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i'll be in the middle(while you two get along)

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when jisung saw chenle for the first time, he knew he was screwed. he had blond hair, a pretty smile, and the ugliest laugh he had ever heard. he was walking home from his mother's book shop for lunch when he saw the boy.

"renjun, what- no you can't just- renjun no." the boy had said in between dolphin squeaks and cute giggles. jisung looked back at them, eyes widening at the boys cute grin, head thrown back in laughter.

"i'm just saying, chenle. if you want a high class diqúe, you have to try!" chenle's friend -renjun?- said, riding a skateboard while looking back at the boy and laughing.

jisung became breathless as he looked at chenle.


renjun had made the mistake of turning his head at the wrong moment, veering off the path and running into jisung.


jisung laid on the ground, bewildered by the sudden movement. he made eye contact with chenle, face burning red.

"oh my god! are you okay?" the boy on top of him asked as he focused on the situation at hand. he was currently sprawled on the grass of the park near his house, renjun slightly straddling him as he tried to get up.

"peachy." he wheezed as the boy got too close for comfort, examining his face carefully.

"hey chenle! speaking of high class diqúe-"

"shut up, renjun."