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Holo Pursuits

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It's a universally acknowledged truth that a transporter in contact with anomalous energy will malfunction. It is also a universal truth that if something can go wrong on the holodeck it will go wrong.

Owen had just started up his favorite Regency holo-novella when was a transporter accident due to some sort of anomalous maguffin that space was full of.

John and Commander Holmes had to be stored in the holodeck's memory. If the novella ended before they could be pulled back out, they would die. If they died in the novella, they would actually die. Which meant instead of getting to be the star of his own story, he'd have to switch his character arc to a side character.

Meanwhile, Yao and Hudson were working on resolving the transporter problem to beam them out.

Owen looked at holo generated versions of John and Commander Holmes, who for reasons Holmes was now a Normal Human who was a skosh shorter than Owen. And a woman.

Owen hiked up the neckline on his somewhat period scandalous dress, said, "Hold my beer," and went to flirt with the militia.