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Salazar's Revenge: Battle of the Heirs

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Chapter One: I Am Lord Voldemort

The city of London was rocked to its core: the horribly tortured corpse of a teenaged boy of around seventeen years of age had been found skewered on a lamppost in Trafalgar Square. He had been partially burnt, disemboweled, and hit multiple times on the head with some blunt object, among others, until he had finally been killed by some unknown method and his body skewered on the lamppost. Eerily, it seemed to the Crime Scene Investigation Officers that all the torture had taken place right in Trafalgar Square, but that was impossible. Somebody had to have heard or seen the torture going on, but nobody had, until the corpse had been discovered this morning by a very shocked passersby who had promptly called the police, who had descended on Trafalgar Square in force, lights flashing, as had representatives of practically every newspaper, magazine, radio station, and TV news channel. ...impossible by normal means, that was. One passersby took one look at the corpse and paled dramatically: her hair, once a cheerful bubblegum pink, lightened suddenly to the whitest white. She muttered a barely heard word: Harry! And promptly took off, none too soon, as a high, cold voice, accompanied by multiple pops, sounded and dozens of black-cloaked figures appeared in the middle of the Square, brandishing small, wooden sticks. A palpable aura of the darkest evil radiated from them, in an ironic contrast to the bright, cheery sunlight of the early morning. Who.... Where.... How?” stuttered a reporter, hoping desperately that it was a dream. But it wasn't a dream. The apparent leader of this band of black cloaked figures, a tall man with abnormally white skin and snake like features, brandished his stick. A jet of green light shot out of the end and hit the hapless reporter, who was dead before he even hit the ground. “Now, Muggles, as to who I am....” said the leader in his high, cold voice: “... I AM LORD VOLDEMORT. BOW BEFORE ME OR DIE!”