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Sing You Sinners

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“Hey, can I... stay with you?” David asks as you sit on the couch of the counselors cabin. “I... need you tonight.”

“Of course you can stay with me, David.” You give him a small kiss on the cheek, causing him to blush. Cupping your face in his hand, he returns a sweet kiss to your lips.

Pulling away, he looks at you bashfully as a light blush creeps across his face. You smile.


“I just...really like kissing you, is all.”

“Well you know,” you say playfully, “I kinda like it when you kiss me.” You plant your lips on his and hold them there, feeling as he eventually places his hands on your hips. Leaning into him, you deepen the kiss and throw your arms around his neck. He begins to run his hands up and down the sides of your body, never straying too far up or down, but enough to get you flustered.

David wanted you badly- he needed you in more ways than one. He needed the closeness of you and grew red at the idea of you beneath him. David was inexperienced when it came to the actual act, but he was finally ready to give it a shot, provided you wanted him. He would never force it, but if you wanted it, he would be more than happy to oblige. He decided to try his luck.

The kiss deepens again as he guides you from your position on the couch to straddle him, and you feel his tongue lick at your lips asking for entry. The things this man was doing to you. You open your mouth to meet him and a small battle of dominance begins. You eventually give in and let him explore you, releasing a small moan as he did. David did not miss it.

You feel him feel him slowly moving his hands down your sides again until they land on your waist, the contact only heating you up more. Taking it as a sign, you begin to grind on him, earning you a quiet moan.

Fuck you think. That was a turn on. Pulling away momentarily, you saw David’s eyes had glazed over just a little bit and his face turned a deep red in color. He was panting slightly, not ready for the closeness to end. He pulls you into another deep kiss, prompting you to continue grinding on his pelvis. You feel him beginning to stiffen beneath you, and with a strength you didn’t know he possessed, he managed to flip you on your back and leaned over you- one arm by your head, the other resting on your hip while his waist kept your thighs apart, all while never letting his lips leave your own.

“W-wait,” you say, pulling away suddenly, “are you sure you want to do this?” You didn’t want to push him into it, especially if he was in such an emotionally vulnerable state. He gives you a reassuring smile before leaning back down for a much gentler kiss.

“I’m sure. Do you?”

“Yes, David.” You looked around at the common area of the cabin before speaking again. “But maybe not here.”

“Y-yeah.” He stands up and offers you his hand. Taking it, you quickly pull him into your room and make your way to the bed. You climb on top of him as he lays down and continue where you left off on the couch. Placing your arms on either side of his head, you quickly move your mouth back to his, kissing him roughly.  You could feel yourself getting wetter the more you moved your hips against his- every one of his small moans driving you crazy.

You grasp the bottom of his shirt and slowly begin to peel it off of him, revealing his chest to you in the process. Smirking, you make your way back to his head acting like you were going to kiss him, but your lips find his neck instead.

“Ngh. Gah~” His whimpers let you know you’d hit a sweet spot which you assault with your tongue. You suck on his neck and he gasps, holding you close as he releases a loud groan of pleasure. You leave the spot, happy with the hickey you left him with, and feel him playing with the bottom of your shirt. You sit up as he pulls it off of you and tosses it on the floor leaving you in your bra and shorts.

David takes you and flips you on your back again; this time it was his turn to make you squirm. He followed the same path you did on his neck making you buck your hips and arch your back.

“D-david,” you breathed. He was setting you on fire and he didn’t even realize it. Moving his hands behind your back, he began to fiddle with the clasps on your bra. You giggled slightly as he struggled, ultimately helping him unclip it. You remove it and toss it with your shirt giving David a full view of your bare chest.

“Like you you see?” You winked and put your arms above your head, letting him see as much as he wanted. He looked you up and down before his eyes fell on yours again.

“You’re beautiful,” he breathed.

O-oh. That wasn’t the reaction you were expecting. You were suddenly very bashful. He leaned into you again, kissing you tenderly. He soon broke it, asking “C-can I…?” as he glanced down at your chest and back to you again. You take his hand and plant it firmly on your breast, causing you both to blush. He massages you as you writhe in pleasure from the contact.

You suddenly feel his hand slip and graze your nipple. “Aaah~” The unexpected contact sent a jolt from your chest straight to your heat. Noticing your reaction, David grabbed your breasts and started rubbing your nipples with his thumbs, watching your reactions carefully. Eventually, he took a chance and placed his mouth on one, licking it with his tongue. He was rewarded with you grabbing the back of his head and moaning loudly.

His mouth pleasured your breasts for a while, sucking and licking your nipples as you moaned his name- your sex getting wetter with every passing moment. Making his way back to your lips, you felt his hand slowly make its way down the side of your body, stopping just as it hit the waistline of your shorts. You nodded as you continued to kiss him, giving him the permission he needed to sneak his hand into your panties. His hand searched in your wetness for a minute before he found your clit. Slowly, he began to rub it in circles, causing you to cry his name. You melted beneath his touch as his fingers slowly worked their magic on you. David was careful to watch your every reaction as he did so- partly because he wanted to make sure he was doing it right, mostly because he didn’t want to miss a single second of you.

Eventually, you were unable to take the heat from your shorts anymore and pulled them off along with your underwear, the cool air of the room offering little relief from the fever that was currently radiating from between your legs. David stopped again as he looked at your now revealed slit as rivers of your wetness fell from it. His hand almost instinctively moved to his crotch only to find it still covered by his shorts. You gave him a seductive smile before switching places with him again.

Placing him on his back, you slowly unzip his shorts and pull them down with his boxers, allowing you to get your first look at his cock: it was disproportionately thick compared to his lanky body, and much longer than you’d expected. A small mound of hair was above it, the same color as his head. He was already starting to leak precum.

You take his member and begin to stroke it, watching as David’s head falls back deeper into the pillows. Moving between his legs, you look up at him as you place your mouth to the tip, slowly moving down the length. Moving back up, you continue to get steadily faster as you bob your head up and down on his cock. He looks at you with his cheeks aflame and eyes half lidded before falling back onto the pillows. You feel his hand rest on the back of your head, prompting you to take more of him. You gladly comply and take all of it in your mouth, deepthroating him.

“_-____,” he moans as you reach the base of his cock, making you shiver. You continue to suck him off, moving up and down while using your tongue to lick the head and shaft. Your efforts were rewarded with his hips bucking up to meet you as your name repeatedly slips past his lips. Loving the sounds he was making, you move your hand to between your own legs and slip your fingers inside yourself, rubbing that special spot that made you whimper.

He suddenly pulls you off him, panting and leaving you confused until you look him over. Cock twitching, face scrunched up, and ragged breathing all gave away the fact that he had come close. Letting him catch his breath momentarily, you lay down on top of him and kiss him gently.

With your head in his hand, he flips you over once more and positions himself between your legs. You give each other sheepish smiles as he asks, “A-are you ready?”

“Take me, David.” You whisper into his ear before kissing him.

Slowly, he slipped himself inside you and you gasped as you felt every inch of him penetrate your walls. Once he was fully inside, he paused to give you time to adjust, but you didn’t need it. You wanted him to start moving immediately, so you rocked your hips forward prompting him to start moving his own. He went slowly at first, and you enjoyed the feeling of him inside your tight walls. With every thrust, the knot in your stomach got tighter and tighter, coiling in on itself as David pushed himself into you.

He picked up the pace slightly and you felt yourself grow tighter around his cock. Suddenly, he hit your g-spot and you screamed in pleasure. With a newfound passion, David hit it again. And again. And again. Your eyes rolled back into your head as he continued pounding away at your g-spot. Every time he hit it, a new wave of pleasure wracked you body making you unable to think straight. At that point, the only thing on your mind was what was happening between your legs. Without realizing it, your hips had started moving to meet his and he reach down to grab your hips to steady himself. He continued his passionate thrusting until you felt yourself about to cum.

“David!” you cried as you contracted around him. He kept thrusting into you, making you go crazy. Tears began to prick the corners of your eyes as his cock slipped in and out of your tight slit. He kissed your neck again, causing you to throw your head back in a desperate gasp. Moving his hand to your breast, he pinched your nipple and rolled it between his thumb and forefinger. He kept his pace steady as his hips continued to slap against your own - the slick noises of your wetness being thrust into filled the room as David’s cock spread you wide open. You wrapped your legs around him as you felt yourself cumming for the second time that night, trembling beneath his slender form.

“F-fuck,” you said as he pressed on, moaning as you felt your walls quiver around his long member. Pulling away from you, he placed both hands by your shoulders and looked at your face as it contorted in pleasure. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled yourself up to kiss him. He moved his arms to embrace you and you fell back onto the bed again, lips pressed together in a passionate embrace.

His thrusting got more erratic the longer he continued, and you knew he was close. Your voice was lost in the back of your throat, not that you would find it with David’s lips on your own. You were completely wrapped in each other as you felt him spill himself inside you, coating your inner walls white with his cum. He moaned into your mouth as every small thrust brought more fluid out of him. You felt his hot cum filling you up and you wanted every drop of it.

When he finished, David tenderly pulled himself out of you releasing a shuddering breath, and you felt his and your juices spilling out. He rolled onto his back and placed his elbow over his face while you struggled to catch your breath. Both of you were completely spent from the experience.

“W-wow.” He panted.

“Yeah. Wow.”

The two of you take a moment to compose yourselves and clean up before falling into bed again, holding each other. You were still naked- why bother with clothes after all that anyway? David kissed your head tenderly before pulling the blankets over the two of you, bringing his arm around you again once they were on. Facing him, you take a moment just to gaze into each other’s eyes.

“That was amazing,” you tell him. “I didn’t expect you to know your way around so well.” You wink and he blushes, giving you a sheepish smile.

“Uh, beginner’s luck?” He gave you an awkward, toothy chuckle as his words sank in.

“David, you’re a virgin?”

“I was, I guess.” He gave you another tender smile before he kissed you. “I’m glad it was you.” You blushed and put your forehead against his.

“I am, too. You were wonderful.”

The two of you fall asleep wrapped tightly in a loving embrace.