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If you look close enough,Shen Wei's eyes sometimes fall from looking deep into Yunlan's eyes and then to his lips.

Even Zhu Yilong himself can't explain why he does that most of the time. Bai Yu's attractive,he admits but his lips are the ones that always captivate him;as if they're calling him in to kiss him. It happens every freaking time they shoot.

Honestly,it was bittersweet torture. He may have been thinking about it ever since Bai Yu told him that there was an intense drunken kiss scene in the novel which he immediately read upon reaching home. It was hot he admitted. His character,Shen Wei manhandling Bai Yu's Zhao Yunlan roughly has him nearly combusting.

He hopes to god that he doesn't start looking at Bai Yu in a different way.

But he was wrong.


Ever since then, he'd stare at Bai Yu's lips most of the time without even realizing. What would it feel to kiss a man and that man being Bai Yu? His heart began beating fast and that was when he knew he began having feelings for the other.

It was when they finished filming the 22nd episode that Bai Yu had dragged him away from the set to some place quite far away and pushed him to the wall.

"I've been waiting for you to do this but I've run out of patience." Bai Yu pressed his lips against his. Yilong was frozen in position,not knowing whether he should kiss him back or push him away. The other pulled away and had a quite dissapointed look on his face.


With that,Bai Yu turned around and began to walk away. Yilong couldn't handle how sad the other had looked and pulled his arm,dragging the whole man towards him.

"I'm sorry too." He says,hugging the man closer. "I think I like you."

He hears the younger laughing,"As if it wasn't obvious."

Yilong stared at him and both of them grinned. Both pairs of eyes showing how deep their affection for each other. They stood there for a few minutes before Bai Yu pulled away,"Let's get back before they get suspicious."

"Not before you let me kiss you properly." Yilong declared,his hands gripping Bai Yu's collar and pulling him into a kiss.

"I like you too,Long-ge."