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Prime's Daughter

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"RUN ODETTE!" my Mama yelled to me "RUN AND HIDE!" i hid my small body in a crack in the wall. i was reletively small for being only four years old.
"I smell the scent of prime on you femme. killing you will hurt Prime that my master may offline him for good!" a walking Doritos chip said in a gravely voice as he approached my mama and she stood her ground
"Oh, Starscream, when will you learn? my husband is stronger than you or your 'master' its funny you call him that when you only want to kill Megatron" she said and i covered my ears and closed my eyes when i heard her scream as she was grabbed up

"Starscream, stop playing with the insect! we have to find the Allspark before Megatron comes and gets it himself and you know we will be fragged then" another voice said and Starscream sighed and then dropped my mama, where she died when she hit the ground.

when they left i came out and ran to her "Mama, Mama wake up!" i cried, shaking her and i knew she was gone. I was angry and sad. I let out a mourning shriek, a dome of what looked like a blue lightning came over me and my mother, crackling and swirling around us as my eyes shone as bright as the blue light and my face like birthmark on my shoulder glowed the same electric blue. I let out another howl and the 'shield' launched itself outward, distroying the nearly empty city around me. Not long later, several all black SUV's surrounded me and the men had guns pointed at me

I jolted up, panting. "Just another dream" i said softly and i sat up fully on the mattress on the floor of my small cell. I ran my fingers through my hair that reached passed my ass. I looked in the mirror. my hair was a bright blonde, but i had electric blue highlights in my hair. The highlights were new. I frowned a bit and then i turned when my cell door opened and a kind woman with red hair came in "Happy birthday Subject 216!" she chirped happily, holding my tray of food. Ah, thats right. im sixteen now. The scientists said my powers should be at their peak on my sixteenth birthday
"Thank you miss Annie" I said as i grabbed my suit off the wall. The only thing they let me wear is this all silver suit with boots and gloves. It reminded me of the super suits from the incredibles, except the only thing that was black on it was the gloves and boots. When she left, i stripped off the bland beige nightgown and put my suit on. I then ate my breakfast, which was an omelette with toast and orange juice. i was only given good food on my birthday.

I ate in silence and when i finished, Several men came in and escorted me to the training room. I was shoved into the room and i glared at the several armed men pointing their guns at me.

This room was a special room, it can change its appearance to whatever needed. Right now it was a clearing with a lake. They like to test my powers with this room. I have telekinesis, elemental bending/control, shapeshifting, invisibility, force-field generating, super strength, and i found i can transform my arm into a gun or sword. I had most of my abilities sense i was little, they had just been enhanced "::Attack!::" the voice over the intercom said and i smirked at them and lunged

with megatron(3rd pov):
Megatron may be frozen in the Sector Seven headquarters in the Hoover dam, but that didnt mean he was unaware of his surroundings. His scanners had detected the Allspark and a signiture close to a mech he knew very well. Megatron hated how his life became. Everyone knew him as a warlord, but in reality, he was a slave. A slave to his sire: Megatronus Prime.
See, many didnt know Megatron was related to the evil prime or that his sire had been the one to rip him away from his carrier as a sparkling and put in the pits of Kaon as a sparkling where he was raised as a gladiator. He had gained the friendship of a neutral framed Archivist mech name Orion Pax, the son of Sentinel Prime.
Now, not many knew of Orion being the son of Sentinel nor did many know of Sentinel using Optimus as a puppet by breaking bonds and putting in a memory blocker chip. And because of his sire,Megatron couldnt even control himself most of the time, he couldnt control what he said. Not unless he was offlined or his sire was offlined.
'please, let this end soon. Let me offline here or let Orion offline my sire before i am freed' he thought and allowed himself to recharge once more

In space on a small ship(3rd pov):

Optimus Prime was sitting in his quarters, a small photo of his holoform and his wife on his desk. He smiled sadly, he missed her very much. he hoped to find her as soon as they get to earth and get the allspark. He needed to get to his wife and his child. He had known she was in the early stages when he had to leave. he didnt want to have to leave, but he couldnt risk his family's lives. That and he had thought and hoped they would be safer from the war if he was far away fighting it.

Oh if only he knew how wrong he was. He would soon find out how terribly wrong he was and soon he would have to find a way to get the daughter he didnt know he had, to open up to him and accept him.

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