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Midnight Blue

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             I felt like I was trapped in one of those terrifying nightmares, the one where you have to find an escape, but there just isn't one.

But this was no dream, and, unlike in my usual nightmares, I wasn't trying to find an escape for fear of losing my life; I was trying to save something infinitely more precious. My own life meant little to me at that moment.

Alice had said there was a good chance the five of us would die here. Perhaps the outcome would be different if she weren't trapped by the brilliant sunlight; only Bella and I were free to run across this bright, crowded square.

And I couldn't do any better— I couldn't run fast enough.

So it didn't matter to me that we were surrounded by our extraordinarily dangerous enemies— by my natural enemies. I had seen someone would die, I just didn't know who it was. All I knew was that it was someone that meant the world to me and that only drove me more impatient and eager to get there to save whoever it was. As the clock began to toll out the hour, vibrating under the soles of my feet, I knew I was too late— and I was glad something bloodthirsty waited in the wings. For in failing at this, I forfeited any desire to live.

The clock tolled again, and the sun beat down from the exact center point of the sky when I exited the building emotionlessly.