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Space Gays: Assorted Voltron One-shots

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Finally. After seven seasons and about five (or more) years, the paladins have returned to earth. The travel to doing so was painful, especially when they arrived to see Sendak had begun taking it over.




That name cursed Shiro. He hated that name. No… Not just the name… The memories that arose when he heard it.


Shiro had just finished a battle, and was walked back to his cell by the guards. Tired and hurt, he collapsed to the ground once he arrived to his cell. He was too worn out right now… He didn’t want to hear the familiar sound of heavy footsteps and his cell door opening again. Not again.


“Champion, you sure did well out there. For such a weak being as you,” A rough voice rang out against the cell walls. Sendak.


There was quiet, and then a kick to his side which made Shiro cry out in pain.


“Answer me.”


Shiro kept quiet, he didn’t have the energy for this… But he didn’t have the energy to be beaten again… Reluctantly, all he could do was answer.


“Sorry.” His voice was soft, strained, exhausted.


“Good. Now, are you ready for more?” Sendak spoke with a sneer. Fake question, all Shiro could respond with was a yes, as saying no could be worse.


So Shiro didn’t answer, again.


Lifting Shiro into the air, Sendak pushed him against the wall roughly.


“I asked, are you ready for more?


“Yes sir.” Shiro responded, a waver in his voice. He wasn’t ready. No. No. NO!


The memories sent a shock through Shiro’s body. He didn’t want to remember. It made him feel dirty.


Sighing, Shiro sat up from his bed. It was nighttime, but the streets were still bustling, lit by candles, lamps, and the sparkling stars and bright moon which filled spaces of the void.


He began to walk through the streets quietly, soon moving from the bright, busy, and cheerful environment of the streets into the dark, quiet, lonely expanse of rocks and sand. He let his thoughts guide him tonight.


Snapping back to reality with a sickening gut feeling, Shiro glanced around where he was. It was dark here, he seemed to be alone, but he still felt that pit in his stomach. Shiro now noticed the city was far away, just a little flame in the landscape.


Maybe now was the best time to head home, Shiro thought, Taking one last glance around just in case. And then he spotted it. A faint purple-red glow— a color that he knew, well. A color that he hated.


And that’s when it happened, Shiro was tackled to the ground, pinned down by the sheer weight. And when Shiro opened his eyes, his heart stopped.


One mechanical red eye, one glowing yellow eye.




Then he felt a pain on his head, and everything went black.


Shiro’s pleads were silent, unheard. All of this was just for entertainment to Sendak. His humiliation, his pain. The way Shiro would reluctantly moan, and then scream out when he felt a cut of claws streaming down his chest. All of that is what made Sendak laugh.


This was painful. Shiro didn’t want to be here. Another groan left his mouth, and his conscious thoughts started to seep away. All he could concentrate on was; pleasure, pain, pleasure, pain… Repeating and repeating.


Shiro was a mess now, blood, sweat, and cum mixing on his skin, making him itch and struggle. He felt disgusting. He was dirty. He wanted out. He needed out.


Another time, built up pleasure released from his system, and that seemed to be the end point. He was dropped to the ground. Shiro heard heavy footsteps, the cell door opened, the cell door closed, and now he was all alone.


Shiro woke up with a cry, rushing to check himself. Left arm, Garrison uniform. Right arm, his new prosthetic arm. Hair, shining a silvery cloud white. Good, okay, he wasn’t in that past.


Then, Shiro observed his landscape. Okay, maybe he was. Prisoners cell, dark purple clouding his vision. So now he knew where he was.


What did he last remember?


Right, that’s it. He was taking a walk. He zoned out, and then awoke to reality with a bad feeling. He was tackled right as he was about to leave. Sendak… Sendak tackled him right as he was about to leave. And then it all went black.


Okay. He’d get through this. Now Shiro knew 1. Where in time he was, 2. What place he was in, and 3. what happened. Now he just needed to make an escape plan—


As perfect as the timing could get, Shiro’s thoughts were disrupted by heavy footsteps, and then his cell door opening. God, no. He knew these footsteps too well.


Sendak, it was him who opened the door now. Gazing down at Shiro, and then letting a grin envelop his furry face.


Instinctively, Shiro moved himself back as Sendak walked forward. As soon as he knew it, Shiro was cornered with nowhere else to run. He felt sick to his stomach. Was he going to throw up? No, he couldn't, hopefully not.


“You thought your weak little brother could kill me, hm? You should know by now, I’m always going to get you back, Champion.” Sendak purred, letting his voice go rough and harsh.


“Why do you love me so much?” Shiro asked, raising an eyebrow. He felt like shaking, but as usual, he kept his composure.


“Oh Champion, don’t you notice how much we have in common? And you’re so fun to toy with. You act all strong and calm, but I know how broken you really are.”


“Like what? What do we possibly have in common, Sendak?” The name slid off of Shiro’s tongue, covered in venom.


“Oh, so much. Don’t you notice?” Sendak responded, letting Shiro ponder the question. Shiro already has, many times.


Adding on to his statement, Sendak lifted Shiro’s new, white and glowing blue arm. With a harsh glare to the Galra male, Shiro pulled back his arm and held onto it.


“Why don’t we have some fun like the good old days?” Sendak asked, although, as Shiro remembered, it really wasn’t a question.


“You know what? Fine. But I get a play in it too,” Shiro responded without a thought beforehand. Why was he responding with courage instead of fear? Why did he want this instead of flinching away from it? Shiro couldn’t answer that, but it didn’t matter now.


“Very well,” Sendak said, letting a wide grin form on his face as he took off his armour. Shiro kept a tight, fierce glare on the other male as he took off his own Garrison uniform. He was used to the humiliation of being bare naked, it wasn’t even the slightest bit irking to him.


The moment they linked eyes after stripping, it was like two magnets being pulled together. Shiro’s mind started to battle with the familiar game of courage or fear as they grinded and pushed against each other. After only milliseconds, Shiro let his recklessness take over, and he pressed himself against Sendak as he yanked the Galra’s ears down so their faces were level.


“Oh, this is so much more fun than the cowardly little bitch you were before,” Sendak purred.


“Shut your quiznak.” Shiro growled, fiercely glaring at the other before smashing their faces together in a painful kiss. Sendak bit his lips, and Shiro countered to that with a yank on his fur. Sendak pulled on Shiro’s white hair, and he countered to that with a burn using his new arm.


From there, things could only get more rough. Shiro pushed Sendak against the wall, in which they flipped sides so Shiro was the one pinned down. The heat grew in the small room, and they both were, already, breathing heavy.


As Sendak grinded against Shiro, a whine left the smaller male’s mouth, and he showed his submissive side a bit more. The fear arrived in Shiro again, causing him to act out and push Sendak to the ground-- Who let him do so, and even helped by willingly falling down.

Shiro was growing weak now, he straddled Sendak, obviously about to do more, but he was too scared to go further. So he just... Paused. It was becoming obvious, and even Sendak noticed. He was becoming less and less willing to go further.


“Weak, I’m growing bored of you. Let’s stop.” Sendak growled, pushing Shiro off of him. Although, his voice contained a peculiar softness to it… Turning away, Sendak put on his armour and started to walk towards the door.


“Can I come with? I would like to get cleaned up, sir…” Shiro pleaded, a mischievous look gleaming in his deep grey eyes.


“Very well.” Sendak responded blankly, nonchalantly, softly.


With a grin, Shiro grabbed his clothes and boots, and followed Sendak out of the jail cell. Well, that was fun, and now he had an escape plan.