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Your name is Kyrianne Stryker. This is not actually your real name, but it would be if you were your mother. Most people pronounce it wrong. Most people also tend not to understand your genius.

Your interests are all over the place, but you’re consistently a creator. Art and writing are your forte, but you have been known to tinker with music, programming, and even during special occasions, baking.

You have a fondness for all things weird, and it’s because of those two colliding traits that your pesterchum handle is unorthodoxCreation.

You also have the tendency to pair any and all same-sex characters with one another and create blatantly obscene art and stories about them. This freaks out most people, but it's one of your favourite hobbies, so they can just go suck a fuck for all you care.

It is late in the morning and you have spend most of said morning talking to people about interesting things. It is a Saturday, so you can get away with that. One of those interesting things that is particularly worthy of note is a game. You have helped to get a group together to play, with people from all over the world. The time zones were a bitch, though.

Your dad is, thankfully, gone, your sister is doing something you don’t particularly care for at the moment, and your mom is baking. You would help her, were it not for the fact that you have far more important business to attend to.

Currently, you are laying the final foundations for the group. You agreed with ES to do half of the work, which, in this case, means talking to one of the girls. She calls herself killerMedic and is a bit silly sometimes. Not at all in a bad way, though.

-- killerMedic [KM] began pestering unorthodoxCreation [UC] at 11:44 --

UC: Hi!
UC: what’s up?

KM: i’m kind of confused
UC: why?
KM: sburb
KM: like, what are we supposed to do in it?

UC: Nobody knows!
UC: That’s the exciting part.
UC: I know you need a server player and a client player, though
UC: and you have to play both at some point.

KM: uhm, who will be your server player?
UC: I don’t know yet.
UC: I’ll be ES’s though

KM: and mine?
UC: You have to find someone yourself
UC: But can I tell you a secret?

KM: yes!
KM: tell me!
KM: asdfsadf

UC: try RV and TR
UC: They should still be free for either role.

KM: ok, i will do that
KM: thanks!!!!!!!

UC: that’s way too many exclamation points.
KM: !! :I
UC: Anyway, I have to go set up the game now.

KM: ok
KM: bye

UC: See ya!

-- unorthodoxCreation [UC] ceased pestering killerMedic [KM] at 11:47 –

That should get her on the right track for a while. You look around your usual mess of a room. It is a small room, but it’s yours and that’s really all that matters. On your bed, you have a couple of your plushies. They are awesome and anyone that says otherwise is a liar. There are a lot more of them in a corner of your room, but the more coolest ones are on your bed. Amongst these lucky few is Ravioli, a sharpei and your favourite.

Your walls are decorated with all kinds of weird stuff, lots of which you’ve drawn yourself. Against one of the walls stands your book collection. It is not only a book collection, but also a comic and DVD and anything-else-you-feel-like-putting-there collection.

Then there’s your cat. Her name is Grace and she is currently sleeping. Or she’s just ignoring you. It’s hard to tell the difference, sometimes.

Next to your bed is your awesome scythe. It is just a toy, plastic scythe, but a scythe none the less and you can wield it with a skill that has never been seen before. Well, no, you can’t, but that’s okay. Why would you need to do that, anyway?

Oh, hey, someone’s bothering you on your Pesterchum again. You go back to your laptop to see just who this mystery person might be.

Oh, it’s her!

-- drunknIrish [DI] began pestering unorthodoxCreation [UC] at 11:49 --

DI: Hey UC.
UC: hi!!
DI: You’re all set up?
UC: I totally am
DI: Awesome.
DI: I don’t think we’ll be talking that much when the game starts.
DI: So I figured I’d catch up.
DI: Beforehand.

UC: Aww, why won’t we be talking?

DI: Because everyone else will be talking to me.
DI: Because I need to tell them what to do all the time.

UC: they’re that bad?
DI: Well, not really.
DI: But they’re going to be bugging me a lot.
DI: Because I know everything.

UC: but you don’t.
DI: Not really.
DI: I know just enough to get them through the first stages.

UC: And you don’t have to help me?
DI: You’ll figure most of it out by yourself.
DI: I think you’re going to be really cool with what’s going to happen.

UC: Jeez, DI, you’re making it sound like we’re about to die or something.
DI: Don’t worry about that.
DI: You’re not.

UC: okay
UC: I’m just going to run with that.

DI: Being vague is kind of my thing.
UC: I noticed.
DI: Right, and the two you’re going to be stuck with aren’t going to be cool with it.
DI: At all.

UC: And I have to calm them down?
UC: great

DI: If you want.
DI: You could always let them ramble on.

UC: That would be so funny.
DI: Haha.
DI: Yeah, it would be.

UC: So now it’s time for me to bug ES.
DI: He should be on-line soon.
UC: Alright, see ya!
DI: Have fun!

-- drunknIrish [DI] ceased pestering unorthodoxCreation [UC] at 11:56 --

You figure you might as well get the server copy installed so you can connect with him when he gets on. You check your Sylladex, which you have put in Pictionary modus and draw the SBURB beta. It is ridiculously hard to draw the damned thing, what with it being a Spirograph, but you succeed anyway, because you’re awesome like that. Once you’ve finished drawing it, the Beta pops out into your hand. This is not odd in any way whatsoever.

You put the disc into your laptop and wait for it to install. As it happens, it is installed at the exact moment ES comes on-line. What an awful little coincidence. You start bugging him in a conversation you have already had from a different perspective.

It began like this:

UC: hi ES!!
ES: And a good whatever-the-hell-it-is-over-there as well.
UC: That would be afternoon. xD
ES: Right, that. So, what’s up?
ES: The ceiling.

UC: the ceiling
UC: damnit! XD

And it ended like this:

UC: Just get back to me when you’re ready, okay?
UC: I’m going to deal with my sister
UC: again

ES: Will do.
ES: And good luck, I suppose.

UC: thanks!

It ended like that because your sister has indeed rushed into your room, without knocking, of course, because why would a door be closed? She had been talking about something, but you steadily ignored her. It is kind of unfortunate that she hasn’t picked up the hint yet, though, since she’s still making those talking noises.

“Kyri, listen to me when I’m talking to you!”
“I’m typing!” you say, maybe a bit too loud. You can’t really help it though, you can’t concentrate when someone’s talking to you.
“But you’re always doing that!” she complains. “Don’t you think it’s time to socialize for a change?”
You sigh. You’ve had this conversation way too often already. “I am socializing. I’m just not socializing with you. I’d also like to get back to doing that.”
She sits down on your bed, not content with being brushed off like that. “You should talk to your little sister more, or to anyone outside of this room.”
“Or you could work on your timing.”
Now she looks insulted. This has also happened way too often. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
You sigh. “You can’t force me to talk to you, okay?” She pouts. “The least you could do is knock.”
“Fine.” She walks out of your room and closes the door. She then proceeds to knock on it. “See, I’m being nice now.”
“Sorry, but I’m really not in the mood for talking right now.”
You can hear her groan as she walks away and sigh again. It’s not like you don’t like her, she just... She just has really bad timing sometimes.

“Mom! I’m going to visit some friends!”
You are sure she meant for you to hear that. She also meant for you to be bothered by it, but in that aspect, she failed. You check your laptop to find that ES hasn’t responded yet. Well, might as well go see what your mom is up to. Your mom is, as previously mentioned, baking.
“Were you fighting with your sister again?” she asks, having apparently already heard you approach, somehow.
“She really should learn to knock first,” you reply.
“Would that work?” She knows it won’t.
“It would at least make our conversations shorter.”
Your mom sighs. “Could you at least try to be nicer next time?”
“I’m pretty sure I could try,” you reply. “I’m also pretty sure it won’t do anything.”
She looks sad, then, for some reason you don’t quite understand. It only lasts a second or so, before she returns to a more cheerful mood. She notices your worried look but turns the conversation elsewhere.
“What’re your plans for today?”
“Gaming, mostly, but I have a bit of time now, so I think I’ll draw a bit.”
“Okay, have fun,” she says, as you go back to your room. “I love you.”
What is with her today? She’s acting all gloomy, almost like the world’s about to end.

You enter your room again, and find that nobody has been bugging you at all. You jump on the bed and only barely miss Ravioli. Grace looks up at you with a somewhat confused and alarmed expression and her body immediately tenses. She only calms down when you pet her gently. She’s weird like that.

You draw your drawing block on your Sylladex and it appears in your hand. You still find it pretty funny that you have to draw the thing you want to draw on before you can draw on it. Once you start drawing, however, you completely lose track of everything else and it is for that reason that the sound of your pesterchum falls on deaf ears, until you’re finished. What you’ve drawn is awesome, and anyone who disagrees is an idiot. Only then do you finally check your pesterchum.

-- eccentricStyle [ES] began pestering unorthodoxCreation [UC] at 12:16 --

ES: I got the game installed.
ES: ...
ES: Well crap.

-- eccentricStyle [ES] is now an idle chum! –
UC: hello?
UC: Look what I drew!

-- unorthodoxCreation [UC] sent eccentricStyle [ES] the file "AwesomeDoodle34.jpg" –

UC: Okay, I’ll talk to you when you get back.

Well, you might as well connect to him as server player while you wait.