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hallucinating | jikook

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tae, i’m going out to grab some coffee!” the younger shouted across the dorm room, however there was no answer. “hyung? are you sleeping?” he could see the older lying down on his side, facing the wall as he walked into the room.

“hyung…?” jungkook questioned, he walked towards his roommate and gently tried to nudge the older’s shoulder. no answer. jungkook put his knee on the bed in attempt to ask him if he wanted a coffee.

“what are you—” just as he tried asking, his hand suddenly got pulled and he was trapped underneath the roommate. “you never hangout with me anymore,” the older sighed. jungkook tried moving his hands but the force was too strong.

“i’ve been busy, sorry” he explained. whenever that line was said, taehyung would call bullshit. “what? playing with all your girlfriends?”

“no... i was,” he paused for a second, looking for somthing to use as an excuse. taeyung was still on top of jungkook and he was still trying to escape, but it was no use if he was never relaxing his grip.

“working on a project... with yoongi” he finished.

“are you sure?”


“so you wouldn’t mind if i called him right now?”

“okay wait...” jungkook shot back. he realized that the grip on his wrists were no longer as tight as before, and took that chance of rolling over so the younger was now on top. jungkook smirked, trying not to look too proud.

“hey!” taehyung sneered, and tried to slyly kneeing the other in the balls. however, jungkook smoothly moved his other leg between taehyung’s leg. “you asshat. how could you try do that to me.” taehyung rolled his eyes. the younger lowered his head and fake cried. taehyung tried moving his hands even though he knew his chances of getting out were extremely low.

“so you wanna play that game, huh?” jungkook spoke under his breath. “what?” the older questioned. it was already getting late, and jungkook wanted to get his coffee before the cafè closed, he was obviously planning on pulling an all nighter.

it wasn’t like he wanted to do this, but he dies at taehyung’s reaction, and it was the only way for jungkook to escape his roommate. jungkook finally looked up at the older, “what are you doing...” he asked. taehyung could tell he was introuble,what if he beats me up again? taehyung thought. he suddenly regretted ever asking his roommate what he was always up to. jungkook smirked and taehyung kept looking him in the eyes hoping, maybe he’ll get let off just for today.

jungkook moved his one leg so it was now only one leg in between the olders legs, taehyung looked down at jungkook’s actions, “wait! please don’t, i’ll do your laundry for a month!” the older lied. taehyung was probably the easiest person to get turned on, especially if it was jeon jungkook doing it, a.k.a most handsome man on campus. jungkook was famous for being a playboy with girls, which made it easier to confirm his sexuality with his friends, but it’s not like they ever bought it.

“wait, really?”


jungkook lowered his head towards taehyung’s ear, “as if i’d believe that,” the younger whispered. taehyung felt goosbumps crawling up his back, and tried to hold down his moan from escaping. don’t give in, don’t give in, taehyung thought. he held his eyes shut, hoping that he would have a better chance of being able to escape jungkook’s seducing. just as jungkook smirked, he moved his knee slowly towards the roommates crotch.

“stop,” he moaned. taehyung just melted at jungkook’s actions, “you’re way too easy,” the younger chuckled. jungkook put both of taehyung’s arms above his head and held them there while jungkook’s other hand made it’s way up his shirt.

“are you kidding m-” taehyung tried saying, but was interrupted by the chills that ran down his spine because of jungkook’s cold hands.

just as jungkook’s hand was about to touch his nipple, the hand was suddenly gone and so was the weight that was on him, it was so quick he didn’t even notice.

“are you seriously going to just leave me like this?” he shouted to the younger, “i have to go before it closes!”

“okay but why would you do that to me! i thought you were straight!”

“you weren’t going to let me get my coffee if i just asked! and i am straight!”

“yeah, okay. as straight as a hula hoop” the roommate muttered.

“and i had to go before the shop closed!” jungkook added, refering to the coffee shop.

if someone asked jungkook what his relationship with taehyung would be, he would say that they’re really close and just friends, and of course he’s telling the truth because jungkook is straight.