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Destiny Calling

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Somewhere in the Rondari Sector of space


General TaNak is a very busy man and hates to be interrupted.
Sitting in his quarters skimming through the latest bounty price points. Working the angle of cost and expenditures vs profit. Maintaining his accounts on Draelik 3. Gathering intel on any potential bounties in the current star sector and so forth.


His second in command comes barreling in and before he could blink the general is across the room and smashes his fist into the man's face. Snarling and pinning him against the bulkhead. "You shoulda knocked first huh TeGo."


"I'm so so sorry sir! It won't happen again. W..We received a encrypted message with your name on it leveled priority 1."


TaNak drops the man unceremoniously with a thud as TeGo covers his now bleeding nose as he hands over a crystal chip and then exits swiftly.


The General walks back and carefully synchs while opening the data stream with his secured personal interface station.


A video of a rather ugly dominator lights up his screen.


"We require your special services at this time. You will be compensated in accordance with the information provided below.
The package is to be transfered to Heiras5. You have 2 hours to respond and confirm. If you accept and are unsuccessful your license will be revoked and you will be banned from the League indefinitely." Then the video blinks out only showing the encrypted information below being translated.




The rest of the data finishes compiling while he sits back down and it shows him an image of one Kara Zor-El.


Kryptonian. Milky Way. Sol System. Planet Earth. Continent North America. National City. Including Brief descriptions of powers with interaction footage.


It goes on to show the bounty's reward.
3 Trillian credits and free weapons upgrade including docking fee waivers for the next 3 years at all League stations.


'This'll be quite the haul' He thinks avariciously while idly thumbing his tooth.


"Looks like we need to stop for supplies to secure this package." He says with an evil glint.





National City


It was another typical morning for the blond reporter. The sun was shining. The streets were bustling with business men and women. Food vendors with lines already forming. Traffic flow is normal for a Tuesday.


Rushing to get past the throngs of commuters Kara was attempting to get to Catco early today.


She made it with no problem. Kara noticed not everyone was into work yet so it was a little more quiet than the usual midday and evening shifts. It's nice. 'Maybe I should come in early more often.'


The heroine gets to her office without interruption, sitting at her desk opens her laptop and gets started checking messages and emails. Running through some of other smaller story edits she has an extension on. She pops off a few pieces and then goes to see Snapper.


Snapper has her work a lead for an exclusive on the new LCorp Waterworks Division and infrastructure. "Get on it ponytail." He said with a grunt.


Kara quickly makes her way out of the building and the blond feels something in the air she can't explain it. She closes her eyes for a moment soaking up the sun and inhaling deeply. All the sounds tune out for a moment and all she hears is the steady beat of a single heart. A homing beacon. Lena.


It's incredible how fast they became friends all within the breadth of a second. It still amazes Kara and she can feel the excitement bubbling from her chest. 'Feels like flying' She shakes her head and gets movin.


Kara knows the Executive probably didn't get any sleep the night before and most likely didn't have time to stop for coffee. So Kara decided to make a goody run before heading to LCorp.


Instead of just typical coffee for Lena she decided to also have them try the new Indian vendor with the Ayurvedic spiced milktea.


It was blazing yellow and Kara thought it looked and smelled awesome. She also grabbed some of their cherry & cheese danishes. Paying the vendor the blond thanks him with her signature bright smile as she heads out.





LCorp Lena's Office


Lena's typing away listening to Thomas Bergersen's latest score. Really enjoying how it gets her juiced up for the day.
Nothing beats epic music. Gets the blood flowing and she is gonna need it seeing how many meetings she has scheduled today on top of more paperwork and R&D. Lena had no idea how she is going to pencil in a site visit today.


'Honestly I wish there were two of me.' She takes a deep breath.


'On second thought maybe not so much. We'd be at a stalemate vying for leadership control' She laughs at herself.


She wanted to get out to the new waterworks power station before 5pm to do a facility check walkthrough, redundancy checks, dry run and finalization before the official launch in 4 days. There are 3 sites in all which the other 2 have already completed their final phase and ready whenever #3 is up and running. Their main system is isolated from any external access so no hacker can gain access. The secondary systems are manual. So it's completely independent from the utility companies and the net.


They had bought up real estate along the bay and other strategic waterways to set up safe underwater turbines in mounts along the coastlines. Vertical easy to install and uninstall boxes that were specially geneered to stay out of the way of passing ships and protect marine life without causing vibrational errosion of the coastal silt. It's secondary systems processed and filtered pollutants out as well. A design Lena herself thought up in 10th grade.


She also integrated a hydrosonic water hammer drum-pump with special angled drilled holes in the main core. Spinning the rotor and creating heat, hot water and steam. Capturing all 3 produces an overabundance of power. Defying another supposed law of physics. Overunity overturns the law of conservational of energy that says you cannot get something for nothing. It gave off more power than it took to create it at a rate of 70% + output. This initial prototype design was from her MIT days.


All of this new technology and infrastructure will assist with offsetting the cost of utilities to lower-income communities, reduce gouging by the utility companies and providing additional jobs for skilled labor. Also providing free power and water to domestic abuse shelters, homeless LGBTQ+ Youth centers and free workforce skill training stations.


So needless to say she's excited.


Getting antsy to get things completed before the conference she makes a quick decision.


Pressing her comm button on her phone... "Jess, please move my 11:30 to tomorrow's 3:00 slot please. I'll be visiting the new site instead."


"Very good Ms Luthor. Right away."








Jess waves Kara through with a smile. Effervescent and energized Kara moves through the executives door without any hesitation.




"Kara!" The Ceo gets up from her desk and walks over to the blond giving her a brief side hug.


Pointing to the couch. Kara nods walking over placing the cups and bag on the coffee table and then wriggled into the couch.


Lena internally chuckles at how sweet and adorable the ball of sunshine is. Sitting towards the opposite side of the couch she inquires. "Not that I'm not glad to see you but what brings you by so early?"


"Yo..Work. Snapper sent me but I brought goodies!" 'You.' She wanted to say but corrected herself. Giving a mega watt smile at the mention of 'goodies'.


"You didn't have to bring me anything." The CEO notices the slip but doesn't point it out. It makes her smile internally.


"It's ok I wanted to! This is for you to try before I give you the other cup." Kara hands the brunette the green cup first.


"Umm ok what is it?"


"It's Ayurvedic spiced milktea!" Kara says excitedly.


Eyebrow raised. 'Interesting' Lena just couldn't say no to that. It does sound really nice and takes the cup. Their fingers barely brush feeling slight jolts of electric currents.


"Sounds interesting. Thank you for all this really."


"Oh it smelled delicious so I wanted for us to try it together so I hope you don't mind me picking stuff out like this." The blond rambles on clearly excited.


Lena takes a sip and turns out it's reaaaaally good. She closes her eyes and hums.


Kara can feel Lena's hum in her plexus and it tickles. 'Oh that's weird' She shakes it off.


"This is so good. You have a good nose." The brunette opens her eyes and gives the reporter a genuine smile.


"It never fails me!" The reporter exclaims proudly.


'Where does she get all that energy?'


"So what else ya got there?" Lena prods with a grin.


"Cherry cheese danish and coffee"


"You are my favorite."


Kara blushes and delves into the bag.




They make quick work of the pastries and jump right into the interview.


"Oh My Goodness Lena That's amazing!!! This is gonna help sooo many people! Just incredible! You're incredible!" Kara responded clearly unable to contain her enthusiasm.


Lena feels slightly embarrassed at the praise and feels a subtle warmth blossoming in her chest.


"Those communities have been hurting for awhile and this will totally help ease that. I wouldn't be surprised if the local crime rate drastically decreases. When did you come up with the water hammer concept?" The reporter asks with awe in her voice while scribbling in her notebook.


"It was something I was working on at MIT. I had a friend who's father was in the water boiler industry. I went with him to go visit his dad one day and I noticed they were having some issues so I poked at it to see if I could fix it." She leaned back against the couch thoughtfully recalling that particular day long ago.


"It gave me an idea so I started playing around in one of the steel shops and came up with that. It was only until recently I pulled the prototype out of the dusty garage I left it in and applied it to the new waterworks facility as a last minute concept. It worked out so I'm happy." The brunette said excitedly finally able to share that particular memory with someone important to her.


"So amazing!. Yea! That 70% figure is gonna knock everyone's socks off at the Green energy conference this weekend." The blond said while readjusting her glasses.


"Yea I'm trying to wrap it up before then for a seamless transition into my presentation." The CEO admitted with confidence knowing that all the pieces are lining up nicely.


Lena continues. "Our booth will also have a set up for the charities listed."


"Well it's an oversold event for the presentations since they decided to make it a full on tech conference. I heard Wayne Technologies will also be making an appearance." The blond woman grinned.


"Yea and security is gonna be a nightmare." Lena says contritely.


"You think someone's gonna try something?" The blond questions with a serious face now a bit nervous.


"I don't know but can't take any chances at these things. NCPD K-9 units will be there. Other companies security and task forces will all be on close standby whether if they got wind of something or not." The CEO said nonchalantly like it's normal for her.


Kara paused with a small furrow and then asked "Would you like me to get in touch with our Super friend? I know she would happily..."


"It wouldn't be a good idea for Supergirl to be seen as my personal bodyguard although I appreciate you suggesting it however, I cannot agree to it." The brunette explained calmly.


She pats Kara's knee. "I have things under control so don't worry ok? Are you going to be amongst press contigent for Catco?"


"Unfortunately no. Snapper has Chris' group doing all the coverage." The reporter admitted lifting her hands and then letting them drop.


"Well if you're not busy then you could be my guest but I warn you we'll be all over the place, tons of pictures and mostly just me talking tech and business. It may give you alot of unwanted attention associating with me." Forewarning the blond against again associating with a Luthor. If Kara backed out she wouldn't hold it against her.


"I don't care about any about that stuff Lena. I'd love to go with you." She places her hand on top of the brunettes that covered her knee and gave it a slight squeeze.


They sat there smiling for a few heartbeats in comfortable silence basking in the warmth it presented.


"Ms Luthor your 9:15 is here." Lena's assitant chimes through her telephone speaker.


Glaring slightly at the phone for the interruption but knew it wouldn't do any good she pressed the button and replied "Thank you Jess."


"I guess I better go." The blond remarked reluctantly.


Sounding hopeful Lena inquires "Text me later?"


"You bet." Kara said with a knowing smile and a nod.






Kara doesn't manage to dodge the blow that's aimed at her head. 'Crap this guy hits hard'


She does evade the followup swing slipping underneath his arm, kicks the back of his leg and bringing a hard elbow to the jaw. He's knocked into a forward roll.


The alien she's fighting is almost as strong as her but not fast enough. Bulky with grey stonelike skin and large bluish grey eyes. He'd been wreaking havoc downtown utterly destroying the courthouse and a few government buildings. Luckily there were no casualties. Something about it bugged her was too... strategic. So she filed the information away for later.




She taps her earcomm "Alex what's your ETA?"


"Supergirl we're inbound in 12."


"Got it"


She superspeeds a kick to his chest as he attempts to get up. He gets knocked further back, jumps up and tosses a mailbox at her.


She catches it and sets it on the ground. Taking flight to draw him further away from the crowd that was gathering.




A moment later she dives into him from above. Smashing them both into the asphalt making a small crater.


She gets in a few hits. The blond tries to freeze him to disable him but he grabs her arm and kicks her off.


The hero lands against another building.




He charges her.


'Might have to knock him out'


She stands up and makes a beeline at the brute.


Kara whips her cape into a makshift rope while running up his front. Launching herself off his knee she flips her body into a side turn making it up and over. Placing her directly behind him where she had hooked his neck with the roped cloth getting the choke and dropping her weight. While tightening her grip he struggles a bit forcing her to press harder till finally he passes out. She clearly hears the heartbeat letting her know he's still alive.




Winn chirps in. "We got a building fire on 24th. Several people trapped and the fire dept can't get in."


"On it. Alex I left you a sleepy package." She takes off.


"Copy that."


It's not till much later that night that Supergirl coated with ash and reeking of smoke passes out on top of her bed still in her dirty suit.




Lena's Apartment Late Evening


Lena is now sitting in her apartment suite replaying the events of the day in her head while she sips her tea. It's very handy having photographic memory. Rewind and fast forward to see if she missed any important details.


She finished the reports on the facility today after giving them the all clear. Everything passed with flying colors. She also personally hand-selected the crew that would be working at that particular site. The CEO didn't like to delegate anything so close to the big event. Not a chance.


They're running all 3 sites simultaneously as she'll be monitoring them remotely. Check redundancy and redirects for any deviations incoming and outgoing. Systems status monitoring both electronic and mechanical. She always preferred the hands on approach as for her it was much more satisfying.


Lena then reviews her schedule for the weekend. Since the conference is being held in National City there's no need to book any hotels this time so it'll be a matter of picking up Kara on the Executive bus and heading out.


She might as well put the damn thing to good use since the staff is always on call anyways. Rather than stuffin it with the show crew and it gives her an excuse to have Kara all to herself.


She smiles gently at that.


Can't help the feeling from coming to the surface nor does she want to stop it.


It just feels right letting go and allowing.


'Whether Kara feels the same or not doesn't matter.'


'I'm just happy to have her joy in my life.'


Lena has had nothing but sharp, cold and painful feelings littering her past. Nothing that ever created this warmth and so to remind herself she's human she just allows it to fill her. For now it's good enough.