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You are David Bagshaw, an unemployed… well an unemployed nothing really just unemployed at the moment. Having no job has left a lot of free time on your hands and you have spent that time looking up facts about dinosaurs, robots, what have you and learning some German. Because of the free time, you’ve been a lot more open to joining quests with internet people as it might give you something to do. The internet people seem nice so far. You have recently grown a beard which switches between looking distinguished and hoboesque at intervals of about roughly six days.

For fun you play Frisbee, some just call it “Ultimate” but you find that ridiculous, calling a sport something so final. What if there is an as of yet undiscovered but better version of playing Frisbee? Would “Ultimate” then have to be retroactively changed to “Penultimate Frisbee?” These are the questions that keep you up at night.

You’re a smartish person, at least you think you are. You’d ask more people but that might come across as too forward or worse, boastful. No, it’s best to keep to quiet understatement and hope your intelligence shines through, if it is there. You’re fairly sure it does but not %100 certain about it.

One of the internet people has just told you the world is about to end.

RV: So playing a video game is going to save our lives?
AD: yeah.
AD: at least i think thats what’s happening here

RV: This is a dream come true
RV: Any specifics?

AD: besides meteors?
RV: Yeah
AD: how the fuck should i know
RV: You knew about the meteors and DI told me to talk to you
RV: So I figured you’d be in the know.

AD: im not
AD: im just the doomsday messenger

RV: Right, so who does know?
AD: three fucking guesses.
RV: Right, stupid question
RV: So I’ll guess I’ll have to talk to her again then?

-- drunknIrish [DI] began pestering robotVagabond [RV] at 19:15 –

DI: Nope.

-- drunknIrish [DI] ceased pestering robotVagabond [RV] at 19:15 –

AD: i guess
RV: Or maybe not
AD: what?
RV: She just told me not to talk to her
AD: okay
RV: Yeah
RV: Fuck it, is someone already playing?

AD: ES and UC

-- drunknIrish [DI] began pestering robotVagabond [RV] at 19:15 –

DI: Don’t talk to them either.
RV: What the fuck DI
DI: ;)

-- drunknIrish [DI] ceased pestering robotVagabond [RV] at 19:16 –

AD: You could talk to them
RV: DI disagrees.
AD: okay
RV: I’m going to guess I’m supposed to talk to you

-- drunknIrish [DI] began pestering robotVagabond [RV] at 19:16 –

DI: Good thinking.
DI: :P

-- drunknIrish [DI] ceased pestering robotVagabond [RV] at 19:16 –

RV: Confirmed by the oracle
AD: okay
AD: thats pretty annoying

RV: Yes
RV: Yes it is
RV: What’ve you got for me?

AD: a website that shows where the meteors are going to hit
AD: and about when thats happening.

RV: About
AD: there arent any fucking timers
RV: That would have been too convenient
RV: Okay then
RV: What does it show?

AD: coordinates i guess
AD: listen can we talk about something else?
AD: im kind of freaking out and this isn’t helping.

RV: This is important though
RV: Right?

AD: di tells me that its important
AD: then logs off before i can ask her what the fuck

RV: She does that
RV: Can you send me a link

AD: yeah sure
RV: Awesome
AD: or not
AD: its not a site
AD: no adress to copy

RV: That’s weird
RV: Sounds like something local
RV: Can you send me a screenshot or something?

AD: maybe?
AD: here you go

-- annoyingDutchie [AD] sent robotVagabond [RV] the file "skaianet.jpg" –

RV: Dots are meteors
RV: What do the colours mean?

AD: time for impact
RV: That’s a pretty lousy way of representing how much time we’ve got left
AD: you figured all of that out pretty fast
RV: It wasn’t that hard
RV: You already told me there were meteors

AD: oh and some of them aren’t dots
AD: they’re circles
AD: pretty big circles

RV: Different sizes then
AD: i guess
RV: Can you find a way to show how much time we have left?
AD: I can try.
RV: Awesome
RV: Do you know where the rest of us live?
RV: Coordinates, I mean

AD: won’t be too hard to figure out, I guess.
AD: thanks man

RV: No problem

-- annoyingDutchie [AD] ceased pestering robotVagabond [RV] at 19:21 --

You’re always glad to help a friend out. Especially in a case like this, since it basically amounts to helping everyone out at the same time.

You take a break from your laptop. Or, well, your sister’s laptop. She is always kind enough to let you borrow it. Your room’s a bit of a mess to anyone that isn’t you. You know where everything is and, honestly, you’re the only one that needs to know, so there is very little point in changing that.

There’s your desk, which is currently full with all sorts of stuff, there’s your tv, with no less than two consoles next to it and your walls are covered in posters of concerts you’ve definitely been to but may or may not have acquired through the usual way.

That’s pretty much it, you believe. Kind of a boring room, actually. Oh well.

And who were you kidding when you said you were going to take a break from your laptop?

-- killerMedic [KM] began pestering robotVagabond [RV] at 19:24 --

KM: finally!
KM: you’re on-line!

RV: Hey
RV: Yeah, it looks like I am

KM: what’s up?
RV: Talking to AD and making sure we don’t die
KM: sounds like a busy schedule!

RV: It is a busy schedule
RV: But you’re lucky
RV: I’ve got a bit of time right now

KM: yay!
KM: can i ask you a question?

RV: Apparently
KM: smartass :P
RV: Why, I have no idea what you’re talking about
RV: Ask away

KM: i was wondering if you wanted to play sburb with me?
RV: That’s a very polite way of asking
KM: of course!
KM: im a very polite lady

RV: In that case, how could I possibly say no?
KM: hooray for politeness!
RV: I guess so
RV: Do you want to be my server or my client?
RV: And I only just realised how weird that actually sounds

KM: :I
KM: whats the difference between the two?
KM: i was going to ask uc but i kind of forgot.

RV: You know, I really have no idea
RV: I guess one of them is in control of the other
RV: The server controls the client
RV: Or the server serves the client
RV: Basically I’m just guessing here

KM: i want to be the server, then!
RV: Because?
KM: control!
RV: Okay
RV: That sounds really weird coming from you and more than just a little creepy

KM: :I
RV: What happened to the polite lady?
KM: im being assertive!
KM: i thought id mix things up a little

RV: Fair enough
KM: so do we have a deal?
RV: Yeah, sure
KM: yay!
KM: lets play!

RV: Not yet
KM: what?
KM: why not?

RV: I’m waiting to hear back from ES and UC
RV: They’re already playing and maybe they can tell us what’s going on
RV: Once they have a bit of time

KM: what do you mean whats going on?
KM: what is going on?

RV: Oh man
RV: This is going to be a really fun conversation

KM: please tell me!
KM: youre scaring me

RV: There are meteors coming
RV: And apparently we’ve got the power to stop it
RV: Or something

KM: how?
RV: We get to play a game
RV: It will save our lives

KM: shouldnt we get as many people to play this game?
KM: you know save as many lives as possible?

RV: That’s actually a really good idea
RV: But I think the eight of us should stick together

KM: why?
RV: Call it a hunch
RV: Besides, ES is going to lose it if we start messing up his group

KM: :P
KM: yeah thats true i guess.

RV: So, message as many of your friends as you can and tell them to play this game
RV: I’ll do the same

KM: okay!
KM: time to save the human race!
KM: okay wow that sounds really ridiculous when i say it like that.

RV: Is that a reason not to do it?
KM: nope!
RV: I’ll talk to you later, then
KM: bye!

-- robotVagabond [RV] ceased pestering killerMedic [KM] at 19:33 --

Huh. Why did you not think of that immediately? Oh well. You’ve got an extensive list of friends to message and there is absolutely no way you’re going to do it one by one. You should send a message to everyone at once and then hope they trust you enough to take you seriously.

That might actually be a problem, now that you think about it. Hey, look, a video game is going to save our lives. Who would believe that? You would. You just did believe it. You suppose the meteors help add some credibility to your case.

“David?” That’s the voice of your mum. Only she could manage to make a single word mean “you don’t have to listen to me, but you should be aware of the consequences when you don’t.” Honestly, it’s amazing.
“Yes?” you say, as nonchalant as possible.
“Have you eaten yet?” Really? That’s what she’s asking you about? There are more important things to deal with here.
“Yes I have.” It doesn’t hurt to be polite, though.
“Good. It’s not good to face the apocalypse with an empty stomach.”

You blink. Once, twice. What the hell was that? Her voice sounded way too cheerful for the words it was saying. Something’s going on here. It’s almost like she knows more than you do. Well, no time for that, you’ve got people to save.