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Unexpected Awakening

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A cold hand attaches to his neck and his vision starts to blur. Struggling to get away from his captor, Stiles fights with vigour, trying not to let the growing panic seep in. He manages to land an elbow amongst all of his flailing, he feels his kidnappers grip loosen and pulls as hard as he can, He breaks free and begins to run, the second he manages to hold himself straight. He doesn’t know which direction or where he will end up, he doesn't care, cause he got free this is his chance to find the best route of exit, and his best chance of surviving.

He hears a loud bang and turns seeing nothing, but darkness. He feels a searing pain erupt in his back, the pain crippling, making him fall to the floor his hand reaches out and touches his back. He brings his hand to in front of his eye and sees something dark covering his fingers, unable to see clearly cause of the darkness. He feels his top begin to stick to his back aided by what he assumes is his blood. Stiles tries to crawl away, groaning in pain as it causes the pain in his back to spark up again.

The sound of footsteps can be heard through the empty space, slowly gaining on Stiles. He turns looking through blurry vision he makes out the outline of a stocky, large man. The man snickers evilly at Stiles weakened form and slowly raises his arm, pointing something at Stiles, presumably a gun. The sound of the gun cocking splits through the silence, he tries to brace himself for what is about to happen, knowing this is the end. He squeezes his shut, trying to will himself out of the current situation.

The sound of gurgling forces him to snap his eyes open, they open just in time to see the evil man fall to his knees and then sort of flop onto the floor lifelessly. Where he stood was now another man, not as stocky from what Stiles could see, his vision blurring more, so his vision was only two pinpricks breaking through the dark now. Before the darkness takes over him he feels a hand on his face and someone whisper;

"I've got you no-"

"Stiles… Stiles, honey. Time to wake up. Come on Mischief, we're going to be late with everything at this rate." A soft voice lulls him into consciousness. He blinks his eyes open to find a woman leaning over him, he shoots up head crashing into the looming figure, which makes her tumble back her hand going to hold her head, where they had connected. "Mischief, are you okay?" The woman asks worry evident in her voice. "Why do you keep calling me mischief, my name is Stiles, only my m-?" Stiles cuts himself short when the woman steps into view , his breath catching as the light catches her face showing the very person he misses the most everyday since she was taken.

How? This isn't possible. She died. She's dead, whatever game this is, it is beyond fucked. Why this, why her. My mum can't possible be here. But his mum is standing in front of his clear as day, she looks older than she was when she died, but appeared very much alive now. "Mum, how? I mean you died?" Stiles stumbles his words out wanting to both hug his mum and find out if this is all a big joke, be that an extremely cruel joke while also wanting to put some more distance between them until he figures out how she is back from the dead. Zombie?

"Oh" his mum sighs reaching to run a hand through his hair. "Not one of those dreams again Mischief, you've been having them for near on 8 years maybe we should consider taking you back to the therapist. But" at this she stands up walking over the his open bedroom door, "get out of bed, breakfast is ready, me and your dad will be downstairs. Oh and Mischief Happy Birthday."

With that she walked away leaving Stiles to his thoughts. This isn't possible, it's not my birthday, that was 8 months away, I couldn’t have lost that much time from when the… wait from the what. Why does it feel like I'm missing something. Stiles shoved his hands into his hair in frustration pulling on his hair. He tried to take deep breaths to begin calming himself enough so he could go downstairs and get answers.

He pulled his phone off charge to text Scotty and tell him about his mum, but got distracted by the 6 texts;

From My Alpha:

Happy Birthday Baby, can't wait to give you your present ;) will have to be this evening though, got to try and keep my hands off you all through dinner. The horror, anyway see you soon baby boy xxx

Wait, what. Me and Derek. When did that happen I thought I was with Jordan. What the hell is going on. Choosing to read the remainder of his texts before replying he opens the remaining five.

From Jacky:

Happy Birthday Bro, man I can’t believe you're 21. You're getting old haha, wait no I'm already 21 scrap that. Me and Ethan will be at the Hale House for Dinner see you then! Feels like ages since I've seen you missed my best friend, see you then.

Jacky? Who i- No way not Jackson what the hell. Is this all some joke.

From Thing 2:

Happy Birthday Stiles, me and Jax will see you later!

From Thing 1:

Happy Birthday weirdo me and Lyds will be round for dinner I mean she probably text but just to let you know..

So the twins, how come they're with Lydia and Jackson, when did they break up?

From Queen B:

Happy Birthday Stiles, me and Aiden will be round for dinner, make sure you dress nice. I recommend, your black jeans, your vans, a red button up and red hoodie for later. Red such a colour on you. See you later Red,

Red? Wh- IS SHE SAYING I'M RED RIDING HOOD. What no cause if I was wouldn’t that make Derek the BIG BAD WOLF. Wait why is my body not so opposed to that idea, no down boy I have to go eat breakfast.

From Ex:

Miss you, Happy Birthday.

Ex, I don't have an ex. I've only ever been with Jordan. Stiles looked at the texts again with confusion this was all so weird and if it was his birthday why hadn't Scott messaged him I mean they were best friends after all, deciding to not reply to the texts he's received he shoots a text to Scott, deciding to head down after that.

To Scott:

Scotty man, do you have any idea what the actual fuck is going on I mean I'm getting some weird texts, I need you to come over to mine as soon as possible.

He descends the stairs and looks through the photos all of them showing a healthy and alive Claudia Stilinsksi all throughout his life. Why am I looking at photos I've been walking past my entire life. Shaking himself he walks into the kitchen and sees his mum and dad embraced in a hug, a smile tugs at his lips. I'm so happy they have each other. They pull back slightly and begin to kiss each other.

"Guyyyyyys please don’t do that in front of me, I'd like to keep my eyes" Stiles says sarcasm dripping into his voice, they pull apart and his dad breaks the embrace coming to hug him. "Happy Birthday Son, took you long enough to come down" he stated smirking at Stiles. "Come on Noah, you know Mischief always liked to sleep in, considering he lives with Derek now he probably doesn’t get much sleep" Claudia states as she sits down smirking to the pair of them.

Noah groans, "Remind to warn him I’ll still use my guns on him, that is not something I need to know about my only child" However Stiles had not been paying too much attention to that he was still focused on the living with Derek. Maybe I have amnesia, that must be it, that’s why I don't remember losing Jordan and beginning to date Derek.

"Anyway Son, lets eat" Noah announces while clapping him on the pack and pushing him gently in the direction of his seat, just as he sat down his phone buzzed he pulled it out seeing a reply from Scott that made his breath hitch.

From Scott:

Who is this? Do I know you?