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Love Letters for Sherlock.

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Dearest Love, 

As I sit at my desk writing, I can see you working at the kitchen table.

Have I ever told you how beautiful you look when you are completely absorbed in your microscope?  Using those exquisitely long fingers to change the slides or pursing those beautiful cupid bow lips as you think.  Watching you work is one of my favourite pastimes. 

You become so excited, when a clue gets solved or a new theory proves true. 

I can see your eyes light up as you jot down a new finding in your notebook. I may not always be happy to come home and find a new 

body parts in the fridge, but seeing you get excited over a new experiment makes it a bit better.

I have just made you some tea and set the cup down next to you. You murmured Thanks, placing your hand over mine on your shoulder, while I pressed  a kiss on the top of your gorgeous curls, taking a moment to breathe in your posh shampoo.

You are a bit distracted, but I wouldn't have you any other way than the way you are.

Just being around you is wonderful,  I enjoy our quiet evenings in as much as I enjoy chasing you through the streets on a case. 

You just jumped from your chair, shouting you had solved it! I had no doubt that you wouldn't. 

We are off to Scotland Yard now. Once this is done, I can't wait to come home and meet you in our bed, my brilliant, clever detective.


Love always, 

Your John