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Upon trying to save the human race, you were faced with a lot of unbelievers and a lot of people who did not even reply. You are currently trying very hard not to think about any of that and instead focus on the positives. There were some people you managed to convince playing SBURB was the right thing to do and you hope they can figure this mess of a game out on their own. Nonetheless, you did your duty and you probably saved at least a few people.

Suddenly you realise this is all starting to sound extremely religious. You’re sure there’s something to be said about the implications of this, but, frankly, you don’t really care. There are other things you need to attend to, like getting your game on.

-- killerMedic [KM] began pestering robotVagabond [RV] at 20:13 --

KM: hi David!
KM: i think we have a problem.
KM: and it’s a pretty big one!

RV: And what’s that?
KM: TR doesn’t want to play.
KM: he keeps going on about ‘priorities’ and ‘goddamn idiots’ and ‘bomb shelters’ and i don’t think he understands that meteors are going to kill him anyway even if he’s way down underground.

RV: And of course you pointed this out as politely as possible
KM: well, not really.
KM: i thought that simply telling him would be enough and that the whole saving your life thing would be enough of an argument.

RV: Huh
KM: what?
RV: I was just thinking of how this whole thing sounds like a religion
RV: Kind of surreal, isn’t it?

KM: of course it’s surreal, silly.
KM: everything that’s been happening the last couple of hours has been surreal!

RV: That is a very good point
RV: And I take it you picked him to be your server

KM: well everyone else was already busy.
KM: and OL kind of scares me sometimes.
KM: but then he started being really loud and obnoxious and i just kind of gave up.
KM: do you think you could talk to him for me?
KM: you get along, right?

RV: My lady, I get along with everyone
RV: I have, as they say, charisma
RV: It comes with being British

KM: :I
KM: was that a yes?

RV: To which question?
KM: both.
RV: Then, yes
RV: I get along with him and I’ll talk to him for you

KM: thank you David!
RV: No problem
RV: After all, we would not wish our friend to meet his untimely demise at the hands of a hunk of spacerock

KM: that would be absolutely terrible.
KM: certainly if the issue can be entirely avoided.

RV: Indubitably, my dear KM
RV: Indubitably

KM: :p
RV: It looks like he got the same idea
RV: He’s pestering me already

KM: okay, good luck!
KM: and have fun!

-- killerMedic [KM] ceased pestering robotVagabond [RV] at 20:16 --

-- tyrannosaurusRock [TR] began pestering robotVagabond [RV] at 20:16 --

TR: David
TR: Please tell me you’re there
TR: And not doing whatever
TR: I desperately need someone sane to talk to

RV: I’m pretty sure I can oblige
TR: Thank God
RV: Was everyone else unavailable?
TR: Apparently they’re completely out of their minds
TR: At least AD is
TR: ES just sounded like he was PMSing or something
TR: He went all caps on me for crying out loud

RV: Oh shit
TR: I know
RV: It’s nice to know you consider me the third sanest member of our group
RV: Out of seven that’s not too bad
RV: Although I am somewhat worried about the fact that your top three sanest people are all guys

TR: Dude, have you seen the girls we hang around with?
TR: No offence to any of them, but they’re not exactly the kind of people I would expect to see on campus

RV: But DI doesn’t even reach your top three?
TR: Fuck
TR: She’s batshit insane and her calm conviction that she isn’t pisses me the fuck off

RV: It can be so difficult to tell sane people apart from insane ones, right?
TR: I know
TR: Okay, so maybe I should’ve talked to you before I talked to AD

RV: Looks like I’ve been promoted to number 2 already
TR: Everyone knows you’re the sane one
TR: Stop fishing for compliments already

RV: Alright
RV: What’s got you going?

TR: You’ve heard about the game, right?
TR: The one ES is playing?

RV: No, frankly, I’ve been left out of the loop completely
RV: What about it?

TR: Have you looked outside recently?
RV: I haven’t, but I know what’s going on
RV: Meteors and all that

TR: Right, do you see how these two things don’t match up?
RV: Explain it to me
TR: ES is playing a game
TR: And there are meteors coming

RV: An interesting way to spend the last moments of his life, then?
TR: No!
TR: Goddamnit, David
TR: He should be trying to save himself or something
TR: Everyone should be
TR: What are you doing?

RV: Looking at my computer screen
RV: Talking to you
RV: Regular stuff

TR: What?
TR: Why aren’t you going to a bomb shelter? Or a bunker? Or whatever?
TR: In fact, why am I still wasting my time trying to save you guys?

RV: Calm down
TR: No!
TR: You guys are killing yourselves and you won’t even listen to me when I tell you this!
TR: What is WRONG with you?

RV: Okay, first
RV: Have you seen some of these meteors?
RV: Do you really think a bomb shelter is going to save you from them?

TR: Yes
TR: That’s what they’re for

RV: Secondly, ES already got hit by one

RV: Look at your contact list

RV: Look at your bloody contact list
TR: Hes still showing as online
TR: What?
TR: Whats going on, David?
TR: Im confused

RV: Look, the game is going on
RV: Please don’t talk to him yet, I’m sure he’s going through his own mental breakdown right now
RV: You have to believe me, okay?
RV: This game will save our lives, but you have to let it
RV: You have to play

TR: But how?
TR: This is impossible

RV: So’s thousands of meteors appearing out of nowhere and I do not see you disbelieving that
TR: That’s a logical fallacy somehow
TR: Just because one thing happened that we thought was impossible doesn’t mean we should start believing in everything else seemingly impossible

RV: Very good
RV: Did that help you calm down?

TR: Sort of
TR: Damn, I wish I had an alternate hypothesis
TR: Are you sure he’s alive?

RV: Yes, I’m sure
RV: Look, I’m not sure what this is doing to the laws of physics and everything
RV: But now is not the time to find out, okay?
RV: Now is the time to save your life
RV: Now go apologise to KM

TR: Okay
TR: Please tell me you have good news to go with that

RV: You’re not dead yet
TR: That’s supposed to be good news?
RV: It’s a lot better than the alternative
TR: Yeah
TR: I guess it is
TR: I’ll talk to you later

-- tyrannosaurusRock [TR] ceased pestering robotVagabond [RV] at 20:31 --

That actually went rather well, all things considered. He’ll play. You think so, anyway.

You sigh and lean back in your chair. This is going to be such a mess, you can already tell. From the way things are going it looks like everyone is going to call on you for help at some point. Great. It’s better than doing nothing, you suppose.

“David?” There’s your mum’s voice again.
You start to feel slightly annoyed, before telling that feeling to shut up. You could use the distraction. “Yes mum?”
“Can you come downstairs for a minute? There’s something I need you to do.”
Oh this is going to be absolutely lovely. “Coming, mum.”

You leave your room and go to see your mum, dodging two of your cats on the way downstairs. You have three in total, and three dogs to go with them and let’s not even get you started on your brother’s ferrets.
“What is it, mum?” you ask, as you meet up with her.
“Come with me,” she says, opening the door. She’s bringing the dogs along, as well, you notice. Your brother always does that.

Will have always done that.

“We need to talk about some things.”
“This isn’t about my new responsibilities in the impending apocalypse, is it?”
She doesn’t laugh. You didn’t really expect her to. “Serious faces, David, this is important.”
You close the door behind you and follow her to the playing fields nearby.
“You know what’s coming?” she asks.
“Yes, I think I do.” You really do. That’s the weird part. You’re actually very much okay with this. As if you always knew it was coming.
“Do you think you can handle it?”
“I’ve been doing pretty well so far.” You sigh. “But talking to people won’t be enough, will it?”
She shakes her head. “Look at the sky.” You can see the meteors descending, heading to various parts of England. “Does that look like something that can be solved by talking?” Her voice is soft, soothing.
It helps.

“Will anyone else make it?” you ask. “Besides the eight of us and whoever we bring along?”
“I honestly don’t know, David. I really hope so,” she replies. “But if not, I think humanity will have a great legacy.”
“Thanks, mum.”
“How about we go see if you’re ready for it?”
“Mum, you’d better realise that being tired won’t help me prepare.” You smirk. “Besides, I don’t want to hurt you.”
She does laugh, then. “Oh, you think you’ll hurt your mum, do you?” She then points her finger at you and yells: “Attack!”
You have just enough time to say “Oh damn,” before the dogs come chasing after you.

You have a slightly unusual Strife Specibus, namely Frisbeekind. It’s slightly unwieldy simply because of the fact that it’s really difficult to get your frisbee back after you’ve thrown it. Nevertheless, your frisbee is a very loyal companion and always finds its way back to you.

You are going to feel a bit sorry for throwing your frisbee at the dogs, though. Somehow, that seems really mean. Then again, you don’t really have to. After all, dogs like going after things and it’s not like they’re the only target you have here. You draw your frisbee, jump forward so you can turn around and throw it and then stumble as you hit the ground again. Fortunately, your frisbee is headed in the right direction: your mum.

The dogs noticed this as well and, whether they want to protect their master or because they’re just interested in the flying thing that just soared over their heads, they turn and run after it.

Of course, dogs are quick. But are they quick enough?

It turns out that they’re not entirely quick enough. They do manage to grab the frisbee, but their momentum ensures that they crash into your mum anyway. All in all, a victory for you.

Except that you’re out of weapons, now. You really should do something about that.

“Well done, David,” your mum says. “You are now readily equipped to take out one enemy.” Despite the sarcasm, she does sound a little proud.
“Four, actually,” you say, gesturing to the dogs, who are now their happy selves again.
“Fair enough, but you won’t always be in that situation.”
“And most of the time, I’ll get my frisbee back, but you’re right,” you admit. “I’ll get some extras.”
“Good.” She nods, and throws you the frisbee. “Let’s go back home, you have work to do.”

Wow, she actually managed to make saving your life sound like a chore.