex starts giggling.


"Yea... for Lena and... why are you laughing?"


"Took you long enough you oblivious idiot." The redheaded sibling gets out while attempting to stifle her laughter.


"Hey now! I'm trying to open up here and you're making fun of me." The Kryptonian flails arms up into the air with a look of outrage.


"No no I'm sorry. Come here. I'm happy for you kiddo." Gives the blond a hug squeezing her tightly.


Kara pouts a bit longer and then let's it go, squeezing back.


Releasing the blond and sitting back down "So what exactly are these feelings." The redhead inquires with a soft smile.


With a goofy grin and an exhale "It's like...It's like I'm flying.. and my heart is full in a way I've never felt before. This big ball of yellow joy bounces around inside of me when I think of her. I honestly don't know how to describe it but when I'm holding Lena I feel like I'm home."


The director gives her a wide-eyed look "Oh wow Kara this is big."


"I know." The blond says while puffing out some air and running her hand through her gold locks.


"Do you know how she feels?" Alex asks with an inquisitive look wondering if this is going to go well in the blond's favor.


Kara replies while rubbing her face "No but I'm attempting to figure that out."


"Well I think the club opening tomorrow is the perfect time for that." The redhead says attempting to reassure her sister.


Fixing her eyebrows Kara ponders on that a moment "Hmmm Maybe"


Gathering up her things from the table Alex adds "Anyways I gotta go Sam is expecting me home anytime now."


"Home?" Kara says with an incredulous grin.


Sheepishly rubbing her neck the agent corrects herself "I meant her place."


Not believing it one bit "Right" The blond nods with a smile.


"Whatevs now go get some rest. We'll give you more information later once all the tests are done." The director waves off the blond and stands up.


"K fine. See you tomorrow but you need to be at my place early to help me find something to wear." Reminds her sister as the blond makes her way to the door.






Next day


Very early morning


Lena's apartment



The brunette is still in her pj's which currently consists of sweatpants and a hoodie. There's no point in being uncomfortable during this trip so she's also wearing slippers and a blanket with bedhair tossed up into a loose bun. Grabbing her bagel in her teeth and her coffee in her left hand, she pulled out the black card with the blue seal with her right and pressed her thumb. It felt like she passed through a cool liquid membrane for a split second and then she was there. A very large and quiet library with volumes stacked to the ceiling.


'Holy shit'


She calmly puts the card back in her pocket and goes to put her cup down on the large oak table in the middle of the circular room. Lena glances around in wonder and then sees an envelope appear above the table, floating in midair with her name on it.


"Okaaay" Then takes a bite of her veggie cream cheese bagel.


Lena went to reach for the envelope only for it to float to her hand, it tingled for a split second and then stopped. The brunette pulled out a chair and sat down. Finishing her bagel she finally took a sip of coffee to wash it down then began to open the envelope. The brunette glances down at the bold script.



Dear Lena,


Thank you for undertaking this endeavor. It will not be easy. We all have faith in you as you have proven yourself time and time again. Please learn all that you can for it will be of great importance and assistance in the future. However, since I know you are on a time schedule I have provided a few recommendations to get you started.


Migden's Regret


Fernthol's Apocryphiya


Tome of Everlasting


Ginrdthol Tenfir Saturyio


Pontifex Nacious Grimoire


Thanks again,





Once Lena put the paper down, the books that she just read the names of floated down from the shelves onto the table next to the note. It still gives her the wiggins.


'Well I guess I have my work cut out for me.' The brunette thinks to herself as she re-adjusts the blanket.


It was four hours later she went back to her apartment to take a shower and get dressed for work. The brunette is still absorbing the information her brain collected. Yes even though she has a photographic memory it still takes a few moments to take all this metaphysical stuff in and mesh it with what you thought to be true. So it's layers upon layers. Needless to say it's a bit of an adjustment.




Later that day




Lena's office


Lena's been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to figure out how to word this evaluation right. She's been working on Employee evals for the past 2 hours and her eyes are starting to cross. Grateful she doesn't have to do Kara's eval otherwise there was no way she could remain objective. The brunette would wind up putting stuff down such as 'Makes the sun rise' or 'Is the air I breathe'.


She snorts. "Yea right"


Thankfully writing Sam's had been a breeze and now she's currently working on Jess' eval. Once the brunette's done she just has to send a number for their raise amounts to HR for processing. 'Honestly I don't think LCorp has enough money to show their true worth.'


Lena had already finished 12 other employees directly under her and now she's almost done. The deadline is in a few days so she can't push it back any further.


'I'll have Sam do James' evaluation.' The brunette's nose scrunches up and then returns her attention to the last column on Jessica's e-form.


"So let's see hmmm Works well under pressure. Effectively communicates upward, downward, and laterally. Hmmm What else...oh Achieves optimal levels of performance and accomplishment with..."
Then finishes typing in a flourish.


"HA done!" The CEO let's out with a fist pump in the air.


Then Lena goes for a celebratory snack and pulls the hot Cheetoh fries bag from her desk drawer. Munching happily she thinks about the past few days and how strange Kara's been acting.


It also hasn't slipped her mind that the Superhero has not stopped by in awhile which is somewhat disconcerting except that she has caught several glimpses of the hero all over the news. So that's a relief but now she's slightly conflicted. If both women have feelings for her whom would she choose. Taking another bite of a fry her heart answers quite profoundly 'Kara'. There's that ache again. 'Yup absolutely no contest.'


*sigh* The brunette puts the chip-clip onto the bag and places it back into the drawer. Wiping off her fingers on a napkin she scolds herself 'Stop thinking about it and get back to work' scrunching up the napkin into a ball and tosses it into the rubbish bin.


Lena got the final approval for a handful of underground hangars and training facilities. So she'll be working on those designs tomorrow. In the meantime the CEO has several more meetings for the day then shall attempt to make it down to R&D to tinker.


Paperwork hasn't been able to keep her distracted enough so she's been looking forward to getting back to the grinding stone with tech prototypes and such. Her next meeting is in 30 minutes which will give her enough time to hit the facilities and get somemore much needed coffee.


The CEO pushes her intercom button "Jess' please hold my calls I'll be stepping out for a bit."


"Yes Ms Luthor" Jess responds politely.







Just another typical day at the DEO but nothing is really going on. So Kara is poking around in inventory looking at different things and seeing what little goodies her sister slash director may be hiding down here.


Just the standard stuff extra outfits and gun cache, the blond makes her way over to the alien gear and then goes to the storage lockup. Pokes around a bit more and finds several items that may be useful in the future then heads over to the Alura AI.


As the doors slid closed behind her and the Alura simulation comes online she paced a bit.


"What do you wish to know?" The faux Alura asked with a smile.


Taking a deep breath Kara states "Bonded pairs, courtship rituals and the bonding ceremony."


"Before the book of Rao there were Holy texts and Manuscripts describing....."


Kara listens carefully. Most of this information was something Astra instructed her on when she turned 10. Only the women were allowed to access the bond information except for the High Priests of Rao.


When the people of Krypton turned to more scientific and social pursuits the spiritual aspect of bonded pairs was covered up. It was in the last 300 years that Kryptonians started going back to their spiritual roots. Not just talking about faith and beliefs but a tangeable Spirit aspect that had become legend and myth.


The bonded pairs who on a soul level had elemental essence characteristics of one another or in other words soulmates.
In the scrolls spoke that in the last 26000 years on Krypton there was a documented 7 bondships. These paired bonds would start exhibiting telepathic and other abilities once they had the soul bond ceremony. The more powerful bonds the characteristics would emerge even before the ceremony.


So when the technologically advanced society wanted to work towards expansion and science this actually posed a small threat to that which they wanted to create. Since it was so rare they could easily say it was a myth to discredit it further.


When a large seismic event unveiled the Hidden Tomb of Ith and more manuscripts were found then the bonding ceremony was added to the archives and is still today a valid form of marriage on Krypton. Well or what would've been if the planet wasn't destroyed.


Finally getting the information she wanted Kara shut off the simulation, sat down on the platform and cried. This brought up all those feelings of a lost home, people and culture that she was torn from.


Now with knowing her mother is alive and a small population of Krypton exists it sooths her a bit and after several minutes when she finally calms down Kara heads back out to patrol the city.

Chapter Text

Later that evening


Night Club


They had been planning tonight for some time. They all needed to get out and away from anything work related. This new club was the perfect opportunity for them to have a good time. It's an upscale type place and not one of those generic booty clubs although there are still gogo dancers.


It had different levels and areas for vips and private areas. Apparently tonight was ladies night so drinks were free till 11. Sam of course is the designated driver for the group ever the mom. The CFO only likes to drink at a more homecourt advantage. Tonight would be no different.


The beat was pulsing and the atmosphere was pleasant. There were more females than men due to the special. They found a nice section to sit in and chat without having to yell over the music.


Kara was wearing a little black dress with hair in a half up do. She switched out her standard glasses with a rectangle clear pink with black overlay. Matching strappy halfheels with a teardrop silver lariat that dropped dangerously low.


Alex had helped her pickout the outfit that would be sure to cause Lena to drop hints if she was interested or remotely thought of the blond that way. It was a Danver sisters power move.


Lena on the other hand was wearing a open back blood red dress that showed ample cleavage and barely touched the floor in her dangerously high heels. The brunette's dark locks were down in ringlets. She decided to wear smokey eye shadow and a thin diamond studded choker.


Sam wore a sequined sleeved and cross back black dress and Alex wore a trouser suit with a skinny tie and high heels which apparently was driving Sam crazy.


Getting everyone into the car let alone to the club had been a difficult undertaking but eventually they all made it in one piece even if the air seemed thinner than before. Blushing stuttering messes the lot of them. Finally Sam and Lena get up to go to the bar for drinks for all of them.


Kara waits for the other two to be out of earshot then turns to Alex.


Alex seeing the look on the reporter's face asks "What's up? You look nervous? Earlier I thought you were gonna faint."


The blond takes a deep breath in and out "Rao she is absolutely gorgeous."


"Is that all?" The redhead gives the blond a smile.


She looks around to make sure no one was listening "No...Alex I was going to tell her about the Super thing but we got interrupted twice in the past couple of days. Maybe the universe is saying it's not the best time." The blond supplied with a small frown while adjusting her glasses.


The truth is that Kara is physically restraining herself from reaching out and grabbing and touching Lena. Wanting to devour every inch of the woman with hands or her mouth. The blond's palms itch and her blood is fever pitch.


The Kryptonian is getting overwhelmed and afraid she might accidently hurt the CEO if she can't keep her powers in check from the need of the brunette. It's almost too much. Lena really hasn't given any indication or hints of anything more than friendship, well at least to Kara, so the blond is keeping a lid on it as best she can.


Alex explains "Well if you want an open and honest relationship with the girl you're going to have to. Secrets destroy them rather quickly and ruthlessly even if it's something small. Just the doubt itself breaks the trust."


The redhead continues while placing a hand on the blond's shoulder "After what you told me yesterday eventually you're gonna have to come clean with her if you want to make it work. I hate to admit it but you two are good for eachother. I have never seen you smile so much as when you're talking about her. You just light up." The director explains with a wide grin with a pat and drops her hand back to the table.


About that time the girls come back with their drinks. Lena hands Kara a pink fruity one with a smile as she herself ordered a Cosmo. Electric tingles in the fingertips as they brush one another. It's making Kara dizzy and if Lena keeps looking at the blond like that all night her chest may explode.


At first she wanted to fight it but knew it was a losing battle. Kara is irrevocably in love with Lena Luthor and try as she might there is no way she can remove herself out of this magnetic orbit pull it's something imbedded too deep inside herself. With the confirmation from the Alura AI she doesn't think Lena may have a choice either. The blond doesn't want to force this all on the brunette if maybe she's mistaken.


Kara is all about consent. So if this all plays out it's gotta be done slow and right. Courtship ritual demands it. Not just letting her hormones and emotions take off with no consequences. The woman has to be extra careful because she is Kryptonian and on this planet. And the most important thing in all Kara's existence is sitting right in front of her sipping a Cosmo drink and laughing at something Alex said.


Their shoulders kept brushing and the blond kept catching the brunette's perfume and a scent so uniquely Lena. The brunette's fingers slightly graze the reporter's arm causing more butterflies. It's almost like she's doing it on purpose.


Lena has noticed a few things. From the way Kara keeps staring at her when the blond doesn't think Lena's watching her. How the blond's breathing changes whenever the CEO's fingers touch her arm. Lena has started to notice alot of new things tonight from the blond and the brunette is hoping against hope it is what she thinks it is. Wants it more than anything. 'She is absolutely stunning'


Sam and Alex take to the floor to go dance a bit and leave the two alone having noticed the charged atmosphere and chemistry between the two is making the room crackle.


After a moment or two Lena softly takes Kara's hand and gently plays with it. The brunette asks with a soft smile "Are you ok? Is this ok?"


"Yea" The blond replies softly while looking at their intertwined hands contemplating what to do next or more importantly what not to do next.


They sit quietly just enjoying the moment watching the club scene with the crowd on the dancefloor. Taking a peek at eachother every so often.


Lena is starting to feel a buzz and then has the urge to dance with the blond.


Trying to pull her to the dancefloor "Come on Kara let's go dance."


Taking a deep breath Kara responds with apprehension in her voice "I don't think that's a good idea."


Lena looks at Kara with confusion and then asks again "Please"


"No" The blond replies neutrally. 'Because if we do I may not stop my hands from wandering around your beautiful curves.'


"Why not? We danced last night and it was fine. What could've possibly happened between now and then?" Not understanding why Kara won't dance with her now. It doesn't make sense. Green eyes look into blue for an answer.


Kara gently pulls her hand away and looks down at the floor "I just don't feel like it right now." A lie and they both know it.


Eyeing the blond "Okay fine." The CEO knocks back her drink and takes to the floor to find someone else to dance with.


'That stung' The Kryptonian's mind supplies having felt that response like a physical blow with disappointment and something else from the brunette. Actually it hurt. Letting Lena down in anyway apparently strongly affects the blond. Sitting there she watches the brunette roam the dancefloor for an open space.


Lena closes her eyes feeling a sting of tears she won't allow to fall. Finally taking a deep breath finding a clear space and allows the beat to take her. Her body moves with the motions of the rhythm. Carrying her far far away from the pain and longing she's feeling right now for the fair haired woman who now suddenly won't dance with her.


Someone approaches but she knows it's not Kara. She doesn't care at the moment and continues to let the beat take her. Apparently it's a couple because they both have her between them and pressing closer. The guy whispers something while grabbing her hips. The woman starts to run her hands along Lena's stomache.


Kara's been watching this interaction quite closely. It's getting to be too much and driving her crazy. She zeroes in her superhearing to what the guy says in Lena's ear sizing up her willingness and getting bolder about his touching. Then the woman whispers something to the brunette about going back to their place.


The fire that's burning inside Kara drives her to get up and approach the three quickly before they got any further along.


Kara walks up to them on the dancefloor and asks "Lena what are you doing?"


The brunette supplies "We're just having some fun."


Grabs Lena's wrist gently and pulls her away from the couple. "I'm sorry she's not interested"


Kara steps in and the couple shrug their shoulders and take off.


'Ciara - Dance Like We're Making Love' starts playing over the loud mega speakers.


"Kara what are you.."


"Shhh. Don't talk. I got you." Pulls Lena in slowly and firmly against her body. Feeling the heat and electricity burning where their bodies are pressed together. Heart pulsing to eachother and the music.


"God you smell nice." Kara got out in an achingly soft and low tone causing Lena to shiver. One hand on a hip and another on Lena's back. If Kara thought she was struggling before it was nothing in comparison to now and starts making sweet slow movements with her hips in unison of one another.


It was more than Lena imagined. Her emotions and body are in a whirlwind so heavy and intense. Becoming more breathless as the blond continued to move. The brunette could swear if Kara were to give her a little more pressure in one certain place she would cum on the spot and cry in relief.


They continue to dance sensually but still restrained. Soft touches just enough to cause a spark. The lights are reflecting off their eyes. Green gazing into blue. Kara smiles and then leans her chin against the brunette's forehead "You're drunk and I'm taking you home."




Pulling back to look back into a verdant gaze "Not like that. Relax you're safe." As the song ends the blond pulls Lena from the dancefloor to find Sam and Alex ready to go and move to head out of the club to where Sam parked the car.


Lena doesn't know what to make of what just happened on that dancefloor but her heart is beating wildly and the only thing keeping her grounded is Kara's hand in hers pulling her along.


Kara gets into the backseat and tugs the CEO in with her. Once buckled in the blond grabs Lena's hand and pulls her close just holding her gently not doing anything further but simply feeling their connection.


When they finally made it to Lena's apartment first the reporter walked Lena up to her door wanting to make sure she made it alright. They're holding hands all the way up.


Kara goes to say goodnight and gives Lena a chaste kiss on the cheek. As the blond pulls back her lips, she hovers for a moment as if trying to decide something till finally Kara steps back kisses their still intertwined hands and explains "I care about you and that situation wasn't safe. That's not you."


"Please stay." Lena requests softly as she squeezes the blond's hand. Her emerald gaze imploring the blond. She wants this, wants Kara.


Kara wants to say yes but knows if she goes in now she won't be able to hold back anymore and that's not the way the blond wants to handle this. Not when it comes to Lena. She wants to do things right.


With a small shake of a blond head "No I better get going. I'll call you tomorrow ok?"


"Alright." Refusing to cry. 'I love you. Please stay with me.' Lena mind yells.


Lena let's go of Kara's hand struggling with her emotions caught in her throat wanting to tell the blond everything but stops herself "I understand."


"Goodnight Lena." Kara says softly and heads back to the elevator as Lena stands there with her door open till the elevator doors close.


Lena finally closes and locks her door. Leaning her back against the door the brunette lets a few tears fall 'Oh god I can't take it anymore. What am I gonna do?'


And as Kara leans her head against the cold metal elevator doors and takes a shuddering breath to steady her heart 'This is it. I shall begin the courtship ritual tomorrow.'




3:33 am


Lena's dream




It's raining. A severe downpour.


Supergirl checks on Lena


Hovering next to the railing on her balcony. Drenched.


Floats up and around


Grabbing Lena's hand and placing it on her own chest over the S sensing the beating there.


Feeling the swell of emotion


Both crying


The blond kisses her goodbye


and then Supergirl leaves.


She's gone




Lena's awoken abruptly with a feeling of dread that won't leave her. Confusion and tears stream down her face. Only hours later she fell back into a fitfull sleep.

Chapter Text

Next day


Kara's bedroom


The blond had called off of work from both Catco and the DEO stating personal reasons and to not be interrupted for any reason, emergency or otherwise, unless the world was ending. Kara knew she would have to make a stop at the DEO for some belongings from her pod but she made it very clear to Alex on the phone she was off duty due to religious observance. Alex understood knowing how important that is to the blond.


Before the ritual was initiated there was to be no outside interference of familial, social or political aspects of any kind. Merely up to the potential couple who would then take the lifelong step together. Afterwards once an answer was given then the family was brought into the ritual with gifts, meetings and so forth.


This was so extremely important to Kryptonian culture and ingrained into the people from day one and that would also bind households so it was revered as a sacred duty. Kara knew this day was momentus and she had to prepare everything perfectly. The blond did her morning prayer and set about her tasks for the day.


If it went well with how Lena responds then it could be either; the courtship ritual to determine marital compatibility which will allow the brunette the option of changing her mind at any time she feels. Which could take up anywhere from 2 months to 2 years before they consumate their relationship or... the immediate bonding ceremony.


Kara was ready either way but before anything the evening would entail she had to forge the wedding band bracelets and circlet. First she would bath, then meditate, then set a prayer to the metal, commence the metalworking till satisfied and cool it in preparation of the next step.


Kara would reveal her feelings, her intentions, who and what she is to her mate to be. In that moment it could go of any 4 ways. Either Lena would run, remain friends, begin a courtship or bond immediately. It was both the first and the last that truly shook the Kryptonian the most but the blond knew that now is the time.


The difference in anatomy will be a difficult one to explain that's if she get's past the Supergirl reveal in one piece. Kara has been going over the speech in her head several times already so she won't be a stuttering mess. The Kryptonian needs to head to her pod soon to verify if all the proper equipment and items are still there otherwise she'll have to make those too.


The pod should contain forging tools, a block of special metal, linen cloths of light blue, white and several colors with the House crest, a candle, a small vial of annointing oil, a set of red with gold trim ceremonial scarves, a wedding blanket and a swaddling cloth for the first born. These were all in a hidden compartment underneath the seat that only Kara should be able to open.


The blond remembers the day she helped her mother put them in there. She shakes her head at the raw memories. Today Kara would make new happy memories and should not get caught up in the past. Now the blond had to get going before the day gets later and makes towards her bathroom to run a bath.




Later that day



Lena's Office


It was almost lunchtime and Lena's sitting in her office working on another budget plan for the departments seeing if she can work some new stuff in. The brunette had been working hard trying to get caught up and her thoughts kept drifting to a certain blue-eyed blond.


Lena is at her limit and just wants to ask her out but she's scared of losing Kara. There's no way she'd reciprocate her feelings. It's a pipedream. Not meant for her.. a Luthor when Kara is all that is precious and good. Seduction may be the way to go but she didn't just want her body she wants her love. That is the ultimate goal not just a few nights of passion.


Lena wanted to wake up every morning with golden locks splayed across the bed. Mornings of playfulness and snuggling. Days of fun filled with love and adventures. Nights filled with sweetness and lovemaking into the wee hours. She wanted a life, a future together with the blond.


'But last night was...she was... I could've sworn..I felt it. Why did she pull away?' Her heart ached and she refused to cry anymore. 'Ugh stop torturing yourself. Get back to work.'


Lena had just finished accounting's budget plan with a final click of some keys finalized the approval in their system. 'Ok now 11 other departments to go.' Her Jurassic park coffee mug is sitting next to her and as the brunette goes to grab the mug for another sip she is suddenly enveloped by a white-gold light. Lena's comm piece falls to the chair. She had no time to scream for help.


A second later she falls unceremoniously onto a cold metal deck of what appears to be some type of space ship. 'Ow'


As Lena takes a look around she sees it's much darker and dank from what she remembers with the Legionnaire or the Daxamite ship. The brunette continues cataloguing anything that would be useful later on.


Finally her eyes land upon what looks like a large humanoid scaly warthog looking guy with a uniform on. The rest of the men look like a ragtag bunch of thugs. Different clothing and different species but all had that particular glint to their eye that meant she's in deepshit.


"Who the fuck are you??" Lena demands as she gets to her feet.


Standing up from his chair he announces loudly "I am General TaNak of the ship Kr'nTell Va."


Anger is spread across her features "What do you want with me?"


He raises a fuzzy brow and explains with distain dripping from his voice "You are to be executed for crimes against the Crown of Daxam including many Daxamite lives as restitution."


Her eyes widen "You have got to be kidding me."


"I assure you huuman I am deadly serious." The General snarled.


"Someone will come for me" The brunette supplies with conviction.


With disbelief on his gruesome features he adds "Unlikely. We are cloaked and who would ever want to rescue some pathetic lump of flesh as horrid as yours mmm?"


Then turning his attention to his men he barks out "Get that vile piece of trash out of my sight while we get the equipment ready."


They walk up, grabbed her harshly on her upper arms and is then pulled along down a long corridor to a cold hard cell and thrown in. The brunette lands hard as another guard tromps in and vicously grabs her ankles and chains her to the floor brackets in the room. The CEO tries to fight and kick but gets her clock cleaned by the guard, dazing her slightly.


Lena waits for them to exit and when the door is finally closed she scans the room for anything she can tamper with. The brunette knows she's in alot of trouble and has to send a signal of some sort cause nobody knows where she is. The CEO sees a black box semi-hidden within the wall structure blending in. Thankfully she's able to reach it.


She finally breaks open the cover and takes a quick survey of the equipment and her brain goes into overdrive. Lena doesn't have any tools on her but gets an idea. She takes off her shoe and rips out the insert checking the material.


'That should do'


Then she pulls the side of her bra up and using her nail to push the fabric around making a small hole to pull out the underwire.
She breaks it in-half grabs the sole insert wraps it around the first piece and puts in into the interface to change the signal system to make it external and not internal shoving and locking it in place. Then she releases that wire and goes for the other one. Repeating a similar process she then begins to tap out morse code.




Lena repeats the code until she hears footsteps in the corridor. Then closes up the box swiftly and quietly. It seems they are only chatting in the hallway. She can't understand a word they're saying. The brunette just hopes her message was received and if she doesn't get out of here well then Lena's biggest regret will be not telling Kara how she really felt.




TaNak's Ship




"It looks like the huuman is smart enough to figure it out. Fortunately for you it looks like your plan is working." TeGo responds with a disgusted sneer.


"Be patient we need to play the part well or it won't matter. Scan for any of their frequencies if they try to communicate with us and Everyone better keep their fernargi mouths Shut!" TaNak shouts that last part with a growl.






Kara comes speeding into the bullpen with a worried expression and a frantic voice "Alex something's wrong. I can't hear Lena's heartbeat."


"I thought you were off today? Why would you...Nevermind. Winn!" Alex says in a curious tone.


"On it" He's already furiously tapping away at the keys as data goes flying over the screens.


The hero is already nervously pacing back and forth. Her heart beating wildly out of control and a pressure on her chest at the same time. Feeling like she's gonna vomit at any moment from worry.


"Whoa guys I'm getting something in morse code. It's coming out of the upper atmosphere." The IT supplies quickly.


"What does it say??" The blond asks trying to keep her hands off of anything that would break under her grip.


Winn is still running through code and data "It's gotta be a ship"


"Must be cloaked." Alex says trying to sift through the information as well.


"It's an SOS for you Supes. Wait...D E O ...L E N A It's Lena." The IT translates while listening.


Kara uses her x-ray vision looking around the atmosphere "Oh Rao! I don't see anything in orbit. Can we isolate the frequency and ping it back?"


"Not directly without the main part of the ship hearing it." Winn admits while trying to rack his brain for other options.


The director ran her hand through her hair with frustration "Damn ok let's see if we can open a channel"


The ship responds to their hail.


"What do you want?" The creature spats with annoyance.


"We believe you are holding one of our people hostage." Alex gives the large alien with tusks a serious look.


"Hostage? Oh no she is a criminal and is to be executed for her crimes." TaNak explains with first incredulity and then conviction.


"What? No! What crimes? Lena hasn't done anything wrong!" Kara steps closer to the table frantically trying to get this guy to change his mind about Lena.


"It has been decreed that Lena Luthor is to be executed immediately for her crimes against Daxam and the Murder of the King and Queen of Daxam. " The alien states with an air of authority matter-of-factly.


"NO" Kara yelled with ferocity.


Alex demands "On who's authority?!"


TaNak looked and sounded resolute "That is not your concern huuman and I'm sorry the evidence is quite damning we do not acknowledge your contestation. This communication is finished." Turning his head to gesture a slight wave to his man to cut the feed.


Kara knew what she had to do to protect Lena. For now she had to get on that ship and get to her before... The blond couldn't think about it. She barked out desperately "WAIT! I forced her to make the device specifically targeting Daxamites and I pushed the button. It was me. Take me instead."


His face changes slightly as if in deep thought and finally giving a small nod. "We acknowledge your request and have made an accord."


Horrified by what's transpiring Alex shouts "NO!" Trying to reach out for Kara's arm as her fingers pass through air while a comm device and cell phone drop to the floor.


It was too late Kara had already beamed directly to the ship in a flash of white-gold light.


With the transmission cut Alex slams her hands on the table. She tries to scramble agents together to come up with a plan.

Chapter Text

TaNak's ship


The Super feels it as soon as she's on the ship, the whole place is riddled with Kryptonite. 'It hurts so much.' She falls to the cold hard metal grating trying to get enough air in her lungs. Every cell is burning in agony. The blond tries to focus on the ship around her and she sees the guy from the transmission looking at her with a vicious glare.


With a nod of his cragged and scruffy head some guards grab her harshly and snap a metal collar in place. Lifting her off the ground slightly they drag the Kryptonian down a long corridor with him leading to what appears to be some sort of jail cell possibly. The leader steps to the side as the guards then toss Kara unceremoniously hard into the cell beside the brunette.


"Supergirl Oh my god what happened?" The first initial flash of relief was soon overwhelmed by something else as she noticed the condition the Kryptonian was in. The Super looked disoriented and struggling to breath or move. The brunette thinks it may have something to do with the collar the blond has around her neck.


Kara is relieved to see the woman is otherwise unharmed and explains "I'm here for you Lena."


Walking around with a look of animosity the General spats out "Yes the benevolent Kryptonian decided to take your place huuman."


"What?" The horror of that statement shook Lena. She still cared about the hero and considered her a good friend. The CEO was expecting a rescue not a trade.


He swiftly grabs Lena's face harshly with his clawed hands.


"Don't you touch her!" Anger sparks in the blond as she attempts to get up and advance on the leader.


He backhands Kara across the face and she goes flying towards the opposite wall. Blood dripping down from her split lip.


When she attempts to rise again he sends her another blow and Kara's head connects with the wall with a sickening crack and collapses to the ground.


Lena had heard the crack and is shocked by this development. 'They must have Kryptonite on board damn.'


He points at the closest standing soldier. "Make sure she's alive or I'll mount your intestines to the front of the ship."


"And You!" He points to Lena "Do not speak in my presence or you will also forfeit your life."




The soldier drops the blond woman in front of the medical expert of the ship. "Patch her up fast"


The craggy looking alien nods and then runs a oval shaped light device first scanning the body then over the blond's skull making sure nothing's damaged. He pushes a few buttons as the light changes color and gives an indicator beep. Then he's satisfied with that and puts it away. He gives a look to the two guards standing by the door and nods again. The two pick up the Kryptonian prisoner and drag her back to the other cell where the General awaits.


It's when she gains consciousness in the hall she sees the guillotine device being adjusted. The blond knows what comes next having seen a similar device in the past. Kara understands there won't be much time to get out what she needs to. This is it.


Finally she's tossed back into the cell with Lena. As the guards start to exit the General hits a device on the wall causing the Kryptonian's collar to magnalock to the floor where she fell.


"I'll give you a minute for your goodbyes." He sneers and steps out with the two guards. The door autocloses behind them leaving only the two women alone.


Kara's breathing hard and looking into mists of green that have been her safe haven. "Lena please look at me. Listen we don't have much time. I need to tell you something. Please don't be mad at me." The blond gets out in a rush.


"I don't understand why are you doing this?? Why? When the world needs Supergirl far more than any Luthor. Let me go."


The Kryptonian shouts "NO! I won't allow it. You mean too much to me." Kara tries to convey her feelings through her eyes.


Confusion is evident on the brunettes face "I don't..How could.."


Shakes her head "Listen! Please!" Kara could barely reach Lena's hand with her fingertips. "Lena I love you. I always have. There are things I didn't tell you to keep you safe. I wish we had more time and as your dorky best friend I regret never telling you how I feel the most."


A realization hits Lena like a shockwave "Kara" She whispers. Quickly a thousand emotions fly all at once.


Remorse shows on the Kryptonian's features "I'm sorry. I made a promise to you and I.."


The love of her life was going to be executed. Lena's face contorted with pain "We can get out of this.. I won't let you do this."


The blond shakes her head and states resolutely "No time. Please take care of Alex for me."


"Oh My God Kara" Lena grasps firmly at the blonds hand as best she could while trying to choke down her sobs. Trying to gather a lifeline and straining at the chains on her legs as the metal bites into the flesh.


Kara's eyes reflect a deep longing and warmth gazing back at her.


"You're the best thing that ever happened to me. You made my life worth living and made me a better person. Since the first moment I laid my eyes on you my heart was yours." Love and conviction burning in the Kryptonian's eyes.


>>>"Time's up!" TaNak's voice boomed over the intercom.


"NO! PLease just give us more time" The brunette begs frantically.


The soldiers ignore them both, disengaging the magnalock, completely set to their task viciously grab and pull the Kryptonian out of the cell to the execution room.


Which only makes Lena cry harder as Kara is being dragged away fighting and struggling.


"I am always with you...Remember me!" Kara implores looking at Lena's face trying to sear it into her soul so she won't ever forget.


Lena cries out "I love you!" Before the door slams shut.


A few minutes later a panel opens up in the far wall and she sees through a glass-like structure Kara is locked down onto what looks like an alien style guillotine. Lena is screaming and struggling "NOOOO". Blood is now dripping from where the cuffs have dug into her ankle. Lena doesn't feel it as her heart is crying out in pain of what's to come.


Kara is blazing fury roaring and within a split second of yelling Lena's name the laser device swiftly descends, removing the blond's head from her body.


Then silence as the horror of it doesn't fully register for a moment. Lena is in shock with tears streaming down. Sobbing "She's gone Oh my god No Kara NO"


It erupted from her inner being...


A death wail permeates the inner hull of the metallic ship.


The panel closes and the two guards from earlier enter. Unlock her ankle cuffs and drag her back to the main bridge. She wants to kill them. Lena want's to kill them all but first she has to play it cool otherwise Kara's sacrifice would've been in vain. No. Cool heads prevail. They have no idea what they've done. Rage burns through every pore but she hold's herself poised and dangerous.


Even as they toss her onto the hardmetal floor grating once more she ignores how it bites into her skin and stands slowly into a ramrod straight posture.


Lena gives a vicious deadly glare at the General and says in a very cold hard voice "You will regret ever being born. You have destroyed my ENTIRE world and I will take great joy in wiping you from existence."


The General TaNak merely smiles and beams her down to the surface.






The brunette feels like her heart was ripped from her chest and her soul shattered into a million pieces. All the sunshine her life that had come into being was obliterated.


Lena didn't know how to feel. What would one do when they found out not only her best friend for several years who you were hopelessly in love with felt the same way about you. Then to have them reveal they were a Superhero and any future together was shattered by the deathblow of the laser guillotine device.


The image from that made her vomit immediately. Lena had wound up in some back alley from the transport and once she'd finished dry heaving against a wall she got her bearings. The brunette didn't have her phone when she was originally abducted from her office. Where her purse still sits with her phone.


She'd have to just book it to the DEO, Lena was closer to there anyways and she needed to tell Alex in person and figured they were gonna go through debrief with her on the events.


'Oh God Alex' She barely was holding herself together and the CEO was unsure how she was gonna handle a broken Alex.


'Dammit Luthor get it together' With a fire burning inside she settled her CEO mask and went charging as quickly as she could. Shoes lost long ago which wasn't a concern anymore. She was going to get those bastards, all of them, every last one. The rolling rage burned inside. The brunettte could have her break down later in the privacy of her own apartment suite with a bottle of scotch. Right now she was a woman on a mission.


The CEO finally made her way into the DEO and was met by 2 agents at the door. "I need to see Alex immediately. It's about Kara." They understood and sent for Alex. The agents took her to a conference room that was currently empty to give them some privacy.


Lena has to force herself to sitdown before she wears a hole into the carpet. Alex finally shows up charging in with an irritated air and stops when she sees the look on Lena's face. The tears... the pain all etched over the brunette's face.


Lena forces herself up awaiting for the explosion or break down if she can gather the courage to speak the words.


With a pain riddled voice she forces out "A..Alex" Placing her hand on the director's shoulder for what she was about to reveal next.


The redhead sees it and doesn't believe it "No" Not her little sister.


"She's gone" Emotions making her voice break the brunette barely got the words out.


A scream permeated the corridor outside the conference room. Winn comes rushing up to find Alex on the floor with Lena holding her. The CEO merely made watery eye contact with the IT and shook her head. Did a dismissal nod knowing she needs time to explain what happened to the Agent and she'll come find him later.


Alex was broken. There was no coming to do a last minute rescue and save her sister. Kara's just gone...


After about 40 minutes of explaining what all happened on the ship Lena saw the glint that reflected in the Agent's eyes. They were both on the same page and they both had an understanding that this is not the end.


"We'll get those fuckers Alex I swear to you." Lena vowed and then helped Alex get to her feet.


Taking another shuddering breath she hugs the redhead once more "I'll be in touch regularly. I also trust you to inform the others."


Alex releases Lena and steps back. Tears still falling "I will and thank you for being there for Kara when I couldn't. I know she cared for you a great deal and she wouldn't want you blaming yourself for what happened. Call me when you're ready." A final nod and they both part company to prepare for what's to come.

Chapter Text



TaNak's ship


Kara is yelling and struggling against her captors. It was futile due to the Kryptonite and the dampener collar they put on her when she came in to trade herself for Lena.


'Dear sweet beautiful Lena... At least I told her everything. She'll be alive and Oh Rao she loves me too.' That little bit of information she tucked deep into her heart and soul so she'll never forget for what the afterlife brings next.


'Please Rao keep Lena safe.' She sent another prayer for her family and friends but it was the CEO's face and eyes that permeated her mind in the last moments. Kara saw a blinding white and goldlight and she roared "LENA!"





Locambren sector of space





Her mouth ash dry and coughed a bit. Felt like sand in her mouth. Kara cracked her eyes open slowly to what looks like a desert terrain. She attempted to get up but felt incredibly weak and sluggish with a major headache.


The collar was still around her neck. She tries to pull it off only to get a large shock. It stole the breath from her lungs and made her heart stutter. Finally it stopped, she dropping fully to the ground again. It took her a few minutes to get her bearings and strength enough to try getting up again.


Kara heard, rather than saw, an alien come up to her side and was talking in a foreign tongue she could barely recognize. Only a few words here and there but from what she could make out they sounded like Locambrens.


They dealt alot with the dominators in the slave trade and as realization hit her, she looking around. There were people covered in rags in a chain gang with mining equipment. Heavily armed guards were everywhere.


The Kryptonian is in big trouble. Death would've been more welcome to this version of hell. The blond's heard stories of the mines from some of the escaped slaves stories of Daxam. Hieras5.


Apokalips had nothin on Hieras. If you didn't starve the first few weeks then you had to fight the other prisoners/slaves for food and roving gangs within the population.


Every moment would be a fight to stay alive. Which normally wouldn't pose a problem for the kryptonian however, now without her powers she is just a weak young girl. Which her unique features make her the most coveted because of it's rarity.


'I gotta get out of here...but how? Alex will be looking for me...wait oh no Lena! They all will think I'm dead. This is bad so bad. Shit Shit shit.' The horror and fear flashed across her features as she remembered a small but huge detail.


'Holy Rao the temporal flux' She refused to cry because now she was stuck. Only strength and hardness kept you alive here.


Kara waits to see if the guards would notice her yet. She didn't have to wait long as a huge scaley guy stomped forward with a bucket in hand and another brute of a alien beside him with his weapon trained on her.


She could have attempted to grab the weapon of mr scaley but she noticed she was too exposed out in the open and there were another 15 guards milling around closely watching the prisoners/slaves entering the mine from the beige vehicle transport.


He thrust the bowl into her hands uttering in a language she understood "drink" then once she was finished he slapped chains on her wrists. Two more guards came close and dragged her off to connect her chains to the others. Then once that was completed they handed her a mining tool.


The purple guard grunted "work to eat Kryptonian" then kicked her hard in the stomach. 'what the hell' She can't say anything aloud knowing the guards would all gladly beat her to death amongst other things if she defies them. The spite burned in her eyes. Then she was being tugged as the rest of the chain gang was being marched further into the mine.


Most of the people here looked broken and defeated. Some were extremely agressive and had that predator look in their eye. She knew she was gonna have to make allies if she stood a chance.




Lena's Apartment




It's now late night at her apartment suite. Going over notes in her laptop of the ways to fit things together how she wants. In sweatpants and a pullover Lena tries to fight her feelings back down again. Not wanting to let her grief takeover with what could've been. A memory plays through her head '"Loss does strange things to my family and I have lost alot of people." "Well you're not gonna lose me"'.




She chucks the tumbler across the room of her home office. Feeling some sort of satisfaction at the sound of shattering glass. It was then the CEO let go. It was too much to bear.


"Kara. I'm sorry. I love you." Lena says out into the ethers, tears falling as she remembers what Supergirl had said to her one night.


'"If one day something happens to me and I don't make it, I will take comfort that I had the great privilege of knowing you and maybe... just maybe I gave you something to make your life a little bit better."'


"You did make it better love I just wished we had more time."


The brunette needed to pull herself together if she was going to execute her plans perfectly.


"I will honor you as best I know how."


With a set jaw, determined and resolute Lena gets back to her work with a renewed vigor.

Chapter Text



Sam's office


The CFO has been incredibly busy all day. Lena had gone missing for a portion of the day and then got a strange cryptic message from Jess stating Lena was taking time off from work. So Sam's here now having to smooth everything out.


This is so out of character for the brunette. She always calls Sam herself or makes arrangements around what's going on but never just drop off like that. Even her security was going crazy up until about an hour ago.


So needless to say Sam was surprised her daughter was calling her at work instead of texting.


Sam answers "Hey honey what's up? Hey have you seen Lena? I only got a message from Jess about her talking time off.


"No I haven't seen aunt Lena. I just got home from Tara's house and Mom I need you to come home. Something's wrong with Alex." The kid gets out in a worried voice.


The CFO freezes "Wait Ruby what do you mean? Is she hurt?" asking very precisely.


The teenster states "No but she's crying and has gone through 2 large bottles of alcohol from your special cabinet."


Feeling slightly relieved yet still concerned Sam replies "Dang alright just sit tight. I'll be there shortly. You might need to get a bucket handy. A large bucket."


"Already covered but seriously what happened?" Ruby supplied.


"I don't know sweetie but we're gonna find out. See you when I get there." Sam assures with a soft tone.


"Love you."


"Love you too squirt. Bye" The CFO then disconnects the call and starts prepping the stuff on her desk for tomorrow. She makes another quick call to Jess to let the assistant know she's leaving the office too but will be back in early tomorrow to finish things up. After that Sam heads towards the elevators.




It was about 32 minutes later Sam walks into her house to hear vomit sounds coming from the hallway bathroom. As the CFO closes the door, she tosses her keys and purse on the hall table.


Sam calls out "Rubes"


"Here in the kitchen."


The older woman makes her way into the kitchen and asks with a puzzled expression "Hey has she said anything?"


"No she was wondering if I called you and I said yes." The kid states while rubbing her eyes.


Seeing her kid is sleepy "Ok I'll make some tea. Why don't you get ready for bed ok? I take it you ate while you were at Tara's right?"


Ruby affirms with a short nod and then yawns "Yea her mom fed us."


"Good alright go on. I'll let you know what I can later." Giving her daughter a smile.


Ruby walks over tiredly "Ok G'night mom."


"G'night munchkin." The CFO says giving Ruby a big hug and kiss on the head.


The youngster takes to the stairs to her room. Sam get's the tea going, sets some mugs out and then heads towards the bathroom.


"Alex? Sweetie hey." Grabbing one of the hair clips Sam adjusts the redhead's short locks. Then takes stock of the woman in front of her sitting in front of the toilet.


Sam asks with a soothing tone "Are you feeling any better?"


"No such thing." Alex croaked out.


"I don't understand but I hope you'll explain it to me once you're done with the toilet." Sam grabs a wash cloth from underneath the sink counter and moistens it. The CFO was about to leave it next to the sink for Alex but then redhead stood up and flushed the toilet.


Samantha gently cleans the director's face taking in the red puffy eyes and the lost look that refuses to make eye contact "I'll be in the living room with tea when you're ready ok?"


The agent nods as Sam then exits the bathroom.


Alex looks in the mirror. She looks like shit. Feels like shit. The one job she had, she failed. 'Nice going Danvers' The redhead knew this was just going to make her go in circles. Now she has to tell Sam and then she has to call her mom. Eliza will be devastated. No sense in putting it off.


The redhead cleaned up and used mouthwash then headed towards the living room couch. There Sam sat waiting patiently with a look of warmth and understanding. The CFO pats the cushion next to her and Alex slowly walks over and sits down.


Sam waiting patiently for the agent get whatever it is she needed to say out. Handing her a mug of mint tea of which Alex takes a sip and then puts the cup down on the table.


Looking at the ceiling and trying to clear the tears that sprang up again the redhead gets out "Supergirl died today."


Sam was surprised and shocked by this. She knew the two were close but Sam didn't expect her to take it this hard. For someone or something to take down the legendary Kryptonian was unfathomable.


"Babe I'm sorry.."


Alex whispered "Kara died today."


It clicked and everything fell into place. Kara is Supergirl. or was. Kara her friend. Alex's sister. Lena's ...No wonder she left.


"Oh God No" Sam lets out a heartwrenching sob and clings to Alex tightly as the redhead holds her.




Next day




Agent Diaz walks up to Alex standing in the bullpen glancing at the data displayed on the wallmounted screens "Director a civilian is at the front asking for you."


Alex looks at him confused "How would any stranger know I'm here?"


"I'm not sure Director but the guy looks weird." He says in a curious tone.


"Weird how?" She furrows while crossing her arms.


He shrugs "Like a fish ma'am or maybe a merman or something I dunno. They say it's important." Diaz says calmly.


'hoooboy' The redhead rubs her temple "Ok well check him for weapons and put them in room 3."


"Yes ma'am" The agent nods and heads back the way he came.




Interrogation room 3



"Hello there..." Alex enters the room and walks around the the front of the table and sits across from their guest.


"Tariq" He adds with a nod.


"Ok Tariq how may I be of service?" She asks gesturing with her palms up and sits back in the other chair.


He sits up straighter in the chair "Actually I was sent by my King to give you a message."


"Okay what king are we referring to? Where are you from?" She rubs her ear. Willing to listen to the guy but not fully trusting him either.


"Atlantis." He states matter-of-factly.


Not having expected this at all "I see and what is this message." Alex crosses her arms.


"The leyline has been disturbed. Hijacked. The earthquake from a few months ago was a direct result of that and now an ancient underwater monument was uncovered. That would be the reason you're having issues in your local waters." He explained in a flourish with a stern look.


Alex frowns a bit "Leyline?"


The Atlantean explains further "The energy lines of the Earth. Key leylines of energy like a grid. It helps with the life force of the planet. It has been disturbed and needs to be repaired."


"Why would your King want to tell me?" The redhead inquires.


"You were recommended from a friend by the name of J'onn. They are both apart of the League." He supplies.


It settles the agent a bit knowing that J'onn is involved "Ok now that makes sense. So how am I supposed to fix it?


He lifts a brow "Find out who's manipulating the power nodes or altering the flow. There may be underground structures underneath your current buildings that may hold great power. Put a stop to it. You have manpower and advance technology to assist you."


"I'll see what I can do."


Tariq warned "If the balance is not restored it may cause further issues including more natural disasters, magical beings gravitating to this area or thinning of the veils."


"Veils?" She looks at him confused.


"The dimensional walls. Other worlds will merge with our own."


Alex adds with increduality as she sits up a little straighter "You have got to be kidding me."


His face reflected his seriousness "I kid not but now that I have relayed the information I must go. I will reset the monument but other than that I will be returning home."


"Ok well thank you Tariq." Alex adds politely.


"Fare thee well land dweller." The Atlantean gives a wave and exits promptly with an agent escort.

Chapter Text

Unkown location


Lena is offgrid with only her security teams. She's been visiting some of Lionel and Lex's old stashes and underground facilities plus a few of her own. The brunette had to be very careful not to run in to her mother and took great measures with her teams to avoid such a conflict.


The brunette is cataloguing any and all technology stashed away and memorizing everything. Seeing where she wants things or if she wants them moved or destroyed. Even making a few extra visits to the libraries. With Sam running the Executive aspect of LCorp and James being in charge at Catco it's made Lena's job much easier.


The CEO is a burning fury and keeps feeling the need to push harder and faster. It's eating her up inside. She remembers every detail of the crew, the ship, the General. Lena sneers with utter hate. Never has she ever wanted to kill someone so badly. With Edge it was never at this point merely a low to medium rolling boil and now she's bubbling over. Lena needs something to do otherwise she's gonna have a massive meltdown and the world does not need another Luthor like that.


She can't eat and can't sleep with constant nightmares but Lena feels something else there. A steady warmth floating in and out of her conciousness. It's somewhat calming. Then she feels compelled to keep pushing again. Almost like she's caught in a loop.


So Lena does what she does best and focuses on the work at hand.




Kara's apartment


When Alex had called her mother, Eliza had been devastated and drove out an hour afterwards to be there for Alex and to help with going through Kara's things the next coming days. They were going to have get this done eventually and setting up funeral arrangements even though they didn't have the body. Eliza was still having a hard time dealing with that. No parent should ever have to bury their child. It's inconceivable but no body? That's even worse.


So here they are in Kara's apartment looking around with a bunch of boxes to pack, sell, give or throw away.


Eliza eventually makes her way to Kara's bedroom pulling the partition curtain aside and finds the wedding bracelets, circlets, scarves and a box on her bed.


'Oh no' Eliza's mind supplies sadly then calls out "Alex honey come here a moment."


The redhead puts down a book from the shelf and walks over to where her mother is standing "Yea mom? Hey what are those?" She adds with a confused look.


The older woman takes a deep breath "Did Kara ever tell you about Kryptonian wedding customs?"


Shaking her head "Not really she didn't mention much to me about that stuff." The director supplied.


"It looks like she was preparing for a courtship." The blond explains.


"Courtship?" Alex looks puzzled.


Eliza continues "Marriage honey. Kara was preparing to get married. Did she mention anything to you?"


The agent was surprised. Kara had never mentioned getting married "Oh my God. Mom she never mentioned it to me. Kara only said that...."


"That what honey?" Eliza asked with a soft look and rubs Alex's back soothingly.


Alex walked over to the items on the bed and took a good look touching one of the scarves "She did. Kara said she had feelings for Lena. I didn't know it was this serious."


"Ahhh makes sense. She was always talking about her." The older Danvers added with as mall smile.


The redhead didn't stop more tears from falling "Yea she did."


Tilting her ash blond head she inquires "Are you going to tell Lena?"


The redhead takes a moment to breath and looks at the ceiling for a second before turning back to her mother "I don't know."


"It might bring her comfort." Eliza supplies while her emotions are in her throat.


"I'll think about it." Alex added with a nod trying to hold it together.


"In the meantime I'll hold onto these in the attic at home." As Eliza started placing the items into the wooden box she couldn't stop the tears.


They both broke down again. It would be a long grieving period for the Danvers.






Hours later


Kara could barely lift the pickaxe her arms and shoulders burned. Her back hurt. She was covered in rock dust. It was in her eyes, nose, mouth and lungs. No one spoke. They just continue to toil to pull the ore from the walls because if they didn't then they wouldn't eat, be beaten, shot or worse.


The blond fought harder imagining her life back home....home. Green eyes and fair skin. Lena, Alex, Sam, Ruby, Eliza, Winn, J'onn, Kal, Cat. Kara kept hearing Cat's voice to 'suck it up Kyra'. Helping to keep her sane. Kara knew she would have to keep her mind intact for the trials ahead.


Her hands were numb. Blisters covering her fingers and palm. Some oozing and some bleeding. Still the blond kept quiet and worked steadily until a large horn sounded. Everyone stopped and then started moving slowly to exit the same way they came in. When outside of the mouth of the mine they proceeded to drop the tools into a large barrel.


Then each of the miners was given a piece of rope around their necks that had a small black stone with a symbol on it. The only exception was 2 people who had stopped working halfway through the day. They looked about ready to collapse from either exhaustion or starvation of which Kara wasn't sure.


Finally they were loaded into a very large multiwheeled transport vehicle and stuffed inside. It was so hot they could barely breath inside of it. Some of them then started whispering a bit waiting for the guards to finish their rounds and take them to wherever it was that they were going.


Kara listened carefully to the words around her since now she had no powers. She had to really strain to hear them and decipher what's being said. The Kryptonian heard 4 languages she recognized and 3 others she didn't.


The woman to her right muttered softly to Kara in Kryptonian."Hi I'm Talara. I recognize your house." Which Kara was stunned anyone would know her home planets language. The woman was humanoid in appearance with a slight flare of her nose and ears. Small forhead ridges with purple eyes.


The woman was clearly not Krytonian but now Kara's curiosity is piqued.


"Hello I'm Kara" The blond softly muttered back.


"My husband was JonEr of the House of Thul. Meet me at the yellow zone of the pit after rations are given and whatever you do don't let anyone take your food ration token." She pointed at the stone dangling from her neck.


Before Kara could say anything else the guards loaded into the vehicle and not a single utterance of sound was made during the trip or near the guards.




Later that day


The pit


It was quite a fight but luckily the combat lessons with Alex paid off as Kara was able to not only able keep her token but also knock unconcious the 3 aliens that tried to jump her coming in from work duty. Although it had been hard and a close one, she kept her cool and remembered the training. Luckily they didn't grab for the collar or she'd be in big trouble.


Kara decided to start wearing the token on her arm rather than her neck to avoid unnecessary attention to her throat device. She was already exhausted and drained by the time they got back. Then having to fight those thugs off she now understood second and third winds. Musta been on an adrenaline high. It was when the Kryptonian saw the shank that the blond let loose more kicks and punches.


'Good Rao is this what it's gonna be like every day?!'


She remembers the stories and it's actually worse than she imagined. Kara sends a prayer to Rao and then another to a sweet smile with dark hair and red lips.




National City News Narrative


Catco Media




In local news one of our very own junior reporter's that's been missing for 2 weeks has come to a tragic close. We have just received word from NCPD that the body of Kara Danvers was found in the dockyards yesterday evening.


They haven't released any additional information yet to suspect possible foul play. Some fishermen spotted the body floating and called the police. We will keep you posted if anything new develops on this case.


We send our condolences to her friends and family. Kara was the heart of the company always bright and cheerful bringing with her a fresh perspective on many of the controversial articles she posted in her time with us. She will be greatly missed and as her former personal assistant of several years we know this is extremely difficult time for our beloved Ms Grant. Cat Grant cannot be reached for comment at this time.


Memorial services will be held in one week from today at the Midvale Bayside Chapel Funeral Home.


In other news Supergirl is in Metropolis this week and from our exclusive sources it was mentioned she'll be on an intergalactic mission. We wish our fair heroine the best of luck and a speedy victory.



Chapter Text



1 yr later


What's left of the original suit is nothing but bits of cloth. Kara tried to keep the crest but it was too damaged to be the same symbol it was. The blond's been a steady hard worker the entire time defending those she can and being smart about choosing her battles.


The Kryptonian made a few friends inside putting her into a secluded group most nights when they decided sleeping alltogether was safer. They would have hourly watches to make sure none of the gangs got the drop on them.


Kara would sing to calm herself at times, sing for others to grant them a moments respite and sing for those who were lost.
Her character seemed to endear her to 2 of the larger Aldanians and a PoQua. The Aldanians had bronze thick skin from being a warrior class on their planet. Blue eyes and facial ridges on cheeks and chin.


They had a code very few understood and so respected Kara because she held a similar honor code. They were both male brothers who were in the wrong place at the wrong time and wound up here 2 years ago. They had thick necks and large lumbering shoulders so they also had collars that closely resembled Kara's. Tonk and Sal. They didn't talk alot. Most of their communication was subtle body language and something through the eyes. Little grunts or clicks.


The PoQua was a female. Hunter class amongst a more technologically advanced civilization. Dark skin, brown eyes a natural plating covering the back of her neck and spine. speckles all across her skin. She looked more humanoid than most here and very regal. Very similar to the strong African warrior queens Kara read about when she was in Earth school.


Wasa had a very fiery personality and spoke to very few unless she was hurling insults of anyone stupid enough to challenge her. She is very dangerous and a new arrival who came in a week later than Kara. The blond befriended her immediately and they all formed a rather unique group and command chain within their party. Talara come to find out was a scientist like herself and they developed an interesting sister-like pair.


It was refreshing albeit unusual to have someone to talk to about Krypton. Seems since they were an interspecies marriage they were exiled long before Krypton's destruction. Surprisingly a blessing in disguise.


Kara had seeked out anyone who could offer her more information in secret. The Kryptonian developed a skill crafting small pieces of rock into little animals and designs. She would use those for trade or take commissions for non-sexual favors or extra food rations.


The Kryptonian is currently sitting on the floor of one of the cells. Kara is sitting with her back to the wall she's been working this piece of red rock in her hands for 2 days now with a small shard of metal. Hiding it from the guards in her boot everyday when she has to go back to the mines. You can't leave anything around in the pit or it'll get stolen, confiscated or destroyed.


'If I can get this nose just right and the remaining feathers then it'll be done' The blond thinks while inspecting and admiring her work and then blows off a bit of dust.


Kara's eyes notice fast movement coming towards her and the blond's body tightens until she recognizes who it is and relaxes a bit "Zor-El what are you working on?"


The Kryptonian gives the man a small smile "A pertal bird for Deron. Why did you need something Martu?" She inquires.


"Yegda wants a burtoyak. Think you can do that?" He asks while scratching his dark beard and constantly looking around.


"Whats he wants to trade for it?" She lifts a blond brow eyeing him warily for a moment. Yegda has been known to do things with the others the blond doesn't like.


"Two ration tokens and a legit favor." Martu supplies while bouncing around on his feet skittishly.


Kara thinks about it for a moment "Give me 2 days and 1 token upfront." Rubbing her forehead.


"You sure?"


"Yea." Giving him a nod as Wasa walks up and Martu scuttles around her to go inform Yegda of the agreement.


Looking again at the bird doing one last check. 'Hmmm looks good'


The PoQua sit's down next to her and eyes the bird curiously. "You're getting betta at that."


Kara puts it away and grabs another chunk of rock out of her other boot she gets to work on a burtoyak. "Well practice makes perfect."


"Mmmm. We are on watch tonight." The spotted woman mentions while constantly surveying the milling people in the main area from here.


"I figured. Have you checked on the others?" Kara asks while turning the piece over and thinking.


Wasa supplies "They are still alive."


The blond nods and then gently tries to re-adust the collar to get the grit out to prevent any more chaffing "Good. Tell me about your home."


"My planet has many different climates but where I'm from it is like this. Hot and dry." Wasa says proudly with a smile. "It makes for betta warriors."


Kara chuckles. "I imagine it does."


They both laugh.


"My tribe we hunt and raise cattle. Others in tha big cities tend to rely too much on the technology. I am aware of what it does and how it works but I won't let it run my life." The PoQua admits with a hint of nostalgia.


"Mmm most of Krypton was like that. Science and technology. Our native people adapted to the fast pace and lost alot of the old ways. Earth was also having some of those tendencies but still are not that far advanced. I wonder how they'll turn out." The blond expains while carving off small bits from the rock piece.


The grinning older woman adds "I like my hut back home because I built it with my own two hands. With my sweat and my blood. It serves my needs jus fine. You ready?"


Kara understands and then stands up dusting herself off as best she can under the circumstances. Puts the rock piece away as Wasa also stands to get ready for their turn at watch. They walk over and stand outside of the cell door as their group starts to trickle in a few at a time. Sal and Talara are chatting and make their way in.


Several others and Tonk brings up the rear. No one else was allowed in. It was the only way any of them got any sleep. The Kyrptonian stretched and bounced a bit getting ready for a long 6 hours. Wasa also went through some of her routined movements preparing for the many possible fights to come that night.





Unknown location


It's been two weeks since Kara's death and Lena is dead inside of a broken heart, soul shattered and now is nothing but an empty shell burning with rage. She's not really fighting it either. This is not how it's supposed to be. 'It should've been me'


The universe was playing a cruel joke. Give her what she craved most only to have it ripped away in a violent bloody way. The guilt was cutting her up further inside and the despair? Let's just say currently the rage is keeping that one at bay for now.


Lena's in one of her underground secret facilities working on tons of new projects and prototypes for building starships. Since her paramilitary is underway with the training facilities up and running it won't be long now before the ships are built and she'll need crewmen.


Utilizing some of the technology she recalled from the Legion's ship she now has new power sources and new composite materials for inner and outer hull designs. The material she came up with for the Kryptonian razor special also has interesting applications for grappler arm defenses that can cut through other hulls.


Also designs for special deck plating that assisted with environmental conditions and wouldn't warp, mold or corrode. Lena came across of bit of Alien tech recently she was quite excited about. She had been playing around with it in theory for Jumpgates, slingshot slipstreams or for possible shipping lines but haven't put anything to paper on it.


So when this baby landed in her lap she's been working on schematics and designs for the past several hours. Also long range communication devices and data storage using water, gold and special crystals. More ideas have been coming to her but those are more metaphysical in aspect so she's been focusing more on the tangible for the moment.


More advanced evironmental sensors and bio sensors to indicate changes in air quality, making adjustments or being able to identify if there's a contaminant present. And she's working on a universal translater. At least integrated into the ship. Lena has designed a failsafe that all ships will have. She will have the ability to override any ships crew directly or remotely with her new scanning system and design measures. They wouldn't be able to mutiny or go rogue. The CEO would be their supreme commander.


Non-terrestrial division is just an idea right now but hopefully with the right recruitment angle and background screenings she can take the new workforce and add their ingenuity as well.

Chapter Text

A few days later


Sam's House


Ruby is currently staying the night over at a friends house. so Alex, Sam, Lena and Eliza are having dinner to discuss funeral arrangements amongst other things. It's been a nice dinner but a somber event.


Eliza made lasagna and garlic bread so when the older Danvers woman plated some food for Lena, she gave the brunette a look to make sure there were no arguments about eating. To which Lena merely nodded and accepted her plate dutifully.


They had finally finished eating and when Eliza got up to grab the funeral homes brochure the girls started to fill Lena in on the everyday stuff. Sam talked about things at work to keep the CEO in the loop. Even Alex dished a little of the crazy stuff the DEO is dealing with at the moment.


Lena keeps looking over to the empty chair next to her. Imagining Kara sitting there who probably would still be eating and it made the brunette smile internally for a moment.


Eliza returns with the booklet and they start looking at headstones. It was after a few minutes Lena couldn't do it anymore and blurts out "I'll handle all the arrangements."


"Lena are.." The older blond wasn't sure about that.


Keeping her emotions in check the brunette supplies "Please I'll take care of everything. You guys just show up ok?"


The older woman accepts "I.. alright. Thank you." Then closing it gently hands the CEO the booklet.


Taking the booklet "Well thank you for having me over for dinner. It was delicious. I better get going." The brunette says while grabbing her coat.


"Wait Hey umm I need to talk to you about something but I'm not exactly sure I should tell you I...Mom could you." Alex couldn't hold her tears in check.


Eliza give a sad smile and gets up from the table "I got it honey. You two go clear the dining table."


"Thank you." Alex and Sam start grabbing plates and making their way to the sink to rinse them off.


"What's going on?" The brunette asks with a worried tone and looking between the two.


Laying her hand on the brunette's shoulder "Lena sweetie please come with me. I wish to show you something." Eliza releases the CEO's shoulder and makes towards the stairs.


The brunette frowns, putting her coat back on her chair and then follows "Okay"


They make their way upstairs to the guest bedroom where Eliza's been staying the past several weeks. The older woman closes the door and then goes to pull out a large flat wooden box from underneath her bed.


Lena is confused and just waits.


The blond woman lays it carefully on top of the bed and opens the box "Alex and I aren't sure how you felt about our Kara but we thought you should know. We found this on her bed when we were cleaning out her apartment."


Lena very carefully inspects the items and noticing the beautiful craftsmanship of the bracelets and circlets "Know about what Eliza? What is all this?" Noticing the crest on the clothing the brunette asks softly.


"Kryptonians are very spiritual people and their customs are sacred to them. This box represents the courtship process for her people. The bracelets and circlets are not forged until a mate is chosen." The blond woman explained with a small smile remembering how happy it made Kara to explain this to Eliza when she had come to live with them.


Lena couldn't believe it "You mean.."


Eliza gave a nod and continued softly "In accordance with their traditions Kara Zor-El was going to initiate a courting ritual with you. Basically propose to you the day you were taken."


The brunette was in shock "She.." Lena's legs gave out from under her and fell to the floor.


Harrowing cries of agony then filled the room. The older Danvers woman held the brunette gently as Lena fell apart once again.






The pit


Kara's in the main area talking to a few folks about their previous professions when she hears a scream and takes off running in the direction of the sound.


Most of the people clear out of the way and the blond whips around the corner to take in the scene. The woman is struggling against a very large Meronian. Their species tended to be violent and aggressive. He's trying to drag the girl off to a cell and she's fighting.


"Hey leave her alone!" Kara shouted with an angry look.


"Thiss isn't your businesss Kryptonian. Leave now." He snarled out.


She steps closer to the guy "It is my business when this woman has no interest in whatever it is your planning. She said no and you don't seem to be listening." The blond stares at him defiantly coiled to fight if necessary.


"I'm warning you ssstay outta thiss" He reared up on his haunches preparing for a fight.


Making eye contact with the woman the blond asks pointedly "Rena you said no right?"


"Correct." Rena replied with tears running down her face.


Turning back to the Meronian "See she said no." Kara snarled back.


At that moment Tonk and Sal show up hearing the earlier scuffle. They take Kara's flanks in case one of this guy's buddies tries to interfere.


He backs down "Maybe another time then. Watch your back Kryptonian zesssht." He flings the woman away, spits and then tramps off while glaring daggers.


"Hey are you ok?" Kara helps the woman up.


Rena nods "Thank you." She says with a watery smile.


"You're welcome. Come on over and join our group ok?" The blond adds with a small smile and helps Rena towards their cell section.






Later on


Yaled and Feras are on watch tonight so Kara is up with the group. People are telling stories about their lives. Childhoods, homes, professions, loved ones, funny stories, sharing anything to make it a bit easier for another day.


It's odd since she's been here the blond hasn't had any panic attacks. Maybe her subconcious knows how dangerous one would be here. It's bizarre. The blond's mind starts to drift to simpler times when figuring out what to order for lunch was the biggest issue. Kara relaxed a few minutes daydreaming of potstickers and snuggling a certain CEO when the Kryptonian heard someone calling her name.


"Kara!" Martu calls.




"Could you sing for us tonight?" Talara asks softly.


"Alright give me a second." The blond thought about it a minute and something came to her.


Clearing her throat, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath Kara begins...




Land of bear and land of eagle


Land that gave us birth and blessing


Land that called us ever homewards


We will go home across the mountains


We will go home...




She continued on lilting and soft in rich dulcet tones.




Land of freedom land of heroes


Land that gave us hope and memories


Hear our singing hear our longing


We will go home across the mountains


We will go home....




By the end of the song everyone was weaping silently. Kara knew they needed this as much as she did. Some of them didn't understand the words but they felt the emotions behind it. Gathering comfort when there was none here in this place. Settling down onto the dirt floor to sleep and thinking of home Kara wipes away the tears as her heart aches.




4 days later


Midvale Bayside Chapel burial site


It was a large turnout. Cat even showed up. Anyone who meant anything to Kara made an appearance. J'onn, Bruce, Diana and Clark were there. Winn was a blubbering mess. Even Marsdin sent her condolences.


The brunette looked amongst the crowd gathered "Never have I ever known a more pure heart and spirit than that of Kara Danvers. Her light spread far and wide touching lives big and small. She...She was the sun of my heart." She took a deep breath to collect herself.


Lena continued "Kara was a warm, compassionate and vibrant woman who brought hope to those who needed it. She had a passion for life that gave the people around her strength to fight the goodfight and never give up. Kara inspired so many people, myself included. We miss you more than words can say. Good journey my friend till we meet again." The CEO stepped back from the podium. She held it together enough to deliver the eulogy and now she's a mess. Walking around, the brunette drops a white rose in front of the large headstone.


It was much later when most everyone was gone except for the Danvers and Arias clans who had stuck around to make sure Lena was ok.


So now they were waiting on Lena and gave her a few minutes alone at the headstone. Bruce walked up beside her.


"I'm sorry." He says solemnly.


Lena's emotions were tearing her up inside "Bruce I want to kill the bastards who did this."


"It's not easy to live with." The vigilante affirms gently.


She replies sardonically "Am I really living now?"


He turns to her in a soft and serious manner "Would she want you to?"


"No." She deflats a bit knowing the truth of it.


"Then I guess you have your answer." Bruce lays his hand on the brunette's shoulder in sympathy and understanding.


"Here is the information you requested with the new designs." Lena hands him a thumbdrive.


Placing it in his pocket "Thank you." Dropping his hand taking another glance around and questions "Why is there a second plot here that's empty?"


"That's mine." Lena walks up and plants a kiss to the headstone leaving a lip print. Which reminds her of all the times she left one on Kara. The image gives her a small smile.

Chapter Text

Lena's apartment





The brunette is drifting on the edge of sleep but not exactly there.


'Why do I feel all floaty'



I'm in my body but I'm not. My body is asleep but I feel something in the room. Then I feel sharp teeth bite into my solar plexus and then my nonphysical hands reach up, grab something black and furry around it's neck. I squeeze hard till it let's go as I sit up a bit. I choke it harder seeing some disgusting black creature. It makes me mad. "Who sent you? What's your name?"


It doesn't say anything just snarls.


I growl back even more angry."What is your name?!"


"Kurbeh" It ground out.


As soon as it said that it flew through the wall.


I sat up further looking around the room and saw nothing then dropped back into my body.




Lena sat up real fast sweating and body buzzing.


"What the hell was that?!"


'That felt too real' She thinks while looking around the room and goes to flip the lights on. 'How was I able to grab it? It felt almost as I was grabbing a wolf around it's neck. It's too much.'


It wasn't till later she decided to read into Out Of Body Experiences.






Kara's stomache is clawing and protests constantly. It's another hot day and another shipment of prisoners came in. An insectoid came in with them and unfortunately Locambrens despised the insectoids of any kind. As soon as he arrived they ripped him to shreds. They hung pieces of it's corpse around their necks as a warning. Seeing that, one of the new prisoners wet himself.


The chains were being connected as they added the newbies. She felt sorrow for them as nothing could prepare one for this. One or two would look like they were going to speak and Kara gave them a look and a shake to not talk. One guy just didn't listen and the guards beat him. He was still alive but was dragged off the the surgeon's hut. Several minutes later he was returned with a more somber demeanor and joined the rest of them.


Kara tied her now shoulder length hair back and prepared for another extremely long day. At least inside the mines it was cooler than standing out here in the direct sun. What little moisture they'd get each day would be sapped by the burning rays so the longer they were delayed out here the more likely the odds increased for heat stroke on top of everything else. Hopefully everyone kept quiet at least till they get back to the pit.


Finally after another 4 minutes or so they started moving towards the mouth of the caverns. Grabbing a tool from the large bin and continued forward as the sound of the chains from each step was chiming an eerie death march.


'Another day'




Kara's POV


'Everyday. Rocks. Dust. dirt. Shoulders burning. Back ache, hands sore and raw but I continue. Everyday and it's still the same. More ore mining. More digging. It's so hot and dry I can barely breath. Tasting the stale air as I try to get enough spit to swallow without choking on rock dust. They'll come for me soon. They'll find me or I'll find a way out of this. I have to think of something. Constantly having to fight to keep my ration token. Had to break their some of their limbs.


I feel bad because now they won't be able to work and eat but they did attack me and wouldn't stop. I can't let it get to me. Rao my bones ache. I probably look like a racoon right now. They got a few good hits on me and I bet I'm sporting black eyes. I'm just glad my nose isn't broken. At least I can work. The hunger hurts and it gnaws. I hope they hurry I don't know how long much longer I can take this.'


Then Kara remembered...


'Oh yea they think I'm dead... Lena I'm sorry. I thought I could fix this. I'm hoping you're home safe. I miss you and hope somehow by Rao's light you hear me.'






Kara is sitting down and scooping the grey paste into her mouth with her fingers from the wooden bowl voraciously. It has the consistency of runny mud, the flavor of cardboard, burnt beans and it stinks. She shoves it down without too much preamble. Her whole body hurts and is exhausted beyond anything she's ever experienced and it seems like it's only getting worse as the days progress. The Kryptonian is carefully watching for anyone who gets too close. While she's doing so the blond listens to some of the others instructing the new people.


"What's this?" One guy says with disgust.


The haggard woman replies "Gruel"


He looks at her with increduality "It looks like slime"


"It's a precious commodity around here and I suggest you pretend it's a delicacy otherwise you'll slowly starve to death or you'll be too weak to fight off others who would gladly feast on your bones. I would not suggest either. Now eat!" The woman barks out.


It's the truth.





Seeing the dark haired man approach carefully "Hey Martu. Who's on lookout tonight?" Kara asks as she's sitting in the back of her cell again working on another carving.


This rock piece looks like a turtle. Apparently it's a very common species amongst many star systems. It's helping to distract her from the throbbing pain of where she got hit earlier. The blond has bruises and cuts all over from the fights. It's been another long day.


Looking around carefully he supplies "Teruk and Phidian."


"And you trust them?" She was wary of them a bit having only been with the group a few weeks.


"Yes or I wouldn't be talking to you." Martu said sincerely.


That seemed to satisfy the blond for the moment "Alright Wasa and I'll be taking tomorrow's watch then." She continues scraping.


Wiping his hands on his tattered pants he inquires "How's Talara doing?"


Blowing a bit of dust off the turtle "Better thank you. I think the extra rations helped." She gave him a smile of gratitude.


Talara had been sick, so Kara and several others who could make due without, gave the woman their rations hoping to prevent the woman's death. It seemed to have worked. So the Kryptonian was happy about that.


Putting the turtle away "Alright well I better make the rounds to check on everybody. See you in a bit." Kara gets up and stalks towards the main gathering area then the diff sections to do a head count.




A few days later Kara took her first beating and torture. Protecting a young women from getting raped by one of the guards. The Herald then intervened two days later stating the Kryptonian would be useful later and issued a health proxy ordering a surgeon to keep her alive. The singing stopped.

Chapter Text



2 days later


National City Airport


The brunette is getting on her plane to Metropolis to visit some of Lex's old hideouts no one knew about that were off the books from Luthorcorp subsidiaries and contracted parts manufacturing. Lena hears the all clear in her earcomm of the plane checks with bomb sniffing dogs.


The CEO really didn't expect to have a canine unit but they are more reliable than the electronic devices that could easily be tampered, hijacked or knocked out by any random EM pulse. So the brunette found it prudent to do so when she finally thought about it. So now she has several K-9 teams within her paramilitary group.


She had been phoning back and forth with Alex. Just basic updates in code over unsecured lines. Lena had helped the director with her leyline project which is still ongoing. The CEO gave the redhead some similar tech she had designed for Bruce. In the meantime the brunette is scouring the libraries for help with restoring, balancing and reharmonising the nodes and leyline connections.


Several religious and government buildings are built on top of these powerpoints. That was not entirely surprising if one knew that the points were there and if the CEO was batting for the other team then she'd do the exact same thing.


Unfortunately trying to explain to these institutions 'you need to move your building somewhere else' was futile. They would scoff and refuse to listen to such nonsense even if one did offer to cover said costs in relocation. So in the interim both Alex and Lena would have to work around that.


The flight was uneventful and when she made it out to the first site it was not surprising to find this building was secured by biometric locks for Luthor DNA. Lena gained easy access. The huge blast doors opened up of this massive facility and she motioned for her men to wait outside. The brunette made her way inside, closed the doors and walked down a very large and long corridor.


When the brunette finally got to the main section of the building she froze and then couldn't stop the laughter from erupting. "Lex you dumbass." but if anyone could pull this off it would've been him. Standing in all their glory was 6 Gundam-like suits. Oh no not the small mech suit her mother developed this is full on Voltron Gundam shit he pulled off. Yea there were parts laying off to the side unfinished and the main compartment still needed completion but by God he did it.


The CEO's gonna have to switch the locks and make other adjustments to things but damn this she was not expecting. Lena finally stops giggling and looks over to the upper section of the room where there was a main office with a glass window. She imagined that's where the blueprints were and took the small elevator up.


Another sensor scan and the brunette got immediate access to the office. Everything turned on as she entered and the pc booted as well. It was a sealed environment so there wasn't any dust on the equipment or chair and she promptly sat down. As she began poking around she noticed they were having issues with the main fuselage and power cells along with a few other things.


Some of which she already has the tech to fix. Now the neural interface part that's a bit tricky but if the brunette can get these babies up and running they will cut down alot of time on her other projects. Lena mind gears are turning and she's getting a little excited.


'This will definitely help' The brunette's mind supplies as Lena's feeling something inside her gut to keep pushing. Something's not right and she still can't put her finger on it but whatever it is hopefully she'll figure it out soon and in the meantime she'll be working on these puppies.







It was another 4 years later Kara would be thrown into the gauntlet ring.


Forced to fight her own friends in gladiatorial games. The Kryptonian knew she had to give it her all and that they would also have to fight for the honor. Kara's body had started to change physically during the first months on this wretched planet. She hurt all time. The Kryptonian's bones slightly changed due to the hard labor and combat she endured.


Kara had begun training her body differently than others. She started designing a more natural style with a mix of what Alex taught her in combination of everything else. Mostly body weight training and lifting as much of the ore as she could when she worked including squats with the lifts without getting caught.


The former reporter was always on hair trigger nonstop which caused her senses to become sharper and increased her intuition. Not exactly the same without her powers but moreso than the average person without.


The blond would remember everything she could the first few years knowing that even if her friends or family back home could get to her it may be when she's already old and grey or already dead. Kara wasn't sure how the orange sun would affect her even if she was able to remove the collar.


It was a bleak outlook anyway you dished it. She decided early on an escape plan with which prudence and patience would be her best bet.


She'd have to work her way up the slave ranks to get her into a position the blond would need later on. At night she'd meditate. Every so often Kara would try to reach out with her mind to someone who held a strong connection with her. A bright laughter tickled her senses surrounded by green warmth.


The Kryptonian still thinks about how she should've asked Lena out on a date and admitted her feelings earlier. Kara imagines how it could've gone. If she was able to begin the courtship like she had planned and each new imaginary event playing out in her mind. Keeping her spirit strong and her heart alive. The songs came back slowly.




Now being a gladiator Kara got her own cell. She worried about her friends back in the pit. Maybe one day if she ever got out she'd come back and stop what's happening here. After everything she went through the blond still detested killing.


Avoided it almost at all costs but after the first few battles and almost losing a leg and arm she decided it would not be wise inside a battle to the death.


They also brought in beasts from every corner of the quadrant. Kara had developed a very deadly fighting style akin to Muay Thai Boran and Shaolin. They wouldn't always be given weapons in the ring nowadays. The crowd was a massive gathering of this sectors nobles as they liked to call themselves.


Again her body was changing. More muscular than before but in a way that was smooth as now gladitorial slaves got fed well because of the money that was made. The surgeons were always brought in to stitch the victor up as best they could under the conditions.


So now she was riddled with battlescars of every shape and size. Her skin was darker than it ever had been. Kara had to chop off her locks chin length to maintain an advantage in the ring. Her hands became rough and callused as the fighters also got specialized training.


There was gambling of course and any patrons who favored a particular warrior who caught their eye would give large sums to sleep with them. Kara refused those propositions. She would only offer songs. Her heart belonged to only one. The blond's mind again strayed to a Kryptonian style wedding and soul bond ceremony with the specially crafted Kryptonian bands she made.


There was no divorce ever on Krypton so she maintained her self-imposed faithfulness even here and now. So far away from those blessed pools of brilliant green that bathed her in Divine essence and arms that held warmth, smelling of cinnamon and jasmin.




This is now the madness of her life. Kara was almost broken having to kill her friends. Nothing made sense anymore. The guards and the people in charge reminded them all constantly they were nothing but slaves.

Chapter Text

A few days later




Lena's office


Lena's back home and back to work. Spreading herself throughout LCorp, Catco, DEO and other things off the books. She's been forcing herself to eat and sleep. The brunette has also put a stop to any alcohol for awhile till she gets past her grieving stage not wanting to end up inside a bottle every night. So she's been refusing to even touch a drop knowing herself.


There's too much riding on her being sane, sober and strategic and her companies and employees deserve better than a drunk who can't control themselves in a moment of anguish. Many jobs and livelihoods are at stake. It is these moments that test one's true character. So Lena will keep fighting just like Kara would.


She's got a meeting in 20 minutes for the new aircraft design managers. Even in her absence she's been communicating with Jess back and forth. Jess now has 2 assistants herself surprisingly and has been making good progress covering for Lena and even Sam here and there. Sam took off a few days for Ruby and Alex which was completely understandable.


Lena sent a form into HR backdating Jess' raise 6 months. So it should give her a nice bonus. Jess was also saddened to hear of the reporter's passing and sent flowers to everyone she knew who were close to the blond.


In the meantime the CEO has been working on paperwork all morning. Every so often she would lookup and imagine soft blue eyes smiling at her with a large bag of donuts in hand or fast food of some sort or even trying to steal a sip of Lena's drink. Hearing some funny banter about the latest band or singer or just listening to the blond talk about her day dealing with Snapper.


Sometimes it's a little easier to think she's still here at least in spirit. It feels like the blond is. It's weird. Lena has been feeling like that more and more lately. Kara's gone but somehow some way the warm feeling is still there. It's confusing yet comforting.


Shaking her head Lena looks at the clock. 12 minutes till. Collecting her papers and locking her desk the CEO heads toward Conference room blue.








Cut and slash, Kara spun away from the other blade quickly and then brought her own counter blow towards the man's neck which was blocked. He attempted to kick her feet out from under her, the blond rolled to the left, turned back and slammed the pommel into his face. Stunning him for a moment as Kara front kicks his chest and does another slash wth her sword. He sidesteps and parries. the Kryptonian changes her footing and leans in during the parry bending the elbow and slamming her elbow into his face. Grabs his sword arm an attempts to get behind him. He stops her momentum with a shoulder check. The blond releases her grip and jumps back to avoid his sword upswing.


Kara runs forward and comes across with the sword thrust, dodge, slash, parry, thrust and finally seeing a opening puts all her might into a kick to his knee. The snap reverberated off the arena's wall and the crowd is worked into a frenzy.


As he falls screaming Kara quickly severs his sword arm and plunges the blade into his chest, blood spraying down the blond's arms as she kicks him off her weapon.


He was dead before he ever hit the ground.


The Kryptonian belts out a mighty roar and the crowd goes wild.


Just another day.


Kara salutes the crowd and then makes her way back to the barracks when the gate opens.


That was the day Sal fell.


Tonk didn't hold it against her. She spared him having to kill his own brother.


Still didn't make it hurt any less.







They were outside the barracks under careful supervision from the guards. Kara had gotten permission for a burial and so here they were with torches and shovels. Digging a large hole until they were satisfied the Aldanian would fit. The blond wipes her sweat from her brow and tosses the shovel up over the side. Tonk pulls her up from the hole.


Kara wipes her hands off and looks at Tonk for a moment "It is not your custom but it is mine."


He nods.


Taking a breath and looking to the sky then at the body wrapped in linens "You have been the sun of our lives. Our prayers will be the sun that lights your journey home. We will remember you in every dawn and await the night to join you in the sky. Rao's will be done."


They buried him together.





2 weeks later


Kara is here having a drink with old man Andar. He is the Gladiatorial stablemaster of these barracks that she had been assigned to. He has bright red hair and beard. Roughly the size of a bear. His wings are missing and probably has been long gone since his days in the arena.


It's been a long time but they developed an interesting friendship and over time a trusted colleague. This is the first time he's offered her a drink so it must be something important he has to say. The Kryptonian waits patiently while taking a sip of this clear colored liquor.


"You have been brought here for a reason. Otherwise you wouldn't be here and you most certainly would not still be alive if the fates have nothing in store for you. You are a fighter either with your heart or with your fists. Sometimes the world needs a fighter. To do things no mere mortal can do." He limps around the wooden table and looks out the window.


The blond quietly listens while sitting back in her chair.


Andar continues "On Thanagar we strengthen ourselves in every way. Oh we are far from perfect but we are warriors. We try to leave a legacy of excellence for generations to come. Many have passed through these walls and I have never seen one such as you. I believe you have been touched by the Divine. So I will give you something to carry you along your journey."


Walking back over to where she is sitting he pulls back his sleeves "You see these markings?"


'Oh that's interesting' Kara's mind supplies while inspecting the odd blue script and symbols on his body that apparently he has had hidden ever since she's known him. The blond gives him a nod.


He grabs a bottle of blue liquid and what looks like a kit of some sort from his shelf "These will grant you protection and are badges of honor for our people. So I shall adopt you into my house so that both our Legacies of our people will live on through you."


"I am honored." Kara says solemnly as a single tear slides down her face.


Andar smiles brightly and proudly "You will now carry my sword as my daughter. No one will contest it. I will not live very much longer. Take pride in being a warrior. By you living your own code, you have honor. So prepare yourself Kara Zor-El for this is a long process and will be very painful. I will teach you our way of meditation to help you. Once completed no one with magic will be able to harm you amongst other things. Come little one we must prepare."


Kara chugs the rest of the liquid and follows him to the ante chamber.

Chapter Text



Board meeting


With the new influx of funds from the massive amount of profits due to the tech conference, all the good press and products being released, LCorp stock is at an all-time high pushing the $4k mark and soon Lena will be announcing the stock split a few days after the quarterly earnings report is released. All divisions are doing exceptionally well.


The stockholders meeting went off without a hitch and it was unanimous vote to keep Lena as the CEO. Now she's sitting in conference room red for a board of directors meeting because although they are pleased at the profits they are not exactly thrilled of the direction the corporation is taking. For the moment they are being compliant.


Lena knows better as Jess has been collecting more data on them. So there are a few under scrutiny they must keep further eye on. The plans Lena has in mind for LCorp will make it a Corporate Republic and can't have anyone interfering, even pesky little board members.


The CEO already announced LCorp Employees gain corporate citizenship and now she's explaining to the Board members what she's been working on.


Lena pushes the remote button for the projector to move to the next slide "It is a partial neural interface. I developed it to help me run things faster. Sam and I are the only ones who can operate it. It also links up with my schematic simulator and I have improved our throughput and testing by over 4000% clearing the backlog on top of that."


"It can only be used one at a time and also for a limited amount of interface time. It requires alot of brainpower so you get tired faster. Most people can only last half an hour. Not that I'm bragging or anything but I especially developed it for my brain. At max I can be in there for 3 hours but I'd need to eat and a nap and then handle another 2 if I push it." The brunette explains further with a small grin.


Lena continues "I can remotely activate it anywhere within this solar system. Hopefully soon I'll be able to extend that range. So basically this frees up an astounding amount of time for me and as all of you know time is money. I hope this answers all your questions." Looking around to see if there were any more questions and not seeing any she gives a short nod.


They are, for the most part surprised at this new development. The board members know they are not gonna be able to get around this by normal means as Lena has proven she is too smart including her ability to outmaneuver which makes her extremely dangerous to their current station.


They just want to sit back and enjoy developing commercial toys and goods people use for play or business not this empire she's attempting to build.


It doesn't sit right with them and they're squirming in their seats and grumbling their understanding. Lena is the majority shareholder of the company which means they can't do anything for now. The board is a mix bag of old money and new greed but there are a few who agree with the CEO.


So there is going to be a scramble for alliances. They can't go to the Feds or SEC because she hasn't done anything wrong. If the board can gain enough votes to overthrow her in an emergency meeting then they can go back to how things were before and coast.


'Plus she has the president in her corner. That in and of itself will be quite difficult to maneuver around. Her security is too tight so what to do next.' A board member thinks to himself.


A devious pair of eyes glint at the CEO. He has an old score to settle and a former board member he can call about this. Fixing his tie he gets up quietly and excuses himself to the restroom.


Lena watches a few of the members file out of the room. She has an uneasy feeling about the whole thing. Getting up and gathering her papers, says goodbye to the rest of the members and then heads towards the elevators with her security detail in tow.








They circle eachother slowly.


"At lassst we meet again zeeesht. I ssshall look forward to thissss." The Meronian hisses in malevolent glee.


Anger rolls around her gut "Rest assured I intend to collect the debt you still owe." Kara proclaims as she points at him with her sword in her right hand. Holding a shield as sunlight is glinting off her blade, she assesses his stance and posture. She takes a breath and watches where the reflection lands.


He had been the one to take down Wasa and Tonk. He had hurt alot of people back in the pit so now it's come full circle for Kara to settle the score. He's moving to her left and changing his foot weight position. He has to compensate for his large lizard-like tail and he's sporting a shield and spear besides his talons on his feet.


Kara flicks her wrist and blinds him with sunlight for a moment as she takes the first strike stepping in with a hard swing at his face. He rears back and then slams her with his shield. She gets pushed back a bit but remains upright. The blond then spins out of the way of a spearstrike aimed for her face and comes back from the other side with a back slash and a front kick.


He swings his tail as he attempts to dodge the frontkick. Her momentum carries her forward, The Kryptonian sees the tail and goes into a forward roll over the tail and jumping from the crouch, spinning into an upswing blocking the spearstrike aimed at her back. She follows it around in an arc and presses the spear into the dirt with the sword and then smashing it in half with her knee breaking it.


He nearly got her thigh with his talon but she jumps up and lifts her leg out of the way and came across with another sword slash. He dodges and now without a weapon he attempts to get a punch in, the blond turns slightly letting him into her close range but brings both arms up into a semi-bar and twists hard putting her hip and shoulder into it with a forceful impact shattering his elbow.


Kara turns her hand and hammerfists the pommel into his face. Careful of his feet she's already executed her own front kick as he lands on his back on the ground growling in pain. She backs up as he tries to kick out. The Kryptonian then comes back in and hits one of his feet with her blade he rolls over and up slightly limping.


He kicks up sand into her eyes, she tries to block it and brings up her shield. Too late.




He kicks her against the shield and knocks her down. She's having trouble seeing but Kara can hear and sense him a bit. The Meronian uses his shield to nail her in the face. Dazing her slightly. The blond rolls away quickly as a foot comes down and she slices the air as she gets back up. It's a bit blurry but now Kara knows where he is.


He picks up the broken piece of the spear with his good arm having dropped his own shield and lunges at her. She parries. He swings his tail again and she lifts her other leg. The Kryptonian was expecting that and brings down the blade severing his tail but misses his upswing with the spear and gets slashed across the shoulder. She jumps back out of range for a moment.


The crowd roars and starts chanting.


The blond has to drop her shield now. It's too heavy and she needs to move faster to finish this. The Meronian lunges again and she turns her angle slightly and slashes his midsection. He tries to come back with an elbow but she dodges under and severs his right leg.


He falls into a screeching heap. He throws the spearpiece at her head which she knocks out of the way. Descending on him with her wrath the Kryptonian jumps down onto his chest and plunges her blade into his throat.


Thunderous applause and shouts fill the arena.


With a growling sneer Kara rocks the blade back and forth for a second, pulls it out and with a triumphant shout she viciously whips the blade in an arc severing his head. Blood spray landing all across the ground.


The blond hops off his headless body and roars at the crowd swinging her blade in the air. Once Kara's done catering to the crowd she spits on his body and makes her way to the gate.


'I have avenged you my friends. May you be at peace.'

Chapter Text



Lena's apartment



Lena is working on some mathematical equations and formulas to try and get the Gundam's working. She refuses to call them biomech Lexdroids as it says on the blueprint designs. The problem the brunette keeps running into is the neural interface and the tech surrounding it. It's still too limiting to have someone only be able to operate one for 30 minutes. It's not realistic. So Lena's been sitting here for hours trying to work it out.


She let slip "God I wish Superg..."


'Shit' The brunette threw down her pencil.


"Kara why does it feel like you're still here?" Lena runs her hands through her hair.


The CEO couldn't explain it. Can't explain it. Unless she thinks about everything she's learned from the libraries. 'Maybe her gh..' Lena shut off that thought immediately. It hurt too much.


About that time she hears knocking and the brunette makes her way out of her office towards the front door. Only a few people on her guest list were able to get to the elevators. So she's got a 1 in 4 chance of getting it right of who's on the other side even without looking through the peephole. 'Ahh'


She opens the door to find one Eliza Danvers with the box in hand "Hey sweetie. How are you doing?"


"I'm doing ok." Lena replies giving the woman a smile while pulling the door open wider.


Eliza nods "I came to check on you."


"Come in." Lena smiles and let's Eliza through the door "Have a seat. Would you like some tea or coffee?"


Making her way over to one of the kitchen barstools "Coffee would be nice dear." Placing the box on the counter Eliza sits down.


"Ok give me a moment." Heading towards the kitchen the brunette starts pulling the coffee filters out of the drawer and sets a new one in the empty basket in the coffee maker.


Wondering why the woman would be by so late Lena asks "Are you hungry?" As she adds the filtered water and the Kauai blend to the machine.


Shaking her blond head "I'm fine dear. I won't be long." She assured the younger woman.


After a minute or two the coffee is done brewing and the brunette pours the woman a cup and herself one also. Eliza takes her black as does the CEO.


"You're welcome to stay as long as you like. I was just doing some work." Lena offers with a genuine smile.


"Mmmm Thank you. Yes I figured you'd be in here or at the office burning the midnight oil." The older woman smiles and takes another drink.


"Guilty" Lena chuckles knowing it's the truth. Holding the hot cup between her hands and absorbing some of the heat there while inhaling the scent.


The blond takes another sip and tries to put this delicately "Listen I am heading back to Midvale tonight so I was wondering if you'd like to hold onto the box. I mean I understand if you don't..."


"Yes" Lena whispers with closely held emotion. Putting the cup down and taking a breath "I'd like that."


"Mmm ok I wasn't sure but thought you'd might like to have them." Looking at the brunette to gauge if she really is doing alright and takes another sip. Pleased she's not finding the brunette with dark circles or so gaunt anymore.


The CEO adds softly while glancing at it "I appreciate it. Very much."


About an hour later, after Eliza has filled her in on what's been going on with her own work and things with Alex and the girls, the blond figures she needs to be going.


Finishing the cup the blond gets up. "Ok well I better get going. Thank you for the coffee dear." She says with a gentle smile.


Getting up to see her out "Anytime." Lena has been amazed at how supportive the older Danvers woman has been to her. It's almost like having a real mother for a change. The brunette just wishes it was under better circumstances.


"And you call me if you need anything or drop by anytime sweetie ok?" The blond gets out with a look and her mom tone.


"Thank you Eliza. You don't know how much that means to me." She gave the older woman a hug and with a nod of understanding Eliza made her way out of the apartment. Softly closing the door behind her with a faint *click*.


The box was sitting there on her kitchen island staring at Lena. She debated with herself about opening it up again. Making a decision she walks back over and delicately lifts the wooden lid as the scents hit her. Metal, roses, linen and something uniquely Kara.


As she picks up and inspects the items Lena notices the inlay of one of the bracelets. The brunette sees Kryptonian script and her name in English. One word stood out clearly 'Eternity'. She couldn't stop the emotions or tears from rising to the surface.


After a few minutes the brunette wipes her eyes as she pulls the band out. Lena then places it on her left wrist with a sad smile "I hope you don't mind me wearing one love. I would've said yes."


Closing the box quietly she makes her way to the fridge to force herself to eat something. The brunette smiles seeing Cubanos left on the top shelf in saran wrap. Knowing the reporter would've wolfed them down already if she saw them.


And as the CEO goes to reach for it she stops midgrab. There it is again. That odd feeling. Feels like a warm loving pulse in her plexus then it quickly moves into her heartspace. Not exactly a ripple but almost.


'That's so weird.' Collecting the plate Lena puts the sandwich over on the counter hearing the fridge shut itself behind her per it's design.


This has been happening more and more lately and now Lena is quite curious. Thinking about it for a second as she's seeing a pattern emerge. Ever the scientist she starts doing little experiments.


The CEO makes herself think of the same thing she just did when she felt the pulse this time. That's what she's calling it for now.


'Hmmm again.' As she feels it once more. This time it's a bit stronger because she's holding the image of Kara in her mind and allowing her own feelings free reign.


"You are here aren't you." Something about that actually was comforting versus the earlier thought of Kara being a ghost. There is quite a difference. Ghost denotes being in misery limbo and cut off in a very creepy manner but this..this is a tangeable moving warmth inside with small tingles. Soft and loving. If Lena closes her eyes she could swear she sees pink and yellow colors.


"Yup I've lost my mind. I better eat something maybe my body chemistry is off." As she went to heat up the sandwich to melt the cheese Lena couldn't help the smile from spreading across her face.




A few days later




R&D Labs


Her dreams lately are a toss up between nightmare and some akin to lucid dreaming. It was one dream in particular that spurred her on and a glimmer of hope was blossoming inside her chest. Albeit inside of the dream but upon waking there was that residual feeling emerging she couldn't explain.


It didn't compute with what Lena witnessed on the ship. She was starting to get bits of what looked like Kara in strange unfamiliar settings. The brunette originally chalked it up to her subconscious but then it was becoming too strange to not pay more attention to.


So instead of going home the CEO's been working down in the labs overnight on a new prototype the entire time. Now today is supposed to be her day off and the brunette didn't feel the need to change it in the scheduler.


Lena's soldering another piece into the systems array when she hears her phone go off. Placing the iron in the cradle she removes her gloves and seeing it's Jess the brunette answers immediately.


"Eleanor and Samuel just shot me a text stating there's an emergency board meeting taking pace in conference room red. Seems a few idiots want to try and vote you out."


"What?! Shit! Gimme a second to think." It was't like this wasn't expected she thought for a moment.


Then Lena had an idea "Jess send out a fire drill email now."


Hearing rapid clicks in the background "On it give me two seconds...annnd done."


"Here we go." Lena pulls the fire alarm on the wall.


As the alarms are blaring the CEO says firmly "If those idgets don't move set off the sprinkler system in that room." The brunette whips off her goggles.




"Yes ma'am. Gladly." Jess says with enthusiasm.




"And don't let anybody back into the building until I say." Stating in a hurried manner while packing up, locking down her gear and code locking the room.




"Yes Ms Luthor."




It was about an hour later everyone was let back into the building. The board members were escorted in by one of Lena's security detail. All but two members were allowed back into the conference room. Luckily for them the group did skidaddle when the alarm went off so the room is still dry and intact.


The two other members were escorted to Lena's office needless to say they were surprised she's here given the looks on their faces.


Lena was on her 10th cup of coffee but she looked immaculate and poised with her CEO mask firmly in place. She smirked internally. The brunette has them by the proverbial balls. They just don't know it yet.


"What is the meaning of this?" The younger man demands.


In an irritated voice the older director supplies "Listen we were in the middle of an important.."


Green eyes give them a predatory look "Meeting yes I know. Terrence, William please have a seat." She gestured.


Director William Humphries III adjusts his tie with an angry look and flops down into the chair unceremoniously. While Director Terrence Holt eyes the woman warily before finally gliding to his seat and adjusts his glasses.


Mr Holt begins "You better have..."


She holds a hand up to silence the man.


The CEO pushes two large paper stacks in their direction and puts a pen on each stack. "Here is your resignation papers for you to sign. Here are some Non-Disclosure papers as well."


"I am not signing anything you bitch." William spats out. His necks is bulging and looks like he's turning red.


Giving her a look of increduality the older man laughs "I refuse."


A dangerous smile erupts "Oh you will sign or these get released to the press." The brunette is burning holes into them with her gaze.


They give her a puzzled look of confusion and anger.


Lena places two manila folders in front of the men on their appropriate stacks. Her security are close by. Their hands are resting on their pistols in the holsters just waiting for an excuse.


"Now I know both of you have been in contact with my mother but that's not what this is about." Her nail taps one the folders. Then the brunette leans back in her chair and crosses her legs and hands.


They both take their respective folder and rip open the file.


Both men turn ghostly white at what they find there.


One shows footage snapshots from a video of him with and killing a known male prostitute. William is supposedly a happily married man with 4 kids.


The other shows Terrence consorting with a known drug lord & crime boss and a US senator who is currently up for re-election in the background with a case of cash in the photo.




They close the folders and agree to sign the papers.


After they sign and exit the building. Lena heads in to the board meeting. The vote to remove her gets immediately shot down.

Chapter Text





For the past few days since the issue with the board Lena has been going back and forth to the DEO and her own ship building facilities. Today she's helping Alex with the DEO's ships.


"Hey can you help me with this circuit panel." The redhead gets out.


"Yea hold on a moment." The Lena says as she stands up and wipes her hands off on a shop towel. Making her way over to where Alex was working on the underside of the ship. It was behind the forward blaster and behind a reinforced hullpiece. A bunch of wires and tubes hanging out next to it's bracketmounts. This was it's final piece to get the thing working and just had to finish installing it but Alex needs 4 hands to do it.


Lena crouches down and holds the panel firmly while Alex starts soldering the wires.


"You know she never wanted to lie to you." The director offers knowing it's something they haven't spoken about.


"I know. I'm not mad." Lena says with a sad smile.


"She wouldn't want you to be mad at yourself either." Alex states while still connecting more wires.


The brunette nodded "Mmm you all did well enough with covering it up even though she was a lousy liar. To tell you the truth I had my growing suspicions. I just refused to see it."


"There were a few occasions she did try to tell you but things got interrupted from what she told me." The redhead supplied while locking down a cooling tube.


"Yea that happened alot." She chuckles slightly remembering all the times Kara had to ditch or leave in the middle of plans.


"With that appetite of hers I guessed she had a glandular issue or she was at least half alien." Lena admits with a chuckle.


The redhead questioned while still attempting to focus on her task "Why didn't you say anything?"


Taking a deep thoughtful breath Lena supplies "It wasn't mine to tell. If she wanted to talk to me about that stuff then it would be up to her. Kara trusted me and I trusted her. It was as simple as that. I can't really explain it. After a certain point I really didn't care as long as I got to spend time with her you know?"


"I understand. There that should do it hang on while I close the housing." Alex states while putting the locking pins into the housing piece and mounting it. It set with a click and then she tightened the screws down till she was satisfied it would hold.


Lena stepped back and handed Alex the composite innerhull piece. The redhead got that in place and put the metal outerhull chunk over it.


"Thanks a bunch now you'll need to back up. I'm gonna weld this section on." Alex states while flipping the welding helmet down and putting the gloves on.


The CEO goes back to working on her task from earlier allowing the redhead to focus. They had more agents coming in an an hour that can assist with the other turrets. It was still quite early.


Once she was done welding Alex came over to where Lena was working on an engineering panel.


"Are you really going through with this?" Pulling the welding hat off and looks at Lena with concern.


"I know what you really mean to ask if I'm going to kill him right?" Lena says as she turns to face Alex with a dangerous glint in her eyes and a burning fire that refuses to leave.


The redhead lays her hand on the brunettes shoulder in understanding having noticed the brunette wearing the bracelet.


"I won't allow him to continue doing this to others when I can stop it. They shouldn't have to go through what I went through and what I have to live with everyday.


Alex nods and brings the brunette in for a hug knowing they both need it. Whether the redhead voices it or not Lena has become another little sister for her. Not as a replacement but as an addition. She knows Kara would've wanted it this way.


The brunette gets out with a wry tone "You know she told me to take care of you. Not the other way around."


"You're a Danvers. It doesn't matter." Still holding the CEO for a bit.


Lena allowed herself to cry for several minutes before pulling herself together again. Knowing the other agents should start trickling in any moment now that the sun is starting to rise.


Pulling back and dropping her arms Alex asks "Sam wants to know if you'll join us for dinner tomorrow night?"


"I don't know Alex." Lena says with a sigh wiping her eyes.


"Lena you need to eat and from where I'm standing you've lost too much weight." The redhead adds with a furrow and a firm tone crossing her arms.


Lena gives the agent a look "Don't hold those punches huh Agent Danvers?"


The redhead adds with a grin "Not when it comes to family. Come eat with us. We haven't seen you outside of work since the funeral."


"Ok fine" The brunette relents knowing she's not gonna win this one but somehow that's not such a bad thing.






Another 3 years later


Kara stopped thinking of Earth it hurt too much. This is home now. Everyones faces started to blur all of them except Lena's.
Kara had started etching her face on the walls so she wouldn't forget.


The Krytonian looked older now little bits of grey in her hair. Her father Zor-El had used to talk about going grey in his early twenties.


Kara's got a few more wrinkles amongst the newly made scar over her left eye and cheek. She received it from a battle with a Doleran beast that resembled a cross between a dire wolf and a grizzly bear but with stripes and a long tail.


That sucker was blindingly stupid fast. If it wasn't for her newly honed instincts it would've taken the whole eye.


Another day she danced with death. Laughing in relief and sadness at the same time.


The Kryptonian finally worked herself up to Master Slave in charge of others and was semi-trusted amongst the higher ups.
It put her in a position to help more people. Get them more water more rations. Stop the roving gangs.


Working little by little a way to escape. Kara still had battles but more grand scale and further apart now. She tapped into her rage and then tempered it with wisdom to keep herself balanced. It kept her alive and she's making progress.


"Though we go forth alone,


our soul unites us under Rao's gladsome rays.


We're never lost,


never afraid for we shrink not under the Sun of Righteousness.


Rao binds us to those we love.


He gives us strength when we have none.


And in the darkest places, he guides us.


For Rao sees all, feels all.


His love eternal.


Rao, protect us, so that we might protect others.


And we shall rise, a fire in His hearth, burning and free."

Chapter Text

Sam's House


Lena's having dinner at Sam's house. Ruby is staying at her friend Lisa's house overnight so it's just the three of them chatting about anything and everything that's going.


So tonight they were having Caesar salad and Cajun Chicken alfredo which apparently Alex cooked this time. The food is pretty delicious much to Lena's surprise. Think maybe Sam's been giving the redhead cooking lessons. The director's almost as bad as Kara when it comes to cooking.


The brunette glances to the empty chair beside her for a moment and then her bracelet. 'Hmmmm there is it again.' The brunette daydreams for a moment just feeling the inner warmth.


"Lena!" Alex got out while looking at the CEO with a look of curiosity.


Shaking herself internally "Yes?" Raising a brown delicate eyebrow.


Sam also gave her a look pointing at her empty glass on the table "I asked did you want some wine?" Wondering where her friend's mind went. She's been doing that alot lately.


"No thank you." Lena casually dismisses while playing with her napkin.


"Wow ok" There was a touch of wry admiration in Sam's tone as she puts the bottle down on the table.


"What?" Lena asks with a confused look.


The CFO supplies calmly "You always have something to drink."


Looking at both women Lena admits "I stopped." While tapping her water glass with her nail.


"You mean completely?!" Alex asked gobsmacked by that bit of info.


"Mmmm I need all my faculties. I've been so busy lately and It also makes me sleepy and I don't know I don't like the feeling anymore. It's hard to explain." The brunette explains while fiddling with her bracelet.


"No it's ok I was just surprised is all." The redhead was very surprised in all the years that Alex has known her she's always seen the brunette with a drink in hand. It's just bizarre but then again since the director's met Sam she almost doesn't get in to the liquor anymore either. 'Huh'


"I know you've been down in the thinktank almost everyday I'm starting to get worried." The chestnut haired woman says with concern.


"Nothing to worry about. I'm just trying to get things up and running quickly." The brunette assures them not wanting to produce any worry on her behalf.


"Why is that? Is there some sort of magic deadline I don't know about?" Alex questions while leaning back in her chair.


Looking at both the women Lena exhales the breath she was holding "I don't know. I just have this inner feeling of urgency getting stronger. I'm just strange I guess."


"No it's cool I can totally understand a woman's intuition. It's helped several times especially when it comes to Ruby." Sam admits nonchalantly.


"Oh?" Now Lena is curious to see what Sam says.


The CFO tilts her head thinking for a second "Yea I get this sense if she's upset or I wouldn't say in danger per se but that something is wrong and 10 times out of 10, I was right."


"How interesting and here I thought I was going crazy." Lena says in a self-deprecating laugh.


The CFO gives the brunette a mischievous grin "Crazy like a fox."


They all chuckle.


"Thank you for coming over for dinner but we didn't just ask you to come over for the food. We ummm..." Alex stands up and moves behind Sam's chair and places her hands on the chestnut haired woman's shoulders.


"Okay" Lena says with a peculiar expression.


Placing her hands on top of Alex's "We're getting married." Sam says excitedly.


"Oh my god! Congratulations you guys! Oh wow. I'm so happy for you both!" The brunette couldn't be happier at this news. These to deserved all the joy and happiness in the world and it's great they found it in eachother.


Lena was about to get up to hug the pair but was stopped by Sam.


"Wait we have one other thing. You wanna tell her?" Sam tilts her head up to see the redhead's face from underneath as Alex gives a short nod.


The redhead fidgets for a second, walking to stand beside the CFO while still holding hands, Alex supplies with a shy smile "Mmmm Ok well we ummm we decided to adopt."


Now Lena actually squeals and throws herself at the pair "Oh my gosh you guys that's so amazing." Glomping them both.


Alex squeaks out happily while trying to get some air "We're going down to City Hall this weekend and hoped you'd be there."


"Nothing could stop me. I'll be there with bells on!" Lena gets out with exuberance and squeezes a little tighter.








The coming days Lena became somewhat isolated because of all the tech she discovered floating around in the hidden labs. She was rapidly attempting to bring it all together then finally Alex called and indicated they'll be sending a cargo truck to haul anything Lena needs moved to a more secure location.


They'll be ready and en route as soon as the brunette gives the word. The CEO's plan is coming along nicely but feels the need to push harder. Their ship production is slow but steady now that she has the general designs completed. She's pulling resources and skilled labor in from everywhere here and abroad to cover all the demand.


It was getting people trained on how to efficiently handle and mantain the ships while adhering to a new set of protocols and standards within the new LCorp and DEO fleets that was a bit tricky.


Between her security and paramilitary teams, legal and HR they were finally able to get something written up as an employee handbook, code of conduct and guidelines for planetary and Terran space groups. So they still maintain their corporate citizenship and not be an outside contractor.


If one of the standard engineers or employee wanted to transition into one of the fleet positions they'd also have to undergo extensive training along with basic combat skills for out on the frontier. Including signing off on liability papers in which you take an inherited risk when engaging in such endeavors. But then again that could be said for anyone walking the street or driving a car.


The Executives will have a special starship designed with them in mind including extra security and tactical since they will be carrying precious cargo. Being a flagship and maybe at times handling intergalactic delegates or VIP's. Lena still hasn't resolved the Gundam interface issue completely. She got the time up to 5 hours but she's not too happy with that.


Marsdin is very pleased with the fleets, that the CEO is sharing and swapping with the agency. If anything it strengthens their friendship all the more. So when Alex approached the president about the new funds required she had no problem giving them the approval. It was in the best interests of Earth and Olivia knew that well.


The space ports are now fully functional and are able to handle multiple launches at once. The engineers, maintenance and launch teams have all been trained and ready to go. They've developed colony drop ships with the Biodome colony simulator and terraforming project site's principle block builder equipment. They also have a list of volunteers ready to go. For which the list got larger when they were able to verify it wasn't just a oneway trip.


J'onn is still refusing to give Lena access to his ship which completely doesn't make sense since she's already been on all the other ships including the Legion ship from the future and thinks he's just being stubborn.


Lena is ready to go after Kr'nTell Va so they also developed a tugboat ship in case the ship is too far damaged to pilot it back on it's in once it's secured. It's a skeleton ship with massive booster engines that is remotely piloted having no environmental measures in place for breathable air or artificial gravity.


Lena also has plans that outline for checkpoints for entering Terran space. Peacekeeping of spaceports. A sort of Alien customs and Space TSA for refugees and travelers.


She's also been working with the batsquad under the table. Although she hasn't been to the libraries in awhile. She's currently got her hands full. The other thing is this... With magic... in order for it to work someone has to believe in it in someway. Either for it or against it in their subconscious and conscious mind.


Some people have been known to nullify any affect to themselves because they simply optout. It was in one of the manuals about personal reality and overlapping realities and such. Of which gives Lena a headache so she just stays out of it for the most part.


As the days passed she continued to get the pulses inside, the stronger they got the more the urgent anxious feeling came, it's why she's pushing so hard. Something's wrong and she's not sure what it is yet but it's there.

Chapter Text

City Hall



Today is a very joyful and momentous occasion and Lena couldn't stop smiling. They are downtown at the City Hall building and standing in front of a judge is Alex and Sam. They are both wearing simple comfortable outfits with just a bit of makeup. It's a sweet sight. Luckily they're both wearing waterproof eyeliner and mascara so hopefully Olsen is getting some good photos of the occasion for the couple.


"I, Alexandra Danvers, take Samantha Arias to be my lawfully wedded wife....."


Lena is sitting on the bench next to Ruby and Eliza. Winn, Eve, Jess and J'onn showed up as well. Again Winn is a blubbering mess. It was a very short and sweet ceremony. The absolute love reflected in their eyes you could just feel it. Everyone was a little misty eyed.


Ruby is crying too so Lena leans over and hugs the youngster and rubs her shoulder. Once the judge prounounced them hitched they walked over to sign the certificate as well as the official witnesses.


The CEO walks over to sign the witness line and then turns to them "Here." As she hands them travel vouchers and an envelope.


Sam's crying as she opens the envelope as Alex opens the vouchers. "Lena what is all of this." The couple is stunned speechless not only has the CEO paid for their honeymoon but has also paid and gifted them the deed to Sam's house. The travel vouchers include hotel, airfare, car rental and all inclusive roundtrip for a week in the Bahamas with open leaving and return dates.


"I am paying for your honeymoon amongst other things. No arguments. You both are my family so you're not getting a choice in the matter." The brunette says firmly with a watery smile.


They both pull her in for a group hug and squeeze her hard. Sam whispers "Thank you." While Alex just nods dumbly squeezing harder because the words are caught in her throat.




Lena's bedroom


Lena's dream




Blue eyes shimmering




On the opposite bank of a large raging river


Yelling across


"Lena Help!"


The ground she's on, pieces keep erroding into the water


Soon the blond will join the water.


"Kara Hold on! I'm coming!"


"Please Hurry! I don't have much time!"


"Don't leave me!"


"I'm trying! I'll do my best but please hurry!"


The water gets closer to the blond's feet.






Lena wakes up in a cold sweat.


'Holy shit'




2 years later




Kara had escaped with many others they made off with several weapons and rations. They went so far South they made the 17 day journey till the finally made it to the Jungle of Shadows. The guards knew they probably wouldn't survive if they went in after them when they saw them headed in that direction.


There were giant alien beasts that roamed in day and nighttime that were carnivorous. So yes they were free but now they were constantly hunted. They set up perimeter and watches. Hunting and gathering parties.


A few engineers started gathering supplies from around the area to start building tree hovels way above to get them off the ground and away from the predators. It was a long grueling task but eventually they didn't lose very many people and the slaver guards never came looking for them.


It was during a rather horrible fight with some giant black catlike creature that Kara's collar broke shocking her momentarily. She eventually killed the animal earning her teeth marks in her shoulder and neck with claw gashes in her back. She dragged it back to camp for food.


Awaiting any change to her physical form and with disappointment nothing happened. No powers came back. That also meant she wouldn't be able to go back to attack the mine/compounds to release the prisoners and send a distress signal to anyone passing by or hail for a pickup.


If she could get ahold of an exosuit she could just try to fly home but this orange suns frequency isn't doing anything for her. Maybe it's the temporal effect she guesses.


Kara sighs heavily. Weary and saddened again at what her life has become. She skins the beast quickly while the butchers come in to start taking cuts of meat off to grill, dry or smoke. The blond hands off the skin to the people who'll try to make clothing out of it then makes her way to the healer's hut.




"You're lucky. A little more to the left and it would've hit your spinal column. I guess the collar in this case was a blessing." The older woman states


The blond says sardonically "If you say so."


"Come on don't be like that. Be happy you're alive." The silver skinned woman says with a smile.


"To what end Meris?" Kara looks at the woman who had become the community's healer. Meris had two cranial ridges one on each side of her head and no hair. Golden eyes, silverish skin, tall and lanky and a warm disposition.


"We're free now. Take comfort in that. We do what we have to but now we get to do as we wish. Without anyone making or telling us what to do and thank Daowen we don't have to mine anymore." She chuckles as she places a salve across the wounds.


"Aside from you helping us to escape, we eat better now thanks to you and the hunters. I for one am extremely grateful." Gold eyes gaze at the Kryptonian with a soft teary smile and places her hand on the blond's shoulder.


"Yea" The blond pats her hand where it's placed and can't help but get a little misty eyed.


Meris backs away and goes to wash up in the basin "There done. You can put your top on now. Try to keep those clean as best you can. I'll take another look at them tomorrow."


"Thank you" Kara says while carefully pulling on the leather piece that was a makeshift top and stands up from the woodbranch cot.


Then Kara exits and climbs the rickety bridge to the next section to her own hut to go lay down. She's exhausted. When Kara hits the fur covered bed she thinks about how things have turned out and can't help but wait for the other shoe to drop.


A little while later the Kryptonian falls into a fitful slumber.

Chapter Text

It's been 4 weeks


They started building more ships to help patrol Earth's space within the solar system once their scouting mission and hunt is over. They've also developed defensive orbital platforms and designed a grid covering roughly the area of everything within the asteroid belt and including the sun. Also harnessing excess energy directly from the sun and converting it into other things.


Mining grants for diff space tech corporations to set up an open labor market for miners on the belt providing they can guarantee proper administration, safety and benefits with a sound working business model. Introducing mining colonies on the scene.


There now have been talks of venture colony ships for humans wanting to seek a life outside of Earth. Mentions of different priority colonies on the moons and planets inside the belt, then options for possible expansion to Kuiper, the Sol Heliosphere and beyond the Oort cloud. Peaceful expeditions and Terran Embassies included. It's exciting and ground breaking.


Her new ship design is ingenius. Lena's calling it a Star Jumper not only does it use solar energy from the sun but also uses a crystal based engine and special ultra capacitors. Which means that any sun is now your refuel station and can maintain long deep space missions.


The defensive orbital platform will be in conjunction with the Justice Leagues on their relay system however, Lena and the DEO director will have the master switch that can override at a moments notice. With J'onn now working at the Justice Leagues Watchtower it's making things easier with her plans.


Humans surely haven't gotten their shit together but Lena Kieran Luthor definitely has and she's determined to change the world for better and this is one of the first steps for that. Blasting humanity into the future. It's no longer a vision but becoming tangeable reality with every moment a task is completed. People will be in awe and wonder of how this brilliant woman shaped Earth from a Type 0 into a Type II Civilization within a single generation.


No one will really know what the true reason was that made Lena so driven.






Conference room blue


Lena is listening to the new projections coming for the fiscal year. Sam is leading the meeting today and doing very well. Jess then enters quietly through the door


"The Ambassador to Lorca wants to speak with you." Jess whispers next to the CEO's ear.


Lena is getting slowly accustomed to these new type of interactions with intergalactic community now that she's been doing more space based works. They've been wanting to speak with her more and more and not any of the squabbling of the UN or any unstable countries. They see what's going on and know this woman is the key to the future of Earth.


The CEO gives Sam an apologetic smile to which the CFO just gives a small nod and continues explaining the divisional numbers and overall profit to cost ratio that's been steadily getting better to the group.


Lena makes her way back to her office with her security detail while Jess heads back to her own desk. The guards flank her office door as the brunette goes in.


Jess' voice comes through the intercom "She's on line 2."


Sitting at her desk the CEO presses the comm "Thanks Jess" Lena takes a deep breath and then picks up Line 2 of her phone.


Pulling it from the cradle and pressing it to her ear "Ambassador Shirahn It's good to hear from you. How may I be of service?"


"Yes Ms Luthor I was wanting to go over the trade agreement details with you. It seems the delegation from Jeras Prime has a problem with their water supply and are of need of your specialty filters. So I'd like to propose an addendum to our previous arrangement. If you'd be willing to supply them with the schematics for the filters then I could possibly throw in those extras you were wanting the first go around." The other woman explains with enthusiasm.


"But wouldn't that give them an unfair advantage over their neighbors in that province?" Lena questions pointedly.


The Ambassador slowly admits in a dubious tone "Mmmm yes it would but we feel it may be necessary due to the other resources and funds they provide the local administration."


"I'm not sure I feel comfortable with that." The brunette says with a disatisfied tone knowing the region is still budding in their industrialization and would cause a massive disrupt in the natural progression. Especially since the region only stopped fighting eachother in the past 12 years it's not a good idea.


"Ok then what would you propose?" The older woman asks with a questioning tone.


Lena thought about it for a minute. "50 filters upfront, a 10 yr contract plus servicing and 20 additional per year. No schematics. If their neighbors also order some from LCorp I won't be biased. That's for all of my requested extras. I will also have a destabilization clause."


"You are one tough negotiator Ms Luthor. I'll admit I think they'll agree to your terms but I will relay the new requirements and get back to you in a day or two." The woman admits with a touch of admiration.


Lena smiles at this "Sounds good."


"I'll be in touch. Have a good day Ms Luthor."


The CEO replies "You as well Ambassador." Then hangs up the receiver gently.


'Should be interesting'


Instead of going back to the meeting still in progress Lena decides to make phone call of her own.


"Reginald Hi Yes how's it going with the new recruits?" Lena asks cordially. Excited for the new set of colony volunteers that stepped up for training.


The brunette coninues "Great. Listen I wanted to let you know that we're gonna need 50 of the Turin filters. I may have also gotten you a 10-20 contract. Mmmm Yes I thought you'd like that part. So when do you think we can have pickup? Excellent put them on the next truck to Launch station 6. Mmmhmm. Thanks Reg. Alright I'll talk to you later. Bye."


The CEO figures even if the Jeras delegates don't agree she can put the filters on one of the other stations she has in the interim till the mining and colony stations are set up. Might take up a bit of space but hey she's got the room for it.


Once that was done she checked her clock and as she does Lena notices light reflecting off her bracelet.


She sighs. 'Kara darling I'd like to think you'd be proud of me for what I've accomplished so far. I just wish you were here to see it.'


Lena tries not to cry and after a few minutes she checks her makeup and then heads back to the conference room.

Chapter Text



Jungle of Shadows



It's been three days. Three days of nonstop rain. Kara is sitting in her makeshift tree hut with Martu and Rinat. Both of which are very humanoid in appearance. Martu's tan skin with dark hair and beard. Rinat has brown skin with red tones and long reddish brown hair. They were both a contrast to Kara's blond hair and blue eyes.


Martu's cooking and it's not much just a couple of birds on a spit. It's over a torch with special rocks underneath to keep the place semi warm. Rinat is sewing some hides and furs together for a warmer blanket so they don't all freeze at night.


Everyone in the community has had to bunk up 3-4 people to stay warm while they slept. Even Meris who likes her solitude and privacy. It's made the healer a little grumpy but no one speaks of it.


The group voted to stay and try to make a living here where they originally settled but the blond wanted to head further South. They're not listening. It's been difficult for them all but she's not about to force them into anything. Even if they were being stubborn about it.


The scouts didn't come back again. Kara's watching the rain through the trees and wet foliage. Thankfully they decided on the higher landscape for the huts or the monsoon would've taken it all out. The traps got washed out so they're on the smoked and preserved rations. Kara and the group can't go hunting either the waters are too high.


The Kryptonian's bones hurt but thankful she's not starving today. The blond is listening to the rain and can imagine a gentle humming. It making her feel warm inside for a moment. 'I wonder how Lena's doing and if she can see the stars out here.'


"Why do you keep staring at the rain?" Rinat asks with curiosity.


"It's soothing." The Kryptonian replies.


Martu laughs and adds "Come eat and stay warm with us."


The blond confirms with a small nod "In a minute" 'I want to hold onto this warmth inside my heart for a moment longer.'




A few weeks later


The rains have let up and they all had to scramble for resources before the predators came back in. Their reserves were barren after the long torrential monsoon. The Kryptonian hunted alot while helping Meris find healing herbs for her medicinal poultices and salves. Then they had to start finding dry wood to replace the rotted stuff. It was not easy.


The group was having issues with bugs now so they needed to come up with something to keep them off. A few of them had gotten sick from bites. So Kara had been testing a mix of clay and a plant Meris had found that was similar to lemon balm.


So far it seems to be working alright against the insects. Unfortunately, it made her scent more visible on the ground and the blond got ambushed by a pack of rapid wolacs. Hence why she's now stuck in the hut widdling.


Rinat asks while cleaning and organising their hut now that they're sharing "What are you working on?"


At first the blond says in English "A flute" Kara adjusts her back to get more comfortable on the furs in a half sitting position. Making a face as she does so. 'Agh that smarts'


"A what?" Rinat gives a confused look.


Then in Rinat's language "It's a musical instrument. If I can get this piece just right it'll make nice sounds." Kara points at the top section next to the reed piece with a small smile.


Understanding now the other woman replied with surprise "Oh ok that'll be nice. To have music again."


"Yea I thought so." The blond says with a thoughtful look turning the instrument over again then giving it a few more scrapes. Then blows some of the shavings off gently. The ribs haven't set yet so it still hurts alot.


"Fon brought in another tenguark so you don't have to go out today." The reddish brunette says while moving a table out of the way.


Kara gives the woman a satisfied nod "That's good. As soon as I can move without having difficulty breathing I'll be out on patrol again."


"Don't push yourself so hard. You need to let your ribs heal." Rinat warns while holding the flaps back and sweeps the dust out of the door


"Who else is going to get the big game? Besides I won't be in here bothering you two during the day." The blond says with a cheeky grin.


"Stop that. There's nothing going on between me and Martu. He's like a brother. You know he likes Polarna cause she's got those huge.." She gestures around the chest area.


They both laugh.


Which jostles the blond's ribs a bit "Ouch"


"Sorry" Rinat looks at the blond in sympathy.


Kara does a small test of the flute and cringes.


Putting her hand on her hip Rinat supplies "That doesn't sound nice."


"Give me a minute it's not done yet." Kara widens one of the holes and checks the angle of the lip piece making a few more adustments.


Then the Krytponian tries it again.


"Better but it still sounds off." The dark haired woman chides.


"Shush you! I'll let you know when it's done." Kara gets out shortly.


Rinat continues sweeping for a few moments "Fine. Don't be a grouch."


The blond narrows her eyes for a moment with faux irritation "You are so lucky I'm stuck on this bed."


"Uh huh." Then puts her makeshift broom against the wall and grabs the large metal pitcher they brought with them from the escape.


"I'm going to fetch some more water." The other woman states while making her way through the doorflap.


Kara tries to call out "Hey take.."


Rinat cuts her off "Yes I know I'll take someone with me. I got it I remember. I'll be back in a bit." Then continues on her way out.


It takes the Kryptonian a few more minutes to get the sound and pitch right until finally she's happy with the result. The blond can't play alot right now but hopes she can soon.




8 months later


Illness sweeps through the camp taking more than half of their small community.




3 months later


A fire started by a lightning plasma storm rips through destroying everything that they built and leaving only a handful of survivors. The songs again stopped.




1 month later


Kara is alone in the wilderness. No one is left.
They all tried keeping it together but kept getting picked off by predators.


'I'm all alone. Please Rao what did I do?!'
The blond climbs as high as she can in the tree canopy and ties herself to the branch to try and rest.


When sleep does come it's filled with nightmares.




A few days later


Kara makes a new little creature friend. He seems to like her and is small. Also unusual he seems to be a shapeshifter. She shares her food with him and they are quick friends.


So it seems her little creature friend is also telepathic and the blond's been calling him Brophy and he made a reply he likes it. Shocking Kara where she almost falls out of the tree. Sputtering "You can talk?!"


Inside her head the blond hears 'no you idiot'


"OOOhhhh" She smacks her forehead. He's a telepath. Laughing He smiles at her.


His original form is similar to a lemur but apparently he can grow or shrink and mimic any creature he's seen. The only tell is the small curl symbol on his forehead no matter what form he's in. Come to find out he's from this planet but lost his family due to the larger predators. So he is also alone.


They internally communicate everything they've been through sharing their stories. Brophy finally talks about losing his mate to the recent fire and asks Kara if she had a mate.


'Yea she was beautiful' The blond supplies.


'Did she have soft fur?' He asks.


'As you can see we don't have fur' Kara throws her hands up into the air.


He replies with a bit of attitude 'You do on your top portion there. so are you gonna answer my question?'


'Fine yes her HAIR was soft and it was that color' Kara pointed to a plant stalk with leaves next to them.


'Mm her eyes were this color' She points to a vibrant green plant.


'She sounds attactive by at least your standards' He adds dryly.


The Kryptonian nods with a smile 'Mmm yes she was very much so. We didn't get much time together and we didn't get to start courting before I was taken but we were very close.'


'There's always a reason for everything even though we may not know at the time or beforehand. Makes lifedream more interesting.'




The Equilibrium



Lena is out on patrol with her new fleet which at the moment is only 8 ships but soon should have more. Since she's split her time helping the DEO with their ships it's cut back a bit of time on her own. It's alright though with strengthening ties it's all in the best interests of Earth so she's not upset at all about it.


She's put Eve in a higher position at Catco since James has been having to ramp up his Guardian duties. So Tessmacher had to hire a few assistants in the meanwhile. Jess' assistants are also getting steadily better at their jobs so Sam and Jess are covering the basic day-to-day operations of LCorp without Lena having to oversee.


Surprisingly Sam also hired a new assistant named Jeff. He seemed nice and proficient so Lena hopes that works out alright. Of course her security already did background checks on them all. Plus Jess has been keeping an eye on them so the CEO can rest easy.


So currently Lena is onboard one of the LCorp ships The Equilibrium. She's standing at the head of the ship in front of the captains chair. The captain is off to the side listening to their Supreme Commander give them their first official set of orders.


Giving the crew a nod the CEO states "Open a channel to the other LCorp ships."


"It's open ma'am" A man at the communication and sensor station supplied.


"Alright everyone, we'll be doing training maneuvers in this sector and recon. Once we establish a regular perimeter then we'll set up standard patrols. Once that's completed then we'll be heading further out once our reinforcements have arrived." Lena explained firmly.


The brunette continued "We have a particular ship we're hunting down and we need to make sure the ship itself remains intact. These people we are tracking are a scourge and need to be stopped. Most of them will not make it back alive for trial. I'm not taking any chances with them. Understood?"


"Aye" A rounding chorus of agreement. They are all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for their first real assignment in space. The excitement is permeating the air. Most of the people here are of Starwars, Startrek and Battlestar Galactica generations so needless to say they were all ecstatic and proud to be here.


"Alright let's move out." Lena commands with a small grin.


This moment has been a dream ever since she was a little girl. Commanding your own starship. Lena's almost on cloud 9.


'Only I know she's watching.' Then she feels it.'There you are love'


That made the journey a little bit smoother in the days to come.

Chapter Text

Weeks go by




Jungle of Shadows


Kara is charging down the embankment trying to get away from this razorbeast. Usually she had no problem killing whatever came after her but this one has poison tipped everything.


So the blond had set up a few traps in the area and hoping to lure the creature into one where she can safely dispose of it. It has had her scent for the whole week and she is exhausted. Brophy stays close in what looks like a cross between a impala and a wolf but purple and longer fur.


This beast was too smart and had been walking around the traps for days. The blond would have to lure and trigger it manually.


It was at this point Kara slipped before she could trigger the trap. Brophy shrunkdown and clung to her back. Kara jumped up with shield and spear in hand fearing this is it.


'I'm about to be done in by one ugly mother of a beast. After all that...' Her life flashes before her eyes. Then within seconds of being bitten in half Kara's enveloped in a blinding white and gold light.




LCorp fleet


The Equilibrium


Several days later the reinforcements finally arrived. Lena is currently in the mess hall eating a salad and looking out the window. They were going to go deeper into space but she had a feeling this is where she's supposed to be.


The brunette can't explain it so when the captain came by to reconfirm their heading the brunette had to alter that plan. He seemingly understood. They all trusted the CEO implicitly. So for right now they're in a holding pattern with no other explanation.


The urgency is getting stronger it's driving her nuts so this waiting is not helping. Lena feels something is supposed to happen now. It's now. The moment is now. The CEO doesn't know how she knows but she just does 'God you sound like a lunatic Luthor get it together.'


The brunette keeps trying to eat but her gut is on fire. Tossing down her fork she takes off running towards the bridge. 'Something's wrong.'


The brunette gets there in no time at all running through the entrance in a rush.


"Commodore?" Captain Reed asks with a confused look seeing the brunette enter hurriedly with a few hairs out of place.


"Check the sensors for me." Lena gets out as the Captain nods to the ensign.


"Aye ma'am." The guy at the sensor and comm station checks his data and extends it a bit with a few taps. Tunes in with the device in his ear for a moment as he tilts his head "We're picking up a few ships on long range and some are DEO. The chatter sounds like they've granted them asylum."


"Can you patch us through?" The brunette asks him in a professional tone.


He taps away a few more keys "They're not responding."


Lena hopped over to the ops station and the woman there moved out of the CEO's way as Lena's fingers flew over the touch keys. The woman noticed her hacking the DEO's systems and didn't say a word.


Her eyes got wide at what she found there 'IT'S THEM! Mother fuckers'


Lena transfers the coordinates to the navigations console.


"Set us on an intercept course with that vessel maxspeed." The brunette orders the pilot at the navigation consol.


"Yes Commodore." The woman supplies with a smile as she locks the coords and punches it.





TaNak's ship


Unfortunately, for the General the Syndicate did get wind of their plans and even though they got the bounty it was a bloodbath in their sector. They barely made it out alive and took heavy damage. They barely made it to Earth and need time to repair their ship.


"You better make this good." TaNak warns dangerously.


"Aye sir" As he goes to sit in the General's chair for the hail.


The second in command sucks in a breath and presses the button "Kr'nTell Va requesting asylum. We took heavy damage and are in severe need of assistance. Please help us."


A human female with reddish hair appears on their screen "Pull off to our starboard. Power down your weapons and prepare to be boarded."


"Uhh I'm not sure that's a good idea." He tries to backtrack a bit apparently not expecting that.


"It was not a request." She cuts the feed.


The General walks over and snaps TeGo's neck.

Chapter Text

DEO star vessel


"Ma'am we have an incoming LCorp vessel coming in hot on the other ships location." An agent stated succintly.


"What the hell is she doing?! Get her on screen." Outrage covered the redhead's features and as soon as the brunette came on the screen Alex said seriously "Lena what are you doing? Do you know how this looks?"


The CEO states with conviction "I have to get on that ship Alex."


The redhead shook her head "I can't let you do that. Especially the way you're going about it all. You hacked the DEO systems and now have a renegade fleet on an intercept course to attack an alien vessel that has asked for asylum." The director got out in disbelief.


The brunette was distraught and frantic. "You don't understand that's the same ship that took me and killed Kara. I'm not letting them get away."


The redhead felt the same way but she had to follow protocol "I understand your need for vengence but now we have to follow procedures due to the new laws that you yourself helped put in place. So prepare to be boarded and surrender your vessel."


"NO Alex! Listen to me! It's something I just can't explain right now but I feel it and right now I have to get on that ship. I need you to believe in me. Alex I must to do this and I need your help to do it. Please! The urgency is getting stronger and we have to go NOW." Lena was desperate and begged Alex to listen to her. Imploring green drilling into brown. 'Please please don't make me fight you.'


Alex looked at the other woman that has become another sister to her and makes a decision "Fine but we do it my way. I'm taking over a few squads to lock down their systems so get over here now."


'Thank God!' Slightly relieved at that then feels the inner push hard "Ok Thank you" Closing the transmission. "Ok everyone sit tight and standbye for orders." Lena says as she jumps down from the main chair and runs to her transport shuttle.


"Aye Commodore." The crew agrees readily.


Lena made it over in a few minutes having run her way to the shuttle leaving her security in the dust. But she tapped out in her comm to meet back up at the hangar. Getting over to Alex's ship quickly the CEO joins the boarding party with her own weapon.


Alex lifts a brow at the unique hand weapon the CEO is holding wrapped around her hand "What's that?"


Looking at the director the brunette raises a precise brow "My insurance policy. Let's go."


"Heh ok. Team A and C you're with me and B,D you flush'em out. We don't know how many there are or what they're packing. They came in heavily damaged but that doesn't mean anything from what they could hide from the sensors." The redhead instructs cautiously with a tense expression.


"Aye" The agents grunt out.


The umbilical attaches and pressurizes. Opening the secondary section door they walk down the ramp and an agent taps hard on the metal door with his rifle three times. Then again... nothing.


Alex orders her agents "Ok make an etching and set the charges."


The foreign ship refuses to open their hatch so the DEO agents use a alien laser cutter and explosives to bust open the hatch. As soon as it blows open there is laser and gun fire. A few of TaNak's men try to bumrush the opening but get cut down swiftly.


"So much for asylum." Taps her comm. "Execute plan delta1. They are hot and hostile. Lock it down people." Alex fires a few more well aimed shots taking down two more guys.


"Don't damage any of the equipment!" Lena yells. Everybody got the message and once they got an opening in the volley DEO agents started pouring through the hatch.


"Lena stay behind me." The director stated with determination.


The brunette shouted "Fine! Let's go!"


They make their way down the corridor too slowly for Lena's taste but they make progress even though they got pinned down a few times eventually making their way to the bridge and it was in utter chaos with both TaNak's men and DEO agents battling it out.


The brunette knew they were trying not to damage the equipment but at the same time trying to stay alive. The DEO agents were trying to disable and stun not kill. The other ship's crew didn't care. The thugs knew that no matter what happened they didn't want to get stuck with a mad General. Any fate was better than that.


Lena was looking around as best she could while maintaining a small space behind Alex. Then dives for one of the consoles as a blast skitters off to their left close to their heads. Alex gets busy dealing with some guy with a blaster.


Lena on the other hand winds up squaring off against a behemoth of a guy with what looks like a bat with spikes on it. He takes a swing at her and she dodges. He comes back with a swing sideways from the other direction which the brunette narrowly avoids and then kicks him what she hopes is his balls hard. Thankfully he goes down in a whimper and she works her way past him towards another consol seeing if that's what she's looking for.


'No dammit! What the hell am I looking for?! Guess I'll know it when I see it.' The brunette is feeling the fire in her gut build almost out of control. Fear and coldness creeping into her chest in a way she's never experienced before. It was about that time that Alex was busy with a guy with a mace and didn't see the General come up behind her but Lena did.


"Oh no you don't motherfucker" She takes careful aim "This is for Kara." Without a second thought the brunette blasts a hole in him a foot wide. The shock evident on his face as he collapses into a twitching heap on the grated floor as the smell of burnt flesh filled the air.


The fight stopped almost immediately as the remaining men gave up after seeing their leader decimated. The agents stripped them of their weapons and hauled them off. Winn finally runs through the bridge's entrance.


Alex gets out in a rush "Ok bridge is clear. You figure out what it is you need to do and we'll flush out the rest of the ship." she takes off towards the corridor leaving 4 agents behind.


Lena is already in motion to a another side panel and deciphers what it says rather quickly. Winn is at the General's chair consol reading what he can as well. They are both frantically tapping as Lena feels like she's gonna vomit at any minute.


Till finally Winn speaks up "Uhhh Lena come take a look at this and tell me if I'm reading this right orrrr"


She runs over and looks at the panel."Oh My GOD!!! SHE'S ALIVE!!!!!" Tears spring forth in shocked joy.


Winn frowns and then taps it a bit more "It looks like her biosignature is in the transporter and can get a lock although there is a temporal differential we'll have to compensate for."


"What?!" Lena says suddenly as her heart drops "Let me take a better look. MOVE!"


Winn yelps and stumbles out of the command chair as Lena dives into the seat and her fingers fly over the mainframe consol embedded there. "Dear God Winn it's been 11 years for her. This can't be right.. hang on you know what I don't care I want her here now. We can't wait another second."


Lena initiates the transport sequence. Blinding white and gold shimmer across the transporter pad and suddenly the room is filled with a wild-eyed blond Kryptonian circling around with what appears to be a shield and a spear.


As couple of the DEO agents circle her, the blond bares her teeth and points her spear at them yelling something in a indecipherable language spitting and fuming. Looking like she'll attack at any minute if anyone gets too close.


Lena can barely stand she is in utter and complete shock. Kara looks like dangerous warrior goddess. The CEO finally collects herself and reins her emotions in to assess the situation.


"Everyone move back slowly and no weapons...I'll handle it!!" She moves slowly towards the blond.


Kara finally makes eye contact with the brunette.


Lena says in a soothing voice "Kara...It's ok"


"L.. Lena?"


Giving the blond a watery smile "Yes sweetheart it's me. You're home."


"Oh Rao Lena" The blond drops her shield and spear to embrace Lena fully. Full sobs rock Kara's body as she falls to the ground. Lena grabs her as she descends and doesn't let go.


Her body feels so much different than the Kara she knew only 8 weeks ago. More muscles, darker tan and what looks like blue tattoos. They'll figure all that out later. Eventually she'll have to be debriefed on what happened. They stay like that for a few moments just trying to accept that this isn't a dream. They're both alive, breathing and in one another's arms once more.


Alex comes running from the engineering section to see Kara and is shocked the blond is alive. After shaking herself out of a stupor the redhead attempts to run up and hug her sister as well. This triggers Kara's new reflexes in a bad way as the blond pulls Lena behind her and snaps up her spear faster than anyone could blink touching the sharp point directly to Alex's throat.


The Kryptonian shouts in an undistinctive foreign gutteral language and then growls.


Everyone freezes. Lena very slowly and gently places her hand on Kara's over the weapon and speaks softly.


"Kara it's fine. It's Alex your sister. Please calm down." Lena feels the coiled tension ready to launch but is held steady by the brunette's hand. Kara keeps growling with a hard glint in her eyes and a set jaw. Clearly not recognizing the other woman.


The redhead backs away slowly with fear and hurt in her eyes from her sisters reaction to her including the shape in which the blond is in. Heavy scarring everywhere. 'What the hell happened to you'


Lena says very carefully with a worried look "Alex why don't you have the room cleared so I can talk to Kara ok? She seems to not see me as a threat and can at least recognize me."


Kara huffs, bounces and flexes a bit showing her teeth with a look of possessiveness with how she is handling Lena at her side.


Alex ordered her agents to the DEO for regouping and told Lena sadly "Call us when you're ready." then ducked out of the room.


Kara growls while sneering as they exit the room. After a few moments and getting her breathing under control the blond turns her attention directly to the woman still holding her hand and finally lowers the weapon. Lena steps back a bit to really try and get a good look at the blond.


"Kara" Lena's heart clenches and stutters finally able to look deep into those blue orbs that's haunted her. She feels the impact of Kara's gaze like a physical force of something Lena can't describe. The brunette touches Kara's cheek with her hand.


"Beloved" as the Kryptonian presses forward against Lena's lips into a searing kiss full of hope and longing. Tears falling down both their cheeks.


After several moments the brunette pulls back "I'm sorry Kara. I thought you were gone. They made me believe you were dead. When ..." Lena was shushed by another kiss this one was something else alltogether and something clicked inside. The urgency had completely vanished. This was it.


Kara stepped back running her hands through Lena's hair and cheeks looking her over "You are more beautiful than I remember. I..take me home."


Lena wipes the tears from both their faces "Okay."


Kara smells of dirt, wood, metal, leather, blood and smoke. She has many scars and new cuts still healing. Her body is much thicker than before with larger scale muscles. Not ripped but smooth and symetrical than before. The way she carries herself is almost like a large tiger. Her blond locks are shoulder length with small braids underneath with beads and string.


Now sporting a large scar across her left eye and cheek. A reverse tan line and scarring around her neck amongst many other scars and blue tattoing over her body. It was so different than before.


The blond's body seems to be a map of her experiences since she's been gone. Lena is shocked by the sheer number she can see. Attributing it to the planet she'd been to or maybe kryptonite was involved somehow because the blond should've been able to regenerate quickly without any scarring. Lena didn't want to wait getting Kara home afraid she might take off.


Kara was barely wearing anything. It looked like a conglomeration of old leather straps, rags and metal pieces sewn in. Some pieces stilled stained with blood and dirt.


Lena also felt conflicted with the situation with Alex but knew in order for Kara to feel more comfortable with all of them again just by how the former reporter responded then it was gonna take alot of soft attention and TLC. At least to a point where she won't stab anyone while the DEO runs their tests. Whatever happened to Kara it would take velvet gloves in the coming months and brunette would do anything and everything for Kara.


The Super looked tired and weary with a haunted look but at the same time skittish. Similar to how soldiers on the front line come home after long tours of duty.


Lena was able to recognize the signs having had a few acquaintances going over their experiences with that same haunted look. The CEO would figure everything out later when Kara was ready but atm she figured a nice hot bath would sooth the blond.


Luckily they didn't need the tugboat the brunette first verified that the DEO's ship detached and then second having made sure that the deck was sealed off. Once that was complete Lena tries to get over to the ship's pilot controls but the blond keeps Lena practically glued to her side and refuses to let go. Hugging, gently touching, nuzzling and... sniffing? It's kinda cute in a primal way.


Lena smiles "Kara sweetheart, not that I don't appreciate your attention but can you give me a little room so I can pilot the ship back into the hangar safely?" The brunette says in a gentle manner.


"Oh um ...sorry it's just been uh you know and ummm. Okay sorry"
'Still after all this time and she still reduces me to a stuttering mess.' Kara thinks as she slowly extracates herself from the brunette with a somber look.


"It's ok just give me 2 minutes and I'm all yours again." Lena assures her with a nod.

Chapter Text

Lena was safely able to pilot the ship into one of her hangers. She goes through a quick shutdown process and locks it down. Getting up from the chair and allowing the blond to hold her hand.


Kara had changed the strap on her shield and is now wearing it on her back and put her sword in a makeshift holder on a ragged looking belt piece. The blond is still holding the spear in her right hand as they walk. The pace is slow along the metal grated floors because she's barefoot with mud all over it's making her slip slightly.


The brunette hears some odd chittering as they are walking down the ship's empty corridor towards an exit and Kara doing sporadic "hm's".


"Kara what are yo.. AH!" She yelps in an undignified manner as a creature skitters out of Kara's shoulder flap and drops to the floor in front of her.


He peers at the brunette while crossing his arms 'mmm yes she is somewhat appealing for you balding pink skins. I don't understand your lack of fur when it's so functional and aesthetically pleasing. It's a wonder you all haven't frozen to death.'


Lena's embarrassed from her yelp but bowls over that due to shock from the creature speaking to her "D Did it just.."


'Not you too. She spoke so highly of your intellect' The creature replies in a bored tone inside her head while lifting his furry brow. His lips never moved.


Kara is trying not to laugh from the exchange.


Lena suspects his vocals chords aren't as advanced so his brain must've compensated given the intellect. It was very fascinating to the CEO as her brain gears turned quickly.


Lena's all wide eyed while still gripping Kara's arm. Then gathers herself to speak "I'm sorry it is ..unusual on our planet to have telepathic interactions and abilities."


'Mmm how tedious.' He supplies while scratching his little chin.


The CEO laughs "Exactly! ha so Kara are you going to introduce me to your friend?"


"Lena this is Brophy. Brophy Lena." Kara supplies with a wave of her hand.


A spark of recognition in green eyes of a particular book character "Oh Brophy like from the .."


Kara nods with a small grin "Mmmhmmm"


"Oh you kinda look like a lemur" Lena looks at him with a curious look inspecting his little fuzzy cute form.


'That is what the pale hair has mentioned in the past but I assure you I am not.' He morphs into a large razorbeast.


Lena freezes as Kara quickly pushes the brunette behind her.


"Brophy! ZHA! BE NICE!" The blond warrior shouts.


'Fine I was just showing my capabilities.' He retorts and then goes back to his normal form.


Once Lena gets her breathing under control 'Shapeshifter huh' "Wow" She's quite impressed despite the little spike of fear that ran through her a moment ago.


'Indeed' Golden eyes glancing between the pair.


They all eventually made their way out of the the ship and into the hangar where Lena's security was waiting.


Kara immediately jumps to take point baring her teeth and pointing her spear at the group of armed guards as Brophy morphs back into the razorbeast. Roaring at the men who then immediately pull their guns aiming at both the creature and at Kara.


Lena throws her arms up and shouts "WHOA Everybody stand down!"


"Ma'am?" Tomas eyes his boss to make sure she isn't being coerced.


"They're with me. Put those away now!" The brunette commands in a loud yell.


"Yes ma'am." They do as ordered and reholster their weapons.


"Kara sweetie these are my personal body guards. They're my men. It's ok. Alright?" Gently placing a hand on the blond's shoulder.


Calming a bit the lotow merely stays in that form and slowly approaches the men up close and sniffs hard and then blows air at them. If the men weren't veterans they would've been intimidated. Brophy seems satisfied with what he finds and restores his previous form.


'They are acceptable for Alpha. They are loyal.' He sends that message to Kara's mind alone.


'Good ok then...Hey how did she make Alpha and not me?!' Kara's mind supplies indignantly.


'You'll find out soon enough. I'm going on walkabout. I will find you both later.' The lotow explains with a tilt of his fuzzy head.


The blond is satisfied with that 'Ok be safe my friend.'


'You as well pale head.' He then scampers off.






Sam's office


Sam's been working on getting the new fleet standardized meals and not the nutrient paste rations for which the crews are immensely happy about. LFoods has really stepped up in their food preparations for the demand and not just a bunch of bulk goods.


Butter has become a highly prized commodity on board the ships. Some of the crew has been smuggling it in their gear and trading things for it. Most of the operations has been overlooking it because that's normal for the setting.


Always little something's under the table and as long as it didn't interfere or was illegal it was fine. Peanut butter, exotic coffee, butter, anything that was shelf stable. Every so often if someone had a liquor bottle no one mentioned it.


Since the crews are so diverse it's been interesting to get the nutrient contents balanced. Including the variety of spices and until Lena cracks the code on miniaturization they are gonna have to continue using up alot of cargo space for food.


She's glad they're getting the higher quality food without pesticides out of Uttar Pradesh and their biodomes. It really makes a difference not only in the food quality but of the overall happiness of the crew from not having ailments or afflictions. Keeping them in tip top condition for duty.


Everything did so well in the test groups they even been utilizing it in all LCorp cafeterias including Catco. Productivity and moral has gone up 40%. Between that and the thinktank LCorp is having a phenomenal year. Lena stepped up her game and has almost become like a crazed woman on a mission.


It has been worrying Sam that the CEO has been working nonstop but Lena seems like she's handling it so just kinda leaves her alone about it. Lena is looking much better than she did after the funeral so if the brunette stays up longer than everyone else and is up before anyone Sam doesn't say anything.


Sam's new assistant Jeff has been a Godsend helping to balance the everyday operations of the company. It's a wonder why she didn't think about hiring an assistant sooner. Yea she's been heavily leaning on Jess' help but that's not really fair to the admin assistant when the woman helps Lena so much.


The CFO knows that if anything happened to the execs that LCorp would be absolutely fine due to one Jessica Huang. 'I wonder if she has any siblings.' The chestnut haired woman chuckles.


Sam pushes her intercom button "Jeff could you get me the Anderkon file please?"


"Right away Ms Arias." The cheerful man supplied.


Sam did not hyphenate but she did take on the Danvers name. The only exception was at work where everyone already knows her as Ms Arias. It makes it easier than having to roll around a mouthful of saying Mrs Arias Danvers. Still sounds funny to her but can't help but make her smile goofily. She glances at the solitaire on her ring finger and the happy emotions bubble up.


They haven't taken the honeymoon yet but she is definitely looking forward to indulging in the redhead for a whole week with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Sam figures unless they really have to there won't be a stitch of clothing on them the entire time. She couldn't stop the blush or uncomfortable wiggling in her chair to stop the blood flow from that particular thought.


Shaking her head as her assistant enters and hands her the file she requested with a smile and a nod. He then exits swiftly.
Pulling open the file was an acquisition document from their legal department that the company has passed due diligence and now is in the final phase.


So Sam has to make a decision if LCorp wants to go through with it or not. Anderkon was a concrete manufacturer based out of Istanbul that provided concrete to more than 110 countries in 6 continents and more than 3000 batching plants worldwide. It's a very strategic move and would cut costs exponentially on their buildings and infrastructure while being extremely lucrative.


It was a strategic move on LCorps part that even though would cost them a pretty penny but would more than makeup for the cost within a year. Anderkon refused to sell until now and decided they only wanted to deal with LCorp knowing it would be in good hands. So here Sam is doing another review to iron out the details.


It was several hours later she got a message from Captain Reed keeping her posted on what occured with the fleet and she confirmed to run their standard patrol until they get further orders.


The CFO's concerned she's not gotten a message or phone call from Alex or Lena. Something has happened. She knows it. So now she just has to continue like normal. Sam starts to packup her desk cause she's gotta pick Ruby up from soccer practice and get dinner started. 'Hmmm do I really want to cook or... nah I'll swing by Popeyes. Everybody should be happy with that.' She thinks and then heads out.

Chapter Text

Lena and Kara are making their way out of the underground hangar where Lena's driver Kenneth is already waiting along with the rest of her security detail. It's dark out and the blond can smell asphalt and dew from having rained recently.


Seeing the city lights surround her sparks a few tears. Kara has to stop for a few moments. Lena awaits patiently understanding that this is a big thing for the blond.


Closing her eyes and inhaling the city air Kara takes it all in. Some people are put off by the scent but for the Kryptonian it was a wonderful smell. National City. Home.


Wriggling her toes on the ground to remind her this is all real. The blond looks around at the trees and sees a small baseball field off to the right. There's no one playing but it's enough to make the Kryptonian sit down right there on the pavement.


Lena's men keep silent. To a normal person this may seem like odd behavior but for a veteran after a long journey this happens quite often. They stand in quiet sympathy. Finally after a few more minutes Kara gets back up and heads towards the open trunk of the car where Lena's driver is standing to the side and waiting.


Kara's equipment is rather large so finding a place to put it in the vehicle is a small feat. Kara is also having difficulty letting go of said weapons. They've become another limb to her and are never more than a foot away.


The brunette assesses the problem while putting her hand on Kara's shoulder "I don't think those are gonna fit. Let's them put it in the SUV ok?"


Kara looks worried for a second then adds "Alright but not the sword."


"Ok whatever you want." The brunette reassures her.


After that's done, Kara now is also having trouble getting into the car. It's too small and cramped almost like she's suffocating. Then Kara backs away from the door "I can't."


Having watched the scene carefully Lena supplies "We can take the SUV." She gestures with her hand and watches the blond carefully.


Shaking her blond head "Not with them. It's too much."


Lena understood and walked over to the other vehicle "Ok You men take the car back with Kenneth. The rest of you will have to double up in the others." The men filed out quickly and got into the other vehicles.


"Yes ma'am" The team lead confirms.


Holding the SUV door open for the blond "Is that better?" Lena looks into blue orbs and past all the scarring. It didn't bother her but then again it did. The beautiful heart that is inside is still there but who could ever do something like this to such a wonderful soul. It makes the brunette want to go after the other ones who did this to Kara. It wasn't Kara's fault and Lena knew that.


Kara hesitantly looks at it "I think so. Let me try." Peering at the seats and extra roominess. Gradually making her way inside the cabin. She didn't buckle in but she laid the cool metal of the sword against her thighs.


When Lena got in it she could see the fresh scratches and cuts along her legs and arms. It hurts the CEO seeing this but ignores it for now. They finally are able to get settled in and be on their way.


They are cruising along in silence until eventually some whispered tones of a foreign tongue reach Lena's ears.


Lena has been staring at Kara's face the entire time as the Kryptonian is gazing out the car window taking in the scenery. Trying to believe this is still real.


The brunette notices tear tracks as Kara turns to return Lena's gaze "What was that Kara?"


"I.. I'm sorry. I was speaking in.. Aldanian. There was no English there. I asked how long has it been for you?" Kara asks sadly with a somber look.


The CEO breathes out with a pained expression "8 weeks...nearly 2 months. The darkest time of my life."


"I'm so s.." The blond tilts her head down as the shorter hairs still curtain her face.


"Don't apologise" She wipes the dirt stained tears from the blond's face pulling her face up to see better. Lena then grasps the warrior's hand and intertwines their fingers feeling little jolts pass between the two.


"Thank you for.."


Lena cuts her off gently "You don't owe me anything."


Kara gives the brunette a serious look "I think I do."


Lena supplies regretfully "No. I didn't know you were alive until today. If I'd had only figured it out sooner.."


"How did you.." The blond looks at her in wonder.


"I don't know I just had this urgency and was compelled to keep going for something I didn't know." The CEO explains emotionally the feelings that's been pushing her this entire time till now.


Looking deep within green eyes "Oh. Well I..I think ...if you hadn't...I.. I wouldn't be here now. I was in a..a bad ...umm I was about to die. life flashed before my eyes and then I ... I was there on the ship with you. So yes thank you Lena." She pulls the brunette's hand up and plants a kiss on the soft delicate skin there.


A single tear escapes "I..I really thought you were gone. They showed me you being...beheaded." As the CEO said it her stomach rolled once more as the image lingers with her even now.


"I was sent elsewhere and there was...was a time umm differential It's been about 11 years for me." The blond woman forces out.


"Kara what happened to you?" She says softly while cupping the scarred face gently.


"Something th..that should never ever happen to any living being. It's... It's too much c.. can we not talk about this right now? I just need you hold me please." The blond pleads.


"I can do that." Lena holds this beautiful woman gently in her arms trying to comfort the blond in any way she can.


It was after a few minutes Kara feels a wave of nausea. "Ugh"


"What is it?" Lena raises an eyebrow.


"I think I feel carsick." The blond scrunches up her nose in disbelief.


Lena asks with concern "Do we need to pull over?" Leaning back a little.


Trying to just push through it Kara waves it off and resituates herself in her seat "I...think I should be fine." Rubbing her stomach slightly and grasps the roof grab handle.


"It's only a few more minutes." The brunette reaffirms.


Kara gives a small nod "Ok" Hoping she'll be fine and hold it. A few seconds later Kara's mouth waters and her stomach rebels. "Nope! Pull over!"


The driver does a fast maneuver onto the curb. Kara struggles for a second with the door handle then hops out and promptly empties her stomach's contents onto the grass, of what little there was of it.


'Poor thing' Lena gets out and after her dry heaves finally stop, hands the blond a water bottle and rubs the woman's back.


Wiping her mouth Kara gets out apologetically "That's never happened before. Sorry."


Lena just shakes her head "No apologies necessary. We're not in any hurry either so whenever you feel ready."


Kara nods and walks around a bit. Rinses her face off and rinses out her mouth. Then takes a small sip, recaps it and puts the cold bottle on the back of her neck and ears. It's a few minutes later watching several cars go by and listening to the crickets she feels her stomach settle.


The brunette warns "Careful don't step over here there's glass. We really need to get you some shoes when we get home."


Kara just nods. "I think I'll be ok now... I hope."




They got back into the black SUV and were back on the road in no time. It wasn't but 6 more minutes before they made it to Lena's apartment.

Chapter Text

Lena's apartment


Kara's been quiet the rest of the short trip and up the elevator to the apartment suite. The blond has been constantly looking around, moving slow and touching things. Almost like she's rediscovering everything. She's jumped a few times at loud noises and Lena is concerned greatly.


If the blond's had trauma when she was little that caused the panic attacks then how is this going to play out. Lena thinks to herself she's going to have to do more research about that. The brunette is grateful that Kara welcomes her touch so there's that upside she can work with.


Once they got into the apartment it's been interesting to say the least. Kara placed the shield and spear in the living room and then went into looking around the entire place, every nook and cranny, then proceeded back into the living room where she moved the couch against the door.


Lena quietly watched her and just let the blond do as she wished. Observing and then finally making a small conclusion about needing to feel safe when the blond was done.


"Kara sweetie what are you doing?" Lena asks softly.


The blond looks away "I just..I need to ummm." Rubs the back of her neck.


Lena reassures the blond woman "It's alright I'm not upset."


Kara furrows for a second "I'm setting the perimeter."


"Alright" It's exactly like she thought. "Why don't you go get in the shower ok?"


"Yea umm ok" Kara gives a nod and heads towards the guest bathroom.


Lena goes down to the laundry room and picks up some fresh towels for Kara. She sets them on the kitchen counter for a moment while she orders from the little italian place down the road. 4 Large pizzas with everything, 2 meatball subs and a greek salad. She asks if they have spumoni.


It's not on the menu but she has a craving and surprisingly they say they do and will send some along.The brunette gave them her card info so all she has to do is sign when they arrive.


Grabbing the towels again and hearing the shower still running the brunette heads down the hall. Lena's thoughts are swirling wondering what's gonna happen next and how this is going to play out for the pair. 'Go with the flow right?'


The CEO knocks lightly on the doorjamb "Hey I got you some fresh towels."


A hesitant voice comes through the open bathroom door "C..could you help me? I can't reach my back and I've got some fresh cuts there."


Lena promptly puts the towels on the sinks countertop next to the sword "Ah. Sure Ok. I'll just.."


The blond admits with a small furrow "There's alot so if you may want to change your clothes or.."


"Oh" Lena sees blood and dirt pooling in the bottom of the tub as Kara has her head peaking from behind the sliding glass door. She goes quickly into med professional mode and ignores the fact she's gonna see Kara naked.


"I'm sorry you don't have to! I.." Kara starts to backtrack seeing Lena's hesitation.


"No no it's ok one sec." Lena can do this. She just strips off her shirt and skirt leaving the bra and panties and gets in behind the blond.


Kara leans forward with her hands on the cool tiles underneath the water jets. The one on her back had been bothering her. It's been sore, itchy and painful for the past couple of days. With no one around to treat it, it had Kara concerned that she might die of infection, that is if the beasts didn't get to her first. Either way it would've been a losing battle if Lena hadn't have come to her rescue.


Lena grabs a small washcloth and dabs some soap on it. Working very slowly. Taking stock of the crisscrossing lines and cuts marring such beautiful skin. A large gash on the shoulder and ribs right in a hard to reach spot. It looks a day old and looks slightly infected. The other ones don't look too bad but this one concerns her the most from this angle.


Very gently cleansing the wounds as best she could and scrubbing around them. The rest of the scarring are in varying degrees of shades. Knowing the older ones look more faded and darker. She's wrecked inside the emotion boiling through her. The tears refused to be denied. A choked sob came out as her arms reached around and softly held Kara around the blond's midsection.


They just held eachother like that till the water started to turn cold. A pat on her hand signaled her an ok to let go.


The brunette gets out first. She wraps herself in a towel then quickly removes her sodden underthings out from underneath. Tossing them into the hamper then hands Kara her towel without looking up and exiting the bathroom. Lena went to the spare wardrobe, throwing a tank top and shorts out for Kara and got dressed herself. As soon as Lena was finished she heard a knock at the front door.


Having to move the couch out of the way wasn't too bad. Lena signed off on the food and brought it to the kitchen island and stuffed the ice cream in the freezer. Then came back and replaced the sofa. Grabbing a medical kit from the hallway closet she went into the bedroom to check on Kara.


Lena sees the woman about to pull on the shirt and stops her "Wait don't put the clothes on yet."


Kara has her back to the door and stops midmotion. Muscles flexing and rippling as the blond puts her arms back down removing the tank top from her arms "Okay"


Lena notices now the sword is propped up against the bed there. 'She must not have been without it for a long time.' It's the only explanation why she has it constantly with her and refuses to let it out of her sight. "I have a medkit and those need to be treated and patched otherwise you'll just bleed through."


"Alright." The Kryptonian agrees.


The CEO swiftly lays out the cleansers, ointments and bandages preparing to get to work. Then gives her a sympathetic look "This is gonna sting."


"I can handle it. Go ahead." Kara assures the brunette.


Lena works gently and efficiently as possible without trying to aggravate the wound further but still trying to get the bit of puss out. Wiping it away and then putting the peroxide on it watching the clear liquid foam up across the wound as she dabs it with a cotton ball.


The brunette cringes but Kara seems to be doing ok. Actually Kara seems to be slightly chuckling. "That tickles."


Lena's kinda weirded out by that for a second and then contemplates Kara's new pain tolerance level "Do you have any more." The CEO asks while finishing up the large one.


"Yes but I can reach those." The blond shakes her head.


She see's the blond being stubborn and adds "Kara I don't mind. I want to do this for you. Please let me take care of you."


Hearing the pleading tone in the brunette's voice Kara relents to her wishes "If it'll make you feel better."


"Thank you. Actually here lay out on the towel." The CEO spreads the towel out on the bed so the blond can lay face down.


Kara gets on her stomach on top of the towel "You know this isn't how I pictured the first time you saw me naked." Kara drawls out.


Raising an eyebrow "I'd imagine not." Lena says with a slight smirk. She can't help but look down at Kara's backside and gently takes care of the few cuts there too. She really just wants to lean over and give the beautiful rump a kiss. 'Maybe something else.. NoPE! Focus professional mode remember.'


Lena's done with the back and legs currently debating internally about having Kara flip over. "Flip please." Takes her a second to get her hormones under control. With a blush and clearing of the throat she continues.


She works the rest of the time in mostly silence inspecting all the other cuts and bruises along torso and thighs. Another gash lay across the top of the blond's right breast within half an inch of the dusky pink nipple.


As Kara opens her eyes and sees Lena's line of sight. The brunette's blushing and the blond couldn't stop her own body's reaction as her nipples harden under the other woman's stare. Blue eyes dilate and the blond exhales "Like what you see?"


Lena doesn't reply but merely grins "Mmm" Slightly humming her answer. The brunette then works quickly on the stomach "This one might need a few stitches. Okay. Here let me get this other one on your leg and then I'll stitch this up."


"S'fine" Kara closes her eyes again trying to ignore her body.


Lena still can't help herself as she gets a glimpse of fine curly blond hairs glistening. Her gut clenches, fire spreads throughout her belly and heart rate picks up.


The warrior reminds the CEO "Focus. I don't want to be a pin cushion."


"Mmm Yea don't worry we're almost done here."


The Kryptonian was able to zone out as the pain of the stitches kicked in, clouding any other sensations. It was a technique she used many times for battlefield situations and unsteady handed surgeons. Acceptance of said pain and using it when needed. Forcing herself to like it to ease the enduring. Which also meant she had an incredibly high pain tolerance now.


Passing out from pain only put you in a worse situation and she would never allow anyone to touch her without her permission.
So staying conscious was of dire importance.


"OK we're done here you can get dressed now." Lena wipes her hands on the towel.


"Thank you." Kara gets up and starts putting the clothes on. They'll just have to make due till they go shopping. The blond doesn't bother to be modest anymore given the situation.


"No problem." Lena turns away still blushing a bit.


Taking a deep inhale "Mmm Something smells good." The blond grins.


The brunette comments "I ordered Italian." As she puts the medkit and supplies into the bathroom in case they need it later.


Kara gives her a full smile "You're wonderful." Grabbing the sword from where she propped it earlier and hefts onto her shoulder.


Lena chuckles as they make their way into the kitchen.

Chapter Text



The CEO is observing the woman in front of her. Kara's crying again, during almost every bite.


"Kara why are you crying?" Giving the blond a curious look.


"It's so good." The tears keep streaming and dripping down the blond's face and chin.


"Okay" Lena gives her a couple of minutes to figure out what she wants to say.


Kara puts the food back down on the plate "W..we were..." Wipes her eyes. "They didn't really feed us. We had... we had to work... work in the mines. All day continuously to get a ...a food token. It..." She cries harder.


Lena drops her fork and just holds Kara.


"When we got back the pit.. w..we had to fight to keep them. was a slime paste. It tasted horrible and we only got a small bowl. We...we were starving." The Kryptonian gets out between choked sobs.


Holding the blond tighter but being mindful of the wounds "Oh sweetheart" Lena's heart is hurting for this woman and what trials she had to go through to get here. Rubbing soft small circles across her back and shoulders. It was several minutes until Kara calmed down and she pulls out of the embrace to resettle herself while Lena watches.


Kara takes a large drink of water and takes a deep breath "Then..things changed and I got fed better but nothing like this. I almost forgot what real food tastes like."


Lena gets worried and starts to ramble "Is it too rich for you? Or you think your stomach can handle it? I can get you something else if you want. Maybe the tomato sauce wasn't a good idea here I can.." Goes to get up and grab the blond's plate.


Kara places a hand on the brunette's arm stopping the movement "It's fine so far I'm just having to drink more water with it."


That seems to calm the CEO a bit and sits back into her chair "Ok if you're sure."


"Yea" The Kryptonian gives a resolute nod. "It's great really. Thank you."







When they were finally finished with dinner and desert they made their way over to the living room to get reacquainted. Kara lays the sword on the coffee table and Lena gently pulls Kara over to the couch by the hand. The blond has been relatively quiet so it concerns the brunette especially from everything she's heard and seen so far.


Lena gets comfortable laying against the armrest and then tugs the Kryptonian's hand for the blond to sitdown between her thighs. Kara quietly obeys and the CEO pulls Kara's back flush to her front and just embraces her silently. With Lena's arms around the blond's midsection Kara wiggles in tighter and takes a deep breath. Feeling the electricity and tingles under the skin.


They just lay there for several minutes soaking up their connection. Kara's hands softly rubbing the brunette's arms and sighing. Leaning back fully and closing her eyes. 'This feels like a dream.' Kara noticed from the first moment she saw the brunette on the ship that she was wearing one of the wedding bracelets. So Kara just did what her heart wanted and kissed the brunette but now thinking back on it if it's really only been a few months does Lena really understand the meaning of it.


"So you're not mad at me for the whole Super thing?" Kara gets out with a bit of trepidation.


Lena says resolutely "No. I don't think that other stuff matters anymore. You're home. That's all I care about."


"Mmmm" Kara hums that with a smile.


After a few moments Lena questions "So where's Brophy?"


"He went to go explore. This is a new world for him. He'll come and go as he pleases." The blond explains with a small smile.


"Oh ok." The brunette accepts that easily "Is he going to be alright?"


Chuckling "He'll be fine." Kara assures.


The CEO inquires "Mmm was he with you the entire time?"


Kara thinks for a moment "No only recently. Just a few weeks.. I think. I.. I'm not sure the days tended to blend together."


"Mmmmm If you'd like I could even this up for you." The brunette suggests while glancing and rolling a few of the shorn blond locks. They are all uneven. 'She has quite a few grey and white hairs mmm looks good on her.'


Her scent is slightly different even with the shower soaps. It's not bad it's actually quite nice. Like smoke and musk with little hints of cinnamon. 'Maybe it's from what she's been eating.' The brunette surmises.


"Maybe tomorrow." The blond sounded very noncommittal.


"Mmmm okay." Lena softly strokes the blond's stomache in small circles and nuzzling against Kara's hair.


'She's home. Kara's alive and she's home. Here with me. I'm just so...' The love blossoms in her chest and she feels the pulse again but it feels internal and external at the moment almost as if it's feeding eachother fluxing back and forth. Lena's hands get hot.


Kara shifts in her arms, leans back and looks at Lena with a curious expression. "You feel that?"


Apparently Kara did too "Yes" Lena holds her breath. It's all too overwhelming.


Kara turns all the way around and faces Lena. Reaching up to wipe a few of the brunette's tears away. "I want you to tell me how you feel." She says while cupping the CEO's face gently.


Lena couldn't help it she just allowed her words to emerge "I..I feel love and.. you. I can't explain it other than this tingling warmth inside."


Kara smiles brightly then gives Lena a thoughtful look "I feel it too. Give me a second and tell me if anything changes."


Lena is unexplicably happy about that. She then gives Kara a puzzled expression but is willing to try what the blond is suggesting "Okay"


The Kryptonian focuses on Lena. Looks into her green eyes feeling the inner warmth and pulls it. Kara feels the fierce powerful love wash over and through her being. Kara couldn't stop the tears but saw Lena flinch back in wonder and something else as if it was a physical force. Lena's choked sob filled the room. "Kara"


They didn't question it. It just was. It was them. As if they wanted to merge into one space they both grasped and clung to eachother, desperately holding in a tight embrace.


Laying her head against the brunette's hair and neck, Kara inhaled Lena's scent into herself. "I'm home." Kara felt it with her entire being.


"You're home." No other words could explain it for her. Lena just embraced this making her soul sing with joy.


Now that they're here and together everything was going to be ok.

Chapter Text





The director was on a long phone call with Pam from HR having to deal with the repercussions of having to wipe Schotts memories after he returned from the future but he doesn't know that. It's making the paperwork a nightmare.


"Pam look I'll sign off on it can we just wrap this up. I have somewhere I need to be right now." Alex comments shortly.


"Mmmhmm ok that's fine. Ok Thank you." Alex slams down the phone in a huff.


'Dammit Winn you are so gonna get it.'


He never finished or completed any of his paperwork from before he left and now he is even worse. Pam was pissed. Somehow he's been able to expertly maneuver around her surprise visits almost like he has a bot/ping service program to notify when she's at work or moves away from her desk down in HR.


At first Alex found it funny, until that is, when Pam would put Alex in her sights because of it. The woman's voice grated on her nerves and the way she would give backhanded insults was irritating to the redhead.


The director had half a mind to replace the woman if she's wasn't so damn good at her job. Especially at this high of clearance was near impossible to find a replacement. So she tolerated the woman in doses.


The redhead sat there for a minute to reflect upon the days events.


Alex couldn't believe it. Her sister is alive but was that really Kara. The blond was almost a complete stranger and how she responded was not what the redhead was expecting. It hurt alot. To find out your baby sister is alive but that she doesn't know you. It heart and gut wrenching.


Alex hasn't been able to focus on work after that and left Vasquez in charge of the ship detail so now the director's sitting in her office trying to make heads or tails of her emotions and thoughts.


It was then one of her agents came in and explained they have an alien situation downtown. The guy is tearing up the one of the stadiums. The redhead jumped up and made her way to the bullpen to organize a team. It was going to be a long day.





A little while later


Lena hears crying in the bathroom and she goes to check on Kara.
The CEO knocks lightly on the door "Hey hun are you ok?"


The blond responds quietly "I'm alright I'll be out in a minute." *Sniffle*


"Are you sure? Do you need me to come in?" Lena asked softly.


*Sniffle* Kara reassures "No No I'm just...I got a bit overwhelmed for a moment. I... You have no idea how wonderful it is to have toilet paper." She gets out with a somewhat wistful tone.


Understanding dawned on the brunette "Ohh ok I'll give you a few minutes. Call if you need anything. I'll be in the office."


"Ok Thank you." *Sniff*






Lena was laying down in bed with her laptop in her lap going over some new data for the launch ports and trade agreements. The brunette is wearing a large overnight shirt with a Red Baron Snoopy on it. She hears Kara tinkering around in the kitchen and then it goes quiet for a moment till she pops her blond head into Lena's bedroom door.


Lena calls out to her "This is your bed too. That is unless you'd feel more comfortable in one of the guest bedrooms."


"Mmm ok. Are there any cookies?" The blond asks somewhat hopeful.


Putting her laptop down on the night stand and looking at blue eyes peering at her "Maybe. You stay here and I'll get you a couple as long as you don't drop any crumbs in the bed." Lena is enjoying this bit of domesticity. "I'm guessing your x-ray vision isn't working yet?"


'Agh busted' "No" The blond gives a small pout.


Lena pats the bed beside her with a smile "Aha. Ok well come lay down and stay here."


"Why don't you just tell me where they are?" Kara says with a little whiney inflection at the end.


"Because you'll gorge yourself on them and make yourself sick." The brunette gets up and walking up next to the muscular blond she points at the bed.


"I...fine." Kara relents and pads over to the bed then carefully lays down, placing the sword against the nightstand for easy access. 'Rao this bed is heaven' She closes her eyes and snuggles down into the pillows. Having had hard dirt grounds, rock or barky treetops for the longest time this truly is heaven for Kara.


Lena chuckles and makes her way to the secret stash of cookies. 'She's still my Kara.'






Kara's Dream/Memory



Things are not looking good and I couldn't work today. I hurt my ankle in the last fight now I'm huddled with Talara and her two friends for safety. She gave up her daily token to stay and watch me. I am fortunate to have found a friend in this place and I hope soon we can make it out alive and go home.




'I wanna go home. I wanna go home. I wanna go home. This is not real. This is just a dream. This can't be real. This is not happening. It's only an illusion. Illusion. No more please. No more. Rao help me! What did I do wrong?! I'm sorry! Please just make it stop. Make it stop. Make it stop.'


Rocking against the cold stone and metal. Kara had seen some people being ripped apart and eaten. She could do absolutely nothing. There was too many of them. The blond was lucky to make it out of that cell before all hell broke loose. The guards finally came in but by then it was already too late. They were gone. 3 people who were too weak to work or fight. Kara was fortunate the Aldanian Tonk grabbed her when he did and pulled her out. They lost Talara that day.




Lena awakens to find Kara sweating, whimpering and twiching. She rolls off the opposite side of the bed and stands to turn on the lights and returns maintaining a good distance.


"Kara! Kara wake up!" Lena wants to avoids touching her in case she lashes out by accident.


Kara wakes up screaming and grabs the sword, flinging herself into a battle stance all wide-eyed and confused. Shouting in a foreign language. Bumping into the nightstand and knocking the lamp over.


Lena was kinda expecting something like this but still made her heart rate frantic "Kara baby you're home. It's ok you're ok. Kara calm down. I'm right here. It's Lena sweetie."


It takes Kara a few minutes to realize she is home and it's not a dream but her adrenaline is too high and doesn't want to hurt the brunette. The blond was lucky she didn't obliterate the sword but remembered it's Nth metal so it should be fine.


"May I touch you?"


"No wait give me a minute." Kara really had to focus cause she felt her powers coming back in more and didn't want to burn or crush anything 'Deep breath in. Deep breath out. Focus'


"Ok now you can." She nods while dropping the weapon by the nightstand once more.


Lena approaches slowly, gently reaching out a little at a time and then carefully holds the blond. It was several minutes later when the muscles stop twitching and relax. With the blond's heart rate slowing Lena brings Kara over and lays back onto the bed. Until the blond calms down further and her breathing evens out.


"Do you want to tell me what happened?" The brunette asks softly.


"They ate her" The blond whispered.


Lena couldn't believe her ears. 'Good God what did she go through?!'


"My..My friend she...I couldn't fight them. I was hurt. She stayed for me. It's my fault Talara died." Kara starts sobbing all over again.


She rocks the blond gently "Baby it's not your fault. It's not."


It took them another two hours before they were able to fall back asleep.

Chapter Text

Next day




Sunlight is filtering in through the window and Lena is starting to stir. Kara is already awake not really able to sleep much and has been watching the brunette for the past hour. The brunette's head is on Kara's chest and the blond is savoring this. Yesterday the Kryptonian thought she was a goner and's a little bit of heaven tucked into this woman next to her.


She hasn't had a moment to really think but in this quiet moment watching the little puffs of air moving brown tresses that this is exactly where she's meant to be. Feeling the emotion swirling around she notices green eyes pop open and glance up at her.


"Hi" Lena stretches a bit and the relaxes back into her nice comfy spot on the blond underneath the blankets. 'She looks different but still so beautiful' The brunette thinks to herself.


"Hey" Kara whispers.


They simply smiled and nestled further into one another.


Staring up into blue eyes with wonder Lena asks "Am I dreaming?"


"If we are I don't want to wake up." The blond husks out while playing with the dark strands.


The CEO can't stop smiling "How are you feeling?"


Kara frowns a bit "I'm doing ok and I don't know. I feel my powers starting to trickle in slow which is weird but also strange is that it feels different. Almost like my vessel is.... larger?? I'm not sure."


A delicate brown brow raises "Mmmm do we need to make some adjustments to the apartment? I'm guessing we should from the sound of it."


"Might be a good idea." Kara nods at that and gently strokes Lena's shoulder where the oversized night shirt has fallen open to show a small sliver of skin.


'Mmmm that's nice' The brunette gives a gently nod on Kara's sternum "Ok we can do that."


"I...I'm starting to remember things and... I think I owe Alex an apology."The Kryptonian furrows as she speaks hesitantly.


"It's ok sweetie she'll understand once we get you to the DEO for your checkups and debrief." Lena supplies while trying to kick the blankets off as she's getting too hot now and lays on the blond's shoulder more.


Shaking a blond head "I...don't think I'm ready for that. I want to stay here awhile with you if that's alright. This is still a bit.. overwhelming."


"That's fine. I'd prefer you'd stay here. Your apartment is gone anyways. We umm we had cleaned it out when we.." The brunette begins to get out with anguish laced in her voice.


Kara gently cuts her off sensing the woman's distress. "I understand." Rubs her back softly.


"There have been alot of changes." Lena supplies in a quiet voice with a furrow.


Kara really doesn't want to move but doesn't have much of as choice "Could you roll over a little my arm is numb."


"Oh sorry here I need to get up anyways." The CEO apologizes and begins to get up.


Kara stops her and pulls the brunette back down "Wait not yet. I just need a better position. I'm enjoying holding you like this." Scoots up a little on the pillows. "Ok much better."


"Alright... Yes I've missed this. Missed you." Lena gets a little misty-eyed her emotions just under the surface.


The blond gives a genuine smile "I've missed you too. So very much. I ummm.. see you're wearing a bracelet." Broaching the subject that's been at the forefront in her mind.


Lena explains delicately "Yes Eliza and Alex found them and I wanted to keep them. To keep you close."


"I'm not exactly sure if you know their meaning." Kara looks at her questioningly still playing with the brown locks.


The CEO nods with a smile that reaches her eyes "Yes sweetheart Eliza explained it to me."


"Ahh ok so you..." Feeling a bit of relief and joy at the same time she wants to confirm. If Lena is serious about this Kara needs to get everything set up. The bracelet cuffs weren't supposed to be worn until the vows are taken after the courtship or during and completion of the ceremony. Since it's only one and Krypton is long gone Kara kinda rolled with it for the moment. Her heart swelled.


"Yes." Lena says with conviction.


"Yea?" Feeling the pulling of emotion and love the blond senses the pulse.


"MmmHmm" The brunette reconfirms as she also feels the warmth from their connection.


Kara pulls the brunette in closer.


Lena hesitates and tries to pull back but Kara holds her steady "Wait I have morning breath."


'Silly woman' Kara is compelled and nothing will stop her from embracing Lena "I don't care. C'mere."


Lena let's go. It started softly, a gentle pressing of lips. With sleepy smiles and delicate kisses they both started becoming more awake and a little bit of something else. As Lena began to move up onto her elbows to press a bit further she felt Kara tense and the brunette pulls back.


Searching the blond's face and a bit confused "Too much too soon?"


"You're pressing on the stitches." Kara ground out with a stuttered laugh.


"Oh baby I'm so sorry." The brunette gets off carefully.


"It's ok. Quite a way to wake up." Kara chuckles which then causes Lena to laugh a bit as well.


Insisting firmly "Let me take a look make sure I didn't mess them up." The CEO goes into medical professional mode.




The brunette pulls the tank top up and glances at the stitched wound and checks the surrounding area's temperature. Feels slightly warm but not hot. Also looks cleaner than it did yesterday so not bad "Wait let me see your back real quick before I forget.


Kara dutifully flips over. Lena inspects that one as well and is happy with the results. Kara is feeling tingling everywhere Lena touches and it's becoming bothersome in a good way but ignores it for now.


"Well I need to get up and make a few phone calls. I kinda left everything up in the air. So give me a few minutes and I'll get coffee and food started. Your toothbrush is still in the bathroom. I ummm didn't throw it out..I" The brunette explains in a rush.


Kara supplies with a sweet smile while flipping back and rolling to sitting position "It's fine and thank you."


"Is there anything you prefer for breakfast?" Lena questions while standing up and heading towards her wardrobe to throw some clothes on.


Thinking for a second as she runs her fingers through the blond strands "Meat something not too much spice...maybe a sandwich?"


"Ok I'll see what I can dig up." The brunette calls from the closet.


Lena had wound up making some ham sandwiches for Kara and just a bagel with cream cheese for herself.

Chapter Text

After breakfast Lena's been watching Kara putter around and looking at stuff again. Right now the blond's going through Lena's bookshelf while Lena is working at her laptop at the kitchen island.


It's been very distracting for Lena because Kara still hasn't changed out of the thin tank top and skimpy shorts. Lena is not really sure if she regrets that decision. The brunette forgot how see through that top was which brings back the image from yesterday she's been struggling with of one naked and muscular blond.


Almost as if sensing the brunette is watching her blue eyes connect with green. Putting the book down and walking over "What are you working on?"


"I'm gonna dial in remotely into the ship now that we have control of it and I'm gonna pick apart the data and see why this whole elaborate setup." Lena explains efficiently while clicking furiously at the keys.


The brunette continues "Why did they need you out of the way or who wanted you out of the picture?"


The blond gives a perplexed look as she walks around the kitchen island "I don't know. Have you found anything so far?"


Lena types a few more clicks in a flourish "Well on one of the data crystal's it shows a bounty on you. Hang on let me pull it up."


"Oh ew that guy looks..." The CEO cringes at the image displayed on the monitor.


"That's a dominator. I've fought them before. Hold on a sec I'll translate. ~We require your special services at this time. You will be compensated in accordance with the information provided below. The package is to be transfered to Heiras5. You have 2 hours to respond and confirm. If you accept and are unsuccessful your license will be revoked and you will be banned from the League indefinitely.~ It sounds like they were a bunch of bounty hunters." Kara translated and supplied "I can't read that thought."


Listening carefully to what the blond translated the brunette adds "S'ok I have to also decrypt it so this might take awhile."


Kara added with a frown leaning her hip against the counter "So what happened to.."


The brunette knew what Kara was getting at and peered at her with a curious expression "TaNak?"




Lena decided to be completely honest and not hold anything back in this instance "Well I had intended to kill him very slowly. It was actually a conversation I had with Alex that stopped me. Then when we got to his ship he was going to hurt Alex so I blew a hole through him a foot wide and avenged you in one stroke. I didn't know you were alive yet till Winn and I checked the systems."


With a small furrow Kara merely nodded "Ahh ok then."


"That doesn't surprise you?" Lena thought she was going to get something along of the lines of what happened the last time she brought something like this up which was when she almost killed Edge. It was a completely different reaction from the blond which surprised the CEO. 'She really is different.'


"I have mixed feelings about it but you saved Alex and me so I'm grateful either way." Leaning forward Kara dips her head gives the brunette a soft press of lips for which the woman readily returns.


"Mmmm." Reaching a hand behind the blond's neck she pulls Kara a bit deeper.


Kara goes to step into Lena's space a bit more and about knocks her off the barstool.


"Whoa!" Lips detach quickly as Lena luckily grabs the counter top and steadies herself while Kara jumps back in shock.


To avoid grabbing Lena, Kara grasps at the countertop corner which comes away easily in her hand. "I am so sorry! Are you ok?" Crumbled pieces falling to the ground.


Lena assures "I'm fine." As she eyes the now destroyed countertop. "Are you?"


Kara gave the brunette a sad and worried look "Yea Lena I.."


The CEO waves her hands "It's ok. Do you think you can control it yet?" The brunette asks softly.


Kara was scared that she might've hurt Lena accidently and that's something she'll never ever accept "I'm trying... this feels new. I feel like I keep having to recalibrate every few seconds but I'm fine. I won't hurt you I promise." The blond says with remorse while wiping her hands off on the shorts.


"Okay" Watching the blond for a moment then hears a ding. "Oh it's done... I don't know but that sounds like alot of credits. They really wanted you badly."


"Oh?" Kara leans forward with her hands firmly behind her back.


Lena fingernail taps the number on the screen "Yea look here it says~ 3 Trillian credits and free weapons upgrade including docking fee waivers for the next 3 years at all League stations.~ Must've been big stuff from the sound of it but it doesn't say who provided the bounty. Let me see if I can check his financials to maybe get an account number or something."


She makes several more clicks while also carefully watching Kara's body language. "Crap I gotta go plug this in. Let's move this to the office."




They make their way to the office desk where Lena plugs in the power supply to the battery and sits down. "Ok well apparently he has a few accounts at some planet called Draelik 3?" Then puts her pencil sideways in her lips as she types a bit more.


Kara taps her chin and thinks for a moment "I've heard of that. That planet is well known. Sorta like the Swiss or Cayman accounts of the Rondari Sector. Everything possibly illegal or questionable runs through there for that area of space. Nobody can touch them because of the laws. The planetary government is extremely wealthy and powerful because of it so they don't have a problem with it."


Pulling the pencil back out and twirling it around her fingers "Oh wow ok. Well even if I attempt to hack their systems it may be a longshot at this distance. I may have to setup a expedition mission."


Now Kara is confused and tilts back a bit "A what?"


"I'll tell you about it later. I'll try using the DEO setup but I would rather use an isolated system."


Something tickled Kara's memory "I might know someone who could help you with that."


"Oh and how many genius' do you know that can do this kinda work?" Lena smirked for a second "Well besides Winn and I."


"Fe...Felicity can" There's the name. The Kryptonian's memory is coming back in chunks and having to sift through things.


Raising a dark brow "Felicity Smoak... of Palmer tech?"


"You know her?" Kara was surprised raising blond brows.


"She's a CEO of a tech company in Star city why wouldn't I?" The brunette reasoned.


"Ahh ok" The blond rubs her ear to keep her hands busy while looking a little chagrinned.


"We've been working on some prototypes together. I have a contract with Palmer tech." Lena easily supplies.


"You should reach out to her about this" The blond shifts back and forth on her feet.


Lena leaned back in her chair "And expose her to all of this?"


"She helped fight against the dominators when they tried to invade..well not physically but yea.." The Kryptonian explained while fiddling with her nails.


"You're kidding" Now the brunette is quite surprised at that.


Not really caring anymore because it's Lena "Nope she's team Arrow but you can't tell her I told you."


"Ugh I shoulda figured that out and when did you fight them exactly?" The brunette tosses the pencil on the desktop.


Rubbing the back of her neck sheepishly Kara admits "Ummm that week I was quote unquote was visiting Eliza that spring for two weeks you know right after.."


"You mean you could've died and I not known about it. Losing two people I care about not realizing they're the same person!" Lena's slightly raised voice surprised them both.


Kara just looks at her with a hurt expression. 'Well I did have that coming I suppose' The blond's mind supplied.


With an exasparated sigh more at herself than at Kara she didn't mean to yell. Apparently it was some bottled up emotions she's kept the lid on for awhile. 'It's still no excuse Lena' She scolds herself "And what else have you been keeping from me exactly?"


Kara straightened her spine "Maybe the same as you've been keeping from me. I don't know. Can we not argue."


Lena agrees "Fine." Taking a deep breath, deflates a little "I'm so.."


The Kryptonian turns away for a minute biting her thumb "It's alright no apologies."


"Mmm okay." Lena frowns a bit hoping she didn't screw anything up. She felt like crap all of a sudden.


Turning back towards the brunette Kara all of a sudden says "Stand up for a second."


Lena looks at her for a moment then stands up and off to the side. Watching as the blond sits down in the chair.


"Ok now sit" The blond pats her lap.


Lena raises her brow.


"I'm just gonna hold you while you work ok?"


Lena smiles and then sits down onto Kara's lap "You're surprisingly comfortable." Lena kinda wiggles a bit not being used to this high in the chair she adjusts it to reach the desk better. As the chair descends in a *kachunk* sound. "There much better"


"Mmmm" The blond smiles with a small nod. This was more for comfort. Having not really argued with the CEO before it actually hurt and made Kara a little antsy. So the Kryptonian thought this would be a nice idea to sooth them both.


Lena works a bit as Kara keeps running her hands over her sides softly in a comforting way. Laying her head against the brunettes back. Inhaling and rubbing her cheek where it connected over her shirt and skin.


Lena's body was buzzing and alight. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea afterall.


"Hon if you don't stop you're gonna get me worked up." The brunette warns softly.


The blond pulls her hands back "Oh sorry."


The CEO supplies hesitantly "Unless that's something you'd like to.."


The blond thinks for a minute "No not yet. It's just I can't stop touching you. I can't help it. It feels like a dream but I don't wanna rush it. I know for you it's only been a few months and I just..." She starts to ramble.


Lena reassures her "It's alright. We don't have to do anything but I'm not opposed to.."


"Really?" Lifts a blond brow really high while her heart rate increases.


"Yes really. It's kinda hard keeping my hormones in check when it comes to you." Lena admits with a light blush.


"Ahh Ok then. Umm if you don't mind me asking ummm when did that start?" The blond questions with a small grin.


"Hmmm? Oh well if I'm being honest it was when we met. Sex was one thing but feelings is a whole 'nother thing entirely for me. I constantly had to restrain myself around you. I didn't want to lose you or our friendship. You meant too much to me." Lena said sincerely. She meant it. Never did she ever have to fight herself so hard except when it came to a certain blue-eyed blond reporter that the struggle was certainly real.


The blond understood that "I didn't know you liked women."


The CEO shrugged "I don't really talk about my sexuality but it's not like I hide it either. I have no preference. It really depends on the person."


"I see" Kara adds with an ambiguous tone.


"You have nothing to be jealous about though." Lena turns around smiling and kisses the blond's nose.


Kara is satisfied with that "Okay." Gives the brunette a small grin.


The CEO turns back to her computer and gets back to work clicking away.


It was 45 minutes later that Kara finally asked Lena to let her up. Lena didn't have any problems with her being the chair. Actually she really enjoyed it. It was sweet and comforting.


Lena inquires with a gentle tone "Are you ok?"


"Yea I'll be ok I just need to be by myself for awhile." The Kryptonian assures her delicately.


"Oh ok well let me know when you're hungry ok?" Lena's wondering what's going on in Kara's head that brought about that decision.


Giving Lena a quiet nod and Kara then pads down the hallway to the sunroom and closes the door behind her.






Kara is struggling with the two different versions of reality inside her head.


Kara can never be who she was and now she can't be who she's become. The blond's struggling to combine the two as two distinct personalities are now being forced together and it's causing a slight conflict in Kara's brain.


If she's honest with herself it started even before then. The child from Krypton, Kara Danvers, Supergirl and now this...warrior? It's too much. 'Who am I? How am I supposed to act? What do I do now?' These are the questions constantly rotating in the blond's mind.


Kara's sitting in a recliner chair and staring out the window. The sun pouring through as she looks at the horizon and the city below.


It was several hours later when she still hadn't emerged from the room that Lena knocks and pokes her head in.


"Baby did you want me to order pizza?" Lena questions with a tilt of her head.


Something then struck Kara funny as everything merged. Looking at the brunette with the beautiful green eyes Kara smiles.


"With potstickers?" The blond asks with a grin.


The brunette accepts the request "You bet."


The blond breaths out "Thank you."


Lena nods and then exits to go make two phone calls.


What Kara didn't say was 'Thank you for saving me again'

Chapter Text

Later that evening


It was now evening and Kara's been keeping to herself which has Lena again concerned. After lunch the blond went back to the sunroom and hasn't made a peep. Lena's been catching up at work and remotely linked up with the thinktank since she has a new headset she developed especially for it. So even though she's been at home with Kara she's been getting tons of stuff done with LCorp.


"Hey Marta. Who's your friend?" Lena smiles bending down to pet and scratch the golden furred animal.


"Jefa this is Digger. He is Javier's service dog. Javier is doing much better so I asked if he would let me borrow him por tu amiga." Marta explained with a small smile.


Marta's brother Javier was previously in the US army. Infantry division. Who had a tour in Iraq but was honorably discharged. On a normal patrol an IED went off and took out one of his legs. He is doing well with his prosthetic but the mental scars are still there.


"That was very thoughtful of you. Thank you. Well hello there Digger. I know someone will be happy to see you." Gives him a few more scratches as his tongue lolls out. Happy from all the attention he's getting. He's wearing a little vest with the signage clearly displaying that he's a working dog.


"I'll start dinner." Marta gives the dog two taps to get his attention and then gestures at Lena with a hand signal that apparently Digger recognizes. Lena's quite curious but files it away for later.


"Thank you so much for coming over and doing this for us." The brunette adds sincerely.


Marta supplies "Es no hay problem Jefa. Eduardo is off for the week. I also brought mango, strawberry and lime bars for Kara. I better go put these in the freezer."


As Marta moves towards the kitchen, Lena stands up and heads to the sunroom to introduce the dog to Kara. He has no leash or handle but he dutifully follows Lena and sits next to her when she stops at the sunroom door.


Kara's been in there for several hours just staring out the window. It seems like the sunroom has become like a foxhole for the blond warrior. The brunette waits a second to knock and before Lena does she hears a *shhhring* sound. That's an unusual sound. Then knocks gently in a four knock pattern signaling it's her.


"Enter" The blond calls out calmly.


Opening the door "Hey sweetie I have a new guest for you to meet." Lena looks over at the blond sitting in the lounger but appears like she's sharpening her spearblade. The blond puts it down and looks at the two and smiles "Hey there."


The dog looks up at Lena not moving from his spot. Lena then repeats the signals process from what she witnessed Marta give and gestures to the blond. Digger understands and moves to the blond ahead of the CEO.


"His name is Digger and he's gonna be here for a little bit while Marta's here." The brunette follows him in and then gives the blond a kiss to the temple.


Kara nods and pets the dog as Digger lays his paw in her lap. "Hiya Digger" Giving him a few scratches.


"I'm gonna let you two get acquainted while I help Marta out in the kitchen." Lena supplies with a grin and then exits quietly.






Lena washes her hands and gets to work on making a blueberry loaf while Marta is making what Lena thinks will be paella from all the ingredients sitting out. Marta already seasoned and set the chicken aside to marinate as they both bustle around in the kitchen.


Washing her hands "You know this is a big surprise." Marta says then setting up and chopping the garlic, parsley and onions.


Lena nods "I know it was for me too but I'm glad." Smiling while getting out a bowl and whisk.


Chops the chorizo, then sets that aside, starts peeling and de-veining the shrimp "Is good. I know you were hurting like a part of you was missing." The Cuban woman comments with a small smile.


"Yea" Lena rinses the blueberries off and sets them aside to the side to drain.


Humming "So what now?" Marta washes her hands again and gets out the Arborio rice.


*Sigh* "I don't know." Lena puts the flour, sugar and the dry ingredients into the large plastic bowl.


Raising a brow "Why not?" The rotund woman asks while sauteeing the meats and getting the sofrito going.


Cracking two eggs into the mix along with the wet ingredients Lena supplies "That's a good question."


Marta explains while getting the rice going "When Javier came back from the war June was there for him 100%. Even though he was mean in the beginning, lashing out because he was hurt. The war changed him but he came back to himself mostly. Now they are married and have 5 kids. That woman is a rock. I don't know how June did it but she did. You need to be Kara's rock comprende?" The hispanic woman puts all the meat and seafood in except the lobster.


"Yes I understand." The brunette accepts the information and whips in the eggs into the blueberry batter.


Marta adds matter-of-factly "As long as she doesn't put you in danger or hit you then you two should be able to make it work." Then tosses in the saffron.


The brunette frowns and shakes her head at such a thing "No she'd never do that. Kara's protective of me. It's everyone else she's having issues with." Lena gently folds in the blueberries into the mix.


"Ok good then you are her home base." Giving the CEO a grin while giving the pot a good shake and setting it to simmer.


"Hmmm" Lena contemplates that for a second and puts the batter into the greased pan.


Then Marta adds the lobster tails. "It's about done."





Dinner was wonderful and Kara didn't cry this time although she did get a bit misty-eyed every so often while she ate. Digger had left his head in her lap as she ate. So he was a welcome addition. Kara seemed to brighten up a little after the dog visit. It wasn't too much later Marta and Digger left and it was just Lena and Kara again in the apartment suite.


"Hey sweetie I want to try something out for your wounds. Is that ok?" Lena questions while walking back from the front door and towards the hallway closet.


Kara was still sitting at the kitchen table observing the brunette "Umm what do you have in mind."


Opening the closet grabbing what she needed including a towel and then heads towards a plant by the balcony window "I have some natural stuff and rapid healing gel I'd like to try on you."


"Umm ok sure." Kara adds with a small furrow.


Lena puts large towel on the couch for Kara to sit. Walking back over to the kitchen the brunette gets out a mortar and pestle, then what looks like a piece of aloe with a tube of something else Kara can't see.


The CEO makes a quick paste mixing both together and instructs Kara "No touching. It might itch but do not scratch it ok?"


The blond jumps a little "Ok agh that's cold."


Lena smiles at that and continues to slather the paste along the blond's legs to her upper thighs, arms and then to her neck and face. Kara is enjoying the attention. The cold slimy paste not so much but Lena touching and preening her it's comforting. That is until it starts to itch. At first Kara ignores it but then it gets stronger.


Wide-eyed "Oh Rao! What is in that stuff? It itches so bad!" Kara gets out while wanting to scratch so so much.


"Fresh aloe and some other things. Don't touch it that means it's healing." Lena was trying hard not to giggle.


"But.." Kara is squirming and wriggling fighting herself not to scratch.


The brunette says in a firm tone "No I said don't touch it. This will help reduce some of the scarring and heal the fresh ones faster."


Kara says in a pained expression "Lena this is... I'm not sure AGH. Please just let me scratch."


"No. This will help before the rest of your powers come in. If you're good and don't scratch I'll give you a mango bar."


"Wait you didn't tell me we had any." The blond is still wiggling but focused on the conversation now.


"I know." Lena says with a smirk.


"Please please can I have it now it'll help distract me." Kara begs with her puppy eyes.


The CEO hums a bit "I don't know. How bout I give you a lime first."


"Ooo we have lime?" Now Kara is focused and sweating. Trying to zone out the itchiness.


Lena chuckles, gets up to wash her hands and then to collect the cold fruity treat from the freezer.


After about an hour and 4 ice cream bars later the itching has subsided. Kara inspects the results thus far as does the brunette.


"This one here is not red anymore and these other ones have lightened a little." The brunette pokes around the blond's body.


"Yea this one doesn't feel so tight anymore." Kara points at the one over her eye. "That stuff is crazy."


Giving the blond a slight nod "Mmmm eventually we can do several more treatments to lighten these up a bit and make it more comfortable for you. I wouldn't think you'd mind."


"No I don't mind them really. It's you who has to look at me." Kara states in a monotone voice that has Lena's instincts flag a warning.


Lena gently cups her face and reassures the blond "Kara you are perfect just the way you are. I didn't intend for this to make you feel like you aren't. I was just trying to help. You are beautiful inside and out alright? I'm sorry if I made you feel that way."


"Mmmm" The blond hums thoughtfully.


Lena conveys her emotion with her eyes "It doesn't bother me ok?"


Kara grins at that "Ok"


The brunette gives Kara a small peck on the lips "Now why don't you go jump in the shower and get ready for bed."


"Yes boss." Kara gets up awkwardly feeling sticky.


Now Lena grins as the blond woman semi waddles her way to their bathroom.

Chapter Text

Next day




They've been laying awake for a few minutes and enjoying the closeness when Lena felt a small change in the blond.




Lena husks out in her sleep ridden voice "You don't have to talk about it if you don't want darling."


"Mmmm" Kara kisses the top of the CEO's head and rests her chin against the brunette's temple. Breathing slowly gathering her words "It's alot and ... it may take me awhile but I feel okay with you knowing. Getting used to speaking in English again is throwin me a bit. Please don't think I'm hesitant with you because that's not the case. I'm... trying."


Feeling little undercurrents of anxiety coming from the other woman "And that's absolutely fine love. I'm good with anything you do want to share." The brunette reassures her while softly rubbing the blond's stomach to sooth her.


The Kryptonian starts playing with dark locks gathering courage.


"You know you don't have to tell anyone if you don't want to. When I had trouble dealing with things sometimes I would write it down. I would later burn them because I didn't dare leave evidence of anything around my family." The CEO admits in a soft tone.


Kara gently squeezes Lena then releases. She takes a deep breath to collect her thoughts "It was a slaver's planet. The worst of them all. It was used to instill nightmares for children and even grown men wet themselves. I..." She takes another breath.


Lena just waits patiently.


"Anyone condemned there would find a way to commit suicide before they could be transfered." She laughs mirthlessly. "I now understand why." As several tears escaped.


The CEO felt the pain in Kara's words.


The blond whispered "I had to be strong for so long I lost my mind and myself."


Lena softly rolls on top of Kara's lap straddling her. She gently lays her hands on Kara's cheeks. Thumbs swiping at the tears that escaped the blue orbs "You stayed alive for me Kara. I'm so sorry you had to go through that hell. You don't know how much it means that you fought hard to come home to me."


Kara pulls her down into an achingly gentle kiss "It was you that drove me on when I forgot everything else." She whispered against the soft lips and continued with a few more to ground themselves.


Lena pulls back and explains "When I thought you were dead I fell into an abyss and became exactly what I feared. I wanted revenge Kara. To hurt them more than they hurt me. They took you away from me. I had to stop and keep reminding myself of the hope and faith I'd see whenever you used to look at me."


Caresssing the brunette's outer thighs and holding her in place "No matter what you thought you are still good and wonderful. You did what you thought was right and you are nothing like your family. Your ancestors and future descendants will be proud because you validated their whole existence. You brought nothing but honor to your house." Conveying every word and emotion to Lena either through her eyes or through her heart. Feeling the pulse, Kara pulls the dark haired woman back down into a tight embrace.


The words were beautiful and strange but Lena understood and couldn't stop the overwhelming sensations, letting the tears go. They held one another for several long moments "I'm so sorry" Wiping away the tears for the both of them, the brunette rolls off and settles back into a comfortable position against the blond's side, tucked against a shoulder.


When their breathing evened out, the blond acknowledged "No I'm sorry for putting you through that"


Lena's tracing the blue script along the blond's bicep. The script here was inside of a band of smaller script and symbols. It was beautiful but looked familiar. The brunette breaths out "Let's not go down that road ok? No more apologies or sorries. We both did what we had to do and we're here now. Together."


Kara hums "You're right. Let's just lay here for a little while longer." Rubbing the brunette's back.


The CEO is really loving this attention and feels like a cat for a moment "Mmmm that feels nice. I'll get breakfast going in a little while and maybe finally get this evened out." She flicks an unruly blond lock.


"Is it really bothering you?" Kara asks incredulously.


"I'm a perfectionist. It's cute but yes I Must fix it." The brunette emphatically replies putting the emphasis on the 'Must'.


Kara chuckles and pulls the brunette in closer "Okay." Kissing her forehead.





They had spent the morning talking, snuggling and snoozing since Kara was still having night terrors. It's weird because now Lena is not having any nightmares. It's an odd switch that has to be more than mere coincidence the brunette thinks. Lena files that away for later.


When they finally got up the brunette evened out Kara's locks before sending her for a shower while Lena got breakfast going. The blond's wounds are completely healed now so it's only a matter of days before the rest of Kara's powers kick in.


Lena's been thinking about something and wanted to make sure Kara felt comfortable in their home. Where the blond could retreat if she needs to. Even though it's been a silent agreement thus far. The brunette feels the need to verbalize it and make it official for the blond. The brunette has been doing research online and wants to do things right.


It's after breakfast so Kara should be happily stuffed and ready to discuss more difficult things...well Lena hopes. They are sitting on the couch just relaxing. Kara is now wearing a pair of grey sweatpants and a light blue tshirt. Lena is currently wearing a pair of black jeans and an old AC/DC tshirt.


Lena says delicately "I'm going to bring something up and I don't want you to be upset with me."


"I don't think that's possible but ok what do you want to talk about?" Kara leans further into Lena's side and plays with the brunette's hand. Inspecting the lines on the palm.


The brunette explains hesitantly "I believe it would be beneficial for you to designate a safe room or aka a foxhole."


"For what?" The blond asks curiously with a small furrow.


The CEO continues "In case you get upset, it will help you to calm yourself or work through whatever your going through, enough to be able to handle things without...reacting."


Kara listens carefully with a tilt "Oh I understand. That makes sense."


"So the sunroom is your official foxhole is that ok?" Green peers at blue trying to read the emotions there.


Giving a half grin "Yea that's fine so I just go in there to calm down alone like I have been sorta already?" The blond asks to confirm.


Relieved the blond was agreeable with the idea "Yes that's the general idea with soldiers with PTSD or any kind of trauma or grief they need a safe zone to retreat to. So this might help you." The brunette adds softly while gently rubbing the Kryptonian's arm.


The warrior acquiesced to Lena's suggestion "Okay."


The brunette happily states multiple options "Whatever you find soothing or calming can go into that room. You can have books, paint, stuffed animals whatever you need I'll have brought in."


"Ok that sounds alright maybe a stereo and some candy." The blond tried to imagine it for a second.


The CEO warns with a smile "Please keep it in a sealed container I don't want ants."


Kara chuckles and brings the brunettes hand up to her lips giving it a small kiss on the inside of the palm "Ok"


The sweet gesture makes Lena light up "Actually I have an idea" Leaning forward as Kara releases the hand. The CEO opens up her laptop and shows the blond a picture of a little trickling waterfall with colored lights, a oil diffuser and then another picture of a sound machine that included singing bowls at 432hz or 528hz.


The blond scratches her neck where the collar used to sit "I think those are great ideas."


The brunette assured her with a smile "You can decorate the room how you like." Laying her hand on the blond's knee.


Kara leans back concern lacing her voice "What if and when my powers fully return? I'm not sure I'd be able to handle it."


Closing the laptop Lena scoots back and puts her arms around the blond's midsection. Putting a chin on her shoulder while looking up at azure orbs "Well then we can have the whole place set up with the lamps. I can install a new protocol I can activate from anywhere within the apartment.. We'll think of something but for now let's get this setup."


Thinking for a moment Kara also supplies "Ok we could also put some plants in there."


The brunette agrees "Actually that's a good idea and you could use it as a meditation room."


"Yea I could." Nodding in agreement.


The pair goes through multiple options, decorations and ideas for the room.




They had a pretty relaxing day and every so often Kara would have to go to the sunroom and Lena would work or be on phone calls. Kara didn't mind, knowing the CEO had always been a busy woman. Lena was so amazing and that's one of the things Kara loves about her, is the brunette's tenacity.


To keep pushing in the face of adversity. It's just awesome what Lena accomplishes by sheer will. Kara is in the kitchen munching on a strawberry bar and again the feeling hits her. Lena looks up at the blond from the living room and smiles having felt it too.


They stay like that for a moment just observing the other and the connection. Until Lena hears another ding from her computer.


The brunette turns to look at the screen and frowns "Apparently Rhea's Brother Vinri is the one that placed the bounty on you."


"So it was revenge?" The blond throws the popsicle stick away and then grabs another out of the freezer. 'This time mango!'


"Seems that way but I don't know. Something seems off about it." The brunette types a bit more.


The blond removes the wrapper and bites into the delicious and creamy treat 'Mmmmmmm' "How so?"


Smacking her mouse on the coffee table clicking a bit more "I don't know yet. I just know that's not the whole picture. Why make us believe you were dead?" Running her fingers through the dark locks.


"I don't know." Kara shrugs as she leans against the kitchen sink.


"That's not the first time someone's tried to get you out of the way. Ugh I don't have enough information yet." Frustration clearly evident in the brunette's tone.


The Kryptonian assures after taking another large bite "If it's there you'll figure it out." She gets through the mouthful.


"Mmm thanks for the vote of confidence." The CEO adds with a grin.


"I wouldn't be here otherwise." Finishing the last bite in a flourish the blond then tosses away this stick too. Having eaten 3 in the past 10 minutes.


Finally had enough Lena flips her mouse and opens it up "Damnit could you toss me the AA's from the junk drawer please. My mouse is dying."


The blond steps over to the drawer and rummages for a second "Yea hang on. How many you need?"


"Two please."


"Okay" Kara grabs the first two she found and does an underhand throw. They never made it across the room. There imbedded in the ceiling above the kitchen island was the pair of batteries.


The brunette gets out with a bit of levity "I'm glad you didn't throw those at me."


Kara says in a self-admonishing tone "I better just hand these last two to you." Picking up the other two gently and walked them across the room. Letting them roll off her hand into Lena's awaiting palm.


Grabbing the batteries and putting them into the mouse, locking the backcover in place "It's ok sweetie. Have you tested for your other powers yet? See if you can retrieve those." Lena says in a soft and understanding tone.


Kara concentrates and right now is only hovering about a foot off the ground. Then flops back down with a frustrated look.


The CEO reassures her "Ok well it's progress. How do you feel?"


Pinched the bridge of her nose "Like I'm in standbye safe mode and I'm kinda pissed about it. Why is it taking so long? Why does it feel weird? What's going on with me?" Then flails her arms in exasperation.


"If I had to guess I would speculate that your original cells coming from Krypton had and maintained a certain capacitance since I'm guessing you didn't really work out being in a science based community especially the way you whined about exercise in the Valley." Lena explains while looking at the ceiling in thought.




The CEO continues "So if that's the case then what would happen if one were to say had increased that capacitance exponentially with rigorous activity and hardship, building extra cells including muscle and bone. Endurance, resiliency, strength, muscle mass etc... if your mitochondria now act differently based upon the radiation type from the yellow sun my guess is it will take longer for you to recharge and you will have more staying power."


Kara looks at the brunette in complete adoration "You beautiful genius."


Lena hums in agreement with a smug grin "Mmmm"


"I'm more into the math and quantum side of things or I would've figured that out." Kara walks back over to the kitchen and pokes her head into the fridge.




Pulling the fair head back out and closing the door she asks "So what's for dinner?"


"You just ate." The CEO points out incredulously.


Kara waves off "Ice cream doesn't count and lunch was hours ago."


The brunette good-naturedly glares at the other woman and supplies "There's plenty of groceries. Find something." Closing her laptop carefully.


"Fine but if you catch me eating dry noodles from a box don't say I didn't warn you." The blond gets out while heading towards the pantry.


"Out!" Lena jumps up and heads towards the kitchen shooing out the blond "Get out of the kitchen. I'll make you something you big baby."


Kara internally snickers and moves out of the way quickly.

Chapter Text

Late night


It was much later when Lena and Kara were snuggling in bed. Light kisses and soft touches. Not pushing but merely enjoying their connection. Savoring the soft moments with eachother. Lena knows Kara isn't ready for that yet but still wants her to know she's loved, appreciated and desired.


Lena pulls away slightly and just stares down into Kara's bright blue eyes. Dark hair curtaining the pair. "Mmm I love you." The brunette husks.


One arm cradling her back and the other on the CEO's hip. The blond breathes out "And I love you Lena Luthor." Placing gentle kisses along the brunette's jaw.


The brunette's body is tingling with the energy that keeps bouncing back and forth between the two through their connection. It's so new, strange and wonderful Lena is enjoying it. Not in a rush at all just letting it ebb and flow "How did you get the one over your eye love?"


"I wasn't fast enough and it was a very large beast. I was very fortunate I sensed it rather than saw the attack coming or I'd only have one eye now." Kara's heart is overflowing she's having trouble breathing but in a good way.


Lena gently lifts herself up on her arms and leaves little kisses over the long scar.


Kara shivers.


"Mm it's kinda sensitive." The brunette acknowledges with a smile and then rubs their noses which causes Kara to smile wider.


"Hmm" 'She is so beautiful' Kara's mind supplies.


The CEO was curious and kisses the side of the blond's mouth. For which the blond chases but Lena pulls out of reach slightly "What did the beast look like?"


"Well it was kinda across between a.." Kara is trying to concentrate when Lena starts planting kisses on her chin and down her neck. Then sucking lightly on the blond's pulsepoint.


The blond moans "It's a.. Oh Rao you're good at that."


The brunette's hands lightly skimming under the blue tanktop Kara decided to wear to bed. Still lavishing on her neck.


Lena smirks "Continue." Then the brunette moves down to the collarbone and gives it some precious attention.


The blond is having difficulty concentrating when the brunette keeps doing that thing with her tongue "Oh yea umm it was a Doleran. A cross between a grizzly and a Dire wolf but with umm.. Oh yea.. it had stripes and so so fast."


All of a sudden for less than a second an image sears inside of Lena's mind. She flinches, rockets herself backwards and almost falls off the bed "What the fuck!"


"Lena Oh Rao! Are you alright?? I didn't hurt you did I? Oh God I'm so sorry baby." Kara had real fear in her eyes afaid she hurt Lena.


"No No. It's ok. I'm ok. Give me a second. I saw something." The brunette rubs her face vigorously.


"Wait what?" Props herself up further on her elbows and peers at the brunette carefully.


The brunette holds a hand up 'What the hell was that?! Did I just really see that?' Not really sure what's going on she takes an educated guess "I.. I think I just had an ummm Oh God this is gonna sound weird but I think I had a vision." Lena cringed.


"Oh really? umm what did you see?" Kara is still eyeing the brunette and curious about what happened.


"This doesn't freak you out?" The CEO says with a confused look.


Shake of a blond head "No not really."


Remembering all the details Kara supplied and then gave her the one she didn't Lena admits "Ok umm I think it was that creature you were describing. Did umm did it have a bladed tail?"


"You... Holy Rao You saw it!" Kara says excitedly.


Disbelief coloring her features Lena blurts "You're kidding"


Kara assures "No it did. That's how he got me it was with his tail." 'uh oh' Kara realizes what's going on and now she's going to have to come clean with everything. Not holding back anything when it comes to the brunette because she'll know anyways, one way or another.


Wide-eyed "Holy shit."


Kara's brow furrows a bit "You sure you're not hurt?"


A dark locks bounce slightly in a shake while giving the blond a soft look "No baby"


Kara knew this conversation was coming and sits up. When she had sneaking suspicions before she visited the Alura AI all those years ago "You've been having bonded essence events. Has anything like this happened before? Even in dreams? or other feelings? More than our you know our connection thing."


This is all incredible to the CEO but she's curious and wants to know more "I..I think so. My dreams they've felt so real for the past several months. I thought I was going crazy from grief until you came home and this pulse or whatever it is I don't know."


Kara goes to slowly grasp Lena's hands and caress them gently "You're not crazy. Bondmates or what they say here on Earth soulmates have these kind of experiences. It's nothing to be scared of but yes sometimes it will be a bit overwhelming. Don't worry it supposedly get's better."


Lena slowly grins "I never believed in soulmates but this thing between us this connection it's uhh been getting stronger and now I'm starting to think anything is possible."


A big smile plastered the Kryptonians face.


"That was so unreal." Lena says in wonder.


The blond hesitates for a moment playing with Lena's fingers in her lap 'Here goes..' "There's alot of things I'll have to tell you about all this and I'm not sure if you want to follow through with... you know being with me fully. I mean yes I know you wear the bracelet and stated you understand but I'm not sure if it's enough."


"I don't understand. Eliza explained that you wanted to propose and I..." Lena was a bit perplexed at this.


Kara explains with a pained expression "Aside from additional abilities you may gain from our spiritual connection Lena I'm not human..."


The CEO gives a confused expression "Abilities? Kara.."


The blond is clearly embarrassed struggling with what she's going to say next and sits back a moment releasing the brunette's hands. Kara holds herself and rubbing her left arm. "Wait... I ummm...well my anatomy is different. I ummmm.." The Kryptonian is trying not to imagine the CEO running away from her. It hurts.


The brunette sensed Kara's distress and scoots forward on her knees while reaching out to tuck the blond hair behind the woman's ears. "Sweetie it's ok. Your parts don't make you who you are. When and if you're ever ready I will accept and love all of you."


That seemed to calm down the Kryptonian as the blond drops her arms. "Ok I just wasn't sure and I haven't told anyone about..." Gesturing towards her lower section.


The CEO reassures softly "Baby it's fine. We don't have to talk about it if it makes you uncomfortable. Not until you're ready."


Kara frowns "I want you to know what you're getting into..."


Lena puts her finger over the blond's lips and looks into the cerulean pools. Lena feels the warmth inside and lets it grow then pulls with an inhale and pushes with an exhale.


All of Kara's worries evaporate in the wake of this. It's amazing and wonderful. Everything between them is going to be alright. She knows it. She feels it.


Their teary smiles reflected in one another's eyes as they held onto this. Nothing could take this away from them. Lena then hugs the blond tight.


Kara slowly lays back while holding the brunette being careful not to hurt the other woman. The warrior's still a little gun shy after earlier. It really did scare her. She carefully holds Lena in her arms.


The brunette lays her head on the blond's chest and listens to the heartbeat there as Kara makes soft stroking motions along Lena's back with fingertips.


After several minutes Lena speaks first "You mentioned abilities so I'm guessing this is not a one time thing."


"Mmmm no. There are several things that may occur so be prepared and try not to freak out too much. Some examples would be enhanced perceptions, precognitive, clairs, psychic abilities and powers. It's unique per pairbond and person. From what I recall it was only Kryptonians but if Kryptonians are very similar to humans under Rao's red sun then I don't see why humans can't. It might get weird." Kara yawns. The emotional rollercoaster finally catching up with her.


Lena can't help but copy the blond *yawn* "I can handle weird."


"So tell me about your dreams." Kara asks with a small grin.




Meanwhile in Egypt




Temple of Hathor



"I can't see anything!"


"Would you be quiet. Use your flashlight you moron."


"Don't call me a moron and why are we here again?"


"Master said we had to."


"Oh right something about a...."


"A harp."


"Yea! What's up with that?! Why can't we just get one from the music store?"


"Apparently this one is special now shut up I'm trying to concentrate."


As the minion found the symbol he was looking for he pushed on it. A section of the floor dropped into a set of stairs leading underneath the temple.


"Ok you keep watch and I'll head down."


"Why do you get to go?" The other underling asks indignantly.


"Cause I know what we're looking for." He says matter-of-factly.


"You already said it was a harp how hard can it be?"


"No this shit is booby trapped you idiot. I know what I'm doing. I don't need you getting us both killed or arrested."


"Fine whatever. Why can't we just use magic?"


The minion looks at the other guy like he's an idiot of epic proportions "That's what I'm talking about you're not using your brain. This shit is Godstuff anything lower realm magic will set off the other types of traps."


"Uh.. oh ok then you go but when we get back you're going to owe me a meal."


"Says who?"


"Says me!"


"I'm not going to argue with you right now. Shut up and keep watch."

Chapter Text

Middle of the night


Lena wakes up to an empty cold spot beside her.


She gets up to go find where Kara went as this was becoming the norm for them at night. If it wasn't the nightmares it was constantly waking up from every little sound. Lena hasn't got much sleep because of it but figures it'll get better in time.


Still wrapped in the comforter slightly dragging it, she makes her way to the living room and finds Kara is sitting on the couch, in the living room in the dark. There was only a trickle of moon and citylights coming in so she didn't bump into anything.


"Why are you up?" Lena asks softly as she makes her way around the couch to sit next to the blond.


The warrior admits "Didn't mean to wake you. I can't sleep."


"You didn't. I just missed you." The brunette assures while semi wrapping her in the blanket and nestling into the blond's side.


Kara doesn't want to have to tell Lena what's going on in her mind. She's been sitting here trying to work herself up to it but is deathly afraid of what Lena may think of her if she does. "Go back to sleep love."


The CEO shakes her head "It's alright I'm up now." Her voice still scratchy from sleep.


The Kryptonian accepts that this might be it. Sucking in a deep breath "Do you remember when I talked about the slime paste?"


The brunette confirms, laying her head on the blond's shoulder "Yes I remember"


Kara hesitates for a moment "Well it.. it wasn't always like that..."


"Okay" Lena waits patiently.


Her voice thick and heavy with the burden she bears Kara explains "Eventually they.. they transfered me the arena that I started getting more and better food."


"Arena?" The brunette gets out slightly confused, hoping it's not what's she's thinking as the CEO's mind always has a tendency to jump to worst case scenarios. 'No. There's no way.' She sits up and back, trying to look at Kara's expression in the limited light.


"Please don't.. don't hate me..I.." Kara got out with stuttering breath.


Cupping the blond's face "I could never hate you Kara. Never. I swear it. I love you."


Kara takes another deep breath and finally pushes out what she's been trying to get out "The..the arena was...they...they forced us to fight eachother Lena. I...I was a gladiator."


Lena was in shock. Horrored by what she now knew. Her Kara, her precious innocent Kara had been forced to kill people for sport.


The Kryptonian sees the look on the brunette's face and can't handle that coming from her "I can't" Pulling away Kara gets up and goes to the sunroom. Closes and locks the door behind her.


Lena wanted so much to sooth Kara but can't. Not right now. She needed to give her time. She had to wait till Kara came out of the sunroom on her own. Those were the rules now. Lena also needed time to acclimate to this new information.




There was no way Lena was going back to sleep without the blond. So Lena waited and decided to do some work on her laptop in the meantime in bed. Lena had time to digest the information fully now. It's not Kara's fault. She was the victim in all of this and Lena will continue to be her future wife's rock.


With everything that's going on between them it's not really like they have a choice. Not that they would want to stop. Just that Lena feels things escalating again but in a different way. The brunette can't explain it but no matter what version or form this beautiful soul that is Kara takes Lena's spirit is compelled to keep the blond in her orbit and her arms.


Lena's been forced to do things and been put through situations as befitting a Luthor. So she cannot fault the blond woman from becomming the warrior she is now. In fact Lena is quite proud of her. If anyone could possibly survive that it would be Supergirl wouldn't it? The heart of a hero. The CEO muses a bit further.


It was almost two hours later when the brunette hears the sunroom door unlock and familiar foot steps echoes down the hall. The CEO observes the blond quietly as she slowly walks into the room. The brunette closes the laptop and puts it on the nightstand.


The blond's body language is hesitant as she looks at the brunette. Kara sees nothing but love looking back at her as she gets closer to the bed "May I?"


Giving a smile the brunette very softly adds "It's your bed too but yes."


Kara sits down, rubs her hands together, leans back against the pillows and headboard with a sigh.


Noticing the wheels turning in the blond's head, Lena asks "What are you thinking?"


Taking a breath and then another "That you wouldn't want me anymore and... just that I'm a very violent person now and I'm scared of when I get my powers back fully. I feel it's trickle inside my cells but nothing exceptionally strong yet. I'm afraid I'm a monster and it may not be a good idea if I stayed here on Earth anymore." The blond finally gets out with sorrow lacing her voice.


Lena jumped up out of the bed and starts pacing slightly and raises her voice "YOU are Not a Monster and don't you ever say something like that Ever again. Do you hear Me Kara?!"




Turning around fast, points and then gesticulates her arms with outrage "NO! and Don't even think about leaving after everything! I am not letting you out of my sight. You are stuck with me and I REFUSE to let you go!"


At first it surprised the Kryptonian at the conviction in the brunette's voice and body language yet Kara doesn't have it in her to fight the dark haired woman. 'She's even beautiful when she's angry.' So Kara just let's it go "Yes Dear." She says with a slight twinkle on her solemn face.


Frowning "I'm serious." The brunette puts her hands on her hips.


"I didn't say anything about leaving you behind." Kara supplies with a steady voice in all seriousness.


Crossing her arms in confusion Lena starts to cool off a bit "Huh?"


The blond suggests softly "We could explore the galaxy together."


The anger leaves her immediately as she contemplates the blond's words "As interesting as that idea is. Now is not a good time for thinking about that. Let's just put that thought on hold at least for a few years ok?"


"Mmm ok." Kara gives a small nod.


Taking a settling breath she sits back down onto the bed, Lena calmly adds "As for your warrior mindset it's something we can work on together. You're still you at your core and I know you would never willingly hurt innocents for your enjoyment so I know you're gonna be fine."


Blue eyes reflect warmth "You're usual. Rao I missed you."


Feeling a bit out of sorts for reacting like that "I didn't mean to yell. It just made me angry all of a sudden." Lena admits in an emotion filled voice "You have my heart so whenever you talk like that it.."


"I understand." The Kryptonian smiles and opens her arms.


Lena gratefully accepts the invitation and tucks herself against the blond's right side, wrapping arms around her middle "Are you ok now?"


Placing a kiss against Lena's temple, Kara replies "Are you?"


Heartbeat settling the brunette concludes "I think we'll be alright."


They re-arrange themselves and get comfortable on the bed. Pulling the covers up. Lena's head on the blond's chest, an arm thrown over a waist and legs entangled. As Kara reaches over and turns off the lamplight she can't help but think of what tomorrow may bring.

Chapter Text



Lena is in a rush to get out the door because they refused to get out of bed early since they had a rough night and now she's trying to make it in time for the Satcall.


The brunette is in her wardrobe closet having already done her hair and makeup "If you decide to get out and about today then here's some cash. I also have some emergency cash stashed in a false bottom in the cookie jar and a secret side panel in back of the spice cabinet. And here's my backup card if you want to order anything from online. Here's the spare key for the apartment." Tossing the stuff at the blond she shimmies quickly into a dress, grabs a set of matching heels and her phone off the bedstand.


Trying not to blush the blond grabs the wad of bills, the black card and the keys "Wow really? Are there cookies in there?" Kara asks with a smile. Following the dark haired woman scuttle about and down the hallway.


Walking towards the kitchen quickly while carrying her heels "Yes but please don't make yourself sick by trying to eat them all."


"Ok" The blond continues following her through the apartment.


"I've got 2 board of directors meetings today. The overseas one this morning hence why I have to go in so early. Then I should be home around 7. Are you gonna be ok?" Lena grabs a yogurt from the fridge and a spoon from the drawer. Places them on the counter for a moment.


"I'll be fine." The Kryptonian assures her.


The CEO points at Kara with a look "And absolutely no superheroing today. Call if you need anything. My number is on the fridge. The house phone is in the office."


The blond nods "Fine."


"Try shopping for things you might be interested in." The brunette puts on her heels.


Kara goes to open her mouth.


"Not food" Lena says firmly as she pulls on her coat.


The Kryptonian's mouth clicks shut.


The brunette explains quickly "I'm talking interests as in hobbies. Maybe some new paints or you can go check out some new manga. I know how much you used to love t