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The Sweet Taste of Determination

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Everything was about the fight.

That was what was making Papyrus' self appointed task to fetch his brother a human so daunting. Because it wasn't just about having the human. Using the human... It was about what the human could offer. And what his brother would want more than just a simple toy would be a fight.

Everything was about the fight for his brother...

That was the attitude that had gotten Sans the promotion to begin with and why Papyrus now had to call his brother boss in public. That attitude was why Papyrus was getting his brother the human..... His brother was riding high on the pride and sense of achievement. The status of his badge was everything, but the thought had come quickly too, about how a human would make it even sweeter. Sans had only entertained the thought a week ago and now here Papyrus was. One last center to try before he gave up on his goal of finding one in time for Sans' two week mark after the promotion.

All the others had given him choices between a select few humans that had been promising but lacking and proven undesirable with just a few pushes and pulls. Too submissive. Too docile. Too breakable or already broken. Too stupid or needy. Bland and he had seen it all before.

No. No, no. It wouldn't do.

He needed one that could and would fight. But it was difficult to find in all of the usual places. They called them slaves, but in truth the humans there were pets. That was the only way he could describe them.

The whole scene had been distasteful.

And not at all what Sans needed.

Alphys had laughed heartedly when he had presented his thoughts to her, looking for suggestions since she would understand what he meant about what he wanted for Sans best.

"Hahahaha. You won't find any in those stupid little pet stores with all those baked has-beens. Nu-uh. What you need is raw meat." She had punched her open palm. "I know just the place."

She'd given him the instructions.

It was one of the places Undyne got most of her specimens.

"We get one for a fun weekend on occasion from places like these." Alphys explained. "You can't just walk in, though. You need a connection. Luckily for you... You've got the connections."

She'd even called ahead for him to explain, though her hands were beginning to shake, and Papyrus looked away, pretending not to see (Not just because she would suplex him or worse if he'd mentioned it).

She'd hung up and smacked him on the back heartedly.

"Save some for me, won'tcha guys? It's been a long time since I've had any fun like that."

Papyrus only nodded.

But once Papyrus reached his destination, he immediately knew Alphys had been right to lead him there. The place had a lot more security and all of it was noticeable. The air was static with magic. And the man at the center of it all was aflame; the royal crest on the left corner of his uniform.

Grillby stood at the front of the entrance expectantly and although Papyrus couldn't see it, he could feel the wide smile on the man's face.

"Perhaps... I have something... that can help us both..." He said once Papyrus introduced himself and explained his dilemma more thoroughly than Alphys' quick and hasty explanation. Grillby revealed the file he had been holding behind his back the entire time. Papyrus hesitated before taking the file with a gruff grunt.

Immediately the exquisite red eyes caught his attention........ And he knew.... If the gaze was just as resistant in real life as it was in a single picture, Papyrus knew that it was the right one.

The elemental had only another smile at the look on Papyrus' face. Papyrus tilted his head, reading the rest of her file.

Name: Chara

Assigned Number: C5 10642

Age: 14/15 (?)

Fourteen? Fifteen....?

Papyrus wasn't entirely familiar with human ages when it came to numbers. Looking at them either to be honest. On top of it all, Monsters aged all over the place and all different shapes and sizes. Undyne or Alphys would know- But he supposed it didn't matter much to begin with. The age.... Humans were different. Everyone was taught how dangerous they were at any age; dangerous and feral.... All he's heard from other Royal Guards and Undyne.. that only reinforces the idea.

Sex: Female

Soul: Red

Just like her eyes......


Captured September 15, 201X. Hospitalization; non-serious injury.Transferred to Royal Penitentiary Concentration Center upon release.

But what stopped Papyrus short was,


HP 28

AT 14

DEF 10

LV 3

Notes: Hostile.

Papyrus glanced up from the paper in surprise.

"You're keeping a human with LV?"

"This is all we keep here." Grillby stated. "Their souls.... are strong. But her.. It was undecided.... what to do with her...." Grillby noted with a note of disgust in his hissing tone. Papyrus hummed, half wondering what about these circumstances didn't sit well with the fire monster. "Is it a problem... for you..? Royal guard?" Papyrus chuckled.

"Nyeh... No. No problem at all. Only a surprise." But he already felt a lot more confident in its prospects. Sans would see that as more challenging right at the start. There would even be a sweeter sense of poetic justice to it all than there already was.

"I'll have her... prepared...?" Grillby asked. Papyrus closed the file and nodded. "As I suspected...."

Grillby indicated one of the hallways with his hand and gave a slight bow before leading the way... They walked through another layer of security before Grillby finally led Papyrus to a large circular room with several openings blocked by energy barriers... It smelled of what Papyrus knew was blood and sterilizing chemicals....

"Disciplinary." Grillby explained as the two came to a stop by the door. "She is being brought.... Had her cleaned up when told you were going to be... coming."

Papyrus glanced over at the fire elemental, living with Sans put you on alert for the unfortunate wordplay, but the elemental gave no indication of noticing the potential grievance. But it did put him off that the man was as confident to assume Papyrus would agree to see the girl. That presuming arrogance. It half made him want to turn around and walk out, Sans would have probably wanted him to as well.

But he didn't. Because tomorrow was already the two week mark. And how long could you go from an important date and still give a gift to congratulate it?

And besides..... He hadn't found what he was looking for anywhere else and he had already needed Alphys' help getting in here.

A door on the other end of the room turned from blue to orange and in moments the energy barrier disappeared. A large dog monster with the stupidest expression came through it, and behind him with her hands cuffed out in front of her and being led in with a collar and leash; the girl. She wore and unassuming grey scrub-like shirt and pants and flimsy shoes that were basically tissue paper, but even so, Papyrus was immediately caught off guard by the sight of her.

The picture in her file did not do justice to the vibrancy of the red eyes.

She didn't looked scared or concerned at all despite having to know that this expedition outside of her room being different than usual. Her hair was still wet and her skin slightly red from being cleaned. That should have given it away.

Instead her expression was smug and confident, and she smiled, her teeth showing almost threateningly.

"Good afternoon, Grillbz. Whose the bag of bones? Off to domestic already, am I?" She asked in almost a sing-song. The collar around her neck sparked and she hissed in pain. Papyrus could feel an equally smug but anticipating energy coming off of the fire monster. The girl straightened back up the moment the collar was done, her smug expression still there.

"Yes..." Grillby said. "Domestic."

You could see in the girl's eyes that she had caught by the tone of his voice, that he did not mean entirely what he said. Her gaze immediately became more appraising and suspicious, looking Papyrus over more carefully.

"Place her in the center." Grillby ordered the dog. The dog yanked on the girl's leash in its excitement to obey. Papyrus watched from a few paces away as the girl stood the green circle. Immediately, her Soul came forward with a brilliant red light before it was seeped in green and the cuffs too glowed, making her hands immovable. Papyrus could see the girl gritting her teeth in frustration but trying to hide it. "Good boy.... Unleash her... and leave us... Go have a treat.."

Papyrus nearly paled at the shameful display as the dog bounded out without so much as a considering thought. Other than, perhaps, good boy and treat....

"And you let him handle dangerous, dangerous hoomans- ah!" Papyrus turned his attention back to the girl who was recovering from another shock from the collar that Grillby had sent through her.

"C5. Young and healthy, despite her troubles..." Grillby informed Papyrus. "Thoroughly untrained, though.. as a slave...... Not the sort of thing we do here.." Papyrus nodded in understanding but it did not matter.

"Training will not be a problem." Her training would be with Sans.

The fight... And yet no real fight at all.

Like a cat with a mouse in its grasps, playing with it and the mouse still trying to get free with all of its power despite it being pointless. It just kept making the game that much more fun...... And.. Longer.

"Must admit... Hadn't expected her to last this.. long." Grillby told him. There seemed to be a tone of resentment in his voice. But the information was promising.

The girl was glaring at them from her place in her circle of green magic. It was no longer smug but deadly. Murderous, even. If not for the nullifying effects of the collar, Papyrus assumed the intent would have been clear in the air towards all of them. Instead all she had was her glare...

"And aren't you so sorry about it."

And her words.

Grillby only chuckled in amusement. The girl hissed as the collar gave off a spark. The only will to be expressed here, was his.

And now... Papyrus'.

Papyrus indicated the confined girl with a tilt of his skull.

"May I?" He asked. Grillby nodded.

"....But of course."

Papyrus could feel the elemental's excitement growing and he could feel the leering expression even if he couldn't see it as Papyrus turned away and began to walk towards the girl. The doors to the room sealed shut, the red energy blackening and turning opaque to block out everything happening in the room from the outside world. Papyrus could feel her slight flinch and her desire to glance over threateningly towards Grillby, but couldn't dare take her eyes off of him whom she correctly identified as the eminent threat as he came closer, working to take off his gloves and tucking them away safely.

"If needed... we have... testing equipment.."

"More than this should not be necessary." Papyrus informed him. "It will not be long."

In part he had nearly made his decision already.

He stood right in front of her, towering.... But she kept her face lifted and her gaze unflinching.

Determination, Undyne would call it..

Her Soul was now high above her, pulsing with the sensation and unrelenting.

"... Try anything you need..."

The girl snarled at him, the eyes on fire as he grabbed between the green glowing cuffs and lifted her hands high above her head.

"I'm not scared of you, pain, or death." She told him sternly, fully thinking she meant it.

Papyrus stared calmly down at her face....


Proving her wrong would be exactly the thing Sans would want.

Papyrus saw the flicker of doubt in the back of her eyes though she kept her expression fierce. Papyrus yanked up on the cuffs a bit more and the expression faltered as she was forced to stand on her tip toes. He let the cuffs go and took a step back and began to walk around her. She moved her head as best she could to keep him in her sights at all times.

"Remove her... clothes... if needed." Grillby's voice came and finally the girl's attention returned to the fire elemental with what Papyrus could feel from her Soul, was hatred.

Papyrus reached out, his hand slipping beneath the fabric of her shirt.

The girl growled, trying to kick one of her legs backwards. There was a spark from the collar, but she pressed on, screwing her eyes shut and still kept trying her best to get his hand off of her. Papyrus gave Grillby a short shake of the head and the shock stopped. Papyrus grabbed her hair at the roots and held tightly. She yelped and bit her tongue, but her attempts to kick him away ceased out of necessity. Papyrus lifted the back of the shirt.

Scars and cuts littered her back and instinctively Papyrus' hand glowed green in healing. Could not have her too damaged before Sans got a hold of her... The injuries began to fade surprisingly well. Except the large, round circle just above her left hip. It looked like an old exit wound....

"From when she was... caught. I believe." Grillby informed him, interpreting Papyrus' lingering gaze correctly. Papyrus nodded. Papyrus released her hair and stepped back before beginning to walk back around. The girl's teeth showed threateningly and her eyes showed her intent to ponce again. As if she was the cat.... not the mouse.

The moment Papyrus lifted his hand towards her face, she snapped her jaw forcefully. But with the way her body was stretched and her head tilted, she could not move it enough to actually be a threat....

Papyrus gripped at her throat, squeezing threateningly as he came closer.

He could see her legs beginning to shake... the position becoming more than just a bit uncomfortable. But still she stayed determinedly defiant. And would continue to be so, he knew....

"What is your name?" Papyrus asked, though he already knew it. He simply wanted to test her response.

"Fuck. You." She managed, though her head tilted back and his hand around her neck, it seemed difficult to breathe. She wanted to kick and squirm but still remained unable. Papyrus simply smiled at her response before his face falling near unaffected again.

The girl bucked, trying to get him but was unable to get enough distance without letting herself be strangled. Physically, she could not move. She could not resist, but her eyes were still piercing and fire. That was something. Exactly what they needed her to be. Something with no real control, something to be controlled, but who would still fight.

Yet her eyes were piercing and fire.. but Papyrus' fingers around her neck gave him an alternative perspective with the racing of her pulse.

He wrapped his other hand around her and trailed it up her back again beneath her shirt. Papyrus lifted his hand to the back of her head, rising up from within the collar of the shirt, dragging up the fabric a bit. He put pressure on the back of her skull as he let go of her from the front. This gave him a much more manageable position to work with.

He took a small step back and lifted the front of her shirt half way to show her stomach.

The scar on the left side was nasty indeed but too healed over to worry about. It was like a spider across her skin.....

Papyrus began to work his way up the front of her body and the girl stiffened at the touch as Papyrus revealed her breasts. Papyrus could feel the girl's head jerk back, as she tried to get away on instinct, but he only tightened his grip to keep her steady and did not hesitate to grab one and begin to squeeze and fondle it, running his thumb in a circle around and over her nipple. At first she did not show any alarm other than the soft, momentary holding of her breath. When it resumed she growled and tried to buck and Papyrus let her, knowing the action was nothing... Perhaps to also let her also know it was nothing. That was important too, wasn't it....

"Hm." Papyrus released her chest and reached up to grab her Soul. The girl gasped in pain as his fingers gripped it, but soon the Soul pulsed in green light and refused even as he tried to go over it like an apple in his hand. Papyrus disregarded the Soul and let it float again near her captured hands as he continued to work his fingers over her body. Mechanically. Testing the skin. There were scars but a lot of potential still remained. Sans would appreciate that.

Papyrus hummed to himself though. He could feel it as he continued to work his fingers across her skin: she really was young.

The human was beginning to breathe uncomfortably from his handling and he could see the realization and understanding seeping into her slowly... At how this had not just been touching her to test her. But also something else... She could sense his ulterior motives.

She struggled all the more, growling as she tried to kick even with the assured pain it would send through her head.

Continuing to Fight even when she was powerless.

But Papyrus is not like Sans. He does not appreciate the fight.

This is why he now calls Sans boss in public.

It was time to test what he truly needed to.

The hand behind the back of her head wrapped around and covered her lips. She could not hide the fear in her eyes this time as his left hand reached the waist of her pants. She tried to struggle, to get his hand away from her, tried to bite his fingers in anger, but there is genuine alarm in her eyes that she cannot even pretend to hide or mask as realization worked its way through her as to what that something else was. Not just to test, but to prepare.

His skeletal fingers slide beneath the fabric. Papyrus can feel her try to take in a sharp breath, the base of a scream in her throat, but she swallowed the sound as she turned rigid stone when his other hand finds the lips of her entrance.

Terror. Panic. They are in her expression. Also the pulsing of her Soul.

She had never been owned. Never been used. Papyrus knows it immediately just from the alarm he feels off of her that she is a virgin. He wonders if she had even touched herself.

But the way she resumes trying to get out of his grasp, to fight, more forcefully and with less thought to her pattern of actions, Papyrus knows she at least understands what this means. It is not a new concept to her even if she does not have any or all the details. She understands even if she has been able to avoid it up to this point.

"Domestic." Grillby had said at the start with that strange tone.

He also knows from her inability to remain entirely calm that this was not something she had suspected. Out of all the things she had suspected to happen to her since coming here, this is the one thing that she hadn't anticipated since perhaps the first week or so. Back then when everything and any horrible possibility had raced through her head. And then it had gone.

When she had seen Papyrus she had expected something else entirely. Something she could face.

Him, pain, death even. Domestic servitude of some strange sort.

Papyrus leaned forward, breathing against the skin of her clavicle as his fingers settled themselves and he began to run her clitoris. She moved her head violently, trying to get his hand off of her mouth. Her thighs squeezed together but as Papyrus dips a finger deeper down between them she has to stop moving to cut off a cry.

Papyrus can tell she is out of her playing field in every way.... And cannot seem to adjust to this new type of confrontation.

This is exactly what Sans would need.... Exactly...

She tried to swing a leg up to knee him, Papyrus gripped tighter between her thighs and she only succeeded in moving her body more against his prodding fingers and burying his hand deeper. Papyrus dug a finger between her folds and began to penetrate.

Her face managed to break free of Papyrus' hand over her mouth and immediately-

"Get OFF!" She snapped her teeth at Papyrus' hand but there was a small shock from the collar and she shouted out in too many emotions that she couldn't get a handle on. Papyrus pulled out his finger and slid back in. But when he pulled out again, he slid back upwards, concentrating on just the outside.

Sans would get the honors later.... It was his toy after all, everything that happened to it would be up to him in the end..

Curiously, Papyrus pressed his teeth down against her clavicle and formed his tongue, licking up the side of her neck. The girl gasped in horror and he could feel her move without saying so, to get away. He glanced briefly at her expression. The horror clear, just like Papyrus had wanted.

He smiled as he pulled his tongue back in and let it dissipate. He could see her mind coming to the same conclusions. About what else he could also form. The panic that had been just bellow the surface threatened to bubble up and Papyrus felt her thighs tighten around his hand as she tried to squirm once again.

Papyrus embraced her completely, breathing against her neck warmly as he pressed her up against him, her feet had lost their hold on the floor and she was completely at his Mercy. She couldn't move without making Papyrus' work easier.

"Grill... by..." Her voice was soft and broken as she struggled to breathe. But there was a hint of disbelief... the soft trace of a plea even.

"This... is only what you deserve, C5." Grillby's deceivingly calm even voice came; watching her changing expression with delight. Papyrus moved his fingers down farther, playing with her entrance. There was a small, tense sound from the back of her throat. Papyrus tilted his head so he could see at least half of her expression.

She was growing incredibly wet and panting with uneven breath. She did not even have the floor against her toes to balance herself anymore. Only the chains around her wrists and Papyrus as he held the back of her neck and pressed her body hard against his as he continued to work smoothly between her thighs.

He had planned to stop before her outburst and trying to bite his hand, but now he knew he was obligated to keep at it for a bit longer.

That was how it went. The more she resisted... the longer the torment would last...

She was trying to bury her face against the crook of her arm, having to close her eyes as it became impossible to keep her eyes piercing. Papyrus watched her face, feeling his own ecto-flesh beginning to form but he remained outwardly unmoved even as she couldn't; Papyrus was entirely professional.

The sensation was foreign and she was at a loss as to what to do. How to resist. Pain was one thing and familiar, but this...

The girl's face was flush and she bit her own lip as she tried to stop the whimper.

It really was all unfamiliar to her.

Being powerless. Being unable to resist.

As her body began to betray her.

Papyrus lifted his head from her neck and peered down at her face. If he was honest, he felt curious. This was the closest he had ever been to a human. Of course he'd seen plenty. It came with territory of being a Royal Guard and best friends with The Royal Scientist. But he hadn't realized just... how warm and expressive they could be. He hadn't taken that into account but it made this idea seem better. Sans would already know these things from all of his recent training with Alphys. It would be interesting to see what else they could learn together.

"Look at him... C5."

She closed her eyes even more tightly in protest to Grillby's voice.

"Look. At him."

There was a shock from the collar and she yelped and tilted her head back, but when she opened her tearing eyes she stared at the ceiling and refused. Papyrus pressed her body up against him more tightly and put his face directly in front of hers. Forcing her to look at him with his hand still behind the back of her neck. Papyrus stopped rubbing between her thighs but kept his hand there. Squeezing. Then spreading out his fingers wider and playing with her entrance and clitoris at the same time, poking in the tip of her finger before pulling it back out. The red eyes briefly went unfocused and Papyrus felt her legs tense, resisting the urge to buck into him.

Her thighs around his hand were squirming. Silently begging for more touch but her racing heart and expression were begging him to stop. Both of which Papyrus knew she was frustrated with and even more frustrated in the fact she did not know how to deal with either. Her body's betrayal to what she truly wanted and her expressions betrayal in revealing it. She closed her eyes again and turned her face back into the safety of her arm. Papyrus rubbed slowly again and she bit her lip.

"Good girl." Grillby told her, his voice even. She bit down harder against her lip, trying to stop it from trembling.

Papyrus finally began to pull his hand up from beneath the fabric of her pants. The girl let out a misled relieved cry as Papyrus pulled away from her, her head fell forward as she took in deep breaths.

"..... Satisfied....?" Grillby's voice came as Papyrus took a step back to be able to appraise the girl's now dangling disheveled form in full, wiping off her own juices against her shirt.

"No." Papyrus stated but his mind caught on to that word, knowing just what Sans would say if he had been there. "But she will be, eventually."

Grillby laughed softly to himself and all of it only reminded Papyrus of how much Sans would play with her.

Fuck you. Get off.

Two of the things she had said to him.

"There is a lot of potential." Papyrus agreed turning back to Grillby.

Sans would have a field day with those abhorred puns.

"I am... glad..." The two men stood by the exit as the doors turned back into clear orange light. They glanced back towards the girl who was lifting her head, trying her hardest to blink back a trembling expression and stare hatefully. It only took a moment, but her teeth clenched and she snarled.

Papyrus knew if she could she would have killed both of them. The entire facility.

But that was only if she could....

And it would never make up for the fact that this feeling rose up from the shame. Even if that was something new Papyrus had to wrap his skull around that humans could even feel that acutely as it had been on the girl's face.

"Tomorrow?" Papyrus asked, refusing to look away from the red eyes.

".. the morning." Grillby agreed. "The papers...?"

Papyrus nodded and turned to leave, keeping his gate even and the doors turned black behind him and Grillby and cut them off from the girl's gaze. Papyrus quickly put back on his gloves but he had to notice how consciously aware of his moist hand beneath it he was even as Grillby handed him the papers he needed to sign to begin the transfer process.

But whatever this was the start of, the only thing that mattered was that Sans would like his gift. Even if it only lasted a day or so, a week even, as long as he approved. That was the only thing Papyrus really needed: his brother happy.

And that was yet another reason Sans was the boss.

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Sans needed the fight.

Papyrus needed approval.

And all Grillby needed..

He watched Papyrus leave, a content and triumphant feeling in his Soul as he put the signed papers safely away in his desk. Locking it. Not daring to risk losing it.

Then... He began to make his way back to Disciplinary.

The blackened doors turned orange and Grillby entered the room, the triumphant feeling emerging from deep within his chest and forming a smile most could not distinguish on his face even as he kept his hands behind his back and his gate even.

C5 had lifted her head immediately and glared at him, the red eyes burning just as much as his own fire despite the tears he knew she had been struggling to fight since half way through Papyrus' handling. Murder was in her gaze, the intent there even if the collar nullified it. She was probably imagining dangling him over a bucket of water and slowly watching him go out, bit by bit in steamy bit.

The collar sparked aggressively, close to the highest level, and the red eyes closed as she screamed at the unexpected pain. And it did not stop. She tried to coil her body even as she continued to dangle with her hands high above her head.

"Release." Grillby thought. The green magic cut off and the circle darkened. The girl yelped as she fell to the floor and continued to wriggle from the intensifying pain from the collar. She grip at it with her now free hands, but it was impossible to separate it from her skin.

The collar finally let up and she gasped helplessly on the floor, resting her forehead against the ground.

".... You're... a.. bastard." C5 managed. The collar sparked once again and she gave out a quick shout but this time she could not be surprised. She slumped back down against the floor once it was over.

"This is only... what you deserved.." His flames hissed again. "After your... luck.... at the labs."

Her teeth were gritted together again as she glared up at him.

"Who knew... fate simply had something better in store..."

Because while he had been furious about the labs, he knew... Even that would not have been able to break her the way he wanted to. Because she can deal with torture, he knew already. Even the thought of death though she would rather avoid it.

But this was different. This was knew.

The expression on her face as Papyrus had played with her. The way her eyes had gone unfocused and her face helpless. The way she had said his name.... The closest he had ever gotten a plea from the demon.

But this is what she had deserved. This exact fate. Fate had handed it to Grillby so easily.

Because the exact thing that made her so unbearable... The exact thing that she held so dear: her determination.

"Fuck you." C5 growled again and Grillby tsked as he bent down to hold her by the chin. He squeezed, letting the touch be uncomfortably warm.

"You're going to have to find.. a different comeback.." He told her.

Because that was the exact thing he was selling her for.

The realization was in her eyes but still she did her best to appear unafraid. That was her other problem, wasn't it? The child-

She closed her eyes her thighs pressed together as she fought another wave of unfulfilled need and Grillby's smile twisted.

"It hurts... doesn't it....?" He asked. "A different type..."

"I hate you....." She whispered.

"Isn't that... the only thing you can do?" He asked too darkly for someone constantly giving off light. "You... and your kind..." He shoved her chin forcefully and she grunted as she was sent back to the floor. Grillby stood back up to tower over her.

She had been a pain in his side since the moment she had been dragged here from the hospital.

Whoever had decided to save her instead of just let her bleed out in a fucking alley, he did not appreciate. At all.

But at the same time, finding ways to make sure she continued to suffer, Grillby could relate.

It was the only reason he had considered sending her to the labs in the first place.

And then the stupid king had ruined even that plan. The thought that she had almost won, almost made it out of here without getting everything she deserved... He could have boiled her blood within her skin.

"Your lack of training... he said it would not matter.. but I would feel guilty without sending you off without... at least some." C5 looked back up, her eyes widening and she tried to stand up, to get out of the green circle, but the pain from the collar sent her back down to the floor.

And if he only had one more day then he at least better get the most out of it for all the trouble she had caused.

For her entire existence.

The entrances of the doors went black, blocking out everything. Even if she were to call for help, nobody would come.

"Can't scar you.." Grillby noted, the green magic overcoming C5's Soul and the collar let up on its assault. She coughed, trying her hardest to recover.

"You're a.. coward.." She said from her place on the floor, her voice hoarse. "If not for this collar I'd kill you."

"..... Is that so?"

C5 gasped as the green magic stopped and she felt the collar turn off. Her hands rose to her neck in shocked disbelief. But then... her teeth clenched and the rage of her murderous intent filled the room. C5 lifted herself up, swinging her fist as hard as she could. He caught her hand, his flames blazing and letting the heat and pressure consume her hand.

"AAaAAH!" She collapsed onto her knees, tears immediately in her eyes. He cut off the heat from his flames but did not let go.

"Now... If you are done..." He began. "Check me."

The girl let out a soft whimper, but her pained expression was still hardened, despite the way she wanted to cry.

And for once in her life... She obeyed.



LV 15

HP 73/76

AT 38

DF 13

And then she laughed.

Grillby released her hand and watched her sit back on the ground, still laughing in that awful way that she did sometimes when being tortured. It was one of the things he hated most about her-

The collar surged back to life with another intense shock. She collapsed forward onto the floor but even through the pain there was a semblance of a laugh. The shock switched off and Grillby waited patiently....

"He.hehehehe..." She continued near deliriously. ".. only... Only 15?" She laughed outright again and she glared up at him even with one eye half closed from the lingering pain in her body. "For all the humans you come into contact with... and you still... only 15?" She snickered. "Man, you're really bad at being bad."

He saw her grit her teeth, expecting the shock of the collar but it didn't come. No... if he did, he was certain he would not be able to stop. He'd been at 15 for awhile now, she could be the exception that got him to LV 16... But no.

The circle glowed green and C5 hissed as her Soul floating above her went green.

Let her spend the night stuck in that position for all he cared.

"Please...." Grillby froze, his flames flickering in obvious surprise. He had imagined it. He had to have imagined it. He turned his attention back towards her and she struggled to lift a hand but it fell again against the floor. She closed her eyes in defeat. "Please... Please don't do this..."


C5 was actually.... begging.

"Please don't sell me to him. Please. Lie. Kill me even. Just... please... Please don't d-do this..."

So. The seriousness of this situation was not lost upon her. She had even given up her last card. The one thing she had always refused Grillby in every other circumstance.

The unspoken plea in her voice as Papyrus had touched her had been sweet but this was beyond words.

But he supposed that now it did not matter. She had nothing else to lose but to beg. And after all, he already knew the truth about her. That she was nothing more but a child trying to act tougher and braver than she actually was.

His flames bristled at that and he banished it from his mind.

"And right after.... he told you.. to stay determined."

"Please..." She repeated.

Grillby came close again and bent down onto one knee, reaching and grabbing C5 by the face; delighted at her lack of trying to bite him.

"You listen..." He demanded. "You will go... tomorrow. With the Royal Guardsman... And you will leave knowing.. everything you ever did.. here. To resist.. was for nothing. Because in the end... you still begged."

The crackle of flames was intense on the last word and C5 closed her eyes with a trembling bottom lip.

"And know that... even with everything you do there... Surviving. I promise you... eventually.. you will also beg for them... How. When. For what. I don't know.. But you are nothing. Nothing at all. But scum. Who was never in control. A demon who should not even.. exist. Just like all humans. And every bit of pain given... you deserve."

The red eyes opened, the accursed determination swelling once more to replace the tears.

No matter how many times! No matter how much she fell! Somehow!! It always came back! And he hated it...

But this time he also understood where it came from. Rising up to replace her last bit of hope he would give her Mercy.

"I'd tell y-you to burn in hell," she began, "but you're already the devil." Grillby stood up and towered over her. "One day... I hope somebody takes everything away from you."

Grillby's calm composure was gone as his flames flared. The collar sparked and C5 screamed as it didn't stop and the intent behind it only grew.

But the thought of giving what she wanted, playing into her hands and accidentally killing her. The thought cut off the shock in an instant, releasing her from the agony it was inflicting. Grillby stared down at the helpless girl.

"One of you demons.. already did."

And he left her there alone, laying on the floor.

They should have never sent the child here to begin with, she hadn't been worth any of the pain! And then The King sending the child back after Grillby had been rid of her! Encouraging her even, stay determined?! The exact ego burst she didn't need along with the promise to be transferred to domestic to be rehabilitated.

That Mercy....

The human that killed his daughter hadn't given her any!

Dr. Undyne had the right idea... The King and Queen would have been better off destroying them all the first time instead of putting everyone through all of this.


Chapter Text

There had been many things... she had been prepared for. So many things she could handle. She'd been handling them all her life.

But this... Papyrus and Grillby had been right from the beginning...

This was something she had never prepared herself for. She couldn't have. She'd been too busy fighting other threats that this one had blindsided her. As a child on the streets, working yourself between the cracks of Monsters and Human rebellion, trying not to get caught... You work out the response to pain and teach yourself that big kids don't cry and help teach that to those important to you. IF you're stupid and enough of an idiot to take that risk in having important people to begin with. To love...

LOVE, of course. Though most were not brave enough to go that far knowing that once you were caught it was almost a certain death sentence. For Chara it had always been better to die later than now, she supposed.

She had been prepared to be sent here, or some place like it. She'd been prepared for pain and even death. She had even prepared to be sent to the labs when the time had come. She'd prepared herself mentally, accepting that her Soul would be ripped from her chest and used and experimented on by that deranged human loathing doctor everyone always talks about.

But she had been sent and then sent back.

For once in her life. Just once.

It had seemed like she had won.

She had never expected... for Grillby to pull up something like this.

She had known he hated her. From the very beginning even before she had even done anything to him but existed. At first she had suspected it was the LOVE but soon discovered every other human here was the same: rebels, fighters, lingering groups of humans descendent from survivors of the Great War that had escaped into the shadows and others underground...

She was just one of the street children through the cracks.

She didn't know what she did that was so different from the others to make him hate her specifically so much...

It hadn't mattered to her though. He hated her. Simple. She hated him. If she could she would take a bucket of magic water and watch him slowly flare out. Dip him in. Toes first. Down and down until he was just a screeching head. Until all that was left were glasses and the uplifting feeling of her LV reaching 5...

She... She had... She had known he had hated her and she had hated him. But to go out of his way... To do something he didn't do typically... To her specifically.

This thing...

He'd been told to send her to domestic for training, but this...

To that skeleton.


She found herself trembling again on the floor, the fear in her chest though she wished she could kill it. Put it in that same magic water and douse it completely.

But she couldn't hide it or deny it...

She was afraid.

She'd known what to expect and prepare for in everything else. She had accepted the inevitability of certain outcomes.

That this place...

With its bars and security and magic and endless pain and the fact that she was never going to see the sun again... Only this place with its darkness and pain. She was never getting out.. So instead she had done what she had always done: fight. Even if this time it was only for herself. To be able to fight to the end... That had been her only goal.

And with the labs... Loaded up into those windowless vans and led off to be worse than slaughtered.

Only to be spared.. spared by someone so unexpected that she still couldn't wrap her head around it or understand.

She knew it was because of her age, she understood that. But she did not understand.. why he should have cared. Nobody had cared before.

Nobody cared now.

She'd been spared. For once in her life somebody had spared her. But of fucking course it had been pointless.

She swallowed as she lay there on the floor, the fear and the hatred swelling within her: She had almost been there.

She would have gone with the slavers, would have gone and trained and been the most obedient servant all the while she plotted and planned. She could have gotten out. Gotten free... She could have found her way back!

For once since getting caught, she had let herself hope it could be.

And everything had fallen through...

And she was scared. She was scared and she didn't want to be but she couldn't lie to herself this time. She couldn't find a way to rationalize what was about to happen. Because.. she didn't know what was about to happen.

She felt the tears stinging in the back of her eyes and she laughed. And laughed. The sound bubbling up like it usually did when she was in intense pain and refused to cry.

She was terrified. She didn't want to be, but she was.

The sensation of the skeleton's fingers working their way across her body. The way it had started to burn. Like electricity across her skin... Like the shock static of the collar but from her own body and... and the heat of her flushing face and the way it had started to grow wet and his fingers moving m-more. Moving and gripping and touching her, his breath-

The laughter was gone despite the tears in the back of her eyes.,...

She knew what rape was. At least... the basic idea of what it all entailed even though she didn't know the details or how a skeleton could... could... could do it...

That tongue against her skin.

She was trying to push herself harder against the floor, as if it could get the idea away from her. Her Soul was glowing green above her and the red eyes stared at it, trying to calm herself with its radiant pulse. She could see the tint of red underneath the artificial green magic.

And she understood why she was afraid...

Pain, she could handle. Death though she would prefer not to. But she could handle those. They could hurt your body. They could tear it to pieces and still never truly touch you... as long as you refused to give up to them. Truly give up.

They could try but they couldn't take your Soul if you didn't break.

But this she had no clue if she would still be able to do that. The fear of losing herself somehow... it was startling real.

When anyone ever talked about this sort of thing... it always sounded personal, something closer than even torture... Like just by doing it, they were stealing something irreplaceable from you. She didn't know what to think or expect. But if this could get inside your head... Your Soul...

The way his fingers had... Had worked.. And he had breathed against her all the while holding her as if she was nothing... And his expression... Amused at times and indifferent at others. Just testing her... In torture people wanted you to give them something. Obedience, information, something... But this...

Her body had responded on its own. With pain, you cried and screamed out sometimes because you couldn't help it. But this was somehow.. different. Different. Because pain always came from outside of you, this had been her own body. Even when she didn't want it too, it had responded to his touch, sent shivers down her spin, it had wanted him to continue... needing... She didn't want to know what it had needed. She didn't want to know!

But she was scared...

Pain, she could cry and scream but still resist... somehow. But this...

She was scared.

She didn't want to break. She didn't want to beg... Beg for them to stop. Beg for them to... to continue...

She was scared, she was so scared...

And what scared her the most was that she had already given a bit of herself away. Grillby's fiery expression and his hissing words as she had looked up at him and begged... and the way he had looked delighted.

She didn't know what was going to happen, but she knew what they would want.

They wanted her to break.

They wanted her to grovel and beg and she had given it to him.

But no. No. She would never do it again. She had known he had been consumed in fiery hatred, she had never anticipated that he was rotten in the core.... It had been the LV, hadn't it? That thing. Awful but powerful at the same time.... It had been a mistake to expect mercy from the likes of him. To not have anticipated him being that truly evil.

She was scared but if she was honest, she was always a little bit scared even if it wasn't what the others seemed to expect. Pain, death, they didn't scare her. It was something else that came with those things. Something in the longer game that she was playing in this...

The long game...

Her breathing was beginning to even out and the determination filled her.

Right. The long game. She was still getting out of here. That was something.

And if she was out there, even in the unknown, at least she would be one step closer to getting out completely.

Even though she was scared... She'd never give them what they wanted. And if she couldn't help it... Somehow she slipped. She would get back up and try again. Just like this. Battles she could lose but the war was everything she would stand for.

Yes. She would stay determined, just like that conflicting King had told her to.

Stay determined.

And win.




 But at the moment she was scared.

And just this once, on the floor and alone where nobody could hear her... she let herself cry.

She'd let herself cry just this once and afterwards she promised she would go back to Fighting...

And never stop.

Not until she got herself free...

Free... and back home.

Even if she wasn't sure where or how. Even if she wasn't sure of anything and absolutely everything unknown....

And that was the reason she was scared to begin with...

Chapter Text

"If you guys want anything saved for you, you better catch up!" Sans called back over his shoulder as the blaster surged forward through the smoke and dust as he rode in on it, his feet positioned and prepared to leap into the fray. The fact that everything ahead of him was unknown and hostile, filling Sans with exhilarating magic. Like this... Sans wasn't scared of anything.

Though a few hours later, that proved to be False.

"Sans. I have to talk to you." Alphys stood, her arms crossed, a serious scowl on her face. The scar over her left eye helped give it biting force. But Sans was unmoved and gave her his best, crooked smile.

"Sup, Alphys?" He strode in beside her, his stance relaxed in direct contrast to her stiff and tall stance.

"Don't sup me, Sans. They told me you charged ahead of your unit again." Sans shrugged and lifted his hands helpless as he closed his eyes.

"Yeah, well, can't help it if they're not quick enough for the quips-"

"Don't." Sans opened a single eye, looking her over as he caught on to something different about her today.

"Shesh, what got under your scales today. You okay there Alphys?" Sans asked, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

"That depends." She told him, in a tone that told him that it depended very much on him.

"I'm just doing my job, Alphys-"

"YOU'RE showing OFF and it is going to get you and others KILLED." She spat in his face but he refused to flinch. Still unafraid. Alphys sighed and relaxed her stance. "Look. I am all for putting yourself out there. Taking initiative and fighting your hardest. That's the reason I let you into the Royal Guard to begin with, the reason you got your promotion. But you also got that promotion because of how well you worked with Papyrus. Just because you're only working with other people now half of the time and when you are with Papyrus, he is working beneath you, that does not mean you can just act however you want."


"NO!" Alphys cut off. "I've seen this before and I'll see it again and right now I am cutting it off at the source! You've just got your promotion. You feel so powerful right now and you want a fight that isn't coming fast enough for you even with your new position."

"Hm. Maybe you're just scared I'll get ahead of you. You've always said I had potential and now that I have the chance to gain some real LOVE and not this wimpy 2 and 3 stuff-"

"You're acting like an ASS, Sans. What is there to be jealous of?! I GET IT. WE do reckless shit in training but on the FIELD you KNOW better and you KNOW you're wrong and its that stupid fucking LOVE and the power rush that is making you think this way. And as for you getting AHEAD of me. There are a lot of people with higher ones than me. The stats aren't everything Sans!"

"Yeah, well, they sure as hell don't hurt!" Sans yelled. Alphys' face was solid stone and Sans felt his magic twist in uncertainty. Because her face made it clear that she didn't agree even if she didn't say it.

Alphys grabbed him by the shoulders and he jumped, ready to teleport out, but instead she just held him there.

"Sans. I care about every one my team but you and Papyrus, I've come to consider family to some degree. If anything happened to you I would have yet another thing I could never forgive myself for. SO I am going to tell you something you must not repeat to anyone else..."

"U..Uh... Okay?"


"I promise!" Alphys sighed, but he could tell she was starting to get nervous in that way she did. He pretended not to notice. Especially with her hands still on his shoulders.

"You remember the last head of the Royal Guard?"

"Gaster? Sure, why?"

"He was brilliant in strategy and an all out fighter. But he.." The grip on his shoulders tightened. Still he didn't notice noticeably. "LOVE is something you're just getting into cuz now you can. What are you at now?"

He wasn't getting how this was important but he would bite.

"LV 3 now. But give it time."

"EXACTLY my point!" She growled. "LOVE makes you feel powerful and you can't get enough of it at first but at a certain point you start to feel sick. Or worse. You're sick and you refuse to notice it and you get you or other people hurt. So you need to not be a fucking idiot out there, got it? LOVE isn't everything. You don't need it as long as you have the skill!"

And with that she suplexed him.

"Ah-! Wait!"

Right into the ground, his face in the dirt. Sans lifted his head, spitting out the taste of the ground as she held him down.

"Alright! I get it! LV dangerous. Cocky dangerous!" She snickered behind him and he fought to get a look at her face. "What? What is the joke?!"



"Nothing." Yet she didn't let go of his arms.

"Grrrr. Just let me go. You made your point. Gaster got LOVE and he fucked up and now you're Head of The Royal Guard and he's dead! Though everybody can guess that and I don't get why it is a secret!"

"I'm not done."

"Then finish!"

She only hummed again in amusement. God was it annoying and no wonder Paps hated it at times. But maybe it was just his position on the floor beneath her that he hated. She finally released him and he picked himself up off of the ground, wiping off the dirt and straightening his scarf.

"What the fuck is wrong with you today? This morning you were so smug about something, what happened to that?"

"You're an asshole."

"Ha! You say that but I don't have an ass."

"Sans! I'm serious!"

"Nice to meetcha!" Alphys growled and Sans thought she might suplex him again but this time actually kill him. That he wasn't worth the trouble sometimes. But she sighed again and that soft expression returned. Almost sad even and Sans froze. She really, really was serious. Sans reached up and grabbed her arm in support. "Alphys what's eatin ya? You push me but this is different. What happened to Gaster?"

"That idiot tried to absorb a human Soul." Sans blinked and then the lights in his eyes went out.

"What the fuck? Everybody knows that's a bad idea."

"Bad idea is an understatement..." There was a moment of silence but then Sans snarled and shook his head.

"Fine, he was an idiot. I just won't do that. Promise."

'No, it's more than that Sans. He wasn't an idiot. He knew it would kill you, but he thought he had enough LOVE. The power went to his head and it consumed him. His own stats turned against him. You see... He absorbed the Soul, but human Souls are so powerful. He wasn't the one in control and on top of that, there is this thing that Undyne calls D-Determination in every human Soul. It began to melt him, Sans. It was nasty. Melting him and tearing him to pieces. But it's w-w-worse than that. If a n-normal monster a-absorbs a S-Soul. You die. You dust. And t-the Souls shatter. B-But him... W-With the LOVE."

"... Yeah?" Though Sans was starting to sweat and didn't want to know much more. He'd heard enough.

"He isn't d-dead Sans. Undyne h-has him... c-contained. I-In the labs..." The lights in Sans' eyes went out entirely.

"Oh... Shit." That was a lot to take in and she could see why she was so shook up. "But... I promise, Alphys. Not gonna end up like that." Alphys' expression hardened and she shoved him lightly.

"Better not." She ordered. "So cut this shit out in the bud, you hear me? I don't want to hear any more about you leaving your partners behind. And I don't want you getting in over your head with the LOVE."

"I mean, Alphys. No promises on that last one. It is literally our job to kill humans."

"Protecting monsters is our job. It is not always the same thing. And the amount of EXP and LV you gain depends a lot on your intent, which is something you can control. But that's a discussion for another time. Right now, there is one thing I need to know you understand fully." Her yellow eyes were unflinching and once again serious as she stared directly into his sockets. "A Human Soul is not a play thing. It is not something to underestimate. Got it? Never let your guard down. Even when you assume you have full control over something. Never doubt a human." Sans raised a brow. With his apparent conduct issue he had not thought that this was the thing she would be so focused on. He wasn't an idiot and the LV issue was too far away of a problem to be a real threat.

"Sue, Alphys. Promise. I'll be smarter about it."

"Good." The same smug smile she had given him all morning returned and Sans was relieved. But still hated the feeling that she knew something he didn't. "And if you ever have any questions about humans, I'll be more than happy to help."

"... Is this about the comment I said last week about maybe wanting to get a human slave?" Sans asked in realization. "Cuz sorry to disappoint, I went looking, though, uh, don't tell Paps cuz I didn't tell him. But all the humans I looked at were... also disappointing." Alphys sighed but Sans couldn't tell if it was genuine.

"Well then I guess there's nothing more to worry about is there?"

No, the sigh was a lie. There was something he really, really didn't know.

But he did know, when he got home to find Papyrus pulling out everything from the closet in the hallway.

"Um... Paps?"

"OH! Brother! You're home." Papyrus stood up and gave his brother an unconvincing pat on the back. "Just cleaning out the junk from the closet. We have way too much of it. Most of it yours."

"Psssh.. It's not junk, Paps. It's treasure."

"No. It's junk." Sans laughed. Yeah it was junk.

"But what are you planning on putting in there?"



"Yes. Just pillows. Nothing else at all. Well. Maybe a blanket."

But the ideas were already connecting and a wicked smile on his face and Papyrus was smiling just the same, both knowing what the other knew.

Leave it to his brother to get thorough. He bet he'd found something perfect for him too.

"Good job, bro. Thanks... We needed more space for our pillows. You're the best." He punched Papyrus' arm.

"Was there any doubt?"

Chapter Text

Papyrus returned early in the morning, excited, even allowing himself to smile wide as he entered the building. He was excited and anxious but he kept his pace even to not show it. Even if he were to go faster it wouldn't move the process along any sooner. Even when he got the girl to the house they would still have to wait for Sans to get off and come home. Papyrus could handle the wait though, it was Sans at his job that would have the problem.

Nobody had said anything, but Papyrus could tell that his brother knew what was going on. Somehow though, that did not take away from the excitement. It only enhanced it with anticipation.

Papyrus stood expectantly at the first desk by the entrance for the fire monster to appear, and more importantly, the girl.

Grillby arrived first, in a similar suit and tie as the day before but something even more vibrant danced in his flames. It seemed that he was filled with just as much anticipation as either of the brothers as he stood in front of the desk with Papyrus.

"She is being... brought." Grillby informed him. "She is not making it.... easy."

But the thought seemed to be making both men smile more...

"Her stubbornness..." Grillby began.. "Never something I... admired. But I am glad that it... is good for something. That we could come to this... agreement."

Papyrus no longer had to guess he was anticipating this as much as Papyrus, he knew it. The fire monster was glowing with animosity and yet also near glee. Papyrus pulled out the check from his jacket.

"300 G, just like we agreed. Enough to cover the transfer over to domestic." Grillby took the check but repeated the same thing he said yesterday.

"It is I... who should be paying you."

"I'll hear nothing of it." Papyrus demanded.

"Of course..."

If he was getting Sans a gift, he would be getting it fair and with his own money. Where was the pride in getting something free? He'd already had his hand basically held trying to find her between Alphys and Grillby. He'd at least have this one thing to be truly proud of.

Grillby had put the check in his vest but pulling his hand back out he revealed a collar.

"You will have to replace her... collar." Grillby stated.

"I have a collar." Papyrus told him but Grillby shook his head.

"No...... She has LV. You need a special kind. If you ever need... another.... Visit the labs." Papyrus took the collar with an internal grumble but refused to show it externally. But of course he should have known better. "It is already programmed with the information... you provided. Once put on... the chip in her wrist will register your.... ownership. Completing the transfer."

The chip. The chip buried deep inside her left wrist. Ensuring that she could never truly be free.

"Good." Papyrus said putting it in his jacket.

"Also.... Another thing."

"Yes?" Papyrus asked looking back up.

"With her LV... Her status will be red." Papyrus didn't understand.

"And red means?"

"She cannot be... resold. If you need to be rid of her... there will be... certain measures.. needed." Papyrus paused. But....

"That won't be a problem." Papyrus could see Grillby's smile widen impossibly. It had been exactly what he wanted to hear.

They couldn't resell her. They would have to kill her. Or Papyrus supposed... there was always Undyne.

It just would not be problem and if it was that was a problem for later. And all of it up to Sans anyways.

There was a loud, short buzzer from the main part of the prison and the two men turned their attention to the opening doors. Immediately, Papyrus heard what sounded like a growl but it was not from the two dog monsters holding onto either side of the girl, it was the girl herself. She looked almost feral in their grasp. Immediately the collar still around her neck sparked and she screamed out in pain before loosing her footing and nearly falling to her knees except for the two dogs supporting her.

Papyrus approached the girl who was slowly regaining her bearings from the intense shock. She blinked a few times and when the red eyes found Papyrus she snarled again, the hatred in her eyes even more intense than the shock- The collar was shocking her again.

Papyrus eyed the fire monster behind him.

"Had to.." Grillby said. "One last time....."

"Of course." Papyrus agreed in understanding. The shock let up and the girl leaned forward, panting and getting herself back together. Papyrus only smirked again as he motioned the dogs to let dog and immediately before she could fall to her knees he grabbed her forearm and yanked her upwards to a direct standing position. He dragged her closer to the fire elemental.

"I suppose this is the end.... C5." Grillby noted. The girl spat at his face and Papyrus could see the flames flare, but not so much in anger as delight. The collar sparked just one more time. The girl’s knees gave out and Papyrus pulled upwards as it continued.

"Enough." Papyrus said, a bit more harshly than he intended. The shock stopped.

"My apologies... I did not think it should have gone... unpunished... Do you?"

"No." Papyrus said but he took the collar out of his jacket. "It is just, I think it is best if I change the collar now when there is less risk. I can’t do that when you’re shocking her."

"Perhaps... but I did not think a Royal Guardsman... would need the... support."

"I don’t but if a risk can be avoided it is our duty to avoid it." He said calmly. Even if, if he was honest, part of his reasoning was also that the elemental's shocking of Sans' gift was starting to get annoying.

"Very well...." The man reached forward and for once she did not move to resist. The collar came off with a snap and immediately Papyrus braced himself. The intent the collar had been blocking filled the room and the red eyes blazed as she kept them on Grillby. Grillby stepped back, gripping the collar tightly in his hands, singeing it. "Congratulations, C5...."

The intent was hot and terrible and Papyrus reached down quickly to put on the new collar. But as expected, it wasn’t so simple. She turned her face towards him, the static of a Fight in the air. Papyrus readied himself for a Fight as she turned her attention to him and the collar. As she turned her fire and ATK towards him.

She lifted her legs entirely, and Papyrus tightened his hold on her. Refusing to fall over from the dispoportionate weight and give her what she wanted. But in doing so... He had given her exactly what she wanted...

In one moment the girl had turned her attention back towards Grillby and the fire elemental's face fell in surprise at the last moment as both of her feet slammed in hard against his chest before he could put up his defense.

All of them had fallen for it, her ruse of Fighting the collar. Even Grillby.

But he should have known better....

The dogs barked loudly from the door as Grillby fell backwards, and toppled over the desk backwards. Papyrus quickly pinned the girl down to the ground as she laughed, her ribs feeling as if they would crack and tears in her eyes as she couldn’t stop. The two dogs ran around the desk where Grillby was standing up, a strain of curses flickering indistinguishably from his flames. His intent was clear as well: murder. But Papyrus positioned himself over the laughing girl, fumbling with the collar and doing his best to put it around her neck. But the laughter was only growing.

He slapped her hard against the face. The laughter cut off with the pain, but only for a moment as she worked her way through it. The collar was slipping on and clicking into place, but her laughter still lingered in her chest. And although he could no longer feel the intent; fading as the collar activated. The red eyes turned back towards him and through the laughter vibrating in her chest, he could still see the intent and feel the echo in his Soul.

He suddenly had second thoughts on bringing this thing into their house.....

He sent a shock through the collar. To test it. But also... to get the red eyes to close.

It worked both ways.

Grillby was straightening his bow tie as Papyrus pulled the girl back up onto her feet and she hissed in pain from the handling. But her expression was still smug as she and Grillby stared each other down.

"A pleasure... doing business." Papyrus nodded. "Our friend was... correct in directing you... here."

"Yes. She has a very good nose for these things. Almost as good as Undyne."

"Hmm.. Nobody is as good as... the doctor."

"She’s a fucking deranged, witch." Papyrus’ head lifted in surprise and after a second, he let go of the girl’s arm. The sound of him back handing her against the face filled the room and the force sent her toppling to the ground again.

"You will not discuss my best friend that way. Ever."

The girl looked up, the horror in her eyes apparent and she could not hope to hide it. Grillby's flames flickered in surprise but Papyrus could feel the other's delight at the situation and even the small chuckle he had under his breath.

Papyrus dragged the girl back up, this time by the hair and she yelped in pain as she staggered to move quickly and keep up with him (and the pull of her hair to hurt less). Grillby smiled one last time for her as Papyrus began to dig into jacket, searching for the spare scarf of Sans’ he had brought.

"Be a good girl... C5." Grillby said. "Keep it up. And remember.... Stay determined." Papyrus slipped the scarf around her eyes and blindfolded her even as she tried to lean away. "At least... for as long as you can."

And with that Papyrus led her out of the prison and into the sunlight... all the while that she still couldn’t see it.

Chapter Text

Papyrus drove steadily along the road, the girl beside him in the passenger seat, the seat belt secured tightly even as her arms stayed tied behind her back and the blindfold secure.

Usually by this point Papyrus would have begun to relax and sit back as the music played. Maybe rolled down the windows and let the wind through his hair. But quickly it became apparent that he couldn't do that with her. All he can do is keep watching her in the corner of his vision.

A few times she had leaned in towards the window touching the warm glass but would quickly sit up again, almost self consciously.

Papyrus still hadn't decided what she was doing. Or at least trying to.

Either trying to feel her surroundings, find a way to see through the blindfold, or maybe... something else. Either way, he could see that she didn't want him to see she was trying to do it. And eventually she stopped. Sitting tall and facing ahead with a hardened expression. Or at least, her lips and face were hardened. The eyes he could only guess and imagine; glaring through him and not flinching one bit.

But for all the silent and strong act she was trying to pull, her chest was moving up and down quicker than it should have, revealing the fear she was so desperately trying to hide. But without the intent there to mask it, it was easier to feel... But all he had to do was remember the intent and it no longer concerned Papyrus. If it was the opposite situation, monsters who had lost, she wouldn't have cared either. That was something Undyne had right about humans. If it had been the other way around it would have been much worse. Especially if someone as small as her could have that much intent. She definitely deserved this and more. Especially after what she had called Undyne..

Papyrus knew that after the Undyne comment and his declaration of best friendship, her heart had increased considerably. The realization on her face of just what type of monsters were purchasing her. The seriousness had hit her before, but this new information had changed something. Papyrus felt that thing he did in training sometimes. When an opponent suddenly changed tactics because you had revealed something new about your own tactics. That sense of adaptation to a situation.

Sans would love that and Papyrus himself found it interesting. Sans was all about the fight and dominating his opponents. Papyrus was about the struggle and the mental puzzle it could provide.

But Papyrus knew that the inclusion of Undyne into this situation had pulled some footing out from beneath the girl.

Papyrus wasn't ignorant by any means. He knew Undyne's reputation. And maybe she even deserved SOME of it. But he still couldn't let anyone talk about her that way! What friend would he be? And the girl had even less right to criticize. Not in her position or with her own LOVE. Besides, Undyne was doing her job. A good job. It was one of the things he admired most about her. She was never afraid to do what she needed... Not like Papyrus sometimes.

Papyrus reached over a hand towards the girl's knee. She stiffened again as he touched her, keeping his eyes on the road as he began to pet her almost comfortingly.

"I can see the complex feelings working through you, human. The rage at having no control. The murderous intent and hunger for LOVE. I can hardly imagine what it must be like to feel that way. You're life has taken you down a dangerous path, and just know, human, that those very feelings, that is how you appear here now... And we're hungry too.. Hungry for justice." Papyrus shifted his hand down between her thighs and began to stroke gently between her legs as he continued in a whisper. "It is impossible for you to escape this."

The girl snarled again this time and growled as she tried to lean forward towards where she thought his arm would be. To shove him off. She kicked her legs upwards. Papyrus pulled his hand away and used it to push her face back, hitting her head hard against the window of the car door. She hissed and Papyrus laughed softly to himself as he grabbed the front of her shirt and pulled her back properly into her seat. Though the seatbelt was twisted now and even more uncomfortable than before.

"Nyeh... This is exactly what I mean, human. You are persistent and yet too weak. Yet even so, you are meeting all of Sans' standards. Someone like you is really rare. Even if you could still do a little bit better I think." Papyrus touched the top of her head, his fingers playing with her hair. "But worry not, Human... My b.... boss and I will gladly help you...."

He released her hair and turned his attention back towards driving.

"Don't be so scared...." He said.

"... I already told you.." Papyrus glanced her way in surprise. "I'm not scared of you."

"Hmm.... But you're definitely scared of something." And then he smiled. "And whatever it is, my boss will figure it out." She shifted in her seat, turning her face towards him uncertainly. "And trust me... you will be scared of him."

"Just because you're scared of him, don't put that on me." She snapped. Her lips pressed together, thinking..

Papyrus was chuckling to himself. Papyrus? Him? Scared of Sans his own brother? As if... His brother was the thing he loved most in this world and his brother loved him. This world was cruel and rough and sometimes it seemed out to get you at every moment, but as long as you had a handful of people on your side you could get through anything.

"We'll see." Was all Papyrus told her though. He didn't expect her to understand something like love.

Several minutes later driving in silence Papyrus pulled into his street and then into the driveway.

"And here we are." Papyrus said, putting the car into park and taking out the key. He turned to his unwilling companion beside him. "What do you think of the view?"

Of course she didn't answer but Papyrus knew that her eyes would have been glaring through him again through the blindfold. Papyrus' smile widened at the image. Papyrus opened the car door, and the human girl couldn't hide the jump she gave at the unexpected sound. Papyrus came around to her own door and opened it before leaning up against the top of it and bent down towards her.

"Up we go." He grabbed her forearm forcefully and the girl snarled before kicking her foot against the glove compartment. Papyrus tsked lightly. He pulled up hard at the crook of her elbow and the girl gasped as she lost her footing and toppled over into the cup holders. Papyrus bent into the car over her, grabbed her leg as it tried to rise and push him back out. "Now, now.." He chastised. He yanked her forward and she gasped as she had her legs half outside of the car, her shirt beginning to ride up as he continued to pull. He released her legs and grabbed her again by the arms and pulled her up out of the car.

She stood blind in the driveway with Papyrus' hands on her shoulders. He pulled her forward and shut the car door.

"Papyrus!!" A young boy's voice cried. "Papyrus!" The human girl's breathing pitched up as her face twisted away from the voice, but Papyrus' grip on her tightened and he held her closer to him. "Woooooaah! Yo, yo is that a human?! Sis! Sis come look!"

Papyrus watched the little monster kid from across the street come rushing, tripping only once onto his face before sprining back up and making it over to the car. He kept a few feet away but his eyes were wide and excited.

"Good morning my monster child friend!" Papyrus greeted.

"Mr. Papyrus!" A girl's voice cried. The monster kid's sister came rushing even quicker across the street, her glasses bouncing against her nose. The sight made Papyrus smile genuinely. Papyrus knew she didn't actually need the lenses, she had adopted them to look more like her idol, Undyne. And Papyrus was in on the secret that Undyne had only adopted the lenses to look more her part of the scientist.

The teenaged monster girl gasped loudly at the sight of the human.

"A human! Really?!"

"Did you catch it?" Monster Kid asked. "Sans?"

"Is it for Dr. Undyne?" Sis asked excitedly. "Is Dr. Undyne coming to visit you today?"

"Hey, yo! Can we touch it?"

"Oh! Can we see its Soul?!"

"Is the fur on its head soft?"

"It's called hair when its on a human, idiot."


Papyrus watched the young teen and her kid brother bickering and asking questions at rapid fire pace even as they didn't even give him time to answer. To his surprise and luck the human was rigid and silent beside him instead of fighting or aggressive like he would have expected. But just in case.

"I'm sorry my dear, future doctor and royal guardsman." He said with a slight dramatic bow, even with one arm wrapped tightly around the human's shoulders. "But I must get the human inside. It isn't safe for it to be near you."

"Yo? Why not? It has a collar." Monster Kid pouted.

"Exactly." Sis stated knowingly, lifting her head higher. "The collars counteract the Attack and any intent  a human coul have to hurt anyone. We're perfectly safe. And besides! Its with you!"

"Yeah! You'd protect us!"

"And we never get to see humans like you and Dr. Undyne! Pleeease!"

"Nyeh heh heh, I am sorry. For you are right, I could protect you from the human but for sure your mother would kill me."

A true person to be feared if one was to be afraid.

And this seemed to be agreed to by the two kids who took steps back and let their heads fall.

"But she can't keep me from them forever!" Sis said as Papyrus began to lead the human away towards the door. "One day I'll go work with Undyne! And I'll be able to help and know everything there is to know about humans!" Papyrus chuckled. "I'm in secondary school already. She'll have to."

"But hey!" Her brother called. "Will we get to see the human later? Is it your new slave?" Papyrus stopped by the door and looked down at the grimacing human.

"We will have to see. If you can keep it a secret, perhaps."



"But no promises." Papyrus cut in. "The human will probably only be with us a few weeks...." He guessed. "If that."

Papyrus could hear the human struggling to breathe, but then she swallowed, gathering her determination... Even if she still kept her face turned away from the two young monsters.

"See the two of you later." Papyrus said, opening the door.

"Wait! Was Dr. Undyne coming??" Sis called after him. Papyrus couldn't help by laugh softly and shake his head.

"Sorry, Young Sister. Not today."

There was a disappointed chorus of Aws but Papyrus closed the door, safely securing the human from more prying eyes. He shoved her out in front of him into the hall and she stood, catching her breath as he locked the door.

"Amazing are they not? The children? They are the future, you know?" Papyrus turned back to her, she was standing completely still, waiting anxiously for him to grab her again.... "Well I suppose you wouldn't."

Perhaps it was harder to imagine any future when you just learned you probably only had a few days or weeks to live.....

Chapter Text

It was all about the fight.....

For Sans at least.

For Papyrus it was all about the approval.

And as it was, there was much to do before Sans got home in a few hours. And most importantly in that was preparing the girl. But even before Papyrus started, he knew the fight it would be. But to be fair that had been what he had signed up for. He had to just keep reminding himself that it would be worth it in the end. Even if an annoyance as it went on.

But that was all it was of course. And annoyance.

Papyrus had immediately grabbed her by the arm, just like she had been anticipating and her weight had gone dead, forcing him to drag her the entire way as she refused to pick up her feet, losing both of her pseudo shoes along the way but no matter.

But Papyrus moved her with ease. Even like this she seemed to weigh nothing at all and any resistance really was laughable at this point. The girl barely came up halfway his chest, Sans was probably a skull taller than her even. Maybe a skull and a half. And her tallied up disadvantage did not even include the collar or even count the brothers' magical abilities.

He all but threw her through the bathroom door and she stumbled, barely catching herself from falling onto her face as she gasped. Papyrus took no time, turning on the water and letting the shower run. The girl stood tense and on edge, waiting for the skeleton to grab her again. Instead, he asked her a question.

"If I take off your binds, do you agree to cooperate." Her expression turned hard with a scowl.

"No." She said sternly.

Just as he thought. They would have to do this the hard way. He could not let her be without the wash down.

She smelled of chemicals and sweat and although he couldn't know about her night on the floor, he suspected that this was the same set of scrub-like shirt and pants she had worn the day before... In fact he had almost been certain of it the moment he had seen her that morning....

He could see where he had wiped off his hands at the bottom of her shirt.

He had pretended not to notice before, but he was glad to have Grillby's unwanted influence behind him. But it had indeed annoyed him to watch Sans' gift constantly mishandled before Sans even had his chance. Besides, the constant use of the collar as a punishment had had no class. The collar was lazy...

And although it was just as lazy, Papyrus would not risk her getting hurt in manhandling her in something like this. Papyrus took a step back and pointed a finger towards her chest. The girl grit her teeth as her Soul was summoned from her chest.

And went blue.

The girl gasped again as she fell to her knees, unprepared for the extra weight.


Papyrus could see the panic in her expression, in the parting of her lips. The blue was unexpected to her, perhaps even new. But he could see even with the blindfold still over her eyes that she was coming to very correct realizations about all that he could do to her, just because he wanted to, sinking in.

Still she struggled though, trying to stand back up. That was one thing Green had over Blue he supposed; the immovability. But it still had a certain lack of dominance and control.

Both types of magic were a certain degree of lazy, but... It would have to do.

He moved in closer, summoning a pointed bone. The girl leaned back but could not escape as he grabbed the collar of her shirt. Quickly with no hesitation, he tore it in two down the front with ease, exposing her. The girl's breathing was erratic and she refused to stay still for a second and he had to grip her by the hair to keep her still so he wouldn't also cut her.

He suspected that forced showers was nothing she wasn't used to but he suspected that with the new, promised looming threat she couldn't help but be unable to hide her fear. And Papyrus ripped the shirt to pieces, removing it entirely while still keeping her arms tied and her eyes blind. He lifted her up with the blue and she hissed as she was set down on her tip toes.

He thought a moment, looking her over in the new and warmer lighting of the bathroom. He was finally noticing how pale she was but how rosy her cheeks glowed. Her auburn hair was cut short in some sort of messy... well.. Papyrus didn't know much about hair.

Papyrus went back to work quickly, cutting the pants at the waste and tearing them down one of the legs. The girl had her thighs pressed as tightly as she could but Papyrus was having none of it. He pulled rough and the fabric fell away leaving her with nothing. Nothing but the binds around her wrist and the collar around her neck. He didn't waste time with her though, no need when her eyes were covered. It would be the same with her just imagining his gaze. He turned his attention to the water. He took off his gloves and his fingers in to find it warming up nicely.

"Alright." He said more to himself than her as he also began to remove his jacket and set it aside. The girl was leaning back as she sensed his approach again, but Papyrus reached back behind her head and pulled the blindfold up over her head. She blinked rapidly, letting her eyes readjust. But he gave her no time as he lifted her Soul and brought her near the water.

He saw the near panic in her expression as she tried to lean back in the air away from the steaming water. Her eyes closed and she held her breath as she hiked her shoulders up protectively around her neck. The water washed over her face and Papyrus saw the tension in her muscles relax instantly. As he put her down on her feet, the red eyes opened, blinking through the water as she looked down, the steam swirling around her breath. There was clearly surprise in her expression. Papyrus frowned at it but he spent no time allow himself to wondering. He had his mission and he would complete it.

He lifted a hand and grabbed her hair forcefully. The girl tensed and scrunched up her eyes as he lifted her head back, letting the water run down her face. He released her and reached for the shampoo.

He did not know much about hair, that was true, but he always had spare bottles for Undyne and he silently thanked that fact because he would not have thought about it yesterday. He wasn't sure what the substance was supposed to do but he knew from more experiences with pulling Undyne away from the lab after several days of sleepless and showerless nights that it did indeed make the difference.

But still, he wasn't sure how much he was supposed to use. The more the better he supposed. He poured a large amount into the human's hair and began to aggressively lather like the bottle said. The human tried bending forward away from him, but his boney fingers gripped tightly and she was forced to stay in place as he worked the bubbles over her head. Perhaps too many bubbles. Perhaps more the better was not a correct assumption after all. He took some of the bubbles and began to run them down her back and then over her chest. She tensed again as his fingers worked over her but he saw her eyes open, not willing to be blind as it happened.

Silently he tucked away that information.

She refused to move a he brought his hands lower to her abdomen and then.. lower. A small sound escaped the back of her throat as she tried to lean towards the wall. He held the back of her neck painfully, forcing her to stay completely still as he continued. Doing his best to clean every inch of her, even forcing his hands beneath her arms and down to her bound wrists..... he would deal with that at the end. He grabbed for a new sponge from beneath the sink and began to work his way back over her body. Dirt and grim were collecting in the water at her feet and he wondered when the last time she had been properly clean actually was.

Someway through the experience, the girl had stopped outright protesting him, almost half eager to be clean for once as well. Though Papyrus pretended not to n.... Well, he supposed he should notice this. But he also knew that if he did she would make the task more difficult again. And he would rather not for now.

He reached for her face. She only scrunched up her face more as he worked at her cheeks. Making the rosy color rosier. He did his best to work with the collar but refused to remove it. Not wanting to spur a more annoying Fight.

The bubbles in her hair were disappearing and he went for the conditioner. This time putting in less. At the end, he still wasn't at all sure he had done it right but at least it had been done. He took the shower head off of the wall and brought it in close, blasting her skin and hair one last time. She took in large breathing gulps when she could as he all but attacked her face with it. He could feel that the water was beginning to cool and he put the shower head back up. He reformed a pointed bone and the girl watched him with a half defensive aura even as she caught her breath. He cut the binds, letting the wet rope fall into the water collected around her feet.

The girl breathed out in relief but before she could bring her wrists forward to rub them, Papyrus grabbed them and brought them up in front of her himself. He held them in the water, running his fingers over the indented skin as green healing magic raced across it. There was obvious dirt underneath her uneven nails...... He would have to do something about that. He turned off the water of the shower and then grabbed her fingers forcefully with a squeeze.

"Act out, and you will regret it dearly." He threatened.

The girl glared but did not move as Papyrus formed a thin bone, as thin as he could. Using the pointed tip, he dug beneath her fingernails one by one. Once done, the bone disappeared and Papyrus stood up from his position; having had one knee resting against the side of the tub the whole time as he had worked her over. He pulled the towel off of the wall and threw it at her.

"Dry yourself or I will do it for you." She wrapped the towel around her head, kneading gently against her hair as she reluctantly obeyed.

She probably needed a haircut, Papyrus thought as he looked her over. She wrapped the towel around herself at the first opportunity and Papyrus smiled. Her chest was still moving too quickly and she seemed torn between looking away from him in shame or standing tall and staring him down.

"Good girl." Papyrus said, regrettably borrowing from the flame elemental's repertoire. But it was one he knew that would gain affect.

He saw her face turning redder than from the scrubbing, her mind also going back to the day before when Grillby had said it: As Papyrus had held her.

But she did not turn her eyes away or willingly admitted her rising discomfort of having him stare her over even with the towel now covering her.

"You don't look so horrible now with all of that grim on you. Almost bearable. Though my bro... boss.. will have a wonderful time undoing all of my hard work, I am sure."

She spat at him and Papyrus' smile widened as he wiped aimlessly at his shirt as if he was simply amused.

"But for now." Her still blue Soul lifted and she gasped as she lost her footing. Papyrus wasted no time opening the door and making his way out into the hall with her floating behind him. She barely had any time to regain her bearings when he arrived at the closet door that lay a meter or so down the hall that led to Sans' bedroom. He opened it and without any serious attention, tossed her carelessly in. Her head lifted quickly, the red eyes blazing back to life as she bared her teeth.

Papyrus simply shut the door on her, leaving her in darkness and applied the lock he had put on the day before.

Now was the time to prepare everything else and start supper. Ms. Muffet had given him a very simple recipe and if Papyrus followed it without risking the temptation to stray, perhaps he could get it right today. That would be yet another victory for his productive day off!

It was an hour later that he put the tray into the oven: cook until brown the recipe ordered. About 45 minutes.

As long as he didn't mess this up now... He double, triple checked that the timer was set and that it was minutes and not hours (both unfortunate mistakes of the past that he was doing his best not to repeat).

He heard yet another loud thud from the hallway, the closet, and sighed. She had still not given up at it...


Perhaps she had tired herself out some and he could finish getting her ready before Sans got home in an hour.

An hour!

The excitement was building up inside of him again as he let himself finally dwell on the thought. He had an hour and his brother would be home and Papyrus could finally give him the gift! Papyrus nearly ran to the closet but once there he forced himself to slow and contain himself. He unlocked the door and waited a moment. Knowing she would pounce the moment he did so. He took a step back as he opened the door wide. The girl flew through the doorway, preparing to slam into him, but instead her hands slammed down into the wall. Papyrus grabbed the towel she still had wrapped around herself and yanked it free before she could grab and save it. And then, he grabbed her.

"Now, now human. How foolish of you to act when you know nothing will come of it." He said it and it was true but that was also once again why it made her perfect. Papyrus left the towel on the floor as he dragged the girl once again. Her free hand dragged across the wall of the hall, searching for something to grab hold of but she could do nothing as he dragged her back closer toward the kitchen, but instead turned and brought her into yet another room.

"No-" Escaped her lips the moment she saw Papyrus' bed, but she quickly bit it down. Her free hand grabbed at the hand Papyrus had around her arm and she tried to bite at him. Papyrus sighed and threw her down onto the floor and turned her Soul blue and pinned her to the ground.

"Now then!" Papyrus turned his attention to his own closet and began to dig through the clothes he had gotten on his way home from his encounter with the human the day before. "Let us hope these fit."

Though he suspected they would not last long once Sans had got a hold of her. He was going to eat her whole.

The food in the oven was just a little something extra after all, Papyrus supposed.


Chapter Text

Chara couldn't move.

The skeleton had forcefully dressed her in shorts that had been too big for her and a solid green tank top that seemed too big especially since she wore nothing beneath either of them.

"You won't be wearing them long enough to need them," He had said seeing her unintentionally questioning gaze. The fear had spiked and she had bit down the question of why he had even begun to bother dressing her. She didn't want the answer even if in the back of her mind she suspected it. He dressed her so somebody could have the fun of ripping it off of her

... Like one unwrapped a gift....

The analogy had heightened as he had pulled out a roll of long, red but a bit faded ribbon from a drawer. She had leaned away from him, kicked her legs and tried to punch him as hard as she could. But he had ripped a piece of ribbon off with ease and had turned her over onto her stomach. She could have cried as her hands were tied once again behind her back but instead she kicked and growled loudly instead with rage. The moment she started to curse though, a strange ball was shoved into her unsuspecting mouth. She had choked on her words, trying to spit it out, but the red ball she found was attached to some sort of what she would call a collar. Except around her head.

"Much better with the gag at the start." The skeleton had mused. She had tried her best to scream through it, only starting to choke on her own saliva as he began to tie her bare feet together at the ankles. She curled in on herself against the floor. Doing her best to keep her face and torso away from his grasp, but with one forceful pull of her legs, she was forced to lay flat again on her stomach and when she tried to roll, he shoved a hand against her back. "Hmm."

A knee replaced his hand on her back and she tried to gasp as she went blind as he re-blindfolded her but this time with ribbon.

A gift. A gift with ribbons and she felt him curling the ends into a tight bow.

And then he was grabbing her by the shoulders and flipping her over even as she flailed like a worm in his hands, still trying to scream out in protest, and he held her bridal style.

No. No, no, no. She refused! But she could do nothing but push her head hard against his chest.

"Shhhh." The skeleton's voice mock soothed. "Quit moving. Save your strength." She bit harder against the gap, the frustration twisting through her. "You cannot escape this." He repeated.

No... She couldn't. She couldn't escape this. Not like this. She had to keep focusing on the long game. Escaping came far ahead of her. But even still...

He was setting her down on a mattress, immediately Chara tried to roll away from his touch but he slammed her back down firmly in place.

"I would not do that if I were you if you want to be spared a nasty fall." She stiffened as he grabbed at her legs and to her surprise, she felt more ribbon being wrapped around her. Twisting up her body, making it even more impossible to move. And more importantly, impossible for her to lift her legs to her hands behind her back and work to untie them.

She was wrapped...

A finger trailed along her cheek, wiping away any drool that had escape. Moments later the gag was removed and Chara spat.

"That seems to be your special attack, isn't it?" He asked and she heard the russling of fabric- What was he doing-? Something was wiping at her mouth, drying her lips. "Now. Back on we go. Try not to be so messy before, uh, boss gets here."

His fingers pressed against her cheeks, demanding her mouth to reopen. It hurt the harder he pressed at the hinges of her jaw. She jerked her head away successfully but only for a moment.

"I'm going to kill you." She promised, heat building in her voice but it was cut off by the gag being shoved back into her mouth and secured.

"Not with spit you won't." The skeleton admonished. Chara bit down hard against the ball in her mouth.

This was happening. This was really happening. There was not escaping it... And she was blind and bound and everything was unknown except, this was happening. This was really happening.


Sans pulled into the driveway and waited impatiently for the garage door to open. The moment it was he revved the motorcycle into its place beside his worktable. He did his best to not just close the garage door and run inside. Calmly. Calmly he turned off the engine and calmly he dismounted as the garage door began to close again.

At the last minute he remembered the box Alphys had given him with a wink.... Something to help him later, she had said. And now knowing what it was he was certain that it definitely could. But leave it up to her to have something like that.

"Don't be too exhausted tomorrow," She had also warned. "And don't do anything I wouldn't do."

Yeah, right. He had seen the types of anime she's seen, the old illegal human ones she keeps in the back of her closet too. There isn't much she probably wouldn't do at this point. Or hadn't done considering he knew about her and Undyne's own escapades. The ones Undyne called Alphys' experiments. Sometimes with their own human... pets.

Well it was time for Sans to have his own experiments for once. And maybe. Just maybe. He would share after he'd had a bit of fun. He was also curious about how that would be like... Sans could not deny the women's experience in this surpassing his yet again. It was frightful yet awing to think about sometimes.

And on top of it all, Sans was itching for something like this. Before his promotion he and Papyrus had sat basically on the side lines. Waiting for danger to come to them and it hardly ever happening. But now he was a captain like Alphys and he had the chance to go to where the danger was and not just wait. He'd finally gotten to his first few levels of LOVE. And even so... he wanted more. Even going to the danger when it arose did not ensure a fight if the danger never appeared.

He knew Alphys' answer to that would be that he should be thankful. And he was thankful that nobody was in danger. But he had to admit he had gotten a bit of Undyne's enthusiasm in him.

If they could just wipe out the humans entirely they could destroy the danger at its source.

But he also knew Alphys was right too, that he had been a bit rash lately. But this would do him good. He could get it out of his system and be more level headed at work, he argued to himself. He would be less tempted to go out for a Fight if he knew something was at home already waiting for him.

Though he was extremely curious as to what Papyrus had brought home. His brother knew what he would like, nobody knew Sans more than Papyrus and Papyrus would have been able to take one look at the same humans Sans had and know it just wouldn't work. So yeah, he was curious as to what his brother had gotten him. Something that would not just sit there and willingly take it, but to Fight.

Or at least..... want to, Sans chuckled internally as he entered the house.

Sans suddenly realized exactly what kind of human Papyrus had gotten........ An idiot.

Only an idiot would last as long as Sans would want it to last. Only an idiot would keep fighting even with it being so hopeless. And he knew exactly what type of idiot it would be, too. An idiot that knew better. And idiot that knew it was hopeless and yet still fought.

The magic was racing through Sans at an excited pace already as his gaze darted around the house.

"Welcome home, brother!" Papyrus called from the kitchen as Sans entered the living room.

"Sup, Paps? Your day off go well?" Sans heard his brother chuckle.

"Splendidly so far and it can only get better from here." Papyrus assured confidently. Sans stood in the doorway of the kitchen, leaning lazily against the wall as his brother kept his back towards him.

"Is that so?" He asked knowingly.

"For see!!" Papyrus turned around, holding out a glass cake pan out towards his brother. Sans' face dropped in surprise at the.... what looked to be a perfectly cooked lasagna. Sans' smile returned full force as Papyrus slid the pan onto the top of the oven and threw the oven mitts to the side.

"Holy Toriel, Paps!" Sans came rushing in and stood beside his brother, staring at the cheesy, saucy thing. And sure enough, closer it still looked like a perfectly and evenly cooked lasagna. Sans laughed and smacked his brother hard on the back. "You did it!!"

Papyrus was beaming non-existent ear to non-existent ear. And so was Sans.

"It smells delicious too! Give me a fork, quick!" Papyrus smacked his reaching hand.

"Now, now, I understand your enthusiasm, brother. Any dish by your favorite brother is cause for such a thing. But the instructions say to let it cool and therefore, unfortunately, we must let it cool."

"Pssh, are you serious?" Papyrus nodded.

"Very. It seems that following the instructions for what they were was the secret all along."

"Sounds like rules... kinda rule." Papyrus glared at his brother.

"And they let people like you protect our streets." Sans laughed.

"But really, cut me a piece. Science says that it should cool faster that way."

"Hmm. This seems reasonable. But why is that exactly?" Sans had grabbed a plate and held it out as Papyrus began to dig out a corner section for him.

"Surface area. The more surface the more heat escapes at a faster rate."

"Well that is a shame for the heat. My lasagna shall surely be delicious and it won't even be here to appreciate it."

"Its loss." Sans agreed.

"But it cooling down faster, I suppose this means we can get to your other.... 'surprise' faster." Papyrus stated, his smile genuinely wide again. Sans had almost forgotten his other 'surprise' in his excitement about Papyrus' achievement. Almost. It had at least given him the strength to wait.

The human could wait. They literally had all night.

Sans bent down and began to blow on the slice, wanting to dig in but also because he knew that Papyrus would shake his head (while still being pleased).

"You have no patience for anything, brother." Papyrus scorned. Sans smiled again.

"I've waited patiently for you to cook something edible for almost a fucking year, Paps. I think that counts as being patient."

"I suppose this is true." Sans cut a small bite off with his fork and held it up to blow. And then. He ate it.

Sans lowered the fork and stared seriously at his brother who stood expectantly. Anxiously.

"Papyrus...." His brother frowned.

"It's missing something isn't it? Some sort of spice!" Papyrus asked, a furious and frustrated tone rising up in his voice.


"Or is it not cooked enough?"


His brother stopped, left arm against the table, his hand fisted as the other grabbed at his knee. He glared at his brother. Sans' pointed teeth widened back into a jagged smile.

"You fucking did it."

"HA!" Papyrus stood up, pointing down that the slice of lasagna. "Take THAT you culinary craft! I have mastered you! From now on I shall be known as the Great Papyrus!"

"Woah, hey there!" Sans said sharply, even as he contained a laugh. "Don't be copying my thing."

"Well of course not. But you see..." He twisted his wrist as he explained, as if it was obvious. "I only wish to compliment yours. The Terrible Sans and Great Papyrus!" Sans was trying to bit down a laugh. He knew exactly what his brother was leading.

"That makes me sound like I'm bad at what I do! Not bad as in.. bad!"

"I do not see the problem." Papyrus stated.

"And it is Sans the Terror anyways!"

"But Sans The Terror and Papyrus The Great seems a bit harder to say."

They were all terrible. But that was not the point of this game. Neither was getting anyone to call him San the Terror to begin with. Dear god could you imagine if he actually tried that? No... It was a leftover game from childhood that lingered.

Sans took another bite of the lasagna and sat back with his feet on the table as he held the plate, much to the clear upset of his brother but also delight as he continued to eat.

"Come on, Paps. Eat up. You did really well." Papyrus sat down and hesitantly picked up his own fork. He looked down at it and Sans could see his lingering doubt that he actually did it. But he took a quick bite... and Sans watched as his brother's smile grew and the fork scrapped against his teeth as he pulled it out. His brother chewed and seemed half unable to stay in his seat as he wanted desperately to take another bite but couldn't with his mouth already full. Sans snickered. and took his own bite.

They plowed through the slices and with each bite Sans thought of how much it had taken for the two of them to get there....

"I'm proud of us." Sans said suddenly. Papyrus looked up from his final bite, swallowing with a question in his expression. "I am proud of us." Sans said again as Papyrus wiped his teeth with a napkin.

"Well, sure. I finally succeeded in making a layered pasta dish, but that is only so minor. And nothing that compares to what you have done recently. No. It is you who we should be proud of! You've done so well!"

"WE did so well, Paps. We! We fucking made it!" Papyrus hesitated.

"I do not understand."

"We made it." Sans stressed.

To this house on their own, to this home. To have a good home, real, close friends for both of them, (family Alphys had called the brothers, and that was something), and Sans to have his dream job and his goals stretchd out in front of him. Sure he would have preferred the road to be easier. A lot easier. But other than that.

They'd done it.

They'd won.

Sure a war was still raging despite the efforts to call it an insurgency or whatever: rebellion. But the brothers had made it to the highest place they could. But he could see that Papyrus did not look so sure.

"You did all this cuz my promotion, right? Well fuck that... I mean. Shit, I'm stoked about it too." So stoked. "But look at us. Think about where we've been, Paps. And it wasn't just me. I could have never gotten this without you. Even Alphys said so the other day, if you can't believe me! She said I only got the promotion in part cuz of how well we worked together. Together, Paps. Together! God fucking DAMN it!" Sans stood up, nearly toppling the chair. "We fucking DID it Paps! We'll never have to scavenger for anything or ask anyone for fucking shit! They'll ask US for it!"

They'll ask you, Papyrus wanted to comment but at the same time understood a bit of what his brother was trying to say. He did have a point.

"Nothing, hell or high war. Human attacks and conspiracies! Even other lowlife monsters! Nothing will take this from us. We won."

Papyrus was smiling again at the mention of humans.

"Yes. We did. But knowing you, my brother, you won't be satisfied until you fight the world will you?" Sans' smile twisted, turning half cruel as Papyrus stood up. "I think it's time for desert." But Sans picked up his plate.

"Not until I have another half slice of The Great Papyrus' lasagna."

Papyrus was left standing alone by the table looking down at the cheese and sauce stained plate before him, blinking back tears as the pride continued to try and eat him alive and the smile wouldn't go away.

A few minutes later, Sans finished off the last of his second slice of lasagna and slowly, wiped his face as Papyrus watched. As much as Sans was anxious to get to the next part, teasing his brother was something he couldn't pass up. And it was interesting to see that his brother was just as anxious to get to the next part just as much as he was, even if it was probably for very different reasons.

"So, what is for desert?"

Papyrus was smiling again and standing up, giving his brother a dramatic bow as he indicated towards the hall.

"This way, m'lord." Haha, Sans loved it... He stood up and put a hand behind his back and touched his chin with the other.

"Now whatever could it be?" He asked flatly as Papyrus led him past the first bedroom, the bathroom, the closet even and straight to the end of the hall to his own room. Papyrus stood in front of his door and Sans couldn't help but hold his breath.

"Only the WORST for you. I am certain you will be most pleased, my good sir."

Sans let out the breath and laughed to himself. But he was even more excited now, perhaps even a little turned on at just the thought. He could feel the magic preparing to form a thin layer of ecto-flesh along his pelvis. But at the same time a building energy like he had before training or entering a fight was coiling through him. Something to break was on the other side of that door..

"And now to you, I present-" His brother was opening the door- "Chara."

 Chara couldn't move. And not just because of the binds. But the fear. The fear of falling off of the bed and the fear of what was coming. She didn't know how long she had waited until she had heard what had sounded like a garage door opening somewhere nearby through the walls. Or how long ago she had first heard raising voices, traces of anger and excitement and Chara refused to cry, refused to let the fear show as much as she could. But it was difficult.

Knowing you couldn't escape this. Knowing you were nothing but an object to be used and broken to everyone around you. Knowing everyone agreed that even worse, this is what you deserved. Even if she were to scream for help, nobody would come.

Except, somebody was coming, she could hear feet coming down the hall she knew she was at the end of. She tried her best to steady her breathing, but it was impossible. She was panicking.

Stop! Stop! Stop! Pull yourself back together!, she told herself. But she couldn't. She leaned back into the bed as far as she could. Trying her best at the ribbons again, but they were tight against her skin, confining, reminding her of how the skeleton Papyrus had held her tightly against him as Grillby looked on, touching her, fondling, playing, touching-

She heard a new voice, a soft laugh as Papyrus said something in a boisterous voice- The door was opening-

"And now to you, I present-" She heard the door opening, a creak through the entire room. She stopped moving, cursing her heaving chest for not obeying.

If only she could see. But perhaps that would have been worse. She still did not know.

She did not want to see what was going to happen, she didn't want it to happen. But it could not be avoided and she wanted to know what she was up against but she did not want it to happen-


It was as if he had stabbed her through the chest with something hot, hearing the true name stated so carelessly like that. As if she was a dish on a platter. Her name in his voice. The pain was hot in her chest as if he had ripped out her Soul. Of course he had known it, of course he would have seen it in the files. But he had never called her that until this moment.

She had spent so long under Grillby's fiery thumb- he never used her name. She knew it had been his attempt to strip her down but it had done the opposite. Her name had still been hers. But in an instant, the skeleton had given away her name to someone she had never even seen. Offered up like the gift she was. To do anything the unknown so-called Boss wanted to do with it. The same as her.

She heard the door close and she was even more trapped. Trapped in a room with apparently two grown men who were going to do anything they wanted to her. Anything at all as she could do nothing but take it and survive through it. And she would, she would survive, she would-

"Aaw, look at her, Paps. She's shaking." No, she wasn't-

Someone sat down on the bed, gripping at her legs and shifting her down farther along the bed, closer to him.. so she was easier to handle and manipulate. She tried to lift her legs, but his grip on the ribbon between her ankles was firm. Someone else sat on the end of the bed closer to her face and she froze.

"The ribbons are cute. Nice touch, Papyrus." The So-Called Boss praised. He was the one closest to her face, Papyrus at her ankles. "A little overboard though, don't you think?"

"We didn't get this far having it be easy." Papyrus stated. So-Called Boss laughed. "Besides, when one recieves a gift you must unwrap it."

So it had been intentional, Chara had known.

"True, true." So-Called Boss agreed. "But let's see what we have here."

He grabbed her face between his hands. Chara's heart was racing too quick and uncomfortable and she rolled her shoulders in an attempt to lift her head out of his gripping fingers but he only gripped tighter as she let out what she wanted to sound hostile but the gag sabotaged her efforts and it came out a whine. He tilted her head and she silently longed for him to rip the blindfold away first. Her only weapon without her voice was her eyes.

But then again both would betray her fear unwillingly...

His hands were hard and boney and she at least knew, suspected, that she was dealing with yet another skeleton.

But how did that work, how did that work, she didn't want to know how that worked.

Tongue against her cheek.

He did not remove the blindfold. He did not remove the gag. His fingers let go of her face and she felt them trail down against her chest, cutting ribbon as they went. The tightness against her breasts eased but that could not calm her, it only meant he had easier access to her skin. He had her upper body almost unwrapped from the ribbons and she heard Papyrus snicker as he seemed to struggle with part of it.

This couldn't be happening-

But she had thought that too, back when Papyrus had held her tightly, touching her and she had stared out at Grillby in disbelief-

A hand was slipping beneath the bottom of the tank top and Chara tried to kick out of Papyrus' grip on her ankles. Tried to twist side to side. But her hands were behind her back still and her own weight was levied against her. And his fingers against the scar on the left side of her stomach. He laughed, the sound unsettling even more because Chara could not see his face to guess just why he would. His take on the wound. But she did not have to wait long for an answer.

"She doesn't look like much until you start diggin' deeper, ain't she?" So-Called Boss said.

"I'm not so sure." Papyrus answered.


"Keep unwrapping."

So-Called hummed and his fingers trailed up her stomach away from the webbing scar.

"Shit, she's soft. I knew they were squishy but like... damn-" He grabbed her left breast- "Her tits are like, it looks and feels like a water balloon. Feel this-"

"I had a decent demonstration yesterday." Papyrus said, she could hear his smile in his voice. "But you still haven't found the best part. Though.. When was the last time you even held a water balloon???"

"Haha! You missed out on that prank, didn't you?" Chara yelped as he suddenly grabbed the other side as well and played with both as he rolled his hands over them. It hurt, and while pain she could handle, the expression she could imagine burning in her mind made her want to escape- Something slimy was running up between them and Chara squealed as she tried to buck and stretch away. But all she succeeded in was causing him to chuckle, the vibrations of it pressed against her sternum as he squeezed her boobs and pinch her nipples between his boney fingers. "Barely touching her and she's squealing like a little bitch. Paps I thought you knew me better."

"I'm certain she'll last you at least a week, boss."

"Boss..." So-Called whispered to himself, seeming caught off guard. When he continued, the confusion was gone from his voice. "But a week, huh? Well I suppose it'll have to do. But I guess we should start slow cuz I don't know, Paps. I'm not sure she'll even last the night at this rate."

He was sitting on the bed casually as you do, kneading her breasts with his fingers, his tone flippant as Chara's body burned with shame and anger. Her mind stuck on his touching. His continued touching. The way he was going to keep at this and she knew her body was going to betray her and she did not know how she was suppose to fight that. She did not know how she was supposed to not break. If it was just pain- Only pain- If it was just the fact that he would touch her outwardly.

And the thought of an entire night. The thought of an entire week. And yet the thought of proving both of them right and not lasting. Her fear was like a spring in her chest, working its way to her throat. The fear of what was going to come and the doubt that she was going to be able to adapt to it in time to survive.

She didn't even know how she was supposed to fight it. If she was supposed to stay silent and immovable. Or was she supposed to kick and physically get away-

And she couldn't, she couldn't get away. Escape this.

The only thing she knew for certain was that she would do everything she could not to cry....

"But I guess a night of breaking her could be as good as any. For a first time."

"Speaking of first time."

So-Called laughed loudly.

"Oh man! We have to take it slow then!" He was still laughing as he bent down closer to Chara's face. She could feel his breath on her skin.. it smelled of sausage... Her stomach twisted in pain, hungry after being neglected since her final breakfast at the prison of what had basically been dog food. No wonder her head felt so light headed and starting to ache. But over the hungry and the pain, was still the fear as he spoke directly into her face. "Well.. Not that slow."

He pulled away and the upper part of her body was relieved from his looming weight. But with that Chara's mind panicked, not knowing where he was anymore. Papyrus' hands disappeared from her ankles and her panic panicked even more. Hands seized the ribbons around her knees and Chara was angled slightly as something cut through them down the middle. And then, with one more slash, her ankles were free again. Immediately, Chara lifted a leg and shot it forwards blindly. A boney hand grabbed it with ease and pulled her forward. Chara nearly choked on the gag as her head bounced against the mattress.

"Finally! Cut all that red tape."

"Bone appetite?" Papyrus said from the side. So-Called laughed again.

"We're such bad influences Papyrus."

"No. Just you."

"Why I never." Two hands were taking either of her ankles and Chara tried to lift them. Unfortunately, he wanted to lift them too. Chara's ankles were brought up and put on either one of his shoulders.

Chara was starting to hyperventilate, the gag not helping. She bent her ankles in, aiming for his face, but while the right one caught cheekbone, barely, the other found opened teeth. Chara tried her hardest to flail away but the teeth bit down hard on her big toe.

Pain.There was a rush of adrenaline though going through Chara and the fear subsided a bit as the pain raced up her foot and he began to fondle the bottoms of her right leg. But Chara's mind was latched on to the pain.

Pain she knew. Pain she could handle. Pain did not scare her.

He released her toe and pulled Chara forward even more, putting both of her knees on his shoulders instead.

"So soft..." He said, still feeling against her skin. Something wet, his tongue, was against her skin and Chara bit down against the gag, refusing to scream again this time. "And salty..."

She couldn't see him, but he could feel his gaze shifting with the turn of his head. She knew where he was looking. With her legs raised he had the perfect line of sight to... to... A hand let go of her leg and he tilted his head to keep it pinned against her knee. A hand was groping between her legs.

The fear had returned fully and her chest was heaving erratically again.

But to her confusion, he moved away from that and shoved her legs off of him. She was blind and alone for a moment, her head turning trying to find where he had gone. And where Papyrus was she didn't know that either. If he was even still there.

"Alright, guess this is where we start."

They hadn't started. Hadn't even started-

And what did he mean? What was he doing? She couldn't see-

"Sit her up a bit." Hands she knew were Papyrus grabbed her by the shoulders and forced her upwards. He slid in behind her, resting her head against his chest. He was warm but firm and he gripped her forearms, keeping her secure in place. So-Called sat down against her knees, keeping her confined at all sides.

"I assure you, the moment you do, she will spit at you. Immediately." Papyrus' voice came in response to something Chara couldn't see. Immediately, immediately, Chara tensed and waited for So-Called's fingers against the sides of her face, her heart racing this time in anticipation.

So-Called's hands wrapped around to the back of her head, slipping against Papyrus' ribcage.

The gag came out and immediately, Chara spat. Though she could not get the distance.

So-Called laughed loudly.

"Now is that any way to greet a new friend?"

"Go to fucking hell." She seethed before having to cough. So-Called laughed again but this time it was lower and more foreboding. It made Chara's heart skip.

"Everybody does eventually. But unfortunately for you, some of us don't have to die to get there." So-Called told her. His hands were against her cheeks. She could feel herself paling as the double meaning set in. Her life... already a living hell since the moment she had gotten caught, if not even before that to some degree... was about to get even worse. "And I assure you, it will indeed involve a lot of fucking."

He was working on the blindfold and Chara couldn't breathe from the fear of her reality and of what she would finally be able to see.

"And also too bad for you.. One person's hell... is another's heaven."

He pulled the blindfold off and Chara saw his splitting, pointed smile grow even wider at her more than terrified expression. But suddenly...

Her enemy had a face.

She could see it. Read it.

The fire in the red eyes blazed to life and she snarled as the intent filled her even if the collar ensured it could not fill the room. So-Called 's expression fell at the sight of it but soon the smile returned full force. He finally understood what Papyrus had meant about not having even gotten to the best part.

"Oh." So-Called whispered in mock awe. He finally understood what Papyrus had meant about not having even gotten to the best part. "And I was beginning to think Papyrus had bought me the wrong human after all."

Chara smiled, twisted and she saw another flicker of surprise in the lights of the skeleton's eyes.

"You have no clue what you're dealing with." She stated. She tilted her head back, looking up at Papyrus and there she could see the uncertainty that she had failed to achieve in So-Called's face. "Didn't Grillby tell you?" She asked sweetly. "I'm not human." She turned her attention back to So-Called. "I'm a demon."

"A demon, huh?" So-Called reached forward and Chara held back a flinch as he began to pull her Soul from her chest. The red light glimmered like a ruby in his hands. "Sure doesn't look like it does it?"

She felt a rush of magic race through her and she grit her teeth together as he Checked her. He froze, his sockets widening. She felt Papyrus chuckle again against her.

"So what do you think, Sans?"


Sans' smile was the widest now that Chara had ever seen on him yet and she felt exposed as she felt her sins crawling on her back but she didn't regret them. She couldn't. Wouldn't. Neither would she break.

"Pet.... I think you're gonna have a very bad time.... and while I hate making promises, I promise you that it ain't gonna stop until you learn how to quit." Chara could do nothing but spit at him once again. But all he did was chuckle as she stared him down. "That's the expression of someone who has a hard time learning their lessons......... Good."

Chapter Text

"And now to you, I present......"


The girl was laying on the edge of his bed, trussed up head to toe in tight, uneven ribbon; a large bow tied to the side of her blindfold. Her chest was heaving with panic and her breathing loud through the ball-gag that had been shoved into her mouth like an apple; traces of drool at the corners of her mouth.

She looked good enough to eat right then and there... A bite sized snack- A promise of an interesting night or so.

A wave of arousal had already moved through Sans as he entered the room and Papyrus shut the door behind them. The girl had flinched, as if wanting to curl in on herself but the ribbons kept her from being able to move. All she could do was tremble in obvious fear as Sans loomed over her.

"Aaw, look at her, Paps." He had mocked as his brother had come closer. "She's shaking."

Papyrus had sat down on the end of the bed and grabbed her ankles to pull her out completely straight and to keep her there. There was anticipationg in the back of his brother's eye sockets, Sans could see he really wanted Sans to like it. Sans sat down on the side of the bed next to the girl's stomach.

"The ribbons are cute." Sans acknowledged. "Nice touch, Papyrus." He could see the wave of excitement in his brother's gaze, the eagerness. But at the same time. The amount of ribbons. It had the air of a prank about it. They weren't on enough to cover and hide anything except for show. "A little overboard though, don't you think?"

"We didn't get this far having it easy." His brother stated, and Sans had laughed thinking about his own little rant in the kitchen. Yeah. Nothing had been handed to them on a silver platter. Nothing until right now. Even if that platter was a bed and faded ribbon. "Besides, when one recieves a gift you must unwrap it."

"True, true." Sans agreed. Even if it was like having a box in a box in a box. It was worth it for the treat inside and the smile on his brother's face. "But let's see what we have here."

He grabbed the girl's face between his hands. He could feel her heart racing beneath the skin, a strange and bizarre sensation. He was used to magic and the taste of the air, which was still there but to have the physical indication at the tips of his fingers- The girl whined through the gag and did her best to arc her face away from him, but she just put herself deeper into the mattress and his grip tightened ever so slightly. Sans resisted the urge to acknowledge her even if he wanted to groan at how delicious it sounded.

Sans had to admit that, while he appreciated the fight, the fear was also suddenly intoxicating: he'd never had that in a partner before. Well, he'd never had anyone so unwilling in general before. But the taste of it that was in the air- Oh even if she wasn't an idiot who knew how to fight and he had her screams and cries, he thought he could take that. But he also trusted his brother. There was definitely more to this girl that was wrapped up in all of these ribbons other than fear.

But he needed a decent look at the rest of her.

He released her face and trailed one down her ribbon covered chest. He summoned a sharpened bone, cutting the ribbons as he went. He had her chest freed but getting the ribbons out from under her was more difficult than he had anticipated as he had to yank them from underneath her weight. Papyrus only snickered as he exaggeratedly flailed with the ribbons and threw them onto the ground. Sans shot him a falsely bitter look.

But finally, he could get at her and he waisted no time. The girl immediately tried to kick at his brother who kept his hands firmly on the ribbons around her feet, and when that failed she tried to rotate side to side in a pitiful display, barely able to move. Sans slipped his hand beneath the solid, green tanktop at her waist and began to move the fabric up. Immediately he saw the webbing scar at her hip and touched it. This was clearly a wound caused by something magic. Maybe an electric attack of some sort, like Alphys', that hadn't been healed properly. The scar didn't bother Sans too much, he doubted she was going to last him long enough for him to make such a lasting impression to begin with so he couldn't really be jealous. But at the same time. Sans laughed.

A magic attack from the front meant she was a captured human. It meant that she had faced her attacker head on. It meant that even if she was a fearful little thing she at least had enough fight in her to not have coward. There was fear, but that did not mean there would not be a fight. Fear could make one hostile. He would have never guessed just by looking at her.

"She doesn't look like much until you start diggin' deeper, ain't she?" Sans admitted. But with that came his brother's perplexing response:

"I'm not so sure."

"What?" Sans asked, and even though he smiled his brow was knit together.

"Keep unwrapping."

Hmmm. Sans turned his attention back towards the girl, his curiosity peaked even furthur. But still all he could see was the girl marinating in her own fear and desire to escape. Sans trailed his fingers away from the calloused scar and immediately he was caught off guard-

"Shit, she's soft." He mused, pressing his fingers into the skin and watching it spring back. "I knew they were squishy-" He'd seen several now completely torn apart, pieces of them every which way. He'd seen a few skewered and bleeding. One burnt to a crisp in his own blasters. The feeling of EXP flooding through his magic and that of the monsters around him. Although there too had been dust- "But like... damn-" Sans grabbed her left boob, smaller than he had anticipated but still- "Her tits are like, it looks and feels like a water ballon." He hadn't been anticipating that, he'd thought all of her would be callous like the skin of the scar. He stared at it as he continued to move it against his fingers, the girl breathing irratically in that continuing terror. "Feel this-" He said to his brother.

"I had a decent demonstration yesterday." Papyrus told him, and when Sans glanced back he was smiling widely. That was right, he would have tested her in some way when reserving her. But he now wondered where he had gone and how much he had been allowed. The places he had gone had been sort of finnicky about it, another reason it had all been annoying and not forthcoming with results. "But you still haven't found the best part."

That in itself was promising and driving Sans a bit crazy.

"Though.." Papyrus continued. "When was the last time you even held a water balloon?" Sans laughed loudly, the image of Doggo's murderous expression and the echo of his barking perfect.

"You missed out on that prank, didn't you?" Sans said through his laugh. He grabbed her other boob as well, squeezing. The girl yelped and her head jerked back again against the mattress. Sans was grinning wide and he parted his teeth as he formed his tongue. He ran it up from her stomach to her chest, her taste salty and the sensation sending a shiver up his spine. The girl though, squealed as she tried to arc her back and get away. But she only pressed herself more up against him and made the sensation in Sans' pelvis electifying for an intense moment. He sorta wanted to keep her like this, tied up and blind and to jerk off against her. He chuckled at the tought as he kept his teeth against her and continued to play with her nipples. "Barely touching her and she's squealing like a little bitch. Paps I thought you knew me better."

"I'm certain she'll last you at least a week, boss."

"Boss..." Sans whispered as he sat up, but in a moment he understood. His brother was giving him even another layer of control over the situation, and another layer of authority. He sent another shiver down his spine. He couldn't keep her tied up like this, he was too curious too wait. So soft and tender beneath his fingers, and the sounds delicious and yet the scar and the promise of his brother implied something even more savory. "But a week, huh?" He asked, continuing to play with her breasts and skin. It was probably more or the same as what he would have gotten if he had bought one himself from the places he had gone. "Well I suppose it'll have to do. But I guess we should start slow cuz I don't know, Paps. I'm not sure she'll even last the night at this rate."

Though that didn't mean he would stop after one night either. That would just be a waste. But it would mean that the fun of breaking her would be over.

"But I guess a night of breaking her could be as good as any." Better than having something already broken from the start, and besides it was their first human after all. It would be a good learning experience no matter what. And a single night to break her, yeah, good as any. "For a first time."

"Speaking of a first time."

Sans looked at his brother with wide sockets but then smiled menacingly down at the girl who couldn't see it as he laughed loudly.

A virgin. A fear soaked virgin who had no clue as to what was going to happen to her tonight and until he was sick of her. Tonight and the rest of her life.

"Oh man!" Sans cried. "We hae to take it slow then!" Slow and agonizing. He laughed still as he bent down closer to her blind face, he could see the fresh wave of terror in her. "Well.. not that slow."

But just slow enough. Something was only new once.

Sans stood up and motioned for Papyrus to release her with a tilt of his head. Papyrus stood up and the brothers heard the girl breathe in sharply, panic at not knowing where they were anymore apparent and clear to read. Sans grabbed the ribbons at her knee and angled her towards him as he quickly cut her legs lose. And then the binds at her angles. And immediately as she could...

The fight begun.

Her leg kicked out in his direction but Sans grabbed it without a problem and pulled her down farther on the bed, makign her choke and cry out through the gag.

"Finally! Cut all that red tape." Sans stated with a slight chuckle. Not he had direct access to almost every part of her. To manipulate and press anyway he wanted.

"Bone appetite?" Papyrus tried from the side. Sans laughed. His brother playing along with all of this was the best part, he decided.

"We're such bad influences, Papyrus." He said, knowing his brother would deny it. And that he did.

"No. Just you."

"Why I never." Sans said feigning hurt even though he knew it was true. As he said it, he took the girl's other ankle and began to lift them into the air as he sat down. He put them against his shoulders, giving him access to the bare skin of her legs and an even more interesting view of the hyperventilating girl. She tried to kick her feet towards her face, but with his grip it was as if she was just offering them up to him like that. He opened his mouth and basically.. she had put her foot in his mouth. She realized it immediately but could not pull it away from him even though she tried. Tried kicking her legs back to her body and curl up like a spring. But he had her. Her ankles and her toe. He bit down hard.

A noise came from the girl, but it was short before it cut off. Her breath became easier but her body was incrediably tense. Sans released her foot from his mouth but did not let her go. He eyes her seriously. Her lifted legs, the prize between them and her quickly moving, bared chest as the tank top remained lifted up to her clavical. He pulled her closer, resting her knees against his shoulders to give him an even closer view.

Her.. calves, he thought they were called, were plump. "So soft..." He mused. And her thighs- He leaned his head down a bit, his tongue grazing over her skin just above the knee. She jerked but this time did not scream like before. Progress, he assumed. "And salty..."

He moved his attention to between the two legs. She wore shorts that seemed too big around her waist and that was a pitty. But he knew that soon enough the shorts would be gone and she would be completely unwrapped. He pinned her left knee with his head to his shoulder as he freed up his hand and began to touch just bellow her zipper playfully.

Squishy. Just like the rest of her. Even through the shorts he could feel the prize waiting for him. Completely unused. And untouched, well, besides whatever Papyrus had done to her but he suspected that it wasn't much, only enough to confirm. Untouched. Virgin.

He glanced at his brother who was still smiling from the side, but his brother shook his head.

That was still not the best part.

Well then what the hell was then?!

He pushed the girl off of him and stood up. The girl turned her head towards them, her chest still heaving. Sans stood next to Papyrus, looking her over once again. Sans looked at his brother, the hunger in his expression obvious and Papyrus could see it. But Sans could also see that the anticipation on Papyrus' face hadn't subsided any. But Sans had no more ideas.

"Alright, guess this is where we start." Sans decided. He guessed it was time to finally take off the blindfold and gag. To finally, truly, finish his evaluation and start the fight for real. "Sit her up a bit." Papyrus nearly bounded towards the bed and Sans tried not to laugh. The girl tried to growl through the gag and it came out a whine as Papyrus grabbed her by the shoulders and set her down against him. The girl tried to pull in her legs but quickly Sans sat down against them, forcing them back down and confining her entirely again. He began to lift his hands to her gag.

"I assure you, the moment you do, she will spit at you. Immediately." Papyrus' said, the excitement in his voice. Sans paused, and he realized.... This was the best part Papyrus had been implying this whole time. But of course.

She was powerless. All she would have in this was her voice. He was an idiot. Of course it was her voice. Eagerly, Sans put his hands around her head. She did not move away from him this time, seeming just as eager as Sans and Papyrus to have it off of her, even if for very different reasons.

And just like Papyrus had warned, the moment it was out, the girl was spitting all she could in his general direction. Even if she couldn't reach him at all in her state.

But Sans laughed. And laughed loudly. Perfect.

"Now is that any way to greet a new friend?" He taunted.

"Got to fucking hell." She seethed through her coughs, doing her best to breathe after so long with the gag. Sans laughed again, the excitement racing through him.

Yes. Yes, this would be so much fun. The fear was everywhere around her but so was the Fight. Yes this was everything he had wanted. Even if she couldn't back it up, she still wanted to fight! And that was all he asked.

"Everybody does eventually." Sans told her in regards to hell. "But unfortunately for you, some of us don't have to die to get there." He grasped her face again, wiping away a bit of drool from the corner of her mouth as he watched the blood drain from her expression. "And I assure you, it will indeed involve a lot of fucking."

She couldn't breathe as he reached for the bow on the side of her head and began to work the blindfold off of her.

"And also too bad for you... One person's hell... is another's heaven."

Her eyes.

Sans' breath caught and he stared for a moment at how vibrant they were. But how terrified... Sans' smile split across his face.. He was going to break her into a million little faces and eat every one. Savoring each bite and each scream and cry... Each weak attempt to get away.

But in an instant.... Something changed.

It was as if someone had lit a match in the back of her eyes and the fire was catching as the red gaze narrowed and she stared right back through him. Sans' expression fell in surprise.

No. No, he had been wrong. So wrong. It was not just her voice-

"Oh." Sans whispered, leaning in closer and his smile returning even wider as he and the girl stared each other down. But the eyes, oh the eyes- the intent they betrayed that the air could not. "And I was begninning to think Papyrus had bought me the wrong human after all." He told her.

And the girl. She smiled. The surprise and arousal spiked through him but as soon as it passed Sans leered even more dangerously as she spoke.

"You have no clue what you're dealing with." She stated. Then she looked up towards his brother. Papyrus watched her face, and Sans could see he was taken aback though he tried not to look it. "Didn't Grillby tell you? I'm not human." Grillby-? The excitement was racing through Sans and he wanted to begin. Immediately. But the girl was still speaking, doing her best to sound confident and fierce as she turned her gaze back to Sans. "I'm a demon."

"A demon, huh?" Sans reached out and the girl flinched as Sans pulled for her soul. And there is was. "Sure doesn't kook like it does it?" He asked.

His own magic was racing as he held it, fondling it, a soft bite struck his fingers but he pressed forward, needing so desperately to have his suspiscions confirmed.

Grillby meant the prison. Grillby mean-




DEF 10

LV 3


The girl had LOVE. Just barely evenly matched with his own.


Papyrus was chuckling at Sans' expression and realization.

"So what do you think, Sans?" His brother asked. But already knowing he had succeeded in achieving Sans' standards and beyond.

And what Sans thought was as he stared at the girl......

Free EXP.

This was beyong everything he had wanted. He laughed.

"Pet... I think you're gonna have a very bad time..." He told her. "And while I hate making promises," They never came through for him why should he make his own, "I promise you that it ain't gonna stop until you learn how to quit." Until she was begging. Either for him to stop, for him to continue, something... And even then he wouldn't stop right away. Oh dear glory that would be another chapter in her torture. Knowing how far she had fallen. Two weeks. He'd give her two weeks. Maybe two and a half. But oh how he hoped she would surprise him even furthur.

She spat at him again and Sans chuckled, his hopes rising just a bit more.

Her expression, murderous, hateful, stubborn-

That expression...

"That's the expression of someone who has a hard time learning their lesson......" He was going to destroy her. Physically and emotionally until she learned how it felt. And her fighting all the way. "Good."

He stood up and grabbed her quickly off of his brother and threw her screaming onto her stomach in front of him and held her down. His eyes devouring her already as he pinned her legs with his knees against the side of the bed.

Sans stared down at the girl who was doing her best to watch him with the one eye that wasn't pressed down against the mattress. Sans was going to devour her.

"Let's just get to the point."


Chapter Text

This was happening-

"Let's just get to the point."

This was really happening-!

Her legs pinned to the side of the bed and forced onto her stomach with her hands still tied behind her back as he loomed over her with a single hand pressed painfully into her back.

"Get off of me!" Chara cried, keeping his face as best she could in her line of sight even with her head angled uncomfortably on the bed.

"Oh I'm getting off alright." Sans told her. He bent down, breathing in against the back of her neck. Chara closed her eyes, squeezing tightly as she kept telling herself to stay determined, stay determined, stay, please, stay determined-

But it was impossible to stem the panic.

"Well, I suppose I shall leave you to it." Papyrus stated, getting off of the bed and walking towards the door.

"Wait, woah, where are you going?" Sans said, lifting his head off of her and pushing himself up.

Chara dared to open her eyes, releasing a breath she had been holding, trying her hardest to see what was happening. She could see Papyrus fully at the corner of the bed, looked back over his shoulder at his brother. Sans was barely there in the corner of her vision as he continued to hold her down. He glanced to her briefly before looking back to his brother.

"Well, it is your gift." He reasoned.

"Hey!" Sans hand pressed into her back for a moment, bouncing her painfully against the bed. "What did I just say about us getting through this together?" Sans chided before his tone became much softer. "Come on, Paps. You deserve this just as much as I do. It wouldn't be fair. And, heh," He tilted his head towards Chara. "Aren't you just a little bit curious too?"

Papyrus looked down at the girl, her expression wide and panicked before managing to glare right through him, her teeth gritted as she mentally re-promised to kill him. Kill them both. That contrast of emotions. Even as her chest heaved and she couldn't hide the fear despite her wanting to. Because she couldn't keep the glare straight. The snarl lessening as he kept eye contact. He could feel her silent begging from across the bed but he pretended not to hear it.

But he was curious...

He thought about how soft she had been the day before, how much he had wanted to keep watching her expression change into something new. But at the same time, he was very conscious of what was going to be happening. But it wasn't like the brothers hadn't seen each other naked before. Just not like... this. In this type of situation. But at the same time... something new and interesting and his curiosity too much.

And the fact his brother wanted to share this with him, it was filling him with another wave of pride.


"Just let me put the rest of the food away." Sans laughed triumphantly and Chara's eyes squeezed shut-

"Haha! Yes!" Sans half cheered as his brother left the room. Sans turned his attention back to the little morsel against him.

Sans could see the struggle on her face and feel the up and down motion of her body as she frantically breathed. He groaned as he lifted the free hand not holding her down, reaching to undo his belt. The arousal was starting to drive him crazy as the his flesh ached to form completely. He pressed into it through the fabric, allowing the magic to flow freely without restraint now as he undid the zipper.

Chara opened her eyes at the sound, looking back up at him in alarm. Sans moved his hand from her back to grip at the top of her left shoulder. He bent down, resting his sternum against her back for support as he began to work away at his forming erection; having completely encased her with his body. Already, she was starting to edge towards hyperventilating again beneath him. And although Papyrus was always better at these things, it was clear and easy to sense that magic-like-adrenaline racing through her but with no outlet for flight nor fight.

Sans rested his teeth against the top of her head and groaned. He seriously regretted not doing this with her half tied and still blinded; the fear of the unknown exhilarating to work off of. He would have to remember that for the next human. But this way, she could move just enough to be able to fully squirm beneath him. Sans edged his pelvis closer to her bound hands, using her squirming to his advantage. She felt the front of his pants against her fingers and she gave out a desperate whine to get them away.

"Ssshh." Sans comforted as he continued to stroke. But a new movement only made Sans grunt and breathe hard out against her hair. She stopped struggling for a bit, her weight dead beneath him other than her breathing.

"You're both sick freaks..." She whispered. She gave out a soft whimper as he pressed down harder against her and groaned again as he spoke,

"We'll definitely- be getting freaky." He grunted.

He let up on his formed cock, there was relief in just having it fully ready but he definitely wanted to get goin' but held back, waiting.

"Boss." Papyrus' voice cut through the room and Sans breathed in sharply as he lifted his head back up. Papyrus began taking off his jacket, letting it fall to the floor.

Fucking, finally.

"No." Chara let out, trying to squirm against Sans again and unable to help the lack of confidence in her voice. It was almost like another regrettable whine.

"Oh yeah," Sans replied. His face was right neck to her ear, his breath warm. Chara closed her eyes as she screamed in rage, doing her best to twist and roll and get him off of her. Even bucking her hips to push him, but he only chuckled at that, a chuckle mixed with a groan. "Oh so eager."

Sans sat up and grabbed the back of her hair with one hand and with the other- Chara gasped as her hands were finally free. But for nothing. Sans pulled hard on her hair and forced her to stand. Only to turn her soul blue with magic and throw her forward, farther onto the bed. Chara twisted on the bed, managing to make it onto her back, but afterwards she found herself stuck by the weight of her own soul.

"Let go of me!" She raged, doing her best to get up and support herself with her elbows. Her soul was high above her head, out of reach towards the ceiling but her body felt like it had the weight of an entire person against her. And she was panicking again as to how close she was to that being true.

Sans looked her over, his smile near perpetual as she continued to fight against the blue magic in futility and the panic that was clear in her expression. She had no control. None. And it was too cute. Especially when through that panic, the hatred in her eyes returned as she focused on him. And it was cute that she tried so hard to keep her face like that. And couldn't..

"See you don't want to take this lying down." Sans applauded as she finally got one elbow situated to support her in her attempt to sit up. She rewarded Sans with a new wave of hatred in her snarl. But only for a moment before he pressed down harder against her Soul. Her expression fell with the rest of her and she lay helpless against the bed, her red eyes finding him after she reoriented herself.

"You're a pitiful coward." She told him. A coward. A freak. All she had were insults. Sans shrugged.

"But at least I'm enjoyin' myself." He stated, as if that was all that mattered. And he was leering at her again as he began to run his belt out of its loops. Chara froze, staring out across the bed as Sans held it, enjoying how he could see her mind working with ideas even as it began to turn into static in her struggle to breathe. He reached for the waist of his pants. Chara closed her eyes, tilting her head back, not wanting to be there.

This couldn't be happening, this was happening. Both of them were staying- This was happening. She couldn't move. She couldn't escape, she couldn't-

Sans chuckled at her expression and the way she flinched as she heard his pants fall to the floor. He began to undress completely,

"What? Not enjoying the show, Chara? Such a pity." Sans glanced over to his brother who stood with his jacket and shoes off, his belt and pants, but his boxers and shirt stayed on. But Sans didn't press it. They would take this slow.

Even if it wasn't actually for the struggling human girl's sake. Though the extended struggle was a benefit to Sans.

"It's just like training." Sans said to his brother. "We both trust each other fully, right?" This seemed to ease the tension in Papyrus just a bit more and he nodded.

"Of course." And it was true.

Chara felt a dip at the end of the bed to her left and she gasped as her eyes opened wide as she quickly focused her attention to the threat. She couldn't suppress a surprised, scared yelp at the sight of Sans crawling over the bed, completely bare. He was bones, of course, bones, a skeleton, she had the general idea of what that looked like even if she wasn't aware of what everything. But there was something that shouldn't have been there. At his hips. Something blue and glowing and p-pointed. And it was pulsing with magic as he leered at her.

The panic was cutting through her as she tried to kick her legs. Either to strike him or to push away she wasn't sure. Just to stop him from coming towards her. Just to stop this. It wasn't real. Couldn't be real- This was happening.

She was terrified and Sans could see it, as he grabbed one of her kicking legs.

"You're gonna havta learn to stop doing that." He warned her. "Only gives somebody a better chance at grabbing at ya." And as he said that, he pulled her closer to him.

She couldn't fight, she couldn't fight, she couldn't- couldn't think, couldn't fight-

She pushed at his face as he leaned over her, but her body was shaking and she was too weak to do anything. She couldn't breathe and her body was numb and wouldn't, couldn't respond and her soul wasn't blue anymore, he soul wasn't even blue-

"She is having a panic attack." Papyrus noted, somewhere behind her, Somewhere behind-

"Aw, what happened to all that fire and not knowing what we're dealing with stuff?" Sans mocked. "Grab her hands."

Someone, Papyrus, took her hands away from Sans face and pinned them to the bed. She couldn't fight-! She wanted to fight-! Chara tried. She tried to furrow her brow and glare, but she couldn't breathe and she couldn't fight- too weak and disoriented.

This was happening and she didn't want it to- There was nothing she could do-

It was just pain, just going to be pain, it was just pain-!

But she couldn't believe that. Because in the vastness of all that she didn't know her imagination was running wild. But she knew that blue thing she dare not think the names of was going to go inside her, it was going to go in and move and she wasn't going to be able to stop herself from responding and it was more than torture because he was going to get something even more out of it and- She wasn't going to be able to fight-

She wasn't going to last the night.

Her hands were pinned down somewhere out towards the sides of her head and Sans was on top of her. She couldn't breathe-

Sans chuckled to himself as he settled down against her, the fire in the girl had been replaced entirely with static and she looked almost like a gulping fish with her wide red eyes. Sans reached his hands beneath her tank top, trailing it slowly against her skin and taking the fabric along with it. Revealing her breasts to him again. He formed his tongue, trailing up against her trembling skin. Still so soft and the sensation of it against his skin exhilarating. But he'd have plenty of time to explore, there were priorities and that was getting the rest of that pesky wrapping out of the way so the REAL battle could begin.

Though it seemed like Sans had been right after all, she probably wouldn't last the night. If she would even last his first attack.

They weren't even started and she was falling apart beneath him.

It was a pity, really, but it wouldn't take away from his enjoyment of it. It would just be a different type of enjoyment. One that was just as interesting.

He put her left boob in his mouth, pressing but not hard enough to leave much of a mark. A sharp sound escaped the girl's throat and Sans played with her nipple with his tongue and then all around in a circle against the flesh. He hummed and released it, trailing his tongue up the rest of her chest and neck before stopping.

"Crap, I could do just this all night." The girl's eyes had closed and she had turned her face the farthest she could away from him. Even if she were to open her eyes she would just be staring at Papyrus' boney hand trapping her wrist down against the bed. "Papyrus.." Sans began, lifting himself up a bit. "Go ahead and sit down, put her head in your lap."

The bed dipped again behind Chara and she looked up as Sans wrapped his arms beneath her shoulders, lifting her as his brother sat with his legs crossed, still holding her wrists captive as she was pushed forward and forced to rest her head against his pelvis. He wrapped his finger through hers, holding her hands in place against his knees.

"Perfect." Sans said, noting how now if she had her eyes opened she would be forced to watch everything he did or look Papyrus in the face. Even if she were to look to the side, he would still be there. In the corner of her vision.

Papyrus stared down at her face, she still looked very much like she was drowning in the panic and his brother's blue magic. And Chara could feel the forming magic beneath his boxers pulsing softly against the back of her neck.

And there were too many things to focus on, too many threats-

Sans was smiling directly into her face as he rested against her chest, both of her boobs in his boney palms, watching her surrounded by his brother's boney legs and growing arousal, the tank top rolled up entirely above her chest.

"See? We're taking this nice and slow for you?" He reached up and put a hand through her hair, gently running it down the side of her face. "Just slow... You best enjoy it now, Chara. Cuz trust me... Once we take one step forward... you are REALLY not going to like what happens next."

Chara tried to jerk, but Papyrus held her hands tightly and kept her in place as Sans trailed back down her body and towards the waist of her pants.

"Ready?" He asked her wide expression. No, no she wasn't, no- Papyrus nodded and Chara's racing heart felt like it would explode out of her chest. "Here we go."

He unbuttoned the front of the shorts and suddenly, Chara's voice returned to her. Her eyes shut and she pressed her head back, screaming in rage again as she shook her head, arching her back as she bucked her hip to strike his hand away. But her legs were caught, her hands trapped. Papyrus groaned at the movement, her head agitating. And Sans continued to work the shorts off, this time faster.

"Heh heh heh... This is your own fault isn't it? With that LOVE of yours?" Sans asked. "Your chances of trying to go back were lost a long time ago." He yanked the shorts down and Chara screeched as Sans chuckled, bending down close to her now exposed entrance.  "You deserve this."

Papyrus and Chara were gripping each other's fingers mercilessly as Sans looked her over, taking in an exaggerated breath as he smelled her. And then, to Chara's horror, his tongue grazed across her, sending a new bullet of panic through her and her mind went blank. Sans pulled back and smiled at her again. "Delicious. But still so dry. We're going to have to change that."

"No-" Sans quickly pushed back and pulled the shorts off of her, throwing them onto the floor. Chara lifted a now free foot and tried to kick him in the face. Only for him to catch it again, putting it over his shoulder, letting Chara let out a panicked sound.

"What? Did you think I was just going to stand there and take it? And what did I tell you about learning not to do that?"

He began to work his teeth and tongue down the leg, leaving little marks all the while Chara lost her voice again. She looked upwards, not wanting to see. But all she found was Papyrus' staring face, watching his brother work even as she wouldn't. Chara keened, closing her eyes. Papyrus looked down at the sound with a surprised yet curious expression. He wasn't sure how one could have two very different emotions running through them at the same time. He was also surprised at how much she could feel to begin with. His brother was working freverently against her skin, working his way back down to her entrance. The leg that he'd had lifted over his shoulder was growing red from his handling, but still no blood that Papyrus could see but he knew it would only be a matter of time. He waited for the girl to call out in pain. But his brother didn't bite down, instead he couldn't wait any longer to get at her core.

Sans put down her leg, pinning it again against the bed and took the sight in, taking no time waiting before getting another taste of her. He had his arms looped around her thighs around her legs as she tried to pull them upwards, to pull them closed, but couldn't without pushing his head deeper against her. His tongue grazed across her labia, before prodding at her clitoris. The girl had her teeth clenched, tight and sharp sounds that were painful escaping her as she felt him working. The taste of her was so good but the added sounds were driving him insane. You could hear the protest in each one even as it confirmed his affect on her. Both in fear and growing arousal.

Papyrus relaxed his grip on her fingers, letting the girl's hands twist to get free in vain as she did her best to bite her lip and keep her eyes shut. But the sensation of his brother's prodding tongue were very real and impossible to ignore. And his brother was starting to roll his hips against the mattress of the bed, feeding his own arousal. Papyrus' bones were beginning to really burn as with each lick of Sans' tongue the girl twisted and rubbed against him. And Chara could feel it. Another thing to be incredibly conscious of: the bulge growing against the back of her neck as Papyrus grew more flustered. But there was nothing she could do, Sans' tongue was making her entire body want to convulse and she didn't know what to do-

Papyrus risked releasing one of her hands and grasping beneath her chin, forcing her head back. Her eyes opened, her teeth clenched hatefully, but in the back of her eyes Papyrus could see the silent plea building even as she remained not so silent against him.

Sans prodded against her entrance again, daring to dig his tongue deeper, already impressed by how tight she was and how slowly she was becoming wet. He would have to work her harder than he thought. She couldn't resist much in the way of physically but mentally she was not playing along. Though he suspected that had more to do with the fear than any real fight. And once again, that was a pity. He continued to rub the inside of her thighs with his fingers and prodded once again at her entrance.

Chara's eyes closed again, a sharp sound escaping from her throat. His tongue was so wet and gross and it was on her, it was on her- Alternating between playing with the same spot Papyrus had the day before with his fingers, which was both painful and yet sending strange sensations through her. And then he would move downwards, pressing into her. There was something coiling in her abdomen and all she could do was arch her back in an attempt to stop it, but it only moved Sans' tongue against her and pressed her head against the growing thing by her head and she had nothing-

All she had was one hand, grasping futilely at Papyrus' wrist trying to get it off of her face. And to her regret, it did move. But it moved down, touching at her chest, playing with her skin and then grabbing her left boob, pumping it with his hands in continued curiosity. Her eyes opened, watching him play with her nipple as Sans chuckled between her thighs, sending the vibrations down and another wave of electric sensation through the center of her abdomen.

It was hard to breath before but between her panic and Sans' and Papyrus' ministrations she was beginning to pant.

"She's getting really wet now." Sans spoke against her clitoris, making Chara whine. "Probably needs a bit more though-" Papyrus watched as his brother unwrapped one of his arms around her legs and reached down for his cock, the grinding against the bed no longer enough. He tried to rub against it but then shook his head. "No, I can't take this anymore."

Sans began to push himself up, moving closer to Chara's face and she whimpered as she saw his hand grasping his shaft and running his fingers across it. Sans' breathing growing more erratic, even as Chara's chest heaved as she began to slip back into the panic attack that had threatened to sweep her mind away earlier.

"No." She said, both to Sans and to herself as he began to reposition himself, her knees bent and her legs opened to him. Papyrus retook her hand and gripped tightly. "Don't- I don't-"

There was a wave of unwanted static from where Sans had been licking and her face flushed as her legs twisted, trying to get rid of it.

Sans wrapped his left arm through hers, resting his elbow against the mattress as he settled his face against her chest, breathing against it with difficulty as his other hand guided his cock. Chara felt his shaft against her skin.

"No." She said again, trying to move, to make it more difficult for him to do what he wanted.

But he didn't listen. Didn't care.

And Papyrus held her secure.

"This is going to hurt," Papyrus told her softly as Sans began to grind against her. But it wasn't the pain she was afraid of and Papyrus could see it in her face as she watched and felt his brother moving against her. And then, he started to grind into her. Chara gasped the moment she felt his cock find the opening and catch and her heart was bursting in her chest, a silent scream already working through her.

And then came the pain just like Papyrus had promised. He was thrusting, rolling his hips to get inside her each time-

"Oh shit." He breathed. "Oh shit, shit, shit- Fuck-" Chara was shaking her head back and forth, her mouth wide open as she couldn't breathe; the pain stabbing through her as he continued to work his way into her. "She's so tight, Paps, shit-" Sans was gasping against her chest, the pleasure almost too much to bare. "So tight and moist and clench- Oh fuck!"

Chara couldn't stop a shrill scream with a new sharp stab of pain. Sans paid no attention to it other than to press in harder and harder as he panted. He lifted his head off of her, pressing a hand into the mattress to help him gain momentum.

She was so tight, squeezing him and oozing wet and he couldn't stop. Already his release was building up inside him.

And the girl... Papyrus kept watching her face, at the journey on it. Her teeth were gritted as she focused on the pain and he realized she was using it in an attempt to ground herself. But she could not hide how each of her pained yelps were slowly edged with more and more... moan-like tones. Or how her mouth would open briefly as she let out a silent scream. And sometimes, she would catch his gaze and there would be a wave of silent begging even as she tried to grit her teeth through it, her silent re-promise to kill him. But she was also unable not to get caught up in the experience as well, the sensations burning through her skin. The way her face would go unfocused..

And in it all was still the fear. But not crying.... She was not crying yet. Though that was there too and she wanted to. Desperately.

And still there was the begging. Her desperately, desperately begging him with her eyes. Begging: Please, but she would not say it. And the brothers would not stop.

That silent fight inside herself was interesting. That struggle with herself over the one with his brother, perhaps... that was the most interesting thing to Papyrus of all of this.

But it wasn't so much for his brother, though that was part of it.

Sans was working more erratically after awhile. He lifted his head and grabbed Chara by the face with both hands as his arms were wrapped under hers. He pulled her and began to make her move with him. Papyrus groaned at the sensation, another flare of arousal through him, and growing as the two moved against him at a faster and faster face.

Sans stared directly into Chara's face, finally able to see the same things Papyrus had been watching. The fight, the fear, the intense pain, the unfocused way her eyes crossed at times and then would close. But then reopen, staring at him with the desire to break and cry.

She hadn't been wet enough when he had begun to enter but now- "Shit!" Sans said again, flinching as her muscles contracted around him and she let out a whine that sounded a lot like a moan to him. But she really, really was tight. So fucking small, he barely fit- Fuck, Papyrus would tear her apart!

Sans risked a look to his brother, the cheeks of his skull flushed with magic. Sans felt him buck against the back of Chara's neck, making the girl close her eyes and her chest to shake with a withheld sob.

"Good girl." Papyrus grunted.

Sans had no control or ability to think that phrase over or why it forced Chara to hold down another sob, but it made Sans laugh as he squeezed her face. Her insides clenched again and Sans felt it- He was nearing his finish, and he couldn't move fast enough and he forced Chara to watch his twisting, pleasure-filled expression. Somehow... He could tell that his pleasure of her was the thing hurting her worse. That and the way he was forcing her to grind back against him. Not the physical pain.... But also the way her body betrayed her...

There was something terrible rising up through her, making her insides clench and the sounds coming out of her- The pleasure through the pain that she could not stand but could not stop-

And it was tearing through Sans as he trusted in deep and froze for a moment as the lights in the back of his eyes flickering as the exctasy flooded him. "F-Fuck!" He tried to keep grinding after the initial wave, to keep the sensation from fading too quickly, but the tightness and her clenching insides were already helping that along.

Sans collapsed against her chest, needing a moment as he took in large breathes.

And Chara. Chara had her eyes closed after seeing the lights in his eyes dance and inside her. It was wet, filling her and she didn't know what it was but it was warm and she choked back a sob as her body's insides twisted, begging against her will for the thrusting sensation to continue, screaming for something even as Chara's mind was screaming for it to stop. And all she had to cling to was the pain. The pain to drown out the other thing, the forced heat and static of her abdomen- And it was wet, it was wet inside her and gross and- But her body spiked with pleasure and Chara whined as she convulsed.

And Papyrus groaned again against her.

Sans laughed weakly, completely aware of her body's betrayal. He rocked slowly again inside her. Very slowly, and Chara bit down a whine but she couldn't hide it fully. Especially as Sans began to increase the pace again.

"I wonder.... how long-" He grunted as he had a sharp spasm of pleasure before he could thrust in again. "How long you can- last... before you can't stop it anymore."

Sans continued to thrust with simple grunts for a moment before continuing.

"I'm already impressed." He noted. "Thought- ugh- you would cum- first."

The sensation was starting to build again and Chara clung to the pain. To the pain and her disgust at everything that was going on around her.

In her.

"How long do you.. think, Paps?" Sans asked as he removed a hand from Chara's face and began to put it between them, rubbing again at Chara's clitoris, causing the girl to scream. "Another minute or two? Five? Seven?"

"I'd say-" Papyrus hissed. "That's up to you." Sans laughed again though.

"How long you gonna last, big guy?"

"I'm fine." Papyrus promised. "You worry about our... guest"

"Right, right..." And Sans began to thrust mercilessly into her again. "Of course. How- hnngh- rude of me."

They were both hot and panting and Sans let his mouth hang open, letting the saliva run over her skin as he licked against her skin, the texture still driving him crazy. He could feel the sensation building inside her as her body grew more and more tense and her back arched. And her cries continued only to draw out into moans as time went on, they were nearing over twenty minutes since Sans had started to eat at her, longer than he had anticipated. But finally he could tell she was reaching the unavoidable edge and could no longer bring herself back.

Sans found himself building up another climax as well....

"Shit." San breathed.

And Chara still clung to the pain, but it was getting harder- And his breathing- Both were panting and struggling, but it hurt in her chest, the mimicking actions, as if they were in this together.

As if he wasn't using her as an inanimate object. A pet. A toy.


Only a human.

She can't focus on the pain. The sensation is coiling rapidly like a blazing fire through her and she was screaming, moaned loudly, as her insides clenched violently, and the tension released. She grasped Papyrus' fingers tightly, as Sans continued to thrust frantically, cursing under his breath. Causing the sensation to last and twist and Chara's entire body convulsed. As he came again, riding out the last wave of her orgasm.

The scream lingered in her throat as she panted heavily, weighted down and unable to move as Sans collapsed again, breathing heavily against her chest. She bit down into her lip, not wanting to cry. Refusing to cry.

And she knew deep in her soul... what just happened... it was supposed to feel good. It was supposed to be important to her. Somehow... Someway....

The despair was seeping through her. The unknown not so unknown anymore but still feeling something lost.

She was sandwiched between two grown men, one buried deep inside her while the other helped hold her down, still gaining some sick pleasure just by being there against her.

And that sensation she couldn't stop like a spring being released from its box. The pleasure-pain that built with no input from her, just from what others would do to her.

And it wasn't going to stop. And Chara had no say. And Chara had nothing she could do. And Chara....

Everything was already tender and sensitive even to how Sans' body moved as he caught his breath.

And she had nothing. Nothing. It was never going to stop. And somehow, this was different than torture. Somehow...

She wasn't going to be able to win.

She wasn't going to be able to stay herself.

Grillby had been right. Someway or another. She was going to beg out loud.

Nothing she was going to do... would matter.

Sans lifted his head and smiled up at her.

"heh. you look frustrated about something." He teased. "guess i'm pretty good at my job, huh?"

And with all of her strength, Chara spat into his face. Even as she blinked back tears.


Chapter Text

And Sans laughed. Chara gasped as he moved, unable to focus again as her body shot her unreasonable amounts of mixed pleasure and pain. He was still inside her and she simply refused to cry-

Sans took the rolled tank top from across the top of her chest, the base of her neck, and wiped the spit off of his face

"Now, now." He managed. "You're going to make me sound cliché."

"You? Never." Papyrus said through his heavy breathing. Sans laughed again, breathy but against her, causing sensations she didn't want as he shook against her.

"I just think we better find- something better for her mouth to do." Chara cried out as Sans began to move again, but this time pulling out of her fully, but not plunging himself back in. The tears stung but she held back, even as liquid leaked out from her down bellow and she knew it wasn't all hers...

"I'm not- kissing you-" She told him, biting back tears still, biting them back. Sans froze above her and immediately she knew that she had said something wrong. And he chuckled this time, settling back down against her though not inside her, not inside....

"Kiss?" He asked, highly amused. He grabbed her face, his hands sticky and smelling and Chara's heart was racing. "Haha, look at her... She thinks I was talking about kissing." But she could see his forming tongue and he opened his teeth, letting it hang out again and Chara clenched her teeth. "But I guess we better get ya ready and wet again now that you've spit it out."

Chara pressed her eyes closed as he planted his teeth against her lips, forcing his tongue against her. She pressed back against Papyrus who groaned again. Both of their heads were in his lap and he could no longer keep a straight face as he watched them.

Sans tongue pressed against Chara's teeth and she opened them, trying to bite. But only giving him exactly what he wanted. He plunged his tongue into her mouth, and Chara gagged, her body convulsing as she couldn't bite down, his tongue working around hers and she couldn't breathe.

And her mind was caught up in it, aware. Aware of him against her, his knee pressed against his entrance, the knowledge that this tongue had been down there not a half hour ago. And now it was in her mouth and she was struggling to breathe. Sans pulled back, letting the saliva drip from her lips and his tongue and there was another intense pain in her chest as she withheld a sob. Though her lips trembled and the back of her eyes stung.

"How's that for not kissing?" Sans asked, rubbing his murky smelling thumb across her bottom lip. Sans looked up to Papyrus. "Whatcha think? Good enough for ya?"

"Me.." Papyrus repeated.

"Yeah- didn't just keep ya here to watch.."

Papyrus brought one of her hands down to her lips, allowing him to pressed the back of his hand into her lips. Chara opened her mouth, biting weakly against the bone. Her mind very aware of it being bone. Very aware of his brother's knee grinding into her entrance and making her entire body weak.

"Hey-" Sans began again, a clearly new idea in the tone of his voice. He pulled on Chara, making her whimper as her head was brought down and away from Papyrus' pelvis. Papyrus hissed, making Sans laugh. "Use her hand."

"What?" Chara had the same question and she did not want to answer. And yet she could not look away from Sans, panic easing back in at the prospect of something new again.

"Get yourself ready, right? But make her do it." Chara looked up at Papyrus, and he could see the panic but reminded himself that it really didn't matter. And besides, it was interesting to see how that expression would shift.

"You don't have to." Sans told him suddenly. "You don't have to do anything you don't want to."

Unlike Chara.... And that fact hurt in her chest. Because Papyrus was moving away from her, lifting up onto his knees, but he was lifting her trapped right hand.  Even though she tried to pull it away he was too strong. He bent forward over her head, supporting himself with their gripped left hands against the mattress while the other twisted its grip onto her wrist and began to force it beneath his boxers.

Chara's eyes squeezed shut as he worked her hand against him. It didn't quite feel like flesh like Sans' had. It was more gelatenous, not fully formed though she could feel-

He forced her fingers around it, that pulsing thing that had been forming behind her head the entire time his brother had worked against her, in her. He forced her fingers into a fist around it, pressing and forcing her fingers- It was gross and oozing even as it hardened. She bit her lips forcefully. It felt big. Really big and growing and she wanted to cry- And it was not just her hand and Papyrus' working against his erection. There was still Sans. Slowly working his leg against her entrance, causing her to buck into him as she couldn't stop- And she heard both men grunting, Sans touching himself as he watched. Keeping his own erection ready.

Papyrus squeezed the hand that was keeping her other one pinned against the bed as her working fingers sent another wave of pleasure through him. She squeezed back, silently protesting the sensations running through her. But, if Papyrus just closed his eyes and didn't look at her trembling face anymore, he could pretend that it was silent encouragement.

"Good goin, Paps. Just keep- hnn- working her fingers until your ready." Papyrus knew what he was doing.... He was more than ready but the sensation of having her fingers around him in a tight fist was nearly too much. But he stopped, opening his eyes and letting himself catch his breath. "Ready?" Sans asked.

"Yeah-" He said, he was sweating and trembling already. Sans took his hand off of his own erection and prodded at Chara's mouth. She squeezed her eyes shut even tighter.

"Still nice and wet in there?" Sans asked. Chara had already figured it out though, what the brothers were planning above her. At least half of it. At least sheknew what they were going to want her to do with her mouth.

"I'll bite." She whispered, still keeping her eyes shut. "I'll bite it off." Sans laughed.

"You can try. But I assure you that the outcome will not be how you'll want." Just like the 'kiss'. "Let's turn her over."

 Papyrus removed her hand, releasing her entirely as Sans forced her onto her stomach and pinned her back down. Papyrus slid off of the bed, taking off his shirt and then finally, his boxers. All the while, Sans fought with the struggling Chara, to push her towards the side of the bed. Papyrus grabbed her hands again, pulling her along until her head was over the side. She was breathing erratically, panicking again. But what she wasn't anticipating was Sans settling back behind her.

She could only feel as he lifted her hips and settled her into his lap. He forced his legs against her sides, the bone pressing into different points of her skin, messaging her boobs with his feet. And Chara... Chara used Papyrus' gripping hands, bending her elbows to pull herself forward and over the side of the bed, and off of him. But Sans laughed as he grabbed her legs and pulled her back forcefully.

Sans' erection was prodding at her entrance- She screamed shortly as he thrusted forcefully back into her. He was completely hilted in a way he hadn't been able to before in his former position. Chara saw stars in the back of her eyes as he hit something previously unknown and her own weight and downward position made it easier for him to keep her clenched around him. Sans rolled his hips, causing Chara to shutter with a forceful sob and moan that she just barely swallowed down.  Chara felt so gross, so lost and unable to do anything as Papyrus held her hands out in front of her.

"Here." Sans groaned and Chara felt her arms twisted... as Papyrus handed her over. Control over her body completely in Sans' hands. He yanked on her arms, causing her to thrust against him and Chara screamed as she was forced to arch her back, her head rising. And she found herself staring up at Papyrus' face.... because she.. she didn't want to look at what was now  positioned right in front of her face.

Please, please, please..., Her soul pulsed and the tears were building up in her eyes as she stared up at him. But she knew that he was somehow the crueler of the two. With his curious and calm expression. He bent down, bringing his mouth closer and pressing it against her lips. Curious.... As she squeezed her eyes shut and whined against his prodding tongue.

Sans was slowly rolling his hips against her even as he kept her steady with her confined arms as his brother forced his tongue around hers. He pulled away though, saliva running down Chara's lips again as he stood back up though he kept her face trapped in his hands. Chara's entire body was shaking from her strenuous position. Her arms were stretched out to the side and her back aching and her chest tight and she couldn't breathe. She couldn't close her mouth fully with her body stretched so mercilessly and Papyrus squeezed at the sides of her jaw, forcing it to stay that way.


But Papyrus was positioned himself, his legs pressed up against the bed, and the head of his cock-

Chara let out a broken sob as she went limp against them, unable to hold back anymore. She couldn't do anything to distance herself, to tell herself that it wasn't real even as it moved and Sans grunted against her and shoved it through her. She couldn't do it- Couldn't pretend. It was large and orange and brushing against her lips and the tears were running down her face as she struggled to take in sharp breaths of air, panicking as she wasn't ready-
And Papyrus watched her broken expression, her eyes especially as she couldn't take them off of his cock. He can still hear the silent begging from her Soul.

"Oh shit." Sans stated, the sounds of her beginning to sob driving him crazy and he regretted her face being turned away from him, unable to see the first of the tears. "Do it, Paps. Do it. I can't wait anymore."

He rolled his hips again, desperate to get started. He was all for the teasing and tormenting her but he needed to move. This only made Chara cry harder, unable to stop now that she had started. Her entire body hurt and there were still intense spikes of pleasurable static and she had no control. When was she ever the one in control?
Papyrus ran a hand through her hair, comfortingly as he saw her going through another wave of what he would have called despair. It really had been a surprise at how much of it she could feel, how that for a moment in this instance he couldn't feel that fiery hatred, only her intense silent begging. He almost, just almost, dared to pity her.

But he knew the hatred would return. Humans were creatures of self-preservation and hatred. Nothing else. These emotions she was feeling came from her lack of control. Her inability to ensure her own preservation. Nothing more... These were the complex feelings that Papyrus could not fully understand, could hardly imagine. How one could be so dangerous and murderous and yet be able to feel something so acutely as fear even if, as Undyne said, they could not love and was nothing like him on the inside.

"Paps!" Sans begged, thrusting her against him, causing her face to contort with an ugly wave of despair and displeasure. "Her mouths cute an all- but I swear it will feel even greater! If you would just start!!"

Papyrus couldn't help but smile at his brother. It was nice to see even as he had gotten so far ahead in their lives, he still had something like this in him. Basically begging. Begging his brother to start even as the human girl couldn't even dare to beg him aloud to stop, knowing it was one of the things keeping her alive. But that was a luxury the brothers could have and she could not. And Papyrus indulged his brother, pushing past his unacknowledged hesitation. This was just another reason that Sans was the boss.

He grasped at the human's hair, forcing her head farther back and her jaw opened wider. The girl gasped for air, her eyes wide as he shoved his entire length deep into her throat. Immediately the girl choked, convulsing as she couldn't even try to jerk away with her strained position and his tightly gripping fingers. Papyrus closed his eyes, caught up in the sensation as he moaned loudly. Her throat was tight and squeezing and she tried to bite down but was unable to as she gagged. And besides, the attempt only made the pleasure seeping through Papyrus more intense.

He pulled back, letting the girl breathe with his head in her mouth before he thrust back in. So warm and wet and tight, her teeth pressing lightly in her attempt to do something.

But it was warm and slightly salty and gross and the sensation of it running across her tongue, driving into the back of her throat. All of it choking her and making her gag. Struggling for the brothers all the more sweetly.

Sans groaned, beginning to thrust into her from behind. Riding her as forcefully as he could now that he wasn't waiting. He still used her arms, pulling her back and it made the magic swirl in Papyrus' skull as it moved Chara's mouth against his shaft and he did his best to synch his rhythm with that of his brother's and her mouth. Sans was panting and groaning, and with each thrust the tears came down quickly against Chara's face, something inside her being hit just right and wrong and driving the pleasure through her. But she couldn't breathe either, her head pounding as her heart raced and Papyrus drove deeper into her mouth, her throat. She couldn't breathe, she was forced to swallow, the taste thick and almost salty and it made her want to gag again. This only sent Papyrus convulsing.

"There we go." Sans praised. "There. Keep goin'. Feels so good, d-doesn't it?" Chara struggled as Papyrus pulled out, her back shaking with another loud sob, only to gag again as he thrust back in.

The two men worked together as quickly as they could. They were thrusting in opposite times. Sans would thrust her backwards as Papyrus pulled out, and even as Chara gained a sharp breath of air, it was almost nearly pushed out of her in a moaned sob.

Sans lost his grip on one of her wrists. Her hand immediately rushed to Papyrus' hip, clawing desperately with no real force. Unable to breathe properly as her head continued to feel like it was filled with little needles and the pressure building like she would explode.

Her mouth was so wet though when she tried to breathe and it sounded like she was drowning against Papyrus' length as he didn't let up, growing faster and more erratic as a climax was building- He'd never felt anything like this. Not even in his few experiences he had. And this was just her mouth-

"Oh Toriel," He struggled the pant, feeling almost guilty in using her name like that.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, go." Sans panted, grinding wildly. Chara screamed around Papyrus' dick, having it cut off again as Papyrus convulsed, unable to pull it out fully this time to allow her to breathe. This made Chara's free hand claw more violently, struggling as she choked, desperate for air. But Papyrus's magic was flaring through him and he was about to climax. Sans beat him to it.

His brother called out loudly as he came, arching his back and thrusting wildly as he could into Chara, riding it out. The girl's strangling body convulsed and each of her muscles tensed. Papyrus pulled back just in time, resting his cock in her mouth as the girl tried to scream, couldn't scream as her own climax rolled through her. Her teeth clenched, sending Papyrus over the edge as she bit down. The liquid filled her mouth.
It was salty and thick, thicker than the awful taste of before and  Chara sobbed around him as he thrust in more, forcing her to swallowing it. Sans fell back against the bed, her legs limp beside him even as she continued to shake and experience left over waves of forced pleasure even as she continued to gag around Papyrus.

Papyrus pulled out, and immediately the girl gagged.

"Don't let her-!" Papyrus was already acting on Sans' command, covering her mouth forcefully as he continued to hold her hair, forcing her to reswallow as he held her head back painfully. Her eyes were closed, another convulsion working its way through her as she clawed at his wrist against her face. Once she had stopped, he released her and let the girl fall against the bed, she was sobbing weakly with her head over the side. Her near empty stomach was turning nauseously.

Sans lifted a leg, beginning to pull out of her, more sick liquid running out of her. Everything was sore and her entrance felt like an oozing, gaping knife wound through her abdomen. And her throat....

"That was so good." Sans panted. "So good, that was one of the best orgasms I've ever- fuck."

"She was so.. moist. And tight." Papyrus began, somewhere near her. "And when she tried to- to bite down." Sans was groaning at the thought and Chara closed her eyes tighter, not wanting to be there as another sob rocked through her.

And then someone was taking her by the shoulders and she keened sharply as she was turned over, being brought fully back onto the bed and back to the fight. Papyrus sat next to her, his breathing still uneven but more steady than hers as she openly sobbed. Her cheeks were flushed and she couldn't keep her mouth entirely closed and her entire body was aflame. She felt miserable. Gross and covered in different liquids, filled with them even as her stomach felt hollow and she wanted to heave. And sore. And wet. Sore and wet from all the prodding.

Papyrus was taking her left hand in his, holding her hand as if to comfort her as he supported her, wrapping his other arm around her shoulders and held her into a near sitting position as she looked up at him, scared of what he was going to do to her now..

"There..." Papyrus said softly, using the solid, green tank top he had put on her to wipe at her face. "You did very good. Good girl. Well done." Chara let out another miserable sob. "You held out longer than we expected. Go ahead and cry... But I did tell you. You couldn't escape this."

Chara choked and Papyrus lifted his free hand, green healing magic racing through her and Chara tried to pull away from his gentle touch as it worked on her throat. But it did not matter. And Papyrus found that his healing magic was always much stronger after experiences like this. Though something.. felt slightly different this time. But no matter.

But as gentle as his touch and words, as warm and healing his magic was, Chara knows it is just so they can use her again. For longer. Prolonging all of this the best they could. And still.. there is nothing she can do-

"You've made boss and I very happy.. taking us both like that.. Very good girl. It seems that our lessons are already working." She turned her head away.. Only to find Sans laying parallel and mirrored against her, watching her face as he looked over his cock, glistening wet from both of them. He watched her face scrunch up, her eyes closing as she continued to cry to herself.

"heheh.. that's the expression of someone who's cummed twice in a row." He told her. "Suffice to say, you look really.... unsatisfied." Chara shook her head- No. No, she didn't want this to go on, pleas- "All right. How 'bout we make it a third?"

Chara keened, her entire body shaking with a new sob. Sans met his brother's gaze.

"I just.. need a moment, my magic.." Papyrus nodded in understanding. "You take her." Sans told him. Papyrus looked down at the girl's trembling face in surprise as she continued to cry. "Let me watch- this time.."

"I don't know." Papyrus admitted. "Her mouth.. It was so tight." So tight and wet and warm and more than anything he had ever experienced. "I think I'm too big for her." Chara was keening again, but Sans was only smiling.


"I don't want to ruin it so early." Sans chuckled through his uneven breath.

"You can heal nearly anything, Paps. Best healer on the team. Almost as good as any doctor."

And it was true. He had needed to be considering that since be gore three weeks or so ago, his brother's HP had only been-

"And we have a bunch of the tablets right?" Hmm. That was also true. "Besides, look at her. She's in pieces. Let's be real. Everything else at this point is just a bonus until I get her begging. Go ahead, bro... I want to be the one to watch her squirm this time..."

Papyrus watched her face as she opened her eyes, a spark of anger in there at Sans' words but at the same time fading out of her quickly as she accepted them, unable to refute it.

The sweat against her skin, her and Sans' cum still inside her, the mix of cum and saliva lingering in her mouth. And the tears. And her helpless to do anything but not beg...

And it still remained that she wanted to. That she was already doing it in her mind. And with one false move. One slip of the tongue.....

Sans propped himself up on his left elbow, giving him a better view.

"How do you want her?" Papyrus asked. Sans hummed.

"I'm comfortable." He admitted. Papyrus breathed out a laugh. "I got it. Finger her out there, and then, when your ready, you can rotate her so she's laying down next to me. That was I can see her face no matter what. And what's going on down there." He winked for his brother and luckily Papyrus was still too aroused to be ashamed. And he did trust his brother, he didn't even need to remind himself of that one.

Papyrus reached down and Chara whimpered as he let go of her left hand and began to put a finger into her and then quickly another. She pressed her legs together, trying to restrict his movement. His fingers glowed green, healing her, but at the same time- only making her tighter for him when it would come down to it- less prepared.

He stopped healing, and Chara whimpered again. She could feel his fingers and the liquids already inside of her. She could feel his cock pressing against her lower back, growing harder again as he listened to her voice and the oozing, squishing sounds. She reached her left hand out to try and pull at his wrist, but Sans quickly grabbed it.

"Nuh-uh-uh." He chuckled. "But if your so eager to do something." He pressed her own hand down between her thighs as Papyrus continued to work, pressing a third finger into her. Sans forced her knuckles down against her sore clitoris and she clenched her teeth in pain as he continued to knead them into her. Her legs kicked at the covers but all she could really do was tilt her head back as Sans chuckled again.

Papyrus' turned his face back towards her. Once again watching her with that same horrible expression he had been keeping all of this time. As if she were nothing but a curiosity against him. Not a struggling person. And any sign of that a bewildering surprise.

And she knows, he really is somehow the crueler one of the two.

Because she thinks that somewhere in his expression she can see someone who could naturally be kind. In another world. 

It did happen, she knew for a fact, but they always ended up being the worse ones of all. Needing to prove that they weren't. Because this world was one where people like that did not survive. Now all that looms over her, sitting with his cock against her skin and his boney fingers pressing into her, is another demon.

They always ended up this way. Well, almost always. She'd only met one person stupid enough to stay that way. Kind. The fool... But Chara was an idiot after all. She'd let him. She'd fought. She'd been cruel enough for both of them.

But now she really was defenseless. She was done. After months of fighting Grillby, never being able to touch her beyond the pain. Now she was falling apart. With no way to fight back. No way to stay herself. Having nothing. Nothing but a single free hand that she was using to grip tightly against Papyrus' ribcage to steady herself as the two men worked. She was just so sensitive to the touch. Everything hurt. It was no longer even a false pleasure, even though her body clenched in waves and she panted and continued to cry.

A single free hand. Weaponless, Attackless, defenseless. Hopeless. Defeated. Nothing but her empty hand and pinned down. Defenseless as she and Papyrus kept their eyes on one another as he and Sans continued to work and prod. Defenseless as he watched with that same damn expression. Faint lights in the back of his eyes sock-

"But I wouldn't be defenseless-" That fool had told her so long ago, promising to be alright.

Chara's sobs quickly transformed into an instantaneous laugh. The swell of confidence through her, the bursting of laughter from her chest even as Papyrus' fingers stopped but remained inside her. Even as Sans held her left hand against herself. And Chara was delirious with it. Even though she knows it won't stop what is happening. Even though she knows it will only make it worse. But it is the only thing she has along with the thought of the person who gave it to her.

Chara released her right hand from Papyrus' rib.

And in an instant.

Plunged it straight into Papyrus' eye socket.

Right before balling it into a tight fist. Stuck.

"I'll just poke em in the eyes and run away!"

And Chara was laughing even more maniacally as the skeleton began to scream.

Chapter Text

"Ows!" Sans protested, a hissing, whistling sound in his voice as the air traveled through the missing tooth of his scowl. Papyrus didn't stop though, sitting on the cot beside his brother as he worked over the bone of Sans' cracked arm with green healing magic. "Stupid bastard." He grumbled. "I'll get Jerry back, don't worry."

"You shouldn't get into so much trouble over such things. I can handle a few harsh words, brother. Besides. You know he only did it exactly to provoke you."

Nobody had ever told the two children they were brothers. Nobody had to. And not just because they were the only two skeletons in the group home. They both knew it in their Souls. It told them. It didn't tell them who was older or younger, whether or not they were the same age. That didn't matter though. The specifics. But something unshakeable was there, grown stronger by the situation around them. Though while Papyrus appreciated the care Sans showed-

"I wish you would not take such a risk." Sans growled at those words.

"Stupid 1 HP. It won't always be like that you know!"

"I know." Papyrus agreed. And he did. They went over it often enough.

Papyrus stopped healing the cracked arm, no longer cracked. Sans flexed his fingers and grasped at his wrist.

"You're getting really good at that." Sans noted.

"And you're getting better at dodging."

"Yeah well not good enough."

"I believe in you. You'll get it. But at the same time... I still wish you wouldn't practice quite like.. that." But no matter how many times he said it, Papyrus knew it was pointless. His brother was not one to back down and take something laying down.

"I'm telling ya, Paps, we're getting out of here as soon as we can. We gotta be ready to take any chance."

His brother... he always talked as if this place was a prison. Of course it wasn't the greatest place to be, Papyrus assumed, but it wasn't as if they were truly trapped. Papyrus didn't mention it this time though, only listened as Sans began to lay back against the cot and Papyrus laid down next to him, both staring at the ceiling someone a long time ago had plastered fake glowy stars on. Though many had fallen and pealed away long ago and most no longer glowed.

"Nobody to push us around. Nobody to tell us what to do or how to be. I'll be part of the Royal Guard. One of the highest! Everyone will respect me. I'll capture and kill the most humans. They'll call me Sans the Terror. Maybe I'll even end the war. For good. Really end it. I'll be powerful and protect us. And we'll have a house. Our own! A bedroom and bed for each of us. A kitchen full of food."

"Where did the food come from?" Papyrus asked.

"We bought it."

"But somebody has to cook it."

"Hnn not always. People just buy food right?"

"I think I'd like to cook."

"Well then, shit. You can cook it. That's my point, Paps. We could do anything. Anything we want. What else would you want to do besides cook?"

"... I don't know. I just want to stay with you. Maybe I'll join the Guard too. As long as we're both happy.... and maybe... I think I'd like to make some friends. Though not like the ones here."

"Yeah, those aren't friends, Paps. They're just trying to use you."

".... I know. It's like you always say. I need to learn to be more forceful."

"Well.. Only sometimes. Just enough to get by..... Overall I just wish you could assess and adapt to a situation better. So you can't be pushed.,,,, But I'd like to see you with friends too. I think that would be nice. To have more people in our lives that we can actually trust. But...... someone like you is kinda rare, Paps. Most people don't deserve you. Maybe even I don-"

Papyrus turned and punched his brother lightly.

"Don't say that, Sans. I tell you each time not to." Sans laughed.

"Heheh, sorry, bro. I guess I've just been a little cracked up lately."

"OH MY GOD I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU!" Sans only laughed harder but eventually settled back down. "But I am serious, brother... I really wish you would fight less for my sake."

"But I'm serious. We're going to have everything. Everything, Paps. I'll make sure of it."

"And I'll help you. Every step of the way. As long as we're together and both of us are happy."

"Yeah.. As long as you're happy."

"We're happy, brother." Papyrus admonished. "We're."

"I'll only be happy when I'm strong enough to make you happy." Sans stated.

"Well then I guess you already are. Because I'm happy now."

"Heh-... Heheheheheh." Sans lifted his hand and covered his eye sockets. Papyrus smiled in success. "Paps. Paps, Paps, Paps...."

"See? See how much you're smiling?"

"Shut up." They stayed laying on the cot, hearing voices somewhere outside of the room but not bothering to care about anyone else for just a bit longer. "Papyrus..?"


"You're the only thing in here worth fighting for." There were stars in Papyrus' eyes, smiling stupidly at his brother. Sans' uneven and gaping smile widened. "Shut up." He repeated though Papyrus hadn't said anything.

"But nyeh heh! You're wrong! There is also you! You're worth fighting for too!" Sans shook his head but he was smiling.

"Thanks, bro."

"So! As you grow stronger, I will too! More forceful. If you have to keep fighting, I will too. That way! You will never have to fight alone! Someone will always have your back"

"I.... I never thought of it that way. It would be nice."

"It IS nice."

"Heh. Yeah.... Just..... Just don't go changing too much on me."

"No. Never. And I will say the same to you. I'll make you promise even. I know how much you hate those."

"Heh. I promise, bro."

"Then it is settled! I promise to."




"Now you are just being ridiculous!" Papyrus declared.

"Want me to change?"

"No! What did I just say?!"


"Nyeh heh."

"But if you'll excuse me I have to go steal all of Jerry's hoarded monster candy."


Papyrus' scream. The girl's laughter. Ringing through his skull-

If Sans were to have a stomach. It would have bottomed out at the sound of his brother's scream. Bottomed out at the sight of the girl's hand straight through his eye socket. And for a moment, Sans' fear was intense, forgetting the affects of the collar. Forgetting she had all the intent of an inanimate object. Even if that didn't mean it still couldn't hurt.

Didn't mean that somehow it still couldn't kill.

"PAPS!" His brother was clenching at the girl's wrist with the hand that moments before had been buried inside of her, now desperately trying to get her hand out of his socket. Chara gave another round of intense laughter.

"I thought you wanted a FIGHT!" She yelled, her voice still watery even through her laughter. And Sans- The murderous intent filled the air around him and Chara screamed as two light blue bones came up through her abdomen and he yanked her left hand forward, forcing her to move against them. But she would not release her fisted grip.

No. No, she had no intent, no Attack. But that did not mean she was entirely defenseless. No.

The bones disappeared and Sans was on top of her in an instant, grasping around her throat right above the collar and cutting off her awful laugh.

"RELEASE HIM!" Sans raged, the magic fire blazing in his eyes. Chara resisted. But the longer he held her the clearer it was that he would not let her go. He would kill her. He really meant to kill her if she didn't listen.

LET HIM, her mind cried. Let him kill her. Let her die with laughter in her chest and smile on her face and excruciating pain through one of her enemies. Kill her- And he would. He would kill her right then. Even though the victory was slightly hollow because she knew, his only regret would be that he hadn't had the chance to do it slower. But if that was the only victory she could take- then- Her head was beginning to spin from the lack of air, her throat hurting again-

"Let. My brother. Go."


Chara unclenched her fist and Papyrus quickly yanked her hand out of his socket, covering it as he caught his breath. Sans released Chara and she gasped in quickly, her throat still hurting- Her lungs burning.

She was trapped under Sans and against Papyrus as Sans grabbed his brother's shoulders.

"You okay?" He demanded. Papyrus nodded and Chara's spinning mind caught on to one detail, translucent, yellow tinted tears. Skeleton's could cry-

"I'm fine, fine... Pains fading. There's just.. some black blotches still." Sans turned his expression back down to Chara and Chara was paling at the raging hatred and her unable at all to escape it. Before he had wanted to fuck her, watch her break even as he smiled and laughed, now...

He grabbed her by the hair, the magic pulsing through the air.

"You bitch! I have half a mind to stick my hand up your ass right now!" Chara was panicking again, grabbing his arm with her hands but it just made him grip into her skull harder.

"Sans-" Papyrus began. But Sans wasn't listening.

"You look at me." Sans ordered and Chara squeezed her eyes shut. "YOU LOOK AT ME YOU FUCKING CUNT!" Chara screamed, pain rolling through her entire body. Hot. Burning. Straight out from the middle of her chest. Her eyes opened but her vision blacked out for a moment even as the pain subsided.

He had stabbed a bone straight through her Soul above them. But he let up at the sight of her opened gaze. Chara was weak, unsure of how much HP she had lost but knowing very well that she had. And she was weak, with Papyrus still supporting her with a single arm despite everything that had happened. She was weak and trapped with a skeleton that could still very much kill her in an instant kneeling over her. Kill her in an instant. Kill her slowly over the course of the night. The week. A skeleton who had already been planning on it.

But something about the situation had also changed and she was genuinely afraid. Before this... they had been using her for their own amusement, but now.. Now she could see that he truly wanted to hurt her.

And he was leering down at her, releasing her hair and grasping at her face.

"You still got some fight in you. PERFECT. Fucking fine, fantastic. Rule ONE. You can try whatever the fuck you want right? EXCEPT touch my brother, you get that you piece of shit?! Maybe family means nothing to you fucking humans but I SWEAR to Toriel if anything happens to him I will end your life in the most excruciating way possible!" He tightened his grip on her cheeks, the tips of his pointed fingers digging into her skin as Chara's heart raced without comfort. "And rule two. You can do whatever the fuck you want but you better be willing to accept the consequences. Got that?!" Chara flinched but did not respond. Only making him angrier. "GOT THAT?!"

"Sans-" Papyrus tried again, grabbing his brother gently by the arm. "Calm down, I'm alright."

"No." Sans stated gravely. "She said we had no clue who we were dealing with but its clear its her who needs to know."

His hands were hard and pressing painfully and they felt like they were burning against her skin as she stared wide eyes and terrified as the yellow magic lingered in his left eye.

"Listen here, pet." He began. "Let me give you some facts about your current and final reality. Do you know what you are? Do you? Nothing. Nothing but the toy my brother bought me. A fuck toy and that is the only thing you're here for. Nothing else. To fuck and to break and give us a fun time doing it. And when you're no longer useful, you're not even that. So you know what you really are?"

The tears were growing again in the back of Chara's eyes but she dared to glare and Sans was smiling again but it was cruel and twisted and not at all happy.

"Do you know what you're dealing with? Because when it is all said and done you are not a slave. We're not your masters. We are the monsters who are going to kill you. This is your yellow mile and we're your executioners."

Sans released Chara's face but did not back away.

"You're nothing but EXP." His hands gripped at the skin on her chest painfully and Chara tried to pull his hands away as she yelped. "Soft, squishy, fuckable EXP."

He dug his fingers into the skin, threatening to draw blood.

"And tonight? I was going to be merciful with you being so pitiful. I was going to have my brother fuck you and maybe spend another half hour here, but you know what the three of us are going to do now? The two of us here, my brother and I. We're going to keep fucking you until you can't move or think straight. Until it hurts too much to walk at all. And you're going to spend all night and all morning with those wounds. Because that is how it is going to get drilled into your head. Rule one. Got that? Rule one... You don't touch my brother if you still want to live. You don't touch my brother. Nobody does."

He released her and sat back up, glaring down at her.

"I promised ya this doesn't end until you learn your lesson, until you fully break, but I also promise you... if you break rule one again there will be nothing to save you. And you keep in mind that the only reason you're alive right now is because you're the gift he bought me"

He pulled away from her, standing over her and Papyrus, she could see the magic in his ribcage, the flaring of his soul. And she didn't need to check him, not that she could with the collar, but she already knew. She recognized it in his expression.

Someone newly acquainted with LOVE. Someone still riding on its high. Someone volatile and unpredictable because everything about them was in the process of changing.

She'd been worried about Undyne, that relationship there. But here she was staring at the most frightening thing of all. A potential bomb.

There was a promise. This wasn't over until she quit, wasn't over yet-

But promises were so easily broken.

"Now.. Where were we? Oh. Right..." He was smiling but it wasn't happy or lighthearted in the slightest. And oh so cruel. "My brother was about to fuck you senseless while I watched. I think you owe him that, don't you?"

"I don't- owe either of you anything." She dared, even through the edging tears. Sans' magic flared again and he began to come closer again.

"Sans!" Papyrus lifted his hand, stopping his brother. "Don't let her get to you. You're giving her exactly what she wants."

Yes, because this was exactly what she wanted.

"Don't give her that victory. This is supposed to be your treat. Don't let her ruin it for you. I'm fine." Sans' breathing was still quick and bitter and that yellow ring of magic in his eye flickered blue as he stared her down. "Besides, she'll get what's.... coming to her."

Sans' fierce expression broke for a moment, a smile there even as he tried to make his face serious again. Chara's heart was racing in her chest.

Sans began to laugh a bit, leaning away from her again.

"Breaking out the puns for me."

"Only for you. And I mean it. Only."

"Heheheh. Yeah."

"But maybe we should take a break." Papyrus offered. Chara glanced up at him but then back to Sans. Sans was staring through her seriously again.

"No." He said. "She doesn't get a break tonight."

"I wasn't thinking about her."

"I don't need a break!"

"Well maybe I do." Sans watched his brother's face and Chara was sick to her stomach at how concerned both of them looked for the other. But she silently prayed for Papyrus to win. Somehow... if they continued now... Like this... "Alright, alright..... But only for you."

Sans got off the other side of the bed and Chara's eyes closed helplessly as he grabbed several of the ribbons from the floor and the gag. But also.. the relief. Though she knew it would not last.

It never lasted...

It only ever got worse.

But even still......


The brothers sat in the kitchen, Sans still completely naked, not bothering, and Papyrus in his boxers as he got into the fridge and pulled out two bottles of NPT-Brand Juice. Sans took his offered bottle and took a large swig as his brother sat down in the chair next to him, taking quiet sips.

"I'm sorry, Paps. I know I really freaked out back there..." Sans finally said after a few minutes. Papyrus looked up from his bottle. "Man, I haven't felt that angry in a long time. Not even in battle.... I don't know what came over me, but hearing ya scream like that, I just couldn't help it. The idea that I asked for this and then you got hurt because of it..."

Papyrus put his hand on his brother's shoulder.

"I understand, Sans. But it is alright. She can't do anything to either of us."

"Yeah. I know. But Alphys said somethin' the other day. About not underestimating a human. And I did it almost right away. If she'd done it to me, I think I would have just laughed it off, been smarter. But it being you she got a hold of."

"Sans, we are fine. Just focus on yourself. This is pointless if you're not enjoying yourself. Just do as you said. Laugh it off and we'll both be smarter about it."

"I know, its just.... she really did socket to ya didn't she?" Papyrus smiled, the pun abhorrent and his socket still flickering with occasional pain, though receding with each sip. "But yeah. Yeah, we're going to go back in there and have fun with it."

Papyrus offered the side of his bottle and Sans hit it with his in a sort of toast.

"To giving it to her the hard way." Papyrus shook his head in disappointment. "Heh. You're still smiling though."

"I know and I hate it."

"Nah you don't."

"But I do wonder if me taking her is such a good idea." Papyrus began again. Sans raised a brow.

"I told ya, it doesn't matter in the end. Especially now. You wreck her, bro."

"That is my fear." Papyrus stated. "Just that, if I do have a turn at her, my fear of ruining her for you was not in the physical sense."

"Yeah?" Sans asked with a falsely warning tone.

"Are you sure you want her to know just how terrible you really are? I am The Great Papyrus you know?" Sans laughed again, loudly.

"You can try, Paps." Sans stated. "But by the time I'm through with her I'm going to have her on her knees taking my cock and begging. What was that thing you called me earlier?" He leaned forward against the table, his expression mocking with a high pitched voice. "O m'lord, take me, please! M'lord!" Papyrus pushed his brother's face and forced him off of the table.

"I doubt that will happen."

"Heh. Give it time." Sans told him. Papyrus hummed.

"I don't doubt she'll break but in that way... She'll beg for you to stop before she ever gives in that way." Sans took another sip of juice.

"Well..." Sans stated with a cruel smile. "Make her want to die strong enough..."

Papyrus watched the ideas working through his brother's head. The joy and excitement returning and Papyrus was truly relieved.

"But are you okay with what I said back there? I know playing it rough isn't your sort of thing." Sans continued. "If you want to play all gentle with her that's fine too. As long as you're getting what you want out of it."

"It is fine, brother. It shall be a new experience!"

And besides. He could remember the violent thrusts into the back of her throat, the struggle and choking against him. Not needing to think about being careful for once or the violent creature's well being even other than to not accidentally kill her and ruin San's fun. If that had been a small taste of what was to come-

Taste.... come...., Papyrus smirked to himself, thankful Sans could not read his mind. But now Papyrus could almost fully understand what Sans got out of such a fight. Such dominance. It was strange but liberating in a weird, empowering way.

And besides, if that was what Sans wanted to do tonight he was up for the challenge!

"All right, Paps!" Sans half cheered.

"So.. Do you think I got you a decent enough toy? Even if she is quite pitiful in some ways and at the same time a bit of the worse."

"Psh. All humans are the worst, Paps. But that doesn't matter. What matters to me is that you got her for me. What matters is that we're here...... and we've come far enough to have even more than we even dreamed." Papyrus' smile widened.

Yes. They had. Because all Papyrus had ever dreamed was to make sure his brother was happy even as his brother pushed himself beyond reason to achieve all of this.

"I'm glad we took this break though. I feel a lot better." Papyrus patted Sans on the back.

"Then let's get going shall we? It is time to go fight a dangerous human." Sans laughed.

"Together right?" Papyrus nodded.




Chara's heart nearly jumped out of her chest as the brother's reappeared in the door of Sans' room. She'd been able to hear the intonations of their voices in the kitchen, the laughter even, and it only increased her fear seeing their faces again.

She pulled on the binds at her wrists, keeping her tied to the head of the bed. And Sans laughed, light hearted and fun as he came back closer. Leering at her. But Chara couldn't get the image of his anger out of her head. The feeling of his intent and the LOVE in his soul.

"Break times over, Chara." He laid down beside her, placing a hand on her heaving chest as she breathed through her nose. "Are you ready?" Her entire body was sore and aching and it really was all about to get worse. "No? Good."

Sans looked back over towards the foot of the bed and Chara dared to follow. Regretting it. Papyrus stood there, taking off his boxers again. The orange ecto-flesh still there even as it glowed less brightly, less erect then before. That would change. And it made Chara's stomach twist.

"Now my brother. He's a nice guy. What I said before is true. Woulda had him take you and maybe let you go after a bit more of fun. He would have taken ya gentle even. Now. Not so much."

Chara didn't dare release a fearful whine but she couldn't help but tense as Papyrus bent his knee against the bed and began to crawl over the mattress towards her.

"And like I already told you... We're not gonna stop there. And I'm kinda curious if I'm honest. I only know a few things about humans. That their sick and twisted. But you know what I never learned?"

Papyrus was beginning to masturbate, looming over her. Chara bit down against the gag, the tears stinging in the back of her eyes. She couldn't stop the fear as Papyrus loomed over her. So much bigger than his brother in everyway.

So much bigger than her.....

"I've never learned how many times a human can cum. You know what that is right? That thing you've done twice now. Remember? Also that thing Papyrus did. In your mouth. Remember that taste? That liquid?" Chara was glaring into Sans' eyes, though what she truly wanted was to close her eyes. Disappear. Sans tsked and shook his head. "No answer? Well. You'll know what it is by the end anyways if you don't already."

Sans turned his attention back to his brother and Chara finally closed her eyes.

"You ready there Paps?"


"I'll take that as a yes." Sans dug his fingertips harder against Chara's chest and she opened her eyes to keep glaring....

But all Sans could see was the fear underneath.

"I warned you... pet." Sans whispered. "You weren't going to like what happens next.. You should have tried to enjoy it while you could."

Chara closed her eyes again as Papyrus began to shift more forward. But her mind was latching on to one thing. One word over and over. A word that meant something, a lot of things, only to her even if it would somehow slip.

Chapter Text

"There, just like that Paps. Don't slow down." The girl was screaming through the gag as Papyrus continued to thrust violently, each one sending him deeper and deeper even as her small body did everything to protest. As she convulsed in agony beneath him, the muscles in her abdomen squeezing and her hips moving as the pain worked its way through her.

Papyrus' left hand was on her hip, keeping her secure against him as best as he could while he supported himself with his right elbow that he kept close to her face, angling his body so he could thrust into her and still see her struggling face. The headboard of the bed shook as she tried to yank her arms downward. It was like she was trying to curl up into an agonized little ball but was stuck straight.

And she was so tight- And not as wet as she had been when he had been working his fingers into her. The break they had taken had only served to cause her more pain as the two men had done nothing to prepare her for his entrance.

Papyrus wasn't even in entirely but already he could feel the magic in his eye sockets rolling and he struggled to breathe in twisting pleasure. Even as the girl twisted in continued agony.

Papyrus was one to take it slow. Tender pseudo-kisses up his partner's body. Their hands working in unison to touch the other person. But this was different. The time for tender kisses over. This was brute strength and even with it being new, once again, it was exhilarating. Especially as his brother cheered him on, almost as if it was a game Papyrus was close to winning-

"Deeper, Paps, deeper! You're almost all the way in."

Papyrus gasped with each thrust, and his bones burned at almost embarrassed by how quickly he had lost his composure but at the same time he did not stop. Thrusting in, pulling almost entirely out, only to thrust in again, deeper.

The girl was crying again.

But her screams had stopped, a strangled choking sound replacing it as Papyrus continued to work thoroughly. Each thrust was starting to move her entire body, the entire bed.

"Oh, hey now. Woah, woah-" Sans said, he reached between the two of them, slapping the girl's face and bringing her eyes back into focus. "Can't be passing out too soon, wake up sweetheart-"

She screamed loudly as Papyrus found her cervix.

"Shit-" He breathed, a wave of panic through him, rushing through him intertwined with the pleasure. Sans was laughing though, and after a moment of rapid thinking it was okay, over and over, Papyrus got back into the rhythm of his thrusts. "Sweet- Tor- She's too small."

"Haha. Feels good doesn't it? Tight and fleshy and driving you fucking crazy." Sans stated from the side, Papyrus could hear the struggle in his voice. He had begun to masturbate as he watched the girl's expression.

She was shaking her head, making it more difficult for him to see, trying to roll her face as best she could away from Sans. But she couldn't rest, there was too much pain, her head and arms moving even as her lower half was trapped.

Papyrus knew he was deep, too deep. But it felt so good. Even as he wasn't sure he liked how much she could flail underneath him.
And this position he was in... It would not stay comfortable.

"Cut-" He began, but couldn't finish. But Sans understood, forming a sharpened bone and cutting the line of ribbon keeping her left hand attached to the head board before freeing the right one as well.. Immediately, the girl was pushing against Papyrus' chest, trying to get him away from her- But her head rolled back against the mattress, the pain and stimulation causing her to be able to do even less.

"Should we take out the gag?" Sans asked as Papyrus grunted.

"Wouldn't- want to.. disturb the neighbors." Papyrus managed, trying to smile in a joke. Sans snickered.

"Nobody is going to be coming but us," He said, despite the pun already having been used and Papyrus knew it would be used again. Many, many times. But to be fair, so would she.

Papyrus grabbed the girl's wrists, ribbons still tied tightly around and stray threads dangling against her skin. He pulled her up as he sat back on the bed, forcing her to sit in his lap, his cock still buried deep as she screamed again, biting down against the gag. He wouldn't be able to thrust in and out completely this way, but he could see her face no matter what, and it was still so very pleasurable. And painful... for her.

Papyrus released her wrists and trailed his arms up her back. Remembering how it had felt back in the prison, having her helplessly pressed against him, her face forced upwards. She was gripping at his ribs again, tightly, as if she could break them. She was tense and pressing her forehead against him as he used her weight against her. Used her weight to keep her impaled around him as he rolled his hips in quick succession, forcing her to ride him. He grabbed the back of her neck, forcing her to lift her head back and stare up at him.

Her expression was miserable and broken, the gag keeping her mouth open and saliva starting to trail down her chin as through the pain the forced pleasure was returning. That gag and the grip of his ribs was the only things there to physically ground her. A saving grace in disguise, Papyrus reasoned. Keeping her from begging. Keeping her alive for just a bit longer.
Papyrus bent forward and pulled her up a bit, pressing his teeth into her cheek, still so surprised at how soft she was. Soft and yet hard; her own bones beneath everything that made her soft helping to keep her form. The sensation of having her hips against his was sending his magic racing.. But it made him wonder how something so similar to him could still be so different.
He let his mind fall back a bit as he closed his eyes; keeping his face up against hers. He could feel the pulse of her frightened and pained soul above them and the racing pulse of her heart. But he could feel that something had changed. For the moment, there were no longer soft silent pleas. Something else. Like a chant evenly set through her. Perhaps something to remind her how to stay determined.

But she was choking again against the gag and Papyrus lifted his hand to the back of it, to the clasp, and undid it.

There was a deep, pained and breathy whine as her insides clenched around him and the gag was removed. Papyrus felt Sans take it from him, only to drop it to the floor.

"Oops." He said. Clearly aware of the same realization both Papyrus and the girl had. And now her one grace was gone.

No. No it wasn't her only grace. There was that chant through her soul still that Papyrus could feel. Stronger now. Stronger as she screwed her eyes shut and held his bones tighter. Papyrus continued to move. She was giving off sharp intakes of breath, and he could see that she was going to pass out again in her prolonged inability to breathe. But Papyrus was climaxing, the sensation ripping through him and causing him to be unable to move as the warm liquid filled her, causing her to cry out. More tears streaming across her cheeks.

Sans was laughing again.

"Keep going, Paps. Force her to finish." Papyrus didn't think it would be so easy. He suspected he would cum again before she did. Though her expression was more and more heated, her breathing more pant-like. It was interesting to him. How even with all of the pain, ones body would still betray like that. All her cries were simply half moans...

But he obeyed his brother, rolling his hips, though the pleasure he was feeling was almost too intense, tears lingering in the back of his own eyes.

And Sans shifted closer, pressing his teeth into her back.

The girl's eyes opened wide as she screamed, his brother biting down against her. Papyrus held her more tightly against him as her insides clenched around him. And Sans continued. Working his way across her rolling body, licking at her bleeding skin. And Papyrus couldn't keep his eyes focused enough to even be able to appreciate her pained expression.

He doesn't see her building climax until finally, her entire body went rigid and spasmed. Papyrus called out, thrusting faster as she came.... But he could not reach the edge for his own in time to ride hers out. But there would be time.

Sans had pulled away from her, putting a hand on her now bite reddened back, rubbing gently as she sobbed and Papyrus let her lean forward against his ribcage to hide her face. But even still... he could feel the chant from her Soul, unbroken.

"Aw, that's the expression of someone whose came thrice now." Sans comforted. "Hmm... hey, what comes after thrice, anyway?" He leaned his face in close against her ear. "Wanna help me find out?"

Her aching body shook with a sob. She was weak and sore all over, every part of her in pain and intense waves of what wasn't even pleasure anymore, just stimulation and sensation. And her body was still clenching, reminding her as if she could forget about Papyrus stabbed through her. Papyrus kept a tired arm around her shoulder, keeping her in place, but he knew that she probably wouldn't have been able to move off of him even though she desperately wanted to.

Sans was smiling up at him over the top of the girl's messy hair. Papyrus laughed at his stupid, impatient expression and shook his head.

"Just let me... finish first." Papyrus stated with a grunt, and began to roll his hips.

Chapter Text


A part of her.... knew... she was in the closet. She could feel the ground beneath her as the darkness spun around her. It was painful against her skin. Everything was painful... Sore... Vaguely she is aware that she is bleeding.

And she can't tell when she is awake or when she is asleep, it all ran together. Her mind telling her, awake! Awake! Be aware.... And at the same time not to think about it. At the same time another part telling her she needed to rest. You must always rest.

Everything is in pain.

More than torture even, from the prison. Because that pain was always outside her, but this came from within. Something inside her.

She can still feel everything like phantoms across her skin. In each bruise and bite mark, in each aching muscle. The pain in the back of her throat. Her abdomen. Between her legs.

That expression, that expression, always that expression he said... Quice. Frice. Five times in a row. One for each finger.

Each finger...

Not even using her for their own pleasure anymore, just torture... Their fingers inside of her, forcing her...

It had been too intense. Her body hot and aching, her hips bucking, but it was too intense. Each moment of it painful, not even that terrible forced pleasure. And her mind had started to haze.

Don't pass out, now... He said.... Never allowing her to rest and now that she was in the darkness she still couldn't rest. She couldn't even think. Only feel it over her skin.

That expression... That was the expression of someone who's came seven times in a row.

Seven was supposed to be a lucky number.

Who knew, maybe she'd hit the jackpot....

And that number would multiply tenfold.

............ It was never going to stop. She had truly believed that, they were never going to stop.

(They had stopped, but it wouldn't be for forever, again and again, it was all she was there for. To fuck and to die)

And all she had was a word. A word in her head, over and over, and it wasn't even the full one anymore. Just reduced to a single syllable. Over and over.

That expression...

Expression of someone who's came seven times in a row.

No... Nine, sorry.

Or was it ten?


The shiver of her skin in her half asleep mind as she stayed surrounded by darkness.


Congrats! The big one-oh!

He was going to invite all his friends over for a big shindig. Her the life of the party. All have turns.... Sound nice? Have a few in mind. Oh don't cry.... Really much better than we are at these sorts of things. More practice.

She could barely hear him, every part of her soar and on fire and her mind too gone except for one word. The sensations ripping through her, that expression... A few of them right next to each other and a spark of terror. Something new to terrify her. The idea that there were still unknown things before her. All from her own body. All of her abused...

Well not every part of her, Sans had noted, running his hand over her backside, promising to be merciful for the night. To keep something to look forward to in the future. Besides... he didn't think she was conscious enough to really appreciate that.

Promising..... Mercy.... As his fingers worked into her and he laughed. Papyrus somewhere there like a shadow. Touching her skin somewhere, playing with her... Taking turns... Their fingers...

Everything hurts. She's bleeding, she knows. Her head hurt. Her stomach empty but not as much as it should- She wanted to throw up.

Their fingers inside of her.

That expression...

Eleven times, give or take. He didn't think he could keep track anymore, too many, some too close...

Count for me, ok?

Start from twelve.

That expression he was wearing.... She couldn't dare grace it with a description, even if her mind could have grasped anything but a single word she help close and guarded.

But that expression he was wearing... he really was a freak...

No... just a monster.... and she was a human... that was how it was supposed to be, wasn't it? This... That...

But it wasn't always like that, she knew that too, she knew....



She couldn't tell if she was awake or asleep. The darkness around her was spinning. Her mind grappling with memories it didn't want to hold.

Finally Sans had started to look tired.


Heh. Did you really think you could sleep?

Still couldn't rest, even in the darkness....

Everything hurt.

Everything except that repeated word.

And her soul.

Her soul finally there back inside of her, burning, determined. Or at least she knew, she knew... she had to stay determined.

It was just pain. Only pain...

That was what she always thought after a round of torture. And that was what it was. Torture. Torture trying to grasp at her very self.

But that did not matter. Not even that mattered.......

It had mattered in the prison, when the only end was death. It did not matter here.

Only the end...

But its dark and she can't see and all she has is a dream.


You need to sleep, she knew.


The darkness was starting to stop its spinning.

But it wasn't sleep, it was simply her inability to stay awake any longer. (So she was awake........) 

And a small part of her is not sure she will wake up.

That forevermore there would only ever be this darkness...


Chapter Text

"Man, I am... so... tired..." Sans groaned, laying back in the bed, his body aching but it was a good ache. A good tired. Though he needed a shower, his sheets washed. But at the same time they'd just get dirty again soon enough.

Papyrus was laying down next to him, just as tired and aching after depositing the girl trembling, abused human into the closet and locking the door before returning to his brother's room.

"Alphys is going to give me so much crap... she told me specifically not to over do it."

"... It's well past midnight." Papyrus admitted.

"Well a little bit of a late night ain't so bad at times.."

"We get up at 6:45."

"I have no regrets.." Sans huffed. "Do you?"

"... I suppose not." Papyrus said, and he supposed not because despite being so tired his brother was smiling. "I can't... move anymore though..." Sans chuckled in response.

"My alarms.. set.. We can just sleep now." Papyrus groaned and let his eye sockets close.

Together like this kinda reminded him of back in the group home, often sharing the cot with his brother. Sometimes sore after an intense day of training-

Papyrus let the green healing magic flow out of him and he heard Sans groan in relief. It made Papyrus smile but at the same time... he'd noticed it before, but... something was different this time. It wasn't just his imagination. Something was different in his magic. But it was just barely there and all he had to do was let his mind focus on the healing in order to ignore it. It hadn't been the first time his magic had changed. It was just what happened when one began to grow stronger.

And Papyrus just let his magic flow as he drifted off into sleep...........

Only to wake up too soon with the grinding, whining sound of the alarm. But despite his tired body, he didn't feel as sore as he could have been. He could have felt better or worse.

Beside him, Sans groaned again, cracking his bones as he stretched. Papyrus followed suit, and the moment his back cracked he let out a relieved breath.

"Heh... Feels good the morning after right?"


"Heheheheh. Just remember how awful the human has to be feeling."

The human girl.... Chara... He had already almost forgotten her in his half asleep mind. It was funny how that could happen. They had a supposedly dangerous human in their house and he had forgotten.

"Let's go check up on her shall we?" Papyrus stood up, still just in his boxers and feeling kinda gross. But Sans was right, he couldn't imagine how the human would feel.

Sans worked the bolt off of the closet door and opened it wide.

"Wakey wakey, Chara." The red eyes parted, her breathing thin as she stared up at them, no other response not even in the back of her eyes as she lay on her side. There were dark, growing bruises across her skin, teeth marks and dried blood and cum and saliva. She looked a wreck.

"We won't be able to keep her like this while we go to work." Papyrus decided nearly right away. Sans growled.

"Fine. Go ahead and pick her up." Papyrus bent down and the girl closed her eyes tightly as he reached out for her arm. She let out a weak hiss of pain as he pulled her up to her feet. But even as she stood there, he could feel that he was the only thing keeping her up and in place. She leaned against him, her hazed over gaze open again and staring at the ground. Sans leaned against her neck above the collar. The eyes narrowed again as her expression trembled and she tried to lift her shoulders to protect herself. In vain.

"Morning, pet. Did you sleep well? No?" Sans kissed her cheek even as she refused to respond. But perhaps her throat simply hurt too much or her body too weak to offer any quips. Sans pulled away. "I'm going to take my shower first." He hesitated, smirking at Chara. "Unless you want to join me, pet." Still no response. Sans only chuckled and made his way back to his room. Papyrus began to lead her towards the kitchen.

He noticed her eyes, despite hazed over and distant, were taking in all of the surroundings she hadn't been able to see the day before. Taking in everything of note, he supposed. Already her mind twisting with ideas, wasn't it?

"Sit down." He ordered. Though she really had not choice as he let go of her and her support fell through. She cried out softly in pain and immediately was leaning up against the table. He grabbed a clean washcloth and ran it under water before coming back and starting to go over her bare skin. She hissed in pain but didn't fight him. And as he went, Papyrus let the green healing magic race across her skin. The red eyes closed, she bit her lip. "This will have to do until I get home." He told her. "But you are lucky you are even getting this at the moment. So be thankful."

Still she said nothing and Papyrus could hear the water heater kicking on as his brother started his shower.

"Hmm. This would be easier closer to the sink." He gave in. He grabbed her by the arm again and forced her to stand, another pained hiss from her as she refused to look at him. He dragged her into the kitchen. He caught her glance at the refrigerator- oh.

Everyone was always complaining about thieves, the street children picking through the trash at night even.

"When was the last time you've eatin?" Even then she did not respond. Not even glare. Papyrus left her supporting herself with her arms against the island in the middle of the kitchen and made his way to the fridge, taking out the pan with last nights lasagna and cutting a slice. But he didn't bother heating it up, he slid the plate in front of her. He held out a fork. "You will behave." He warned. "I offer a reminder that you must eat to stay strong enough to get yourself out of this, correct?"

She took the fork, trying to pull it angrily but it was honestly a weak attempt. Papyrus continued to wash her down, running the cloth over her skin.

Chara looked down at the food in front of her, her mouth watering at the sight of it. It was even on a proper plate. She held the fork awkwardly, not sure of how she was supposed to hold it anymore. Holding it like a knife wasn't seeming to work quite right, so more like a spoon- But when she tried to twist it, she dropped it.

And she gasped sharply as Papyrus lifted the towel up between her legs and she jerked, trying to close them.

"Shhh." Papyrus said, pressing his other hand against her in order to steady her. She closed her eyes, breathing in as he continued. "Alright. That is all for now." He stood up, standing and putting a hand on her back, looking over her lack of progress at the food. "Now, now. We don't have all morning. Would you like to go back into the closet with nothing?"

No. No, she needed to eat. He was right. She hated him but he was right. A hunger strike was not something she could risk to do. She abandoned the fork though, using her shaking fingers to hold it. But the texture of the cold noodles made her cringe. And the moment she put it into her mouth.

Her entire body revolted. Immediately gagging.

And she could remember, the memory assaulting her from before. From before she had finally been allowed to rest. Sans' finger in her mouth, looking down at her smiling, her mind too much in a haze to stop him. To even bite down as he did what his brother had. The texture against her tongue, the pain in her throat as he forced-

Chara covered her mouth, gagging but now unable to stop it. Papyrus' hands her grabbing her shoulders forcefully and she found herself thrown against the side of the sink. She leaned over the side, heaving. Heaving as hard as she could, gross stomach acid and whatever was left from the night before coming up burning her already abused throat. And she wouldn't stop. She had to get it out. All of it. Every drop. But she couldn't get the memory out even as she had almost managed to have forgotten it before then. But she kept heaving until there was nothing left and then she kept going. Heaving as nothing more came out. Her back shook and the tears were starting to work their way down her cheeks again as she breathed in.

Papyrus' hand was in her hair, petting her gently as if to comfort....

It really was a pitiful display, he thought. And this once he allowed himself to pity her. Missing out on his finally perfected cooking like that.

"We shall try again later." He told her. Her hand reached up but Papyrus caught it. "And what are you trying to do?" Her head fell and she tried to spit into the sink... Ah. "I suppose." Papyrus turned on the sink and the girl leaned forward, letting it run across her lips. But even though she still couldn't manage to swallow, it helped get rid of the taste. But too soon, Papyrus turned off the water. "Better?"

She pushed up against the side of the sink, trying to stand up straight, but immediately she stopped, her eyes wide as they stared out the window. Papyrus followed her gaze.

The sun was rising up over the horizon in the distance, just past the foot of the mountain and the sky changing brilliant shades of red and pink.

The girl trembled but this time, something different was working through her, not a sob. Papyrus felt it against his gripping fingers against her shoulders and he looked back down at her peculiar expression.

"It's still there..." She tried.

Her voice was hoarse, broken, her throat too sore from the night before. The words struck him though, so raw and unintendedly vulnerable. As if she couldn't help herself... Papyrus caught himself staring and meant to hum in amusement and leave her to herself, but the girl was suddenly laughing... Weak and raspy as her shoulders came close to her neck, taking his hands with them, but she kept staring out the window.

"You know... about Ebott." It wasn't so much of a question. All knew about Mt. Ebott. The magical barrier. It was said a large group of humans had fled underground during one of the most violent periods of the war, right after the incident with the Royal family. The magical barrier one could enter but no one came out...

"The human haven." Papyrus mused aloud. The girl laughed weakly again.

"Ha... Haven.. The decision.. to be trapped but alive. I hated them." Papyrus raised a brow. Confused and yet impressed. Impressed she could manage to speak as clearly as she could, though to be fair it was still so broken. But confused at the open tone.. "I scorned them." She admitted. "And even, part- It's a trap to lure us. Has to be... Moment cross over. Nothing but death..."

Papyrus glanced back out the window. To the sun. To the mountain beside it in dark silhouette.

He had never thought of that possibility. There were talks about past raids on it. But the losses were always too grand.

No one ever came back out.

"Last night..." She continued. "Trying to break me..." Her eyes closed painfully. "Can't hide it.. Terrified."

Papyrus thought back to all the fear and terror, the panic even from her soul he had felt from her the night before. Just this morning. It was true. She could not hide it.... Her lack of control, her inability to fight but wanting to. Her intense human sense of self preservation-

Her hands though, they tightened their grip at the sides of the sink as she stared out across the reddened sky.

"But... It doesn't matter." She told him. "Doesn't.. Doesn't matter what you do.. or make me do.. If cry, even beg... Doesn't matter. Something can't take- from me. Pain, death, even dignity. Doesn't matter. None of it matters."

She had been ready to die the moment she had been captured. Ready and accepting. Dignity had stayed though. Her saving grace in the fight. That had mattered in the prison where the only possible end had been death. To keep herself in one piece to the very end. To hold on. But now...

"Doesn't..." She repeated, hoarse. "Doesn't matter..."

Papyrus shook his head, releasing her shoulders and leaving her alone against the sink.

Papyrus took the abandoned lasagna and putting it back into the fridge.

"Then what could there possibly be left to matter?" He asked.

He closed the fridge door and turned around. Only to jump back with a plate shattering across the floor at his feet. Magic raced through him, ready to fight. But the girl was standing as best she could, tall, even as it clearly still caused her pain. And she met his gaze. Her expression... something that had been missing before returning. Determined again. Strong. He felt the chant burning in her soul pulsing in her chest. Though it was no longer a chant. It was as if she was holding it tightly in her gripped fists. Her red eyes burned through him.

"Destroying all of you." Ah. Of course.

Papyrus hummed as he looked down at the shattered plate.

"Seems to be the case for all humans though, isn't it? Either hide away in your dark caverns to keep yourselves safe and alive or hold on to the surface so can keep fighting and destroying everything. Fight or flight. Kill or be killed. That is all there is to you."

Papyrus looked the girl over, standing completely naked and still bruised with shaking knees. And for once he truly, truly-

"I pity you.... lonely human." He told her and this time, he did not mean it in any way mocking. Her fierce stare fell in surprise, true surprise. "All of that fighting. And you cannot even comprehend all that there is to truly fight for."

"Love." Papyrus jolted at the sound of her voice.. before remembering there were two very different meanings to that word. He smiled sadly at her and shook his head.

"Yes but not the kind you're thinking of." The girl looked back out the window, the sun still rising... And he truly did pity her. But all Undyne and experience told him had made it very clear it was just the way she would always be. You couldn't teach a human to change, they only aimed to use you for their own gain... "And that is why you're here."

"..... Only idiots have people important to them. It only gets you into trouble." Papyrus breathed out what could have been a laugh if not so exasperated. He began to walk back towards her.

"Poor human, it is having people important to you that gets you out of it." Her fists squeezed, that soft chant through her one last time.

Papyrus grabbed her by the forearm again and he could see the dizzy spell sweep through the girl as he moved her back through the kitchen and to the closet door. He let her go, expecting a fight, but the girl sat down... or mostly... let herself fall... But she sat amongst the blanket and pillows he had put in there, and she looked up at him. Her eyes were tired but at the same time unflinching and staring directly into him even as he shut the door.. and locked her in.

"So where is she?" Sans asked when he came into the kitchen a few minutes later, fully dressed and ready.

"She is back in her little cell." Papyrus told him. "She would not cooperate very well."

"She broke a plate." Sans noticed. "Did she throw it at you?" His tone was warning. Papyrus shook his head.

"No. Only the ground. Though it cost her breakfast." Sans grunted.

"Good. But you going to go get ready?"

"In a bit... I am packing lunches." Sans leaned against the island, watching his brother cut two extra portions,

"Oh yeah, how's your little fruwend?" Papyrus smiled but gave a shrug.

"I have not seen them in a few days, but they have been better lately. Though they have been helping a sick friend. I thought they would appreciate some of my cooking."

"Heh.. Pack me an extra slice too. I'll give it to Alphys." Papyrus perked up excitedly.

"Of course! And I shall give her a slice to give to Undyne! She has been working extra hard lately. I am a little concerned if I am honest."

"Eh. I'm sure she's fine. She's got Alphys and you to keep track of her."

"Of course."

Yes. It was nice to have people to care about, important to you.

And Chara curled up in her semi-safe darkness. Her body aching and her insides still feeling as if cut, but at the same time... A single word in her mind. And determination.

Because only idiots dared to risk having people that were important to them....

And she was indeed an idiot.

But Papyrus had been right. They got you into trouble... but they were also what would get her out.

And they couldn't touch her.... not really..... Not as long as they couldn't touch him.

Chapter Text

"Heeheehee. Somebody looks tired." Alphys gloated as Sans walked towards her, motorcycle helmet still wrapped beneath his arm. He had expected this though. Her being here first thing in the morning. She leaned up against the locker beside his and tilted her head. "So... when did you go to bed?"

"Let's not answer that question."

"I told you not to stay up so late." Sans opened his own locker and began to put in his own things for the day. "But I suppose you deserved a bit of fun. Just keep in mind how fun it is as the day goes on. You have to handle these things with... grace." Sans laughed.

"There was absolutely no grace last night. But oh maan, no wonder you guys do it." Alphys hummed.

"We haven't really done that in a long time."

"Huh? Why not?"

She smiled widely, knowingly.

"Because... we prefer to be doing it to each other."

Sans dropped his helmet onto the ground, a deep blue blush flooding his system. And Alphys LAUGHED. And she didn't stop, tears in her eyes.

"Hahaha! Oh my g-god! You spent all yesterday afternoon being nasty and you can still make a face like that!! Hahahaha!!" Sans did his best to clear his non-existent throat, and rolled his shoulders.

"Well I haven't checked in yet. You caught me.. off guard." Alphys gave another round of loud laughter.

"A royal guardsman is never off the clock! Remember that!" She said after settling down. "Especially captains like us." Sans closed his locket and straightened out his gloves. But he was smiling again.

"Yeah, I know. Sorry, boss."

"But while we've still got time...." She leaned in closer. "Details. Did you use any of the things I gave you?" Sans pulled out his phone.

"No, we didn't, but there's still plenty of time ain't there. I'm thinking that'll be more for punishments. But- Oh right. I forgot, I was gonna take a picture for you but didn't. I'll have something tomorrow." Alphys raised a brow.

"Or.. I could swing by tonight. I can't stay though, but just to see if its really worth your time."

"Trust me, I think she is." Alphys hummed a small, questioning, oh. Her interest peaked again. "She's an idiot." Sans admitted. "She has absolutely no chance in hell but she'll still fight. And she's not smart enough to beg and just let it be over. She seems to be willing to do anything to keep this game prolonged. But at the same time knows she is in way over her head even though before last night she had no clue what she was getting into."

"Wait... He got you a virgin?" Sans laughed and nodded.

"She's definitely not one anymore. Not by a long shot. We were going to go easy on her but she uh.... well let's just say I don't think she'll give Papyrus much trouble now..."

"Ha.. She did something I take it and you went all protective brother on her." Sans shrugged, not even embarrassed.

"Eeeeh... But like I said, there ain't much she can do to begin with. It's just the spirit that counts. She wants to do something. Even when she's overstimulated and basically falling apart, she still wants to do something."

"Heehee. Well it should be good for you to have something to dig into without actually getting a lot more LOVE. Or at least, it'll be more controlled for you."

"Hn, yeah, whatever." Her eyes narrowed and she smacked him upside the head. "-Ow."

"Just remember to be careful. That's all I can say. Especially since you're keeping it long term. For this sorta thing Undyne and I only ever had a 'em a day or two."

"I'll bet."

"Well! We recycled." Sans lifted a brow.

"Yeah and how is that supposed to mean? Send them back to where ya got em? Undyne take them to the labs?"

"I'm not sure what Undyne did. I don't ask about a lot of her stuff."

"Papyrus says she has been working extra hard lately- OH! He gave me lasagna for you to give her! Look, look at this!" Sans reopened his locker and got out his lunch cooler. "He did it! Absolutely perfect." He told her as he handed out the container. "Look at that cheesy, saucy goodness. And my brother made it! Stick a finger in it! Taste the greatness!" Alphys smiled and obeyed, licking it off of her finger.


"Fucking great. But ya gotta wait for lunch for the rest of it." He closed it again, sealing the lid tightly and putting it back into its cooler.

"We have a fridge you know, right?"

"Yeah. A community fridge. I don't trust 'em. Like shit am I losing the first perfected thing my brother's made. Fuck that. Fuck it." But he paused, catching her soft expression. "What is that disgustingly affectionate look for?" Her smile widened.

"The way you love your brother is the sweetest thing. I'm still so....."


"....It just makes me happy that it can stay like that. Even after everything this war throws at us. And how a lot of people's families turn out."

"Yeah, well. That's their loss not mine. Paps is the coolest thing out there, fuck them."

"But speaking about Papyrus... how is he feeling about the human thing? He was really concerned in getting one just right for you but I could tell he wasn't thinking much about himself. As it seems to always be in regards to the two of you."

"Yeah. He was a little less enthusiastic about it. At least in the actual human sense. Though he did enjoy himself. I think he liked to watch. And he likes how she feels. But you know he is kind of a romantic soul at heart with something like that. But he's always wanted a pet. So..." Alphys frowned.

"Don't you guys.... have... a pet?" Sans laughed, but it wasn't at all amused.

"You have made the potentially fatal mistake in thinking that that thing is in fact not some ancient vengeful god in disguised that could end the war and all life as we know it with a flick of its tail." Alphys shook her head.

"Aren't you exaggerating just a bit?"


"Then why do you let it hang out around your house?"

"Did you just not hear the vengeful god thing? Besides... I love that stupid thing. But point still stands."

"I'm not sure there was a point there to begin with."

"Point: not a pet." She hummed in understanding.

"But is the human really a pet either?" Sans shook his head.

"No, but definitely closer to it." Alphys still thought he was being dramatic.

"Well, either way. We've got work to do so I guess we can't stand here all day."


The two of them began to make their ways away from the lockers.

"But I do want to swing by tonight and check this human out." Sans shrugged but his expression was giving away just how excited that was making him too.

"Well then, I suppose I will have to hold back and make sure she's still presentable by the time you get there." Alphys scrunched up her nose.

"This really is the only thing you're going to be thinking about the next week or so isn't it... But damn, just remember to get out of the house a bit still too! Or I don't know. Work on something in your workshop."

"Nah." Alphys only laughed a bit to herself and shook her head, but she wrapped her arm around his shoulders before he could escape. "Oh shit- no-!" She was digging her knuckles against his skull.

"If you're going to be such a knuckle head-"

"No noogies! Stop! Ack!" Sans mock-begged. "I've a reputation!"

"APPRECIATE MY PUN, SOLDIER!" She ordered, rubbing her knuckles harder.

"Yes, sir!" Sans cried. She released him and he groaned as he pretended to fix his hair.

"Now that is better." She told him.

"Ow that actually kinda hurt." He admitted.

"Well you've got some extra HP to spare now, don't expect me to. And don't let me hear about you slacking just because you're tired!"



Papyrus walked his beat, his bag strapped over his shoulder and held tightly as he watched the edges of the streets. It really had been a few days since he had seen his friend and he'd been seeing them less often in general but it seemed that the small monster always made sure to check in at least once a week. Which Papyrus appreciated. But as Papyrus walked through the usual place they met it was becoming clear that today was probably not going to be the day they would turn up.

Papyrus tried not to feel too disappointed. He understood, especially since his friend also had friends who needed them. But now that Sans was no longer on the same beat as him Papyrus found himself finding his job less..... thrilling than it once had been. Seeing his friend was the best part.

But there was also the others he got to see and greet as he went along too. But he couldn't help notice that this was not technically part of his job.

But there were the Bunnies who owned a large portion of one particular street and their multitude of shops and also the café. Papyrus had to admit that he preferred Muffet's bar and café when it came to actually eating but hers was mostly out of the way and the atmosphere less... friendly. The spider-woman could drain the Gold out of like blood. But quicker. If you just gave her the chance...... Well.. not that Papyrus had blood to start but somehow the feeling remained.

Suffice to say he only went enough to keep up a friendly repertoire and to get new recipes to try out of her. He would have to swing by before heading home. To give her a slice of lasagna. To show her his hard work paying off.

But he supposed that meant she would still expect him to buy something. A few things.

Maybe he would wait.

He simply continued in his rounds, the day passing by without anything eventful. Two weeks and he already missed Sans' grumbling about it. But at the same time, he appreciated the calm. He really hoped they wouldn't be giving him a new partner though any time soon. For as much as he loved meeting new people, the risk of being stuck with someone intolerable and mocking outweighed the potential good. At least this way, alone, he didn't have to act to be like how anybody wanted him to be. He could just... be. It was relaxing. At least until he had to make his way back to the main center where everyone else was hours and hours later.

He straightened his back and walked confidently, that confidence his true armor.

"Oh hey, Papyrus!"


"Oh yes, hello." He greeted back but didn't get any closer, knowing from experience the two monsters were not truly interested in him but only what he could give them. That was how it was for most people there. But he supposed he was no different...

Perhaps he should go to Muffet's after work...

But he just couldn't bring himself to do it.

"Going home, Papyrus?" Somebody else asked.

"How's Sans? Enjoying his promotion?"

"He is well, he is very happy."

"Oh good! Tell him we said hi and to not forget us all now!"

"Yes, I will." But he wouldn't. Perhaps if he knew they truly meant it. But they didn't."

And he exchanged his report with the Whimsalot that replaced him most days for the late afternoon shift. Nothing new. Nearly always nothing new. And Whimsalot would spin its weapon around, anxious for that to change as it shook its head dismissively.

And with that Papyrus was free and heading back to the car, letting himself unwind and relax during the drive. And as he neared the house he perked up, knowing he would be alone with the human again.

"Mr. Skeleton." Papyrus froze as he stood beside the car before putting on his brightest smile and turning towards the road. There stood his neighbor, the mother of his young children friends. But she looked much less friendly. Even more than usual. Her reptilian skin seemed callous and her eyes hard and honestly frightening. "My children told me that you have a human in your house."

Ah, here it was.

"Yes, ma'am. A slave. She is confined and perfectly harmless as she is. I assure you that there is nothing to worry about."

"Of course. Nothing to worry about." She grumbled.

"I understand your worries, ma'am." And he truly did. "The children were overly excited I will admit."

"Human slaves are disgusting. They should not be able to live if caught. I don't care about the arguments that they are harmless and that the potential financial benefits. You can't assure that they are entirely trained and not just laying in wait to trick you. Remember that, Mr. Skeleton." But then she sighed. "I know you and your brother are so good with my children. It surprises me and I do appreciate it. But it is different this time. And while I cannot do anything but express my concerns and dislike for the situation, please take them into account. And unfortunately, I know the children will not rest until they get to see it. So when you do eventually showcase the despicable thing to them, I trust that you will take every precautions? Yes?"

"Every, ma'am." She nodded.

"I will hold you to that. You and your brother." She began to leave. "That is all I have to say. But just because I came off harsh I hope you understand that it had to come out."

"I do." Papyrus called. "And I would expect nothing less."

"Thank you, Mr. Skeleton."

"Please... We have been neighbors for a year now. It is Papyrus." She paused and smiled lightly for him.

"Thank you, Papyrus." And then she left. And Papyrus felt genuinely happy. It was the ones who were honest and up front about what they wanted that Papyrus always appreciated most. And he truly did understand her concerns....

He entered the house and even though he didn't want to admit it, he made a beeline for the human's closet door. But he hesitated to unlock it.. He should have drawn this out, let her know he was coming and keep her tense and waiting. That was what he should have done. But it was too late now. Papyrus unlocked the door and opened it wide.

The girl was on her side again, her eyes opened and he could tell that... for all the healing he had given her that morning it still had not been enough. She was still in incredible pain. The healing green magic had only given her a small reprieve and pick me up before the exhaustion and pain had recaught up with her. But to be fair, she had now had all day to sleep. Even if it had probably been difficult with the pain throughout her body.

He had thought that he would have been able to just heal her himself but he was starting to suspect that this would get tedious everyday and not at all work like he thought it should.

"Sit up." He ordered though he already knew it was futile for several reasons.

"No..." She whispered. But her voice was near gone... And Papyrus knew that she couldn't sit up by herself even if she wanted too. Papyrus hummed and bent down. The girl closed her eyes tightly and grit her teeth as he put his arms beneath her and lifted her up. It still surprised him at how easy it was to man handle her.... And surprised at how soft she was.... How similar yet different...

She had no choice but to rest her head against his chest, her eyes half-lidded.

He set her down into the bath and turned on the water to let it run. She flinched at the cold water on her feet as Papyrus sat down on the edge, keeping his finger there to test the water as it ran.

"I think a bath should be better for today." He told her. She rested her head back, unable to move as the water began to turn warm and he turned the lever to stop it from running down the drain. He stood up and began to make his way towards the door. "Stay there won't you?"

She did not respond as he left her. He made his way to the kitchen to put away the food he had not had the chance to give away like he had meant. Still a bit disappointed. He say the girl's plate from the morning and paused. Ah, right. Humans ate, too. Right. Powerful, brutal souls but still needing to eat. The error of having such a fleshy body with low levels of magic if it had any at all.

He took two drinks from the fridge and made his way back to the bathroom.

The girl had her eyes closed but he could still see the pain in her expression. He bent down beside the bath again and put the bottles on the floor before reaching out with his hands glowing green. She flinched as he touched her neck but he could tell he was doing her best to remain perfectly still. Either to not show him her fear or to not aggravate the wounds, he wasn't sure. Perhaps a little bit of both.

Papyrus kept one hand on her throat as he ran water over her skin with the other. Her skin was tender and discolored and she kept her lips pressed as he touched her. Letting more healing magic race through her. He could feel her soul in her chest more acutely like this.

He pressed her neck more tightly against the wall as he slipped his other hand between her legs. She tried to jerk, lifting her hands to grasped at the hand against her neck so she could move, but Papyrus held her firm as he slipped two fingers inside of her. She took in a sharp, incredibly pained breath even as Papyrus flooded her with healing magic.

"Why fight?" He asked seriously. "I am only helping you."

"You're just preparing me- so you can use me again-" She told him through her teeth. Her voice was sharp with the pain. If her eyes were open he supposed there would have been tears in the back of her eyes that she could not stop other than keeping her eyes closed.

"True." He acknowledged. It was why she wasn't getting one of the tablets... Even though he knew he would not be able to heal her entirely. She would have to deal with a little more pain. But she had told him very clearly that it did not matter to her.... So...

He pulled out his fingers and stopped the water finally. Then he continued to run the water over her skin. He took soap and began to clean her skin even as he healed her. He had to stop a few times to take a drink, to help replenish his magic.

"Here." He finally said, taking the other bottle and offering it to her. She opened her eyes, staring at it before finally lifting her shaking fingers and taking it. He watched as she took of the cap, a sure sign of progress. Another sign was her slowly lifting it to her lips. He watched her hesitate but then took a small sip. The red eyes closed as she swallowed, trying her hardest to keep it down. She had to keep it down. And it would also help to heal her without his constant prodding.

She forced herself to keep taking in sips..... Her head was killing her... She knew she was more than a bit dehydrated. And starving... But with each sips she just wanted to gag- She took a deep breath and began to chug it down. Quick. Anything else was just dragging it out.

It probably wasn't her brightest idea ever. But it was her idea at least.

She held her breath once she was done. Letting her stomach rebel inside of her. But it was monster made. Magic. Healing. Absorbing. She just had to wait it out as it was completely absorbed.

She didn't want to think about... about what they had forced her to swallow in the bed. It being magic.... If it followed the same rules. It only made her want to cry again as she hugged the bottle against her chest. Feeling Papyrus not let up in working his fingers over her.

Papyrus lingered on her chest, in part because his brother had bitten down aggressively but also because of the feeling. It had been soft, it was growing softer. But he was starting to notice how her skin changed with the injuries. The green-like patches were no longer soft. The black and blue tender. The red scabs callous. And all of it disappeared with the magic. As if he was just wiping it away with the water. But not fully... There was still a tender touch beneath her skin. Lingering pain. And he was holding out to heal the most important part even more thoroughly.

The girl tensed again as he once again put his hand between her legs. She squeezed her thighs shut around it and Papyrus put his free hand through her hair. Her hair was still dry on top but underneath and around the base of her neck it was wet. That contrast.... Papyrus ran his fingers through them, petting her as she kept her arms crossed and crushing the bottle as he re-entered. Slowly, he continued to pressed deeper. Getting all that he could.

The girl's body shook and he watched her suppress a sob trying to rise up from her chest. This time he knew for sure it was from both the pain and the shame... Papyrus gave another twist of her hair through his fingers.

"I thought it did not matter." He said gently. A tear was in the corner of her eye, starting to trail down. He caught it with his thumb and dragged it away.

"Doesn't." She managed. And he could feel from her soul that it was true. Or at least, she thought it was true. But that did not stop her body from responding from what she was feeling.

He pulled his fingers out, this time for good. Well.... For healing and for the night. The water was no longer clear. Soap and grim and tints of red as he let it drain. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders, his fingers re-digging through her hair and pulling her against his chest.

"Very good girl." He told her as she tried to stifle the tears and catch her breath. "Now, let's stand up."

"No." She said, and this time it was only in defiance. He pulled her Soul from her chest and she pressed her eyes closed as he lifted her up both with his arms around her and the pull on her Soul.

Her Soul was vibrant and resilient and he could feel that gentle pulse within her. That remaining chant. It seemed she had found the thing to center her after all. Though he supposed it really was the desire to destroy him and his brother. And nearly anybody else.

"Let us get the rest of that grim off of you." The blood. The cum that lingered in the watery slim against her skin. He released her and moved back to the front of the shower and turned it on. She flinched, the water cold against her skin and making it difficult to breath. But as the water warmed, she began to relax........ Papyrus turned the water back to cold and watched her tense. He smiled in amusement before turning it back closer to warm. "Will you be as good as you were yesterday?" He asked.

She threw the empty bottle she was still holding right at his face. It bounced off of him harmlessly and he tilted his head.

"Shut up.." She murmured, turning her face away from him. Papyrus only continued to smile as he began to put shampoo into her hair, cleaning every bit of her that he could. And she did not fight.

Papyrus somehow assumed that this would be the easiest part when handling her. The cleaning. Because even as he handled her, the desire to be rid of everything else would always remain. He sprayed her down, rinsing everything off as she kept her eyes shut and her body unmoving.

"You know, you could have felt better sooner if you had just accepted my brother's offer to shower with him."

"I hate you....."

Yes, he supposed she did. But she had hated him the moment she had laid eyes on him. Even before that. Any and all monsters she would hate. Even her own kind.

"And I will only have to keep reminding you that this is why you are here."

"I hate you..." She repeated it, and meant it in her Soul. And he only appreciated that at least she was honest.

He gave her the towel and walked her through the house, leading her into the dining room and setting her down as he turned her Soul even heavier. She was forced to stay sitting in the chair as he made his way into the kitchen and pulled out her leftover plate. It was dried out but it would have to do for her. She should have eaten it while it was still quality. He set it down in front of her along with his half finished bottle of NPT-Juice.

"Or are you going to throw that at me as well?" He asked. She shrugged but focused on the food. She picked up the fork, still seeming uncertain, thinking. "You are looking at that fork as if you are not sure how to use it."

She put her elbow against the table, digging her own fingers into her wet hair as she kept her face turned downwards. She held the fork straight in her fist and twisted her hand to point it downward in what was probably the most uncomfortable manner Papyrus had ever seen- Oh.

He came up beside her and tried to take her wrist as gently as he could. She pulled away in anger, letting out a growl.

"Don't touch me!" She snapped. He pressed more tightly against her Soul and she hissed as she let go of the fork entirely. But still, she pulled the plate away from him and angled her back towards him. "Just leave me alone! I'll use my fingers."

"Human, it is very simple." He told her. He grabbed the fork and did his best to put it in her face. "Hold it like this. Like a pencil almost- well..." He supposed she wouldn't know about that either. But she stared at his fingers and dared to look up at him. Well, her eyes. "Human, we may be enemies and I assure you, you will find yourself humiliated in many different ways. But in eating my cooking I shall not have you forced to eating with your fingers. My dish deserves better than that. If you do not wish for me to show you, fine. But please at least take the time to think this through." She looked back down but grabbed to fork forcefully from his hand.

She hesitated though... before twisting the fork and holding it like a pencil in her fingers. It seemed that had meant something to her after all. She stared at the lasagna... She rotated the fork in her fingers so the prongs were pointing downward and stabbed into it.

"There. I did not think using silverware could ever be such a hassle."

"Shut up..." She whispered, this time much more softly than all the times before..... She seemed as if she were going to cry. A burning, real shame in her chest. Papyrus pretended not to notice... But he did release her Soul from the blue magic. She paused before eating, watching the Soul return back into her chest. There was a pause... He could see her relief, but at the same time. "Am I supposed to say thank you?" She asked bitterly.

"Perhaps." Papyrus stated.

"Fuck you." She replied. But she froze as soon as she said it, her breathing caught in her chest.

"Later." He told her.

She kept the still uneatin bite in front of her balanced on the fork. But he could see it trembling. But she forced herself to put it in her mouth. He heard her gag, but still resisted as she chewed. Determined. Determined to eat. He watched her face, the way her eyes widened at the taste. She swallowed and despite the wave of disgust in her features, she quickly moved towards the second bite.

She looked nauseous and yet ravenous.

And she was. The constant fight with herself to eat and not throw up. The constant delight at the taste, despite it being dried, and the constant want to have nothing ever again in her mouth.

Such an almost unfair battle of wants and needs.

But she finished the slice and looked up at him, the back of her eyes hoping for more and he could see it. But she would dare not ask it. Papyrus came forward and took the plate from in front of her. She reluctantly held out the fork but he did not take it and walked towards the kitchen. When he came back two minutes later he found her waiting anxiously, disbelieving, as he put a second slice in front of her, this time heated up.

If she was going to wait patiently in her seat not moving an inch even with her soul in her chest and completely free to move... he would not deny her this one thing.

She hadn't eatin in over 24 hours after all.

"Careful." He ordered though. And she completely disregarded, trying to take a bite. But before even putting it into her mouth, just touching her tongue, she pulled back. Realizing his order perhaps had not just been yet another patronizing phrase. "You are lucky, human. You have arrived just in time to experience my first ever fully realized recipe."

She looked over towards him, seeming not to understand exactly what he meant. But she didn't seem to care as she blew on the slice in front of her and once again digging in, perhaps a bit too early but too impatient to truly, truly care. It seemed that with each bite, her desire for food was pushing back her need to gag more easily.

"Mmwar." The girl gasped and pulled the plate back as something black landed on the table across from her, its tail flicking aggressively as it seemed to glare at her.

"Ah." Papyrus came forward and raised a line of light blue bones between the cat and girl. This only caused the cat to protest loudly with a growl. The girl held the plate close, holding the fork out in front of her like a knife and her chest moving quickly. A fight was in the air. It did not matter that she had no intent. "Now how many times have I told you? Though I know you do not care... That the table is no place for you."

The cat all but snarled and lay down in protest against the table. Knowing Papyrus would dare not pick it up. Papyrus lowered the bone attacks and the girl glared at the cat. The cat glared back.

"Foob no fo youz." She whispered threateningly. Papyrus quickly turned his head away from the cat and stared at the girl with a mixed expression. She looked up at him and she lowered her threatening arm to stab back at the food as the plate rested against the front of her towel. She looked down again. "Shut up."

But he thought that this time perhaps it was to herself.

She took another bite, eating in silence until it was done. Papyrus took the plate from her, this time also taking the fork. She lowered her head in disappointment. But then ..she glanced over to the cat.

"So you have a cat." Papyrus glanced over to the black cat, its gold eyes piercing. "What's its name?"

"It doesn't have a name. It's just.. the cat. Namely, The Cat of Doom. It comes and goes as it pleases."

"... It's not your pet." Papyrus looked down at her, a new patronizing smile on his face.

"No. There is only one pet in this house, I assure you. And if you need a hint as to who it is, please look to see who is the one with the collar." She lowered her gaze... Knowing full well that she had walked right into his verbal snare once again. "But I suppose that perhaps if you really were to be a demon, it would still be your next of kin."

He said it, unaware that Chara had already labeled him one as well but was most certainly not any such thing.

Papyrus left her alone with the 'cat', praying he did not hear anything exploding into violence, but at the same time wanting to test....

Chara settled her chin down against the table, evening her red eyed glare.

"Hoi." She whispered mockingly. The cat... growled, tilting its chin downward, clearly wanting to pounce.

But there was the sound of a garage door opening, the grinding sound reaching into her very soul as she gasped and lifted her head. The cat got up and began to run towards it. Even as Chara stood up and began to take quick steps back away. Only for her arm to be caught by Papyrus.


"Shhh." Papyrus started, wrapping his arm around her shoulder and putting it back into her hair as he held her tightly. She looked up at him, the panic setting in her chest. "It's just Sans home early." Papyrus stated.

As if that was not the reason why she was already starting to tremble.


Chapter Text

The door opened and Chara watched a boney hand appear and pet the cat on the head. Her heart was pounding in her chest, wanting to be anywhere else. Because with just Papyrus there it still felt like she could fight. Both of them there. Both of them, and especially him, Sans... She'd been his gift... His... and she couldn't fight it. Her head still hurt, her entire body and between her legs, and she was still dehydrated and she wasn't ready, she willed the door to shut. For him to linger there with the cat.

She gripped the towel closer around her as best she could and she felt Papyrus squeeze his fingers against her skin for a moment, seeming almost... excited for his brother to come in and see the two of them.

Excited to get back to where they had left off the night before-

She cut it off from her mind, clinging to her worded shield and trying to keep her breath even as possible. It was all she could do. She could not hide her fear. No, not entirely. They had already seen it plain. But she could at least try to hold out with all of her strength.

But Sans was smiling as he entered the room, smiling so wide and vicious and devouring her with the lights in his eyes as he trailed up her trembling body as Papyrus held her tightly against him.

"Hey there, Paps." Sans said, turning his attention to his brother. "Seems like you've been busy since getting home."

"And you're home early." Papyrus noted. Sans stood in front of them, hands in his pockets as he gave a cruel smile. It was Chara's first time truly seeing Sans in any other position but over her. Even still, and despite being smaller than his brother, Sans was still a good head taller than her, and wider. Still she felt so small. Pressed up between the both of them and her movement constricted.

"Yeah, well, I think somebody was anxious for me to get home so I could properly prepare my pet ta meet her."

"Oh. Alphys is coming over?" The girl's red eyes opened WIDE. Any semblance of keeping her head about any of this shattered in a single word.


No. No. No, no, no, no,nononono..

And Sans caught it, leering in to her face.

"Yeah. And it seems like our little pet here recognizes the name. I know. She's kinda a big deal. You should be honored. You're lucky. Not many humans get to face her without having their insides remain inside them. Though..." The lights in his eyes trailed down her body and Chara's panic only raced away from her control even more.. "I suppose that won't be entirely true will it. Eventually."

Chara grasped for her mental shield, the one thing she had. But the chant- The word echoed in her mind was only beginning to make it worse this time.

Her small semblance of support was shaking beneath her.

"But hey. What's the towel for Papyrus?" Sans asked, reaching for Chara's gripping hand. Chara pulled back in Papyrus' grip, but couldn't do anything more than that without letting go of the towel and giving Sans exactly what he wanted.

"She's wet." Sans chuckled.

"Shit, already? She must have really liked last night. Come here, pet.." Chara's knees gave out and she wasn't sure if it was intentional or not... But Papyrus was forced to bend down with a grunt as he readjusted for her near dead weight. "Heheheh."

Sans grabbed her hand regardless, her unable to escape, and yanked it violently away, ripping the towel off of her.

"Oh good job, Paps. You can barely see the bruises anymore."

"She will probably scream quite a bit though." Papyrus admitted.

Chara's mind was ignoring them though, they weren't the threat. They weren't even the threat. They couldn't touch her. But Alphys. Alphys-

Sans snapped in her face several times.

"Heya wanna come back over here, ya making me jealous already with that distant look ya got." He grabbed her face roughly and forced her to look up at him. "Focus on the current threat in front of you, pet, or you'll never get anywhere in a fight." He hummed as her mind still focused frantically on the other more important threat. "Cat get her tongue already, Paps?"

Papyrus was watching the girl with a curious expression. He knew of Alphys' reputation as a capable leader and fighter. He remembered the terrified expression the human had given at the mention of Undyne being his best friend. But somehow this looked even more terrified. It felt worse in what he could make out from her Soul, too. In fact... almost the most terrified she had ever been. And he had held her down as she had slipped into a panic attack and Sans had loomed over her. Held her down as his brother had... well...

But this.... She was petrified stone in his grasp.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh." Sans said suddenly, the lights in his eyes lighting up as he reached and touched the girl's nasty scar..... The scar from her... capture... Sans laughed as he trailed his fingers up her skin. Chara swiped his hand away but didn't say anything, her breathing too uneven for that. "Hahaha... Oh how rich!"

"Alphys... is the one who captured her." Papyrus realized as well. The girl stared out ahead towards the door that led out to the garage, thinking... She couldn't escape physically, but how..? She didn't know. She didn't know how to handle this one. If she could handle this one. Half of it depended on how Alphys.... What Alphys... She could ruin everything and Chara had no reason to assume that she wouldn't.

Sans put his other hand on the other side of her face, forcing her to look up between the two brothers once again.

"So I guess that means you weren't so lucky after all." Sans reasoned. "They had to put your insides back in ya after that didn't they? With a scar like that...."

"It's nothing with a bit of monster candy." Chara said automatically. And it had been true. Sans shook his head.

"Not unless you're putting it straight in your mouth. And I highly doubt you stayed conscious."

"You don't know much about adrenaline, do you?" Sans leaned in, pretending to breath in against her.

"Isn't that you're guyses fancy word for fear?"

Chara felt her breathing start to even out, a strange surreal calm coming over her even as Sans stayed close. Too close. But he pulled away, seeming to almost just almost frown. Because what he was sensing was no longer the fear and panic.


She knew what she was going to do about this. She knew right away that Alphys would play along. Even if Chara wasn't sure of motives, she knew it would work... She knew.

She was the only one who could rip the rug right out from under her but at the same time Chara could do the same.

Like Sans had said, the woman had a nasty reputation.... Though that was not at all the reason Chara had been afraid of her.

No, it was what Alphys knew.

But Chara had the advantage that she knew a bit more too.

"You know..." Chara began, her voice a lot more even. There was a spark of excitement in the light of Sans' eyes. The red eyes stared straight into him even as her heart still beat quick in her neck despite all of her determination. But it was there. "Alphys didn't actually capture me."

"Oh, is that so?" Chara smiled and while she could see Sans' delight in it she could not afford to back down.

"I meant what I said you know. Monster candy in a pinch. A tad bit more of adrenaline. Intent."

There was the sound of a car out front, cutting Chara off and her heart jumped but she did her best not to show it. She waited anxiously to hear the car door opening. Someone was coming forward.

"But like I said." She continued and Sans eyed her again, curious as to her continued ploy and refusal to fall back into her panicked fear. "Alphys didn't catch me. She let me slip through her fingers. Twice." The cat meowed bitterly as the door opened again, not so much as a knock. Chara turned her eyes towards the door, her smile wide. "Isn't that right Alphys?"

She prayed no one could hear her racing heart that was trying to escape from her chest.

But Papyrus indeed could.

But he and everyone else could also see Alphys' smile falling, her expression.... horrified... as she dropped her keys on the floor.

Immediately the wide-eyed monster gasped and covered her mouth. Papyrus could feel her Soul's immediate distress even from across the room. And Sans could see it in her face. And so did Chara... and her stomach turned, waiting...

"You just can't get rid of me." Chara said, her smile remaining as she kept the Captain's gaze. Alphys lowered her hand, shaking it as if it hurt.

"Shit. Fuck." She was quickly turning around and exiting back into the garage. And Chara began to internally panic- No. No, no she needed to stay where Chara could see her. Where Chara could lead! This isn't what she expected! She hadn't expected her to run-?!

Sans was snarling as he turned towards Chara, fire in his eyes and she wasn't prepared as he punched her forcefully in the gut. She cried out as she bent forward, the pain rippling through her like a chain reaction. The only reason she stayed standing was because of Papyrus.

"Bitch what did you do?" But he didn't stay for an answer as he ran after Alphys. Papyrus shook her, not giving her time to collect herself.

"What did you do?" He demanded, a warning in his tone that sounded like it belonged with Sans.

No... No, no... She'd miscalculated. She hadn't expected such a strong reaction. Or any real reaction other than surprise. She'd thought- She hadn't anticipated...

And if Alphys told- Alphys could tell and not feel ashamed here. If they were really that close- Friends. Close like Papyrus and Sans. Papyrus and perhaps Undyne. She could be vulnerable.

Important people. People close to you-

And Chara wasn't even in the same room, no control whatsoever. Not even to beg.....

The panic was slipping up her chest again, up from the bruise quickly forming on her stomach from Sans' forceful hit. She dared to look up at Papyrus.

"I didn't do anything." She couldn't hide the fear that was returning and flooding through her. She didn't know what to do. With Alphys' reaction. With her own fear. "I don't know- I don't understand- She-"

Alphys was going to tell, was going to tell, destroy everything, they were going to know and it wouldn't be safe and she would lose everything and it had only just begun and- The tears were building up in the back of Chara's eyes. She grabbed the front of Papyrus' shirt with her free hands. He grabbed at her wrists, planning on yanking her hand away. But he could see her expression, the silent plea having quickly returned despite the strength she had found somewhere inside her earlier.

But she... she couldn't do it. She couldn't beg. No matter how badly she wanted to. But it was too early. She didn't know what was going on yet- How much Alphys would tell. She didn't even know if... If there was anything left to beg for... All she could do was silently beg, and hope. Wanting answers and yet still not wanting the brothers to know.

But Papyrus could see that something was different. Something different and more desperate... He reached for her Soul, wanting to be able to read her better, but she recoiled. But physically and mentally, and she turned her head sharply back to silently watch the door.



"Alphys!" Sans rushed out of the garage, to Alphys' side as she leaned up against the door of her car. "Alphys are you alright? What happened?"

Alphys shook her head.

"I was just..." She put a hand against her forehead. "Ah fuck." She breathed. She was silent for a moment. "What did C-Chara t-tell you?" She asked as if she was thinking seriously to proceed but afraid to as well.

"Uh... Well we guessed by her reaction, terrified reaction by the way so don't let that smile fool you, but we guess that you were the one to catch her. She says that you didn't and she escaped from you twice. Wait a second, you know her name."

"You need to send her back."

"What?!" Sans exclaimed.

"Send her back- no. Not even that. Sell her to someone else. Just get rid of her."

"You can't be serious!" Sans said, taking two more steps forward, lifting out his hands.

"Very serious."

"What the hell. At least tell me why." Sans put his hands on his hips, demanding.

"She's right. I didn't capture her. We fought twice. Three times if you really want to get technical. And you have to send her away Sans. I am already telling you that you're fighting a losing battle. You won't break her." Alphys kept her gaze steady on the ground so Sans couldn't see her expression properly. "You've seen her soul, right? Red."

"Um.. Yeah. That's kinda rare isn't it? Like her eyes."

"Exactly. Send her away."

"That's not an answer! The last few days you've been nothing but smug about this whole thing? But now?? I don't get it. If she kept getting away shouldn't you still be a little bit more smug? I mean, Alphys.." Sans leaned in closer, raising a mischievous brow. "She can't get away now. And if you are so torn up about something, having her around, I can totally loan her to you. Perhaps it'll help ya feel better."

"Its-!" Alphys sighed again.

"Unless you give me a straight answer, Alphys, I'm not getting rid of her. I already promised. It ain't over until she squeals. You wouldn't want me to break my promise now would you?"

"No..." But somehow she seemed defeated.


"No.. No you're right. You're right. You can't sell her back anyways. She hasn't been in the system long enough to have been fully conditioned and integrated." If she was someone normal. Not someone with LV... perhaps. But not her. "She's a red status isn't she..?"

"I don't know what that means but probably?" But Alphys still didn't seem all too pleased. "Alphys... you just told me the other day you could almost consider us family. You can tell us whatever it is. You know that right...? Or... We can totally go back in there and pretend that this didn't happen and we didn't see it if you want. And you can give her what's due to her."

"R-Right... Right." Alphys lifted herself up off of the car. "Just later... I wasn't going to stay long and I still need to look put together."

"I get it. We were gonna have a bit of fun with her anyways ourselves. We can give her hell for ya until you get your chance."

"Thanks." Alphys said, forcing a smile. Sans patted her on the shoulders comfortingly.

"She's a human, Alph. Don't let her shit get to ya. Though don't feel too bad, Paps had to say the same thing to me the other day." Alphys only nodded and Sans began to lead her back into the house. "Besides, if you really mean it about not being able to break her than shit... Doesn't that make the work even sweeter? Especially when I eventually prove you wrong. Everyone breaks eventually Alphys."


The girl, the young teenage girl, was staring, near panicked as they entered the room and immediately Alphys' stomach twisted at the sight of her bare and abused body. The collar tight around her neck. Alphys tried her hardest to twist her smile menacingly.

She could see the girl's pulse in her neck almost. Or perhaps Alphys was just keenly aware that it was there and was just projecting.

Alphys was standing up taller and pretending that she wasn't shaking. And her skeleboys pretended not to see it. Thinking it only just another unwanted attack of her nerves and a small scare.

Not knowing that in fact she was shaking because she was looking at a child she had fought. A child who.... She hadn't expected it. She hadn't expected her to be at the prison, even with the LV. She should have gone into training with those low stats. Labor at least, not the prison. Not with her so young. She hadn't expected... And for Grillby to chose her out of everyone. For Papyrus too... Out of everything she had expected, this was the one thing that had.. caught her off guard.

But that greeting the girl had offered her coming in, that hostile tone and show.... Alphys could do that.. Alphys could play along if that was what she wanted.. Needed...

"Can't escape this time, runt. You owe me a rematch" Alphys said, baiting.. "Give it a few days it'll be just you and me again. Alone. Just like all the times before." Alphys gave her most convincing glare. And Chara... Alphys could see the small amount of relief in her features as she glared back, snarling her teeth... And spat at her feet.

Sans laughed.

"That has started to be her thing."

And Alphys felt uneasy as Sans smacked her across the face and she gave a small cry. But even so....

Papyrus could also sense the change, the moment Alphys had spoken. That small twinge of relief. Even as Sans smacked her. But he just could not understand the silent conversation. Or why it had even happened.....

But he pretended not to notice... for Alphys.

"Well I've gotta go." Alphys said, though technically it wasn't true. She'd had a little bit longer she could have stayed. But she couldn't do it. And she fled the battle. To the safety of her car.

Sans grabbed Chara by the hair roughly.

"I have no fucking CLUE what that was about but you know what I got out of it? You upsetting Alphys and I've gotta say I don't appreciate it."

"She acts all tough and bitter but she's a weak hag." Chara baited. Sans yanked on her hair and she yelped as the pain raced through her. But the word was racing through her, still safe and protected and not torn away from her.

Someone.. had spared her once again... Even if it was still to a bitter fate. But it didn't matter. None of that mattered. Alphys hadn't given up the most important thing...

And Alphys.. She sat in her seat a moment, having driven down the road out of sight from the house and parked.. She rested her head against the steering wheel, shaking.


Chapter Text

They'd had forced Chara to sit back down at the table. This time without any sort of protection for her skin from their gaze and her soul bared and blue.

The cat was pacing back and forth, eyeing her and still not sure what to make of her. In fact it seemed very, very disgruntled by her existence in the house while at the same time holding back. Pacing towards her. Pacing back towards Sans who sat across the long end of the table from her, eating reheated lasagna.

It seemed to be the only thing in the house to eat..... Except, his eyes said, her of course.

He was smug and smiling at her as he ate and Chara refused to acknowledge the fact that she was still hungry. Hungry and her body aching and weighted down by the magic, making it near impossible to move.

Her heart was still racing but for the moment once again the only one they could hurt.. was her. And that was the important thing. The only thing that mattered.

Her shield.

"Give it a few days it'll be just you and me again. Alone. Just like all the times before."

But she had never been alone. Ever. And that was the secret. But even so, Alphys hadn't given it up. Given her away. Mercy, she hated how ironic it all was and how dependent... How in any moment Alphys could change her mind. Tell them. Let them know, expose her very heart.

But she hadn't for now. And that was all that mattered.

And as long as the others didn't know, they really couldn't touch her.

"So what do you think, Paps? What should we do today?" Papyrus was standing in the doorway, watching the scene, still shaking off his own confusion. But he smiled for his brother.

"I'm certain you already have a few ideas." Sans shrugged.

"What do you think, pet?" He asked. Chara kept her glare steady and even and refused to flinch away. He licked his teeth, cleaning them and Chara's stomach flipped. "I really enjoyed eating you out last night... Do you even remember that, pet?"

A new assaulting memory she had buried away. The memory through her then hazy mind, knowing he had lifted her legs over his shoulders, his tongue.... Deep inside her, wriggling... Making her...

That's the expression of someone whose-

She pressed her legs closer together, if that were possible, and Sans chuckled.

"Aw, you act like you don't want to remember. You act like you don't want us down there. You hurt me.." No, but oh how she wanted to. "But I think you're right. We should try something new shouldn't we... Something new for both of us."

"Killing you?" She asked almost sweetly. Sans chuckled again as he took his last bite of lasagna.

"How feisty." He stood up and the cat growled in her general direction as she flinched. "I know I was very angry with you yesterday but I've decided that there really will be rules."

He sat down in her lap, pinning her and her chest moved quickly, the fabric of his pants against her bare skin a blessing but she knew that it would not last. And the pressure between her legs. The pain- And his reaching hand. She reached up her own hand to grab his arm as it wrapped around her and supported the back of her head, his fingers in her hair.

"Rule one...... You do not touch Papyrus unless you wanna have a bad time. You hurt my brother in any way and I will kill you."

She hated him. Hated both of them... And to call his brother off limits when he was in no way a by-standing party not involved in this was unfair.

"Rule two, and this is a promise as long as you follow Rule One..." He grabbed her chin. "This doesn't end until you break. As long as you are still willing to fight. As long as you're willing to get back up. This goes on. Until you give up completely or who knows, maybe you'll even learn to like it. Either way, I'll have you begging to finish. One way or another. Eventually. And once that happens... You're dead. Maybe not right away, but once that happens, once you break and can't seem to pick yourself back up, I can kill you any time I please. But not before..

"And rule three... Like I think I said yesterday, you can try anything you want to fight. And please do. But always remember that there are consequences. Always consequences. All of them you won't like."

"Well I don't like you either." Sans laughed at her grumbled attempt.

"Yeah and guess what. You're still stuck with me. So I guess yeah... I'm your consequence ain't I."

A consequence of her LV they always tried to pin on her. Of her being just what she was... human. But even so...

"And you think you're above consequences don't you..." Chara reasoned.

"No.. I believe in karmic retribution, trust me. It's just... I'm in the right here, pretty sure."

Her grip around the bone of his arm tightened, she imagined it turning into dust between her fingers.

"You're a raping murderer."

"Well haven't murdered anyone.. And rape is something you do to people, pet."

She was just a human... A demon... She knew that was how all monsters thought and that they truly, truly thought it... And she was inclined to agree. About all humans. And monsters too. Everyone. Well... Mostly everyone.

She couldn't keep his gaze anymore and cast her eyes downward... because she wasn't even sure if Sans fell into that group who truly believed it or if he was just sick enough to afford himself not to care.

"I think that I hurt the little bit of feelings she has, Paps.." He shook his head. "But you don't seem to be protesting it.." He reasoned for her, still keeping his fingers beneath her chin. "You know what you are, you've said it yourself..."

........... She hadn't been the first one to call herself a demon, Grillby neither.

But she knew that despite everything she felt that it wasn't true.

It wasn't true.... She wasn't a demon.. It had just been her first attempt at a shield.. and it had only fallen through. That was what hatred did. Fell through. Destroyed everything.... She hated it.. She hated it because she always needed it... Her eyes closed.


She couldn't know how Sans really felt. If he believed what he said or not. Alphys she knew though, that she didn't believe it but kept it to herself and pretended that she did just to protect herself like the selfish ass everyone in this world twisted themselves into. Papyrus...

Chara gasped as Sans pulled her in closer, she pressed against his chest forcefully as he began to lick at her skin. Her chin was against his shoulder, and she could see Papyrus watching from a distance... a pitiful expression on his face.

"Love." She had said.

"Yes but not the kind you're thinking of."

She knew what Papyrus was, too. Papyrus was one of those people that believed it. Believed it and any clue as to something contrary.....

He pretended not to see.... Or reasoned it away. 

Papyrus was grabbing the plate off of the table, now thoroughly licked of everything by the cat... And he took it into the kitchen.

Leaving her alone for just a moment with his brother, groping her and her helpless to defend against it. A hand reached down her back and Chara yelped as he- There was a smacking sound and Chara caught her breath as the pain went static through her and her bruises cried out in pain.

Sans only laughed.

How she hated the sound.

"You really upset Alphys." He told her again. "I think we owe it to her to open up her box and see what we can do with what we've got."

Dreamer-, Chara thought, closing her eyes. The word close to her chest. Dream...

Making her own rules quickly in her head as Sans began to stand up, lifting her with him and dragging her by the arms and by the Soul-

Rule One, Don't give him up to them. Don't let them know he existed for as long as you can. It was Dream, Dreamer, nothing else. They couldn't know what it meant even if she slipped. Dream. Dream and remember what that meant.

Rule Two, Don't give up. Keep going. It's just pain. Just pain... As long as you follow Rule One they can't touch you. They can't win. Just dream.

Rule Three..... Give them hell without getting yourself killed... Get out.

She wasn't sure how she was going to follow that last one yet... Or even if she could... But as long as she kept the first one. As long as Alphys didn't give her away-

"You'll have to excuse the mess, we haven't had the chance to clean up." Sans was carting her towards the bedroom, she tried to drag her feet but the blue magic was too strong. His grip around her wrists.

She pulled back but he kept her balanced-

She let go of her resistance, allowing herself to move forward, and shoved him as hard as she-

But he was gone. Vanished in front of her and Chara gasped as he held her from behind, a hand around her shoulders, the other gripping down between her legs as he tilted her back against his body.

"Good girl." He said as she whined softly. "Keep that up. Just like that... But always remember. Consequences."

And then he stole even the chance at continuing her resistance. Teleporting her directly into the room.. and throwing her onto the bed.

Chapter Text

The sheets still smelled.. like the night before. It had been sprayed from her skin, she had finally started to be able to move her legs without feeling as if something was still inside her. And there they were again, she was being pressed down into the sheets, her skin already bare and completely exposed, and she was being pressed into the sheets unable to fight- gagging on the smell and the memory. The memories that were playing in her mind, the memory that wasn't a memory anymore because Sans was over her, keeping her Soul pressed and body weighted and there was nothing she could do but close her eyes and hold on to her shield as he undid his belt buckle. As he wasted no time starting to grind against her backside as he pressed her face into the covers-

"What was your favorite position from yesterday? We'll start off from there. I think I already told you how much I loved sticking my tongue into you. Buuut I think what I really loved was that first time. Remember? Papyrus holding you while you struggled not to cry. Holding your breath even but only making your face redder. That panic attack you couldn't quite- hnnn- hold off."

It hurt already. He wasn't inside her, just grinding between her legs as he kept her ass up in the air. His ecto-cock was pulsing, growing, as it slid against her folds. As if they were just picking back up right where they had left off.

Chara couldn't breathe again-

"I love that face you make." He huffed slightly. "That one where you're trying not to cry and can't breathe..."

The girl's red eye looked up at him as he leaned over her, keeping his hands tightly against her hips. She tried to glare.

"And that's my second favorite..... Third is when you can't do either anymore and you just sob with your eyes closed.. Or you just.. haze over.. and stare with you lips parted. That was all we got by the end of the night. Do you remember that? Do you even remember me sticking my cock into your mouth? Did ya wake up with a craving?"

She closed her eyes, grimacing at the pain and Sans continued to grind against her.

Because she could remember. Just not everything at the same time. As the memories leaked through.

"What.. no response? Or does it already just feel so good... You're getting wet."

Did he ever just... shut up?

"You know what, I think this is the first time we've ever been alone with each other." He continued. "No that ain't right. Last time you called me a sick freak. When we were waiting for Papyrus..." His breath was hot against the back of her neck and Chara continued to grimace. "I was gonna- get into what I wanted right away.. But I wanted Paps for that.. Wouldn't want.. him to miss it. But while we wait. How about we get to know each other better. Just you and me. How about it pet?" She felt his finger slip beneath her chin, grabbing it and trying to get her to open her eyes. But she refused.

"Go to h-hell." She breathed. He hummed in delight, his tongue against her back.

"What did I tell ya about hell, pet?"

Another person's heaven....

Chara treid to bury her face farther into the sheets, despite the smell-

Chara gasped and her eyes opened as her hips were pulled and she was forced to flip over, staring up at Sans as he put his hands against her shoulders and smiled directly even to her face.

"Now then... How about we get started with that for tonight?" She was already so hot, panting... her entire body aching in protest and between her legs simply hurting right out. "You know I'll give you this one chance, pet. Just one. All you have to do is say one little word. One little, tiny word. Just say please. Say please. Say please right now and I'll fuck you good, make you feel good. And when it is all said and done... I won't drag it out. I'll kill you. I won't add any more pain."

And suddenly, clearly, in his own expression, she knew what kind of person he was.... Whether he truly though she was a person or not didn't matter. All that mattered was that she could and would fight him. That he could keep on playing... And offering this quick 'out', this so called Mercy....

"C'mon, pet... You can just forget all of this, okay? Just lay down your pride... Just say it... Say it..." His voice was frighteningly calm, pretending to comfort....

And he knew before even offering it that she wouldn't take it. Not in a million years.

She knew what kind of person he was. She knew it distinctly. And suddenly, the determination flowed through her.

Her enemy had a face.

Her enemy had a name.

Her enemy.... she knew.

And sometimes that was all you needed so you didn't have to be stronger than your enemy....

And she spat his 'Mercy' in his face. Quite literally. Her eyes glaring. She refused to offer him anything more than that. Than her spit. Than her glare. And a single-

"I refuse."

Up to that point she had tried her hardest to keep up a brave face. To be snarky. Fighting with a fiery flare.

It had annoyed Grillby to no end, that snark, but for him...

Sans wanted her to play along and she had before. She'd been snarky. Fighting with a fiery flare. Given him all that he wanted....

She wouldn't be able to stop it all... From having her knee jerk reactions... when it hurt, when it scared her. She was terrified. Would still be terrified. She wouldn't be able to hold back from crying. From sobbing.

But she was done playing into his hands.

She refused.

She refused to make him laugh if she could help it.

Playing into his boney hands.....

It went against everything inside of her. Everything she had constructed in herself for months and months inside the prison. But it hadn't been working. It would continue not to work.

"Focus on the current threat in front of you, pet, or you'll never get anywhere in a fight."

But you never got anywhere by doing the same failing thing over and over either.

She had to calm down. She had to change. She wasn't going to get it right, right away, but if she just kept at it...

Her silence but the chanted spell in her head. Her red glare. Holding out beneath him for as long as she could. As long as she could without screaming. Without crying.

Because he thought she deserved this and it didn't matter, person or not to him. He thought he deserved this....

But she would not meet his so-called 'standards' as Papyrus had called them now that she truly knew what they were.

Even if that was the only thing she had. To take that extra bit of fun away from him.

So be it.

Now that she had a plan.... All her thoughts in order....

He wanted a fight.

But she wasn't going to give him the fight that he wanted. Not anymore. But she wouldn't break for him either.

Sans' smile widened a bit, not taking her at all seriously.

But Chara was determined.

She closed her eyes, relaxing her face as much as she could. Rotating through her assorted chants.

The current reality:

It was just pain. This was just pain....

And the end goal:


And the spite:

I refuse.

She refused.

She stopped struggling beneath him, breathing in as evenly as possible even with her reddened expression.

"Oh what's this now?" Sans asked at the new approach. He was down close to her skin, causing her heart to jump but she held her expression straight. "You say you refuse." He breathed, rubbing his shaft against her skin. "But you look so deliciously submissive and resigned right now, pet."

She said nothing.

She thought of the cat in the kitchen. How one played with a mouse....

As long as it was moving....

If she could only play dead.

Her fear and the pain would not allow it. The stimulation of his touching and the heat of her skin...

But she refused.

She refused....

They refused to see her as a person..

To only use her as a thing.

Their next meal to devour.

A cat with a mouse.

She couldn't win. Not like this. All she could do was survive.

She couldn't win...

But she refused.

She could drag him into a stalemate.

Because he'd made that promise.

She could not escape like this. But at the same time... She would not break for him. She would not give up or give in.

And as long as he kept that promise.

As long as she stayed alive.

As long as her secret stayed safe.

She could still win... Not now, but perhaps later... Later....

She refused.

And with that, there was still hope.

Chapter Text

He'd thrown the girl carelessly onto the bed and had quickly came up over her as she tried to twist and get away. Despite the blue against her soul. Despite his looming body. All that wriggling struggle. All those feisty glares and silent promises to find a way to get back at him- And he pressed her down into the sheets, forcing her nose against the sheets, the exact same spot as the night before.

She gasped for breath, only to gag and close her eyes. Sans only smiled wider at her ashamed, burning cheeks and he began to work with his belt buckle, his magic pulsing and oh so eager at the sight of her exposed skin. He grabbed at her hips and pulled her up slightly so he could lean over her and slide his stiffening cock between her legs and pressed a hand against the back of her head, forcing her down even furthur and restricting her movements. She tried to move her hips forward, away from him, only making him groan as she worked against him in the opposite direction he was moving. He only curled his fingers into her hair, keeping the other on her hips and keeping her in place.

"What was your favorite position from yesterday?" He asked, and kept talking and talking... Watching her half hidden expression. Gasping for air, her mind assaulting her with memory and also her brutal reality as he kept her pinned against him. That expression...

"I love that face you make."

That one where she wanted to cry but doing her best to stop it. Wanting to cry as she grew aroused from his touching, her face red and her breath uneven and panting, even as her expression revealed the pain. And the panic-

But she was looking up at him the best she could... trying to glare.

"And that's my second favorite..."

And the third was the one where she couldn't think or see straight from all of the fucking- drowning in her own mind as she was covered in sweat and cum, and semen coming from her mouth... He didn't even think she could remember that. So completely out of it, overstimulated and fallen apart....

She didn't respond to any of his promptings though, too caught up in her struggle and fear... Still trying to claw herself away. Her hands digging into the sheets. Wanting to escape. Needing to escape.

"What... no resonse? Or does it already just feel so good..."

He could feel that her skin was still swollen, despite all Papyrus had done to heal her, that she was in pain even with the forced sense of pleasure that came with it. She was already growing nice and slick-

This just felt so nice... To have all of this control and all the say as to what happened, and he could take any pace that he wanted, not even needing to worry about Papyrus for once-

"You know what, I think this is the first time we've ever been alone with each other." He realized. Except... No. It was just the first time being alone and not needing to rush anything, or things to really do... besides her. Because last time they had been alone, he had only been holding off and waiting for his brother to come back- heh. He was never going to get tired of that pun...

But right now. Finally. It was just the two of them and nothing to rush for. Of course he had his plan for later, but he'd have Papyrus join them for that if he wanted. But for right then- The night before had just been about using her, testing her... most of it not even about her half the time. But if this was going to be more of a fight than just a few days, well then...

"How about we get to know each other better. Just you and me. How about it pet?"

But she would not open her eyes and he grabbed her by the chin, trying to force her, encourage her.

"Go to h-hell." She panted and Sans smiled widely as he hummed. He grazed his tongue against the trembling skin of her back. Down her spine and sending a shiver through her.

"What did I tell ya about hell, pet?"

Cuz the texture of her soft and flexible skin and the pressure of resisting bone underneath was driving him crazy and felt like certain heaven as he grazed against the entrance of her wet insides.

And she couldn't get away. Couldn't escape physically..

And she tried to hide her face away into the sheets. Trying to escpae mentally.... To hide in the smell of her fear and shame...

Sans wouldn't have it.

He grabbed both of her hips and pulled back. She gasped, the fearful sound delightful, as he forced her over to face him. He slammed his hands against her shoulders, supporting himself against her as he stared directly into her terrified, wide-eyed expression. And he just kept smiling..

But that expression... That expression was probably the only one he didn't really like so much. Not because of the fear. He could handle that. Revel in it. No it was this one specifically that would emerge from the back of her eyes, with everything else stripped away. Where she wouldn't hold her breath but she wouldn't breathe either. A small, tiny moment where time seemed to stop, pull back for a second, for her in that pure terror. And the reason he hated it was because for just a second she looked almost.... Well... But it always disappeared in an instant as she would refocus and time restarted.

But in that specific moment, he always wanted to reach down and simply strangle the life out of her...

But right then, as time snapped back into motion, all he had was the pleasurable arousal running through him. The heaven. And he still wanted to strangle the life out of her, but bit by bit... Agonizing and pleasurable bit.

And she couldn't escape... Only one way out....

He moved one hand from her shoulder and put it against the side of her cheek as he kept his elbow pressed painfully against her chest-

"You know, I'll give you this one chance, pet." He trailed his thumb against her temple. "Just one. All you have to do is say one little word. One little, tiny word." He made his voice soft, assuring- "Just say please." He told her. "Say please. Say please right now and I'll fuck you good, make you feel good. And when it is all said and done... I won't drag it out. I'll kill you. I won't add any more pain."

He watched her expression, hungry. Hungry for her never that was sure to be the answer. For her no, her indirect fuck you. Her eyes were there, ready to fight, wanting to tear him apart... Everything he wanted from her.. And oh how good it felt. Almost as good as his arousal.

"C'mon, pet... You can just forget all of this, okay? Just lay down your pride.. Just say it... Say it.." It would make his job a lot easier.

But she simply summoned her strenght, and spat directly into his face as she glared intensely.

"I refuse."

Sans laughed as he wiped his face. Sans widened his smile, waiting for her next snip, but- but as he watched her.....

It was as if... he was watching a switch turn on in her mind. A decision in the back of her eyes. Not the anger and rage and the willingness to fight. Not like before at least. Not even that bullshit glare she always gave to appear stronger. It was almost as if he was watching her recede and slip through his fingers even as he held her tight. But still something... some feeling in the back of her eyes...

Until she closed them... as her body went slack beneath him. Her breathing uneven and her chest moving up quickly but at the same time, still something different-

Sans shook of the weird feeling and laughed as he shook his head.

"Oh what's this now?" Sans asked, moving his hand down to her chin, but still her eyes remained closed. He leaned in close, breathing against her and whispering in her ear. "You say you refuse.." He intentionally ran the shaft of his cock against her, causing a shiver but at the same time, that same stifness and lack of struggle. Oh the poor thing. "But you look so deliciously submissive and resigned right now, pet."

She didn't move except for what her body betrayed her to do... Her gulped breathing, the twisting tension racing up from between her legs and through her body.

"Heh." Sans began to trail across her body, handling her rough with his fingers and his mouth. Still she did her best to not respond. "Oh I get it..." Sans said. "Tryin' to put up the barricade. Smart. But it won't last, pet." Her body jolted before she could stiffle it, as he realigned their hips and he pressed at her entrance. He could feel her heart race beneath his boney palm, the up and down of her near panting- "You're panting like a dog and I ain't even going in ya yet. You can't keep it straight. This plan isn't going to work."

But still she did not respond.

But she would eventually. Sans was sure. Sans would make sure. And each call and cry he elicited from her would be even sweeter. A direct quantification of his success. She wouldn't be able to keep up this tactic. It went against her very nature anyways, she'd slip, she'd break out of it even if she didn't break fully right away. But he was impressed by her willingness to at least try. Surprised too.

He had expected her in her idiocy to just keep at the same tactic over and over, trying something that didn't work in insanity. But this was interesting... even if it was still not going to work. At least she knew better than to keep doing the same not-working thing.

Adapting.... How unexpected.

Perhaps with this constant changing of tactics, she really would last the week.

"Ready?" Sans whispered, his face close to hers as he retrailed back up against her and once again prodded close to her entrance. All she did was grimace to herself. "No? Good..."

He started pushing in. Her body twitched and there was a surpressed whine of pain and pleasure in one. But still her eyes remained shut. Still Sans pushed forward. Slowly at first, pressing inward, pulling almost completely, pressing back in. He watched her face as he kept up the lazy pace, huffing heavily above her.

"Come on, pet.." He said as gently as possible. He reached and took her hands in his, trailing her hands up the side of the bed and above her head, twisting her fingers into his as he leaned up close against her face, his breath against her skin. Almost intimate, if it had been with anyone else, it would have been intimate. "I can still make it feel good.. Even if ya didn't ask for it... Doesn't it feel good? The way your body trembles. The way hnnn.. The way your insides tighten and beg for more..? The twisting fire inside you, working itself up, up- h-up?" Her legs both shook for a moment, in response to that same sensation. "You should just ride it out, pet... If ya going to try and keep me out of your head that is what you should do."

He let go of one of her hands, grabbing it with the other, keeping her hands still stuck even as he grabbed her face against and angled it against his as he spoke into her ear.

"If you worked with it, it would feel so much better you know.... Its unfair of you to expect me to do all of the work. This sort of relationship isn't just one way."

But still she did not snap any violent words back. Her claims that it was unfair what he was doing. That this was not a relationship. And she would have been right for one of those claims. This was an ownership.

"You belong to me, pet. To fuck. To torture. To break. To kill. But oh so so much to fuck." He began to pick up the pace, the lazy pace driving him nuts. Even as it drove her down a spiraling well of pained, unsatisfying pleasure. Her body begging for more stimulation even as she tried to keep herself distanced from it all in her head.

Sans thrust in more fully, faster, closing in on his orgasm if he just kept this up like this. Just kept going. To the finish.

He still had his face pressed up close to her's, his mouth just against her ear as he held the other side of her face. Letting her hear his grunts and moans clearly. Feeling the heat of his breath. Letting her feel his trembling form. Letting her experience his pure pleasure and enjoyment of using her up close and personal. Keeping her from imagining that she could hide her own responses. The way each breath from her opened mouth came out with a small sound in the back of her throat. Each withheld moan. The small tear he caught in the corner of her closed eye, single and solitary.

And Sans was so close... So close as her swollen but wet insides spasmed more and more, begging him to go faster that she could only inhibit, well, try to inhibit, was with the futile near-involuntary twisting of her legs beneath him. Her eyes opened, but stared unfocused at the ceiling as her head pressed back farther against the matress. But Sans pressed against her cheek harder and pressed his teeth against her ear to keep her in place.

She gave out a strangled.... Hmm. Just a strangled sound. Not exactly a moan. Or a whine. Only strangled. And she reclosed her eyes. Closing herself back off.

"I'm so close, pet... So close." Sans grunted, wanting her to feel everything with a certain sense of knowing and awareness even as she tried to cut herself off. "Can you hear how wet you are? That almost sucking s-sound.. as I thrust. Can y-you feel my hips, crushing yours? My bones working against you- body. My breath, against you sk-in." He groaned as her insides squeezed. "So tight. Even after, yesterday. Paps healing.. Swollen still- So wet, ya think there is still cum from y-yesterday?"

He gave her no rest. Not with his words and breath. Not with his increasingly frantic movement.

"So close, I'm going to d-do it. Do-" He lost the ability to think, to talk, as the magic raced through him and all he could think was curse words and just the general sense of how good she still felt- And he was finishing. Loudly. Grunting into her ear as he went rigid and began to fill her again.

There was a trembling, intact of breath, but still..... Other than the involuntary twisting of her body, there was nothing.

"Good girl..." Sans breathed, resting his entire weight against her as he remained inside her. Her insides still twitching, almost too much to experience right away. But her body was begging even if she did not. Begging for release.

But still he could not touch her mind, her too withdrawn within it. The idea sparked a bit of anger inside Sans. Even though he knew it couldn't and wouldn't last, the idea that she could act so high and mighty airs after how many times he had gotten a reaction out of her before. Over and over. As she squirmed. As she cried. And she would continue to do those thigns so why act any different now. As if she was somehow better now. High and mighty as her body betrayed her. As she panted and her body begged for more and releasing relief.

But fine....

"I can see it on your face." Sans breathed. "You want to come too. You were so close.. If you just ask nicely-" He rolled his hips and she moaned... But she would not ask and he knew it. "Alright, pet. Alright. You don't have to. But that means I ain't helpin ya either. You want to act so above it all... even after how you sobbed yesterday, fine.. Let's see how long I can get off on you with you getting nothing. See how that feels. You'll be begging for it by the end. At least in your head." At the very least she would be in serious pain and unable to seriously think.

She was still trembling but still like a doll... No fight but at the same time resisting...

It was already making that anger grow with each new thrust Sans made, bringin her up, only to leave her body aching and wanting as he brought her back down.

He'd been telling himself the pleasure was enough. The fear beneath her skin as she focused on him. But he seemed to have underestimated her in this new plan of hers. Even on the constant brink of an orgasm and having it denied... As the minutes ticked on she held on through it. Unable to stop the moans but at the same time, still he could feel her mind focusing on something else. Ignoring him. Refusing him the attention of the fight. Even as she remained afraid. Even as she couldn't hide it and wasn't even trying to hide it. It just.... there. And he couldn't describe it. Fear... while still unafraid.

"Just gonna stand there and take it?" Sans demanded as he stopped moving, pressing his fingers painfully against her face as she took in several large, sharp breaths. And the red eyes opened, seeing him without really seeing him.

It's just pain, her gaze told him, even from behind her glass wall. And while Sans couldn't hear it he could see it. The anger sparked again-

But no matter. There was still so much time. She had too much fire. She'd snap. He just had to press the right buttons. Or the right holes...

But the anger- Because Sans could sense the shift. Because Sans could sense that it wasn't all bullshit she was just pulling out of her ass. Not just a simple change in tactics.

With her Soul exposed above them and the weight of his magic against it, Sans could feel it and it was very real and how he hated it. This thing.... Confronted with it and not sure what to do with it-

This change in her. Where did it come from? Her terror at Alphys. Falling apart yesterday like a whimpering idiot. And now this. Where did it come from? Out of nowhere? Wasn't it just yesterday when she was naive and didn't know what was to come. Just laying there in her panic. And had just been there!! When he had thrown her onto the bed!! It had just been there! But this attitude... This thing... When now she knew what he could do and knowing that there was still more??

He didn't understand and it enraged him to an embarassing extent. He knew he was already letting her in underneath his skin, but at the same time... There was no Papyrus there to pull him back down.

He grabbed around her neck and cut off her air. The girl was forced to focus on him, her eyes wide and her now free hands pulling down to grab at his fingers.

"I don't like your attitude." He growled. But her eyes closed, her face red as she couldn't breath. But she still would not give him her full attention.

It was just pain, just pain, she didn't matter, DreamrefuseDream-

He let go, allowing her to breathe and Sans pushed himself up as she opened one of her eyes, squinting at him. Even as she refused his bait.

"Paps!" Sans called. "Papyrus!!"

"Yes?" Came his brother's voice, moving closer..

"There's a box on the island in the kitchen! Bring it in here and yourself when you're ready to come join us!"

Chara squeezed her eyes shut again, refusing-

"You wanna be an asshole about this than fine." He said, as if he hadn't already been planning this from the start.

Papyrus came into the room a few minutes later, the box under his arm. He had a concerned expression at the angry tone his brother had.

"Open it. It's time for me to have some real fun. I know for a face Alphys put some lube in there."

"You look like you need a break." Papyrus said though.

"No. What I need is to show this bitch her place. Bring it over here.... Please." He added at the end, his tone lightening the moment Papyrus' expression turned scolding. But still Papyrus listened. Setting the box down and opening. He stared..

"I don't know what half of this is."

"Heheheh. Gonna be honest, I only know what they are. Never used 'em before. I'm still probably not. Seems less fun. Maybe a day I'm tired." He spoke, as if he wasn't still straddling Chara, entirely thrust in to the hilt with her panting beneath him. If she was going to act like she wasn't there, then so would he. Fine...

"Just bring over the lube. I think those beads are for this sorta thing but I think I'm good." Papyrus picked up the container and looked it over in his hands. Then he came over to the bed.

"Are you going to get in on this?" Papyrus hummed. "It's okay. But you're going to watch right?"

Papyrus' curiousity was peaked and he nodded.

"Here." Papyrus sat down and Sans began to pull out, letting Chara gasp as he left her all but empty, his cum inside her even as she remained unsatisfied. "Hold her again."

She bit her lip, eyes still closed, as she was lifted up, and violently flipped over by Sans. Her eyes opened as she was thrown forward, landing against Papyrus' lap. She looked up at him, the fear edging over her just enough to pull her mind forward and to focus on him for a moment. And Papyrus watched curiously as she regrounded herself. Closing her eyes, reknewing her silent chant.

Even as she stayed in between his legs, and he pulled her head close against his pelvis, her face against the front of his pants even as Sans positioned her hips upwards. Keeping her exposed to him as he ran his hands over her butt cheeks.

"You know I've always been kinda curious about this. But I suppose you don't use it very much anyways if you're eating monster food everywhere-" He spanked her and Chara jolted, a small cry and moan coming from her as her eyes opened. Only to reclose. Sans growled but Papyrus was curious about it. "She thinks she can just turn off and pretend not to be here." Sans explained. "Its her new tactic. Thinking she is something more than just an object to use and above it all."

Papyrus hummed, impressed at her lingering determination he could feel off of her as he trailed a thumb over her bottom lip as she breathed hotly against him. Completely consumed in her body's need but still holding on to something. It was new.... and unexpected.... but at the same time... expected.

After all this was the smart thing to do if she truly wanted to get at his brother... it was just that Papyrus hadn't anticipated her being smart enough to realize this. He suspected it wouldn't last though... There was too much fight in her to remain this held back and reserved...

He kept his thumb trailing over her bottom lip, back and forth. His other hand in her hair as Sans spanked her again and she had no choice but to push up against Papyrus as her body reacted. There was the static of magic around his pelvis from the pressure and the sensation of her skin. The sound of her labored breathing and the hazy expression on her face. Even as she remained in her own mind. The chant from her soul- A shiver went up his spin as she gripped at the sides of his hips, swallowing her pride and grounding herself as Sans' hand began to graze between her thighs, starting to use the cum on his fingers. Her grip on Papyrus tightened as Sans began to dig a finger into her backside. She grit her teeth. The fear returned tenfold. Her heart and soul racing but keeping herself steady.

It was just pain.

"You know, we could just forego the lube, pet." Sans told her threateningly, still trying to pull her attention back. As if his fingers against her ass were not enough of stimulous to grab her attention.

"Sans..." Papyrus said, trying to calm his brother down. "Don't focus on her. Focus on you. Just like I said yesterday." Sans snarled but tried to obey as he put more and more lube, keeping himself pressed up against her and keeping himself aroused. Soon he was starting to smile again. Seeing her holding on tightly to his brother, the fear on her face despite all she was trying to hold back.

"Heh..." Sans spanked her again and she jerked.

Papyrus gritted his teeth at the movement. Watching was interesting in and of itself, but having her pressed up against him like this added something even more to the experience. And her holding onto him made it even better.

Sans put to fingers into her now, easing it back and forth.

"Isn't this even worse?" He asked her. "Did you even realize this was something you could do? I mean, it was very clear that you barely- knew what any of this was before yesterday. But this is worse, right? Cuz you're not even gonna come, I'll make sure of it. It's just gonna hurt. Not even gonna try ta give you pleasure. Just me. All your gonna get is the pressure and the sensation of me inside you enjoying myself. And you're only going to have that burning sensation but none of the relief."

She did not respond... but she had thought it.... That this was somehow worse.... His own pleasure at her pain. The idea that it would be just to keep her in this state... making her face red and panting..... That coiling torturous sensation.

All she could do was keep her mind else where. But it really was getting harder.

And his cock was hard against her.

"I think that's- enough." Sans said, tossing the lube to the side. Though he knew that it wouldn't be enough.... But he didn't care. He kept her open for him with his fingers, guiding the head to her entrance. Papyrus felt her grip on him tighten- Knowing while not knowing at all.

It's just pain.

And she did not fear pain, she had said to him.

Not pain. Not death. Not Sans.

But to an extent she did indeed fear them all. It just wasn't the worse thing that could be happening.

Dreamer- Dream-

But here she was again. Being held down by Sans and Papyrus, Sans pushing himself into her. And she was screaming. Screaming and holding tight to Papyrus as the pain stabbed through her. His brother thrusting. And it was too much. Too rough as he pushed deeper and deeper. Not even truly deep yet but not enough against her tight walls to help ease the pain and the pressure.

He thrust in farther with a grunt and Chara gave another intense scream- no... Silent scream. The pain as something inside her was tearing cutting off all sound from her throat, racing through her- before finally she breathed out again, the scream finally escaping. She found her hands had moved to the bass of Papyrus' spine, gripping mercilessly- Only to keep sending waves of pleasure through him as well.

"What was- that... all that... resisting? You're just screamin like.. the little bitch-slut you are.." Sans grunted, moving against her and forcing her to move against his brother. "Should make you- suck my bro's- cock again- As I do.. this.."

Papyrus only groaned, his thumb still against her face, her chin as she kept her mouth open, gasping for air and moaning and yet also occasionally screaming from the pain- His other hand gripping at her hair as her head moved back and forth.

"Gotta get ya... used to taking both of us.. If lucky- won't force ya to take both of us down here tonight-"

Her mind jolted out of its mantras, latching onto that comment. The idea that... That they could do that. Both at the same time, no escape- As both thrusted and listend to her scream.

She'd beg... She'd break...

Sans was laughing, gripping at the base of her back painfully as he continued to pull out and shove back in...

There was blood, Chara knew it.. Blood and cum and whatever liquid he had put into her but not enough- And it hurt, it hurt it-

It's just pain-!

"Nah. Think we'll... wait. Save it for a special.. occasion."

"She's starting to cry..." Papyrus noted. And she realized that she was... A sob working its way through her chest as tears were starting to escape her half opened eyes.

"Fucking- finally-" Sans growled. He pressed downwards, leaning over her, putting a hand on her uncomfortably curved back to give himself more depth in his thrusts. "Fuck- this is even tighter than the other-" He cut off into silence, thrusting harder as his magic flared and he worked up to another climax inside of her. The liquid flooded through her and Chara reclosed her eyes, trying to ignore the shame..... The tears that were there that was not just from the pain-

It was just pain-

Sans leaned down over her back, his chin digging into her as she sobbed against his brother, feeling the pulsing magic against her cheek and neck beneath his pants. And Papyrus knew she could feel it, almost self conscious about it while at the same time feeling the pleasure.

"Sweet.... Tori..." Sans breathed.

"You look exhausted."


"You're running on so little sleep, brother." Papyrus reminded, his voice calm yet a bit uneven.

"Too early to stop... Or go to.. bed... Besides.. gotta keep showing her whose her.. lord, right?" Chara felt Papyrus' hand move, touching her lips again but her mind was starting to.. find it difficult to focus on anything. Except painfully, literally painfully, aware of him lingering inside her. The blood. The cum... She couldn't even grasp onto her mantra'd chants for long before focusing back... Only to offer another forceful, refuse.... And try to think of something else.

"I don't think she'd going anywhere." Papyrus reminded. At least not physically- Mentally was still impossible but she was working on it.. The impossible was just very hard to do, even for a determined soul determined to do it.

"R-Right..." But Sans was making no move to pull out of her and the blood and cum... He just kept Chara in the uncomfortable position between him and his brother, enjoying the view through his dropping eye sockets. Papyrus chuckled a bit.

"Are you just going to sleep like that?"

"Well its called... sleeping together." Chara felt more than heard Papyrus laugh. The vibrating sensation pushing the hardening thing against her face as he did. And she was so very terrified that she would be forced to stay in the bed with the two of them all night- craving the darkness.

But in it all,

It's just pain-


I refuse-

"Ah look... she's still tryin her best to ignore me-" She shivered as his hand trailed down her more than aching back. "It's alright, pet. I forgive ya. Paps right. We got time. You'll come around.. Just not tonight."

"Brother, if you make that specific pun one more time..." Papyrus warned.

"Heh. Guess Paps won't be either." Chara jolted in pain as she heard a smacking sound. But it wasn't Sans spanking her again, it was Papyrus. Smacking his brother upside the head, moving him inside of her as he did so.

"She's bleeding, let me heal it some before she stains the covers." Sans groaned, but to Chara's relief, obeyed, pulling out of her and letting her legs collapse against the bed as she panted. And Papyrus pulled her off of him and shifting beside her. She flinched as he touched her, but at the same time, the green healing magic she would not say no to-

Papyrus began to heal her over, but frowned slightly at his glowing hand. Because just barely there was that strange offness about it. But this time he could tell that it wasn't just off. And he realized he didn't like it... It tasted wrong. Which was the opposite of all he knew about healing magic. It being his strongest magic, even after blue and bones.... Healing magic. And with it the ability to feel into other's souls more easily.

He pulled his hand away and looked down at his fingers... His brother had his eyes closed as he lay on his back, resting for a bit... Papyrus went back to healing her. Feeling the trembling hurt of her soul even as she tried to hide it, to ignore it... Even as tears kept trailing silently down her face.

She really was peculiar. Humans were in general. But her he assumed was specifically so. Somehow that determined spite though, reminded him a bit of Sans. Which was why he had chosen her to begin with. But that strong chant in her soul he could feel with his magic... the feeling with it felt oddly familiar. It also felt off and wrong and put him almost at unease......

But he pushed it away and focused on healing her for his brother.

He pushed it away........ and pretended not to notice.



Chapter Text

Chara found herself laced between them in the darkness.

They had healed her, used her some more, constantly reminding her in every way that this was all she was there for, even as she kept herself as unresponsive as possible. Not saying a word. Of course Sans had told her if she wouldn't speak, they'd use her mouth for something else.... That was the worse one she decided, the worse one of all. Them using her mouth. Because the taste lingered and she couldn't get rid of it and she was just so hungry and the fact that they could ruin even that.. And it made it almost nearly impossible to ignore. It in her face, choking her...

They'd taken their break.... Or really she supposed that to them it had been ending for the night and going to get things done. It lasted an hour and a half or so, keeping her pinned to the bed in their mess, alone.. Alone but unable to enjoy any second of it as she laid there trembling and abused and her eyes closed in her own echoed thoughts. Her body pleading for relief from the pain and the twisting sensations. Just as Sans had promised, she hadn't been allowed to climax the entire night. Always bringing her so close and her body needing it so desperately and Chara wasn't sure what she wanted. To climax would be to spite Sans trying to stop her, but doing so would also give him pleasure. Especially if she had done something specifically to achieve it. And she knew that even if she had somehow gotten her body to reach the edge, he would have just started again. It wouldn't have been the relief that her body wanted....

But it hurt. Twisting inside her along with the pain..

But they had returned to the bed room...

But to her greatest relief, they were wearing clothes again. Both of them. But even still, drew closer to the bed.

"What's that look for, pet? Ya lookin' a bit blue..." And black and blue in some places.. the longer she was forced to lie there. And Papyrus had picked her up, holding her and Chara had thought, the closet, to the closet; almost like a prayer she had thought it. But she'd had no such luck. He had only held her as Sans had changed his sheets. Cleaning up even as she remained covered in sweat and blood and cum though by then mostly dried again against her skin, the taste lingering in her mouth. But they had placed her back down, even on the clean sheets, entrapping her with their bodies, hugging her between them, keeping her trapped and helpless- Unable to hide how their touch worked a shiver through her body.

Sans had pressed his teeth against her hip, chuckling a bit as he held her across the legs, her thighs- Sending sensitive electric waves through her core and up her abdomen. She'd wanted to kick out of the touch, but was too confined and also stopped knowing that was exactly what he wanted her to try. But he could also live with her not moving as well....

Knowing she couldn't win no matter what she did-

Papyrus on the other hand had wrapped around her on the other side, his arm across her chest and cradling her as his chin rested against the top of her head. And she couldn't move.. Couldn't move as the brothers mockingly tried to soothe her, mockingly, tenderly told her goodnight.

And Chara had felt a miserable, betraying stab of heartache. And she couldn't help it, the tears had stung in the back of her eyes. Leaving her to breathe in as evenly as possible as she held herself together. But time had moved forward.... The two skeletons, warm despite the logic, holding her between them.... And she was tired... Hungry... Her heart hurting... and her head throbbing. Same as the rest of her body except for the intense handful of cut sensations up from the center of her thighs.

Just.... trapped. Trapped in the arms of her sleeping would-be murders and this.... This was the worse one yet, she realized. Because they weren't currently hurting her but they were still cutting her close to the core. Awake and still alone even as held close. Sans' breath against her hip, his grip. Papyrus cradling-

She... She wanted to go home.

Even if she didn't know... know if it even existed still at this point. But she had to get home...


Before it helped her stay focus, but right then in the silence in their mocking arms dragging up memory, she really, really, really, just.... It hurt more than helped. And still she fought back the tears. She couldn't cry right now.

And Papyrus continued to pretend to sleep as he held her. Listening... Listening to her varied breathing, her constant need to swallow as she resisted the urge to cry. Feeling how the sensations kept rippling through her from the brothers' touching. Sans was completely passed out, Papyrus could feel it from his soul and magic. He could feel how unworried his brother was about everything. The complete opposite of the constant pulses of sensation he was getting from the girl's magically entrapped soul; the blue light illuminating the entire otherwise dark room with a beautiful light glow. Like a blue glowing ember close to the ceiling.

She was tired too, he could feel. So very tired, but un able to sleep while being touched. The pain. Shame... Her wanting to cry. Can feel it. Hear it. The way her chest was moving against his arm too.

The frantic fear of a trapped human... but what was bugging him was that it wasn't quite, just that...

She gasped lightly as something jumped onto the bed- Papyrus peaked though he had already guessed what it was. The only thing it could be: the cat....... She stared at it from her boney prison, its cold eyes glaring at her as it sat on the very edge of the bed. Its tail flicking. Glaring straight, hatefully through her. She did what she had refused from the beginning, she turned her head towards Papyrus chest and neck.... not wanting to see it watching her. Wanting to hide away from everything and everyone; even the cat.

Papyrus knew he should have chuckled at that. Let her know he was awake and seeing. But he can't quite bring himself to do it. He was too tired, he supposed. Nothing gained by it anyways.. Both of them were just tired....

But he knows that he should.

After all night of her doing her best to keep herself as invulnerable as possible. Even in the tears and her twisting expressions. And that this, in all of it, was true vulnerability.. even as she kept the tears at bay...

But if he wasn't going to do anything he should just ignore it and close his eyes again and sleep. He had to get up in the morning.

But he can't quite seem to with her there. And it wasn't that he was worried or afraid she would do something. That somehow his blue magic would dissolve, and even if it did she would still be trapped and Attackless (the blue magic, the closet, they were all for show after all. She couldn't escape even if she was allowed to roam free through the house).

But he can't quite sleep and he can't quite engage with her either. It is just that he can feel that she is awake and it is keeping him awake. It was the problem with being the sensitive one to those around him. Sometimes, he could know even across the hall when his brother had woken up from a nightmare. It was beneficial then. Allowing him to help... but this was truly inconvenient.

And he can't stop thinking about his magic either. His healing magic. He has figured that it has something to do with her, perhaps her being human. Perhaps the LV. But his brother now had LV too, and Papyrus had healed people with LV before that too. Alphys for example. So was it... something to do with him? Or if not, he was back to her being human. But it had first felt off with him and his brother after putting her into the closet the first night/early morning.

He would have to talk to Undyne. He'd go see her after work. Before coming home. Sans would possibly get home first then.. Papyrus would have to heal the girl as best he could before he left in the morning. He knew she had still been bleeding a bit....

Perhaps that was why she couldn't sleep, the pain... And probably the fact she couldn't put her guard down with both of them against her like this, but still..

Without thinking, Papyrus Checked her.

*Chara -- ATK 5 DEF

*20/28 HP

*Knows big kids shouldn't cry...

Her reaction was immediate- Her muscles tense and her Defense spiking back up to full. Her hands reached and pushed against his chest, desperate to get away as she panicked at the soulful intrusion she hadn't been anticipating. But Papyrus tightened his grip, keeping her steady. Sans groaned and this stopped her in an instant. The fear of waking him..... Her breath was quick and the cat growled lowly at the side of the bed.

"Shhh." Papyrus hushed. "Just checking your HP..." He continued in a whisper. "Making sure you're not bleeding where can't see..."

Though he had honestly gotten more insight on her than she had perhaps wanted. Some internal pain.

But she did not respond. Tense....

So, Papyrus was getting the silent treatment too, it seemed. Even if he was not as confrontational as his brother. Then again, he supposed he had been acting much like his brother since encountering her. It was just easier that way. And a good guide in how to act around her. Plus it helped his brother have a good time.

He ran his fingers through her hair.

"I truly mean it when I say this, human. Not mocking for once.." He began again softly. "You've done very well. I mean it... Adapting like this. It is no wonder your race has survived for so long. Thought just the fight within you, but you have proven smarter than anticipated..."

But this compliment.. did not seem to sit with her....

"I do mean it." Papyrus reaffirmed.

"....... I know..." She dared to whisper, but he can feel that even still, not uplifted by it in any way. Even more weighted down. But also seemed to close off again, not talking to him anymore.. She was resolved not to. As if he was somehow a forgettable lost cause for something..... yet leaving her feeling worse than before.

"You will have to shower with me tomorrow.." Papyrus told her, immediately making her tense again, even more than before. "It will just be a shower.." He promised. "Only so I can clean you off and heal some more."

And he didn't think about how it would still feel off and he wished he could just use a tablet on her now, but still decided to hold off on it. They were running low nad he was not sure if he would be given more now that Sans' HP was no longer so low.

"I will not be home as early as usual, tomorrow. That is the only reason. It will not be a lewd as my brother would have you do, I assure you."

But still she does not respond. Not nod or anything. Just close her eyes, or he assumes so. He can't rightly see her face like this. But can feel that determined cut off feeling from her Soul.

And Papyrus closed his eyes, ignoring the cat staring just as much as she was trying too. Closing his eyes and willing himself to sleep. Still cradling her upper body and head.

And the hours passed, he assumed both of them had gotten at least a little bit of sleep because he woke up. If you woke up, that means you have to had fallen asleep, right?

But morning came... Sans waking both of them as he played with the girl's legs. Teasing, even so early in the morning.. Smiling at her as she looked down at him miserably before remembering to close her eyes and do best to ignore it even though Papyrus could see that each movement hurt.

And morning came and the brothers rushed to get ready..

And the girl stayed with her head down, not looking at Papyrus as she stood, thought needing the support from both his magic against her soul and her head against his chest as Papyrus washed the two of them down. Doing his best to heal her even as it did indeed feel off. Felt wrong. Healing her as his fingers trailed against her skin. And she did not resist, wanting so desperately to be clean.

Papyrus caught her taking a small glance to his pelvis, seeing her apprehension and fear despite there being nothing there, before looking away from it. Papyrus thought about how inconvenient it had proven to be for her to have everything exposed and easily manipulated at all times. He was truly thankful to be a skeleton and not soft and fleshy like her.

And the morning came... and he gave her a clean down, letting her even to use a bit of toothpaste to clean out the taste in her mouth, using her fingers to spread it around as best she could. Though he had to explain to her that she should not be swallowing it. That it was not food like that, though it did go in her mouth.

Which reminded him, he had to feed her too...

Giving her another slice of lasagna, and although he was certain it would taste strange right after cleaning her mouth but she did not seem to care, only gagging slightly, even as she wolfed it down.

"She gives your food more attention than she is willing to give the both of us." Sans mocked, leaning in close against her. Forcing her to stop what she was doing. Going rigid and staring firmly at the food in front of her... Before starting to eat it again, despite Sans being so close to her face. Which only made Sans grip at the back of her neck, trying to force her to pay attention to him. She only ate.

Papyrus thought that part of her was also afraid Sans would take it away before she could finish. And the expression on his brother's face, he assumed it was a possibility too.

Sans pulled her head back, forcing her away from that precious last bite.

"I think it's time to leave, bro..." Chara held onto the fork, wanting to desperately to stab him with it but knowing that was what he wanted and she would lose privileges that she needed to cling to... She let the fork clatter onto the plate, but quickly grabbed the last bite and shoved it into her mouth before he could force her to stand and be too far away. Sans chuckled but did not let up his grip. Papyrus followed, watching.. As his brother tossed her, taking away her towel as she fell, into the closet. "Have a nice day, pet." Sans said before walking away. "Lock her and let's go, Paps!"

Papyrus grabbed the door, but he saw what his brother had missed in his haste. The glare returning for just a moment. Serious and hard.... Papyrus smiled weakly for her... and the glare disappeared, something sad on her expression before it fell back into that closed off stare. And Papyrus simply ignored it and shut the door. Locking it secure.


Chapter Text

"You okay?"

The scene had entirely flipped with Sans the own meeting Alphys at her locker. His arms cross. His expression serious and concerned. Wanting an honest answer...

But she was standing up at his call, and standing up tall, he could see that she had pulled herself together. Just like she always did.

It was the most amazing thing about her.

That anxiety she had was killer but in no way did Sans consider it truly a weakness like many others would, perhaps taking advantage of it. But Sans knew that was a mistake. Because for all that she struggled with it, she always pulled through. Sans knew her. Even in the midst of chaos, she always knew how to take care of herself. Even when that taking care of herself was taking a step back. A tactical retreat. One needed those in battle sometimes. Sans knew that.

Even if he often had a hard time practicing it.

Well that was why Alphys was the one in charge.

And anyone else the fool if they dared try to get in her way.

"Yeah, I'm fine. It's nothing." She said. But Sans wasn't sure how true that nothing was. But at the same time, what mattered most was that the fine part was honest- "It's complicated." Alphys amended, seeing his questioning gaze. "But it really doesn't mean anything. All that matters is she is with you and she's going to be destroyed.."

Sans laughed.

"Yeah... She's got this new tactic though, basically turning off and giving me this silent treatment. Which isn't the easiest to do when she's moaning like a slut against you, but it is still super fucking annoying if I'm honest." He put a hand behind the back of his neck. "It kinda pissed me off a bit..."


"What?" Sans prodded. "You really okay?"

Alphys smiled softly, staring into her locker as she laughed a bit to herself... He could see the nostalgia in her expression.

"Just remembering..." She told him. "... You... You want to know about Chara, right?"

"Uh. Duh! More ammo you can give me the better." She smiled a bit more and shook her head.

"It's more like.. ammo against me." She admitted.

"Even better, shoot yourself in the foot, please, please." Sans teased.

"Well.. The first time I encountered Chara, shit, Gaster was still around. And I wasn't even a captain yet."

"Oh wow, that's awhile ago." Sans agreed.

Years and years in fact.

"Yeah. I don't think I knew even Undyne then, let alone the two of you. But... Yeah. Gaster..." She sighed. Sans could tell that despite the fact that she hadn't been close to him in any way besides a mentor and boss, he supposed the knowing fact that he wasn't just in fact dead like everyone claimed would really hound on her if she let it. "I really wanted to prove myself, right? I got kinda reckless. I even worked later shifts. It was kinda all I had back then. To prove I wasn't weak or fell apart too easily.. You know... me stuff. So I got these little reports of humans in this one area, not even on my own patrol, and of course, I went head first into it."

"And you fought Chara..."

"Well... not exactly. It's complicated. It really... wasn't much of a fight back then." Sans tilted his head curiously.


"No. She... I couldn't land a single blow on her. And worse yet, she wasn't even fighting back really. Just...That runt, she basically was all over me. Sticking her tongue out and teasing as she weaved through my attacks. She was just too fast. I was so humiliated... And so pissed off."

So Chara had gotten away... And gave Alphys anxiety and rage over it.. and she had hunted her over and over to correct the mistake and make it right but didn't find her...

"I spent hours coming back to that area to find her. Remember I was young and stupid and eager to prove myself. So.. yeah. Chara has kinda been there from the start. The actual start..." She hesitated... "And now that I'm more experienced I get why she put on a show anyways. She wanted me to get worked up and keep coming back to that spot. It was a distraction. She kept me from looking into other places. And I fell for it like a dumbass."

"I... wouldn't have even thought about that. I would have just been pissed too and probably had done the same thing."

"Yeah. Which is why I'm still the boss. And I wasn't back then."

"Hehheh. Yeah. But that is crazy Alphys. She's been evading you from the start and now she's right there trapped in front of you."

"Hmmm.. That was just... the first time. The second time was a couple of years ago. And it's... a bit cloudy actually. It was when I was basically.. really hyped on LOVE." Sans thought this over a second, thinking that perhaps her warnings from the other day about LOVE maybe didn't have everything to do with Gaster but maybe a bit about herself afterall... "I couldn't get enough basically at the time."

And with Gaster in his own little spiral, he had done nothing to stop it. Maybe encourage it...

"And it was different than the last time. She had LOVE too and it was actually a fight this time and well... I don't want to talk about it actually..." She was cringing, really, really, really not wanting to talk about it.

Sans only nodded.

"Fair enough." He could understand that.

"Got a scar out of it though. This one on my shoulder." She shifted. "And its funny because the one next to it is from facing her too." And there they were. Two scars. One a long thin slash across her scales and the other looked almost like a grazing bullet wound.

"They didn't heal?" Alphys shrugged.

"I wasn't really into letting myself be healed at that point. The pride thing. The slash is a knife wound. A nasty one. That scarred even with the healing..." She seemed to want to say something else about it but thought better and Sans didn't prod. "Either way. I scarred her and she scarred me. But she got away... It's... complicated."

"So you keep saying. But... that means you're not the one to capture her? Someone else did.. That's what you're so embarassed about ain't it? Or just upset someone else stole your chance."

Alphys laughed lightly.

"Yeah... But it just... It really is more complicated than that." Perhaps not like that all, she reasoned to herself.

Not like that at all. But it was better to let him keep thinking it. The truth really didn't matter. All that mattered was that she was with Sans and Papyrus and she was going to be destroyed... There was nothing to do about anything.

"I was just shook seeing her yesterday is all... And I just know what you're not gonna win, Sans. Not in the way that you want." But maybe.. more than that... Maybe she just really... Didn't want him to win.

Out of all the humans Papyrus could have gotten. All the humans in this stupid war... And they had to go grab one of the humans she could probably say... she honestly respected.

And it was complicated.

But she thought it better than to let Sans know. And thought that, even if she couldn't and wouldn't do anything to get her out of this situation, at the very least.. Yeah. She would keep Chara's secret. About how she was taken into custody and why. For who...

"She's just a human, though. Can't really do that deep into it." Alphys told him.

"Oh I've been deep into it." Sans jested, smiling widely trying to get her to smile. And she did.

"Psssh.." She shoved him in the face. "For a skeleton you've started to think a lot about your dick... But..." She sighed again. "It really was just weird walking in and seeing a face I actually knew something about. All the others have always been no ones. A day or two. But to see her and someone I chased after for so long and now get her there for weeks at a time... I don't know where I'm going with this, Sans. I'm just going to stop while ahead."

Sans laughed again...

"Ya still want a crack at her right?" He encouraged.

"... I don't... I don't know." She told him. Sans leaned in, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"How about Paps and I have our fun and sometime when you're ready, we can all get together. You, me, Paps and even Undyne. Cuz I already promised the pet you and Undyne could show her the real ropes. Can't let her down right. Us four and her. And that way you have backup. And if you want at her again after that, you can! I think I'm going to keep her a bit even after I break her. Honestly, she feels so good and I mean, Paps did pay for her. Even if it was basically pennies for a human slave."

"Yeah... Yeah, that's true. And a gift from your brother after all.." She managed.

"So yeah. All of us together and if she feels good to you, can have another round... And hey. When I'm done, maybe I'll even give you the honors of killing her. It seems like with all that history you kinda deserve it."

"... No. I think its kind of the opposite. I couldn't catch her remember. It's fine... I don't really need the EXP anyways." But Sans could see she was fidgeting with her claws.

"Okay, Alphys." And it was okay, he wouldn't push her. Besides that meant he could still do it himself. "But if you ever need anything from me. From her. You just let us know."

Alphys smiled again.

"I appreciate that."

She would have also had appreciated the universe not doing this to her though. She'd been having a hard enough time trying to just forget.

Chapter Text

"Sans! Sans! Sans!" Papyrus was shaking him in the cot. Sans only moaned and turned over, knowing exactly the reaction he would get: "Saaans. Wake up you lazy bones, wake up." Sans opened a single eye as someone else across the room complained and demanded Papyrus to shut up. It was too early. And while Sans agreed-

"How about you shut your fucking whining, Drake." Sans spat across the room. He smiled lazily at his brother though. "Sup?"

"I'll tell you what's sup, brother. There is a new arrival at the front entrance." Sans shrugged.

"Not the first sucker and won't be the last." He yawned. "I'm sure I'll meet whoever later. Probably a few punches too."

"No, no. Well I mean... Perhaps, probably. But that isn't just why I woke you! I heard some of the older kids; they seem to have more information."

"They always seem to have more information." Sans countered.

"But I heard them. She and her family were caught up in a human attack."

"Kinda how most of us get here, yeah."

"But they say she actually fought back. She has LOVE, Sans!" Sans froze, his interest pulled in now drastically.

"What?" Drake called from across the room. Apparently his interest too, sitting up in his cot.

"Yes, yes! Someone who has actually fought against humans! Just like you want to!"

Sans stayed sitting with his hands back against the bed, if he had lips he would have been biting at them. This could either be just what he wanted or could be his worse nightmare. Someone stronger. More experienced... Someone to train with if he could turst 'em, or somebody to be on guard against.

"Did you get anything else?"

"Well... Not really. Only that she is in the older group."

Which meant that she'd had more to lose.. Farther to fall to get to this place....

"We'll avoid her." Sans reasoned.

Because it was those sorts of people that always ended up being more hassle than they were worth. Losing things and being angry when they had once been lucky enough to even have anything to lose to begin with. Sans felt no pity for people like that.

"We have no clue what type of person she could be."

"Well avoiding her doesn't sound like a good way to countering that fact." Sans chuckled.

"Yeah well... It's better to avoid the situation for now. She ain't going anywhere is she? I guess a relative could always pop up soon but then that means she's leaving. So for now, while things are chaotic, we should probably leave her be."

Papyrus sat on this side of the cot, thinking... About the same things Sans was but in the opposite direction. Her being older.... Having more to lose... Knowing how it was to fight...

"She probably really needs a friend." He reasoned. Sans sighed.

"She hasn't grown up the same as us. Spoiled. She'll probably expect a lot outta you."

"Oh... I was thinking that if she grew up out of here, she wouldn't have some of their nasty habits."

That was... a fair point.

"Well maybe." Perhaps Sans had been judging too fast. And if she had had the guts to face off attackers like the rumor said, well... Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to at least take a look into her. "Let's just be cautious right?"

'Yes, of course. Always."

"Did you get a good look at her?"

"No..., there were too many people crowding."

"yeah that'll be another problem we have to consider." Sans mumbled under his breath. "But uh.... did you get a name?"

"I think it was like.. Undies or something." Sans snickered.

"what?" He breathed. It was too early for this but at the same time- "It does not even matter what her name is now, that's it. That is what we call her. Forever and ever."

Papyrus put his hands on his hips.

"That is no way to make friends, brother! Making fun of her name before even meeting her!" But Sans was still laughing to himself and falling back onto the bed with his hands cupped supportively at the back of his neck. "Oh I know. Undyne. It was Undyne..."

"Nope. Too late." Sans said with a smile, but he could tell by his brother's smile that he hadn't forgotten her name at all. He'd thought of the undies thing first and had done it specifically to entertain him. "Can't even take her seriously anymore. You've ruined all her chances to impress, Paps."

"Well I'm sure she'll find some way to prove you wrong?" Sans just shrugged.

"She still can't make me care." Sans offered.

"True.... But I still think.... She probably needs someone to care right now. Someone whose not trying just to use her..."

"....... You can only try, Paps. Just don't be disappointed too much. Okay?" Papyrus nodded.


The lab was probably one of Papyrus' least favorite places and it was always difficult because deep within it was always one of his favorite people. But the atmosphere was stifling. Like a large sapping void. He could not name it. But it was as if the top part of the building, the part above the surface, was like a giant seal. Designed to protect the surface world from all the darkness that had been gathered there from different areas. All of it gathered... in order to find at least some way to get something good out of it all.

That was the one highlight of the lab and made his visits tolerable. All that gathered evil, to be dug through in order to find a single ray of goodness............. Anything awful, you could always somehow find a silver lining from it. That was what Papyrus believed.

Even if he could no longer believe that anyone could be a great person if they just tried, unable to afford that thought, he could at least hold on to the belief that in it all at least you could always find a point to the madness. And if there was no point, you could make your own.

Like human captives and human slaves to begin with. Humans only served to destroy. It was known. But cut their claws and intent and they were basically harmless. You could train them, to do anything you said to survive because that was at their heart their very nature, to just survive no matter what the cost. Even to obey. And if not trained, still there remained so much to find and to learn... Which was where the lab came in.

And Undyne.

That was the other thing the lab had. The reasons for his occasional visits. Sometimes pulling Undyne up from the depths of her hard work..... She never gave him access to the lower levels and a part of him was glad even if he was still curious as to what she had to put up with.

Because for all that Chara was, Papyrus knew that every human brought here was already much, much worse. Though with her attitude, if she had just been given the chance to gain more LOVE, she would have belonged here as well... Perhaps that was the case with all humans... Just given enough chance and time.

That was just the way they were.....

And there was Undyne.....

Papyrus was waiting in the upper levels of the lab, someone having paged her despite him telling them to not bother her too much. He was fidgeting with his fingers in his gloves, feeling bad despite knowing for a fact that the moment she saw him and saw this she would push it away and tell him not to worry, just like she did every time. Telling him that she needed a break anyways and anything for him.

Papyrus waited in her front office.... Waiting. He heard her rushing down the hall-

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnddd-" He heard her rushing down the hall. "Whose in my office?" She demanded, her head popping from around the corner, her eyes glaring through her glass lenses. Immediately, though.. She smiled. "Ah."

She entered the room, hands in the pockets of her lab coat, watching him over the rim of her glasses.

"Fuhu, you look absolutely exhausted. Hard day at work? Sleeping well?" Oh. Right. He was kind of exhausted.

"I didn't sleep much the last two nights." He admitted. "And I've worked."

"Let's make some tea." She offered. Papyrus shrugged.

"Alright." He began to stand up, only to have a blue hand slamming against his shoulder.

"Sit yourself right back down!" She ordered. "You're the one whose exhausted for once, let me."

"But, I-" It was too late though. She was gone out of the room. And Papyrus was sitting alone, waiting.

She looked like she was in a very good mood. He hopes her recent project was going well... Though he knew that if he asked it would be words he didn't understand and she would half dodge the answer to begin with. He thought it made her self conscious to talk about it... for fear that nothing would come out of it in the end. But he was proud of her always, regardless. Proud to have someone so smart and resilient as his friend.

Because maybe not everyone could change and maybe half the world was trying to use you in some way, but he would also glad that out of all his accomplishments, out of all of them he really could call Undyne, The Royal Scientist, smartest and one of the kindest and hard working people he knew... his best friend.


He'd seen the girl several times now, mostly when they ate. She always had a serious and cold expression, ignoring each and every person who tried to talk to her. Asking their prying questions. About the humans she had faced. About how LOVE felt. About what her life had been like.....

No matter how much the adults scattered them all and their personal, inconsiderate prying questions.

And Papyrus stayed back, still watching. Curious too, but also... if he watched her enough. Even from a distance... he could see something very hurt.

He knew he was different sometimes. Being able to see things when others could not. Feel it. He had learned a long time ago that sometimes it was better to ignore it. Pretend he didn't. For the sake of everyone and himself. But he always could pick up on pain more easily. And even from his distant spot... he could feel hers.

All those questions the others asked and in his own mind.... But he knew one that had not been asked and it was the one on his mind most often, perhaps always there.

The girl had slipped out of the lunch hall, taking her tray with her, off to eat somewhere else on her own. Papyrus waited behind, sitting next to his brother who had finished and was dozing off against the table... waiting for desert... Well.. If there was desert.

It didn't happen often. Just often enough to keep everyone's spirits.

Today it was just a bit of monster candy... The usual, actually. Papyrus took two, slipped one into Sans' hand, his boney fingers wrapping around it protectively even as he slept. And with that, Papyrus took his chance to leave.


"Here!" Undyne said as she re-entered the office, sliding the tray with tea on it in front of him. And in the middle, a bowl of assorted monster candy.... Just like always. "So.. How have you been? It's been a week and a half. I've seen all your messages but I've been swamped. But! Alphys gave me your lasagna when she swung by! It was not enough. You should have packed me two slices you punk!" She protested. Papyrus only laughed and shook his head.

"Then how am I to lure you out of your den if you have everything you need?"

"You don't have to lure me out of anywhere. I'm here whenever you want and need."

"Yes..." Papyrus said, feeling guilty. He knew that they were friends. The best of friends. But whenever he needed something from someone he cared about he always, always felt guilty about it. She caught on.

"I know that look. Stop it right now, that stupid guilt of yours. What is it that you need?"

"Well. You see." She was taking a sip of tea and he followed suit, to stall. "I have a question to ask you. About magic. You're the smartest person I know after all. But you see. Well, Alphys told you about the human I got for Sans yes?"

Undyne froze.

And the air...

She sat there with the teacup in her fingers, half raised in front of her. Something in her drastically changed.

"No.." She said. "No she didn't. Not even the last two days when she visited... What human?" Papyrus blinked, genuinely surprised.

"Oh. I suppose she did not want to worry you. With you being so busy-"

"If there is anything to truly worry about it is exactly this. The trouble you three get into without me. So again... What human?"

"Oh.. Well.. I got Sans a human.. for his promotion. I messaged you about it. Or maybe... Maybe I didn't...."

Why though? That was the biggest thing in his life at the moment... He couldn't explain it...

"Well.. At first I wanted to do this myself, and make it a surprise. So I told no one. Then I had to get Alphys' help and I just got... caught up in it." He reasoned to himself and to her.

Undyne did not move. Her expression even and watching.

"But I got Sans a human to celebrate his promotion! Something he could have fun with and break. Kind of like what you and Alphys have done in the past!"

"That was only ever a day or two." She told him.

"Well, yes, but.... people have human slaves all the time. She is harmless and we're being careful. She stays locked up in the closet in the hall- well, I emptied it- but she stays there all the time if we're not home. It's fine, I promise."

Undyne lifted the teacup and took another sip. Papyrus did the same, but he could feel that.... she was upset.

"You remember what I've said, don't you?" Papyrus.. didn't understand. "About humans...."

"Oh! Yes, of course. Do not worry, Undyne. I know all that."

"Yes.... You know it." But she didn't seem entirely convinced. "But remember it."


"She is a human. Her entire goal to manipulate everything in her favor. To survive. And right now, you are in her way. Her main goal is to escape. Her main goal is to kill you like you are entirely forgettable. And your brother. And destroy as much as she can before crawling back into her hole ready to fight another day. Every single human is a fighter. Every single human a threat. Every single human a creature with the potential to destroy everything you love and care about and cannot even understand or care what it is that they have destroyed." Her voice was low, serious and grave. "That is why we are not at war. A war implies a disagreement that could be put aside and worked through. This is not that. This is kill or be killed."

She took one more sip, closing her eyes.

"No... This is not a war. This is us protecting ourselves from an infestation of creatures that would have wiped us out. Just think of the Prince... Trusting a human only to be betrayed. An innocent, trusting child dead and so many more. The state The Queen is in. Because of what she had to do."

She set the cup down and stared him down.

"I know you, Papyrus. And I love you more than anything. But you are too kind hearted for me to ever feel safe with you in the same building and so close to a human. Any human. They will manipulate you. Parrot the words that they know you want to hear. Anything to convince you to see them as anything other than what they really are. To pull the smoke over your eye sockets. They will do everything to convince you to their side... Everything to convince you that they could be your friend. And the moment you feel at ease, that is when they will strike.

"That is all wrong, Papyrus. They cannot be your friend even if you wanted to be theirs. They are human. And humans don't understand those things. Humans.... Only care about themselves. And what they can get out of you."

Papyrus looked down at his cup of tea.

"I understand that, Undyne." He told her-

"No matter what she tells you. What she says. What tricks she uses to make you think you can feel something good inside of her... You cannot forget that."

"I won't!" Papyrus snapped, genuine anger rising inside of him. He knew she was concerned. She dealt with humans more than anyone he knew. She knew best and he would never ever doubt her! "I'd never doubt you! And most of all! I would never do something to betray my brother and you know it!"

She was stopped again. Thinking this over... but pleased.

"Yes. I know that." She said. "I'm sorry.. That was never what I wanted to imply."

"I forgive you... And I do understand your concern... When I have seen the fear in Chara's expression-"

"No." She cut in. "Do not use its claimed name. That will only give them more power over you."

"Oh... Yes, I suppose that makes sense. Well, the human... The human sometimes, I see her fear and it is hard to believe that it isn't just fear of her own survival. But you also see her underlying intent as well, and I remember when we changed collars- and she has actually threatened us. And... it is a little bit easier to believe."

"As it should be believed." She told him.

There was a moment of silence........

"You will keep conversation with the human as limited as possible." She instructed finally.

"Oh... I don't think that will be a problem. She's been giving us the silent treatment. There haven't been any real conversations." But he wasn't so sure that this was true... He had twice already tried to engage the human in conversation and both times it had felt... peculiar.

"Good." Undyne said. "Keep it that way. I know you are curious but it is best to not give her any more power. All she has in her words Papyrus. Remember that." He only nodded.

"I actually came here for a reason." He said, deciding to change topics. But maybe it wasn't so changed after all- "I think it has to do with the human..."

"What is it?"

"Well.... I've tried using my healing magic on her, and other people too, since I brought her home. But it feels... off. Wrong. Like I can't connect as well with people. It is barely there, just barely. But I can feel it."

"It is because before now you're magic has never interacted with a human Soul. There is nothing good and natural about them, Papyrus. As long as she is there, your magic will always feel off. Especially the more she tries to manipulate you. You'll start to not be able to trust your own feelings at times. Another reason I am so adamant that you listen to me. Trust nothing that is going on around her. Humans are nothing but toxic."

"Oh...." That was terrifying. Healing magic was his strongest attribute... Being able to feel things and acutely interpret them... He relied on that a lot. Especially his ability to see things that others couldn't. Even if half of the time he was forced to pretend.... He prided himself in knowing more than he let on. Even if he didn't always let himself in on that he knew to make it easier. But this... This was terrifying. To think a single human could cloud your judgment like that. Everything you knew. "The collar doesn't help with that?"

She shook her head.

"Unfortunately no. The collar only masks things to begin with, not gets rid of them... But....." She hummed. "I want to go with you."


"Home. I want to go home with you. It's been awhile, I need to get out of the lab. But I will not be able to rest or focus if I do not make myself as clear as possible. You will be able to see what I mean."

"Oh!" Papyrus found himself feeling more excited. This was not what he was expecting.

"But before I forget, I suggest you do not use your healing magic on her as much as possible. Just. Do not get close to her as much as possible. For me. Please. I'll worry."

"Don't." He told her. "I won't. Besides, like I said she's been giving us the silent treatment. And I think after how the last two days have gone and what we've already done to her, I don't think her acting like she wants to be friends would fool anyone."

Undyne smiled at him. The softest and most affectionate smile he had seen from her in a long, long time. As if to tell him that... She still believed that all in all, it could still convince him.


"Hey!" Papyrus called, finally finding her. Alone. In a dark corner with her only half eatin tray and her forceful and suspicious glare. "Y-You left the dinner hall early. You shouldn't do that. They sometimes have deserts that they don't tell you about until its time. They like to make it a surprise but it is annoying when you wait and there isn't anything. But! Here! I brought you some!"

He stuck out his hand, the monster candy........

She did not move to take it.

"Go away." She told him. "I'm not answering any of your stupid, dumb questions so you can forget it. Take your candy with you."

Papyrus sighed and lowered his gaze even as he kept his hand held out to her.

"I know that a lot of times, people only do nice things because they want something from you. And I can't lie and say I'm not curious about all the things everyone else has asked... but at the same time, nobody has asked you the most important thing."

"And I'm not interested, now leave. You're not getting any answers from me!"

"Well I don't need an answer. I already know it." Her eyes narrowed, not sure of what he meant. "But even when you know the answer to this question, I think it is still important for you to ask it. In fact! I think it is even more important when you know the answer."

"And what answer is that?" She dared him.

"No." There was a tense moment, the confusion in her expression and she shook her head.

"No, what?"

"No is the answer. The answer to the question is no." She pursed her lips, knowing he wanted her to ask what the question was but at the same time she had already made herself very clear in her stance on questions... But at the same time. There was something off about this kid.

"Alright. Fine. What's the question?"

"Are you okay?"

Her expression fell, Papyrus could see the shock but he could also feel the pain.

"It's a stupid, obvious question." He agreed. "But it is also very important. I do it with my brother a lot. If you ask it, especially when you know that the answer is no. It lets the other person know that they have someone else thinking about them. And it offers them the chance to talk about it. Or they can keep it to themselves... but even then they still know they are not alone if they don't want to be. So...." He lifted the monster candy out closer to her. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." She said, but her voice was cracking.

"Okay..." Papyrus told her. "I have an extra monster candy. Would you like to have it? I don't mind."

"What do you want?" She demanded.

"...... My brother has this dream he likes to repeat between us a lot. He wants to grow up and join the royal guard. He wants to get us out of here. So we don't have to depend on anyone.. But I think the only thing I really want is for us to stay together and make some really good friends." She faltered, not expecting such a wide answer to that question-

"But what do you want now? From me."

"Well. I want to make friends. That doesn't have to wait until we are out of here, does it?" She was snarling at him.

"And why me?" She stressed again. "Because I have LOVE and you think it would be cool and gain you some points in whatever hell of a game that runs this stupid place?"

"Because I think you really need one. A friend." Once again, her expression fell.

"You.... You are either a giant fool or...." She squinted, but this time as if she was trying to see him clearly. "Or really good at lying."

"No... I know it doesn't always work. But that doesn't mean we should stop offering right? Like this monster candy. I can only keep offering out my hand I cannot force you to accept it." She looked down at his hand, before finally, taking the offered candy and popping it into her mouth.

"... Thank you." She murmured.

"You're welcome! I'm Papyrus by the way. My brother Sans and I have a cot a few doors down from you."

"Just a cot?"

"Well. We have two. But we share a lot." There was an awkward moment of silence. "May I sit with you or would you like to be alone?"

"Alone." She told him. Still eyeing him with a bit of suspicion. Papyrus nodded and turned to leave.

"Okay. Just find me if you need anything else!" He told her as he went, not lingering and risk making her feel any more self conscious than he could already feel that she was-

And she stared, watching him go... Candy sweet in her mouth. And very, very confused. But at the same time..... Touched. Tears were working into her eyes and she blinked them back furiously.



"Monster candy?" Undyne asked, offering him another piece as they prepared their things to leave. He knew it was her way of indirectly apologizing, again, for her serious and demanding tone.

He accepted it gladly.

"Of course."






Chapter Text

There was nothing but darkness all around her except the smallest thin line of light at the bottom of the door. But not much. It was barely there.....

There was nothing but darkness and one thin line of soft light and the soft patter of four paws behind the door from what she knew was the cat. Still very upset by her existence and keeping guard. Just in case.

Chara sat with her legs pulled up to her chest, her arms wrapped around her knees as she buried her face. Only wanting darkness. Nothing but darkness. Not the lying light. Not the stupid cat. To not be aware. Of how she was cold but the blanket beneath her smelled from her long, anguished day before and she refused to wrap herself in it. Of how because of that she was still naked except for the tight collar around her neck. Of how she was incredibly alone and time moved on as slow as possible around her but at the same time she wished she could slow it down even more. Because she was alone but someone coming to open the door would be worse.

But she had nothing but her fear and the darkness around her. And the soreness and pain.

But it was better than yesterday. Yesterday in her half asleep in and out mind with her own smell and so much, so, so much pain.

At least this time Papyrus had healed her as best he could before he went to work and not after.

But she was hungry again. So hungry. Always hungry. Though that was really nothing new.

Chara just didn't have anything to distract her from it in this place. She'd given up slamming against the door. The lock was too secure. She couldn't get enough force- And she couldn't do nothing but let her mind ease into nothingness. She couldn't think about the present reality, it was too frightening and she still had no plans in how to change it. She couldn't think about the past... it was too painful.

The cat at the door did not help.

She just stayed sitting in the corner, hiding her face from nothing but the darkness... still incredibly scared and alone. Just wishing she wasn't alone.

The cat was clawing at the door, digging its nails loudly.

"Just leave me alone..." She told the door softly...


The cat just meowed and dug nails in deeper. Tears started to build up in the back of Chara's eyes.

"I said." She said stronger this time. "Leave me. Alone!!" The cat only hissed. Chara kicked her leg out, hitting the door. Again and again. "Leave me alone!"

She stopped kicking and bit down forcefully on her bottom lip as it trembled. And she hid her face against in her knees, falling over onto her side as she tried not to cry.

"You and your... stupid four paws. And stupid.. contrived stupid shtick." The first tear had escaped, down the side of her face, into her ear against the floor. She let herself say it out loud. "I miss you."

The cat meowed and she glared at the thin line of light and the cat behind it.

"You, on the other hand, can go choke." She ordered.

Another fitful growled meow. But then it scampered off forcefully and Chara held her breath. Her eyes wide. She couldn't hear the sound of the garage more than feel it. More than imagine it because she knew it was there.

Her heart was pounding. She sat up, not wanting to be caught curled up on herself. She could hear movement somewhere.... And then footsteps down the hall. Coming closer.

It was Sans and she knew it. Papyrus had made it vaguely clear that he would not be home first this time. It was Sans. No shower and waiting dread, just Sans...

There was a knock on the closet door and she tensed even as she jumped at the unexpected sound.

"Awake in there, pet?" He asked. Without thinking, she kicked the door again. He only laughed. The sound made her stomach twist. She shouldn't have done it. Giving him what he wanted...

She waited for the door to open, but she still heard footsteps. Walking away. Down the hall. To his room.

Her breathing was qucik and uneven and she couldn't help but hug herself against around the knees. And waited.... Still dreading and waiting. A minute or two later she heard him coming back and she tried so hard to make her mind drift. For her mind to get back into its distancing groove.

It was just pain.



Refuse to give him what he wanted.

............ She had no clue what she was doing...........

But he didn't open the door again either. But taking his time to walk past. Making sure she knew he was there with each movement. But he left.... She figured he was making his way towards the kitchen.

She wondered if he was going to eat even more lasagna...

Her stomach twisted, clenched, but desperate at the thought.

She was starving.... She didn't think that was a lie either. At least in the prison they'd fed her twice a day. Now she didn't know if they would remember to feed her before... before.... before they....

Sans didn't come back like she expected. She sat there waiting. And waiting.... Time trudged on. Her heart never resting for a moment. Never ever allowing herself to hope that he had left again. Had no plans for her tonight and would just leave her there. In that darkness. Alone.

She'd rather be alone. Just let her be there alone...


Sans sat watching the tv, catching up on the newest Napstaton release... eating his left over lasagna while keeping a metaphorical ear out just in case Papyrus came home to catch him.

"We have a table and there are two chairs up against the island in the kitchen, brother please!"

He was also secretly hoping Papyrus would make something else soon because while he was ecstatic about this lasagna's existence, he was also.... needing something else after so much of it. Luckily there wasn't that much left... but even so...

At least it had been edible leftovers this go around.

He finished the last bite and during the commercial break he made his way into the kitchen to clean it quickly and race back to the tv. It had been months since Napstaton had put out anything. Apparently the group had been having internal struggles but were back in business and that was honestly all Sans cared about.

And it gave him something to do as he let the girl in the closet sit in her own fear.

If she was going to do her best to spoil his fun... Well...

There'd also been laundry to do. And food was important. There'd been people to call.

And well....

Real life stuff didn't stop just because you had a new toy. Unfortunately.

And he had to admit he was a little tired and some mindless tunes and show were a godsend. But they'd have their fun before he went to bed. He couldn't go easy on her that much. But for now... knowingly leaving her in the closet was good enough for him.

Though.... having her out there... with him... and watching the tv at the same time... That was not out of the possibilities, he realized. A bit more fun, even. Huh.

But he had no time to contemplate changing his tactic when he heard the sound of car doors shutting. The cat lifted its head beside him. Sans pet the top of its head.

"Just Paps." He told it. But there had been two doors, he realized. He turned his head at an awkward angle to watch the door.

Undyne smiled at him the moment she entered. A strange sorta smile though. As if she was peering into him.

"Oh. Somebody's out of their little hole. Nice ta see ya. Been a week or two."

"Apparently so." She agreed evenly. The cat jumped off the couch and rushed to her legs. Purring as it rubbed against them. "Hello, my sweet." She said bending down and petting the top of its head.

"You should get out more. Looks like Paps and The Cat of Evil missed ya lots."

"And not you, Sans?" She asked near sweetly. He shrugged.

"Egh. Too much going on. Not to be rude."

"So I've heard. Papyrus tells me you now have a pet."

"Uh.. yeah-"

"Brother! Wait- Is that a napkin on my couch?" Sans turned his head, noting that he had indeed left his napkin there beside him. Busted. "When we have all that table space and the island too."

Sans lifted his hands and shrugged helplessly as he smiled.

"So um. You brought Undyne. Is she staying for dinner? It's more lasagna just so ya know."

Papyrus lifted up the grocery bags he had carried in.

"Yes, but also we shall cook something else later as well! Hopefully... I can succeed in making something else without absolutely destroying it."

"Oh Napstaton is back!" Undyne said coming to sit down on the couch. The cat following dutifully with a slight skip to its gate and settling in beside the two monsters. "I'm so glad they figured it out. Mettaton and Napstablook were really distraught for awhile there but I stopped paying attention."

"Same." Sans conceded.

Papyrus returned from putting the groceries away.

"I am surprised you are not... off playing." Papyrus admitted. Sans feigned an innocent expression.

"You expect me to just.. do some dishes and laundry and start slacking off. I have my duty to pop culture to stay up to date you know." Papyrus hummed.

"I more expected you to make dishes and laundry." He admitted. Sans gasped lightly in mock hurt.

"He's a hardworking soul." Undyne commented. "The laziest hard worker I know." She added.

"Why do all that extra work when ya can get the same results with half the effort." Sans argued.

"Fair." Undyne reasoned.

Papyrus stared at the cat in the spot between them... Contemplating settling down on the floor by his brother's feet. One did not move the cat when it did not want to be moved. Unless you were Undyne. Undyne grabbed the cat and it meowed as she pulled it onto her lap. It settled in a comfortable ball against her, still purring.

"Come on over, Papyrus... There is at least one more act left then we can start what I came here to show you."

"Oh. You got something?" Sans asked, looking over. She eyed him.

"More like the two of you have got something."



Chara stayed hugging her knees... The darkness and silence incomplete. She had the thin line of light. She heard voices, Papyrus and Sans she assumed, in the other room. It sounded like they had to tv on. A small trail of music, muffled but reaching her. The tune sounded familiar.... Vaguely.. Just vaguely... And of course it just made everything vaguely worse.

And her heart skipped as it stopped though. As she heard movement. Footsteps closing in.

She stood up straight. Her eyes glaring at the door and ready. Ready. She was ready. Not ready but at least she would face it head on. Refuse. She refused, refused, refused-

The door was unlocking. And Chara's red eyes glared. Glared. Even as the door opened and there was too much light and she had to squint and it hurt-

But in an instant-

Chara's racing heart stopped.

Coldness in her stomach as her face fell and she felt, utter terror. Utter, complete terror.

Undyne, in her white lab coat, her hands in her pockets as she tilted her head. The black choker tight around her neck. Red pony tail. Silver rimmed glasses.

And that aura. That cold and off putting, wrong, wrong aura.

Her golden, slinted eyes.

And her appearing smile as she looked down directly at Chara.

"Oh... Well... Seems that the universe is fair after all, isn't it?" She said. Her eyes piercing through Chara straight into the Soul. And Chara couldn't breathe as she immediately drowned in panic. "Hello, C5." Her smile was impossibly, sickening wide. "Did you miss me?"

"Wait. You know her too?" Sans demanded.

"Oh we've met." Undyne said, still staring into the girl's terrified red eyes.

And Papyrus watched from a step or two back and decided right then and there that Chara- the human- was perhaps the unluckiest creature in existence... Or at least, had to have had done something to deserve it.

Undyne took a step back from the door, letting it open wider for the three of them to be able to see her.

Chara stayed staring, cowering more into herself, unable to stop it. She couldn't keep her eyes off of Undyne.

"Bring her out." Undyne instructed. Sans leaned into the closet, reaching for her and even though she knew they had blue magic, knew and her struggle didn't mean anything- Chara flailed, trying to get away from him. And away from her...

But Sans was grabbing her forearm painfully and pulling her up to her feet even as she couldn't breathe and she panicked again. And Undyne watched unmoved, her eyes piercing, worse than the cat's... As Sans dragged Chara out of the closet and Papyrus took her other arm, holding her between them.

Her mind was back in the lab. The blindfold finally off of her but already deep within the heart of the building. Being led. Led with a handful of other humans. Off to be evaluated...

Undyne had the same appraising look from then but this time it was more sickening. More pointed and assure and personal and smug.

"Look at her, she's absolutely falling apart again." Sans said, putting a hand beneath Chara's chin.

"Of course she is. She's nothing but a coward and remorseless criminal who hides behind other people." Undyne said coldly. "But there is no one to hide behind now, is there? C5..."

She tilted her head.

"You're entire existence is a crime and it seems that fate agrees."

No, Chara thought. Just Grillby. Grillby agreed.

Because both Udyne and Grillby had silently smoked in anger as she had been sent back. Spared.

Spared by an old, grieving king and he had looked at her in a group of humans so much bigger than her and she hadn't been able to keep her face stoic and forceful.

Silently begging for a miracle.

Or at the very least.. Some sign. Some way to know....

Had any of it been worth it?

And she had been spared...

Only to be sent to a worser fate.

It was very, very hard to think anything different. To cling to any hope. As the most terrifying, merciless monster in the entire world stood across from her. Her would-be executioners holding her tight and standing so she could look Chara's naked and abused body over.

The entire air felt stifled around her. Stifled and off and wrong... There was no other way to describe it. Like looking at some fruit or vegetable you had found and knowing already that while it looked good and whole on the outside, you already knew without seeing that it was rotten and hollow to the core.

Her seeing eyes, her smile... Her teeth like fangs as she spoke-

"Take her to where ever you'll be the most comfortable."


The very idea of Undyne touching her-

"No." She breathed, trying to drag her feet but the brothers kept her held tightly between them, despite not needing both of them to do it. Not even one of them. They could have just summoned her soul and turned her blue but they specifically, specifically took this moment to manhandle her. As she kicked and screamed with all her might.

And Papyrus could feel it, the utter fear and terror.

He had thought it had peaked back when the first time his brother had loomed over her and Papyrus had held her down. He had then thought it had peaked at the mention and sight of Alphys. But this...

It was like having a wild, feral animal in her grasp. So utterly terrified and panicked and would literally do anything to prevent them taking her any farther. Anything. And underneath it all, buried in her chest, perhaps that also included to beg.

But it was drowned out by her furious rage.

And Undyne followed calmly. Absolutely unaffected.

"Come on now, pet. You won't even be this active for me. Makes me jealous." Sans teased.

"Get her away from me! Get off! Get away!" Chara shouted, but the brother were pinning her backwards against the bed. Chara tried to keep kicking, but the two of them... They each had one hand on each of her shoulders and the other hand keeping her legs pinned. And Undyne stood over her.


Unmoved and yet somehow, excited.

"So what was it you wanted to show us that was a big deal?" Sans asked.

Undyne held out a hand, the bracelet dangling from her wrist as her upturned fingers glowed light blue.

Chara's chest was heaving as her Soul was summoned. And she couldn't call it back. She couldn't flee- not that she would have been able to anyways- as her bright red Soul pulsed in panic and Undyne held it between her fingers. And pull it closer to her.

Chara felt dizzy. The sensation of it moving while she was stuck in place- And dizzy as she panicked. As Undyne. Undyne. Dr. Undyne. Held her soul. She had her Soul. Her soul between her fingers. Her very self.

The glowing red soul pulsed with defiance.

Undyne's other hand joined its partner beneath Chara's soul.. Her soul, her very self, cupped in Undyne's hands.

"A human soul, brothers." She told them. "Don't try this at home."

"I was already told the whole don't underestimate a human soul thing from Alphys. Not gonna play with it, promise." Sans told her. Undyne smiled softly as the red of the soul illuminated her face. "And we have the collar right?"

"Right." Undyne said evenly. "That is exactly why I need you to see this. All of you." She stared directly into Chara's frantic eyes. "All three of you."

She began to press her fingers against Chara's Soul.

Chara felt pressure in her chest but she snarled as she pushed back. But her fear remained clear on her face.

"The two of you are inexperienced so I need you to know that the two of you cannot do this to her soul. Am I understood? You will not touch it. You will use your blue magic. A little bit of handling should be safe but there is too much risk. A human soul is toxic with nothing good inside it and it will harm you without proper care. Am I understood?"

"Yes." Papyrus answered for them. She looked at Sans though more seriously. He nodded.

"Like I said, got it."


She kept pressing.

"What are you doing?" Papyrus asked.

Undyne kept her eyes fixed on Chara's.

"What I am doing to her soul isn't what is important. It is what she will do to stop me. What she can do. Even with the collar. And that is what I need the two of you to understand. What happens when you up a human in a corner. Why they can never be trusted..."

She kept handling and pressing and Chara... she felt the cold intent seeping through her. The dark tendrils of LOVE and murderous intent leeching into her..

Willing to hurt. Willing to kill. And it was as if it was there in the center of her chest. Attacking her from the inside out. And it was powerful. More powerful that she had ever expected. It was terrible and terrifying...

She felt like petrified stone in it. Staring up at the coldblooded woman above her.

There was nothing she could do. It was as if all the good feelings she had ever known were being sucked out of her. Overshadowed by Undyne's own will.

Because Chara was determined.

But Undyne was determined too.

Determined to hurt her.

And her poor soul, resisting all it could, Chara resisting all she could... She could do nothing as the coldness flooded through her. And the pain started to spread out as it followed.

"You know.. I've been told that this is like forcing you to relive the worse moment of your life." Undyne said, still staring directly into Chara even as she continued to work with the soul between her finger. "And perhaps that is a little extreme for what I need but if it works..."

She said no more.

Chara was beginning to twist in pain against the brothers.

"Be sure to keep holding her down." Undyne instructed. "Especially now."

"Now?" Sans asked.

"Now." Undyne agreed. And Chara watched with squinted eyes- As Undyne stabbed her fingers directly, forcefully, into every side of her soul.

Chara screamed, the pain intense. But then... It only grew. It did not stop. And Undyne squeezed tighter before letting up. Chara panted, but even so, even so...

"It's just pain.." She panted. "Just..."

It was nothing..

But Undyne was still prodding. The pain.. It felt like she was bleeding deep inside her chest. And Undyne was just kneeding it. Making it more tender. Deeper. Her soul was glowing like a ruby ember in Undyne's hand. Pulsing as it reflected that pain. Trying its best to push off Undyne's efforts.

"Now..." Undyne said as if instructing. "Enough warming up."

Her fingers stabbed through Chara's soul, her fingers deep within it to the core.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Her entire body arched against the brother's hold before she started to convulse and twist in anyway. Immediate tears in her eyes.

"Shit-" Sans breathed, pressing down farther to contain her but with difficulty as Papyrus tried to do the opposite and recoiled. But only for a moment, pressing Chara back down, but more out of the fear of how her body would contort if he didn't.

She had screamed before, but this. This was piercing. Eardrum shattering. Real, true screaming.

And this time.. The intent flooded through Chara thoroughly. And this time.. this time it really did not stop.

It was like someone had physically stabbed her in the chest. Over and over with several knives at the same time. Set her body aflame- And she was screaming. And then she couldn't scream. The pain too much and cutting all sound off.

And her mind. Her mind flying to so many different places.

She'd said the worse moment in her life. No. No that was not it. All the moments that made up the heart of her. The very essence of who she was as a person. To what had shaped her. Some good, but it was drowned out by the pain. The pain too much! Only allowing her to see and focus on the bad-

Hunger. Alone. Fear. Blood and dust. And dust.. Dust and blood on her hands as her pulse raced. Several different moments all at the same time in her head.

And then loss. Loss. His dust. His-

She could still see Alphys' attack racing towards her. The second time they had fought- That four legged idiot!!!

Sending bullets. Jumping in the way.

Dust. His dust- Her friend- Her best friend-

And Chara was standing there in the memory, screaming from the pain in her chest, from Undyne. But also from the grief of that moment. That awful moment. The second to last worse moment. Right after she realized she actually, truly cared. Too late. Too soon. Gone-


She didn't even make it past that, to the more recent memory. Because the intent, her own, was racing through her.

Wanting so desperately to kill. And this time there was nothing holding those feelings back. They sparked in her soul. Intense, so intense and vibrant. And the raw energy shot through the air from her soul.

Undyne barely flinched as the energized attack raced from Chara's soul. But the brothers. Each called out in pain as it struck them... Each losing bits of HP even from the indirect contact.

Sans tightened his grip against Chara- Terrified. And Papyrus found himself terrified as well. Terrified from the pain that one person could feel in a single body at one time as the two of them held her down. And also terror at what had just occured...

That attack. That intent. She should not have been able to do that.

The collar around her neck seemed to agree.

Undyne released the Soul, but before Chara could even gasp for breath, the collar flared to life.

The girl convulsed again as the pain raced through her. And it would not stop.

"What-" Papyrus' mind was frantic. He wasn't the one doing that. They had never taken the time to connect Sans' magic to begin with, it was just him and he was not the one doing that! "Stop!" He ordered, and to his relief, the collar cut off to his intent.

The girl lay limp against the bed. Her HP less than even half.

Papyrus stared at her face in what was very close to horror.

"What.. the fuck was that?" Sans said, his voice sounding just as winded as Papyrus' would of if he had been able to speak.

"What a human backed into a corner will do." Undyne said. Still holding the soul. The red, aching, unconscious soul. And Undyne stared.. Unmoved by the scene. "What you need to understand is this. That spark. Not every human can access magic consciously but that does not mean it isn't there. Mages exist. That barrier on Ebott exists. And even with the collars. It is still there. The magic. The LOVE. The collar only suppresses it. But if a human's will is strong enough. That does not matter. But with the collar, they will still immediately regret it. And that is what you will have to explain to her when she wakes up. She tries to get the collar off. She tries to do anything with her intent and actually succeeds. It will not stop. It will shock her and shock her until she is completely subdued or unconscious. That is what she must know. And for the two of you, remember. If she could... If she was strong enough, she would have both of you killed and never regret it. Am I... understood?"

"Yes, but holy shit! Undyne that was insane!" Sans told her. "You nearly killed her!"

"And so? That is a problem."

"I mean.. not exactly but at the same time yes! I have plans you know!"

"And I have plans on keeping the two of you safe and alive. Well.. Mostly Papyrus. But I would be a little more than upset if something happened to you I suppose." She smiled at Sans and he couldn't help it. He laughed.

"Har." He mocked, but then his smile fell. "But seriously, holy shit. You could have warned us."

"Well I did say, worse moment of her life. Did I not? I thought that involved some screaming."

"I meant the hit to my HP! I'm still not use to having more of it! I nearly had a heart attack! You can't just dodge something like that!"

"You lived. And I knew it wouldn't be nearly enough to do any real harm. You lost 1 HP each. 1."

"Which not to long ago was kinda! I don't know! A big deal!!" She smiled.

"You're playing with the big guns now, Sans. You can take a little heat. Besides... Just eat some monster candy."

The girl moaned on the bed, her head rolling.

"Well you still ruined my entire plans for the evening."

"Oh. Why? You're not the ones ready to quit.... Are you? And I don't think her opinion ever mattered... did it?"

Undyne bent down, grasping Chara's face with both hands, the soul floating weakly and abandoned against Chara's stomach as it pulsed lightly, desperate to wake up. Desperate. Knowing it was in danger. Knowing.

Chara's eyes opened slightly. She didn't know where she was. Why was she crying... She'd lost someone- No. No that wasn't right. Was it? She.....

She could barely focus on the blur of blue and red in front of her. And a part of her knew that this was a blessing.

"Give her no rest, boys." The blur instructed. Chara could make out her fanged smile. "All of you deserve it."

Chara didn't even have the energy to be scared but she knew that she should have been. Scared. Very scared for her safety. She could taste blood from the back of her throat. She thought... she thought perhaps she'd also bit her tongue...

But her heart was aching. Wondering...


"Do everything you want to her and more. And when you're done... I want her soul." Her soul... Chara caught her piercing eyes and gave off the smallest, weakest of whimpers because it hurt to do anything more. It was coming back to her. The present.

Undyne. It was Undyne. Her soul... That had just been a memory. A memory. Years ago, past... A memory. Just a memory and it didn't even matter anymore... Even though the weight of it...

"Be good... C5." Undyne's smile widened, those piercing eyes- piercing- like her fingers into Chara's soul- 'Be good and remember. Stay determined."

Chara couldn't protest as Undyne leaned forward, planting her lips against hers. Chara's body jerk despite the pain and exhaustion. Anything to get this demon, the true, real demon off of her. Witch- Her mind frantic with nonono. The fear- The nausea-! Nausea! Her stomach twisting with disgust and she gagged in the back of her throat.

Undyne pulled away, smiling again as she stood up.

"Now then..." She stood up. "Papyrus, you were going to show me some cooking?"

"Oh right... Right..." Papyrus said, standing up after her. But his head was still spinning from everything. Not sure what to be thinking yet but somehow glad to get out of there.

"Or were the two of you planning on having some fun first?" She asked though, cutting off his escape. She said it so casually-

"I don't.. know." He turned towards Sans, squinting.

"I think.. I need a drink." Sans admitted, standing up too. They all looked back down at Chara who despite her best efforts was slipping unconscious again. "Yeah, she ain't going anywhere. Drink."

And they escaped into the hallway, leaving Chara whose mind was slipping back into the past... The heartache stronger than ever...


Temmie where are you?


Chapter Text

"But how am I supposed to know when its really done? Its been forever and still its boiling loudly?" Undyne complained, stirring the taco meat one more time as Papyrus continued to cut up lettice and tomatoes.

"I have no clue." Papyrus admitted. "Last time I didn't put enough water in it. This time..." He turned around and peaked, frowning slightly. "Maybe we put too much in."

"We should dump some more spices in-"

"We are not experimenting." He countered. "If there is one thing I have learned from my months of failures it is that one must learn to make it right before changing it up. It is something I have learned the hard way. And besides... the amount of spicest you like in your food is unholy. If you must, do as Sans does and smother your own portion with hot sauce."


"No I am serious. It is how I truly measure how much of a success a recipe has been: How much hot sauce does Sans put on it?"

"I'm not gonna lie, it has saved my life on several occasions. Sorry, bro." Sans offered from his position, sitting on one of the chairs against the island as he watched the two cooking, drink in hand.

"I'm not sure how eating pure hot sauce is to save you..." Papyrus countered. Undyne only laughed again, stirring-

"Grrr. I'm turning up the heat though!" She said, twisting the flames to a higher setting.

"How about we trade jobs for awhile?" Papyrus offered. She huffed but agreed, taking the thin sliver of bone from his hand and eyeing the assorted vegetables dangerously before taking up where Papyrus left off. Slicing through them with swift perciscion. And Papyrus stepped over to the stove, immediately turning down the heat just a tad while she was not looking.

There was a single ashen spot above the stove on the ceiling already and he really didn't need another fire started.

If he was honest, sometimes he was surprised she hadn't yet blown up the lab to smithereens but he also knew her work self and her home self did not at all have the same work ethic.

"This is why I live off of dry ramen and tea and the occasional sandwhich." Undyne grumbled to herself.

"I can't judge cuz that would be me if not for Paps.." Sans stated. "Boiled hot dog and mac and cheese." Undyne paused her her slicing, eyeing him.

"Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that you did not mean those two things separate but actually together. Eaten together. In the same dish." Sans just smiled and shrugged.

"And some hot sauce on it for sure." Papyrus agreed, knowing his brother all too well.

"Oh hey, there's an idea!"

Undyne stuck out her tongue in disgust. But quickly settled back into working with the poor tomato in her grasp.

"I saw your workshop hasn't changed at all since the last time I was here." She said to Sans.

"Eh. Been to busy and nothing's really interesting me at the moment."

"Well I know one thing that is interesting you enough to do."

"Heheh.. yeah. Guess so."

"Here." Undyne said as she finished up cutting and turning to Papyrus. "I'm taking your brother out to the car to get the container I brought."

"Oh, okay." Papyrus agreed with a nod, and if he was honest he was glad he didn't have to go along... That thing... unsettled him.. if he was honest.

But he wasn't.

He wasn't even honest or letting himself really, really think over what had happened in the bedroom with Char- The human's soul.

It was over with now, it didn't matter.

"Oh what do you got for me?" Sans asked as he followed Undyne out to the garage-

Undyne opened the backseat of the car and Sans watched as she pulled out a large cylinder like device that was half the size of him.

"That's.... You said container. Right. Soul container. Right, right, that makes sense you said you wanted her soul."

"Exactly." She huffed a bit as she balanced it. "Help me." She ordered. He grabbed the other side and they began to bring it inside the garage.

"Corner." Sans said, twisting their direction that way. They put it down in the dusty corner and took steps back. Undyne was running her hands across her front to even out her clothes again.

"Perfect. Now. When you've had your fun, that is where you shall put it."

"It's bigger than I expected."

"Because it is a portable one."

"Usually portable is you know.... more easily portable."

"fuhu... The ones you are used to seeing on tv and in the lab are smaller because they are hooked up to something that provides power. This one isn't. So... it's bigger but you can take it to go. But you are right... I've been trying my best to find ways to make the portable more portable. But I can only do so much."

"Right. I getcha."

"So you open the top, turn it on, and using your blue magic you will put it inside before sealing it tight. Keep the blue magic on it until the seal is entirely in place. Understand? And do not touch it. A soul with no body is very volitile. And I don't want you to accidentally do somethign stupid like absorb it."

"Heh. Like I said, not a problem, Undies." She rolled her eyes at him.

"Also..." She made her way back to the car and pulled out a metal case. She pulled a key out of her pocket and unlocked it, opening it so he could see inside.

"Oh shit that's a lot of tablets."

"I was told you were running low."

"I wasn't sure we were getting more. Now that I have... you know.... HP."

"This. Is not for you..."


Undyne's eyes were narrow as the two of them walked back into the garage.

"I do not want him healing her excessively." She told Sans.

"Huh? Why not? It's what he is best at."

"Exactly. And with that comes a closer connection to the ones you are healing. You do not want him to get close to her on that kind of level. She will destroy him from the inside out. I've already told him I don't want him healing her so often but I wanted to tell you as well. But you don't want her to have easy access to the tablets either. Hence the lock and key. It is also magic resistent and water tight."

"This is.... a lot of work for one human with a collar. Even with your demonstration, it is just a little too much, Undies." She rolled her eyes again but still, she sighed. "Hey, look... I know we aren't as close as you and Papyrus. Or you and Alphys. Or vice versa with me. We ain't as close as the others. But that doesn't mean you can't tell me everything. Especially if its about Papyrus..."

"Alright.... You're right. This is a lot of concern for one little human. But this is like... my worse nightmare."

"Ain't that a bit of an exaggeration."

"He's going to get himself hurt."

"Papyrus isn't an idiot, Undyne."

"No. No, he isn't. But he is too compassionate and she doesn't deserve any shred of Mercy he will give her."

"I'm not going to force Papyrus to do anything he doesn't want to. And if you're somehow thinking he'll, what? Help her?? My brother, Undyne, my brother. Who is on my side at all times. Who would never do anything to hurt me?? Me. Who used to have 1 HP and still trusted him with my life in everything???"

"No.. No that isn't it."

"The most he will do is stop helping me have fun with her and that's okay. He doesn't have to. I get it. You're right. This isn't really his thing."

"I can't reconcile the two ideas in my head. That he is even doing this to begin with."

"He mostly just watches but he has helped a few times already. You're worries are too much, Undyne. Even if he does coddle her at any point, it would like... be exactly like what she is. She's a pet, Undyne. A toy. He can have his own type of fun with her if he wants. Not gonna stop that."

She was guarded and closed off, the situation still not sitting well with her at all.

"Just don't let him get hurt." She ordered. Sans sighed. "You're right. We are not as close as the others and that is because you are too much like me. We both have too much fight in us. But at the same time, I'm jealous."


"You've never ever put your own safety over his. Not like me..." Sans shook his head.

"I don't know what you mean.."

"When I first gained LOVE.... I had just watched the people I cared about dusted. Their dust was in the air around me. And only then did I fight back..."

Sans was staring, the lights in his eyes gone.

"Everyone was dead and only then did I fight back.... You would have never let that happen. So that is why I am telling you now.... Don't let it happen. I do not want that to happen. That is why I am so worried. I don't want to be caught off guard and do nothing... not until it is too late. There is a very real threat inside your house, Sans. So.. Please. Stay safe. And if you have to kill her. Kill her. Don't wait until it is too late"

"I won't Undyne.... I promise."

She nodded.

"I'll hold you to that." And she made her way back into the house, signaling that the conversation was over but the fight was most certainly not.


Chapter Text

Darkness again....... Darkness... She was in darkness against but she knew she had to still be alive...

She was in too much pain, too much pain. If she was dead, t wouldn't have been fair for her to still be in so much pain. And she could feel every inch of her body. And while she was barely conscious, she knew.... This darkness.... This darkness wasn't her usual darkness. The closet.

A part of her knew it was because her eyes were shut. Another part knew that it would have been... darkish.. and hazy.. even if her eyes were open. She was pressed like a sandwich between two hard somethings but that filled her half conscious mind with a small comfort. Those two hard somethings were protecting her. Hiding her. Hiding her in this darkness.

The air was dusty, not just from her memory but actually dusty. The kind that gathered with misuse. It was thick in her lungs as she stayed curled up into a tight ball even despite the pain in every part of her being, as she was squished between two firm and unbending somethings...

Her soul was in her chest, she could feel it. Sore and sick and heavy and in so much pain. And she hugged herself... A memory assaulted her. Dust. But even so-

It had just been a memory. A memory...

But the reality that was seeping into her. About the present and now. It had not proven any better for her. Worse, even. Because the other had just been a memory. A memory. A memory that didn't even matter anymore. Didn't matter- Just pain-

She did her best to curl up tighter. Despite the pain it caused. Despite how heavy her body was and resisting to move and the two firm and unbending somethings were tight against her...

Open your eyes, she ordered. Open them...

But she couldn't. She did not want to see.

Because it had just been a memory, but with it, had risen up another thought. A question she did not know how to answer.

Was it worth it? Had anything she had done been worth it?

She didn't dare think on it and she did not want to open her eyes to see what it was that she wanted justification for...

But she knew. She felt it across every inch of her skin. The other memory of something stabbing deep inside her, up through her legs...

She knew where she was. She knew when she was. She did not want to.

So she kept her eyes shut. She stayed in her ignorant darkness. Alone. Alone and in this hazy darkness with the smell of dust. Dust in her memory and dust in her actual lungs.

She laughed a bit. Weakly.. But it only masked the tears in the back of her eyes and in her chest. And she laughed. Laughed through the pain.

But then she heard the door opening....

The sound cut off with a whimper, as she curled as best she could but also to open her eyes. Needing to see. To focus. She had to focus. Focus or you would not survive.

She reluctantly obeyed, her vision blurred-

She'd been crying, she realized. Not just tears in the back of her eyes, no, it had been left over tears from her crying. That was why her breathing was so airy and wet and choking with all of the dust.

And her vision. She saw boots... And her mind began to realize... She was under the bed. She was under Sans' bed. She did not know how she had gotten there. What strength. What reasoning other than to hide. To feel safe like she had back then, in a tight corner but completely hidden. Safe again even though it hurt.

But now it was no longer safe, she was literally trapped and confined underneath the bed. And she couldn't tell whose boots those were. Sans, Papyrus, could they even be Undyne's? Were there more of them in the room and she couldn't focus enough to see them?

The person was bending down, she could feel the hum of ready magic, biting in the air. And she tensed. Ready for her soul to be grabbed. For her to be forced out into the open abruptly and painfully. And she braced for laughter. She had hid. She had given Sans exactly what he wanted....

But it was not Sans...

It was Papyrus. Papyrus bending down and ready to defend himself from anything she threw at him. Even as she remained curled up and ready for his...

The magic in his eye, though, cut off at the sight of her.

And Papyrus.. Papyrus had come back to the room the moment Sans and Undyne had left for the garage. Unable to abait his concern that somehow she would be hurt more than expected, that she would slowly be losing HP. Because the way she had screamed... The way she had tried to get away from the pain in her own chest and whatever memory Undyne had forced her to relive through... That had been too intense and he knew there was a good chance that it had not stopped hurting her HP even though the actual attack itself had stopped.

The girl's expression was absolutely miserable and frightened as she lay curled up beneath the bed. Earlier he had thought of her reaction like a feral animal within his grasp. Now it was just broken. Her chest heaved as a lingering sob worked its way through her. And Papyrus reached out his magic to Check her.

*Chara -- ATK 10 DEF

*9/28 HP

*..... Just wants to know if any of this was worth it...

Papyrus had no clue what that could mean... but he had the suspicion that the answer was no. But her HP was the same as when they had left her. There was nothing Papyrus had left to look into.

He should leave again. Before Sans and Undyne came back. So they could eat.

Oh. She hadn't eaten since morning.....

He was going to starve her to death at this rate, he figured, if he didn't keep reminding himself of that. But there was not much he could do about it right then.

Papyrus picked himself back up, and dusted himself off before making his way towards the door. Though he hesitated a bit before leaving the room, even if he wasn't entirely sure why.

He was in the kitchen when Undyne and Sans came back and to them it was as if he hadn't even left.



"And here we are, ma'dam." Papyrus said in his most exaggerated noble voice as he put the car into park outside of the lab... Which doubled as Undyne's living space... "We must do this again sometime. Just hopefully a bit less violence." She smiled at him and leaned in closer, lifting up her arms for a hug. He obliged, hugging her tight.

But somehow, the air was stifled again, stifled. All around the car.

But she was pulling away and still smiling.

"You take care of yourself. And your brother. And remember everything I've ever told you." And there she was, worrying again. "I'd tell you not to offer even a shred of Mercy but I know you... I've been so worried tonight. About you doing that, but overall... I think you not being able to offer Mercy. Even to someone like her. You... You not being able to be yourself. I think that would scare me more. Sans said something like that, you know. About how he wasn't going to force you to do something you didn't want, and he is right. I'm harsh and I am scared about this, but I don't want you to feel pressured to be callous and cruel. That isn't you... Not really. I just want you to do what you have always done. Be smart about your Mercy. Offer it, but at the same time, know that it doesn't always work. Especially with someone like her. You will give her Mercy... and she will only use you for it. Don't let that get to you. Always keep up your defense."

"I understand Undyne." He said for what felt like the millionth time.

"You're always the one Mom-ing me, let me have this, just this once." She prodded. Papyrus laughed.

"Alright, Undies." She punched him lightly.

"Don't you re-start that nonsense now too. He used it three four times today."

"Nyeh... Of course he did."

"Well... I guess I better get out of this car." But she made no move just yet. Just sitting there and Papyrus made no move to rush her. "Did you enjoy the Napstaton show?" She asked suddenly, despite them already having discussed it. Perhaps not in so much detail.

"What we saw of it, yes. I will have to watch a recording later on."

"Did it sound like they had a slightly different style this go around? It seemed a lot less showy. Less lights. It was almost tolerable. I might watch it more often if it stays like that."

"I heard that Napstablook disappeared for several weeks... Perhaps this was a compromise to bring him back. It will be interesting to hear the rest of it and see what else has changed or what has stayed the same. It could have just been the song...." Papyrus noted.

"That's true.. I've always liked Napstablook's stuff better.. When he actually has a chance to shine. Mettaton is just a showy ass... So that rumor may be true. I'd disappear too if I was stuck with him as my cousin." Papyrus laughed and shook his head.

Undyne had twisted in her seat and rested her head against the back of her seat, squinting at him.

"Papyrus.... are you okay?" Papyrus blinked, staring at her with a mixed expression.

"Of course." He said. "Are you?"

"No." She answered honestly. "I'm still worried." He only smiled.

"It will only be a few weeks. If that."

It wouldn't take long though, Undyne thought. Not long at all. Just one glimpse. One allowed thought. If he just opened up for a moment. It would be hours. Just hours. And he would care enough to not be able to hurt the human anymore. But what prevented her from totally being against it was the fact that Sans existed and Sans was right. Papyrus would never do anything to go against that. What she was worried about was just the fact that he could lower is guard. Lower his defense.

And then he could be dead.

But she was worrying too much. Too much. Asgore had her paranoid...

Because for Asgore it had only taken a single broken glance for the human girl to get under his skin. But then again, Asgore was different. An entirely different mindset entirely. She could not even hate him for it even as she violently disagreed. But what could she do?

"Just take care of yourself. And your brother. I'll be around." Papyrus only nodded and the two of them hugged again. Tightly. Undyne groaned as she squeezed. "Sweet Toriel, what am I going to DO with the two of you idiots?"

"Visit us more often to make sure we're okay?" He asked. She laughed.

"Of COURSE. This was all just a ploy to get me out and about!!"

"Part of it." She laughed and punched him in the shoulder again, before finally opening the car door and stepping out.

"I don't have to put up with this manipulation!" She declared.

"See you later when you come to check in on us!" Papyrus called after her, rolling down the window after she had slammed the door.

"You're a sly assholes!" She called back.

"We don't have asses!! The only ass we have is Ch- The human's!"

"Ugggh!" She complained, loudly, before slamming the front door, cutting her off from him. Papyrus laughed again as he closed the window. He took a moment to let out a few loud breaths. Gathering himself back together before starting to drive back towards home. He could not ease the tension in his ribcage though....

When he got home, parking in the driveway... He braced himself to re-enter the house. But his brother was not in his room. The closet was shut and locked. He hummed to himself and searched for his brother. He walked into the kitchen, the light still on, and he walked to the little room past the fridge. Where the door with the cat-flap that led to the backyard was. Sans was sitting on the back porch, his hands behind the back of his neck as he leaned up against some of the railing.

"Sup?" He asked.

"I thought we left you to have your fun?" Papyrus asked.

"Okay. I am not going to lie about this now that Undyne isn't here. But I honestly do not think she would have survived me doing shit to her tonight and I mean that. Maybe physically but mentally she was not even there fully. Where is the fun in that? And also..." He took a deep breath. "Also..."

Papyrus was sitting down on the swing chair, watching Sans curiously.

"We both agree that the shit she did in there was absolutely crazy right? Like that was intense and terrifying, right? Undyne was terrifying right? She didn't even fucking flinch. Like that was nothing to her."

Oh thank Toriel, Papyrus was not alone in this-

"Yes." Papyrus admitted. Feeling very relieved.

"I mean I am impressed but also holy SHIT. The fact that she could get that far into the pet's soul to BEGIN with, like holy SHIT."

"Well it is probably something she has to do in the labs. Or handle souls in general."

"I know that. Not knocking that. Just we all agree that that was terrifying. Even if in a cool type of way...."

"Holy shit." Papyrus echoed.

"Holy SHIT." Sans agreed. "So yeah.... I think that one is something I'm going to have to sleep on. Yeah. Sleep on it. If I can. Sleep and have it reset and we just continue on in the morning more cautiously than before and we just... keep doing what we were doing/"

"Yes." Papyrus agreed, still feeling very relieved and justified in his uncertain and uneasy feelings. He had thought maybe it was just him. But it was nice not to be so confused anymore. "So... How was she, the human, when you went back to her?"

"Huh? Shivering on the mattress still." Sans said. "I just kinda threw her in the closet because I wasn't sure what to do. You should probably look her over before bed. Give her a tablet perhaps. Its in the kitchen with the key." Papyrus nodded, but his mind latching onto what his brother had said.

Her being on the mattress... not under the bed.

Somehow he felt relieved about that......

Because maybe, he reasoned, it had almost, just almost felt unfair to have that be held against her right after something like that and he knew that Sans would have.

That was it. It hadn't just been intense. It had almost been unfair to have her soul be used like that. Even for a human....

How was someone supposed to fight against something stabbing through their very Soul? That was how he kinda felt about the collar to begin with and this had been just that times eleven.

But he dare not let himself linger on that thought. Only accept it and feel relieved and justified and validated in his own uneasy feelings. It was okay anyways. Things would go back to normal tomorrow and he would pretend he never saw her cowering beneath the bed or screaming in agony. He wouldn't hold that against her and neither would Sans and he just felt very... relieved.

They could just go back to the fun atmosphere the last two days had and it would be okay.

The brothers stayed on the porch, watching the night sky... A half hour later when Papyrus opened the closet door, the girl was still curled in on herself but he could see very clearly that she was breathing.. That she was awake.. Still fighting to stay conscious and aware. He bent down and grabbed her shoulder. Making her jump and whimper in fear and pain.

"It is alright human. We're just going to take another shower." That would be a good place to start.

Sans stood watching with a serious expression as Papyrus picked her up.

"Eh this aftercare stuff isn't for me. I'm going to bed. Don't help her escape while I'm asleep, right?" Papyrus huffed in annoyance. "G'night, Paps."

"Goodnight, Boss." Sans laughed again, the relaxed and jovial feeling returning to the house as the stiffness eased out of it. Sans leaned in close to Chara's hazed over expression.

"Goodnight, pet. Feel better, won'tcha? We've got lots to do before I kill you and I want you at least mostly conscious and in the present while I do 'em." Her eyes closed, her only way of escaping. And Sans laughed again as he ran his fingers through her hair. Sans watched his brother carry the girl towards the shower and he shook his head.

Undyne really had been crazy. If she had just let it be... but if anything, Sans felt like she had almost made her point worse. Undermined it. Wait no, undynemined it. He shook his head again and rolled his shoulders. Ugh. He was glad to have it just be them again. He knew it shouldn't have bothered him so much, and it really didn't. It really had been more of how... unsettling calm Undyne had been about it. How completely distance from it.... No matter. Off to bed and to forget it and just have his fun later. He'd let Papyrus have his. If he wasn't supposed to let the human get to him, he wouldn't have Undyne get to him either...

.... Papyrus held her in the shower, just like they had that morning, but this time she didn't even give him any second glances. Her eyes completely shut as she leaned up against him.. Barely standing but Papyrus didn't have time to give her a bath that would have probably worked out better. He just wanted the warm water over her quickly because she wouldn't stop shivering and to get off the sweat from his own bones.

When they were done, he dressed quickly and after a reluctant moment, he got her one of his large spare shirts. She did not resist in the slightest as he put it on her, even cooperating as she did her best to lift her hands.

"Good girl." Papyrus stated. But she was in too much pain to truly react. He lead her to the kitchen and set her standing against the table. He didn't think she had it in her to eat with the pain though. He would have to give her the tablet first.

But when he held out the pure, ember-like green tablet out to her she stared at it suspiciously.

"It'll heal." He told her. She only still eyed it.. "Do not make me shove it down your throat." But while it was a threat, it was whispered. Almost like a request....

She took it and popped it into her mouth like a monster candy. But the moment she swallowed-

Her back straightened, her eyes open WIDE as it worked through her, absorbed into her system. She let out a loud breath, her face flushed, and Papyrus caught her in his arms as she fell forward...

"There now, Char-human. There..." Her head fell completely as she passed out. "Hey." He prodded, putting his hands into her wet hair and against her cheek. Trying to wake her. "Hey." But she was out of it completely... But just looking over her he could see the wounds disappearing; He Checked her.

*Chara -- AT 10 DEF


And her HP was steady rising each second as it worked through her..

But it seemed to be that it had simply been too much for her at one time..

To be fair Sans had only ever used half of one at a time.. Papyrus hadn't thought this through enough. He should have known better.

But no matter....

She would just have to wait again for morning to eat something.....

He put her back into the closet, changing the blanket for her and draping it over her. When he stood up, he jumped at the sight of the cat glaring at him. Dangerously, its tail flicking as it growled.

"Things will be back to normal in the morning." Papyrus told the cat. It only flicked its tail one more time. Papyrus closed the closet door and locked it. Thankful to have all of that over with. He took the case of tablets to the bathroom and put it up high and out of reach to anyone but him. But even so, he took the key with him.

And in the morning. Everything was back to how it was. The girl waking, eating breakfast, Sans pestering her, and Papyrus putting her back into her closet and leaving her. But this time she did not glare. She kept her eyes downcast and staring at her knees as she kept her arms wrapped around them, her bangs hiding her face. But even so, Papyrus closed the closet door and locked it behind him.

"You're gonna be late, Paps!" Sans called, revving his engine.

"I most certainly will not." Papyrus countered as he stepped out with his keys. "The Great Papyrus is nothing but poignant."

"Yeah, I don't think that is the word you're looking for." Sans told him.

"PUNCTUAL!" Papyrus corrected quickly.

"Hehehe... And you could say I'm nothing but pun-ctual."

"I think Undyne would say punk-ctual." Papyrus offered. Sans laughed and took off on his bike. And Papyrus smiled, everything feeling right again and the air vibrant with magic as he got in the car and made his way to work.

And when he came home from work, he fed the human again (feeding her the very last of the lasagna to be rid of it), Sans came home, and Papyrus watched as the human slipped into reserved silence as Sans dragged her back to his room.

And Papyrus was still relieved....A general but comfortable routine set.

Chapter Text

If she was honest, Chara hated him. Honestly hated him. And her too. Mich. Alex. They were both awful. But at the same time, they were the only ones who would tolerate her tagging along. And when you were away from the camps having one or two other people by your side was always a bonus.

Not necessarily for the most positive reasons though....

The area was teaming with humans and monsters. Some there for the junk, some there looking for easy EXP. No one was there for the company. But if you had people with you, there was a safety in numbers. But sometimes that safety only came from the fact that if you had other people with you, you didn't have to outrun your pursueors. You just had to outrun the people with you. Or at least find a better place to hide.

You brought people with you to have more bait....

She knew that was the only reason Mich and Alex allowed her to come along with them to what was basically the garbage dump. There was a lot of risk involved venturing here because there were always patrols on top of the scavengers. But it was a risk worth taking because the closer you got to the city and its wall, this was where all the good, more recent trash was.

If you were small enough and brave enough you could even get into the city. Living in the sewers and tunnels. Slipping into the streets at night. Chara had only done that a few times so far though. It was too dangerous if you didn't know your way around and had no one to guide you. And she didn't really trust anyone enough to allow them to guide her. She stayed away as best she could from the actual heavy fighting. Those militant groups that still clung to the idea of wiping monsters out..

So most of all, she was stuck in the Ruins, the camps scattered across the valley. The rivers that flowed both from the mountain itself or from the city. And then the garbage dump.

And that was where they were. Scowering for the best bits and keeping an eye on each other. The three of them not trusting the other in the slightest but at the same time lingering close. Needing the other's eyes. The other's ears. The other's misfortune if they happened to be stumbled upon or stumbled on something else.

"Shit!" And stumbled upon they were.... And at the panicked sound of Mich's voice Chara snapped her head towards the sound. His voice had been shirll and desperate. Even more so than that one time they had found what looked like some giant lizard monster in the water, its teeth jagged. They had almost not seen it. Almost snapped up. And Mich had cursed in surprised fear. They had run just in time all three of them getting away in separate directions.

There was no hard feelings of course. It was expected. That was what you did. That was how you survived. Even Mich and Alex and she had seen the two teenagers cuddling together by fires, sharing soft kisses.

But you did what you had to for you. No matter who the other person was. That was how it worked. That was how you survived.

Having people important to you, that you couldn't afford to lose.

That got you. And them. Killed.

But Chara's stomach was dropping at the sight. Something large, dark, and black sweeping over the horizon.

"Shit, shit, shit!!" Mich said, taking off in the opposite direction, dropping everything in his hands. Alex let out a panicked scream as Mich grabbed her by the arm. But only for a moment. He let her go the moment he realized she had frozen solid in terror.

And Chara.... She stared too, her heart racing.

You knew what it was. Even if you had never seen it before. The darkness that grew darker yet darker as it covered the entire area. Searching. Searching for anyone and anything. Everyone knew what. Everyone knew who. But never had Chara ever heard of him being here. In the dump. This place of no real importance except for the lower ranks who wanted a leg up on EXP.

But here it was. That infernal darkness sweeping in. And if it touched you. He could see you. Know you were there.

She snapped out of her terror, and ran, leaving Alex with not so much as a thought. She heard the girl turn around finally, calling out after Mich and following after him.

She never did see them again.

And Chara raced and raced, but soon she realized that there was no way for her to outrun it. And besides that, she had put herself in a corner. Nowhere to run forward at the walls of garbage around her. Nowhere to run back, only bringing herself closer to the darkness.

Her red eyes were frantic. But there was nowhere to hide. Nowhere safe to hide. She turned to face the approaching wave of darkness.

They said the darkness enveloped you. That it pulled you into a Fight. Bearing your very Soul.

They said that he did not even face you as he fought you. There was darkness and an array of hands. Different colors in their palms.

They said that this was all their was. Hands pointing towards you. Darkness. And it tore you apart if you could not find your way to escape.

Not many escaped.

They said he had too much LOVE.

They said that one hit was all he needed.

That he turned you green and gave you the first turn.

Knowing full well that all your attacks were like nothing to him and the void he created around you.

They said that once the darkness had grasped and pulled forward your soul, you were already dead.

Chara's heart was racing, watching it come closer. And she couldn't breathe. She couldn't run. All she could do was stand there.

Her heart sank and she stood there..... feeling herself hollow out of all feeling.

She was already dead.



She was like... dead weight beneath Sans as he caressed her body. Which in and of itself was an unsettling thought, but at the same time... No. No, it was just unsettling.

It wasn't even like it had been two days ago when she had started her plan to give him the silent treatment and piss him off. There he could see her hiding in the back of her own eyes. Having put herself behind a pane of glass.

This was not like that.

She was staring blankly as she panted and no matter what he did he could not get a reaction out of her. Honestly... no fun at all, if he was honest. And he was.

He couldn't help but be super irritated at Undyne. Before she had at least resited mentally. Or had stared at him with her pulse racing and in terror. Now she was sapped of everything. Energy.. Just... everything.

Whatever Undyne had done to her, whatever she had seen, had truly, really, taken something out of her.

Her determination..

She just couldn't keep it up.

He had planned to take it slow again, just enjoy himself and lure her back but this was very.. unsatisfying. Even as he came inside her and she squeezed her eyes shut in disgust. But that was it. He rolled his hips, teasing the idea of forcing her as well but if she was just going to lie there and take it......

Sans groaned as he put his full weight against her, wrapping his arms under her shoulders and angling his face in front of hers. She kept her eyes diverted. The silent tears that had been there since before they had even started were still working their way against her skin as she kept taking in large breaths as she stayed flushed.

And Sans was really, really irritated.

A weeks worth of fun looked like it had now been reduced to days.

Then again, it wasn't over yet. She still hadn't begged. But at the same time, she hadn't said anything either. And not just because of the silent treatment. This one was really, really...

She was like dead weight beneath him and that analogy was just too close to the truth. If she didn't snap out of it soon. If he didn't draw her back out....

Shit it was pitiful watching her beneath him. Honestly killing her now would just be putting her out of her misery.

Sans sighed. Such a waste. They could have broken her... Undyne had just broken her for them. In a matter of minutes.

She would owe him. But then again it wasn't like she didn't have humans to spare.

But he was still bitter.... His first human and she had robbed him of that. A gift from his brother even...

And she had been perfect it had seemed. An idiot.

But thanks to Undyne it seemed that she had figured it out a lot sooner than he would have hoped..

He really didn't know how to draw her back out, to rekindle her desire to fight. She was down and kicking her would just keep her there. But she wasn't enough of an idiot to rise to any baiting compliments or.... whatever...

Sans sighed again and ran his fingers through her hair, petting her head.

"Just say it, pet. I'll just end it."

He would even shatter her soul despite Undyne's adamant claim to her soul.

But if she had ruined his fun, he would only return the favor and ruin hers. That was only fair, he reasoned.

"Just let Alphys have her go at ya and then that's it. All ya gotta go through. You just have to say it."

Because if this was how it stayed, it really was no more fun.

She closed her eyes, swallowing before breathing out... tears still in her shaking chest.

"Just say it and it'll almost be over."

She did not respond.

"Welp, then I guess that means you're up for another round."

"You'd do it anyways..." She whispered. Sans blinked, surprised she had reacted. Rising to the bait.

But still she stayed staring out across the bed, away from him. It hadn't been so much rising to the bait, he supposed. Just empty words of truth.

"I mean, sure. But at least you'd know it would be over sooner." Sans watched her expression. Still staring away from him. Still... "Look. I don't know what Undyne did to make ya so down and out. And I had no clue it was going to go that way. So I'm sorry, kay?" He tried, at that point just really wanting anything from her to chew on.

"You're just upset you didn't get to this point yourself." She stated.

For an idiot she was very perceptive and knew her situation well enough......

"Caught again." Sans admitted. "But still. Come on, pet." He took her face in his hands and forced her to look up at him. She stared near blankly at his chin, not in his eyes though. "Come on. You can't be done yet. You've just barely started."

She did not respond.

"You can't just go back on everything you've worked up to just because of a single bad memory and a bit of pain. You're not dead yet, isn't that enough for you humans?"

She did not resond... Sans frowned, his anger sparking. Anger at her and anger at Undyne.

"Come on, Chara. I refuse to believe you've actually quit until you've said the words."

"Good." She whispered.

"Heh. You'll get bored here, Chara. Just laying there. Moping. If you haven't gotten bored already. I mean, we haven't even gotten to the funnest bits here. And I mean, trust me, then you'll finally quit. But not now." He trailed a hand through her hair again and grunted as he began to press his cock back into her. Her eyes shut, her face flushing at the stimulation as he began to grind inside her again. "Come on, Chara... I know your type, you're, hnngh, very determined, aren't you? Alphys said I couldn't win. You wouldn't w-want to prove her wrong so, hu-heh, soon right?"

He continued to roll his hips, thrusting into her. But she was tense against him this time, less like dead weight.

"You. And all your kind.. Your race. You'll never give up. Even if there's, hnn.. absolutely NO benefit to persevering whatsoever. If I can make that clear-" He breathed out heavily, holding tightly to the back of her head, pulling on her hair as he continued to work the tension up her body, her muscles squeezing him tightly. "No matter what, you'll just keep going. Not out of any d-desire for good or evil... but just because.. you think you c-can. And beacuse you can.... ... you have to."

No desire for good or evil...?

She couldn't help but open her eyes. He smiled at her.

"You, kn-know.. Undyne always talks so big and I get her point. Es-Especially around, Paps. But I know you guys aren't demons. That is what makes it much worse. Demons destroy cuz tha's what the-" He groaned and Chara gasped beneath him. "Do." He laughed lightly as her eyes crossed briefly and she closed them tight. "Demons destroy cuz they're evil. You guys do it.. just because.. If you can't have somethin'.. you'll take everyone down with you. It's-"

He gave up, resting his head against her as he lost his rhythm and she cried out, him pulling her hair, the building climax choking her. Sans didn't stop and she was forced to moan and gasp as she came around him and he continued to thrust. Trying to reach that edge. Her spasms had ended and she let out a sob as her body stayed tense, the sensation too much as Sans finally pushed over.

He collapsed against her entirely, letting their cum linger together around him as the two of them breathed in heavily.

"But now you've reached the end..." Sans panted. "End... There's nothin'. Nothin' left for you now... H-Heh. Hnngh. In my personal opinion... the most determined thing you could do.. is just give up. Just say the words... Give up completely." He lifted his head, tears still streaming down her miserable expression. "But you're still just that much of an idiot not to.. A-Aren't you..?"

He laughed as he let go her hair and let her relax. Even as he kept her pressed against the bed and hilted inside her. Her spasming muscles were almost too much. Too much... Even as he didn't move.

"Can't lie and s-say I'm not happy about it." He admited. "Even if ya ain't anymore fun... Ya still feel nice... So the only one y-you're hurting is yourself, pet."

Her eyes were closed, still not giving him what he wanted. He just sighed again. Though it came out a soft groan as he rested against her, pulling himself out of her.

Chara could feel liquid easing out of her as well as he did as she only pressed her lips together as her thighs squeezed shut, the sensation still just as awful.

He pulled off of her and flipped himself over. The girl grabbed his pillow and pulled it close to her as she immediately curled back up into a little ball. Not wanting to feel any of the things racing through her. Sans kept catching his breath as he stared up at the ceiling. After a moment, he began to crawl over towards her. She tensed, waiting for him to grab her.

But luckily for her, he was tired. He pulled her in though, resting her back against his chest as he wrapped himself around her; spooning her and the pillow. He sighed as he laid slack against her. He could feel the slight note of despair in her posture. About how she was going to be stuck there all night.... But still she stayed tense and refusing to just completely give up though she really, really wanted to. Though she already had to some degree. But she just had to keep going. Anything to keep herself alive despite their not being a point.

"That attitude.. you guys got... That's why you can't love. Probably can't even understand the concept of it." He felt her hug the pillow tighter.

"And what would love be to you?" She asked through a muffled sob against the pillow.

Sans opened his eyes and glanced down at the top of her head, completely surprised. He hadn't anticipated it. He chuckled softly.

"Love is putting other people's needs before your own. You guys can't do that. You guys can't love. And that is why you're not people."

Her back shuttered and he didn't expect her to speak again, but she did.

"You put it.. like that.." She managed. "A lot of monsters aren't people either."

"Heh... Fair enough I suppose... But that's still not the same as you. Not a person, not a demon. Just human. Something in between. And destroying everything around you as you do everything for only for yourselves. Anything just to keep breathing...."

"Having people important to you.. just gets you both hurt." She whispered but her voice cracked as she said it, verging on sobs again. She breathed in deeply and then out... And then to Sans' continued surprise, she continued... "But you're not entirely wrong.." She admitted to him. "I didn't learn the words rape and murder from you..."

"You're LOVE makes that very clear..." Sans reminded. She didn't speak again for a moment and Sans thought maybe the conversation was over. The strange, strange conversation he hadn't expected and he wasn't sure why she had started it.. Why she had continued it. But if that was what she had needed to restarted the fight then by all means he would indulge her. It had been interesting anyways. But she surprised him once again-

"If you were in my position... alone... would you give up?" She asked softly. And Sans... he frowned, thinking this over.

"Everyone gives up eventually." He told her. "So yeah. Probably. Sometimes you just have to learn when to quit... Though that isn't to say I wouldn't try and give them hell. So guess not so different than you I suppose. At least in that regard." He trailed a hand against her cheek, putting a strand of hair behind her ear again.

"But according to you, you still being different..." She stressed the words. "If you weren't alone... If your brother.... Or if you just knew that your brother was somewhere and you had to get back to him... Get him out of this situation would you give up then? Even if it seemed like it could be pointless? Even if every second was horrible?"

"Heh... What do you know. Yeah, pet. If that was the case, nothing could get me to give up... But that is pretty outrageous to you isn't it?" Sans prodded. He pulled her a bit in closer. "That's love, pet. Can't believe you actually got a way to contextualize it for yourself." There was another round of silence. He wondered off handedly if she even knew what contextualize would even mean...

"Even if..." Her voice cracked again, a new sob working its way through her and once again... Sans was caught off guard. But it seemed like she was having difficulty understanding, which was understandable.... It wasn't really something she could naturally understand. "Even if you were almost certain that he was dead anyways... That it didn't even matter but you just c-couldn't know?"

"Is that a threat, pet?" Sans growled. She tensed.. and there was silence. And he figured that maybe for once that it wasn't. "But I..." He thought about it. "Yeah. Even if it was just the smallest fraction of a possibility he was alive, you couldn't get me to quit."

"And if he really was dead?"

"Someone would regret ever being born." She shivered but still hugged the pillow.

"And after?"



"You'd be dead..." She continued. "You would have realized you had been dead along and just hadn't known it. That everything you ever did hadn't mattered..... That is why you shouldn't have people important to you. That is why you shouldn't love. It is a strength because.. because it puts your heart somewhere else and makes it so people can't touch you. Not really. But... that puts your heart somewhere else. And that makes it a lot harder to protect.... And if you lose it... You're still alive... but you're dead. You're dead.... And nothing you ever did mattered....... Love..... Without it, if your heart stays in you.... As long as you're breathing, you're fine. As long as you don't give up. If you love, and your heart is somewhere else and it dies.... You're breathing but you're already dead. And if you don't know....."

She trailed off. And Sans.... Sans had no clue what to say or make of ANY of that..... Both because she had talked in circles and because the way she worded it...

"That's..........." His brow was knit together as he stared out across the bed towards the wall, still feeling her against him but at the same time.. almost not wanting to look down at her.

"That's grief." Chara stated....

"Heh. Heheheheheheh." She yelped as he shook around her, closing her eyes tightly.

She breathed in sharply as he started to turn her over, pulling her from the pillow and forcing her to look at him. Her red eyes were wide and once again there was that one expression he absolutely hated. The one that for a moment made time stop as he stared at it but also made him want to strangle it out of her. But he knew what it was about it now.

Innocence. Pure, fake innocence. Mock innocence in her terror.

A look someone with LOVE, especially a human with LOVE, should never be able to make.... Which was why he wanted to strangle her.

But it passed as she pushed her hands agianst his ribcage, still wanting to flee but her expression more forceful.

Yes, the fight. It was coming back and she was on the verge at snarling at him.

"Now where...?" He mused. "Where did you learn a fancy word like that?"

She opened her mouth, but her voice could not come out. But they were there in her chest.

The same place she had learned hope. Mercy. The same place she had learned love... And that if you put those things together...


But at the same time.

There too was the grief.


She didn't know.

She really didn't know.



A hand grabbed her wrist tightly and Chara couldn't even scream as she twisted towards it, her red eyes wide and terrified, the darkness still looming in and growing incrediably close. She wanted to pull away from the small, tan and dirty hand, but she was frozen solid at the bright, wide golden brown eyes staring at her. The hand gave a gentle tug. She focused. The trash heap she had been standing next to had not been a heap at all. It was a constructed hollow hill, a sheet of sturdy metal covering the makeshift entrance; a small crack revealing that the entrance was even there.

And the pair of golden eyes inside it.

The small hand tugged again, and in an instant, Chara dived inside. No time to question the sincerity of the offer.

The space was small and cramped but just enough room for both of them. Just enough. The child.. Really, really a child. She thought a boy. Several years younger than her. And he began to reach for the entrance again. To shut the metal completely.

But the darkness was closing in. Not enough time. Chara grabbed the small hand and pulled it way from the opening and hugged him close as they both held their breath. Waiting. As the dark wave of magic swept over the heap.... but at the same time.... Completely missing them.

Time passed slowly. Slowly.... And they hardly breathed...

But then. It passed. And the stiffled air... began to clear...

The two children breathed out heavily. Collapsing onto the ground together. And Chara... Chara lifted her face to look over the boy... Who smiled sheepishly and shrugged.



And that smile... She'd given up everything for it. All the things she had asked. About Papyrus. About Sans. She could throw it in his face. She could try to prove it... Prove him wrong.

But that would require giving up everything. The very location of the heart of her.

And she didn't even know.

She didn't even know if he.....

She didn't even know if any of it had ever mattered since turning herself in.



She was holding herself as best she could. Even though it hurt. But there was an idea that had crept into her mind. An awful idea that she'd had before but had refused to listen to it but could no longer fully ignore it after the memory of what had happened with Temmie....

She couldn't hide from it. She really couldn't hide from the darkness in front of her.

The fact that... Chara couldn't even know if her brother was even still alive.

She lay there in Sans' grasp, her mouth still open but no words coming out. Her eyes flickered downwards in defeat... falling like dead weight against his grasping arms...

And a part of her knew... She very well could already been dead.

Chapter Text

And so the routine went on... Everything the same.... Even if Chara still did not raise her head to glare at either of them as the closet was shut on her again, still a bit bruised from the night before. Not hurt enough for a tablet.. And Papyrus wasn't supposed to heal.

Sans raced away towards the farthest boundary of the city on his motorcycle at full speed... But even as he did it was with the vague knowledge that nothing was going to happen today.

Real attacks only ever happened on occasion. From a handful of groups that still seemed to have strong enough numbers. They were never serious attacks. Just hit and runs. Basically they felt like robberies. But the threat still remained.

Though Sans and many others were still of the opinion that they should stop waiting for attacks to come to them. To wipe through the mountain side and purge it. And when it came down to it, even crossing over The Barrier into Ebott... Crossing over and killing them all, destroying The Barrier from the inside out.

But that was something The King seemed unwilling to do... And to be fair Sans in theory understood the arguments.

That would be a lot of manpower. It would be a huge risk to their numbers. But not doing anything and just letting the humans breed like insects was not a solution. All of it was just stagnated. Everyone knew it. That was another reason it really wasn't called a war to the general public.. The war part was over. Now was just weeding out the surviving infection... Even if a lot of times it only spurred action when a considerable settlement was discovered.

The rest of it was waiting. And every few months or so... They knocked on the door.

Usually the knock was some sort of explosion. But they did in fact come just like everyone knew they would. They just would not give up.

But Sans supposed, technically, he should be thankful no action. Only that one event so far, even if it had gained him LOVE..... even if it had gotten him yelled at by Alphys.

But waiting. Patrolling. It was tedious. Just like it had been back on the patrols within the city. With Papyrus. At least then though he'd had Papyrus.

Now he didn't even have that and he was still itching for a Fight.

The high of the promotion. The high of the first gained LOVE. It was wearing off. He needed more. He needed a Fight. Chara had been promising but now, daily contact with one of the things only to still get nothing.... It was driving him insane. Like someone was denying him release. Like someone was teasing him. Perhaps that was an exaggeration but it was there. And Sans knew already that it would grow. It would become like that.

The Fight would just not come for him... He seriously had to do something about Chara then...

God he could not wait for tomorrow already.

And that was the first time in a long time that he actually looked forward to his day off....

But he was... finally. Anxious for his day off. To not have to do anything.. well.. besides Chara.

His mind did think to the workshop in the garage though, for just a moment, thinking about it because Undyne had specifically poked at him about it... He honestly.. hadn't been able to do any of that stuff in a long while. The only thing he could really get himself to work on was his cycle. Everything else... he kind of just pushed around.

He really hadn't done much in there since... well... probably months at this point. Just moving stuff around to look like he was. But still he had nothing to show for it. He had just been so focused.

Finally having the house. Finally so, so near to his promotion. Itching for that fight. To finally reach his ultimate goal! And there he was. At his goal, and still somehow unsatisfied.

"You look bored." His coworker... Aaron... said. With a wink.


There was just something about the guy that creeped Sans out. Sure he had a lot of horsepower and his attacks were hard to dodge on the ground so yeah sure, grouping him with Sans who could use his blasters from the top and the sides made sense and Sans was stuck with him, but at the same time!!!! Sans wished he could just tell Aaron to go away. But there he was stuck with him so...

Sans smiled for him, keeping up appearances.


"You should find something to do... Hobby? Talent?" He asked, winking once again.

Sans' smile was incredibly strained.

"Oh I got some hobbies...." Though he found himself not even wanting to mention that breaking a human was now one of them and literally all he had tried to do for days....

"Hey! If you're really bored we could have a flexing context!"

"Sure." Sans lifted his arms, curling his arms. Flexing his non-existent muscles.

"Oh. Haha, nice. My kind of joke."

"My bones are just really aching for some action. That's all." Sans told him.

"Wow! Spunky! Loving it!" Aaron told him. Sans with held a groan. "Well me, I'm sweating here just watching you watch the horizon... If you really wanted some action the real place to go is outside the city. Especially the dump. If ya want, Bratty and Catty and I go on occasion. If ya want, you can tag along. Though they are there for the junk mostly. First time we went, we were going for the excitement. Girls fell in love with garbage."

Which was probably why they could tolerate hanging out with him after hours to begin with.

"It was as if it had awoken something within them from a past life." He said. And Sans didn't know what that meant. And he didn't know why it too was accompanied by a wink.

"Yeah, I think I'm good." Sans told him.

"You'll change your mind." Aaron told him confidently with another wink....

Alphys specifically put him hear to torment him and Sans knew it. To make up for his own cheeky ass.... He just knew it.

And she wondered why he abandoned all of them when it came down to it.

"But there is ALWAYS humans there. If you know where to look that is." Yet. Another. Wink. "Easy EXP."

Sans was thinking about how much EXP he could get from the unsuspecting monster beside him.

But the dump wasn't SUCH a horrible idea. But he didn't know his way around... If he went he really would need a guide.

........... But he would put off taking Aaron's offer for as long as possible. Thanks.

He just stood there ignoring Aaron as he scanned the horizon and pulsed with magic, thinking about the fact he didn't technically have to wait for any action at all. Even if he had to work furiously to actually dig his teeth into her and get her to pay enough attention anymore.....

But until then....

He waited.

But right about the time Papyrus got off of his own patrol, his phone buzzed and he stole a glance.

Going to Muffet's. Should I expect backup??


FUCK yeah, he texted back.

This is what I thought. meet at house

God he could so use some spiked spider cider and a good donut. A decent day off. And an actual, fucking fight for once.....

But... he guess he just had to settle for the fucking if it really came to it...


Papyrus opened the closet door, already looking down. But to his surprise. The girl was already standing. A forced, serious expression on her face... Even as the red puffiness to her already red eyes revealed that she had been crying at one point. Even with neither of the brothers there to drag them from her. And the air around her was different than before.

She did not lunge as he would have expected though. It seemed that her plan was to make sure he handled her as little as possible if she could manage it. Which of course meant Papyrus was then obligated to grab her arm anyways despite the seeming cooperation. Just to be sure and also to make a point.

Though he could tell she really, really needed a win right about now. And that made her dangerous.

She was still bruised and dirty from the night before. Sans had woken the two of them up late, seeming content to torment her awhile longer after the alarm went off

"She had looked too relieved." Sans had said.

It was a good thing though. There was something Papyrus needed to try and he couldn't really do it in the morning. Not enough time.

He dragged the girl into the bathroom, her stumbling as he let her go.

"Strip." He ordered. She held the bottom of the shirt he had given her to wear tight, she shook her head adamantly. He could tell she was also craving a shower.

She was always craving a shower...

But it was back down to needing that win.

Though he did not think she would consider this a genuine win.... Still with the linger smell of sex on her and sore and used body...

Papyrus started the bath. She eyed him, uncertain still at what he wanted.

"Strip." He ordered again. "Don't make me turn you blue. We both know you want clean. And I want to try out something."

This did the opposite of calm her down and he realized this.

"With the tablets." He stated. "Swallowing it whole was too much, correct?" Why was he explaining this to her? She didn't have a say and didn't....

Papyrus sighed.

"Strip." He ordered. She took a step back. He pulled her Soul forward, turning it blue. She bent forward from the weight before she could adjust herself. But by then he had already grabbed her and forced her against the wall.

His Defense was up completely. She was entirely depressed and he could feel it. On the verge of breaking and not being able to pick herself back up it seemed. And with that he could also feel that this was making her even more desperate to do so. Because she knew she was at that point too.

This fight in her eyes that was rekindling was not one of true determination. It was the last struggle of someone denying their reality.

Because it was hard when in constant doubt. With the constant hits. Constantly nothing good going for her.

She needed that win. Badly... Just one win....

And that was why he was on guard... He was waiting for the attack he hoped did in fact come for Sans' sake, but at the same time knowing that it was impossible for it to turn out good for her. It would just make her mental state worse.

So if she would not cooperate he had to use force. So that when she did finally get her chance to strike back it would be agianst Sans and make his day.

Papyrus pulled the shirt off of her, forcing it above her head and she was naked again as he threw it to the floor. He had his hand in her hair.

"This fight of yours is tiring, save it for Sans. Right now, you are going to get cleaned and I am going to figure this out. Understood?" He asked, mimicking Undyne's most frightening tone. And there was something in her eyes, like she recognized it.

She went slack against him.

"Now you are lucky that this is me. If it was Sans he would be taking full advantage of your position right now."

Pressed up against the wall and supported on her tip toes with her hands raised above her head. Her cheeks were turning red, but also her breath hitching in fear. And then her eyes glazes over as she lowered her head.....

Papyrus sighed as he let her settle back down against the ground and released her arms but not her Soul, keeping it blue. She stayed leaning against the wall for support. He could see the tears in her eyes that she was fighting back and also did not want him to see.

It was day 5.....

And Papyrus had said a week at most as his guess.

She hadn't quit just yet but the next two days.... Two more days and one more large fail. It would be over. The week would be over and so would her determination. A part of him regretted being so right on the mark. But it couldn't be helped.

And top of that... He also knew what the girl didn't. Sans had the next day off... But... Papyrus would leave that to Sans to tell her that bit of information. If he told her at all.. And didn't just let her find it out herself. When the alarm sounded... and Sans did not get up.

He already knew that was what his brother was planning. He knew his brother.

Papyrus stopped the water and forced her down. She immediately wrapped her arms around her knees as Papyrus brought down the case of tablets and unlocked it with the key he had brought from his room.

He snapped one in half and with a slight exaggerated show, he turned, held it for her to see. Before dropping it into the water. She jumped as immediately as the water immediately began to fizzle and the magic began to spread.

"And that is only half.." He mused to himself. The girl nearly moaned in relief as it washed over her. Papyrus laughed softly. "That is much better than taking it directly isn't it?" He asked as he knelt down. "The other was simply too much. Too intense." It probably would have hurt even to some degree. In some strange way.

The girl grabbed his wrist forcefully, her eyes on fire.

"I can do it myself." She growled.

Immediately, Papyrus willed the collar to shock her. And immediately as she screamed- He cursed as he bent forward to hold her, cutting the magic off.

Technically. Technically it was not an electric shock, technically being wet would not kill her. But it sure did not help. Especially with the contrasting healing magic all around. Too much of it. Too much of it in her system all at once.

This was why he didn't like using the collar. It was just an unfair advantage even if a necessary one. And half of him wanted to apologize for that, but he knew that was entirely pointless and also that overall it didn't matter.

"That is not the point." Papyrus told her, bringing himself back to the topic that had led them there. That she could do this herself... She could. But that was not the point. "And you know it."

She had jerked back with the shock of the collar and she was nearly laying down. She lay slack now in defeat as Papyrus tilted her back farther into the water and began to run it over her with his fingers.

"You just want to keep touching me." She whispered, her voice breaking again. But in an instant the anger was rising inside her and he could see it in her expression, her clenched teeth. "Fine."

She grabbed at his arms and pulled but Papyrus only held her tighter. She was screaming again but this time in pure frustration and anger. She kicked, splashing but still he held her tightly. She stopped moving a sob working through her and she laid back. Papyrus started for a moment as she went beneath the water. Bubbles coming up and a muffled sound. She let go of his arms and covered her face beneath the water. Papyrus simply kept holding onto her shoulders but not pressing down. After a moment of feeling the withheld sobs work through her, he began to pull her back up.

She gasped for air and began to catch her breath. The bout of violence easing away as she slumped over. Papyrus pulled her into a half hug, supporting the back of her head with one of his hands.

"Shh... You're the only one who is doing this to yourself you know."

Though he knew it was not fully true. Yes all she had to do was give up. And she was going to. Day 6 probably at this rate. But then there would be what Sans wanted which was basically a party.. with her.. And then there was Alphys who could possibly still want a go around.

A week and then until Sans really got everything out of his system.

But overall, she was just putting herself through so much more than she had to-

"Shut up." She breathed. "Shut up." She tried to pull away from him. "Just shut up!" She said more forcefully. But she gave up on pulling away and she was reduced to crying again against him. "I'm not the one doing this. It's y-you.. I'm not making you d-do anything." She managed. She buried her face against his shoulder. "You don't have to d-do any of this.. Even if- Even if I- Even if I couldn't feel or love- Not right- Still not right- Not r-right and its not my fault...."

She was very adamant. But no matter what she said, somehow, with his grip on her soul.. Somehow it felt like she didn't even believe it somehow, that it somehow was her fault. Because if not-

"Then why are you feeling guilty?" He asked. She gasped in a breath and let out a louder sob. And he knew he had hit the feeling on the mark.

"If I'm not a person how can I feel guilt!" She demanded.

This was exactly the sort of manipulation Undyne had warned against...

Papyrus sighed and pulled away from her. He let the water drain and turned on the shower head, washing her down. She kept her head down against her knees, still crying.

"Let's get you dressed and something to eat." He told her. She did not move. He bent down and grabbed her arm, pulling her up forcefully again. "Fine, don't have anything." He stated, dragging her out of the bathroom, still soaking wet and pulling her through the house and into the kitchen. He could only feel the frustration and cut off intent from her Soul.

He forced her to sit at the table and immediately she buried her face in her arms. She did not look up immediately a few minutes later when he set the three soft tacos in front of her. But the smell was too enticing. She lifted her head and Papyrus realized that perhaps she wasn't familiar-

"You roll them to eat." He told her.

She pulled the plate towards her forcefully.

"I know how to eat a wrap." She spat at him bitterly. Even though she didn't technically, actually spit. But the night wasn't over. He watched her curiously, thinking she could be lying. But to his surprise, she wrapped it skillfully, almost.... professionally he would have to say. If that was something one could be professional in.

She bit in, her face still a scowl as she eyed him, still bitter. But in an instant her face fell. And all her attention was at the food in front of her. Papyrus smiled as she began to inhale it. He began to make two more.

She would have time to let it settle this time... And he kind of owed her from all the other missed meals.

When he came back with the other two, she had inhaled all but one. Not having let a single bit drop. And she just kept eating. Completely ravenous... And the meal to delicious.

But she pointedly avoided looking at Papyrus.

She stopped though, at the next two he placed in front of her.

"What is it?"


There was a question on her face but she resisted asking.

She doesn't want to ask ANYTHING from him. Which was understandable. But he was thankful to see it.... It seemed her mood was already improving with the food. Perhaps the idea of eating to keep up her strength would stick with her. Perhaps it would get her to tomorrow at least. Until she knew what tomorrow was... But even if she didn't ask the question, at least she was thinking about asking. Thinking about still surviving. At least a bit.

"Humans.." She began... 'Humans need a lot more water." She told him. He disappeared into the kitchen and came back with a large glass.

He would give her this one thing. A statement of fact to hide the request....

"My apologies, human." He told her. She glared at him.. But he had promised her. When it came to eating he would not with hold that from her. Mock her.. Well... Not intentionally..

He'd really been failing on the first part of that.

But she downed the water. More greedily than the food even. He took the cup without her even glancing at him and brought her another.

With each bite, each new sip, she was looking better and better. Her skin completely healed over... Despite being so wet she looked the healthiest she had this entire time.

Even though the back of her eyes still showed how much she was struggling mentally.

And as she finished the last bite she looked almost rueful that he was not bringing her even more.

But if he didn't stop, he didn't think she would stop. And he knew she would get sick.

Chara sat back in her chair. Really feeling better. And full. More full than she had been in a long, long time. Maybe even never to some degree.. Full and feeling physically better. The headache abating now...

And it really was ironic. Feeling this physically good now... When all around her was hell. And her insides, between her legs, still felt, perhaps not physically wrong now with the tablet's healing affect... but in her mind. In her mind she could still feel it.

It would not go away.

And when Sans came home...

When he came home....

The momentum she had gained was already failing her.

And she had eaten all that food. If he pulled her to the bedroom without waiting. She's... She would be so ashamed if she threw up.... It would be priceless to some point. But at the same time. What he would do with it.... Maybe even what he would do with it. Anything to humiliate her at this point....

And just... Just....

She gripped the side of the table, glaring at the empty plate....

That much food. And how easily they had it. How easily they threw it away too! How much of it was in the dump... And the fact that she had always had to dig for it, other people she had known growing it by the camps, or the times when you had to barter half your life away to get enough...

Her fingers were clenched, tight... But she took the glass of water, taking in small sips.

Her stomach was already turning.. But she just had to wait for it to absorb.

There was silence between the two of them for a considerable time. And her eyes were already starting to sting again.

She just.. She just couldn't stop crying....

Papyrus stayed, watching her, and she twisted in her seat, incredibly self conscious and that making it all worse.

She just.. had so many questions. None of them going to be answered. No hope in having anyone see her and actually see her. And she was just always in the closet, the darkness, or just... She....

But there was nothing left to say.


Chapter Text

Muffet's was a hot spot despite the high prices. One, you couldn't get spider products anywhere else. Two, HAVE YOU EVER HAD A SPIDER DONUT?! The café was always full of people. Lively atmosphere.. Even with the looming hostess and owner. Literally looming. Her hammock like chair at the entrance. Spinning across the place on purple threads talking to everyone.

Pressuring everyone.

Hence the backup thing.

Because even though the brothers were on rather friendly terms with her that meant she lingered around you longer. That meant you got the brunt of the pressure even more.

The woman was out to get you for everything you got.

"So maybe let's not tell her about Chara." Sans said after they had forced the girl back into the closet, Sans smiling the entire time as seeing her forcefully resistance. Even more excited for tomorrow but content to let her wait and grow even more unsettled in the darkness.

Besides.... SPIDER DONUT.

The most unhealthy thing probably in the entire café, along with the cider (sp-cider), if you were honest but that made it right up Sans' alley. And besides, he always could claim that at least it had protein! Which of course made Papyrus shake his head; that wasn't how that worked.

"Why not?" Papyrus asked, tilting his head as the brothers made their way out towards the car.

"I mean, I am ALL for bragging about what we got now but not to Muffet...... She'd... well...."

"Oh." Papyrus stated, the unspoken agreement there in the tone of his voice.

If Muffet knew about Chara the evening would just get more expensive. Somehow.

With added perceived status came added expectations.

And also technically another mouth she would pressure them to feed.

"In return, do not tell her about my recent... successes.. in the kitchen." Papyrus added, starting up the car.

"oooookay. Why?"

"Because I did not bring her any."

"Haha. Oh. Yeah, okay. So for all she knows we don't got no human and you are still hopeless in a kitchen." Papyrus sighed.

"I just wish she wasn't so pushy. She'd be much more manageable. Perhaps even nice."

"She's nice... She's just.... service person nice. Fake.... Even when she is genuine it still feels fake and wanting something from ya."

"But the donuts are good."

"The donuts are the spider's knees."

"That is not how that works."

"Well I don't know why bees knees are any better than a spider's. A spider has more even. Better by default."

"Quality over quantity."

"Yeah and you tell that all of that to Muffet." Papyrus did not respond and Sans laughed.

The café was centered towards the heart of the city.. The original café, before it had been famous, had actually been very close to the home they had grown up in, in the outer part. The original café had actually been Papyrus' first job doing dishes, which was how they knew Muffet so well to begin with. She'd paid cheaply, but to be fair, back then her prices hadn't been so stringent (the area around it would not have supported it. The fame had not yet kicked in). But even though she paid cheaply, the brothers had been the envy because Papyrus could take any expired food that he wanted....

Not necessarily because she was being kind, Sans was sure she would have sold left over and stale products if she could get away with it, but no... It was simply to avoid garbage costs and not to mention.... Sans was pretty sure she had her garbage under lock and key. Even now, in the heart of the city... where that problem didn't really exist. At least that Sans was aware of.

But Muffet was the cheapest of cheap and everyone knew it but the allure of the sweets and dishes.. Sans was pretty sure the woman had the entire city ensnared by this point. Because she hadn't stayed in the far side of the city for long before moving all the way out here. And Sans and Papyrus had eventually followed....

Not necessarily for the Spider Donuts, that was just a by-product of the move itself. But even so....

The fact remained that she had done well for herself and now that the demand was pretty much assured she could basically charge whatever the fuck all she wanted.

And she did.

Which was a shame because the dinner, café (half a bar if you wanted to get technically by the fact she offered the stuff in the afternoon)... Well, for all the cost, it was a really great place. Full of people. Vibrant.. The air was alive despite, well..... Muffet's charm.

She had her moments. Both good and bad. Most of the time just neutral. Not exactly malicious.

And you could tolerate that because of the rest of the place was buzzing.

The moment the brothers walked in, there were several calls from the regulars. How anyone came here everyday Sans did not know. If Sans did he would have to have a tab and Muffet had a strict NO TAB policy, her narrow, diamond eyes just daring you to skip the bill so she could eat you alive.

(Maybe not literally, but... that didn't mean Sans couldn't see her feeding someone to that pet cup-cake-spider monstrosity of hers that always rested itself behind the counter or in the back)

But the brothers entered the place, smiling and greeting...

Here was the thing about Muffet's that made it different than other places. Other places all of you were just there. Buying your stuff. Here... All of you were in this together. All of you supporting each other just to get out of the experience alive and something still in your pockets.

Sometimes, the odd day, it was competitive. If you were really cruel you could bring people you hated there and help Muffet pressure them. The whole restaurant could gang up on one poor soul and direct Muffet's attention that way the entire time. But overall you didn't do that.

Because if you valued coming back and Spider Donuts and your coffee or cider, you cooperated... Lest you walk back in and find yourself the victim of the next gang up.

Overall, it was a balancing game and Muffet pulling all the strings.


"BoYS!" She greeted from across the room. Sitting on her purple threads that crisscrossed the entire ceiling. In an instant she was flying across the room along them and leaning down to be face to face. "Hello, dearies. It has been so long. I thought you had forgotten about me and was starting to feel hurt."

"Never, Muffet." Sans told her. "Just got busy as all. You heard about my promotion."

Unfortunately for the brother's wallets.

"Yes, yes, of course. But don't ever forget about the little people who helped you along the way."

Heh.... heh.....

She was probably one of the not littlest people in their lives now. Well....... Sans sometimes forgot how much of a big deal Undyne was. And Alphys. So he guessed they were always surrounded by big enough people.

Then why did he still always feel so small and restless?? Like something was just missing from really, really achieving what he was supposed to be.

He shrugged it off along with Muffet's awful stare.

She sat them down, fawning over Papyrus but giving a disappointed pout when he told her he was still working on the cooking part of his endeavors.

"Well keep at it. The same recipes until you get it right. I believe in you, dearie."

In a strange way, Papyrus and Sans knew that this was true. Even if in that unsettling way of hers.

Sans had once watched her stare a single monster out of all his money back in the olden days. For a single donut. Just staring and laughing and licking her lips.

The dude hadn't even wanted it.

The brothers sat, chatting, denying her offers for more food as they went along. Just talking. Being familiar with the regulars and the other poor souls there willing to play the game.

But overall, it was just good to be out of the house. Good to be somewhere interesting and fun.

A peculiar type of fight.... Where your enemy was also somehow your friend.. in a strange sense... Good food, bad laughs... Spider cider to warm his bones and help him just relax for a bit. Just a room full of paradoxes as Muffet spun around taking people's plates at times even before her workers and sending them along to the back along her lines.

Sans was always amazed to watch that. To watch just plates fly overhead and disappear to some unknown location to presumably get washed. To watch other plates with food on them to come back out on the other side of the room from the kitchen.

Papyrus was not so amazed, remembering how it was to be on the other side of things, to keep watching the dishes arrive and never stop.

And she had only been half this busy back then.

But despite that, Papyrus appreciated the atmosphere too. The air full of magic and overall warm. Even if chaotic and busy to some degree.

Today though, there was something there. And as he could see his brother relaxing, feeling incredibly comfortable and content, Papyrus stayed sitting straight and looking out over the rest of the room trying to pinpoint it.

It wasn't anything bad! Not at all. But it was familiar. Like a distant tune you couldn't quite make out but you knew was familiar. And yet also off.

He just couldn't figure out what it was and after awhile he gave up in pinpointing what it was. It would come to him when he wasn't paying attention. When he wasn't trying to figure it out.

Probably. Maybe.

If no, he supposed it didn't really matter.

But they didn't stay long at Muffet's. The longer you stayed the more likely you were to buy more. To pay.

They left the restaurant for the car, and Papyrus prepared himself to start heading home. Figuring Sans was excited to get back and started with his fun. But his brother surprised him a bit.

"Let's just drive." Sans said.

Just like before. When they had first gotten the car..

They had rolled down the windows and had just drove. And drove. Seeing parts of the city they had never seen before. Even all the way down to the castle.... Stars in their eyes.

This time, they just drove.. Drove all around and then down to the park. There were several rivers in the area but The River ran and cut through the entire city, straight through the heart and The Park was right there next to it, the largest one in the city.... And they just drove. Not getting out.

But Sans found himself growing restless. Still. STILL. Something unsatisfied. It was the same old same old and not enough. The River, The Park, the large looming mountain in the distance though.... Looming and taunting and knowing..... Somehow whispering in the back of Sans' head that he still wasn't strong enough. And that desire in his Soul, that boost he could feel whenever he thought about it from the LOVE. It just wasn't enough. That feeling wasn't strong enough yet. Just an ache. And he was unsatisfied.

"Do you want to swing by the castle?" Papyrus asked as they just... drove.. almost lazily.

"Eh." Sans said, no longer as content as he had been in the bustle of the café. Papyrus chuckled.

"You just want to go home and get started."

"Whatever could you mean?!" Sans asked, feigning innocence. Or ignorance. Not always the same thing. "But yeah."

Papyrus shook his head in mock disappointment but at the same time he was smiling.

"If you want her to last at least until tomorrow I suggest you play smart, brother."

"Oh? I thought she was getting pretty feisty again. You saw that glare right? And you had to turn her blue to get her back into the closet. If anything that's an improvement. Even from the first day! A lot less fear."

"It is desperation." Papyrus corrected. "She's about to break and she knows it."

"Well.... everyone breaks. Especially when you're coming to terms ya got nothing left to live for and everything you do is pointless." He paused for a moment, watching the horizon. "Yesterday she actually talked to me. It was really weird. You probably would have enjoyed it. But... She's done nothing but spit and glare at me before that...." He paused. "So... Yeah, it probably is desperation." He sighed as he rested against the side of the open window. "But... she's a lot smarter than I thought she was... Which unfortunately means she knows it is hopeless and you're right. She ain't gonna make it past tomorrow I don't think.... I think a part of her really wants to die.. She's just. You know. Human."

He thought another moment.

"It is desperation. And that fight isn't against us at this point."

"It's against herself." Papyrus agreed.

"Well I'll take what I can get at this point. Not gonna complain."

"She's all healed up so you can basically just start anything you want."

"We can try anything I want?" Sans asked. Papyrus chuckled a bit.

"I, unfortunately, work."

"Come on, Paps. Just one or two rounds before you go to bed. Today's been fun already and I think I can say that the first night with both of us together was the best by far." Papyrus hummed.

Sans was pulling on his arm.

"Come on," He whispered softly. "Come on, come on.." A soft playful chant. "I'll let ya pick." Papyrus glanced at him suspiciously. "Pleeeeeeease?"

"Sweet Toriel you are such a child." Papyrus shook his head.


"I don't think she could handle it. You would be breaking her tonight." Sans shrugged.

"She's ours, Paps. I'd rather her breaking for the both of us." Because that was what he was getting, why he felt so off and unsatisfied. Or at least part of it. His brother had to be there, a part of it.

"I really do have work, though."

"Did stop us the first night." Sans reminded with a grossly mischievous smile. "Come on, Paps. Just one last night of craziness and then tomorrow is just more playtime."

Papyrus sighed.



The closet door opened and Chara was ready for them. She had heard them coming in. Talking together. Coming closer. She was ready. Tense and ready to spring.. Even as she panicked slightly.

Because she knew. She knew it she had to fight. If she stopped for a moment or let herself think about anything else for a moment.

She was fighting herself.

And she needed the fight just as much as they needed her to. Because she needed the momentum or else. She needed a win. Just one. Just one... A win.

And somehow. Someway. A sign. A sign he was alright. Just one sign. Whatever it was....

In the back of her mind she knew that it was not going to happen. She was in pure denial but willing to fight. For just a bit longer. Because she could.... She could and so therefore she had to. Because he was still... He could still potentially be out there. So she had to keep going. She had to.

But she just wished she knew.

She just-

Shut up. Just shup up. Stop talking, thinking, you are only digging yourself an actual bigger grave.

She just needed a win though. One small win... Please....

The brothers were coming closer, one of them was opening the door.

She lunged at Sans with all her might. And he disappeared in thin air.

But this she had expected. This she had planned for.

"Heh. Did you really think you could-" She slashed her leg out to the side, and even though it hurt her own leg to do it, she swiped one of his legs out from underneath him. "Shi-"

And he fell backwards, his arms jerking out of his pockets as he fell. She felt the pull of magic as he tried to teleport but not fast enough and he hit the ground hard.

"Sans!" Papyrus cried as Chara jumped up, facing Sans still with her fists clenched. But he wasn't alone. He was never fully alone. There was that stupid brother of his. His stupid brother-!

The brother that was grabbing her forcefully from behind, causing her to scream like something feral as he pulled her back and tilted her body awkwardly.

Sans huffed as he picked himself up. Smiling. Smiling widely as his eyes pierced through her. But Chara was still trying her best to twist out of his brother's grasp.

The awkward angle... He was holding her down a bit. Forcing her to bend her knees.

"That's more like it, pet." Sans told her as he came closer. She spat at him, her eyes blazing even with the tears. Sans just grabbed her legs and her heart fluttered in terror. "If you're so impatient though let's just get started. Right here."

"What?" Papyrus asked, a slight disapproving tone.

"She just gave me an idea. I want to fuck you in every room in the house at least once." He said.

"You will not fuck her on my kitchen counter." Papyrus ordered sternly. Sans... did not react, only grabbing for the front of his pants. "Sans.." Papyrus said again, but didn't miss a beat as Chara continued to twist. Holding her as if she wasn't even there and she was already starting to cry.

She.. She just couldn't...

"Yeah, yeah, heard ya. Just keep holding her like that."

Each day dragging her to the bedroom, that had been bad enough. That sense of the inevitable. Now there wasn't even that. Not a single moment to try and prepare herself mentally. Sans was shedding his pants and underwear, and immediately grabbing her legs again, hoisting her up.

She called out in fear, her body in the air as he started to grinding into her. Working up his magic. His arousal.

"No." She breathed. "No, get off! Just get off!" The back of her head was supported by Papyrus as she tried to look up towards the ceiling.

It was happening again. There was nothing she could do. Nothing left to say to them.... And she was running out of things to day to herself.

He just kept grinding, like she wasn't there crying, like she wasn't even there- crying, talking, as he was sliding his hardening dick against her front. Pushing her into Papyrus who did his best to stay standing still while he supported her.

Her body was filling with static..... Static in her head from the tears. Static and heat as both men pressed up against her. Her legs pressed against Sans' hips as his hands supported the back of her thighs, and her arms twisted uncomfortably by Papyrus.

"Just leave me alone!" She sobbed out.

"Begging already, pet?" Sans asked. She shook her head, refusing, refusing, no-

But in her soul, she was starting to beg again.

"Aw too bad.." Sans said. "Not that it would save you any trouble at this point. You had that chance. Missed it, pet."

She just wanted to be left alone. Or at the very least, she just wanted a simple yes or no answer. Just one answer. To know if anything was worth it. But she couldn't. She couldn't...

She had wanted to draw the brothers into a stalemate but the only one she had managed to put in a corner was herself. Unable to quit but unable to keep, truly fighting either....

And she was crying and panting and Sans was already positioning his cock against her entrance, starting to thrust in violently. She cried out again, closing her eyes as she kept her head pressed back against Papyrus' chest.

And Sans just kept thrusting, feeling so much better as he watched her body move... His brother began to pressed her forward in time with her thrusts. Making the girl gasp even more helplessly through her sobs.

"Come on, Chara-" Sans grunted. "Chara, Chara, Chara.. Just cum for us Chara and help me and w-we can go to some-place.. More comfortable."

As if that was to be encouraging. As if she really had any control as he kept using her against her will. Not even control over her own body.

When had she ever been the one in contr-

She screamed as she came and Sans bent forward as he thrust faster, trying to do the same quickly after her. His legs felt weak as he filled her once again.

The two stayed gasping for a few moments.... And then... Sans pressed closer against her, as deep as he could and she keened as she felt herself shifted. Papyrus had released her and she had been forced forward, her arms wrapped over Sans' shoulders in a pseudo embrace as she continued to sob. He supported the back of her head. Holding her and smiling at her.

"There you go, pet..." He tilted his head, closing his eyes for a moment as pleasure came over him. And Chara felt the thing still inside her twitch and the sensation twisting up her abdomen. "This is the first time, you.. we've held each other like this."

Chara tried to pull her arms off, but she cried out as Sans bounced her upwards, sliding out of her, but also fixing his slipping. Forcing her more securely against his chest. He groaned as he closed his eyes, hugging Chara close as he turned and started to make his way towards his brother's bedroom.

"I think we're off to a good start.. don't you?" Chara didn't know if he was talking to her. Or to Papyrus... She didn't care... She just didn't care... She just...

Her eyes were hazed over with tears as she had her arms still wrapped around Sans and her head next to his neck. But she could make out Papyrus soft smiling form, his shaking head as he watched her and his brother.

He couldn't see her though... And Chara knew it. Neither of them could really, really see her and there was nothing left to say. Nothing... And she was trapped and there was nothing she could do. Not even in the grand scheme, long run. She was trapped... Really, really trapped. She was going to die here. Die. And then they were going to put her in some glass case and it still wouldn't be over.. Still no rest. She'd die and still there would be no rest... And if Frisk was dead... If he was dead... She still wouldn't even know. Not even then.

She was never going to know....

She was never getting out and she was never going to know....

"Go get the box!" Sans said excitedly against her. Chara just closed her eyes. Still sobbing to herself.

Sans lay her down on Papyrus' bed, looming over her. Smiling that stupid smile.

"Shhhhhh." He said gently, putting a hand against her cheek and she just lay there limply. Waiting for whatever new thing they were going to do to her next... And Papyrus was back. Sans laughed as he rolled over, causing her to cry out again as he took her with him. Her eyes were wide, scared again at this unexpected turn as she laid over him. Immediately on instinct she was trying to press herself upwards. "Nah-uh-uh!" Sans said, grabbing her arms and keeping her in place.

She was breathing in quickly, Papyrus coming up behind her and grabbing her hips to drag her back.

Her mind grasped, though panicked, exactly what they were going to do to her.

"No-" She bit her tongue, pleading wouldn't even help. Wouldn't even stop it. No point. None. None at all....

But she really... just....

She just wanted all of this to be over... She just wanted.. not even to die... but to just disappear. Just fade into nothing. Like she had never even existed. Erased from time.

But she was pulled down onto Sans' cock again and she cried as he rolled his hips, getting adjusted as she was forced against his chest, their hips against each other.

"Oh don't give that look, pet.. He won't be as rough as I was.. He'll even put enough in ya to keep you prepared... Granted.. Might not help much.. You being so tight." And him being so much bigger too.. She pressed her eyes closed as Papyrus began to work against her ass, prodding his fingers deeper and deeper inside her as his brother continued to groan, occasionally rolling his hips. "So tight and so warm... This is what I needed today, thanks Paps.."

She shook again as a new sob worked its way through her.

"Dream..." She whispered. It was all she had and at this point. As her soul begged and begged to just be done. But also just to know the truth. "Dream...." She said again.

But overall, it was no longer a reminder; stay determined.

Her tone. The pain in her soul. She might as well have been saying please...

"Dream..." She sobbed again.

"Ooooh." Sans had her face in his hands. "Shhh... Sorry, pet, no.. This ain't a dream. You're right here."

She was right there. Awake. And alone.. And she was never going to get out. She was never going to know.

"But I'll tell ya a dream, pet. A nice one. It's this right here. Just getting to watch you get taken by my brother as I fuck you... Cuz ya see- pet.. I lied ya know. About all that you were. That first day. You're the first thing my brother got me after finally getting exactly where we wanted to be... So you ain't nothing.. You're also somethin' special."

And once she was broken-

"And when I finally get to kill you, I get one step closer to truly fulfilling that dream... To be strong." He rolled his hips, pushing his brother's wet fingers deeper, and he kept at it as she continued to fall apart. "Strong. Power-ful."

That still, yet unsatisfied dream. To be strong and powerful and always able to protect.

"To protect what I l-love.. A-And making the likes of y-you pay-"

"Dream." She sobbed, doing her best to ignore him. Pleading to the universe and whoever could possibly be out there, though she didn't believe it... Just begging. "Dr-dream.."

"Ah. I get it..." He trailed his thumbs against her cheeks, at her tears. "Smart pet, smart... Using a filler word to keep yourself from slipping... But you can't hide it pet. Even if you don't beg. You're coming apart at the seams." She let out another broken sob, only confirming his words... "She ready Paps?"

"I think..." Sans laughed.

"That ain't so confident, bro.. Come on, Paps. Take her with confidence! Let's go."

Chara tried to lift her hands, to pull Sans' hands off of her face, he only grabbed her wrists. She collapsed helplessly against him, as Papyrus began to position himself. And slowly, he pulled out his fingers almost out of her, spreading them to keep her open as wide as possible as the head of his cock rested against her.

He looked over the scene more seriously, the girl draped against his brother as he rested on his back, hilted already completely inside her.

"WAit." Sans called. "Wait, there's a leash. A leash in the box. You can use it... Keep her head up for me." And Chara only continued to cry. But his brother's face in contrast was excited. Papyrus grunted as he pulled away from her. Having to pull his fingers out to grab at Alphy's box. Long and red... He crawled back over the two of them, clasping it onto her collar. He yanked up, forcing the girl to lift her face. "Theeere we go, pet."

Sans had released her wrists but she couldn't do anything put press her palms hard against the bed. To keep the collar from completely choking her. And she was helpless. Helpless as Papyrus repositioned himself, pressing two scissoring fingers into her again. And Sans gripped her thighs, keeping her even more firmly in place.

"Shhhh." He said, watching her face. "Just calm down and take it, pet.."

All she could do... Was close her eyes.

Papyrus was beginning to push into her, inch by inch. Painful inch. And then, slowly pulling out. Pushing back in. Sans waited impatiently, but Chara couldn't even pay attention to him twitching inside her, his resisted desire to start thrusting. The pain and pressure of Papyrus pushing into her, more quickly each time... She-

Her arms shook and she dug her fingers into the blankets. Gritting her teeth. But still crying.

She couldn't' stop crying. She would never stop crying.

She was going to die crying.......

And dying was still a long, long ways away... even if she were to beg. To plead.

Papyrus slacked the collar, caught up as he put both hands on her back and worked into her.

"Shi-" Sans only laughed.

It hurt. It just hurt-, Chara couldn't think.

Sans couldn't get enough of her struggling expression. Of his brother losing himself to enjoyment. And Papyrus was starting to really move her, moving her against Sans in the process. But Sans was trying to focus on their faces for a bit before losing himself as well.

On how she was crying, in pain, but gasping for breath. Her face bent downwards away from him again but not for long. Papyrus jerked in pleasure, pulling up on the collar, forcing her face upwards. She cried out as Papyrus continued to push in deeper, but her head too tilted back to truly be able to scream, to breath.

Papyrus had his eyes closed, the sensation of her too much. Too tight... But so moist from the lube anyways... Dear Toriel...

And then, Sans started to move as best he could as well...

They were pressing the girl from both sides, each of them deep inside her and Papyrus only getting deeper. Stretching her, squeezing her with their bodies. Their warm but boney bodies.

This entire time... she had managed to not think about it. Not think about it at all... Suppressing it. The fact that they were skeletons. The fact that when she looked at them all she could think of on instinct was death. Now she just couldn't. Thinking about all of it.

Frisk... Herself...

They were going to fuck her to death... She was being fucked to death, by death, slowly over time... She wasn't getting out of here... She was never going to go home... and she didn't even know how much of a home there was left.

Frisk.. Temmie... Where, how Frisk was...

She wanted to go home.

She just wanted to go home...

To the ruins, the rivers and trees, Naps and the River Person, Temmie... Frisk.



She came against Sans causing him to called out and try his hardest to thrust and use it to his advantage.

Chara couldn't stop crying. And she couldn't hide her face... Her head forced upwards painfully. Being choked. Her mouth opened as she moaned, and there was saliva and tears and she was being pressed between two grown men. Two skeletons, fucking her.

And she just wanted to go home...

Months in the prison. Months thinking she was going to go to the lab and torn apart. Not even a week here....

And in her heart, she could tell herself it was just pain. And it was...

If it was just the fucking. If it was just the homesickness.

But the uncertainty. No, the almost near knowledge.

Frisk was dead......

He was dead..

She was sure of it. He was dead!

She deserved this.... She deserved all of this...

To protect the ones she loved...

To just be with them. Temmie and Frisk, just living together. That was all she had ever wanted. With the few people around them that she thought she could trust.. To some point.. To just.. To keep Frisk safe... Safe.... That idiot dreamer who didn't know how to lose hope.

He was dead-

And Chara was climaxing again, her face hot and-

And she was completely exposed, crying, panting, moaning like some stupid bitch, some slut even as she was in so much building pain both physically and emotionally... As her executioners fucked her. And she couldn't' even hide her face.

And through her blurred tears she could make out Sans' face. Smiling even as he panted, smiling even as he lost some sort of control over what he was feeling and his own vision blurred. Smiling as his brother fucked her from behind. His brother...

She's done everything... Everything she could... to protect her brother.. And here she was.. He was dead.. and she j-just...

"Why?" She breathed.... But neither of the men heard her, neither of the men cared...

But... Why?

Her arms were shaking, keeping herself up... but she just wanted to collapse. To just collapse. To just let them fuck her and kill her and just be done... To just go into the glass case, to just let it be done.

Papyrus came inside her, dropping the collar and falling against her, panting as he continued to thrust. And Chara fell on top of Sans, completely crushed and miserable. So miserable...

But she had decided that she deserved it...

"I'm sorry..." She sobbed, barely audible. Papyrus breathed in, lifting his head, putting a hand into her hair. "Sor..."

Sans groaned loudly, pinned beneath both of them and unable to thrust, unable to finish.

"Paps.." He breathed. "Paps please, I gotta..." Chara shook as Papyrus managed to push himself somewhat back up with one hand against the bed, pushing his hips up against her, moving her against his brother. But still his hand was in her hair, not sure of what he had heard... But almost sure... Almost sure he had felt it in her soul..

But it was drowned out by the complete sense of despair.

But if she really had apologized, it was way past that point now... Even if she could happen to even mean it.

Not everyone could change, though he had once thought it... Not everyone could change. Not everyone could be a good person...

Much less a human who was already no person at all.

Sans finished, straining against the bed and calling out loudly as he filled her.

She was just so full, of liquid, of them hilted deep within her, stretching her in every painfully way.

She was just so full.

And yet she felt so empty of everything but despair.


Chapter Text

The darkness had passed for the moment, the air clearing.. And Chara and the boy stayed sitting down, huddled next to each other. Chara leaned forward, daring to peak outside. She could see nothing but garbage and sky.. She had no clue if there would be any patrols looking for stragglers... This just... That thing being in the dump was just unheard of as far as she knew and she didn't know how to process this.

Whether to book it as fast she could, before everyone else had time to gather themselves back together or whether she needed to play it safe. To wait maybe an hour. Enough time to make sure that.. thing.. did not sweep back over the other way but also she figured that everyone else who was smart and a bit more powerful would be waiting at least two or three hours.

You just didn't risk it after something like that...

So... Chara supposed she was stuck there for the moment.

She sat back. The boy beside her was absolutely silent, his breathing uneven, the smile gone as he stared at the opening. As if at any moment someone would appear.

"Nobody's coming right now." Chara told him, trying to assure. It was the best she could offer... She stared at the opening too though.... Silence.

She glanced back over to the boy. Still not comprehending his existence. But she supposed she was obligated-

"Thank you.." She whispered. She didn't use those words often. And usually, she only uses them to keep connections. From her experience it was the only reason people really said it. To not burn bridges.... Rarely in true gratitude. And while Chara did not understand, this was a moment of true gratitude. The boy's gold eyes finally left the opening, focusing on her. He gave her another attempt at a soft smile. Which only made Chara's confusion worse. "But... Why?" She dared to ask.

He hadn't had to share his hiding place. In fact, not knowing her or if she was even armed (and she was, her worn dagger tucked away), he had let her come in and had.. He'd Saved her.

"He's really nasty.." She chuckled. That was an understatement. But she was thrown off at the sound of his voice. Just so.. small and calm. Just stating it out right as if it was obvious and a complete explanation that needed nothing further. But even still...

"I could have been dangerous too. I could kill you and take your spot for myself. For the future."

"But you're not." He stated.

"You didn't know that."

"You were scared."

It was the most purest of logic.

She looked the boy over again. He really was younger than her. Several years. Just barely no longer a toddler. Like...Barely 5 if she was guessing. But that didn't mean he didn't have the potential to be selfish. Some of the younger kids were the worse but to be fair they had to be and no one was going to tell them to be otherwise. That was basically asking them to die. But here this little fool was.

And why was he even here of all places? She was probably one of the youngest she knew who risked coming out here and she was probably about what she figured, what? 7? 8?

It was hard to tell when you had no one to tell you. When your earliest memory was just existing. Running around a camp with no one to really look after you except to use you to do stuff. And you do stuff. You get fed. You lived. You looked down and obeyed.

It wasn't always like that, she knew, but it was for where she had been. Until she had taken enough risks. Until she had gotten herself out and took the chance to find a way to scrap by herself and not owe anybody else....

"Did you build this?" She asked because she highly doubted it. "If you found it you better get out, someone might come back."

"No. Mom built it."

Chara froze....

"Your... Your mother brought you here?" She asked, glaring at him. "Like... you're actual mother mother. Or is she someone who took you in and makes you call her mother?"

Because there was a big, big difference. And if it was the later she had some unfortunate news for the kid in that he was being used. No doubt about it. And if he was being used and had been brought here he needed to leave. Right away. But then again, why build a shelter to hide him in?? And then leave him here in seeming safety???

"I'm waiting for her." He said, not answering the question. But the tone of his voice though... it made it clear he had been waiting for a bit too long....

Chara stared at him...

With the shelter, it probably was his actual mother. But with that, there came the question... Had she built the shelter to protect him until she made her way back... or had she built it to convince him to stay.. so she could leave.... But then again, why the dump? Why not one of the camps.......

She just stared.

This kid had technically saved her life even if it was because he was too young to really understand how it was out here. The... kill or be killed of it all. And if you couldn't kill, better be able to run, type of life.... But maybe he wasn't too young after all, because he kept staring at the entrance, a trace of knowing in his expression.

"Its not the longest she has ever been gone." He lied and Chara knew it.

"You can't stay here." She decided.

Though she shouldn't care. She should leave and not care. But he was too young to be out here and waiting and with that horror that just crossed over... And he had technically Saved her.

"But she won't know where I am!" The boy cried.

But Chara decided that if the woman did come back and worried it would be exactly what she deserved for bringing him here to begin with.

"..... Are there... any camps your mother takes you to frequently? Some place she might look."

The boy just looked down at his knees....

"Justice." He told her. Chara breathed a sigh of relief. She knew where that was. She'd been there a lot actually, though not recently. There was an elderly lady named Berry that she felt she could actually liked. Maybe even trust to some extent. Even if Chara knew that her kindness came from the fact that she wanted Chara in her pocket and network.

Berry claimed to have a nose for survivors... And who was Chara to deny a helpful hand when she actually felt like she could sense a shadow of trust? For the most part...

And who better than an older lady who joked that she would be the first human in hundreds of years to actually die of old age.

But this was good. She could take him there, leave him with Berry and to hold her over Chara would do a few errands. Probably message relay. That she could do. Then she wouldn't owe this boy anything and he would also be out of her hair.

"I'll take you there." She told him. "She can find you when she comes back around. We'll find something to draw the camp symbol on the sheet of metal. Okay?"

"It's gone." Chara froze again. Frozen by the statement and the simple... hollow tone to his voice.

"What?" She dared... just barely dared to voice.

"The camp... It's gone. They raided it."

She wanted to ask who had raided it. But she didn't want an answer. She was afraid that the answer wouldn't actually be the monsters.

Those fucking militant groups who just couldn't even get along amongst each other.

They claimed they were freedom fighters but everybody knew they were just sick assholes taking advantage of everyone... Well, most of them were. There were a few that actually wanted to make change or at least organize the camps more... But the moment something ever gained any footing, well this was what Chara had been told she had never seen it herself, but any time they gained footing the monsters would swoop in on the largest settlement and destroy it.

That could have been Justice... but at the same time.....

She just shook her head. Briefly she wondered if Berry had gotten out all right, but then pushed it aside, cutting her losses with a sigh.

"You were there?" She asked. He nodded.

Well that at least explained why he was here. That wasn't too far of a leap. Chara decided to give his mother some slack then... If Chara had just been uprooted from a camp, escaping a raid, this was probably where she would flee first too. Because if you had lost your footing this was where all the good stuff was and you needed that type of edge.

But still... maybe not with a child in tow. Chara would have escaped down the river. Rested.. And then looped back around.

Unless... She really had planned on deserting the child.

This boy wouldn't have been the first hapless soul.

"Well.. You should still leave... It's not safe. You can come with me and I'll drop you off somewhere... safer."

Safer. Not ever fully safe.

"No. She won't be able to find me. I have to stay."

Chara sighed again.

"Fine. I can't stay though. The others in the dump will be crawling out of their own holes eventually and I have to be out of here before that happens."

"That's okay. But thank you for offering. I just have to stay."

Chara glanced at him again as she crouched closer to the exit.

"That mindset is going to get you killed." She told him plainly.

If he wasn't basically dead already, sitting there waiting for someone who wouldn't come.

He didn't answer though and she slipped out, cautious.... but not looking back.


Chara knew that when you were about to die, or thought it, your life.. basically did flash before your eyes. In the way that, you thought about things. Random things. Random little stupid things. Things you never thought about.

When you were about to die... Or someone close to you was in danger. Or dusted right in front of you....

You thought about little things. Odd little things.

Their smile, a joy in your chest.

And it hurts. Because it is about to end. Grief hits you before you're even dead because you know that honestly, you are...

And now she knew how it was when this happened slowly. When you had time to think about it all. It isn't just the odd little things. Though it still is... odd... and the little things. But you have more time. There are a lot more other little things.

Like.. Chara thought about Frisk's mother. And Frisk waiting for his mother. Frisk waiting for his mother in a little constructed hut and she had just left him there. But his mother and Chara had just left him there. And what had Frisk thought? Thinking his mother was dead?

She knew part of it. Later he would say... He hoped she was still alive. That she had just left him. Because you see, if that was the case, then... well. She could change her mind. She could want to come back....

But she wondered about other things. Had he sat there thinking over every odd little thing about her. He had only been basically, maybe five. That wasn't a lot to go on but it was just enough to hurt. Especially at five and those people were the most precious thing to you, your entire world.

If they stayed around that is. But to be fair many did, Chara was giving them more crap than they deserved.

But still...

Had he thought about her? His life flashing before his eyes as he slowly understood she was not coming back?

Chara assumed he had....

Because she was trapped between two skeletons, hot and in so much pain and also so numb. Pressed between them on Papyrus' bed as they slept.... And she was just so sore and numb and covered in cum, tears, saliva, sweat, tears.... And she was too exhausted to cry anymore but she still felt like it. Even half conscious she still just wanted to cry. Like something stabbed through her chest, the heartache. As she thought of every little thing about him.

Just so, so convinced he was dead.

She'd been an idiot to think it mattered. To even try it. No. No, that was the only thing she couldn't say to herself. Even with all of this, she had always had to try. She couldn't regret it. She couldn't... She just regretted that in the end, it had been for nothing after all....

And she deserved it. She deserved to be there. Wrapped in the arms of death even as she kept breathing.

And she deserved it.

In some twisted way, that was now the only thing keeping her alive....

She deserved it.

She'd spent so long lying and telling herself that she didn't. And she had spent so long telling others this too. Grillby. Undyne. Sans. Papyrus.

But she deserved it. Because she had failed. She knew it.

He was dead.

And Chara was dead...

She'd destroyed everything.

She should have taken him the first day. Forced him. Taken him to a camp. Left him.....

Having people important to you just got you hurt. Not because they got in the way, no, Papyrus had been right. Having important people got you out of things.

Having important people wasn't the problem in and of itself. It was losing them....

And she was in so much pain, appropriately trapped between two skeletons, in so much pain because of the love that they refused to believe that she could even feel.

She should have taken him to a camp...

She should have never even gone back.


If she could risk it she could loop back to where she had been with Mich and Alex. Snag up all the things they had dropped. She could risk it.. It wouldn't be out of the way if she headed towards the river.

And as she came back to where they had been, she was so, so glad that she did. It looked like Mich had picked up a chocolate bar...

She breathed out, wanting to eat it right then and there but knew she needed to save it. But chocolate... She had only had it two times before. Just two. But she dreamed about the stupid stuff.

She stuffed it in her satchel, along with all the other things. Even a bit of metal she could trade to someone who would rework it.... And Chara was off. Out of the dump and through the river and into the forest. Taking everything she could carry. She trailed along the other side of the river with the safety of the trees. It was going to be a long ways to The Ruins.. Her most recent dumping ground..

The Ruins had the unique state of being so close to the monster city because... well.... Chara assumed it was an old part of the city. A city in and of itself. Some people said it was an old human city. Others a segment of the monster city that had been destroyed in the first wave of the war. Some said that was ground zero, where that fateful meeting had taken place. Where The Queen had absorbed the Souls and started it all.

Chara didn't care. All that she cared was that it was pretty well sheltered and the patrols basically avoided it for some reason.

Though that may stop being true after what she had seen today. She should probably move again....

But usually, the patrols didn't go there. Because honestly... there were just as many monsters there as humans. Which was odd.... because if Chara was a monster she would never be out this way. She'd be inside those nice walls and safe city.

She just didn't understand the monster at times.

She continued to just walk along the river, her worn dagger in easy reach.

And she should have stuck to her plan. Should have never looked back.

And even as Chara thought it, she knew it was a lie. If she had the chance to go back and change it.... she wouldn't........... couldn't... To change it, to have never known him... Would be like ripping her heart out once again. She wouldn't be able to do it..

And she was finding it the worst part of all of this. It hurt. Losing... but at the same time, with each little, odd, random memory... Each stabbing pain... It hurt, it hurt, but still.... she could not regret it.

That first, sheepish smile...

Her regret that she had let it disappear.


Chapter Text

When the alarm sounded, the brothers both groaning...

"Oh don't even start." Papyrus whispered, very aware that he was the only one who actually had to get up in this scenario. Sans just laughed weakly.

"We didn't have to keep going..." Sans managed. And Papyrus knew that. That technically, he had been the one on top. He had been the one basically in control of when they stopped. But it had been a lot harder than he had expected once they were started. That had honestly been the best sex he'd had in his entire life. The mutual struggle and teamwork with his brother. How small she was, making her tight. He hadn't wanted to stop at all. And maybe had felt obligated even not to. To initial the next round.

Because he really was certain now that the human had apologized. Had tried one last effort to manipulate their ability to show mercy. Knowing they could do it even if she could not. Using an apology to gain it, to draw it out.

And Papyrus had also almost been certain. So certain that she had been on the verge of begging. Of just letting it go. If he and his brother just kept pushing, literally... She would have caved for them.

But to his surprise, even then, she hadn't... She had just come apart entirely. And he truly meant it.

Papyrus and Sans both guided their attention to the unconscious girl between them.. And if not for the up and down of her chest, Papyrus could have thought her dead.. The hum from her Soul was empty. Just empty energy. Just existing to exist.

They'd broken her. Broken her entirely..., or so he thought because he couldn't know that in truth she had just broken herself with her own train of thoughts, they just hadn't helped.

But to him, they had broken her. Broken her and still.. She would not stop. She would not beg.

"She has given up and yet..." Papyrus mused aloud. Because he knew it, she really had given up. "Why?" Papyrus asked. Sans laughed.

"That's humans. Just because she can... she has to."

But with the way her Soul was so vacant and empty... "It should be impossible for anyone to keep that up."

"Heh. That's why Undyne is always so worried about you. You just don't get it Paps.. That's the point. That's why they're so dangerous. Just won't fucking die."

"I suppose." Papyrus agreed.

"Ya know... you could do something real quick. Just a quickie, then shower, eat, leave.."

"My hips and legs feel like they want to separate from each other. Just pop straight out."

"K..... Eat her then." Papyrus just laughed and shook his head. He began to stand up and aimed for his dresser. "K... Remember I offered." Papyrus glanced over his shoulder at the sound of Chara whimpering.. as if she were being drawn to consciousness. Only to find his brother already fondling her again. "Hey... Hey, pet.. Hey... Chara." He urged.

The red, tear swollen eyes eased open, barely focusing on her tormentor.

But still.... Papyrus couldn't feel anything from her soul. No alarm. Nothing.

How? Why? If it was him, feeling like that, he wasn't ashamed to admit that the first thing out of his mouth looking at his tormentor leaning against him after what had happened last night, the entire past almost-week, the first thing he would have down being half-conscious again would be to beg. A simple please. A please to stop. A please to just die. Anything. But she just... didn't. She would rather be here.

Trapped. But alive..

"I hated them. I scorned them." She had told him that first morning. About the people under Ebott.

Trapped. But alive...

And now here she was.

For the first time in his life he found himself actually afraid of humans. The first time, really understanding. Because even feeling like this, the moment she saw an opening to escape she would do it wouldn't she? Even still...

"Destroying all of you."

What the actual hell....?

Undyne and Sans were right about them, but it was still so amazing to actually see. Almost unbelievable.

Papyrus stood at the foot of the bed as Sans continued to coax the human back into wakefulness.

"Chara, pet...." Sans whispered. She seemed reasonably awake now, just staring blankly though. Empty but living. "Say goodbye to Papyrus, pet. It's just you and me again. Today..."

She focused on Papyrus, glanced to Sans... Papyrus could see the understanding. Sans wasn't leaving.

"All day." Sans continued.

Papyrus didn't even sense any tremble of fear. Not even see it in her eyes.

They'd genuinely broken the human as much as they could. She could not rise back up from this. She could not fall any deeper. And yet... And yet she remained.

Papyrus couldn't help but feel so incredibly unsettled.

"Goodbye, pet." Papyrus told her to his brother's benefit. Sans just laughed at her lack of response. Not seeming unsettled at all. Only a little disappointed at the lack of fight. But even then... Finally satisfied for the moment. Papyrus could tell Sans saw that she was completely broken too. Papyrus just shook his head again. "Have a nice morning, brother."

"Oh I will. You have a nice day at work."


"Heh.. you can call off." Papyrus shook his head, just one last time, and left.

And before he actually left he checked into the bedroom again to find his brother having slipped back into sleep, not yet ready to start the day just yet. And the girl... well, she just stared blankly... Trapped. Empty. Even as she stayed breathing and alive.

Sans woke up for good two hours later, finding the girl unconscious once more against him and he had to coax her out of her own mind...

He wasn't as good at this as Papyrus, but Sans could feel the difference too. He did know. She was broken. Absolutely broken. But still breathing and proving his point with each breath.

He could feel it. The emptiness of her Soul. Even the other day when she had laid beneath him like dead weight, there had still, at least, been something. Something from her Soul. Not that he had really noticed it. Honestly he only noticed it because now, there was absolutely nothing. He could feel the difference.

She had reached her foregone conclusion and yet, yet she still could not just give in. She had given up but she had not given in to dying.... It was this weird, stagnant, emptiness.

Only a human could keep going like this... Somewhere in between.

Though he supposed... Actually seeing it...

It kinda reminded him of seeing someone... Fallen down.

"Hey... You know what will help you feel better?" He teased. "I nice hot shower."

She did not respond. And even as he took her with him, started the water, held her against the wall..

"You're always just- sitting here, around all day doing nothing.. bout time you put in a full days work.. You've just had it so easy, pet." He told her. "But just get through this and I'll give ya a portion of tablet, kay?"

And she just stared blankly with her arms around him. Staring and watching the water collect and swirl around the drain...


Chara was traveling down the river, her satchel close, her dagger within reach... They boy still not even a thought on her mind. She refused to let it be. Just following the river.....

A large looming figure was up ahead, drifting along the water on a boat. Chara paused, hiding behind a tree, watching... but as it came closer she let out a sigh of relief..

Just The River Person.

The River Person was a peculiar.... individual.

He, she. Didn't matter. Human Mage. Monster. No one knew.

Though if Chara was honest, Chara thought monster. Only monsters and idiots could afford to be that careless. But human mage was perhaps not so far a guess either. And she was pretty sure it was a him... Though she didn't really care all that much about that either.

All she cared about was that he could be counted on. Even if overall she did not trust him. At all.

There was something off. Something so OFF. If you looked at him, you couldn't tell what you were looking at. Or even, fully what size. Shape. It felt off. Wrong.

You couldn't Check him either.

Chara had blatantly REFUSED to travel with him for so long, only when people like Alex and Mich wanted to go somewhere far and the benefit outweighed the cross. And it wasn't even exactly that she thought he would ever turn around and kill any of them.

It was probably one of the first things Chara had learned about The River Person. When she asked how he didn't just have his boat stolen, offering rides to strangers.

You did not fight The River Person. Because if you did, well... Good luck trying to even land a hit on him.

You also didn't Fight The River Person because just like she said, he gave rides to strangers. And the only thing he asked for were stories and riddles or news.

Which was another reason she thought monster, because a human could never afford something like that.

And another thing, he always disappeared for long periods of times....

But even still, even suspecting what she suspected. Chara stepped out from the tree line and rushed towards the river bank, making it obvious for him to see her.

Because sometimes Monsters were the safer one of the two.

That wasn't a moral judgment, it was just because they weren't completely out here just to survive. There was a city they could slink back into.

She slowed down as The River Person came closer, pulling the boat to a stop.

"Howdy." He greeted her, just as always. "How can I help you? Would you like a ride on my boat?"

Automatic greeting. Unsettling greeting.

She didn't trust him....

Something so, so off about him. Something unreadable.

And yet she couldn't afford to stick around here longer. She was going to risk it.

"Yes, please." She said, Please another one of his stipulations to riding. He motioned for her to join him. She stepped on cautiously. This was the first time she'd ever ridden with him alone before.

"Where to?"

"Ruins." She stated. And he simply turned the boat around. Just like that. Despite wherever else he may have been planning on going.

"Anything new?" He asked conversationally. Chara wondered how much he really remembered about her. Or about any of his passengers. With other people there, she could always hide behind them. At least a bit more. Because she really didn't like or trust him. He always forced her to speak where she was most comfortable in the background. Silent and invisible and alive. Keeping her dagger close.

He had glanced back towards her as she kept silent.. She wondered if he would toss her out into the water if she didn't speak.

"Justice is gone..." She said finally. The probably monster turned back around, staring out across the water.

"Yes." He said, sadly.

But there was more and Chara couldn't keep it to herself.

That was one other good thing about The River Person. Everyone paid in news and information.... And if it was important enough he gave some back to you.

Chara stood back up and slipped closer to him, even if she was nervous.

"It is dangerous to stand on a boat, small one." He told her.

"You have to tell everyone you meet, even if they don't come for a ride." She said. "Gaster. He.. He was in the dump today."

And it was probably because of what happened to Justice actually... It was probably crowded with stragglers just like the boy hidden in the hole and his mother.

The River Person turned his shadowed face towards her again. She could feel the intensity of his invisible stare. She felt the hair on the back of her neck raise.

"The Royal General should beware." Chara couldn't help but frown in confusion.

"What does he have to beware?" She asked. She glanced away, staring out across the water rippling against the side of the boat. "Its us who are in trouble. If he keeps on like this. I heard that the groups don't even plan attacks on the borders anymore if they have any indication he is going to be there. He has too much LOVE..... He's going to destroy us all."

"Not if he destroys himself, first."

Chara looked back up at The River Person in surprise. But then she sighed and looked out, not across the water but to the forest.

"He's going to keep getting stronger. And then he is going to sweep across the valley, pulling us all into a Fight. The guards will come out after him. And no one will be safe. We'll all be dead. Or forced into Ebott. And then we will be dead there. Doesn't matter."

"......" The River Person....

"Justice is gone and so is mercy except amongst idiots and fools. We're all going to die."

Chara nearly jumped out of her skin, screaming lightly as a hand clasped onto her shoulder. She immediately grabbed her dagger. But she was frozen by his nonexistent stare though. And even more so... by what she could actually feel for once off of him.

Real pain. Perhaps even guilt and an apology.

For once, he actually felt like a real person standing next to her and not some hollow, empty echo of a person in a cloak.

"Don't give up so easily, young Chara."

So he did remember her name....

"Let go of me." She ordered, still gripping the dagger tight. But he obeyed, releasing her and staring straight ahead. Chara rolled her eyes and crouched back down, and kept her back towards him now, even if she still had the dagger.

Gliding along the water as The River Person just hummed to himself, trying to pick up the mood.

"Dum dee dum..."

They reached just outside the ruins when she ordered him to stop. He could have taken her closer, deep into The Ruins themselves, but she didn't want him having even more of an idea of where she was staying. He obeyed, pulling to the side, and she got off.

"Will you be out here tomorrow?" She asked. The River Person shook his head.

"The next day." He told her. "Most likely. Probably."

"Next time you're out, will you meet me here? I'm moving."

He nodded.

"But as my price." He told her. "I want you to bring me one story of mercy."

She frowned and looked down, thinking briefly about the little boy she had abandoned in the dumps but refusing to let the thought linger.

She just turned around and made her way into the ruins. Not looking back.


The water was gone and Chara was sitting in the empty bathtub as Sans struggled with the case of tablets....

"I forgot it was locked..." He admitted. And also he had no clue where Papyrus had put the key. But... oh well. "Guess you'll just have to deal with it until Paps comes home."

But Sans could see no reaction from her. Nothing. Just ignoring him. Not even ignoring at this point. Just all of it gone.

And when he brought her into the kitchen, forcing her to sit down, and putting breakfast in front of her... She wouldn't even look at it. Pushing it away and putting her head down.

"Fine." Sans said, taking it for himself. "Whatever.... If you wanna be like that, I guess you'll just have to suffice being desert."

But he was starting to feel restless again, bored perhaps was the word...

Maybe they should take a break...

But only after he ate her out again. RIght there at the table.

Chapter Text

When Sans moved towards her, the girl didn't even flinch. Didn't move at all. Not anything. The sense of someone Fallen Down struck Sans again but he pushed it aside. He put his fingers in her hair, gentle and petting.

"Chin up, pet.." He told her as he physically lifted her chin up with his other hand. "We're going to take a break.... You just have to do one last thing for me. And then we'll do something else.. We'll go watch some t.v. Just relax..." He was bending down, crouching beside her as he kept petting through her hair.

She just looked down at him so miserably. Wanting to die and yet still holding on for whatever unnatural reason....


The sound of her voice... It was barely there, and Sans was not even sure if she had meant to even speak or if the word had just come out of her. Probably that... Because he did not think she had it in her to do anything... intentionally at this point. Sans smiled up at her.

"Why what?" He asked. Still playing with her hair. It was still somewhat wet, but drying... Such a strange but interesting texture. "Why am I doing this?" He whispered. She just stared... her expression just so... miserable. "You know why." He told her gently. "You're a human and I'm a monster. It's just the way it is."

"No..." She stated, shaking her head absently. "No..."

That was not what she had meant, but Sans couldn't know that.

"No? Not satisfying enough for you. Well... There is always the fact that you deserve it." He continued. "And the simple fact that I can."

For the first time that morning, her eyes stared directly into his...

"So you have to." She echoed.

There was instant anger in Sans' chest. At how he had just... let her use his own words against him. Walked right into it. Handed it to her so even her half distant mind could grasp it.

But he only smiled, and pulled her forward.

In moments, Sans had her pinned against the table, her legs over his shoulders, and somehow she had found the strength, or perhaps just the simple fact of instinct, to push her hands against the top of his head, but only for a few moments... Before collapsing back onto the table, defeated and resigned. And Sans continued to smile, chuckling lightly, as his tongue gave her no mercy.


The River Person was right where he had promised to be two days later. Large, in his large, dark cloak. A shadowy hidden figure at the front of his boat. And Chara tiny in comparison with everything she owned in her satchel and book bag. Still her dagger secure in easy reach.

"Thank you." She said in obligation as she got on the boat. The River Person did not start to move forward though.

"And so, small one?" She pursed her lips and glanced away across the river. "Can you think of even one act of Mercy you have seen?"

"No..." She stated in indignation.

"Not even one so small?"

"Not any that matter." She said, keeping firm in her decision. The River Person hummed lowly, seeming to think...

"What about the day before? You told me about Gaster to tell others... Was that not Mercy?" She frowned.

"No? That was just..."

There was silence...

"Where to?" The River Person asked her.

"I.... I don't know..." She admitted. She had thought about it.. But she had grown comfortable in The Ruins. To leave... was more difficult than it should have been. Which just meant she had even more reason to move.

Growing comfortable somewhere also got you killed.

"I guess just... just go about.. I'll just get off whenever." He nodded and began to glide the boat across the water.

And all there was, was near silence. Just the boat gliding across the water, the red oar large in his shadowed hands...

"Nice day today, huh?" The River Person stated eventually. Chara looked up towards the blue sky.

She supposed... At least it wasn't raining or cold.

"Birds are singing, flowers are blooming... Perfect weather for a ride down the stream."

Stream... as if this river didn't cut through the very heart of the monster city and down the entire valey. Just a stream.

The river... cutting through the heart of the monster capital.

Chara's red eyes narrowed as she continued to stare up at the sky.

"Why?" She asked.

"Why, what? Young one..."

"Why do you come out here?" She lowered her gaze, looking directly into the back of the monster in front of her. She knew he was a monster. Not a mage. A monster. Knew.

Sometimes..... she just knew things. People didn't have to tell her. Like, for example, she knew how it worked out here. Kill or be killed. She knew that to stay hidden was to stay alive. To run, to stay alive. She just knew things... Sometimes, the only difference she felt between herself and any adult was that she was physically smaller. And they naturally had had more time to just know more things than her. But still. She knew. Just knew things.

But what she could not know... Understand. Was why someone like him came out here so often. There was nothing to gain...

"Why do you suppose?" He asked.

She had supposed, briefly. Just briefly. That it was also mercy.

But she could remember the other day, when he had clasped a hand onto her shoulder. That pain she had felt. Known.

"You're guilty. You owe something." She told him.

He did not move. But he also did not deny it.

"Do you have LOVE?" She asked. Thinking about how she had been told One Did Not Fight The River Person. But she could not Check him to be sure.

"No." He told her. Chara tilted her head, not entirely believing it, but couldn't exactly call him a liar either. But The River Person was not done, "But my hands are dirtier than anyone else's.... in both blood and dust. And coming out here to somehow help with that. Well, that is just a fantasy, isn't it?"

Chara frowned at his words and shook her head.

"I think Gaster has you beat in dirtier hands than you. More even. And maybe your awful Queen."

"She did what she thought she must." He said immediately, defensively, though sadly. Chara scoffed, looking away again across the water and watching the trees.

"Well fuck her." Chara whispered. She could see though, in the corner of her eyes.. His shadowy hands trembling for a moment. She thought it best to drop the subject..... Anyways, there was nothing left to say. But perhaps.. Just to save face: "I'm sorry." She stated. Though she had meant every word.

Fuck. Her.

"And I am sorry I cannot give you a simple, happy ending. Or even the simple truth." Chara glanced back, uncertain... She decided not to ask or dwell.

Nothing left to say... And it seemed like talking wasn't going to do any good for them at all.

This was why Chara never did. Why Chara stayed silent.

But they were drawing closer to where they had been the day before. The dump closer and closer. And she was finding it impossible... Impossible to ignore. She sighed.

"I have that story for you. Mercy."

"Oh?" He sounded genuinely pleased. Perhaps needing to truly, really, hear it.

"The other day. In the dump. When Gaster came." She started. I was stuck with nowhere to hide. I looked at the growing darkness, and I knew I was going to die."

"But you are not."

"No..... A little boy, he opened up his hiding place to me even though he didn't know me. He saved me... He gave me Mercy."

"........ And why did you not tell me this before, young one? There is no shame in having been saved.." Chara bit her lip.

"Because I just left him there... Alone. Waiting for his mother... But we both knew she was never going to come.. If she hadn't been dead before... Gaster probably got her."

"And you feel guilty." The River Person stated.


"Mistakes are made, young one."

"It wasn't a mistake!" She cried. "It's not MY fault he's basically dead! I offered to take him to a camp with me."

"Please.. Young one.. There is no need to shout.." The River Person told her gently.

"I'm not shouting!" He only nodded sadly. There was silence again....

"Do you wish to go back?" He asked her.

"No. Doesn't matter anyways."

"I would go with you."

"I don't trust you." She spat.

"No, I suppose not. You are only with me on my boat, alone... Despite correctly guessing that yes, I am a monster..."

"I want off." Chara demanded. Standing up. "Stop and let me off."

He did not protest, gliding the craft to the shore, the oar transforming into a large trident that he stabbed into the ground to steady it. Chara jumped down into the mud and began to walk away furiously.

She knew that he wanted to call out to her.

But really.

There was nothing left to say.


Chara was gripping the sides of the table mercilessly as the tears ran down her face again and she was gasping for air, the sensations twisting up her body, too much. Too much over the last.. not even 24 hours. Too much and unable to handle it. Too much. Sans' tongue was still deep inside her even though her orgasm had worked through her, deep and relentless as he devoured her.

He groaned, slowly working his way out.. Swallowing as he gasped for breath. And finally, finally he was pulling away.

Chara's eyes were unfocused, staring up at the ceiling as she panted and Sans was leaning over her, licking the front of his teeth.

"Now do me a favor pet.. Don't tell Paps we did this here, kay? Though to be fair he only said not the counters."

Chara just closed her eyes again.....

And all those little, random, stupid things still leaking through her mind even as she tried not to think. No energy to think. And yet they still persisted anyways.

Small, little random things...

Like looking back, watching The River Person stay by the coast, silently hoping she would come back. Like walking away, refusing..... Like how she walked and walked. Like how she found herself at the dump anyways. Alone and stupid. Alone...

Like how she had climbed back through the garbage and found Frisk's little hole. Empty. Empty and Chara relieved because she didn't have to feel guilty anymore.

Only to find him a minute later, digging through the garbage for something to eat. Surviving. Still waiting like an idiot.....

That stupid little smile of his at seeing her again, that smile. Though that knowing in his eyes.

Stupid, little things. Like him telling her his name-

"I'm Frisk!"

So excitedly, only after she had asked him it, nearly an hour later with a bent can of corn between them, hiding and waiting together in his little hole.

Waiting for someone to come back who never did.

But the important thing that would matter, always matter, The River Person would always tell her. was that Chara had.

And whenever she tried to say that she had just been doing what she owed him, always, always: But then you had stayed.


"But you have to listen to me." Chara said sternly, a lifted finger in Frisk's place. "You have to listen and do everything that I tell you. No complaints. Not a single one." And the quiet boy nodded. But then as always, he smiled softly. "I won't hesitate to leave you behind. And you should always be ready to do the same to me."

The smile had disappeared at that, but she had meant it back then. Meant it so much back then. She would leave him again. She really would.

She meant it.

She did......

"And we have to get you a weapon." He only shook his head. "Yes." She said sternly.

"I'll be alright without it."

"No. I can't have you defenseless if you're going to be with me."

"But I wouldn't be defenseless." He told her. He thought a moment. "I'll just poke em in the eyes and run away!"

She had just... . stared at him. Saying something like that so adamantly. Genuinely.

"No." She said sternly.

Just no.

And in the end, they compromised... and he carried around a stick.

................... You didn't go to the dump alone. Let alone live there.......

But somehow, just somehow... with an impossibly stupid child at her side... Chara did.


Sans had given her one of his old shirts.... Large and non-fitting around her. But the best part was that it just said Bone Me, on it in plain black letters. And he couldn't even remember where he had gotten it from. But oh was he so glad that he did.

And too bad, she didn't even seem to appreciate it like he did.

"Aw come on, pet... It's funny." She stood there, barely able to stand by herself... Not looking at him. He wrapped an arm around her. "Alright, let's just go watch some t.v. Just you and me..."


"It's just you and me, okay. You don't trust anyone else. No one. You do not Talk to anyone unless I am with you, do you understand?" He nodded. But this would be his most broken rule ever and she already sensed it. Knew. "I mean it." She stated. "No one. Not until you've learned at least some common sense." Because oh glory this boy had NONE. Absolutely none....

And maybe that was Chara too. Because she had come back. She had allowed them to stay in the dump though it was a death sentence almost in her eyes. It was impossible to live there. Impossible. He was a fool and she was the bigger idiot giving in to him.

Waiting... Just waiting for someone to come who never would. And both of them knew it.

But the truth was... Chara didn't know where else to go. And besides.... in some sick way this was also the safest place at the moment.

Gaster had already been there.

There were bodies everywhere........


Sans laid back on the couch, forcing Chara to lay against him, curled up between his legs and resting her head against his chest... Her eyes half lidded and hazed, not even focusing on the t.v. at all. Just the memories. The heartache. The pain through her entire body... Her head.

But all the little, random things.....

Just wanting her brother not to be dead.


Chapter Text

The things the boy could do..... were astonishing.


So, so, so astonishing.

Astonishingly stupid.

How had his mother kept him alive.

If Chara had been forced into the dumps with him, she would have also built him a little hole and shoved him into it because there was just so much stupid.

You had to keep him in a little hole just to keep him from sticking his nose into absolutely everything.

And even then you couldn't keep him from sticking his nose out. From pulling other people he didn't even know into the hole with him just because they looked scared.

That stupidity had saved Chara but it was just putting that boy in danger at every single moment.

Chara was going to cry. Was two seconds away from just screaming and walking away in frustration. At every moment.

The stick had been a horrible idea. Several times now she'd had to get him away before he ended up petting some of the stray dogs.

Not Dog Monsters. Just dogs at least. But if she did not get the association of Danger and Dogs into his mind it would be problems down the line.

And besides.... she knew part of what those dogs had been eating a lot of lately and the thought of them getting to close to him and therefore her was Not something she wanted in any way, shape, form, anything.

Whenever they came upon one of the corpses, awful and mutilated at this point and turning her stomach, Chara would force them in the opposite direction. Dragging Frisk by the shoulders as he asked why we just left it....

But as much as it turned her stomach, the corpses also served to keep the awful dogs away from them. And if there WERE any Dog Monsters around..... the smell would cover them.

"But why hide from the monsters so much? Mom was.. is like that too..."

"You hide from everybody," she told him. "Everyone. Everyone has the potential to kill you. Everything. And as for the monsters........"

No one had really explained it to Chara. She had picked up on it along the way. In the camps. How all of this started.

"Long ago, two races ruled over Earth... Humans and Monsters."

"And we're humans?"

What kind of question was that???

"Yes." She answered.

"What's the difference?"

She chose not to answer that one, not sure of how to say it.

"Now keep your eyes looking around even as we talk. You have to be aware of everything around you while we're digging through this stuff. You're too careless." She saw him turning his head, looking, but she couldn't tell if he was seriously looking or not.

"But humans and monsters." He repeated. "Earth.. What's Earth?"

"We're on Earth. Everything is Earth. Don't ask me what that means or how big it is, or... I just don't know. I only know its called Earth."

"Why?" She sighed.

"I don't know." She grumbled.... But it stung because she was pretty sure she had once asked the same question. "It doesn't matter." She said, pushing it off.

It was something she had learned. You only ask questions that are important. What Earth was, didn't matter. Wasn't important. Knowing the history of this situation wasn't even important either. All that mattered was the fact of their current situation. Not what caused it. You couldn't fix the cause of it. So it didn't matter. But if she didn't tell him, he would never stop asking questions. And maybe if he knew... he would have some more common sense and that would make her life so much easier.

"But one day, violence started to rise between the two groups. Each was angry. And the monster queen, they say she wanted to start a war. So she used her son to lure a lot of important human people together. And when they were there, she attacked. Killed them. And took their souls. Absorbed them. And started a war, destroying... a lot. And humans scattered."

"What about her son?" Frisk asked anxiously. Chara felt a pang of guilt, knowing the mother and son thing would still be hot on his mind but she didn't dwell on it. Didn't even off a comforting wrapped arm around his shoulder. He needed this harshness to learn. Learn to be more forceful and value his own life and safety.

"She lost him. The Queen got what she deserved."

"Oh....... What happened to her?"

"I think they say she's in the castle. The monsters talk about her like she is some fucking goddess but she's a demon. She's the reason you're out here and everyone is out to get you and nothing is ever going to get better. So you remember that. And she is the reason there are patrols and why we have to hide. And she's the reason you cannot talk to any monster unless I tell you that you can."

"So we can talk to them...?"

"Only when I TELL you that you can!" She said sternly.

"M-Mom never let us talk to any monsters.... At all. We just always ran."

"And yet here you are always trying to get yourself killed when someone HAS told you otherwise."

Chara was starting to realize this was somehow, a loss cause.

"But I still don't understand. Why were they angry with each other to begin with? Why did she use her son?"

"I don't know. I wasn't there and I don't care why. All that I care about is that everyone is still angry and you can't change it so you just protect yourself and survive."

Frisk stood somber, looking down at his feet and not at the area around him, forcing Chara to be extra on alert for the both of them.

"This place is kill or be killed, Frisk. And if you can't live by that, then you have to run and hide... Or lay down and die."

"I don't like it." He mumbled.

"Doesn't matter what you like. You don't have a choice. Everyone just keeps on killing each other and doing horrible things and it is too late to change it now. That's just the way it is."

She was surprised she hadn't been killed already. Or forced to kill someone. She would prefer to not kill, and many were the same, but that was only because you knew that if you did, and you went into places like the sewers, the better but less safe places inside the actual city... If you were caught by a monster, you were basically dead.... If you didn't have LV there was a chance.... Chara had heard that sometimes monsters used humans for labor. Or even house slaves. In stores and restaurants. You were just some token.

But to have LOVE and be captured.... There were whispers of a lab. Whispers that over the years would grow and grow into stern warnings. The young doctor who had just turned into the doctor that would turn into that demon witch. And it went from Sometimes you were captured to Most Times you were captured. Because now they wanted your Souls, not just your blood and empty corpse... And it was easier to transport a living human you could bruise up than a large glass canister you had to handle with care.

But right then, that was still a far ways away. Right then, all Chara was worried about was keeping the boy next to her alive. Though she continuously asked herself why.

And in all of it, she was starting to believe he was unteachable. That naïve, foolish spark; unkillable.

Until the day, a few weeks after they had come together, he showed his first sign of not being so stupid. That he had indeed been listening.

Or perhaps... Just perhaps... He did have a smidge of common sense. It was just slightly different than hers. A different, complete, perpendicular (though Chara didn't even know the word), set of ideas and common sense. And it met up in at least one spot.

He wasn't so much of an idiot after all. He could, in fact, smell danger.

The darkness creeping in when they had first met, and a much larger than them, yellow, lizard monster were enough danger to set it off.

Because Chara had been digging, not paying attention to him for once... Trying so hard to get the metal case she had found open. To break the lock. Because it wasn't empty. And even if it wasn't, if she could just get it open. Break the lock but not the clasps holding it shut, they could use it. It looked water tight. That was valuable.

But also near impossible.

But she hadn't been paying attention. And Frisk had slipped away a bit too far without noticing. Without Chara noticing.

Until he came back running, running and grabbing her wrist tightly. No words. Pulling her along.


But her eyes landed on the approaching monster. Her brown eyes piercing and dangerous and the air felt of electric magic.

"GET BACK OVER HERE!" The guard monster raged. Chara's heart was racing as she ran with Frisk through the heaps of trash. They turned a corner and Chara forced them down behind a heap of trash. Their breathing erratic.

"We can't lead her back to the hiding place." Chara reasoned. "We have to... Lead her somewhere else."

Chara knew. She knew exactly what type of monster was after them. Clad in that much armor. Blatantly hunting them down. A guard, yes, but a new one. Someone who had just been recruited. Or at least, one that wanted to prove themselves. Wanted to gain LOVE and that was the ONLY reason they were there in the dump. One that could not be reasoned with. Given something valuable to be allowed to flee. All she wanted was easy EXP. And she had honed in on Frisk. And therefore Chara.

Chara stole a peak at the scanning monster. They couldn't keep hiding here. Chara turned to Frisk.

"We can only loop back to the hole after we lose her. We'll go together. Towards the river. She won't be able to keep up and if she does, she won't be able to cross the river in that armor."

"Can't.. Can't swim." Frisk admitted softly. Chara cursed under her breath.

"Just.... Keep running towards the river. I'll hold her back and keep telling you to run towards home. So she thinks you're headed towards somewhere. And when I run in the same direction and cross the river, she'll think you did too. But just hide. Hide and loop back."

"Don't want.."

"Too leave me? Too bad. Do it." Chara glared. Frisk bit his lip but nodded.

She swore if he didn't obey her-

But there was no time.

"Now." Chara hissed. Running forward, towards the danger.

"Hey fat ass! Go pick on someone your own size!" Chara cried. The lizard monster turned, glaring, magic humming.

"Don't you know you crush bugs." She snarled.

But all that stupid armor.... If Chara could just not get hit.

"Run! Run towards home!" Chara told Frisk adamantly, loud enough for the monster to hear it. And the boy thank something, obeyed.

Chara headed off the lizard's attacks. Dodging. Dancing against the heaps of trash. All that armor to her advantage. Her small size, agility, to her advantage. And she threw trash at the lizard, hitting. Even as the lizard growled and grew more frustrated. And more frustrated. Even more frustrated.

"Honestly, I'm doing you a favor. Putting you out of your misery." The lizard called. But Chara only stuck out her tongue as she once again jumped through an attack.

"You're just a coward."


And Chara, ran....


And Chara ran.

Ran as fast as she could towards the river. Taking only a spare moment to scan the water, to scan for an even more prominent danger, before diving right in. Racing towards the opposite coast. Not looking back. Not stopping. Knowing the lizard was right behind her. She had to get out.

And Alphys. Alphys stopped at the water's edge. Growling and sending out sparks into the water... But the armor had slowed her down too much, and Chara... Chara was already out the other side.

And when she finally looped back around to the hiding place, the next morning after spending the night in the woods, she found Frisk shivering, curled up, his face red...

"About fucking time you listened to me for onc-" Chara gasped as he lunged at her, wrapping his arms around her tightly. Chara stood frozen, staring down at him.. He was shaking. Shaking so horribly.

"H-Hey." She tried, wrapping her arms around him.

She looked back into the hole, thinking it over. He'd spent the entire night waiting... never knowing if she was ever going to come back.

"O-Oh... Hey." She said more assumingly, holding him tighter. "Hey, I'm alright. It worked out just fine. A new guard like that has nothing on me." She tried running her fingers through his hair, but there were too many snags underneath that she had never noticed before. She was going to have to cut it all off for him.

But he was crying.

"No." She whispered, pulling him away and holding his shoulders. "No, you can't cry. Big kids don't cry."

"I'm not." He whimpered. "Not a b-big kid."

Oh..... She supposed that.... that was true.

She hugged him tight again.

"You can't afford not to be out here." She whispered.......... "I'm sorry."

Sorry for leaving him alone for the night, not knowing. Sorry for the fact that she couldn't let him stay the little kid he was supposed to be and she had never been able to be.

Sorry she was going to have to kill that naïve, foolish spark...

But then why was she still holding him. Coddling him. Why was she letting him rest against her in the hole, each of them so tired and slipping asleep. She told herself it was for the warmth, but she knew that the day was just growing hotter and soon it would be too hot to stay here like this.

 Sans was petting through her hair again as she laid against him, tears in her eyes again.

Her head was hurting so bad. She was dehydrated again, she knew that. Always is at this point. But she dare not ask. Or really cared. And she was refusing to eat. He wouldn't kill her until she begged and she had no way to kill herself, to steal that honor from him. But she could try and starve herself. That was one thing she had control over.... One thing.

And it would be painful, she knew. But it was the only thing left she was determined to do. They couldn't force her to eat. If they did she would throw it up before it could absorb.

She would. Really would.

Though a part of her knew they would find a way.... A way to take even that.

But she just can't bring herself to care. Just staring.... Not even focused on the t.v.

"Oh hey, they're replaying the last Napstaton show. You'll like this, pet..."

Sure. Whatever. Whatever that was supposed to mean.

But Sans was pushing her off of him and she gasped lightly, not understanding.

"Going to get more food... unless you're offering." She just looked away. "Thought not.." He ruffled her hair. Keeping her soul blue as he left into the kitchen and came back with a bowl of taco meat, cheese, a fork to stir it, and a bag of chips. And even as he settled her back down, offering her a bite. She just kept her mouth shut... As music began to play on the screen and she curled in on herself even more.


Chapter Text

Not long after the first encounter with Alphys, Chara forced them out of the dump. They couldn't stay. Just couldn't. Had to get them out of there. Just unwind...

And reluctantly, Frisk obeyed. They both knew and had known all along and it was a miracle they had lasted as long as they had where they were. Staying in one spot.

But Chara dragged him with her by the wrist towards the river even though he wasn't protesting. But she just had to get him out of here. Find somewhere safer close to the river. Teach this idiot to swim because it was one of the most important things sometimes here, with the running rivers across the valley. You just HAD to know how to swim. And his mother had been an idiot. Idiot. Making so much work for Chara. More work than it had to be....

And they did settle by the river.... setting up camp, hiding themselves with brush when they slept.

And Chara taught Frisk to swim. How to fish with the lines and improvised hooks she had made before leaving the dump. Which wild plants you could eat, at least the ones that she knew of...

Usually she left the gathering to him because although he didn't protest, obeyed... She could tell the actual killing part of fishing made him squirm. Which she was an idiot for not using, forcing him to do it, to get him more comfortable. But she didn't. Didn't. And in the mean time she just let him pick dandelions.

And taught him to build a fire, safely. Like she had been in charge of doing in the first camp she could remember living at. Not hard at all, if you just knew how and had practice. It just took time and equipment.

He was miserable at it. But there was still time.

But in the mean time, he was in charge of feeding it and of settling it down at night. Down into a glow because you didn't want it to attract attention but still wanted it to smoke and help keep away the bugs.

And time passed, with trips back to the dump, to The Ruins, even a trip into the sewers and deep into the monster city... And she didn't have to take him with her. Better to leave him at their little hide away. But she couldn't stand the thought, even though she wouldn't admit that to herself. And he couldn't stand the thought either. Of waiting. Waiting and not knowing if she would even come back. And Chara knew that. And so... she took him with her as often as she could.

And when it came to the city.... A part of her knew it was the worse possible decision... But at the same time... She could remember the first time she had seen the darkened streets full of lights. The hum and buzz as she walked around like a cat in the shadows.

She had been so angry. Hating. None of it fair.

But as she brought him along, holding his hand, not his wrist. She knew he would only stare at it in wonder.

And she wanted to see it. The soft little smile on his face.

And in their little hide out, she didn't have to teach him to swim anymore, but they still did. Together. Splashing each other and risking a scream or two. Scaring away all of the fish. Playing..

And time.. moving forward. And Frisk resting against her as he slept and she lay awake, knowing that the weather was going to start to turn cold. That it couldn't last. That they had grown comfortable anyways and needed to move.. Move to a camp or back to The Ruins but set up somewhere else than she had been last time. And before that, they needed to find more warm clothes so another trip to the dump, probably. Or cave and barter. Do someone some errands.

But no matter what they did, she was going to have to move them again... and she was thinking that with Frisk, she would be forced back to one of the camps... Probably Patience. It was near enough to the Ruins for a quick escape if needed. But perhaps too near to the Ruins....

Chara sighed and Frisk moaned as he nuzzled against her. She tightened her grip on him, the dagger tucked into the grass nearby and within reach.

They started packing up a week later, her plans reasonably set and warm clothes acquired... At least warm enough for now. There was still time for that. The air didn't even have a chill but she knew that it would come and soon.

"We can't take all of it?" Frisk asked.

"No. Just the things we need. We have a ways to go. We're not strong enough."

"But what about that person who comes by a lot on his boat? You say he gives rides."

"I also told you to not let him see you."

"But you looked almost sad when you said it."

Chara sighed.

"No. If anything I looked angry. There is a difference." Frisk didn't seem convinced.

To be fair..... To be at a camp... And have more stuff and look less needy... It could get you more easily accepted. Especially being so young. But it also opened you up to being robbed and losing it anyways and then getting yourself hurt in the process.

You had to be invisible.


Chara sighed again.

She couldn't avoid The River Person forever.

NOT that she was avoiding him...

"We'll watch the river. If he comes by in the next few days we'll snag him. If not. We leave stuff." Frisk, the fool, was just beaming.

And unfortunately, as if summoned by the mention of his name. The River Person came gliding by the very next day. And Chara couldn't just pretend to not have seen because Frisk saw him first.

"Hey!" Chara froze, rigid, panicked, as Frisk just.... Just called out. Ran out and called out.

"Frisk!" She hissed from the tree line. Her heart racing. The River Person was not alone, someone, some gruff looking man already on his boat. But The River Person was already drawing nearer to the shore. His shadowed and hidden face looking down at Frisk. So tiny. So small compared to the monster who just towered over him. And then the man in the back of the boat...

"Howdy, young one..." The River Person spoke. "Are you out here all alone?"

Chara dashed out, grabbing Frisk by the shoulders as she pulled him against her stomach, staring up fearfully at The River Person. She could see the slight tilt of his head as he recognized her. There was silence.. as Chara was catching her breath.

"We're heading to P-Patience. But we have some s-stuff." She told him, trying to keep her voice even but failing. "We would like a ride in your.. boat, please."

She couldn't see it, but she just knew. The soft smile on The River Person's face.

"Well you better hurry up there, girlie." The gruff man said from the back.

"No need to rush..." The River Person said. "If you need, I shall give you time and swing back around here in an hour."

"We have all our stuff packed up." Frisk stated. "We were waiting for you!"

"Were you now?" The River Person asked kindly. It made Chara's stomach turn. She pulled Frisk back with her.

"Let's go get our stuff." She urged. She had to pack up the few things they had left out, too. "Come on."

"We'll be right back!" Frisk called.

Shut up, shut up, shut-

"Shut up. " She hissed as she pushed him along.

"But you said that we had to pay him with news or stories. I thought we had to talk to him.."

"But not talk with him." She breathed.

They gathered their things. The most things Chara had ever in her LIFE owned. Which made sense, having two people. And the most things she had ever taken with her in a move. And she felt a pang in her heart looking over it. Sad that she would never risk coming back to this exact spot to stay....

Frisk and Chara carried their things to the boat, The River Person helping them to organize it safely. And Chara sat down next to it, glaring lightly at the man at the back. Keeping herself between him and Frisk. Even if that meant Frisk was sitting right next to The River Person.... But at least she knew The River Person just a little bit.

"So..." Chara started, knowing it was expected. But she didn't have any real news. Or anything... really. At least that she wanted to say. She couldn't even pick back up where they had left off months and months ago because Frisk was there and the stranger to the back.

"And who is this, Chara?"

Oh fuck him.

The River Person was looking down at Frisk. Who was smiling. Chara had her arm wrapped around him, firmly.

"I'm Frisk!" Frisk told him excitedly.

Oh please, why.

Not having many people to talk to and that was all the boy wanted to do now. After the first few weeks of just being quiet and scared and now just would not shut up at times. Questions and questions and most of them didn't matter. Most of them Chara didn't know the answers to...

"It is nice to meet you, Frisk."

"I've seen you before. But Chara never lets us come out and talk to you when you pass."

"Hmm. It seems she would have her reasons. Have you been out here together long?"

"We were living by the river."

"Frisk." Chara hissed.

"Oh. Well. Too late now. We were living by the river. Chara was teaching me stuff."

"What things?"

"But some news!" Chara called, trying to stem the conversation off.

"It is alright, Chara, let him speak."

She hated him. Hated him and his shadowy hidden form. The coward.

"She taught me how to swim. So if I fall off the boat you don't even have to worry."

The River Person chuckled.

"Hopefully we do not have to worry about that, young one."

"Well I've never been on a boat before so I don't know how it works."

"You just have to sit and stay safe." The River Person instructed him.


"But what else has Chara taught you?"

"Oh. She keeps trying to teach me to make fires but I'm not very good. I keep blowing and you just blow and blow and your face just gets super red and you get spit everywhere... And she has to do it.. And oh! She taught me how to braid things to make rope." Chara was covering her face now in shame. Knowing where this was going. "So I braided all these flowers together to practice and we just wore them around."

"What are you doing?" Chara keened in defeat.

"We have to tell him stories I thought."

Not stories about THEM!

Chara just kept her face buried but The River Person was laughing. She could hear another soft laugh though. She glanced up, seeing the gruff, previously scowling man now smiling at the two of them with a curious, amused look.

"May I ask you something, Frisk?" The River Person asked.

"It's your boat. So.. i think. Would you throw us off if I said no?" The River Person chuckled again, low but large. There was a strange atmosphere around him and Chara watched the tall Shadow curiously. She had never seen him so... light, perhaps.

"No, Frisk. I would never throw you off my boat."

"Oh. Chara made it seem like you could."

"Well. I could. Physically. Yes. I assume. But I will not."

"But what was the question?"

"Never mind. I think I know the answer, please continue. Tell me anything you wish."

She watched... and realized.... This was always what he meant by stories. News. Just like this. The random little things in your life. Anything a 5, maybe, child would tell you because he thought it could be important...

Time slipped on, as they slipped through the water in the opposite direction of Patience. To wherever the gruff man was headed to first. Which Chara resented because that meant she was stuck on here for even longer.

And the gruff man just sat there, listening and she wished she could shove something in his ears. Her dagger perhaps.

Chara cut in though about an hour into his spew of everything ever, cutting off Frisk.

"But is there any news that I should know? Anything important except the same old same old?" She requested. Not just to cut off Frisk, she realized, because she really needed it.

The gruff man laughed, and The River Person was silent, the lightness around him disappearing...

"Is there news she asks?" The man huffed. "But I suppose you being in the woods ya really wouldn't know wouldja?" She glared at him. "News. I'll give ya news." He was leaning forward. "Gaster's dead."

Chara froze. Her heart stopping. Time stopping. Everything felt funny and light.

"What?" She breathed.

"Ding dong the bells toll! Wicked bastards dead and he took a segment of his own city with him."

"What?" She breathed against.

How could he be dead??? Gaster. Dead. That was impossible. It was too good to be true. It couldn't be true.

"How?" She managed. The man shrugged and sat back, putting his hands behind his neck.

"Doesn't matter how. Just that he is. Good fucking riddance. The monsters better be worried. They got something coming to them now that their dark handsy friend bit the dust."

Chara turned her face towards The River Person.

"That's true?" He didn't look at her.

"He will not be troubling you anymore, young one." He confirmed.

Frisk was silent.

But Chara... She let out another airy breath. And then another... Something building up inside her. A laugh.

And she couldn't stop. Laughing as she tilted her head back. And the gruff man laughed along with her a bit. But she really could not stop.

He was dead. Gone. All that stupid LOVE and it was gone. Didn't even MATTER. Gone.

And she felt light. Because a large part of her had really, really thought what she had told The River Person would happen. That they were all just waiting to die.

But somehow... Frisk was silent. The River Person was silent. But Chara was comfortable, smiling softly to herself. One less nightmare to starve off...


Chapter Text

His fingers, through her hair. Music in the room.. Some robots on the screen. Something she had never seen. Something new. Something that should have been trilling and wonderful. Like discovering showers could be warm and that the steam had not meant she was about to be scolded in misery. Like....

But tainted again. Always tainted.

And yet, Chara couldn't care.

Really couldn't be brought to care.

Not at all..........

The world was fragmented. Just the memories but she was tired and hungry and her head hurting and it was all a lot less clear. Everything a lot less clear.. But the memories themselves, even if she hadn't been so exhausted. Still.. They would not have been that clear either. Not then... Not with what had been happening, no-



The first time Chara had killed someone.... It was probably barely two years after she had met Frisk. They'd moved back to The Ruins, Chara trying to give him a sense of what different kinds of monsters there were. How to fight and flee.

Though he still, would not fight. Not in the way that was needed.

She had brought Frisk there for the monsters. To teach him exactly what to avoid in the safest monster filled location that she could think of.

The safest place.....

And in that safest place she had gained her first execution points.

She did not regret it. At all. She would have done it again. Stabbing him again. Right there, in the front of his neck as he had loomed over her. She hadn't even known exactly what he had wanted, only felt his extremely violent intent. And she had turned around, no longer willing to flee, and had drove her knife forward.

She did not regret it.

And the power....

The adrenaline, the fear, it had shifted... The adrenaline, the power. The strength.

She'd avoided it before. Because of the risk, if you were to get captured. But doing it.... She wondered why she hadn't just done it sooner. How easier it was. And more likely than not, you were not going to be captured anyways. Just killed. And if she had a choice, which she did, she would always chose to die later rather than sooner.

She did not regret it.

Even as she shook, and laugh, and washed off the blood. So much of it. So much of it trailing into the water of the river because he had fallen over her and the blood had kept coming, pulsing from his neck. As he had sounded like he was drowning.

She did not regret it. Could not.

But Frisk, perhaps just a little younger than what she had been when they had first met and joined up. Frisk had stayed nearby for support. Hugging her the moment she came out of the water. Still shaking.

But the EXP. The LOVE.

She did not stop.

Her second kill was only two days later. A monster she could have probably just easy enough had fled.

And the third? A day after that.

And all the while, Frisk stayed silently watching, hugging his legs because she refused to regret it and smiled.

And Chara did not stop. Why should she?

And Frisk did not stop her.

And in hindsight, Chara realize: What could he say? She would just remind him that it had to be this way. And if he would not be more forceful than that was all the more reason she would.

But still....

The look on his face. Her own smile. Her laugh.

Something was wrong. The shock to her system.... that first LOVE had been. How she did not stop. Did not rest.

And then....

That monster...

That little, dog-cat-like monster. Its flake-like bullets grazing her, its growing limbs, its violent intent. Her own intent mirrored back.

Checking it, gave no Stats. No ATTACK. No DEFENSE. The only thing it provided was a mocking note: RATED tem OUTTA TEM.

"hOI!!! i'm tEMMIE!!!" It had called, mocking. Completely mocking. Talking much like a Flowey. HOIDWY, they went. Those stupid innumerable, identical monsters. The fact that there could be another set of monsters as stupid as that had never crossed her mind. The dread of it all.

But the way it gave no Stats...... so much like The River Person... A certain offness.

That only made Chara more determined to kill it. Vicious intent, though despite the mostly stupid look on its face, somehow she could feel it.

Somehow, as if it was all just an act. Another reason to kill. To not back down. Because she could sense, knew... The little shit knew what it was doing. The stupidity only so genuine. Only stupid because it dared to refuse to flee. And so did she.

Because she was just so, so done with fleeing. With hiding. Cowering. Being pushed around and scared. So done!!

It didn't take long though. To get the monster nearly dusted. Just one hit. It's HP revealed in a hit to be rather weak. Near only 5...... The only reason it had survived was because she had just barely grazed it.

But that low of HP.. just meant this would be easier.

As the monster collapsed in pain, with a huff, against the ground and backed up against the wall-


This song-

Chara sat up on instinct, her eyes wide.....

Sans' attention was drawn with curiousity.

"Hey now, pet." He said, putting a hand against her cheek. "Somethin' finally catch yer attention?"

She did not respond. She watched the screen. Really watched the screen for the first time since he had dragged her there. Since the fist time she had been forced to lay there with him. And she watched the screen.... Her breathing picked up. As it couldn't be-

But it was.

She saw him.

There. On the screen.


He was the one at the piano with the light blue glow. The robot.


A robot wearing a rumpled looking top hat.

A ghost possesing what looked like a robot. Playing music.


Naps-ta-bl-oo-k, the t.v. told her.

Napstablook. On the screen. Playing.

And the other robot, another ghost, his cousin. The one he always talked about. The one he was trying to work things out.....

All that music. All that discussion.

Ghost Fight.

That song. It was Ghost Fight. He'd played it for them... He'd wanted Frisk to be the first one to hear it fully recorded... But he'd been working on something else for them too... Just for them.

But they'd never gotten to hear it, he had never come back... There hadn't been enough time.

And there he was....

On screen.

Smiling and playing...

Smiling and playing.

Did he even worry? Did he even wonder? Did he even care to know? Or would he cut his losses and forget them and move on-

On the t.v. screen....

Famous. Famous, he'd always been famous. Coming out to The Ruins and just using them, then. Just using them. Like everyone else in their life ever.

Famous.. How could you spend months with people and just forget them and go back to your star studded life. A robot, not even yourself, just pretending that all of it never happened. That there weren't people starving and struggling and dealing with an entire other race thinking they didn't mean anything but shit!

He had gone back and forgot.

And Frisk was dead. After everything. Dead and forgotten. Naps had gone back and forgot.

The tears were in Chara's eyes. Her chest heaving.

Famous and would he even care...?

And Sans.... He was grazing her cheek, feeling her tears.

"Oh Chara, pet, what's wrong?"

His brother was a lot more intune to intent. To magic. To feelings. His brother would have sensed it. The shift. The change. His brother would have acted. But Sans was smug and blind, thinking he had won and this was all just a left over game. That he had been the one to break her. That he had been the one who'd won.

Blind as Chara turned towards him, red eyes filled with tears but piercing. As the hatred and anger and rage and murderous desire flooded through her chest. The suicidal child that felt like she had nothing to lose. The anger- Hatred-

And she did the one thing she already knew would get results.

And Sans was blind.

Blind as she plunged her hand directly into his left eye socket, as far as she could, balling her fist. Stuck. Just like she knew she could get.

And he screamed, jerking beneath her. The pain stabbing through his skull. And Chara-

She had the fork he had brought into the room in her hand, stabbing it right through the other socket.

Pain. There was too much pain. And Sans was teleporting. To get away from it.

But she just came right with him and he only found himself slammed down hard against the floor. As she pressed her full weight against him. Driving her hand and the fork as deep as she could.

She had all the intent of an inanimate object.

But that did not mean she could not hurt.

That did not mean she could not kill.

She was going to kill him.

Kill him.

Slowly if she had to.

And she could feel him lose it, that first, single HP.

And if she could just work up that intent. Work it up and work past the collar like Undyne had shown her that she could even with the consequences. She could do it in an instant with her pressed up against him like this. In an instant. The collar would go off, probably kill her or at least Papyrus would later coming home.

But that was fine. She wasn't getting out of here anyways. And Frisk was dead.

And she was going to make the two of them feel it.

She had told Papyrus she wanted to Destroy them all. And it had only been half true, to hide what really, truly mattered. That Frisk was okay. Frisk was somewhere that they could not touch. And it hadn't been true. She'd just been lying to herself. He was gone. And now... Now this truly was all there was.

As Sans clawed his fingers into her, trying his best. Drawing blood. Turning her Soul blue but not able to do anything but move her hands inside of him. And she thrust it back in. Again and again, the hatred burning deep inside her. As he struggled. And she screamed in rage through her clenched teeth. While he screamed in agony.

They couldn't hurt her anymore. They couldn't. The only thing that mattered was already gone.

And she was going to take the exact same thing away from them. It would have been sweeter, killing Papyrus. Leaving Sans alone. His one wish, one dream, gone. To know how it truly would feel. But killing Sans and leaving Papyrus.

Killing his brother.

Leaving him alone.

"How can you protect your brother?" She demanded. "If you can't even protect YOURSELF?!"

There was a bright hum of magic in front of her and Chara gasped as she looked up. Her stomach dropping as she looked straight into the gaping maw of a bone-like creature, bright hot white fire aiming towards her.

And on instinct. Chara pulled backwards, dragging Sans into a sitting postion and cowering against his chest.

Using him as a shield.

As his own attack blasted them.

Chara's ears were ringing. Her skin hot and seered, but that did not compare to the even louder high-pitched scream from Sans.

And their HPs. Both of them were still dropping, even as the attack stopped. As Sans, in his panic. Held onto his turn. His magic still seeping. toxic and eating.

Chara was breathing frantically. Not knowing what was happening. Something sick and pinkish attacking at her very Soul. Draining her.

But she could feel it. Sense it.

She still had more than him though she didn't know how. She had more HP than Sans. She could wait him out. All she had to do was wait. As he slowly killed himself.

But it stopped. Sans, cutting it off, knowing the exact same thing as her.

She had more HP. She... was the stronger one. Even still.

Even after everything.

But the HP draining energy was gone. But still, her hand. The fork. They were stabbing deep inside his skull. He could not get her out though she was sore and bleeding. He could not get at her neck like he wanted to.

He formed a bone, but it staggered and fell apart. Him not able to think straight. To aim anymore.

As his HP drained.

And Chara slammed him back down violently against the ground. Stabbing the fork back in, striking the back of his skull. His chest was glowing now, showing his Sou'ls distress.

This was it, this was it.

Chara wasn't smiling though. Just grtting her teeth, murder in her eyes. As he went limp beneath her.

Just wanting him to dust.

He was at 1 HP.


Chara had gasped, stopping her attack with a scream, as Frisk slid in between her and the dog-cat-like monster. Holding out his arms, a terrified look on his face.


She'd let go.

And her mind was in panic. Screaming at her. Screaming at her to finish it, to finish it, FINISH IT.

Sans was staring blankly. Completely blankly. No lights in his sockets as he lay passed out beneath her.



Why? Why had she stopped?! KILL HIM.

She didn't know.

She didn't know!

But she couldn't stab him again. She couldn't do it. The violence was still there. The intent underneath. But she couldn't breath. She couldn't think.

Adrenaline was pumping through her veins.

Fight or Flight.

But she could not-

She could not-

No. No,no,nonononononononon!!!!!!NO

There was music still playing but she couldn't think.

Chara pushed herself up, letting the fork fall, and she pushed herself up. To run. To flee.

But to where? Where to flee? To the kitchen. A knife. To Papyrus' room. Find the key. To the bathroom, the tablets. To flee. Before Papyrus came home. Before Papyrus- And Sans-

Why? Why was he still aliv-?

But she did not make it far.

Chara gasped. Her soul turning blue.

And she was lifted, twisted in the air. And slammed, violently, back down against the floor.


Chapter Text

Papyrus never came home for lunch. It took too much time.

Papyrus never came home for lunch, knowing it would mean he'd automatically get back late for his second round of patrols.

Too out of the way.

Papyrus never came home.......

But something was wrong.

He'd felt uneasy at first, even sitting down in his car in the drive way before he left for work. When it sank in to him that he really was leaving his brother alone with the human.

It was irrational, he knew. And she was just so fallen apart... There was no way she was going to rise back up from that.

But he had all of Undyne's warnings, instilled in him for years and years and ever since he was small. From Sans too. All of those things ingrained in him.

The human was defeated.

The Monsters had defeated The Humans.

And yet, somehow, in that defeat, there was always something. Rising up.

Just because they can and therefore had to, like Sans said.

To take something with them before they truly fell.

That was one difference between them.

Monsters just Fell. Humans dragged you with them.

"Destroying all of you," She had told him. Promised.

She couldn't get out. She was done.

But there was nothing she could do. And Papyrus had left that morning, reassuring himself and shrugging it off and continuing to pretend not to notice anything different or wrong.

But then, about ten minutes before he had been meant to take his lunch. Something had sparked in his chest, some distress from his own soul.

Nobody had ever told Sans and Papyrus they were brothers. Nobody had to.

And nobody had to tell Papyrus that Something was wrong.

Something was very, very wrong.

He could feel it in his Soul. Something distant and unsettling.

And Sans would not pick up the phone.

And neither would the two neighbors he had called while he drove, probably not even home.

But something was wrong.


He pulled into the drive way again, getting out of the car quickly, his magic racing...

It could be nothing.

But it was not nothing, somehow he knew that. And now that he was at the house, he could feel it not just in his Soul but also in the air. The magic. To panic.

Something was wrong.

He nearly kicked down the front door, barely able to fiddle with the lock. And he rushed into the hall. The first thing he saw was a line of blood- But the direction of the distress in his own Soul was from the living room.

He kept up his Defense. Ready his attack. And he rushed in the direction of it.

His Soul nearly dropped, shattered. His worse nightmare, nearly, just nearly, in front of him.

"SANS!" Papyrus raced towards his brother across the empty room. The t.v. on, music playing, but he couldn't hear it. Just everything focused on Sans.

Sans was on his side, his clothing burned and tattered, a bloodied hand stretched out across the floor and Papyrus grabbed it, letting magic race as he Checked him.

*Sans... ATK 5 DEF 1

*1/9 HP

*KARMA burning through his bones..

1 HP.

1 HP.

Just a single, sole, 1 HP.

Their entire lives, being so cautious and sure even as he got into fight after fight. Dodging. Using all of his time practicing his dodging while he focused on that rare difficult, corrosive magic KARMA while Papyrus worked to make sure he could heal. And heal- Papyrus was flooding his brother with as much healing magic as he could. Frantic.

How long had he been lying there? Not long, couldn't have been too long. 15 minutes.

Papyrus had to get him to the bathroom. The tablets.

His healing magic....

Something was wrong. Really wrong.

Wrong with him, wrong with Sans, something... He just didn't know what.

3 HP.

But it couldn't stay that easily- It dropped back down to 2...

Papyrus picked up his brother. Racing to the bathroom and putting him down into the tub. The key-

Papyrus raced to his room, pulling apart the drawer and digging it out.

Not even noticing....

He couldn't get his brother to take the tablet like this. He'd have to do the water. Letting the water run- Letting the green magic fill the room. But still his brother... Papyrus flooded in his own healing magic, even as it remained Wrong.

But things were starting to calm. The HP rising.... rising and staying risen.

Above 1 HP. No longer 1 HP. Safer. Okay..... Just tattered and sore. Magically drained even if physically now better. His brother was safe. His brother was going to be okay......

Papyrus collapsed beside the bath, resting his forehead against it as he shook.

1 HP...... His brother almost dusted at every second of their lives. Almost dusted on their living room floor. Blood...


Sans groaned and Papyrus lifted his head, drawing closer.

"Sans." He urged. "Sans."

'Paps...." Sans managed..

"Sans what happened? Where is the human?"

"My eyes. A-Attacked..." He hissed. "My own stupid- blaster. Passed... passed out." Sans said. "Turn blue as... fled.. Prob... hiding.." Sans hissed, Papyrus could feel the anger and rage through the pain. "I'm going to- tear. bitch. pieces-"

"Shhh." Papyrus hushed him. "Just stay here and rest."

Sans chuckled lightly through the pain.

"Only.. only f-for you.." Sans said, falling back limply, resting his head and breathing erratically. But breathing. But still there. Whole. Not dust.

But he had almost been dust.

1 HP....


Almost dead..............

Papyrus left the bathroom, magic racing through him. Attack magic. On guard and ready for anything. As he made his way back to the blood. There was some where he had found Sans. But another smear a in the hall.... leading towards his own room.

The orange flame was starting to blaze in Papyrus' right eye socket, something he nearly never got himself to the point of using.

Attack magic throughout his entire body. Ready...

And now that he was focusing on it, he could feel the small link between him and the collar. She realyl was in there. In his room. Hiding. She'd probably been looking for the key when he had come home...

Papyrus opened the door to his room, ready. Ready and willing. His intent growing with each step.

His brother had almost died.

But this time... he noticed.

Noticed the uneven, sharp breathing. The pained whimpers.

Papyrus kept his guard up, circling around the bed. And there the human was. Curled up in the corner, her face pressed up against the wall because it was the only thing supporting her. As she pressed her legt hand against her right arm, holding herself together.

The arm was broken, he could tell just by looking at her from this distance. Broken and there were bleeding clawed marks all over her from her struggle with Sans. The white shirt Sans had given her was covered in her own blood. It was a wonder she was still conscious-

But the sight of Sans on the ground, not moving, was still to fresh in his mind.

Papyrus reached out his hand, his magic forming several pointed bones, the anger-

"No." She breathed against the wall. "No, no, no..."

Papyrus stopped, doing his best to even out his angry breathing.

His brother had almost been dead...

Almost dead.

Would have been dead before a few weeks ago.

1 HP.

But at the same time.

The exact same time.....

He couldn't do it. He couldn't just destroy her like he oh so wanted to. Because Undyne had been right. They should have never let this thing into their house. He had gotten Sans a gift, a gift that had almost killed him. They were disgusting things that couldn't just die without taking everyone else with them.

His brother had almost been dead.


But at the same time.....

Papyrus checked her.

*Chara ATK -- DEF 10

*9/28 HP

*Still dropping

*Running on pure ADRENALINE

He should let her bleed out even if he can't kill her. Let her bleed and die slowly in agonizing misery.

His brother had almost been dead.

But at the same time...

His fingers were shaking, still aiming his attack at her.

His brother had almost been dead.

His brother.... His brother...

"Why?" Papyrus asked. "You have just this one chance. Why?........ Why isn't.. Why isn't my brother dead..?"

His brother should have been dead.

1 HP.

1 HP. It couldn't have been a coincidence. 1 HP.

His brother should have been dead.

"Don't- Don't know." She sobbed. "Don't-" She was just coming apart.

She really did not know.

And Papyrus just stared, watching her struggle. But not attacking either.

His brother should have been dead.

She was a human, they didn't know Mercy. That was why they did not deserve any in return.

Humans could not show Mercy....

There was never any Mercy.

But he could see that she really, truly, did not know the answer to his question. She wasn't lying.

She had shown Mercy and she could not understand it. He could not understand it.

But his brother should be dead.

Papyrus slowly eased his attacks out of existence, rechanneling the magical energy into his fingers as he started to come, slowly closer, to the human.

"No.." She whined as he began to crouch down. "No, please, please.... No... I don't know.. please."

Papyrus froze. But the girl didn't even seem to realize what it was that she was even doing, the implications of that little word. She was in too much pain and with too much of that chemical in her bleeding blood.

Papyrus grabbed her broken arm and she cried out. How was she still awake??

But he had to do this if he was to heal it. And heal it properly. Even a tablet at this point would not properly help. Papyrus sent another wave of Checking magic over her, feeling throughout her body. Her arm was broken, for sure. Ribs on her right side too. She was bleeding, not just externally. That was why her HP was still dropping, too.

Sans had slammed her into the floor, he realized. But with how hurt she was, that had to have come after she was off of him. After she had....

After she had spared... After she had started to flee.....

His brother should have been dead....

"Grit your teeth." He ordered. As if she wasn't already, but he wanted to make sure. This was going to hurt. He had to do something to basically.. set the bone.

The girl screamed loudly as he did and finally, finally, the girl fell forward and passed out completely. Papyrus laid her across the bed, the girl not coming to any more. No longer able to fight between in and out. Just out. As Papyrus did his best to flood her body with healing magic. To heal the bones properly. To stop the bleeding... And later, after, he would go back to get the tablet. But only after he had done this properly...

And once he got back to the bathroom, his brother was still passed out in the healing water. Still safer. Still alive.


Papyrus did not understand. And neither could the girl he managed to get just conscious enough again to swallow the pill-tablet.

And Papyrus was alone with his thoughts, his confusion, and things he had noticed and he was struggling hard to put together into place.. Trying to decide if he was supposed to pretend to not have. And if he didn't pretend.. Forget....... what was any of it supposed to mean?

But something... something was wrong...

And his own green, healing magic.... It felt like... It felt like what he felt when he had Checked the human's injuries. That feeling of internally bleeding. That was what this felt like. Deep inside him.

Something was wrong.

Several things were wrong.

But he didn't know which one to focus on first.


Except his brother. His brother who was alive.

He left the human to herself on his bed, healing with the tablet. And he focused on his brother. Putting him out of the water and onto his own bed....

And his cell was ringing.

Papyrus made his way out into the hall to answer, dreading Alphys voice.

"H-Hey... This is Papyrus."

"Where the fuck are you? They told me you disappeared from patrol after break. I was going to be worried! You are never late coming back from lunch!"

"I... I know..."

"Oh.. Oh hey, you sound bad. Papyrus are you okay?"

"I'm okay. We're okay. Now.."

"Now?" Her voice was no longer angry, just concerned.

"I'm just..." Oh shit, he was dizzy. Really dizzy. He had used too much magic. Everything was just so- "I need to sit down." He leaned back against the wall, sliding down.

"Where are you?" Alphys demanded.


"I'll be right there."

"Don't tell Undyne-" Papyrus said quickly.

Though not exactly sure why......


Chapter Text

"Where are they?" Alphys' voice as she entered in the still open front door, never shut from when Papyrus' had made his own frantic entrance- it was immediate. Not a moment's hesitation.

Papyrus was in the kitchen, drinking something to replenish all the magic he had drained... Even though he was still shaking... He wasn't sure if that was from the use of magic or the shock and ebbing panic now.

"Bedrooms." He told her. "Sans in his. He's just resting now." He was following behind her as she raced to the room. She stopped in the door, letting out an uneven breath, before entering the room and sitting down beside him.

"Fuck." She breathed. "Fuck, fuck, fuck-"

Papyrus felt her own Checking magic in the air. She sighed heavily and lowered her head. She stayed like that for a few moments... Looking at his brother's face. His limp weight. She held his hand in both of hers. Gritting her teeth in emotional pain.

"Wh-What happened?" She asked.

"I'm not... sure." Papyrus admitted. "The human attacked him. When I came home, he.. he only had 1 HP left." Alphys had her eyes covered with a single hand.

"This is m-my fault." She whispered. "All my-"

"No. No it isn't. Not your fault- And he is alright now." Papyrus assured again, though his voice was shaking. Alphys looked up, noticing.

"Oh, hey." She stood up and rushed over towards him, embracing him tightly as he started to cry.

He's just so exhausted and relieved... but confused and he just... he needs to sleep, he knows. Day isn't even over and he is just ready to crash. But still so shaken and confused and-

Alphys squeezed him but then started to pull away, looking directly into his face. Papyrus tried to recollect himself, clearing his throat.

It was alright. Sans was alright.......

He should have been dead but he was alright...

He should have been dead-

"He's alright, just like you said. You did really well. Quick thinking and the best healing magic there is."

Right... His healing magic....

Something wrong...

Undyne had said it was the human though, another thing because of the human not just the fact that his brother had almost died, but at the same time... The same time....

Papyrus shook his head, trying to clear his skull.

"No, mean it. Best there is. Proud. Acted quickly just as a Royal Guard should."

He didn't want to hear about the Royal Guard at the moment, if he was honest. He just kinda wanted to be alone to think. But he needed her. Her hands on his shoulders as he felt like a little child. His world very, very much like a junior jumble and he had always hated those. She spent a few more moments helping him calm down again before finally, her expression shifted. Her grip tighten.

"Where is Chara?" Alphys asked. Papyrus' Soul pulsed, really not ready to go back to that subject in the slightest. "She in your room?" Alphys asked. She seemed torn between staying there, supporting him, and racing to the other bedroom.

"Yes." Papyrus answered, turning away from Alphys, giving her the opening. Alphys walked quickly. Too quickly, towards the other room. "W-Wait." Papyrus sped up, sliding between her and the door.

Not sure why...

"Out of my way, Papyrus."

"She can't handle anything right now, she's almost just as bad, and more broken up, and her healing is off, and- just- I just healed her and I'm exhausted and I think we should just wait before- I just gave her a tablet, it would be a waste. She's out of it. Doing anything to her now pointless and would do all my hard work to salvage the thing."

"Let me through." Alphys ordered. Papyrus could feel the anger, the desire to tear something apart. Papyrus relented, letting Alphys through.

He supposed dealing with this could not be made to wait.

The door opened and Alphys stormed in, only to stop... Stop and stare at the absolutely broken girl on the bed. Still breathing in clear pain even as her bones were pieced back together and the tablet's magic racing through her.

And Papyrus just wants a moment. A moment. To just calm down and to figure it out. To understand and rationalize everything. What he is planning on doing next. But he supposed that didn't matter. There was only one right path for what came next and it was clear.

But to his surprise, he saw Alphys' shoulders fall, the anger and tension easing.

"You said... he had 1 HP left."

"Y-Yeah.." The memory hurt again, but the confusion resurged. But Alphys did not say anything to that. She walked forward, around the bed, eyeing the blood still there in the corner where the human had huddled, holding herself together. Begging....

There really was only one course of action left.

Alphys sat on the bed beside the broken girl, reaching both hands to hold her face. Almost... gentle...

"Ch-Chara..." Alphys urged softly. There was no response. "Chara..."

The girl moaned but she couldn't be woken fully. The tablet, a full one, through her entire body. Healing her. The pain. And previously broken bones.

Alphys adjusted her grasp on the girl's face, staying like that for a moment longer before turning her face towards Papyrus.

"S-Sans is going to kill her."

And instinctively: "Just like she deserves."

Because that is the correct answer. The expected one.

But Alphys' face when he says it. As he stands tall and unmoved and with a stern expression because he isn't supposed to be confused and it is just his shock and nerves.

But Alphys' face, her expression and her opening mouth.

Was that.... Was that not the expected one? But it was correct- That he knew-

"Alphys?" Papyrus managed.

He just wanted a moment to stop-

But Alphys was turning away from him again, letting her hands slid away from the human's face.

"Right." She said. "R-Right.. D-Duh."

"Alphys-" Papyrus tried again, but she just stood up, brushing her hands against her legs, as if to get the touch of the human off of her. And Papyrus let it slip away from him. There was just too much going around and still, he sort of wanted to pass out.

"You l-look sick." Alphys said, coming back towards him and grabbing his arm.

They left the unconscious girl to herself, closing the door behind them.

She dragged him into the living room, past the blood. And past the table, into the kitchen, setting him down in the tall chairs that pressed up against the island. Sitting him down like a child.

"I'll make us some.... Some r-ramen." She stated, getting some out of the cupboard. "Or... Or maybe a can of chicken noodle? What.. Wh-Wh-what do you want?" Papyrus shook his head, not knowing, not sure. She pulled out the soup.

She made it, letting the minutes tick by in silence between them as Papyrus shook. The soup when he finally got it was hot, delicious, salty, but he couldn't really taste it. But the warmth... Seeping into his bones. The replenishing magic. It did help. Really helped. Alphys pushed over the drink he had abandoned when she had arrived.

The cat meowed, coming through the flap in the back door that led out to the porch. It waltzed its way, as if nothing had happened. As if nothing was wrong. But everything was very, very wrong.

"I'll st-stay the night. Call us all off for tomorrow. Just... I'll h-handle it."

"Right." Papyrus agreed. "Right."

But it was only and hour, just an hour and a half, Alphys helping Papyrus clean up the blood in the living room and hall. An hour and a half. With the cat at first very, very interested in the blood until the chemicals had made it hiss and flee back towards the door.... when Papyrus' soul pulsed, and he felt his brother.

Sans came staggering through the hall. Holding his main blanket around him and letting it trail behind. His face was an exhausted scowl.

Papyrus could feel the rage, driving him forward before anything else.

"Where...?" He managed. Still very much in the fight. Ready..

"Sans!" Papyrus was up, grabbing his brother and helping him over to the couch, but Sans jerked back.

"Where is she?" Sans demanded again.

"In my room." Papyrus offered, but reached out for his brother again. "But that can wait."

Sans laughed, but it was cruel and not at all jovial. He was smiling. But clearly so angry. He was still laughing.

"I'm going to fucking wreck her. Literally. Wreck. Fuck. Wreck. What Undyne did to her will look like a piece of fucking Mercy. Going to give her a new worse memory."

Alphys lifted her head at this, but didn't say anything. Didn't ask.

"Can wait. She wouldn't survive it anyways." Papyrus stated again.

"Who fucking cares." Sans seethed.

"You promised." Alphys cut in. Sans jolted, finally noticing her.

"Alph.." He said hazily.

"You promised." Alphys reminded. "Not over until she squeals, you said. Until she begs."

................... But she had begged.

It is there in the back of Papyrus' mind. There was nothing holding it back. Just killing her now. He could just say something and it would be over. The confusion gone and it was as simple as that and he didn't have to deal with any of the things jumbled in his head.

"And she spared you." He said instead though, the words just coming right out. Sans glared at him, as if in pure disbelief.

"Spared?" He demanded. "You think that was what that fucking was? Spared?! Mercy?! Where was she going to go if she killed me? There's a chip in her fucking wrist, can't ever be free unless she cuts herself fucking open and bleeds to get it. And the collar itself and fucking bitch to get off. She can't do any of that alone. That's the reason it's set up like that. No. That wasn't fucking mercy, that was her saving her self last minute! But boy, oh boy am I going to make her regret it. So fucking regret it. She's gonna wish I'll kill her. Don't let her stupid act fool you Paps, that was how I got into this. Thinking she was out when it was just a game. She can't fucking- Fucking humans. Just can't fucking die and leave enough alone. Can't just fucking die and not take someone else with ya- Fucking, I'm going to fuck her, in every sense of it. Fucking destroy her." The anger was just mounting with each word. Papyrus forced his brother to sit down.

"You're in no shape for it." Alphys countered. "You're hurt too and need rest. Papyrus, go get him something to eat." Papyrus didn't move though, not wanting to leave his brother's side... Alphys sighted and stood up.

"If you are g-going to be like th-this, I'm taking her. I'm t-taking her with me. To my house. For the n-night. To let you guys-"

"You fucking take her out of this house-"

"Sans." Papyrus cut in. But he looked up at Alphys too. "You're not taking her." He agreed. If she went with Alphys, he had no guarantee Alphys wouldn't.. But if the girl stayed, and Papyrus was close by.. "She..."

Just wanted a moment, Papyrus just wanted a moment to sort everything out. Why couldn't they all just do that?

"She's getting what she deserves, tonight. Go get me that food, I'm shaking with magic from that fucking tablet and tablet bath- I just need to get it out and I am just going to fucking-"

"Listen to your doctor." Alphys said sternly. She turned to Papyrus. Her expression begging.

But.... But Papyrus...

"He'll be alright. He can rest tomorrow."

Alphys' expression.... More of that shock but this time it at least made sense. Papyrus agreed, not tonight. But if they did it tonight... Got it out of the way and out of Sans' system, while he was weak himself...

There was at least a chance of the girl making it out of this alive.

But the fact remained in the confusion, jumbled-ness of his mind that this should not have mattered.

This was not the game he should have been playing.

But his brother should have been dead.

And his brother was right, that hadn't been real Mercy-

Her begging to be spared-

But she had said she didn't know-


Alphys was upset, it was clear. And she left.... Stating she would not stay to watch them be idiots. C-Could not stay...

And as guilty as Papyrus felt, knowing she was right, he also had... He had to get this past him. Just past. Out of their systems.

The girl had consequences for her actions.

And a part of it.... It was probably best to have it done and over with... And at a point where she was probably too magically-drugged to really, truly remember it in the morning.

Sans had eaten, soup for him too. Two bowls of it. Looking a lot better. In fact the only real thing off was the tired expression and the buzz around him. Also hyped up on energy. But he'd had an advantage the girl did not. He was a monster, magic his domain. He had also been at 1 HP, his own KARMA burned into his bones. But he had not had anything broken. And he had soaked so long in the bath....

And the girl. Papyrus stood outside the door of his own bedroom as Sans went it and grabbed her harshly.

He wanted to avoid this. Wanted to go stop his brother and just let them take a moment to rest. But that would lead to Sans being more focused and methodical when he punished her. Or.. Or...

Oh Toriel, Alphys was right this was a mistake.

But Sans already had the girl screaming, having forced her awake with his hand in her hair and already she was crying- No.

Half awake and terrified.

"You do that again and I'll fucking cut your hands off!" Sans raged. "No amount of tablets or magic to fix it!"

Sans was going to kill her.

Papyrus rushed into the room, grabbing the girl by the wrists and holding her down... As Sans tore into her, undoing all of Papyrus' own hard work... And Papyrus kept flooding the human with the replenished healing magic he had, and sticking a finger in her mouth. Pressing her tongue against her bottom teeth.

Ensuring she would not beg.

He'd held her down.

Just like he had before. Like the first day. Like the second day. Watching her expression, keeping an eye on Sans. Just like the first two days. Just like every other time. But his bleeding, afflicted healing magic flooding through her, and the scream from her Soul shaking through him. Her physical scream echoing in his skull.

And still... He was not sure why he was even doing it.

His mind and his magic a jumbled mess. And Sans was jumbled too.

And the girl...

Papyrus dared not Check her.

Desperately not needing something else to add to the pile of mounting confusion.

And he just wanted- Just a moment-

But it was over. Over sooner than it would have been if they had waited, Sans exhausted and worn. Papyrus exhuasted but determined to see this through. As his brother sat back, smiling. As Papyrus rehealed her broken ribs. The fracture in her resplintered arm. As he strained... And they threw her into the closet, as healed as Papyrus could and one last tablet, only a quarter, forced under her tongue.

And Papyrus slept in his brother's room. Too keep him close, still worried. Still shaking.

But also because he was too tired to change the bloodied, ruined sheets in his room.

And he was just too tired. Too exhuasted.

And in his chest, still bleeding. Something wrong.

But too tired, too jumbled.

Just wanting it to be tomorrow.

Tomorrow where they could just Reset and go back to how it was again. The correct responses making sense and where he had just a moment. A moment.....

But Sans was talking, both their eyes closed and there was darkness all around.

"Still not strong enough." Sans murmured. "Still..."

Having to get stronger. Kill or be killed and stil so.. so easily killed. By something that was basically an object with an object's intent. His own fucking attack- Own attack...

Using him as a fucking sheild for his own attack.

How he kept thinking about Papyrus. Leaving his brother alone, and how scared he had been.....

Not goingto be like that again.

And Papyrus just nodded. Though he couldn't be seen. Though he was drained and his magic bleeding.

Not understanding. Confusion.


Just wanting the day to be over. The sun to rise. And everything be the same.....

When everything just made sense.

He just wanted a moment... Just a moment...

But all there was, was darkness and his mind slipping away finally into silence.


Chapter Text

"Frisk!" She had screamed, frantically coming to a stop, keeping her dagger close but breathing so frantically, so frantic as she stared wide eyed at Frisk's terrified face- Her anger and violent intent had cut off. Replaced by the panic. "Frisk move, Frisk get out of the way-"

He had his back to the enemy, his back completely turned and exposed. His back to the enemy and his arms spread out protectively even as Chara took a step forward to push him behind her. To get him behind her and out of harm's way. But he took a step back, closer to the enemy who could kill him, just kill him like that- a flying bullet for sure.

"Frisk!" She cried, the anger returning, rage surging through her. The violent intent as she snarled, her dagger in her hands. "Frisk get out of the way!" She demanded.

"It's hurt." Frisk stated.

"It's going to be a lot more than hurt and its better than it being you-"

"No, it's hurt, you can escape, we can just escape." Chara took another step forward and Frisk took a step back, arms still out but his expression still frightened, terrified. "Just let it go. Chara, Chara, please just let it go!"

Chara was snarling at him, wanting to grab him forcefully and shove him behind her, away from that thing!


She grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him back, holding her dagger sure and rising it above her head as the monster glared her down.

But two arms wrapped around her from behind in a tight hug. Desperately-

"LET GO!" Chara demanded.

"No." Frisk cried against her. "No, no... You're hurt, something's wrong..."

"I'm FINE! You're being an idiot!" She raged, using her free hand to grip at his writs, to pull him off. To allow herself to bend forward and finish this while her enemy lay in front of her- "It's kill or be killed. Letting it go- It'll just follow us, find us again. And I'm tired! Tired! THAT'S what's wrong! I'm tired of being hunted and scared and it's all THEIR fault!! And I'm tired, I'm tired, I'm TIRED OF IT! Sick and tired and I'm going to get rid of everything in my way from now on!"

And the monster was glaring at her, not even truly terrified. Just glaring and curious and could be trying to escape but not and it was make the rage fill her even more. The murderous intent inside her as she screamed, trying to get out of Frisk's tight hold.

"Chara, please.." He begged. "Please, something's-"

She twisted towards him, finally out of his hold. And she pushed him with all of her strength onto the ground.

And there was another moment, her standing tall, dagger in hand, as she snarled down at Frisk. Her back turned to the enemy- All her intent focused on.....

On.... On Frisk's terrified, crying face...

"Something's wrong. It's not fine... You're hurt and s-something's w-w-wrong..." He cried.

Chara turned her attention back to the monster, still not having moved, still glaring... But not having striked. Chara took a step back. Feeling very, very lost for a moment. Turning back to Frisk, still crying... and Chara could feel the tears in her own eyes.


"Something's wrong." He said again. "You're hurt and something's wrong... You're hurt.. hurt, Chara please, please..."

So terrified and worried...

"Frisk..." She walked closer, still holding the dagger, unable to let go of the dagger, but tears streaming down her face as she came back to Frisk on the ground. But he didn't even flinch. Not even scared of her, only for her. Immediately reaching out his hands despite the fact that she had just shoved him. Despite standing over him armed and wanting to hurt.

"Please, Chara... You're hurt.."

She grabbed him, despite so desperately wanting to flee from herself. Flee from him. But she grabbed him and obeyed. Grabbed him and the two of them fled the Fight. Fled and ran and ran, the two of them crying and running until they couldn't anymore and Chara was dizzy, dizzy, so confused as the two of them pressed up together in a corner, holding each other tightly.



She'd begged....

Chara had begged.

She couldn't stop thinking about it, how it was over, over, over, she had begged. She barely remembered it, barely there, huddled in the corner so scared of Papyrus coming towards her, scared of what he was going to do and it had just come out of her. Begged. She'd begged and now she was dead, going to be dead. After they were just done with her, she was just going to be dead and they were going to take her Soul and put it in a jar and she was dead... and Undyne would have her fun but not before they were done having theirs.

She remembered begging and then this sense of burning magic through her.

And then the torture. Sans digging into her, even as he forced himself inside her, the taste of blood and her tears and just the pain... And Papyrus. Papyrus the worse one- Papyrus holding her down. Papyrus healing her, keeping her just enough alive, just enough conscious. Prolonging it all. Them holding her down and not letting her just die.

She was dead.

Already dead.

Still breathing but dead.

Not even a day ago had she been content to it, why she had driven herself against Sans to begin with. But she had stopped. Stopped, she shouldn't have stopped, why had she stopped. Why did she stop?

She's lost everything...

They were not going to stop.

Why... At the prospect of dying why was she somehow afraid?

But she could just see his terrified face. But also the smiling on. The one when she had come back for him the first time. Telling her his name.

"I'm Frisk!"

And the River Person had said. Important had gone back.

Important you had stayed.



But she was dead. She was going to be dead. She'd begged. One thing truly keeping her alive, and she had lost it. Lost everything. Everything.

And there was darkness. Only darkness and pain, and the memory of hands against her skin as she slipped in and out of consciousness. So much magic. Too much magic. Racing through her as she lay face down in the darkness, too much of it, magic. Healing, necessary, keeping her alive.

But just so she could survive the night of suffering and they were going to kill her or keep doing something worse and she would at every moment be just waiting to die. No more fight. No more choice. Her one choice, one, single choice and chance, she had given it up. She had begged...

She was dead....

And it would be long. And painful. And still, she was going to die.

Just drawing it out... The cruelty. Cruel...

Her body in so much pain, and aflame... the magic... her own body trying to handle it all... The pain... Fire against her skin... The impersonal, intense artificial healing magic...

And she was vaguely aware, the door to the closet opening, she doesn't know how much longer later. And eternity.

And all she can do, is let out a low whine.... This was it. This is it. All night waiting... Leaving her to suffer in her pain only to finally kill her or worse... Leaving her to her misery and now she would die.

It's Sans.

Sans over her, taking her face and turning it towards him. Sneering, though she can make out that he is still tired, too...

"Held out." He praised.

And tears were in her eyes, just wanting him to get it over with, please just get it over with. But she knew that if she asked he would jsut draw it out longer. Not begging had once kept her alive, now it kept her one step closer to death. He was the cat, playing with the mouse, and the mouse's only escape was to lay there and be allowed to finally just die....

But in all the haze of her mind, she could still see his sneering expression, angry expression.

"Didn't expect ya to hold on, pet. To still not just give up and beg. But that's just the way you fucking are, ain't it?"

And Papyrus is there, a figure in her hazy mind, standing behind his brother, but Chara just...

Playing Sans' bitter words, truly bitter at her, but she is playing it in her mind. Over and over. Realizing... Realizing... but it did not make any sense.

"I'm going back to bed." Sans breathed and let Chara's face drop painfully back down, even as he himself stood up, and staggered his way back towards his room.

And there was Papyrus... Papyrus reaching down to pick her up. And there was the bathroom, steam rising all around. The hot water against her skin, burning the cuts but easing the tension inside of her. But he had the key. The case that held the tablets, and Chara could only whine against the side of the tube. Not wanting it, at all. She was in so much pain but the tablets were, while healing, just too much, too much. Too much and it was unnatural and her body knew it. Too intense and forcing her body back together without any real care...

But perhaps not just to prolong it like she had thought though she does not understand.

And Papyrus looked down at her.

But she is too exhausted to protest and he cannot understand that, too much intense, unnatural magic, or perhap he does not care.... As he slipped the tablet into the water. And she is just too weak, too weak.....

She knows Sans is in his room, but still she has to think, where is he? Alert and waiting.... And hands. Papyrus' hands against her and she can only close her eyes.

But she is not dead. She isn't dead. She does not understand.

Does not understand as he picks her up again and carries her not to the closet but to his bedroom.

And she tensed, despite the pain, despite her exhaustion.

"No..." She whined weakly, almost begging again, but held off, confused, confused-... And he does not do anything but tuck her into the now clean sheets and she realizes, the sun through the window, it's not morning. Not morning.... A little past morning... But still she is just so tired... But cannot close her eyes, not wanting to be on the bed. The memories in her head and the fear but confusion...

She had begged. She'd begged, Papyrus had heard it.... She hadn't held on she had begged. She did not understand.

Did not understand as he forced soup into her mouth. Warm, hot and salty but making her gag. And she remembered, she had decided. Not to eat. Not to survive.

Why was Sans still alive?

Why had she so desperately not wanted to die as Papyrus had approached her?

There's too much. Too much...

But she manages to keep eating, slowly, but eating. The warmth from the shower and warmth from the soup, and her body burning and shaking and there is too much.

But once she was done eating and Papyrus helped her lay back and began to leave her. Leave her on the bed alone, not touching her.

Not telling his brother that she had begged....

Chara breathed out, her eyes closing, too tired. Too much... Just letting her mind slip away. Finally. Not just unconscious, but actually sleeping. Even as everything was a haze and a blur and too much.

She slept, knowing that somehow she was still, somehow not dead just yet.

She did not understand.


"I'm sorry." Chara sobbed. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry- Sorr-"

Pressing Frisk... Frisk, her brother, the closest thing she had to a brother, the one person she had ever loved and who loved her back. And she pressed him as tight, as close as possible...

"So, so sorry..."


And Papyrus slipped back into the bed beside his brother, still tired too though they had all slept for so long already. But he knew that all his brother would do today is sleep.. Maybe go for a walk later, too. Just to help unwind... And Papyrus closed his eyes, just close to his brother and that was all he needed at the moment. Just to keep feeling his brother there.


And none of these ideas, could even line up.

Chapter Text

He needed even more power. More and more power. That feeling.... As HP, ATK, DEF, EXP, LV increased.... With each and every time that numbered increased, that feeling....

Sans needed it.

He needed more of it.

Tearing into Chara, he had truly hoped she would have begged. He would have killed her right then and there in the morning. Did exactly what she had been afraid he was going to do. Let her lay there all night, kill her in the morning. But she had held out, so Sans knew. She'd held out. And he had felt a small obligation to hold his promise.

Not in any obligation to her. What was a promise to some fucking human? No. It was to himself. To be better than her. And how his Soul was burning in rage and hatred. At how she'd tricked him. He'd let himself be tricked. How she had used his own attack and KARMA against him. How she had dared not even pull through and fucking finish the job. The coward. The fucking bitch.

He had a torrent of different emotions.

Hating her for getting the upper hand. Hating her for not pulling through. Hating her for doing it in the first place. Hating her. Hating her so fucking much. Just hating.

She'd been a curiosity at first but now she was pissing him off.

But he supposed he did have to thank her. She had only validated his wants, the itch in his soul. He needed to become stronger still. He didn't have enough LV, that dream to be able to protect-

How could he protect his brother if he couldn't even protect himself? She had asked it. She had been right. It was what had driven him. Driven him from the very beginning.

His first memory-

He always held it tight though the only person he had ever admitted that to was Undyne, because she understood. She was the only one in his small group of friends who could. They were too similar, and that made them clash at times, but when they did connect...

And he had told her the thing he had never told anyone. One night a long time ago. Not even telling Papyrus because he would just worry.

His first memory, of his teeth feeling loose and grainy, the taste of dust, his own joints wanting to come apart. And being just lucky, lucky enough, someone healing him. Though he was never sure who. Didn't matter. That wasn't the important part of the memory, it was that feeling.

That feeling of almost dusting. That feeling and knowing you just lost everything though he couldn't even remember that part. He can't remember anything before being half conscious, less than even a single HP. Decimal points. Mere decimals. Past decimal points........

He knew that was why he'd had 1 HP. He'd been basically dust and somebody had put him back together. Literally put him back together. Rewound death itself.

And he couldn't remember anything from before.

And after, he only remembers waking up in the hospital. Turning his head, and knowing that the boy in the bed next to his was someone important.



He'd lost everything, but he couldn't remember that. All he could remember was that this was his brother. And after everything else, he had lost everything else but Papyrus had been the only thing to ever matter anyways.

And Sans had decided. The first thing he had decided. He was never going to feel like that again. He was going to be strong. He was going to be powerful. No one was going to be able to touch him or his brother. And if they dared tried, he was going to destroy them.

And his brother, behind him the whole way. Healing him when needed, helping him. They were in this together. Even as Sans had to drag Papyrus with him at times. To focus. To stay focused. As Sans tunnel visioned to one thing. One. The main goal, the far future it had been. And Papyrus dragged him back down to Earth. The present. Because they joked, oh they joked about him being lazy. But he was no such thing.

Lazy, that was efficient in the way that you found the easiest way to do something. Lazy in the fact that he focused on one thing at a time and maybe forgot that laundry and dishes were supposed to be done too. Lazy in that he was so tunneled visioned. Focused. Driven. But lazy, they said with a smile. As he joked about making macaroni 'n cheese and hot dogs.

As he dreamed and planned about the future. Drove them forward. Taking Papyrus along with him. Making sure Papyrus was forceful enough, tough enough, willing to do what was needed and understood how these things worked. Another point he and Undyne had connected. Papyrus. Papyrus their center point.

Undyne just as, perhaps even more, driven and tunnel visioned than Sans. Always, the two of them looking to the future and Papyrus keeping them grounded. As they made sure he stayed ready and prepared. Prepared for anything.

All that time practicing. Knowing one false move and he could be dust. But... But determined. Determined.

And growing ever more determined as time passed. With that first feeling from his first memory, and everything in the group home. Having nothing. Everything an uphill battle. Everything set against him making him even more spiteful and determined to get up and out.

For the future.

To get to the future.

The dream.

But the future was now. The present. Finally. Finally they had been supposed to have made it. That close to reaching the dream Sans had wanted for so fucking long. Since his very first memory.

And still he wasn't strong enough. Almost dusted. Dusted almost on his own living room floor. His own fucking attack.

She had used his own attack. His own hard work.... His own determination. Against him. And still, still, she had found a way to hold on.

Still she was breathing. Fighting. Keeping herself alive....


Humans, he knew they were the reason he had lost everything the first time. Like Undyne had, much later. But he couldn't remember. They were this distant, faceless thing before. Stories. Nightmares against the walls of the city. Coming, breaking in, explosions, and receding.

Now staring on in the face.

Sweet Toriel, how he hated her.

Sweet Toriel had ripping his fingers into her skin, his hands, breaking her bones, hearing her scream, blood.

His enemy had a face. Was real against his hand. And still. He was still not stronger than his enemy. And that just made him even angrier.

He knew he should calm down. That he was playing into her hands... But at the same time. The same time... He couldn't. It was getting harder and harder now that his goal was just so close and yet he still couldn't grasp it.

And Sans grasped her face with one hand as Papyrus held her standing up in front of him, out in the hall next to the closet door, ready to throw her back in after Papyrus had, though Sans had been bitter about it, had fed the human supper.

Her legs were shaking, only standing because Papyrus was holding her up. And Sans glared. Wanting half to skin her alive and another half just to snap her fucking neck.

But a part of him thinks that, if she had let go and given up, begged... He would have still kept her alive. Alive for a very long long time. Just to be able to keep ripping into her.

Though if it wasn't for Papyrus he knew that she would have very well died last night, in hindsight now that he thought about it with a slightly cleared head.

She really had almost died last night. If his brother just hadn't been there. Promise or no promise. But oh well. What was a promise to a human? And he felt better about it too. Though not satisfied. Still not satisfied. Just hungrier. His fingers itching.

And he pressed tighter against her chin, digging the tips into her skin.

"Don't fuck with me again." He said, glowering into her face as Papyrus still held her steady.

"That's exactly what I'm trying.." She had managed bitterly.

And Sans slapped her. She'd gasped, only standing because of Papyrus. Only alive because of Papyrus.

Her heart was racing, he could tell. Because perhaps she could see that murderous look, that violent spark, not easing inside of him.

Perhaps, if he took a moment. To rationalize this was a good thing. That she was fighting again.

But now Sans was realizing what Chara had figured out awhile ago. What Chara had figured out the first day. As he had stood over her after she had done the same thing to Papyrus. After plunging her fist straight through Papyrus' head. She had known then. And now Sans knew too.

This had never actually been about the Fight.

He's been an idiot to think it.

This was just about fucking destroying her. Destroying her from the inside out and all the little fun things for him were a bonus.

This was not about the fight.

This was about power. Domination.

He would break her. The end was the goal, not just the result.

He had his hand around her neck, pressing, making it difficult for her to breathe, her legs still weak and wanting to give out but forced to stand, forced to take it.

Before she died.... Before he killed her.... He wanted to be as strong as possible. Actually strong. Stronger than her in everyway.

He was going to destroy her.

Destroy her. And every other fucking human. Undyne was right. Everyone else was right. Every thing that had ever been said about the stupid things. Everything he had ever heard and taken in but had just shrugged off, it was true but whatever, wasn't important to him. But no. No.... He was going to destroy her.

They couldn't just die. And there was still a whole valley full of them. And entire mountain, protected and taunting.

"Sans." Papyrus' voice cut in, and Sans let go of her neck. Taking a deep breath.

He was right. Papyrus was right. Think about the now. The now. Throwing the bitch into the closet for the night. Making sure she understood.

She had been hell before but now it had just gotten several degrees hotter. She was not going to like it. At all.....

He tossed the girl in, slamming the door shut loudly and locking it with exaggerated effect. And he went to go back to his room, pulling out his phone. Wanting to text Aaron. Text Aaron though he hated the asshole. He would go to the dumps with them. And text Alphys and Undyne. This bitch needing her full lesson-

Papyrus had a hand on his shoulder and Sans jumped, nearly teleporting out of it. He hadn't realized he was breathing so hard until he stopped to take a moment.

And Sans and Papyrus were in his bed again, curled up next to each other asleep just like they had done all throughout their childhood, just holding onto the other because that was all they really had and Papyrus saying that was all that they needed and while Sans agreed, all he needed was his brother, but that didn't mean he couldn't stop from wanting more. From having more.

They deserved more.


......... And Chara... Chara stayed curled up in the darkness alone, so sore, so in pain, tasting blood again or perhaps she was imagining it and that was all she knew anymore. Blood and pain.

And she knew. One more thing that Sans didn't. She knew... Felt...

It was as if some sort of fuse..... some fuse had been....

... And it made her tense, her stomach twisting. Perhaps she was wrong. She hoped she was wrong. That it all wound down. He would wind down.... But her mind was clearer now, less magic racing through her. And she knew..... Things should only be getting worse from here on out.

But at the same time, still confused... Confused...

And even though she had slept all day already, the darkness was pulling her back in and she closed her eyes, falling apart. And she stayed half conscious. Pulling in an out, like she was resting the boat coasting through the waters of the river... As time passed on, tears in the back of her eyes.

Just lost and confused.


Chapter Text

Her head hurt. Hurt from crying. Frisk against her, fast asleep from crying himself. But Chara could not sleep. Something sick was racing in her blood. Sick and she was alert. She could not rest. Just holding onto Frisk. Breathing in with staggering breath.

And something had snapped down the alleyway they had hidden in after their made dash and she turned her head to face it. Holding Frisk tight. Tight.

She looked up, hearing the pattering of feet against metal. And gold, slinted cat-like eyes peered down at her. Glaring.

Chara had her dagger still, unable to let go of the dagger but also unable to let go of Frisk.

It had followed them. The cat-dog-like monster. And it was glaring. Wordlessly. Glaring above them. And Chara's heart raced.

She held up the dagger, threateningly but did not let go of Frisk. Just a warning. A warning that she would. As she checked it.

It still only with 1 HP. Still at the disadvantage....

And she knew that was the only reason it slinked away again. Into the shadowy darkness and out of sight. And Chara's heart was racing... Racing.


Chara's heart was racing, someone was unlocking the door and she hadn't been able to tell who it was before it opened.

Papyrus stood tall over her, a shadow in the light of the hallway, she couldn't see his face... And he was bending down, grabbing her wrist. Chara's eyes squeezed shut as he forced her to stand. Everything was still just so sore. Her arm, her ribs, remembering they were supposed to be broken-

"If you want to finish breakfast before Sans is out of the shower you best stop it." Papyrus ordered as she tried to pull away. Chara gave up the fight, being forced to lean up against him as her entire body shook. She just couldn't stop shaking. Hurting. Everything intense and painful. And she couldn't stop just being so exhausted.

He sat her down at the table, Chara's stomach turning at the memory of the last time she had been there. With Sans...... And Papyrus slid the bowl of oatmeal across the surface to her. And Chara took the spoon, doing her best to ignore it. To forget it. Not think about it... Or the despair that had made her just... just lay there and take it...... Just lay there.....

That same despair still very much there inside her chest but also the confusion.

She glanced towards Papyrus as she managed to eat. Managed to swallow. But he was not looking at her, just pretending to play with something on the sleeve of his jacket. Brushing it off, then. And Chara just ate, as quickly as she could. Not daring to speak-

And she was back in the closet again, by the time she heard Sans in the hall, Papyrus having put her back in without another word to her or her to him.

And she's in the darkness, listening to the two of them move around. And she could hear Sans coming closer and instinctively, she did her best to get into the corner, her body protesting in continued pain. But he only kicked at the door.

"Have a nice day, pet."

And then he was gone. The light in the hall turned off. And she was alone. The darkness....

The ironically, safe, darkness.

She sighed and put her head against her knees.

But it did not last, the light turned back on a minute later and her mind panicked.

They should have been gone. Been gone! Left! To work!

Please, please, please just let them leave...

But the closet was open again.

It's Papyrus. Chara held her breath, hugging her knees. Heart racing. But all he did was hold out his hand, offering one last tablet to her, still wrapped neatly in its packaging even.

She shook her head.

"You don't have to take it all at once." He told her. "It's to get you through the day."

He spoke calmly. Emotionlessly.

And she was just so confused.... So confused....

But the tablet....

She took it and pulled it close holding it, as Papyrus shut the door and locked her in again.

And she heard him walking away... Towards the exit she knows he had already left through once before with his brother... before looping back around to give this to her....

She held it close. The packet crinkling... The packet... The tablet.... The blanket beneath her. Chara crawled over to the other corner, feeling for the corner. Needing to hide it. Hide it... Just in case. In case they ever threw her in here without one.

Or in case.. In case she got something sharp. Something sharp and pointed like a knife. Sharp enough to get the chip... The chip buried deep inside her wrist.

You'd still pass out, something in the back of her mind told her. Pass out from the wound or pass out from the tablet. Bleed out. Still die.

But she did not care. It was something she had to plan for... She had no other options.

And as for the pain she was still feeling right now.


It was just pain.

Just pain.

She'd felt worse.


It wasn't just pain inside her chest. Frisk was right, it was something wrong. In her soul. Something sick and wrong. They had to get out of here. Out of the Ruins. Away from people. Away from everything.

He was right, he was right....

Something was wrong. Everything was wrong.... She'd known it. In the back of her head. Something was wrong. Wanting to search out, even those who were in hiding. Wanting to chase down even those who ran. Wanting to kill those even cowering in corners as she loomed over them. She'd wanted it, thought it. She'd wanted it. To protect. And it had eaten at her, a tooth that nibbled at the Soul. That power... She wouldn't have stopped. Wouldn't have stopped....

She'd hurt Frisk. She'd wanted to hurt-

Never again. Never. She'd never feel like this again. She'd never hurt Frisk again.

The two of them held on to each other still, helping each other as they made their way back towards where they had been stashing all of their things. Their little hide out. To pack. To get ready.

They didn't speak. Not a word between them, Chara in a haze as they carried their things towards the river. To their usual spot to wait. To hide and to wait.... But they would only wait two days. Two.

Chara suspected The River Person would be around. He didn't seem to be on one of his Let's Disappear For Weeks or Months disappearances. She'd just seen him the other day.

And for the first time in her life, the very first time, she desperately hoped to see him. But night was falling again....... And her and Frisk were huddled together. Still not talking. Just holding on to each other... Chara still very much shaken and hurt and wanting to cry still. Wanting to flee. Lost... But Frisk just held her close. Even as she herself could not truly sleep. Not rest.......

But there was a snapping sound. A lot like the one from the night before. And her hazey mind snapped to life in response. Her eyes widening, her heart racing, her breathing picking up. And Frisk slept.....

But Chara knew. Knew that it was there.

She slid out of Frisk's arms, setting him down as best she could without waking him. But she was shaking. Shaking as she pulled out the dagger and began to stand. Making her way towards the sound.

And there the little monster was. Sitting there. Waiting for her. Its eyes glaring.

Chara swallowed, holding out the dagger..... Breathing in as evenly as she could.

"You have... just a moment... to leave." She told it. "Just a moment to turn around and leave.... Leave me alone. Us alone...." The monster only glared. "Leave me alone...." She said again, her voice still shaking.

"Why?" The monster asked, a tilt of its head.

She did not respond. Only keeping the dagger out in front of her.

But the monster's voice was even and sure and not at all stupid.

It had been an act after all. Not stupid after all.....

Chara had been right.

"You were right." The monster seemed to echo. It smiled. "I followed you and hunted you down. You were absolutely right. And you know I've been watching you all day. Don't lie and say you didn't notice." She had... "So why even risk sparing me again? Why give me even a moment to flee?"

She... did not respond..

But neither of them attacked.

The monster... its smile was twisting downwards, a real frown forming on its face. A true scowl. Its glare piercing through her.

"Idiot, really think can just stand there and send me off with hollow threats. Saw you sobbing like a baby, can't trick me with a bluff-"

"If you dare get close to Frisk you'll see just how much of a bluff it is."

"........ That kid." The monster stated. "He's really an idiot, isn't he? Really meant what he did." But the monster's face... It was more than perplexed now. "I don't.... understand.." It admitted. "I mean, I understand he's an idiot. I don't understand how you... listened... You should have turned around and just cut straight through me. Not a doubt." And yet it had just laid there, hadn't it....? The monster lifted its head in anger though. "But you were right, I followed and did the exact thing you said you were tired of. You have to Fight me. You can't just let me run away." It growled.


"I...." She lifted a hand against her chest, clawing slightly. "I don't feel good." She whispered.

"Oh, so know I would win this time." It said, relieved in its understanding.

"No.... No... The... The LOVE.... Now trying to think.... I don't feel good." She was still clawing at her chest, aimlessly. "He was right.... He's always right..."

"What? The idiot?"

Why was she talking to this thing?? But she couldn't... couldn't talk to Frisk about it.... But she had to talk.... Talk to someone.... Who just might understand... Or at least... Be confused along side her.

"He is an idiot... He was a fool, idiot and fool not the same thing." She said a bit hastily. "Fools don't know better. Idiots do. He's an idiot... He knows, I made sure of it but... but..."

The monster was raising a brow and Chara shook her head. She knew she wasn't making any sense. It didn't make sense....

"But... I couldn't do it. I couldn't kill it. That... spark. I would have never forgiven myself if I had... I let him stay an idiot. And I just...." Her finger nails were digging into her skin.

The darkness, the one from her nightmares. Clawing at her with its phantom hands against her skin. Tearing her to bits. The darkness was inside her. The LOVE. She'd let it inside her. She didn't feel good. She didn't- She couldn't get it out.

"I just...."

The monster still just sat there, expectant but at the same time skeptical. The hand clawing at her chest had risen, touching the opposite shoulder, giving herself a half hug even as she still, held the dagger, held the dagger, but she just oh so wanted.... Oh how she hated swinging that thing around but she could not let go.... But oh, oh how she wanted... Her eyes closed.

Closed with the enemy in front of her. Just for a moment.

"That world he lives in. His ideas..." Her eyes opened, red eyes staring at the monster in front of her, half begging him to understand. "He's the one good thing I've found in this stupid place... And I think... I'd rather live in the world he believes in."

"Well newsflash, you're stuck here. Not in some weird fantasy world some fool created."

"But if we live like that... at least when we can.. Maybe... Maybe we can still find another piece of it here." She whispered. "Can you understand that....?" Perhaps not... "But just, please... Just leave us alone. I'm sorry about the other day. Just... leave me, us, alone... Because-" She was lowering her other hand, raising the dagger higher again as she stood up tall. "Because you're right. We live here. In this place. And if you don't leave.." Her expression was darkening, her chin downward set. "I will kill you."

The monster glared... but finally, finally.... It stood up... And turned around.... And left. Leaving Chara still shaking.

And luckily, luckily, Chara was awake in the morning when The River Person made his round by.


She was asleep, sleeping through the pain, when the closet door was opened. She was curled up in that little ball she did, curled up on her side and asleep as Papyrus loomed over her again. For all the magic he had pumped into her, still she had bruises all across her bare skin, though the cuts were gone. Another bath.... It would probably do her some good. And some more food inside her.

"Human." Papyrus said sternly as he bent down, crouching. "Human."

She moaned, her head rolling, but not conscious enough...

Papyrus put a hand around her arm, knowing he should yank her upwards, yank her awake. Rough like he was supposed to.... But... He let go, instead, holding her shoulder and shaking lightly.

"Human." He said in the same tone. She jumped, her mind kick starting into alertness. She immediately breathed out sharply, trying to uncurl and get away. Papyrus let go of her and rested his wrist against one of his knees as he continued to crouch. The girl was sitting up, pulling her legs to her chest and hugging herself. In her darkness as he stayed out in the brightly lit hallway. She glared at him for a moment to adjust. Adjust to the light, to being awake.....

And the two of them just stayed like that for a moment. The silence tense but lingering.

But the confusion. Chara could not.... She could not keep it...

She looked down between them, into his shadow.

"You didn't tell." She said finally. "You didn't tell him that I.... I begged.."

".... I did not think you remembered." He said honestly. "Didn't think it fair to hold such a thing against you if you did not remember it." Chara's heart was racing, her eyes lifting in fear. Papyrus could see it. The fear she had made a mistake in asking, revealing, but it had not been the only thing. "But also..." Papyrus continued... He took a breath. The tension still very much there between them. "You spared my brother, so just this once, I'm sparing you."

Chara stared.... Her heart racing but at the same time.... staring..... Her lips slightly parted in surprise.

But then... She couldn't help it.. She put a hand against her face as she lowered her head, laughing weakly.

All of it just so.....

It hurt inside her chest, the uncertainty once again. Yet at the same time-

Don't kill...... and don't be killed....

But she could feel Papyrus' uneasiness and she bit her lip. To him, she looked absolutely deranged. Out of all the things he had expected, her laugh, not one of them. But his question.. His question of if she even understood what she had done. What any of this meant...

"Why?" Papyrus demanded. "Why did you not kill him?" Chara lowered her hand but still kept her eyes diverted away.

"I don't know... but I think...." She shook her head. "You won't believe me..." She murmured, staring at the ground.

"Try anyways." Chara glanced up at him. The longing in her chest- To know-

She didn't think... She didn't think he would use Frisk against her.


"Would you... tell?" Chara asked.

"Depends." Papyrus answered honestly.

Then she couldn't risk it. No matter how badly it hurt. How much it killed her and she still thought he was most likely dead. She couldn't ask. Never. Not in a million years.

Because Sans would use it.

Sans would specifically go out of his way.......

So instead of answering Papyrus directly, she just looked down again, curled in on herself even more.....

"Just some random little stupid things..." She told him.

There was a small gap of silence-

"Fine." Papyrus told her finally. "Have it your way."

He lifted a hand and she flinched but he was only pointing at her.

"I kept you alive through my brother's wrath this time, despite you deserving every second of it, but no more. Whatever you thought you would get out of this. Whatever power or hold over us. Forget it. It isn't happening. We're even. Even." He said it sternly. To make it real. "It goes back to normal from now on."


She turned her face away from him, looking into the other corner now. Running out of places to look that were not at him.

All of this had been more than she been expecting to begin with....

Papyrus grabbed her arm and began to pull her up with him and began to lead her down the hall towards the kitchen.

"... Papyrus..?" The uncertain, scared sound of his name in her voice-

Papyrus turned around sharply, slapping her right across the opposite cheek his brother had the day before. Hard enough to make her dizzy, to almost lose her footing, forcing him to support her. Painfully. Painfully keeping her standing as he kept hold of her arm. The girl had her hand pressed to her cheek as she recovered herself.

Papyrus waited a moment, uncertain, before he began to pull her forward again. She was limp in his hold. Resigned....

And Papyrus did not look at her, did not speak to her. But his magic was racing. Slapping her had felt peculiar.

Papyrus is not like Sans. He does not appreciate the fight. Not like his brother-

He does not appreciate the fight...

And slapping her had felt peculiar. Desperate.

Papyrus forced the girl to sit at the table and he escaped into the kitchen, even though he knew he would have to come back... But he stalled, contemplating what to even feed her. All they really had anymore was bread and whatever was in the cupboards. He decided to just make her some more instant oatmeal. Quick and sure and filling.

When he came back, the girl had pulled her legs up onto the chair with her, wrapping her arms around them in that way that she did. Her chosen stance of protection. Making herself seem even smaller, trying to hide in plain sight as he set the food down on the table in front of her... But she only kept half of her face buried in her arms, staring out across the room. Her face was red... she was trying not to cry.

She did not make any sign of being willing to eat anymore.

And they stayed like that for a moment....

And Papyrus...

Papyrus had been prepared. Mentally prepared. For her manipulation.

No conversation, Undyne had said.

She'll only manipulate you.......

But how are you supposed to convince yourself it's manipulation when the one expected to be manipulating so easily falls into silence...

"I should not have hit you for that." Papyrus said lowly, looking at the cooling down bowl of oatmeal... He could tell though, the girl's red eyes were glancing over to him cautiously. It was not an apology, he would not apologize. "From now on, though, you will not say my name. I shall not say yours. And we will not speak. You to me or me to you. Unless I am telling you to do something. Things go back to normal and eventually, you will beg again, and then, Sans will kill you. You're Soul goes to Undyne."


Her arms tightened around herself and there was another tense moment of silence.

"Can I... ask something?"

Ah. There it is, the hook. Her attempt to manipulate.

And though it's childish of him, all Papyrus can think-

"You just did." He told her. The girl was silent... Not rising up to the quip at all. Papyrus sighed. "Just this once. You have one question."

But she doesn't ask it. She's silent again... Except she did reach forward to eat. And Papyrus sat back against the wall, ignoring her again.

Everything back to normal.


Chapter Text

The River Person...

Frisk and Chara had all of their things, not much but everything they owned, gathered under their arms. It wasn't an unusual sight. Though usually they were more prepared than this. Moves more cautious and thought out. Things acquired before if they needed. Things left behind. This time there were only things left behind...

There was a lot that Chara wanted to leave behind.

And The River Person pulled up to the edge of the river where the two children stood. There was a tense moment of silence. Chara keeping her head down. But she knew he could tell that something was off. That he could see Frisk's solemn stance. She could only imagine the other child's expression.

"Howdy..." He greeted, as usual.... But he says nothing else. And Chara knows, there is still dust on her clothes... And she detects the exact moment The River Person sees it... A downward shift in his shoulders, his hooded head. "Would you like a ride on my boat today?"

"Yes-" Chara's voice cracks and she bit down. Lowering her head even farther.

"Yes, please." Frisk finishes for them.

And Chara still did not lift her face, only stepping cautiously onto the boat, Frisk behind her. And The River Person did not ask where to, it would be the usual. Just travel until she told him to stop. Before making Frisk and her travel just a bit further before settling down. So he would not know exactly where by the river they were.

But what is unusual is that he did not ask then what was new. What stories they could tell... And Frisk did not tell him. Only sat against Chara, resting his head on her shoulder again. And she tries to sleep, she tries..... But she is shaking. She cannot rest. Cannot calm down.

Wants more.

That is the scary part.


Still wanting.

To grow.

Choking her from the inside.

She is so terrified of it....

The unsettled anger.


Sans cannot rest.

Even as he smiles and jokes, there is something inside his chest, kicked up from Chara's attack. Chara was right, there was a difference between calming down and winding down. He was calm. Calm and collected on his mission. Not the actual, job-mission, of just waiting around and scanning the horizon though he would not have complained if something would just finally happen. He'd do the opposite of complain. In fact it would save him from having to interact even more with the horse-faced asshole beside him, moving as if he was swimming through the air beside him.

"Alright, I'm in." Sans had told him and the monster had flexed, winked.

"Nice!" Aaron said. "I told you, you'd change your mind. Its company too good to pass up."

He was most definitely not going for the company.

"I'll settle just for some action." Sans told him. The other monster hummed, thinking.

"Feisty, huh??" That stupid fucking wink. "Well can't make any promises. But you definitely got better chances than you do out here. If you want to pick somebody up, you've got to reach."

Eeeeh..... Sans didn't know what to do with that statement, metaphor, thing.... But he got the gist. It was still more likely than staying here and waiting, and Sans agreed.  But for now... he waited. Waiting, just wanting to Do something. Destroy something-

But he's the one ending up being clobbered. The back of his scarf used against him as Alphys grabbed him before he could escape out the door.

He knew she was upset. Had known it all day. She was going to be upset.

She'd been upset leaving them, Sans hyped up on rage and healing magic and Papyrus lingering next to him, the two of them set on making the human pay. And she had left in disapproval. And it made sense and she was right. She had been entirely right. Sans had not been in the state to do what he had done but he still stood by the fact that it had been worth it and satisfying. But she was upset and he knew it. Caring about him and yet at the same time so fucking upset with him. And making him very aware and herself certain that he knew it.

Extra training. Ordered. Mandated. Her and him. Him and her.

It came from a place of care but...

Sans had paled at the thought.

Paled at the array being sent towards him on the training field.

"IS THAT ALL YA GOT, YOU LOSER?!" Alphys raged as she sent her attacks flying through the air.

shit. ShitShitShit!!!

Sans was teleporting as quick as possible through the array, rising up bones to block when he had to. She was relentless. Relentless. Merciless.

He supposed he deserved this. And he had wanted to be stronger... But he hadn't been thinking about himself getting the shit drained out of him. It was supposed to be the other way around.

"What?" She demanded. "You can spend your full time fucking a human all night after nearly dusting but ya can't handle a little heat?!"

Yes, Sans supposed he deserved this.

But at this rate he was going to be too exhausted by the time he went home to do anything-

He teleported again right out of the way of an explosion.

"Holy shit!" He breathed.

You'd think she would be a little more cautious considering she'd nearly lost him. But maybe that was the point. He had not been cautious. She would not be either. He got it. She was upset.

"Exhausted yet?" She demanded.

What he basically heard was if he conceded yet....

"Fine." Sans panted. "I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry for worrying you." And he was. But also he would have done the same thing to the human regardless. But still, Sans reached to Spare.

Alphys seemed at least half satisfied with his answer and the attacks stopped.


He fell backwards, panting...

"Shit, Alphys. Just shit...."

"If you can think that sick right after almost dying, you can train too." She told him sternly. He just gave her a thumbs up. Before it promptly fell to the ground again. Alphys sat down beside him... And there was a few moments of silence as they each caught their breath.

Usually training helped Sans feel better though, the thrill of the fight. But still, he noted, not enough anymore. Not what he wanted. Needed. He just wanted-

"S-So.... How badly did you trash her? The human?"

"Trashed." Sans told her. "But still alive, the fucking bitch......" There was silence and darkness as Sans stayed on his back, his eye sockets closed and resting. "Don't worry, you'll still get your go at her..."


"I'm fine, Alphys. Get that worried tone outta your voice. Fine. I'm.. fine.. Fine... Just tired now, thanks."

Tired but frustrated. Unable to land but a single, feeble blow on Alphys. Unsatisfied. He had to get stronger. Stronger and stronger.

But soon he would have his chance at that. He'd be in the dumps looking for that promised action. He'd finally be able to do some real hunting versus sitting here waiting for something to literally explode in his face. Finally...

"Toriel, I hope Paps has something really good made up for us..." He managed sitting up as he said this. An honorable feat. "But hey, when is your next date with Undyne supposed to be?"

"Two days. Though we're swinging to lunch tomorrow too, if that counts. Why?" Sans chuckled.

"O-Oh.. Oh. I..."

"You two can just come on over..."

Sans turned towards Alphys when she didn't answer.

She was staring at the sky..... Seeming almost paralyzed.

"I.. I d-don't know. Undyne may be set in her plans." She tried.

"Come on, Alphys. She deserves it. I mean.... I mean that in every sense actually. Undyne deserves a break, you do too. And the human deserves what's coming to her."

"......No." She said. Sans raised a brow.


"No." Alphys said sternly. "You need a break. To rest. You have not been taking it easy in the slightest and I refuse to enable you. You're lucky I let you come back this early."

Only because... she was afraid of leaving him home... with.... with Chara...

Sans grumbled, crossing his arms and looking up at the sky now too.

"Whatever." He mumbled.

He didn't need to rest. He couldn't rest. He just needed to get going and get stronger. He needs more. Deserves more. More stats, the advantage. To decimate his foes. More like Alphys. Just finally get stronger.

But then a horrifying idea was striking him.

"Oh... and.... And did you tell Undyne about.... what happened?"

"Sweet Toriel, no." Alphys said automatically. Sans sighed.

"Thank Toriel, then." He told her. "The LAST thing I need is her insufferable told ya so."

"But we did tell you so." Alphys admitted. Sans laughed weakly. "So that's my payment. You hold off on your sick wild party fantasies and I don't tell Undyne you almost dusted."

Win, win.

"Well I promised the human a party. Wouldn't want to disappoint."

Right. Disappoint. Right.


"But for you I'll put it off. Though I can't promise to rest."

He could not, truly, rest.

"You better." Alphys threatened.

And as Sans walked away, groaning about how tired her was, she just silently hoped that he was just tired enough.. Just tired enough to leave Chara alone for a night. Just one night. He couldn't keep going on and on...

He had to wear himself out.

There wasn't much she could do in the situation. Nothing.... But she is thinking about it all the time though. The months she had spent ignoring it. Ignoring. Thinking it taken care of, nothing she could do.... But if she had just not ignored it. How she could have done different. How it had even gotten to being that way to being with. Chara shouldn't have been there. The prison. She'd slipped through the wrong crack- But Alphys should not have sent Papyrus to the prison to begin with. Should have diswayed. Should have.... Should have just... been honest. For once.

Just for once. To Papyrus.

But you can't about these things. Especially not in her position. Her place..... But Papyrus. She should have been honest with Papyrus. Cut this all off at the head. If anyone could have understood...

But you can't.

And now she really couldn't, the other day had proven that to her. Him so willing to allow Sans- She just couldn't talk to him anymore either.

Especially since he is right there between Undyne and Sans.

Undyne.... Sans....

It's funny how much you can love people and then they end up being the ones you have to lie to the most. Because you love them, and you do not want to lose them. You do not want them to see because they would not like it. Or agree.

But it was hard. So hard.....

Getting harder.

Not having a single person to actually talk to.

And she is thinking about this everyday, unable to ignore it as well anymore. Because she doesn't want it to be this way but it is just the way it is. This was normal life and too big to change and that was just the way it is.
Even if she wishes that it wasn't...


Papyrus was in the living room, trying to read a book, but he could hear Ch- the human calling out in the other room. He wasn't sure what his brother was doing. How his brother could even handle doing it when he had come home on the brink of exhaustion and a bit roughed up (which had concerned him until he had heard it was Alphys, which made sense, she'd been really upset when she'd left). But he didn't know what his brother was doing to the human and he very, very did not care. He just focused on his crossword puzzle.

But it was too easy. Just busy, mindless work. And that makes it not enough of a distraction. And he had such a headache. Having used too much magic the last few days and how could Sans stand it. He put down the puzzle, getting up and making his way back towards his brother's room.

He didn't even knock before opening the door, not wanting to hesitate or acknowledge he wanted to hesitate.

He faltered though walking in.

His brother was just sitting back against the front of the bed, and Chara was tied up, her wrists and ankles forced close together. And the human was laying on her stomach between his brother's legs. She was crying though, because there was one of those things from Alphys' box inside of her. Relentless and not stopping as it moved inside her.

"Hey bro." Sans said lazily but there was a wicked look in the lights of his eyes. "Just making sure the pet here doesn't forget how things go."


"How long has that...?" Papyrus began, but Sans just shrugged, still smiling.

"Don't know. How long we've been in here? Well, minus the ten minutes it took me to bind her. Put up a ruckus there, didn't ya pet? Surprised me. Seems like there is actually something left to get a reaction out of her. Don't like being tied down in your life, do ya?" Sans asked, holding the girl's chin as she grit her teeth, trying her hardest to stay together but already way beyond falling apart against Sans. Twisting, only giving Sans the pleasure of feeling her move. Of having the perfect view of her crying face. Her glaring, force-unfocused, then closed eyes.

And Papyrus knew that she also hated the blindfold.... To not be able to see what was happening. Though she did not like seeing it either.... Any of it.

But she did not like the blindfold. And even when she closed her eyes, at least that was something in her control. That tiny bit of control.

Papyrus should tell Sans..

"But tying her up, really wiped me out, though." Sans continued. Like Alphys had not already... "So.. We had to find something else fun for her to do." The girl gasped and Sans wiped at the corner of her mouth.

"She's adamant that it's still just pain though... As if she's forgotten what real pain is." Sans tsked and shook his head. But still smiling, enjoying this to its fullest. And the girl...

It was too much for her... and she was tired... tired but refusing to beg... but tired and very much needing to rest. And the wicked look in Sans' eyes, it was surrounded by exhaustion. The girl let out a shrill shriek as he grabbed into her hair with his other hand. Papyrus flinched at the sound.

"Well I was about to go to bed and I've only had a headache for the past two hours. So... if you could quite her down." Sans hummed, tilting her face, as she continued to pant..

"Ah come on, she can't be that loud. But alright... Okay. I guess" But he only let go of her chin to reach down and unzip the front of his pants.

And Papyrus stood there, that had not been what he had meant. And it only made Ch- the human close her eyes again, and shake with another sob and forced pleasure.. A soft, pulsed plea from her Soul-

And Papyrus couldn't move as his brother grasped at her hair and kept his cock up against her mouth. The girl pressed and terrified but things were going back to normal... She deserved this.

But he couldn't help but have his mind jump back to the first night.. When Papyrus had held her like that himself, forcing her to open her mouth- And he had thought.. How could something so full of hate.... be filled with so much fear?

Humans were creatures of self-preservation and hatred. Nothing else. These emotions came from her lack of control. Her inability to ensure her own preservation. Nothing more... These were the complex feelings Papyrus could not fully understand, could hardly imagine.

Though he hadn't been able to feel it then in that moment, the hatred. Even as he had forced her to open her mouth. Only despair-

And his brother, now, in the present... Staring at the human.

Hatred, pure, in the lights of his eyes as he forced the girl to open her mouth and keep it open,. Enjoying every single panicked sound coming from the exhausted human.

Hatred from his brother....

Despair from her.

Humans creatures of hatred and self preservation.

This is what she deserved though, she deserved all the hatred... She had tried to kill his brother. She'd almost killed his brother. She was guilty and she even knew it. He had felt it, that knowing guilt. She deserved this and she had that one bit of ingenuine mercy and now everything was back to normal.

But she was exhausted. And his brother was exhausted... And Papyrus' skull was pounding.

"Sans stop." Papyrus said bitterly, stepping forward. "You need to stop and go to bed." Chara screamed- the human screamed, as she was pulled away from Sans. Papyrus did not pay attention to her, held down by his hands against the bed, "You've got to work in the morning and I can feel how drained you are. Go to bed." Sans huffed.


Sans yawned.

"Oh shit, I guess I am that tired... Will you put it away for me?"

Put it away....

Papyrus turned his attention back to the struggling girl. He cut the binds at her ankles and she struggled all the more. Wanting to be free. It out of her, get it out of her-

"Leave her hands tied though." Sans told him. "Don't want her touching herself now."

Papyrus highly doubted that happening but he obeyed.

Papyrus switched off the disgusting device. Literally disgusting. Disgusting and wet from her. And she couldn't help but jerk her body as the sensation cut off. And he pulled it out of her, leaving her empty. Leaving her body wanting but her mind relieved- As she continued to cry, and buried her face in the mattress beneath her.

"Fun wasn't it, pet?" Sans yawned again.

"Bed." Papyrus ordered sternly. Sans just chuckled and settled back against his pillow.

"Yeah, yeah, mom, I heard ya."

Papyrus paused at that, it wasn't an uncommon thing but somehow, it is just There, more. Right now. Thinking about Sans' 1 HP-

But he doesn't have 1 HP anymore.

And this made him return his attention back to the girl, beginning to pick her up in his arms.

He could turn her blue, should turn her blue... But his head is pounding. The magic.

"Goodnight, brother."

"Night, Paps." Warm affection in his tone and it made Papyrus feel slightly better.

And Papyrus picked up the human, her still incredibly breathless in his arms as he carried her.

Normal. He had told her that. It went back to normal. And this was normal.
Everything back to normal: HPs. How things went in all of this. Normal.

The confusion didn't matter.... The only thing that mattered was his brother enjoying himself. Even if Papyrus thought he was pushing a little too hard. This just wasn't Papyrus' thing...

But he thought it, as he put the girl down. And he thought it as he got her a second blanket and asked himself why... And he thought it: They needed to kill her. Before something else happened or Papyrus found himself tricked, though he didn't want to admit that he could be after telling Undyne so sternly that he wouldn't be. They needed to kill her. Before there were any regretted I Told You Sos. Before something happened and Papyrus left them and himself disappointed. They needed to kill her. They needed to kill her, yesterday. Perhaps literally yesterday. Or the day before that. They should have killed her. Should kill her.

But he ignored the thought, told himself it was fine. And shut the closet door, daring not to heal her in the slightest. To feel the bleeding in his magic. And in the morning he and his brother went to work and everything was just back to normal.

But it wasn't normal and they really needed to kill her

Chapter Text

The River Person.....

He had done something Chara had never seen him do before... He'd sat down. He had let the boat drift aimlessly along the water, in the middle of the river, and had sat down. The large, shadowed cloaked form, sitting down at the front of the boat, his legs crossed, knees touching each side of the boat. Both Chara and Frisk kept their attention drawn to him, Frisk in curiosity, Chara in suspicion. Unable to rest.....

And his shadowy, magically hidden hand, a flame started from nothing. In an instant. In an instant, fire.

"Woah..." Frisk breathed despite himself. Even Chara felt a spark of awe but at the same time, apprehension. Fear. Dust still on her clothes and her heart starting to race. Her arm tighter around Frisk, keeping him in place, close. Her heart racing-

Magically fire, there just at his fingertips in even less than a snap of his fingers.

But the shadowy monster in front of her pulled out a small tray from seemingly out of nowhere and set it down... Setting the fire inside of it.

A little, magic campfire in the center of the boat. Fire surrounded by water. Fire, warm and not too uncomfortably hot. Just warm. Warm and seeking to comfort. And Frisk was too intrigued for his own good.

"Fire magic." The River Person simply explain, still pulling things out of nowhere. Absolutely nowhere. Truly out of nowhere. Something to go over the fire, a pot- And Chara watched, realizing he truly was about to make them tea just like he had said....

"Can you teach me how to do that?" Frisk asked, genuinely hopeful. "I still can't make fires good, its just too hard and Chara always has to do it a lot."

"I know nothing of human magic." The River Person admitted.

"Oh... Right.." Frisk was leaning in, away from Chara- And Chara's heart was racing, she was losing her breath, as Frisk got in close.

"Careful-" She managed.

"It is alright." The River Person told her. "It does not burn like normal fire if I do not wish. You could put your hand right into it right now and it would not hurt. See?" And he just had his hand in the flames... Just idling in the flames... And Frisk.. Frisk's eyes widened and he reached out too, despite Chara's racing heart. And put his own little fingers in it.

"Oh wow! It just tickles!" The River Person chuckled lowly but Chara...

Chara just kept staring. Staring at the flames. Feeling cold. As Frisk just... just put his fingers in it. Just put his fingers straight into the fire, trusting without a moment's hesitation. Frisk just putting his hands in the fire. And having a normal conversation. The both of them. The both of them doing their best to just have a normal conversation.

To help her, she realized. Just to help her. But she felt cold. She was shaking... And everything was blurring..

"Chara-" Frisk turned around back towards her, smiling for her, but the smile fell... Seeing that she was crying again. His stupid hand still in the stupid fire. Stupid, harmless fire and she had been the one to hurt-

And she was just coming apart again, lowering her head and closing her eyes as she began to sob.

"Oh, Chara..." The River Person's voice rumbled... And Frisk's arms were around her again, holding her tightly. And she just sobbed, a hand over her eyes as Frisk hugged her... The River Person was silent, but she could hear him continue to make them tea....

"Shhhh." Frisk tried soothing into her ear. "Shh, it's okay, Chara.. Don't cry anymore, remember you say, big kids don't cry-" And yet he sounded on the verge of it as well. Chara did her best, her best to stop crying, her best to regain herself and hold it in- She was worrying Frisk again, "You're always telling me-"

"No. It is alright, Frisk." The River Person's voice came, soft comforting thunder... "She's been hurt, it is alright to cry."

Chara felt Frisk's arms shift slightly in surprise but then slack in relief... Chara knew it was relief... Relief that he didn't have to stop her because she knew that he had not believed the words he had been saying. Always telling her it should be alright to cry. Nearly those very same words as what The River Person had said.

And it only made Chara break down even more. Covering her face with both hands as she leaned forward, just sobbing and unable to stop. Surrounded by cool relaxing water, the warmth of the crackling fire. Frisk's arms around her and a comforting, large hand on her arm, rubbing to help her. And she just cried....

"Here..." The River Person said eventually. And Chara lifted her face, trying her best... And The River Person let go of her arm and was holding out two cups of steaming, hot tea. Frisk took his, and Chara barely managed to take hers and not spill it. Though she could not drink it... Not like this... But the cup was warm against her fingers, helping just slightly. The steam... The smell...

"Just think of the good things for now." The River Person told her. "The things to help you feel warm. It simply spirals out of your control if you do not...."

"It's really good, Chara... Try some." Frisk encouraged. Chara obeyed, talking a sip. And then another, starting to clam down as she kept going. But still she felt so heavy. There was so much she wanted to say... For the first time she had so much to say to The River Person.. But she couldn't with Frisk there. Frisk would simply encourage, believe... Not bad things but sometimes.... Sometimes... too much... And she just... She can't do it like Frisk can.. She is just not Frisk...

Chara's expression was miserable and broken as she stared at The River Person's shadowy, hidden face.... Knowing he could sense it... But he only took her empty cup, even though she hadn't realized she had finished.

"Would you like some more?" She only shook her head. Though she couldn't be certain it was not a lie. She just... She just didn't know. She just...

"You look exhausted, Chara.. You can rest here, it is alright. I will not pick up anyone else.."

But she could not rest-

"Go ahead and rest." The River Person said again.

"I won't wake up.." She can feel it in her chest. It'll suck her in. She'll slip beneath. Gone. "I can't rest. I won't wake up.. I'll Fall Down."

"You will wake up." He says this, almost sadly. His mind somewhere else.. "You are dealing with LOVE, Chara, it is not exactly the same as that. You must rest. And even if you were to Fall Down, Chara, you are human.. It is going to be hard, but even if you were to Fall Down because of this, you will not Fall Down for long. You are still here. Frisk is still here. You will move forward."

But Chara notes he did not say, everything will be alright. Just like you could not use the words 'safe', he could not tell her that it would truly be alright. But she knew... She knew... this was the closest to safe she could get right now. On a boat. With a monster in a shadowy cloak that hid his true form and she knew that. A shadowy hidden figure, his very form a lie. And yet. And yet, this was the closest she could get to safe.

"Rest....." The River Person encouraged, handing a blanket towards her, a blanket out of nowhere. Another sob worked its way through her but she took the blanket, hugging it close and beginning to reluctantly, lay down. So tired... So, so tired... So tired and Frisk was next to her, sitting between her and the fire, holding onto her hand, playing with her fingers as she reluctantly, reluctantly did her best to close her eyes, to close her eyes for real, for the first time in days. But she could not sleep just yet. But even so.... Finally, finally her muscles were starting to relax. Finally she was starting to at least edge closer.

On the gentle water, the warmth of magic, her brother close, and one of the very, very few people she could bring herself to reluctantly trust. Though it really was reluctant in every sense. But Frisk was there. Frisk.... And she was no longer cold like she had been. The tea.... The fire..... The calming soft, deep tune of The River Person humming.... Until it seemed to fade, stretch into silence....

And the silence stretched on. And she could not tell if she was asleep or awake in some moments. Until, the silence was broken, by Frisk's gentle voice. A whisper not to disturb her.

"What did you mean... when you two said.. Fall Down?" And Chara thought- Of The River Person... Knowing. Remembering a certain sadness she has felt from him before. She can feel it now... Even without seeing him, though she supposes she can never truly see him.... A certain sadness, though, there. In the air....

"When a Monster gives up..." The River Person began, his voice so low. Low rumbles, sad but kind... "When a Monster gives up... the Fall Down, as we say. We are not like humans, you see. We are made of magic. Intent. Our wills. If a Monster does not will to keep going... Then... Well it depends. Some still walk around, stare, but do not see. Don't hear. They are not themselves." Chara could feel Frisk's grip on her fingers tighten the slightest bit. "You have to coax them back out of themselves but it is hard... Sometimes impossible. And then they can perhaps truly Fall... Because others Fall completely. Asleep. Never waking. Most eventually dust... But some simply stay that way. Asleep and in too much pain to wake up."

"But... you can? Wake up? If you find something else to live for? If you just... don't give up?"

"..... That simply depends... On how far you've fallen. On how aware you can be. Sometimes.. it is simply too hard.. And if you have Fallen Down once, it is not so hard to do it again... Even when you are doing your best. When there is something you know you should be fighting for. You simply... cannot get back up...."

"......... Have you.. Fallen Down?" Chara held her breath at this. She'd thought it but would have never asked it. But she is simply not Frisk. And The River Person, she can feel him staring at Frisk.. in that shadowy way he does... Silent.

Yes, Chara knows. The answer is yes. In some way, yes. And Frisk seems to get this too, though neither ask for details. But Chara remembers.... He owes something. The River Person owes something. Guilt.... He has told her that, hasn't he? And she wonders, briefly.... If this has something to do with how he can simply... vanish. Vanish for months at a time...

"What do I do?" Frisk asks instead, worry still there, but at the heart of it, determination. Determination as he squeezes Chara's tighter.

"You are already doing it, Frisk." The River Person told him. "I do not have LOVE, but from what I have seen, it is not so different from Falling Down in some regards. You begin to lose yourself, but instead of falling asleep, you cannot settle back down. You must help her settle back down... To help her not give up..."

And the hooded, hidden face was looking directly at her and Chara could feel it. Feel it.... She wanted to cry... She did not know why though.. A lump in her throat...

In hindsight, a few days later, she would realize it was because he truly cared about what was happening to her.... And she cared about what was happening to him..

"Chara..." Frisk's voice whispered, coming closer..... They had noticed her distress, it seemed... Frisk's fingers were in her hair, comforting as he still held her other hand close. "Don't worry, Chara. I believe in you."

Don't give up...

Stay determined.

The closet door was opening, and Chara was in her little, protective ball. The cat had been there all day, meowing at her through the door, mocking.... Until someone had come home...

And her heart was racing... She couldn't remember the last time it wasn't. The last time she had slept well, the last time she wasn't in pain or hungry and just absolutely terrified... And she doesn't know... She doesn't know how to regain that determination....

She knows... If she was a monster... She would be Fallen Down. Fallen Down... waiting... Waiting.... Wanting.... But at the same time, still awake. Walking around aimless...

She doesn't want to be.

But she doesn't know what she's doing. No plans. Running on empty.

Not sure why she is alive except for Mercy she could not explain. From herself. From Papyrus... Lost and uncertain and there is no one left there, that she cared about, to tell her: don't give up.....

Stay determined....


Those words given to her by that conflicting King.... And repeated again, mockingly ever since, but how she has struggled to keep them in her Soul because it had been the only thing given to her in any form of genuine and understanding tone in so long...

Seeing her....

Even as she had looked at him so hatefully, scared and hatefully, and wishing he would just drop dead. Just dust and do the world a favor. And yet...

But she can't.....

She can't...

She doesn't know how by herself.

She's never been the one... It's always been Frisk.

She's always been the one worried or afraid and tired and it always takes everything inside her to just keep going.. Holding onto Frisk.... Then Temmie... and now...

"Just think of the good things for now."

But now all the good things... they are what is killing her.

And she can't stay-

But the closet door was open and Papyrus was there and she didn't know what to do anymore.

He can't see her.

He's not going to.

He can't.

Especially since he does not want to.

And there is nothing she can do to counter that.

He's best friends with a 'Migosp'.


Maybe his brother, too...

And he does not want to see her.

Nobody is going to see her. She's going to die here and nobody is going to care......

Because she doesn't know how to get out of here or even if... even if she should...

And she's just cold.... And there is nothing she can do...

And all the good, little things that once kept her warm, hurt.

And she's just.. out of ideas.

And everything is back to his so called 'normal' as he led her to the bathroom for a shower. Turning on the water as Chara stood with her arms crossed and her head down, the hair around her face.... The steam filling the room.

She flinches when the water washes over her back, but still.....

Water has always been cold. Cold or cool unless you start a fire under it. Unless the sun is hot.

She didn't stay in the hospital long.... The water in the prison, frigged. So cold that it burned....

Chara glanced up at Papyrus, standing there in front of her as the water runs over her. And he is ignoring her. Doing his best to ignore her. Not talking. No conversation... Just the two of them getting clean though she doesn't know why he didn't just shower that morning like usual if he was so desperate to avoid her....


"My question..." Chara's heart is racing, it's stupid. So stupid. It's stupid. She knows half the answer will be magic, its magic. But at the same time....

And Papyrus stared at her... Smirking a bit at how she had worded it. Making sure not to open herself up to mocking by asking yet another question about her question. And yet still getting point across.

"Yes?" He allowed. He had given her one question after all. But he is putting his mental guard up. Ready for it. For her to do her best to get under his 'skin'.

Her potential questions about Why, her potential questions........ That he was guarding his own mind against and Not willing to look over. Offering himself all the correct answers. Obvious, correct answers.

Because she's human. Toy, pet, only human, who can't love, can't show Mercy.

Not true Mercy. That did not simply benefit herself.

Her hatred and self preservation. Manipulation.


That is why.

She deserves it.

Human and Monsters.


And Papyrus is prepared for anything. Or so he thinks.

Because the girl is looking down at her fingers, letting the water fall against it and run down.

And it's stupid, she knows, she knows it is stupid. But...

"Where does...."

Papyrus is already filling in a million different questions for her in that one little pause. But all of them are wrong.

"Where does the hot water come from?" Chara asked, risking a small glance upwards.

And Papyrus.....

"Wh... What?" He let out a small, disbelieving laugh. His brow furrowed and he shook his head.

Her fingers curled into a tight fist, looking down again, her shoulders tense.

And Papyrus...

He could not understand.

And it is so unexpected.

"What do you mean?" He doesn't even realize he is getting angry until he says it and hears it in his own voice. "You have one question. One. And you ask..?"


"What are you trying to play at?" Papyrus demanded. He grabbed her shoulders and Chara gasped, keeping her footing, but her heart racing. And Chara does not understand.. why he's angry at her.

"What do you mean?" She demanded back. "I just want to know-"

"Know what? What is your real question in that?"

She didn't....

"I just want to know-" There was anger rising in her chest now too as she suddenly glared through the water. "I chose the most harmless question I could think of!"

This isn't fair.

"Why would you ask that?" Papyrus demanded again. "That's foolish. It gets you nothing!"



"What did you want me to ask?" She demanded. "Why? Why? Is that what you wanted me to ask? Or maybe, something else like that? Well I know all your answers to that! Your why and stupid explanations. The ones that Undyne gave you, and Sans, and the ones you tell yourself to keep me the enemy. Like every other Monster. I know those answers. I don't need them!"

She had nothing.

No ideas or plans. No hope. Nothing. What did HE know about nothing?!

"I just want one thing to make sense! One STUPID thing, maybe good thing!!" She yelled, a hand close to her chest. His grip on her- But she was just SO tired and angry- So tired- "I just want one thing to make sense!" She repeated again. "One good thing- The two of you have ruined everything. No, not just the two of you, but everyone. Everyone has ruined everything. Everything that should have been new and interesting and good and ruined it! Even this, the water... You. Forcing me to be here with you. And your brother! When he.... he..." She staggered for breath for a moment but glared again, glaring even through the water. "I just wanted one thing! Just one! Is that really just too much to ask from all of you?"

".... The water comes from underground pipes-"

"That is NOT what I asked!"

Chara flinched as he rose a hand quickly but she refused to back down this time. To cower.

She glared, tears in her eyes though hidden by the falling water. But he does not strike her though he keeps his hand raised threatening.

But she is just so..... angry.

"I had... a question..." She says as evenly as possible. Her heart racing- Racing- "Where does the hot water come from?"

"That's none of your business." Papyrus told her, anger still in his voice. But in truth... he still did not entire understand the question.... He understood it, in theory. The words, but he did not understand....

It was one more thing to not understand...

"What is wrong with you?!" Chara demanded. "What is wrong with ALL of you?!"

Ah, so this was the manipulation. A simple question to turn around and use against him...

But.... He can't fully convince himself of that even though he does not acknowledge it fully. Because if he had just answered the stupid thing, he wouldn't have her yelling at him-

But he can't think that. Because to think the fault was with him was playing into her hands, but at the same time if he had just answered-

And he can feel the pulse of pain from her Soul, not just the hatred and anger.... And she fights him the whole way as he drags her back to the closet, refusing to feed her and he does not know why he is so angry.... And neither does she... And he just threw her soaking wet into the closet, without a single care...

And Chara's heart was racing but anger racing through her. Stupid, stupid, it was a stupid question and he could have just answered it! She's expected him to laugh, something like that maybe, but she had risked it and she had not expected him to react like this. She did not understand and he was an ass! The worst one-! The worst...

Everyone else were the ones to tell her, don't give up. Don't give up.

Singing to her. Teasing her. Trying to get her to sing along and she just couldn't. She was the one who was tired and angry and worried and cautious.... And it just rises up in her if she feeds it.

"I hate you!" She called, hitting the door. And Papyrus stood at the end of the hall, tense and angry. But Chara... It feels sick inside her. She hates him. But she hates that she hates him. And Sans. She hates that they made her hate them. When she just wants to be left alone-

She knows all their stupid fucking reasons for doing this.

Humans and Monsters.

Humans and Monsters.

Like that game the children play. The teenagers come into the Ruins to play it 'for real'...

She knows all their reasonings.... But she knows every single one of them is bullshit...

And she is just so... . tired.

Tired of the anger...

Tired of hating.

The fighting...

She's just so tired..

She closed her eyes though she was already surrounded by darkness. Her head tilting back, her hair, the water running down her back as she tried not to cry....

But she is just so tired.


It gets her nowhere. Each time... She can't do it anymore. She's out of ideas....

And she thinks Frisk is dead..

But he's an idiot, he's such an idiot.


"Don't worry, Chara. I believe in you."

Chara..... Chara should be dead too. She should be dead. If he was alive.. If he was out there. He would have every single reason to believe she was dead. Every single one. But he would still choose.... That idiot. He would still hold on. He'd still chose to believe she was out there. He's an idiot. An idiot.

But there was the smallest laugh in the back of her throat.

Because he was right... He was right... She was alive. She was still alive and she should be dead. Absolutely dead.... But she isn't. Not yet. Trapped. Stuck. But alive....

And she knows.... She knows he is an idiot. And if he's alive.... He's waiting. He's waiting for her to come back. Believing that she will come back.. She's the one who comes back.

She can't believe by herself. It's just too hard. She needs him to tell her, don't give up. She needs other people to tell her to stay determined. To help her Dream..

Hope... Dream....

"I don't think that's true..."


"Dreamer..." Chara whispered to herself. Dreamer....




Papyrus would not give it to her. That one good thing. But she knew better than to depend on other people's Mercy. That was who she was. She knew better. Worried, cautious, only relying on all the things inside of her...

And all those little things hurt. They hurt. Hurt so much....

But they were hers.

And she knows... She should not be alive still but she is. Somehow she is.... And it is hard, so hard.... But she knows that idiot. Knows that idiot so well...

And she knows that if he is out there-- She knows, that he is out there, he has to be out there-


But she knows he is out there. And if he is... That idiot, that idiot is believing in her and singing that stupid little song- And he saw his 'Z' playing, Napstablook, Naps, playing his little songs, and she's an idiot, she's an idiot. Chara was an idiot. Frisk.... Frisk would have taken that, one good thing. A visit from a friend, and she's an idiot. She's an idiot, she got so angry because that was what she does. Who she is.

All of them. Singing to her. Teasing her... Frisk, Naps, even Temmie because he knew....

Don't Give Up.

Hopes.... and Dreams....

She just has to hold on... those good, little things... Though they hurt. Though they are the things that are killing her. But they are also all she has. All... Everything....

Chara's heart was racing.... But the song was in her chest though she never sang along. She hated the sound of her own voice. She just wanted to listen to the others. Comfort in just listening to the others.... But that did not mean it was not still inside her... She just... She just had to....

Her fists were clenched but this time not in anger but in a desperate attempt...

Don't Give Up...

It's hard. It's impossible.... Frisk is probably dead. And then there was Temmie and what had happened and- But she just..

"Sing a little song..." Her voice cracked and she shook her head. She can't do it out loud. Her uncertain voice, her inability to come up with lyrics just off the top of her head.

And trying so hard, she realizes she has sang it before... Unconsciously, her little chant. Dreamer... In this little tune... This whole time in her Soul...

She took a deep breath, falling back, trying again. Just try again...

"You'll never take... the heart.. inside of me. Everything I am... Hopes and dreams..."

Gentle whispers.

"-In my heart.. and through the trees."

Sing a little song. Now.

She's gritting her teeth, thinking, the tune along, coming up with more random-

But the closet door was opening and Chara jumped, her heart racing, racing, as it was forced open, and Papyrus, his face serious.

And Chara can see him.

She's seen him before.

The one who should have been kind.

The one who could have been like Frisk.

Someone who killed the spark- Turning into a demon instead-

Someone who just cannot afford to see her-

Because if he did-

He'd be able to see himself.

And Papyrus was reaching in and grabbing her. Yanking her forward- And her heart raced- The rug being pulled out from beneath her. And she just did not know what to do... How to stay determined. How to get through.

She's not Frisk. She isn't Frisk-

And Papyrus is pulling her forward, towards his bedroom.

"Wait-" Chara dug her feet into the ground, only hurting herself in the process as she nearly fell forward. "Wait, no, wait!"

Her heart racing-

She can't beg though... Even though all she wants, really wants, is for someone to just see her...


The River Person pulled the boat to the side with Chara's instruction.... And he helped them pick up all of their belongings. Helped them off the boat though she could feel that he did not wish for them to go... But they had to.. The sun would be going down soon... He would return to his precious city... They had to set up camp...

But he bent down, to Chara's eye level as best he could..

"I would like to check up on you.." He admitted. Chara looked down at her feet... "If that is alright...."

She never let Frisk greet him, running along the river to wave... She never let The River Person know where they were staying.... But...

"I don't know where we'll be.. but.... If I see you..." She mumbled... He only stood up, nodding. And she was walking away, with Frisk... Frisk who was waving at the hooded, hidden figure... Who waved back... And you couldn't see him, physically you could not see him. But Chara could see him. Someone who actually cared though she could not understand why.


"Papyrus! Wait!" But she is just being thrown onto the bed, the collar surging with magical energy, causing her to cry out as he held her down, face down, by the wrists.

She doesn't know- She just doesn't know- How...


Stay determined.


She just did not know how. She doesn't- She can't-

She's not Frisk.

She's not the Dreamer here, Temmie was wrong. Wrong..

And all the good, little, random small things hurt.

Hopes and Dreams...

She just.. doesn't... know... how... anymore.

He just won't see her... He won't... He can't...

He can't.

And Chara can't see what it is she is supposed to do...

She can't fight.

She can't act.

She has nothing.

She can't even beg....



Nothing but her memories-

Nothing but-

And Chara was reaching- Reaching with all of her Soul- Reaching with all of her feeble intent-

Chapter Text

The new girl, Undyne, was not making any real friends with her continued glare and ambivalent... silence.

All except the one little boy she kept around, or perhaps more rightly, let hover near her. That annoying skeleton.

"Which annoying skeleton?"

"The weird one."

"Which weird one?"

"Not the Free EXP-"

"They're both kinda free EXP if you think about it."

"That is also fair. But you know what I mean."

"The idiot."


The idiot.

"And who are you calling an idiot?"



Because the only idiots Undyne saw were the two idiots daring to talk about her and her new friend when she was still listening.

"That's rude." She said, calmly. Dangerously-

The world went black around them as the other two jumped back defensively, feeling her intent.

"A bullet board?" Undyne asked unimpressed, magic swirling around her as she pushed the three of them out of it, the yellow faded buttons vanishing and the world returned- "What are you? Some baby toddler? Or maybe a pair of grouchy old men?"

Their Souls went green.

"Besides...." She smiled. "In a real Fight, there are no turns. And no foolish little buttons to hide behind."

She'd learned that the hard way.....

And two hours later.....

She was in Papyrus and Sans' room, heading over to their cot. Satisfied even if bruised and with extra chores for a month.

"Undyne!" Papyrus called, jumping up. She put a finger to her lips. "Undyne." Papyrus whispered for effect.

Technically she was not supposed to be in here.

But technically....

"Heard ya got into a fight, Undies." Sans taunted, hands behind the back of his head. It'd only been a few months but

She wasn't supposed to get into those either.

"If you'd been there Sans you would have joined me in an instant."

"Well good thing I wasn't, I don't have to split bathrooms with ya." She only hummed and sat down at the edge of the bed.

"But you're bruised still?" Undyne shrugged. Though that only caused her to wince a bit and she couldn't hide it. "Here!" Papyrus bounced closer against the bed, reaching out a green, healing hand. And she let him, curious... As his healing magic washed over her.

And Papyrus smiled, happy to be of help. To be able to really show her what he could do with it. She'd only ever seen him heal Sans. But feeling it.....

Undyne didn't smile though, it only made her scowl. And Papyrus could feel..... a tremor from the older girl... Real pain in his fingertips from her Soul. Papyrus pulled back, uncertain, but quickly corrected his mistake, pretending it was not there. That he had not felt the echo of grief inside her because he knew she did not want him to. That if she did, she would tell him in time...


"They were calling you free EXP." She admitted. Sans was snarling.

"Who was saying what about me?"

But Undyne stared at him. Directly into his face. Her eyes telling.

Not you, her eyes said. Not you.

Well, at least, not just him.

And it made her uneasy. So uneasy.... Feeling like she could not fully push it away. Deny it.

If Papyrus had been there, with her, that day, he would have been dead too. Dead. Dust. Just like everybody else except her.

Probably ripped into little smiling shreds.

Not an idiot, like they said. Just too willing to trust. Even when Sans, Undyne could see, did his best to counter it. Not an idiot, just too trusting. Blind at times. Too willing to see the best in people even when it wasn't there. He just did not know how it could be.

But she did. And somehow, she got from Sans, that he did too. Though she did not know why yet.

One day she would. Sans would tell her. The one thing he never told Papyrus.

About remembering how it felt to dust.

But Papyrus did not.

And he was just so naturally trusting.. Though not an idiot, no. And not at all weak..

But in a way.. Yes.....

Yes. He was free EXP. In just the right line of circumstances, he was just free EXP.

And Sans and Undyne sat there on that cot, Papyrus between them, staring at each other directly.. Both understanding this. Both hating it. Both resolved to fix it. To keep him safe...

They did not trust each other. Not really. Not yet. It would be awhile. But this was the first step. This first Fight of Undyne's in the group home in Papyrus' name.

And Papyrus chatted on, trying to cheer up the tone. And Undyne and Sans looked away from each other, though a silent agreement made. An alliance even if they could not trust each other in a lot of other things.

Ready to Fight together in this one thing. Just one.

Ready to Fight....

And Papyrus chatted on. Pretending not to notice. Pretending not to be the slightest be apprehensive.

Pretending so not to worry them even more...


Papyrus did not appreciate the Fight.

But he was not the weak one. He was not the one who too easily trusted. Not anymore. He wasn't an idiot. He knew. He knew..... He was not the weak one, the one to put the others in danger because of it. He was not the one who would simply be ripped into little, smiling shreds.

He wasn't. Wasn't. He wasn't that little boy anymore who made Sans Fight too often and too ferociously. He was not the little boy who Undyne had to keep in tow, teaching, instructing. He wasn't that little boy anymore.

He did not appreciate the Fight but that did not mean he would not. That did not mean he could not.. Did not mean he would stand there and be manipulated like an idiot.

He wasn't that little boy anymore.

Not that annoying little skeleton.

The weird one.

Not the smiling, Free EXP.

Not the idiot.

He wasn't.

He wouldn't be.

He was not being tricked by some human with no power.

He wasn't....

But she was in his head and he knew it. He could not ignore her. It was not normal anymore. It had not gone back to normal. And he was so angry. So confused. So torn to shreds inside.

Standing there at the end of the hall.... So angry, having thrown the human into the closet.

Just so angry.

He was not a danger to his brother. He was not a danger to Undyne. To those he cared about. He did not trust too easily.

He did not trust.

Did not.

He was not an idiot and the gull she had-

And there was a soft little song in the air, chant like spell... And it just made him even angrier though he did not realize it. Realize that it was even there.

And he was just so angry...

Angry at this human.

Playing with his head.

Even after he had spent all day, thinking about how to guard against her. Preparing for all her little tricks... And yet, yet he had still been caught off guard. Throwing him off. Knowing exactly what she was doing- She had to. None of it real- and her own anger.

He was not the weak one.

But he felt like a child. He felt like he was a child again. Torn to shreds. Hesitant and doubtful. And it was all her fault.

And he was angry. Because he knew he should be angry.

And because he did not understand.

Did not understand...

He can't afford not to understand.

He is not the weak one. The one who trusts too easily. Who gives Mercy where Mercy is not due.

But he has and he can feel her Soul-

And there is that irritating little song in the air, magic in the air, though he doesn't even notice it... That it is making him even angrier.

But he is not the one. He is not the one who is going to end up getting his brother killed.

And he is just so angry because he hesitated. He did what they told him not to didn't they? Fell for her game. Even if just for a moment. He thought, just make it even. Get everything back to NORMAL. But it is not normal. Not. They need to kill her. Or... Or....

Papyrus turned around in the hall, gaze focusing on the closet door, starting to race towards it. Knowing exactly what he had to do. To just drive it all out of his head.

The girl jumped when the door opened, her eyes wide and fearful and uncertain.

And her red eyes... Seeing... And he hates it. Hates her. Like she hates him, he knows. She just told him not a few minutes ago.

SHE is the enemy.

And he has to make it go back to normal.

He is not the one who is going to get his brother killed again.

Almost killed again.

Why did he ever Spare her? Should have killed her! It was fine, fine. He was going to fix it the other way, and he grabbed her arm, forcing her out of the closet. Dragging her towards his bedroom. To get her to the bed-

"Wait-" Her voice was panicked again, her breath uneven and frantic- She tried to press her feet against the floor, to pull away. To stop him- He did not stop. "Wait, no, wait!"

He hated the tone of her voice. As if she was certain he could listen. Should listen. Desperate for him to listen-

Her Soul pulsing... Wanting to beg-

And he would get her to beg, even if his brother wasn't there. And this time he would tell. This time they would kill her and be done with her and he would not be the one to trust-

And they were in his room, the girl desperate, something in her voice. As if she was trying to Save him, even....

"Papyrus!" The anger in Papyrus' ribcage surged- "Wait!" But the collar was shocking her with his intent, and Papyrus was throwing her onto the bed... Holding her down. Looming over her and holding her down, face down, holding onto her wrists...

And she tried to lift her head, but Papyrus was bending forward, his breath against her neck as he shifted over her, pressing her down onto the bed.

And there was a trembling, withheld sob in her chest as she dropped her head against the mattress, a pulse of despair he's felt so many times from her before and he just has to blot it out.

It's from her lack of control. Just her lack of control. If it was the other way around- If she was the one in control-

And he has both wrists in one hand, pressing one down over the other, trapping them and freeing up his other hand, working down her trembling side...

And he is pulling out her Soul. Turning it blue. Letting it rise up out of the way- And she fell even more resigned and weighted down against the bed-

She can't fight.

He just has to do this and get it out of his head, force it back to normal. Drive out his doubt as he drove into her. He is not the one who can't do what he has to. He can Fight. He will Fight.

And he had his free hand, under her, against her chest, touching her tender skin.

And she is still doing her best to suppress another sob-

And Papyrus, he was the one to apply tender pseudo-kisses against his partner's skin. Pressing his teeth against, using his tongue to graze against them, the closest he can get, his breath against them. And he is trailing down her trembling back, his full weight against her- She can't move-

She can't act.

Can do nothing as Papyrus slowly moves against her, desperate to work himself up, to arouse, to get this done, over with-

She has nothing...

And she can no longer suppress the sob. Her entire back, bruised and cut up yet healed over back- As she let out a weak cry.... And in it all...

"Dream..." She said it, a deep pain from her Soul... As if... almost a grief filled name. The despair-

She can't even beg...

It would not even mean anything if she did. Just manipulating him. Just tricking him. He would not be the one to get his brother killed-


Not again. He would not be the idiot again-


He could have killed her- Killed her-

Nothing but her memories-

Why did he Spare?

Why did she......

Why was he hesitating again-?

Papyrus opened his mouth, rising back up to her neck and biting down, biting down where his brother had the first day. Desperate.

And the girl cried out, her scream shrill, but something had changed in her stance, struggling now beneath him instead of just laying there, resigned and broken.

Something working up inside her.

A memory-

But she could not Fight and Papyrus knew it.

Even if she could work up whatever intent she was struggling for, like he could feel her struggling for and knew she so desperately wanted- She couldn't get it.

But still the human struggled, struggling with her wrists. Her Soul.

And Papyrus refused, refused-

Refused to remember the first day when he had also held her down, and she had looked up at him, begging silently, pleading-

But this time there was something different in the struggle. Something different-

Her reaching. Her Soul reaching... Pulling.

But he knew, even if she could work up the intent- She'd regret it. But the feeling of her wanting to. Reaching and wanting to Fight still. It was enough to validate his feelings. His reasonings.

But she was reaching, pulling, a Song in her Soul-


And Chara reached, and Papyrus lifted his head as she got a single hand out, reaching forward, her fingers spread towards the head of the bed and he can't see what she is-

But his vision went black for a moment. The world pulled into darkness. Briefly. Briefly- He can feel her intent. Intent. She had intent-

But the collar was not activating and Papyrus pressed her into the bed, the world returning, the darkness gone- but her hand was already where she wanted it- She held on to it with all of her impossible Intent.

And Papyrus could feel the magic wash over him and he jolted, ready for the Attack. But- It was like Checking magic but the other way around. A feeling he has not felt in so long. Since he was a child-

And he lay near breathless against her- The world no longer in darkness but the bright yellow buttons still there at the front of the bed, Chara's hand pressing down-

*Chara is Sparing you....



Papyrus was frozen, staring at her hand.... His own hand still pressed over one wrist, the other against her back, supporting himself. And her free hand remained. Pressed. Her Soul pulsing with intent.

*Chara is Sparing you....

She should not know how- In more ways than one she should not know how to do this-

Papyrus was shaking his head-

It was a trick-


*Chara is Sparing you...

Her back was still trembling, but she was trying to lift her head, the tears falling down her face, struggling to breath, to keep her Soul pulsing though-

*Chara is Sparing you....

This was foolish. All he had to do... All he had to do was Fight- Push it away. Fight.

It was a trick-

But her intent.

The Fight.

The traditional, classic Fight-

Bullet Boards.

The ones only older generations cared for. Young ones used to practice for a short time- Useless in a true, real Fight-

"They're not just for Fighting, Chara..."

She shouldn't be able- To pull him- Her collar? Her intent?

But her intent-

*Chara is Sparing you....

Papyrus yanked her hand away from the button-

He was not the weak one. The one tricked- He was not! She was not genuine, but-

*Chara is Sparing you...

Her Soul pulsed, the button glowing anyways. Even without her touching hand. Papyrus' panic, confused anger was flooding through him and he pulled off of the girl, causing her to yelp as he turned her around to face him-

"I'm not an idiot!" He raged. "I know what you are doing- What all of this is for!"

But in her terrified face- Her wide, teary red eyes and heaving chest- His fingers tightening painful against her wrists-

*Chara is Sparing you...

Papyrus was shaking his head, snarling down at her. Getting closer to her face, his own intent murderous-

*Chara is Sparing you...

And Papyrus is over her, angry and just.. so angry... Confused, but... Knowing Sans would be strangling her by now, he should be strangling her, stopping her from this, stopping her-

*Chara is Sparing you...

"You're just trying to lead me down a dangerous path.. Shambling about and manipulating me! You-"

*Chara is Sparing you...

And he hates her, hates her, the audacity of her-

"You are not even the one in the position to Spare-!...To.... Sp....."

*Chara is Sparing you....

His expression was wide.

He's.... He's.....

And her expression is just so broken, tears still falling down her face...

She's not the one....

"But I don't know what else to do.." She admitted softly, crying... Her eyes finally closed. "I just don't know what else to do..."

She can't Fight.

She can't Act.

She has nothing....

The only thing left. The only button she can use....

She has nothing else. Nothing.

But she does not want to give up. She does not want to...

And Frisk....



Frisk standing in front of Chara who lay on the ground with a nasty wound in her side, struggling to get the monster candy into her mouth. Frisk. Standing between her and Alphys, his arms outstretched with nothing, not even a stick. Nothing but his mouth, with his words, with his hopes and dreams. Even after everything they had seen, everything Alphys had done to them. Everything.... Even watching Temmie dust the last time they had faced her.

Even though that hadn't been-

But Frisk.....

That idiot.


*Frisk is Sparing you...

*Chara is Sparing you...

Bullet boards.

Bullet boards, those precious things, useless things. So useless,

In that type of Fight this world was made for. In this world after The War. 

For today's type of Fight. What she was made for. Everything she knew how to do- But not Frisk. No. Not Frisk.

Useless. Useless.... Just like his little stick. And yet...

Bullet boards. Intent.


More than one type of intent.

More than one type of Love.

Papyrus could not see her. Would not see her. But he could not ignore. Her intent. Though she has no guarantee he will care. That he will let himself- Sans wouldn't. She knows it. Sans would have killed her by now. She would be dead. But Papyrus-

That-cruel-twisted-lost-kindness- The reason she hated him so much, and yet-

*Chara is Sparing you....

He's right. She is not in the position to be the one Sparing. She has no control. But still. Still....

They could not take it. The things inside her.

She can't do these things on her own. But she has her memory.

But it is all the things she needs-

This thing from Temmie. This thing for and from Frisk.

Her memory.

The smallest bit of hope, a dream, borrowed determination...

He could not deny it.

Her Mercy, reason it away.

Her love. Love. And he would know exactly which one she meant.

And she hates him, she does, she knows he can feel that too. But still. Still...


That was the point of Mercy.

And she can't breathe, and she's scared. But still... For the first time in a long time.


This thing from Temmie. This thing from Frisk.

And her eyes are closed. She can't see Papyrus, but she can feel him, still holding her wrists.

"Papyrus...." She is trying her hardest to keep her voice even. Her hardest to not back down.

Don't kill and don't be killed.

LOVE a vicious cycle but Frisk has shown that Mercy, love, is one too.

And Chara's heart is racing....

A leap of faith, for someone who says that they just cannot believe- The one who can't do it alone.

And yet..

"Papyrus, please...."

Her Soul reaching.

This one thing from Temmie. This one thing from Frisk.

One good thing.

A gift.

*Chara Dreamer is Sparing you....


And she has no clue if she is dead or alive, not a single clue. What he is thinking. What he is denying.

Only that Papyrus is releasing her wrists as if he has been stung. And her eyes open, but he is already off of the bed..



Because that's the problem, you see....?

In pretending not to notice.

Because if you slip, if you see just a glimpse. Can't pretend for one little thing. See and can't ignore. Pretend. It forces you to go over every little thing before.

All the times she looked beyond scared, all the times she looked more than only human.


Your entire world.


About to fall apart.

You've built your house on sand.

And he has seen her. A girl. Scared. Bleeding and begging for her life. Mercy....

And it could not go back to normal.

And now he's seen her again.

And he can't ignore it.

But it is not alone in his mind. The hatred in his brother's eyes. His very own lack of Mercy....

And he has his back against the door of his bedroom, shut, the girl inside, and he has is mouth covered as his bones rattle. Feeling very, very sick...

And Papyrus chatted on. Pretending not to notice.

Pretending for them, to not let them know that he saw and understood and that he felt bad again for worrying them. He did not want to worry them....

He was trying. Really trying.

To be more forceful. To learn how to Fight.

He just thought, still, the worst person could change.

But he'd learn. He'd change....

Forgetting his belief that people could change because that gets you taken advantage of.

And he'd changed. As best he could. They'd all changed.


Not realizing all the while that good people can change into the worst.

And not even realize it.....

Or perhaps...

Just still.....

Pretending not to notice.

Chapter Text

First thought: They had to kill her.

Second thought: What was he doing?

There was a wave of shame, confusion, confusion...

Third thought: What was he Going to do?

Fourth though: Sans was going to kill her.

And the knowledge that he just thought the very same...

And it was the correct thought.

Fifth thought, there is no fifth thought. He is lost. Not sure what to do. What to think. What is real. What is not-

The fifth thought: Undyne is the smartest person he knows.

She is the smartest person he knows.

Smart and determined and always willing and able to do what needed to be done, even when Papyrus could not.

She is the smartest person he knows.

Not appreciating the fight in the way Sans did but more than willing to.

To do what needed to be done.

She is the smartest person he knows.

Never running...

Facing everything head on.

But Papyrus cannot.

Because Papyrus is fleeing from his own home; dressing quickly and not even going back to the bedroom because he can't.

And Chara is sitting on the bed, her arms wrapped around her knees, her heart racing. Hearing him but not knowing what is going on, what is going to happen.


And all she can do is hug her knees. Not knowing if she is alive or dead. Only that her heart is racing.

And Sans will be home soon, too.

And she can't stop shaking.

And neither can Papyrus as he runs out the door, towards the car.

Because Undyne is the smartest person he knows. His best friend.

She can work it out. If they just talk, the two of them can work out the confusion.

She can tell him what to do. How to fix this. Because something is wrong.

The air around the lab is stifling but he can't even notice because it is already hard enough to breathe. And he is fidgeting as someone calls Undyne, and he is in his usual chair, his magic racing.

And he is trying to calm down, he is. He is trying and he did sort of in the car but now that he is here he is getting worked up again, uncertain, confused...

And Undyne is smiling when she appears, a quip on her tongue as she opens her mouth. But it vanishes in an instant at the clear sight of him. A cruel coldness fills the room, her eyes narrowing...

"I'm going to kill her."

Papyrus tilted back in his seat, confused again. Confused. His expression wide.

"What?" He managed because he is just so confused but at the same time, Undyne is the smartest person he knows. It makes sense. Makes sense. She would know the problem right away. Who. But-

"What did she do? What is it? What did she put in your head to shake you? I'm going to kill her."

And she is so ready to attack. Ready to destroy. She is glaring at him, just ready for him to say the word. Maybe not even waiting-

No, not even waiting. Making her own decisions. Without any input from him.

No conversation.

He's just the little boy...

He's still just the little boy-

The one she had to teach, to tell how to act, to keep him in tow...



Something is wrong. In the air... He can't...

He didn't just want to.....

He wanted to talk. He wanted to understand. Because he is so very, very confused.


He doesn't want to just kill her, he just wants to understand-

And yet at the same time he very much does not want to understand.

Because Sans' hatred and anger. Papyrus' own lack of Mercy... And Undyne....

That coldness. That glare.. That inability to... to feel her... He's noticed it before but he could always work around it but now...

"Papyrus?" But still, there is concern.

But somehow he doesn't quite recognize her when he looks directly at her.

And he can't...

He's never had a reason to, but now. Trying.

He can't Check her. And she doesn't even notice that he just tried to.

Something else is wrong.

"It is not..." He started. "It is not the human..."

A lie. A lie. To his best friend.

But as he does he realizes, this is not something new- He's just never fully noticed-

"It was just something.. at work. I just... really needed a friend." And he is trying to sound genuine. Trying not to give the lie away. Trying to calm down. But he is lying to his best friend.

But thinks.....

Undyne is the smartest person he knows. The smartest person...

And he thinks..

He thinks...


He thinks she knows.

All her concern. Her determination to drill it into his skull. All the things he knows. All the things given to him from her specifically that now are all the exact things he is so confused about.

Everything that he is confused about. Everything. Everything had its roots in what Undyne has told him. Because she is the smartest person he knows.


She'd told him that the problem with his magic was the human's fault. Her fault... But... But it isn't. It isn't the human's fault.

There is something wrong. With Sans. With her. With him.

And Undyne is the smartest person he knows. The second most person he trusts... And yet...

He thinks she knows.

He is lying to his best friend. But he thinks maybe.... she is too.

He is always lying.... And she.. she is always lying to him he just pretends not to notice. To not worry her. And yet...

Right now it is making him sick in realization. And he feels even more lost and very, very alone.

Because she is the smartest person he knows and the second most person he trusts and yet... Always lying. All of them are always lying. To each other.

One not to worry the other.


Pretending not to notice.

But he is drowning in it right now.

Because how much was a lie??

And if he said. Told. What was on his mind.

She'd kill her.

If he even hinted that he had noticed one of the lies... Even though he still did not understand...

She'd kill her.

Undyne would just... kill her. The human.

Undyne would kill the human, too. Even if Sans did not.

So he... He cannot. He cannot tell her. Talk to her.

He cannot talk to his best friend.

Because she does not trust him. Though she would say otherwise.

She does not trust him.

Sans does not trust him, even. Though he would also say otherwise.

Papyrus does not trust....

He's so used... So used to just accepting it. Because he doesn't trust himself. He knows he is the one... He's the one who would get his brother killed again, if he just didn't listen to them.

Almost get his brother killed. Almost.

Papyrus can't trust himself and it has always been okay. To just listen. Listen to the others. Pretend not to notice.
But this is different this time. Just slightly different.

His healing magic is wrong, something wrong. His most important magic. And she is lying to him about why.

And something is just slightly different. Because he doesn't trust himself. That is why he listens to the others. Does whatever the others say. He doesn't trust himself.

But this time... This time if he just blindly follows them. He can't.... He can't this time....

Because if he does, somebody else will die.

And he doesn't....

He doesn't know...

If he wants that or not.

He knows what he is supposed to want.

But he does not know if he... if he does....

And in it all, he cannot trust. Trust anyone.

He is alone.

And Undyne is making him tea. Papyrus drinking it. As he continues to lie. A fake scenario at work. A fake situation that has made him shaken. A lie upon lie upon lie.

His friend. The small one. The one he hasn't seen in a few weeks.


His friend is dead, he lies.


Because he can't think of any other lie that would be convincing enough. To have made him this shaken.
Besides, it isn't as if Undyne has ever met them. As if Undyne would ever be able to tell the difference....

And just....

Her smile. Comforting him, but a hidden malice still there underneath. Still thinking of the human... even as she comforted Papyrus in his 'grief'.

But maybe it is grief, he thinks. Because he can't talk to his best friend. And maybe not even his brother.

And he really, really, doesn't not know what to do.

He needs a moment. He needs a moment but he also needs someone to talk to. Someone....

And that should be his brother.

That should be Undyne.

But he can't.

He can't.

And he can't pretend not to notice that he can't.

And he is stuck with just his repeating thoughts:

What was he doing? What was he Going to do?

And he has to get out of here. Away from Undyne.

Fleeing from everything. Including his best friend.

In his car, driving. Not knowing where else to go.

Just Flee.

Chapter Text

Chara did not know if she was alive or dead.... But all she knew was that Sans was home, almost immediately after Papyrus had left. The brothers just missing each other.

And she was in her corner of the closet, breathing with difficulty, panicking. Not knowing what was going on. Where Papyrus had disappeared to.

All she knew was that she was in the closet, the awful, awful closet that was somehow also the safest place in the entire house. Not angering Sans even more in not being able to find her and just... just acting like everything was normal. Everything normal, just like Papyrus had wanted it. Normal and she was alive and nothing had happened. Though she could very well be dead.

Just everything put into Papyrus' Mercy....


Her last hope, Mercy.

What she was hoping for though, she did not know.

And the closet door was opening again, roughly, Sans' gaze suspicious. Hateful.

He'd noticed. Noticed the door was not locked.

"Where's Papyrus?" He demanded. Chara's heart raced. She didn't know. She just didn't know- Sans was grabbing her by the arm and yanking her upwards. "You're all wet."

Hate. Suspicion.

It didn't even matter that he Checked her and everything was the same, that she had done nothing that he knew of. The idea had been put into his skull for even the briefest of moments. The briefest. And it had been enough of a reason to set him off.

Just think of what would have happened if she had tried to hide on top of it, she realized. The bomb still there and very angry at her.

"What? The cat finally get your tongue?" He demanded.

Speak, she ordered herself. Speak or you know what he will make you do.

But she knows. He would just do it anyways.....

And there was nothing she could do again.

Not even knowing if she was alive or dead. At Papyrus' Mercy.

And this was a mistake. It had been a mistake.

She was dead. Dead. Dead...

They were going to kill her. She shouldn't have given it to them. Should not have begged. Should not have depended on someone else's Mercy.

The last time she had done that consciously....

Grillby had told her. Told her she would. And now.. She's done it twice. Twice.

But somebody in a long cloak, his true form hidden, once told her.... That there was no shame in being Saved. Spared.

There is no shame in Mercy.

Though she did not expect that was going to happen. No. Not in the slightest. In fact she was surprised she has been shown any at all.

They were going to kill her.

But she also knew....

They were going to do that anyways.

But for now, her heart was still racing. Reminding her that it wasn't done yet.

But the pain in her throat and the roots of her hair was there to remind her too.


Muffet was pouring more coffee into his cup.

Muffet was pouring more coffee into his cup. A second time now. And she was doing it without his prompting. And without telling him, order something else, it will help you feel better. Ahuhuhuh.

So that in and of itself meant he must look as bad as he felt.

Then again he hadn't got the bill yet so this second refill could be on there and she was taking advantage of his sullen state and lack of protests. She did that sometimes, refilled your cup without prompting and low and behold, what is this nonsense on your bill?

You did not even notice because she was talking to you. Distracting you with her piercing eyes.

But Papyrus just kept his head down. Hood up, head down. Only shifting his face to look up at her serious expression.

"You look like death, dearie." She had said when he had come in. And he had laughed. Laughed... Just lightly, laughed. Because he had felt like it....

And there had just been too much talking about dying and killing lately. And he just wanted a moment.

A moment....

And Muffet's Cafe was giving it to him... The noise and bustle to drown everything out. A place to put his head down.... Good food in a half eaten spider donut. People laughing at the tables around him. And that soft distant something he couldn't place he had noticed the last time he was there. But it was no longer... comforting. It only made him want to hide his face in his arms again. Shame still there inside him.

He didn't want to go home. He didn't want to face Sans and realize the same thing he had realized with Undyne. To make it real.

To realize for certain that there was once again something he could not talk to his brother about. He did not want it to be real. He was holding on to it. The idea that it wasn't real. That it wasn't true. That he wasn't that lost. That confused.....

That his brother would listen.

And the worse part was that it wouldn't even be framed in a way that made it Papyrus' fault. it would be the human's fault. Her fault and she would get killed as if Papyrus needed saving.

Maybe Papyrus did need saving.

Maybe that was the point.

What they were always talking about.

Her getting into his skull.

Under his skin.

He just...

He only took another sip of the coffee before settling back down against the surface of the table.

How could this happen? How could your life spiral so out of control so fast?

How could doubt just consume you like that?

A handful of days ago, he'd been with his brother. Laughing and not even conscious of any doubt. Laughing as the human had screamed and hadn't even had to option to beg... Not even the option to beg for Mercy because that would get her killed. No Mercy... And the brothers would not have even stopped.

Laughing, not even thinking it could be this possible. To feel this cut off.....

It's the human's fault... but at the same time.....

Humans get backed into corners. Humans lash back. Violence. They bring you down with them.

That's what everybody says.

But nobody focuses on the fact that you put them into the corner to begin with.

And this human was backed into a corner... She had lashed back, his brother almost killed again. Only at the last moment to spare.

1 HP.

1 HP.

She could have taken everything from them....

She could have left Papyrus alone...

But now he felt alone anyways and going home would confirm it.

He was alone in this feeling of doubt.

And on top of it all...

The Bullet Board.

He'd fled from all of those feelings. Fled to Undyne to be assured and to think it through but now there was no hope in that. She would not listen..... Blaming the human before Papyrus had even said a word.... And he hadn't been able to think things through there either. Only guard. Guard against his own best friend.....

Telling them that someone he cared about was dead and that was perhaps not even that much of a lie if you looked at it, taking a step back.

But now he was here. In the bustle of Muffet's. Forced to think it all through. Sitting there with his head down, some distant pulse in the air of Muffet's that is forcing him to think about it. About her. The human. About the things, feelings, she betrayed in her intent.

Her true, genuine intent. Intense, complex feelings Papyrus could not understand.

*Chara is Sparing you...

How much she hated him.

Yet also, just, to feel just how... tired she was.

Just wanting to be left alone.

No tricks that he could feel. No plans.

No vengeful fight. Just wanting to hide-

"Destroying all of you." She had told him. A human trapped in a corner but they had forced her into the corner to begin with and what he had felt in her intent.... She had been lying. He doesn't think destroying them has ever truly been in her plans... That had not been the only thing that mattered. It had been said to keep him from whatever it was that truly mattered to her.

"Love." She had also said. The only reason to Fight. And he had just accepted... Accepted she could only mean one type over the other. But...

*Chara is Sparing you...

And that feeling, her wanting something so desperately. Her Soul reaching....

She's apologized before, too. Apologized. Barely audible in her tears. But there in her Soul.

An apology but not to them.

And grief.

But Papyrus does not think it is for herself anymore.

Because that night, when Undyne had been there. When Undyne had taken her Soul.

That worst memory.

There had been grief then too, as she had screamed.

And Papyrus just....

He just pretended not to notice. Rationalized it away. All her feelings, he has always rationalized it away to fit his world view understanding.

And now he has to go over every little thing. Every little thing about her that he has ignored and it is time consuming and he feels, really, really, really, sick.

*Chara is Sparing you....

Just not wanting to give up just yet. But at the same time... no options left. None but Mercy. Nothing but Mercy and her determination. What she still had of it.

And Mercy....

Mercy she shouldn't have had. Mercy she shouldn't understand. Mercy that.... That Papyrus.. Papyrus was the one who was supposed to be able to know and understand those things and yet... He had blatantly ignored them. He had stood there angry in that hallway and just so... angry... because he could not understand and instead of taking a moment to stop and think it over, he had instantly thought, kill her.

And then he had thought.... use her.

Rape her.....

Torture her, get her to beg.

Beg for Mercy that he'd had no plans to give. So he could erase the one evidence of Mercy he had actually given.

And he'd just thought it. Because he could not understand. Because he did not want to take the time to understand. Wanted everything to go back to the way it was before.

And not for a single moment in that hallway did he think of Mercy.

He was supposed to be the one to be able to show Mercy....

The one in the position, the expectation... to Spare.

Why was it... that each time.... it was the human who initiated the act of Mercy?

The human....

.............. She had said: I don't know, when he had asked her why she had spared Sans. And then she had said, a bunch of little, random things. Or maybe it was, random little things. He could not remember. But little things. Like the hot water, little things.

But she had meant it, in the moment, in that corner, literal corner. She had not known why she had spared Sans. But she had.

She'd shown Mercy she wasn't supposed to have. Mercy to people that had backed her into a corner. People who had not shown any Mercy to her since the moment they had met.

The people who were supposed to know Mercy.....

"Papyrus, dearie?" Muffet was back, leaning down from her web, twisting closer to him as he lifted his head. "Papyrus you are starting to scare me, if I am honest. That and some of my other customers as well."


"Oh, sorry... I just...."

He's just....


And worrying people again on top of it. Always worrying other people. Disappointing.

"You know, dearie, you can talk to me?" Muffet offered. She must really be concerned then... Papyrus shook his head.

"It's just.... A friend of mine died." He lied again. But he was the one to feel like he was dying.

"Oh. I'm so sorry to hear that." And she sounded genuine. And was pouring a bit more coffee into his cup. "But you look so..." She took a deep breath. "Fallen." She said, in a whisper. To not draw attention.



"No." He said quickly. No, no, nope. No.

The fear in his ribcage made him sit up. His magic racing.

"You should go home, dearie. Be with Sans."

Muffet... Telling someone to go home.

"I just needed to be away for a bit." Muffet did not seem so convinced.

"I think that is the last thing you need..." She admitted.

"I think what I need is a drink. A real drink... some... cider? Like Sans gets." Her narrow eyes narrowed even more. Six of them peering into him.

"No." She said sternly.

Okay, it was really bad then. Really bad. Her refusing to sell something.

"How about you come into my parlor, dearie? Let's just sit and talk awhile?"

"No... No, you're right. I need to get home. To Sans..."

Sans and the....

"I'll just excuse myself." Papyrus told her. Muffet spared him her continued protests and she followed him towards the door. Still concerned it seemed. "Here." He said, offering her the cost of the coffee and the donut he had not finished.


Muffet was refusing his money.


"You just go home, dearie. But don't tell anyone. Ahuhuhuhu. I have a reputation." She winked three of her eyes on the right side, giving him a half smile as she put a finger to her lips.

He forced a small smile for her.

"And even though one friend is gone, remember you are always welcome back here. Though don't expect a free meal ever again."

"I won't." He promised. But her care was surprising him... Greatly. "Maybe I'll just do some dishes for you instead of pay, though. Just like old times." She laughed at that again.

"More labor I only have to worry about feeding and nothing else. What a wondrous thought." He only shook his head, and walked out the door. But as soon as he did his reluctant smile fell, and he made his way to the car.

He did not go home. He just drove around the block. Trying to decided. To figure this out. What he was going to do.

He didn't trust himself.

He did not trust the human, either. Couldn't.

And most importantly.....

No. No, Papyrus knew what he was going to do. And he felt sick but it was all he could decide in his sick, trapped, lost mind.....

It was dark when he got home and Sans was in the kitchen, having something to drink and a little flushed. Papyrus had half a mind to sit down and join him... But he just... He knew Muffet was right. That would do nothing good. And Sans was smiling, seeming perfectly content, expect when he saw Papyrus' expression.

"Oh shit, what happened to you?"


"Hey..." Sans voice was gentle, reaching out for his arm as Papyrus sat down beside him, his elbows against the white top of the island. "You need a drink too?" Papyrus shook his head. "But what's wrong?"

Maybe... Maybe Papyrus could say.... But...

"I'm fine."

"You are absolutely not fine." Sans' voice was edging into anger. "So. I came home to find the closet door unlocked and the human soaking wet. I may have lost my cool not knowing where you were."

Oh Tor-....

"And the human?" Papyrus asked thinly.

"She's in the closet. Locked up this time. But maybe don't do that. I was two seconds away from skinning her alive just thinking she might have done something."


"But Paps...... Seriously, you okay? You look like something's really rattled your bones. Wait. Was it the human? You did come home right? Why-"

Everyone... Just jumping to conclusions. Hostile intent....

Papyrus felt the tears in the back of his eyes.... He really couldn't... He really couldn't tell Sans the truth. He'd want to kill her. And Papyrus just couldn't....

Papyrus had known. That was why he had made his decision. But at the same time... to have it be real. For real.

"Woah, Paps, you okay?"

"My friend died. The...."

Sans shook his head.

"Oh. Wait... You mean....? Like... your.. patrol pal..? Actual friend?"


"Oh......." There was silence. And Papyrus put a hand against his forehead. Crying to himself finally. Finally crying in all of this chaos. "H-Hey... Hey, maybe.. Are you sure it was that one? Their supposed to be... you know.. Tons of 'em all around? You sure it was yours?"

Right. Right. Why he had chosen this lie. To kill off this one. So he could take it back later. A mistake.

"They're like. A dime a dozen right?" As if that was supposed to make him feel better. Papyrus felt a true spark of anger in his chest at that. Even though it was, actually, a lie. "Ah, sorry. Sorry. Insensitive. I'm sorry. A little. Little buzzed here, too. Sorry." And he meant it. He was sorry. "I didn't mean they didn't mean anything and replaced- just.... you know. More than one.. Right?" He made a peculiar face. "Right? Alphys swears up and down there are a bunch. Gotta be..."

"Right. Right. You're right. I understand."

He understood just about nothing.

"And just because they ain't around. You said that they was helping a friend too right? Sick? So... So..." Sans just shut his mouth now. "I'm sorry for your loss." He said...

"Yeah..." But all Papyrus had was tension in his ribcage. As he continued to lie. But if he told... They would just kill her. Blame her and kill her and not even ask questions. Not even blame Papyrus... And Papyrus would just...

Oh Toriel, what was he doing?

But something was wrong.

He just lay his head on the table and continued to cry.

"Oh hey, Paps." Sans' arm was around him, holding him more tightly. "I'm sorry, broz.. Sorry..."

"It's not your fault.."

It's his own. He's.... He's the one who brought her here. And he's the one who never said anything. Or he's the one who let himself open up and become doubtful. He's the one who... Everything that was wrong was wrong with him.

But Sans... That hatred...

What was he doing? Going to do?

No. No. He's decided. He decided. He made his choice. And he felt awful about it. Awful.

But he's come to the realization he is in fact the worst person. And now he understands why the worst person can't change. He always thought... thought it was because they would be beyond evil and selfish and unable to do anything for anybody else. Now he realizes... He is the worse person.

And he is a coward. He's just a coward.

But maybe it is because he is being selfish. Unable or unwilling to give it up his....

Unable to.....

"Let's go to bed, bro... You just stick with me. Don't cry, kay?" Papyrus took a deep breath. Right. Right. Don't cry. He didn't think he even had the right to cry. "Hey." He was smiling. "You can take it out on the pet if it'll make ya feel better?"

That was the very, very LAST thing that would make him feel better. And the shame was building inside him again...

"No. No. I don't.. Want anything to do with her." Sans nodded in seeming understanding. "I'll sleep in my... in my room. I just.... need to be alone for a bit, okay?" Sans looked hesitant, but then he leaned in and hugged his brother more tightly for a moment.

"Kay." And then he was sliding off, making his way towards the bedroom.

And Papyrus waited in the kitchen, looking over the dishes, counting them. Placing them in his mind. And he sighed. Feeling entirely weighted down. He would wait a little bit more. To make sure Sans did not come back. And to dry his eyes. To look unmoved. Okay.

But Sans did come back, leaning in.

"Oh. Also. Before I forget. Tomorrow.. I'mma... I'mma be going out with some coworkers after work. So... Won't be home. Don't plan making anything crazy for supper? Wait up? I don't know what I'm sayin'." Papyrus couldn't help but laugh lightly at that and nodded.

"Kay.." Sans nodded in response and began to disappear around the corner again.

"Goodnight, bro."

And Papyrus flinched as he heard his brother kick the door of the closet.

"Night, pet!"

And then a few moments. Silence. Alone.....

And Papyrus took another breath. Another minute or two to make sure Sans did not come back.

And he stood up and making his way towards the closet. And he stood there, hesitating. His magic sick inside him. He began to unlock the door.

She had the second blanket he had given her, that he had forgotten he had even given her, over her head, hiding, her form shaking, muffled tears. Slowly, Papyrus bent down, reaching out for it. Not wanting to be there. Not wanting to be there.

"Human." He said it gently, as gently as he could, to give her at least a sign as to how he was going to act. To let her hear... the anger was gone. But also, still not her name. Not her name. That in and of itself a message. He gently wrapped his fingers around the top of the blanket. "Human."

She was more than a bit roughed up. And the bite mark he had given her was still there, a few others joining it.

And Papyrus reached out his hand, still shaking, as he let his healing magic flow through him and into her.


It's wrong.

Wrong, wrong, wrong, bleeding, horribly wrong. SO wrong.

And still he does not know why or has any way to find out. Undyne would not tell him.

Wouldn't tell him why he feels so sick inside.

One red eye is still closed, too pressed up against the blanket. And maybe... a bit bruised. And he tries to heal that too. Tries. And he can't look at her, directly in the eye. He just looks somewhere in between them.

"Did he feed you?"

She did not answer and he glanced at her face again. She was looking down, tears in her own eyes.. And he started to heal her throat.

But still. She does not answer and he does not need her to.

"Stand up." He ordered... And she struggled to obey... But her limbs too shaky. Being abused. Not having eaten since this morning. Because Papyrus had fled.

To give himself time to figure this out. To calm down.

And now he is realizing, she just... She has not had the luxury of having the same. No time to calm down. No time to have her heart stop racing. No moment to rest peacefully...

He does not grab her arm like usual as she stands. He just begins to walk towards the kitchen. And the girl has the second blanket wrapped around her shoulders... And it only reminds Papyrus of how Sans had been coming out of his bedroom after she had almost killed him.

It only reaffirms his decision.

And Papyrus stops in the living room... Hesitating. And he knows the human is standing there, her blanket wrapped around her, waiting, terrified...

And Papyrus let out a deep sigh as he leaned forward a bit, closing his eye sockets a moment.

Feeling scared and alone... The desire to just have someone to talk to... Those feelings... Those feelings she must be feeling right now. He can't afford himself to image what it must be like to feel that way at every moment. He couldn't afford it... To acknowledge. To not pretend not to notice.....

And he turned around to do something he has not done since he was a small child. Magic sparked and the girl gasped as she took a step back, but he was pulling her Soul into a Fight. And he did not stop. He went one step further. One level deeper. Closer.

The world around them went black. All focus on each other. As the yellow buttons formed.

The Bullet Board in front of their feet between them.

Her bright, red, radiant Soul exposed.

The human swallowed painful, her heart racing, her chest going up and down quickly as her eyes darted around. To the darkness. The darkness surrounding.

The Bullet Board had come from her first, she had been the first to use it, but Papyrus can clearly see, not even having to feel, that she does not like it. In the slightest.

And neither did he.

How open and exposed one felt like this. How close to your opponent.

Papyrus was the one who felt everything, even if he pretended not to notice much of what he did. But he was used to being the one to feel. His adept healing magic giving him that in many ways. But he idea of having others also being able to do the same...

Open and exposed.

This was why everyone avoided this to begin with.

Why it was no longer the norm.

It was no good to be able to truly feel your opponent in a Fight. To be reduced to taking actual Turns. And besides, Turn taking did not mean the other could still not play dirty. So why... It was useless.

That. That was why no one used Bullet Boards anymore. How had she even learned it? Even if she had simply known about it, someone, a monster, would have had to had shown her how. Or a monster having shown the human that had shown her. But somebody had to have shown her. Especially in her knowing how to initiate it. 

This idea that she could have some sort of other connections- No. No. He put it out of his mind.

But this is why no one used these anymore.

Open and exposed.

But still... Still...

The girl reached out timidly, taking her Turn. Reaching again for Mercy.


She looked up at him, her red eyes cautious. Not trusting. Confused and terrified.

Her button to Fight was not even glowing though it still lay there, waiting. If she could only surpase the collar's effects without it nearly killing her...

But still....

*Chara is Sparing you....

And he could feel her intent. To just be left alone. And perhaps something else she also wanted from him but he could not truly understand and make out. But whatever it was...

Papyrus hesitated, but he reached out...


The girl flinched and took a step back, defensive, her heart racing and preparing- But then still daring to glance away from him briefly. To the darkness around her- Then back towards him.

But the attacks do not come. His turn simply passes.

The girl was breathing funny still, but she once again pressed Mercy.


*Chara is Sparing you...

And Papyrus reached out for [Fight]

But once again time passed. His Turn spent.

"Do you understand?" He asked seriously.

The girl looked down. A soft nod.

It makes perfect sense to her, actually. And he can feel it though he does not understand fully. She's just resigned and accepting. This is still more than she had been expecting. And this was also more Mercy than he was expecting from her..

Yet still....

"I will not betray my brother." He whispered. His hand still on the [Fight]. "I will not."

He took a staggered breath.

"This... Does not matter. What I think does not matter. You are still my enemy. Humans. Monsters. We are still enemies."

It does not matter... It simply does not matter. It doesn't.

It can't.

And he feels awful. He knows. He knows that he is now the worst person that he knows.

Because now he is consciously choosing... Choosing to ignore her.

He just can't trust her.

Can't trust himself.

And he can't Fight.... He can't Fight his brother. He can't Fight Undyne.

If he says something, they will not listen. They will kill her. To stop them he would have to Fight them. He.... He can't. He can't fight them. So... This has to not matter.

To keep her alive and himself sane....

To keep... To keep those important to him, still not disappointed in him...

He's a coward. And he knows. He knows he is a coward.

And he is the worst person.

And the worst people cannot change. Because....

But this is the correct.... The correct....

"From now on. I do not talk to you. And you will not talk to me. No conversation."

But... It would not be back to normal. He cannot pretend that now. It is not back to normal and it never would be. And the reason he was so angry earlier was because he was just lying to himself and couldn't keep pretending that it was.

But still....

He will not betray.

He does not trust her...

And now he had to be honest... Not trusting himself.

He doesn't think he ever has.

How can you when you are know you are the reason your brother has 1 HP. Had had 1 HP. And no matter how much he'd healed he couldn't fix it. And now she is here. And that is his fault too. And he can't fix it either. And he is not supposed to want to. He doesn't know if he does want to. Or if he is out of his mind and it is a trick and he just....

He will not betray.

He will not Fight... Fight them.

He just...

The girl's hand was hovering over ACT.... but she could not do it.

There was nothing left to say.

Her hand was back to Mercy. But this time...


The Bullet Board disappeared as Papyrus did not pull her back in.

And they were standing there. As the light returned. The world emerging from the darkness and yet still Papyrus felt heavy. As if his own Soul was blue. And her head was down.

"Now... Let's go get you something to eat."

And they do not talk. They do not speak or look at each other. As she eats. As he leads her back to the closet and puts her in.

Though he does find her a pillow, not looking at her as he adds it to her growing collection of little things. And he hesitates....

"Are you afraid of the dark?" He has never thought it before but the way she reacted in the Bullet Board.

"Darkness." She says, her voice rough... But she says it. As if they are not the same thing.

Papyrus shakes his head. He is already having a conversation with her. Just like he said they would not.

He shuts the door. But he hesitates... before he can lock it. And a moment later he is resting his head against the door. Pain running through him.

Because he thinks he can hear a small song, from her soul, from within.

Something much like her little chant she has to keep herself together. This to comfort....

And it just makes him sick. Sick....

He's the worst person. The worst...

But he can't change.

He doesn't know how.

That is the problem. That is why the worst person can't change.

He just does not know how.

It is everything everyone has ever told him and all he has ever known.

It's 200 something years of conflict.

It's Undyne.

It's his brother.

His brother.

And it is the correct response.

Even if maybe... Maybe it is not the right one.

He just... He doesn't know.

None of this makes sense anymore.

But one thing.

His brother.


It's Sans.

And he will never bring himself to Fight Sans.

Chapter Text

It was a few days later that Chara saw him again, The River Person, gliding down the river...

And she hesitated. Because she always hesitates when it comes like things like this. And he has almost passed, almost out of reach... when Chara started running down the river side after him. But like a wall, as if her Soul knew, knew the distance between her and Frisk. Like a string tied to her hand. She stopped. And her mouth opened, but she could not call out. And he was slipping out of reach.

Chara's mouth closed and her head fell....

And he was gone.

And she sat on the rock over looking the water, silently hoping he would come back around this way to get home. But.... He didn't.

And for a moment she felt really, really alone. Even as Frisk came to find her, concerned.

Because there were still things she could not talk about to Frisk. Knowing him. How he would worry.... Or worse, not understand and simply... Go on believing.

Somehow, still just so easy for him.

But The River Person did not come back. Neither the next day. Or the next. And as it went on she realized he was not coming back for awhile. Not able to.

And she risked it. A silent prayer to that fake goddess Queen that he really was alright.

It couldn't hurt, Chara reasoned. He was a Monster..... She had to be obligated to care about Monsters, right?

But Chara had her doubts....

If she really had used her own son to start The War.

But she risked the small, silent prayer anyways.

It couldn't hurt.

And it wasn't like there was anything Chara herself could do. Except hope and wait he would wake up again just like all the other times before.

And that it would not be so long.

All there was left to do was just live.

And keep at it. Holding on to all the good, little things she could. Being with Frisk. And getting her head back on straight. Keeping the dark sickness and itch in her Soul at bay. Refusing to feed it.

And just keep going on. Going....

The River Person right. She would not Fall Down. There was still too much to do. She was still there. Frisk too.

She just had to keep focusing on that. All the good little things. Good little things. Like Frisk teaching her how to skip stones like Mr. Jones had shown him the last time they had went to Patience. Even though it scared away all the fish. Like how Frisk apologized to the fish they did in fact caught and ate. Like Frisk and the apple tree he had found, the meadow full of golden flowers. Like Frisk still unable to start a decent fire to save his life. Like Frisk and all the bugs he found. Another poor apology to the baited worms. Like Frisk....

But also the silence. In the meadow by herself though that string still there, keeping her in shouting distance of her brother. Always in shouting distance in case one needed to call for help and so that somebody would always come.

Playing with the string she had. Practicing the snares she had seen and had been trying to replicate ever since. Practice and practice and never quite right. While at the same time... Sitting in the meadow. Watching the same rabbits playing... and her own mumbled apology... as she tried with her snares again. Desperate to get it right. But also the busy work of her fingers. Mindless busy work of her mind. To keep the itch away, the want for power... The sickness...


Trying to get things as close as she could... back to normal. Any semblance of it. Please....

And she practiced with her snares. Setting one up near the apple tree. And beginning to make her way back to Frisk-

Only to hear a snap and a voice-

"Oh- Fuck!"

Chara's head snapped around, her eyes wide. Her breath frantic.

A voice. That voice.

She had her dagger in hand. Her dagger at the ready, as she made her way back.

And there it was. The little cat-dog monster, dangling frustrated in the air by leg.

And Chara had her dagger out in front of her... difficulty breathing as her red eyes stayed wide and her entire stance on alert. And the Monster noticed her. It sighed. Looking completely serious and unafraid. Even as it dangled carelessly from its own leg.

"Alright. I completely deserved this. Like... I literally watched you set it up."

Watched her.

Watching her...

Watching them..

Watching Frisk.

"But... Surprise!! You got it to work!" It near mocked but perhaps just too irritated by the fact he had fallen for it. "Yay."

Chara's heart was racing, racing... Her hand on her dagger. No. No, no. Why did it have to...?! Why couldn't it have just left them alone?!

And she is shaking. Shaking. But there is no stepping back now. She grit her teeth and stepped forward, pulling the dagger back to strike. Before she can hesitate. Make a mistake. Pulling the dagger back- To build intent. She had to, had to- No more room to Spare. Not here-

And the Monster's own eyes were now going wide.

There are a number of Monsters in the Ruins. This a fact. A fact that Chara had not understood when she was younger. Before Frisk. All she knew was that they were there and that she needed to avoid them. Avoid everyone. But yes, there were Monsters in the Ruins though she did not know why... Why? When they did not have to be. Why not just leave? And in the process, leave her alone.

Now she knows a little bit better. Why Monsters come into the Ruins.

It's a whole array of things. Not everyone the same. It is not all to taunt and tease. To hurt.

All with their reasons, just like The River Person. Some just like The River Person.

The city too much. The chaos and madness and needing to escape. Some Monsters that have simply fallen through the cracks if not straight up struggling to remain not Fallen. The setting. The shadows. The yellow light. Overgrown plants consuming the rubble. Reclaiming it for the earth. Something there. In the Ruins. Why Chara always finds her way back there. When she is feeling the opposite of the Monsters. Finds her way back despite the danger. Finds her way back when she is ready to face things and not hide.

The forest is where she goes to hide. To refind herself. Re-center. That was where she had gone after finding Frisk. That was where she had gone after gaining LV.

Some monsters go to the Ruins to find themselves, just like that.

But that is not all that is there. There are people there who just like to be there. Just because they seemed to belong. Creating a changing, moving neighborhood. No one ever staying in the same spot even if they stayed in the Ruins. Though when Chara was younger, before Frisk, before the Bullet Boards, Chara had only seen it as a deadly maze. Ever changing labyrinth to navigate. Humans and monsters.

But if it could be believed, when the hostile intent settles down.

A brooding ghost blocking the way, pretending to sleep, saying Z out loud... A potential, deadly threat.. becomes a friend with songs and a shy smile. The Froggets that don't understand what you are saying but appreciate it anyways. The Whimsums that burst into tears and you have to be patient, patient... more patience than Chara would have ever had but Frisk was full of. The Veggetoids, there it seems, only to help nature take back the area. Blending in... The city too much, too much. The Veggetoids the most useful in Chara's mind. Though pushy. Wanting to stuff you with greens but at the same time teaching Chara more and more plants that were edible. And which were not....

And a bunch of lost, very confused spiders trying to start up a bake sale. Very, very much in the wrong place.

But then......

There were the teenagers.

A few runaways. Not a threat... Not any real threat.

But the others. The ones who came. Just to play.

Humans and Monsters. For real, they claimed. Just there. No other reason but to Fight.

Some more difficult to deal with than others.

But then.

There were the Migosps.

Keeping everyone around them under their thumb. Their control.

If there was a group with a Migosp, you could not Spare them.. Not unless you have first Spared the Migosp. The others, even if they lose the will to Fight... will continue. But sometimes they will stand there. Their turn going. Spent. Though technically, they were still pressing Fight.

But they will not Spare.

Will not Spare.

Though typically, they will not Fight.

So laying there in the closet again, curled up in a ball, with her new pillow and two blankets and her magic healing tablet hidden in the corner...

To Chara it makes perfect sense... Though she had not anticipated this outcome to begin with. More than she had expected in all of this...

But she knows she can expect nothing more. That she has reached the farthest she can go.

Not even Frisk, she feels, would be able to get any farther.

Because Papyrus is best friends with a Migosp.

Maybe his brother, too.

In fact... Chara is sure of it.

And a group with two Migosps is even more dangerous than normal. Nearly impossible. You can only Flee.

And Chara is in a situation. A Fight. A group with two Migosps.

And she is stuck. Caught in a trap.

She could not even Flee.

The collar around her neck. The chip buried in her wrist. Sans sure to track her if she didn't get it out and she very much doubts her ability to get it out...

She cannot Flee.

She is stuck in the corner, no longer able to Fight and her Mercy spent. As far as she can go on her own...

And she is on her own. And she knows it.

And all she can do is pull the blanket back over her head, to help her hide though it is pointless.

She is in a Fight, a group with two Migosps.

You could not Spare Undyne.

And Sans was a bomb just set to kill her.

And Papyrus. Alphys. Are just going to stand there, pressing Fight.

And Chara was alone. Still, nobody could see her.

And she was alone.

Alone and just not wanting to be there.

Wanting to go home.

To the forest. To hide.

With Frisk in tow. Frisk skipping stones. Apologizing to fish and worms. Gardening a bit with her. And The River Person to come, to know that they were alright. And was he alright? Where was he? What did he think? About where Frisk and Chara had gone?

And Temmie......


"Wait! W-Woah, wait! Not here to Fight!" The Monster managed, twisting in the air. And Chara froze.

No! No, she could not freeze! Strike! Don't hesitate!

It had followed them. Followed, hunted them down. To strike. To kill. To something-

Wanting something. Wanting. Dangerous. To her. To Frisk. Kill it before it kills you.

But she was frozen. That thing, dark and awful deep inside her. It wanted her to strike so desperately. And her mind was telling her that was the correct thing, what she needed to do. But still... Her own heart. Did not want to.

Desperate for the Monster to give her any reason not to.

Any reason at all.

And morning came. And Papyrus did not look at her in the face. Only leading her to get breakfast. Just like every other day. And Sans taunted her because she did not finish eating before he came out of the shower. And Papyrus just stood there. There but not exactly watching, his gaze diverted. As Sans taunted and she was in the closet again.

Just thankful to be in the closet again, being left alone to 'hide'.

And if she was going to die here... She just wished she could just have a chance to say sorry. To Frisk. To Temmie.

Just wishing she could say sorry to everyone.

She didn't want to give up.

She didn't.

She just.....

She really has run out of things to do.

To Fight.

And to Spare.

Chapter Text

Papyrus has never been so happy to go to work. At least, go to work alone. When he was working along side his brother it did not matter. He could walk, talk, do all that he was supposed to and have fun doing it. Now it was mostly just walking. But this time, he was would be content doing it. Walking. Walking. Mindless distractions.

"Are you sure you're alright to go?" Sans asked as he sat on his motorcycle. Ready to leave too, but lingering. Lingering and cautious.

"I am fine. It is better than staying in and doing nothing."

"Right..." Sans agreed. He looked down at his handle bars. "You know. I can call off my get together and we can just stay in tonight." He offered. But Papyrus could tell that, he also really, really wanted to go out tonight. And he figured that would be best for everyone. A night where the human just stayed in the closet. Just one more last moment. To be.

"No. You go. It will be good for you. Don't worry."

Good for him...

Don't worry....

Papyrus did not flinch or back down as Sans sighed. But he nodded and started the cycle.

"Alright. See ya. Text me or call if ya feel too bad. Okay?"


But still there was that excitement inside of Sans. A perhaps.. childish excitement... Maybe.. Perhaps that was not the correct... word for it. Childish. Something else. But it had that same unbridled... unbridled unbridled-ness.

But also... underlying intent...

And Papyrus got into his car and drove. Ready to be distracted.

Only to get there... And the lady at the desk- an older, previously retired guard who could not stand sitting at home so instead came back to be sitting at a desk here- stared at him over her rimmed glasses that kinda reminded him of Undyne at times. Just staring over the glassed, but Papyrus suspected that she actually needed them to read unlike Undyne. And she also had literal four eyes, not two.

"Why are you here?" She asked though, gruff.

"Ummm...." Papyrus just stared at her. Not sure of what she meant. "My... My patrol? Like... Like always??" She tilted her head.

"Pretty sure somebody is already on it? Don't you have off today...?"

And Papyrus just....

He stared at the floor.

"Oh.." He breathed. "Fuck..."

He's been so.. out of it. And his last day off he would have called off anyways. The day... The 7th day. The day after Sans had almost died. He'd just been so....

"Oh.. Right." Papyrus agreed.

"Are you alright, young man?"


"Yeah. Just tired." The woman hummed and shook her head.

"Then I suggest you best go home and use this to your advantage." She said seriously.

Home was the last place he wanted to be.

But he got back into the car. Not knowing where to go. His brother at work. Undyne and Alphys. He'd just worry them if he went to Muffet's again...

He supposed he'd... He'd....

Papyrus just went to the store. Stocking up the fridge something needing to be done anyways. Desperately.

And it was the perfect distraction.


Not wanting to go home. Not wanting to face the human. Feeding her breakfast had been enough of a hassle as it was.

But all he has to do is think of Sans and he is strong enough to keep the doubt at bay. Strong enough to face her. His decision reaffirmed.

Humans and Monsters. And he is with his brother.

And whatever doubt there is does not matter.

But somehow he is making his way back around to Muffet's. And he tells himself that it is so that he can let her see him. Be reassured. Knowing he really, really had scared her the other day.

She had a relieved expression though she tried to hide it behind a laugh and pushing him to buy something.

A spider donut, please.

To go.

Not two..

To go..

...... Maybe two...


Just one.

One donut. One.

To go.

And Muffet hummed in amusement, her eyes piercing. Daring him to reconsider again. But he didn't. He put his foot down. One donut. One. One donut for himself. One.

Even if he wasn't feeling it anyways and only bought it to appease her. To convince her that he was, in fact, feeling better. Better.

He was feeling better. Decisions made.

The confusion didn't matter.

But Muffet was humming to herself as she put the donut into the bag. A tune. A tune he thought he had heard recently but couldn't quite place. He thought it was one of the new Napstaton songs he'd heard on the radio. Ghost Fight? But it sounded.... Off.

And, actually now that he thought about it he had not sat down to watch all of the latest program yet....

He didn't know when the next reshow was and all the ones online were probably blocked or taken down by now. So....

Oh well. He'd figure it out eventually.

Didn't matter.

All that mattered was Muffet was handing him his donut and coffee and he was headed out the door. Escaping her gaze before she noticed how very much not alright he was still and that the only thing different from yesterday was that he had made his decision on how to handle this.

And he made his way back towards the car. His poor groceries waiting sadly. Because although there was no fear of it going bad. Monster food did not go bad. Not like that. The car was still likely to grow hot in the sun. Still not the best idea to just leave it all there.

And there was no more stalling. No more waiting... He'd best be getting home.

But he took his time driving. Took his time parking. Took his time bringing the groceries in. Taking his time..... Stalling though he didn't know why.

He didn't have to deal with the human. She could stay in the closet. She stayed in the closet all day any other day. He'd already been planning on it. A night just away from her. A moment....

He should just... get her shower out of the way. Put her back in. Be done with it until it was time to feed her. Feed her. Put her back in. It was nothing new. The same as before. Normal.

But everything was not normal....

But even so, Humans and Monsters. She was still a Human and he was still a Monster and even though he was confused that would always be true and there was no confusion about that.

Humans and Monsters.

Papyrus reluctantly made his way to the closet, only to find. The cat was there. Laying down, glaring at the door. As if its eyes could pierce through and see her.

"Shoo." Papyrus said, making his voice loud enough so she could hear who it was in the hallway without making it obvious that was what he was doing. The cat just glared at him though. Unmoved and unmoving. Just glaring. Papyrus huffed and risked bending down, reaching out his hands.

The cat hissed violently. Daring him. Just daring. And Papyrus pulled his hands back protectively.

You did not move the cat. Only Undyne could move the cat.

So he supposed his dilemma was taken from him. He could not get to the door. Open it. The human had to stay inside.

The demon, fiend had deemed it so.

But as if sensing this. Sensing Papyrus' relief. The cat rose up, eyes piercing. And it sauntered away. Its tail flicking as if to sass him.

Papyrus stared.

"I want you to know.. You are the fucking worst." He said. And the cat meowed. As if to remind him...

But no. He had thought it last night. When everything was murkier. That he was the worst one. But it was not true. It was not.

Humans and Monsters. Monsters and Humans.

But then why was he hesitating as he stood in front of the closet door?

Humans and Monsters.

He reached for the lock, sliding it over and opening the door.

She was in her little ball again, sitting with her knees up, but now instead of hugging, she had the second blanket pulled up to her chest. Staring fearfully.

"Apparently..." He said weakly.. "I have the day off."

He owed her no explanation though, he knew. And she did not say anything....

"Did you want a shower?" He asked.

Yes, he knew the answer was. It was always yes. She always wanted a shower. Even if she hated every second being in there with him or Sans. And hated that she was not willing enough to fight them about it-

-Except that one time. That one time when she had slipped bellow the water, after Papyrus had shocked her simply because she wanted to do something herself, and her- letting out a frustrated scream- And- except that other time when Papyrus had just been so angry for no reason other than his own confusion because she had asked a question that had caught him off guard-

But other than that... so desperate to get what she could off of her. Even if they both knew it would only last an hour or so... Just always so desperate...

The girl did not respond. Only resting her head against her blanket covered knees. Not wanting to look at him. And he didn't look at her, looking out across the hall.

No conversation....

But not back to normal though it was still how it should be.

Prisoner and guard...


And it did not matter about anything else.

Humans and Monsters.

It didn't matter what she could feel... Whether she was even a person or not, if she was or if it was a trick, he was still so confused..... But... She.. was still the enemy. She was still his enemy. And Sans'. Humans and Monsters. And she deserved.... this. And she knew it, she said it herself. She knew the answer to the question, Why?

Humans and Monsters.

And she deserved this.

And it didn't matter. The true answer as to, Why?

And all he had to keep doing was think of Sans, his brother. And he could keep doing it.

"Let's go then." He told her, risking to look back at her. Not ashamed anymore. No. He'd made his decision and she had been told...

He helped her stand, her entire body clearly sore. She was always in some way sore now.... And no matter what he did, there were always bruises and cuts that would not completely heal. Even at full HP. And she was so incredibly thin. She'd always been thin, but he knew he still had not been feeding her enough and she had gotten even thinner. And pale. It's only been.... has it been ten days now? The week had passed, that day when Sans and the human had slept most of the day. Healing magic racing through them and Papyrus had done his best. And now it was, wasn't it? Day 10.

Before... If she had reached Day 10 in... any other way... than what she has. Before all of this. He would have given her a compliment. About holding on. About Fighting. He's done it before. Complimented her about that, truly meaning it. And it never struck. And now he could plainly see why.

This was never about the Fight for her.... Never.... Just trying to survive. Fighting, destroying them, not actually the only thing that mattered to her. Probably the very last thing, actually....

10 days.....

..... 10 days spent mostly in the closet. Give or take....... Her probably preferring all the time she's spent in the closet compared to out of it... But none of it had done any good for her body.

Papyrus led the human to the bathroom, the water on and starting to steam as she stood, half supported by his arm. Half leaning away from him. Her hair in her face protectively from his gaze.

Her Soul felt silent again though not nearly as empty as it had been the day she had almost killed Sans... She had almost killed Sans, he clung to that like a shield just like he always did. But while she did not feel that empty, Papyrus wondered if there was anything on her mind or if, he could see her face, it would only be blank and down trodden. A shadow.

"I can do it myself."

"That is not the point and you know it."

The point had been to break her....... but...

"Well, are you getting in?" Papyrus asked her. The human lifted her head, looking at him finally. "We're wasting water, you know?" She glanced at the water and then back at him, uncertain as he didn't forcefully guide her in. Only keep her supported..

But Papyrus had made his decision. He would not Fight Sans. He would not defend her. Too confused but certain in exactly one thing: Sans.

But he also... would not Fight her if he didn't have to. He wouldn't make her life any more of a hell than it had to be.

That was what he had meant... In the Bullet Board... And he was still figuring out what all this meant and what he was doing and how much of what. But this was one thing he knew she really wanted, and... he felt like he could give to her. So he would. He...

"Well?" He said a bit more sternly. As if he would change his mind if she did not hurry. The human untangled herself, stepping into the tub, and hesitantly, looked back towards him as he leaned up against the wall, looking towards the door with his arms crossed. Half wanting to put up his hood over his head but felt like that would give away his lingering confusion.... And the human, slowly, as if she expected him to change his mind anyways, began to pull the door of the shower shut. For the first time shut without one of the two brothers with her.

Papyrus could hear her breathing, slightly panicked and in no way relieved. Just as confused and uncertain about all of this as... he was. Just as untrusting. Well, no... More untrusting. And to be fair she had every right to be.

That was the way it was supposed to be.

Humans and Monsters.

And she stayed in there until the air started to grow cool again... The hot water gone.

Hot water...

The shame was returning again. That stupid question. If he had just answered that stupid fucking question...

The water turned off, but the human hesitated. Papyrus could see her blurry figure, staring at his own blurry figure. Not willing to open the door... Perhaps half wondering how much time she could get out of him.....

No. No, Papyrus did not think that was true. She was just scared to open it. Everything too uncertain still for her to have any plans about all of this.

Papyrus pulled out a towel and held it out. And slowly, the human opened the door wide enough for her to peak her head out.. Eyeing him still, fearfully. As he held out the towel......

The red eyes. They narrowed, anger pulsing through her. And she grabbed the towel forcefully, pulling it in and re-shutting the door. Taking as long as he would allow her. And it was only a minute or two. Before he opened up the shower door. The human having the towel wrapped around her. But the anger was faded out of her again. Her head down.

"Alright..." Papyrus reached for her arm and she flinched. The action made Papyrus hesitate.. His hand close but not touching as he watched a bead of water run down her shoulder from her hair. "Your.... question." He started again.

The girl did not look up. She only hiked her shoulders higher, protectively. As if, almost, to ask him what about it? though she said not a word.

"Is that still the question you wanted answered?"

She shrugged.

He'd kinda ruined it for her, hadn't he?

That one good thing she had been looking for.

One single thing.

He had to metaphorically bite down the apology. Though he did clench his teeth for a moment, so perhaps not so metaphorically.

"Come with me." He told her, perhaps too softly. Touching her elbow. She grimaced but began to obey. Her curiosity still there and enough. He walked slightly ahead of her, his hands in his pockets. And he really wanted to put his hood up. To hide. To just ignore her. But once he got this done. Done. He could just... put her back into the closet and not deal with it. With her.

And he led her into the kitchen, past the kitchen towards the door that led onto the back porch. Where the washer and drier were. Where the water heater was. The two of them stood there, the human holding her towel secure around herself, and both of them just staring at the thing. Papyrus shrugged.

"That's it." He admitted. Not knowing what else to tell her. Why the question hadn't made any sense to him. And he is pretty sure half the answer was also magic because if she asked him how it worked-

"How does it.." She began, crouching down and eyeing it. Anxiously aware of his entire existence.

"I have no idea. Just that it does." He admitted.

Sans would probably know a bit more. Or at the very least have a better sense of how it could work. And if he looked it up would understand what was said.

And Papyrus was looking down at his feet, ashamed again. Because this was literally all he had to do yesterday. Just answer her stupid question...

They were silent for a moment...

"I've seen...." She began, but stopped.

No conversation. But Papyrus was curious... and he felt like just this once, he should try to make it up to her. She'd been promised one question and he had refused to answer. And then on top of it he didn't even have an actual answer.

"What?" He encouraged. Though it made her look down. Not encouraged at all..... But still.. She looked back up at the heater.

"I've seen the pipes. In the sewers. I knew where it came from. The pipes and vents- The puzzles."

Right... Right. There were puzzles. To keep out.. her, actually. Specifically to keep out her and other humans.

So much for that it seems.

"But the pipes, when one leaks, its still cold." She continued softly. "So I knew it had to be somewhere else... But it isn't magic. Fully..?" Papyrus squinted at her.

"What do you mean?"

"If it was magic... the hot water wouldn't run out?" That was... "At least... not magic in... not water magic, if that's.. if hot water is a thing you can do... So maybe fire magic.. heating... Or some fuel..." She trailed off, looking down again.

"It sounds like fire." Papyrus admitted. "If you listen, you can hear it turn on." He explained.

And it did. It sounded like fire.

"But..." She squinted at the cylinder.

"It has to be storing hot water inside it too. To have it ready." Papyrus realized where she was going with this.

She did not speak again for a moment.....

"When I saw the steam the first day..... I thought it was going to scold me."


Papyrus laughed softly at that, a soft nyeh. He couldn't help it. The image...

But the girl was only lowering her head, he could see her grip on the towel tighten.

"No." He said quickly. "I'm not laughing at that. It's just... The word you want is scald." He was crouching down beside her. "If the water was scolding you, you see... It just.. giving you a strong lecture about manners or something... It was just a bit funny. I wasn't laughing at you."

But he supposed in a way, he still was... Her choice of words.

"I just thought it was going to burn me." She mumbled, not looking up.

Another torture to add on to all the torture they were going to put her through. Have now put her through. Were going to keep putting her through....

Burning water....

"It's an oxymoron I've never considered." Papyrus admitted, trying to... Well... But he could see it backfired anyways. Her fingers still tense. She didn't even know what that word meant. And he should have known better but hadn't thought it through... Papyrus sighed. "Alright, let's go."

He helped her stand. Or maybe.... forced her to stand... Her head still down. And Papyrus hesitated.

"Oxymoron. It's... When you put two ideas that don't go together... together. Two seemingly opposite ideas that shouldn't go together. Like.. Burning water. Living death."

".... Cruel kindness." She whispered. Cruel, twisted, lost kindness....

"Yeah." Papyrus agreed.

Merciful human.

"So... burning water." He repeated. "Because... well..."

"You put fire out with water. And it helps relieve skin-" She stopped, knowing he probably wouldn't know much about that she supposed. Which was true.. but...

Papyrus smiled for her.

"Good girl." He told her. Before immediately realizing his mistake and biting down. The human's head was falling again. Unable to fully hid though as the hair that once protected now just clung to her face, wet.

But Papyrus had not mean to use them patronizingly. It was just almost... habit.

But still he did not apologize. Even though he knows the words are tainted and all his praise does not land and is not going to and he isn't supposed to be even giving her any.

Shit, he is not even supposed to be having this conversation with her.

"Alright." He repeated. Trying to sound stern and meaning it this time. He meant it. And began to lead her back towards the closet. But he hesitated once again once they got there. The human herself looked uneasy... Not wanting to go back in but also not wanting to be out there with him.... "So...." Papyrus began again. Trying not to sound guilty. "That.. That did not count as your question. You still have another question." He told her. She glanced up at him. "Because I did not answer it right away like I should have.. You still have one more question."

She only looked back down. And Papyrus only crowded her farther into the closet... And he didn't at all dare look at her as he shut the closet door.

And locked her in...

Because that had been the plan all along.

No conversation.

And yet.... 10 days. 10 days inside the cramped little space.

Papyrus jumped when he noticed the cat, staring him down at the end of the hall. Its tail twitching, waiting to take up its place at the door again.

Yet another guard to torment her, it seemed...

Humans and Monsters and Annoying Demon Cats of Apparent Evil.

And Papyrus sighed. Locking the door.

But he only had taken to steps down the hall before he realized he was actually heading to his room to try and find her something to wear...

10 days.

She shouldn't have to be in there when he was here to keep an eye on her.

And even if he didn't keep a full eye on her, ignored her.. She couldn't escape. She really could not escape. The collar. The chip in her arm....

The closet.... The closet was just... an extra measure anyways, Papyrus told himself.

She shouldn't have to be in there when he was home all day.

She was a prisoner whether she was in the darkness or no.

And he found a shirt for her, a pair of Sans' sweat pants in the clean laundry he hadn't sorted. All of it too large for her, she would be swimming. But at least, the pants had strings. She could tie it tightly... It would be good enough.

And the cat was at the door again, but it moved without even his say so. Content to let him suffer in the misery of his own making.

Fucking bastard.

And once again, Papyrus was unlocking the door, and.... and... He found himself knocking. To stall, perhaps. As if the unlocking had not been enough of a sign that he was there. But there was no response... and Papyrus..

Papyrus opened the door again, peaking in.

"....." The red eyes were watching him cautiously. "I brought you something to wear."

She shifted her head downwards, hiding half of her face against her arms wrapped tightly around her knees. Her eyes looking away from him sadly.

"Just so Sans can take it off..." She murmured. Papyrus paused but....

He can't... He can't deny what is going to happen..

"Leave me alone." She whispered. "Just... I don't need.. your.."

His pity.

His... whatever this was.

Cruel kindness...

He still could not see her, she knew. She was just now some little curious pet. Still not a person. Just some... curious...

Chara buried the rest of her face.

Just some curious pet for him.

Papyrus bent down, putting the clothes on the floor by the door.

"Alright... But if you change your mind." And he stood up... Shutting her into the darkness again. But she could hear. He did not lock the door.

But just like he thought, she knew it too. She can't escape anyways. The collar and chip make sure of it.

The closet just another added layer of cruelness.

And to keep her from breaking things, she assumes. Not trusted, rightly so, to behave.

But him offering her a chance... just another cruel, echo of lost kindness.

If he can't see her..... She doesn't want it. If he just saw her. Even if he still hurt her....

Chara squeezed her knees more tightly. As she sat in the darkness.

The darkness....

The chance at the sun just in front of her.

She took in a deep breath, gathering her courage and determination. Whatever she had left. And crawled forward, opening the door.

Opening the door herself. Not someone else. Her.

But only because someone had let her, she knew....

But there were the clothes and she pulled them into the closet with her. Managing to put them on. Well enough at least to not have them fall though they felt like... she really was swimming in them. Tiny.

Both brothers just... heads bigger than her. But like this, she is also aware of just how thin she has become. How sensitive her skin is to the touch of the fabric.

And she is just swimming in them... Swimming. Swimming but covered. Actually covered. Sensitive skin- And yet... She just feels like a gift again. Something to unwrap.

She swallowed as she opened the door. Hesitating... difficult to breathe.

And it did not help, that as she tried to re-gather her courage, Papyrus reappeared, in the door of his own bedroom. Stopping to stare at her... curiously. Curious...

Chara stepped backwards. Back fully into the closet. Pulling the door shut protectively. As she held the handle tight. Not sure what to do. What she is doing. What he is doing. She doesn't think he really knows what he is doing either....

And on the other side, just...


What was he doing?

She can't know. She can just stand there waiting. If he will come back to the closet. Or... She is just standing there. Panicking.. She can't. She can't. She has to get out of the closet. To be able to see her enemy and know.

Chara rested her forehead against the door. Re-gathering courage. Determination.

And she held her breath as she reopened the door and stepped out. Willing to face the danger head on.

And she is out in the hall. No one touching her. And Papyrus is not there though she waits for him to materialize. Or maybe the stupid, demonic cat... But.. She does not know where either of them has gone.

And she is alone. Alone... Alone but trapped. Free from the closet but trapped. Just trapped.

Trapped with nothing.

And nowhere to go. The bedrooms off limits, she knows. And if he is in the kitchen. There is the TV that she doesn't really know how to work or if she is allowed. And-

The computer.

Her mind latches onto it.

The computer.

The computer in Papyrus' room.

The computer.

But he may be in there.

But if he is, just pretend to be suspiciously looking in. On guard.

The computer.


She's walking, trying to keep her gate even. Her breath.

But the bedroom is empty. Empty... And the computer right there in the corner.

She knows... vaguely.. how to use it. Or at least what it is for. It is the thing they use to find things. The one in The Place You Can't Name, he uses it to keep track of all his things. Inventory. You can find things. Lists of things. Papyrus is a Royal Guard! He should have..... access....

She's only hit the on button, the computer coming to life... when she knows.

This is already pointless.

Her heart, hope, falling as her shoulders also fall. And her hand is gripping her wrist. As if she can feel the chip inside her. Somewhere inside her. She knows but can't feel...

But the computer is pointless. Made even more so by the screen in front of her. The demand of. Pa-ss-wor-d. She doesn't know it.

And more importantly... She doesn't know Frisk's number. She doesn't even know... if he has a number. Or if he is just.. dead. If he ever made it out of the hospital. If they even....

Her thumb was pressing painfully into her skin. Tears in her eyes.

She doesn't know his number. The number given to them... stripping them of their names except informally. A name that any 'master' could 'legally' change. Because they aren't people. Just animals.. not even that...

And she doesn't even know the number. If it is close to hers, something different. A different system because they went to different places. Different paths.

If he even lived.

And even if she did have his number... How? Where? She has no clue as to how to use this. Where to go. She can barely read. If she could call it reading...

But she doesn't know his number. She can't find him. Even if she could get in. She can't even find him....

And if he's out there. He's got a collar on like some animal. Chipped too. Collared and chipped like some pet, her brother....

The tears are falling over her cheeks and she can't breathe. Her fingernail digging into the skin of her wrist.

But was that worse than him being dead?

Trapped but alive? She didn't know. She didn't anymore....

Like all those people under Ebott if what they said was really true and it wasn't just some trick.

Trapped but alive...

She's going to die here and still never know... Never know if it was worth it. The answer...

Dead or alive. Trapped. Collared. Tortured? Chained? Forced to work? Forced....


And it is all her fault. No matter what the answer. It is all her fault.

"What are you doing?" Papyrus' voice demanded as he entered the room.

But he is not like his brother. He can feel it. The attack inside her. The pain, the anger, the grief. And the hostility in his own ribcage is gone, surprised at the wave he can feel as she turns around, her fist swinging.

But he is not like his brother.. Blind. At least not to her feelings though he has not been able to understand. Blind to her as a person but not blind to her intent.

He knows her attack is coming. That swinging, useless fist as he catches it. And the human is screaming again. Screaming in apparent agony though he is not even hurting her. Screaming in agony and frustration and pain.

And Papyrus.. Just... Holding her wrists and forcing her firmly towards the ground. Trying to press her down against the floor to keep her from continuing to thrash. Simply holding her. Confining her movement. But not trying to hurt. Intentionally hurt.

Because he can feel it. The grief. The real, true grief. Like when she had been forced to relive her worse memory. With Undyne.

Grief. And guilt. That guilt he has felt from her before.

"Shhh, just- Calm down. Just calm-"

And he just... continued to hold her down against his bedroom floor. As she burnt herself out. Collapsing against the floor. Everything inside of her spent again. And the red eyes staring, broken.. No anger, not even hatred, nothing. Just despair and grief and guilt.... Empty of everything else. Like she had the night they had... Well. The morning before she had tried to kill Sans. The night after he had heard her apologizing... When he had thought they had broken her entirely.

Only for it to really have been her own mind, her own thoughts. Her own... grief.

This grief.

And here he was, now, breathing in, almost.. almost in synch with the human he was holding down. Trying to perhaps somehow... get her to follow his lead. Even as he held her wrists secure. Her secure.

And all he can do is stare at her again. And wonder how? How?

Just like he had stared at her then, that morning before he had left for work and Sans had almost died again.



Why could she just not stop?

It should be impossible for anyone to keep that up.

"Heh. That's why Undyne is always so worried about you. You just don't get it Paps.. That's the point. That's why they're so dangerous. Just won't fucking die."

But just... why?

Any Monster would have Fallen Down by now. Any Monster would not be able to even wake up. At least for a short while. Not without something to keep them going. She had nothing. The human had nothing. Unless....


Papyrus glanced over to the computer, his magic racing.

"Who..... is it.. you're looking for?" He managed... managed to ask as evenly as possible.

Who was it she was so desperately living for?

It's the only thing he can think of. The only thing. The only thing that would keep him going.

And she's told him once: Love. The only thing worth fighting for.

And this feeling... This grief. But not for herself. He can't say that anymore. Rationalize it away. Grief. Real grief for someone else

But the red eyes were closed, her expression pained and her head shaking.

She would never tell him. Never, never, never. If there was even a chance he would tell Sans. Never.

She would never tell him.

"No one.." She whimpered. "No one."

It was very clearly, not no one.

But Papyrus... pretended not to notice.

Because he could see that she very, very, very so desperately wanted him to. Needed him to.

"Alright..." He said. Almost gently... Almost... And he began to pull up on her arms. Helping her stand. Maybe forcing.. her to stand.

And Chara knew. Thought she knew, her head falling. She was going back into the closet again....

Feeling so weighted down.

This grief.

Love and grief..... A human..... Loving and grieving.

Merciful human. A human who could love. And there was no way to deny it anymore....

These complex feelings...

Before he had been uncertain. A trick perhaps, he could still reason. Trick himself into denying that he was in fact the worst. It was just a moment of doubt and confusion- Humans and Monsters. But now... Holding her. Risking it, letting a bit of his healing magic through her, feeling her even more closely even though it still bled. It's not a trick. It's real. She's real. Not a trick.

You can't lie about this much pain.

And Papyrus can feel it. Plain.

Plain as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders, keeping her upright even as she kept her head down and refused to look at him. And Papyrus..... He does not understand still. He just does not know what to make of her.

She's everything she isn't supposed to be.

........ It doesn't matter. Humans and Monsters. Monsters and Humans. The enemy. Still the enemy. Doesn't matter just like before. Doesn't.

She still deserved this because she's killed. She's hurt and she's killed-

Merciful human.

Humans in corners- you're the ones to put them there-

He's led her into the hallway. Intent on putting her back in the closet. But at the same time-

He glanced down at the girl, at the top of her lowered head.

Humans and Monsters. The two of them were still in a Fight. He would not Spare. But would not Fight unless he had to... So... So....

And he wanted to just Flee again. Put her in the closet and Flee.

But he didn't. An idiot, he didn't. It was a mistake and he knew it. No conversation. None. Put her in the closet!

But he didn't.

Though he knew it was far from the correct answer.

The correct answer was the put her in the closet and flee. No, the correct answer was to kill her himself and he had already ruined that. So put. her. back. into. the closet. Before something else happens.

She only deserved it. Deserved all of this. Everyone has said it to him. He's said it to himself. Her own Soul and apologies believe it. She deserves to be here. It's what has always been said.

She had to deserve to be there. Because if she didn't....

Humans and Monsters.

But she can love, she can love and it is the thing that is hurting her the most and he can feel it and he can't lie to himself and he is finding it really hard to breathe, but...

She had to deserve to be there. She had to. Because if she didn't.... Humans and Monsters.... All the answers to the reason Why, that very same question she wouldn't ask herself... If she's a person, then they don't hold anything.... All his answers to the question Why don't mean anything if she doesn't deserve....

And he can't......

No. No. It doesn't matter she can love. That she's a person. She DOES deserve to be there.

She's gained LOVE. She's hurt and she's killed and- She almost killed Sans!!!

But each time he thinks that. Reminds himself to that. It just forces him to remember that she also Spared Sans....

That his brother has LOVE too......

And.. humans... humans in a corner.

People in a corner.

But deserves it. Deserves.

She deserved to be here. That's what has always been told.

But... he's always been told that she wasn't supposed to be a person either.

She's a person.

She's an actual person he's holding. Not a loving and grieving human, she's a loving and grieving person, but she has to deserve it because if she doesn't...

.... She's everything she's not supposed to be.

And he doesn't know what to do with it. He won't Fight. He won't reach for Mercy. He's stuck there with her next to him, as he supports her, standing. Longer than he should have ever allowed. Should have put her in the closet. Flee....

Fight. Mercy.


But those weren't the only options.. if one thought of the bullet boards. Bright yellow buttons.

Everyone has always told him what to do. How to act. And he's listened. Mindlessly listened, to protect them and himself. As everyone else managed this. But now... Ever since she's Spared Sans... More and more he's just been doing everything wrong. The incorrect answers.

If he does the correct answer he feels off, peculiar about it. If he does the incorrect, Mercy, he just.......

He has no clue what it is he is doing anymore. Each time he decides one thing it all goes wrong again and he messes it up. He learns something new. It's a riddle he can't unravel anymore... doesn't even know if he wants to, afraid...

But she's everything she isn't supposed to be. Everything he's been told to be to her is making him feel so...

But he can't trust himself either. He really can't trust....

But what if she doesn't deserve to be here? And he is the one whose brought her here? He's the one whose going let her........

She has to deserve to be here. Because if she doesn't he doesn't know what he is going to do. He just needs one thing. One. To hold on to. To blame her. To make it all fair and an act of justice again. She has to deserve to be here.

She thinks she deserves to be here.

But that love. That grief.....

Papyrus was leading the girl into the kitchen, blinking back tears before she could ever notice. He couldn't let her notice. At just how much she has her hooks in him least she uses it against him.

-The correct answer still, to kill her, he should kill her, but he can't. He can't anymore. They are way past that point. He has to know. She has to deserve to be here. She thinks she deserves.. That guilt....

But that grief. Guilt and grief. If Sans had died.... If she had killed Sans.... That guilt and grief together... That would have been his own.... And he can feel it deep inside her.


He'd spent so much time thinking, reasoning it all away. Asking how something so similar to him could also be that different? Similar and still not like him because she couldn't love like he could.... And now he can feel it. Now he can't deny it.

And this person....... he knows nothing. He knows nothing about her.... Nothing. Not even if she deserved it...

Stuck in the middle between Fight and Mercy and terrified as he set her down at the island in the kitchen. Letting her go so he could make her a hot cup of tea... Just like Undyne did for him whenever he was upset.

Because he doesn't know. At all. What he was doing.

Stuck between Fight and Mercy but that was not the only options... And maybe.. Maybe it is still Humans and Monsters..

But he... He needed one thing. Just one. One thing to find. To make it worth it again. Justify....

But as he thought it. As the water boiled.

She's said something like that before. One thing. One good thing. In all of this.

And this... was the very least that he could do as he figured it all out.

One simple... maybe good thing.

A warm cup of golden flower tea. A spider donut.

Even if she didn't deserve it. And deserved to be here-

Chapter Text

"Just think of the good things for now." The River Person had told her. "The things to help you feel warm. It simply spirals out of your control if you do not...."

But even still, Papyrus would not look at her. As she kept her head down, the collar uncomfortably pressed against her neck, even as the cup was hot in her hands pretending to promise comfort. She dared not take it. Not daring the donut either..

Because she's thought it was too far gone for that. All the good things hurt. The tea. The donut. The memories. Hurt.

And they were well past spiraling....

All the good things hurting. All the kind things cruel.

And she is staring at the mug of tea in her hand... Staring at it.. Just wanting to go back to her closet and curl up in a little ball in her blankets... And she is staring as Papyrus began to pull things out of the fridge, a recipe in mind. A distraction-

And Chara.... Chara released the mug's handle but began to push it gently to the side. To the side and off the side. And all there is, is a shattering sound that she can't bring herself to look after. To see her handiwork in full.

And Papyrus....

The Monster stopped, literally almost collapsing against the island. A hand pressed up to his forehead in... clear... exasperation? Frustration? Perhaps it isn't so clear.

He did not know what he was doing....

But the motion.. The action.... The way he doesn't even say anything.

Chara can't help but laugh. And laugh. Laugh.

It isn't funny.

None of this is funny.

There are obvious tears in her voice.

But if he... Then she... Then....

Chara can't even finish the thought. Just burying her face in her arms again. Silently hoping he'll just let her go back into the closet.... To hide.

She just wants to hide...

Maybe the darkness will just finally consume her and she can be done.....

She just wants to be done.

But he doesn't put her back in the closet. And she can hear him. Picking up the pieces of the mug. The cat by her feet, lapping at the tea.

But he's the one who'd said: no conversation. The one who has been ignoring her. Fleeing each time. And she'd been content, as long as she had been left alone.

She does not understand.


Not knowing that was the very same question Papyrus was daring to ask himself. For once in his life, not mindlessly making a decision. The correct decision. He couldn't keep doing that.... Though he didn't know what he was supposed to do instead.


Papyrus was lifting himself up, holding the shattered pieces in his hands, to throw them away. And he just stared at the girl a moment. Her face buried in her arms.

She wants to be left alone.. but she does not want to be alone.

And he thinks it without really thinking. The thought just slipping. An echo of a thought from someone he used to be.

She desperately needed a friend.

But instinctually, he crushes it. That dangerous thought. He was not that little boy anymore. The one who offered things mindlessly to people. But..... Mindlessly following other people's leads who he'd believed had known better hadn't gotten him very far either. To being this man... he didn't think he wanted to be.

And yet-

Humans... and Monsters...And she deserves it still. Deserves it...

She has to.

Deserve it.

Humans... and Monsters...

He threw the shattered pieces of mug away and went back to getting out all the things he needed. And the girl kept her head down as Papyrus cut up the carrots and potatoes. As he set up the crock pot and put the roast in. Being extra careful this time because last time it had been way too dry. The taste just off.... Edible but not entirely good.

And they didn't speak as he did all of it. Didn't speak. At all. Though both were very, very conscious and aware of the other's presence. And the girl, she would peak over occasionally. Watching him.

Watching him cut, noting the lack of knife but the use of magic... Not that it would have mattered had she gotten her hand on a knife anyways anymore...

But also just... Watching. How his boney fingers moved. But at the same time remembering all the times he's touched her. Manipulated her. Hurt her and held her down. Held her down- Forcing her hand around his-

And she would flinch. Bury her face. Only to be alarmed at something he was doing. That she could hear but couldn't see. And she would lift her face back up out of her arms. Keeping her head down but her eyes drawn to the motions he was making.

There was something sick deep in her stomach. Just unable to look away, her lingering caution demanding she knew what he was doing at all times. To not be caught off guard.

Though she really just wanted to rebury her face. To hide away more. Away from his working, moving, skeletal, hands.

Her thumb was tracing over the mark on her wrist that her nail had made. Conscious of it too. The deep indent of it. Only making her sick, too.

All of it sick. And she didn't know what he was doing.

He didn't know what he was doing. Except preparing a hopefully decent meal... But he wondered how it would turn out because he knew he was just distracted by her red eyes and too aware.

Even as they didn't speak. Or perhaps that just made it worse.

And he got the device set up, readying it. It would be ready by the time Sans got home. Whenever that was.


But there was still lunch for himself.... For her, too. And there was a desert he'd bought ingredients for and he did technically have the time... To mess it up.

Baking was even worse than cooking. He'd probably settle for the box cake he'd also bought.

Papyrus glanced over towards the island, to the spider donut the girl just had not touched.

Though she hadn't slapped it over the side like the tea he'd offered.

The girl looked down, noting his glance over in her direction. Her thumb pressing into her wrist and the indent that wouldn't go away because she just would not let it be. Renewing it on occasion with her nail.

Papyrus sighed and washed his hands... And he hesitated. Staring out the window. Towards the mountain in the distance..

The sun was already high in the sky but still the memory of it.... Of that first morning. Her heaving, trying to get everything they had forced her to swallow out of her system. Her heaving and broken and wanting to sob. His hand in her hair, as if to comfort though it was mostly just to mock. False pity-

Only for her to lift her head.... The sun.

"It's still there...."

That clear, vulnerable moment.. The sun.

And its a mistake. A very big mistake, but he can't help it. He already thought it. But this was a mistake. He was trying to convince himself she deserved it, she deserved- And yet.....

..... "When you first came here...." Papyrus began, his back still towards her.... "How long had it been? Since you'd seen the sun?"

Remembering even, in the car, with her blindfold. Leaning up against the he glass and he had thought she'd been trying to see so she could plot. Plan. But that hadn't been it, had it? It was the sun... Feeling it. Yet unable to still see it....

The girl only buried her face farther into her arms.

"I'm the one with the question." She stated weakly. Papyrus glanced back towards her.. "And besides... You're the one who said it." She whispered. "No conversation."

Her face half hidden, her red eyes off to the side, to the bare wall.

Papyrus' shoulders fell.

She was right of course. In all of it.

But still.... That had been before.


Papyrus came back over towards her. Standing on the other side of the island to give both of them space. As he thought..... Trying to remember... How that boy he used to be had done it so easily. Just.. talked. Engaged. Opened up.

"H-How about..." He began and the red eye he could see, the one not hidden by her arms. It came back to him. Watching cautious. So cautiously. "How about.. we take.. turns?"

But all he can think of when he says it is about how he and Sans have... Just the first night even, taking turns.... Like she was an object and not a struggling person against them- And he didn't even stop to think about... anything..

"Like...T-The Board- We can take turns. One question from you. One question from me." He forced himself to finish.

Forcing her to finish-

She paused... He could see the hesitation in her eye. The way he had surprised her... This totally unexpected...

Because she was just... A curiosity. Just a curiosity to him, she thought. But to make it back and forth. Evening the feild somehow... An even Fight.

She glanced away again though.

"Why?" She whispered. "Why are you doing this?"

"So now... You're asking why." Papyrus states.

"No... Why? This? Why are you doing this? Now. Me.. out here."

"..... I don't.... know." He just did not know what he was doing....

The girls arms tightened around her.

"You still can't see me..." She mumbled.

And Papyrus... Was not sure what that should mean.

"Well I just thought you would prefer it to being stuffed back into the closet, okay?!" He snapped. He knew it was unfair of him to snap. Just his own frustration in disguise. "You should be grateful."

"Right.... Grateful."

The defeated way she said it though.

The anger was easing out if him. Just replaced again with shame. And he almost... deflated. Putting his hands against the top of the island as he lowered his head.

What was he doing?

"I'm..." He stopped.

He couldn't apologize. But...

"I just don't know what to make of you." He admitted, his voice soft. Just as defeated. She... The girl began to reemerge from her arms. Glancing up at him again. Papyrus lowered his own gaze now though. "You're everything you're not supposed to be... And I don't know what to make of you.... Everything I've ever known.... It's... It's all to pieces.."

Like that stupid... stupid mug.

And he just can't look at her. The girl was lifting up in her seat. Her head fallen and her hands in her lap.

"..... They say the same things." She said. Somehow finding just enough determination to speak. "In the camps. The valley. They say the same things. About all of you. But most of us.. don't have the luxury to believe it....... Even if we keep saying it... Just to make it true."

There was silence.... Just.... silence.

Until he gathered his courage just a bit..... Trying to keep up this momentum between them.. if he could. Knowing that the boy he used to be would have done it. Opened up. To help her open up. To-

"...When we were younger. My brother. And I." He began. Starting with the most important thing he has. The start of it all. "We grew up in a group home with other monster children who had lost their families... We had... Basically nothing but each other."

But... Hot water, her simple surprise at it... It just wasn't true compared to her, was it? This human. They still had a roof and a bed and hot water and warm food and...

"Well. My brother would always say. We would get out of there. Grow up. He'd be strong and powerful to protect us. We'd have a house and our own beds- though we would both honestly be fine still sharing like we always have- but... A house. Beds. I could just cook. And we'd have friends. And each other."

Papyrus' magic was racing. Racing.... And the human. She was cautiously watching at first but now she was looking away again. Her own heart racing. Not understanding. What any of this meant.

"I would have been happy just being with my brother. But it was his dream...."


She hates the sound of the word in his voice.

"I don't care." She mumbled. And she really didn't. It just hurt. Hurt so much. Her brother.... "I told you... I don't need all your excuses as to.. why. I told you I wasn't asking why to that. And.. I heard enough of this excuse from Sans." Papyrus stared-


Oh.... Oh wait, right.

She's heard this before. From Sans.

As she had cried. As they had both forced themselves inside her.... Or Papyrus had.. been preparing to...

As Sans had held and told her she was special. The final piece to that dream. But...... No.


"A human... was never a part of that dream." Papyrus admitted. She dared to glance over. The single red eye he could see, not hidden, now by her hair. It was cautious still. So very cautious. "Doing this.... was never actually a part of that dream."

But somehow.... That was where the brothers had let it go to.

And he supposed. To Sans. No, not just to Sans. He couldn't just say Sans... Separate himself from any of it.

A human was never a part of that dream. But it was a natural jump to it. LV required killing. Killing humans.

But this. What they have done to her.

"Getting you..." His magic was racing, just racing... Everything difficult to say. "That only came.... A week before. He'd gotten a promotion, you see. We were finally.... There. But then he said.. something. Just an interest. And I.. well..." He sighed. "I had just gotten so caught up in always helping Sans reach his dream. Never doing anything really for myself. Never thinking it all through other than: Does this make my brother happy? And I... Going to the prison..."

He doesn't know what he's doing. Doesn't know why. Just keeping his head down and not looking at her. And she is just keeping her head turned to the side. Sitting there in her chair not caring still about any excuses he could offer. That wasn't even his point- There were no excuses-


Papyrus sighed again, defeated.

"Maybe... I get what you mean.. about not being able to see you. Because before.... All I could see was my brother. It's always been about my brother. It's still... About my brother. But... But I just don't... Know what to make of you. Everything they told me..."

He just could not dare to look at her.

"No. I can't see you." He lied.

But he can.

He has.

Since the moment she Spared his brother.

Because she Spared his brother. His brother....

He had caught a glimpse of her. Just not.... Clearly. Everything. Blurred. Jumbled. And slowly. Just slowly. He has been breaking himself down. Himself.

Just like she had broken herself with her own thoughts and grief, Papyrus was doing all her work for her. And now all he had left to cling to... Her deserving it. She had to deserve it.

But how long??? Could that last?

Especially, since he knew. The smart thing to hold on to that idea would be to put her in the closet. No conversation. But he....

He's an idiot.

"I just thought you'd prefer this than being in the closet for who knew how long " He sighed.

She did not respond.

"Would you just prefer to go back into the closet?"

"Yes." She whispered, her head still fallen. Papyrus paused. Surprised by the answer. And something inside him flinched in pain.

"I won't.. stop you." He whispered back, looking down as well. "But... Let's feed you first. Is that acceptable? Even if it isn't the spider donut. Do you not like chocolate?"

"I was the one with the question." She told him still. "That was my question before. I didn't agree to taking turns."

Papyrus bit down harder but.... It was still true.

"Alright." He said gently. "But can I at least ask what type of sub you'd prefer? Or is that too much?"

She did not respond. Only putting her head down against the surface of the island. Her face in her arms.

Papyrus sighed. And began pulling out lunch meat and other toppings.. At a loss as to what to do.

Knowing he shouldn't be wanting to do anything. That she was simply doing what he should have done to begin with. The correct thing.

The human... was doing the correct thing.

Humans and Monsters.

And he put together the sandwiches, wanting to ask her again what she wanted but knew he'd get nothing-

"Wh-What.. What month is it?" She whispered. He stared. Technically.. she had no questions left.

"March." He said though. The girl's fingers were spread, he could see... Her trying to do the math. But..

She couldn't remember.. all of the months. It was never important. Just the season. The weather. When to move.

It wasn't even the most basic of math that was tripping her. It was the months.

She grit her teeth in frustration. Her fingers curling together.

"How far apart is that... from September?" Papyrus tilted his head.

"Six." The girl's eyes widened. He could see the real panic in her half hidden face.


Half a year.

It's been half a year.


"Six." She repeated back to him. "It was six months I didn't see the sun."

Or Frisk.

It could still be even longer. Forever. For Frisk.

The tears stung in her eyes, the pain real again. Deep and stabbing through her.

It could be six months that her brother's been dead.


It had all run together in the prison. Feeling like an eternity. She hadn't really expected it to have actually been that long.

And Papyrus can feel it. See it in her expression. The grief and guilt returning.

And he doesn't say anything... Only finishing putting mayo on her sub.

"Here." He stated. Sliding the plate over. But the girl had a hand in her hair. Her teeth grit as she tried not to cry. Not to fall apart.

And he can't do anything to comfort her. He's ruined it all. Can't speak to her because it will only feel mocking. And he's the source of more than half of her problems and all the others that he's not he can't help her with either. He can't even touch her, he's more than ruined that. She won't even look at him and she'd rather be stuffed in some dark closet despite everything she's already been through than be in the same room as him.

"I'll be in the other room." He said after sliding her over a drink. He took his own plate and drink and made his way to the table. And ate, staring out across the living room. The cat was there on the couch, content and asleep.

Once Papyrus was done, he stayed there. Not knowing what to do. Lifting up his hood over his head as he hunched over, hiding inside the heavy, fake fur. Not daring to go back into the kitchen and not knowing what else to do.

He knows even less when the girl appeared, standing in the wide open archway. Her thumb still trailing over her wrist, her head down. Waiting. Expectant. And he realizes she's waiting for him to put her in the closet. Actually put her there and lock her in.

Ten days in the closet.

Six months without the sun.

This was a mistake.... He'd known it was a mistake... He should have never spoken to her.

And she's just standing there. Waiting for him to grab her and put her into the closet. Right after everything she just said.

"I said.. I wouldn't stop you." Papyrus said, looking down at the surface of the table. "I didn't say I'd put you there."

And he doesn't expect it. Expect her to actually take that step forward, angling her body in that direction. There was a pulse of magic in his ribcage as he lifted his head. Watching her, her head still down but-

"Chara, wait!" He called.

She froze, her back tense, and she was simply frozen in the middle of the living room. Her breathing quick.

"..... You..." He doesn't know what he's doing, but... He stood up, coming closer to her. And she flinched. He stopped again, caught at the edge of the table and staring at her, the shame still very much there in his ribcage and he hesitated... Not knowing what he was doing.

The fact that the correct answer is to put her in the closet and the thought just makes him sick.

"You don't have to go, you can just... you can stay in the living room. We can.. turn on the t.v. or something for you. I'll just.. stay in the kitchen.. You don't have to go back in there..."

But she was slipping away again, not looking back. Slowly at first, cautious that he'll do something. But then faster as she made it closer to the hall. Just slipping away quickly, not looking at him, fleeing from him. Into the hallway and around the corner and Papyrus could hear with sickening clarity the closet door shutting. The girl hiding and wanting nothing to do with him.

And he knows she has no reason to.

He's... He's taken so much from her. They all have. And he doesn't know what to do. In the past, that boy he's been, if he remembers correctly.. He would have offered a tiny piece of himself. When you couldn't get the other to open up you had to show you were willing too. But Papyrus.... Just didn't know what to do. He's already tried that a bit....

But he thinks it again: She desperately needed a friend.

And this time, he doesn't just crush it.

She needed a friend.

Papyrus went out into the hallway, getting closer to the closet. But he stops again. Close enough now to hear her crying again. Falling apart like she had wanted to in the kitchen. The darkness giving her the chance to in its own sick way.

And he can't do it. He can't get any closer. Because what is he going to do to comfort her? And he slowly backed away, hoping she couldn't hear him. That she hadn't even noticed. And he left her alone just like she wanted him to.

She doesn't want anything to do with him and she has no reason to want to have anything to do with him. He doesn't deserve to have her want anything to do with him. He has done more than just hurt her. And there is nothing he can do to fix that. Comfort or anything. You can't heal-

You can't....

Papyrus stopped in the middle of the living room, lifting a hand as he struggled to breathe. Staring at his own fingers, letting the healing magic flow through them. The bleeding, hurt.

You can't heal someone... when you're the one hurting them.

........ He's not even supposed to want to...... She deserves....

And when he flees into the kitchen, tears he is fighting at the edge of his own eye sockets, his Soul sinks just a little bit farther even because her sub isn't even finished. Barely even half.

The spider donut sitting there useless....

Chapter Text

"Wait! W-Woah, wait! Not here to Fight!" The Monster managed, twisting in the air. At her Mercy-

And Chara froze.

No! No, she could not freeze! Strike! Don't hesitate!

That dark thing deep inside her desperate: Kill!

But she was frozen.

She did not want to.

She's scared.....

Drawn. By the darkness...

"Chara?" Frisk's voice is so clear and she gasps. Her heart is racing as she glances over her shoulder as he came closer.

No. No, no, no, no...

But Frisk is there. Coming to a stop. His expression falling and his face terrified as he stares at the Monster in the trap. And his gold eyes are glancing over to her, concerned... More than concerned. Guilty even, heartbroken....

The universe having proven Chara right and Frisk wrong, the Monster having tracked them. Hunted them. Just like she said it would. Even after everything she had told it-

"Wait!" The Monster said again. "Don't make that look just yet, just listen for a sec, okay? I'm not here to Fight!" It repeated. And Chara's eyes were back on it. As Frisk drew closer to her side. Standing close, next to her. Both of them watching the trapped Monster hesitantly.

"Then what else could you be here for?!" Chara snapped. Struggling to breathe.

That thing inside her wants to kill it already, just kill it. Be done with it and the risk to Frisk- both of them.

"I......" It was still as it could be in the trap. It's expression.... "I don't know." It said.. and Chara thinks... honestly.

But its a trick. It has to be a trick.

"I... Please just let me down." It asks.

"No." Chara stated sternly. Her grip on the dagger tight. And she wants to wrap an arm around Frisk but she has to be ready to strike. Strike for both of them.

But the Monster... was sighing. And Chara jumped back, pushing Frisk back with an arm as the Monster's leg grew longer, letting the Monster rest against the ground.

"I guess this is it, then." It said, its face almost straight. "The day I have to gnaw off my own leg."

And it mocked struggled to curl in on itself, pretending to gnaw at its own leg. Pretending. Exaggerating the sound.

And Chara.... Chara faltered. Staring at it like it was insane- Frisk got closer to her. Both of them just... staring... Uncertain. Tense.

The Monster stopped pretending and uncurled, back to being stuck on its back and looking up at them.

"Nah it's too much work." It stated, flippantly..

"Nah it's too much work?" Frisk repeated. Stressing the word.


The Monster stared at him, and Chara glanced Frisk's way. Still breathing in with difficulty and she shook her head slightly. Not sure of what to make of what had just come out of his mouth. What the Monster had done. Just- But when she looked back to the Monster, it met her gaze. Completely, seemingly, serious.

"You know what just kill me." It stated. Chara flinched. Frisk came closer, touching her elbow. To ground her. And the Monster lifted its two front paws.

"It was just a joke!" He- It stated quick. "Sorry!! But... seriously... Let me down?"

"No." She stated forcefully.

But she's just so scared. She doesn't want to do this. To feed that thing inside of her. Like a dark sickness and she doesn't want to kill. Why couldn't it have just let them be?

She realized she was about to cry. The tears there in the back of her eyes.

"You couldn't have just left us alone!" She said brokenly. "You couldn't have just let us leave and be alone!"

"Chara..." It's all Frisk has. Her name. And he wants to do more, but Chara is just shaking. Not ready to do any of this and yet knowing she has to now.

They just set up. They just got set up and settled in and she thought it would be okay for awhile. Safer even if not safe and it just had to follow them. If they left, it would just follow them. She had to kill it!

And it isn't even actually trapped, she knows.

"Just get yourself out with your own bullet and let's get this over with." The Fight...... She will at least give it a fair Fight even though its not fair to begin with!! That it followed them! Not fair. It's just not fair.

She held out her dagger. Ready.

Not ready......

Never going to be ready.

"I mean I could get myself down. But how about we compromise? Untie me so I don't ruin your snare? Win win, right? I just... want to talk."

"And I told you! I told you just to leave us alone!" Frisk glanced back towards her, curious but not speaking... "I told you that I would kill you! And I am not going to back down!"

The Monster was cringing.

"Just... look..." It began. "I.... I know LOVE. That sickness you talked about. And I... It's just.... Maybe I was a bit worried, okay?! Well not.. worried worried. I can't exactly do that.. anymore... It's just.."

Chara's eyes were narrow, trying to be threatening at its rambling. It sighed again. But she can tell... It's been going over this in its head all day and it still isn't working out.

"Look... I know LOVE." It began again from the beginning. "And The River Person.. he ain't going to be around for awhile. Just the way it goes."

So she was right.... He was asleep.

"And I just... I know LOVE. That sickness. And I have a hard time with love anymore. The other kind. It's just... jumbled. But it seems like everyone is kinda like that nowadays. And I just.. I don't know. I don't know why I came out here, okay?!" It said in frustration. "It wasn't even EASY to come out here. A lot of work for something I don't even know about and it's stupid, okay?! And just..."

"Why don't we talk and eat?" Frisk jumped in. Chara turned towards him, staring like he was insane. The Monster tilted its head too. Staring....

".... Do you have anymore smoked fish?"

"We are not-!" Chara began to snap, but she cut it off. Biting her tongue. Staring down at the ground. Her chest heaving. Not wanting to snap.

It's a trick. It's a trick. Really a trick and going to get them hurt.... She needed to kill it. Fight and kill it. She closed her eyes, pressing the hilt of the dagger against her forehead with both hands as the pain in her chest worked through her.

She doesn't want to kill again. She never actually wanted to kill, just tired. She's just tired. So tired.

And she has to kill it. She has to. It's just going to get them hurt.

"Chara..." Frisk's voice is soft, caring... "It's going to be okay."

And her eyes are still closed when Frisk leaves her side. Chara jumped, red eyes opening wide, as Frisk drew closer to the snare.

"Frisk-!" But he is already untying the snare and Chara is staring, tears in her eyes.

Its the fire all over again.

"You really are an idiot." The Monster stated. And in that moment Chara's heart stopped. The dread in her stomach. Expecting its attack.

But it doesn't.

Its only letting its hind leg shrink and turning over. Shaking out its fur.

"So.. fish?" It asks hopefully. As if it is all normal. Normal conversation. Supper and a conversation.

And yet, she catches a glance in her direction. It's black eyes meeting hers, not so casual about all of this as it was making out to be... but cautious. Cautious. All it was doing.... trying to ease the tension.

And it is just making everything worse. And Chara made the Monster walk first, in front of them. Pointing her dagger in the direction. And her heart was racing.

But Frisk was close, leaning in.

"Sorry..." He told her in a whisper. Knowing he had scared her again. "But I have my guard up. Promise. But if he really wanted to just kill us he would have ambushed us earlier. And.. I just.. We weren't getting anywhere like that."

And she hated it... hated how he was right. But at the same time... relieved. Staring at Frisk... at her brother.

Thankful that in all the things she's done wrong, she did one thing right. That spark inside him she couldn't bring herself to kill.... even though it made her worry so much at all times. But it was still there. There. Inside him. Guided with his increasingly level head. And it was the only thing keeping her together... the darkness wanting to consume her at bay.


She was surrounded by darkness......

And she couldn't stop crying. Always just crying.

She was going to die crying.

Useless... Useless. It's all useless. Scared. Useless. You useless child crying again. Useless and can't do anything and its all wrong and you've ruined everything and your brother is dead and your best friend is- You hope they hate you. That they all hate you- You are going to die here, crying, and no one is going to care.

And you can't...

You just... can't.


Everything is useless........

Useless in her dark closet with the blanket over her head, crying to herself.

The darkness sickly safe and comfortable. Safe enough to allow herself to cry alone. Letting herself fall apart and slip. Scared. And everything still very unknown.

And she just cried. Letting herself come more and more apart.

And more darkness.... Her mind... slipping into darkness again as she cried herself to sleep. Some relief in the unconsciousness....

And yet- When she woke up, disoriented and unable to focus right away. She knew she had dreamed again. A dreamish memory.

And she felt so heavy. Sore and her head hurt. Heart hurt. Laying there in the darkness... Her fingers curling together tightly.

She's tired.

She's hurt and she's tired.

The darkness comfortable.... in its awful way...

And yet, the air is warm and smells sweet. And she's so hungry....

And on top of it all...

Her fists were tight and she was curled in tightly around herself. The red eyes wide open and staring towards the light beneath the door.

She had no clue what was going on out there again. Not a clue.....

And she stayed laying down, knowing she could get up and open the door and leave. But too afraid. Too uncertain. Everything unknown.

She didn't know what she was doing. What he was doing. He didn't even know what he was doing. And it was awful and frightening and uncertain and she had just woken up but her heart was already racing. Just woken up and yet still so afraid again.

And yet.

And yet........

Somehow. Whenever she was on the brink of falling apart for good. For not being able to pick herself back up. It was like a reminder in the pulse of her own Soul:

You cannot give up just yet.

Stay... determined.

She wasn't dead just yet.

And she doesn't know what she's doing. What he is doing... But at the same time...

She's been here before, hasn't she? An enemy beside her, with both of them not knowing what the other was doing. What they were doing themselves... She's been in a situation like this before.

Her hand is on the handle of the closet and yet, she's panicking. Breathing in with difficulty.

No. No, she can't lie to herself. Convince herself.

It's not the same. It's not even that similar. It is just not the same and she can't convince herself!!

Her forehead was on the back of the door, still so difficult to breathe and her head was pounding.

It's not the same. Not similar, even. It is not similar.

All she can remember looking at him is how he's manipulated her. Touched her. Used her. The pain stabbing through her and the forced betrayal of her own body.... As they used her... Held her down like she was nothing-

Her eyes were closed and she could see his face, curious and not seeing her even as she begged him with her eyes, her soul. Begged and begged and cried and it did not matter. He couldn't see her even as he watched her face.

And he still cannot see.

....... Chara kept her forehead pressed to the door, eyes closed, struggling to breathe. But at the same time.....

She doesn't think that is fully true.

It's nagging at her.

Because if she was still just a curiosity. A pet....

He wouldn't have given her the option to flee. To make her own choice in any of this....

And his first real question towards her.... would not have been about the sun.

He called her name.

And the Bullet Board, she's felt his own intent.

He can see her... in some unfocused way at the least. Because it is very clear that he can at least see himself.

She is not a pet. She is a prisoner. A person and he is aware of it. He knows his position in all of this now... And last night he'd showed her in the Bullet Board he had planned to keep it that way.. Though he would no longer go out of his way to hurt-

And this morning he had seemed to be keeping it simple, prisoner and guard, No Conversation, even as he continuously failed at his own cruelty.

But now....

Something changed. She'd swung at him, attacked, and he had not put her back into the closet.... And she had thought he was just keeping her close. A pet. Just a pet... But its not quite like that..... The question, her name, giving her a choice....

And she hates it.

Hates it.

Finally taking a moment. Having just a moment to herself in the darkness....

.... He means to mean this. What he is doing. Even if he doesn't even notice it himself yet.

He really meant it when he said he didn't know.

She didn't know why she Spared Sans at first, and he didn't know why... he was trying to do this. The water heater, the clothes, not putting her back into the closet.

And she thinks...

...... He's not going to hurt her.

At least go out of his way to hurt her.

Though he won't go any farther than that. Just like he said in the Bullet Board.

He's not going to hurt her if he doesn't have to....

She felt it in his intent.

He's not going to hurt her.

Even if he didn't know why and what to make of her. She didn't know why or what to make of him.

She hates not knowing.

She hates the unknown in front of her. Always the unknown.

She hates him.

If she could, she would run.

She had run. That was the closet. Run and hide.


But the darkness, she knew. She knew the darkness. That was why it was comfortable. Even as it was her deepest fear. Because it was comfortable. Because it was easy.

Fighting is easier than Sparing. But the consequences are too high a cost to pay. And it just keeps going and going.

It's just going to keep going and going if she stays in the closet.

And maybe it still will if she leaves. Actually, she's still sure that it will.

But if he is going to keep acting like this..... If either of them are going to figure out how this is going to work-

Decide how this is going to work.

Because that is the part she can't understand the most. Him giving her a choice in how this was going to work.

This weird place between Fight and Spare.....

She's going to have to leave the closet.

She's going to have to leave it....

Just the thought makes her breathing pick up.

She could just... stay in the closet. Both of them separated from each other. He's already made it clear that he will let her do that.

And its weird, its weird, it is so weird. She's confused. Doesn't know what he is doing, what she is doing.

And he is not Temmie. This is nothing like Temmie.

That had been an even fight. Half of it her fault, half of it his.

But this... This...

He's raped her. He's used her. Used her and raped her and tortured her and just-!

And neither brother had even considered her as they did it. Hadn't even considered it rape. And they had used her like a toy. Over and over. Touching her, raping her. With his brother. Laughing at her with his brother as he's done it.

And Chara couldn't breathe and the tears were in her eyes again as she screwed them shut and put her face in her hands as she sat in the darkness.

It's not fair.

It's not fair that these are her choices.

The closet or her rapist. One of her potential executioners.

........ He's not going to hurt her. He's not going to...

But the closet or her rapist. It isn't fair....

But... its not the only choice. He made that clear too. Out of the closet and in separate rooms. He offered it.

But three choices.

It's not fair.

She hates him.

She hates him. She really, really hates him. Hates him and Sans and maybe him more than Sans because she thinks if it had been him she had attacked. Had almost killed and gotten to 1 HP. She doesn't think she would have stopped. She thinks she would have actually killed him. Killed him and taken everything from Sans and given him what he had deserved. She would not have stopped.

He's someone who had a choice. He didn't have to be this way!

The ones who could have naturally been kind are the worst. She hates them beyond everything else. People like Sans and Undyne know what they are. Accept it. Transforming: heartless, hollow, cruel, beings.

Then there are the Alphyses with zero nerve. The lying cowards who hate themselves for lying. Who let the lie grow so big it consumes then. But at least they are honest with themselves even as they lie to everyone else. At least they have the decency to hate themselves for it.

And then there are the Papyruses.

The worst ones. The worst.

The ones who were once like Frisk and let other people change them or changed themselves. Changed for other people. Believing it all. Brainless fools. Brainless, mindless fools.

Who sell their hearts. Who lose their nerve. And she hates them most of all.

She hates him. This isn't fair. This kindness cruel.

Twisted, cruel, lost kindness and it isn't fair.

And the worst part is.... she knows he wants it to be true. He actually wants to be kind to her in some sick way and she hates it, hates, hates, hates it.

She'd thought.... that all she wanted was to be seen. To have him at least see her for what she was! The position she was it. To understand it..... Even if he still stayed cruel about it. Cruel to her.

As long as he was honest about it. Finally honest. To himself and to her.

Last night. In the Bullet Board. She would have been okay with it. It had made sense to her. Fight but letting it just pass them by. Ignoring her. That had been more than she had anticipated, even. More! She understood it....

Just let her stay in the closet and be left alone.....

Not this.

She doesn't know what to do with it or make of it.

With both of them not knowing what they were doing....

He was just trying to rape her.... yesterday. Trying to make his cruelness true... Prove to himself that he could still mean it. She'd seen it. When he had opened the closet door and had grabbed her. So desperate to convince himself he wasn't breaking. He wasn't remembering. Wasn't starting to realize it...

But he still would have raped her. Raped her and maybe killed her.

But she thinks.... he's seen too much of her, though he says he can't and perhaps its still true. But he's seen to much of her.

He would have regretted it.

........ If she hadn't used the Bullet Board, he would have raped her again and he would have regretted it.

Her grip on the handle of the closet tightened and she felt sick.

She didn't care.

She didn't care!

It wasn't fair.

She hates him....

But if it was going to stay like this... Somewhere between Fight and Mercy... Then.....

She should at least try to get something out of it.

She was well past spiraling...... but.....

Her heart was racing, racing. Fear and yet anger.

And she gathered her determination.

Don't give up. A soft chant and song, borrowed, in her Soul and yet anger under her breath that was her own.

As she turned the handle of the closet.

"Big kids..." She breathed. "Don't cry-!"

And when they do, they get back up.

"Don't give up..."

As she stepped into the hall.

Standing in the light with her pulse quick and breath quicker. Her fists tight.

And the house smells heavenly, her body aching with hunger. But still she is focused. Determined. She has to stay determined.

Words from a King who shouldn't have been able to see her, just like the rest of them. Words and comfort from a King.... And she briefly wonders once again....

And she stood there in the hallway, at the entrance of the living room... Daring.. Daring, just daring though she knew she promised not to again. Not after what had happened with Temmie. That she had lost the right. But still she dared....

"Miss..." She breathed and she could feel something, weak, inside her chest.. But she couldn't. She couldn't do that one, just yet. It was in her chest but she let it go. Too much to handle at one time.

But still.... Stay determined. Stay....


Just.. keep.. moving.

Cautious, walking across the floor like it was ice, ready to break beneath her feet. As she moved through the living room- the cat gone- As she approached the kitchen. Zeroing in. Her head throbbing.

And Papyrus is already looking up when she appears. Standing still, frozen in the archway, her heart quick and her breath quicker. Her fist tight.

And Papyrus can feel her, had felt her the moment she had entered the living room and he has stayed just as frozen, waiting. And the red eyes are staring directly at him. At least for a moment. Before she glances down. Her lips pressed and her stomach twisting, her heart racing. But standing there. Determined.

She... has nothing else left to do anyways. But stay in her closet or face this danger head on. She has no control. Never the one in control. Except deciding what it means to be standing there. Stuck between Fight and Mercy.

Her eyes darted around the kitchen, to keep herself distracted from him for just a moment longer. He's.... been... busy.

There is a cake, she thinks, on the stove. A can of store bought frosting waiting for it to be cool enough.

There is a large pot of something else. It looks like rice of some sort. Mixed in with other things. She doesn't know.

And he doesn't seem done yet either, large metal tin trays gathered in a pile on the island. Ready to make something else.

Another distraction, she realizes. He's been distracting himself with it all. From it all and from her.

And the red eyes made their way back to him, hesitantly, cautiously, meeting his darkened eye sockets. Her heart racing... Racing...

"I may..." He began.. "I may have gone a little... overboard."

But it had been a distraction. Something to do. Just do.

And there was silence. As Chara struggled to keep breathing. To not just run away.

"Are you... hungry?" He asked when she didn't speak. Didn't move. Both not sure what to do. "If you go sit down at the table.. I'll.."

And Chara's shaking. Her breathing still so quick. Heart racing... But she dared to step deeper into the kitchen. The skeleton froze again. Both of them just tense. Incredibly tense. Chara gathering her determination. Clinging to the determination and perhaps that bit of anger to help make it easier. And she took another step. Intent on making it to the island. To sit down- She just takes another step.

"You don't-" You don't have to force yourself, he wants to say. She can hear it in his tone already. But she is at the chair, sitting down. Determined. And the skeleton was staring at her. Not sure of what to make of her once again. The red gaze stared downwards again, consciously. Incredibly conscious of his entire presence. But she forced herself to look up. To meet his gaze. But only for a moment. Before she is looking down again.

Her guard. He's her guard and executioner and he's raped her. Raped her several times. Laughed about it. Mocked her.

It isn't fair. That she is stuck here with him. It isn't fair.

But she's.... She's also.. determined.

She has no control. She isn't the one in control.

But somehow... she's still the one who started all of this. In the choices she has been able to make....

She Spared Sans.

Papyrus Spared her.

She opened to him her intent.

He changed his.

She's not the one to believe. The one to always have so much difficulty. And yet.....

She's standing there.

She knows it can only go so far. Never moving past being stuck here, between Fight and Mercy. But at the same time...

"They say the same things.." She repeated, breathlessly, looking down at her hands in her lap as she sat in the chair, him across from her, separated from her by the island- "Everyone says it.... Humans and Monsters... But it isn't true. It doesn't have to be that way."

Her fists were tight.

"I've lived it."

She dared to glance up, determined, as determined as she can be even as she is terrified. And even as she hates him. Staring at his surprised expression.

He can see her.

She can't breathe properly. But the red eyes narrow.

If she is stuck here. The closet or him. If she is stuck between Fight and Mercy. Then....

"Rule one." She breathed. "You don't get to apologize."

He doesn't get to apologize to make himself feel better. He doesn't get to apologize at all!

His gaze darted downwards but to her surprise, he looks up faster than she would have thought. Accepting...

"I wasn't planning on it." He said. Still trying to lie to himself just a bit. Still holding on. But she knows.... He can see. Slowly changing himself into an Alphys. A liar with no nerve....

Fine. Fine. As long as he is honest to himself and to her. Honest. She'll find a way to hate him just a bit less......... To at least... find a way to be able to stand to even look at him.

She hates him.

But he isn't telling her, that she doesn't get to make the rules. He isn't stopping her. No reminder of No Conversation.

And Chara took in another deep breath.

But... That's it. That's the only rule she can think of at the moment.... And her mouth is open but nothing is coming out...

But another rule does come to her. She just can't say it out loud...

The true Rule One.

I didn't hurt your brother, you don't get to hurt mine.

She cannot trust him. Cannot trust him to even know Frisk exists. To break her own, original, Rule one.

Alive... or dead... Her never going to know for certain.... But she won't risk it. Never.

She'll never even risk it.

Because if she loses that for certain. For real, for certain. All of this would have been for nothing. None of it would matter.

No amount of phrases would help her stay determined.

"Just....." Chara kept her head down again. Swallowing.

"Are you hungry?" Papyrus repeated softly. She nodded. And he turned away from her, getting out a bowl. And she watched. Cautious. Watching the Monster in front of her as he gave her a small bowl of rice- Smaller than she had anticipated and she's almost disappointed. But still....

Chicken and rice and cheese and these... small flecks of some seasoning of sorts.

"It's not exactly how it should be." He told her. She grabbed the spoon... Hesitant. And he couldn't look at her. Escaping to the fridge to get her something to drink again.

She can't tell if its off or not as she takes the bite. It's delicious all the same to her. And yet. It's too much. Too much for her turning stomach though she is just so hungry. Always hungry. The cheese probably doesn't help. And when he slides over another one of those juice bottles, she takes it and just works on that instead.

She can't finish this.... But somehow he seemed to have expected that, she realized.

She forced another bite in spite. Only to gag a bit...... Going back to the bottle in defeat.

"You can work on it." He offered softly. But then he escaped, his attention to the cake he was opening the frosting for. Chocolate..... All of it chocolate... And she is just so angry about not being able to handle it all. And she just watches him.... Still sick, as his hands move. The magic 'knife' spreading the frosting over the top. And she's biting the inside corner of her lip again. Her thumb trailing over her wrist but no longer pressing.....

Wanting to escape back to the closet. And yet.... And yet.... Staying determined.


The conversation as it went on... Frisk and The Monster, Temmie.... Chara sitting, not speaking. Giving up. Knowing she just couldn't kill it unless it really tried to kill them.

It didn't give any more information. Just bantering with Frisk, Chara keeping her eyes on it. But she gave up. She just gave up. Out of her depth in everyway and not knowing at all what she was doing anymore. Knowing even less about what the Monster was doing.

But as Frisk left, taking the bones and remains of what they had eaten out of camp, far enough away. Leaving her alone with it on purpose she knew. Leaving her..... To face it. Just for a moment.

But they didn't speak. Only stared at the fire between them and not at each other. Tense...

Until the Monster- Temmie- sighed.

That seemed to be its thing.

"Look." That seemed to be its other thing. "I can see you're upset. And coming out here was the opposite of helpful. I don't even know what I'm doing out here. I'll just go. You don't have to move, I won't come back- Which I realize now makes it almost certain that you will move- Shit-"

"Stay." She said, her grip on the dagger tight and this is stupid, a mistake, a mistake completely. The Monster- Temmie- jolted, staring at her.

"What?" It- he- asked. Like she was crazy.

She definitely felt it.


"I don't trust you." She stated. "At all. You're right. You're not helping. But you leaving, and having to find another place to set up..... At least this way I can keep an eye on you. It's less work- I......... I'm just tired." She said, trying not to let her voice break. "I'm just so tired.... So you stay. At least that way I'm not looking into the shadows waiting for you to come back. You stay... So I at least can see the threat in front of me."

"...... Okay then." The Monster stated. A brow still raised but at he same time settling into the decision. "This will be interesting." But Chara was not finished, leaning closer, her face fierce.

"You do Not. Stay with Frisk. Alone." She stressed. And she meant it. She'd kill it, him, not a second thought. "Not alone with Frisk at any moment."

"Okay. I get it. Geez." It-He- rolled its- his- eyes.

And Frisk was coming back. Leaning to the side as if to get a better view of them.

"You guys okay?" He asked. Chara glared at him. And yet, still relieved. That he existed and still like this... Refusing to change when he shouldn't have had the choice.


And Chara took another sip of juice..... staring at the Monster in front of her putting the cake inside the fridge. Hating him... because he hadn't refused when he'd actually had a choice. And hating him because she knows why he is doing this now, even if he doesn't. That he's going to try to change back the other way and its going to mean nothing.... Stuck in this place.. between Fight and Mercy.

But she just.... Took another sip.

What... What was she doing?


And Chara settled in next to Frisk for the night. Her dagger still held tightly as she stared out across towards the Monster. The Monster curled up in a tight ball close to the embers of the fire. And she just couldn't sleep. Couldn't.....

But she knows. She couldn't sleep with the Monster there or not. Still.. The thing in her chest. She could not rest. Could not rest... Just needing to move forward...

....... Oh, what was she doing..?

What were they doing?

Chapter Text

...... Papyrus has believed it for so long:

Humans can't feel anything but hatred and fear. Humans aren't supposed to love. Aren't supposed to show Mercy. Not unless it still just benefits themselves.

They are nothing like him.

They parrot and mimic. To get the response they know they can out of you.

But none of it is real. It's a trick and none of it is real.

Just to get what they want.

Fight. Kill.


And he has believed it for so long. All he's ever known.

And the human behind him as he began to pile in the chicken and rice into tupperware.. Some of it to take to lunch another day..

She hates him. She hates him with everything she has.

Because he deserves it.

And he wants to know Why, again. Why she had come back out here?

She's already given her answer to that though. Humans and Monsters.... It not being real.

Just like all the lies he's been told... by the people closest to him. To the people he thought knew better. The smartest person........

But the human behind him is nothing she is supposed to be.

And he has a million questions he doesn't deserve to ask. Some he really doesn't want answered. Others he doesn't know where to begin....

And besides..... she had not agreed to turns. But that was before she came back out. And if they are going to both be out here then.... Perhaps it was a start.

But he doesn't look back at her, simply continues to put food away, as he opens his mouth.

"Are we... taking turns? For questions?" He dared.

There was silence for a moment behind him... and then...

"Maybe." She agreed weakly. Not knowing what else to do either, her stomach still turning and she is so glad he is turned away from her. Though she still so desperately wants to flee.

"Then... It's your turn." He stated. She blinked..... "Your question of Why. Mine about the... How long. It's your turn, then."

"The... water..." She reminded.

"It didn't count." He reminded back.

Oh.... Right.....

She looked down at her hands. Breathing.. Just breathing. Heart racing.... She couldn't think.

She's not the one that's good at this. And the handful of questions she has, she doesn't feel ready for. For either of them. Neither would be ready for it. And she has too many little numerous questions about the house but that would just show him... JUST how out of her depth she is. And questions about him.....

Her stomach turns.

But her eyes glance over to the tin trays sitting off to the sid of her.

"What.. were you planning on making?" She managed. A start.

Papyrus glanced back towards her for a moment, only making her look down and that reaction just made him turn away from her again. Taking just a bit longer to finish up what he was doing.

It was not what he had been expecting in terms of questions. But it really is just.. a start.

"I was going to try cookies. Chocolate chip. But... I don't... know. Maybe not. Unless..." He dared to glance back towards her. "Would you like to help?" He offers as his own Turn.

He could see her immediately revolt to the idea. The immediate- "No." Her red eyes glaring. He nodded as he turned back away from her and began to put the lid on the bowl of food he had packed up. Almost done. He can only stall so much... ".... What's...?"

Chara hesitated. Still uncertain of her question but needing to keep up momentum. Just keep up momentum...

"What's your favorite.. color?" She pulled out, and she looked down, grumbling in frustration at how hard everything was. At how unfair-

"Blue." He told her. And her stomach turns again. Thinking about his brother. The dark blue scarves, the magic, she hates them. "And yours?"

She should have seen that coming.

She stared at the top of the island. Frustrated because she didn't have an answer.

"It used to be green." She whispered.

"Used to be?"

"It's not your turn." She snapped. He is silent. But to be fair... she hadn't answered his question really either.... "It used to be green... but seeing my Soul that color so often in the prison.. kind of ruined it... I guess blue is ruined too. Orange..." Her stomach turns.

Papyrus was looking back at her and she caught a glimpse of it before hiking her shoulders more protectively. Not wanting to have seen it. Regretting opening her mouth. He didn't deserve the answer. But... Saying it.... Actually saying it to someone who she knew was at least going to try to understand... Saying it...

"Green was grass and leaves and open meadows."

Now it is magic keeping her restricted in place or forcing her to heal so they can hurt her again.

"Blue was sky and water.."

Now its Sans and magic adding weight to her Soul, control. Blue was being held down so he could tower over her. Blue was being lifted into the air and being slammed mercilessly against the ground. Her arm and ribs breaking as her Soul pulsed Blue above her. She hates blue.

She hates blue. It's Sans. It's that glowing of her trapped, manipulated Soul and his magic, the thing he forces inside of her- And she hates orange for the same reason. It's Papyrus... Along with green. His green healing magic as he touches her.

"So red. My favorite color is red."

Red means her Soul is normal.

Red means that she still has an echo of control.

But even then that means her Soul is still exposed. Bared. For all to see. The Fight.

"Maybe.. yellow." She admits.

Yellow flowers in the meadows.

"Gold." She corrects.

Golden flower tea. Bright shinning sun. The gold of Frisk's eyes.

Frisk's own bright red Soul.

"Red and golden yellow." She answered officially.

"...." Papyrus forced himself to finish up putting away the food into the fridge. To start pulling out ingredients for the cookies he wanted to make. Milk. Eggs- But he hesitated.... Not sure where to put it. If he should risk the island or not. He put them there between him and Chara and she hesitated back but did not flee.

Encouraged, Papyrus began to take off his jacket, to set it to the side and Chara flinched. The action she can only associate with him coming towards her on the bed. Associate with him forcing her to shower or bath, with him or no. Associate with him holding her against him as he slept and she struggled not to cry.....

To touch her... Shower, baths, the bed-

..... But another association to add to him taking off the black jacket which stayed on in every other occasion, every day, even with his guard uniform... was welcome.

The jacket....

Sans had the scarf but it was off for her most of the time... But she knows for a fact he has several. She's learned it in Papyrus using one to blindfold her the first day. In Sans tying her hands. He has several.

Papyrus does not.

Its the same jacket. She's seen his bedroom closet, at least at a glance. It's just the one.

The same jacket every single day.

Chara swallowed as he rolled up the rest of his sleeves and got out the rest of the ingredients. Flour. Brown sugar-

"The jacket..." She began. Papyrus looked up and her stomach flipped. She wishes he would put it back on, it would make her feel just a bit safer. And she has to desperately remind herself he isn't going to hurt her. Not going to hurt...

Though he hasn't said it himself, she has felt it in his intent. Not going to Fight though he is not going to Spare...

"The jacket... its important."

Its not so much a question as it is a comment but the question of Why is implied and she can tell he knows it.

Papyrus glanced over towards the jacket at the other end of the room, folded up with care.

"It's not the original." He noted. "The original... I bought myself. My first paycheck. I was a dishwasher at Muffet's. You know what that is?" Chara nodded.

"The spider donut." She noted. Papyrus gave her a strange look, a raised brow. "You see... the icon in the dumps. But there isn't any in there most of the time." She frowned. "And she... locks up her garbage out back like a freak."

The idea... of a human trying to scavenge through Muffet's garbage. The idea... of a human getting that far into the city to begin with-

Then again... he already had that single suspicion-

"Well.. That was my first job. Back when she was at her original location and before she was so popular. But still... I.... It was the first thing I had ever gotten to buy for myself. Just a little orange thing. I grew out of it. That one, Sans and Undyne got me."

She flinched again, but her hand rose, to her chest, unconsciously. Her fingers search-

She only gripped at the fabric of her 'borrowed' shirt.

Asking questions about him had been a mistake. It only made her sick. Her sick. Her stomac