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Princess Raven Starheart, Warrior of All Time - Chapter Three - Journeys

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Princess Raven Starheart, Warrior of All Time

Chapter Three


Raven Carter and Ginny Weasly were in teh library and looking up stuff in the books about Sauron Magneto's master. They had sneaked into the Forbidden section about the library and had gotten Hermione to borrow Harry's invisibility cloak to do it. Raven was wearing her green hiphuggers and black lace-up shirt with her fiery red tresses in a cute ponytail behind her head and Ginny had died. her locks blackberry and was wearing thick black eyeliner playing with the new magical tongue stud she had just got. wearing a black tshirt that read I'm the girl your mother warned you about and tight black pleather pants and platform heeled boots with silver buckles and a studded choker around her throat with black nailpolish on.

"So um Raven I need to like tell you"something Ginny explained quietly at they looked the shelves for the books on the One Ring.

"Sure Gins what up?" Raven answered her younger firend.

"This summer I discovered something about myself and I need to tell someone and Hermione is really busy these days making out with Hary and stuff," Ginny admitted shyly playing with a strand of her blackberry hair.

"What is it Ginny?" Raven asked her concern playing on her face with worry.

"I think I'm buy." Ginny explained coming. out to her friend.

Raven hugged her and said "Ginny that's totally wonderful thanks so much for telling. me!"

"But theres noone I can be with here at hogwarts." Ginny answered and stated sadly.

"What about hermione?" Raven answered brightly thinking of her best friend and twin sister immediately.

"But she's with Harry now! And I am like totally jealous because Hermione is SO fucking hot now I keep dreaming about doing it with her!" Ginny cried to her older friend.

"Oh Gins don't worry it doesn't count if its not with another boy I bet Harry would like to watch even." Raven explained with the air of maturity. that came from experience.

"Really do you think she'll say OK?" Ginny inquired of her colleague.

"Sure she was saying the other day that she was jealous of my experiences with Willow," Raven told her friend pushing her crimson locks behind one ear. "Come on let's find her and ask I'm sure she's cool with it."

"you know Raven I never noticed but youre ears are kind of pointed," Gins noticed as her friend moved her fiery red tresses behind her ear.

"Yeah I now weird huh? I't s been like that since I was born." raven explained as they searched for Hermione.

So they went and found Hermione in the Library wear she was studying wearing a tight blue fitted tshirt to display her assets prominently cut low in front for lots of cleavage and match her eyes perfectly, with a cute little pink miniskirt that she knew revealed her long legs to their best advantage and highheeled black leather shoes. She had a little makeup on too.

Raven explained everything to Hermione and she was totally cool, huggin Gins and everything. Raven smiled to see her two friends so happy together.

"Should we kiss or something?" Hermione asked Ginny leaning in and kissing her younger friend softly on the lips and Raven had to admit it was pretty fricken hot to see the two kiss.

"Here?" Ginny asked her best fried Hermione.

"Everywhere's a kissing place," raven explained to them and watched them kiss and had to admit it was pretty fricken hot to see the two kiss. Then she saw Ginny's hand start to crawl toward Hermione's massive fleshy orb and said, "OM fucken G get a room you too."

So they left the library leaving Raven alone with her thoughts. She found lots of books on the One Ring and Sauron and the War and Frodo and all that. she lingered over a picture of the elvin princeling Legolas Greenleaf that wasn't a very good drawing like they had in old history books but she could see how handsome he was and felt something within her heart as thoguh there was a connection between them too of them.

"How strange it is as though I know him from somewhere," Raven thought quietly to herslef. Then there was a flash of fire in her mind and she saw the Ever watching Eye of Sauron watching her. She fell to the ground at the vision and found herself on the floor.

"OMG What was that?!" she exclaimed getting to her feet racing for the library door and the hall to Professor Dumbeldoor 's office. She said the password and took the spiral staircase to the top and found Dumbledore sitting next to Fawkes his golden red phonics.

"Raven ah I was expected you," the headmaster of Howgarts exclaimed calmly.

"Professor I just saw the eye of Suaron what the fuck is going on?!" Raven cried angrily.

"Calm down my dear adn I will explain," Dumbledoor explained causing a chair to appear so she could sit. down in it.

"OK," she admitted crossing her arms across her pert breasts.

"Now that Magnetto has hiden Excalibur with the Klingons Sauron is free to return because only Excalibur can kill the evil one," Dumbledore told his prize pupil. "This two was fourtold when you were born. See, Voldemort has allied with Squall Lionheart's enemy Sorceress Ultimecia and together they will reach through to Middle Earth and summon Sauron from his grave. I suspect Magneto will find a way to forge the One Ring from the dry lava around Mount Doom. and then they will summon there master Soron."

"it's true," added Squall stepping into the light from the shadows. "I was able to find this all out before coming to find Quistis for it took our combined mighty to fight only Ultimecia before and now she is teamed up with Voldemort and Magento and who knows who else?"

"There is only one thing to do," Raven cried to them both. "We must travel to Middle earth and stop Magneto from forging the one Ring!"

"yes but Middle Earth is protected by powerful magic cast by my old friend Gandalf," Dumbeldore admitted to the pair. "we must seek another way to travel there."

"I know a way," Raven thought to herself but didn't say anything to them. She travelled back tot he Gryffindore rooms and went up to her bedroom but Ginny and Hermione were still in there exploring the love between two women that no man would ever no. So she grabbed her cell phone and went out onto the roof and dialed a number she had.

"Hello?" an american voice answered the phone.

"Rogue, it's me," Raven explained to her former team mate.

"Raven! OMG!" Rogue exclaimed happily.

"Listen Rogue I'm short on minutes so I'll make this fast," Raven stated to her friend. "Magneto has stolen Excalibur to summon Sauron from Middle Earth. Can I come to Xavier's School to talk with the Xmen about it?"

"Sure!" Rogue agreed readily eager to see her old friend.

"I'll be bringing a couple of friend sexpect us in a few hours," Raven mentioned seriously calm with newfound purpose.

"OK!" rogue answered over the cell.

"BTW what's up with Bobby?" Raven inquired politely pulling her ponytail out and letting her fiery red tresses cascade down her back in crimson waves.

"Oh we broke up he's totally too serious all the time," Rogue described in her southern accent.

"Sorry sweetie," Raven cried concerned for her friend.

"It's all good we're still cool," Rogue laughed at the joke for Bobby was of course always cool being Iceman and all.

"OK see you soon girlfriend," Raven told her jiggling herslef.

"Later yo!" Rogue hung up.

So Raven waited a little while and went back down to her rooms. Ginny had already gone down. to her rooms. And Hermione was busy pulling on her boots, brushing out her golden tresses cascading into the moonlight gleaming.

"Hermione we have to do something about Magento and the One ring and Sauron," Raven explained to her twin sister. "We'll take Harry Potter and Squall Lionheart with us."

"OK!" Hermione agreed brightly. happily following her twin sister.

They went and found Harry downstairs practicing his duelling with Ron and told Ron goodbye telling him to cover for them while they were gone. Then they found Squall in the Nurse's Office and he took off his bandaids and stuff eager to get into the fight.

They snuck into the Potions room and stole some flew powder and then snuck out to the Forbidden Forest and lit a big fire because they would need a lot of flames to power the spell to send them to Westchester USA. When the fire was big enough they tossed in the flu powder and jumped into yelling "Xavier's School for Mutants!"

When they arrived they were a little dizzy to find themselves in the main hall of Xavier's school where the Xmen were waiting in their leather costumes to get ready for battle. Raven hugged them all and made introductions and Rogue handed her friend her X Men uniform.

"So that's the boy who lived?" Rogue whispered to her friend referring to Harry who was talking with Professor Xavier. "He's cute."

"Sort of taken girlfriend," Raven explained zipping up her leather xmen uniform. "He's Hermione's."

"Really?" Rogue said curiously looking at Hermione who was talking and flirting with Wolverine arching her back so he could not miss her considerable expanse of breasts. "Looks like she's shopping around to me."

"OMG," raven muttered embarrased for her sister's slutty behaviour. "Professor can the jet get us to nevada? I need to see my aunt Samantha Carter."

"Of course," the bald old man said eagerly agreeing with his former student. for although she had no mutant powers being a which was a handy thing to have on a team and she had studying at Xaviers for two years as a younger woman.

There was a burst of black smoke and Nightcrawler teleported into the room giving xmen uniforms to Harry and hermione and Squall Lionheart. so they would blend in when they went to Nevada.

The jet was in the air in no time and the xmen and their newfound friends were on their way to Nevada. Soon they arrived because Storm helped with wind to push them faster and Scott was a great pilot.

"Wolverine is like so totally cool," hermione described to her twin sister. "he's really hot don't you think?"

"OMFG Herms you're getting it from harry and Gins and you want more?" Raven whispered to not wake the others. "i think your turning into a ninfo or something!"

'can I help it if I like sex?" hermione admitted giggling and snuggling into her twin sister. Soon they were fast asleep.

"They woke up and found themselves int he mountains of Nevada where raven knew her aunt was working on a top secret project she had told her all about. It was called SG1 she explained to her friends. They found a secret way into the base that was only guarded by one guard but Nightcrawler jumped him and knocked him out so they got in no problem. They managed to avoid the guards and found Raven's aunt Samantha.

"Hi Aunt Samantha!" Raven cried brightly as they entered her aunt's rooms.

"Raven!" Samantha Carter exclaimed happily at seeing her favourite neice. "What's up?"

Raven introduced everyone and explained the sitch to her aunt and she agreed to help even though it was against the rules but she could never deny her niece any thing. The xmen agreed to stay behind but sent Rogue with them so the team was Raven Harry Hermione Squall, and Rogue.

Major Carter sneaked the team into the Stargate Room and set the controls for Middle earth. Raven waved back to her aunt and led the team foreward into the swirling silver circle. Just as they wer about to enter the stargate there was an explosion behind them and the Injustice Gang smashed through the wall to SG1. the X-Men leapt to the battle as the Ultra Humanite yelled orders to the other justice League villains.

"Hurry!" Raven's aunt Sam yelled impatiently to her niece. Raven and her team jumped into the stone circle just as Star Sapphire blasted the control panel.

Later Raven woke up alone on a beach her uniform was ripped and torn. There was no sign of harry rogue or Squall, but Hermione lay on the beach not far away. Raven went to her twin sister concern for her twin sister filling her eyes with tears.

"Be OK hermione please be OK" Raven cried taking hermione into her arms. Suddenly she realized that she was surrounded by women in armour some with javelins and bows. theyre hair pulled back in ponytails with skin like tanned by the sun color.

"Who are you?" asked one of the Amazons.

"I am Raven and this is my twin sister Hermione she's hurt!" Raven exclaimed standing to defend her unconscious sister. "back of bitch!"

"She's awfully fiery isn't she Xena?" a blond girl carrying a staff observed eyeing Raven.

"She is indeed," Xena, Warrior Princess admitted to Gabrielle. "Take her to the Queen."

"Thank you!" Raven cried as helped them carry her injured twin sister Hermione.

Raven explained her story to Xena and Jae Elae Queen of the Amazons. Xena agreed eagerly to help for she stood against the forces of darkness wherever they might hide. jae Elae knew a way to help hermione but had to wait until the Full moon to cast the healing spell.

"Until then you will be taught the ways of the Amazon!" Queen Jae Elae decalred and everyone cheered. Xena agreed to train her.

So she was taught how to fight with a sword and with a spear and bow and arrows. but she really was amazing at the sword. Xena said she had never seen anyone learn the sword so quickly.

"you're a natural," Xena explained to her star puple. "There is nothign else I cant each you. You must seek the greatest swordsman who ever lived. he will be able to teach you more about the sword."

"OK but first we have to heal Hermione!" Raven agreed wearing Amazon leather armour and looking really hot in it with a brown leather bustier and short black leather skirt and boots that went up to her knees and leather armour things around her lower arms.

That night they cast the spell that healed hermione. hermione was given leather armor too and taught a little about amazon ways and fighting while they waited for the boat to arrive to bring Raven to the greatest swordsman who ever lived.

Soon the boat arrived and Queen Jae Elae met with the captain to arrange the lift. The next morning Jae Elae led her Captain out to meet the newcomers.

"This is Captain Jack Sparrow," Jae Elae explained to them gazing with desire at her Captain friend. The pirate eyeing the queen with equal longing.

"A pleasure young ladies," Captain jack said sweeping his hat from his brow and bowing to them. "The Black Pearl awaits your need, savvy?"

'Awesome!" Raven declared happily and soon they were off bringing Xena with them. Like usual Gabrielle stayed behind. The trip took a long time and three days later they were finally there. Hermione was constantly checking out Captain jack and flirting with him but he was not noticed as his eye was fixed on Xena and anyways still recovering from Jae Elae's desires Queen of the Amazons.

This is the kingdom where you will find the world's greatest swordsman,": Xena explained to her star pupils. "He will teach you everything he can about fighting with swords."

"OK!" Raven agreed and hugged her former teacher. They set out and soon found the home of the man Xena told them to look for, a spaniel with long black hair and two cars on his face cheeks to either side.

"My name is Inigo montoya," he announced as they entered his hut.

"I am Raven Carter and this is my twin Sister Hermione Granger," Raven declared to him. "Xena Warrior Princess told us you could teach us to use the sword."

Inigo was eager to demonstrate to his students how to use the sword and soon he too had never seen anything like Raven's skills with the sword. He admited that he could not teach her anything more, becuase she was too good.

"Wow Raven it's like you're a natural with swords!" hermione stated admiring her sister's skill. It s like I just know what to do," Raven described slashing back and forth with the sword Inigo had given her, made by his father.

That night they decided to try something special, using the last little bit of the flew powder Raven still had in the bottom of her schoolbag. They made a huge fire and jumped into it, hoping to return to their home.

They reappeared in modern times but not in the US at all. They found themselves surrounded by five girls two blondes a tall brunette one with dark red hair and one with blue in schoolgirl outfits and two cats one black one white. The girls said stuff in japanese which they didn't understand and suddenly they were all holding out pens. the blond girl with long pigtails said something that sounded like Moon Crystal Power Makeup and suddenly they all exploded into transforming them into the famous Sailor Warriors of Japan! Raven eyes grew wide with amazing.

"Who are you?" Sailor Moon declared aiming her wand at them.

It was totally weird but now she could understand them!

"Raven Carter is my name!" Raven explained to the Sailors.

"Raven Carter!" Luna the black cat cried. "You are the one we have been looking for!"

"The cat talks!" hermione exclaimed, picking up Luna and hugging her tightly. b etween her huge shapely chest.

"yes please put me down1" the black cat muttered between the cleavage. Everyone laughed at the predicament.

"OK!" hermione explained happily.

"Raven Carter you must put aside your sword given to you by the great Intigo Monoya and take this bracelet, for you are teh one we have been searching for!" Artemis the white cate explained giving her a golden bracelet with a green gem set in the side.

"Take it and say, Green Earth Crystal Power Makeup!" Sailor Moon explained eagerly the other sailors looking on with interest and smiles.

"green Earth Crystal Power Makeup!!" Raven declared lifting her arm around her in circles and transformed! into a sailor herself! Power filled her from the earth under her feet and the bracelet transformed into a mighty green ninja sword.

"you are Sailor Terra!" Luna explained for terra is another name for the Planet Earth. "You are teh one who will lead the Sailors into battle in the coming war against the forces of Dark Shadow!"

"That sword is the Green Destiny Sword," Sialor Mercury added studying her display panel on her makeup kit. "it is very powerful!"

"I know!" raven explained. "it's like I instintively know it."

"Wow Raven you are so totally lucky!!" hermione said jealously. crossing her arms across her jutting protrusions.

"Actually we have something for you two Hermione ganger," Luna said, giving Hermione a pair of earrings that looked like shooting stars. "Put these on and say Comet Crystal Power Makeup!"

"Comet Crystal power makeup"!! Herms declared putting in her earrings and transformed into Sailor Comet!

The twin sisters hugged as the other Sailors looked on happily. Then Raven explained the plan about going back to the USA.

"But how can we get there in time?" Sailor Moon asked with worry, a big sweat drop dripping down her side of her head.

"We need to collect a couple of things before we go," raven explained to her team. mates. "The Green Destiny Sword tells me where there are great sword fighters and we need to collect an army of them to defeat Magneto and find exclaibur again. So we must go to the other side of Japen wear there's a school for sword using."

"No problem!" Hermione yelled, "Comet Flying Action!"

The sailors and cats and Raven and Xena were suddenly surrounded by flames and they flew to the the side of Japan in seconds. Captain Jack and Inigo stayed behind with Tuzedo mask to organise the trip to the USA. The found the girl they were looking for because she was the only girl with pink hair and dressed like a boy.

"You want me to go with you? utena asked.

"Yes Utena, you are the greatest sword fighter in Japan, you must come with us!" Raven explained as the tall girl agreed readily.

"I'll need to bring my new computer, Chii!" Mercry explained, stopping at her place for a second on their way to pick up the human-shaped computer she had bought.

"Chii?" Chi asked dressed prettily in frilly white dress.

"yes chii wear going to the USA!" Mercury explained to her computer.

"Chii!" Chii agreed happily.

So they cast a spell using a spell and Hermione's Sailor Comet power and the Sailors teleport power and they travelled across the Pacific Sea to the coast of USA. Southern California exactly over sunnydale. where it was night.

"This is Sunnydale!" raven explained to her team as they all transformed back into there regular clothes. "Come on, we need to find Buffy and the others."

They went to the high school where there was all kinds of weird flashy lights and sounds of battle going on. In the library Buffy Angel Xander Anya and Giles and a redheaded girl Raven didn't know were fighting against a huge demon struggling to pull itself free of the Hellmouth. The new girl had two guns and was shooting at the demon but the monsteer wasn not noticing.

"We need a witch!" Buffy explained to Giles to reverse the Hellmouth!"

"but willow is gone to Britain!" Giles answered over the roar of the monster.

"Don't worry Giles I'm here!" Raven exclaimed as they ran into the room. "Hiya gang!"

"Raven!!" Buffy yelled at her former partner. "Cast Diablo back into the Hellmouth!"

"Diablo!" Raven cried fear crossing her otherwise beautiful features. "But he was defeated long ago by a great warrior!"

"yeah not so much!" Xander explained to the newcomers as they transformed into their Sailor warriors. He looked at Hermione and smiled. "Hey" he flirted with her and she giggled.

"not now honey!" Anya screamed sarcasticly as Diablo smashed at her with a huge fist.

The Sailors and Buffy and the scoobies and Xena, Naomi Lewis, Tuxedo Mask, Inigo Montoya and Captain Jack fought bravely as Raven prepared the spell to cast Diablo back into the Hellmouth. She also knew she had to get to Middle Earth somehow, and was worried about her aunt and Harry and the Xmen in Nevada at SG1. She was about to cast the spell when a tall dark-haired vampire all in black appeared behind her and grabbed abook off the shelves near her.

"It is MINE!1" the vampire declared holding the book triumphantly over his head.

"Dracula no!" Giles yelled warningly with fear on his face. "Not the necronomicon!"

"Stop him raven!" Angel yelled to the young sorceress. She was in the middle of casting the spell, if she stopped anything could happen! She kicked at Dracula with her foot and the spell went off suddenly in a flash of swirling yellow light! Everyone disappeared!!

When she woke up she was in a soft bed with white sheets, and gentle breeze blowing on her. outside was a beautiful city in the window surrounded by trees. A tall man with long dark hair and long white robes with pointed ears looked at her kindly.

"Welcome to Rivendell, Raven Starheart," Elrond Lord of Rivendell declared smiling at her.