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Trials and Tribulations Part II

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At the Academy in Helex, Princess Flutter sat at the table looking at the news on her datapad at the midday break in her classes at the academy. Her friends chatting amidst each other around the table. She smiled at the news her cousin had won a certain femme’s hand.

“What you smiling about Flutter?” asked a gray and navy blue mech.

“My cousin won his contest, after a while with her family he’ll be coming back home with her and we can meet her,” she said. “Looking forward to the lobbing game, Crusher?”

“Definitely, though I hear the teachers are trying to enforce the no betting rule,” he said.

“As if they’ll have any luck,” she said.

“Your Highness,” One of the bodyguards standing a distance away called. Flutter turned her helm to see them keeping her newest friend away. The fiery coloured mech stood between two red and blue flying mechs.

“Let Hot Rod in,” she called, mentally rolling her optics at how the new bodyguards couldn’t seem to remember that he was on her list of friends.

“Uh thanks,” Hot Rod said looking for a place to sit. He found a seat on the opposite side of the table from her.

“Quite welcome,” she said smiling at him and then looked to the femme on her left to answer a question about something a teacher said in class. She replied and reopened her datapad writing something. The latest lesson in history class had given her an idea.

“Scribbling again,” Crusher said trying to look at what she was writing which earned him a slap on the hand. “Sorry.” He said pulling back and rubbing his hand.

“It’s private,” Flutter said glaring at him as the bell rang for classes. She sighed putting away her padd and let the bodyguards escort her to her next class, her cube of energon only half full.

One of the bodyguards grabbed it up and followed. Hot Rod sighed taking his cube, at least literature class was next and he could see her some more.

He arrived as she finished her energon, a bodyguard watching her and then moved to the side of the room. She dug through her book looking for their assignment. He sat down at his desk next to her and found his own assignment.

“So did ya finish it?” he asked. She looked over at him and nodded her head.

“Yeah so did I, just barely,” he said. “A short story about a petro rabbit.”

“No,” she said grinning. “How horrible. I did mine on...scraplets.” She whispered the last word.

“I am so frightened but I have got to read it,” he said. “Hope you have a copy.”

“I should,” she dug in her bag pulling out a pad and frowned. “No, I must have left it at home.” Just as the ground shook, their teacher sat down and someone pounded on the door.

One of the bodyguards looked at the door, pulling out a sword as he opened the door.

It was professor Mirage, also Flutter’s teacher in diplomacy and politics. “I need to see her now,” he said.

“Mirage?” Flutter said as the noble whispered in the guard’s ear.

“Back to the palace, now,” the bodyguard said. “Your Highness.”

Not another slagging drill, Hot Rod thought as the guards...he blinked two of them physically picked her up and headed for the door. Her datapads spilling onto her desk and the floor. This is serious. He glanced out the window as the transport sped up outside, guards and Flutter went inside and it sped off again.

“Mirage?” he asked but the noble was gone. It didn’t take long for the news to spread at the school. The demolition of the old city hall gone wrong, a wall of a nearby building had collapsed on those watching, including Queen Megala and King Oberus. Please let them be okay, for her sake and ours, he added.