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Byakko Monogatari [Fushigi yugi X D.Gray-Man]

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Byakko Monogatari
[Byakko] Chapter 01
Her Life

To a dark place, a ginger red haired lad is standing in the middle; doing nothing but to stare into blank space. He felt a presence that makes him turn his head towards another space. Upon looking tears started to well up to his blank face and he mouthed ‘Please save me’

Blue orbs has shown themselves when a young dark green-haired girl open her eyelids. She stares at the ceiling of her room while thinking about her weird dream.

Realizing it is nothing but a weird dream she gets out from her bed and tidies herself.

While brushing her hair in front of her mirror knocks suddenly sounds to the four corners of her room. Putting the brush aside and wears her reading glass on she went to the door and open it, revealing a black haired man wearing English-tailcoat, his brown eyes stare at her being.

“Good morning Lady Chiharu,” The butler greeted her with his stoic face “The breakfast is ready and the young lord is already on the diner; please come there immediately.” The butler informed her which she response with a nod.

Looking at herself at the mirror for the last time, she then had gone to the diner.

Upon arrival she saw her stepfather sitting across to her biological mother and her step brother whom reading newspapers while sipping his cup of Jasmine tea; sitting at the head of the table.

The butler offers her to sit next to her mother which she just accepts due to the fact about her relationship with her step brother.

Right after she takes a sit, her parents started to eat their share of breakfast, while the brother gave his newspapers to the one of the maids and start eating as well.

Chiharu looks at her step brother who is talking to the butler about something concerning his company business.

To be honest Chiharu is admiring her stepbrother; in such a young age he able to save his mother’s company that went into bankruptcy because of their irresponsible father; but if she allow to be more honest with her inner thoughts, she also scare to him and worst part is she cannot explain why.

Truth be told the step siblings never been talk to each other ever since the brother came back out from nowhere.

Setting the complicated things to the side, she just slide and just accepts all the facts that lay in front of her.


Chiharu sighs in defeated; she and her classmates were just finished their first hour practice for the play that she is the main character.

The story is about a girl who lives around 80’s or 90’s that sucked by some strange Chinese book.

For who knows why, Chiharu is by some sort of bad luck, is chosen to be the main heroine; The Priestess of Genbou, Okuda Takiko. She’s not good at acting, forget about being good she’s worst at it; especially her role is completely opposite of her own being.

She once talk to their teacher to let her exchange roles to someone who actually good at it but for unknown reason the principal disagree to it and tell her ‘You better execute the role perfectly. The pride of our school is in your hands.’ She wanted to cry because of that.

She heard from her gossiping classmates that the other students who will play the role of priestesses were actually well-known to their school.

Kudo Satsuki the Priestess of Suzaku of Class 3-B, she is well known for being cool and spicy. Rank 8. There are actually rumours about her that she isn’t actually studying that much and if she ever studies she can take over the top spot.

Kanzaki Yukiko the Priestess of Seiryuu of Class 3-B, she is well known for being school beauty and their class’ Madonna.

Kimura Airu the Priestess of Suzaku of Class 3-C, she is well known being a princess that doesn’t acting like a bitch. Rank 9. She’s good at both academic and sports.

Ishida Sanagi the Priestess of Byakko of Class 3-A, she’s known as Bitch Princess of Kunigigaoka. Most of guys in their school kneeling at her beauty and she has lines of servants which is her classmates; the great description of bully.

Meanwhile Muto Chiharu the Priestess of Genbou of Class 3-D, aside her classmate and teacher, no one actually know her. Chiharu couldn’t even consider herself to be on their rank. She doesn’t have any talent that could put her in popularity. She’s not that good at academics and she’s worst at sport. Truth be told, Chiharu is actually in pinch to be send at the lowest class the Class 3-E. if weren’t for her step brother’s money she might be already at that class.

[Class 3-B Practice

Nuriko(Meg) fell on the floor of their classroom as part of the scene.

“Nuriko! Nuriko!” Miaka(Satsuki) scream but not that loud as they get near at their fallen classmate,

“Don’t cry, Miaka… this isn’t gonna kill me, they cannot get rid of me very easily…” Nuriko raise her weakening hand towards of her classmate as Tamahome(Isogai) is holding her weakening body “Jeez, you such a crybaby.” Nuriko try to wipe the tears out of her friend “You gluttonous… clumsy… silly… stupid… hot headed…”

“Nuriko…” Miaka holds her friend’s hand.

“I have to watch over you.”

“Nuriko, don’t talk so much.” Tamahome told her off. “You have to stay still till Mitsukake gets here.”

“No… it’s alright… when all’s said and done, there are a lot of good points about you.” Even it is just a play or rather a practice the three stars of that scene are really good as if they are those actual characters. “So, please for me don’t lose to them. No matter what happen don’t lose to them.”

“Nuriko, wh-what are you saying? You’re talking like I’ll never see you again. Silly… you’re gonna be here to protect me for a long time to come.”

On the fourth day of practice for the play, each class is allowed to watch the other class who practicing their act. Chiharu who is still not good in her acting as Okuda Takiko watched Kudo Satsuki’s class’ acting and she was so amazed to them, compare to her. She sighs.

Chiharu left the place and seat under the one of their school’s tree and yet again let out a depressing sigh.

“Hey, if you sigh more than you already do luck might not come back.” Chiharu look up and widen her eyes at the person standing in front of her.

The Priestess of Suzaku of Class 3-B is standing in front of her with all her glory.

Satsuki sits on the grass next to the dark green haired schoolmate of hers.

Silence conquers the area for a quite a while; Chiharu doesn’t know on how she will interact with Kudo Satsuki, while the brunette is thinking how she will start their conversation.

“I’m Kudo Satsuki, and you?” the brunette started, realizing that she hasn’t known her name yet.

“I-I’m Muto Chiharu… Ku-Kudo-san.” Chiharu nervously replied.

“Chiharu-chan… huh?” Kudo hummed her name, pleased to hear such calming name. “So Chiharu-chan why are you wearing that face when you watching our practice?” she finally ask her purpose on talking to her, “Is our acting is not good?”

“NO! No… you are all splendid and shining while you were practicing your parts. You guys are so good that it… blinding me…”

“Blinding… you?” Chiharu nodded, not laying an eye on her school mate “Why is that?”

“I am no good person, you see. I’m not good at any kind of sports, in academic too I always getting low grades, I am a burden to my step brother whom keeping me from falling into Class E. I’m no good at anything and yet I was chosen to be a lead character in our play. I don’t know, they are probably just making fun of me.”

“Hmm~ that’s a lot of an excuse for self-pitying.”

“Self-… pitying? But I’m not—”

“Then what you call it? Self-loathing? Low self-esteem? Oh c’mon, once you started insulting yourself it was what already called you.”

“But I just…”

Realizing that Chiharu might get the wrong idea, Satsuki apologized, “But you know when you are insulted by someone, instead of taking it in you should treat it like it was a challenge.”

“But I’m not strong like you!”

“Strong! Me?!” Kudo laughed at her “Not in slightest! It just that—I am like this because… I know that I don’t have anyone to lean on. That if there’s someone that must protect me, it is myself not anyone else. The word strong doesn’t fit me, you know. I… I’m just like you, a normal person with many problems in life.”

The wind blew gently on them as silence lays on once again.

“If they saying your acting is suck, go on and improve it, if you don’t know how to do it ask someone, if they didn’t answer you right, ask someone else while with smile on your face that saying determination. Me and my friends are just doing the same you know. When it comes to studying, we’re in modern era, you can search the easy way to understand it if your teacher is suck in explaining, as for sports… hmm… think what kind of sport you want to pursue and stick with it, if is athletic study hmm… you just have to do what you can until you unconsciously excel on it. Ah—” sweat dropped appeared on Kudo’s face when she realized what she saying. ‘The hell, it’s all unnecessary things!’ she quickly apologized to Chiharu “Sorry, I’m keep blabbering useless things!”

But Chiharu shook her head side to side as a response “Thank you Kudo-san!”

“Eh?” confused,

“I- I will do my best at play! So please even just once watch our practice… and then probably… if possible you can tell me… where I have to improve…?”

Kudo is actually confuse, all she says is unnecessary things but for some reason it has effect on Chiharu. In midst of confusion Satsuki smile and agreed to her request.

“Oi Satsuki!!!” Satsuki hears her friend’s voice from far away distance, “Oh it’s Meg,” she recognized and she then stood up “Till next time then Chiharu-chan!”

“H-Hai Kudo-san!” and the brunette left.

Chiharu doesn’t know yet if she could do those things her schoolmate has said but she likes to try it.

Meanwhile from his office Principal Asano is watching his hopes interact to each other.

“Almost there…”