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Love at Second Sight

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Pidge, Princess Allura’s personal servant, made her way to the royal gardens. They were a little surprised to see Hunk, Prince Lance’s servant, but then they quickly realized both were here for the same reason. He smiled at them.

’’Hey! I’ve been waiting for you. I figured they’d take it easier with both of us there’’

Pidge smiled at Hunk’s word, even if they were servants the two had always felt close to the Prince and Princess. Hunk and pidge stood in silence, neither wanting to bring their friend's bad news. Eventually, Pidge spoke.

’’Not telling them won't prevent it from happening, we should just tell them so they can spend some final time together...’’

Hunk nodded, they were right. He opened the door, letting the smaller Altean inside first. They could hear Allura laughing, probably at one of Lance’s bad jokes. The two stopped to listen for a second, this was a rare thing that happened. Allura and Lance were always stressed about the ongoing war. The only time anyone ever saw them laugh or smile was when the two were in their very own world together.

Hunk and Pidge followed the noise, finding Allura and Lance next to a small pond. Allura was wearing a flower crown Lance had made her, and Lance was working on a second one for himself. Both had their feet in the water, talking about childhood memories.

Pidge cleared their throat, getting the two's attention. They then nudged Hunk, Pidge didn't want to be the one to tell them. He shot a quick, friendly, glare at Pidge before opening his mouth. He closed it again, trying to decide how to tell them.

’’Hunk, is everything okay?’’ Allura tilted her head a little, concerned.

’’Your dad made a deal with Zarkon, Lotor is on his way here to pick one of you to marry and end the war!’’ Pidge quickly let it all out, tears stinging their eyes as they covered their mouth. Nobody wanted either of them to leave.

Lance and Allura looked at each other, not sure what to say. Allura didn't want to lose Lance to that monster, and Lance felt the same way. Allura stood up, helping her younger brother up as well.

’’Let’s not dwell on the inevitable. Come on Lance, as royalty, we should look our best for guests’’

Hunk and Pidge knew she was just protecting Lance, hiding her emotions. She needed to be strong for him. Hand in and, the two left for their room. Although it was technically Allura’s, Lance spent most of his nights in here so it just became a shared room.

Lance was shedding silent tears while Allura started getting her makeup out. She put her hands on the sides of his face, smiling at him

’’I'm 21, and you’re only 18. Plus we were friends before the war. I’m sure he’ll pick me’’

’’That's what I'm afraid of, Allura’’ Lance looked up at her with sad eyes, the dark blue looking like the sea. She smiled fondly, knowing she'd never forget them. Allura kissed his forehead.

’’Come on, tell me a joke. And sit still’’

Lance smiled, Alura always knew how to make him do that. The two sat there for hours, talking and smiling long after they had finished getting ready. It was perfect, and both were dreading its end and what would happen after.

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Lotor didnt even change out of his armor as he made his way into the castle. Tailing behind him were his generals, servant named Keith, and a guard (which he felt was useless) named Shiro.

Two altean servants were waiting for him, but he ignored them and made his way to the throne room. He still remembered these halls perfectly, resisting the urge to run his gloved hand along one.

He stepped into the room, Alfor sitting on his throne. The king smiled at him fondly, as if they weren't just ending a war. The way he smiled at Lotor when he came over to play with Allura or babysit Lance. Lotor just glared at him.

A door opened, taking everyones attention. In walked Princess Allura and Prince Lance, followed by the two servants from before. Both were in blues and pinks, the common altean colors.

Lotor smirked when they both bowed to him. He looked at Allura first, remembering how she always laughed with him, how she always smelled like a garden, how she looked beautiful in everything.

Next he looked at Lance, the little brother who followed Allura anyway, who always tried to tell them jokes, and who loves the water like a fish.

He was interested in both of them, but he couldn't deny he preferred men. He knew everyone expected him to pick Allura, considering their relationship before the war. He loved going against his father as well.

As Lotor looked at the young prince he knew who he was picking. Yes, Allura was beautiful, but to him Lance was breathtaking. He smiled, raising a hand to point to Lance


Allura and Lance’s eyes both widened in shock. No, no this couldn't be happening. Lotor was supposed to pick Allura. Lance resisted the urge to run to Allura and Lotor approached. Lance was frozen in fear as Lotor placed a finger under his chin.

Lotors eyes burning into Lance, and all Lance could do was look up at the tall Galra. Lotor smiled at the fear flooding Lances eyes. He knew why it was there, and part of him didn't like that.

Lotor grabbed Lances wrist, and felt just the slightest pull from Lance as he struggled to fight instinct. He pulled him closer, a soft whimper that only the could hear escaping his lips.

’’You shall be sleeping on my ship in my champers tonight, we leave soon. I’ll give you a few hours to pack and say goodbye’’

Lotor released him, turning and leaving. Once he was gone Lance broke down in tears. He knew what would happen tonight. He wasn't ready

’’Father! You can't seriously be okay with this!’’ Allura was angry, crying as well. Everyone knew he couldn't do anything about it, but she needed somebody to blame for her brother being taken from her.

Lance grabbed her hand, startling her out of the rage. She knew he wanted to be alone with her, and they both needed to cry. So she pulled him to their room, where Lance starting sobbing loudly. He knew this was it. He'd probably die tonight

Hours later, Keith knocked on the door. Lance opened up, looking terrible. Lance stepped out of the room, pulling a thing of clothes and possessions behind him. The two walked in silence, at the castle dors Lance gave a goodbye hug to Pdge, Hunk, and Allra before making his way onto the ship.

Lotor was waiting for him, his arms behind his back as he watched Lance get on board. His face was emotionless, Lance just watching the floor as his legs moved on their own. Lotor reached out a hand, his fingers going under Lance's chin and pulling him out of the daze

Lotor looked into his eyes, something he hasn't actually done before. He was surprised to find they were a beautiful blue color, like the sea. Lance looked miserable, and part of him felt bad. Lotor looked him up and down once more before turning around.

“Come, I'll take you to your room”

Lotor started to walk, and Lance followed quietly. He didn't want to anger this man, no. Monster. From the stories he heard, Lotor was no man. He hung his head low, already missing his sister.

Lotor lead him to a big room, covered in altean stuff. His eyes widened a little bit, surprised. He had expected it to be a dungeon or something, not this. He looked at Lotor, who was watching him. He quickly looked away. Lotor stepped inside

“this is your room, if you need anything I'm across the hall”

Lance nervously spoke up “... I thought we were sharing a room”

“Eager, are we? I've decided not until after the wedding”

Lance was a little surprised at how nice he was, and a little relieved. Maybe he wasn't so bad. Lance followed Lotor inside, sitting on the bed. It was so soft, he smiled as he wrapped himself up in the blankets. Then lance remembered Lotor was there, and he blushed lightly when he spotted Lotor watching him. He was a prince, acting like an idiot

Lance quickly stopped, earning a chuckle from Lotor. Lance was a little shocked, was he really capable of laughter? The stories made that seem impossible

“You continue whatever it was you were doing, I have to talk to my father”

Lotor left, Lance watching him go. He was struggling to process things, Lotor was being nice? This was the opposite of what he expected

The ship rumbled as it took off, the engines giving a steady hum. Lance thought back on his memories of Lotor. He smiled to himself as he remembered the time Lotor came over and carried Lance everywhere. He was five at the time, Lotor being ten. It was a sweet memory. Lance fell asleep at some point, dreaming about more Lotor memories

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Lotor was in the main room, one if the generals getting a call started with Zarkon. He stood in the middle of the room as he waited, his arms behind his back. Zarkon spoke before Lotor could

“Should I tell your mother yo expect grandchildren or did you choose that idiot prince?”

Lotor called himself down, taking a deep breath. His father was always like this. Lotor didn't quite understand why he was so offended for Lance. The prince was just a tool to end the war.

’’Druid magic can make it so he can have children’’

’’Just get home already, your mother is worried’’

Zarkon ended the transmission, and Lotor relaxed a little. He went to the ship's kitchen, making something for the newest member of the crew. He walked to Lance’s room, knocking on the door

When Lance didn't respond, Lotor pressed his ear to the door. He didn't hear the shower running, so he opened the door a little. He smiled fondly at he spotted Lance curled up in the bed, he remembered putting Lance down for naps when they were younger, he still liked to wrap himself up in all the blankets.

He quietly walked into the room, placing the food on a table in the room. He left quietly, not wanting to wake the boy.

Lotor went to his own room, sighing and sitting on his bed. He ran a hand through his hair. Ten years since he had last seen Lance. Ten years. It felt kind of awkward. He saw the way Lance looked at him.

He knew the prince was afraid of him, because of what his father had said about him. According to his dad, he had killed someone at the age of 13. He'd never actually hurt anything before.

He also knew Lance wouldn't believe him if he told him. Lance would think he's just trying to trick him or something


Oh, how he longed to message Allura and ask her advice, but he also knew she'd feel the same way. He didn't know what to do

After debating for several minutes, he was brought out of his head by a knock on the door. Lotor glanced up, surprised to see Lance, half awake, standing there.

He walked toward Lotor, arms out to signal he wanted a hug as he moved onto Lotor's lap. Lotor was shocked, why was Lance acting like this?

“Allura, I had this awful nightmare… Can I sleep here tonight?”

Ah, so Lance thought he was his sister. Lotor wrapped an arm around Lance, laying in bed and cuddling him. Lotor pressed his face into Lance's neck, smiling at the fact that he was already asleep. Lotor didn't remember when he fell asleep as well

Lance woke up with a yawn, confused about the loose arm around him. He looked around, spotting his soon to be husband. He tried not to squeak in surprise, not wanting to wake him up. Lance watched him for a second to make sure Lotor was still asleep, surprised at how peaceful he looked.

Lance slowly got out of the bed, trying to be quiet. He put one foot on the ground, and the arm reached out for him as Lotor grumbled. Lance didn't care about being quiet now, he quickly shot up and went to his room. He quickly discarded his clothes and started the shower, crying quietly as he made sure Lotor hadn't done anything to him

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As Lance stepped out of the shower, he cursed under his breath. In his panic he forgot a towel and clothes. He stuck his head out of the door, a pool of water surrounding him as he made sure the coast was clear.

That's when he spotted it, on his bed. Neatly folded, there was a towel and clean clothes. He checked the room once more before tiptoeing towards them. As he approached he spotted a note next to it. Lance dried himself off and then read the note, almost instantly recognizing Lotor's handwriting

It had changed a little, but he knew it well. Lotor used to leave him a joke with every meal he made for Lance. He smiled a little, laughing slightly as he remembered one of them. He quickly frowned though, pushing those thoughts out as he read it

“Lance, I am aware of what you think about me. Please, give me a chance to change your mind. Have dinner with me”

His stomach growled at the mention of dinner, quickly realizing he hadn't eaten in a while. Lance looked up and spotted the food Lotor had brought in earlier. He could eat that and not go to dinner, but he found himself quickly getting dressed and finding the first person to tell him where to meet Lotor

Lance looked down at the outfit as he walked the halls. It was kinda cute. He recognized it as Galra clothes. Although, he was kinda sad he didn't get to wear his Altean clothes a little longer. Then, Lance stopped. He could go back and change. But Lotor had picked out the outfit. Even if he had promised he was different, what if Lotor got angry that he wasn't wearing what Lotor wanted

Lance couldn't dwell on the thought any longer, having stumbled into a room where the bodyguard and servant were playing a card game. He cleared his throat a little. They both quickly tried to hide the cards and straighten their backs. Lance felt awkward

“U-um, excuse me, I-I'm looking for Lotor?”

Both quickly stood up, rushing to his side to lead him to Lotor was. He was a prince, he was supposed to be used to all the fuss. But he didn't like it. He felt uncomfortable. The servant led the way, the bodyguard following behind. They walked into a room, a table covered in food and Lotor sitting on the side

Lotor looked up from his glass of wine, pleasantly surprised to see Lance. Lance awkwardly sat down in the other available seat, glancing behind him to see if the two Galra’s had left already. Lotor chuckled, and Lance jumped a little. He quickly shot around, looking at Lotor wide-eyed

“You should probably get used to those two, when we get back to Daibazaal they won't leave your side. I need someone to protect you, and someone to do whatever you desire”

“Oh… Okay” Lance gripped his utensils, looking over the food, up at Lotor, and at his hands. He didn't know what to do

“... Do you have anything you'd like to say? Any questions?” Lotor was worried about how nervous he looked, figuring that talking would help calm him down

“Why did you choose me?” Lance looked up at him again, worried Lotor would get upset

Lotor was silent for a moment, sipping his wine. He couldn't take his eyes off Lance, but he knew that was just making him more nervous so he stopped, sitting up straight and putting his drink down

“... I prefer men. And you are the most breathtaking thing I ever saw. Plus my father wanted me to pick Allura, and I like doing the opposite of whatever he tells me”

Lance nodded, understanding a little bit “then why did you join the war?”

“I didn't. For the first half. My father told everyone I had because he didn't want his people to know I disagreed with his ways. I believe we can get the things we want with patience and kindness. He thinks the only way to get what he wants is by taking it”

“...” Lance watched him, he could tell Lotor wasn't lying “I believe you”

Lotor smiled a little, and Lance blushed and looked down at the food. He quickly started serving himself, why was he so flustered??

The two talked more as they continued to eat dinner, both starting to gain feelings for the other. Lance and Lotor laughed as the two walked back to their bedrooms. Lance leaned against his door, Lotor a few feet away

“I'm glad I joined you for dinner, the note was right. You're very different than the rumors. They said you were cute”

He laughed as he quickly ran into his room, Lotor smiling at the playful tease. This was the Lance he remembered, Lotor was glad he was coming back. He stopped himself from knocking on the door and asking Lance for a kiss. He returned to his room and went to bed

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Over the next few days, the two spent more and more time together. Lance didn't want to admit he had gained feelings for him. When they finally landed the ship, Lotor helped him out with a gentle hand. He blushed and smiled up at him


Zarkon shouted at them, making Lance jump. He shrunk a little, hiding behind Lotor. From the stories he heard, Zarkon was the worse thing alive. And all those stories came from Lotor

“Hello father, I'm sure you remember Lance from when we were younger”

Zarkon glared at him

“Alfor’s boy. I heard you're a bastard baby, is that true?”

Lance quickly glanced down, nodding a little. Zarkon laughed softly “of course you are. My son has poor taste”

Everyone knew that wasn't true. Lance had just said he wasn't a full Prince to stay on Zarkons good side

“He's a lot quieter than I remember”

“Father, please. I would like to show him around”

Zarkon glared but let them pass. Lotor showed him around everywhere, talking in hopes to see him smile. As he ended the tour with a joke, Lance a laughing mess, they arrived at their bedrooms. It was getting late, and Lotor started heading for his room


He stopped and turned, smiling at Lance as the smaller boy rushed to him and kissed him deeply. He was a little surprised. Lance pulled away, bright red as he left to his room. Lotor stood there, shocked. Eventually, he went into his room

About an hour later, Zarkon came down the hall. He opened the door to Lance's room, smiling at the half-asleep prince. Lance looked up a little when he heard the door close

“Hm?” He sat up a little, confused. The dark shape approached him quietly, a rough hand covering his mouth

“Ssshhh, you're going to be quiet. Or else I'll give you to the druids. They love to experiment”

Lance felt tears stringing his eyed, squeaking as he heard Zarkon start to undress. He squeezed his eyes shut and went to his happy place, the garden with Allura

It was over in a half hour, Lance was sore all over as Zarkon left. He wrapped a blanket around his body, slowly making his way to Lotor's room. He knocked on the door, and after a minute of silence he went to knock again but was stopped as it opened. Lotor looked tired and grumpy he got out of bed until he saw how disheveled Lance was. He quickly pulled him in, closing the door

Lance broke down sobbing as Lotor carried him to bed. He didn't say anything, Zarkon had told him if he did Lotor would be killed. Lotor rubbed his back, rocking the boy to sleep

Lance didn't dream, waking before Lotor did. He slid back into his room, stopping when he realized Zarkon was sitting on the bed. Hadn't he already done what he wanted? Lance didn't dwell on that thought since Zarkon was coming closer. The king grabbed a fistful of Lance's hair, making him wince, and kneed him in the gut. Lance started coughing as he fell over, but Zarkon held him in place by pulling on his hair. Zarkon continued to assault him, leaving eventually. Lance was left coughing up blood and bruised all over his body. Zarkon had pulled out clumps of hair, and he was crying. Lance crawled to his bed, curling up in a ball and deciding not to leave the dark room all day

Keith and Shiro were walking to Lance's room, talking about something. Lotor had told them he expected them to be there before ye woke up and after the prince fell asleep. They stopped as they turned a corner and spotted Zarkon leaving Lance's room

Shiro and Keith looked at each other and rushed to Lance's door. Both pressed an ear to it, if Lance was hurt Lotor would not be happy. They heard crying, and before the two could even think about what to do they heard Lotor's door open

“What is the meaning of this? Is something wrong?”

He pushed past the two, swinging Lance's door open. They all saw him jump a little with the bang the door made. Lotor was pissed, who was the cause of this, was it the same person that caused Lance to come to Lotor's room? Lance looked worse than he had the night before. He moved closer, wanting to hold his fiance. Lotor spotted the blood on the floor and got even angrier. He tried not to shout so he didn't scare Lance

“Who did this?”

Keith didn't know what to do “... We saw Lord Zarkon leaving the room”

Lotor clenched his fist. Had his father done this? Of course he had. Zarkon was that evil. He decided they couldn't stay here any longer, fearing Lance's safety. Luckily they handy unpacked the ship yet. He scooped up the small altean and made his way to the ship. He tucked Lance into his bed and kissed his forehead before making his way to the front room. His generals were surprised to see him since they were just about to start unloading

“Start the ship, we're leaving. Head towards Altea. And start a call with Alfor”

Everyone quickly did as told, Lotor standing in with his hands behind his back when Alfor’s face appeared. Allura could be seen as well, trying to sneak into the conversation without her father noticing

“King Alfor” he bowed a little “I'm bringing Lance home”

“What?!” Allura pushed her father out of the way, wanting to know everything

“Zarkon attacked him last night and this morning. I do not know the full details but I do know there is no other place he'd rather be. No other place either of us will be safest”

“How do we know you aren't just covering for yourself”

Lotor smiled, Allura had always been like this “when he is done recovering, he can tell you himself. I would also like to request a wormhole. Zarkon might be following us”

“Alright. I'll get one set up” Alfor pushed his way back into view, and the call ended

Lotor went back to Lance's side, not wanting to leave him. He grasped his hand gently. They soon arrived at Altea, thanks to the wormhole. He gently picked up Lance, who was half awake, and made his way off the ship where the Alteans were waiting

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Lance leaned into the touch, it was much gentler than those that had caused him nightmares.

Nobody was prepared for how much blood he had lost. By the time the ship had landed, Lance had slipped into a coma. Lotor, quick on his feet, gave some of his blood to the younger prince. It wasn't much, but it was enough to keep him alive until they could get altean blood into him.

The ship doors opened, Lotor holding Lance in his arms, and Allura rushing to see her brother. She glared at Lotor and ordered Hunk to take Lance from the man.

The next few days were a blur for everyone. Lotor told Allura what he knew, Shiro and Kieth backing his story. She still felt she couldn't trust him so they couldn't visit the unconscious Lance. Allura was by his side any chance she could be. Lotor spent most of his time as close to his betrothed as he could be. The servants were busy trying to take care of the three. It didn't help that both Allura and Lotor were sleep deprived, awoken by nightmares constantly.

Four days. That's how long it took until Lance opened his eyes again. They were a dull bluish gray, like a storm on the ocean. Lance was confused, and then panicked as all his memories of what he assumed was the night before came rushing back. Allura had fallen asleep next to him and quickly sat up when she heard Lance awaken.

The small Prince was hyperventilating, his head between his knees and his arms around his head. Confused and scared. How did he get here?

Allura put her arms around him, at first it made things worse but then he was pulled into reality. Lance started to calm down, but still on edge. Allura spoke softly, anger in her voice anyway.

"Whatever he did, whatever Lotor did to you. I will make him pay"

Lance shook his head a little, but before he could speak Lotor was at the door.

"I heard talking, is he-- Lance!"

Lotor took a step into the room, his eyes lighting up when they landed on Lance. But Allura's glare stopped him. Both were shocked, though, when Lance reached out to Lotor and grabbed the air with his hands, obviously indicating he wanted a hug. Allura started t give him a second one, but his words stopped her in her tracks.

"Lotor..." Lance's voice was broken and small. He sounded like a child that just had their favorite toy broken.

Lance was crying again but refused to talk about the incident when questioned about it. Lotor moved onto the bed, followed by Allura. Lance felt safer, sandwiched between the two. Occasionally he'd catch Allura glaring at Lotor, but they both seemed too concerned about Lance to discuss how she obviously thought this was his fault.

A servant knocked on the door, Shiro. He didn't know how o react to the scene, a cuddlefest on a hospital bed, but what he had to say was more important

"Sir, lord Zarkon is calling and demanding to speak with you. He's not happy you left"

'Zarkon is never happy' Lotor thought to himself. He sighed softly. This was more important than Zarkon. Lance was more important to Lotor than anything else. "Tell my father Ill talk to him when I'm less busy"

Shiro wanted to argue, but when he saw the look in Lotor's eyes he understood. Lotor didn't want to talk to Zarkon, because Zarkon had hurt his precious diamond. If they saw each other, Shiro was sure Lotor would rip Zarkon to shreds. He left the three quietly

In an attempt to cheer Lance up, Lotor and Allura shared stories. They both smiled whenever Lance laughed. He looked better like this, more natural, than when he was scared. Allura glanced at Lotor, preparing to glare at him again, but was pleasantly surprised when she saw how lovingly he watched Lance. But that didn't mean she trusted him just yet! It just meant, maybe he wasn't as bad as the stories said?

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Lotor had left to talk with his father, who was angry that Lotor had run off. Lance and Allura cuddled, chatting. But eventually, the older sister had to make sure Lance was safe.

"Was it him?"

Lance shook his head, suddenly quiet. He knew she was asking if Lotor hurt him, but he also remembered the words whispered to him. 'Tell anyone and your sister dies first'.

Allura didn't believe him. "Promise?"

"I promise... Lotor isn't like that. He's soft, and kind..." Lance smiled softly, having fallen for him.


"Father" Lotor greeted his father in the quietness of an empty room. His generals and servants gone elsewhere.

"Come home. Your mother was upset to see you had abandoned us so suddenly" Zarkon sounded a little irritated. Lotor could spot his mothers hand on his shoulder.

"Someone attacked Lance. I wanted to make sure his sister was there, to make them both feel better" Lotor responded, looking away from the screen for a second.

"The poor bastard. Return home soon, then. So you can get married and end this war. He's only needed alive until then" Zarkon ended the transmission right after he finished talking.


Lance healed quickly, altean blood, and was soon saying goodbye again. This one wasn't as sad, though.

He chatted with the others on the ship as it drove them home. Lance's biggest curiosity was Shiro. He had plenty of stories to tell. They always sounded super cool. Once, the two were sitting, playing some card game, when suddenly lance grabbed his fake hand.

"... What happened?" His voice was barely above a whisper, curiosity flooding his eyes.

Shiro was a little surprised at first, but told him the story of how he lost it in a battle, and was forced out of the galran army. But his pride forced him to rejoin somehow. To keep serving his empire. So he was made a servant.

Lance was enthralled the whole time, until Lotor came up behind Lance and wrapped his arms around Lance's waist. The smaller boy jumped.

"Time for bed, love" he whispered in the alteans ear. Lance nodded and blushed hard, getting up to follow Lotor.


Lance and Lotor would arrive at the castle soon, and Lotor decided the subject couldn't be avoided anymore.

"Who hurt you?"

Lance had been cutting some vegetable, humming softly when Lotor asked the question. He wasn't the best cook but he was trying. Suddenly, he stopped. For a second his face was written in fear. Then he answered.

"No one" lance smiled at the older prince, shrugging a little


Lance didn't respond

"Please tell me"


"Please" he begged softly

"... It was just some galra guy. I never got to see his face or anything" Lance chewed on a slice, wanting this over already

"I'll find him for you, make him pay" Lotor hugged him softly, worried

"No need. Just drop it, please?"

"... Fine, but only because you want me to. At least sleep in my room when we return?"

Lance chuckled softly "not until after we get married. Thems the rules" he shrugged softly. Lotor pouted but didn't push it