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Between Worlds

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Matthaias flopped down onto his couch in the beat up apartment he shared with his boyfriend. He lit a cigarette and took a long drag before closing his eyes and listening to his boyfriend's soft snoring. His lover, River, was sleeping peacefully, and Matt didnt want to wake him. It wasnt often either of them slept through the night. Matt sighs softly, once more lifting the cigarette to his lips. It was a favorite way to unwind after a long night of selling his body and pretending he enjoyed the mediocre sex that came with it. Yeah, he hated his job. Hated being passed around from man to man. But what else could he do? And what else would pay so well....

A sudden burst of pain hit. Matt yelps. Hed fallen asleep, dropping the cigarette on himself in the process. He heard someone stirring in the bedroom, and soon was looking into the eyes of his boyfriend.
"Are you alright? Youre home so late," River murmurs, caressing Matt's cheek. Matt gives a grunt, sitting up and putting the cigarette out on the ashtray.
"Yeah. I'm fine."
"Then come to bed. Please."
Matt nods, standing and pressing a gentle kiss to River's lips. He couldn't let this precious man know what he did for a living. He couldnt bear to see his face filled with pain at knowing Matt shared his body with other men every night, couldnn't bear for River to think he was dirty. So Matthaias swore to keep it a secret. Forever.

Oh, if only he could keep that promise

He crawls into bed with River, holding him in his arms. River smiles, running a hand through Matt's curls.
"Hair's getting long..."
River smiles and closes his eyes, falling asleep with Matt's hair still in his hand.